With the Economy in Shambles, More Americans Turn to Squatting: “Willing to Take the Risk”

by | Nov 12, 2015 | Headline News | 68 comments

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    There have always been squatters, but the trend may be rising.

    And the growing clash of squatters and abandoned properties suggests a boom-bust housing disaster for the economy.

    The phenomenon was notable after the 2006 housing bubble popped, and has resurfaced in strikingly similar circumstances for many struggling Americans.

    News8 in Tampa reported on the caustic reaction by law enforcement to squatters it believes may be using a manual that has been published and sold on Amazon on strategies about how to squat, for those “willing to take the risk”:

    Crooks find empty houses all over Tampa Bay and make themselves at home. And now, 8 On Your Side uncovered training manuals on the internet. They teach how to get away with squatting.

    The handbooks are brazen. A pamphlet for sale on Amazon for $61.20. An entry on Wiki-How entices tells squatters how to “take a whole house from someone if you’re willing to take the risk.”

    It points out the best areas to squat and even advises to spruce up the home to throw off suspicious neighbors.

    It reads like squatters are terrorist cells distributing training manuals to take over or strike an attack.

    The weird lopsided report demonizes squatters as “arrogant” criminals who will be busted for their crimes, interviewing law enforcement about how to watch for and catch these “crooks.” It encourages residents in the community to spy on their neighbors, turn on suspected squatters and report potential signs of squatting to the police.

    Yet the story never attempts to address the point about why there are so many squatters in the first place. Not a mention of the wasteland that has driven millions of Americans into poverty. Not a single high level banker jailed.

    However, a survey of the gloomy economic news for the past decade shows a despair closing in on the country. Some 90+ million adult Americans out of the work force, record deficits and debts by individuals, businesses and governments at the federal, state and local level. Food banks and charities outstripped by demand for help.

    The working classes have stagnant wages while the cost of living becomes more burdensome every day. Housing and food prices are particularly steep, while the market is rigged, and set to spring a trap of collapsing bubbles upon people throughout the strata of society who are inherently invested in and dependent upon the integrity of the system.

    The system is designed to fail, and not everyone caught up in it is a criminal.

    The vast majority of the abandoned homes being targeted by squatters belong to the banks, and many of them are foreclosures that represent working people being driven out of their homes by banks that may be operating outside the law.

    After the 2008 economic crisis, squatters were prevalent, and even principled. Some even beat the banks at their own clouded title game in the aftermath of the mortgage crisis and earned the legal right to stay.

    Under many state laws, simply establishing utilities, and holding bills addressed to the individual is judged as sufficient to prove legal residency; at that point, police may have no legal jurisdiction to evict a suspected squatter.

    Today, a full third of adults under 35 live at home with their parents, an unprecedented statistic that was never imaginable to the upwardly mobile generations of the past. Many college graduates struggle to find a good job, or a paying one (i.e. internships) relevant to their training. Millions of Americans are settling for jobs they are overqualified for, displacing others struggling beneath them.

    In 2015, things have not gotten better, and are indeed worsening again financially. Things are stretched too thin, and millions of Americans are losing their ability to hold it together. Desperation is inevitable. Naturally, people will do whatever it takes. Hence a history of tent cities, shantytowns, squatting in abandoned property and shacking up with friends and family.

    Increasingly, these are not transient people with drug problems and unstable lives. Those are out there, too, of course, but it is so much more than that.

    Many are working families facing disintegration. They are sleeping in cars and bending the rules for shelter because so far there is no better way. The bankers have soaked up all the assets, and the rights and the means of the people has been upended.

    It is indicative of the times. There was a noted rise in squatting, tent cities and sleeping in cars in the years after the bailout, springing up in reports across the country. Now, this is returning as the economy rots. But there are new twists and mutations. Tents in California are being rented for $1000 in upscale neighborhoods for people with white collar jobs looking to tighten the belt in a painfully expensive housing and rental market.

    Denver recently made news for sending a SWAT team to break up a community of tiny home residents, whose compacted quarters rest on mobile trailers. Many of them were built by charities as a way of empowering those in need. They were peacefully occupying a government-owned property where a low income housing project directed by H.U.D. had been terminated. On that abandoned property lived some of those displaced by policies, whose residences were criminalized by the authorities. Likewise, city codes across the country are restricting and banning tiny homes, “camping” on your own land and off the grid lifestyles.

