WW3 ALERT: Iran Threatens ‘Strikes Will Be Met With Force’ After US-led Syria Attacks

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Headline News | 54 comments

Iran has issued a chilling new warning to the United States an allied forces which allegedly coordinated an attack on Syria on Sunday. Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei has warned that attacks on Iranian military bases by the US or its allies will not be tolerated and will be met with “firm force.”

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, supreme leader of Iran, has launched a blistering verbal attack against the US in the wake of missile strikes on Syrian bases in Hama and Aleppo on Sunday night, according to The Daily Star.  In a bellicose speech on Monday, Khamenei accused the US of causing a “regional crisis” in the Middle East by creating “instability” that has “brought misery to people.”

The Syrian government says that rockets struck several military bases outside of Hama and Aleppo in new “aggression” by unidentified enemies. “Syria is being exposed to a new aggression with some military bases in rural Hama and Aleppo hit with enemy rockets,” an army source reported to state television, according to TelesurTV. The state news agency says the source of the blasts is being investigated by authorities.

Missiles struck a number of Syrian military facilities in strikes that a UK-based war monitor said killed at least 26 troops, many of whom were Iranians.  Iran will respond in kind to missile strikes on any of its bases in Syria or elsewhere, Khamenei was quoted as saying by Israeli state media.  “The era of ‘hit and run’ attacks has ended, and from now on attacks will be met with firm force,” Khamenei said just hours after the missile attack on Syria that has been blamed on Israel, the US, and Britain.

Allegations RAF jets were involved were denied by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) but the US military is yet to comment. According to Russian, Syrian, and Iranian media reports, Sunday’s strike on military bases in Hama and Aleppo appears to have been carried out by Israel, which has been accused of bombing Iranian military bases in the past, most recently on Syria’s T4 air base earlier this month.

“All these reports over [an] attack on an Iranian military base in Syria and the martyrdom of several Iranian military advisers in Syria are baseless,” an official told Iran’s Tasnim news agency.

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    1. J

      Israel has Nukes. US has nukes. Britain has Nukes. Iran doesn’t have Nukes. With NK backing down, me thinks this piece of Iranian feces will be the next to shut his filthy Islamic yap.!!!!

    2. john stiner

      Maybe America can appoint Obama as a special envoy. HE could run over to Iran and give them one billion dollars then surrender US naval forces in the region to Iran’s attack boats.

      Oh wait, he already did that.


      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        JS, those sailors should’ve opened fire on those Persian scum and sank them. No way they would’ve taken me alive.

        • Anonymous

          That ship was disabled, not much they could do. You would of done the same tuff guy!

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            Anonymous, how do you know what I would’ve done?

      • Sarcastic1

        It still just burns me up that these sailors were taken prisoner and treated as they were, all while the US was arranging the transfer of billions of dollars, etc., for this sham nuclear deal. Just a disgrace. Iran needs to be slapped down. Part of me wishes we’d just leave them be in the Middle East and let ISIS and those other Sunni groups just chew on the Republican Guard for a few years. Teach them some humility.

    3. 2018 Is Now

      Iran has not started a war in hundreds of years. The United States on the other hand………

      • rellik

        Did you ever hear of the Persian empire? They have been killing and conquering for several thousands of years. Just because they took a break doesn’t mean they will ignore their cultural memory and not start it back up.

        • Kevin2


          Rome did the same much greater and more recent but its doubtful that Italy will be likely attempting to conquer the world again. Your reasoning is used by blacks against whites too.

          In the last couple of decades the US has run roughshod over the world for Banksters, Multi National Globalists Corporations and Israel; actually everyone but, “We The People”.

          • rellik

            Can you spell
            Qajar dynasty?
            I’m sure you can.
            Persian empire lasted
            into the twentieth century.
            Rome per say did not.

            What about the Ottoman Turks?

            We are still dealing with both
            those empires today and
            they are advancing.

            Regardless of our perceived Bankers,
            corporation, and J3wish problems,
            Persia and Turks want to rule the world.
            I hope you like Islam because that is
            what it is all about today.

            • The Deplorable Braveheart

              Rellik, agreed about Turks and Persians being treacherous scum.

