Yellowstone Supervolcano Eruption Fears SPIKE As Geysers Become More Active

by | Feb 21, 2019 | Headline News | 133 comments

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    Some of Yellowstone’s geysers have been more active lately reigniting fears that the massive supervolcano will erupt. The sudden bursts of steaming hot water highlight the dramatic nature of Yellowstone while reminding us we are all at the caldera’s mercy.

    While average people seemed concerned, geologists seemed excited and thrilled when Yellowstone’s steamboat geyser began erupting again in 2018. It has been erupting as often as once a week since last March, according to National Geographic, and scientists continue to say the volatile activity is not a sign of an imminent eruption.  The Yellowstone Volcano Observatory reported that Steamboat has now set a record by erupting a whopping 32 times in 2018, a personal best for the geyser for a single calendar year.  It’s the world’s tallest active geyser, and at the best of times, it can shoot hot water 300 feet into the air. However, it isn’t just the Steamboat Geyser that has been concerning people.

    Ear Spring Geyser, for example, has been almost since 1957, but it erupted spectacularly a few months back and sprayed human garbage from the 1930s all over the national park. But scientists insist this doesn’t mean an eruption is pending. “It’s a good lesson in how geysers actually work,” said Michael Poland, the scientist-in-charge at Yellowstone Volcano Observatory. “As soon as you start to recognize a pattern [in a geyser’s eruption], it changes.”

    “As [far as] geysers go, Steamboat is sort of typical in terms of having these sporadic, unpredictable eruptions,” Poland notes. “But because it’s this really tall geyser and it has this name recognition, it makes it that much more interesting.” But again, it’s not just Steamboat Geyser that has people concerned.  “But back in 2007 to 2008, Giant [geyser] went bananas,” Poland says. “It erupted many, many more times than it had in the past year—and Steamboat didn’t do anything of the sort.”

    Poland says that because there have been no underlying changes to the heat source which propels geysers, not have there been any geological changes, we should not be concerned about Yellowstone erupting in a cataclysmic event.  But Poland is either wrong on one front, or he’s being intentionally misleading. There has been a major geological change that could literally affect the entire globe, one which he conveniently left out for unknown reasons:

    But have no fear, anyone who is worried about an eruption has fears which are “unfounded” according to a report by National GeographicThe scientists and media outlets who wish to control public thought and opinion would like for anyone concerned to take off their tin foil hat. Sometimes it feels like we are being conditioned and told what to care about and which things we should fear as opposed to allowing us the freedom to decide on our own. Is Yellowstone a threat? Maybe, maybe not. It’s not our place to tell you what to think, we ask that you take your own thoughts into your hands and decide for yourself if Yellowstone is a viable threat.


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      1. I tend to look at what happens after something happens. This might fit a movie script as art imitates life then again life imitates art in what is often a symbiotic relationship. Assuming this happens a significant amount of land based ICBMs may be rendered inoperable and possibly out of communication too. Add in some global tensions which at any given time are being intentionally stirred up and you’ll have that nuclear clock closer to vertical. One side feels vulnerability while the other potentially opportunity.

        Never seen a glass that was half full.

        • I think these scientists are full of chit.

        • Several high ranking military officials in the Russian military have said recently that it might be possible that if we were engaged in a War with them (WW3) they they might seriously target the Yellowstone caldera with ICBM’S !!! Considering that a massive eruption like that would effect the Russian federation as well that seems like an absolutely INSANE idea , but then an all out thermo-nuclear War on this planet in and of it’s self is an absolutely Insane idea as well !!!

          • If it’s game over, then you attack Yellowstone and the Great Lakes to eliminate the largest fresh water supply that is outside the historical ashfall of the caldera. Between the two, that would just about crush much of the most imprtant agricultural region. I reckon they would do the same with Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky too.

            But then, that MAD scenario is just the ultimate revenge and ruins any land invasion/occupation. So that is pointless.

            It’s far easier to subvert and take over the former Warsaw Pact and Western Europe by biding your time. All of that will end up Marxist.

            • Exactly, why destroy the land and its usefulness when that is what you’re after in the first place. Russia cannot feed it’s people agriculturally, because most of their land mass is either “frozen”, or mountainous. The smartest thing they can do is hit us with one or multiple EMPs, because the last 5 presidents did NOTHING to effect improvements to that infrastructure. Once our electrical grid is down it won’t take long for half to three quarters of our population to die of starvation, thirst, or from the rioting.

              • I saw plans stating merely three EMPs would take out 48 states with a 90% fatality rate over a year’s time. Hawaii and Alaska would be spared but naturally would be invaded and act as footholds and naval bases.

                After a year, the opposition we could muster would be feeble as a horde of fleeing refugees would either perish from dehydration, starvation, misadventure, or disease but cause severe draw downs on rural surplus (such as it is).

                There isn’t much surplus due to Just in Time manufacturing and inventory controls. What surplus there is would be commandeered by the US military and critical infrastructure folks in Tier 1 & 2.

        • There is no such thing as a half empty glass, half of empty is still empty. 0x1/2=0

          • hmmm.. my glass is alway full.
            half with water, half with air.

        • There is no such thing as a half empty glass,half of empty is empty. 0x1/2=0

          • Nuh uh.

        • Not much of a fun place to visit any more. Sorry Mac–It’s true. Are you still happy with your site? I think it needs new topics and new blood. Not an insult. I think you see it and I hope it evolves. Regards.

          • anon says, the prepper thing has run its course some time ago. And now it is time to refine thinking processes. That separates the sheep from the thinker/doers and the same old junk simply will not work any longer. The exact same crap as been rehashed ad-nausem for 10 years plus by the same exact self proclaimed “experts” !

            The same exact phenom has happened at ZH and there is a reason for that because there is a connection ! Can any of you figure that out ?

