You Can’t Eat Gold!

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    gold-sundae(Pictured: $25,000 gold-sprinkled sundae from Serendipity 3 in New York City)

    I read that I can’t eat gold as I munched on my 401(k) sandwich and guzzled my IRA wine, which tastes like a cheap Chardonnay. For a side dish I ate blanched twenty dollar bills and consumed a chocolate money market for dessert.

    Yes, I am kidding.

    The point is that simple statements such as “You can’t eat gold” are a useless DISTRACTION.

    Why would the financial powers-that-be want a distraction? If you store your wealth in gold, it is out of the fiat financial system and out of the control of bankers and politicians. They want control over your wealth and therefore they discourage ownership of gold.

    Simple! But there is more!

    Not only do bankers and politicians want control over your wealth, they also want control over the price of gold in the market. Gold competes with all other debt based fiat currencies, and banks, central banks, and governments promote and depend upon those fiat currencies. They don’t want gold – a competing currency – attracting attention away from their heavily controlled fiat currencies. But central banks have only so much influence. In Japan the people are realizing they need gold, thanks to current central bank policies. “Precious metals markets have clearly turned the corner.”

    Does Wal-Mart encourage people to shop at Target? Of course not! Similarly, central bankers discourage gold ownership, and price suppression is one of their tools. A research paper written by Dirk G. Baur of the University of Western Australia discussed the process by which central banks manage the prices paid for gold. GATA has documented price manipulation for years. Again, if anyone has the power and the need to manipulate markets, it is reasonable to expect they will manipulate markets, so no surprise here…

    Simple! But there is more!

    Fiat currencies are based on debt. Banks increase debt (their business model…)and debt eventually transforms into financial slavery. Gold is not based on debt – it is pure wealth, not debt – and hence it is heavily discouraged by the financial powers-that-be. Governments and central banks understandably want a monopoly over the issuance and value of their currencies. Fiat currencies enable that monopoly while gold discourages such a monopoly. Don’t expect central banks to embrace gold UNLESS they have NO OTHER OPTIONS.


    You can use your dollars – not money but a debt owed to you by the Federal Reserve – to purchase a stock or bond or consumer good. The reason your dollar is accepted is because the person accepting your dollar knows that it will be accepted by the next person in the financial transaction chain.

    Era of uncertainty’ sends gold into new bull phase”

    What happens if the chain breaks due to a loss of confidence? A replay of the 2008 crisis could occur but the devastation will probably be much worse. Why? Far more debt, over $200 trillion and counting, more leverage, more derivatives, and more fragile financial systems. If confidence breaks, counter-party risk becomes critical. If bank-1 doesn’t get paid after a crash, and it can’t pay bank-2, and bank-2 owes you, then you might not be paid. Multiply that by a few hundred trillion and compare that to the zero counter-party risk of physical gold.

    Negative Interest Rates: Supposedly there is $12 – $13 trillion in global sovereign debt that “yields” negative interest. Does that conjure images of a solid financial system or a massive bubble in search of a pin created by lost confidence? Would you rather own gold for the long term or a bond that offers negative yield and will be repaid in a devalued currency?

    Sub-Prime Economy: Steve St. Angelo makes a good case for a sub-prime economy, which suggests coming defaults in corporate debt, student loan debt, sub-prime auto loans, and energy loans. There is no shortage of risky debt that can and probably will eventually default. Would you rather own sub-prime bonds or physical gold when loans aggressively default and confidence in fiat currencies fails?

    Precious metals are insurance against an increasingly fragile and inflated Ponzi Bubble of fiat currencies, sovereign debt, student loan debt, corporate debt, energy debt, auto loans, and waning confidence in government and central banks. Yes, there is considerable risk in all the above — except with gold and silver.

    From Jim Rickards: (Strategic Intelligence – July 2016 issue)

    “Capital markets are on the edge of a collapse. Soon, they will have zero confidence in the power of central banks to maintain sound money. The world’s most powerful central bank, the U.S. Federal Reserve, is a case study in this global collapse in confidence.

    “The Fed’s forecasting record is abysmal, their financial models are obsolete, and their understanding of capital markets is deeply flawed. For years these shortcomings have been obscured by investors’ blind faith in the omnipotence of central banks, and the fear of living without them. Now their time is up. The emperor has no clothes and everyday Americans are finally willing to admit it.

    “This loss of confidence is not confined to the Federal Reserve. It is affecting central banks all over the world.”


