With Knife Murders Spiking After Gun Ban, UK Urges “Save a Life–Surrender Your Knife”

by | Jun 26, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 197 comments

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    Don’t try to think this one through.

    The logic fail and sheer volume of absurdity might just make you sick if you do.

    For the UK – whose laws and policies all-too-often influence those of the U.S. – gun control isn’t enough. Probably nothing will ever be enough.

    Now a call to surrender knives, ongoing for years, is in full swing. Via Citizen Action:

    The right to bear arms might be under attack here in America–but in the United Kingdom, police are trying to do something even more ridiculous: they’re attempting to ban knives.

    The British police have recently joined forces with liberal grassroots activists in the UK, launching the “Save a Life–Surrender Your Knife” program. Knife crime has been climbing recently in major UK cities like London.

    The program involved several weeks of “amnesty” for “pointed knives.” Civilians can turn in these apparently dangerous weapons at their local police station in exchange for “amnesty,” apparently, even though knives (rounded or pointed) aren’t illegal in the United Kingdom.

    There is, however, a ban on people under 18 buying knives – going so far on the absurdity scale as to ban underage purchases of plastic knives! No joke. One woman in her 20s was even barred from buying spoons without proper ID:


    Since knives are used for food preparation and many other basic and essential activities, and virtually any crude material can be transformed into a knife, even police admit the “amnesty” for turning in knives will do nothing to stop knife crimes (but it will do a great deal for instilling a mentality of helplessness while heaping on more and more rules).

    Because the problem with knife crime, however, is that it’s pretty much impossible to stop just by banning knives itself. Virtually every person in the United Kingdom owns a knife–and, as long as food needs cutting, that’s not going to change.

    […] the problem is that “many assaults are committed impulsively, prompted by alcohol and drugs, and a kitchen knife often makes an all too available weapon.”

    Despite the attempt to paint knife crimes as an impulsive issue of short tempers and petty disputes, carjackings, robberies and premeditated murders are frequently committed with knives in the UK… and the system is trying to make sure victims remain defenseless.

    Here is what the murder rate looks like since the UK’s gun ban – with knife murders spiking drastically:


    Police departments in the UK, urging people to give up their blades, including those from the kitchen, are literally advising people to NOT to become a victim by NOT defending themselves:

    Don’t be a victim

    If you feel you are in immediate danger from knife crime there are a number of steps you can take to protect yourself:
    • Move away from the situation towards a public place (shop, house, restaurant etc.) as quickly as possible.
    • Make as much noise as you can.
    • Instead of carrying a knife, carry a personal alarm.
    • Don’t fight back.

    The same “logic” has of course been used in American debates on guns, with Homeland Security training even advising would-be victims at schools and offices to hide or throw cans of soup at active shooters.

    It is a good enough assertion at this point to suppose that all the sharpest knives in the drawer have already been turned in or confiscated… as clearly no one in a position of authority has common sense or wits about them at all.

    Your thoughts on this madness?


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      1. Who in the hell would bring a knife to a gun fight?

        • Cain killed Abel. No gun or knife. Where their is a will their is a way.

          • Knives? Knives? Did someone say “knife”? Hey remember those stainless steel 8″ serrated bladed knives on sale at Harbor Freight with the hollow handle and integrated compass I mentioned last week, that were half price down to $10.00?

            Super coupon in Guns & Ammo knocks another $2.00 off !!! They are a steal!!! You can’t make this up. Buy two!!! I did.

            The machete at $5.00, also with a serrated top (saw) was a good buy too. Get one if you do not have a guillotine for the Revolution !!! 🙂

            • The New World Order can be eliminated overnight …. by ballot if possible, by bullet if necessary, by machete if that’s all you have available !!! 🙂

              • No it can’t. Stop lying to yourself. If they have as much control as they do; there is no fighting back against that…

                Everything is shit and you know it.

                • ST: Your moniker says all anyone needs to know about you. No soul, no backbone either.

                  Freedom is deserved and reserved for those willing to fight for it with every weapon they have at their disposal.

                  Obviously you are a lap dog loser for the NWO who has rolled over to get his stomach scratched. 🙁

            • DK, I went to Harbor Freight today and looked at those items. Pure junk. Spend some extra bucks for a good brand like Gerber, SOG, etc. I have 2 SOG Tomahawks that are good quality and keep a good edge to them. I’ll spend extra money for quality. You have to pay for what you want. That’s just the way it’s always been.

              • Yes. We have a sorta new Harbor Freight in our town. My son in law bought a hammer there for 5 bucks. The first time he went to pull a nail out it broke. We were all framing an addition and all the guys were laughing there asses off. All that shit is pure crap.

                • Wrong, my tools usually come from Home Depot or Lowe’s. Not the best but they’ve never broken on me.

              • Braveheart: Pure junk? LMAO!!! A great buy!!! 🙂

                Many people here do not have or want to spend the money for a Gerber. Wally World sells a Gerber machete for $35 and a run of the mill brand for $8.00. The machete at Harbor freight is by far, better than the run of the mill brand at WW, and at $5.00 it is a great buy compared to the Gerber or the ROTM at WW.

                That stainless steel hunting knife at Harbor Freight is a great knife, even more so if you consider the price. I have put a great edge on both the knife and the machete since I purchased them. I even scrapped a sticker off my windshield (marked for towing) with it and that usually takes a razor blade!

                If I were going to skin a rabbit or fillet a fish I would prefer a knife designed for the finer skill required, but that stainless steel knife IS heavy duty and worth the Hamilton.

                Folks, don’t be put off by Braveheart’s “review”. He wants to be a “knife snob” and a “name brand bragger”. Look and decide for yourselves.

                I have no skin in the game, and make no money for the tip: look and decide for yourself if you need or want a good, solid, hunting knife with an 8″ serrated blade for $10.00 or less with a coupon, boasting a hollow, stainless steel handle and built in compass.

                Wrong: My hand axe, hammers, and rock picks are all Ewing. They don’t come any better than that, but you must pay for that quality. 🙂

                • harbor freight tools nothing but made in china junk

                  the so called Rambo knife same thing why in the hell would any one with 2 brain cells risk there life on cheap ass Chinese junk
                  most likely made out of failed missiles and or springs from old crap trucks.

                  buying this crap puts yet more Americans out of work and why would i want that aren’t there enough out of work Americans ??

                  ever since carter we have sent thousands of jobs over seas and now folks like Bear grylls ( the phoney survivalist ) are helping put more nails in our coffins. i have looked at that garbage and yes Gerber does make them but look closely and you will 98% of the time find a made in china sticker.

                  i know some one who was asked to be on his “survival” show and turned him down. his answer was some day that fool is going to get some one killed
                  just like all of these fake shows like Alone and Naked and afraid etc etc. all made for TV BS fake as hell.

                  just like all the other so called ” reality TV shows that aren’t reality at all.
                  scripted BS

                  but go ahead and buy your fake Rambo knife and when the blade snaps in half you you get hurt or fail to actually survive
                  (dont come crying to me) !!!

                  but hey why buy quality why buy something made here in the us and something that will last longer then 10 mins you have to run out and support china at all costs right ??.

                  correct comrade ??




                  or would you prefer russian ??