    If squatting is a threat to the community, people should take warning about the larger trends. When it rains it pours, and no one is planning to fix the holes in the roof since it is more likely just to cave in, sooner or later. Neither is anyone tending to the crumbling foundations beneath us.

    Just be careful you don’t become an outlaw, too.

    The truth is you must be prepared to be without the system. It is not a trustworthy master. The system has many stress points, and cannot be relied upon to take care of you.

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      1. There are a couple of simple fixes to property ownership in america.

        First, change the way interest is paid on the loan. All payments need to go towards principle first. Once the principle is paid, the homeowner gets the title. The remaining payments are then applied to “interest” (aka banks/investors)

        The satisfaction for investors is that they may lien the house such that in case of sale by owner, the investors/ bank gets paid the balance due.

        This one thing alone would go along way to supporting the constitutional right of property ownership in america.



          • Acid Etch –

            I’m sure it’s just a minor error, possibly an honest mistake or glitch with the numbers. I’m sure they’ll get this fixed a.s.a.p – because honesty and integrity is what the Government is all about … and I’m sure they don’t want to take the risk of tarnishing their good name.

            [sarcasm OFF]

        • –Basement Arachnid–

          Good point sir..that said, why not go a step further & codify, via taxation-law:

          ..that once said property is “PAID OFF” ..the owner is issued a “LAND PATENT” ..(can never be seized/confiscated etc.) and henceforth is “EXEMPT” from all property/ownership taxes..unless said property results in continuous income/livelihood profit for the owner.(???)

          …’cuz in the end (present day), even if your retire your mortgage..you don’t own it!!!!!!!

          ..you’re currently & forever enslaved to the “PHARISAIC CONSTRUCT”..of being perpetual serfs / peasants…mere tenants if you prefer, on a piece of real-estate…you falsely believe…

          ..is yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          Besides, the enemy receiving your ‘rent-to-the-state/local govt monies..is using such..to destroy the IQ of your progeny, plus financing those who’re too sorry to produce…at the local & state levels.

          Call it “Pharisaic Financial Sodomy”, writ large.

          …albeit, closely related and intertwined w/ their big-gun…(un-GODLY)predatory usury.

        • CS: That is a TERRIBLE idea. I won’t bother explaining “WHY” now, I’m too busy; but suffice it to say that if your suggestion were law, there would be no mortgage loans. No loans, few houses. Few houses, no need for all the things that go into a house. ETC,ETC.

          While you are down there in the cellar, look for a brain!!! 🙂

          • I am wondering if 30 year mortgages are healthy. They encourage byzantine laws around housing that cuts out all alternatives to corporate built houses that require 30 year loans. My parents bought 3 lots in a small town and built a one room kitchen (house) with a big garden. They added a living room. Then two bedrooms and a bathroom. Eventually a second floor with 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. This is rarely possible anymore and most places have so many rules… good luck. Most places have minimum size requirements. Time to junk rules promulgated by the builders and bankers. Safety? You are more likely to die in a home fire than ever before because… toxins.

        • No one will loan you a dime unless you pay them the interest on the loan from Day One. Your plan will just result in home buyers stopping interest payments once they have the title, the bank will have to lien for their end, and wait until the home buyer decides to sell some fine day in the future.

        • Implement that type of restriction on lenders, and you’ll see a dramatic drop in the amount of loans available to borrowers. The problem is withe government which caused this housing crisis by causing the housing bubble that eventually burst in ’06.

          • They won’t be able to make a dime if they don’t take payments. They won’t sell a single house . We would build our own piece by piece . Then how would they make money? We don’t need them they need us . Without us they would have to work. They have to take payments or their out of business .

            • Right, everybody will just build their own house piece by piece, pour their own concrete, do their own plumbing, electric, heating and air conditioning, roofing, carpentry, flooring, painting, etc. You don’t seem to think your commentary completely through.

              • My point was they have to take payments to sell a house. Many people build their own house in stages hiring others to do what they can’t .

            • My parents did it. One of the mechanisms of slavery to corporate jobs is a 30 year mortgage. Of course people hire portions out.

