“WTF Is Going On In Downtown LA?” : Army War Drills Continue Across Los Angeles

by | Feb 9, 2019 | Headline News | 145 comments

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    This report was originally published at ZeroHedge.com

    Having started on Monday, the US Army continues its war drills across the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area through Saturday with the goal of enhancing Army Special Forces skills by “operating in urban environments”, Army Special Operations Command said in a statement.

    Residents around Los Angeles may hear sounds associated with the field training exercise, including helicopters and weapon simulations, according to the statement.

    The local terrain and training facilities in Los Angeles provide the Army with unique locations and simulates urban environments the service members may encounter when deployed overseas,the Army told CBS.

    Downtown Los Angeles residents were shocked Monday night when a fleet of Boeing A/MH-6M Little Bird and Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters swooped in around them.

    A commercial parking lot across the street from the Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE 14, at 1000 W Olympic Blvd, was the epicenter of some intense war simulations Tuesday night.

    Newchopper4 Bravo was overhead as Special Forces performed training exercises in the parking lot, then were extracted by helicopters before taking off over the 110 Freeway while police blocked nearby intersections.

    There were other field training exercises that were on the perimeter of the city, away from populated areas and toward the San Pedro Bay port Tuesday night and into early Wednesday morning.

    The Army leased space in an industrially zoned area around the Port of Los Angeles near Terminal Island for field training exercises Wednesday night, according to Phillip Sanfield, a spokesman for the L.A. port. Port operations at Long Beach, the second largest port in the US, were not affected, port spokesman Lee Peterson told the Los Angeles Times.

    Sanfield said residents living on houseboats in marinas around Wilmington were notified they might hear helicopters, explosions, and simulated assault rifle fire.

    “There is no replacement for realistic training. Each location selected enables special operations teams and flight crews to maintain maximum readiness and proficiency, validate equipment and exercise standard safety procedures. The training is essential to ensure service members are fully trained and prepared to defend our nation overseas.

    The Army Special Operations Command conducts multiple urban field training exercises around the country, said Lt. Col. Loren Bymer, a spokesman for the command group.

    “It wouldn’t be unheard of to train in Boston or Miami,” he said.

    “It takes a lot of planning and coordination to do this safely.”

    This is not the first time residents of a major metropolitan area across the US have experienced a military exercise. For instance, in 2015, Texas residents prepared for Jade Helm 15, an army training exercise which took place in multiple states.

    As to what exactly the Army was preparing for by simulating war drills on the streets of Los Angeles was beyond our comprehension. One thing that is obvious: the Army is preparing for more conflict, whether with a foreign adversary or, more troubling, social unrest on the streets of America?


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      1. Kinda suspicious
        Why do special ops need to train in a real city?
        They should have plenty of realistic training facilities to use in appropriate areas.
        I can only think that they want to get the folks use to seeing military so they will not panic when they come for real.

        • The Africans keep threatening to riot. That’s what they are facing. I have black friends in Tulsa. They claim if they don’t get reparations there will be a war. I told them they are surrounded! lol

          • ” They claim if they don’t get reparations there will be a war.”

            You actually converse with these people? Thats getting too physically close to people with that mindset. I’de do my best to completely avoid them.

        • BINGO!!!!!

        • They have done it for years. They have to be able to assault a skyscraper from the top down. You cannot replicate that on any installation and almost every country in the world has tall buildings in at least one city. Their are only a handful of special operators capable of this operation and it is just one skill set that needs training on. I was in Ranger Battalions for years and we used to rent small civillian airfields for a week because you just can’t replicate clearing terminals on any installation.

          • Sean, Thanks – makes sense
            and thanks for your service

          • Hooah

            • RLTW!

              • ATW

        • The gov does have large scale training facilities. I know someone who got to be an actor in one such exercise, had to walk around playing with a drone and talking on a walky. He said after 60 minutes of trying to invent bad guy chatter, he just resorted to saying chatter, chatter, chatter into his radio. Yes he was droned in the exercise.

          What is going on in California is another animal. Feds are dealing with a rogue state government. Likely this training exercise is a life lesson for sanctuary cities.

          I keep reading we are in a civil war. So, what do you expect?

          • It’s a scare tactic. They’re making a show of force to scare the blacks and others in the area against riots and civil revolt.

        • These exercises are “snatchems’ And I do not recall see this level of helicopter deployments inside any actual urban city directly on a street at street level. We have seen many large parking area events and building roof tops. But not this level of street deploys and pickups that I am aware of. So yes it is a sign of something specific to be sure but I have no idea what except it was “snatchem” operations full on.

          I know what I hope it is all about !

          • Probably local cops training with the military to be better trained to take people’s gun’s when Red Flag laws go nationwide.

            You know, the one’s Trump is pushing.
            “Take the guns first, follow due process second”

          • A couple of days ago when Wells Fargo bank was offline people were freaking out because their cards wouldn’t work. Talk about pathetic! These idiots didn’t have enough cash for some gas or a sandwich? This has become the norm for the masses. They are spurring on the end of cash and with it the ultimate slavery of everyone! When cash is gone the entire world is screwed beyond belief! Thanks cardtard’s….

        • You assume this is bad.
          Maybe not?

          Perhaps Trump/US Military is going to clear out La Raza, La Familia, MS-13, illegal Mexicans, china nationals/china military personnel, muslims here illegally, OTM illegal trespassers, etc.
          ——House cleaning is in order. Long past due.

          Communist California government will not clean out the trash. The commies running California have lost control of many many areas of the city and state.

          Gangs run large portions of LA basin area.
          Gangs, Illegals, Large homeless population, Drunks- Drug heads using needle drugs and deficating on sidewalks, car break ins and car thefts rampant, COMMUNIST California thieving state-county-city government, “Welcome to California.”

          These are reasons people escaping from California. Might be reasons for military exercises.

          Or maybe just practice for big Earthquake?
          Economic collapse? Wells Fargo bank was not working for few days.

          BTW: Dallas Texas, twin rotor helicopters flying in formations now occuring regularly. At night. Late AM hours. Why?


        • The only exercises you need to do to build muscle are the weighted dip, weighted pullup, deadlift, weighted squat, and farmer’s carry.

