You Are the Eyes and Ears: A Guide For Gathering Information And Reporting Jade Helm Activity

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    Jeremiah Johnson is a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne) and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape). You can contact JJ by using this form.


    This piece is a request to all who have eyes and ears to report on potential Jade Helm military activity (Active Duty and National Guard Units) in their home states.  Let’s start compiling data and sharing it across the board.  Let’s be proactive and see if we can paint a “big picture,” so to speak.  Any comments with descriptions, photos, or films would be great for starters.

    We’re getting a lot accomplished with the comments section regarding information exchange.  You guys and gals are the best.  Seriously, there is so much in these comments; it’s akin to a gold mine of profound ideas and deep analysis.  Let’s see what we can do here to make this article’s comments almost akin to a “bulletin board” with everything open for all of us to print and review.

    As I mentioned in a previous article, Dave Hodges Common Sense Show has been covering Jade Helm relentlessly and to a depth that is astounding.  I have plenty of respect for such a man who repeatedly risks life and liberty to give good accurate reports to the readers.  He just posted one on 5/21, entitled, Jade Helm is Preparing to Unleash False Flag Attacks.  Apparently the operational timetable has been bumped up: the operation was originally scheduled to begin 7/15/15, and now it will commence 6/15/15, a month earlier.

    Dave’s report covered logistics bases and military operations in California and Colorado, respectively.  The operations are not limited to these large bases, however, as there are suspected activities in New York City with DARPA regarding TIGR (the Tactical Ground Reporting System) units moving in convoys through the streets of Manhattan.  The photos are pretty interesting to look through, as there are references to IED’s and a list of other activities as a checklist for the TIGR operations.

    For use in gathering information for our site, I wish to list a few pointers that will help you to categorize the information you find.  First, be as specific as possible: the better the detail, the more that you will provide for all who read the site.  Strive for accuracy and clarity in your reporting.  Use this acronym to help you out:

    SALUTE.  This is the format for Army intelligence reporting in the field.

    S – size:  The approximate number of men, tanks, APC’s, helicopters, and aircraft.

    A – activity: What is the unit/group of vehicles/aircraft doing?  Are they in transit? Are they being transported by rail?  By ship?

    L – location:  Where did you observe them?  Be precise to the most exact detail possible.

    U – unit:  What insignia (branch) of the service did they appear to wear?  Did you see any distinctive unit patches?  Distinctive tabs, such as “Airborne,” “Ranger,” or “Special Forces” visible?  What type and camouflage pattern did they wear? Were they foreign troops, in foreign uniforms?  Civilian contractors?

    T – time:  The exact time and date observed, and for how long

    E – Equipment:  What were they carrying?  Weapons? (note rifles, pistols, heavy machine guns, grenades), special suits (NBC, hazmat, etc), any other complex gear or equipment?

    This format is a time-honored formula to help you categorize the basics, but we need to garner as much detail as possible.  When you do come across such activity, try to poke around and find out things in greater depth.  Ask any soldiers, sailors, airmen, or marines about activities that correspond with what you have seen (being cautious, of course).

    The next thing that needs to be reported is information based on secondary sources…these are sources you hear from and not the direct source itself.  It is incumbent upon the reporter to find reliable sources, so weigh them as to their credibility and reliability.  Another good thing to keep in mind is no matter how insignificant the intelligence fact may seem, or no matter how unimportant you may think it is…report it.  The overall significance of it may not be apparent immediately; however, when the information is tied in to other reports, it may turn out that your detail is not so minor after all.

    Also take note of civilian companies that may also be in cahoots with these military activities.  Snap pictures or take notes of their names, corporate logos, and any other information you may feel to be pertinent.  Scan the local newspapers for upcoming events…and then either keep an eye out for them and see if you can be nearby, or observe them directly.  Remember, good intelligence is not found, it is made.

    Anything you can photograph with a camera or a cell phone and post, by all means, let’s do it.  We have so many readers in so many states, and I guarantee that when this snowball begins rolling downhill it will be a boulder by the time it reaches the end.  I’m hoping that we can tie some of this into the other websites and see if we can do some information sharing with them.  Now is the time.  Now is the moment, before the regime and the FCC clamp down on us altogether.  Let’s see what we can do together.

