WW3: Russian Submarines Carry Out Mock Nuclear Strike Against ‘Enemies’

by | Oct 15, 2018 | Headline News | 26 comments

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    Russin submarines have recently carried out a mock nuclear attack against their “enemies.” The Russian government has released footage of the atomic strike and it is sparking fears that the third world war is quickly approaching.

    The Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) has published shocking videos that show a range of nuclear missile drills including a submarine carrying out a mock atomic strike. These videos are the latest in a series of escalating war-games ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to The Express UK.

    The video appears to show the crew of a Russian submarine following the steps to unleash a retaliatory strike with an atomic bomb. The missiles are seen firing out of the Arctic waters in the Barents and Okhotsk seas. A Northern Fleet commander is seen giving orders to his crew, with a submariner confirming: “Yes sir, a rocket launch.”

    According to officials, the drills were “designed for retaliation against an enemy attack.” NATO has already responded to ramping up war tensions.  Admiral James Foggo, the head of US Naval Forces in Europe and Africa, has said: “The Kalibr class cruise missile, for example, has been launched from coastal-defense systems, long-range aircraft, and submarines off the coast of Syria. They’ve shown the capability to be able to reach pretty much all the capitals in Europe from any of the bodies of water that surround Europe.”

    Foggo has warned of Russia’s submarine capabilities in the past. According to The Telegraph UK,  Foggo told Pentagon reporters, “while the Russian Navy knows it cannot compete on the level of aircraft carriers and larger surface vessels, “they have continued to do research and development and recapitalize the undersea domain.”

    “They see it as one (in) which there is a challenge, and that challenge is the United States Navy and the United States submarine force,” he continued. “I can tell you that we hold an acoustic advantage and we will continue to do that,” he said, referring to the listening technologies that allow sailors to locate subs.

    A Russian defense ministry spokesperson spoke about the drills.  “By order of President Putin, supreme commander of the Russian Armed Forces, strategic nuclear forces exercises have been conducted. All tasks of the exercise were accomplished. All designated targets at the Kura Chizha, Pemboy, and Terekta testing ranges were destroyed,” the spokesperson stated.


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      1. What are the chances that we get through the upcoming economic collapse without WAR!

        I see a lot of saber rattling going on. It’s when people are fighting for that last biscuit that things get out of control. Things are building towards something terrible. Something wicked, this way comes!

        • Insane inbred “elite” people are now ruling and running the western nations. Bankers and Politicians want war. They want to cull humanity. These “ruling elite” are mass murderers, just a matter of opportunity and timing.

          Quite simply, “We have lost our way.”
          Small wars can become Nuclear wars.

          Technology will not save you. Technology will enslave you and then destroy you.

          Wake up. Before it is too late.

      2. This nuclear crisis is Trump’s fault.

        If he hadn’t colluded with the Russians to steal the election in the first place Hillary would have won and this wouldn’t be happening.

        Now we face impending worldwide annihilation as a result.

        • STFU stupid ass.

        • bla bla bla …baloney cry baby

        • Actually it’s the fault of 100 years of communist-democrats destroying our republic.
          Beginning with Woodrow Wilson.

        • This is Trump’s fault?!?!? HAHAHAHA
          Hilary would have saved us?!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

          THANK YOU!!!

          I haven’t laughed like that in weeks.
          That was priceless.

          Thanks again.

        • U Sir are a total wanker!

      3. The only way you know the difference between war and a wargame, is they tell you so.

      4. OFF TOPIC: I just did a test on Canned Sliced Potatoes in No. 10 cans that were 5 years past the “Best By Date” and they were great. I could not tell any difference in taste or texture. I fried them with Spam (which was also 5 years past best by date) and now I feel really comfortable doubling my supply.

        I really prefer Pasta and Potatoes to Rice!

        • I’ve had stuff remain good well past the due date and had other stuff fail shortly after.

          Since taste isn’t always a safety indication, is there any sure way to test for safety other than, say, serving it to a neighbor first or something?

          • Anonymous, that’s a great question. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. Like you said it really depends upon the item in question.

            It’s my understanding that you just have to use your senses to determine if it’s still edible. I guess you need to know what each item looks, smells and tastes like when you know it’s good. Consequently, it best NOT to have a great variety and stay away from thing that are dangerous if eaten when bad.

            But no matter what you risk “food poisoning” when eating outdated food. Therefore, it important to be able to treat food poisoning when it occurs. The main thing is to treat Dehydration that results because of vomiting and/or Diarrhea.