          • Eisenkreutz, all true. But simply building muscle is NOT the overall best solution to fitness, strength and power. In fact too much muscle is a detriment, just ask any UFC/MMA fighter and they will tell you a balance is the best way to go by far. With too much muscle you lose flexibility, endurance and stamina. As always in every event and matter a balance is the best program. But that is just the beginning or baby step to actually becoming a warrior of any kind ! A warrior monk is by far the best goal and that is always a defensive posture/mindset with total confidence to be aggressive only when completely necessary and forced on you with no other choices. I have had this happen more than once and easily over came the opponent. So I know this works perfectly from first hand experience, not any conjecture or talk.

        • Beer.They’re looking for beer.

        • jakartaman, my bet is thinking on the rapid and sudden spate/proliferation of red flag laws.

        • Maybe, just maybe they were on a doughnut run before the stores closed?

        • If I was living there I would be greatly concerned. Sounds very much like they are preparing you for shearing. In the immortal words of Elmer Fudd “be vewy vewy careful”. Good luck with that. I live thru Martial Law in Ottawa in the early 70s. Felt like I had a target on my back.

        • Because training in LA provides the best setting for taking over a major city with an under armed populace.

      2. My guess is that our “wonderful” governmental Armed Forces is practicing for urban warfare AGAINST American citizens, just in case we “revolt” when the democrabs impeach our President and Vice President in their usual unjust way. I’m guessing the “Dark State” is preparing to subjugate the American citizens in order to maintain the “dark state” control over this country.

      3. Interesting story, the Armed Forces training to perform combat missions AGAINST American citizens. Guess they forgot about “posse commitatis”, which supposedly forbids the Armed Forces from combat ops against citizens of this country while we are “in country”.

        • “posse commitatis”
          You mean like when the US Military surrounded and machinegunned Railroad workers on strike with their families in tents? Yes it really happened!

        • Why do so many here assume it was the US military. Do you not believe the FBI doesn’t have such a strike force that can operate anywhere in the US?

          Other info:
          1. the helose landed in the streets in videos, so the story of high building entry is not true.
          2 video shows white boxes and possibly people being loaded into choppers. This says it was a raid.

      4. Two, black helicopters, like the one, above, swept low, over an orchard, where I was working, and a VTOL has been hanging around, Beaumont, southern California. Groupings of helicopters, hovering over mountain pass, between San Gorgonio and San Jacinto, with low flights over the foothills, and in the general direction of Hemet.

        Indies wonder whether the humble work of the hands will look illegal.

        Veterans having nice, victorious feelings, while their windows rattle.

        Whigger, in Nathan Phillips shirt, playing rap on his boombox, staring me down, and racist Mexicans, on the way home.

        Does everyone get equal treatment.

        • Green tips don’t discriminate.

          • aZFH4wCLVXY

            I respectfully suggest for casual readers to have your papers in order, not to look homeless, or to get involved in the kind of altercations, that would piss-off mp’s.

            Domestic terrorists nowadays become emboldened, at every tacky, leftist news item, so will conceivably be shrieking and wallowing in their own crapulence.

            The left-of-center and right-of-center might just keep eachother busy.

            k Take it outside, and don’t break anything, thx.

        • @Beaumont 2.0: Never use a comma again. </strong?

          You have no fickin' clue what you're doing and you're going to hurt yourself or someone else.

          • Formatting error?

            That’s ok. It’s informal.

          • Grammar Nazi, q,u,i,t, p,I,c,k,I,n,g, o,n, B,e,a,u,m,o,n,t,

            • I!f I@’m w#ri$ting something impor&tant, there won’t be a meal on my lap. I remove all d*istra&ctions from my surro^undi%ngs. Oops.

      5. Wonder why the Army is training in urban California? You seriously think the liberal idiots in power there are going to thumb their nose at federal law and get away with it? Sanctuary areas are about to become martial law areas!

        • There are continuing reports that Cuba and China are arming “Narco Terrorists” which is code for Cuban soldiers and Middle Eastearn jihadists inside Mexico who are trying to blend in with so called migrants.

          Trump moving Troops to our Southern border should be making sense to preppers.

          I’m seeing Trump as our last chance, if Trump is a globalist in disguise, then we are done as a nation. These training exercises actually give me hope.

          • Am I the only one nervous about building a wall around us?

            Who is this wall for, anyway?

            • It’s technically a levee.

          • Pres. Clinton was owned by the Chinese. During Clinton’s admin, a Chinese national smuggled into the US an entire shipping container of select fire AK’s. The ATF got wind of it and seized the container. Someone in Clinton’s admin tipped off the Chinese owner of the container and he escaped back to China before the feds could grab him. I wonder how containers got through and to whom were they going?

          • Perhaps HCKS was right after all?

            • Bill Hcks? Is there a tidal wave, or something?

        • “… thumb their nose at federal law…”

          The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of this land, and it must be observed that the only crimes assigned to the federal government within the US Constitution for law enforcement purposes are Treason, Piracy, Counterfeiting, and International law violations. That’s the ONLY lawful authority that is delegated to the federal government, All other law enforcement matters are the purview of the individual states, not under the purview of the federal government.

          U.S. Supreme Court CAHA v. U.S., 152 U.S. 211: “Generally speaking, within any state of this Union the preservation of the peace and the protection of person and property are the functions of the state government, and are NO PART of the primary duty, at least, of the nation. The laws of congress in respect to those matters DO NOT extend into the territorial limits of the states, but have force ONLY in the District of Columbia, and other places that are within the exclusive jurisdiction of the national government.”

          John C. Calhoun’s 1831 “Fort Hill Address”: “The error is in the assumption that the General Government is a party to the constitutional compact. The States, as has been shown, formed the compact, acting as Sovereign and independent communities. The General Government is but its creature;” See: https://thementalmilitia.net/2017/02/08/john-c-calhoun-fort-hill-address-1831/

          Bertrand Russell,1953: “… Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible…” (“The Impact of Science on Society”, Simon and Schuster, New York, 1953)

          • Though somewhat eccentrically, I have minded my own business. I am not a Beatle, or a beatnik, per se.

            But, they saw the grade of people taking dumps all over San Fransisco (50ish yrs ago?) and wanted them to be beautiful.

