Witness Video: Dallas Street Beat Down As Man Repeatedly Uppercuts Woman: “He Charged At Me And He Just Kept Hitting Me”

by | Mar 22, 2019 | Headline News | 119 comments

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    Dallas police have arrested Austin Shuffield, a Deep Ellum Bartender who was caught on witness video repeatedly assaulting 24-year old L’Daijohnique Lee.

    According to witnesses, Lee had pulled her vehicle over for a short period of time while dropping a friend off in the nightlife district of Downtown Dallas. Shuffield reportedly confronted the woman for blocking the entrance to the lot. Lee says Shuffield approached her vehicle after she eventually parked her car in an attempt to get a picture of her license plate, to which Lee told him to “get back or else she would mace him.”

    Shuffield reportedly had a gun in his hand at the time, leading Lee to call police on her cell phone, which is around the time the following video begins.

    In it, Shuffield can first be seen slapping the cell phone out of Lee’s hand, and then proceeding to level numerous punches to her head after she attempted to punch back following his initial attack.

    A witness recorded the entire event via phone and at one point it shows the man, identified as Shuffield, pull out a gun during the confrontation.

    He never points it at Lee or threatens her with it, however. “I got scared, I was like ‘you have a gun?’ The first thing I thought to do was call the police,” she said.

    Authorities wrote that Lee said she then went to call 911, which is when Shuffield can be seen in the video slapping a phone out of her hand and kicking it away from her.

    “He charged at me, and he just kept hitting me, and I was like ‘ok, ok, ok’,” Lee said.

    Source: WFAA

    Lee can be seen punching the woman at least five times, with several uppercuts being delivered:

    Shuffield, who appears in the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department photo above, has been charged with Assault.


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      1. I guess he was really upset that LeDijonmustard Lee wasn’t Grey Poupon.

        • He must be a punypuss to be beating on a woman.

          • Menzo, if that scumbag had pulled anything on me he would’ve gotten some 9mm 124-grain JHP for his trouble. He must’ve been on something jumping on that woman for no good reason.

            • Not defending what that scumbag did at all because hitting a woman like that is never ok, but she isn’t too bright either. He bats the phone away and then she takes a punch at a guy that she already knows has a gun. Neither one of these people should be allowed to pollute the gene pool with their seed.

              • Yes the poor poor little barslut.

                • Fook that fat assed nagger beech. If some nagger beech assaulted me it would be on! I would beat the living fook out of that ho! Hit a woman? Fuck ya I would! You wanna play man games and think you can just punch me? Try it fat ho and find out the consequences….

                  • I would never throw the first punch by the way. I would defend myself with whatever it takes though. That beech is just an ape not a woman lol.

              • An Excellent Survival Tip: If an armed man knocks the phone out of your hand…walk away!

                • Naggers do this shit to white women/ men everyday. Don’t make headlines does it? Fook that guy her nagger BF will probably kill him. Thats what naggers do. Who cares?????

                  • Genius, all true but the reality is this will make headlines against whites and what was the point anyway ? This is very counter productive and well past ignorant and simply wrong. He will get a beat down at some point and all whites as well via PRAVDA/MSM because the deal is rigged bigly against whites which is why they should NEVER shoot themselves in the foot like this idiot did !

                    Fortunately this happened as well.

                  • What the fuck are you talking about. We need a translator for what the hell you said! Damn!

                    • He’s a racist without the balls to speak clearly. Like most of them.

                    • I’m sorry… you need an IQ above room temp. to get it.

                  • You got that right, the savage apes.

                • Yes, just walk away. It ain’t worth it.

              • Seen the hood rat sistah girl act many times. They have a sense of invincibility & entitlement especially if it involves a Caucasian interfering with them doing just as they please. I never advocate hitting a woman but she was just stupid to bow up on a guy holding a handgun. Maybe he learned something but somehow I doubt she did.

                • Totally agree…

                • Totally agree too

              • That’s a good way to sum up the whole thing 🙂

            • I would have sent him to hell with the help of a Ruger………

          • Self entitled, “modern”, self actualised, black woman.
            Blocks driveway, threatens to mace, threatens to call Police on a dirtbag. That dirtbag having a bad day prior, or maybe after a few beers? Maybe he just broke up with girlfriend/wife? Mayb he just got off work and had to put up with the bosses or the customers BS all night?

