Yellowstone Approaches Record Levels Of Seismic Activity

by | Sep 3, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 72 comments

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    By now, most are aware of the earthquake swarm under the Yellowstone super volcano.  Many people are fearing a major eruption, and those terrors aren’t calmed for some as the national park approaches a record number of earthquakes.

    A cluster of earthquakes at the Yellowstone Park volcano is the most active it’s been in recent history. The earthquake count is up to 2,357 since June with the largest having a magnitude of  4.4. The majority of the earthquakes were magnitudes of 0 or 1, according to a report by Newsweek.

    Yet scientists are assuring the public that a swarm of earthquakes doesn’t necessarily signal an eruption of the super volcano. But when the type of earthquakes occurring in Yellowstone deviates from the standard, it could mean that an eruption is forthcoming. A swarm of earthquakes is rather normal for Yellowstone, but the number of quakes is approaching a new record.

    The current swarm is approaching the record set in 1985 when three months brought over 3,000 earthquakes. In 2010 a swarm brought over 2,000 earthquakes over a month.  Scientists still say to not worry too much. The threat of an eruption is still very slim.

    The current situation doesn’t present too much of an eruption threat. The geological pressure would have to be sizable for anything to occur. “Yellowstone has had dozens of these sorts of earthquake swarms in the last 150 years it’s been visited. The last volcanic eruption within the caldera [crater] was 70,000 years ago. For magma to reach the surface, a new vent needs to be created, which requires a lot of intense geological activity,” said Jacob Lowenstern, one of the scientists managing the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory. –The Epoch Times

    Lowenstern went on to say that the odds are very high that Yellowstone will go centuries more without an eruption and that if one does occur, it will be minor. Should these earthquakes lead to an eruption, scientists think it would not be of much consequence. “If Yellowstone erupts, it’s most likely to be a lava flow, as occurred in nearly all the 80 eruptions since the last ‘supereruption’ 640,000 years ago. A lava flow would be a big deal at Yellowstone, but would have very little regional or continental effect,” Lowenstern explained.


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      1. Just a lava flow…

        Gimmie a break. Theyre downplaying it now.

        • Lava flows are typical after the previous eruptions that only 3 Yellowstone eruption theories take into account.

          Jacob Lowenstein and others monitoring Yellowstone believe the Yellowstone is going extinct like the Snake River Falls caldera.

        • WOW!! Gold and Silver opened up on Sun Nt and they are screaming upwards in price. Gold up to $1335.5 and silver up to $17.83 The normal Silver to Gold price ratio trading range is from about 47 to 80. Its currently falling below 75 and if it hits down to 47 to 1, that means Silver would be trading today at $28.41 at todays current Gold Price. Which means Silver is really undervalued and we can look for an easy $10 Increase on the upside to maintain its normal trading pattern. Got your PM’s. The ship is leaving the dock ALL Aboard!!
          If Gold Hits $1800 again Silver could be as much as $38.29 an ounce. An easy double your money play. And it could happen by the end of this year if everything implodes here in Sept. Sept is going to be the month we all need to watch. Don’t blink. I believe we will start seeing $1+ a day moves in Silver prices.

          • CSS,
            I recently made a loan to a family member. He will probably pay it back in silver and guns. It is not what I want but at least he pays me back.
            I also just got a Boar hog addition to my little ranch.
            Guess what is more valuable, unlimited Pigs for the rest of my life or #14 of silver?


          CONTAINED MAC, CONTAINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



        • my family was in Yellowstone last week and didnt notice a single tremmor. go back to sleep

        • Sorry but I just can’t believe what this people are saying lying out there rear.

      2. It’s just hot lava. Nothing to worry about. There’s a house for sale near it. Great amenities.



        • I wonder what the Geo-Engineers are doing at Yellowstone. More crimes against humanity?

