You Will Be Extremely Outraged When You Read This: Danish Teen FINED for Fending Off Would Be Rapist With Pepper Spray!

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    This article was originally published by Melissa Dykes at The Daily Sheeple

    pepper-spray-2 pepper-spray

    The level of politically correct insanity and willful blindness surrounding the so-called “rapefugee” crisis hitting Europe is reaching a fever pitch of stupidity.

    Most of these countries where this is taking place are countries where average citizens are not only not allowed to own guns, but they are also apparently not legally allowed to own any real means of protection at all.

    Case in point: a seventeen-year-old Danish girl recently fended off a “dark-skinned” English speaking attacker who attempted to rape her with pepper spray. The man had knocked the girl to the ground and was unbuttoning her pants and attempting to forcibly undress her. She pulled out the spray and was able to get him off of her with it.

    And that’s how it should be. A woman should be allowed to protect herself from a scumbag rapist!!!

    It’s what happened next that will probably make your brain ache with sheer dumb.

    Via the Local DK:

    “It is illegal to possess and use pepper spray, so she will likely be charged for that,” local police spokesman Knud Kirsten told TV Syd.

    The case has sparked a backlash among some Danes who point to increasing reports of sexual harassment in Sønderborg and other Danish cities at the same time that police say they are stretched too thin to properly carry out their duties.

    Numerous readers wrote in the comments section on TV Syd’s story about the incident that they would be willing to pay the girl’s fine, which will most likely be 500 kroner.

    Do you think he ended up in jail for attempting to rape a teenager? Nope. He got away.

    It is SHE who will end up punished with a 500 kroner ($73 USD) fine for illegal ownership of pepper spray. At this point, she probably thinks it is the best $73 dollars she ever spent in this insane, screwed up world — a world where the State in its infinite power and wisdom will charge her for not bowing down to its authority and being helpless in its arms and just allowing herself to be raped.

    Then again, it’s surprising the media even covered it, since we have already seen stories of these rapes being covered up in the press due to the political nature of the alleged rapists largely being asylum seekers. Switzerland even made a public service cartoon in the hopes that it would help refugees understand that women have rights… you know, to not be raped.

    The authorities are essentially like this:


    Gee. Seems to be working beautifully so far…

    Now consider how the anti-gun lobby is slobbering all over itself to get the guns taken away in America, and to make us just like these places in Europe. Just like the UK or Australia — a.k.a. defenseless and completely dependent on the police and government to protect us.

    In a chat thread at Sheeky Forums regarding this story, someone from the UK wrote:

    Denmark is as cucked as Britain?
    guns illegal
    tasers illegal
    pepper spray illegal
    only allowed to have rape whistle and colour spray to mark the person that raped/killed you

    By the way, in the UK authorities require people to be carded when they buy plastic knives at the store. PLASTIC knives. They have drives where they get people to voluntarily turn in their kitchen knives.

    This may be news to people who can’t wait to infringe on the Second Amendment here, but a rape whistle and colour spray probably won’t stop or protect you from being raped. Neither will calling the cops and waiting however long it takes for them to respond to the scene of the rape, considering most rapists aren’t too keen on the rape victim taking the time out of the rape to make a phone call.

    “Yes, I know you are about to rape me, but may I please call the cops for help? You see, it is the only way I am allowed to protect myself, but I guess you, as a rapist, already knew that…” In addition, considering the many hundreds of thousands of untested rape kitsand the fact that only three percent of rapes are even solved in this country, rape is seemingly just not that high of a police priority.

    Europeans in these chat threads and leaving comments on YouTube videos and articles about this topic just keep saying over and over,“Don’t give up your guns, America.”

    For now, we still have a widely armed populace here in the U.S., and if these outbreaks of “politically incorrect” rape come here, the media can try to cover it up all it wants but you can best believe, someone is getting shot.

    Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

    Melissa Dykes is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa also co-founded Nutritional Anarchy with Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper, a site focused on resistance through food self-sufficiency. Wake the flock up!


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      1. Dem! This story makes me want to punish Libs for being so dem stupid.

        • ht tp://

          the take down of Ammon Bundy

          “All of them had like a laser on us, it was turn off the car, put your hands out the window…”

          Read it people, read it from the moment it happened on the lonely road..

          take out the space in http

          • Awwww fudge. Thanks for the link grandee. I’m not crazy about the Hammond affair and thought this was not a good story or event to make a stand with. Especially when the Hammonds themselves said they didn’t want to be used. And when the Oathkeepers themselves said they weren’t going to get involved.