            This is end result.
            Black woman reaped consequences of acting like typical black woman.

            Women always say they want equal rights and treatment.
            Unfortunatly This lady got equal rights.

            This is why you don’t get in confrontations.
            You don’t know who you are dealing with.

            For example. If this man had done that to my sister or wife. Either one of them would have spit the blood out of their mouths, wiped blood out of their nose on shirt sleeve. Then they would have gotten thier gun. Emptied it into the woman beater. Then they would drop empty mag, reload, empty that one into him.

            That would have been consequence of this woman beater messing with and beating someone that he had no idea who he was dealing with.

            I would never beat my wife. Because unlike the woman beater, I know who I’m dealing with. I have to sleep sometime. My wife would cut my throat in my sleep. Or give me great sex to distract, then plunge a wooden stake in my heart.

            The woman beater is lucky he didn’t try that idiocy on my woman. Only Police calling would be to pick up his dead corpse riddled with bullets. She is a good shot.

            • Sheesh! What a monster your wife must be to have you that scared! Most wives LOVE their husbands and are deeply hurt if they are mistreated. Indeed, they tend to blame themselves even in cases where it is a really bad man in the couple. So when your wife decides there is enough money in the estate, sleep with one eye open!

            • Damn dawg… I’m glad is you your wife is married to and not me!

          • Hope he gets shanked in prison

          • Are you sure Lee is a woman?

          • If a woman hits a man, expect to get hit back. And whiteknights and cucks like you can as well. Beta male.

        • She slaps, maybe he makes one reactionary punch, but a beat down like this is uncalled for. He should be charged with assault and battery. This is not a matter of skin color, right is right and wrong is wrong. Trekker Out

          • I think they should both be charged, perhaps his charges more severe than hers because I agree with you, beyond the first punch it’s a beatwodn. But the truth is that the woman is loitering, who knows to what end, and she is a nuisance to everyone who conducts their normal lives in the area, so I don’t think she should get a pass just because she got the beating.

        • They do need to also ticket her for the parking problem.
          But we all know it is about to be only one side.
          shame on Dallas for not coming after both parties for being the way in the wrong.

          He will be really screwed in the legal system he is white.

          She did offer to mace him. So they were both armed. She had the brains to not up it to that level.
          So I would not see this as a gun crime as they both showed the skills to hold back.

          She had no right to come at him for the pic. of her plate, He is in public area.
          Not saying I want my pic. taken but not like in public space we have the right to say no.
          He also should not have put his hands on her.
          Both should be jailed. I see all the parties in the wrong.

          But did she not slap his phone as he took a pic? Did she not hit first?
          This would then be added she said I have made as he pulled his gun.
          I would beat anyone that hit me. Then say you have made and I see it or not.
          I would beat you till I know you could not mace me.

          I am not sure if he did wrong in this case.
          This would the legal side of things in court.

          Wish this video had a full one min. before so we could get more of the real sorry.

          The cops that failed to charge her should be fired. She hit first.
          The prosecutor should be in jail for inciting a posable riot over frame this case wrong.
          Or at a min lose his legal lic as a idiot.

          • Bryan R, what atupid and weak comment. Yes whites always get the short end of the stick these days. But this was straight up wrong and past ignorant ! Many of these comments help the SPLC and others you fucking morons. Bad parking does NOT equal a beat down !

            Why feed the apes ?

            • DowntoEarthThinking, agreed. The whole affair should have been handled differently. Bad parking is not something worth fighting over. But I still agree with the others that the white male is being treated unfairly. And I don’t care what the anti-white, anti-American, anti-Christian SPLC thinks. If they target me they do so at their own peril.

            • The SPLC is about to face some serious legal problems for corruption and malfeasance, so I wouldn’t worry to much about them.
              It’s not enough to be tough, we gotta be smart as well because yes, the justice system, pressured by the main stream media, is now conditioned to treat white folk as guilty-until-proven-innocent instead of the other way around, especially in large cities controlled by liberals. I agree that this barslut is loitering (probably turning tricks), and she has no business taking the guy’s picture.