            • Kevin2

              Well the US is arming using Islamic Fundamentalists to topple governments for global business. Its a fact.

              “Persia and Turks want to rule the world”

              The globalists bankers want to and are well on their way of ruling the world. The Islamic crazies are just more destabilization tool for them to use. The Bankers aren’t A PROBLEM, in the end they’re THE PROBLEM.

            • Kevin2


              If I understand you correctly I’m to be concerned that Turkey and Iran will take over the world?

              Your serious?

              Try these

              Bulderberg Group
              Council of Foreign Relations
              Trilateral Commission

              They control countries (US) and use their militaries as their enforcer and have been doing it for the last century. They finance revolutions, stage coups, assassinations and fund wars. Read Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler by Antony C. Sutton and Trading With the Enemy by Charles Higham for a start.

              What your worried about is insignificant. They’re mere pawns in the global chess game.

              • Anonymous

                K2 – rellik and braveheart luv bibi and israel. I’d say it’s pretty obvious. They both pretend they love America, but their message is clear.

                • The Deplorable Braveheart

                  Anonymous, I challenge you to show me one, JUST one good thing about Islam. And I WITHOUT QUESTION love America and all of the GOOD people in it who are standing up for it. I DON’T have any use for the libturds, neocons, and other scum with their false complaints and trying to destroy this country. What about YOU? How do YOU feel about this country?

                  • Kevin2

                    The Deplorable Braveheart

                    But the fact is that the US is helping the Islamic Fundamentalist crazies to overthrow non religious governed Islamic countries like Iraq (no WMD), Libya (where the US used its air power to help AQ and now arming ISIS to overthrow Syria.

                    Its all one big global chess game and the Islamics are being used by TPTB. The “war on terrorism” is a fraud.

            • Sarcastic1

              Don’t forget China. Their history and culture all dictates that the “middle kingdom” should be the leaders of the world. And they’re about to get the economic power to do it, even over the top of the US. They don’t need “special favors” in trade and such any more. Time for them to play with the big boys on a level field. If not, they will surpass America economically relatively soon. With economic power comes military power. The US is so far in debt, there’s no way it could compete in a new arms race against China. The US would fold, just like the USSR did against the phantom ‘Star Wars’ project and others.

        • jo

          No never heard of them………….Never heard of you either………Does that mean that you have been running around killing people for thousands of years as well?……No of course not its just a stupid opinion you had.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          Rellik. good point. They’ll start it back up especially under the control of the mullahs. Shia Muslims are some of the biggest scum. One of the most treacherous groups of people in the world. And don’t forget that Russia, another treacherous nation, is their main ally.

          • Kevin2

            The Deplorable Braveheart

            Russia, another treacherous nation

            Your correct. How dare they put their country in the center of 800 US military bases.

            I’m being a bit funny here but the reality is the US has been destroying nations intentionally leaving chaos where their was stability, poverty where their was relative affluence (Libya). Once the USSR folded up shop the globalist crooks that run the US no longer needed to concern themselves with revolutions. They could plunder and did it intentionally. Want to trade your oil in something other than US dollars? Your going to have a HUGE problem. Read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins. The US wrote the book on treachery. Russia is an amateur in this endeavor.

            • Nexus789

              The US is now such an appallingly run and corrupt country it will inevitably collapse from within. No amount of nation destroying and stealing will prevent this from happening.

      • Illini Warrior

        just because the country attacked doesn’t respond with war action doesn’t mean Iran hasn’t started a war – Iran has attacked the US twice now without getting a return shellacking – both times because of weak knee pussy presidents ….

        the COWARDLY Iranians IMMEDIATELY backed down when Prez Reagan took office – does Iran want to tempt their country’s end by giving the modern age Reagan cause to unleash the dogs??????

      • enough

        there is this thing call HISTORY and you can learn some of it on this thing called THE INTERNET and a place called WIKIPEDIA. Those things can help you with your history deficit………………just sayin

    4. Kevin2

      Then again maybe if the US didn’t overthrow their DEMOCRATICALLY elected government in 1953 and install a dictator relations might have started out on better footing. Last I looked on a map this is all occurring “way over there”. I don’t see and Iranians, Syrians or Russians in this hemisphere. You look for trouble you will find trouble. It appears that the US foreign policy is in reality a blend of both Multi National Globalist Corporation/Banker and Israeli foreign policy.