    • Don’t be distracted by useless nonsense such as “you can’t eat gold.”
    • Don’t be distracted by central bank manipulations of the gold market. How else would you expect central banks to act against a more successful competitor in the international currency markets? Stack while you can!
    • Don’t be distracted by the massive debt in the world. It will default – one way or another – with a bang or a whimper, via repudiation or hyperinflation, and gold is your insurance against the oncoming devastation that will result from collapse.
    • Gold is an asset with no counter-party risk!

    Paper Dies, Gold Thrives!

    Gary Christenson is the owner and writer for the popular and contrarian investment site Deviant Investor and the author of several books, including “Fort Knox Down!” and “Gold Value and Gold Prices 1971 – 2021.” He is a retired accountant and business manager with 30 years of experience studying markets, investing, and trading. He writes about investing, gold, silver, the economy, and central banking. His articles are published on Deviant Investor as well as other popular sites such as,,,,, and many others.


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      1. Gold is not going to save anyone from this coming collapse. It will be absolutely worthless when the collapse of the Ponzi scheme fiat money printing comes crashing down, and the psychopathic Globalist fascist criminal monsters controlling the West and the US Government Police State hell on earth are forced to implement their Final Solution of de-population…go ahead idiots-store all the worthless gold, silver, and other trinkets you want, but please take a picture of the stupid look on your face when you realize what an absolute idiot you truly are.

        • Well then, let me have all you own and I’ll watch over it for you.

          • I have never said gold and silver are worthless but they are worth only what the next person is willing to pay. If the economy collapses but the crap does not really hit the fan, your pm are worth a ton. If the economy collapses and TSHTF at the same time, your PM are only worth what the next person is willing to pay you for it. With that being said, I recommend beans, rice, bullets, tp, antibiotics, etc, etc, etc. After you have all you need and then some, by all means get you some pm’s. When TSHTF, what do you picture yourselves doing with that gold and silver. Do you think you are going to your neighbors and shave them off a sliver and they will feed you. I just don’t see it. If you are trying to keep your wealth out of the banks, then I totally see pm’s as a viable way to fulfill that need. I don’t think you are going to walmart with it. When some sort of a barter town is set up, then your pm’s will be worth some money.

            • I don’t know… maybe I would want to buy a milk cow. Or get a milk cow bred. Or buy a bull or a horse or a donkey. Or a dozen laying hens. Or a rooster.

              Maybe I could by a few ducks or fish to stock a pond.

              Maybe someone has some fabric I could buy to make my kids some clothes for the winter. Or some shoes or boots to buy.

              If I don’t have anything to barter that someone would trade for, then maybe a sliver of silver or gold would make the difference.

              Might could buy a piece of land to settle on.

              All kinda reasons I might want some gold/silver to use.

              • Grandee, Bingo!
                That nice house down the road that I can’t afford.When the bank or tptb have 1000 such properties,might pick it up for a song and a dance,if you have needs stuff,lots of different
                Maniac –out

        • Bribing Road Block guards or gatekeeper at a warehouse.

          And buying from me I have preplanned and stored enough so most of the gold in my area would be ours (My Family).

          My great grand father prepped since the 60s and left it all to the family so we would survive.

          Rolexes and nice cars too. Since he didn’t leave me his.

          Still going though all the old magnetic tape reels and disks he left. The things he saw is just unbelievable.

          • Someone : I did not think about the road block guards but what if their is 10 of them or 20 or more. Do you have a coin for each? Once you play your hand, how do you know they will not just take it anyways?

            I know that everybody on this site can type in 10 or more scenarios and just about every one can be true and every one can be false.

            The real moral is everybody should be prepping : Prepping your soul, your body, your pantry, your vehicle, your backpack, your financial situation, etc, etc. Everybody’s situation is different. Prep for you and yours.

            It will not be to much longer before everybody knows who was wrong and who was right.

        • Bottom line. Ownership of physical Gold and Silver preserves your wealth. It is an investment. I am up 20% in wealth since I invested in Silver and away from phony fiat dollars.

          I agree with everything in Gary Christionson’s article above.

          -WWTI. KEEP STACKIN’.

        • This is the way i look at it, if there is a complete banking system collapse Gold will only have value to most people once things stabilize. In the short term the things that are going to have value are items that people need in their everyday lives to live. Things that many other members have already listed, such as food, fuel, meds, and ammo. Within 3 to 6 months after things stabilize in our country, and people are able to find jobs and, food, and meds at their local stores, then the need for a real “currency” such a gold will come into play. I’m not saying that some folks won’t take gold in exchange for an item, they will be people that where well off before the collapse, and will use this event to profit. But most people will want to barter for things they can use right now to feed, and keep their family’s alive. Gold is a good way to preserve your family’s wealth in stable times, not so much of a hedge when there is no food to be found, and all those around you are going hungry.