      2. I have some rentals and found out the best way to get rid of squatters is show up on day with 6 or more friends, cleaning supplies, trash bags, vacuum and a big truck. Clean up the house and throw away all of their junk into the truck and take it to the dump. Stick a for rent sign in the front yard Then push them out the front door.
        Usually they just leave but sometimes they call the cops. The cops look to see if they have set up a household. If they did they can stay. But since you cleaned everything up, the house if for rent, They have no case.
        But if YOU call the cops and they have their household set up ( which can mean a sleeping bag on the floor)you must go thru all the legal BS to get them out and that can take up to a year depending on where you live.

        • I’d think a rifle pointed at their heads would work better Ed.

          • A gun in any form will probably land you in jail. Tenent/landlord rules are spelled out pretty well in most states. There are many times when a corrupt landlord takes money from a tenant, gets mad at him or just plain tries to kick them out when there is only a verbal lease. That is why it is important for you to make sure the squatter has nothing of his in the house if the police come. If there is he will just say he has a verbal lease and you are trying to illegally throw him out. The cops will just write it up, tell you to leave and you have to go to court and get the judge to sign a eviction order. This can be very very difficult.


              [OPERATION: “Night Shift”]

              1. Make entry into residence at 2:00-4:00am.
              2. Subdue squatter(s) – tie, gag, and apply hood over head.
              3. Load squatter(s) into van, cargo van, U-Haul.
              4. Pack their belongings [not necessary, but it’s the right thing to do.]
              5. Drive at least a minimum of 50 miles away from residence.
              6. Unload cargo and squatter(s).
              7. With gun in hand, inform them to keep walking in the opposite direction of said residence.
              8. Inform them verbally, of their “Right” to not return.

              Now, this problem is officially not your your problem anymore. It’s either this humanitarian route, or a shallow grave in some swamp. Seems to be the only two choices of removing squatters.

              Chances are, these squatters will become somebody else problem. They may not get the “humanitarian” treatment.
              Either way – it won’t be your problem ツ

              • I don’t csre where else squatters go or what they do, but nobody’s ‘squatting’ at my place. I’ll simplify FTW’s solution. If squatters show up at my place, I’ll meet them outside, with gun in hand, and tell them they have 30 seconds to just move on and don’t come back if they want to live. In my county alone there are 12000 vacant homes where squatters can take over.

              • Yea, FTW, and hope you don’t get a bullet in the head. You’ve seen too many cheap movies. Unless things have totally melted down, You’ll be getting letters from the squatters (still in your house) while you’re in prison.

                Lots of tough talk here. Mostly bullshit.

                • Conni,

                  Thanks for bringing reality back to conversation. Lots of paper tigers growling around here, sure, it’s so easy a caveman can do it. But the facts are yes, they watch to many Rambo movies and parrot their favorite lines. Reality never winds up like the movie, Clint may shoot 4 guys and walk away because the guns all have blanks in them. Duke Wayne was the all time tough Marine but the only bullets he ever had to dodge were blanks on a Hollywood set, so even when he got one In the back, he could get up, walk away, and the only danger he had to confront was how hot is the coffee? Yeah, if tough talk worked on anything, we would have no problems.

        • No no no. Lets move right to the murder part. That is what everyone really wants. They are on your property, they threatened you, you shot them, they are dead, problem solved.

          You see how this goes right?

          Except next time, you are the squatter, and it is the police that is killing you for trespassing on bank owned property.

          Round and round we go. Always someone else’s fault. My kids try this shit with me, and I BEAT it out of them, physically.

          Take some personal responsibility. Perhaps your parents do deserve some of the blame, but if you are 18, too bad. It is your fault. You allowed it.

          • Tow saver:

            I am all for being responsible. Take responsibility for the fact that physically beating children is not only illegal and can result in your children being removed from your home but it is a stupid and destructive means of gaining control. If you love your children, be courageous enough to admit that you may be making a mistake. There are many books on the subject. Some methods are easy to learn and get better results than spanking.

            • B from Ca.

              That is total Bullshit. Another DR. Spock.

              Kids today don’t fear shit and you will have your hands full of them to contend with in the reset.

              Then you might have to kill them instead of beating their ass.

              • “Kids today don’t fear shit”

                That is so very much true … but a day will be coming soon enough and when it does. Their tough, invincible attitude will come crashing down when reality shows up.