    One final thing: be careful.  Make sure that what you gather doesn’t compromise you in any way.  If you feel it might, then break contact immediately.  You may be “busted out” of intel for one day, but you can always regroup and try it again another time when the heat is turned down.  Please be careful…you’re important to me, and to one another.  I welcome everything and anything you can send and contribute to this effort.  Let’s see what we can put together.  Keep fighting that good fight, and remember, I’m in your corner, as are Mac and the rest of us at SHTF.

    Yours truly,


    *Please use the following form to contact Jeremiah Johnson with news, photos, videos and other information related to Jade Helm or other items of interest.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. an interesting take on the whole Jade Helm thing

        Jade Helm as Itself a Psy Op

        ht tp://

        • As far as I’m concerned running Psychological warfare operations on the American people by the US military is exactly the same as running Real World military training operations on the American people. The use of the word “target” to refer to Americans tells me who the Government believes the enemy is. I have a son and other family and friends serving in all branches of the Armed Forces as I have in the past. I DO NOT want my family and friends being trained to think of me and fellow Americans as enemies no matter what bullshit label is placed on them i.e. conservaturd, libtard of FREEDOM LOVER. My god people, this is AMERICA remember, we a supposed to be able to voice our opinions without threat of the Government sending warriors to SHUT you up. Shit.

          • No wonder Vets are targeted. The psychiatric drugs kicking in? I saw this Ex-Airforce Col running the local chapter of the ALCU. No doubt the military has infiltrated counter spi sets up in every segment of our society. They really get a kick,… when they get you to play along. You know sending photos from your IP address. You-betcha!! Spy vs Spy.

          • JJ If I may say, I believe I made a comment to your article dated 4-6-15 “A Green Berets Guide to Local Intel Networks” that mirrors this article very closely. My comment was ID3361149. I think the lesson to be learned is to keep our eyes and ears open, and our mouth shut. Trekker Out. Easier Said Than Done!

          • ” My god people, this is AMERICA remember, we a supposed to be able to voice our opinions without threat of the Government sending warriors to SHUT you up. Shit.”

            The key words being “this is America”.

            This was America Maddog. That America is gone. It will not be returning. The war on America was lost by the American people many years ago. I am not sure who or what even waged the war against us but I do know that we lost. We are now a subjugated people who have no true voice.

            All that can be done at this point is to try and find a way in which to work within the new system that will benefit us and our families to the best of our abilities.

            Spying on and reporting of what the powers to be are up to will only cause you and yours further anguish. No matter what any of us do or say at this point is nothing but an exercise in futility. “They” will do as they will with or without your input.

            Sorry to be the one to have to say this. However, as proof of what I say I only have to ask of you, what if anything over the last 20 years has been done to reverse the yoke of oppressiveness installed on us?

            I still believe in prepping as that is how some of us will survive the trials and tribulations ahead of us.


            • Thanks for giving up BigB. I hope there are more patriotic Americans out there just. like. you.

              /sarcasm off/

            • it MIGHT turn out that your way is the way it will end up….or it MIGHT go OUR way, and america)ns) wakes up, and takes back our country from these psychopaths that are in charge now…it’s only been 20 or 30 years since we kind of had rule of law in this country…when this great reset happens, it won’t be the END….MY HOPE is it will be the beginning, bigbutt.

            • However, as proof of what I say I only have to ask of you, what if anything over the last 20 years has been done to reverse the yoke of oppressiveness installed on us?

              You couldn’t argue the facts could you?


            • BigB,
              There are still things we can do to keep what is left to us. We must resist eliminating cash and having all financial transaction electronic. If they try to do this to us we need to en mass come up with and use our own currency for trade.
              When/If they try mass gun confiscation, this will cause a civil war. So probably they will target ammunition and imports now that they have eliminated our industrial capacity.

              • They’ll easily make your guns unusable. They’re not sustainable at any rate, given that they’re Big Industry-dependent for production and supply of ammunition. People fell in love with the all-too-easy-to-use gun just like they’ve fallen in love with the same nature of transportation–the car, the truck and the plane. All those things are utterly dependent on the Big Business of the elites who are, and who otherwise own the powers-that-be. Instead of letting your enemy bury you in his box, you can think outside of it.

            • There is no way to “work within the system”. Elimination of their “system” is the only option for anyone who would be free.

          • You know, when you point out how great some posters are and just ignore the rest, it sort of makes me not even want to read your articles.