        • Written by someone who likely hasn’t the funds to purchase precious metals. Prior to any total chaos scenario, precious metals will likely skyrocket and that time can be utilized to acquire more items (food, ammo, etc. )essential to survival.

        • Gov will outlaw gold for buying and selling (except used for barter) cash will work for awhile. People want things they can use or eat (hand tools, ammo, camping gear, etc)Stock up on extras for bartering. Most people do well just to buy basics. Let the rich folks have their gold. None of this stuff we have will be used anyway, if we are killed off by bio weapons or nukes. Globalist agenda is depopulation.

        • And your rock solid advise comes from? Sounds like your rear end to me, all one has to do is study history, e.g. 1998 Argentine collapse, black markets popped up quickly and gold “trinkets” such as rings and other jewelry identifiable as real gold became the medium of trade. The stupid look you refer to will be on the faces of those that watch as their only investment, their 401k as it evaporates in front of their eyes along with any chance of retirement. And you with “your stupid look on your face” will be saying welcome to Walmart sonny, do you want a shopping cart?

      2. We can’t eat gold, but we can use the gold to pay someone to take your stuff and give it to us.

      3. Gold is already up 28% for the year, and I see no lack of buyers for gold.

        Please name any other reliable investment that went up 28%?

        • inflation.

        • Guns and ammo

          bought a 357 Ruger in ’74 for 100$

          same gun today..6 to 700$

          bought 30-06 ammo in 82 for 8 bux a box today 30$

          I aint into math, but that dam sure looks like a good investment to me.

          and I made many an investment like that back in the day

          and this investment doesnt just sit there lookin’ pretty.. it will defend your family and property, get you food you can eat
          and keep the goons on their toes

          • Go back and check the Consumer Price Index from 1974. Or check out the currency inflation in the $ since 1974. I think you will find your $100 then is $700 or more today. <bb

            • And you’ll be correct according to the paper currency we have to trade with. However at some point in time when that moment is right, some dumbass who suddenly realizes that he now needs it to protect his family will give you just about all he has to get it. AND that’s when you ‘shear’ his sheeple ass!

            • I stand corrected. You have a deal !

              According to the Inflation calculator on the web
              your $100 purchase in 1974 was worth $480 in 2014. So if you can get $600 for it, you have earned $120 to the good over 40 years.


          • Back in 84 you could by hand grenades for 50.00 a piece , now about 200.00 from the Mexicans.

        • SWHC (Smith & Wesson) tripled since 2014.

          The problem with them all is by royal decree they can evaporate. If the gold is in your hands, rather difficult if you have a considerable amount from a security perspective, your initially safe. In the end your still only one official decree away from them declaring its possession illegal. Can you buy some potatoes and a side of beef from the local farmer? Quite possibly. Can you buy a car, home or pay a hospital bill? No.

          In a worst case your between a rock and a hard place period.

      4. I still won’t buy gold.
        25 year shelf life food?
        YEP. This country gets worse and worse every year. No you can’t eat gold. And I guarantee if you come to me for a bowl of soup it’s going to be awfully expensive. Take a look at Venezuela. Standing in line for food, people robbing food trucks and now guards put on the food delivery trucks and food being distributed under armed guard. Nobody standing in line for gold that’s for sure. They can manipulate it all I want, but a very famous dictator once said control the food and you control the population. I don’t think starving people worry too much about gold.

        • HM, I hope we’re still alive in twenty-five years and meet. I’d like to shake your hand and hand you a bowl of soup.

        • Wonder if any “relocation bug out experts” have gotten any calls from clients demanding their money back. Seems like many places all over the world that were ok just aren’t anymore.

        • Harry Merkin : As soon as you sell that bowl of soup, they now know you have more. NEVER sell or trade unless at some community bartering place. Even then be cautious.

          • Fish&mud: good point, unless you are with like minded friends who also have food stashes. Ammo will go way up if shtf.

        • The ones that had are in another country now where there is food!
          Maniac –out

        • Today, a zoo animal was attacked/killed??? while Venezuelans prepared the barbecue.
          It’s bad for the poor there.