        • But But But… Wait. I thought we were all suppose to relocate to Redoubt ID? Its is repeated over and over that its the best place to buy a BOL property be a prepper and be safe according to Joel Skousen, right? LMFAO!!!!

          Naw,, I’ll stick to Florida and take hurricanes any day over a volcano. We have a good week to prepare for IRMA.

          IRMA- Current Tracking Map- ht tp://

          • CSS,

            I have a bad feeling about Irma. This past Thursday I met a couple named Harvey and Irma! Was it an omen? If it comes our way it will be my turn to stay. I will send my wife and children up north and I will hunker down locally. We were lucky with Harvey that it didn’t come all the way over here, although we did get a lot of rain and there was some flooding. Our church is sending supplies over to Houston. The first shipment of food, toiletries, and baby supplies has been delivered.

            Louisiana Eagle

            • laeagle. I think Irma will start going north and hit SC/ NC, and ride the east coast upward to NY and Hit NY city by Sept 11th. There is a huge cold weather front heading south from the Midwest moving to Florida which could push Irma more North because this cold front will block it from going west. We will know for sure in the next few days. I will be securing everything just in case, living in central N FL more on the Gulf Coast, as a drill, but I think the Gulf and the west coast of FL will be OK. Just my A-Hole Opinion, from what I see. lol

              It would be just awful if Irma gets into the warmer Gulf waters area and heads more west towards Texas again.

              • CSS,

                I hope you are right about Irma going up the east coast. We don’t want and we don’t need anymore hurricanes in the Gulf. I saw the projections and the predicted cold front. Still worth watching closely. A lot of things seem to be happening here in September.

                Louisiana Eagle

                I don’t quite understand how it happened but my response to you got posted down below to BCOD.

              • Being in NC, I would prefer the up the east coast route and just graze NC/SC.

                One one model show a direct hit on SC near the Charleston area.

          • Oh,…and that “One Second After” Clown Author who pushes Dedoubt as a great place to buy property. He can write another book “One Second After” Yellow Stone blows. But it would be a short one chapter book with the only words, “Oh Shit!!” And “The End”

            • CSS, Skousen and Rawles are both full of shit.

              • The Deplorable Braveheart: Both authors wrote FICTION books which depict what MIGHT happen to normal life IF, or when, our grid goes down. Written for entertainment, and are somewhat informative also!!

          • I’m pretty sure I will see some rain from Irma in about 8 or 9 days. Some of the spaghetti models have tracks that go right through my back yard.

            If I’m lucky, the wind will blow from the north long enough to lay down all my pines to the south away from the house so I don’t have to pay for cutting them down. Once they’re down, I can slowly cut them apart and burn them.

            Isabel took down one pine tree that was in my way at the time. So one can only hope.

            I don’t really want to see any Cat 5 winds though. A couple of people are talking about winds high enough with Irma that the Hurricane Center might have to create a new Cat 6.

        • Does it have a hot tub? A really hot tub?

      3. And it could just be a number of minor eruptions that relieve pressure and make a big one less likely.

        • Or just a change in the magma flow that quietly spreads the stress out over a larger area and delays the eruption for a few million more years.

        • Or it could just be like that stage 4 geriatric flatulence,,,
          Lotta rumbling and gas but not much movement!

          • Time for the Feds to kick off operation “Prune-Juice” to save Amerika from the volcano.

      4. A “Super-Powerful” EMP Attack: North Korea’s Newest Weapon Against The U.S.

        Also, judging by the size the earthquake (6.3) detected in the country’s mountainous North on Sunday morning, North Korea may have been telling the truth when it said it conducted what it described as its first hydrogen bomb test.

        And while the North bragged about the weapon’s “great destructive power” in a TV broadcast, what caught analysts’ attention was a mention of a different tactic: detonating an H-bomb at high altitude to create an electromagnetic pulse that could knock out parts of the US electrical grid.

        “North Korea’s threats against the U.S. now include a tactic long discussed by some experts: an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, triggered by a nuclear weapon that would aim to shut down the U.S. electricity grid.