            Most degrading govt tactics would not work on people with common discipline and a basic sense of decorum. Whatever line you want to draw in the sand, whatever quality of life, or whatever aesthetic. Some kind of culture or higher thinking would make people less manipulable.

            You could make examples of people like that, physically, but noone would believe it. None of the altruists.

        • “You seriously think the liberal idiots in power there are going to thumb their nose at federal law and get away with it?”

          Don’t mention “federal” and “law” in the same sentence. The federals have devolved to the point that they are nothing more than a criminal mafia.

          The US has been involved in over 60 regime change operations since WW2. They have stolen 21+ trillion from us (most likely much, much more). They lack the integrity and competence to govern and have saddled the country with an additional 21+ trillion in debt. They murdered 3000 of our own on 9/11. They false-flag us at every opportunity. They are steadily rolling back our constitutional protections as they poison our bodies with fluoride, vaccines, geoengineering chemicals, GMO crap, engineered food additives and defective education.

          I’d say it’s time for one more regime change ….. right here at home.

      6. Makes one wonder if this doesn’t once again infringe on the Posse Comitatus Act. Trekker Out

        • If they don’t care about the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 10th Amendments to the Constitution, they sure won’t give a rats about PCA.

        • The C130 command and control variants have been doing touch and goes for about 3 yrs now …so yeah it’s a little late in asking.

        • Not if they’re “training” it doesn’t violate PC.

      7. I lived on a boat in Wilmington/Terminal island for 6 months, Automatic weapons fire was quite common at night, what is the problem?

        • Only if you shoot back….,

          I hear that pre 1968, on any Saturday afternoon I’m America, the sound of 22LR gun fire was as common as burgers and hot dogs.

      8. Hey. I am an old guy, did nam, tried to do my share to alert people to dangers of NWO. Unfortunately these inner-city drills have been going on for decades. When I read these “drills” are going to occur in every major city along with “Special ops” troops…Time to worry.

      9. Practice for what? Caracas, Venezuela? I hope not! Maduro has blocked the bridge into Venezuela with a large truck to keep aid from getting into the country. Trump is probably being told that it will be an easy victory. Where have we heard this before?

      10. Escape from L.A.!It just the Terminex people trying to kill the fleas that are giving everyone there the Typhus.

      11. This never use to happen. Remind your sons and daughters and grand kids that are serving that they are sworn to the Constitution and not to the corrupt politicians ruining this nation.

      12. The luciferians are coming, the luciferians are coming…..

      13. Going over the car with inverter or generator debate? Standard car alternator puts out 100 amps 12 volt ? Which is 10 amps 120 volt? Car at idle puts out 6 amps 12 volt . Medium generator puts out 25 amps 12 volt? Car at idle burns half gallon per hour? Generator at 50% one gallon per hour? So , generator puts out 25 amps per gallon of gas? Car puts out maybe 15 amps per gallon of gas? Not sure of this? But it seems a 25 amp generator is the way to go? Unless you need discretion? Some say putting a high output alternator in your car may need heavy gauge wiring? Can a car with a inverter power a freezer?

        • TH:

          You need to talk in terms of Watts, not amps.

          D.C.Power (Watts) = Volts x Amps

          A.C. Power (Watts) = Volts x Amps x Power Factor (usually > 0.8 but < 1.0)

          An ordinary Refrigerator/Freezer needs 1200 Watts for Start Up and about 150 Watts for running.

          Remember that the Inverter also has an efficiency (roughly 90 -97% above 10% Output)

          So your question "Can the car alternator run the freezer with an inverter ?"

          Yes, if your alternator/inverter setup can deliver the roughly 1200 Watts for Start Up.

          The inverter also has to be matched to the type of motor for best results and long life.

          Some of the high amperage output alternators require a wiring gauge upgrade as you mentioned.

          If you want to compare the car driven alternator/inverter vs. the stand alone A.C. generator, you need to analyze the ENERGY used, starting with the energy in the fuel, the various efficiencies, etc. and work your way through path on each alternative.

          Somebody has probably already done that on the Web. A little research might get it for you..


          • TH:

            I don’t know your level of understanding so I should also add:

            Power = Energy/Time

            Watts is a measure of Power, BTU/hour, etc.

            Watt-Hours then is a measure of Energy and also is convertible to BTU (3413 BTU = 1 Kilowatt-hour)


          • Please let me chime in.

            Gasoline has 125,000 BTUs gallon
            Typical gasoline powered generator is 15% efficient (surprised?)
            1 KW = 1000 Watts = 3413 BTUs / hr

            125,000 x .15
            ————— = 5.49 KW

            Round off to 5.5 KW

            Assume 125 V

            10 Amps x 125 Volts = 1.25 KW

            20 Amps x 125 Volts = 2.5 KW

            20 Amps load will use approximately 1/2 gallon gasoline per hour

            • It may be useful for the peppers to easily compute the HP needed to pump a given amount of water at a given pressure.

              GPM X Ft/Hd
              HP = ——————
              3960 X Eff

              Ft hd can be substituted for PSI. A column of water 1 ft high exerts a pressure of .433 PSI

              100 psi / .433 = 230 ft

              100 PSI will pump water to a height of 230 ft

              Efficiency can be assumed on a low cost pump to be 60 %


              Question: How much HP is required to pump 50 GPM at 25 PSI?

              50 X 25 / 433
              HP = ———————–
              3960 X .60

              50 X. 57.7
              HP = ———————

              HP = ——————-

              HP = 1.21

              Haven’t done this in years.

        • Assuming that you can source all the parts and pieces, independently (ie, car alternator) why not the energy source.

          I am severely worn-out, at times. Sincerely grateful for whatever I can get, when I am in recuperation. What if that runs out.

      14. I have a RWS 350 177 cal. Some say you need the 22 cal. To anchor game? Wondering if you load two pellets with separating wad ,maybe two alloy pellets to gain impact? Or even two lead and sacrifice velocity for impact? But that does double the price of shooting ,only when necessary?