            But demmit, looks and sounds like the Feds over-reached in a terribly lethal way. This sounds like a TRUE “hands up, don’t shoot” situation, and folks got killed and wounded for complying with the demands of law enforcement.

            Fudge, this could escalate into something fierce. We got sailors kneeling before Iran and Obama and Kerry say thank you to the America hating Iranians. Then I get to read about the government targeting civilians. This ain’t right.

            Gun control is here and coming faster than before. And martial law is getting closer. And read what Jeremiah Johnson has to say about discerning False Flag events.

            And pray to God Almighty. Something wicked this way comes.

            • Hammonds were told if they encouraged any of the involvement with the patriots they would be sent to harder prisons far away from Oregon. People need to learn why the Hammonds chose the route they did.

              And just in case you want an overview of what a patriot might face if you get cross wise with the federalies take a good look at what happened to Edgar Steele or what happened to Congressman George Hansen who wanted to investigate Washington corruption once the prison doors closed on them. And this is America?

              Perhaps the Hammonds preferred their sentence to what could have awaited them had they resisted.

              And “fudge”, the Clinton involvement in Uranium One, selling America to the highest bidder seems not to be too high on your list of concerns. You see, that subject is the other reason those patriots were in Burns, Oregon.

              Uranium One and our land/resources being sold to the highest foreign bidder should be a subject that every patriot would want to know. The MSM is covering for the culprits. But you can still find the real story, as of today. Let your fingers do the walking.

              • Unfortunately we all don’t have all day like you do to count off the endless ring o’ conspiracies that are out to ” get” us on a daily basis and yet, somehow, beyond all odds, here we are, still around despite numerous black ops and commie plots by ” them” to ” get” us. Either we’re a Hell of a lot more resilient then you think or maybe ” they” aren’t quite the imagined boogiemen you live in constant fear of. This is what happens to people who have nothing to fill their time with but surfing every nutcase/conspiracy website and cry that the sky is falling, albeit in a different way corresponding to the conspiracy de jour. You’ll be here 10 years from now telling everybody ” they” are going to ” get” us any day now Rocky, this time for sure!

                • Court Report:

                  Do your handlers pay you well to follow around and slander truth tellers?

                  Are trolls ordered to follow certain posters around? You belong on another channel where your stupidity is welcome. Most posters recognize an ignorant troll by their slander…..never facts from you guys.

                  Can’t spend time educating yourself so you hire out as a prostituted troll.

                  Impressive indeed!

                  • I think it was established on YAHOO that they get extra bathroom breaks for doing a good job.

                • Court Report, we deal with real issues your beloved corporate-owned and controlled media won’t touch. we deal with something called TRUTH AND FACTS. WE PREFER GOOD INFORMATION AND NOT PROPAGANDA FROM THE MSM. So take your sorry libturd trolling ass elsewhere.

                  • Hi Braveheart!
                    Court Report doesn’t get it, or is a simpleton lost in his own illusion. He/she/it doesn’t understand that America has already begun the process of collapsing, financially, culturally, militarily, we are degenerating slowly. Collapse of empires is not an ‘event’, usually, but a process that happens over time. Empires fall from within, and for the obvious reasons. Rome fell at the speed of oxcart, America is falling at the speed of electrons. Even in my lifetime I have seen us go from the most trusted powerful industrial nation on Earth, with Andy Griffith at the core, to what we have become… which is untrustworthy, sad, scary and getting sadder every day.
                    Define collapse, Court Report, and ye shall see that ye are headed for a cellar hiding in a bad neighborhood.

                    Malheur ended badly, unfortunately for them. But after Randy Weaver, Waco, Iraq, Obama, shall I go on? Can you say America is still… America?

                    • ” With Andy Griffith at the core”. And you call ME a simpleton lost in his own delusion? Here you are basing your entire belief system on one of stupidest ridge runner hillbilly television shows to ever emerge from the 60’s and cry about how it’s all gone now. I’ve got some rather bad news for all of you, yes, Helot, you are surrounded by pod people. We don’t spend our days living in fear and mourning about the past, that we are grown adults who recognize that things change over time, Andy Griffith was a television show, like Ward, June, and the beaver, they only existed on TV screens and never represented an accurate view of America. It made a huge effect on idiots who could never figure that out, and now that it’s gone it’s become part of your endless conspiracy theories of why America is no longer what it was 50 years ago. The truth is there’s no hope for people of your limited intelligence and age group, you’ve all gotten to the point where you spend your lives moping around about how life isn’t what it was like when you were kids and now you’re old and don’t have much time left on the clock anymore, so you have to invent ” bad guys” everywhere to blame for your inability to accept the facts of life that it isn’t the 60’s anymore, you’re not little children whose only concern is ” what’s for dinner tonight, mom?” and you’ve become irrelevant with your fear mongering and sky is falling nonsense, but such is the case with the elderly, when time starts running out on you, you MUST make noises that EVERYBODY will soon perish! I guess that’s why it’s called the second childhood, you, braveheart, mmd, apache 54, and helot are all going through it again, probably soon to be needing diaper changes as well.

