WW3 Has Begun, And It Is Digital: “New World Hackers” Claim Cyber Attack That Took Down Major Sites

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    Source: Downdetector.com.

    Source: Downdetector.com.

    Get ready – it seems that this will be an October Surprise to remember.

    The Internet is under attack through the United States and UK… and there is every reason to think that more is coming.

    Reports confirmed that a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) was carried out against the company Dyn, and disrupted much of the East Coast, and later the West Coast and other parts of the U.S. as well, taking down hundreds of major websites – including Paypal, Twitter, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, Tumblr and Reddit and more.

    It took hours for many of them to come back online.

    According to USA Today:

    At least two successive waves of online attacks blocked multiple major websites Friday, at times making it impossible for many users on the East Coast to access Twitter, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, Tumblr and Reddit.


    The cause was a large-scale distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) against Internet performance company Dyn that blocked user access to many popular sites standstill.

    Dyn … confirmed the attack, noting that “this attack is mainly impacting US East and is impacting Managed DNS customers in this region. Our Engineers are continuing to work on mitigating this issue.”

    Here’s a log of updates for the attacks on Dyn Managed DNS infrastructure:

    ddosattack-dynSpeculation is that this could be a test run for larger attacks – and public demonstration of just how vulnerable Internet connected systems are. Things are coming to a head very quickly, and there is no telling what will happen as the U.S. election approaches. As the San Jose Mercury News reported:

    “Say, not to panic anybody, but what if the (attacks) today were practice for 11/8 ?” high-profile pundit Keith Olbermann tweeted.

    A hacking collective calling itself “New World Hackers” are taking credit – and they are based out of Russia and China, so there is little doubt that it will fuel the narrative for more war, tighter security and an age of online instability as the new world (where the dollar is no longer king) is sorted out. According to the Associated Press:

    Members of a shadowy hacker collective that calls itself New World Hackers claimed responsibility for the attack via Twitter. They said they organized networks of connected “zombie” computers that threw a staggering 1.2 terabits per second of data at the Dyn-managed servers.

    “We didn’t do this to attract federal agents, only test power,” two collective members who identified themselves as “Prophet” and “Zain” told an AP reporter via Twitter direct message exchange. They said more than 10 member participated in the attack. It was not immediately possible to verify the claim.


    The collective has also claimed responsibility for cyberattacks against Islamic State. The two said about 30 people have access to the @NewWorkdHacking Twitter account. They said 20 are in Russia and 10 in China. “Prophet” said he is in India. “Zain” said he is in China. The two claimed to be taking “good actions.”

    Perhaps, this major blackout of Internet services may even be a self-inflicted wound to make the establishment look like the victim, rather than the aggressor that Hillary’s legacy represents. Wikileaks has to be hurting her campaign, and it is difficult to say exactly how far things are going to reestablish credibility and take control of the situation.

    Right now, Julian Assange is reportedly surrounded by police forces outside the Ecaudorian embassy in London – and his personal future, and that of Wikileaks remains up in the air. Only days ago, his Internet access was cut, with Ecuador under diplomatic pressure by the U.S.

    Further Internet attacks are now pending, and it seems everything is potentially exposed. There is no way to be certain how massive future attacks could be – but the largest potential event would likely be an EMP, sending out an electromagnetic pulse powerful enough to take down the electric grid and fry virtually all unprotected electronics.

    Individuals can and should prepare on two fronts – stored food and supplies necessary to sustain your family/group for a minimal of several weeks without power and essential services. People can also protect electronic equipment – primary or backup – in a Faraday cage (which will guard against EMP).

    Additionally, emergency cash and alternative currency (such as gold and silver) reserves should kept on hands; identity protection measures should be put in place and all accounts, documents, paperwork and other sensitive items should be written down, photocopies and/or stored offline (on a USB, for example). A more detailed check list can be found here. Extra caution should be used with electronic banking and online payment systems.

    The shadow government and its military forces have been preparing for extremes in all areas. Things are happening now that we have warned about for years – the cyber dimension of war means that everyone is on the battlefield:

    The attack is “consistent with record-setting sized cyberattacks seen in the last few weeks,” [said Carl Herberger, vice president of security at security company Radware]


    Others worried the attack could be from a nation-state rather than simply an individual seeking to wreak havoc.

    “This not just an instant job, this is something that was probably worked on for weeks if not for months by really competent people,” he said. (source)

    The power to shut down commerce, communication and news feeds could either start – or stop – the kind of 21st Century war that is only now taking shape.

    In what is perhaps a bit of planned irony, or a tip off to the perpetrators of this attack, video surfaced of Hillary Clinton in 2010 (as Secretary of State) blathering on about the importance of cyber security and intelligence protection.

    Empty words indeed.

    In hindsight, no one could have done more to expose the United States’ secrets than the Madam Secretary herself – emails and more make this clear.

    Will any of this stop her, or will she take power in spite of it all?

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      1. Three cyber attacks in one day that affected very large areas. Hmmm. I don’t remember that happening before.

        • Yeah and we may be surprised who really was behind it, or not. Don’t really care myself as I lived many years without it. Take it all down and we’ll get front row seats on those going through withdraw. Put my first deer in the walk-in today Muzzleloader season here. She hit the ground @7:15 this morning (fat medium doe)

          • POP

            Congrats on the deer. Some is better than none.;0)

          • your lucky I had a doe under my stand that i could have touched with a 10 foot pole.She stayed there for 15 minutes only problem bucks only the first 9 days 0n wma land!

          • PO’d I put a nice young buck in the freezer last week, and am now trophy hunting for a bull elk through the end of Oct. and then I have a cow,calf, elk tag for Nov. and am hoping to put a nice big elk calf in the freezer. We have lots of canned goods stored, so we’ll be set for the year. Trekker Out. Keep On Preppin!

        • They could’nt kill Wikileaks, so they’ll kill the web.

          • Cutting off Part of the US Internet, is cutting off the Free Flow of Info about Hillary’s Criminal activities.

            Imagine, Hillary will drone any American if anything they say about her is bad or critical. Hillary Hanibal Lector Clinton will finish off America and will cannibalize and end the US Constitution as we know it.

            Any fool voting for this Pig Clinton is just as much a traitor and threat to America and our country as she is.

            We need a huge Culling here in America to save our Nation.

            Destruction from within is the (((Parasites))) Wet Dream. Never let that happen no matter what.

            ~WWTI… I want to see Trump Bust up the MSM into a Million pieces.

            • Randy Newman said it best…

              Let’s Drop The Big One Now


              Hot Popcorn and cold beer at the ready.

              Same shit, new day…


              P.S. Hey TEST! In case you don’t recognize it, this is known as sarcasm. In fewer than a 100 words, I might add.

              • Not particularly funny sarcasm, but perhaps it is just poorly written.

                And in fewer than 10 words, I might add. There are people here who really think a TEOWTAKI situation would be fun, just retribution, or who knows what. If you are not one of those, then fine, I am with you. But if you ARE one of those who think other’s suffering is “fun,” then that is a different, disgusting, story.

                • Only an idiot would actually WANT our civilization to be upended. They could pat themselves on the back for being right, while their family starves or is brutalized. Luck would play a major role in determining who survives.

                  For you smug BOL types, isolation is a double-edged sword.

                  “There, but for the grace of God go I.”

              • I am glad to hear it is sarcasm.

                In less than 10 words.

                Might I suggest you review Jonathan Swift prior to your next attempt at sarcasm?

            • Preppers: Looking for a Crude Ballistics quick chart for about every caliber out there? Go here and click on your Ammo Type. Match to see if the barrel length is the same as your weapon. This list also reflects 12G and Pistol rounds. ht tp://guide.sportsmansguide.com/ballisticscharts/

              30-06 Springfield 150gr with a 24″ barrel. This round was sighted in at 200 yards as Zero Drop, drops 8 inches at 300 yards, 24.3 inches at 400 yards, 51.9 inches at 500 yards. So shooting 2 Feet above the magic triangle of a torso at 400 yards will place it center mass. With no major cross winds. Maybe pick up a laser range finder and mark on a crude map of your property distances, house window to your Gate for example. Also note the large double drop from 400 yards to 500 yards is 2 ft to over 4 ft drop. So if you like precision shooting, get a laser range finder and cross wind meter, for better accuracy.