                  Здравствуйте товарищ

                  Скажите вы можете купить дешево ass китайской джонке с тем, чтобы больше американцев может быть выведен из работы ??
                  И как только вы получите низкие цены и качество вашего рад рад
                  нет когда-либо прибыли от покупки хороших американских продуктов только дешевые нежелательной сделано в Китае или в некоторых других hell отверстие

                  מיהג לך לקנות כמה חמור מפרשית סינית זולה יותר כך האמריקאים יכולים להיות להוציא של עבודה ??
                  וכל עוד אתה מקבל במחירים זולים ולא איכותיים
                  לא שמח שמח שלך לעולם טוב טוב מרכישות של מוצרים אמריקניים רק הזבל זולים תוצרת סין או חלק אחר חור לעזאזל

                  so comrade tell me just how much of Your LIFE is some harbor freight knife really worth ???

                  Харбор грузовых инструменты не что иное, как сделано в Китае джонке

                  с так называемым Москит нож одно и то же вот почему в hell будет какого-либо одного с 2 клеток головного мозга риска в жизни на прошлой китайской джонке
                  скорее всего из не ракеты и или пружины из старого в прошлом месяце грузовиков.

                  при покупке на прошлой неделе помещает еще не больше американцев и почему нужно, не достаточно ли работы американцев ??

                  С тех пор картер мы направили тысячи рабочих мест в открытом море и в настоящее время ребята хотели бы нести grylls ( по крайней мере едва держатся ) – все это помогает более гвоздей в нашем гробы. я бы хотел на этой мусора и да Самодуров не сделать из них, но и у вас будет 98% времени найти в Китае на наклейке.

                  Я знаю, было предложено по его “выживания”, шоу и ему отказали. его ответ на этот вопрос был в день НРВ, – получить один убит
                  так же, как все эти фальшивые показывает только как и неприкрытой и боятся и т.д. и т.п. все для ТВ BS поддельные, hell. просто

                  как и все другие так называемые “. реалити-шоу, которые не реальность на всех.
                  сценариями BS

                  но вперед и приобрести фальшивый Москит нож и когда нож не встанет на место со щелчком в половине вам больно или не реально выжить
                  (стараюсь не кричит на меня) !!!

                  Но на прошлой неделе почему следует покупать качества почему следует покупать что-нибудь здесь, в США и что-то, что будет продолжаться дольше 10 минут у вас есть для запуска и поддержки Китая на все расходы на право ??.

                  правильно товарищ ??

                  • SSU: Я не передавать рабочие места, но я воспользоваться качественной продукции по хорошей цене, независимо от того, кто делает это.

                  • Actually truck spring steel makes very good blades, i have a russian machete and it’s much better than the old Golok ‘tree beater’ i was issued with in the British army.
                    I also have a plastic KFS where the knife blade has been ground to a very sharp blade,cuts steaks really well.
                    Have you heard the joke about the world karate champ who turned up at a US airport and the TSA guard said he could only board a plane if he had his hands chopped off.

                • DK, I only want something that is quality. I don’t care who makes it as long as it’s something that will last for at least awhile. It’s not about snobbery and being obsessed with a certain brand name. I own knives made by several different companies because they are quality products; still don’t care about the name. If one breaks on me the next day, no problem. I still have extras to put to use. For a pocketknife, I still carry a Swiss Army made by Wenger Corp. who make the Swiss watches. They are still made in SWITZRLAND, so the quality is still the same as the other Swiss Army knives I carried in my younger days and always keep a good edge. Pocketknives don’t come any better than Swiss Army.

                  • Braveheart: Quality? You want quality? So where is the quality issue with this particular knife?

                    Is the blade not thick enough? The stainless steel not hard enough? Eight inch blade not long enough? You don’t like the serrated top, the hollow handle, or the built in compass, all for $10.00?

                    Yes it was probably made in China like most everything else, so please tell me what is cheap about this knife (other than the price) or what is inferior about its quality.

                    Thanks. I await your response. 🙂

                    • Have seen several China knives and folding saws fail in minutes of hard use, saws beak off right where saw joins grip, folding knives the same.

                    • Paranoid: Its not a folding knife. Did I mention it comes with a sheath? 🙂

                    • price is on bottom of list

                      i want and pay for things like being able to use it more then once
                      being able to TRUST my life on it and being able to have it longer then 10 mins

                      its also about the fact that for the last 60 plus years both sides have done nothing but ship jobs overseas in an attempt to appease the sheeple and there BS

                      consider these facts

                      we USED to be one of the major food producing countries
                      after WWII we the Americans sent friendship cargo ships to Italy and Germany
                      loaded with TONS of food to feed them
                      and it barely made a dent in the united states own food supplies.

                      Now i challenge you to go to the grocery store and find all the made in America labels

                      grapes imported from chile
                      avocados Mexico
                      apples japan or mexico
                      watermelons mexico

                      the list goes on and on

                      and yes its a bit of xenophobia but i really think its being done as a way to MAKE us dependent on other countries.

                      i challenge you all to find at least 10 items that are really MADE IN AMERICA and then BUY them

                      skittle shittin unicorn

                    • SSU: I don’t disagree with your perspective relating to the out sourcing of American jobs or the transfer of the American means of production offshore, or can’t you read my reply in Russian?

                      I have championed the criticism of this policy, against the NWO, here at SHTF Plan for five years explaining the euphemism of FREE TRADE, which has been sold to Americans as a FREEDOM when it is a policy designed to enrich the Uber Rich.

                      That said, I don’t see an American made knife that I want, (that I don’t already have), so what does the fact that the knife is made in China have to do with a good buy, on a quality hunting knife, at a bargain price, if I want to buy one?

                      When you buy anything Chinese, you are more than likely buying from an American factory, or American owners; with the factory construction financed by American Pension Funds which has relocated to China.

                      You are in effect buying American produced overseas. 🙁

                    • SSU: Got a cell phone? where do you think THAT was produced? Maybe you should stop using your cell phone. If you dial 911 you will probably get an operator in India who speaks pigeon English. 🙁

        • OT:

          Is gay marriage in the U.S. a form of “registration” for gays? Think about it. If we have no constitution, we have no laws. We need something, so why not Sharia Law? Once Sharia Law is implemented, it will be a relatively easy thing to go round up gays and toss them off of buildings.

          They have a little list…

          Mr. Bill

          • Trying to cheer us up?

        • Knives don’t kill people, FLAGS kill people!

        • This does NOT surprise me in the LEAST!

          The brits have TOTALLY lost the plot. They are the most surveilled, neutered nation outside of North Korea.

          U.K. governments have a LONG history of rendering their people impotent… lets not forget how the USA had to send over all their old Springfield rifles etc to arm the home guard in Britain because they didnt have any of their own rifles!

      2. Pretty soon they are going to classify assisted opening folders as assault knives .

        Things have progressed to the point that there will be no option left but just to let it burn .
        Then pick up the pieces and go on .

        We are way past the tipping point .

        Got Preps ?

        Semper Fi

        • Wonder if surgeons will be outlawed from holding knives. Hey! You can never be too careful…

          • In Great Britain they solved this already with universal healthcare; you don’t need surgery if they make you wait long enough.

          • @Test: No you can’t be too careful. Once I was on an operating table and a surgeon actually made an incision in me with one of those harmless things you call a knife. If that wasn’t enough, he actually cut out my appendix with the damned thing. And then had the nerve to send me a bill for it. The BASTARD!

