Will Manliness Make A Comeback In 2018?

by | Jan 4, 2018 | Headline News | 88 comments

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt-Market.com


    Men embracing their masculinity and biological heritage has not been the easiest path the past few years, at least, for those who care about being labeled a “toxic” curse hanging over the history of the world. For me, frankly, I am indifferent to the gnashing and wailing of feminists and the social justice cult. They are a paper tiger and always have been. Beyond that, it’s almost impossible to live in rural Montana without being a capable man (or living in a family with capable men), so even if I wanted to become some kind of liberal my-little-pony metrosexual, the environment simply would not allow for it. I would get eaten alive, or I would have to leave.

    It is this lesson above all else that I would like to impart here — masculinity can only be abandoned when the environment is sterilized and controlled and entirely “safe.” Put any feminist out in an uncontrolled and dangerous environment (like the wilderness) for a few weeks, and it won’t be long before they will beg for someone with all those “toxic” masculine traits to come and help them.

    In fact, though scientists rarely undertake any social experiments to explore this reality (due to science in our era being heavily tainted by identity politics and liberal bias), there are many examples of the vast differences between genders on display in survival shows such as the Bear Grylls show ‘The Island’.  The British reality series originally featured a group of thirteen men left on an island with nothing but a few tools and the clothes on their backs. Their goal? Work together to survive for one full month.

    After accusations of “sexism”, the show started its next season with a group of men and a group of women given the same task. The show had various versions and copycats in other nations, some featuring competitions between the men and the women, but the end result was invariably the same regardless of the country.

    While having their own setbacks, the men’s groups do decidedly better in every case, not just because of superior strength, but also superior organizational ability (an evil masculine trait). In the American ‘Survivor’ version of this experiment, which had the groups in proximity to each other, the women inevitably depended on the men for aid.

    The reality is, when push comes to shove society cannot function without psychological traits that are decidedly masculine. This is why matriarchal (or feminized) societies generally collapse or are highly dysfunctional and regressive. For an example outside of the jungle, read this article by a female entrepreneur who had a utopian idea to build a company made up only of women – a company which suffered complete gridlock and bankruptcy only two years later from employee discord and laziness.

    Because of the inadequacies of a culture without strong male presence, feminism and “social justice” as ideologies instantly lend themselves to socialism and collectivism. In fact, it’s hard to separate one from the other.

    Socialism provides the governmental and legal bubble that helps to protect people who cannot or will not protect themselves, and collectivism forces capable people (mostly men) to do all the hard labor necessary to keep a system functioning and safe “for the sake of the group,” whether they want to participate in that group or not. In the beginning this is done through taxation, entitlement programs and the centralizing of wages into metropolitan areas. In the end, it is done through unabashed slavery. If you want to see an example of this simply look up the end result of the Stalinist and Maoist models – a productive minority is always tasked (or forced) to feed, house and clothe the non-producing majority.

    And this is how these people hope to live out their entire lives — blissfully sheltered from unpredictable environments that require technical know-how, independent ingenuity or decisive and sometimes violent action.

    Feminism in particular seeks the destruction of all masculinity as a prerequisite to a supposedly safer world. To illustrate, take a look at this article published by the ever-establishment, ever-collectivist Bloomberg titled “How To Make Better Men.”

    The article is typical propaganda, falsely associating masculinity first with institutions that do not define masculinity as well as attitudes that are not necessarily only attributed to men. The goal here, of course, is the demonization of men in general through association with already-established negative events and symbols. Bloomberg ties men and male behavior to the scandal surrounding the recent string of accusations of sexual aggression in politics and Hollywood.

    To be sure, these institutions and industries in particular seem to attract a certain type of deviance, not that all the accusations made so far should be treated as fact. Prosecuting someone in the media and in the court of public opinion is not the same as prosecuting them in a court of law. The #MeToo movement is mostly a farce on par with the witch hunting displayed in The Crucible; relying solely on stirring the frothing fervor of the mob rather than generating facts and evidence.

    That said, the cases that do seem to be provable illustrate a pattern of narcissism and sociopathy common in the entertainment industry and in politics, and this is a problem among men AND women within these cultural structures. Just look at Hillary Clinton and her treatment of the women that threatened her husband’s career.

