YouTube Censors Viral Video Criticizing Liberal Who Said White Men Were Bigger Threat Than Islamic Terrorists

by | Oct 24, 2017 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    This report was originally published by Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars


    YouTube has sensationally censored a viral video that criticized a liberal comedian for claiming that white men were a bigger threat than Islamic terrorists.

    The video, entitled The Dumbest Liberal Ever, had received over 700,000 views before it was hidden behind an interstitial that reads, “The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.”

    Users have to be signed in to watch the video, while comments, likes, and views have all been removed.

    In the video, I completely debunked, using primary sources and hard data, comedian Josie Long’s claim that the “far-right” and white men in general represented a bigger violent threat than Muslim extremists.

    The video contains nothing other than perfectly legitimate criticism of a celebrity and public figure’s opinion. It is now included on a censored list that includes neo-nazi content, Islamic State propaganda and hate speech.

    This is precisely what we have warning about since the YouTube “adpocalypse”. In August, I made a video warning that YouTube had sent out a message, “don’t have controversial opinions about anything or you will be punished” and that YouTube has made it, “abundantly clear that it doesn’t support free speech.”

    YouTube is now censoring content that debunks the arguments of leftists who run defense for Islam. This is a new level of thought policing.

    You can watch the original video below via Twitter.

    Back in July, Long announced that she was temporarily leaving Twitter, but not before she aimed a tweet at me encouraging people to, “Continue fucking him up,” which itself appears to be a violation of Twitter’s “targeted harassment” rule.

    An appeal has now been made with YouTube to re-instate the video. I did not even receive a notification email telling me it had been censored.

    In addition, every video I upload to my channel is now automatically de-monetized, emphasizing once again how YouTube is turning into a safe space for big corporate news networks and left-wing comedians while strangling the voices of independent creators, the people who built the platform in the first place.

    Earlier this month, James O’Keefe revealed how former Democratic campaign operative and New York Times Audience Strategy Editor, Nicholas Dudich, admitted that establishment news outlets have relationships with YouTube staffers that allow his “friends (to) curate the front page.”

    The video also shows YouTube’s Ernest Pettie admitting how the company deliberately prevents the Alex Jones Channel from appearing in its trending or news sections and buries our content in favor of “legitimate” channels.

    Top YouTuber Ethan Klein also highlighted how YouTube has special relationships with prominent leftists channels, such as Jimmy Kimmel Live, that allow ads to run on “controversial” videos, such as Kimmel’s rant on the Las Vegas shooting, while videos discussing the same topic but with a different opinion have ads removed and in some cases the video is censored altogether.

    The Facebook version of the original video that was censored by YouTube is embedded below – it already has over 2 million views.

    Please help us fight intensifying censorship of perfectly legitimate political discussion by sharing this video.

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    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison


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      1. Yeah, the libtard is right. When law doesn’t matter anymore kiss you asz goodbye you nasty lesbo. I will not show any mercy. Willing to go to hell as long as you go first. In fact we will even unite with muzzies and let them rape you to death. Then get rid of them too.

        • Anticommie, Braveheart is with you on that.

      2. Once again…

        YouTube censored no one.

        Only the Government (at any level) and their agents can attempt to (or in reality) censor anyone or anything.

        That’s it why the Constitutional Rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights sets limits on Government.

        YouTube is a private entity that allows others to use their property and services subject to their rules.

        They have their Private Property Rights to promote or limit anything they want to.

        Don’t like it ?

        Roll your own.


        • I do. My content goes on my own websites. I have five sites for various purposes, and I put what I want on them.

      3. I don’t YouTube or Twitter or Facebook and I quit watching the NFL and NBA a long time ago. And I don’t buy name brand items or sit in front of the TV.

      4. What youtube really means but doesn’t dare admit is that it’s inappropriate and offensive to MINORITY GROUPS AND THEIR LIBTURD STOOGES. Anyone ever noticed that it’s only WHITE people’s speech who gets censored and NEVER MINORITY PEOLE OR THEIR LIBTURD STOOGES? Facebook and Twitter re notorious for shutting down the accounts of white people who post anything contrary to the black/libturd narrative. When Jemell Hill at ESPN made her remarks about Trump, no one said a word and nothing happened to her because she’s a black female; she’s protected by affirmative action. White commentators at ESPN were fired or making less serious remarks so that’s living proof that the censorship is race-based. I’ll say and think whatever I choose and if someone doesn’t like it, tough shit. If someone wants to penalize me for my speech, bring it on. You will have a fight on your hands.

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