                • Court Report,
                  GO f—-k yourself, you commie bastard!!! your just another stinking government troll!

                  • The thing that gets me is, Court Report is saying this, “You’ll be here 10 years from now telling everybody ” they” are going to ” get” us any day now Rocky, this time for sure!” in the context of this story about a woman who was gotten.

                    Not ten years from from today. She was taken, now.

                    That just went over the head of Court Report and millions of people just like that. They are mad. Simply insane, and they have their hands on the controls of government.
                    That’s freakin’ scary. Are we surrounded by Pod people?

                  • @Court Report.
                    Yes, you are lost in your delusion of hate, hate for all things American. You have no eyes, but only hatred, that comes through loud and clear.
                    I will only hope I’m not here when the process completes, for collapse is not an event, but a process, like I said.
                    There is no talking to you, why you come to troll the good people on this site I don’t know, unless, its like all the other radiation damaged souls out there who just like tearing down and not building up.
                    I merely spoke to you about what was, in that, it was a better time, even with all the chaos of the 60’s, there were areas that were calm waters. Your kind, wants to spread the chaos, and hopefully, you will be mounted up on your own petard.

                    God Bless.

                    • Pied Piper,

                      Sorry if reality is too much for you to handle, go back to your 1960’s womb of being a child, let the TV of the 1960’s rule your way of life, leave reality for those who are adult enough { mentally and emotionally} to face it, now go back and find more bad guys to blame for your getting old and being stuck on the 21st century, along with your band of hopeless old codgers who have nothing left to offer humanity except your nattering trumpets o’ doom.

          • Maybe we should take away the guns from the g-men.

        • Muslim trash will not get away with that here. Shoot them dead and leave the garbage where they drop.

          • SHAME ON YOU!! That’s not only littering, it’s a waste of salable jerky and usable fertilizer. At the very least cover with Pig manure.

          • Blacks rape White girls and women routinely in the U.S. The msm refuses to report the numbers. As far as blacks are concerned, it is open-season on Whitey, in all shape and form.

            ”I became a rapist. To refine my technique and modus operandi, I started out by practicing on black girls in the ghetto — in the black ghetto where dark and vicious deeds appear not as aberrations or deviations from the norm, but as part of the sufficiency of the Evil of the day — and when I considered myself smooth enough, I crossed the tracks and sought out white prey. I did this consciously, deliberately, willfully, methodically — though looking back I see that I was in a frantic, wild and completely abandoned frame of mind.

            ”Rape was an insurrectionary act. It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the white man’s law, upon his system of values, and that I was defiling his women — and this point, I believe, was the most satisfying to me because I was very resentful over the historical fact of how the white man has used the black woman. I felt I was getting revenge.” -Eldrige Cleaver

            When the muzzies flood the place, they will do it too. Question is, will White “men” here trot around in mini-skirts, in “solidarity” with the raped women, like Danish “men”?

            Or, will White men grow spines and brains?

            • You three: Acid Etch, Paranoid, and JustMe (if you’re not the same person) are just flat out nutz. A reasoned response, the time, it ain’t worth. Humanity in you, I do not see.

              • helot, not worth a response or you’re not able to write a cogent one?
                I’m referring to JustMe particularly. What about the post, esp. the Eldridge Cleaver quote, is “nutz?”
                Enlighten us, oh wise one.

              • “Helot”, fitting name for your slave mind…

              • No. Paranoid is just me. I live in Casper Wyo and this is the only screen name I use. As noted below, the Helots were a slave culture the Spartans used to cull by 10% every few years; thus the term decimate. Weren’t worth much, just cattle. Good to know some things stay the same. Don’t think I really care what you think of me. I mean cattle have pretty brown eyes and make a lot of noise; but they are still just food awaiting slaughter.

            • Nah, they’ll be like you, just bitching about it on the internet all day.