    And despite what feminists claim, narcissism and sociopathy are not inherently masculine traits. Many women display these character flaws constantly, but in slightly different ways from men.

    Is it wrong for a man to pressure a woman into sexual activity through leverage or force? Of course. But is this a “masculine” behavior, or a sociopathic behavior? Bloomberg and the feminists want to condition you to assume the two are interchangeable.

    Now, many other behaviors that have been wrongly attached to rape in order to demonize men are in fact masculine and are not negative. Is it an assault for a man to tell a woman on the street she looks good? No. Is it an assault to be direct with a woman or to pursue her for a relationship? No, as long as she doesn’t tell you to back the hell off then all is fair game. Is it an assault to look at a woman and think thoughts you would not share with your own mother (unless you are a freak)? No, not at all. In fact, you will find that many women PREFER a man that is direct over a man that walks on eggshells and is constantly apologizing for acting on what is biological and natural. It is feminists who are complaining about these behaviors, and feminists do not represent women in the slightest.

    How do feminists plan to weed out masculine behavior that has sustained civilization since the beginning of recorded time? They hope to accomplish this through public schools. First by propagandizing children (like Bloomberg propagandizes their readers) into believing that traditionally masculine behaviors are “bad.” Boys should be more calm in class, sit still, be quiet, less high strung, they should cry more and share their feelings, they should be admonished for playing violent games such as war with sticks and their imaginations, they should be taught to be vulnerable and less ambitious, they should be, for all intents and purposes, feminized.

    Make no mistake, there is a highly concerted effort in the public school system to enforce the feminist ideology by sinking their fangs into the next generation of men and “training” the manliness out of them. Of course, it seems to me that if these behaviors weren’t entirely natural, then the feminists would not have to put so much effort into an agenda to condition children to their side. Why not keep ideologies out of schools completely and let the children decide what comes naturally when they are older?

    Beyond the circus of sexual issues dominating the media for the past few weeks or the feminist final solution, I will say that the violence of action is indeed a predominantly masculine characteristic, and honestly, we need far more of it.

    It seems to me that feminism and social justice, whether knowingly or unknowingly, feed into the establishment power structure and allow it to thrive. Encouraging men to be weak, indecisive, indirect, fearful of group condemnation and fearful of their own aggression makes a society less secure and more malleable. Masculinity is often raw and unpredictable. It makes sense that potential tyrants would seek to diminish it so that they do not have to worry about sudden rebellion. In ancient times, invading armies would target the military age males of a culture and kill them off. They would then assimilate the women and children, and young boys would be raised to defend the banner of the conqueror.

    Today, this is being done in a different manner. Men are being castrated symbolically in media and film, or castigated through our educational system as a nuisance. We are being encouraged to abandon all the qualities that make us a threat to the establishment, in the name of social tranquility. But of course, in the end only the establishment benefits, and “tranquility” is certainly not guaranteed once we fall on our own swords.

    Believe it or not, though, I am hopeful.

    The tides have been turning against the feminists and the social justice cult lately. And contrary to popular belief, this is NOT because of Donald Trump. If anything, Trump’s popularity is merely a reflection of the vast and growing backlash against the extreme left and the cultural Marxism they promote.

    When there is a social backlash, it usually results in people immediately educating themselves on everything the offending movement originally condemned. Meaning, if the feminists hate it then it is probably good. Will this encourage men, and the millennial generation in particular, into finally pursuing technical prowess, physical and mental toughness, independence and self sufficiency, personal security and self defense and the ambition to build something better? Will our dwindling Western populations see a resurgence of child births? Will the newest Generation Z, growing up in the midst of an increasingly difficult economic environment, adhere to more masculine traits by necessity?

    If there is any indication of such a return to masculine roots, it will probably become visible in 2018 as the influence of the feminist agenda continues to wane. We shall see. If not, then the Western world is in dire trouble. For if we do not make manliness “fashionable” again and soon, it might be bred out of our culture entirely. And with this loss, a cultural death is guaranteed.


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      1. manliness is gone forever. the NRA saw to that.

        • NRA has nothing to do with this. Why are you so obsessed?