            • Probably sold it to someone in China that needed an Appendix transplant for big bucks!

        • Night Breaker, I’m a knife collector myself. Swiss Army, other folding knives, fixed blades, assisted opening folders as you mentioned, tomahawks, machetes, and plenty of sharpening equipment. Not giving up any of it.

          • Braveheart – Don’t forget to pick up a couple bags of plastic wear knives at the dollar store. Serrated are way the best…

            : – )

          • When the cops and government agencies are still allowed to possess them, so are we. They turn in theirs first before any of us. Will never happen.

      3. At least you don’t have to reload a knife. And it’s much more personal.

        • first they took the guns in the UK and now the knives and if the people don’t wake up to the FACT it is the same SCUMBAGS that rule the world that know in order to control us they have to take it ALL, so people wake up and decide do you want to be a slave ? or do you want your freedom? time is closing fast. no-one rides for free, fight or die. is the only option left now!

          • This is more than ridiculous.

            Next will be men’s dicks over
            three inches long will have to
            be surgically shortened to the
            mandated state maximum or be
            considered weapons of mass insertion.

            • Thanks for the laugh, seriously, this is hilarious….LoL

              • For clarification, I meant the article itself.

              • I meant the article itself, not perverse/coarse joking, just for clarification.

                • AW Shucks BJ, sorry if I offended your sensitivity.

                  • You didn’t, I just wanted to clarify what I thought was funny.

                  • I lolled at your joke, nice 1 m8

                  • Guess you won’t have to worry about that OutWest.


            • One of the emails Hillary hid says Bill Clinton is exempted?

            • I’m not giving up 8 inches to no one!

              • That’s all you have to give up?

            • LOL, good one!

            • Assault with a friendly weapon. Perpetrators will do HARD time. If you’re lucky, you’ll get off with a slap on the…

            • Over three inches! Thank God I’ll be safe!

            • “Over three inches long ” ? Oh well at least that lets me off the hook .

            • NOBODY should be allowed to have a dick that’s bigger than Hillary’s…

          • It’s just the mainland UK that is unarmed. In my region (Northern Ireland) you can still own handguns and some semi autos. And you can carry them with you, not that anyone does. We have one of the highest rates of gun ownership per capita in Europe and oh, guess what? Yup, gun crime is almost unheard of compared to “Londonistan” and other large cities in England, where the immigrant gangs are armed to the teeth.

            • My Grampa came for northern Ireland in the forties.
              Gotta see it before it kick off.
              It sure is good to here the Irish have maintained some sanity at least where gun ownership is concerned.

              I was under the impression that the UK was completely unarmed , good on you !

              • Those are not Irish in Northern Ireland. Those are old Brit transplants.
                Your knowledge of history is in line with your grammar.

                • The core of the northern Irish population was originally “Scoti” (the Roman name); Celts who had migrated to we now call Scotland, and then migrated back. Only after the Union did English transplants arrive, and they never formed a majority. Your grasp of history seems only to extend back 200 years. Or has a political agenda. Sad.

                • Just know what gramps told me .

                • We’re Ulster Scots, or as they’re known in the US, “Scots Irish”. Stonewall Jackson was one of us… You can call us “Brit transplants” if you like, but then, the Indians might call many white Americans the same.

            • And what happens when people are not able to arm themselves? Just ask the citizens of Hungerford, England, where twenty years ago Michael Ryan went on a shooting spree, killing 16 people. As no one in the town was armed, he took over eight hours before anyone with a firearm was alerted and able to stop the rampage.

              About that scam argument that England has had a lower murder rate?It has been lower than the US for two centuries, and for the bulk of that time, the laws did not differ. In fact, Thomas Sowell notes in the mid 1900s, one could buy a shotgun in London with no questions asked, while New York, which had the stringent Sullivan Law restricting gun ownership since 1911, had several times the murder rate of London. In 1954, there were only a dozen armed robberies in London, but by 2000– after stringent gun control laws were put in place – there were over one hundred times as many armed robberies. Sowell concludes by noting “Neither guns nor gun control was the reason for the difference in murder rates. People were the difference.” The short Sowell article can be found at http://lewrockwell.com/sowell/sowell123.html. And one point Sowell left out: if it is true that – as the left posits repeatedly – drug control doesn’t work, why would gun control be any different? With the 300 million guns in the US, how effective would confiscation be? The reality is that there will be plenty of guns left – but only in the hands of criminals. But of course, gun confiscation will not work – even law abiding citizens indicated in a poll that 2/3rdds of them would not comply with an order to turn in their guns.

              While the numbers are probably massaged lower than they really are to make things look better, the UK has had a very troubling 77% increase in violent crime recently, with 2,034 violent crimes per 100,000 residents – while what we consider crime ridden South Africa has “only” 1,677. Is CNN’s Piers Morgan listening? And if so, is he intellectually honest enough to address these facts?

              The UK’s Telegraph let all the cats out of the bag in a July, 2009 article, entitled UK is violent crime capital of Europe, found at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/5712573/UK-is-violent-crime-capital-of-Europe.html . A few salient facts from this article by Richard Edwards, the crime correspondent for the paper: since around the time of England’s gun ban, there has been a 77% increase in murders, robberies, assaults and sexual offenses. In 2007, there were 927 murders (apparently, it’s “gun murders bad, all other murders good” to the left), and 5.4 million crimes in total. In 2007. The Telegraph reported – from figures cited from Eurostat, the EU’s database of statistics – that from 1998 to 2007, “crime in the UK had increased from 652,957 offenses in 1998 to more than 1.15 million crimes in 2007. In other words, with over 2,000 crimes per 100,000 population, the UK – per the Telegraph – is the most violent place in Europe. Interestingly, Japan – which is also disarmed – has a massively lower homicide rate, according to the UN statistics cited at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_intentional_homicide_rate#cite_note-geneva-5. In fact, for Japan, with a population of around 130 million, total homicides were 506, while the UK, with 53 million people – less than half that of Japan – had 722 homicides, per the most recent data. I.e., England has about three times the murder rate of Japan. Clearly, there are other factors at work – reducing violence to just firearms is grossly simplistic

              Sir William Blackstone, in his 1765 Commentaries on the Laws of England, a seminal work that profoundly influenced America’s founders, said that having arms for defense is a “natural right of resistance and self-preservation.”

              • I just do not have a victim mentality . I think they push to hard on guns here in the states it will be an unfortunate task for those involved .if I could carry a police officer with me everywhere I would not be as concerned . but reality is my life is worth SOMETHING to me , and I will act accordingly

              • The UK is a very violent place and the most violent place in Europe. It is also more violent than South Africa (and I have lived there too) and other places we are told are ‘violent’. But why? Population in a word. The UK has a scumbag population packed into urban areas, many whom do not work or aspire to work. They exist in a world of endless drinking and drug taking, and/or getting involved in drug and sex-trafficking gangs. There are also a lot of people, who, to put it bluntly, are swimming in the wrong end of the gene pool (which somebody has pissed in). Because of the welfare state, people with sub intelligence have been encouraged to breed, and have multiplied to dangerous levels. They pack them into ghettos called housing estates where they attack each other and every once in awhile, venture out to attack everyone else. And then there is immigration, which has been a disaster in many places. Crazy Muslims etc.