        • If anybody has her address/ physical ro email, send it to me and I will send her a case of BEAR Repellant, (not CS) hahaha. I am serious.
          My email is [email protected]

      2. IN 2008 THE BDI WAS 12000

        NOW IT IS 400







        • About a month ago I was talking to a friend about how I got off the high blood pressure meds. Apparently something struck a note in her. She called me today and said she was down to a half-dose, going to a quarter-dose in a couple of days. She is now researching her thyroid issue, possibly getting off that medication as well.

          I think I did one good deed, that payed off for someone else. It won’t be long before everyone realizes that high blood pressure is a hoax, perpetrated by big pharma.

          She is just ONE MORE PERSON who won’t die because the supply line dried up. I consider this a SCORE – one point for the little guys.

          • Sixpack… how did you get off BP meds? I have a friend on way too many meds. I eat one raw carrot a day and got off high cholesterol… years ago. I still a carrot every day.






      4. Women need to be able and willing to defend themselves. It is good someone will help by paying her fine. Pretty soon Danish women will be in purdah just like Muslim women… out of fear.

        • Yes, it is going to get far, far worse over there. The EU governments have no intention of stopping the Muslim hordes invasion. Socialism was not enough. Removing virtually all gun rights was not enough. Massive taxation on the European people was not enough. Massive welfare was not enough. Degrading the Europeans masculinity was not enough. All of these things were done to crush any resistance. We are witnessing the end result of liberal and socialist policies supported by the people of the EU. The US is not far behind.

          • Dang, It’s Over, you forgot to add that bit from the film, ‘Conan The Barbarian’ about the lamendation of their women.
            Scary stuff. You summed it up well.

            • It ain’t over till the Fat Lady sings. And she ain’t singing for the likes of that slime or you. We don’t go for that crap here in the West. You want stupid cowards you need to go East young man. Mass, Conn, Mew Jersey; not here. True story; last year a guy came into a Beauty parlor tried to sell some “Diamonds” , when nobody took the bait, he started to pull a gun. The 70 odd year old lady behind him had hers out first and told him he’d better go if he didn’t want to get shot. He left. Few girls here will pull Mace on you, Smith & Wesson works better.

            • I prefer the words of Leonidas to Xerxes, when Xerxes says Spartan women will be slaves.

              Leonidas says “Apparently, you don’t know our women…I might as well have marched THEM up here, judging by what I’ve seen.”

        • Ms. Rebecca, how old must a female be (in the United States) before she may use deadly force, using whatever weapon is necessary, to defend her life or the life of others, or to carry out the Militia’s mandate (Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution) which is to “uphold the laws of the United States, prevent insurrection, and repel invasion?

          Women, like men, whether they want to be or not, are in the Militia, unorganized, one each.

          At what age does an American citizen have the full protection of the Constitution? At birth, but not according despots, tyrants and gun confiscators.

          The Second Amendment assures that an American citizen may keep and bear arms that are suitable to the military (Militia). See the SCOTUS Miller case. “Shotguns have no use to the military” said the Dred Scotts. What a bunch of morons.

          The right to life, self defense, hunting, target shooting, concealed carry, open carry, etc. is found in the 9th Amendment and its power in the 10th Amendment. Please exercise it.

          The 9th Amendment – the right found by the 9 politically appointed (not elected) “black skirts” in the SCOTUS) was the Amendment that allowed birth control methods for women (As if women needed the Dred Scott tyrants.) And by logic, birth control for men was “allowed”- vasectomy, condoms, etc.

          All women, any age, who are physically able should be armed and proficient with all firearms that they can handle, concealed or otherwise. And they need not ask for permits or permission.

          Stand by to repel boarders.

          f ’em

          Semper Fi

          • Really now, RE: “At what age does an American citizen have the full protection of the Constitution?”

            That’s quite obvious, at no age. The Constitution is just a piece of paper ignored by our overlords and Mass-Man who wants to eat out your substance.

            Yeesh, haven’t you seen the film, Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

            Get with the program, you’re just a helot. Or, worse?

            And, don’t be getting all upitty and asking why reporters don’t need licensees and permission and having to register their pencils, or have pencil bans on campus and other public places. Don’t you understand, in a free country, some animals are More free than others. Which means, “You’ll get nothing and like it!” It’s The American way.