              Example: 9mm Lugar 115gr Hollow Point using a 4″ barrel length, has a 3.6 inch bullet drop at 100 yards. **

              **I Wish I could place a 9mm bullet pattern with in 4 inches consistently at 100 yards, I would be more than a pro. Maybe Expert. lol

              Take a look. Or go directly to your Ammo Manufactures website for more accurate ballistic readings of your exact bullet caliber, type and grain wt.


              • That is really awesome thanks for the link, but I can’t find any data there for my Daisy Red Ryder BB gun. I’m really disappointed.

        • Thank you Mom for all you do.

          On YouTube

          Two Amazing Videos

          1. Hitler Gives Speech About Stalin’s Aggression

          2. Amira Willighagen & Andre Rieu
          10 000 People Standing Ovation

          • If they decide to launch a similar attack against our very vulnerable electrical grid, it will be lights out for weeks or more.

            • Lights out for weeks? Ha. Try Many months to years. People can survive without the Internet. Try hundreds of millions of people without electric for months and years. Winter will kill 100 million people or half the US population the first year. As mass migration seeks a warmer climate in the south. If you have no backup plan for your electric heat, you will die. That means a full year of wood supply or your own personal off grid propane supply. No more refridgerator food or freezer food. Life will turn back to mid 1800’s. You either have those skills to survive or tou don’t. Those who don’t will Parrish.

              -WWTI… Those already off the grid and those living in the warmer south have a lot better chance of survival. Off the grid and in the south will be the survivors. Got your prepper plan for that together yet? This could happen any day now. Tic toc tic toc.

              • GRID DOWN

                Caveman # 2 : UGG … FUKK OFF

                • Caveman #2, dumber than a cave man for sure. INsults Caveman#1. As Shiny old rock worth 2 times that of 2 cattle. So Smart Cave Man #1 has backup plan, and just hits Caveman #2 over the head with Loaded Club Weapon, and take 2 Cattle for free plus Caveman #2’s long haired Woman and move into Caveman #2’s Man Cave. Any Questions? Uggg…..

                  ~WWTI… Thanks for playing..

                  • Cave man 2 try to hide cattle. No have luck. Try insults on those that disagree, still no luck. Too dumb to get a clue, even tho he try on primitive eBay. Caveman 2 no go through end of world scenario, only hyperinflation – try to flee country with two cows hidden in shoes.

                    Caveman 2 not so smart.

                • Stupid Caveman 2: Me stupid enough to think that only a complete TEOWTAKI situation possible. Me not smart enough to figure out if there is hyperinflation and my cattle are rustled, me have nothing. Me not smart enough to trade one cattle for one oz of gold to diversify in case either situation occur. Me repeat that stupid “you can’t eat gold” cliche til the, ummm, cows come home. Me think me smart, when really not. Me forget gold used for 5,000 years as medium of exchange.

                • Cave man 2 is gay though, caveman 1 decides buttsex is a better offer and they live happily ever after

          • HI MOM!

            • bcod,

              Hi! Having a busy weekend here.

              Take care!
              KY Mom

          • B from CA,

            I will have to check those video links.

            Thank you!
            KY Mom

        • All Bravo Sierra.
          Emails released:
          -The Treasonous Criminal and Butcher of Bengahzi Hillary email release.
          -The TRAITOR poser pretend President DESTROYER of the US Constitution Obama email release.
          ……………………Then magically the Internet is down. Bravo Sierra.

          FALSE FLAG-blamed on hackers, blamed on Russia.
          Internet Down was done by Obama.

          They think that Amerikkan people will be distracted and forget about the trail of criminal activities left behind by politician emails. All criminals leave clues that get them CAUGHT and BUSTED/Jailed.

          But I guess that doesn’t matter when FBI is on Clinton shadow government payroll?
          Clinton Above the law. Rule of law does not apply to politicians.

          Obama made the net go down. FALSE FLAG.

          ARREST THESE Politician CRIMINALS.
          IMPEACH the Traitor Anti American sitting as poser pretend president. NWO-UN-CIA- Banker PUPPET Obama. Impeach. Arrest.

          Arrest the Butcher of Bengahzi and National Security THREAT Hillary Rotten Clinton PUPPET of the shadow government out to DESTROY America and World Peace.

          Secure our borders.
          Keep OUT Muslim terrorist.
          Arrest drug traffickers transporting drugs that POISON our children and Society.
          Keep jobs in America. NO OUTSOURCING.
          LEAVE Syria alone.
          Leave Russia alone. Stay OUT of their Business. Have RESPECT.
          Make Russia a USA partner in settling Mars and space exploration.

          • Anyone see a pattern yet?

            From the french revolution,to the 1917 russian revolution events, to WWI, to WWII, to 1950’s(?) King David Hotel bombing event,to 1967 uss liberty ship, to 9/11, to Iraq,to afgan and to libia wars/events, to Syria, Iran next, and Now to perhaps war here in usa!

            Each of those major wars and events, we were assured of as to whom the guilty perps were.

            Yet once the facts and Truths finally surfaced, as true truth always does sooner or later eh…

            What is Now known of and has been either found out and fully proven beyond all doubt, or in a few rare instances have been actually Admitted to by the perps themselves.

            Is that regardless who or what was originally blamed as main perps…in Every of these wars and events, it has always been finally found out to have been done by the worlds masters of deception and chaos and lies.

            And in every such event named here, the true real perps always each time either dressed as “others”, or used their massive control powers of both usa fed govnt and major mass media, especially TV news shows…ALL of it.

            To fast convince americans and the worlds goyim in general that it was “Arabs” and “Egypt” and “Germans” and “Russians” etc etc…

            When All along in every event it was actually plotted by, funded by, done by, profited from by, Israel state, or New York+European-international jewry, Or…Both.

            And every of these and many more similar events and false flag opps unnamed here but still happened, can now be researched very quickly, very accurately, and so damn easy it is totally unacceptable today for anybody to not know of these events and the real true perps that are guilty as Sin in every detail of each incident.

            Yet if it were Anybody else other than israel or international jewry that were the Proven guilty perps and culprits?…Then yes indeed we’d see that a huge vast majority of most everybody within the usa would know every tiny detail…And would freely speak of it all and treat it as if it was Hitler and the Nazis that did it all.

            If that were the case, the tv history channel would air daily reruns and updates on every minute tiny detail, and continue to dig for yet more details for hollywood to use in makeing at least one or two major blockbuster hit movies per year as is done about wwii and the holohoax events.

            Yet simply due to the proven and at times admitted to being perps, were and are israel and international jewry.

            The same vast usa majority totally rejects facts and refuses to ever dare to research those facts and proven lies that always lay blame upon “others” and “Elsewhere’s”.

            So this has to add up to something entriely different compared to all other things and issues period.

            And the Fact that such a huge vast majoirty of american folk either refuse to research it, and discover how much and for how long they have been so badly lied to about each of these wars and events. Or else they simply run for cover at the slightest mention of the forbiden big Taboo words..

            Should be added to the long and ever gowing longer list of proofs and documented facts and admitions to it, as evidence that the true perps are indeed the true perps.

            Because nobody can possibly name a single other issue or thing that has so many american folk so bambozzeled and mezzmerized and fearfull of truth and facts that is seen at the meere mention of those big Taboo words.

            However those few dareing souls that have researched it all now know full well that the entire usa has been hyjacked and by the very same main perps, and for these few folk nothing ever again is going to hoax or mezzmerize or convince them to ever again trust or believe anything to the contrary, when the issue is the Real actual perps that always blame others while they themselves play the role as worlds biggest Victim group bar none!

            At this late point in american destiny and affairs, I highly doubt those few are going to see their ranks swell considerably larger any time soon eh…And all due to the rest of that vast majority fear these truths more than almost anything else, for they know that once known of these truths and facts will force them to re-think it all and that is simply off the table for them period. Even those that do research but always and Only research by or from MSM type sources and/or from typical university lefty professors, most being of the same tribe as the true perps are from. So that regardless how much info they do research it never ever actually leads to the truth nor ever names those real perps.

            A real true Shame eh…So Many fine and good intentioned people have devoted so much personal time and money etc so to locate said proofs, buy or pay for their own website and put every detail of 10 to even 20+ years of intense and constant research and fact findings onto their websites to offer it all for Free Online, in the Hopes they will reach that vast majority that remain clueless or worse remain in Deep duped Denial!