      15. Ahhh the black helicopters,the reason I became aware of the NWO. It was around 21 years ago, on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Kansas, and I was planting flowers and grass in the yard with my girlfriend and her two sons on my rented farm.A black attack chopper was following the river 1/4 mile away or so,then changed course and was heading straight for us.I told her to take the boys in the root cellar, and the chopper flew as low as it could without hitting the trees in the yard,hovered right above me then spun around dropping the nose of the bird and pointing the guns on the landing skids at me. I was behind a big oak tree, not that that would have mattered,and I could see about five guys in black uniforms inside.I’ll never forget the sound it made as it spun around, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared.Thought they were gonna annihilate me.It was solid black, with no identifying insignia, numbers,anything.It hovered for about 20 seconds as I looked at the guys inside and they all looked at me, then spun around and flew away. I had to ask myself,why is an unmarked attack chopper doing a simulated kill on me on my farm while I’m minding my own business? So I did some research, and through the teachings of Chaplain Colonel Jim Ammerman,God rest his soul, he explained how our Government gave the Russians(through the UN) 3,000 black unmarked helicopters to map and grid our entire country. He also exposed the NWO long before many others were talking about it.He stated that most politicians in our Government were satanic communists! In his own words,”Now folks, it doesn’t get any worse than that.” I don’t want to insinuate the chopper experience traumatized me,if anything it was a wake up call.Our own government sold all of us out long ago,and now considers us trespassers.So what do we do, those of us that still consider ourselves a free people? I’m not really sure, but I learned one thing…if you want to bring a warbird down,make a powerful catapult from heavy truck leaf springs and a come-along. Let fly with a bunch of junk,such as large steel car parts,chunks of iron, rocks ect. into the rotors and drop the fucker.When it’s no longer a simulation and they come to kill you,what will you do?

        • Well if they are hostile and I am protecting myself, sounds like about time to bring out an AR-10 and a few fully loaded mags with bonded 180 gr. rounds and go to work…sick rat-bastards. I just really can’t believe WTF has happened to this god damned country…

      16. Militants always hide amongst the innocent population knowing the army can’t kill them without killing innocents. Any army can bomb a whole city killing everyone. They want to be able to maximize the death of enemy combatants and minimize the deat of everyone else. This helps them keep support of the public and build confidence that they will be ok it doesn’t breakdown supply chain for the community so food doesn’t become scarce. It stomps out the first bit of resistance and demoralizes the enemy. A demoralized enemy loses his will to fight because the cause has little chance of success. the battlefield is where ever the enemy is. That can be the woods the city cyberspace and outer space the sea and below.

        • Asshat

          Sometimes, actually quite often the insurgents aren’t hiding within the civilian population; they are the civilian population. The NLF (National Liberation Front) the political arm of the VC largely fit that description. Sean Fein likewise was the political arm of the IRA.

          A government applying sufficient force can hold a non compliant civilian population hostage but its very expensive and inefficient. Government forces have to be everywhere all the time. The “solution” to an insurgency is to have that civilian population willingly comply. It’s far more carrot than stick. No better example is post war Japan. The Emperor, a loving god told the disciplined population to surrender and submit. This was followed with funds and efforts significantly improving their lives. Plan #2 is North Korea. Isolate the population and have them believe that their life is the best. In the end government needs the consent of the people and bullshit doesn’t work indefinitely.

          • Living not Loving

      17. POTUS has been talking about the endless foreign wars because he knows we no longer have the money to keep a military of such a mammoth size due to extreme irresponsibility in the last administration. How many times did Obama use the War Power’s Act? And on top of this, taxes are not where they should be to pay for it because the multinational corporations don’t pay enough but evade responsibility.

        But besides that, millennials are proving to be the least equipped to be deployed as 75-80% cannot even be considered for basic training. Millennial men have equal grip strength to women! That has been scientifically proven in studies and thus they are too feeble.

        We cannot deploy in a massive invasion, if say we had to go into North Korea, because we would no back up. We would have to gather all military assets and then leave everywhere else defenseless because of the millennial problem. And even if we could put in a feeble second string, think of the massive morale problems because they cannot mentally handle it. It would be a disaster and our many enemies would then launch attacks internationally and domestically.

        We have massive seething civil unrest because the news media has daily for two years and focused on a resistance mentality. So has Hollyweird. So have the Democrats. So have the universities.
        Thus the greatest threat to the USA is not Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and sharia focused muslims. The greatest threat is not muslims streaming across the southen unchecked border or international terrorism. The greatest threat is the DNC.

        Besides that, the DNC has pushed illegal immigration daily to the degree they no longer are foxused on representing the citizens of the USA, but pandering to future Democratic votes in every illegal invader. Look at Occasio-Cortez, the newest popular liberal darling in the new Democrats, and she has openly advocated a RIGHT for free travel for Hispanics! WTF DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? Do Hispanics from Mexico, Central, and South America have some superpower that I have not been made away of?

        It is inevtable with events looming like the incapacitation of Ginsburg and likely death, that she will be replaced, and so the DNC’s monstrous child sacrifice to Baal and Molch will end. And they cannot handle that. The Luciferians are open evil scum who now have pushed for wanton infanticide in four states. They no longer have any pretense about their grotesque malevolent perverse souls.

        The DNC has killed more minorities than anyone. Does any millennial get that? While they daily whip up to a frenzy groups like ANTIFA, BAMN, Code Pink, BLM, screaming about white nationalism, the real monsters are the DNC! A massive number of black and hispanic Americans have been killed in the millions. Yet they bring up ancient history by the Ku Klux Klan, yet consistently lie as that paramilitary organization was created by the DEMOCRATS!

        The urban civil unrest will go hot and when it does, our military assets, first by NORTHCOM and the SOCOM, will have to put down one urban rebellion after another. It is inevitable.

        And you can bet, then when we are extremely busy,our enemies will seize the day, carpe diem, and begin their own hidden agendas.

        • I had an issue with a millennial while on vacation, who was younger than my son. He wanted to get up in my face.

          I flat out said to him, I do three hundred push-ups a week, and at my weight that’s pressing 140 pounds a 150 time in just minutes. I do it twice a week. Are you sure you want to screw with me.

          He walked away. The military has an issue with millennials. They are freaking cream puffs that grandpa could have walked all over.

          If you have kids or grandkids, train them physically. Don’t let them become victims of the mass media,and bad foods.