                • Here in the states, too many urban areas don’t have a gene pool–they have a gene septic tank…

                  • I would have to agree: last time I drove through LA it looked like I was driving through El Salvador or Guatemala. It did not look like a first world country.

          • Please don’t be concerned as this happens in the UK quite alot, I’m from uk I myself have been stabbed but they never threw a knife amnesty when I was attacked. This is just a periodic thing.

            • Nobody is makin a canoe outta me !

          • Sorry, not time to consider what you wrote… I’m late to my “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chant-in, then I have to go watch Dancing with the Stars, hit a Smiley Cyslease/Lady Kaka concern, then go gorge myself on a quadriple decker GMO/MSG laden Big Mac

            • Be sure to bring your iPod to Mickey D’s. I hear Justin Bieber just shat out another album…

          • There is a serious side to this story.

            If they come for guns and preps they’ll also take all your knives and other weapons, as well as anything useful for survival. Probably take your kitchen knives too.

            If you have several stash locations, make sure they have backup knives, axes, and basic tools.

            • If they come for my stuff, I’m thinking that I won’t be needing to have an alternate stash somewhere. I intend to defend what I have and arrange a private meeting with God for those who try to deprive me of it. I doubt I’ll survive the encounter either…so no need for stuff in another location.

              Of course, I’d prefer to have already departed the area so I can cause trouble elsewhere.

              But that’s the way I look at it.

              When it comes time that we have to think about burying our guns, that’s the time when we need to be digging them up.

              Just sayin’….

              • I’ve been to a few gun shows, and I still find it disturbing that so many vendors offer storage tubes for guns and ammo that are rated for burial. I’ve never bought one of these.

                I think having a few really good and secure hiding places for some firearms is a prudent idea. You could have your house robbed and end up losing all your firearms, this is perhaps the most common threat. As a societal collapse builds, home break-ins will likely skyrocket. Home robberies are epidemic in Greece now, because so many people are trying to keep cash at home and not in a bank!

                I have a nice secure gun safe, but I also know how quickly I could break into it with the right $20 power tool from Harbor Fright. There are many YouTubes that show how easy it is to break onto most safes. It just takes some time, sweat and the right tools. The time and noise will make it too much trouble for many thieves, but it’s still a risk! That gun safe just might become a thief magnet for thieves specifically seeking guns.

                I’m just suggesting we have a plan, backup plan, and and alternate plan.

            • If it is time to bury your guns, it is time to dig them up!

          • How about ban on golf clubs and cricket bat. Here in the US, how about banning hockey sticks and baseball bats. Pretty soon they will be banning old folks walking stick.

          • …oh no! You’ve got it all wrong! I want to be part of the enlightened European group… isn’t more “enlightened” to loose your sovereignty, to loose your “individual opinion”, and to loose your national identity. Oh I want to be sissified (emasculated…balless) just so I can fit in.

            Sounds to meme like the brain washing is almost complete…and oh by the way, what has been the weapon of choice for a certain group of people? hmmmmm

        • Whats next, banning forks, then spoons? Those in the UK have been screwed for centuries. My family left England in 1638 and sailed into Boston Harbor to be free of these jackoffs.

          Btw/ Silver spiked down to $15.41 today. Big manipulation

          • MINE LEFT IN 1747. Had no choice, either go or “Hang around”. Have to stand and fight this time, nowhere else to go.

          • I’ll kill you with a spoon,’cause it’ll hurt more….

          • Yes, take anything that might be used as a weapon because that *worked* so well when the Japanese invaded Okinawa. They turned everything into a weapon and got real good at using them.

            Unless they also take my socks, if I can find a nice rock, I can still make a weapon out of them.

        • But…but…but, I don’t DO “personal”!

        • I used to have a mandolin slicer in my kitchen that was much more dangerous to the user than any knife.

          I gave it away, looks like I should have kept it and waited for a buyback program, no questions asked, just get it off the street.

          • “I used to have a mandolin slicer”

            HEY NOW , I play the mandolin and slicin aint an option!
            Cut me to ribbons , but leave the strings alone, LOL .

            • Yeah, odd name for a kitchen gadget. It’s a fixed guillotine on it’s side, you run the vegetable across a blade and slice it as thin as you want. Unfortunately, you also get to take thin slices out of your fingertips or palms, too.

              • I gotta look this thing up.
                I thought you made a typo !
                Hell , fingertips are for babies .

        • A bunch of us should go over there. We could probably take over the entire nation with a few handguns. Rolling my eyes.

          • You’re late to the party. The South Asians who now dominate London have been at it for two decades.

        • The gay decision doesn’t outshine the obamacare decision or the TPP.

          I’m horribly downcast over TPP.

          I think I will actually vote for Bernie Sanders.

          Moderate SHTF is coming. Economic collapse. When the SHTF, don’t say we didn’t warn you.



          • Acid, I thought you would be jumping for joy over the SCOTUS decision.

          • Actually Bernie may have a good chance to become president for the simple fact he is an option to all the others.

            • Yeah, just keep following that line of thought, isn’t the socialist we have right now bad enough you want another four to eight years of the same?


          • You go ahead and vote Socialist…you get what you pay for Acid!

            • Brave,going out on a limb here but perhaps acid is smart enuff to realise that the govt. should not be involved at ALL in the relationships of adults and marriage,along with a myriad of other things govt. should not be involved in.

              • Clearly, I have more to learn. I always thought the Supreme Court was to judge matters brought to them that were those that would be constitutional matters.

              • Warchild, I don’t mean this like it sounds because I always enjoy your posts, but yes you are definitely on a limb where acid is concerned. If he’s really against the SCOTUS ruling, I would be shocked. On occasion he does make some sensible posts on certain things and even offers some good survival tips.

      4. If you are a politician you are going to keep on repeating the same mistakes because….That’s all a politician has to offer. Changes. For good or bad. No matte what history has told you about what works and what doesn’t.


      5. This is absurd. I love knives and axes. Always have. I’ve spent more money on bladed tools than I care to admit. What I wouldn’t give to raid those knife boxes and see what gems I could find. You know somebody is doing it.

        • Focus, I collect knives to some degree, but a few tomahawks and machetes. No way I’ll give up any of those.

      6. When an onion needs to be chopped in minutes the cops are hours away.

        • Excellent.

          • “C”
            So very true!!!

        • Lol that was worth a laugh plus two snorts! Well said.

      7. The Brits are a bunch of cowards.

        • The sun never set on the British Empire for a long time, I don’t think it is Britain anymore.

        • We’re a very stupid people, no doubt; most of our ancestors with ambition and a sense of diligence emigrated years ago to America, Canada and elsewhere, leaving us with a gene pool largely depleted of ambitious, thinking people. And this present generation has allowed the establishment to tell them that unnatural filth like homosexuality is to be embraced and promoted, so now the socially engineered Brits lead the world in political correctness.

          Contrast that with the stoic generation that stood up to Hitler. Back then people knew how to grow their own food, fix their own cars and radios, etc. When the Nazis bombed them, they grew more determined to stand firm; today’s generation would be wetting themselves under those conditions, totally unable to take any initiative or act without instruction from a bureaucrat.