            And it would appear that most have totally wasted their time and money and lives attempting to do the impossible, which is to break thru that huge Taboo and see their work pay off with masses of wide awakened and fully wized up americans that are too numerous to count now eh.

            I almost Wish it was “Others” for Real! For if it were, then them not being bonafied members of the self chozens, it would be a very easy and fast task to accomplish a grand huge awakening unlike any others prior in past eras.

            And Then america would get “Fixed” and fixed fast too.

            I think it must have a spiritual irony attached to it all directly by and from their main leader satan. He must have the powers to also provide cover and protection to those perps so they can keep repeating what they do over and over in every Host nation to date, and always find a loophole escape clause of sorts. That, and of course it helps alot that they have 60+million totally duped american folk as unquestioning defenders and supporters that looks more like an abject worship of the perps and their swindled mid east property of israel eh.

            It will not last much longer though. no matter whats done, nor how much is spent in cash and bribes, nor how many threats spewed out, nor any other elaborate swindle scams they invent next…Truth based on Proven Facts always has its own method of floating to the surface.

            And the longer it takes for those so duped and in such deep denial to finally Get It and awaken fully, the worse their shock and awe is going to destroy them for their failure to have eyes that see and ears that hear.

      2. Mac has this down pat.

        “Individuals can and should prepare on two fronts – stored food and supplies necessary to sustain your family/group for a minimal of several weeks without power and essential services. People can also protect electronic equipment – primary or backup – in a Faraday cage (which will guard against EMP)”.

        “Additionally, emergency cash and alternative currency (such as gold and silver) reserves should kept on hands; identity protection measures should be put in place and all accounts, documents, paperwork and other sensitive items should be written down, photocopies and/or stored offline (on a USB, for example). A more detailed check list can be found here. Extra caution should be used with electronic banking and online payment systems”.

        That is it in a nut shell. It needed repeating.

        • Most likely an Internet satellite was hacked into, signals compromised or hijacked for DOS. Denial Of Service.

          Honestly a killer satellite shooting laser beams at Internet or communications Satellites to destroy them, is so very possible. Wait till your cell phone stops working for months. Can you function?

          -WWTI… The Millinials will have to learn what talking face to face is all about. Many Millinials will comit suicide cause their cell phones wont work. Same with TV. Oh the humanity… lol

          • WWTI

            What you have stated about the loss of electronic entertainment and communication will be a major factor on how people will act in a crisis. As an example as to how we comment here will change as the added stress of “Not” be able to communicate with “Everyone” at “Will”. We have become so independent/isolated in our lives that we lost the ability to interact with others and that is going to cause problems. We would rather send a text message than go face to face with a handshake or hug.
            We eat too much. We drink to much, And of course, Talk too much. Do very little.

            We’re Humans. That’s what we do.

          • But as in this DOS Attack case, there was an attack by jamming the networks with massive amounts of data and requests, the servers running the service cannot keep up with it all, and it jams the systems into a collapse. These attacks are coordinated by multiple attackers across the world to inundate the networks. It could also be domestic aka: (((US Govnt)))running a test false flag to see what they can do. Like taking your new gun to the range to make sure it shoots bullets. It would be like everybody in a city all at once turning on all their electric appliances that the power plant cannot keep up with the demand causing triggered rolling blackouts.

            ~WWTI… There are also hackers that hack into TV Stations satellite dish servers that broadcast info. And hijack the signal to inject other info, or false info if they so desire. All part of the disinformation Psyopps. Shutting off an enemies communications systems are usually the first step in a war, before a massive air attack. Knocking out satellite dishes, command and control systems etc. Soften up the target. If the entire communications grid in the US is down before an invasion by UN Blue Helmets, How will you know what is going down? Got your Ham Radio set up in place yet? Have multiple ways to communicate.

            • just run your own dns server. the denial of service attack was on port 53. if you use your own dns server, your alpha numeric addresses get resolved locally and you are not reliant on your isp, etc.

              just make sure to resolve your addresses periodically.

              • would love to learn more- thanks!

                • Maybe, you could look at opennicproject on their alternative DNS Root server or yeti-DNS information.

          • Agree. Couple of points, statistically, starting w/the ‘tweeners’, Especially teenagers, will become the most dangerous, for the obvious social media issues, but the study shows that once starvation/thirst set it, they haven’t matured to a point to deal w/any crisis……no experience/skill sets/problem solving, AND in a very large number, we could burn through a lot of ammo. Next the millinial’s and Gen-Xer’s. My kids are 38 & 41, and worthless as tits on a whore, high debt, kids spoiled, and gee we’ve got to coach teams and go-go-go. (Who’s picking up dinner?), mentality. Took a legal pad 25 years ago, sat them down, and showed them how to do a budget, just 2 columns, $ IN/$ OUT. In one ear and out the other. Thank God they are 500 miles from SC.

            The “alleged” hackers have come out and stated they merely overloaded that single company w/BS, and it failed. The link I left (above) showed the mapping of the signals, fascinating. Russia only had a couple, out of 100’s of bursts.

            Last, I’ve got a manual, that lists EVERY bullet by cal/type/grains & Manufac. listed, w/drops out to 500yds. You can actually, using a standard 1″ square target for sighting in, and at 50yds. and a bench rest, sight in for 2-300yds, adjusting up for POI, then compute, the drop after that. Tape the inches on the stock, w/permanent pen and good tape, heavy paper/photo backs hold up. This of course would only be used for sniping needs. Keep the bullet wgts./types the same, and have good optics, mounted on see-through ‘iron’ sights, in the event the scope gets disabled. For most needs ahead, if you have true zero @ 200, you are good at 100 to 300yds. w/the same point of aim. As some have mentioned, go for the lower stomach/pelvis, poor body armor ability, and will be fatal….sooner or later.

        • Keep in mind everyone that the USB will be useless if the power is out. That is unless you want to use precious generator power juicing up a laptop.

          • Goal Zero Nomad 7 ~$100 charges cell phones, laptops,tablets, anything else that’s usb via the attached usb cord AND their solar panel charges batteries (AA or AAA) with the optional battery pack. They have stronger (more watts) models and all can be linked together. Pretty quick to charge the panels, even on cloudy days.

      3. Glad we handed off the internet to….

        Oh wait.

        • Fatty

          It’s “Open Season” in Cyber World. ;0) Not going to get better.

          • Definitely.

            • my girlfriend said “tease me”, so i said….”ok, fatty”.

              • explains your handle:)

                • how so?

              • Man’s answers to important questions posed by woman:

                I like your hair that way!

                No, that dress doesn’t make you look fat!

                Answers to any other questions are totally irrelevant.

      4. I live in Valley Forge….outside philly.

        Netflix worked fine all day, and I watched season 6 of TWD since 6am…

      5. Two words

        FALSE FLAG

        • Very Possible

          • Its no more Russia than NVN wanted to pick a fight with the US at the Gulf Of Tonkin. They have a week or so to demonize Russia over Syria while the Main Stream Media ignored US air attacks hitting civilians throughout the middle east and Africa.

            George Carlin summed it up on stage, “I don’t believe ANYTHING the government tells me”, “Nothing”.

            • Exactly, a cyber attack hits the states and brings down websites. Then every news media outlet says it may be a run up to distrubt the elections… Wait what?. I even took a bullet and read the new york times and sure enuff, we dont know who, we arnt sure where, but we do know in a few weeks that there going to bring down the election and its probally state sponserd by (cough) evil russia. Honestly its a good thing the average joe is so gullible.

              • Let the televised religious service of worshipping the spheroid on Thanksgiving be interrupted due to hacking and you have war on your hands. Interrupt “Dancing With The Stars” in the same fashion and they get the other 50% of the population.

                The sheep are now so conditioned that they will lead themselves to slaughter.

                • Thankfully, I only spend 50% of my day following with the Kartrashians do, so am I safe then?

      6. Those of us who have been proactive and prepared can make the popcorn now.

        • grandee

          ohhhh STFU with the popcorn crap. Your preps means nothing when the real shit happens since you’ll die like a fat pig.

          • Whoa there Anonymous.

            You havin’ a bad or something?


          • Anon… I understand this is his way of making a joke.

        • And the mentally retarded? The 3 yr olds who are innocent of what the left has done to this nation? The elderly who fought for YOUR freedom in WWII??

          This is a reprehensible post, and reads like something one of the elite, leftist malthusians would write, or one of Hitlary’s Learjet leftists would do.

