WiFi Device Can See Through Walls: “Track a Human by Using Body as an Antenna Array”

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    As if things weren’t creepy enough already.

    A new application of WiFi could take surveillance to the next level.

    WiFi already makes a perfectly good tracking device – government and law enforcement agencies already collect location data from phones and computers – but ultimately, its accuracy is weak.

    Now, MIT tech geeks have found a way to pinpoint location and track complex movement patterns with far greater accuracy – and what’s more, it can track people’s steps through walls, and the individuals or groups don’t even need to carry a cell phone!

    As Activist Post reports,

    Researchers continue to pursue invisible, pervasive ways to track human beings. […] Now there might be a new concern on the horizon – public WiFi signals that can identify and track groups of individuals, even if they are not holding a personal connected device.

    Holy… tracked and followed, with no cell phones even necessary?

    Indeed. There’s little illusion left. Tracking humans is the whole point of the technology’s application.

    The project’s authors Fadel Adib and Dina Katabi explain in their abstract for MIT:

    Wi-Fi signals are typically information carriers between a transmitter and a receiver. In this paper, we show that Wi-Fi can also extend our senses, enabling us to see moving objects through walls and behind closed doors. In particular, we can use such signals to identify the number of people in a closed room and their relative locations. We can also identify simple gestures made behind a wall, and combine a sequence of gestures to communicate messages to a wireless receiver without carrying any transmitting device.
    It shows how one can track a human by treating the motion of a human body as an antenna array and tracking the resulting RF beam.

    The MIT group are working with two similar platforms, known as Wi-Vi and WiTrack – extensions of the WiFi technology we all take for granted. Gigaom explains the technicals:

    WiTrack operates by tracking specialized radio signals reflected off a person’s body to pinpoint location and movement. The system uses multiple antennas: one for transmitting signals and three for receiving. The system then builds a geometric model of the user’s location by transmitting signals between the antennas and using the reflections off a person’s body to estimate the distance between the antennas and the user. WiTrack is able to locate motion with significantly increased accuracy, as opposed to tracking devices that rely on wireless signals, according to Adib.

    “Because of the limited bandwidth, you cannot get very high location accuracy using WiFi signals,” Adib says. “WiTrack transmits a very low-power radio signal, 100 times smaller than WiFi and 1,000 times smaller than what your cell phone can transmit. But the signal is structured in a particular way to measure the time from when the signal was transmitted until the reflections come back. WiTrack has a geometric model that maps reflection delays to the exact location of the person. The model can also eliminate reflections off walls and furniture to allow us to focus on tracking human motion.”

    These videos make the tracking capabilities clear enough.

    The tracked users will be potentially given incentives for using the technology – with applications including the ability to turn off a light from the other room by pointing at it through the walls.

    Similar systems, such as the WiSee, have been developed specifically to allow users to command smart appliances in their homes from other rooms by directing gestures to turn on or off devices. It’s part of the lure of smart homes, which also double as totally pervasive panopticons from hell.

    Basically, high tech surveillance of your every action will be so common place, that you will consider it domestic. Reporter Kevin Samson notes:

    As if on cue, we are presented with the enormous benefits of this low-cost technology, while being given none of the potential negatives. In the video, we see the convenience element that would fit into the various applications of smart homes and the Internet of Things. Secondly are video games, which would take the somewhat cumbersome Wii to entirely new levels…

    You’ll be able to tell if your kids listened to your orders to go to bed, or whether they are playing quietly behind their bedroom door.

    Meanwhile, your employers will know if you are sitting dutifully at your station, and even if your breathing patterns give away dozing off for a nap or getting overly excited by a diversion or game.

    Law enforcement will know the location and movement of suspects behind walls before knocking on the door (radar sweep devices already offer them this questionable and unchecked power without a warrant), etc. etc.

    There are many applications for this technology, but while it is being sold as a consumer convenience (and novelty), more serious applications are surely being used to track and log population movements with precision.

    SHTF previously reported on this one:

    • Location tracking Wi-Fi is now being tested in Seattle and other locations as part of a wireless mesh network. Of course, most already know that their cell phones and computers share data with their providers, the NSA and a host of other data hungry watchers, but now the police are using boxes set up at numerous street intersections to ping and track cell phones in the area, logging location data for thousands of drivers, passengers and pedestrians that could be used to establish the whereabouts of a suspect, pursue criminals, as evidence in traffic disputes or perhaps for crowd control.