      Just a thought.

    5. Concerned Citizen

      Screw Iran, they are a bunch of sand-apes.

      • Kevin2

        That may be so but they don’t mettle in US affairs, their influence doesn’t facilitate the US doing their bidding. Iranian citizens (if you have dual citizenship then they are an Israeli citizen) don’t significantly occupy US politics and bureaucracy; actually I’m unaware of dual Iranian/US citizens in US government. Certainly we can’t say the same for Israel. I’m not Anti Semitic, just pro American; it is what it is. We can, and have got into a wars that the American people have no business in. Ask yourself one question; “Why are we doing this”? Is it to protect you and me?

      • Concerned Canadian

        Screw USA! The worlds biggest bully on the planet – no question. USA is WAR INC., and the truly sick part is you fools keep paying for this insanity.

        • Sam Adams

          SCREW CANADA. Weak pathetic muzzie loving bend over POS’s the Canadians are. Give their gun rights up and dropped to their knees to foreign invasion. Go Fcuk yourself concerned Idiot!

          • Concerned Canadian

            Hey Sam Adams… what are you talking about? gun right? I have 8 hand guns and 12 assorted shot guns (my M2 is my favorite) and lever action rifles. My point is you (the American tax payer) are supporting the USA WAR INC.machine -stop and think what that money could be used for!!!

        • Truthy1

          Thanks for 9/11.Cousin {Canadian-Israeli-Saudi Arabia-U.S.A. Traitors} You do make a good point though.My fellow countrymen & women are still fast asleep to reality.Remember we are the entertainment/fantasy leader of the world. That includes brain entrainment via subliminal suggestion in T.V., Music & Movies. Canadian general in charge of operations on 9/11 implicated in the attack. 25 minute mark here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRiH1pfX7d8 We are all in this together against a common enemy who lives amongst us !

        • Anonymous

          Canadian – if a democrat was the president, then most here would be crying up a storm. That is the truth, but sad. 90% of these posters are retarded.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            Anonymous, the only retarded ones I see are trolls like you so go away and go f#$% yourself if you don’t like our site.

    6. Heartless

      It’s coming time to sh*t or get off the pot. Preemptively striking and just take out Tehran now would be a good thing. They threaten? Okay – how about giving them 24 hours to evacuate that city – make it a reality. Tell them in no uncertain terms that when that full day is done, from the time of the warning…… the entire city is going to be wiped from the earth. Then do it. Up to them then to live or die.

    7. Harbard

      No, not apes…Persians (Aryans). On another note the money that Obama GAVE to Iran was there OWN money which had been frozen in US bank accounts for decades. And CC if you want to screw apes, enjoy!

    8. akvalmet30

      Kevin2, no one has to be openly anti-semitic (which by the way means a discontent for ALL semites), but simply refusing to bow down and kiss Israeli ass for any reason puts a person on the hate list. America is a conquered nation, owned and controlled by corporate, Zionist interests. Time for this house of cards to fall.

    9. Justice

      Iran & Russia attacking Israel is my # 1 bug out SHTF event!!

      I just re-read: The End of America: The Role of Islam in The End Times by John Price. It’s only .99 to buy in Kindle format at Amazon.

      If you haven’t read it yet, read it, because it makes a strong case that America is “New Babylon”. It presents a strong/compelling case that we are the end times nation that is completely destroyed prior to the Tribulation.

      If the scenario portrayed in the book happens I really don’t want to be in America, much less on the East Coast. My best bug-out location is currently in Kentucky. Give me two more years and I’ll be in Idaho.

      Things may be getting hot very soon!

      • rellik

        Be careful in Idaho.
        Obama located a bunch of “refugees” that rape little school girls.

        I have family and friends in Idaho. I’ll be surprised if the “refugees” survive, if they don’t assimilate quickly.
        People there play basketball, while wearing cowboy boots.
        They hunt coyotes at 2 AM and real fun is killing Rock Chucks
        (yellow belly Marmots) at 400+ yards.