      2. A month ago, there was a flurry of articles so there must have been some big press release of recent data. There’s aproximately 465 miles of magma that could explode out of the caldera but even in a worse case scenario, Kentucky would be largely unscathed. 20 states would be severely affected…mostly west of the Mississippi.

        The big problem is global cooling which would ruin the total crops per year and yields would be abysmal. Then you have a massive hit with livestock due to fodder loss, disease, and cold. The prime breadbasket states and livestock would be annihilated.

        All the nations who need US agricultural products would starve as we couldn’t release them for export. That likely would cause international wars.

        Remember too that Yellowstone then could be a valid target to maximize damage and that such a release could fulfill the Mystery Babylon prophecy as well.

        • htt ps://

          It’s not just the immediate ashes and sulfuric acid created as ashes hit water sources, but the ash plume would sow ashes into the atmoshere and slowly affect whatever clouds get affected, then fall as acid rain. So Europe and Asia would be affected too.

          • Do you expect that Jahovah’s plan is that Europe and Asia should be affected, or do you think it will stop before then?

            • Who is Javovah? Do you mean the now discredited German form Jehovah that was supposed to be the Tetragrammaton?

              The correct name of GOD as far as Christianity is YAHWEH (YHWH). How would anyone know what YAHWEH’s plan is???

              Technically we are the last strong Christian nation. The Antichrist has to take us out to win so that he is unopposed.

              • You do believe that Yahweh is in charge of Yellowstone, don’t you?

                And your question, “How would anyone know what Yahweh’s plan is?” Isn’t knowledge of Yahweh’s plan necessary, in some degree, in order to be able to predict that someone is going to hell? If not it would be speaking in vain about Yahweh’s intention and a violation of the fourth commandment, pretending to know what Yahweh intends. Isn’t this true? Why not?

                • You are just being argumentative. We have clear evidence from the New Testament about who suffers eternal-damnation.

                  We have prophecies about what must happen during the End Times. There even is a timetable in Matthew 24 and Luke 21 and these align with Revelation.

                  And any Christian would indulge you IF you actually were sincere and went to church.

                  In John 3 we know that some like yourself are insincere and thus if YAHWEH knows this, then you will never be called, and you will never be saved, and you will never understand the Bible.

                  It’s up to you exposing your evil deeds sincerely and asing for forgiveness.

                  1 Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved. 2 For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge. 3 For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God. 4 For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.
                  5 For Moses describeth the righteousness which is of the law, That the man which doeth those things shall live by them. 6 But the righteousness which is of faith speaketh on this wise, Say not in thine heart, Who shall ascend into heaven? (that is, to bring Christ down from above:) 7 Or, Who shall descend into the deep? (that is, to bring up Christ again from the dead.) 8 But what saith it? The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach;

                  9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

                  10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

                  11 For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.

                  12 For there is no difference between the J ew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.

                  13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
                  Romans 10:1-13

                  I even seperated out the pertinent verses for you. Right this second, IF you were sincere, you could acquire salvation and feel the presence of YAHWEH.

                  But you won’t because you are a scoffer and debater and are insincere out of pride and selfishness. You only harm yourself.

                  • I am trying to understand the nature of your belief.

                    I have not pretended to be sincere about wanting to join your religion. I do not want to join it. I was born into a similar one myself and escaped only by studying and exerting considerable effort. There is a difference between quoting verses and employing reason (Verses might be a form of testimony, but testimony is not a strong form of evidence.). Nor have I scoffed at you or your religion. And I am not a debater. I do not believe that debating reliably resolves differences of opinion satisfactorily. Nor does the idea of atheism appeal to me. You obviously have skill expressing your ideas. You write well and correctly. One thing that interests me is that you have such skill, and yet you are either not willing or are not able to discuss your belief rationally. Mostly you make ad hominem attacks and quote the words of religious writings. People who make ad hominem attacks tend to do so because they lack enough skill or knowledge to support their positions.

                    Therefore it appears that the basis of your belief is emotion.

                    People who find it acceptable to adopt a religion because it appeals to their emotions are plentiful. Nor is there necessarily anything wrong with that, objectively speaking. This does not mean, however, that some other understandings and beliefs are not better.

                    Do you, by any chance, have a phrase or saying that would justify belief in a religion on the basis of whether it makes a person feel good, even if it might not be true?

                    • Hey Goofy,

                      Of course the relationship between Jesus and a believer is emotional! It’s based on love just like any other relationship.

                      Can you prove with your mind that your wife loves you? Of course not. You feel it in your heart.

                      You won’t ever understand…and I can’t take you seriously. Why bother spending hours of my time on a troll? Not when there genuinely are people who want to know.

                      I feel sorry for you. Most everything thatnisnimportant is based on emotion.

                      When you hear music, do you mentally process that this is a beautiful work based on the playing style of the muscians? Or does is sweep you away in rapture?

                      It’s tragic how obtuse your argument is. You are clueless about the ELOHIM are like.

                      This is not a mathematical proof in geometry with axioms and rules.

                    • I don’t believe in the ELOHIM based on logic even though that is VASTLY more.logical than random chance creating life on Earth.

                      What do you think is the chance that the universe was created, that a planet was in the habitable zone, that the gravity would support life, that water is present, that amino acids form, that complex proteins form, that organelles form, that such a creature can reproduce as well as have locamotion?

                      It’s literally beyond impossible for trillions of happy random accidents to have created life without a DESIGNER/CREATOR of vast intellect.

                      Nothing cannot create EVERYTHING in 2 trillion galaxies. All things happen based on a CAUSE. Matter cannot spontaneously arise.

                      And then you have the wonder of the DNA and error checking in the marvelous fashion.

                      And,have the fingerprint of YAHWEH in the Fibonacci Sequence.

                      How can you NOT believe? It takes incredulity beyond all measure to NOT believe.

                    • Why don’t you have enough trust in what YOU believe to then defend it? That strikes me as strange. In philosophy, the second you make a claim, you have to defend that claim using logic and evidence.

