Will Israel Soon Turn Damascus Into A Pile Of Rubble?

by | Oct 12, 2023 | Headline News

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog. 

    As soon as Israel sends troops into Gaza, a chain of events will begin that nobody is going to be able to control.  I believe that one of those events will be Hezbollah entering the conflict from the north.

    As I discussed yesterday, there is no way that Hezbollah is just going to sit there and watch Hamas get systematically wiped out by the IDF.  Hezbollah is already mobilizing their forces and making preparations to join the fight.  But if that happens, Israel is going to hit back extremely hard.  In fact, there are reports that Israel has already warned Hezbollah that if it enters the war the Israelis will “destroy Damascus”

    Ynet News :

    “IDF will destroy Damascus, target Syrian President Assad if Hezbollah joins war; US warships will support Israel in war.” – Message relayed via France

    Unfortunately, this threat has not caused Hezbollah to back down.

    In fact, Fox News is reporting that the Israelis are now “actively fighting a secondary front along Israel’s northern border with Hezbollah in Lebanon”…

    Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus said Wednesday that the Israeli army shelled the Lebanese border town of Duhaira and the surrounding area where the missile attack came from. He also said Israel was actively fighting a secondary front along Israel’s northern border with Hezbollah in Lebanon, in addition to the counteroffensive the IDF is launching in the Gaza Strip.

    “We have deployed tens of thousands of additional units along the northern border,” Conricus said, including infantry, special forces, armored forces, artillery, air forces, and “additional assets including intelligence and logistics.”

    Hezbollah has not formally entered the war yet.

    But I think that will likely happen very quickly once Israel invades Gaza.

    So could Israel actually turn Damascus into a pile or rubble?

    Well, just consider what the IDF is already doing to Gaza.

    We are being told that Gaza was hit by an astounding 250 airstrikes in a single hour

    Pictures show neighbourhoods in Gaza almost destroyed after Israel launched 250 airstrikes in just one hour.

    It comes after an Israeli defense official promise the strip will become a ‘tent city’ with every building to be demolished.

    The IDF is not messing around.

    One Israeli military official admitted that they are attacking “on an unprecedented scale”, and nobody can really argue with that fact…

    Brig. Gen. Omer Tishler, the Israel Air Force’s chief of staff, says fighter jets are striking the Gaza Strip on an “unprecedented scale.”

    “We are attacking the Gaza Strip on an unprecedented scale, because what happened here is something that has never happened before. There is an enemy here firing rockets, raiding a civilian population,” Tishler says in a call with reporters.

    “We are never going back to that,” he says.

    So far, a whopping 2,687 targets inside Gaza have been hit

    The Israel Defense Forces has carried out strikes against 2,687 targets across the Gaza Strip since Saturday, according to fresh military data.

    According to the data, 1,329 of the targets are multi-story buildings containing Hamas assets, including war rooms where the terror group manages the fighting against Israel.

    One of those targets was the Islamic University of Gaza.

    We are being told that it was a “central training center”, and now it has been completely destroyed…

    The Israel Defense Forces says it has bombed the Islamic University of Gaza, “which serves as a central training center for Hamas engineers.”

    The military says fighter jets targeted the campus, located in Gaza City.

    According to the IDF, the university was “an important center of political and military power” for Hamas and a “training institution for the development and production of weapons.”

    In the past, Israel was always so careful to avoid collateral damage when it would conduct attacks in Gaza.

    But now Israel’s defense minister is making it clear that there will be no holding back

    Yoav Gallant, the Israeli defense minister, said ‘all restraints on fighters have been released’ and promised an intensification of fighting.

    ‘Hamas wanted a change and it will get one. What was in Gaza will no longer be,’ he said.

    ‘We started the offensive from the air, later on we will also come from the ground. We’ve been controlling the area since Day Two and we are on the offensive. It will only intensify.

    ‘Whoever comes to decapitate, murder women, Holocaust survivors — we will eliminate him at the height of our power and without compromise.’

    If the IDF were to apply the same treatment to Damascus, it would draw Syria into the war.

    Once Hamas, Hezbollah, and Syria have all entered the war, it is probably just a matter of time before Iran joins the conflict too.

    And once Iran enters the war, there is no telling how far things could escalate.

    Already, one member of the Knesset named Revital Gotliv has been calling for the use of nuclear weapons

    “Jericho Missile! Jericho Missile! Strategic alert. before considering the introduction of forces. Doomsday weapon! This is my opinion. May God preserve all our strength,” Gotliv wrote on X, formerly Twitter, on Monday, according to a translation.

    Another post says: “I urge you to do everything and use Doomsday weapons fearlessly against our enemies,” adding that Israel “must use everything in its arsenal.”

    On Tuesday, she continued with her calls of urgency.

    “Only an explosion that shakes the Middle East will restore this country’s dignity, strength and security!” Gotliv posted. “It’s time to kiss doomsday. Shooting powerful missiles without limit. Not flattening a neighbourhood. Crushing and flattening Gaza. … without mercy! without mercy!”

    Everyone knows that Israel has nukes, and let us hope that they will not be used any time soon.

    But we should all be able to understand why she is so furious.

    At one location that Hamas attacked in southern Israel, “knives were found left in some of the children”

    There is evidence in Kibbutz Be’eri that children were slain in front of their parents, Maj. Doron Spielman says. Knives were found left in some of the children.

    Bodies are still being taken out of the kibbutz, which Spielman says will be remembered as a symbol of Hamas’s massacre, like Auschwitz is the symbol of the Holocaust.

    Some 1,200 Israelis were slaughtered by the terror group, including over 100 at Be’eri alone.

    When Hamas decided to rape women, murder children and kidnap the elderly, they awakened the full fury of the Jewish people.

    And when Israel sends troops into Gaza, the Great Middle East War will be unleashed.

    In my most recent book, I wrote about an “endless barrage of missiles” being fired at Israel.

    I believe that is about to become a reality.

    There is going to be so much death and destruction in the days ahead, and there will be many more cities that will be transformed into piles of rubble before this is all over.

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