              But here are this guy’s problems:
              1)He is an idiot. You only pull a gun when you’ve already decided you have no other choice but to use it. You don’t use a firearm for intimidation. That’ll get you in trouble with the law anywhere.
              2)He swats the phone out of her hand and she punches him. To that point she’s the one committing assault. He reacts and punches her once. To that point can both be charged. But he goes on to punch her five times, and the last four she is not even fighting back. That’s what gets him the assault charge. Had he punched her once he would have walked away with some sort of fine for that, and something for showing the gun.

            • Relax yourself and go and sit on the toilet, do your business and sniff really hard and take in the flava’ you fool. That trick got what she deserved. Those critters are an out of control menace to society period.

      2. women think thay can say or do anything to a man thay want she hit him first she deserves an ass woopin

      3. I’m pretty sure I don’t really about either one.

      4. I saw this on the news last night. This article failed to say that he was drunk at the time and has already been fired. He has been charged with several offenses in this case and needs to spend a few years behind bars.

        I will say the victim is a pretty tough woman. I’ve seen many men that couldn’t take a punch like her, especially as many as she took. She never went down and didn’t look any worse for wear when they interviewed her.

      5. Notice in that tweet, the clown black dude I am sure, goes out of his way to say guy is hitting a BLACK female…like it is really necessary for that noise. Thanks to Barry Hussein O’Bananas 8 years of torture and all of that rest, these fools bring up race every single chance they get. They can all drop dead and I will shed ZERO tears. I hope he beat the hell out of that she-boom. Nice name the ape has too. . .

        • The guy is an idiot. You don’t pull a gun unless you’re going to use it. Just for that he’s in trouble. He can’t punch worth a damn either. He hits the bitch with three straight right hands and two upper cuts and she is still standing.

      6. According to the justice department, 30,000 black men violently attacked and rape white women every year in the USA. Where are their stories? Why show one case of a white man hitting a black female?


        • Cause it is the liberal thing to do.

        • Because it fits the narrative that the White Male is the great oppressor. Everyone should watch this video because it outlines what is happening and why. The Cold Civil War is Ending!


          • That was dead on. The liberals will burn this country down to get at the white man. I really don’t get it. If trump wins 2020 I wouldn’t be in any liberal city because they will be burning them down. What’s this guys name?

            • Mr. pickles, That’s a good question. His YouTube Channel page states: “Coach Red Pill” is a fucking retarded pseudonym—but it helps keep me on point as to what I want to accomplish with this channel: I’m here to help younger guys figure out the world they’re living in, and get ahead in their lives.

              This is the first video I have seen from him but it was spot on!

          • Just remember: All true morals derive exclusively from biological considerations.

          • wow, that was on point.

          • This guy is spot on, except the shooting was most likely staged. Seen the video with the missing expelled ammo casings.

          • Justice I enjoyed the video, it was very informative. But I have a few of my own takes I want to ask you and everyone else what they think. I agree with what he said. We are under attack, and the white make particularly. It seems like it is nonstop biracial tv commercials with the black man and the white woman. Tv portraying the black man as a great role model and farther, and we know the truth on those two categories. They are brain washing are white forks that you have children with the black man, and brain washing our white boys that they are inferior to the black man or anyone of color. They want to make us the worker bee or completely feminize is until we are broke physically and mentally. When this civil war starts it’s going to be 50% of the white race if that versus the other 50% snowflakes and race haters joined in with all the blacks and Muslims. And once they get what they want from the snow flakes they will get rid of them also. Us ‘Red Dawn’ generation is the last to defend the country. When I say ‘Red Dawn generation’ I mean the boys who played outside emulating their grandpas and dads from the greatest generation and Korea and Vietnam wars playing to beat the Russians if they invaded us. I remember having Cold War drills in elementary school. Then the movie Red Dawn came out. So that’s what I mean by the Red Dawn generation. And now we are getting some age on us. Hollywood and our politicians are ruining our country and brainwashing our kids. I hope this thing kicks off soon if it is going to? But I say this, these radicals going on and shooting isn’t victims are helping the cause. Why don’t they go to the hood and wipe out drug dealers and gang members? Go out in a blaze of glory leaving behind a not that they took out some armed trash?? Oh no, it’s lets go shoot a bunch of unarmed innocent people of color to really make us hated even more!!! They aren’t helping out cause. Mark my words they are coming for more then our guns. It’s our land and homes and anything we own. Then they are going to send us to the reservations!! That’s their plan.