          Popcorn while others suffer? Thanks, but I’ll be trying to help those folks above where I can.

          • I dunno I was born after WWII. If they had left Hitler alone I likely would be speaking German. And The middle east wouldn’t be a problem. We wouldn’t have all the political correctness and immigration crap we now have. What Hitler did to certain folks wasn’t a bit worse than what we in the USA did to the native americans. Are you certain Our freedom is what was being fought for in WWII? I know the US troops today are not fighting for our freedom. They are simply cannon fodder for the UN NWO.

            • go Look at last weeks RT TV documentary show about how Saudi arabia used missles and bombs the USA govnt supplied or sold to saudi arabia to carpet bomb another Yemmen Hospital….Filled with mainly Kids and old folks.

              RT’s show had camaras zoom in for a close up shot of a small little 6 or 7 year old Yemmen girl that was crying and all wrapped up in gauze and bandages etc with tubes sticking out from various bodily areas.

              When her crys of total agony and her words were shown on screen in english. She was crying and asking the camara crew “When is my Foot going to Grow back? It will grow back wont it? Why did they bomb this hospital and my entire neighborhood? I am not an army man or soldier..Please tell me my Foot is going to Grow back soon!”

              Plus about several Dozen more severly harmed CIVILIANS in Yemmen that also got hit by the bombs and missles. And aprox 115+ killed in that single attack.

              One small 2 or 3 year old boy was not able to speak as he was in a deep comma due to his left side of head was penetrated by at least a half dozen pieces of shrapnel and he was Not expected to survive nor awaken ever again.

              So…Does yemmens lands sit where “Greater Israel” land agendas are at? Why Else is yemmen being carpet bombed now eh?

              And why does so Many folks Here at shtf Continue to refuse to admit that IS the MAIN agenda plan…Greater Israel land grabs…NOT Gas pipelines…Not Big Oil.

              (( If Russia had to stop selling its Nat Gas to the EU states? They can just as easily sell it all to China probably….Maybe russians and Putin rather supply EU’s Nat gas due to they are ALL mainly White and Christian based nations and putin and most russians SEE it exactly That way period…Maybe agnostics and atheists aint capalbe of such ideas eh?))

              But rather Big Land Grabs by Nuttyahoo and his Likudniks crew of rabid zio fanatical religious loons, that base all they do or say on a falsehood called Phariseeitical talmudic judaism. aka the Direct 180 degree Opposite of christianity’s teachings, in Every way, shape and form too.

              Why do so many folks refuse to turn Away from their past and present judaized falsehoods they so cling to while calling theirelf a “christian”? Goats Yes…Real christians? not very likly. More like an ongoing attempt to mix Oil+water and call it a new thing of jewdeo-christianity.

              Which is just as totally absured as calling it Islamic-Christianity!…Whats so wrong in being Just christian period?

              Tell me…That bible verse section that speaks of a dozen ‘types” of persons that are “Of the Darkness and satan types”, and those verses end with this “Therefore You that are of the Light and Gods people, from such Turn Away, from those named as Darkness”….Tell me why if “Unbelievers of Christ” are named in that dozen or so as listed…Why do you give unbeliever jewry a free pass but fully condemn ALl other types and unbelievers like athiests or islamics?

              I didn’t see ANY of Pauls wording in those verses that give a free pass to anybody..Not even to jews. Yet You folks do? No wonder you folks barely ever post a quote from the new testement gospels or book of acts…You have your eyes stuck in the old testement and your heads up jewrys and israels asses. And somehow think You are a better bible source of christianity than apostle Paul who wrote it all is?!! Perhaps be best to change it from jewdeochristianity to jewdeowannabees?

      7. Oh crap….I had a check for 10 million coming from a Nigerian princess. I wonder if it will make it here? Its ok though, I used the same social security number Obama used in the transaction.

        • your check is probly sittin’ where obama keeps his college transcripts.

          • yeah, right next to the missing Kenyan berf certificate.

            • under killary’s car keys.

      8. Well,if a attack to defend Assange,excellent.This a fed attack can’t wait till the real hackers get to work,we all without computers/net the world on a more even playing field!

        That said,that happens was great to chat with you all and wish you the best in the “Brave New World”

      9. CYA

        Cover Your Assets


      10. Admitted it here before. My work – am an IT and a marine electronics nav/comm/sat…. specialist. Today….. was a day. The entire East coast DNS service was messed up. And what the news told was only a partial account. Sat signals as well messed up. Have to admire the idiots who wrote the code that did it. Bot-nets activated. Advice to all – sweep your systems daily or at least – minimum – weekly with Malwarebytes (updated virus/definition files) immediately prior to the run. Turn off ALL auto updates. Including flash, java, reader…. anything but your anti-virus. Especially your Microsoft auto-b.s.. Find your remote settings and ensure that NO remote connection is enabled. Be sure to click the ‘advanced’ button and look deeper and be darned sure that hidden box is unchecked – “allow remote connections…” And don’t be a stooge and keep any kind of ‘helpful’ ‘do it for me’ stuff. No exceptions. Eliminate all ‘go to meeting’ crap as well. In short, don’t open you system other than to do exactly what you intended on in the first place.

        • Go to meeting… As in Microsoft meeting calendar?

          • Simplest answer is an analogy. If you open a back-door – anyone can walk in. All those ‘helpful’ toolbars or suggestions/”let us help you/fix it for you’s”, online “free” email services, your contact lists/address books stored online, any vid/audio internet phone service, any software set for geo-location service(s), any self-updating software(s)…….. all are wide-open portals that can be exploited. Consider the simple facts that Microsoft is one of the largest and richest companies in the world, all the Google companies, Facebook, Twitter, PinTerest and so on are all ‘free’, right? Hate to break it to you; but, there is no such thing as free. You are the price being paid. You. All that can be gleaned and learned about you. You search for say ‘gloves’ – the algorithms kick in and figure you’re either a blue-collar working guy or living in a cold climate or some haute-couture type. (Yeah, right, huh?) Put that simple search entry into the vat of all else you’ve typed on some email, a blog, a post…. who you are is now saleable, marketable, and will as the courts say “used against you”. Any connection – one person to another is noted and a ‘tree’ of associative persons is grown….. all about you. This isn’t ‘tin-foil’ – this is fact. Go with care.

        • I have an older commuter that had become useless after it was fixed one too many times by Microsoft. I downloaded and installed Linux to a CD. I can slip that CD in and boot that PC in a secure Linux shell and that disk is set up to be read only. It’s quite impervious to hacking and even if hacked every time that computer is rebooted it is flushed of all data and restored to install level.

          Everyone should set up a disk like this.

        • If you are using Windows 10, here is where to do as Heartless instructs about remote connections:

          1. Right-click the Start icon and choose Control Panel. If you have a touch enable device then touch and keep holding the start button, then choose Control Panel

          Control panel
          2. Click on System and Security

          System and Security
          3. Click on System

          4. In the left pane, choose Remote Settings

          Remote Settings
          5. Now in the group “Remote Desktop” change “Allow Remote Connections to This Computer” to “Dont Allow Remote Connections to This Computer”

          Better, download free Ubuntu Linux. You CAN dual boot this; check out Epic Privacy Browser, or at least Opera. Plan Twice’s Linux option is even better.

      11. Oh,want to add glad I went to library and got some books were I am currently staying at,don’t need the net for mindless entertainment/perhaps a longer hike then planned for tomorrow!

      12. They wouldnt identify their Nation of Origin.
        Brace for impact.

        RU body armour in Ukrain has wrecked havoc for the fascists, their ammo cant punch through it with less than 15 rounds in a 4square inch grouping.
        Have 30-06 black tip on hand if the Ruskies drop in, while not the enemy yet, they wont be in town for coffee and donuts.

        Stand fast.

      13. Freeze Dried Food supplies – not affected
        Rice and Beans – not affected
        Guns and Ammo – not affected
        Precious Metsls – not affected
        Access to SHTFPlan – not affected (phew!)
        Garden – possibly affected, though the colder nights might be the real cause!

      14. Why don’t red kidney beans have a warning?

        Eating beans raw or undercooked can kill you.

        Of all beans, red kidney beans are the most dangerous.

        With the possibility of grid down, people will die needlessly. Soaking beans makes them soften enough to eat. But they must be cooked for the required time in order to prevent the toxic proteins from making you sick or dead.