                      You admit you have some sort of belief, yet won’t say what it is (I’ve got a secret) and so you are avoiding defending it.

                      It’s peculiar and disingenuous.

                      My guess is the second you reveal what you believe, by your own standards, you cannot defend it either.

                    • LOL! Well it sounds like Maranatha has all of the answers and we are all saved!! Except not in your case rub123 … according to her. She missed one important point. Judge not les ye be judged, which speaks specifically of judging someone’s else’s salvation. Maranatha obviously missed that scripture in spite of having a very well lit glass house … FYI … -Dr. Petra-

                    • Nothing to worry, Jeezuss is gonna save you, right?

                    • Ad hominem: Rub = 1, Mara = 0.

                  • Maranatha, don’t argue with Rubadubdub, he’s just a troll.

                • Stop with the indoctrination of the church. GOD (YHWH) gave us prophesy, there is no “plan” other than what he said he was going to do in the end to destroy evil. All of these people that think that if you pray that GOD will interfere with the future, are fools. GOD told us what is going to happen, he just didn’t give us an actual timeline. God knows what the future holds and gave us “clues”. If GOD were to intervene, like fixing our nation, then his prophesy would never be fulfilled. We need to accept what GOD told us. Our prayers need to be focused on GOD helping us to remain strong and for our friends and family, that we don’t cave in to satan’s agenda.

                  • That is bogus. There is a timeline in Matthew 24, Luke 21, and the entire book of Revelation as well as parts of Daniel.

                    Open your Bible. It details events happening in an order and it is extremely consistent.

              • The correct name of the Christian GOD?
                Try GENESIS 1:1,2 then these:
                HOSEA 13
                REVELATION 13
                EXODUS 34
                EXODUS 9
                LUKE 9
                Technically Maranatha, you’re missing the details concerning Christ vs. the consuming fire.

                • Heck are you suggesting we discuss Revelation in depth? So far I have only discussed “milk”. Nonbelievers and atheists can’t handle meat.

                  1 Corithians 3:2

        • Not all relationships are based on love. Most marriages during the Middle Ages were based on property ownership and social status. That’s why mistresses and male lovers were common, and of course they still are. Many marriages today are not based on love. They are based on reason, not emotion.

          You talk about music. I doubt you know much about it. You could visit my website. I’m a composer. Some of my music is there. Without exception every musical composition I have ever composed was based primarily on technical considerations, because that is the most effective way one’s spirit and musical ideas can be expressed. Music composed by means of one’s emotions cannot be better than third rate. Usually it’s much worse.

          Your comments about me consist largely of ad hominem attacks. That is what someone does when they know they are not capable of supporting their belief by reasonable means. Instead, they attack the person who disagrees with them. If you could learn to focus your comments on the material, instead of on the person, then you might achieve success.

          In ancient Greece, two masks were displayed, one smiling, one frowning. You’ve seen such masks probably. It was understood that happiness and fulfillment are brought about through the use of reason, and that tragedy is caused by people acting on their emotions. They were very right about this.

          • You’re such a tool. I don’t measure my success by a filter of your expectations. We are not debating. You are trolling. You have admitted you are insincere. You have no intention of considering Christianity. You are just passing the time being argumentative.

            But worse, it’s cowardly as you willnot say what you believe nor provide proof of what you believe.

            How could anyone take you seriously???

            I’m reflecting your attitude. Right back at ya.

            • My religion is three principles. 1) I intend to believe only what is true; 2) I live to fulfill my own enlightened self interest; 3) I am the ultimate authority over my own life.

              • 1. What religion is that called?
                2. Who taught you that religion?
                3. What books are the authority behind that religion?
                4. Prove what you say is true.
                5. What is the basis that you are enightened?
                6. Prove that you are an authority on that religion.

                It sounds like Satanic Atheism.

                • 1. Church of Three Principles

                  2. No one taught it to me. I created it myself.

                  3. It was not acquired from books or instruction or formal schooling. It came about in consequence to my rejection of the world’s main religions, after I had studied them for a long time, and from my own subjective thought in response to my subjective life experience.

                  4. They are merely statements which I like to remind myself of and apply to myself. For me they work better than any other religious belief that I know of. I have tried all the major ones. Other people are free to adopt them or reject them. I make them public because I know many people have the same dissatisfaction with religious beliefs that I have had, and it may help them. This action on my part is in my own best interest because I perceive that it will make the world a better place for me to live in. It is not altruistic on my part. I consider constant unconditional giving to be an ignorant moral sickness. In this particular case I do not believe there would be any benefit to myself or to you if I were to try to prove to you that the principles are true.

                  5. Although it may appear otherwise, I do not think of myself as enlightened. I think of myself as trying to do what is in my own best interest knowing what I have learned about life and the world. Of course I do not know everything and cannot learn everything. No one can. Some degree of non-verbal thought is necessary in understanding these matters, and to frame such thoughts into words tends to corrupt them. That is one reason I like music. It is a form of non-verbal expression. This is also one of reasons I try to avoid debating. Discussion is less combative, or can be. When combat becomes involved in talking about ideas, the ideas themselves are the first things damaged. Further, the concept of enlightenment is a function of subjective perception; therefore, its meaning necessarily varies among individuals. This is not an anomaly or aberration but is the way life and the world characteristically function. Rejection of this reality is one of the failures of most religions.

                  6. See my answer to number 2, above.

                  • You practice a form of satanic atheism. It’s an idolatry of the self.

                    It also is just another faith based religion and so it’s amusing as there is no evidence or logic to your claims.

                    • Here is what you wrote:

                      My religion is three principles. 1) I intend to believe only what is true; 2) I live to fulfill my own enlightened self interest; 3) I am the ultimate authority over my own life.

                      1. Since you created the system, there is no mechanism for error checking to prove the veracity of your claims. You say you intend to believe only what is true, but what is the mechanism to determine veracity? Yourself? That’s circular logic.