      5. “A massive bubble in search of a pin..” What a great line!
        No, you can’t eat gold. But who’d want a currency based on chocolate bars or some other tasty consumable? Talk about a money melt-down. “Honey! Turn on the AC. Our retirement fund is getting soft!”
        Or, how about corn chips as currency? “We put our entire 401k in the pantry and it went stale. That’s why we’re living under a bridge now.”
        Can you imagine going to a flea market if edible items were the only money we had?
        “I’ll give ya two tacos and a small bag of Oreos for that lawn mower.”
        “No way! I paid six pizzas for it new, and I ain’t taking that much of a loss!”
        “You drive a hard bargain. Tell you what I’ll do. I’ll give you the tacos, the cookies… and I’ll throw in a couple of corn dogs.”
        On a side note- I’m in Florida today. No Zika fears at the truck stop, far as I can tell. And nobody from the state’s health department has asked for a urine sample yet. But I’m saving them a bottle or two, just in case! Keep on truckin’….

        • Selco of the Balkan war said that int he initial stages he sold his stock piles of flour for gold at massively inflated prices.

          Several months later he was buying it back at 10 times what he sold it for.

        • All that trucker diner fare you eat….. If that skeeter draws blood from you, chances are his offspring will look like O’bamster.

          • PO’d- I know what you mean. Most of the stuff available in the truck stops is junk food. I once went on a health kick and, every time I bought a corn dog, I’d throw away the dog and eat the stick. More fiber and probably better nutrition. Plus, the taste wasn’t that much different!
            Today, I usually plug in the crock pot and cook lunch while rolling down the road. It’s cheaper, tastier and healthier than most of the truck stop fare. (especially the fast food offerings)

            • Good to hear from you Okie. Hope all is well with you and yourn. Gotta keep these Katzen-jammer kids on here from killin’ each other.

            • I poked a hole in canned stuff and set it on the exhaust manifold. There is a cookbook about cooking on the exhaust!

      6. I don’t care if you can eat gold or not, but I have this question: Can the nearby farmer use precious metals to pay workers and purchase fuel and supplies? If the answer is yes, I can imagine a sequence of events starting with YOU owning gold and ending up with food on your table. If you don’t own precious metals that’s your way of saying your are placing your life and lives of your loved ones in the hands of a fragile system where a lot can go wrong.

        • Not everybody can afford pm’s.

          I think the answer to your question, in my opinion is
          At first yes, then no, then hell yes.
          In the beginning you will be able to trade cash and pm’s. In a few days no more cash but still pm’s. After everybody figures out no more grocery stores and food, probably not. After the barter towns start up or the rebuilding begins, your pm’s will be very valuable. If the poop last long enough, a very well prepared and street smart person can come out of this very well off.

          To your last comment, imo, unless you are rich, you should prep all your needs before pm’s and at least a little pm’s for that one thing you cannot live without or forgot to get. After you are prepped and still have money or have a 401k, then by all means buy as much as you can. Just always remember, whatever you are selling is only worth what the next person is willing to pay.

          • Everybody can afford PM if they are smart. Pre-1964 junk silver coins are still floating around, a dime worth $2, yep. A half a gram of gold is around $20 right now, start somewhere, commit to a percentage of your income to purchase monthly, it ads up quickly. BTW: You won’t be able to pay your mortgage with guns and ammo or food stores…

      7. cant eat ammo ether but that doesnt stop me from stocking up. both have their uses

      8. There is only one reason to buy gold.

        Buy gold to preserve your wealth the rough the crisis. When the monetary system normalizes later then you can cash in your gold under the new money system.

        Buy silver to use as a trade item during the crisis. Gold will have too much value and you won’t want to trade an ounce of gold for three chickens, but trading an ounce of silver for three chickens will be about right.

        • I disagree on an ounce of silver per chicken.

          1 oz of silver will probably feed your large family well for a week or two.

          “Throughout all of history and 2/3rds of the world today, 12 hours of hard human labor is worth about 1/10th of an ounce of silver. These chicken factory workers earned about 10¢ a day back when a dime was 1/1oth of an ounce of silver. This was true all the way back to Roman times when Roman soldiers made a Denarius a day or 1/10th of an ounce of silver. The $4 dollars Tom won prize fighting, was more than she would earn in 40 days of continuous hard labor at the chicken factory.”

          • in regular time, but crisis times the prices drastically change.