    The Wi-Fi tracking devices appear as white boxes mounted on poles or street lights. The data interconnects through a wireless mesh network with existing traffic cameras, police squad vehicles, networks of cameras and other interfaces on the emerging fiber network, and a host of authorities in the region, including police, the Sheriff’s Department and the regional fusion center. Officially, the mesh network aides communication during emergency scenarios, but also functions as a roaming live-time surveillance network.

    But again, the latest WiFi developments mean that you don’t even need to be carrying a cell phone or computer to be tracked.


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      1. Looks good even though doesn’t appear to be too advanced. Hopefully by the time We can steal it from the PTB it’ll be refined enough that we’ll be able to use it to find the Bilderberg clan members. Hmmm might be able to track them if they have big ears. BTW, went to an auction last night and picked up a couple of guns, ammo and a brand spanking new pressure cooker. PO’d Patriot-Out.

        • I wonder if it will get refined enough to see my middle finger.

          • LMAO.

            • Anybody know if the metalized backing on some insolation will “Foil” the use of this?

          • YUP,
            and they will be banning the word PRIVATE and its meaning next!! WAIT A MINUTE < i guess they already have.

            • I wonder if they will try and ban the words “KISS” and “THIS”. Because that’s what they’ll read on my muscular buttocks

              Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

              • Americans must engage their employees now! Start a Freedom Cell where you live. Organize your family, friends, and neighbors. Talk to your pastor and recruit from your church and other local organizations, who are themselves organized. Network.

                The Freedoms you save will be your own. 🙂

                • They’ll just go the way of the Patriot Groups of the Clinton era did, as soon as a Republican is elected President everyone will assume everything is fine now and they will just sort of fade away and be forgotten.

                • Churches are Slaves of the Government. Until they give up their 501c3 tax free ponsi scheme status, they are puppet children of the state. Another grand illusion the Religious organizarions play on their gullible sheep members. Like religion is going to save you. Bwhahahahaha

                • Hey kid see any military movement there? Saw 2 v22 ospreys yesterday and six military choppers in formation over Kingman today.

        • They are also well within rifle range to use this device.

          • No they are not. They can be sitting on the beach in Maui if that is what they want.
            I worked on a similar project 5 years ago which was supposed to be 900mhz for use on MRI machines for detecting movements in the person being scanned to get a better reading of the MRI. However the customers kept wanting things that had little to do with an almost stationary person. They wanted to detect people moving over a wide area. Many of the lead developers quit do to the inconsistencies myself included. However it wouldn’t surprise me if this technology is already incorporated into 802.11n WIFI. It is not really hard to do and all WIFI devices are already transceivers and have the ability to be programmed and updated over the air. Your best defense is to turn off the WIFI when not using it.

            • Kinda makes you wonder if this has something to do with the cable company “upgrading” everyones router/modem to “enhance” their home entertainment capability.
              I dont buy their story

              • You mean that TV could be just a big roving eyeball in your living room? Holy Dr. Quest, Batman.

            • Get off all WiFi products that deals with your personal communication. Turn off the GPS and WiFi on your phones and never do any banking or buying of anything on your phone period including your Internet WiFi at home. Only direct hard wire Cable. Ok You have been Warned.

              • There are wifi routers all over the place, they don’t need to use yours to track you… They probably have ways to use every operational router/ device through backdoors, including private ones. This is a huge threat, Orwellian and tyrannical. People should be freaking out over this.

            • That is too bad. I wanted to shoot the operator.

        • Whoever invents a WiFi Scrambler or whatever device that will block or scramble this technology will make a ton of money.