        Green beans are not the same. Most can eat snap peas and green beans without cooking. For those with weak systems, cook and chill green beans, then serve.

        The one good thing about raw beans. Animals smell the toxins and won’t get into them so storage is easier.

        To cook beans: soak overnight in refrigerator, drain, rinse (gently), use fresh pure water. Cook for as long as directed on package (or longer). Then serve or add to soups for home canning.


        • you forgot to throw the ham in!

        • Mac Slavo:

          I would like to thank you for this site.

          With the grid down, people will do things differently. Cooking will be more difficult. Some might experiment eating raw foods. If part of that experimentation consists of eating uncooked or under cooked beans. The results will be tragic. Even if people don’t die, who wants to be sitting on the toilet while experiencing projectile vomiting (or vice versa).

          Perhaps you could write a post on this. Maybe throw in a little info on brain eating tape worms from the feces of infected individuals. Which is increasing because of unchecked immigration.


          • Nice little article on Rawls’ site regarding cooking over wood vs. charcoal and the storage of charcoal. I took an old outdated 20 lb. propane tank and made a rocket stove using stainless pipe and vermiculite as the insulation. Works rather well if it comes down to it. I also been buying extra 20 and 30 lb propane tanks for cooking uses.

            • PO P How about reposting the info here with a link for the source. I would like to know how to store charcoal if there is a better way. I leave it in the bag stored in my big tool shed. I also bought another large plastic tote that is designed for charcoal with a snap tight lid. I have cooked a lot of meat lately over charcoal on a small cooker grill and cover. Works good. Came out to my BOL with 6 big bags of charcoal, and still have 3 left after 20 months.

              You can take a Coffee Can put holes on the side near the bottom for ventilation and place a small grill on the open top and put all your meats and vegies wrapped in tinfoil on the grill to steam and cook it.

              I don’t think driving around for hours in circles with your tinfoil meal on your engine block is very cost effective as on here failed to realize, as you burn up a half tank of gas for a meal. Dumb, very dumb. Real Preppers know cooking efficiencies.


              • WWTI, I posted that link, letter/article and its in moderation. It’ll be out soon.

              • how do you get MORE efficient than putting your food in tinfoil and setting it on your engine, so it can heat up while you are driving? you saved TIME because you are driving anyway, and you save the FUEL that WOULD have cooked it. it takes almost NO time to prepare, and it’s cooking while you are driving….i don’t know what’s wrong with you WWTI, but i bet it’s REALLY hard to pronounce.. Dumb, very dumb. Real Preppers know cooking efficiencies.

              • Think coal and that’s how you want to store your charcoal (and not allowing it to get wet of course).

              • “You can take a Coffee Can put holes on the side near the bottom for ventilation and place a small grill on the open top and put all your meats and vegies wrapped in tinfoil on the grill to steam and cook it.”

                Ah yes-good old days in the Girl Scout Camp. Us girls had the best times doing that. Came home from camp and continued all summer long in the back yard!!!

          • B, this precaution does not apply to the canned kind, correct?

          • Worm is called Spirometra erinaceieuropaei, but mostly in SE Asia so far. “Regular” tape worm is Taenia Solium. As far as I am concerned, CNN is group of vile, fascist jerks – however, they do have an article on this at http://edition.cnn.com/2015/01/20/health/tapeworms-invade-brain/

            Google raccoon roundworm. Even scarier, given that raccoons are everwhere.

        • You can also soak overnight and grow them for as long as it takes to get a tiny root or tail show from the bean, maybe three to five days with kidney beans, then you can eat them raw, the germination changes the whole thing and the poison goes away. I have eaten all sorts of sprouted beans, much healthier for you and need little or no energy to prepare them. Any pulses can be sprouted and are far more nutritious raw x 🙂

      15. Would be awesome if facebook went down permanently. Maybe people could learn to interact again.

        • Facebook is Exhibit A of the quote by Huxley “A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political … of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because ***they love their servitude.”***

          You couldn’t PAY me to be on the disgusting Facebook

          • or twitter and others..and I read a scary review of the new seen.life social website.

        • I never went on FBI- FaceBook Inc, facial recognition Mug shot, self-indictment web site ever. Spill your Guts and OPSEC for the entire world to see. How sheep herd mentality of morons put their own updated mugshots and personal intel on their profile page daily. That’s Pretty Pathetic. Never Tweeted either, or Snap Chatted or any of the dimwit social media BS Scams of self indictment.

          All of that info you post is fed into the DHS Fusion Center. Also never download “Google Search Engine” it will embed itself into your computer and every click will be logged and documented also in these Fusion Centers. Google is an extension tentacle of the Government. Do you have a G-Mail address?? It is a Government Tracking Device to collect all your Emails for View at the Fusion Data collection center. Google executives, including co-founder Larry Page and CEO Eric Schmidt, have visited the White House around 230 times since President Obama took office. WSJ’s Brody Mullins reports.

          Oh so you say, you got nothing to hide? You will have NO Place to Hide, when they come for you, as you spilled your Guts for years about your life then exploit your weaknesses.

          Go do an Internet search using non-tracking DuckDuckGo dot com, just using your moniker name here on this website and see what pops up. Freaken Amazing.


          • Very true about Google. It uses a combination of direct control of your computer and geolocation to feed you search results no one else sees. In time, you find yourself living in a digital bubble being fed false information about your work etc. You think you are having an impact but in fact nobody has ever heard of you or read your stuff. In order to falsely come out of that bubble, Google sells services that purportedly will improve your search results and placing etc. This is also bogus. They take the money off of you, make you go through complicated steps to comply, and then, 6 months later, turn around and change all the rules again, setting up a whole new list of compliances if you want good search. They switch their algorithms on a regular basis as an example.

            China is currently developing a new internet and this will become available to the wider world. When that happens, there will at least be choice again.

            • I use StartPage for searches. That way I get Google results without an individual personal bias.

              • Isn’t startpage powered by google?

                • Yes it is Chelsea, so you see the futility. It’s a joke.

                  • Use duck duck go or p2p

            • Comments on Epic Privacy Browser, anyone?

          • I have a Gmail address to send crap to. Everyone should do that. Their servers will fill up with spam.

          • In my opinion, Eric Schmidt of Google is worse that Soros… and Goebbels, combined.

      16. Noticed that Russia and China both copped the blame. US has always gotta have that boogeyman ready for another war.
        If you took any notice of Norse, all of the US attacks were internal…

      17. Don’t worry. It’s just somebody sitting on their bed that ways 400 pounds. I don’t know about you, but I trust DT on this one. He knows all about the cyber.

      18. Your fascist lamestream media at work with in-your-face scam (5 seconds(

        Just the first five seconds is all you need. I missed it, and so will 99% of all other people. However, about 2 seconds in, Hilary stumbles at the Al Smith Dinner Charity and it is obviously edited out, hoping you won’t put two and two together. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMqox-OlcOY&feature=youtu.be

        This is the leftist media today. Bigger frauds than Hilary… if that is actually possible, and reminiscent of the NY Times famed reporter Walter “I don’t see no stinkin’ starving kulaks in Stalin’s paradise” Duranty, or perhaps reporter Lincoln Steffens who, after visiting USSR in the 1920s wrote “I have been over into the future, and it works.” (Too bad they didn’t put him to work in a gulag, like the millions of Russians who went there and died. N.B.: Steffens used this phrase often, varying it slightly, which accounts for different forms of the quote. This same ditz also wrote “Soviet Russia was a revolutionary government with an evolutionary plan”, enduring “a temporary condition of evil, which is made tolerable by hope and a plan.” Yeah… temporary until 1991 I guess….)

      19. Isn’t Keith Olbermann that disgraced leftist BS artist that was outed for his scams back a half dozen years ago?

      20. So… what happens to your bitcoins when the internet is down?

        I know your answer… great. But suppose it doesn’t come back up for a long time, or ever. I’d rather have some silver quarters in hand at that time rather than a million in bit coins. There is a place for bitcoins, but diversification is important.

      21. IMHO, this was just another idiot leftist scam to try to take the heat off the corrupt fraud Hilary and her email, Benghazi, bimbo eruptions managing, etc. by claiming, I guess, that Trump is Putin’s love child or something (sarc off). “You see, sheeple, Russia is a danger, so you can’t vote for Trump, vote for the war candidate, Hilary.” And the ignorant lemmings will do just that.