        • Rebecca, I wish I could help that young woman in any way possible. This is definitely an outrage. if I had been in her shoes, I would’ve told the cop to take the damn citation and stuff it and if anyone had interfered with my attempts at self-defense they would pay a price themselves. Just like here in the US, police don’t serve the public, they serve the government. They have a total anti-public mentality and don’t care about the public. That woman has the right to defend herself and nobody, especially government, has any damn business trying to penalize her over it. If I was her, I wouldn’t pay the damn penalty.

          • RE: “If I was her, I wouldn’t pay the damn penalty.”

            Effective rulership never gives you the opportunity to decide to pay or Not to pay, you just pay, and pay, and pay. Like it or not. One way or another, they’ll make you pay. There’s no escape. That’s what tyranny means. No. Escape.

            • Ever hear the saying: “Molon Labe”

      5. Woman should say – he dropped the pepper spray while unbuttoning his pants!

        • I’m glad she didn’t. This is precisely the type of information that needs to be in the public eye.

          Society will be as people permit. Castration for such an offense would be a start. Lop the remainder and tattoo the forehead for a second offence. Of course, I’m more in favor of capital punishment; the initial suggestion is about as libtard as I can go.

          • You just castrate them just below the chin; works very well.

      6. Governments in Europe are going to change because of this happening. The European Union will collapse and European countries will go to the right because few people are doing anything about the refugee problem.
        There will be a tremendous backlash in Germany,Scandinavia and others. People are scared and they can’t protect themselves.

        • Jim in VA, yes they will experience a backlash. If I defend myself against an attacker and someone tries to interfere with that, they will get the backlash of a lifetime. If they’re not going to help me instead, then they should just stay out of it.

        • An unarmed people against muslim invaders whose “holy” book tells the men to “abuse all nonmuslim women until they convert” and a government that wants their own citizens gone, and they can NOT see that yet. They need to remove the veil. They no longer live in the Europe of their parents birth. Their government is showing them that it IS their enemy. Their enemy wants them gone.

      7. Just watch to see what i will do if i catch a the dark skinned, foreign, or local dred lock, muslims or north african attempting to rape my woman, or trying that crap with another and i catch that phucker.

        The brutality of my attack on that phucker will not be a funny thing once i launch my attack. I am going to really do permantely damage to his throat area, incluing a severly crushed testicle, then and including one of my favourites. Smashing his head into a concrete wall 10 times till the phuckers head and face in unregognizable.

        He will be needing harmonal theraphy when i get done with that piece of sh…t. Imagine that sh…t country fining the girl. So what she must just lay back and spread it. Who the phuck is runnning that country. Cant people just rise, catch them and beat the phuck out of those people, damn?

        Lets us men in America show the other countries how we handle assholes like that.

        Come on out to Mason Rd and try that sh…t, you black nigger, pieces of rapist sh..t. come on try us out, come to Katy.



        • HCKS, I agree. If I catch any POS trying to rape a woman, he’s going to take the dirt nap.

        • Stolz, that was a good movie.

      8. Firstly, somebody needs to give that young woman a full, paid scholarship in the subject of her choice, now.

        As for the charging of a young women for protecting herself, it is sick: “Mutti Merkel wants you to keep your p#ssy open for the fingers!!” (fat pig in pant suit drools)

        Why haven’t Germans grown a set and fired Merkel for wrecking Europe. I will never forgive this generation’s politicians for destroying the European dream. Scum bags all of them.

        Apparently, the Swedish police arrested the coward piece of dog crap who kicked the woman and her child. Why can’t somebody get a DNA sample on that dirt bag? We could put it in data storage, and, when that piece of dog shit comes out of prison, it would be possible to make sure he never works or has a living in Europe again by using the DNA to block him (think of where we will take that technology in the next five years? Horny Muslims are going to really suck as income earners then).

        • FT, I agree but let me go further about the sandnigger and say just give him 2 quick shots to the head and be done with it.

          • Re4ally rather do one to the Belly button and then just let the SOB bleed out, while I pour hot bacon fat on his head.

        • Question: “Why haven’t Germans grown a set and fired Merkel for wrecking Europe.”

          Answer: Because the unitedstate spent billions of Dollars for decades to condition the population to be this way.

          You and our ancestors worked hard to finance the whole thing. I think you know, it’s called, 1984.