        • These old photos of ironworkers a thousand feet in the air, without any ropes or harnesses, never fail to amaze me. Having “hopped and popped” in my day, I have no fear of heights, but I cannot imagine working all day at that height even with multiple safety lines.

          OSHA must be having kittens when they see them. 🙂

          • yeah but those iron workers are all dead now

          • it’s a fake photo. their on the ground . two photos overlayed on top of another. a similar pic was done usinf women.

          • This is photo shopped.

        • Whatever, stupid NRA comment aside, I agree that it seems like manliness is fading away with a sad increase in fagism and liberalism. Men waving rainbow flags are not men they’re faggots. Men who get manicures are not men they’re faggots. Men who don’t know how to change a tire aren’t men either. I’ve always done all my car maintenance since my first car as a teen. Never would I do something faggoty like call AAA to change my flat tire. Today that’s sadly becoming the norm. Fewer men, more dainty pathetic little weak liberal faggoty fags with their crayons and hair conditioner and can’t even change their oil or wiper blades. Women should be ashamed of them.

          • I called Triple A AFTER my defective jack collapsed under my car. Good old GM products for you. Nothing wrong or “faggoty” about having a Triple A membership.
            Dead battery/ flat tire, if you don’t want to get dirty, no problem. They show up usually in
            20-30 minutes. I’ve changed my share of flat tires in the past. Nothing wrong with options.
            If your old lady has vehicle problems far away from home, she won’t have to call you, they
            will change her flat or jumpstart and send her on her way. There are WAY TOO MANY girls
            in our military, thanks to womens lib and the fact that not enough men want to enlist.
            Nothing against patriotic women, but in years past, they always said it was a MANS army.
            Now it’s a gays and trans-testicle army. I don’t like our odds in the next big war. Not too
            keen about sharing a foxhole with something that has 2 tits and a dangler.

          • Actual men who make their living as service technicians love these whiney bastards. They have to call a “professional” for everything, and can’t question anything the technician says.

          • Cracker J: Euro males have been gelded and wear pink lace undies, allowing their countries to be invaded and conquered now for decades. Will U.S. men follow suit? Feminine style men’s clothing is on runways. Women wear “men style” clothes and have since ww2 like blue jeans, etc,but not a big deal. My generation of men were more macho. Younger ones now are lazy, stupid, unmotivated, (many still live at home into their 30’s) and sissified, some live near me with loser parents who won’t boot them out of the house for good. I have zero respect for parents who refuse to rule the house, which seems to be in the majority now days. We are not involved in any type group activities for years, as we have given up on people in general.

            • The economy is destroyed. I’m talking about the real economy. Not the stock market.
              There are no goddamned jobs. That’s why they live at home, mom. Yes, the parents are to
              blame for many of them. Again, there are no jobs. Part-time, low-paying jobs with no
              benefits. The cost of living is atrocious. With automation, robots, A.I., and everything
              moving from west to east (Belt and Road), manufacturing gone, and greedy and selfish
              BABY BOOMER assholes selling us out for decades. What do you expect???!!!!!!
              Here we are in this shitty part of history. Congratulations. It’s all downhill from here, mom.

          • “faggoty like call AAA to change my flat tire”

            You kidding me? I’m down 3 heart attacks and have money, not rich but comfortable. AAA, (actually in my 20s could have maybe used AA) , lawn care people (too hot here in summer). Nothing unmanly about hiring people. As the old timers said in work, “I graduated from that sonny”, and sent you into 130 deg heat to close a valve. Hard physical work in in my past.

      2. thanks NRA

        • Your Welcome.

          Thanks to the NRA I can be armed in 43 states. Six or so of them now W/O a permit; fancy that.

          • you cant be armed with an RPG can you hahaha only squirrel-guns

            • If the NRA did not exist you would have an RPG?

              The USA has the least restrictive gun laws in the entire developed world.

              • Least? How about zero restrictions. Any restriction no matter how small is only tolerated by males who like foreign objects inside them.

                • anti, you get it. needing permission from a tyranical govt is the same as having mental illness caused by low testosterone levels.

                  • So the gun owners in the US would be better W/O an NRA? There would be no gun owners without an NRA. I know, I’m keeping mine. Well you need ammo, =get caught you either go to jail or die fighting. No thanks, I’ll take an NRA.