        In sum, the leftist gambit is Russia is bad, Trump loves Russia, so vote for me, Hilary, despite the fact that I am the most evil person to run for prez ever. That’s basically the implied message, and my take on it. Heck, these people are already risking war with Russia by threatening a cyber attack on them (by international law, this is an act of war; this could also possibly impact command and control of their military, causing war accidentally). No matter, all so the fascist left can get the Goldman Sucks candidate, Hilary, elected.

        Notice there is ZERO word from Cyndi Sheehan and the usual anti-war folks from ten years ago. ZERO. Gee, wonder why… Answer: the lamestream leftist media is corrupt, dishonest, vile, ignorant, hypocritical, lying, fraudulent… and did I say corrupt and vile already?

        • All i know is these leftist turds better not bitch when all hell breaks loose after their god hillery gets installed, im older and just dont care nore see any great future out there so i will respond to this shit in the worst way possible, you get to the point that you say WTF!

        • Wow, did you see how much six years difference made to Hillary’s appearance? She is actually good looking in that video and healthy. Look at her now: haggered, fat, disheveled.

          No good will come of it but there will be some bright spots in the coming wars. They will include:

          1) The first black and trans getting killed in combat by Russians. The Russians will love that moment. “Dayshana was loved by many in the 82nd airborne, especially for her sashaying into combat and her Christmas drag portrayal of Donna Summmer. Corporal Dayshana was 25 when she died bravely defending Kiev.”
          2) Germany and the UK drafting irate Muslims to serve in the wars against Russia and China. Muslims, who will have just settled down to a life of welfare and sex assaults on white girls, will have the party ruined by having to go serve in the military. Muslims will be the ones sent to the Eastern front to freeze their asses off fighting the Russians.
          3) The first hijab wearing fighter pilot to be shot down.
          4) The EBT and welfare systems routinely being shut down by cyber attacks. In fact, anything feeding these low life groups will be shut down in order to turn on, turn off urban unrest.

          • Extremely clever, Frank! Thanks!

          • Look at Hillary’s eyes! They were moving separately back in 2010!

      22. I don’t believe Russia was behind these attacks.

      23. False Flag or not the attack on the internet has a real effect. Its almost cold enough to False flag shut off the electricity. People can survive without internet. however many folks will die without electricity. Its about to become interesting?

        • It is the easiest thing in the world to mess with the US via cyber attacks. It is the US that is most dependent on just-in-time deliveries and the internet. The internet and software are big money earners for the US and thus an easy hit. Financial payment systems are another easy target; or all those databases for security needs. The British had a total freakout about 10 years ago when a grass fire came close to knocking out the electrical transformers for their GCHQ electronic surveillance facility. In fact, a can of gas and a match is all you need to take down a server farm. So, you can deploy an army of geeks fiddling with code and some dude just walks in at 3 in the morning and torches the server farm: Cost: about $40 to do.

          Remember, most of the rest of the world is not as dependent on, or only has adopted information technology, recently. There is institutional and personal memory of living without Facebook, Twitter etc. Trust me, Russians will be just fine after the American cyber attack.

          Dialogue: “Hey, Franky: you get the virus under control?”
          “Nah, we will need more consultants on $2,000 a day.”
          “How many yah need?”
          “A hundert at least, Franky by Tuesday”
          “Ya got it!”
          “Whoa, whoa, Franky, ya gotta check dis out!”
          “The server farm in Jersey is on fire”
          “Fo get a bout it!!”
          “No, Franky: it’s true.”
          “Server farms don’t catch fire”
          “Well, Franky, dis one do”
          “But how we gonna run all dos porn sites?”

        • Old Guy

          ” Its almost cold enough to False flag shut off the electricity.”

          I have a pretty good understanding and knowledge of the generation end and some regarding distribution. Shutting down some things may be possible via the internet. I say may as we went through a lot reviewing us and the Public Utility with Y2K. Damaging things is a different matter as the protection interlocks are hard wired. Shutting down power plants from the outside, I’ll say won’t happen. Regardless the interlocks that shut down equipment in event of an emergency are hard wired and not connected to the internet.

          EMF Nuke / Solar Flare Storm is a different animal.

      24. How can so many people be so unaware of what is going on?

        • Because there hasn’t been one thing mentioned about any of these things on any of the instruments the majority of people use in their daily lives. Fox News has had little or nothing to saying about any of it at any time (on tv), before I had them remove the satellite dishes. Waste of money for 24hrs a day of lies.

          The rest of the people are just too damned ignorant and hard headed to believe our government isn’t really our government (it’s way above their heads so they won’t listen to you about it).

      25. Timmmmmaaaayyy FOOOOTTBBAAAALLL

      26. Orwell WAS visionary, to be sure.

        Also, let us not forget Scotty. Just skip ahead to ~5:40 in this clip. His words are apropos. Our Internet. Our electric grid. Our infrastructure. Probably our military and government, as well.

        Scotty demonstrates very well how the more technologically advanced those systems are, the easier it can be for someone who knows what they are doing to “stop up the drain”- as was done to a small degree on Friday:


      27. Off Topic:

        Re: Assassinations – John and Robert Kennedy

        The Mossad.


        Enforced the Law requiring the lobby to register
        As a FOREIGN lobby

        Bang bang, you’re dead.

        Why didn’t I think of that. It makes sense. Doesn’t it.
        But I got this info on the Internet, so it must be bogus.

        But it makes a hell of a lot of sense. Who knows. Maybe
        It is true.


        • Just a side note:

          Johnson signed the 1965 Immigration Act that removed restrictions on immigration. The bill was written by and promoted by the (you know who’s).

          I’m starting to freak out.

          This shit is scary. If you aren’t scared, you’re either an idiot or a liar.


          • B from CA

            What perplexes people is how long we have been creeping, then walking and now running towards one world globalism. The John Birch Society was laughed at in 1959. Go through their dialog then and check off what you have subsequently seen. The, “its Obama fault” crowd have new uneducated eyes. They been at this over 100 years. They crawled 1900 – WWII and learned to stand with the war. They walked through the cold war learning how to manipulate governments. Post cold war they ran as there was nothing ahead of them to stop them.

          • Scared of what though? I mean we all die. What is there really to be scared of.

        • “Assassinations – John and Robert Kennedy”

          100% internal. 100% CIA

          • Kevin2:

            I don’t know.

            But the Birchers money came from Rockefeller. They talked communism but never would bring up the J*wish connection behind communism. none-the-less, the rhetoric was spot on.


            • The Birchers exposed Rockefeller along with Rothschild and their cousins Warburg. Even Lyndon Larouche had some valid point with the European Royalty specifically the British.

              I have read them all and come to a conclusion; the world is completely corrupt and nothing is as its presented. The challenge is to pick out the truth, that sometimes is in plain sight along side, but more often hiding behind, layers of lies.

        • AIPAC of A-holes are currently Domestic terrorists and deserve relocation into FEMA Prison Camps, and be forced fed Ham sandwiches until their trials, for being enemies of the State and creating chaos and destruction of America.

          ~WWTI… No doubt, Trump will kick the foreign lobby AIPAC out of America. That’s why they attack him in every form possible. Term limits on all of Congress puppet shills also will cleans Congress back into putting America first, not Israehell. I want to see open season, dead or alive with a paid bounty for every Bagel eating shill on American soil. They are proven terrorists. They were already kicked out of 100+ countries over centuries, lets Put America on that list as well. Give them all the Boot in their Himies.

      28. The funny thing is that they can’t stop this type of attack as it is internet connected devices like DVRs and security cameras.

      29. Side note,
        How about showing our lack of appreciation and care for the black lives matter or as I say “dont” matter movement by all agreeing to wear grey in our clothing on mondays. It could be a hat, scarf, socks, shoes or a full blown grey outfit just to signify how tired we are of their fragile easily offended groid race. Grey will signify indifference and lack of care by us to them. Anyone up for this? I’m starting this Monday. Please forward to your friends and the other patriots at the daily stormer or other sites.

        • Back in Detroit about 30 years or so ago..Recall when most every negroe wore a baseball hat that was all black and had a huge White X on the front of hat?

          It was all about Malcolm X that X stood for if I recall correct(?).

          Well Me and a few other biker guys in detroit then got some company to make Us a bunch of identical black baseball hats only Ours had a huge white O in front.

          We sold or handed out over a Thousand hats to white bikers and white guys in general to wear.

