World’s Largest iPhone Assembly Plant Under A New LOCKDOWN In China

by | Nov 2, 2022 | Headline News

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    The largest iPhone assembly plant in the world is under a new lockdown. The factory in Zhengzhou, in China, is owned by Foxconn and is also Apple’s largest iPhone supplier.

    The Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, located in central China’s Henan province, is imposing “silent management measures,” according to a report by Reuters. The factory has been ordered to complete a seven-day lockdown.

    The lockdown comes as Apple works to meet the demand for some of its new iPhones, which launched in September. Apple CEO Tim Cook, speaking to CNBC about the company’s fiscal Q4 earnings on October 27, said that the company’s high-end iPhone 14 Pro phones remain supply constrained.

    A spokesperson for the Taiwanese firm, officially known as Hon Hai Technology Group, told CNBC that operation and production at its Zhengzhou facility are “relatively stable with health and safety measures for employees being maintained.”

    Zhengzhou has been battling a new wave of Covid. The city has locked down some districts as China pushes ahead with its zero-Covid policy, using testing and lockdowns to try and tackle the virus.

    China Doubles Down On Zero COVID Policy By Expanding Lockdowns

    Earlier this month, Foxconn implemented more COVID-19 protocols and virus prevention measures.  Some of them included requiring employees to have a COVID test within 24 hours of them entering the Zhengzhou premises and urging them to get vaccinated.

    Mainstream media continues to warn that some regions in the United States are also experiencing some COVID-19 outbreaks. California is said to be grappling with the flu, RSV, and COVID-19 variants all at once. If that’s true, could we be facing another lockdown in the U.S. as cold and flu season advances?


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