WW3 ALERT: Chinese Troops Told To ‘Ready For War’ And Sent To North Korean Border

by | Jan 2, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 49 comments

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    Chinese tanks, soldiers, and military trucks have been gathering on the border in preparation for a war. The Chinese military was quickly rushed to the border they share with North Korea after being told to get “ready for war.”

    According to the Daily Star, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) forces have been building up military assets in the cover of the night around the Tumen River in Yanji city, Jilin province, which borders North Korea. Chinese commanders are reported to have recently conducted the so-called “war ceremony” – urging their troops to be ready to fight as columns of PLA trucks have been pictured on the move near Yanji City which is close to the triple border between China, Russia, and North Korea.

    China is North Korea’s only traditional ally and has been coming under pressure to tackle Kim Jong-un from the US.  Sources cited in Chinese media have claimed that the PLA is “preparing for war on the Korean Peninsula.” China would be expected to use its military forces to help quell a flood of refugees should the United States initiate an attack North Korea and chubby dictator, Kim Jong-Un. Beijing is also expected to quickly move into the rogue state to seize assets, and potentially have China join the war on the side of North Korea once the US begins a so-far theoretical attack.

    According to Zerohedge, if the media report is accurate, it would suggest that China – fearing the worst – is preparing for a full-blown war on the Korean Penisula. Previously, internal documents leaked from China’s main state-owned telecommunications company shows three villages and cities in the northeastern border province of Jilin, have been designated for refugee camps-if war breaks out. China is afraid a swarm of refugees from North Korea could cross the Tumen River into China.

    Zhang Liangui, a professor of international strategic research at the Communist Party’s Central Party School said, “it is highly possible that there is a conflict between North Korea and the United States now. What China does here is to be prepared for any kind of situation happening on the Korean Peninsula.”

    While China prepares for a ground war on the Korean Peninsula by moving military assets to border cities along the Tumen River, there is another threat breaking Tuesday morning: North Korea is preparing to test the largest ICBM to date. Coupled with  im Jong-un’s “Happy New Year” threat to the world when he warned the “nuclear button” is on his desk, this could be the beginning stages of a third world war.

    US president Donald Trump has warned there would be “no friendly solution” until China stops backing North Korea.


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      1. Personally, I don’t really understand why all these reports seem to imply that China is only trying to prevent refugees. It makes more sense that they intend to get directly involved in any conflict and not on our side. I sure hope not, but that’s a real possibility IMO.

        • nah, china hates free loading refugees. for example, try to get the NRA to do anything for non-members. i was in the military for a long time, and guess what, we always had to be ready for war.

        • Totally agree they there help out the Koreans against us. Never could figure why the clintons gave our super computers to the Chinese and the Koreans an arch enemy
          They should be tried for Treason face a firing squad

        • if china attacks will they still sell us clean underwear?

        • The smart move for China would be to over take Korea and install a Chinese puppet government.

          That would be fine with us. Just more workers to make cheap chinese crap for us to buy.

          • John Stiner, and that may be exactly what is going to happen. It seems just as likely as not that Russia, China and US have already made the deal and just letting NK be stupid so they can be taken out and the world will approve. My sources say a deal was made involving Syria and NK in the first 5 months of the Trump presidency. In retrospect that appears to be very plausible given the outcomes in Syria and the ME in general. I can say with much confidence, China, Russia and USA will not allow a nuke war to take place for many reasons. The main one being they all know even a limited event would yield no winner at all, only massive losers and could get out of control. So ion the grand scale of events there is more sanity now than many realize. Not to say that all the bases are covered or things are still not whacked in many events on this planet.

            Like it or not we are in a new era with Trump at the reigns and its a good thing. All the bullshit stories about him being incompetent and irrational and what not are utter nonsense. He is doing an excellent job by almost every measure and well past smarter than PRAVDA/MSM and the DSA (deep state apparatus) he is destroying daily by their own hand.

            I was one of the very few that clearly said Trump would win from thew last two months of 2016 election up to the election. It was clear to me by then, partly because of my sources and partly because of my research. This event is no different at all. Most prognostications are not even close to reality on most events we see before us and Rickards and most others are not in the ball park. I see a lot of junk here at SHTF and I also see some good info as well, most of which comes from ZH. But bottom line most people simply refuse to see what is right in front of them for many foolish reasons. I am living proof of this phenom and glad of it !



            Happy New Year to all and finally good riddens to BHO and crew, Hillary and crew and all of 2017 they were part of ! They are gone and being destroyed as we speak ! How incredible is it that the Clintons are completely destroyed in only one year ? 14 months ago nobody could have seen it, including myself, amazing stuff ! We are doing some things very right indeed and a bunch more good stuff to come at my site and our training events for a healthy and fit life and general well being. I am all about results and nothing else and live it daily !