        • Honeypot, all true and the answer is a very simple one.

          PRAVDA/MSM, the propaganda arm of the DEM/DSA and DNC as well the RINOs. Yes it is 100% slanted, but that is not anything new at all except to the idiots juts now realizing it ? All the more reason not to do what this fool did to be used as ammunition against whites ! Why give then fuel for the fire ? Follow Tiny Toes responses, not this idiot.


        • homeypot wrote:

          “According to the justice department, 30,000 black men violently attacked and rape white women every year in the USA. Where are their stories? Why show one case of a white man hitting a black female?”
          ANSWER: Because its despicable no matter who does it!!

          I’m a white female, I went into foster care to avoid being further molested by my white step father. I got out and was on my own– living in a nice apartment. I went out one night and got gang raped (they were talking of killing me with a knife). Later, I was kidnapped. Later, I was date raped. Later, I was attacked by my stepfather’s male kinfolks (two of them).

          In all these situations, I was abused by men of all different colors and back grounds: Spanish, whites and blacks, etc…. it just keeps coming. (I REALLY NEED A GUN TO DEFEND MYSELF!!) But the point is, I was abused mostly by whites but also by blacks and also by Hispanic. All females need to be trained in self defense/gun lessons.


          • Anonymous, I am very sorry that you have been treated so terribly. You are a strong courageous person to endure such hard times. I wish you all the best and remember that there are support groups out there that can help. It’s not weakness to seek help when we need it.

            I will never understand why women don’t believe in concealed/open carry because firearms ARE the “Great Equalizer”. Women need to shout what you said from the rooftops, ” All females need to be trained in self defense/gun lessons”.

            I hope you stay around and post some!

          • Anon
            Not sure of your age?
            But here is what the old man told me:
            1. “Nothing good happens past 10pm, especially Fri/Sat night.”
            He also said:
            2. “Avoid Stupid Times. Be home by 10pm”
            3. “Avoid Stupid Places: (bars/night clubs, strip joints, pool halls)”
            4. “Avoid Stupid people. Coose your friends carefully:
            (no drunks, no dopers, no criminals)”
            5. “Avoid confrontations. You have no idea who you are dealing with.”
            6. “Don’t follow the crowd. Be your own person.”

            Dad was right.
            My high school friends are mostly dead, car wrecks, in jail, problem lives.

            Me? I’m doing fine. I didn’t always listen. After a car load of my friends who were partying DIED in car crash. Only reason I was not there is because I had a date. That date is now my wife. Well after they all died I followed the old man’s words. His words saved my life.

            I am sorry you have gone through so much Anon.
            But behaivior and choices has consequences.
            A woman can not go out slutted up.
            Get drunk among strangers.
            Be out late and end up alone with unknown people.
            Change your lifestyle and life choices.

            When my wife travels she does not dress sexy, she dresses butch, jeans, loose flannel shirt , ball cap, work boots, and is armed with pepper spray and two guns, and a knife, cell phone w/charger, back up prepaid cell w/charger. AAA road service, auto insurance road service as backup, and she checks in along route. Never stops at road rest stops. Only fuels at bright light areas. So far no issues.

            I am not saying anything that happened to you is deserved or your fault. Bad things happen to good people everyday.
            Bad things sometimes happens to the best people. It seems the best people have bad experiences.

            Choices have consequences.
            Change your lifestyle and choices, Anon.

            People you associate with.

            I am always home by 10pm. Because my old man’s advice is right. He is a wise man.
            May his words help you. Best luck.

          • I don’t know what part of town or what type of people you were around but you need to do some serious rethinking on those subjects girl come on or maybe you liked that treatment I have no idea.

        • You are a fuckibg lie! Black dont tape and assault white woman like you are stating you racist white stupid person. Your statistics are a damn lie! Stop lying to make your white face seem innocent. Your race assault, are scammers on Anerucan Greed, have stole peoples land rapes, and assault people for centuries. Si, shut the fuck up!

          • Your village called. They want their idiot back.

        • You are a damn lie and spreading propaganda. You are racist so what about how white folks have stole peoples land, rapes, and murdered millions of people. No yall arecthe ones who have taped 30,000 women when conquering countries you asshole!Get your facts right you dumb fuck!

