Yellowstone Supervolcano Strengthens Every Year Because Of ‘Hotspot’ Found Deep In Earth

by | Apr 25, 2018 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 17 comments

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    Scientists say that the Yellowstone supervolcano gets stronger every year, and they now think they know why.  An 1,800-mile deep “hotspot” has been discovered under the caldera which scientists believe is the volcano’s heat source.

    Yellowstone’s hotspot is situated within our planet’s mantle, and scientists believe it is part of a surge of atypically hot rock known as a mantle plume, according to a recent study. They are thought to begin some 1,850 miles below Earth’s surface at the boundary separating the mantle from the core.

    Researchers and scientists have been studying Yellowstone in hopes of preventing or at least having some advanced warning when the supervolcano next erupts. “A supervolcano explosion is capable of “plunging the world into a catastrophe” and pushing humanity “to the brink of existence,” NASA researchers wrote in a 2015 study. The information we have on the rare eruptions today are estimates based on the geologic record and the massive deposits left behind by them.

    The ash spewed by such an explosion could create a global “volcanic winter” by blanketing parts of continents with soot.  Using prediction models from Yellowstone’s last major eruption 630,000 years ago, the researchers revealed Yellowstone could produce more than a meter of volcanic ash in its immediate vicinity. As you can see, the ash would blanket a vast majority of the United States.

    But NASA’s plan to help “fix” an eruption could have the opposite effect. The space agency suggested drilling into the volcano to release heat, making it less volatile. But that comes with potentially humanity eliminating consequences. “It has been suggested that the hydrothermal circulation at Yellowstone may cool the underlying magma and may lead to decreased long-term volcanic hazards,” wrote the scientists.

    More research needs to be done to figure out how to best protect the planet from a supervolcano eruption, the researchers also said.  As of now, people would have mere minutes at most should the Yellowstone volcano erupt.  That would not be enough time to save lives.

    But scientists also say that it isn’t going to erupt all that soon.  We seem to get evidence to the contrary seemingly daily, yet those studying the caldera ask to trust them when they say it’s acting completely normal. The Washington Post recently wrote an article titled “The Yellowstone Supervolcano is a Disaster Waiting To Happen.”  Yet right in their article, they state:

    The Yellowstone region has seen three big eruptions, the first one 2.1 million years ago, the most recent 630,000 years ago. Contrary to Internet rumor-mongering, as well as conspiracy theories about government coverups, there’s no sign that a fourth cataclysmic event is about to happen. –The Washington Post



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      1. Hey, Mac. Leave the super volcano alone. Something of possibly equal or greater explosive force is happening in the markets today.

        The latest 10-year treasury rate just came out this morning above 3-percent — 3.028-percent to be exact. This is a first, and a threshold that the SHTF and the Complete Systemic Collapse people have been warning about for the past 10-years, since the Crash of ’08-’09.

        The theory is that above 3-percent the interest on the national debt becomes too great to bear. The interest on the national debt becomes too big a drain on the economy. The result: “boom” and “crash.”

        This could be the big one. Should be interesting to see if these people were right. Things could get really exciting from now on. Or not.

        • “The theory is that above 3-percent the interest on the national debt becomes too great to bear. The interest on the national debt becomes too big a drain on the economy. The result: “boom” and “crash.”

          Here is what is wrong with that theory:

          Higher rates only affect NEW BORROWING, not existing debt. The extended zero rate environment has allowed the FED to turnover existing debt at extremely low rates; not unlike a homeowner would refi their existing mortgage for a new mortgage at a lower rate.

          Concentrate on Yellowstone Mac it has a higher probability to disrupt the nation than 10 year bonds at 3%. 🙂

          • The U.S. national debt increases by more than $4 billion every day. Under President Obama’s stewardship, the national debt grew by more than $4 billion per day, that’s $170 million per hour, $2.8 million per minute and more than $47,000 per second.”

            How much interest at 3-percent does that come to, Sparky? But you’re good for it, right Sparky?

            And how much does the likelihood of Yellowstone increase by daily? (I thought so.)

      2. Closer to the end. As the money in our pockets becomes even more worthless. Can I use more with worthless in the same sentence?

      3. Remember that clichéd science fair project, of a model volcano? Yes, they still do that, in college. Except, it uses a viscous or sticky material, called a magma analog. A volatile substance, under heat, or just a drinking straw, illustrates the principle of degassing — catastrophically, when the bubble breaks.

        To scale, humankind would be a little flyspeck, sitting on top of that bubble, hoping to mitigate an act of God, on a planetary scale.

        Actually, this is just a fake excuse to develop a natural park, industrially.

        Danger sells, in the same respect as sex, food, and animal dominance. They are appealing to thhe lower thought processes of fear, so you will not make a logical analysis, ie. is the industrial park literally going to save the world from doom?

        But, this is how nature is regarded in shhithole countries.

        (I’ll keep most of the examples foreign, for the sake of patriotism.)

      4. “there’s no sign that a fourth cataclysmic event is about to happen”

        UNTIL IT DOES…

      5. Yep, comments don’t seem to work for me 8 out of 10 times..

      6. Mac, I visit this site daily if I can. Sort of use it as a sanity of sorts break from the craziness of my work-life. Please don’t let it become something resembling “Before it’s News”. We’ve so many important issues and event popping up daily, you really don’t need fluff I’m-a-geddon ready for alien MFs to turn the planet upside down articles.

        • And keep the cute (“you know you are going to cry when you see this”), cats out of the site. Keeping SHTF “animal free” is desired.

        • Yeah the yellow journalism of BIN really destroys its credibility, making it one step above CNN on the list of Fake News Sites.

          I do check it because from time to time there is a helpful gem hidden in the bullshit. 🙂

      7. I think I’ll add a visit to Yellowstone to the bucket list of things to do before the big trip to the ever-yonder. I’d love to see all that natural wonder up close. If i was a betting man though, I’d wager that mankind will find a way to immolate itself long before this super volcano belches forth its doom.

        • Actually, when the SHTF, Yellowstone is at the top of my list of bugout sites. When the end comes at least I’ll have hot running water for a shower.

      8. Humans are one of the most distributed species on land on this planet. I have zero doubt humans will survive a full blown super eruption of yellow stone…. but many many people will not survive it.

        • So are cockroaches and rats. That doesn’t add anything to what the quality of that life will be post a full blown super eruption (I have no idea why we are talking about something that hasn’t happened in over 600,000 years.)

      9. I think St Helens dumped up to three inches( 75 mm) of ash in areas of Yakima. They still grow lots of food there and nobody died. Even today you can still see mountains of ash piled up in the Longview area.
        All that ash was a real pain you could only drive about 5 MPH or it would cause a “grey out”, but everybody dealt with it.
        I’d hate to think about what a meter of ash would do.

        • When the ash from Mount St. Helens roared down the Lewis River into the Columbia River it reduced the depth of the Columbia River from 40-feet to 16-feet almost overnight near Longview, WA. That is a lot of ash. The huge piles of ash taken out of the Columbia River by dredgers are still there.

          The eruption of a super volcano, like Yellowstone, would be 2,000 times larger than the size of Mount St. Helens’ eruption.

      10. This is not news. This info is what I was taught as a college freshman in 1981. We must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel to think anything in YNP is “new” or unexpected.

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