            • agreed

      9. i can top most here in the trade for ?? dept

        i got 3 like new still in the boxes reloading machines for a cheap ass pair of pistols

        and to date i have made 15 times what the value was reloading for people and my self

        over 20 thousand rounds done and not one failure and not one un happy customer

      10. I don’t know about anyone else but damn guys, you can only store and eat so much food. Once you have enough for a few years, it is enough.

        “So buy ammo they say.” Look, once you’ve got 5 to 10k rounds for every firearm you own that’s plenty. All you are going to use it for is to stop gang bangers and raiders. If you think for one nanosecond you’re going to take on the US Military you are not a veteran. The military has too many way too cool ways to kill you from anywhere.

        Got seeds? Got irrigation water? Arable land? Fuel for warmth? Medical supplies and prescription drugs? Hard copy history and law books? High Frequency radios, tuners, amps and antennas? Night vision? EMP proof vehicles and fuel? Got all of that?

        Then buy gold and silver and junk silver. All will have their place.

      11. For traditional everyday purchases, it seems that silver has historically been used for money and gold has been a store of wealth. That might seem like a distinction without a difference, but given the value ratio between gold and silver we have seen in history that Gold tended to be used for bigger purchases.

        However, recent US history included gold coins in circulation like the $20 gold piece. Back in the day before confiscation by FDR you could buy a fine man’s suit for a $20 gold piece. I suspect you still can since it contains just under a troy ounce of gold. A grand to $1500 range for a suit is mighty fine to me…

        But buying the weekly groceries with gold is not impossible, but you have to find the 0.1 ounce strips or something similar. In a shtf condition, people might tend to be wary of gold just on the basis of unfamiliarity, while even junk silver coins are in the comfort zone and is more easily verifiable for lots of folks.


        • At today’s silver to gold price ratio, if you had to run like hell and get out of Dodge and take some wealth, you’d have to carry more than 4 lbs of silver as opposed to an ounce of gold.
          Each metal has it’s luster.

          • You are right of course.

            Everybody’ situation is different.

            I am staying where I am.

            This is my hill…no gettin’ out of Dodge.


        • Thank you. Hopefully some will take note. Junk Silver is very difficult to replicate. I like to cover all my bets. Be-it sustainment (food,water) currency, fuel, ammo and equipment.

          • From what we know of history, in virtually every instance where SHTF, a country had some form of fiat currency that prior to the crisis, was used to purchase goods and services. When you have a failed state, you generally have a failed currency as well. Perhaps the currency of some other country would be valuable or accepted, but it’s a pretty chance that the currency of THAT country would not be.

            And while during the initial crisis, PMs might have little regard or value, eventually some medium of exchange will come to be accepted. Face it….barter works…but it’s not a permanent solution. For one thing, there are issues with portability. What are you going to do…..carry your food supply with you everywhere you go? What if it becomes necessary for you to relocate. Can you transport EVERYTHING you have in the way of preps? What if you have to evacuate on foot? Would it not make sense to have something of value that is easily transported? Name one thing aside from gold and silver that is easily transported and has value.

            Historically, gold and silver have been universally recognized as having intrinsic value. What makes today different from literally thousands of years of history?

            It goes without saying that you need to be able to protect what you have. So yes….a firearm and ammunition are essential. But even a gun is no guarantee against a group of determined bad guys intent upon taking your possessions.

            I think reading about Selco’s experiences is extremely valuable. And I know that in his situation, pm’s were not particularly useful. They are not something to have to the EXCLUSION of other things. But they are definitely something to have that may possibly expand your options at a later date.

            • At one time in history, salt traded more valuable than pm’s.

      12. You can’t eat gold, but you can buy pussy with it, and I like the taste of pussy better…

      13. Instead of corn chips and oreos buy can goods all the cases i recently purchased have best use by 2018 dates and a lousy 200 bucks buys alot of can goods so 24 cases with 12 per case of vegetables then a case of cream mushroom soup tomatoe chicken noodle soup casr of canned mushrooms case of beefstew case of tuna all for the same price of 10 ounces of silver i think its a better investment and if silver was to go back to 5 bucks oz im not out nothing just eating

        • Well how you gonna pay your rent or taxes with chickens huh? need gas? If it isn’t total collapse your fucked without any money. Stole your retirement? Got no funds? Don’t try using canned beans as currency but if you were smart you’d have some metals to sell to meet your needs huh? Use your brain dammit!