            At first I was offended but then I saw that you had put Eisencrap (he uses an alias, nowdays) and I didn’t feel so bad because anyone who includes him among their favorite posters, obviously can’t know crap! Anyhow, I don’t like your your stuff anymore…

            • running out of time…!

        • I am new here so be gential. I know the economic collapse is coming. My conceren is, other countries are having the same military drills. Is it not possible that the impending astroid is real and they aren’t telling us yet. Not until they get all the military in place to keep chaos to a controllable level. I’ve tried to find an appropriate place to post my concerns and this is by far the best shtf website. Its just no android threads.

      2. Dont expect any in Wyoming, but one never knows. If these guys are looking for areas to operate in with out a big public outcry, this is it. I suspect however, that they want to be big and public to further condition populations to accept military troops and hardware on the streets of larger towns or cities, for what ever purpose they are here for????

        • Lets see if Wyoming gets the next big “natural disaster” like Texas.

      3. If you’re going to watch them, make sure they know they are being watched.

        Stay legal, of course, but don’t back down and keep an audio or video record of it.

        • So they can record my license plate? Don’t be a fool, do it covertly.

          • Genius They have a thing here on the turnpike called E-Z pass, going to see family years back I Accidentally went threw it without paying realizing what I had done I went back to pay, but I couldnt. after getting a letter with a big fine and a pic of my truck an plate. I change a #3 to an #8 on my plate with a marker, I’ll just say the kids did it if anything comes of it. my other truck plate is so beat from the hitch you cant make it out anyhow f**k them..

          • So you’re afraid of them and want to hide.

            That means they’ve already won.

            Maybe you should consider John Hancock, he went out of the way to make sure they knew who he was.

            But that was another day when men were actually men.

            • Anonymous,
              I know what you mean, BUT your forgetting who we are dealing with and so you cannot compare the old times and the new times, because it is a WHOLE different group of people and a person now days has to deal with the WAY the people are NOW! so don’t be hard on the MEN now as they MUST deal with the scumbags as THEY are today!

            • Anon, Theres a big difference between opsec and just being stupid. Let us know how your plan works lol.

        • I can see it now this big military parade and all the Stoopid sheep are on the streets yelling USA USA and then the Military starts carting people off to FEMA camp training and work facility. Remember Trust NoOne. Calling you buds and pales and comrads in arms.

          • Hey troops…large quantities of traffic baricades are being placed along I40 in the havasu needles section..not in the highway,just ten or twelve sections….every two to three miles..set off to the side..
            Also the I 40 highway 95 intersection has been full of every kind of military transport you can imagine..tthe other day I saw three tractor trailers full of camouflage razors, with two dirt bikes each ..full camo, strapped to their sides.. about thirty razors..sixty dirt bikes…??
            I 40 and 95 at exit 9 arizona is a major transfer point, and 8 miles from the massive CSX train yards.
            Something totally different, but, did anyone see the announcement that hitlerys lesbian lover was named to her “election team”..just casually mentioned by MSM…but they forgot to mention that her parents are both LEADERS of the Muslim brotherhood…huh…explain that hitlery…F U hitlery.

            • Fred, from Rosies to Kingman appear clear and so does us68 thru golden valley. Couple of weeks ago did see a tank on back of semi heading towards bullhead on 68. I’ll be your eyes north in AZ.

              • One tank should take care of bullhead…
                Now..if they want to come to lake havasu, with 90 %of our population armed…3500 fully auto…
                Our friends with the light blue helmets,better bring a lunch..I’m taking at least one with me…one less to go to my neighbors home…

            • I drive a truck in N.Az. on 40 and 89, I can’t begin to count the # of trucks I see running north towards Ut. On a weekly bases with explosive placards on them and have even seen three nuclear placards since Jan. Last month a owner operator was going north thru the port of entry outside of Page Az with a Army trailer with an explosive placard on it and I was standing out side the POE Talking to the DOT cop when he blew past the scale house without stopping and all the cop did was shrug his should and reply Gov. Load! Lots of air craft all military flying back and forth lately,and we’ve lived here for 20+ years .somethings up.

            • What point is it to report all this stuff? Nothing’s done about it, except blustering about what “will” (supposedly) happen “IF they come here…” with nothing but your small arms. By reporting all this stuff, your enemies only know where you are and what you think is important. They’ve still got their stuff and, you keep complying with them to have more of it. It’s a huge military parade for your amazement, paid for by your own compliance with them.