          • Isn’t it sad? Makes me want to cry to see what’s left there, knowing the U.S. Is following the same stupid path, for the most part. My relatives came here in the 1750s and would be spinning in their graves to see what their homeland has become….I guess the sun is setting on the British Empire now, huh?

          • Thanks, Jay. Well put. And HOW did it get this way, from King George’s and Churchill’s heroism todays PC coward, liars and leftists? Simple. Charleton Heston wrote years ago:

            “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, slipping like a fine new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting, twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply take over.”

            Sex in the City or Will and Grace, anyone??

          • Will Highlanders give up their dirks? Or have the Scots fallen under this bad spell also?

            • The Scots are perhaps even worse than the English when it comes to liberalism and cultural Marxism. The UK is finished as a country and now looks primed for the wrath of God.

        • The Brit in’t a pussy…their leadership is. The Nation has gone full tilt p.c.. You re only allowed to purchase 16 tylenol a day because someone somewhere once tried killing themselves with them once….the only people with guns here are the bad guys….you aren’t allowed to strike and injure a burglar in your home and if you do, it’s you that gets arrested. It seems this country is now run by scared old women…..

          • Brits royals and leaders almost did have it all…Untill they listened to Cromwell and his rabbi pals whom convinced the royals and leadership types or eliets that the ONLY real way to total world ownership is to Mix marriages and make babies with the tribe. Because they convinced them that all the OT books former stuff and promiced glory and gloabl rule etc was still Intact and theirs to claim!

            I rekon they should have paid closer atten to the very NT books their former King James had written and published. If they did they’d have recognized cromwell and pals as no more than typical judiazering fools.

            And they Lost most all of it afterwards…Todays USA fools are following same footpath only with new improved judiazering clowns. “The Sceptor shall be YOURS and Yours alone! but…Only if you bring Us into it to rule with you. As “If” the tribe could own and rule earth fully. Why did they need help from brits royals and vast armys and navy if true?…Because as always prior and yet today truth says they are Liars and thieves and killers same as their father satan…It is always them too smart ones who falls for it eh.

            • Cleanup at Comment ID: 3407834

              Cleanup at Comment ID: 3407834

              Cleanup at Comment ID: 3407834

      8. Gay marriage passes SCOTUS today, yesterday, for ObunglerUnCare, apparently the word “state” does not actually mean “state.” Rather, it means anything judicial tyranny means it to be. Re. the two decisions, Alice in Wonderland was reache for comment today, saying:

        1.) About ObunglerUnCare

        “Then you should say what you mean,” the March Hare went on.

        “I do,” Judge Roberts, err…. Alice hastily replied; “at least I mean what I say, that’s the same thing, you know.”

        “Not the same thing a bit!” said the Hatter. “Why, you might just as well say that “I see what I eat” is the same thing as “I eat what I see!” (Alice in Wonderland.

        2.) About gay “marriage.”

        “Alice laughed: “There’s no use trying,” she said; “one can’t believe impossible things.”

        “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

        The blackest week in the nation since around the days of progressivism/Woodrow Wilson and the era of WWI, the Fed, ad nauseam. Sadly, God will not be mocked. Even by Judge Ginsberg – who, by virtue of her age and cancer, probably will be answering to Him very soon, just like the abortion SOTU judges did. People will receive their just rewards. Unfortunately, like in the Soviet Union, where when they opened the archives in the early 1990s, they reported there were 62 million “excess” deaths, there will be many innocent lives lost are irreparably damaged.

        And yes, for those of you of faith, the ARE coming for your business, your conscience, and your church if you dare step outside it (“You take care of inside the church,” Hitler told Niemoller, “I will take care of Germany.”) Sadly, the fascist gays will next be looking – through ENDA – to commandeer your church and/or your conscience – though we can assume mosques will be exempt (and BTW, what WILL they do when the radical Muslims come marching in to meet the radical gays in SF, NY or elsewhere? Or haven’t these Einsteins thought that far ahead… or perhaps they don’t care, as they all live in Learjet leftist land, or on Democrat stronghold Martha’s Vineyard where they don’t have to live under the rules they make?

        • I am positive an exception will be found when gay rights meet fundamental muslims, the left will fall all over themselves to be tolerant of Islam.

        • test

          supreme court HAAA

          how about supreme mistake’s big ass mistake’s one and all

          hag women and the unwise latrina and the other should have been aborted hag on the fake court.

          all mistakes but what do you expect from a Kenyan born bath house fag.
          and his monkey man/ape

          these people are all prime examples why the scotus should have 3 or 4 year term limits and ONE TERM ONLY !!!!

          make the potus a ONE term office same as the other BS idiots

          stagger all of the offices and that way every year we the true citizens would be voting some one in and some one would get the boot.

          and NO LIFETIME pension plans you get real jobs like every one else

          Make and hold all congress critters responsible for any and all damage that ANY law they pass that causes JOBs lost or taxes being raised
          etc etc

          the US budget could be balanced in no time

          just by

          stopping all travel by the president
          and first monkey

          stop frankenkerry from all travel too
          make them ALL telecommute

          take away all retirement plans of ALL congress critters and NO tax payer supported postage
          office supplies and Offices in there home states let them rent like we do and let them Pay out of there own pockets

      9. Talk about creating a society of victims just waiting for the next predator to show up.

        They are moving toward the Darwin Award as a country. Disarming themselves, don’t hurt your assailant, don’t fight back.

        I am sure Hitler, and Polpot, and the ISIS terrorist leaders would have loved to work in societies with that mentality.

      10. The dullest knives on the planet reside in UK.

      11. I’m a boat builder, woodworker. I own Japanese saws that would separate you into pieces easily. I have chisels that are down right scary.
        They just don’t jump up off the bench and kill.
        God is great! Turn me in to the authorities.

      12. How do you comment on Insanity? It’s Insane.

        • Don’t let it get you down. Remember these are the guys that like their beer warm and flat. What do you expect?

          • Paranoid;
            The warm beer thing is caused by their having Lucas refrigerators.

            • 98% of this forum’s readership has no friggin’ clue what the meant, LOL!

            • Love it

      13. I love my firearms. But my deepest lust and love is for the sacred blade. I have carried one since I was 5, when I got my uncle Charlie’s pocket knife after he died. I have my EDC cold steel recon xl with me day and night. I also carry a WW2 Japanese tanto on occasion. I am trained to use the blade, in fact it’s probably my only real talent. So hearing these things really get me in the poo Poo.

      14. Being of Irish heritage, I will never conform, never give in and never give up. I also am not British, so I cannot by heritage, simply turn butt up in submission to the “government”to be repeatedly sodomized in a multitude of ways.

        • TPS, spot on. I have always sympathized with the plight of the Irish, Scots, and Scots-Irish. Although I’m of English descent, I have hated that fact ever since I discovered the truth about the Royal Family, their terror and oppression against Celtic. It’s something I have to live with, but I don’t have to love it. I’ll never surrender any type of weapons I have, period.

          • Your looking at it wrong Brave. The English deserve the Royals. Lets face it, they couldn’t find anyone in England smart/dumb enough to take the job and had to hire outside help. Tells you all you need to know. Besides the Queen has done a better job than the Gov.

      15. maybe the road to go is to use chop sticks!!!

        • Europeans are not scientific enough for the using of chopsticks.