          • Not sure why people want to bring up just the crimes of whites alone and ignore the fact the Portuguese were the ones who brought 80% of black slaves to america and their own African tribal chiefs just made a public apology to the United nation for their ancestor selling there own people to slavery. Plus stealing land, mass genocide and all the other things u mention happened in bigger scales through out history by every culture if not prove European whites were the only ones to do this.i think it’s a sob story to pardon yourselves of your own crimes kinda like I’m breaking the law or defending my friend that’s breaking the law because white people stole our land so it’s OK to commit crimes now because we were slaves and we’re subjected to racism even tho modern black people have never had to deal with anything their ancestors had to deal with.seems like some blacks are more racist than whites nowadays.

          • Carol must be black since she’s standing up for black criminals. She needs to go to usdoj.gov and their bureau of justice statistics. They speak volumes. Black males are more likely than any other group of people in this country to commit serious and violent crimes and the number of black females doing those things has already increased to some degree. I’m not afraid to speak the truth.

      7. Alcohol + assholes = Trouble

      8. Actually,Honeypot,there is more black on black crime than black on white. Either way,she should have brought more than a can of mace to a gunfight.

      9. Equal lefts to go with your equal rights.

        World’s smallest violin.

      10. Looking for plans on how to build an underground shelter. All help appreciated.

        • southside, check out the Atlas Survival Shelters channel on YouTube. They have some great tips. For example, a person does not have to stay “protected/underground longer than 3 Days in a Nuclear Exchange!

          I saw construction plans for a “Do It Yourself” bomb shelter but can’t find it right now. If I find it I’ll let you know. This article “How to Build A Bomb Shelter: The Survivalist Guide to Protection Against Bomb Fallout” has some good info:



        • southside, I just posted a reply but forgot to fill in the name and stuff, hopefully it will show up at some point.

          • Ok,Justice, I will keep dropping in your look for it

            • southside, apparently my previous post is gone. So to summarize that post I stated that in a nuclear war/exchange a person does not have to stay protected/shielded for more than a MAXIMUM of 3 days!! It is a common misconception that people have to go underground for months. Consequently, a shelter does not have to be an elaborate/complicated setup.

              Which brings me to the source of that info.; Atlas Survival Shelters “The World’s Largest Fallout Shelter Factory”. They have a New YouTube Channel that is a good source of prepper information.

              I saw “plans” for a good simple fallout shelter from the 1950’s but cannot find it now. Sorry. But the topic of “fallout shelters ranges from as simple as setting up a sand bag fort in a basement and a good gas mask and filter to installing an Atlas Shelter.

            • southside, check out this YouTube video. It REALLY got my interest!

              How To Create a Watertight Underground Bunker & Food Cache for $699

        • Bury a cargo container? With big rocks for drainage underneath? Most everything else will collapse sooner?

          • You cannot bury a shipping container it will collapse. They are not made for side or top pressure. And they are not watertight. Your best bet is to make a bunker out of concrete with a gravel floor for drainage. Plaster the walls with a mix of portland cement and colloidial silver, this will prevent mold from growing. Or get a big plastic cistern tank or septic tank and bury it. Get a manhole extension for it too. Be sure to pipe air into it also.

            • I just thought it would be the quickest way to get something that would last a little while. That why the question marks. Building cement forms and getting cement trucks in fabing rebar would be best but time and money consuming. But you are right rebar poured concrete would last much longer.

            • If you want to be too cool for skool you can put in a black 2 inch pipe up to the surface and camo it above and use it to stick a periscope up and see whats going on outside too! Also remote cams and a vid monitor inside. I could make the most badassed bunker you can imagine! Mines, traps, surveillance, you name it all cheap too! And all controlled from your safe zone below. If you got the money… I got the plans! 😀

      11. Looked like a domestic squabble, not a stranger crime.

      12. Why does anyone name a child with a name that they will have to repeat several times and then spell every time? With all the great names out there like Susan, Diane, Emily, etc. to choose from they chose L’Daijohnique.

      13. Personally, I think the important thing to note here is that he never pointed the gun at her not did he shoot at her. Obviously he should not have hit her. She should have walked away. Neither did what a smart person would have done.