                      2. Points 1-3 are Luciferian ie they are pride-filled and selfish and the basis of not only sin (error) but malevolence ie they are openly embracing evil without consequence.

                      3. There is zero difference in what you believe and psychopathic behavior. NONE.

                      Pick any serial killer and he/she might say precisely the same statements.

                      You made yourself the god of your system hence it is idolatry of the self.

                      And if you embrace technocrat theory then you are marginally on the edge of transhumanism ie using whatever technology to actually become a god.

                    • The ultimate conclusion of satanic atheism (idolatry of the self) that embraces technology to actually become a god is transhumanism.

                      htt ps://

                      Many who are satanic atheists end up as transhumanists.

                      The transgender movement has an ancient occult origin with Lilith, Lucifer, Artemis, Venus/Aphrodite, and Baphomet. They are using transhumanism to reshape their idolatry of the self.

                      If you have extreme wealth, a portion of the most malevolent are transhumanists. They are the same ones who inject themselves with young blood to maintain longevity.

                • You write, “It sounds like Satanic Atheism.”

                  Give an example of a religious belief that doesn’t come from the Bible and which does not sound to you like Satanic Atheism.

                  • This is satanic atheism

                    ht tps://

                    1. Satan represents indulgence instead of abstinence.
                    2. Satan represents vital existence instead of spiritual pipe dreams.
                    3. Satan represents undefiled wisdom instead of hypocritical self-deceit .
                    4. Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it , instead of love wasted on ingrates .
                    5. Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek .
                    6. Satan represents responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for psychic vampires.
                    7. Satan represents man as just another animal who, because of his ” divine spiritual and intellectual development”, has become the most vicious animal of all .
                    8. Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification.
                    9. Satan has been the best friend the Church has ever had, as he has kept it in business all these years. [112]
                    The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth
                    1. Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked.
                    2. Do not tell your troubles to others unless you are sure they want to hear them.
                    3. When in another’s lair, show them respect or else do not go there.
                    4. If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat them cruelly and without mercy.
                    5. Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal.
                    6. Do not take that which does not belong to you unless it is a burden to the other person and they cry out to be relieved.
                    7. Acknowledge the power of magic if you have employed it successfully to obtain your desires. If you deny the power of magic after having called upon it with success, you will lose all you have obtained.
                    8. Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself.
                    9. Do not harm little children.
                    10. Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food.
                    11. When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask them to stop. If they do not stop, destroy them.[113]

            • There is no God by whatever name you choose to call.

              • You made a claim. By the rules of philosophy and science, provide evidence and logical argument supporting your claim.

                Why is this so difficult for atheists to follow the rules? You claim to be more logical amd more scientific. I see zero evidence of that.

                • Please go start a Church and go away. There are tons of “Church” sites I’m not interested in your opinion of God’s intentions. Far more interested in the fact that P-nut butter with honey, lasts 2-3 times longer without getting stale than without. My relationship with God is none of your business.(Nor is yours any of mine) A huge part of the evil done in this world is because people seem to think they should convince other people what God wants. When I wand advise about God, I’ll go to Church and ask for it.

                  • Doesn’t it strike you as peculiar that you felt compelled to answer? Why is that so?

                    Why do you think I am ONLY talking to you or to anyone? There are thousands of hits on these articles and anyone who is interested might or might not read my comments.

                    I’m amused that you feel it’s perfectly alright if an atheist says that there is no god, but you feel treatened if I say that there is a GOD named YAHWEH.

            • And hereby you reveal your true intentions. You really do not care to comment about the content of the article, you just look for the opportunity to proselytize and recruit. “Goofy” indeed.

              • What are you talking about? I commented about the Yellowstone caldera with evidence and science.

                I did not bring up Christianity. I answered the troll because each must give an answer in Christianity based on 1 Peter 3:15.

                • Ad hominem attacks are not conducive to the sharing of ideas.

                • Two problems with your response.

                  1. My request and your reply are not about the same thing. Go back and read my request. You’ll see.
                  2. Also, I am not “violent one”. you’re mistaking him for me. I am not an atheist.

        • I live in Wy and this is a real topic of conversation between almost exactly nobody

      3. I’ll bite: by what mechanism is the meander of the magnetic north pole affecting geysers in Yellowstone? How are they related?

        I’ll wait.(though I imagine this will get “lost in moderation”)

        • Magnetic poles are driven by molten iron and other minerals at the earth’s core and in most magma layers. If there’s enough iron in the magma under yellowstone the pole shift will affect it (or already is from the looks of things).

          Your attempt to discredit completely backfired in your face because you obviously know nothing of which you speak.

          • Sorry Gn, I’m not an internet troll like you. I’m a scientist. I like evidence. While that’s a nice bit of conjecture you’ve offered, you’ve provided no evidence. I was just wondering if anybody, maybe even the author, could provide any evidence to support the idea that these geyser eruptions were related to magnetic pole wander.

            • I haven’t seen any “evidence”, other than circumstantial, floating around out there; its not like we have a past body of study from the last time it occurred.

              Too many things at the same time; solar minimum (reduced output), increase in cosmic radiation as solar wind decreases, magnetic pole moving, effect of planetary alignments, increased volcanic activity,”climate change” – are they separate? Interconnected? Conjecture is rampant…….

              Both the volcanic increase and the pole moving could be the result of some third force; not enough information.

              • Got it.
                The reason I hit all these sites is to see if anybody has come across something interesting I’ve missed. Unfortunately, the success rate is dropping as stupidity consumes the internet.

      4. It’s not just Yellowstone. Many hot springs around the west (CA,NV, UT, AZ) have been behaving differently.

        A friend of mine who goes deer hunting in northern Nevada, every year for many years, said he’s seen dormant hot springs come to life and others have gone dry, many in the last few years.

        On the social political front, the dems and MSM have positioned every Trump supporter as a racist and bigot. Wear a MAGA hat and you deserve a beating or worse. They will ramp this up more and more as we get closer to the election. They should be careful not to push for a race war. This business with Smollett could have started one.