        • see my post below….the driver knew he was spotted by me and slowed down to a ridiculously slow speed…to put distance between me and him?

      4. And how do you know if the groups of military peeps are not just heading to a weekend/2 week of reserve training?

      5. I live north of Houston, TX and I doubt I will see much, but you are right I need to be on the look out. I will start carrying my digital camera with me and if I see anything I will throw it on YouTube.

      6. There is a ridiculous amount of military activity here in southern colorado, activity like I’ve never seen before. The equipment mobilization taking place is off the charts.

        • I have seen quite a bit of activity but lately I haven’t gone much of anywhere because it just fooking rains every damn day (not like texas). The retreat is rained and mudded out so I am just waiting for good weather to go there. About a month ago we drove by the NG armoury and instead of the usual 20 or so vehicles there were 2!

        • All of SE Colorado is a training ground for ARMY. Google map which will play into the defense of Denver airport. Tunnel system

        • This is correct, as Southern Colorado is blowing up with military activity. I don’t post must but I have reported in the past that Colorado did not recuse themselves from Jade Helm.

          There has been a huge increase in blackhawk and Apache flights, as well as huge convoys going from Ft. Carson to and from east Walsenburg to the Pinion Canyon Military exercise site.

          This is a perfect place to house 100K people and never know it. I have photos of 100’s of convoy trucks with nothing but huge rolls of concerta razor wire on them.


          I’ve lived here all my life and never seen anything like this.

          Shit is going to go down very soon. Be ready….

          • Post the pics kid…

      7. I wonder if the reason the Obama administration lacks any strategy on the war against ISIS & terrorism and the refusal to send troops back in Iraq is because they know they will soon be fighting a civil war against the American citizens and they are much more concerned about losing their corrupt control over the homeland than the progress of any foreign wars.

      8. ‘Less you got intel on the ground covering this, you’re a lost ball in the high weeds.

        • Or we can catch a raft into Houston and see what door to door is happening there.

          • “See” what’s going on, and letting them know where you’ve been and what you think is important by reporting it for someone else to do something about it or, for to whom you do report it to tell you to do something about it?

        • Destroying their weeds will destroy their balls with them.

      9. Is this the planned false flag? ABC15 in Phoenix is reporting another Muhammad cartoon fest at an anti-Islam rally.
        Imagine if I went and set up a Draw-the-hooked nose-on-Pamela Gellar contest. Of course, I would be shot. Arizona elected Hanoi John McCain, so stupidity is expected. I imagine the agente provocateurs are already on site. Within seconds of an event, we will be told it was ISIS, or perhaps even Hezbollah.

        • Run away and hide. little boy.

          Maybe mommy will come and make you safe.

          • Anon,
            remember there is a time for BRAWN and a time for BRAINS, and IF you get them mixed up at the wrong time, you’ll be pushing up daiseys as well.

        • Mongo,
          you forgot to include the other scumbag, fuer REID, he needs the same treatment, short rope tall tree!

      10. contact link not working

        • Thanks Paul – link fixed!

      11. I put this out a few months back:)

      12. Finally Somebody with Military experience to help Lead the way..Thay watch us, we’ll turn the tables and do the same. This is Beautiful, I love it!! Thank Mr. Johnson for taking point.. Standing ready in P.A.

      13. These ‘drills’ have a peculiar habit of turning into stagecraft.

        Perhaps Jade Helm is about having troops in place when events escalate as per the script (Financial collapse to happen after the ‘fog of war’ rolls into town).
        They do call it the Theatre of War.

        “We’re an Empire now…”

        • Hank, remember that 911 was a drill that went live. I haven’t seen any unusual activity in my home state of TN but that is subject to change at any time.

          • I’m here in jersey, I know police and fireman, who say ,what they saw on 911,

          • I’m here in jersey, I know police and fireman, who say ,what they saw on 911,

            • Giuseppe…and that was….what?


      14. This is a great idea!
        Information coming in from all over the US.
        Should give us a better idea of the big picture, may help us to know what to look for.

      15. Gathering all the accurate information on Jade Helm as it progresses is important. But what good is accurate information if nothing is done to stop Jade Helm? If nothing is done, then all the information about Jade Helm sadly ends up being nothing more than news reporting for the Jade Helm tyrants.

        It’s pretty obvious to me that the Jade Helm operation is not going to stop because of news reporting only. What I suggest for starters, for those who are willing and able to, is begin making lists of the top leaders of Jade Helm and begin taking them out at the best opportunity available.