        North Korea’s state news agency made a rare reference to the tactic in a Sunday morning release in which the country said it was able to load a hydrogen bomb onto a long-range missile. The bomb, North Korea said, ‘is a multifunctional thermonuclear nuke with great destructive power which can be detonated even at high altitudes for super-powerful EMP attack”

        “The idea of an EMP attack is to detonate a nuclear weapon tens or hundreds of miles above the earth with the aim of knocking out power in much of the U.S.

        Unlike the U.S. atomic bombs dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, such a weapon wouldn’t directly destroy buildings or kill people.

        Instead, electromagnetic waves from the nuclear explosion would generate pulses to overwhelm the electric grid and electronic devices in the same way a lightning surge can destroy equipment.”

        In the worst possible scenario, regional power grids could be offline for months, potentially costing many deaths as people would eventually start running out of necessities like food and medicine.

        Lawmakers and the US military have been aware of the EMP threat for many years, according to WSJ. IN a 2008 report commissioned by Congress, the authors warned that an EMP attack would lead to “widespread and long-lasting disruption and damage to the critical infrastructures that underpin the fabric of US society.”

        ht tp://

        • KM,

          Great reporting. I am not sure if Congress is ready to declare war yet. What will it take? Are the NKs acting as the pawns of China or are they truly ready to go out in a ‘blaze of glory’ like the world has never seen! Yellowstone eruptions may not compare to what man is prepared to do next!

          Louisiana Eagle ?

          • PFFT! aint you heard?……PRESIDENTS declare war nowadays, CONgress aint got nuthin’ to do with it….

            • CSS,

              I hope you are right about Irma going up the east coast. We don’t want and we don’t need anymore hurricanes in the Gulf. I saw the projections and the predicted cold front. Still worth watching closely. A lot of things seem to be happening here in September.

              Louisiana Eagle

            • BCOD,

              Can you imagine what it would be like if Congress had to really declare war as a Nuke from the NORK is flying towards California! It looks like that may become a very real possibility in the very near future. Most likely Iran will accelerate their plans now as the West gets bogged down with internal turmoil cooked up by the MSM and the NWO. Mix in an economic melt down and we have got the makings for a perfect storm! Lord have mercy!

              Happy Labor Day!

              Louisiana Eagle

        • I wish they would just get on with it if thats what they are going to do,,,

        • North Korea is the earthquake I’m worried about !

          • grandee,

            I noticed in another article that China ‘strongly condemns’ N. Korean nuclear test. Yet, China also warns the U.S. NOT to strike North Korea preemptively.

            China is North Korea’s main diplomatic ally and economic supporter, and both countries are Communist ruled.

            Kim Jong Un of North Korea has a GOAL – set off an EMP over the U.S. and take down our grid. I believe he will continue pursuing it. If ONE bomb somehow meets its target, our whole way of life will change. It has been projected that up to 90% of our population would die.

            On the other hand, that would open up millions of acres of good U.S. farmland that other countries would welcome to feed their populations. It would also provide the perfect opportunity to deploy U.N. (Chinese, Russian, etc.) forces to keep order in the U.S.

            Restoring the grid after an EMP would be an enormous task. A great majority of the large transformers in remote areas of the U.S. were delivered years ago by railroad. The railroad tracks in many areas have since been torn up. The logistics to deliver just ONE of these transformers would be huge. It would also take time to have them manufactured and shipped.

            8/12/13 – The American Society of Civil Engineers recently published a review of our national energy infrastructure, which includes oil and gas production/distribution as well as the electric grids. It received a D rating.

            “Our world-class economy and modern society cannot be sustained with our current infrastructure.”