          Very soon everywheres you went up and down Warren Ave near the Southfield freeway area, which was then the only remaining area of detroit still mostly all white.

          We had almost every white guy wearing Our hates with the huge white-O on it…Then as soon as the X-Hatted negroes saw us…They began to ask us what did the O stand for or mean?

          Every single white guy with our hats on told them negroes…Our white O stands for “Other than Black”!

          Man most of them negroe guys had a Fit!…But there was nothing they coud do but get pissed off and call us “Rayssisit”…hahahahaha!

          Before it ended a couple years later I bet we sold at least 4,000 hats with huge white O’s on them hats..

          Everywheres you went in North West Detroit areas you’d see several or more white guys and bikers wearing those hats…It was too funny and really got negroes pissed off big time…”Other than Black”!!

      30. I am in the same boat like most on this site..i ran into one of my cop friends and he says that it’s best to just get home and hunker down and if you have supplies, then it’s better to just wait it out and that’s all we can do for now because most of us don’t have much options..
        Well that his opinion but the level of what take place..

        Cabal options:

        Bio weapons
        False flag
        Economic collapse.
        UN, chi-com Russian attack on people
        The list is endless.




        Funny. The fascist left was all over the “no blood for oil” stuff a dozen years ago; now when there is a war for a natural gas line to go through Syria, not a word from the fascist left.

        Reminds me of the hypocrite Learjet leftists, limousine liberals, Hollywierd hypocrites.

      32. Son of Liberty:

        Most people have heard of the BLACK Panthers, not so many are aware of the existence of a benign group of Senior Citizens called The GREY Panthers.


        • Ever hear of Old Ladies COUGAR Club..?
          Grrrrr…. Lookout!!!


        • I love it! Most of us are Vets, we have multiple medical issues, basically, not long to go, KNOW what the fuck we are doing, (BTW what’s Facebook/Twitter?)So that makes us the most dangerous folks on earth…………

        • Awesome! Yes

        • What are the OLD and BLACK Panthers called? The MOTTLED Panthers? Just curious.

      33. Just an observation. You will note that BLM related and race rioting incidences have eased off. The weather is changing-
        To the best of my recollection, blacks have not rioted in cold weather ever. Correct me if I am wrong…

        On the subject of “smart” devices. My printer is supposed to be smart but I can count the number of times on one hand that it has been able to hook up and print for me. Give me a dumb toaster anyday.

        • Really good observation! I would concur: I have lived long and never seen blacks riot or do much crime in the winter. They like to nest with their welfare mommas until spring comes.

          If war breaks out with Russia, blacks and Muslims need to be drafted and sent to the Eastern front. That sh#t gonna do them good!

        • It was pretty cold when they rioted over DINDU Mikey. However DINDUS cannot take the cold very well. They riot more during hot weather. They should have misted the fergusion protesters with a fire truck water cannon. They would have went inside where it was warm.



        3. MARSHALL LAW





        • I will die fighting rather than give up my hardware,,, if we give it up we are dead anyway so might as well make them work for it

        • Ever seeing eye

          All those and more are not fears anymore. They are only concerns that most of us know about and have prepared for.

        • yeah to both HIM and Nailbanger; as it is what I’ve been screaming is how they’ll go about doing it for several months (and because it is the only possible way it can go down with them “in control” of the situations that will arise from it right)?

          It is hard to say if Trump won if riots would start instantly or if the blacks would wait to see what Obama did (as in Martial Law), then a screw-job presidential SELECTION “fuck you” America combined with tons more we do even see coming at us yet.

          The visible part right now sucks big time. No grid and restricted commo will make staging tremendously difficult (suggesting that it will be up to those who are closest to DC to demonstrate our displeasure until backups can arrive, and this time it won’t take the same road as did The BLM and Lavoy Finnicum. I’m talking the hanging of their asses, and there aren’t any exceptions since they’ve all FULLY known what was coming down the road (so why in hell should we spare THEIR lives, when they were silently waiting for ours to be extinguished)? Damned people!

          Turbulence, dead ahead.

        • No one has the authority to suspend God Given Rights. All the admendments are God Given Rights. The counstitioun cannot be legally suspended.

      35. Based on rally size, Trump will win by a large margin. The MSM keeps saying that Hillary is ahead. Sooo, when Trump wins, the Dems will claim hackers stole the election. And everyone will believe it because the MSM was saying all along that Hillary should’ve won. Obama will nullify the election or at least parts of it and the powers that be will name the new President. How does that sound? Civil war? Revolution? Social unrest?

        • Sounds about right,,,

        • Him,civil war?Really thinking more succession,like the first they can keep dc!As for succession/revolution/civil unrest,how about all of the above,still many options before that but well,you can only push someone with nothing to lose and everything to gain for so long,this country is a dry tinder box waiting for a match.

        • I read a recent comment suggesting that if (your) candidate doesn’t win (although another article wrote that the electoral college votes have supposedly already been bought and the outcome has thus already been determined) that Everyone who is upset about the outcome should do only ONE thing: Stay Home from work after the announcement is made. No violence, no riots, that Just Staying Home would speak volumes. An interesting thought, yes?

      36. …yeah, it was Russia taking down sites that was exposing Clinton crimes. We all know how the Russians love Hillary…

      37. “Say, not to panic anybody, but what if the (attacks) today were practice for 11/8 ?”

        Which is why we need a return to paper ballots and purple dye on the thumb!!

        • that’s a good “what if” question.

          here’s a good “what if” answer.

          The hacker group claiming responsibility (for yesterdays internet hacks) says that the day’s antics were just a dry run and that it has its sights set on a much bigger target.

          ht tp://www.foxnews.com/tech/2016/10/22/attacks-on-internet-keep-getting-bigger-and-nastier.html

          “What if” 11/8 is the what if answer!

      38. I just finished doing a restage of equipment. I am more scared of not finding what I want at a prescribed time interval than actually going to war.

        Hope you all thought about those Chem Lights and Chemical hand/body warmers. Plentiful on store shelves about this time of year.

        The Countdown Continues!

      39. Comical, truly comical. Can’t write a script this f*cken stupid. if it wasn’t so damn insulting to any person with average intelligence, it would be funny. Why is anyone surprised by this?? When we gave China the Microsoft source code, no one screamed bloody murder to stop it. When the hacks started we were surprised. Now we gave up ICANN and again no one screamed to stop it. Now we’re getting slammed and again people are surprised. Since hacking carries penalties similar to robbing a bank yournot going to see patriotic hackers upfront leading the charge like p0isnB0x.

      40. http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2016/10/20/russia-is-deploying-emp-weapons-how-will-you-get-water/

        This is a good question for non prepperys..me and one friend, one of my allies are growing produce and micro greens as back up for post shtf…preppers need to understand that it still takes time before the soldiers arrive in your area. So food and water is very critical.. Dead freeze dry food does wonders but micro greens and sprouts will give you raw enzymes and vitamins needed for better heath..


        • And for those of you in the colder parts of the country you can grow micro greens in trays on your window sills, friend of mine does it in north eastern washington, has wide shelves at all his windows and grows all sorts of stuff in trays and containers in his house

      41. These Internet outages are the US GOVERNMENT putting automation in place to control the information we CAN RECEIVE, like wikileaks, breitbart, drudgereport, SHTFplan, etc. Which they can block or limit by story.

        The same type of middleware time it took with Obamacare because of firewall appliances at the Intel agency (ies}.

        As when we get software update with new drivers etc., it at times requires a reboot.This is for deep file server mining

        This has been in the planning for quite some time and why Obama gave the control away. Blame transference for what will be a information and surveillance control grid.

        Gear up, train up, man / woman up and standby to SUPPORT & DEFEND the US Constitution and our AMERICAN CULTURE.
        The fight is not coming its here.

        Do we not all see how this fits Obama’s BS and the Clinton campaign narrative?

      42. …Done by government hackers, in order to create excuses for more government crackdown. Real people’s hackers would bring down government. Government hackers bring down stuff the people (unwisely) rely on.

      43. I am looking for a list of foods that keep well for a long time, like oats, dry macaroni, and honey… To plan meals and be ready for what might come.. Any ideas for staples beyond MREs?