        I kind of feel it in my bones that “changes are a coming” as many have warned. Way too much pressure on everything, natural and human.

      5. Old Blowhole.

      6. We humans are still very very primitive – Just found 300,000 more galaxies in our Universe – What!!!
        These same geniuses have preached the big bang theory of the universe creation from a single mass the size of a grapefruit – Really.

        My point is simple – do not go to the religion of science – it has and is very flawed.
        Yellowstone is and will be a major concern

        • Yep. The estimated inhabitable plans in the Milky Way is 100 billion and the estimated total galaxies is as high as 2 trillion.

          Atheists believe nothing created the infinite mass of up to 2 trillion galaxies. It’s utter nonsense. You really have to be a moron to be an atheist.

          This infinite regression problem has bothered them so much that some atheists are proposing that a universe ejected matter into our region and that formed the Big Bang. So then where did that other universe get it’s matter???

          There is no way around the infinite regression issue without a Primary Cause and that in Christianity is YAHWEH.

          • estimated inhabitable planets

          • I don’t know what caused the universe to come into existence. Neither does anyone else. It’s best just to say so. Although I respect the genuine scientific method, I think scientists are usually not very careful with they ways in which they think and use words.

            I find it curious that you, Maranatha, return so often to the idea of atheism. I wonder what the reason is for that.

            Of course, not being Hebrew, or Christian, I don’t worship Yahweh. And atheism doesn’t appeal to me.

            • There is nothing scientific about the Big Bang theory as it presumes an amalgam of matter of immense complexity and amount. Where did that come from?

              • The latest data is that life spontaneous arose as seperate species all arriving at the same time. Are you aware of the implications of this? It rather mocks the idea of the Theory of Evolution.

                • There actually is a study on the probability of protein formation and based on what we know, an insufficent amount of time has occurred for even proteins to have formed. So life is NOT RANDOM chance. There was some impetus to start life that leapfroged past randomness.

                  Science cannot even begin to explain issues like that.

                  And this is why the head of the human genome project after studying DNA became a Christian. That was more logical as he had been an atheist until he cofronted the ridiculous idea that somehow random events led to life on Earth.

                  • I responded to your request. I told you my religion. It’s in a post above.

                    • Nope, you did not name your religion. You described attributes and beliefs but provided no evidence or logic.

                      It sounds like a faith based religion.

          • Yahweh –> A Jewish Desert Spook

      7. Some prep advice for all.
        Having lived near two volcanoes, one that spewed smoke and lava and one that blew up, I have some small experience.
        Get K&N air filters for your car and generator, they can be cleaned. Get silicone based Windshield wipers like Bosch.
        Stay away from any eruption in progress! You can breathe in some really nasty particulates. You could be hit with big hot rocks crashing down upon you.
        Have a plan for your livestock and pets. I ended up with a barely weaned Donkey because the owner abandoned it, they could not be located, and the animal needed a home. Thousands of animals were abandoned. Most of our shelters allow pets but only one or two small ones. I’d bet most mainland shelters don’t allow pets at all. Different culture.
        If you are close to the event you may end up with a lot of wild animals in your garden.
        Travel will suck. Ash stirred up quickly makes a blinding mess.
        2-5 mph max. Truckers will rolling blockade the road to keep speeds down and will run you off the road if you attempt to pass their rolling block.
        Of course there all the usual other preps you can do.
        Enjoy the fireworks!

        • The BBC Canada made a film called Supervolcano.

          ht tps://

          There is so much ash that people have to walk out because there’s no way to mount an effective evacuation.

          Most would die from the fume inhalation and the estimated ash fallout in the immediate zone is as high as 10 feetin height.

          People would easily suffocate besides the heat exhaustion.

          The geologists/vulcanologists say it’s happened three times based on ash deposits.

          • Dante’s Peak (1997) is a family friendly disaster film that holds up well and shows the kinds of things that can happen like sulphuric acid in lakes due to ashes and geothermal energy released.

            Here, a pyroclastic cloud is created by a massive eruption, then explosively pushes outward, felling the surrounding forest, as mixed debris of rock, dirt, wood, and magma is cast.

            • D7P4FYWHVYQ
              The family trying to escape as the magma pours into their cabin and ashes turn the lake into sulphuric acid…eating up the hull and the propeller.

              • Cool effect, but an exaggeration. It doesn’t even happen like that, on volcanic brims and in lakes of natural acid. At least, not that fast.

                • Sure, but that’s Hollywood. But with Yellowstone blowing, who can anticipate the MAMMOTH effects?

                  It’s a fun and instructive film.

                  When I went to Hawaii, just for a second while patiently waiting for dinner, I saw a volcanic eruption. It was spectacular. It’s just not predictable when you visit even with lots of activity.

                  The island of Hawaii was so BARREN with lavafields execot for a tiny sliver at the Kona coast. But I wanted to visit Hilo. I actually met a very interesting couple who had lived there. They told stories how the tide pulled out, and young people went down to harvest all the fish, then drowned with the tidal wave in 1960.

                  • Otq_WVxY51U
                    The Hilo Tsunami documentary with eyewitness testimony.

                  • Mara,
                    I’m curious what eruption you saw?
                    I live on the Hamakua side of the
                    island of Hawaii.
                    Kona side is “barren” in parts.
                    As I hunt there, I can say there is a
                    lot of life out in the lava fields
                    and on the volcanoes, although walking
                    on cinders is hard on boots and knees.
                    Everybody raised in Tsunami prone areas knows
                    when the sea recedes abnormally, to start
                    towards higher ground NOW! All my swimming
                    classes had that instruction.

                    • Ack having a senior moment. In Costa Rica with my family several decades ago, we were sitting at a fine restaurant at a volcano site and there was a red glimmer as it briefly erupted.