            “infrastructure in poor to fair condition and mostly below standard, with many elements approaching the end of their service life. A large portion of the system exhibits significant deterioration.”
            ht tp://

            2/26/17 – How Secure Is Our Smart Grid?
            ht tp://

      5. I know me after a few fart eruptions. The real deal is coming soon after. Be prepared.

      6. I’m rather used to flowing lava.
        It can become a real big deal,
        but mostly it is not.
        One thing is sure, volcanoes are NOT
        Yellowstone is fairly remote, so
        I would not expect major damage other
        than wildfires.

        • When i was a kid my folks used to take us to watch eruptions at the national park,, remember watching a curtain of fountaining on the side of the road out past KMC in that area the call the Kau desert,,, cool stuff

          • I don’t think Halemaumau is quite that busy today, no continuous fountains, but you are describing some of the most hot, barren places on earth. Halemaumau and the Kau desert.

      7. “with the largest having a magnitude of 4.4”
        That was a 5.3 this morning, thank you.

      8. Oh, for crying out loud. What’s it been . . . a week without news of the Yellowstone volcano? What’s the problem? Hurricane Harvey just not sticking around long enough? Hurricane Irma, the next Category 4 just taking too long to get here? North Korea still hasn’t gone one hydrogen bomb too far, yet?

        The fear-mongering over the possibility (being sold as a high probability), of a huge Yellowstone eruption resumes. MSM, like Mac Slavo, is getting themselves all excited about the coming eruption.

        Once again Mac Slavo has confused his prescription of TruErection with TruEruption.

        The SHTF blog needs to change its name to CHTF, at least until the LHTF.

        • The blame-e, … I would rather put it like this; the noose is getting tight, the pit opening under your feet is about to be released, the priest is reading the bible… are you getting the message?

          • or, the check’s on the table, and the waiter is tapping his foot, nervously…

            • Pull up you underwear buttcrack you fanny’s showing.

              Yellowstone is doing what Yellowstone does. Have you even been there? Do you think my calling hysteria like this (fit for the likes of “The National Enquirer”), is going to cause the volcano to blow? Make me a liar Yellowstone.

          • You threatening me? Doesn’t that violate the rules of discussion. Am I getting the message? Yeah. Come and get it coward. Sorry to have knocked over your Kool Aid.

        • Blame-e, why do you keep coming here if you don’t like the site? And Mac Slavo is by no means any part of MSM.

          • yeah, why don’t he just BEAT FEET?…..nuthin’ better to do?

          • Then why is article on multiple blogs? Who else does this? Oh, yeah. The MSM.

      9. I don’t believe Yellowstone will erupt anytime soon as long as modern science resists tampering with the area. Much more concerned with the over the top police state expansion which is a huge threat to freedom. That makes sense seeing as how those hires are said to be low IQ applicants. A militarized police force for a reason that never changes. That reason being a corrupt treasonous government providing first and only for their own defense. Voting them out has proved impossible and dissent criminalized publicly. All we get is war and plans for war and those opposing war ignored.

        • I’m prepping at full speed for Yellowstone, in geological terms.

          • i’m preppin’ like a muhfugguh for the DEBT crisis……THAT is the one that HAS to happen…..but WHEN?

        • aljamo, “Voting them out has proved impossible”,

          I say going forward we won’t have to vote them out if we don’t vote them in, in the first place.

      10. Can these monkey dix give me some real data like elevation increases

      11. Apparently the overbearing lie and means of control of mankind depend on the globe model Earth. NASA admitted 30 years ago that the Earth was flat, also more recently admitting the US has never been out of low Earth orbit. The age of deception is over, they cannot prove the Earth is a globe. The Earth has never been photographed from outer space, only computer generated images. All of the space program entities from every nation are connected to the lie, it is of Masonic origin. People are waking up to the deception worldwide. The global system profits and holds power based on the lie that separates humanity.

      12. Yeah, like Harvey was just going to be a lot of rain and wind….

      13. The top number is the total number of fatalities /2015… The middle number represents your odds in one year. The bottom number represents your odds in a lifetime.