      16. Are they eventually going to make everyone turn in their “shapened sticks” too?

        • Already banned. UK knife law defines ANY sharp or pointed object to be an offensive weapon. That includes pencils unless you have a good reason to be carrying them. I kid you not.

        • For Best ever description of current events across UK and EU Lands, and the near future and end results as Pre Planned…VIEW the aprox 22 Minit Yutube video by Barbara Spector…She is lead voice for a Sweden based Org of zionists and her short video fully explains what and whys of mass floods of non white somolians and arabs and muslims into every white eu and uk nations.

          Yes you shall find it Very difficult to observe her smarrmy lunatic facial expressions, and constant roveing wide eyed, head moveing in directions a humans head was never meant to move in…But…She does speak 100% Truth of What-Whys-and most importantly Whom’s are behind this nation wrecking nefarious Plot.

          She uses sentences such as this, paraphraseing here from a year old memory of video: “Every white person in the EU and UK nations MUST simply accept the Facts that Our group has this stuff all pre planned now and for quite a long time too!…and it is hopeless and fruitless for any of you to attempt to thwart Our zionist plans priod. We Are going to see it thru and nothing You do will change or halt this. And we believe at least some of you are finally going to see and agree that Mass Immigrations into your nations of NON whites from africa and mid east is the ONLY real solution to Save Europe!”

          So the former days of white hegemony across european nations is at the END and if You do not like this TOO Bad!”

          Babs the sweden zio whore has Much more to inform you all of too…Spend 20 minits with her video and see for yourselves whats in store…oh thats for the usa whites also!..She if I recall also names Americas whiteys as culprits with same plans being done to usa lands…BUT remember according to her and her zio pals its all going to SAVE all the whitey nations from total ruin!!!

          I bet barbara also at times pontificates and is stuck in wide eyed wonderment when she ponders what possible reasons could have been in play everytime her and her pals got Booted OUT from so far…109 Nations Prior eh.

          If I ever see her in person I sure will be Glad to explain to her reasons why her kind got booted out from litterally every nation to ever be the “Host” of hells demons in the flesh.

          Almost forgot to add: Barbara even also admits that “of Course We know this plan we are doing is going to cause massive antisemitism across every UK and EU lands…But regardless of that…We are still going to go forewards and never stop and will just explain to Our peoples to expect it from folks who reject Our plans.”

          Remember that statement shes admitted so when USA TV news 24/7 begins to claim and cry about massive rise of antisemitism everywheres…Its Her and Her Zio pals Caused it all in first place and admitted to it prior!..Do NOT Fall for more whitey Guilt over this zio crap once it begins and oh yes it shall in spades.

          When you whiteys hear non stop crys of OyVey! Answer back with “Fuck YOU zioboy/girl! Get…The…FUCK..OUT! and Take all them non white 3rd worlders with you! for history Proves it is the Onliest method that ever works.

      17. As I recall, a few years ago Japan banned aluminum baseball bats for the same reason. Next it will be large “assault rocks”!

        Join the NRA: National Rock Association.

        Watch out fur them hogs, most of which live/work in Washington and the worst sit on the Supreme Court.


        • The battle will be won by education and information dissemination, not by violence. Leave that to Wee Willy Ayers and his merry band of lefists.

      18. Surrender your knife.

        What’s next? Butterknives that could be sharpened? All sticks – and let’s throw in banning trees – that could be sharpened on asphalt or cement? Ban asphalt and cement, too? Not only could that be used to sharpen stuff, people could use chunks of it to hurt/kill others. Ban rocks next?

        England needs another peaceful Magna Carta event against today’s version of evil King John.

        As matter of fact, Hitler DID win WWII, complete with National Socialism, one world with the elite uber alles. Just took a few extra decades. But pretty much everything Hitler wanted came to pass.

        And yes, National Socialism is just the obverse side of the same coin that has communism on it. From ‘Dolph himself, these quotes;

        “There is more that binds us to Boshevism than separates us from it… I have always made allowances for this circumstance, and given orders that former Communists are to be admitted to the party at once.”

        Hitler also said “I am not merely the vanquisher of Marxism, I am its implementer… The whole of National Socialism is contained in Marxism… the industrial cells, the mass demonstrations, the propaganda material.”

        Richard Vetterli and Willam Fort in The Socialist Revolution: “The collectivist systems of Communism and Fascism belong not on the opposite extremes … their characteristics demand that they share a position side by side on the left” and that Nazism and Communism, in their totalitarianism and collectivism, share “close proximity.” (p.2 – 3)

        G.B. Shaw, who was a Fabian socialist:
        Italian fascism was collectivist in nature, and the fascists were “well aware of the fact that Communism springs from the same collectivist stem as their own system.”

        Ludwig von Mises on socialism and Nazis (N.B.: von Mises fled from the Nazis to Switz n 1934, and then to the US in 1940). His Ph.D was from U. of Vienna, and he taught as several US universities. “… Mussolini, the outstanding man in Italian socialism, chose at first the orthodox Marxian position. Nobody could surpass Mussolini in Marxian zeal… the programme of the Fascist, as drafted in 1919, was vehemently anticapitalistic… fascism was not… an original product of the Italian mind. It began as a split within the ranks of Marxian socialism.” (p. 525f, The Socialist Revolution).

        “The philosophy of the Nazis, the German National Socialist Labour Party, is the purest and most consistent manifestation of the anticapitalistic and socialist spirit of our age.” Von Mises, p. 528f

      19. They often have a ‘Knife amnesty’ in areas that have seen a spike in knife crime.

        The police and local councillors initiate them with the intention of ‘reassuring’ the local community that they are dealing with a ‘problem’.

        • Getting rid of the ‘socialist healthcare debacle’ will simply enrich the wealthy further as it’ll allow them to determine the cost of a treatment, GP appointment and the price of medicine. Also, it will prevent people will few assets from accessing health care. No money – no health treatment! I don’t want that here!!

          There isn’t a Euthanasia Programme……..yet. They are planning for ‘assisted dying’ but it wont happen yet.

        • Could you explain why you want to save these people? Highest best use seems to be Bait.

      20. Get rid of the 3rd world “immigrants” that you have flooded civilization with.The Barbarians are INSIDE the gates.

        • Satori, you are 100% spot on below. And William, you are largely right. Only thing I would add is that many of the barbarians now include fatherless, leftist, nihilistic, narcissistic, secular humanists who are basically the same at Attila the Hun.

          As Dostoyevski said (and he DID say this), “if there is no God, everything is permissible.”

          We’ll see just how well that “everything is permissible” pans out now, won’t we?!

        • And the British always claimed to be the most intelligent people in the world. Man, talk about BS!

      21. and this is the nation that held off the Nazi’s ???

        WTF ???

        good thing Hitler isn’t around today

        England would be a sea of white flags


        this is not the nation Churchill once led

        • Satori, if the Nazis were alive today, they could march straight into London without firing a shot. White flags everywhere.

          • No still cannot march across the English Chann.

            • Paranoid,the chunnel!

        • in ALL but a small few nations Today, every single politition BOTH Leftist and Rightwing neocon alike…Knows withOUT any doubt who and which behind scenes string puller group Butters their Bagels! Lox and Lox of Butter to greese the rails of abject nation wrecking Ruination. “See my other above many quotes reply for details..Thats of course as long as Test don’t delete it as per usual eh”

          I had a huge epiphiny this morning! I realized that there really is another world view other than…Tests views!! Eureka!