          • Probably for the same reason the Americans, and us Brits int done it yet………cos the arseholes in charge……keep bringing in NEW laws TO STOP it happening. That’s how they keep power…….by making YOU into a terrorist, and your opinions into your being radicalised in the eyes of the world. They control the world’s media, and they drip feed the world’s population that YOU…….are an enemy of the government, democracy, and the people. The enemies, whether it’s alquaeda, Taliban, Islamic state, boko haram or whoever…….are only our enemies when dick heads like Obama and Cameron, and that retard Merkel…..DECIDE that they are. Til then……lock up your daughters, hide your wives, and don’t get caught with ANYTHING that’s on the governments list of No-No’s for self defence. I can’t believe that the Military and civil Police…….the world over……ACTUALLY enforce these crap laws on the victims of Muslim rapists and on the public. Aren’t the wives, daughters, sisters and mothers of our armed forces and police members future victims unless they start to get a grip and grow some balls??? And the reason WHY this will continue the WORLD OVER…… because PEOPLE DO NOT stick together, they don’t stand their ground and always avoid DIRECT confrontational action cos they might get singled out……..and then the ranks of rebellion start to retreat instead of meeting force with force.

            Robin Hood

      9. Thank you for the article. Big Media doesn’t cover this and a free press really does stand between us and chaos. The arrest of the crazed (redundant) Muslim planning to murder members of a Masonic Lodge in Minnesota made page 3 of our newspaper and I haven’t seen much about it elsewhere. Without articles such as this, we wouldn’t know what was sneaking up on us as Free Slave mentioned above. For your sake, as well as ours, I pray you aren’t taken out by our despotic government.

        • It made page 4 up here.

      10. Crazy muslim planned to attack a Masonic Lodge in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, too. The FBI caught him just in time.

      11. Should you find yourself in a similar situation somewhere (even here in the United States there are cities where this can happen to you) then after you’ve defended yourself just shut the fuck up.

        If the attacker reports you he is also reporting himself.

      12. Danes, What a bunch of PUSSIES.

      13. So in the hierarchy of useful society destroying idiots, it appears Muslim > Feminist.

        Never let it be said that people didn’t warn you that the .gov would chuck you under the bus when it was done with you.

      14. Europeans are big on striking. The Danes need to collectively not report for work one day next week. Go back to work the next day and have a spokesmen say, “did that get your attention”? If the officials give the slightest disrespect make it two days the next week.

        Hit their wallet and their heart and mind come along for the ride.

        • They’ll just bus in scab immigrant labor. It’s all part of their plan. Things are changing fast globally.

      15. I’m told that taxi cab drivers had a terrible hornet and wasp problem in NYC and they all ostensibly (love that word as it applies in sooooo many places today) carried Raid Hornet And Wasp Spray.

        • Kevin2 I’ve heard it deters bears up here in the mountains, too. Last year this time I had a bear spend the night in shed… so I know I need a can of that.

          • Rebecca, you can find bear spray at any good sporting goods store. I’ve never tried it but I have a co-worker who was camping in the AR Ozarks last summer and had an encounter with a bear. He used it when the bear tried to attack him and said it works. It’s a little more expensive than pepper spray but worth the extra $$$.

            • Pepper Spray has a problem working on Mexican Bears they consider it just hot sauce.

      16. You know if you’re a man and have some money, you could probably have your pick of european women much like it used to be for the infamous russian brides.

        i mean if your option is to live in europe and be threatened with rape anytime you are outside by yourself, living in america probably looks good.

        true, that will come here by bits and pieces and that same threat is possible from immigrants from the southern border; but at least in many states; you can carry weapons and most everywhere in the usa decent men will protect their women.

        • Braveheart, I hear ya. Those women are on the front lines with no weapons. Which is where tptb want us to be. Not happening.

          • Rebecca, I hear you loud and clear. I won’t be disarmed either.

          • The Islamization of the US already is well along. Almost nobody is the wiser.

            The best weapon is one’s mind. It’s necessary to understand the nature and gameplan of one’s adversary. Insulting them, hurling invective, while knowing NOTHING factual about them, makes their subversion of our liberty easy.

            Forget what that academic or what the media says. The highest authority on what Islam is or isn’t is what Mohammed said and did. That IS knowable.

            The Koran was deliberately compiled to be imcomprehensible. In its first years, it was oral. Few of today’s Muslims are Arabs. Few of today’s Arabs read classical Arabic.

            Sahih Bukhari’s collection of Hadith vol 6, book 61, number 509 and forward:
            Uthman, Caliph, had various written recollections copied and collated into one version. He then burned the various recolections. It was deliberately compiled to be incomprehensible. There is no straightforward this … then that chronology.