        Soooo your odds of being killed by some asshole texting while driving are much greater than being killed by a Yellowstone eruption which are 1:740,000 .in any given year.
        Source USGS
        However geological events are irregular and unpredictable.

        Exposure to noxious substances
        All motor vehicle accidents
             Car occupants
             Motorcycle riders
             Pedestrian incident
        Assault by firearm
        Exposure to smoke, fire and flames
        Fall on and from stairs and steps
        Drowning and submersion while in or falling into swimming pool
        Firearms discharge (accidental)
        Fall on and from ladder or scaffolding
        Air and space transport accidents
        Earthquake and other earth movements
        Cataclysmic storm (2)
        Bitten or struck by dog
        (1) Based on fatalities and life expectancy in 2015.
        Source: National Center for Health Statistics; National Safety Council.

      14. Yeah – the fear porn videos have been predicting the world’s demise from a Yellowstone mega volcano for years. I won’t get my panties in an uproar THIS time…

      15. Anyone not prepping right now is fucking screwed, BIGTIME. Traffic and accidents were all over the Galleria, backed up traffic on westheimer Rd, 610 same shit. All the grocery stores are empty, and they are all heading north to get groceries. Un prepped idiots by the thousands. I AM GOING TO TELL YOU ALL AGAIN. THEY ARE GOING TO USE THE ENVIRONMENT TO ATTACK THE POPULOUS AND THEY are going to destroy the entire planets eco system first, and after its so messed up, they will hit us with nukes, and ww3, the trigger SHTF, and finish us off. This is what the insider told my scientist friend. And I was told that Harvey was the first hit and the first stage of many big events to finish us off. He also told me that no one becomes president unless he is a part of the cabal. The plan to wipe us off the map has not changed since this election, the destruction is 100% on course. After this October, is when the patriots, veterans, and constitutionalist will suddenly realize, that these events keep escalating nonstop, everywhere all at the same time, with not halt, and it simply will not stop. The cabal will hit us with everything at the same time, monitor the result, test us, hit us again, test us again, and deliver the final blow, THAT BLOW IS WW3, and they are going to start that war, period. I am sorry to have to tell you all this bad news, but we are really in deep shit, we are already dead, we are just living day by day now and after October of this year, you will see another major event. I will tell you what it is, North Korea will drop the Nuke on South Korea, then ww3 starts, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, invades Isreal, Russia attacks Israel, China attacks Taiwon, WW3. That stupid dumb ass troll Old Guy keeps coming on here trolling me about I am reading zeta talk. I don’t sit around and real alien fantasy horse shit, I stick with real facts and real sources. Staring from October 2017, America will never be the same again, Its going to get really bad. All you trolls who like to attack me, keep attacking me all of September this month. Your days are numbered and Mac I believe will finally call you trolls out. You trolls are going to make a total complete fool of your self. I said that I am leaving Houston because water will be coming up in the mainland, the water level will be over 100 Ft in Houston in the very near future, its going to be as far as Austin, within 6 years, Houston and its surrounding cites will be permanently under over 100FT of water, that Map is real, the continent will literally split in half. I will be clearing out of this city asap for certain. I am leaving, and not enough money is what’s stopping me at the moment.


        • You wrote much here. Things are beginning to occur it seems

          You are correct, in saying we are in deep trouble.

          All of a sudden, it seems serious events have just come up into the head lines

          But do keep your eyes on Jerusalem and Israel. If The U.S. votes to partition Israel, The land God gave
          to them, then God will split The U.S.A. as some believe will happen I am speaking about
          the creation of The two-state solution.

          Some will scoff but God will have the last word in any matter.

          But do keep prepping. Going to have to help others.

        • get a job, you will have enough money to run sooner.

      16. I think somebodies meds just ran out!

      17. HCKS – The same reason you can’t leave there right now is the same reason many people weren’t prepped. They don’t have the money to stock up. They can’t afford it. They live day-to-day.