        Are there any other ideas? Seriously, are we going to fight back or just talk back?

        As a side note, which I’m sure most of you know, at least I hope you do is, if you seriously answer this question, cover your ass and don’t make it easy for the tyrant feds such as the FBI to find you.

        God bless you all.

        • But have they done anything bad to anyone yet? I know they pretend to be from the electric company to check out your property and Texans are wisely telling them in no uncertain terms to “get off”.
          Just consider some military activity could be to protect from ISIS invaders.

          • “ISIS” Daesh invaders are their agents.

      16. I travel from Waco to south Oklahoma all the time. I will keep my eyes open…

      17. I travel from Tucson to El Paso regularly, at least one round trip per month for the last 20 years. Since February I’ve seen trains with nothing but empty double-decker cattle cars, at least 6 since Feb. (Trips represent a small fraction of time and trains along these tracks) These are so far from the ‘usual,’ I started counting the cars, which vary between 50 and 70 per train. Prior to this, these cars were usually 5 to 10 in a train and mixed with other types of cars (containers, tankers, flatbeds, coal cars). I asked 2 friends in the cattle business (1 works in mgt at a feedlot, another is a rancher) about this, as it is not the time of year to ship cattle in the southwest. Neither could think of a reason for these trains. I won’t speculate, other than the observation that this is unusual.

      18. Quietly and quickly get all your money out of the banks. Fugly coming.

      19. Without compromising your OPSEC, I would be curious as to whom of the posters on SHTFplan consider their AO within the states involved in Jade Helm.

        Since this whole SHTF/JH15/etc is a “what if?”, WHAT IF after JH goes live, all of the sudden, we stop seeing posts/comments from certain patriots? Abruptly.

        No specifics needed, just that you fall into the territory on JH maps. It’s a big zone, it should be safe to post here.(??)

        If one day, all the sudden, an AcidEtch comment were NOT met with disdain/acrimony, I would think something is up.

        I am concerned for folks in JH zones.
        The information could help others not as geographically challenged.
        Please keep us posted.

        • Ben, i’m also concerned for them as well as the entire nation. JH will go nationwide eventually. It’s only a matter of time. On acid’s comments, as long as he keeps posting on here, I’ll still respond to them.

      20. Im in the North Central Texas area, I have been watching the movement for years, used to see lots of traffic including hummers, some abrams, bradleys, and even those barbed wire trailors that lay out a mile of wire, portable cell lookin things, also 18 wheelwrs full of strange volvo lookin pick up thigs, looked foreign to me, all tan and od,once a whole convoy came thru and stopped at a parking lot, looked like a drone setup, a hummer towing a big dish, 3 box trucks and a mo gas truck and a van full of guys with yellow armbands and m16s,i took pics, close ups, lol confronted them too, they were not happy and my wife was terrified, i have pics and vids but dont know how to post em here.
        All that stopped like a year ago, then it shifted to lots of military construction vehicles on the move.. Even that has slowed, all ive seen in 6 months is one military transport, headed to the airport and a truck with three old school hummers, from like 90-91… I have also had my eye on this abandoned factory that keeps bringing shipping containers in and out… Ive been keeping close watch but kinda quit, i think most stuff may already be pre staged.

        • Btw, all the vehicles and stuff i mentioned in my first long winded sentance were on 18 wheelers on the highway, the convoy was driving, and unit symbols on bumper were covered and if i remember right no unit patch… Maybe a cav patch, cant remember. The construction equip was on 18 wheelers.

        • Howdy S.S.

          • Hey vet1 ,hows it going, man you drive right by me when you head up to oklahoma….
            U seen lake texoma lately, its going over the spillway again, man its a mess up

      21. OK everyone, we all suspect that things are not normal to say the least. This is the time to do your own gut check. Ask yourself if you are; able to take care of your loved ones in all aspects, are you and yours spiritually ready for the good and bad, and when the time comes, will you be able to pull the trigger? I continue to work on these answers myself and I always answer “yes” to the best of my ability. I pray we all have what it takes to do what is right and continue to advance the Lords kingdom.

      22. Be on a major road trip in june. TN, KY, MO, IA, IL

        traveling both interstates and back roads and not sure where in IL, as a friend is taking me shopping 🙂

        It’s mostly in the wrong direction, but will keep an eye out.