              • I raised my son alone and he turned out to be a good man. I treated him with love and respect and insisted he treat me the same. When my mom got cancer he came home from college and helped with his grandma, transferring to a local university. I took a weekend shift and was able to schedule appointments for mom on my days off. He scheduled Tuesday Thurs classes and stayed with mom on the weekends. Beating? Never ever. My last week in Seattle, my cutie grandson was helping me wash my pickup for the trip to NM and his daddy pulled in from work. He told my son “you should help your mama more.” Hahaha he tells the grans on that all the time. He usually did mom chores after short people were in bed asleep. Love your children.

            • You don’t have to BEAT your children to teach them there are penalties for bad actions.. I have grown grandchildren, in their 20’s that will still RUN if maw maw goes near the spatula aka fanny popper. and I only used it once decades ago, they just know I say what I mean ,and mean what I say…and my grown children don’t even think about it. I’m not saying they are perfect by any means I still have to walk toward the kitchen every now and then. I’m just kinda tired of people blaming kids for there actions when parents are too lazy or busy or just don’t care what thier young ones do ,you have to teach them young or the law will teach them later… Just for the record the fanny popper is plastic..

        • Ed–That will land you in jail. The police will have been called and videos made long before you can “push them out the door”. You are full of shit. Landlord/tenant laws are always slant entirely in favor of the tenant.

        • The overall theme of this article is that these homes are owned by banks so it is the moral right of squatters to stay in those homes. First of all, the homes may be owned by someone other than a bank, or it may be in escrow in a sale from a bank to a buyer.

          Or it could be someone like myself who wants to renovate homes or renovate my home while it is vacant. I can’t have someone trespassing and manipulating the laws to make a false claim of tenancy or ownership.

          I’ll do whatever I need to kick out squatters. In fact, I’ve already done this at a commercial property I own. Squatters love to sleep behind electrical transformers and in garbage bin enclosures.

          The way I kick them out is to make buddy buddy friends with the police. Treat the police right and they’ll basically do whatever makes sense. I always mention that I can’t have squatters on commercial property because that’s a code violation.

      3. WTF — I will retreat further where man fears to tread. Mountain caves, swamp, nat’l park, deep woods with total opsec. In the cracks of urban settings.

      4. Is WDC one of the culprits??

      5. I wouldnt rent out something I own or pay on .. good way to get F-ed up both holes

        if you dont get screwed by the renters you get screwed by the state , or in some cases …both

      6. A guy in Florida around Fort Myers rented out abandoned foreclosed homes that he did not own and made a huge amount of money in the process. For the life of me I don’t understand how one can break into a dwelling that is not yours and get no criminal charges.

        I also don’t understand the plausibility of the “Single Bullet Theory”, “Elastic Currency”, “Bail Ins” or how “Shall Not Be Infringed” is so difficult to translate with Webster’s Dictionary on the table.

      7. That Obamanomics thing was a real winner, isn’t it!

        Soon, the whole country will be Detroit… while Michelle Marie Antoinette “Let them eat cake” Obama takes off on her monthly uber luxe carbon spewing vacation to who knows where

      8. I live in an age restricted retirement community in the Southwest. Around a year ago I went to a community preparedness meeting put on by the fire department. It was the usual advice – have at least a three day supply of food and water, spare batteries, a portable radio and flashlight, etc.

        I was talking with some other people there and this subject of squatters came up. We agreed that a citizens committee of 10 armed people or so (us) would go to the home and escort them out of the area. We would take up a collection of $20 bills as an incentive for them to go. Take the money and go or else. We will not let squatter homes get started. Fortunately, for now, this retirement community is popular and homes don’t stay empty for long.

        A few years ago there were some squatters in another part of town. Before long there were 15 people living there. They disrupted the neighborhood and destroyed the property. They had no electricity and were building small camp fires in the house. The FD said it was a miracle the place didn’t burn down. The house was otherwise trashed.

        I feel bad for people who are homeless, for the most part. I’m going on 70 and almost everyone I know that is in financial trouble got there all on their own. I’m like most people here. I am frugal and planned for the future. Many of my acquaintances didn’t.

        Back in 2004 or so a friend of mine started flipping houses to make a quick profit. He and his wife had dollar signs in their eyes. They were going to make big bucks and retire early. The 2008 crash happened and they had $500k in properties that were now worth $200k and they couldn’t rent or sell them. Bottom line is that they filed bankruptcy and may have to work for the rest of their lives. BTW, they lost their primary home which was almost paid for and now they are renting in a crappy part of town.