            • gandhi hates America. Go back to Nigeria then will ya.

              Women are emotional ninnys. Not all but most.

          • realistically though the two times my gun saved my family and friend was when i was carrying illegally.

            • criminals know the laws well enough to jump unarmed people. just like when the feds grabbed the bundies at the airport.

          • I gotta figure out how to move,,,,

        • geeze, what is next “tranny island?”

          • We can only hope they do remove to an island.

        • thanks to the NRA you can protect yourself against armed thugs. What do you use Gandi a rock?

      3. In fairness, there are a whole lot of men who couldn’t do much better. Survival takes training and practice.

        • But the untrained men on the show did do better because they had natural organizing ability the women did not have, among other things.

        • true, just check out the Denver bars nowadays. or the NRA membership

        • Here’s one for liberal birdwatchers and other faggoty types when enjoying the outdoors:

          In light of the rising frequency of human/grizzly bear confrontations, the Canada Department of Wildlife is advising hikers, birdwatchers, and mushroom pickers to take extra precautions and be alert for bears while in the field. …We advise that outdoorspeople wear small bells on their clothing so as not to startle bears that aren’t expecting them, and to carry pepper spray with them in case of an encounter….

          It is also a good idea to watch out for fresh signs of bear activity. Outdoorspeople should recognize the difference between black bear and grizzly bear droppings. Black bear droppings are smaller and contain lots of berries and fur. Grizzly bear droppings have little bells in it and smell like pepper.

          • “For those that read these words of wit, eat those little balls of shit.”
            Or as I once saw on a shit house wall:
            ” Here I sit my buns a-flexin’,
            givin’ birth to another

            YEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      4. i would let those women be my slaves

        • where were the hordes of biting insects and blood sucking mosquitoes for the added pleasure of the fantasy island girls.

      5. Best piece here in a while.

      6. if those girls saw me they would not the complaining about that little camen being enormous.

      7. one of the members of that group, prolly the bull dyke, needed to just slap the hell out those campers

      8. those girls should have had a mud wrestling competition to see who was in charge?

      9. in that survival situation i would just be honest with the girls, i would tell them they will all starve unless they vote me as the grand dragon boss hoss?

      10. Well you can pretty much count on Brucie Kaitlin Jenner not making the cut in ’18.

        • as far as manliness making a cum back. i never left?.

          • Gandhi, manliness has always been within me and never left.

        • yes you are right, bruce already failed the survival of the species test, no more children for that weirdo.

        • I’m not sure if Bruce/Kaitlyn actually did “make the cut” if you know what I mean. Dude’s just a Fix-A-Flat pair of man-boobs and dressing in drag with too much make-up. Nothing some good old-fashioned soap and water, a pair of Levis and a western shirt and a couple of drainage tubes jabbed into his chest to reverse his “procedure”.

      11. Christmas day, about a decade ago, it was warm, cardio walked throughout the residential neighborhood, no kids were out. They were all inside no doubt playing on a computer in fantasy land. Seen two young guys on a lug wrench, they wanted a hand, they never thought of using leverage (bull pipe). Males go through their childhood and adolescence and never once got in a fist fight.

        Its a different world out there.

        • You aint kidding, people coddle their kids, sorta disgusting, thats how my x was, kids a mess because of it, sorta glad she wouldnt let me have anything to do with her, now i can just shrug and go OH WELL!

        • Which is why they don’t know what to do when confronted by a bully! Cry to mommy then consider suicide…..little pussies

          • Ditto that.

        • Which is why they don’t know what to do when confronted by a bully! Cry to mommy then consider suicide…..little pussies

          • Ditto that. haha

          • kid successfully punching bully in the face can go a few ways:

            1. the bully is gangbanger. in next few days, there’s drive by at kid’s house, or kid is curb stomped by a couple dozen of bully’s homies

            2. kid is demonized / punished by school administration under guise of zero tolerance. possibly to point of expulsion. maybe 10% of parents would know how to handle that (take kid to Six Flags, then commence home schooling).