          • The millennials need to be thought of as The Wasted Generation.
            They have been subjected to the Institutional Child Abuse of the Public School Systems until they are not fit for anything,unless you consider being a whining, self absorbed slacker a valuable skill set.

            • Based upon an average public school year times 12 years, they get 18,000 plus hours of extreme leftist indoctrination.

              That means as a grizzly old SCARY grandpa, I have lots of work yet to do.

              I actually had some children say, “Papa stop scaring away my boyfriends with your katana.” Whenever some asshat came around, I pulled an Uncle Buck, and asked them if they wanted to see my sword. It’s very effective.

            • Plan twice, could not agree more and yes it is awesome to know your own capabilities with confidence. The very best insurance policy for all events. I would also mention I have met some very good and capable young people here where I live who know exactly what the hell is going on. 17, 18 y.o. high schoolers and some young 20 somethings as well in the last 5 years. So not all is lost and mostly in the cities. I have trained some excellent young people in the last 5 years and it is very uplifting to see them in action. They know precisely how to maneuver thru the junk and avoid all legal matters and be effective and successful in their endeavors. They make most supposed preppers look like twits.

              Large liberty rally in Salem coming up here in Oregon in mid March so be there to support OFF and others ! Large crowd expected.

            • Public Citizen, largely true enough, but far wore int eh large cities.

            • Boomers were pacified by their pensions and suburban expectations.

              Millennials were told their labor could be purchased, below cost. Imagine being told that your cooperation, no matter how trying, can not guarantee success.

              • Millenials are often accused of being soft,sensitive and lacking work ethic,but lets not forget who raised them to be that way..

                • I’ve made no serious mistakes, have been praised and awarded, by people who are measurably worthless to me. Entitlement is when a skeptic wants to see the money.

        • Regarding as to how screwed up our kids are I have a little more faith in them than most here.
          A very large part of my extended family were in the military. So we know the drill and the BS. I have on nephew who is a Sergent major in the army and another nephew whom I doubt could clean a toilet.
          It all breaks down to what our children want to do.
          Me, I was raised to fight with anybody. As I got older I learned sometimes withdrawal is a good move. I’m a Chess player not a poker guy.
          I think as long as withdrawal is not the first thing they are taught, the kids will be OK.
          Not that I would interfere as my brother would attack me, but one of his wet noodle sons would make a great soldier, airman, sailor,
          or Marine because he has spirit, although he is physically a wet noodle. Physical stuff can be fixed, spirit is something you are born with and refine as you learn and mature.

        • Maranatha, actually the real monsters and criminals are the DNC, the DSA and of course PRAVDA/MSM their propaganda arm. You only left out 2 out of the 3. Other than that rather accurate.

          • The owner of http://www.downtoearththinking.com has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.

        • ” say we had to go into North Korea,”

          There is no reason whatsoever that we would “have to” and it would be utterly foolish to want to.

      18. Right Headline.
        Wrong Article.
        The real story in Los Angeles is the Typhus Outbreak centered on the City Hall Complex.

        • Please leave a link. It helps those of us who are time constrained.

          • Here’s a link http://bfy.tw/ME6m – sad to see you can type here but not into google.

          • Hon, I left lots of information in the Typhus topic including my concern about fleas and how to best treat them. Then days later, they were pulling up infested carpets in LA.

            Any disease involving fleas takes time to eradicate as the fleas infect dogs and cats, including feral ones, who then infect coyotes and rats from elsewhere. This means it will spread. And then you have to eradicate the three parts if the cycle, eggs, nymphs, and the adult fleas.

            The fastest way is using a timed spray,but you have to shut off the gaslines, and actually leave for 72 hours to be safe. Plus all food has to be put in special bags or thrown out.

            • Maranatha, and when you return you are also fumigated like a flea ? Not exactly a good idea ? And a perfect example of modern scientific thinking where the cure is worse than the malady !

              It is clear you still believe in the junk thinking and what many call science and medicine. I do not and well past very healthy and strong. Your religion has kept you in your lack of understanding many matters. But you are certainly not alone. Time to rethink a bunch of things that are real and let go of some of the junk. Good luck with that in a good way !

              • NOPE. That level of fumigation is the ONLY for sure way when fleas get out of hand.

                What I suggested for homesteaders in the Typhus topic was benign diatecemous earth applied three times and vacumming drapes, carpets, sofas, and all bedding. That will only hurt fleas not people and pets.

                Don’t overreact heathen.

                • What do you think will be the expense of Typhus and fleas and removing carpets versus just fumigation? And it could have been handled with diatomaceous earth far earlier.

                  It’s a matter of degree as now it’s an emergency and MUST be stopped.

                  They never heard the saying, a stitch in time saves nine. This is how leftists turn some minor issue into a major problem, into a crisis, into a city wide emergency.

                  In other KOOKY new, LA is strengthening the sanctuary city rules to bring even more illegal alien invaders! I kid you not.

        • PC,
          I concur.
          It is due to fleas in city hall from all the Rodent rats.
          They can’t seem to get rid of the Demorats, which
          are far more dangerous.
          They are tearing up the carpets in order to clean
          Check Yahoo news.

      19. The very best way to discipline children, from the time they are six years old, is pushups. When they act out under your supervision, tell them to drop and do ten pushups. Then do it along side them.

        That is what I did. This nips in the bud any disciplinary problems.

        Once a young person starts routinely having to do 50-60 pushups, it TOTALLY CHANGES their outlook. They will develop backbone. And no one can accuse you of being cruel. In fact, they will say, “Dad! Let’s have a contest.” You will do more, and that just makes them exercise more. Eventually at age 16-18, they will exceed your ability.

        I do NOT believe in spankings as that is not constructive. Pushups and situps are constructive.

        Anther EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE thing to try is this. Every week on Friday when your 1st-6th grader is in school, get a report from the teacher. If it’s good, promote them using the military system. That is what I did. Children begin as buck privates. And each week without incident and when performing well academically, then get raised in rank. If they do not do well academically, the stay the same rank. If they are discipline problems, they get reduced in rank.

        It was so successful, that they VOLUNTEERED to do it the next school year. I am totally serious.