      22. Worldwide, people are becoming increasingly unable to accept that their actions originate solely within themselves, that human behavior is self originating and does not originate in their environment.




        F–K IT …………..

        • You may be down to rocks and sticks. It will be at least WW XXXX before I run out of ammo

      24. ENGLAND


      25. Looks like the fluoride is working in the UK…

        • Again, my region (Northern Ireland) is flouride-free, but on the mainland UK it’s used in most areas.

      26. The New World Order has plans to disarm everyone.
        That’s because they fear people that are awake to their evil agenda.
        It’s hard to control an armed population.
        It’s easier to turn you into a slave if you are unarmed!

        • For disarming to work, people need to give up critical thinking. Sadly, the educational system is doing its work along with the everyday distractions of media and devices to keep us “connected.”




      28. The world is going to hell in a hand basket. TPTB are dumber than shit!.

        When are they going to stop blaming every little thing like a flag or a gun for murder.

        START BLAMING THE BASTARD THAT DID IT, and not inanimate objects!!!!!!

        What is next my Bow and arrow?
        Crap I don’t want to say this too loud, because a guy was just killed with one the other day in an ambush in Ogelsby Il.

        They to Come and Take it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Stars and Bars forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        AIM SMALL MISS SMALL!!!!!!!!!!

        • “C”
          So very true!

        • Try to come and take it!!!!!!!
          When you are pissed you misspell words.

          • Sarge, I understand. On occasion I misspell something in a post myself. I’m not giving up anything I have either.

        • hey dale, do you feel the need to post the same old crap every day because you feel the need to hear yourself everyday? You know, if this supposed gov’t machine wants to kill you all they need to do is cut your social security and medicare off and 90 per cent of you will be dead within a year, without having to fire a shot. So think about that before you go on another of your stupid tirades, they amount to diddly shit.

          • anon1776, f#$% you and move your ass on, useless troll.

          • Anon 1776
            That old boy, Sgt. Dale has forgotten more about surviving, than you will ever learn in two life times.
            So back of TROLL.
            N. Reb

            • I can’t help notice that either of you two can address the contents of my comment, can you? Go back to your mindless ravings old men, that’s all that’s left to you now.

              • Did your post have comment? Looked like a parcel of trool’s ad hominum to me……

                Yup, went back and re-read it. FDA certified content-free.

              • Coming from a MINDLESS troll.

              • “I can’t help notice that either of you two can address the contents of my comment, can you?”

                What “contents”? You said nothing of value or worth to anyone.

            • Anon likes poking at tigers with a stick. Much of Anon’s posts are the same–making fun of something not understood.
              Can we start making fun of libs now? their stuff is hilarious. Comedy shows are for laughter. hahahahaha!!

      29. How about that guy that rammed a crowd with his car.

        How about pipes and hammers?

        BAN ROCKS!

      30. gdw,

        A sling is a simple but highly effective weapon.

        One took out Goliath, ya know.

      31. Fellow SHTFers… you do realize, of course, that we are **exactly** in the same spot as (speaking of ye Merry Olde England) as those RAF fighters who fought the previous iteration of Nazism, right?

        We are undermanned, undermined traitors inside and out, and underfunded (no Learjet leftists or limousine liberals on our side). What we do have, however, is this:

        Courage, true justice, integrity, commitment, intelligence and creativity, along with a God who actually does intervene in history (no, it is true, not always, or at the snap of a finger. We get it. But see C.S. Lewis’ That Hideous Strength for a fictional rendering of how this will end). Also, our ideas are better than theirs (that’s why, as Ben Shapiro at Breitbart says, all the left ever does in debate is smear people and run them down. They NEVER rely on rational discourse).

        Not sure if we will be as successful as those RAF pilots. But, as Frodo said to Gandalf, “I wish it need not have happened in my time.”

        “So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

        • I love that line from LOTR. It is quite apt for today.

        • Great read on this site:


          For my part, I make it a point to show up and vote at EVERY local election, just to vote NO on the sewmi-annual attempt by our county regional school authority to ram us with another bond issue. Last time the vote was 365 for, 390 against, in a country with 15,000 population.

          Wish I could remember who wrote “Men in the Walls”. Sci-fi novella about men living like mice after an alien takeover.


      32. Stop right there… Y’all need to reread the story… The Brits ain’t a bunch of hand wringing nervous wrecks they’re simply doing what any one of you would do. IMPROVISING. At least they’ve got the nerve to stick someone with a blade… It’s their liberal authorities that are the problem. Politicians are a-holes the whole world round. Cut the crap!

        • Thank God Russia blew through the 666 mark in 1987 for a while there i was getting nervous.

      33. Love the pic of the plastic knives with the proof of age required notice.

        Just loke to point out that that sign is in dollars and cents while the UK uses Pounds and pence.

        For the mentally challenged that means the piccy is a poorly thought through psyop piece. Congratulations if you fell for it and ranted about knives and gunfights.

        Sheesh (rolleyes)

      34. If they want to ban something, I have a good idea on what to ban.
        BAN THEMSELVES from ever being in power to run a nation.
        How asinine is this banning something that all it can do is lay there and rot away.
        I would not doubt that some clown in Washington is wanting to do the same thing and ban knifes along with the right to defend yourself.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb.

      35. Not that the left has the intellectual honesty to consider these, but just FYI:

        “Quemadmoeum gladuis neminem occidit, occidentis telum est.” (A sword is never a killer, it is a tool in the killer’s hands.)
        – Lucius Annaeus Seneca, circa 4 BC – 65 AD

        “…sort of like the people who repeat foolish slogans like “guns kill” – as though guns (or in this case, knives) sprout little feet when no one is looking and run around shooting people all by themselves.”
        – Doug Casey, financial columnist

        “If you don’t have to give up your car because others drive drunk with theirs, then why do you have to give up your gun (or knives) because others commit crimes with theirs?”
        – Anonymous internet wag

        “When a crime is committed, does the gun or knife go to jail?”
        – From BrotherJohn.com

        “Let’s stop playing games. The problem is people, not guns (or knives). Our society suffers from a deficiency of personal responsibility – not from an excess of personal freedom.”
        – Star Parker, African American writer and commentator

        “The horrifying truth is this: we live now in a culture that not only does not respect life, but discards it like trash — not only at the beginning of life, but also at the end, and every place in between. What has happened to us?”
        – Catholic Deacon Greg Kandra

        And here is VIOLENT leftist Wee Willy Ayers, from the past:
        “…we’re also going to make it clear that when a pig gets iced that’s a good thing, and that everyone who considers himself a revolutionary should be armed, should own a gun, should have a gun in his house.”
        – Bill Ayers, leftist activist and confidant of gun control happy Barack Obama, in A Strategy To Win, appearing in New Left Notes, September 12, 1969. Note: This quote is included both show the hypocrisy of today’s anti-gun left, as well as expose them as the purveyors of violence -which I oppose – the left has always been.

        What’s behind knife and gun control, along with BIG GREEN MONEY energy control?
        “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.'”
        | – HL Mencken

        “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government” Jefferson did not specify butterknives, but if he knew the jackasses in todays PC crowd, he might have!
        – Thomas Jefferson, 1 Thomas Jefferson Papers, 334

        “Blaming Newtown on guns is like blaming Chappaquiddick on the Oldsmobile.”
        – Ben Crystal, Personal Liberty News

        “Eliminate guns and they go to bombs, eliminate bombs and they move to poison or something else. Bad people are just bad people.”
        – “David,” otherwise anonymous internet poster.