        • Charlie- start with pinto beans and long grain rice in food grade tubs. Dried pasta lasts a long time . WMART had boxes for a dollar here last week. Canned meat… chicken, not tuna so much anymore unfortunately since the die offs in the Pacific. Yoder’s canned meat products. Spam… can actually be good sliced or chopped and added to other ingredients. Dehydrated veggies and fruits… look up Auguson Farms products. Seeds- non GMO if possible.

        • Search on modern survival blog or survivalblog, both have lots of searchable info, also Organic prepper and ready nutrition, ready nutrition has real good info

          • Welcome Charlie,start with this,tis very basic/bland but with safe water/area to prepare will be a great base,keep in mind this is for 4,and can be done in smaller steps if monies tight.

            A wise man here keeps saying to regulars annoyance,”The smalls add up!”

            Here is link,space between http to avoid dreaded moderation, ht tp://americanpreppersnetwork.com/2012/08/a-year-of-food-storage-for-300-for-a-family-of-four.html.

            Any other ?’s just ask,someone here either knows or can send you in the right direction for info,best of luck!

        • Dry noodles wont keep very long. They go rancid, so go easy on those. I only keep about a years worth of those on hand and usually end up throwing some out.
          Salt/pepper and other spices that you use to cook with regularly
          whole wheat berries(Need a grinder for these)
          cream of wheat
          boxed mashed potatoes
          canned hams
          powdered milk
          thats just all i can think of off the top of my head
          More importantly having fruits and veggies that will come up year after year
          asparagus, strawberries, fruit trees, grape vines, sunchokes, rhubarb, herbs, and know a few wild edible weeds that grow in your area.
          If you have a dehydrator frozen veggies can be bought cheaply and dehydrated and stored in mason jars. They take up less space and weigh nothing.

        • Look at Later Day Saints websites for lists and information on food storage. Your basics that if stored properly will last up to twenty years are: white rice, white flour, potato flakes, regular white pasta, oats, honey, sugar and salt. Other items to store that do not last quite as long are dry beans, powered milk, seeds or beans for sprouting, grits, and popcorn kernels. To cook these things you will want perishable supplies like cooking oil, shortening, yeast, a variety of spices, jar spaghetti sauce, pancake syrup, baking soda, vinegar, and different bullion for flavoring. Also get some regular canned goods since they can be eaten with out cooking. Great option for maintaining a low profile or if you do not have cooking fuel available.

        • Charlie:

          Rice needs to be grown in healthy soil. White rice keeps longer but is not as nutritious as whole kernel organic brown rice. I keep a bag of brown rice in the refrigerator. That is what I regularly eat. I have some arborio white rice for desserts. I have plain white rice as an emergency back-up. All rice has to be frozen for 3 or 4 days before storing. If you don’t freeze it. It gets worms. There are always tiny eggs on rice that get cooked and won’t harm you after boiling water kills them. But left without freezing over time, the eggs hatch into live worms and destroy the rice.

          Salt is essential to life. It is required for preserving food. Rock salt is used in making ice cream. Rock salt melts ice. Sea salt contains minerals which are required for sustaining life. Iodized salt has enough iodine to prevent goiter. You need more iodine to prevent Cancer. Iodine and selenium are needed or you get breast, ovary, or prostate cancer or Cancer of the thyroid. Regular table salt is processed with chemicals that are toxic (poisonous). Avoid table salt. If possible go for high quality Sea salt. Keep salt for canning which is specifically for that purpose. In an emergency, you will be eating lower quality because of considerations of cost and availability. So, I store cheap table salt, too. I read here that 50lb. Bags of rock salt can be acquired at animal feed stores. Since salt does not go bad, that is a good thing to stock for self and for barter.

          Containers, freezer bags, marking pens and labels or masking tape. You need to be able to put your buckets or 50lb.bags into small bags that seal, label them and use yourself or use for barter.

          Order as many food grade buckets with gamma lids (twist off easily and airtight), as you can. Get a large mortar and pistle. Also a hand-crank to turn wheat berries into flour. Order heat seal bags and oxygen absorbers.

          Build shelves from wood that have a low board across (so stuff doesn’t go flying off shelves in an earth quake or near explosion). Get an All American 21 canner and a water bath canner plus many , many cases of mason jars of various sizes plus tongs, funnel, pectin and other canning stuff even before you learn to can. Ball & others have info and products. A good canning book.

          Seeds for planting and eating. Seeds are among natures most nutritious foods. For example Apple seeds and apricot seeds prevent and also eliminate Cancer. Pumpkin seeds are terrific and they protect the prostate. Fennel seeds calm the stomach. Seeds are perhaps your best insurance against starvation. I grow avocado seeds into mini trees on my kitchen window. This little hobby is useful on several levels. House plants absorb co2 and expel oxygen making your home healthier. Trees and plants absorb toxins in the air that otherwise are absorbed thru our skin and give us Cancer. So by surrounding yourself with edible trees and plants; you not only eat better and cheaper, you also create a barrier between you and the poisonous toxins in the air that otherwise cause Cancer.


      44. Mac you been runnin in circles sayin the sky is fallen for years now….yawwwwwwn ..so wheres the good sh@t???

      45. Life without internet would suck, I mean I spend at least 8 hours a day just surfing, I ffing love surfing the internet. I know it probably means I am a loser but I think if they had a digital world where you could live in paradise but you would be like matrix attached in your own womb, I think I would have no problem choosing the digital paradise.

      46. side note, I just thought obongo just came out an said Trump should quit whining about the rigging of elections because there is no way that could happen. LOL these people are such morons, they have no shame. they could care less if they contradict themselves on a daily basis.

        • Blam;
          I also heard that dickweed the other day state that every time Trump had a problem he simply blamed it on someone else. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Oh my, was that a racist statement?

      47. Never in human history has an empire been so easy to bring down. Only once in human history was there an empire so vulnerable: the Mongolian empire. The death of Ghengis Khan led to the collapse of the empire and the rising dominance by China.

        The US has got itself into a situation where the snap of the fingers can bring the whole system down on itself. The dependence on the just-in-time economy and the digital economy means the US will see its economy and society come down quickly when this system is disrupted and/or removed. At that point the US will explode in civil unrest and will be ungovernable. As for the US military in the 800 plus overseas bases, they will be cut off from the cash sent from Washington and will be on their own. They will either have to launch a fight back from that position or cut a deal with other countries such as China. Watch the film Benghazi to see what it is like being in a base surrounded by people who hate you. It gets very Beau Geste very fast.

        • I dont know about that, yes about 70% will die but there is still a core of about 70,000,000 or so hardcore types who are prepared for just about anything. They would rebuild the nation.

      48. It wont be the enemy who will stop our government takeover. the “hackers” as government likes to label them are average citizens who like the rest of us want to live our lives make our living and just enjoy life. With the rise of government control and the experts in government have much to worry about. it wont be Russia or china that will have the time or resources to find the millions of back doors that will stop government communication. these hackers have been working quietly for years. they know the weaknesses for they designed most of them. the codes dont differ much and even the most talented could get hacked. clamp down on our freedoms and you have had a taste of what they are capable. The tools they use is the ones you threaten to remove. This is a bad mistake. A word of advice dont piss them off. they all talk to each other and could within hours disable communications. including satellites. they would disable our defenses but could if they would need to get the message out. our media will suffer the largest blow for they will be removed. our hackers are patriots and will defend. you can bank on it.

      49. Funny news headline said “Hackers attack critical infrastructure; Amazon, Netflix, Twitter”. Critical?? Really??

        • Wish the hackers would hit facebook. Nothing but a narcisists(sp?) paradise.

      50. I know Norse,does send a shiver thru ones spine,yet ammoseek/luckygunner/slickguns ect. were all up,I checked!

        Folks,a little over 2 weeks,get more supplies you think might be in shortage if needed,don’t panic buy,leave some for the next guy/gal,food for toys/spare parts/loading stuff,face it,you will use it sooner or later so spend a little!

      51. shhhhhh

        time to go dark now


      52. No more internet? Need to build lots of Internets using wndw.net, librarybox.us, micro radio stations, USB>friends, Bulletin board systems over POTS, Drones+ WIFI.

      53. Call me a skeptic, but until I see real definitive proof, I’m not going to believe any statements of where the hackers were located. These attacks could have come from anywhere, including right here in the US.

        BTW-I’ve been saying cyberattacks render conventional military attack impotent. The day we move to start a war with a real opponent, hackers will shut us down before the first gun fires.

      54. Its time to take back our country from zionist occupation and imprison the traitors.

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