        The result was extremely disciplined, well mannered, intelligent young men who could perform under pressure. They wanted to do sports, to exercise, were not acting out, etc.

        And then, this asssertive Alpha male behavior made it very easy for them to date. They had attention from young Christian ladies while in middle and high school.

        You have to do the pushups and situps with them. Then it is not a penalty. You become a TEAM. In fact, older brothers will volunteer to drop down and do it as well when their younger brothers mess up, so it builds espirt de corp.

      20. Grandparents should not just be indulging grandchildren. Train them ancestral skills. Take them hiking, doing wild edible and medicinal training. Go canoeing and rock climbing and whitewater rafting.

        Children from age 5-14 are very prone to wanting to please their elders if under an Alpha Wolf. They want to be a part of a pack. That is an opportunity to give them useful skills.

        Delay some repair project, and have them disassemble the device, putting the fastners in a container, and watching you ohm out a wire(checking continuity) and explain why you are troubleshooting by isolating the electrical issue. They eat that stuff up. Even some young girls will be interested.

        Girls like crafts, so make soap and perfume and press flowers with them. Have your wife (grandma) there to explain the value of being frugal. Make a dreamweaver from making the cordage, to finding the willow, to finding a shell or rock, to finding the feather.

        If you teach them correctly, they will be naturally amenable to becoming prepper/homesteaders themselves.

        Heck, once we had blacksmith come in at summer camp, which worried me, and he actually taught pretty young middle schoolers how to work metal. We had zero injuries or burns.

        • Can you imagine teaching girls…blacksmithing? He was fearless and a great mentor.

          Much of the Millennial rebellion is they did not do these practical ancestral skills; they are disconnected from the Earth. Additionally, this trains the mind when they see how many ancestral skills fit together. You cannot make soap without fat from a source, either animal or plant. You cannot soap without hardwood ashes and so basic chemistry. You use a potato like our kin did to test for pH. You create a mold. You gather flowers and herbs and oils to out that in the mix.

          It’s very comprehensive and NOT just buying a bar from a store.It teaches frugality and the value of hard work. Don’t be surprised if they invite a friend to come on your outings. Then they think you are a cool Grandpa who can do it all.

          Why would you do that? Then young minds start thinking and realize the VALUE of finding a “handy” or “crafty” person to date and marry. They then ignore useless people who are parasites and choose better spouses.

          Everything you do has a purpose when raising children and grandchildren and even great grandchildren.

        • Maranatha, all good and valid points whether the young people are actually family or not !

        • Couldn’t agree more. My wife’s sister’s kids are in mid-teens and don’t do anything but play video games when not in school. They never do any chores in the house because their mom thinks that isn’t kids stuff.

          One of them is obese and will definitely have health problems if they stay that way.

          I am afraid they are typical for their generation. Their mom never let them outside to play and they never learned basic things like how to ride a bike. I mentioned getting them to join the scouts or something and she just laughed at me and gave me a load of guff about how the military was never getting its hands on her boys. That’s your future generation! Fighting ready to take on Red China!! 🙂

          • I would applaud this woman for her courage to ensure the military does not get her kids. The balance of her parenting sounds like child abuse – literally.

            This woman should not be within 100 yards of a developing child.

      21. ht tps://www.ourstate.com/dont-like-southern-sweet-talk-honey-bless-your-heart/

        In the South and of course Western Kentucky, every female is called “Honey” on a routine basis as a sign of respect. She could be a baby or she could be a 90 year old lady. Heck she could have a face like a mule and still be called, “Hon”. It generally is a recognition that she is valuable even if others don’t see it.

        Yankees are weird. When I lived in Maine, some of them would glare when I said it, though most liked it.

      22. D_7vVOnpyJY
        No problemo, I can give much more criticism to the pinko and commie rags if you want. I routinely do.

        • oGxB-R34Lsc
          I propose we all start calling these snowflakes, “pinko” as it will offend almost all of them. In my day, we routinely said it, but now, almost no one says it.

          ht tps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinko
          It’s been used since 1925 and disappeared after 1980. Every leftish will have a hissy-fit.

          • 952h-AJ3Bcg
            Charlie Daniels “Uneasy Rider” (1972)

      23. Likely Venezuela training.

        • Highly agree.

        • Likely U.S. city training.

      24. Be careful going to church this morning as there may be black ice or actual ice in your region. We have that here which is unusual.

      25. Since the early days of the Korean War, the germ warfare scientists and the US military experimented with using a flea borne contagion as a military op.

        Since the early eighties, there was evidence that North Korea had begun an extensive program as above. It also was a rumored consideration by Jihadists.

        As such, it would be extremey naive to think the LA contagion is a natural event. It might be but it’s been a hundred years since that happened. Which is more likely?

        • It would be extremely simple to send in infected patsies by using illegal aliens, and thus they have NO useful intel and no idea they even are infected.

          And such folks could appear simutaneously in many urban environments to create a massive systemic contagion.

          And since illegal aliens use safehouse to move from city to city, then the infection would occur along those routes to infect even towns and villages.

          It would be the least expensive but highly effective way as an infected person might not show symptoms for 5-14 days, and meanwhile the fleas spread and multiply.

          And in a long delay between initial infection and symptoms, the survival rate drops as the antibiotic might not be the correct one, even if a physician is on the ball, and only when it’s severe they realize what it is.

          You really should read my comments in the Typhus topic on determining the cause.

      26. this is not an exercise people this is called evidence gathering. look at who owns these buildings. Freedom for the world is coming soon. Wake up people! Research for your self, do not believe what you are told. The Great Awakening is NOW!

      27. Your intro in this article begins with “WTF”. That’s offensive to many people and isn’t needed to gather interest in your article.

      28. Wake up folks. They are training on your turf to kill you and your families and your pets.

      29. Practice, practice, practice………Civil War 2.0 is coming !

      30. Best prepare for Civil War 2.0 because it’s coming soon !

      31. Practicing extraction of the gold bars.

        • Fleet of helicopters, definitely a hunting exposition. Extract the leader to murder him or steal the gold.