            • Wow. Its too bad you arent one of Trumps advisors. We would have all our problems worked out including world hunger. How proud you must be to have correctly picked trump to win. Is he directly consulting your expertise in all fields!? If not he should. All the worlds a stage and we are all players on it…except you, your the moron sitting there in the audience believing the show is real. Bet you like all star wrestling as well. Nk is chinas puppet gov and russia and china will never reaxh any agreement with the us over any affairs having to do with the peninsula. And no, i have no sources nor have i researched anything unless being a student of history and politics is research, hell its just common sense.

          • The smart move is for the U.S to overthrow Israel and put in the U.S. a government for the American people and then there will be no more wars.

        • This came up when I was on Drudge Report. I had never heard of this website.

          Plan Ahead for Disasters
          Talk with your family.
          ht tps://www.ready.gov/

          • That website has been advertised on the TV and radio for YEARS !!!!!


        • China has said in their state run papers they will side with NK if the US attacks first.A false flag will have the same effect. The Chinese and Russians and the world will not fall for it. If Trump starts a war in Korea,prepare for as many American dead as in Korea and Vietnam put together within a month or 2 of the war beginning.
          The Chinese have more than Moison Nagants and Maxims on wheels these days. They will grind US forces up.

          • No one is invading NK

      2. umm, reality check.

        war isn’t going to start until after the winter Olympics in south korea, too much money and important people in the region during that, not to mention north korea would be too cold for effective operations.

        if it’s going to happen in 2018, it’s march at the earliest.

        but news organizations will go nuts every time a fighter jet goes by during, so that will be entertaining.

        • depends on which “important people” are at the Olympics on a given day.

          • mmmmm…. Didn’t Trump already recommend US athletes avoid the Korean Olympics?

            The parallels to the Nazi Olympics are too obvious.

            • Everything NK does is at the instigation of China. NK can’t even FART with permission from the Chinese. NK still receives aid from China although they try to be discreet about it. I would bet their missiles and nuclear warheads came from China or even Russia. If we go to war with NK, it’s also war with china. That’s why I say we should jut pull out of there.

              • North Korea is a thorn in the side of both China and Russia. China needs them as a buffer state, Russia doesn’t need them at all. Its all about market share for China. Exportable communism is history. Ingenious communism coming through domestic policy is another matter.

        • All due respect Sir.. Seems to me, and I’ve studied this sit, and other wars etc, they never ever go as planned.
          The fog of war. etc..

        • All due respect .. Seems to me, and I’ve studied this sit, and other wars etc, they never ever go as planned.
          The fog of war. etc..

          We had a three star USMC over there before thanksgiving… doing a review of troops with XI.. Love to be a fly on that wall…..

      3. I really don’t see any other viable option other than war with the fat, gay clown boy. NK has held the International and the US hostage for years with their nonsense and bullshit and threats and on and on. Enough is truly enough folks.

      4. china does NOT want millions of refugees. They have seen the mess europe is in when millions of arab refugees flooded in

        • Its not only fear of being flooded with refugees that has China’s skivvies tied in a knot.

          Consider a scenario whereby the blood-thirsty neocons goad Trump into dropping a nuke on North Korea. Or, if he orders the military to drop one of those big MOABs on a location where North Korea might have a nuclear weapon stationed. This would result in massive nuclear radiation and that radiation would NOT remained confined to North Korea. It would spread across their borders and reach Russian and Chinese territory – and that would be considered by both of those nations as an indirect attack on them, since that radioactive fallout would kill their citizens and contaminate portions of their sovereign territory. It would also affect their fresh water supplies, poison their agricultural areas and wreak havoc upon their nations for decades to come.

          And, that’s not all. Eventually, that radioactive fallout would get swooped up in the Jetstream and carried around the entire world – as we have already seen happen from the Fukushima disaster. So, this isn’t a decision that is restricted to a beef between the USA and the Fat Guy in North Korea. Not when you’re dealing with the potential use of nuclear weapons.

          The whole freaking world has skin in this game. And, Trump had better tread very carefully – and find some way to reach a peaceful settlement of this conflict.

      5. The MalignantDwarf put thousands of his troops “on leave”, to forage for their own food. I would guess that the PRC troops are in place

      6. Gee, do we really care if NK and China go to war?….We should not. Why? because if there is a war, it will be the shortest in history…Just one NUKE on the Peninsula and NK and China will never be the same. Should USA go to war with NK?…..no, not unless NK tries to nuke USA. Should USA go to war with China?…It will never happen too much $$ and deals between the two countries. China is getting ready for the worst that can happen…NK people fleeing to China. China does not need NKs in China so that troops are there to prevent that, also to go into NK and seize any assets ( assets…what assets?) that NK may have,.. should NK be hit by nukes from USA or our allies( do we have any allies, left?)…Russia may be an antagonist since they share a common border. Will there be a protracted war..NO, it will be over with the first nuke, either on USA soil or NK…There will be no protracted ground war like we have pissed away billions in the Middle East. There, “American interests” were up for grabs…these ” interests” were OIL. NK has nothing we want, so they can all die and go to hell….we should not care. I hope that US generals are not trying to “limit” China’s growth by fighting China over NK….Let China have NK…China, in case you have not looked, is all ready bigger than the USA and has more troops to send our way. One detachment of Special Forces will do nothing to halt the Chinese…LEt them have NK if they want it, we don’t need NK….like we now don;t need the middle east as our energy production is no longer dependent upon the Arabs…..All for non intervention?…U should be. Eisenhower and even George Washington warned about getting involved in ” foreign entanglements” Let China take NK…let the Arabs kill ea other off…America should not care…..nor be involved…

        • barbuto, people are finally realizing the war oligarchy for what it is, control and dominance and USA has been a main player for too long. We should be focused on shit holes like Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago and many others and keep our nose out of other peoples business and fix our own shit first ! USA needs plenty of fixing in a multitude of ways and a lot of prosecutions as well. The real criminals are rampant and walking freely.