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            • This is the item I stocked up on because “bad water and food” can be very dangerous, especially with the very old and kids. This is the cheapest and best I could find (100 packages for $39.99). This item should be in everyone’s medical kit!!

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        • our lunch this afternoon (while canning boiled peanuts) is a home canned quart jar of hamburger stew from 2013. still yummy.

          get yourselves a 50lb bag of raw peanuts from a local produce stand.

          can them as boilded peanuts (protien/salty for summer work)

          ht tp://pickyourown.org/BoiledPeanuts.htm

          • Thanks grandee. I will try that it sounds great.

            It’s good to see that you’re still posting to the site. I hope everything is going well for you.

            • life is still good in my backyard 🙂

              where I have been working since spring.

              canning all I can.

      5. They’re sending their latest message to the neocons with those videos. If they were to take out our neocons, I would have no problem with that.

      6. Both sides have a destructive capability to put either nation and its allies into the Stone Age obliterating industry, medical facilities along with their staff and educational institutions along with their graduates and alumni. One Ohio Class boomer can put 24 x 10 110KT warheads on target. Assuming a single Russian submarine with a likewise capability, I can’t think of 240 targets worthy of such firepower in the US. Thats just one submarine. The definition of victory is altered when both sides could effectively render the other admittance into the third world: Counting casualties becomes an exercise in futility like the Vietnam “body counts” measure of victory. The Neo-Con Wolfowitz Doctrine is as valid as its discredited predecessor the “Domino Theory”, which cost the US unnecessary blood and treasure of such magnitude that permanently damaged the economy of the US.

      7. What most people fail to realize is that WW1&2 were both started and carried out in order to genocide white Christians. All wars are Bankers wars for profit and to thin “the herd”. White Christians are being targeted (in a million different ways) for extinction. Getting white people to fight each other is entertainment, the “theater of war”.


        • Its utterly illogical to believe that TPTB desire to destroy the science, technology and manufacturing of the “White Christian World”. They need the preceding. Think a Witch Doctor” will be their oncologist? They desire 100% global dominance short of its destruction. The problem is in the quest for this there are uncontrollable and unforeseen dynamics that push a strategy just short of war into one that crosses the Rubicon. They’re entertained by greater power and hence wealth.

      8. The war expenditures have robbed Americans blind and stolen their future. Sure this was the plan all along. Garfield, McKinley, Lincoln and Kennedy tried to stop it and lost their lives. Jackson delayed the push temporarily. The existing world government leaders are all paid off to ignore the problem. The strong push to WW3 is the continuation plan. Sick murdering bastards! Not one American patriot in the bunch. No wonder they don’t teach true history in schools and truth is being barred on the internet.

      9. Russia knows they have only one option
        A nuclear strike which in turn would be A total annihilation of Russia
        Russian guidance systems arent that great as we’ve seen from their own video footage released from bombings in Syria. Russia does not have the compasitity to attack the continential United States for a sustained period of time. Nor does China at least for the next twenty years. And it’s being slowed by the current administration. Saber rattling form put in for his base nothing more.

      10. Since nukes are a hoax, the most they can ever do is mock drills.

      11. There are only two types of vessels in the Navy. Submarines and targets.

        I hope the Russian train as we do so that there is less likelihood a mistake could happen. Pray for peace.

        In WW2, the sub fleet made us less than 2% of the Navy yet sank 70% of the shipping including warships.

        In reality, that big nice looking aircraft carrier projects power because its visible, which makes it a huge floating target.

        former “Bubblehead”

      12. I respectfully see this kind of thing as highly unlikely simply from an economic standpoint. A nuclear attack on any major US city would cripple the US economy and thus severely damage the global economy. China’s economy would suffer to the point of devastating the Chinese. They aren’t going to allow anyone to nuke us and prevent us from buying all the stuff they make for us. IMHO.

      13. I don’t really think that china would suffer from ww3,
        yes there will be millions dead in china .but compared to the percent of people dead in the usa,russia ,uk,and others ,

        china will continue without any help or trade with other countries. and manage within there own Chinese limits.

        trade with china with the us and europe including sanctions still makes china the strongest economy on the planet.
        without trade with china the rest of the worlds economies would suffer ,not Chinese.

        china and lots of the Asian countries are cashing in there bonds in the usa because they know there propping up the us economy .

        so how long can the usa sustain there lack of funds,

        usa economy is propped up by borrowing from the fed reserve,which comes at a very high price for all americans

        sooner rather than later asia will collapse the us/then war comes

        good luck to us all,break a leg, or auf weidersain

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