WW3 Alert: NATO Readies 35,000 Troops For Combat Amidst ‘Russia Tensions’

by | Apr 18, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 22 comments

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    Citing increasing tensions with Russia, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) has begun to prepare 35,000 troops for combat.  The troops will participate in the largest training exercise conducted since the end of the Cold War.

    NATO commanders revealed the thousands of soldiers from 30 different countries are expected to take part in the Trident Juncture drill in Norway. Massive parts of the Scandinavian country will be impacted by the influx of around 130 warplanes and 60 warships, reported The Daily Star. Trident Juncture will be aimed at rehearsing for any potential threat posed by Russia when it kicks off in October.

    The United States Marines also maintain a constant presence in Norway, with tanks and other military hardware stashed away in frozen caves.

    War games of this scale have not been seen in decades as United Nation chiefs admitted the Cold War is back “with a vengeance” and NATO forces will take part in what has been described as a “big important exercise.” But some, such as former Soviet Union general think tensions are now much tighter since the Cold War and a nuclear conflict is inevitable.

    Fears of conflict have been renewed as Russia warned the West is approaching a “red line” following US-led airstrikes in Syria.  NATO nations have regularly accused Vladimir Putin’s war machine of “aggression” by moving troops to the edge of Europe. Russian commanders deny an aggressive intent and say their military build-up is in response to NATO’s rhetoric.

    Syria has become a flashpoint between the West and Russia after US President Donald Trump’s attack on Putin’s pal Bashar al-Assad. Top Russian lawmaker Konstantin Kosachev said Russia will get tougher if “red lines” continue to be crossed. “There is definitely a clear-cut awareness of the situation in Syria. That understanding is the red lines beyond which Russia’s reaction will clearly get tougher if these red lines are crossed.”

    Trident Juncture spokesman Frank Sølvsberg said the war drills are three times larger than anything carried out before in Norway. “It’s an amazing training opportunity for all involved parties. I think it also sends a clear message to others who will threaten the alliance,” said Sølvsberg. He added that the drill will assure “total defense” of the region.  Others see it as a springboard for a world war.


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      1. Fuck me. Really ? WW3 Alert ? It’s a fucking training exercise.

        Russia has been aware about for months.

        Nothing more or less. Fucking quit with the WW3 shit.

        • AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Anyone ever consider our warmongering Russia bullcrap is actually Related to the Mini Ice age which is starting NOW?. I believe what I see, and its by far the coldest most crop-destroying winter/spring I’ve seen in Cal, and it’s global. Ukraine is russia’s food supply, and europe wants it.

      2. Gee, a whole 35,000. They’ll get the butts stomped.

      3. God Damn ALL our MISleaders.
        We killed countless “communists” because the Commies were going to take our JOBS, Our HOMES, and Our WAY of LIFE.
        Well our treasonous politicians are GIVING them away.
        Why are we wasting TRILLION$ on weapons to fight Russia and China? Our borders are wide open to pillaging, raping, murdering invaders and the PEDOpriests & politicians “welcome” them.
        All the Russians & Chinese have to do is drop their weapons and WALK into America and Europe, demand refuge and WELFARE and make themselves at home. Our PANSY ASSED MISSleaders will give them your Social Security and Country.
        Remember that Chinese general who threatened to ship 100million peasants here? The PEDOpriests/politicians would love that.
        NATO wants to take on RUSSIA?! (and maybe China)
        NATO cannot defend it’s own people at HOME.
        NATO cannot beat ISIS-AlQueda-Taliban-AlNusra
        NATO families will be raped & murdered as NATO Troops fight far from home.
        NATO installations will be sabotaged by Refujihadi Invaders.
        NATO Troops should turn their weapons on their ENEMIES that are betraying them.

        NATO defeated itself by being invaded and overrun by the REFUJIHADIS from the wars NATO started but can’t FINISH …………. THAT has to be a FIRST in all history.
        Waffling and ranting about the Russian threat whilst the real enemy marches in our gates.
        We pay them to plot against us.
        We pay them to out breed us.
        We watch while they commit treason and sedition.
        We hand the west to them on a plate.
        Only Russia, Poland, Hungary are standing up and fighting them.

        ‘Russia the hope of the world’.
        Famous US psychic – Edgar Cayce.

        • Marvin you make some damn good points about NATO. Same can be said for our own military. They couldn’t even hold one town in Iraq or Afghanistan without having a world of trouble. Our military is truly a joke. But Russia being the hope of the world? That remains to be seen.

        • Well said Marvin.

      4. to all nato troops…your going to die……russia will kick your ass, you will not survive aganist russia….if you start ww3…remember this…russia was invaded, you bastards were not…..they will murder you nato idiots….my adive, go home or else, you die…period

        • “This video does not exist”

        • It’s blocked of course… what was it tho?

      5. I see a blue helmet…it’s target practice!

      6. Wojo, if/when I see blue helmets, I’ll give them some ‘ventilation’, LOL.

      7. Stop hating the Russians,

        the enemy is in Tel Aviv, Rome, Brussels, London and New York. Responsible for 600 million war and lost generations during wartime since 1900.

      8. Putin must have caught something from Obammy – he actually thinks he’s in the same black street con-man level as 18 Holes …

        Russia pushes their Putin Agenda in the Ukraine and Syria while acting alllll innocent – sorry guy but nobody is buying it – 30 that’s 29+1 NATO countries that are getting ready for your attack …

        Even the likes of Finland and Sweden that have always played the neutral card while dealing with Russia – are joining in with the NATO countries …

        Try it guy – this time it won’t be the Soviet Union that gets busted up – it’ll be Russia cut up into little pieces sooo it never causes a problem again ….

      9. Yep! If one wants world peace just nuke Tel Aviv, London, Wash DC, and NYC. Then we will experience peace for the first time in decades!

      10. Why are the so called leaders of nations so eager to see their young people killed???

        • you must be Euro – better to run & hide and live in slavery than fight for your freedom …

        • Keep in mind that the Globalists NEED a word wide crisis to bring their plan together. Climate change and terrorist attacks are not working so War is the answer. Through war they can create conditions that will create world wide crisis resulting in the masses crying for government to take control and fix things. This is the goal.

      11. Let’s crank it up a notch. How about moving an equal number of troops into Ukraine? Mosey right on up to the eastern border and really piss Putin off. While we’re at it, retake and split Iraq in half along the Tigris then south on the Euphrates. Force Iran to the east and neutralize everything else west to the Med. Yeah, that’d about do it. Pop the cork on this bottle and get it done. I’ve said it enough… I’m sick of this pussy-footing around. Either “S” or get off the pot. All this mongering be damned. Use it all or lose it all.

      12. Trident Juncture happens every year around this time. It’s nothing to worry too much about, and yes as stated above the Russians are aware of these exercises.

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