            3. kid and bully are put into ‘mediation’. kid is brainwashed into believing he is wrong for defending self and is dosed up with ritalin, paxil, prozac or other.

            plenty of kids could face bullies alone, one-on-one. they can’t face the educational-industrial complex alone, especially if their parents are already brainwashed.

            if kids are fucked up little pussies, it’s because they were made into fucked up little pussies. not their fault.

          • @ James D, Every bully needs to know there is an ordinary looking fellow out there that will gut him. I have personally seen this happen 8 or 10 times. They lay on their back with a look on their face ( What the hell just happened)

        • Kevin2 and Nailbanger, agreed. Kids are coddled instead of getting tough with them so they don’t know what to do when they get bullied by some POS. I got into so many fights in school my middle name was SUSPENSION for awhile. I damn sure knew how to handle myself way before I graduated. You get confronted by a bully you knock the shit out of that POS, that’s what you do. Instead all they do is go crying to momma or whoever. Or they go take their own lives. Very sad. If you get attacked by someone you have the right to self-defense. I don’t care what anyone else says.

          • Braveheart1776

            Its not just fisticuffs but everything. Snow fell and I seen dollar signs. Get out there, shovel out our yard and then get to the neighbors. As an adult, when I lived up north I found two kids, coincidently from the same family, that went out with their father a school teacher, and did it. Great kids, one later graduated college and is in Special Forces. It was them or no one. Anything requiring physical effort is beyond the majority of them. Once I got my son, he was 12 at the time, stepson actually, I had my helper. Kids, they don’t make them like they used to.

            • “Kids, they don’t make them like they used to.” Kevin2, that is very sad and very true. My Dad taught me how to do chores starting at 8 years old. I had paper routes, raked up leaves, shoveled snow, etc. for neighbors and so forth. I learned to how to earn money before I even got into my teens. Nowadays if you ask a kid to just take out trash or straighten up their room they give you a ration of crap. If I had been like that as a kid I had two options. One, Mom could wash my mouth out with soap or Two, Dad would knock some of my teeth out sending me to the dentist. I never dared cross that line so they never had to do either thing to me. I’ve always been grateful for that strict upbringing. Don’t regret it for a minute.

              • Mac, this one of the best articles you ever put up and one that’s necessary.

            • Most of the fucks in my neighborhood couldn’t clear their own driveways if I let t hem borrow my snowblower.

        • all my kids killed their first deer at age 12, but kicked a bully’s a$$ by age 4 in the day care centers.

          • but now they know killing deer is cowardly and my oldest son is a deputy sheriff now and knows how corrupt the system is.

      12. Real Men have always been real Men.

      13. It’s about Goddamned time something like this got put up.

      14. …and feminists do not represent women in the slightest.

        You sure about that?

        … you sure?

        … sure?

        If women benefit from it and say nothing… and do nothing to stop it… hmm. All I can say is hmm.

        • Good comment. No these “women” do not represent all women! Am I sure? Damn sure as I am one. Upon occasion I am blessed with evidence that chivalry & being a gentleman is not a dead concept yet. I pray it doesn’t end. It all boils down to some kindness, appreciation & gratitude. I don’t think these “feminazis” as by brother calls them, truly have a clue. And at Press 9, yes they have & always will be. Cheers!

        • Many women secretly love the muslime animals invading the west. Closest thing to an actual man most of them have ever seen.

          • Most want a big dick and Muslim and black men have that in spades. It’s the unsaid truth. There are whole porn genres dedicated to the fantasy. They may say they want to be a fag hag, but the truth is they want a black gang bang. How we deal with that I do not know.

      15. First rule of survival is “never argue with someone holding a machete” unless you have a gun.

      16. I was asked not too long ago why I wasn’t feminist? I said because they bash men to make themselves feel better. They use men as their excuse as to why they don’t have whatever they are seeking. The girl look at me like I was crazy! BUT ITS TRUE. I have never felt like I didn’t have a voice, either at work or at home. Back in the day, feminists had a purpose. They were fighting for women to vote, work outside the home. etc. Today, they are just whiny women who can’t get what they want on their own merit. I don’t need to trash someone else to make myself more important. AND I don’t want to make our men more feminine. I appreciate men in all their glory being men! Men and women have different DNA, we are good at different things. It’s the way God made us. I don’t want my husband crying on my shoulder and he doesn’t want me being less womanly. Lets face it- if either men or women stop being who they are, we might as well throw in the towel and give up our world to robots, because it would be a disaster.