      14. Oh jeez…another bartender……hope he’s not running for congress.

        • Jim, if the guy is a bartender I’ll bet he develops a drinking problem now considering what he’s going through.

      15. He has a long beard so he must be from the survivalist community. ATTACK!!!!

        • Ya the beard is terrorist. Survivalists are state enemies.

      16. Sounds like a lot of folks here have lived sheltered lives. Ever have to deal with a rabid sheboon? They usually need a beat down.

        • Around the metro DC area, I’ve seen this sheboon tactic many times by various people of color. If anything is said, the cry is “raciss!” Some people are getting tired of being a public doormat. This guy took it too far.

          What have I seen?

          * Drivers in cars going opposite directions carrying on a conversation until the traffic jam is too big to ignore. It can take 4-6 cars to back up.

          * Drivers doing all sorts of illegal things like blocking parked cars and driveways with a driver inside wishing to continue their business. Oh, they are always only going to be a moment and seldom is. (I don’t ask anymore.)

          * Big-arsed SUV hogging two parking places.

          * While going to park the vehicle and it’s very clear what you are doing, you are zoomed past closely and either lose your spot or at least scares the tar out of you.

          * In store check-out lines, two people walk up. If only one is white, guess who gets served first.

          * Looking for help from a clerk (office or shop)? You’ll be waiting a while (if at all) if you’re not the preferred color. Phone calls (assuming the call actually ends or continues while you do business), coworkers, and some bro they haven’t seen since oh yesterday are all more important.

          I could go on. I’m sure this list could be added on for a long time.

          The point is certain people don’t understand how good they have it. If they were treated equally, they wouldn’t like it.

          Understand that I have friends of all flavors. I could not explain this to most of them because they would not believe it. Some would because the intensity of skin shade matters in their world too. I was amazed when I heard that.

        • I know I’ve had more than one black person block my driveway and also same problem with my mother’s driveway. These people have no respect for other people’s rights. There are also white people who have blocked my driveway, same no respect attitude. Get this, also had a K-9 police unit block my driveway; had to call dispatch to get car moved because didn’t know where cop was. NO RESPECT again! There are some people who don’t understand anything but a beat down. I won’t even use someone’s drive to turn around. According to this story it started because she was blocking entrance to parking lot when dropping someone off, couldn’t the person be dropped off on the curb? I reiterate No brains, no respect.

      17. If shuffield pulled a gun while he was beating her, that should be included in the charges.

        • That’s right! He should be charged with NOT shooting that stupid ho!

      18. No excuse for that.

        • I beg to differ.
          A republic, which most Americans still believe we live in, is based on a foundation OF LAWS. We have laws prohibiting blocking the entrance/exit of any building, business or residential, for a REASON! This is just like AntiFa blocking traffic on a public roadway at rush hour, or Black Lives Matter destroying neighborhoods. None of this is legal or acceptable behavior! If WE dont act like arrogant, inconsiderate jerks, then
          why on earth is it ok for these people to behave that way?! Do you give THEM a free pass because they are black?! Do you think they arent intelligent enough to know the difference between right and wrong?! This is the greatest nation because we are ALL equal under the law! That means NO SPECIAL TREATMENT, NO FAVORITISM, NO FREE PASSES!
          We are tired of the pathetic way many of our “countrymen/women” insist on catering to the badly behaved foreigner and minority populations. It is the height of stupidity and it has to stop. Nobody in their right mind allows a bratty 5 year old to dictate the course of their life to them! This is no different. She laid her hands on him when he slapped her phone away. Why on earth would she do that? I sure as hell wouldnt have, but then I wouldnt have done everything SHE DID to piss him off in the first place! How HARD IS THAT?!
          A woman baiting a man beyond his capacity to handle it is just begging for trouble. She is NOT the victim here!

          • Without the previous video, it is hard to substantiate your claim. But my previous experience in such occasions tell me that she was running her mouth and when she took her opportunity to slap him, he didn’t like that.

            Who knows what that woman said to him, but I’d bet it was extremely disparaging (as is their common practice).

            His messup was slapping the phone out of her hand. Actions from that point could/should have been avoided. At that point, she should not have tried to hit him (her messup).

            I hope they both are held accountable.