        • You my friend are right on the point! Thanks

        • yea , sit back and do nothing while they kill the shit out of us ! you are a blind fool !

      7. Barbuto, agreed. Good post.

        • Agreed!

        • Brave
          Did you get to the Gun Show. We have one at the end of the month. Getting some major reloading gear.

      8. The one thing I do know, is it will one day (soon) be a disaster that we are the NWO henchmen.

      9. Bottom line – it is just a matter of time and timing. Something’s got to give. Smartest move – get Un out of his country – some diplomatic ploy – and waste his fat ass. Once his ‘divine’ carcass was thrown to the crows the country would be wide open for whomsoever wanted to control it.

      10. Just unbelievable what we don’t hear from the media. President Trump should have been in charge long ago, and a lot of the stuff never would have been or be happening now. Between Bush 1 & 2, Clinton Foundation, and bozo obummer, they brought us to this, and the Donald will fix it for sure. God Bless President Donald J. Trump.
        John Reinders

      11. I hope that there isn’t a war, but the war is coming, and all we can do is prep.

        Get right with your god, and get your preps ready. this will be TEOTWAWKI. Keep the faith and be strong because it will be a long fight!!!


      12. I smell a little bit of hyperbole in this article, this is not the beginning of WW III. Chinese leader Xi is an ideologue. His nationalistic and political ideology must come first, though he very likely wants to maintain peace. However, in a conflict , he would have to prove Chinese hegemony and sphere of influence to his people and to the USA, regardless who starts what. So don’t count out Chinese military action yet. But China is not aching for a fight. The US threatening military action in NK is like China placing their troops on the Mexican border, we wouldn’t tolerate that, why would they. We should not be on the Korean Peninsula, SK has more than twice the population of NK and their economy is 40 times larger, let them take care of all that mess over there. The only reason we should attack NK is if we detect an unprovoked belligerent action on their part towards us, then they should be eradicated; in that case even China would not likely intervene. Just an opinion.
        There is one more factor to consider; people in the US have been propagandized to believe that the whole world does not see color or race or ethnicity, only bigoted Americans. This is silly, dangerous, and wrong. In reality, it is an ingrained trait in almost every culture and society, it is the primary lens how they view others. The Chinese see NK as their brothers.

      13. China is getting ready for any action that may take if NK gets into a scuffle …

        Russia only has a slim border in that region that only gives them sea access to the north pacific – not the Sea of Japan – and gives them a side-by-side border with China ….

        guarantee China goes into NK IMMEDIATELY and swings east to block out any Russian move down the sea coast – there’s a couple of strategic seaports opposite Japan that would change the defense of Japan and the everything south ….

        • China and Russia are in the process of replacing petrodollar. They are in on it together. We are fuckedd. China and the BRICS will replace the West as world rulers.

      14. IF ww3 where to break out dying in it is NOT what scares me SURVIVING it is what scares me

      15. Now whose the instigator. Copied from Trump’s twitter feed.

        “North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the “Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.” Will someone from his depleted, food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it’s a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works.” Donald J Trump


      17. Tired of all the damn drama and world stage theatrics already. Let’s get it over with and be done with it!

      18. China needs to take NK to keep the west off it’s borders. And it will to look like the good guy saving a major war with the west. China has built giant empty cities to house the displaced people near NK as a few nukes will be used. Bet Rocket man will be spirited away safely into China. Asians look ahead with long term plans. That my guess. Cheers Old Bob

      19. I personally think that China will invade and annex the whole Korean peninsula and will retreat only when there will be peace in both Koreas and zero refugees.China, in fact, will be very angry if Kim enters the trap of war games set by Trump and continue testing nuclear weapons and collect international sanctions which in fact impoverish North Korea populations.So to avoid refugees and safeguard China’s neighbour better invade and annex North Korea and gain assets and remove Kim and all Koreans will be happy. The South will quickly join with China and avoid wars in the future.A win-win situation for China instead of sitting down and watching Trump conquer North Korea.Better be active and safeguard mainland China.

      20. Ok thanks, I understand the conditions of moderation and fully agree.Happy New Year 2018 to all.

      21. Nobody knows EXACTLY what China will do. Thats how they roll.

      22. How will refugees from NK into China affect China’s unemployment rate?

      23. America will start the war that kills a billion now they’ve successfully blamed North Korea/China/Russia/Iran for it.

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