            What gives it context, makes it comprehensible, is joining it with The Sira, The life of Mohammed. In essence, the Koran says three things: there is no god but Allah. Mohammed is his prophet. Anyone who disbelieves those is going to hell. What the Koran doesn’t do is give the Muslim guidance on how he is to live his life. The Sira, biography of Mohammed, and the Hadith, short stories about what M said and did, provide that guidance. To all Muslims, universally, perpetually.

            From the Sira and the Hadith, it is clear Islam intends to rule the world. Until everyone confesses Allah as god, is their dhimmi (slave) or dies.

            “It will never happen here” you say. Sorry, but it is well along. The Kafir [non-Muslim] public in the US, coupled with the Official Islam “religion of peace” propaganda, means the process of Islamization is well along It means only one party knows there’s a civilizational war going on.

            The Muslim Brotherhood, goal of which is for Sharia to replace the US Constitution and civil law in the US, has had 50 years here to advance its agenda. Ovomit appointed Muslims to high-ranking USG positions. Their advisors mentor US colleges on what is taught about Islam. They speak at “inter-faith” days with other “People of the Book” clergy, spreading misinformation, because few Americans know anything factual about Islam.

            The FBI agent gets exactly 2 hours of training about Islam. None of the facts about its dual nature, one ethics for Muslims, a much harsher ethics for everyone else. But only enough to “not offend them.”

            Academia and big media don’t know anything factual about Islam either. Their books and articles are full of apologistics for a political system that has murdered 270 million people in 1400 years. And continues to.

   videos on Youtube Center for the Study of Political Islam You might begin with Why We Are Afraid 1400 years of Islam.

            The Political Traditions of Mohammed, The Hadith for the Unbelievers, Bill Warner,
            Editor, Center for The Study of Political Islam, c 2006.

            The Sira, The LIfe of Mohammed, Ibn Ishaq, translated by A. Guillaume, Oxford University Press, c 1982.

            • It’s enough to know that Islam is your enemy.

        • The Web Bot report predicts a mass immigration by Europeans to South America this year.

      17. hmmm

        your forbidden by law to protect yourself
        and the government is unable or unwilling to do so

        not a good position to be in

        there is a reason a lot of the EU countries will be
        third world hell holes in a generation or two

        • Dude we are already there in states like Hawaii.
          I would advise you not to vacation there. Tourists
          are targets, we know you aren’t armed, and 911
          dispatched cops are twenty minutes to hours away
          after 8 PM outside the main towns.

        • Satori, whoever came up with that concept can go f#$% themselves! I don’t recognize it and won’t follow it.

      18. Off subject sort of…
        Atrazine herbicide used on 85 percent of corn crops in the US, and sorghum and some other things causes feminization of males. It turns male frogs and fish into females. Europe banned it 20 years ago and still have problems with high levels… and all female fish some places. We still have it… said to be causing high infertility in Missouri. It is said to be dropping on us in our rainfall to the tune of 5 million pounds of it a year.
        No wonder we have so many boys to girls going on.

        • Yep, thats why you need to distill it first lol 😛

          • Genius, lol, I didn’t think about distilling the corn.
            I bottled my hard cider and close to racking my pear wine. It sure is pretty and smells good too.

          • Genius,

            I started cranberry wine today. Sure is pretty. It should be perfect age by Christmas dinner. I had cranberries left over.

        • RE: “It is said to be dropping on us in our rainfall to the tune of 5 million pounds of it a year.”

          I wonder how that compares to the output from geo-engineering?

          Any idea?

          • Helot,
            Atrazine is more toxic than Aluminum, it is an endocrine disrupter. The EU banned it 20 years ago and still have serious problems,, so it doesn’t abate in the environment.
            Since the government denies contrails altogether, I looked more at studies of Aluminum accumulation in humans. They are showing 80 percent have high levels of Aluminum toxicity. Aluminum has different effects, like Alzheimers and Autism, for example. The biggest difference is that there are many studies that show detox through medical chelation is possible. I even found plants that do detox if you eat them. It is part of my indoor garden to grow detoxification plants. A doctor can test for Aluminum toxicity and do a quick detox, so if you know it is there, you can be fine just by getting a test and occasional detox. Many studies show that plants mostly have methods of detox for Aluminum. When I was looking at contrails and trying to decide whether it had validity, I switched to looking for evidence of Aluminum. That is there. More importantly, massive amounts of money is being spent on Aluminum toxicity in humans. In this economy and the fact that corporate research money is spent on marketable research, it is inconsistent to spend so much on something that “does not exist” and would not be there naturally.