        On good thing is that I may not have long. I’m in good health but sooner or later my pack a day habit and downing one or two 750 ml bottles of J&B a week is going to take its toll. But if the SHTF and things go bad I’ll defend what I have with my life. I earned it and they didn’t.

      9. Wait till you see how the Middle East refugees flooding the West behave.

        Squatting is part of their culture, especially if the land owner is not Muslim. Middle Eastern squatters expect specific rights.

        I knew a guy that worked for Aramco for 15 years in Saudi Arabia. He’d go to work, come back to his place and find someone had moved in. Nothing he could do. He now had a roommate! As a non Muslim under Sharia he had no standing to make a complaint against a Muslim.

        • Plan twice prep once:

          I agree.

          People compare immigration by others such as Mexicans, but there is no comparison to the threat that is posed by bringing in these Middle Eastern men. Only the enemies of American people would propose it. So our government is controlled by an enemy. How do we stop them from bringing in these people that no body wants here? What can we do to stop it before it happens? Talking tough about handling the situation after they are here is meaningless. We have to keep them out. What?? how??? Somebody with an answer please.

          • Any muzzie who comes to my place will go to allah before he/she can ever get inside.

          • I lived in Mexico for years. Mexican law protects squatters. Don’t be surprised if they do the same. I owner financed a 2 bedroom home to a Mexican family and they quit paying and started building a large addition thinking I could not evict them. I brought a Spanish speaking attorney to explain US Law to them. They laughed in my face. I did a legal eviction but never signed a contract with another Mexican.

        • If a muzzie comes to my place, I’ll give him one chance only to go away alive. If he starts any shit, he’ll get a one-way ticket to allah.

      10. Set fire to the property. If you don’t collect the insurance you have the right to do it. Extreme I know….how bad do you want them out?

        • Usually you dont have any right insurance or not. Not these days. There are many laws from arson to simple building code violations that they will get you for

        • Jim in Va:

          I read about a man who had been taken to the cleaners by his x-wife. He was making payments on what had been his house. The wife moved in her lover. Husband bought a bull dozer and proceeded to demolish aforementioned house.

        • I have to happen a house just North of Fort Myers. Someone in Jacksonville tried to rent my house out because it was for sale. A smart shopper realized this is just too cheap for a lake and a walk to private beach. Called Realtor. NO, not for rent. Found out this scumbag claimed he was a Reverend, Deaf and can only be reached by a very iffy E-Mail. I contacted him under an interested party to rent. When I reached him and told him I was the owner of the house and it was not for rent…..he broke all hell loose on me. He sent me a picture of my youngest daughter…..must be computer savey. Scared the crap out of me.
          My biggest fear is that someone will rent a house out who will pay up front, get their furniture trailed to their new rental and never be able to get in. CREEPY FOLKS OUT THERE!

          • Tishie – Should of made arrangements to meet this guy at your rental. Have at least 2 or 3 guys to escort him right out of town from the property, and if he came back. Bad things where gonna happen to him.

            • Crossed my mind.

          • tishie

            I come from 2 generations of a law abiding Italian family. Can’t say that for the 3rd generation (grandfather). In the day he was great “friends” with people that could make someone very frightened to cross him.

            It would be great at times to have a Tony Soprano in the family.

            • Family can be very helpful!

          • This actually happened to some people I know here in East TN…she was going to make a deposit on a nice house and before she could pay the money she discovered there were three other people who had already done the same thing, and the cops caught the perpetrators. Homeowner lived in FL. So she saved her money from disaster. OTOH, we have a friend who was buying a house thru private hands, and for 5 years had been faithfully paying the mortgage, was over 1/2 finished w paying the house off, and the owners were foreclosed on…turns out she was paying her part but they were pocketing the money instead of paying the bank. She lost over 50k. She doesn’t qualify for conventional loans, but has an excellent job….

        • Arson is a serious felony whether you own the place or not.

      11. Florida is especially bad for this. The laws are on their side. They find a vacant house and move in during the night. You can’t get them out with taking them to court and getting them evicted. Sometimes it can tie up a property for a year or more. This is why banks try to turn around a foreclosure and sell it fast. I know a family in my area that lost their house to foreclosure and when they moved out, they told the brother in law that his family were welcome to move in. They lived there rent free for three years before the bank finally got them out. Another issue down here is people going around and finding vacant homes, then renting them out to unsuspecting families. They give them a bogus lease and charge them two months rent in advance, then disappear.