                      Prior to that, I went with my wife to the island of Hawaii and as well to Kauai on puddlejumper planes though of course landing on Oahu.

                      My big regrets were not taking the Zodiac boats around Kauai and not doing the volcano helicopter tour on Hawaii. They were expensive but not that expensive way back then.

                    • Did you ever do the Na Pali Coast tour on Kauai? It’s supposed to be terrific.

                      ht tps://

                    • Marantha you’re so full if shit.

                    • Anonymous
                      If you think I am full of crap, then refute what I say using logic and evidence. Otherwise what you claimed is just an appeal to ridicule.

          • Mara,
            I was referring to the people that survive. Of course if you are too close to the event there any number of ways you can die.
            Volcanoes are predictably un-predictable and violent.
            I have seen eruptions, smelled them, and lived with the after effects. Most mainland mid westerners have not.
            Just passing on some advice.

            • Yeah and it was very astute practical advice that you gave. That was first time I have ever heard anyone discuss air filters for vehicles or generator. Good job! Thumbs up.

              Heck,submit an article about your experiences with lava flows or even tropical homesteading because there are not many articles like that.

              The whole time I read Mother Earth News regularly,I read one article on tropical homesteading.

              • Mara,
                Thanks for the Kudos.
                As near as I can tell there about 4 island dwellers that comment on this site.
                Nailbanger who was a professional farmer on Maui, Ketchupon demand
                who has actually survived and still lives in a major SHTF event in Puerto Rico, and another whose name escapes me.
                Tropical homesteading is kind of unique and probably not applicable to most of the SHTF people. I live on catchment water and that is illegal in most of America. I’m installing a ground mount solar system, but my system is well beyond what most SHTF readers would ever install. Such a large system only makes sense because of Hawaii having the most expensive electricity costs in America and plenty of sun(Insolation).
                My legal sewer is a Cesspool, illegal in most of America.
                Most my external communications are Satellite(TV and Internet), no TV and very few radio stations work at my location. If I stand in a certain place in my property I can pick up BBC shortwave and China’s version of NPR. In most of America you can get cable, DSL, wireless, or just pluck it out of the air.
                In other words I’m working on going off grid and the things I can do don’t really apply to Mainland USA.

              • ESBORwT0haU
                Here’s the Arenal area volcano in Costa Rica. They have the marvelous tour of horseback riding and a beautiful waterfall at La Fortuna and in many places swimming near waterfalls. Then there’s the rainforest canopy tour and ziplines which my family did. It’s quite an adventure.

                You know I see nothing wrong with a well maintained cesspool. One in central KY was called the “lagoon” and did not smell. In fact, I know there was abundant wildlife attracted to it.

                Do you have mangos or macademian nuts on your property. I LOVE mangos and papaya and coconut. I ate them regularly in the Caribbean. You have white pineapple, right?

                • Mara,
                  I grow papaya, white pineapples, avocados, Persian lemons, apple bananas, coconuts, potatoes, tomatoes, beans, and other stuff.
                  I also have cattle, chickens, pig, mule, donkey, and other
                  domestic pets.
                  No macnuts, as everybody else has them. I don’t drink much coffee any more but my neighbor grows and roasts his own coffee. It is very good! beats the h3ll out of Starbucks.
                  Reality is most people on this site can’t grow the stuff I mentioned year round. I sent my daughter who is stuck in two feet of snow, dried apple banana chips from bananas that we harvested last month.
                  This may sound like paradise, but remember we are one dock strike away from empty stores, no fuel for cars and trucks, and it is not like I can walk away when SHTF. There is a big darned Ocean I see from my house. ~2,700 miles to Seattle

                  • Thought I’d hone in, I’m in NC and I grow citrus, papaya, mango, banana, ginger, turmeric, galangal, and a few other tropicals, BUT I built two 18X20 greenhouses out of scrounged materials to house them in. I heat with a contained central manure/compost/woodchip pile and a waste oil heater, secondary is a propane heater, and third is parking my smaller tractor just inside and leaving the engine running. Here in Fayetteville, we seldom have bad winters. I also raise ducks, geese, chickens, turkeys, guineas, goats, rabbits, three above ground pools with fish, and crayfish. I have three large garden areas to grow seasonals. What amazes me is that in my rural/suburban area NO ONE has gardens. Everyone is addicted to grocery stores. When a hurricane or the rare snowfall comes, these morons empty the shelves in the stores. It will be a sight to see when the SHTF!

        • Rellik, an excellent post.
          “Get silicone windshield wipers like Bosch.” Good advice.

          Have you seen “Flash of Genius”? It’s a movie on Netflix about the inventor of the automatic intermittent windshield wiper, and how big business steals people’s inventions and gets away with it most often.



        • Mara,
          “Did you ever do the Na Pali Coast tour on Kauai? It’s supposed to be terrific.”

          I did over twenty years ago, before moving to Hawaii.
          I owned my own 45 foot sailboat on the mainland at that time
          so I really don’t like tour boats as I’m used to running my own boat.
          But for most people I highly suggest the tour.
          Personally for me the best tourist trip in Hawaii is the Kalaupapa mule tour on Molokai. If you are not a horse/mule person it may be a little physically difficult, you are on a trail three or less feet wide traveling up and down a 1,300 foot tall cliff face. Parts of Jurassic park were filmed in that area.

          • Oh heck, we had our nine year old on a pony going through Costa Rica and the trails were very narrow. I don’t know. Maybe people will think I was irresponsible. She loved it. Sometimes the mountain trail was so arduous that the horses had to ride fast down the trail to make enough momentum to go up the trail. That was a little side trip on the Central Plateau.

            Once the main guide took off on his horse and my horse got excited and took off too, and we were both laughing. Well, I thought shoot, I ought to slow down and let my youngin catch up, and I looked back, and her pony was keeping righg up and she was squealing with delight! She was had good sense on a horse and didn’t have the least trouble.

            But then I took her rock climbing too cause she was smart at that age. Both book smart and good common sense. She also was a fine downhill skier from a young age.