      19. dead Muslims can’t rape anyone.

      20. Is there an address to send her the $73? …. and a case of pepper spray to hand out …

      21. All I can say. I wish she had a Glock!!!!!

        Like I have said before if this happens to any of the women in my life there are going to be a lot of dead turds. They want a war I will give them a war!!!

      22. Can your son or daughter ask her principal for a room to pray in? Does your school system accommodate Muslim students’ prayer times, make space for them, etc?
        But doesn’t do the same for Christians? Or Buddhists?

        If so, don’t say, “It can’t happen here.” Because it’s happening here.

        Even the Five PIllars of Islam, which are more or less religious, have political significance when applied to us Kafir.

        Mainstream Islam’s teaching applied to Kafir IS POLITICAL. Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France … is a well-scripted early stage of civilizational war.

        The Muslim canard that they so respect “People of the Book…” the more seriously you take your Christianity or other faith, the more you need to look into that.

        What mainstream Islam teaches about Judaism and Christianity, and what you who profess those faiths recognize, are two vastly different things.

        You who think you will get a free pass because you are proudly atheistic …. guess again. Islam intends to conquer the Kafir. All non-Muslims, everywhere.

        ht__tp://www.CSPIPublishing.__com close spaces

      23. Another young, pretty American woman has been murdered in Europe by a migrant, this time in Austria (the other week it was Italy). Seems these naive American women are sympathetic to the migrants and then pay with their lives for that sympathy.

        I guess, in some naive way, they think the migrants will be like Jews and become successful Manhattan doctors five years from now, when in fact, five years from now, they will either be dead from waging jihad, or living in a ghetto somewhere on welfare.

        • Frank Thoughts,
          I could almost believe you never met a woman in your entire life to make up a story like that about what women believe. It would be funny except some men believe it because you said it. I am 61 and met a lot of women in my time… you are out in thin air on that one… was it supposed to be a joke and I missed it?

          • Rebecca,

            It’s no joke, he’s never had a woman, still a virgin in his 50’s or 60’s probably. This explains his hate for everyone and everything, women find him repulsive.

      24. Pepper spray is illegal but pesticide is not , you can carry nice little compact fast kill roach insecticide in a spray can, mortein makes a nice litle compact one designed to fit into a ladies hand bag, you got to get the fast knock out one and it will work better and stronger than pepper spray, just keep on spraying the vermins face arround eyes, up nostrills and arround mouth, no joke, he will actually either die from it or nearly die, never phone cops or report anything to them after any incident, they only looking to revenue raising tactics like what they are doing to this young girl, if she hadnt have reported to police she would still be fine , just incapacitate with pepper spray or roach fast kill formula and make sure to crush nuts with several strong kicks to correct area before leaving, cheers from aussie, P.S invest in lead bullion, its a precious metal for our times

      25. This is a form of terror against the Whites of Europe. Their enemies prevent them from protecting themselves, force the Whites to submit to crimes against them,and before you know it they are afraid to speak out against the invasion of their country.

      26. If each of us wrote out a check to this young lady for $73., she could hire a bodyguard whenever she goes out until she learns how to protect herself.

        Of course, once ‘they’ confiscate/outlaw guns (because ‘they’ say guns are ‘evil’), when in the future YOU use a then “illegal” gun to defend yourself against 5 people busting into your home to chop your head off, YOU will be imprisoned for having an ‘illegal’ weapon, and they will be returned to another neighborhood to do the same evil.

        Because “their” slogan is: “Rapists aren’t evil, just those young ladies– who use their God-given right to defend themselves– are!”

        This is both sickenly infuriating and sickenly revulsive, I feel like puking.

        Dr. Peck wrote that “Evil is that which destroys.”

        If we don’t protect ourselves against the person or forces who would hurt/maim/kill/destroy us, then we violate the Commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill’ IF we LET someone KILL us, right?

        And in a world of vicious lies cloaked by so-called authority, isn’t ONE form or protection that of SPEAKING THE TRUTH???

        As the late Reverend Edward J. Brady, S.J., an active proponent of Gandhian nonviolence told me, “Violence is that which violates, force is that which protects.”

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Truth never damages a cause that is just.” – Gandhi

        “Truth needs to be repeated as long as there are men who disbelieve it.” – Gandhi

      27. These stories keep popping up on the web, rarely if ever reported on the US news stations ( tho
        foreign stations like BBC , Al Jazeera us etc do) … so much for ‘open arms’ acceptance of masses of refugees. We need to wake up !

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