        • Yes, sad, sad world we live in.

      12. Hello guys, i’m what the media terms a millennial. I ran into this website a few years ago when I realized something wasn’t right about the “recovery”. I searched terms such as; “the economy sucks”, “nobody is hiring”, and the like. I first ran into Michael Snyder’s economic collapse blog, and found out I wasn’t crazy when I just didn’t believe that the recession ended when the news on tv and the internet said stuff like “More people getting hired”, “recession over, people buying cars and houses”, “unemployment claims dropping”. I just didn’t believe it. A quick job search on indeed, linked in, and others provided few results. Those places that hire like crazy are fast food joints, restaurants, and coffee shops and big box stores. If one applies to these places they are guaranteed a job.

        I graduated with a degree in a stem field, so I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult to find a job. I also picked my major based on my personal passion for automobiles. So, when I declared my major I had no idea about the rumored high salaries, and also before this whole glorification of nerd culture (for example, The Big Bang Theory sitcom, robotics, drones, 3D printing, which is old technology that was called “rapid prototyping”, constant movies pumped out of Hollywood that feature young guys and girls who are “geniuses” at math and science, some examples; The Amazing Spiderman, Big Hero Six, etc.). So I was shocked when I found out the industry was trying to get everyone to major in engineering, science, and math (to suppress salaries?).

        When I finally did find a job, More than 60% of the employees, if not more, were H1B or on some other type of visa. To make things worse, if you weren’t one of them, you were an outcast. These people were racist. If they don’t like the people and the culture, why do they come work here? I don’t get it.

        Also, there are so many people without work, that hundreds of people apply for the few positions. Some places take months to make a decision. The job ads are worse, they ask for software that only the industry has, so if you are fresh out of college you’re out of luck. It’s pure comedy. They call it entry level but they ask for software that only the big corps have/can afford and have the system filter you out. If you hung out at the labs at the college you constantly heard engineering majors say they lie about what software they can use, only way to get in.

        I also noticed a rise in the amount of homeless people out and about. Some of these look healthy, like they have been homeless less then 2 years or so. Is it really that bad? Or do a lot of people make bad decisions? (there is a new sitcom on tv called “Crazy Ex Girlfriend”, and in one scene an old homeless woman ask her for money, the crazy ex gf shows her a 20 and tells her she got it by doing something called “work”, i’m sure you guys can see what’s wrong with that).

        I don’t think millennials are lazy or entitled. We just inherited a recessionary economy. Besides, most of us are pushing past our mid twenties and about to hit thirty, fully grown men and woman. Also, what is it with this bullshit that we want to pick Sanders or Trump? As far as I know none of my millennial friends give a shit about the elections, plus many believe Hillaryious will be president. We might as well go see a dominatrix and have a strap session, since this is what the economy will keep doing to us as far as it looks.

        • MP, thank you kindly for your insights!

          The mellinials will indeed take the brunt of this through really no fault of your own. This is a bubble that’s been blowing for 50 years, some would argue since WWI..

          The pain will be evident in lack of decent jobs and income streams, as you described. What many don’t realize, especially those million marching students, is that all this free freedom has to be paid for at some point – and as General Smedley Butler once noted, the losses will be measured in lives.

          This environment will only get progressively worse over the next 20 years. Most will not believe it’s possible for things to not only be bad but get worse for that long. In the grand scheme it’s nothing when you consider that the Agendas and Initiatives that have brought us here have been planned on multi-generational time horizons.

          We’re all in for a rough ride. Buckle up and keep an eye out for opportunities – during the Great Depression and other challenging periods there were still those who thrived, or at the very least were able to keep their families fed and a roof over their heads.

          Thanks and take care,


        • My experience hiring millennials is that they ARE lazy.
          But so are many others in the engineering field. I dont know what your specialty is but whatever it is take advantage of the economy and get into it on the tech level. Just consider it a paid advanced course.
          I ran into the same problem as you in the late 70’s. Couldn’t get a engineering job no matter what I did. What I learned in the tech field made me a much better engineer and gave me lots of ideas on how to make better products. I saved my money, started my own business and never looked back. Dont be afraid of the H1b peple. They are smart and they are cheap. But in general they have no Ambition or inventive talent.

      13. MAC…..

        Huh? What?