          Maybe they found bin laden hiding in an Exxon pumphouse

      32. I know this for sure. IF the helicopter in drown town LA maneuver was a planned training exercise, the military officials would have put out a public service announcement ahead of time. This will ALWAYS be the case. They likely would have even ran a warning in the paper and on the news to prevent civilians from freaking out. There are examples of this all over the country and across several yrs. This whole training in urban centers thing is pretty new but they will always put out that announcement. Another thing is that MOST training, like 99.9 % is done during the daylight & not at night. If this was training, they very likely would have done some runs during the day to get it down first and then do the much riskier night movement after dark but would deff not risk it without warning ppl. Another thing.. if it was training they would do many diff runs & exercises, for days or even weeks. One isolated training helicopter run in the middle of LA with zero warning doesn’t make sense at all. This doesn’t really add up to training in my mind. It is possible but extremely unlikely. *btw I paused your vid at the beginning to comment but then watched the video and seen that others are reiterating exactly what I said. This stuff will be common knowledge to anyone that has served.

      33. Try this in a 44 bulldog. Plastic shot capsule without base cap ,but paper towel wad and three oo buck balls at 1000 fps.? Non expansion frontal area 32 times 3? Multiple wound Chanel’s . Sub sonic. Easy reload cases.no rifling.no spent cases unaccounted. Very discreet?

      34. They are starting to freak out as now the deputy city attorney of LA has acquired Typhus. She probably will get a single dose of doxycycline and be fine. But the ONLY reason she will be fine is they definitively KNOW it’s Typhus. You wouldn’t in a collapse situation.

        The real question now is, how many people in LA have Typhus but are not showing signs yet as it can take 5-14 days to reveal them. Meanwhile, how far has it spread by an infected person with fleas then going to a new city???

        And in other news, a Mumps infection that started at an ICE facility is spreading in Houston.

        The Democrats are traitors exposing American citizens to mutiple disease because they represent illegal aliens NOT the citizens anymore. They are pandering for future votes. It’s not only disgusting, but moronic, and now destructive as well.

      35. ht tps://www.al.com/expo/news/g66l-2019/02/3b46e4f84e3044/flu-in-alabama-school-close-flu-widespread-in-birmingham-and-huntsville-how-to-protect-yourself.html

        Widespread flu in Alabama causing school closures.

      36. Plant lavender. Lavender repels disease carrying tics and fleas. Add lavender oil to apricot oil and use it on your skin. Fleas and tics will stay away. Add mint oil and rodents will avoid you.


      37. Strengthen your immune system. Get to toxins out of your life. Unpleasant emotions like fear and resentment lower your immunity. Deal with unresolved relationship stressors. Learn to meditate or pray the rosary or just chill.


      38. The toothpaste cannot be put back in the tube. The fight we speak of is coming regardless of anything Trump does. He is only one man fighting off a coup d’etat and surrounded by our enemies. They control the Media, Courts, Congress, Intelligence apparatus, etc., how much can one man do? The good news is that the “Deep State” Marxists have NO army to fight for them, US Army won’t do it, Illegal Immigrants won’t fight, China can’t transport enough troops and supplies across the ocean and the Europeans are pussies. All they have is a handful of government idiots (FBI and such), the ANTIFA “Hot Pocket” Army and a handful of Islamist’s and MS-13. None of which are a match for us if we stay smart and stand united. The most important thing is to fight this conflict on OUR terms, not theirs. Don’t let them antagonize us into making any moves before the time is right and believe me, you WILL know when that time comes. Our founding fathers suffered for many years but held firm until the British tried to seize weapons in mass and then they unleashed hell. The same tactic will work wonderfully for us too.
        Irons Up!!!!!

        • Oh bullshit nothing is going to happen. Most Americans are weak morons who like to talk a lot of shit and that’s it. communists have been taking over and Americans are more focused on the big game to really care about anything important.

          American men have become whining little fags who are too busy playing video games, looking pretty, and smoking dope while their country is being invaded by a force of third world lower iq shitheads.

      39. Despise censorship. Disqus is NO EXCUSE!!
        Despise Communist. Despise their useful idiot Lefties.
        Despise NWO social media mob thought control.

        SO SHOULD YOU.
        Right to keep Arms.
        “Gun control is hitting your target.”

        Lefties want your guns so you can’t say no to absolute TYRANNY.

        5g network is to surviel and make you ill. Then kill you with millimeter Ghz microwave energy. TRUMP funded accellerated 5g rollout. 5 G is to snoop and KILL you.
        Wake Up.

        Find grandfather Barry Trower on YouTube. He will educate you. Find Dana Ashlie on YouTube. Find Suspicious Observers on YouTube.

        TechMonopolyMafia is out to shut you up, snitch, snoop surviel, make you ill, then kill you.

        I piss on you political correct/Social Media mob.
        So should you.
        STAND UP

      40. …”For deployment” HERE! Their backup, the Russians, aren’t the only ones doing practice runs over America. The people can resist by eliminating what enables their enemies.

      41. And no keepers and bearers of arms securing their free state?

      42. Practicing gun confiscation. And, no keepers and bearers are securing their free state from it.

      43. GPS coordinates down, in some places.

        • They started that with the census.

          • I like to play with science toys and maps.

            But, you’d be screwed, if you got lost.

            I guess this is a psa, for people with a poor sense of direction.

            • Interesting point about the census, too.

              Now that I think about it, certified mail and the code inspectors have those digital clibboards, that beep.

              • GPS drone strike

                • Correct me, if I’m wrong, but ground beacons are not communicating with satellite or repeater, sometimes.

      44. I could make a list of 50 types of common chores a rural child could do by age 12 in 1919, and I would be willing to be the average urban child couldn’t do 5 of them.

        We are doomed. Lest people think I am overreacting, what the heck would these urban kids do if the power went off a month? What if we had mass contagion? What if WW3 was being waged and severe rationing occurred as in the USA but especially in the UK? Look up what the Brits went through from 1940-1945 and what it was like to be an English child.

        We are not equipping young people with the life skills they need to survive. And we have made the average young Christian into a weakling who cannot defend it. The people teaching the public schools are invariably Democrat leftists warping young minds.

      45. Here is how insane the leftist Los Angeles politicians are. You can’t fix stupid.

        htt ps://www.frontpagemag.com/point/272824/los-angeles-sanctuary-city-illegal-aliens-and-daniel-greenfield

        “It’s official.