          • Terry, welcome and everything you said is true. There should never be any special treatment for any group of people, period. There is supposed to be equal treatment under the law for all groups of people.

      19. Hope he’s not in any trouble. All black females deserve a beating, or worse.

      20. How does this compare to what the blacks now in power in South Africa are doing? If you want to get rid of a fair amount of white guilt fairly quick and for certain, read about , TallBulls summit springs payback, or Matilda Lockhart Comanche captive or Racheal Plummer or Sara Ann horn or Herman Lehman or Clinton and Jeff Smith or so many others ,or the Gates of Vienna battle skinning or the Mongols genocide methods , or the Haiti massacre,or the Spanish Moro genetics concistador atrocities ,or the Aztec foreign tribe human sacrifices, then maybe the truth will set you free?

        • I’m sure it all sounded fantastic in your head, but you’re rambling and not making any sense. The Mongols genocide methods? Spanish moro genetics? Haiti Massacre?
          What’s your point? That we should get rid of white guilt? I agree, but the rambling that follows shows you don’t know much about the things you’re citing and takes credibility away from what you’re saying.

      21. he shoulda used his foot

        • Indeed, he should have gone full kung fu on her! I imagine he had to use a lot of hand sanitizer after that lol.

      22. What I find atrocious is people recording this kind of stuff and not helping at all…just like that 85 year old in the subway being kicked in the head and body repeatedly and no one is bbn lifting a finger to help her. This world is evil…

        • No one is helping her because they probably seen the whole situation unfold and knew she deserved it plus no one wants to get involved in a crime happening with a guy with a gun.

      23. That’s the exact reasons we have laws, to prevent traffic jams, open place for fire trucks if fire occurs,handicap spaces, all minor offenses if broken but when people think it’s OK to break laws or they think it doesnt apply things like this might also occur because the general public might take it on themselves to enforce the law which ie. Might go bad very quickly.While I don’t think he should of hit her with those uppercut shots she kinda ask for it considering she knew he had a gun and swung on him, he could of shot her dead.road rage could escalate quite quickly.i don’t think color or sex has anything to do with it, she clearly got treat with equal rights.when people are road raging doesn’t matter who or what you are anger is blinding! Both of them need a short vacation stay in jail her for causing it him for escalating it and call it even probably should take his gun for a bit until he passes some psychological test but there both in the wrong but system is shot everything is reverse so he will get the brunt end of the stick while she got away with breaking traffic laws,inciting violence,assault, tampering with evidence as he was trying to get her plates.she ate those shots tho…

      24. All dude with beards are dangerous. New narrative

      25. If you think that a NAPA gets to shut down white businesses, you were just here to monitor the posts.

      26. Just my two cents:

        We live in a land where we cherry pick which laws to obey; which laws to prosecute; which folks to ticket. In a “Land of laws”, cherry picking is not a good thing. We are well on our way to anarchy. And in anarchy there is no law – only survival.

        Maybe I’m wrong and I’m being a bit too fatalistic. But this sure isn’t the country I grew up in.

        • Guanoman, good post. I want the country I grew up in BACK!

      27. Nightlife district of Downtown Dallas, a city of 1.3 million people. You make the decision to go there, you accept the risks.

        America’s large cities are today’s Sodom. Let God deal with them. My tribe is of rural folk.

      28. Thank God, some of you are Gentlemen…

        Crazy Horse was an Indian who often went up against the enemy when he was greatly outnumbered! He was greatly admired by whites as well as the Indians for his profound courage and bravery!!

        On the other hand, “men” who hit/abuse/dominate women (who they know can’t retaliate) are cowards. Its easy to hit and attack others when you know they can’t hit back! (Its called being a bully/coward). Only crazy horse and other brave men go up against others when the odds are against them.

        My sister was like Crazy Horse– she often went up against men who were abusing others– sometimes she got beat up herself. But she was truly brave!! Like Crazy Horse!! (She was the most courageous person I ever knew!)

        In the end, her half brother started abusing her and she couldn’t fight back. Just feel the stress. That was all that was left. And she died.