        My cousin is meeting us in IA. Be coming from NM, going to CO and then IA.

        Cuz will keep an eye out too.

      23. I doubt this is really just centered on Texas. In Bedford, Va. there were about 25 humvees, and also what looked like surface to air missile equipment. Multiple surveillance aircraft in the area with transponders turned off. (Air traffic control would not identify them.) I actually stopped posting because of the stupid stuff that people fight over on this site but this seemed too serious to stay silent. Our town is on edge. Rumors are growing of terrorist camps in the woods. One of my sources told me that I best not be caught without my gun this summer. Also the ATF and CIA are crawling all over VA. At least in my ao. But by all means… Debate on how it is all the zogs fault. Its our own fault for letting it get this far.

      24. S, 3 c130 air planes A,flying due south at 400 ft.L,pleasant valley Mt.25 miles west of Kalispell Mt.U,U.S air force.T,1600 hrs.E,no particular special equipment noted. Info was telephonically relayed to me by special forces vet.and is second hand.

        • I have confirmation that the 3c130s SALUTE report given may 23rd was factual and that the 3 planes are being hangered at glacier international airport kalispell Mt. Also Stewart Rhodes has stated that several congressman and senators have requested oathkeepers perform as body guards for them.

      25. Screaming Eagle, Right about that. We waste too much time on bickering and half-assed conpiracy theories. Took money out of the bank until this blows over.

      26. Jade Helm is more than a training and more than you can argue about here in wash state we have Chinooks and b series stealth s that train in June thru Aug ,this year they started in March which not normal let’s avoid the trolls that are wasting our time and share unusual activity or what could be bad or bent news I will tell you not to be a target or you will be the first to get taken out an find out what an how much torture they will give you before you tell everything just to get them to stop so my advise is be very lo profile as some of the triple letter companies can make you disappear under ndaa2014 no due process if you get put under this category. Ride fast avoid detection at all costs its like dealing with the enemy over sea’s blend in and disappear in the shadows make them wonder where you are and ultimately hating that which they can not find. As my time is past due and I will only respond and add if I see something that is bent \ broken in Washington and needs to be avoided

        • Approx 330am 5-29-15 saw 4 fast moving helo’s to dark to I’d flying e bound toward Idaho boarder .

      27. one week ago in boulder city Nevada I saw 2 semi trucks each loaded with a very large MRAP. Headed south on us95.
        Never have seen that before. Yesterday at my home 100 miles from Nevada 4 chinook helicopters flew overhead headed west. Nellis is only military base close. These are a uncommon sight here.

      28. Blue Bell trucks have been sported within military convoys to be utilized as morgue transport trucks.
        Blue Bell made the decision to suspend operations and lay off employees at the following distribution centers: Phoenix (2 branches) and Tucson, Arizona; Denver, Colorado; Indianapolis, Indiana; Kansas City and Wichita, Kansas; Louisville, Kentucky; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Las Vegas, Nevada; Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina; Columbia, South Carolina; and, Richmond, Virginia.
        I think they need these locations for Morgues !

      29. Blue Bell made the decision to suspend operations and lay off employees at the following distribution centers: Phoenix (2 branches) and Tucson, Arizona; Denver, Colorado; Indianapolis, Indiana; Kansas City and Wichita, Kansas; Louisville, Kentucky; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Las Vegas, Nevada; Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina; Columbia, South Carolina; and, Richmond, Virginia.
        I think they need these locations for temporary Morgues !

      30. Today in Jackson California, the Airisol Spraying was pure Evill .

        I cant help but think about all the sheep that are being finished off as I write this post .


        The troop movment , I have seen recently are second to none . Do they think that we do not have any eyes or ears left ?

        I can see them , they see me too , we are wathing with gamefull eyes and ears .

        Move fast and swift when the need comes .

        Beware of the bear . He will charge if he feels like he’s gonna clean your clock.

        But if you Show him the # 3 , Black . He will shit his self to death before he gets off the track .


      31. How’s Jade Helm doing with all the flooding in Texas. Those million dollar military APC’s don’t float do they?

      32. It’s interesting that the thousands of concrete barricades that were stockpiled outside of laughlin nevada, have now been deployed on the westbound I 40 from Lake havasu to needles Ca.
        NOW…why the f would anyone in their right mind be trying to get IN to california? There’s no reason to prevent that…
        UNLESS…the plan is to turn east and west I 40..into eastbound I 40…can you say illegal migration kids?