        • PO’d Pat. I canned a bunch of things ober tha last few years. It makes some great tasty meals at the BOL all that time and effort I to canning. I also vacume packed about 10 lbs of coffee beans freashly gound just be for packing. Coffee with little effort in the AM is a huge moral booster. I am usually busy nonstop all day working to get the place into shape that it leaves little time for cooking oe pleaairw activities. It takes 10 times the effort to cook that at your comfi city house. A trip into town is a half day wasted so I wait till I have a min of 2 tasks in Town to take care of. You should see my lists and a reason to stock up on tablet paper and lots of pens and markers sharpies. Take your lists with you cause if you forget to get something in town like a tool it can mess up your whole week in progress. Also hit the yard and estate sales and look For boxes of screws bolts and fastners odds and ends. I have about 20 coffee cans of that and all sorts of nails. Buy the cans dor just a few bucks or pay .18 a crack at Home Depot for 1 screw.

          • Look around, you can still find coffee in metal cans. I know that stuff keeps for 10 plus years.

        • “P”
          I like the positive attitude.
          It also always good to add to the preps.

        • nomorefakenews dot com has a great article today on the Trilaterals, Bilderbergers, etc. Worth a look.

      2. Just where the heck did I put that Wi-Fi jammer?

      3. The airports are putting their orders in now. Order yours now and get a free set of steak knives!

      4. We were working on this at Sandia Labs a decade ago. Funny.

      5. Why do these tech nerds develop stuff to ultimately destroy privacy and give more power to the gov. Are they stupid or what. If I knew how to do this I wouldn’t help the gov clamp down on people liberties. This is why they want to get everyone chipped so they can track your every move. I went to disney world with my family and we all had these bracelets that you hold against the mouse ears and it works like a key. So essentially disney is a proving ground for new technologies. Your paying big $ to go there to be tracked every time you open your hotel room door or come and go from the property. When they work out all the bugs in this it will be coming to a community near you. They already have some systems that unlock car with your smart phone. Hackers will figure this out and steal cars without forcing entry. Or cops will use it to search cars that are parked to get evidence in building cases this stuff is what the people want not me. If I loose my key oh well I have a spare will have the wife come out with it .

        • The TSA breaks into cars parked at AIRPORTS, then leaves a note in your car like they do your luggage when inspected. Whats up with that invasion search without a warrant??? I will refuse to fly again if all possible until the Nazi TSA is disbanned. We all need to boycott any companies or supporters of this Tyranical Regime.

      6. Grainger, the materials for industry company sells the 4 ply film that will eliminate this. like putting your speedpass/ezpass back in the envelope it came in….no worky any longer!

        • Less EMF Co. has RF/microwave shielding fabrics, paints, plastic films, etc.
          Blocking material includes carbon fibers, stainless steel fibers, copper, nickel, and silver.
          They also put out a printed catalog you could probably call them for.

          It seems the WiFi scanners operate by reflection data, so the defense might have to be complete shielding, or EM counter-measures. There is a EMF bed canopy that looks like mosquito netting- maybe if you remained still inside of that and also could ‘turn on the blender’ so to speak and cause some effective WiFi interference you could elude detection.
          RE: the XYZ axis data, I assume drones will be also be utilized to get the overhead signal echo.

          There also have shielding clothes, including hoodies and hats that block RF- a new angle on the tinfoil hat. If a drone comes overhead and pumps out some heavy duty dirty RF/EMP/ at your location could it also affect mood/headache/confusion etc?

          • Ya’ know, you’re gonna probably draw some attention to yourself as you walk around 100% covered in your tinfoil suit.

            • yeah clunking around like the tin man.
              Also rusty in the rain, but it stops those voices in my head.

              • h. LOL… GOOD ONE.

      7. MERS UPDATE

        Outbreak in Korea follows new patterns

        ht tp://koreajoongangdaily.joins.com/news/article/article.aspx?aid=3005251

        MERS in South Korea is presenting much different than the Middle Eastern version
        the death rate is much lower
        but the rate of infection is MUCH higher

        “In Korea’s outbreak, even people exposed briefly to MERS patients have caught the disease. Patient No. 92, a 27-year-old security guard at Asan Medical Cener in Seoul, was infected by Patient No. 6 after they interacted for just 10 minutes in the emergency room. A man in his 40s contracted the disease after he visited a patient at Pyeongtaek St. Mary’s Hospital for only 30 minutes.”

      8. Stuff like this is usually pretty well developed and already in practical use before the basic information about it is released.