        C’mon dude, you really think this crap** is gonna “waltz” along for another two decades(in current sit-rep) per, an ever increasing diagnosis of economic / social rigormortis?

        (**) ..SHTF..

        Surely sir, you of all people..recognize, that the current (pathology-wise) diagnosis…at this stage, is terminal.

        …evidenced by the existing putrid stench of both human, moral & societal decay..exhibited in real-time..on our flat-screens & monitors, 24 / 7.

        ..should your analysis encompass a slow, decades long descent into banderkreig / living-hell / zombie-land existence..I must disagree.

        -(IMO)- Its progression will be very rapid(soon), insomuch as bottoming-out is reached.

        The problem will manifest itself, as a case of a “LONG” flat-line(per graph) vs. time.
        Said flat-line..will be / represent, your ‘two decades’..or so in duration(at the bottom)…in my opinion, mind you.

        ..’cuz once this slow(currently ongoing) collapse, falls off the cliff..there’s a shit-load of horrors that will be scrolling past the cognition of preppers everywhere..at the square of the acceleration of terrestrial gravity(at least).


        That said:

        ..if you have an inside ‘track / scoop’, per a time-line..please, enlighten us / me.


      14. A wise man once told me “There are NO victims, just volunteers”.

        • YOU KNOW thats the kind of thinking cowards use,A WISE MAN,SATAN isn’t that wise,he got him self and a third of the angels in heaven kicked out,AND I’LL tell you something else stars and bars,when your filthy scum the POLICE GANG shoot a SIX YEAR OLD at point blank range 5 times in the head and chest,that KID WAS A VICTIM,of braindead americans,KILLING children is something ONLY THE WORSE COWARDS,and FILTH IN HISTORY DO,and your part of it…..

      15. I hope every bank foreclosed house gets a squatter, bunch of thieves,what goes around comes

        • There are some squatters who live in empty commercial buildings, they maintain these properties and prevent vandals from trashing the place.
          Its a sensible solution for both parties.

          Not all squatters are scum.

      16. better to have people baby sitting empty property than more and more homeless people on the streets because sooner or later they will start buring down empty houses.

        not all homeless people are dumb down and outs, some have been stuffed by the banks and we are all getting stuffed by the government via taxes.

        The rich will have to share a bit more with the poor instead of the rich elite mugging them for interest payments and taxes that are not being spent on the public.

        people that are frezing to death will always start fires, goes back to cavemen days.

      17. I own several of those so called abandoned places. Just because nobody lives in them don’t make them abandoned. I still pay the taxes. Fortunately Arkansas has a very good trespassing law. A bit of purple paint is all that is necessary. anyone not the owner must have written permission to be on a posted place. So far Ive never had any problems with squatters. I hope I never do. Ive got fences and a locked gate. purple paint and no trespassing signs. In our area a vehicle is a must. The shoe sloe express is not a option here. If I ever have a squatter problem I will try to destroy their vehicle.

      18. While they are squatting I am sure the coward Zombies are waving that filthy disgusting vile evil shit stain American flag representing the most evil vile fascist genocidal shithole controlled by psychopathic monster filth the likes of which the world has never seen.

      19. They don’t tell us that these homeswere repossessed and are now owned by the banks. That’s the reason for all this coverage . The bankers don’t like payback.

      20. ITS easy to attack the poor in a country of COWARDS,they can’t fight back,and thats the american way,only attack those to weak to fight back,and NOW your country is about to be taken from you by the russians and chinese,you wouldn’t have a problem of homeless,or squatters if you were men,BUT YOU AREN’T attacking and murdering homeless with your filthy scum, the police gangs IS as close to being a man as you’ll ever get,THANK GOD hes going to send most of you girlymen to hell here shortly,right along with those FAT whores you call wives……….

        • That was beautiful

      21. I make things with my hands, prefer to live off the land, am not making the case for squatting, per se.

        But, the bank is benefiting from the house, with no consideration, so does not stand to lose anything in the way of materials or physical effort.

        We are surrounded by land, which would have been habitable, in the eyes of settlers, there are reportedly, about 3 abandoned houses, for each homeless person, 90% of the water use is supposedly corporate, yet we are told there is not enough to go around.

      22. The people elected a negro remember? You become like your leaders.

      23. They can squat on my double barrel coach gun filled with bear loads.

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