            Young people now are such milksops by comparison.

          • gf7cqlXqkmY
            Everybody loves a horse, but people badmouth mules because of their temperment. Well, they’re smart and hard workers…plus they ain’t skittish. I respect ’em. Some are rascals and I’d swear they are grinning at you when being a rascal too.

            • You tell me this mule ain’t grinnin’. Of course this mule is grinnin’.

              Seems like horses are more affectionate though.

              Dogs will smile but sometimes they really are smiling as well.

              • Some wild deer are also nice. I like mine.

      8. The sky is falling, here in southern Idaho we have a prep, “run into the light” why wait.

      9. To the best of my understanding, there is more groundwater, this year, and it tends to accumulate in faults.

        • So that would cause superheated steam like they use in industrial sterillizers and pressure cooking. Talk about an explosive mix. This would create gigantic natural boilers. Instead of just magma pressure, you have the aquifers exploding too.

          • fCej2OQSKnY
            This is what happens when a boiler explodes and the massive hole that is created. So if aquifers blew up, then you would have a big old crater that everything would fall into but some blow sky high a flying shrapnel.

          • That’s not what happens to a steam engine, though. It does move, and it does vent. In the bigger picture, that’s not catastrophic.

            • Right but a steam engine is in the open air whereas most boilers are inside and thus the infrastructure is prone to shrapnel. So likewsie with an exploding aquifer, that would be contained and explode into the surrounding earth and then cause a cave in.

              Imagine the total force being generated as being fractions of nuclear explosions as well in the case of Yellowstone blowing.

              • ht tp://

                The estimated force generated by a Yellowstone explosion is equivalent to 100,000 nuclear bombs of Hiroshima size.

                That is an incomprehensible number.

                • “Supervolcano 100,000 Years Ago Cut Human Population to Just 11,000

                  According to scientists, the human population hit a “genetic bottleneck” about 100,000 years ago. Using DNA evidence, scientists have determined that based on the high level of genetic uniformity amongst the current population, there were just 11,000 people left on the earth after that supervolcano and we are all descended from them.

                  It has also been determined that prior to 100,000 years ago there were as many as 1 million human-like creatures on the planet, but some event drastically reduced their number and diversity.”

                  • Also about 12,000 years ago catastrophe. We live on a planet that is subject to disastrous events. A different galaxy is colliding with ours, and in about 200 million years Earth will in that area. Do doubt similar things have happened many times.

                    • But, dating via long-halflife radio-isotopes requires a uniformitarian worldview, in which they are subject to regular forces.

      10. I aint gonna worry about it. noting I can do to prevent it. I will worry about it when it affects me. Of course you don’t need to be a tin foil hat wearing loonie to believe something is up with the planet. I tend to blame the Magnet Pole shifting.

      11. Wish i had a hot spring in my back yard id put in an inground pool and pipe the spring to it and have a giant hot tub. Lol make the best of it what ever it may be

      12. After a supervolcano, not only is the weather extremely cool which limits what can grow and survive into the next year, but the soil is STERILE as bacteria is all killed off from the acid produced from any moisture mixed with ash.

        So how many rains must fall before some semblance of normal rainfall occurs and normal soil pH and the bacteria returns?

        It’s a nightmarish scenario where survivors would try to find a pocket that had a decent weather pattern and good quality uncontaminated rain.

        So at a 1.1% percent survival rate time 7.7 billion, that’s equivalent to 84,700,000 survivors worldwide. See the bad news is horrendous death and destruction. The good news is everybody can own a homestead…and no more long lines. That is unless everyone is jam packed like sardines into a very small survivable region.

      13. Yellowstone Lake must be drained to prevent a catastrophe. Once the channel is dug, the lake will drain in 6 hours.

      14. Yellowstone will cause an ice age. It is not a matter of if, but when.

        Most likely, those underground shelters will come in pretty handy as most people will die from cold exposure and starvation. Russia has built underground bunkers for the Russian people. They know what it is to live in cold weather and maybe those shelters are for when Yellowstone blows, as much as for a nuclear exchange.


      15. Mother Nature is in charge and we’re just along for the ride.
        No need to worry about things you have no control over.
        Life is short,try to enjoy it..

      16. EVEN Mother Nature has just about HAD IT with ZOG USSA!

      17. It’s God’s natural wonder. I take what a so called scientist say’s with a grain of salt. Am I worried? NO. If it happens. It happens. I have given my life over to the Lord. When he takes me. He takes me. Get me off this flipping planet. I pray everyone is ready as well.

      18. I firmly believe that what will happen is God’s will, and there is nothing we can do about it. I’ve never heard of man stopping a volcanic eruption or an earthquake. How far as the ash and acid rain will spread is not something we can control.

      19. An eruption of the super volcano would cause the equivalent of a nuclear winter without the radioactivity. This would end the Democrats global warming narrative except that they would switch back to global cooling being the “man made” boogeyman.

      20. the real killer is Fukushima. If Yellow Stone erupts…its all over thats a continent killer…we shall all know it..What people don’t realize is that we are being poisoned by Fukushima and the radiation that has been released since the accident…Look at the latest news reports of dead and dying fish and animals in the pacific ocean all the way up to the West Coast of the usA and Canada. Probably the most frightening thing is the last few minutes( of the latest video from Anonymous) when the nuclear radiation experts who flew to FUKUSHIMA From cALIFORNIA ARE AT 30,000 FEET IN THEIR AIRCRAFT. oNE OF THEM TURNS HIS gEIGER COUNTER ON AT 30,000 feet and it reads about 1,000 roentgens….thats a dangerous level of radiation…again, it may be too late…we all may be doomed by the Fukushima disaster…that the main stream media tends to completely ignore….

      21. (Secular cosmology allows for countless eons, whereas the Biblical timeline is closer to 6,000yrs.)