      29. He HAD to beat her – — or he would be sued for SEXUAL DISCRIMINATION …. equal treatment — that is what women demand

      30. Iron Mike can take a punch, hahahahahahah

      31. I watched the Video, and to start with he had no right to slap the phone out of her hand, which caused her to slap him in response, but the real shame is to read the comments on this article. We face a real danger from TPTB but I can see that there are many that supposedly are on our side that I wouldn’t want in power any more than what we have.I have been as prejudice as most, but anyone that can take this mans side after that kind of action regardless of where she parked, or what she may have said, or what color she is, sure ain’t no defender of Freedom. That Punk is a low-life SOB. Trekker Out

        • Stop crying you sad pathetic excuse you. Go and kiss the she-boon and make many lovely babies and then society will HANG the entire bunch of your vile critters.

      32. Mountian trekker I think most people agree that he should not of slapped the phone out her hand or hit her with those terrible uppercuts, but you are ignoring the fact that she broke the law and paid for it in a bad way by a vigalante crazy person with a gun hence why we have those laws to prevent the crime itself and to avoid vigilante justice. It may seem people are taking his side well because she started it, she was the one who initially started the whole thing and people with common sense can see that. You have no right to say regardless of where she parked or pardon her for breaking the law and causing the man to react in this way!she started it period and everyone can see that, just instead of a ticket she got some uppercuts.

      33. Trekker might be a Democrat thinks it’s OK to encourage people to break the law and says it’s doesn’t matter while it’s the whole reason the situation happened. I would be curious if someone blocked your driveway mountain trekker while your in rush or blocked you in while traffic is heavy let’s hear how forgiving you are after that person breaking the law by blocking you in started cursing you out after you asked them to move.i doubt he initially went Gung go from the start of her CRIME. he probably asked her to move and not block the road but she probably felt she was exempt from following the traffic laws and proceeded to run her mouth to the guy which later lead to the karmic uppercuts she got.

      34. She had no right to block traffic then maybe she would of never met those uppercuts, got phone slapped out her hand or had a gun pulled on her.are we pardoning minor crimes for social justice now I see.looks like equality. If u wanna see minor traffic violations go bad vigilante style check out stop-a-douchebag on YouTube you will see something that makes you think about why we have those laws.

      35. Bartender: Hey you can’t park here, this is a tow away

        GUY: I’m going to mace you

        Bartender: What the fuck, did you just hear what I said?

        GUY: I’m going to mace you

        *Beatdown ensues, nobody fucking cares, ever*

        You replace GUY with CHICK and all of a sudden everyone goes insane.



        Fuck that.

      36. A good lesson about gender equality! this is what feminist are demanding for, right? 😀

      37. Pretty satisfying: seeing one of those bitches getting her comeuppance..

      38. The dude is such a loser in all the usual ways, but let/s not overlook that he did a full fledged wind up, and couldn’t even put her down. Not after five wind ups, including upper cuts. Pathetic beyond words.

      39. It is the stupid obese American taxpayers’ fault for not making everyone that refuse to do work, entitlement millionaires.

      40. But I just read that men aren’t stronger than women and can compete against them in sports. So what’s the deal?

      41. When in public don’t antagonize or disrespect people. It can lead to this sort of thing quickly. Had she picked someone with less control she could have had a bullet in her head and the cell phone guy as well. People need to stop backing each other into corners verbally and physically.

      42. Stop stop stop..

        let’s try an alternate story.

        The Male Security Officer at work.. Directs a female club goer to move her vehicle which she had just left blocking access to the Club parking lot.

        After a number of verbal insults by the female where the female threatens to get the Security Officer Fired..Still not moving the vehicle she then begins recording the incident (After making her threats and demeaning insults off camera) inciting the Security Officer while still refusing to move her car.. The male officer wrongly out of frustration bats the camera from her hand.

        The female then escalates the situation by striking the male security officer in the face.

        The Security officer whose very job depends upon him stopping threats. Strikes the female until she is no longer a threat.

        Arrest the Female Clubber for Disturbing the Peace.. Creating a hazardous condition.. Driving under the influence?.. She was tested for alcohol or illicit drug use by the police at the time wasn’t she? (Hint NO)

        If the female is not charged with disorderly conduct and Battery. The male Employee doing his assigned job should certainly not be charged with battery.

        She is innocent because why?. She is a women and men should not hit women who hit them? Men should not use sufficient force to in their mind neutralize a threat to their physical safety because a males physical safety is not as important as a females?

        Oh Please…

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