        I know how costly it is to stockpile because we’ve been prepping for years now. It’s like having an additional grocery bill. Many people don’t have the money because salaries haven’t gone up with the cost of living and there also aren’t enough decent paying jobs to go around and there’s also a HUGE discrepancy between what the CEO and the top layers of corporate USA earn and the employees below who make it all happen — 3 very valid reasons of many. Stop blaming the victims.

        Oh, and thanks for the update.

      18. WE ARE FINISHED.

        Hurricane Erma is a major concern. If they train that hurricane with HAARP, and it runs westward on to Cuba, it will enter the gulf and Hit Lousiana and Houston directly, with 180-200 mph wind. This will finish off Texas, and from what I am told, systems will develop off of Africa with wind speeds of 300-400 mph, this will be very destructive, because this wont be from HAARP. HAARP is being used to destroy the Houston Texas infrastructure. Soros and the Rothchild banking Family, the Bushes and Rockerfellers have been needing to stop the people for a long time. So weather warfare is the only thing that can stop the people now. If they do the bio-weapon hit, we will know its them, if they invade us, we will know its them. If they use hurricane and earth quakes, we will know its them, but the dumb down people will not know that its them. The weather will be the blame. Once that Hurricane runs westward of Cuba, I am leaving Houston right away, to go up to Dallas. I have already made up my mind, and have already begun organizing, check the truck pricing and it will cost me about $1,500 big ones, plus finding a rental house at the same time. My BOL will not survive this hurricane, its not strong enough and not firm enough. Me and my group, we will be having a meeting with my scientist friend this weekend, and the meeting may be cancelled because of the direction of that system. If the front that is coming from up North on Wednesday, may have to speed and air pressure to push the storm downward, this creates another problem, it will push Erma down to Cuba westward, forcing the storm to head over Jamaica, and Cuba, thus entering our gulf. Big problem for Texas and Louisiana because our electrical Grid will be permanently destroyed, the water supply completely cut off, and the city flooded again, this time the south and up north again.

        What I know about the real situation in the Gulf region:

        The city will be un inhabitable permanently, then once this happens, blacktops will use HARRP to trigger earth quakes in Yellowstone, since the cabal built all the Nuclear plants in the region purposely. Do search for the locations of those plants, it will literally show you what they have done. This was intentional, nuclear fallout with North Korea china or Russia attacking us. The nuclear fallout from Yellowstone will wipe out about 35,000,000 people in the first 500 square miles. This creats another problem for me, now I have to go more north.

        The effects of cold fronts can be a major factor in this area:

        The fronts will keep pushing the winds downward toward the gulf, HARRP will then trigger seismic attacks on the techtonic plates in our gulf to breach the ocean floor again, BP did not do a good enough job to killing off the gulf. Blackops know from experience from the 3/11 attack on Japan with Fukashima, that earth tectonic oean floor attacks get the job done. You just have to get the fault lines by the nuclear plants and you will have fallout. The same thing will happen here in America. Blackops has the upper hand, breach the gulf ocean floor, hit Texas and Louisiana with the hurricane, tigger yellow stone, Breach the faultline in San diego, break off that region, it will trigger the fault line in the Ozarks, the supposedly safe areas. SHTF COMMENSES ALL OVER THE COUNTRY AT THE SAME TIME. Oxygen levels off the gulf coastline, drop to extremely low levels, oxygen levels cut off making the area inhospitable then blackops toes in and asteroid with FDL ships, the secret space command, and with the help of the rogue alien allies, and factions, they will drop several asteroids on Europe, Russia, china, and the mid east, the south and north areas of the pacific and atlantic, blacktops wipes out 97% of the global earths population is less than one, year. Women in America are not at mass entinction levels, the chi-coms that invaded in 2018 get into trouble only to find out that they enter a country that was going to destroy them during the gun battle, once they invaded Texas, they look to the sky, we Amerians look the sky, some in the athmosphere gets our attention, the planetary body, massive in in the sky,. Planet X, plus the asteroid tale following that star system, now in the middle of and eclipse with our sun that will last for and 1 1/2 hrs, and evening come around, they planet is seen right there, The cabal won because now they don’t have to explain to the public what they are looking at, the planet is already destroyed, the pope is the last pope, Trump is the last president, EARTH HAS NOW BEEN DESTROYED. Women get wiped out over 200,000,000 of them in the first wave of destruction, 90% of the southern region is now inhabitable.