        The North American Craton (crust, mostly east of the Mississippi) has supposedly remained stable, for 600 millions of years. But, satellite maps often show it saturated in sulfur gases, on a geological scale — all the way into the Atlantic. (It wasn’t your cow.)

        This is visible, to a lesser degree, over the mud volcanoes of the West Coast.

        But, not at all, over Yellowstone. To me, this was counterintuitive, because of the steaming mineral pools, etc, but it’s just not showing, on the satellites, recently.

        • A quake in 1812 supposedly made the Mississippi run backwards, for several hours, but this region is reported as stable for hundreds of millions of years?

 -> earth -> chem -> so4

      22. The deathblow to the Theory of Evolution.

        ht tps://

        That would be Mark Stoeckle from The Rockefeller University in New York and David Thaler at the University of Basel in Switzerland, who together published findings last week sure to jostle, if not overturn, more than one settled idea about how evolution unfolds.

        It is textbook biology, for example, that species with large, far-flung populations—think ants, rats, humans—will become more genetically diverse over time.

        But is that true?

        “The answer is no,” said Stoeckle, lead author of the study, published in the journal Human Evolution .

        For the planet’s 7.6 billion people, 500 million house sparrows, or 100,000 sandpipers, genetic diversity “is about the same,” he told AFP.

        The study’s most startling result, perhaps, is that nine out of 10 species on Earth today, including humans, came into being 100,000 to 200,000 years ago.

        “This conclusion is very surprising, and I fought against it as hard as I could,” Thaler told AFP.

        That reaction is understandable: How does one explain the fact that 90 percent of animal life, genetically speaking, is roughly the same age?

        Was there some catastrophic event 200,000 years ago that nearly wiped the slate clean?

        • Mara, with all due respect regarding you discussion above, remember what Mathew 7:6 says; “Don’t waste what is holy on people who are unholy. Don’t throw your pearls to pigs! They will trample the pearls, then turn and attack you”.

          • Yes, hogs will eat you if you fall into their pens and can’t get up. They get so mad because some people put their pens outdoors in the sun and pigs have surprisingly delicate skin actually, domestic ones do, not tough like city folks expect, and they get sunburned, unless they cover themselves with mud, which helps protect them. But they are not stupid. Indeed, even Winston Churchill knew that when he looked at a pig he was looking at an equal, and he said so. Actually, in some of his photos he kind of looks like one.

            • rub123, no offense intended. Really. To be plain spoken, I approach the message of Christianity like recovering Alcoholics approach the message of sobriety. Everyone has heard of AA and if you want to get sober you know where they are at. You want to die a drunk, you are free to keep doing what your doing. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

            • I take very good care of my pigs. It is a sin to mistreat animals, unless they are Democrats, and those belong in FEMA camps.
              I’ve known a few people that don’t care for their animals, but the community “corrects” them. You city guys listen to PETA too much.
              I have one exception and that is Veal, do not buy or support people that make it. That is brutal.

          • I’m not afraid of unclean filthy animals. I’m happy to expose them.

          • Secularism allows for unstable hybrids to cause speciation, without missing links.

      23. I have no knowledge of geology so here is a question. If this Yellowstone eruption occurs could it be violent enough to trigger the San Andreas fault?

        • Kevin2, let hope?!?! I’m kidding, I know that there are a lot of good people trapped in that hell hole.

      24. It looks like it’s approximately 600 miles between them. My thought is the combined destructive effect in life, property and overall economic impact added to the carnage.

      25. I’ve been reading stories about this for YEARS

        • ht tps://

          This map shows the geological data on the ashfall boundaries for the three known eruptions that we are aware of.

          No one can definitively say when it will erupt again. We are not panicking or advising anyone to panic.

          Note that some states on that map have no ashfall. That doesn’t mean they were unaffected as the plume then irrevocably has an effect on the weather and according to experts caused a mass extinction of 98.9% of human beings.

      26. 50,000 to 350,000 years too early.

        The North American plate is dynamic. Bert’s data suggests a minor eruption as the entire system is very ancient and the hot spot is actually under a much solider base, and in the future the hot spot is moving under even denser crusts.

        Yellowstone’s glory days were in the past. But this news don’t sell seed banks, series on cable TV, or advertising dollars on EOTW web sites.

      27. Eruptions don’t necessarily have to be explosive. Lots of magma eruptions happen without explosion. Yellowstone Caldera encompasses a LOT of area. Explosions are certainly possible, but maybe not all at the same time or place or velocity, as not all the geographical features underneath are the same. Without extremely detailed measurements of of underground features, temperatures and amounts and mass of magma , it’s really anybody’s guess.

        • Sort of. We have the geological data for THREE Yellowstone eruptions and they overlap so we have a sound scientific basis as a plausible prediction of where the ashfall is most likely to go.

          Since the predicted force is equivalent to 100,000 Hiroshima sized bombs, it’s going to cause massive devastation. And we know that a near extinction event happened based on the similarity of DNA as above. That had a 1.1% survival rate.

          That’s why scientific sources are helpful.

      28. screw roads get an atv and make your own,might pack a few things to help: chainsaw, wire cutters, etc.

      29. This was the most boneheaded idea. Some proposed drilling into the caldera itself for a variety of reasons.

        ht tps://

      30. We should be scared because old geezers are active? Only old women should be scared of active old geezers.

      31. Well us folks who live in the zone are seeing things we and our parents and grandparents have not even seen. Whole forests 9ft higher in the last 5 years. Once cold creeks boiling the fish and frogs alive. Then the military seals of the land and says they are conducting a training exercise. The military are all over the place testing the ground. We have never seen military in our town. I’m not saying our neighborhood because I’m not getting involved for disemminating this information. They are even drilling down to vent the gases. Maybe to relieve pressure or something. All I can say is that that ain’t going to do didly squat.

      32. Not sure what it means but we live in Northern Alberta and we were able to see the moon out our north side window the other night. No one I asked up here remembers seeing that before.

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