        • Texas Sweet Tea, AMEN to your comments.

          • Gotta love them Texas women!……and thats manly.

            • YEEEEEE HAAAAAAAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

          • A second “Amen”

      17. IMHO…men have been discriminated against fo at least
        the last 60 years. About the time divorces were profitable
        for women, when they joined the workforce, could collect
        child support, paycheck, and given everything they needed
        from gov. welfare.

        Children suffered from lack of father role models. Mothers
        got paid more for each child they dropped on society.
        They grew up coddled by ‘sitters’ and schools who demanded
        medication for rambuncious (normal) boys, which made them
        act like zombies. When they grew up in a real world which required
        problem solving abilities…..they were incapable of doing so…..causing
        mental anguish.
        They grew up in a world where mom had five kids by
        five different fathers….three of which claim none are his.

        They were raised without respect for their peers, family,
        and all living man or beast.

        Hug your children everyday…tell them the truth….be a role model….
        be respectful to get respect….and give them a life to be proud of.
        Be the kind of parent you ‘needed’ when you were a child.

        • 2 of 3 prison inmates were raised without a father figure. Sisterhood is powerful!

          • Those are mostly the black (or blackish) ones.

      18. Real manliness has been outlawed. It’s sexist. It’s a hate crime. Just thinking about it is a thought crime. Now go out and beat the crap out of people that tell you that. And you’ll be a manly man.

        • yes

        • It’s the Duluth model.

          It’s having no right to a DNA test.

          It’s terminating an undifferentiated mass of cells if she does it, murder if he even suggests it.

          All y’all so “not feminist”… fix it.

      19. There is zero manliness in this cuntry as long as there is one government worker left breathing or one law that is not in the Bible that is obeyed.

      20. Being a real man has been denigrated for most of my life. I’ve never thought it a wise thing. When I compare the male role as portrayed on old TV shows like “Father Knows Best” or “Leave It to Beaver” to how men are portrayed in contemporary programming, the difference is astounding. Those guys weren’t tyrants but they were firm in how things should be (and not opposed to hearing differing opinions).

        I’ll marry again when I find a real man. Actually, I’m so self reliant (by necessity) I tend to scare most men. Unlike the women in the YouTube clips, I’ve had to set goals and organize to get them done and survive in the modern world.

        Feminism does not represent any values that I find worthwhile. All I see is that it’s torn good family values to bits. Instead of making working outside the home an option, it’s become where women must have a job or be considered a leech.

        Instead of making true masculinity an ideal, it’s become manly to be brutish and thugish. Women must wear the pants in their house or they are believed to be under some man’s thumb and abused. The sexual revolution turned most (male or female) into unanchored bots looking for a hookup to assuage hormonal feelings.

        Come to think of it, being a real women is put down as well. Human society needs some of each. There are some of each out there somewhere. The big whiners need to grow up–a lot.

        PS I really like what Texas Sweet Tea said, too.

        • I think we will see the end of ‘faux manliness’: wearing beards and tattoes because you feel insecure. Real men don’t need that: real men take responsibility for themselves and those they love. The biggest bunch of faux men can be found in the black community: they are the most bound by faux macho behavior, yet they are the worst for taking care of their families, getting paying jobs, marrying their women, forming functioning communities.

      21. Women–If it wasn’t for that thing between their legs, there’d be a bounty on them.

      22. Surviving on an island with only a few possessions is not my idea of how to spend my vacation. SHTF will happen but why volunteer for it? Learning and practicing survival skills is great but it really helps to have someone in the group who knows what to do and has a compass. Also, be the one who has the machete. With all the constant whining and complaining; keep reminding yourself that “justifiable homicide is hard to prove in court”.

      23. My dad raised 6 girls alone. He didn’t know how to raise a girl so he did what he knew. He was self employed & took 1 of us with him. We know how to wire,plumb,roof, & paint your house. He said he had to raise us this way because he knew that 1 day we might be alone in this world & he wanted to make sure we were ok & could make a living. He also treated us like lady’s. Pulling out our chair, holding open the door things like that. He said this way we would know trash when it came along & we did! He lives what a true man is & every 1 of us really love a real man. None of us want a whip.