        • rellik

          “Obama located a bunch of “refugees” that rape little school girls.”
          Should be
          Obama located a bunch of “refugees” there, that then rape little school girls.

        • Justice

          Relik, thanks for the heads up. It’s getting to where a white guy can’t go anywhere in America and not be surrounded by “others”.

          A free man should be able to determine who he wants to associate with, it’s called freedom of associations and it’s a Constitutional right. Long live the Constitution!

      • Truthy1

        America is the daughter of the Whore. America drank the “wine” of the desert. [Oil] The Scriptures are descriptive, accurate and they do not contradict themselves. This will explain what you describe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uY20IFaWlsQ

      • Anonymous

        Iran and Russia attacking Israel would make the world a much nicer place.

      • DMONIC

        Justice- go live and die in your bubble. Holy shit man, REALLY??

        Fucking retards like you give US perppers a bad name….

        • Justice

          DMONIC, I’ll take Biblical prophecy over you half a**sed opinion any day! Appropriate handle thought!

    10. Frank Thoughts

      While the government is rancid, remember that Iran is filled with some of the most beautiful women in the world. Most of them want to be free. Pray for a conflict that is swift and takes down the government but avoids a wider conflict. Same goes for Russia. The world can’t afford to lose more beautiful, smart women when it is rapidly filling up with low-IQ, obese, ugly women from lower cultures (you know what I mean).

    11. watching and waiting

      We may be pass the point of discussion who is right who is wrong.

      Last nights missile attack convinced some that Israel had used a tactical nuclear warhead on the target which was supposedly 200 Iranian surface to surface missiles in a warehouse, thus the intense explosion but no reports of radiation if it was a nuke.

      Russia and Iran unhappy.

      There will be a response.

      • Anonymous

        America is on the wrong side of history. 100 years from now , historians will say the same.

    12. B from CA

      According to Syria Girl, Syria was attacked by Is real and half a million men women and children killed.

      Big difference between that and 39 people. She says that one of media’s moguls owns genie electric in the area, so he gains financially by creating disinformation.


    13. Brian

      Jesus said not to worry about “wars and rumors of wars” but that “nation would rise against nation”. In the biblical world(the world of Islam), this is nearly the case now if you include covert war. Most of the wars in the world can be traced to a struggle over valuable resources, especially oil and gas. For most nations, you can predict what they will do if you follow the supply lines. Some nations you can’t. We’re one and Iran is another. Bismarck predicted that World War I would start in the Balkans. I’m not as astute as Bismarck was, but that section of the world seems to be the Balkans of the 21st century.

    14. N-49

      I still cannot believe the amount of trash that is spewed with some comments. There is truly no hope for some people? that comment here.
      I just hope that what is being spewed forth is not the norm indicating over all consensus.
      I am a canadian and ex military and I have come to meet some great friends south of the border. I don’t think you can call any of them or us POS’s because messed up and dis-functional politics has lumped every body under the same political flavor of the day.
      I consider myself a true patriot as do my friends, which has nothing to do with ILLEGAL politics.
      Keyboard commando’s indeed, Pity the sheep.

    15. the blame-e

      Remember the Liberty! Oh, wait.

    16. Sgt. Dale

      Just another tin horn dick-tator. that can only POP OFF. So why don’t you just go out to the sand dune that we will turn to glass if you pull any shit, and pond sand!


    17. Bob

      This Iran guy sounds like the tin of pooh with his threats that mean NOTHING.
      Why they refuse to fight back is nauseating. This guy should shut up or do something. What a useless idiot. When will some yankees get hit. WTF is the matter with this towel head? DO SOMETHING YOU MORON.

    18. Michael McNulty

      America used to be the arsenal of democracy but now it’s just the arse. If the US and Israel get to rule the world unchallenged it will be little different for ordinary people than if the Germans and Japanese had won WWII. Just look how the American police treat Americans and how the Israelis treat Palestinians, and
      unless you’re very rich those living conditions await us all.

      • Kevin2

        Its not the US ruling the word. The US is just the enforcer for TPTB who control the finances ruling the world.

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