        As far as 50 years back there was about a 20 year backlog of research results and commercial application of technology. As the high tech economy has developed I think the volume of research waiting to be applied has greatly increased with the waiting time for its application time being significantly reduced. We usually read about these things after they’ve happened not while they are being developed in the theoretical phase.

      9. Regardless of what the usa turns into, a socialist, a dictatorship or a rollback to an actual republic; the children of today in the usa will have no real freedoms because of technology.

        within 10 years all deskjobs will be monitored for time spent working, time spent surfing. most likely many other jobs will have some sort of tracker for their employees.

        your refrigerator will tell your doctor what you eat.

        your car will tell you and local authorities if you had a drink or are sleepy or are angry.

        diets and exercise will be mandatory for many jobs and drinking and smoking on your time will not be allowed because a smoker would skyrocket a companies insurance costs.

        I can even see that single people are favored over time because the personal demands are less and the company needs to get all the work out of a person it can.

        Sorry folks, but IMO; the Reagan and Clinton days were the last hurrah for the usa’s good times.

      10. Oops! Fed Admits QE Widens Inequality

        “Once again, the Federal Reserve proves that it’s the last one to know everything that we knew already.

        Today’s stunning announcement: The Philadelphia Fed admits they (“may have”) made the wealthy wealthier and Main Street poorer.

        Oops. Sorry America.”

        “…just a potential side effect of stimulus that they can’t do much about.”


      11. Just more tools of oppression and tyranny for the fascist filth to use against the COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIES in the evil collapsing Orwellian Fascist Police State filthy shithole of the world.

      12. The clinton days? You mean the build wal-marts everywhere so they can be revamped into prison days?

      13. they can’t track everyone!

        they are already overwhelmed now as it is!

        operate under their radar and leave no money trail!

        they will never have enough manpower to properly enforce their nwo zog police state plans!

        to properly lock down a population they must have 5 guard sentries to every 1 citizen.

        a 5 to 1 ratio!

        • OK 100+ days out at the BOL and dinally used some woodlands camo 550 paracord. Tied up 2 IR Blackout Game Cams. With the mossy oak look. You would never see these hidden cams, I put natural concealment of spanish moss and twigs added 32 SD cards. Also set a wireless remote motion detector at the entrance of my property. Deer set it off about 4am, it works great buys me enougj time to grab a rifle if needed. I have 2 more motion detectors I will set up at other typical choke points on the property. I also spray painted them camo and added the spanish mossy look el natural. Most of this essential securitybgear is available to joe public. Stock up now. Security is about layers. Like the deadbolt added to the cabin door and black out plastic conatruction bags for window curtins. I also added a motion detector light solar power by the cabin area. Still scouting an area for the machine gun nests. With sand bags. I want a clear shot at my private road gate and any other possible choke points, will double as a turkey and deer blind. If anybody asks. OPSEC. The SHTf hungry hords will look for softer targets. WWTI out!

          • Impressive. Kudos.

            Do think about your life after this life.

        • no they are not overwhelmed.

          I guarrantee you if you did one thing to stand out like being in a crowd of gun owners at the local city capitol for a gun rights protest, the powers that be could track every one of them down within 2 days from your phone and credit/debit cards usage.

          • One surveillance camera for every 11 people in Britain, says CCTV survey , Britain has a CCTV camera for every 11 people, a security industry report disclosed, as privacy campaigners criticized the growth of the “surveillance state”.

            * example: london england has over 5.9 million cctv street camera’s operating in the city of lodon and surrounding communities and a central cctv operations office state security overseer .

            and people are still being assaulted robbed raped home invaded bikes stolen off the street while riding them in broad daylight right in front of the cctv camera’s and the operators just sit and watch it all unfold.

            the criminal perps mostly all get away except 18%!

            So if a person is careful to wear a mask or disguise remove all traceable clothing and other traceable evidence items they’ve a real good chance to commit any crime they choose and get away with it scott free even in modern police state society.

            the police are already so overwhelmed they’ve rape kits and other crime dna checks backlogged up to 3 years in some cities and towns!

            i stand by my original statement combine all this i stated above with human error and criminals never had it so easy as now. the criminal justice system and corrections systems are both too complicated and overwhelmed to do proper police work anymore.