      24. We have a son & my husband was in the military he was deployed a lot I knew as a women I could not teach my son how to be a man. His dad did all he could when he was home but couldn’t while gone. So I did what could. I found real men to stand in for my husband. I found a martial art group. Most of the men were in the military then selves & understood how it was. They took up where it was needed. I’m so grateful to those men who stood in the gap. I think if more men today would stand in the gap & help when needed this would turn things around. A women can teach a girl how to be a women but we can’t teach a boy how to be a man. Only men can do that

        • Hercules was taught how to fight and use weapons by the Queen of Lydia he was having an affair with.


        You feminist who can not keep a man in you life SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STOP COMPLAINING.

        We all deserve to be treated the same with respect, and play our rolls.

        It is called to circle of life.

      26. Having worked in major crises and wars around the world for the past two decades, I can say that feminism and faggotry last about five minutes before sex roles revert to their biological norm. Men dominate through strength and the need to procreate and gain resources. A few wily women do well, but often that is through being madams, pimping out younger and hotter women and girls for cash. As for faggy men and flamboyant men, they do not do well.

        Gum-flapping women, women endlessly complaining about men’s sex advances and ‘glass ceilings’ only occurs when a society is very wealthy and very stable. Take away stability, and women face stark choices: do they band together for protection (something that does not work in a war environment) or do they find a man to protect them from being sold into sex slavery?

        • the problem is that women are raised to be fags and prostitutes – marry for advantage or money or cave into their fathers pimping them into arranged marriages to link families. The Bible shows the model is man leaves family finds mate (genesis chapter 2) not that you marry the family as well as the person etc. Banding together for protection is exactly the lesion an experimental women’s combat unit under the tsar in the Bolshie revolution determined was best when, like some male units, they were captured. don’t get separated from each other by men who want to rape.

          much of what is called “masculine” in this thread is just valuable stuff both sexes should have.

          as for men protecting and providing, how much is that about loving the women and kids and how much about showing other men or themselves they can do this? the average woman not just classy woman as trophy wife. the test is when he can’t provide for whatever reason. If he viewed her as an asset then she is now a liability, and he turns on her instead of them supporting each other psychologically and emotionally. And he is upset if she can provide instead of proud of her.

          that we need love is lost on them. especially the ones who think foreplay is tweak the nipples (makes a weird narrow line of “stimulation” of some sorts) instead of a proper full handed maul over. and push us away as teases if we want affection whenever.

          one therapist figured out his clients who were gay and half his straight clients had life negative sexuality – the turn on is disliked, a load out there to be got rid of, the orgasm limited to the balls and penis, life positive is a bit more diffuse, the orgasm more generalized and the condition of being turned on enjoyed.

          instead of one sex needs to be strong the other weak or both weak but one weaker still, how about a single standard? and that more masculine.

          but crying on your shoulder, what’s wrong with a man crying on your shoulder now and then, and you on his?

          meanwhile, in the Sarajevo horror, before it fell there was an ethnic serb woman who disapproved of the Serbian behavior, and led raids against them outside of Sarajevo. women warriors have been around everywhere the amazons were only unusual for living apart from men. The Persian empire had female archers and cavalry.

          it isn’t masculinity that needs to be destroyed, it is the Barbie doll dependent, manipulative dishonest (boys won’t like you if etc. etc.) femininity that must go.

          • Look at any country that is unstable or in crisis (India, all of Africa, Yemen, etc.) and you will find it sucks for women. They are sold into marriage, raped, executed, beaten, abused, forced to have sex as children, sold into the sex industry etc. Sadly, that is the natural human condition when there is not a civilization surrounding them creating prosperity and peace.

            I remember a friend who worked in development telling me about what they saw take place in remote villages: the family huddled around the fire place and the grandfather sexually stimulating a girl as a ‘pacifier’. It was the norm but that is sex abuse and would get you in jail in the West. But that is the way the world is outside our very protected world. In Muslim countries, it is normal for grown, married men to take on a young boy as their sexual partner. Absent a society with strong men upholding good values, this is what the world looks like.

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