        Los Angeles officially declared itself a “sanctuary city” Friday against the backdrop of the Trump administration’s tough policies aimed at illegal immigrants.

        The City Council voted 12-2 to approve the non-binding resolution nearly a year and a half after it was first proposed. Other cities like have adopted their own sanctuary city policies.

        Friday’s resolution declares Los Angeles to be a “City of Sanctuary, protecting the human rights of all our residents.”
        “We declare, for all those who have been under attack in this Trump era, that this city, in this day, in this time, will be a city of sanctuary,” City Councilman Gilbert Cedillo said. “It will be a place where people will know that they will be judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin, and not by who they choose to love, and not by when they got here. They will be judged by their contributions to our city.”

        Like typhus .

        The first case of typhus in southern California was linked to Mexican refugees.

        Dr. L.M. Powers, a Los Angeles physician, was the first to spot it. “The first recognized and recorded cases of typhus fever in southern California occurred in the summer of 1916, when many Mexicans came to this section during a civil war in their own country,” he wrote in a paper published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

        The rise of typhus cases in California a century ago led to a campaign that included the delousing of anyone coming into the United States from certain parts of Mexico.

        The ambitious 2,000 mile quarantine ultimately proved to be a success, preventing Mexico’s typhus outbreaks from spreading into the United States. But it also claimed a toll with at least one inspector, David M. White, conducting disinfection procedures, contracting typhus and dying of the disease.

        Now Los Angeles has a typhus outbreak.”

      46. I have no idea how many soldiers were in this war drill, but every single one needs to be examined and tested and potentially just automatically given a dose of doxycycline…just to be 100% sure.

        There is a rapid test for Typhus that looks at IgM. That would be the fastest way to begin and I would automatically use at LEAST diatomaceous earth dusting on every soldier.

        If even a couple of soldiers bring back infected fleas back to the barracks, the contagion could spread.

        • I don’t get mad over disagreements. I don’t care ultimately what people believe or who they sleep with. I don’t care if people are freakin’ communists.

          What makes me angry is willful neglect of patients and putting the citizen’s lives at risk with boneheaded obstinate unscientific policies that risks contagion.

          Other than that, when someone willfully thinks Nature is something they don’t need and calls it scenery while trashing the wilderness.

      47. The specific name for the bacteria is Orientia tsutsugamushi. Rickettsiaceae is the family name. Several disease states involve that family.

        ht tps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orientia_tsutsugamushi

        Orientia tsutsugamushi (from Japanese tsutsuga meaning “illness”, and mushi meaning “insect”) is a mite-borne bacterium belonging to the family Rickettsiaceae and is responsible for a disease called scrub typhus in humans. [1] It is a natural and an obligate intracellular parasite of mites belonging to the family
        Trombiculidae .[2][3] With a genome of only 2.4–2.7 Mb, it has the most repeated DNA sequences among bacterial genomes sequenced so far. The disease, scrub typhus, occurs when infected mite larvae accidentally bite humans. Primarily indicated by undifferentiated febrile illnesses, the infection can be complicated and often fatal.

      48. In a worst case scenario, instead of fleas, the bacteria could infect chiggers which are ubiquitous and tiny in just about all parts of the USA. It would be nigh impossible eradicate them, so then they would take hold, and Typhus would become endemic to a region ie creating a constant issue and routine exposurejust by being outside.

        Is their a single prepper who hasn’t got a chigger bite when out hunting, trapping, fishing, gardening, collecting wild edibles, etc?

        • During WW2, the most common way a US soldier acquired Typhus was by a chigger bite. That should alarm you.

          ht tps://www.motherearthnews.com/natural-health/get-rid-of-chiggers-zmaz05jjzsel

      49. 9I0Dk4i4Vjs
        This is the urban training simulated village at Ft. Knox, KY. Many groups rotate through there to get some training before being deployed.

      50. The us federal government/organized crime syndicate is probably getting ready to stage another false flag operation against the public for the new world order agenda.

      51. There’s a military rationale to the tune of 1/2 a billion, but it’s in holding.

        • htt ps://www.military.com/daily-news/2018/06/24/army-spending-half-billion-train-troops-fight-underground.html

      52. According to the news in the last week, the LA Public Health officials knew about Typhus among the homeless for MONTHS.

      53. ht tps://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/typhus-zone-rats-trash-infest-los-angeles-skid-row-fueling-n919856

        That’s in mid October which means they had reports in September which got assembled and collated and given as report.

        They didn’t care and then it got grew out of control! See it is only homeless people sick and dying…

      54. LA may be a training site because of its climatic similarity with Venezuela assuming this training is related. LA is also almost ground zero for a major earthquake. Is it possible that the training is to familiarize the pilots and crews to locate the “people worthy of saving” while holding back those who are not? I think of the evacuation of the US embassy in Saigon in 1975. With all of the kayos such a “triage by position and wealth” would be one of the easiest cover ups ever done. The helicopter crews and soldiers (holding back the more needy masses) will be portrayed as heroes. This of course would have to occur in the hours preceding “the big one” because the aftermath is likely too late. It’s illogical that the great masses would receive an evacuation order although word would spread that, “those tremors are getting worse” and officially they would be assured that “everything is fine” while the chosen are evacuated.

        Just a thought.

      55. gDfUi116zwM
        There were crazy refugees trying to crawl up in the wheelwells of planes to escape Vietnam, who then fell to their doom.

        If they evaced LA, they would yank INFRAGARD and the politician scum, and then critical infrastructure tier one, and then possibly tier two.
        ht tps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/InfraGard
        ht tps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Critical_infrastructure_protection

      56. 7 And they asked him, saying, Master, but when shall these things be? and what sign will there be when these things shall come to pass? 8 And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ ; and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them. 9 But when ye shall hear of wars and commotions, be not terrified: for these things must first come to pass; but the end is not by and by.
        Witnessing to All Nations
        (Matthew 24:9-14; Mark 13:10-13)

        10 Then said he unto them, Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom:
        11 And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.
        12 But before all these, they shall lay their hands on you, and persecute you , delivering you up to the synagogues, and into prisons, being brought before kings and rulers for my name’s sake.
        Luke 21:7-12


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