      33. Still in moderation overnight… Nice

      34. Southbound on IL 59…near I-55….newly painted blue truck cab (UN blue?), new front black bumper….no front license plate, paper sign duck taped over printing on passenger door…
        pulled into traffic out of Walmart…hauling what appeared to be refrigeration part….very big…it was enclosed in a ‘cage’ type trailer….

      35. 70 miles south of Oregon here, train load of Humvees and some light apc stuff headed south yesterday or the day before. Not uncommon but since you asked. I can’t see the train tracks from my home but on my way to town I can. About a month or so ago I saw a lot more headed north so go figure.

      36. behind every blade of grass !!

      37. I know this is not exactly what your looking for, but I just made a three week road trip from Houston to Cheyenne Wyoming. My route took me north out of Houston on I-45 and then Northwest to Raton New Mexico on Hwy 87/287. Then North on I-25. I spent time in various towns along the way, and much of the travel in Texas was along a major rail thoroughfare, which also happens to be in the big middle of all the worst flooding. The return trip took me South on I-25 through Albuquerque, and Las Cruses to El Paso. I10 East back to Houston.

        For the entire 3 weeks, I saw nothing. No military vehicles, not cattle rail cars, not aircraft, not even a person in uniform other than the small town local LEO’s. And I was looking very hard everywhere.

        If Jade Helm if gearing up, its not anywhere close to where I was. After this trip, I feel pretty safe that whatever they may be mounting, we can handle.

      38. Hey Jeremiah Johnson. Being a retired Green Beret I would like to hear if you still have contacts and if so what are they thinking if they are involved in this or if they aren’t just their opinion in general on this big of exercise. I have not “had my eyes open” for very long and would like to know if this type of “exercise” is common in scope and size.

        Does anyone know an employee that was fired from one of the Walmarts? Maybe they could shed some light from their point of view.


      39. TIGR tactical ground reporting system
        It is mentioned in the above article about this TIGR.
        TIGR does not track anything. It is and was designed to supply intelligence personal with a go to place for combined status.
        TIGR along with other intelligence collection system can give the commanders a better view of the battle field faster.
        Now I have seen some of the pictures people have sent pertaining to this JH operation. Most are useless, all you see is some vehicles going by in convoy. What unit are they from? That can be determined by bumper numbers. The bumper numbers need to be in the pictures.
        If this operation is going to kick off early you should see new faces start showing up in your communities.
        The operators usually show up from two to four weeks before the show. They will blend in and look for easy to get jobs. While at the jobs they collect information like some one places in a post above. SALUTE
        Good Luck

      40. If you are not on at least one list, you’re not doing your patriotic duty!

      41. This reads like the FBI coming to people’s houses wanting to know that they know about Jade Helm. Wanting people to report what they know tells the powers-that-be what they want to know about the people.

      42. IMG_2978.JPG.jpeg
        This picture was taken on Memorial Day in Westminster, CO which is about 20 miles NE of Denver. BNSF train was stopped headed west carrying dozens on these apparently armed military units. Would like to know what they are?

        • S, unfortunately the image didn’t come through as we do not allow direct uploads on the site for security reasons — You should be able to upload it to a social account and link to it direct. Or, feel free to email to mac at shtfplan .



      43. We must be vigilante….the agenda is on fast track now…,we can only survive this attack if we band together …..’ if you are not prepared you will not survive anyone that has only one plan will fail….! you must have several back up plans… communication is paramount without it you will wander like a blind man in the dark ….[baofeng BF8] AMAZON 30 – 40 DOLLARS……! YOUTUBE WILL TELL YOU HOW TO PROGRAM …IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO TRANSMIT UNLESS IT IS AN EMERGENCY IT ALSO HAS A SCAN MODE….. WATER ..,FOOD..,SHELTER…COMMUNICATION IN THAT ORDER….INTIMIDATION AND FEAR IS THEIR GAME…YOU MUST STAND AND BE COUNTED … an AMERICAN GET IN THE FIGHT….!!!

      44. Train for the collapse ….. repetition is the only way you will have a successful outcome… when you cannot train in the physical you must train in your mind….you must not think you will be safe in your home…..THEY BURN HOUSES…!!!! WACO TEXAS REMEMBER…?! be an AMERICAN GET IN THE FIGHT….!

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