        My survival is now below 10%. meaning only 3-4 months tops, if I get out on time.

        At this time I recommend not to pay attention to Trumps visit in Texas, with all the nonsense being shown to us on TV, because I know what’s coming. I am not certain if I will survive this one. But I will do my best to survive it. I came on this site a few years ago to warn the preppers on here who saved my life, only to get attacked by the very people who’s advice I followed. People are something else, I tell you. My entire city is flooded, and people who cannot get food from the grocery stores are heading north, to clean out the store in north Houston. A few people called me up yesterday, telling me about the caos, and fire trucks and cops scramble all over the streets from recks all over Houston. Real preppers in Houston, Katy, and surrounding cities, get ready, leave if you can, quit you job, pack up, clear out up north to Dallas right now if you can. Some of my wealthy customers I do business with told me last week, that they are clearing out this week. So the situation is very extremely serious.


      19. I thought the weather guessing charlatans have hurricane Erma heading in a more northward direction possibly threatening the east coast somewhere. I stopped paying attention when it was said to be turning north. This could be the storm to clear the idea that storms are manipulated and it let be allowed to run its natural course. Maybe a trip to DC, that area was built on a swamp anyway and inhabited by swamp creatures that pass themselves off as legitimate government. Flood the underground shelters would be appropriate.

      20. One more comment about flat Earth. I noticed film clips with John Kerry and Obama repeatedly seperately making jokes about flat Earth publicly in front of large crowds. The fact that these comments were made is strange enough. Obamas crowds laughed and cheered. Flat Earth is the butt of the joke.

      21. Aljamo, that’s exactly what may be occurring, every time we look at the situation and study it, we see things, and its like a puzzle. NY Guy, your right, I am in that same situation as a prepper right now, it cost money to clear out of dodge. Most of us live day by day including me. I am no different, just up to date. I was lucky to have met the people I met, and once they found out that I was smart and know things, they started to tell me thing that were disturbing, then when I kept seeing the events happen, they would call me, I would meet up with them, and they would tell we what happens next.

        Jim in Va is contantly attacking wit others. I want thes trolls to be right, that all my info is bullshit, but the facts versus fiction is where I am having a problem, if I am a liar, and fraud, and am wrong, then I technically can live a normal dumb down life in my city, relax, and start having kids, plan for the future, invest in IRA’s and financial services, and retirement thinking that I will grow from 45 to 65 years, old watch my kids grow up, and live happily ever after. This is not realistic. Jim in the Va is telling people on here that I am mentally ill, need medication and other stupid shit, and when I drove around yesterday to see the damage with my own two eyes, I know for a fact, that what I am being told will be happening for certain, its damn disturbing for even me. I mean the traffic on Westheimer was jammed up and was not moving for hours. The city is SHTF

        WoW, Israel that region is still the flash point. It would be crazy to believe that the US could physically spilt, yet it can happen, and probably will happen, based on the current events.

      22. Two comments here: One is that the time lines mentioned in the story are based on millions of years which are based on dating rock layers based on the fossils they contain and the age of the fossils is based on the rock layers and arbitrary ages. The Bible shows a much shorter timeline for all of these events…less than 10,000 years. Secondly if the Caldera needs a vent…NASA is potentially going to give it one.

      23. And in the meantime, just in case no one has heard, the Rothchilds withdrew ALL of their money from the U.S. Banks. See any correlation here? Not really looking too good. Kinda puts the frosting on the destruction scenario, doesn’t it?

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