        “The trigger is in the head, not the gun.”
        – Michael Howell

      36. If you feel you are in immediate danger from knife crime there are a number of steps you can take to protect yourself:
        • Move away from the situation towards a public place (shop, house, restaurant etc.) as quickly as possible.
        • Make as much noise as you can.
        • Instead of carrying a knife, carry a personal alarm.
        • Don’t fight back.

        wait, they forgot to add: Prepare to meet your maker.

      37. Tis sad that a once strong country has reached these levels.GB has brought us great music,i.e.Tull/Zepplin ect.,the SAS and yet are being led by such pussies.To the folks of GB I say that the govt. is scared of you and wants to disarm you any way it can,fight people,fight!That said,powers that try to be pulling the same nonsense in this country,be ready folks!On a side note,my guess is folks in GB can still visit their favorite big box stores and do some serious cooking with grand results,there is hope for you still!

      38. “Virtually every person in the United Kingdom owns a knife–and, as long as food needs cutting, that’s not going to change.’

        In related news today, the UK government announced that starting Jan. 2016, all Britons would only be allowed to eat oatmeal and baby pablum with rubber spoons. No exceptions granted, except for rich leftists like George Soros.

      39. Saw this somewhere…
        A man fights with his mind, the weapons are incidental.

        If not a gun then a knife. If not a knife then a baseball bat. If not a baseball bat then a hammer.

        ht tps://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/2011/crime-in-the-u.s.-2011/tables/expanded-homicide-data-table-8

      40. Whether anti-gun or anti-knife, any attempts to ban are based on the good intentions by liberals of trying to prevent murders. Their thought process is that the best way to disarm the really ‘bad’ people is to collect weapons from everyone. Of course, the really ‘bad’ people are the ones most likely to not follow any order to turn in their weapons – and as we see, are most likely to find an alternate way to kill someone.

        • Norse
          Liberals => Progressives => Socialists
          Their intentions are to disarm the proletariat such that they can push their socialist agenda without the possibility of an unsightly uprising.In the grand scheme of things, people will always find a way to kill each other. Been doing this since man started walking the earth. That journalists take the recent meaningless, highly publicized shootings and run them up the flagpole, only serves to provide evidence of an agenda that’s being pushed off on the public.

      41. So I guess the United States Secret Service will be turning in their guns and knives?

      42. keep your knife.

        i prefer ‘ice picks’ over a blade.

        get’s the job down right.

        some dowel handles and piano wire come in handy also.

      43. When the government next petitions the citizenry to abandon their fists and feet, the people are really going to be bummed since they will have nothing to cut their fis and feet off with, having already given up their knives!

        Oh, Monty Python, how we miss thee!

      44. $hit i’ve got a tool box full of things that could be used to kill so do you think they will have me down as being a terrorists or something.

        Mind you having knifes near my misses when i tell her that dinner din’t taste so good might be worth stopping.

        I bet the seik’s will still be allowed to open carry on the streets so maybe they can come to a deal with the police state that says if you hand in your zapper guns and stop treating us like cattle then we will hand our blades in.

        Next they will be banning rope incase people wake up to what the bankers has done to this country.

      45. Why not ban hammers too. We could replace them with plastic ones! Axes are dangerous, how about making cardboard ones, nobody would get hurt and let’s not forget elastic, devious individuals could use elastic to make catapults – sorry ladies not more knicker elastic, too dangerous (actually this one might have some merits). Personally my vote goes to’V’ – see ‘V for Vendetta’

      46. Why not ban hammers too. We could replace them with plastic ones! Axes are dangerous, how about making cardboard ones, nobody would get hurt and let’s not forget elastic, devious individuals could use elastic to make catapults – sorry ladies not more knicker elastic, too dangerous (actually this one might have some merits). Personally my vote goes to’V’ – see ‘V for Vendetta’ -this guy didn’t give up his knives.

        • No need to ban them, just license the to only the people that actually need them.

      47. Ban fingers.

        Those dangerous fingers, man.

        • Every Fem kommie female is armed with Every tool to continue evils of prostitution….so Ban vaginas and tits too perhaps?…Sorry gotta Go as we cannot have prostitutiin rings any longer mam.

          Fem Kommies: Kin we stay if we abandon this lunatic feminist agenda and remain in kitchens bakeing Pies and Brownnies and act like a wife and mom again?

          Answer: yes but Only if you also Lose aprox 300LBS excess celulite Fat! Elsewize You get Da Boot while We Keep them good lookin Hispanic babes you fools flooded the nation with!

      48. When do we get to start turning in sharpened pencils? Liberals are so damned dumb!

      49. What subjects! Only the upper crust Needham?

      50. I literally laugh when I read about knife attacks. I don’t even carry one. Anyone attacking me with a knife has got to be one stupid un informed retard..when the first of movement number one from Hamza SI LAT. Si lat teaches you how to kill your opponent, that why I discarded the old the old tae kwon do BS, I needed something more effective..see the movie Raid 2, kitchen fight seen, you will see what I practice.

        The man or thug, Mexican gangsta or other derelict coming at me with a knife is really a funny thing, I find it laughable. Its the perfect t example of someone who is going to see loving Jesus soon as has no idea he is going be in heaven soon.

        One punch to the face followed by 10 punches to the chest nose, jaw eyes followed by Four kicks to the ribs, 2 more to the balls, with. Four more elbows to the face, nose chest and eye, then you smash his head into the concrete five more times.. fight over. Knives don’t bother me, they are health hazard for attackers ..the best martial arts for none martial artist is a gun..

        • Will that work on them aliens from planet zioX your scientists pal claims are here and in hiding? My scientist pals claims that all aliens regardless what planet or solor system from can become fast Invisible! Hard to kick ass when opponents are unseen eh.

          Aleins can also spit green oooze slime at you and it sticks like super glue to all it touches so be very carefull out there.

        • That’s very nice.

          Do you do that after you find out you’ve been attacked because there is already a knife sticking in your kidney from a sneak attack from behind?

          Anyone that know how to use a knife for purposes other than an attempt at intimidation knows his opponent shouldn’t even know he has it till he feels it sticking inside himself. With a knife, if you can touch someone you can cut him and if you can cut him you can kill him (even a simple box cutter will cut all the way to the bone and open arteries in the process, get a side of beef sometime and see for yourself).

      51. My dear British brothers and sisters, what the hell happened to you? You are descendents of one of the greatest empires in history but you have allowed political correctness to neuter your country. A free man has a RIGHT to defend himself and his family from those that intend harm. You have given that right away with little more than a whimper. Now, my country is filled with weak minds that want to do the same thing.

      52. Not noted but the spike then the steep drop is accounted for. The crime reporting methodology was “changed” after the spike in crime.

        Guess how it was changed. They took notes from NYC and just fail to report it.


        NYC: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/03/09/us-crime-newyork-statistics-idUSBRE82818620120309

        It’s epidemic in areas where pressure, promotion, and retention fall in the balance: http://www.vdare.com/articles/disappearing-urban-crime

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