YOUR FREEDOM IS AT RISK: Marc Faber (“Dr. Doom”) Sees Socialism in America THIS DECADE!

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    This article was contributed by Portfolio Wealth Global

    With so many Americans not being world travelers, complacency has become the nation’s most pernicious epidemic. Few truly understand the scourge of socialism and even fewer have actually seen it firsthand. With an election year at hand, the voting public cannot make a truly informed decision unless they understand how the socialist virus can enter into any culture at any given time.

    One individual who does understand and appreciate socialism’s impact is “Dr. Doom,” or Marc Faber, a world traveler who also happens to be a best-selling author and a highly accurate predictor of political and economic trends. Dr. Faber has earned the moniker “Dr. Doom” as an outspoken critic of global debt-driven economies and unsustainable central-bank-fueled equity market bubbles.

    Portfolio Wealth Global has spoken with Marc Faber before, but our most recent interview with him revealed an especially disturbing trend in America. The rise of populism in the U.S. has deepened the divisions among us, setting the stage for radical ideologies to infiltrate American politics – and Dr. Faber has seen the effects of socialism firsthand and has an urgent message for the nation.

    According to Marc Faber, socialism can develop under many different conditions, but it will usually emerge in systems that have great wealth inequality – the majority of the citizens aren’t prospering financially. You might think that the situation only applies to a nation like Venezuela or North Korea, but the growing wealth gap is an issue that’s as relevant in America as anywhere else.

    Tearing at the fabric of America’s freedoms is wealth disparity that’s been literally widening for decades across multiple generations and presidential administrations. Beginning in the mid-1980s, the net wealth held by the top 0.1% of earners has steadily increased while the piece of the American pie held by the bottom 90% has relentlessly declined:

    Courtesy: DB Global Markets Research

    We observe that the first piece of the puzzle is in place for a socialist takeover in America. The average U.S. citizen won’t know the statistics, but they can at least observe the difference in lifestyle and opportunities between themselves and the wealthy elite. This can easily foster an extreme form of populist resentment that certain ambitious politicians will radicalize and use to their benefit.

    The next step, according to Marc Faber, is for a demagogue like China’s Mao Zedong or Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh to ascend to power and overthrow the existing elite; in modern-day America, that would translate to dismantling Washington.

    Once the existing form of government is removed, the new leader is now able to introduce unapologetically socialist policies at will. If that sounds unlikely, remember that Dr. Faber has witnessed and researched what most people haven’t: countries where 50% of the economy is government spending. This is a hallmark of extreme socialist policy, and it’s now over 40% in the U.S.

    With the government growing and taking a bigger share of the economy, according to Marc Faber, the economy cannot grow at the same pace as when the economy is small. As a result, a populist/socialist leader can come into power and institute a government takeover of American industry (again, a hallmark of socialism).

    With production run by the government, the government can determine what’s available for consumption – in other words, they can effectively tell the people what they can and cannot consume. During his travels, Dr. Faber has seen this firsthand in Russia, Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic), and China, where he was shocked by the poor conditions in which the population suffered.

    Courtesy: Statista

    As Marc Faber explains, free-market capitalism allows the people to choose what they can produce and consume – and as long as that’s not in the hands of the government, economies can thrive. The fact is that no country can prosper without a free market, but that’s under siege because politicians are threatening to undermine the American free-market economy right now.

    Dr. Faber is warning America to be careful not to slip into a totalitarian regime, which is easier to introduce under socialism than in a free market economy. The immediate threat in America is a government monopoly – the socialist takeover is already underway, and the consequences of inaction are unimaginable.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg, and Dr. Marc Faber has much more to say to you, to America, and to the world. Be sure to download our complete report covering Marc Faber’s most critical predictions and warnings – it’s required reading for prudent sound money advocates who understand the madness of modern governments and banking today.



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      1. Capitalists never see the irony, in calling corporate welfare a free market meritocracy —
        h ttps://
        “It wasn’t real Communism, it was *state capitalism…Try again.”

        You’re warning a lost generation, a gig economy, and the replacements, that communism may happen someday, soon.

        Actually, they want to try it, again.

      2. Mr Faber fails to grasp the power structure in the US and the definition of Socialism. Globalist business / banking interests control the US as it is a plutocratic oligarchy as the Princeton Study showed.

        h ttps://

        Socialism is “From those according to their means to those according to their needs”. The preceding group of Globalist bankers / Financiers and Business are not sharing their wealth. Jeff Bezos isn’t sharing squat.

        The US however will continue to become a welfare state which the above business interests profit handsomely from. “Obama Care” was a boom to the insurance industry, food EBT cards are a boom to the food producers and distributors. This “welfare” extends greatly into the business / banking “industries” with ultra low interest loans falsely propping up the equities market. Furthermore the “working poor” with wages too low to provide adequate nutrition are huge recipients of “food assistance”. The taxpayer is subsidizing the labor cost of business.

        We have a hybrid economic system that is fascist at the top with socialist type “welfare state” injections of money (and with it control) for the masses.

      3. I’m going to shoot and kill every socialist and sympathizer I can.

      4. All this is ancient news
        It’s called ying yang. = Opposites

        Collectivism Vs Individualism
        Good vs evil
        Rich vs Poor
        Democracy vs totalitarianism
        Freedom vs slavery

        Again these struggles have been going on for a very long time
        They are cyclical – Do humans learn from history – NO

      5. Lack of personal liberty is the cause of disparity. The disappearance of the Big Business economy is the only real and–if continued– lasting solution.

        True personal liberty cannot exist in a commerce-dependent economy. Those who will never be allowed to win (or even survive at all) the cat-and-mouse game (that only the old money Big Business elites are allowed to win) know how the System is rigged against most people (its victims)–and must remain that way for the elites to stay on top (since the elites will not live without being on top, nor allow anyone else to live either except under the supremacy of the elites).

        Some are duped into believing that they have been allowed to “succeed” (only due to their “not knowing they are slaves” to paraphrase Harriet Tubman). It’s been this way in the now United States at least since the establishment of Jamestown Colony.

        Only total self-reliance enables personal liberty–and must be maintained by the continual disappearance of commerce. Those (the majority) who doom themselves to the permanent slavery of commerce and all its perceived amenities will never be free from its actual tyranny.

      6. this decade!!! only has 10 days left!!!

        LOL. think before you write.

        • maffs is hard…

          Start at zero and count off ten years (a decade). Does that include number ten? Yes it does. Therefore, this decade includes the year ending in 2020.

      7. Marc Faber may be onto something. Public schools (indoctrination centers) fail to teach realistic history, applaud socialist ideals, and are frequently run by leftists. Philosophies of previous generations of Americans, like hard work, saving-for-the-future (prepping), biblical sense of right-and-wrong, and American patriotism, are disparaged.

        I noticed a TV report in an airport last year that discussed the terrible trend of some Americans to NATIONALIST POPULISM. The one world govt. imbeciles have convinced many that regional (national) govt. is a bad thing. Any fair study of history yields the conclusion that humans are prone to conflict – folks without regional autonomy are called SUBJECTS.

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