          • Have cash but if cash is useless what are you gonna sell the pm for useless cash besides when it gets that bad wont none of what you listed will even matter

      14. And when shtf no i will not want your silver or gold but toilet paper coffee ciggaretts flour yeast gasoline kerosene we may make a deal for a few cans

        • And if that person doesn’t need or want what you’re offering to trade then what will you do?

          • Buisiness with next person besides the cigarette ect listed are more luxury items than needs its the needs things that will have most value like antibiotics ammo chlorine for water purification ect

      15. There is a simple solution……stockpile as much as you can of food, t.p., bullets etc but don’t leave money in investments in the banks and convert those investments into gold and silver bullion. I cannot say what will happen as to value but for 6000 years precious metal has had value as an instrument of trade so it is reasonable that is not going to change. It’s all a guess anyway so load the deck with historical evidence.

      16. You cant eat gold or silver, but you can pay your property taxes so a currupt government cant take it.

        • A few others hit the nail on the head – get most of your other preps in place first – then add some gold or silver. But USMC1982 hits a point I believe in – if your fiat becomes trash, it will be gold that lets you pay your taxes in order to let you remain ‘bugged in’. Gold is also the best way to buy, bribe, or escape to a better place and have some wealth when you get there. You cannot carry 500 rolls of toilet paper very far.

          And while a fully supplied bunker in the middle of the woods is a great thing to have if the S hits the F – there are many scenarios where the S is being tossed around – but never quite reaches the F. So as you load up in beans and bullets for your prep planning, don’t forget to add some ‘flexibility’ to the stack!

      17. I read everyday, but have never posted. I’m a retired LEO/VFF/2yrs. MP, ’69-’71. Been retired since ’86, LODDisbin SC, back when cops were the good guys, DC metro county PD. Been stacking since Bush had 2 yrs. left….no footprints, more ammo than I can use, which is never enough. Bought 6#’s @ $12-13/oz, 90% silver for barter, can’t argue with a pre-’64 coin, don’t know how to assay gold, won’t touch it. Loaded w/Wise totes/canned, B/U Rx’s, just installed hand-pump on existing 6″ well, have private water Co. $18/mo. Just filled the propane tank, (320 gals), .99/gal in July. Am feeding about 20 deer in the backyard, gas/wood FP, surrounded by 1,000’s of acs. of virgin woods. I’m ready.

        • Thanks for reading Roscoe (and for posting your thoughts!)

          • And to you to Sir… on the NET!. R

      18. I am not sure what chaos we have coming, but I feel it will be hard for us all. Trump seems to be melting down. To bad.

      19. Gold is too damn expensive. I wonder how much gold the bankers have stacked away. Does that gold belong to them or to the American people? Why no audit of the gold at Ft. Knox? I have trouble believing one ounce of gold is worth whatever the present price is. I think that if someone converted FRN’s to gold the price of gold would go down eventually. The high price keeps gold in fewer hands as designed.

        • Most of the gold you speak of has been sold so many times it is not there. If you don’t have it in your hand it does not exist.

      20. Gold & silver ? why not rubies or diamonds or gensing roots. Wait I have it Tulip Bulbs. Everything I mentioned is now or has been manulpiated. Buy what you need. Some folks are very fond of telling other folks what they ought to do. When the only one who has the right to make that decision is you. Think and do as you wish & want. After all your the one who will benefit or suffer from the results.

        • Old Guy you took the words right out of my Mind. Make mine, Gold, Silver and 30RD.Mags. Trekker Out.

      21. No but You could trade it For Food

      22. I don’t even think that the global elite know or want to know how events will play out in the US at the end (soon). This is because they are trying to rewrite revelations and are also trying to implement false prophecy.

        However I would be more concerned about food, water and protection rather than gold at this stage. It’s prophesied that the wings of the eagle (the US) will be clipped from the rest of the world and as a result will not be doing any trade with other counties for a long time to come.

        When the civil war starts in the US over the devaluation of the dollar, not long after this both Russia and China will invade. This will probably be after or just before Russia detonates an EMP over the US.

        As a result, many people will die due to the civil war and the invading forces. There will also be natural disasters and plagues. In addition to this, manufacturing will cease for at least three years.

        Furthermore when God’s political system is implemented along with the constitution it will be backed by the gold standard again. However it will go back to around what the gold standard was before the Globalists ruined system. That is about $35 an ounce.

        As a result of these circumstances, I would focus on buying food, storing water and leaving large cities if you want to have a chance to escape the coming crisis. Also you will need to turn to God because he is just about ready to cleanse the US first. Then when when he is finished with the US he will cleanse the rest of the world.

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