            • You need police employed to do the police work in the first place. CCTV aint no substitute. The Conservative government has reduced the numbers of British police officers drastically and even closed down hundreds of police stations due to their austerity measures. Life’s fine and dandy for the felon.

          • They can’t track me based on cellphone or credit card usage, because I use neither. And my car is too old to have wi-fi, OnStar, or bluetooth tire pressure gadgets. The bluetooth tire pressure gadgets were used to track someone in a recent episode of “CSI-Cyber.”

          • It wouldn’t take two days unless it was a really low priority operation.

            The reality is, if it’s a high priority operation the information would be available before the crowd dispersed itself.

      14. To get that 5 to 1 they will need our children and family members. That’s what k-12 is for and for the adults we have “false flag events”, the IRS, DHS, TSA, FBI, CIA (pulling double duty here and abroad), BLM,
        EPA (the EPA is like the “Soup Nazi” on steroids), DEA, PBS, NBC, ABC, and CBS to touch on just a couple.

        Below are a couple things to ponder:

        “It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise.”
        ― Joseph Goebbels

        “Think of the press as a great keyboard
        on which the government can play.”
        ― Joseph Goebbels

        “The only real power comes out of a long rifle.”
        ― Joseph Stalin

        • Incredible quotes. Thanks

      15. James Madison on the Clinton dynasty (and why Jeb is also far down the list):

        “The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.”

        —James Madison, Federalist No. 47, 1788

      16. Again, was the Unibomber right? Calling all Ludites, rise up!

        • The Unibomber, Ted Kacynziski (sp?) was a big time leftist. I believe in non-violence. In contrast, here are more words of violence from the left, from current leftist power broker Wee Willy Ayers, prof of education at UI Chicago:

          “Kill the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home. Kill your parents…” – Obama buddy Bill Ayers.

          “…we’re also going to make it clear that when a pig gets iced that’s a good thing, and that everyone who considers himself a revolutionary should be armed, should own a gun, should have a gun in his house.” – Bill Ayers, in A Strategy To Win, appearing in New Left Notes, September 12, 1969.

          These comments are vile, disgusting and have never been unequivocally repudiated by Ayers. His cronies also actually DID violence, like that Columbia U bombing, or that purported killing of a policeman to which Ayers purportedly said “Guilty as sin, free as a bird” (google this, or see http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2012/10/16/guilty-as-sin-free-as-a-bird-everything-you-need-to-know-about-obama-founding-father-bill-ayers-and-his-radical-influence/ as one source of many)

          In contrast, we simply need to **speak** truth to leftist power. Of course, drunk with power, they won’t listen (think Hitlery and her troupe of flying monkeys). **However**, the left has no other modus operandi than to insult conservative/libertarian values, and **our ideas are more compelling**. Thus, if we can peacefully and cogently get the message out – past the leftist media – we will win. The commentary on web sites is not just whining. Rather, it encourages others to speak out, and more critically it ***informs*** people. Yes, a lot of people in this culture have been corrupted, or bought out hypocrite leftists. But if we can peacefully make compelling, logical, winsome arguments, and find *creative* ways around the gatekeepers we WILL win. Another reason this site is so good, along with others like Michael Snyders (no, they don’t always get it right, but they do get a LOT right).

        • yes, yes he was.

          he saw the truth of it all.

          his only mistake was attacking the wrong people.

          he made it personal.

      17. 1. Overwhelm their equipment with a wifi block device.
        2. Blast radio signals back at them with so much power it fries and destroys the internal components of their equipment.
        3. Lock and load, send hot lead flying their way.
        Problem solved.

        • Yeah, and spend the rest of you life in prison, if you aren’t killed first while trying to resist arrest.

      18. Again, for the PTB monitoring this site, please simply answer one simple question: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? asked the Roman satirist Juvenal: Who will watch the guards? (Or, Who controls the controllers?) Worse, what happens when you, the controllers, fall out of grace? Lavrenti Beria, former head of the NKVD anyone? Or wonder how concentration camp kommandants feel now? Ever wonder if Hell is real (hint: it IS), and that God, while loving, is also just (there are two kinds of people finally: those who say to God, “Thy will be done,” and those to whom – due to their own personal choice – God says “Thy will be done” – which is the definition of Hell.

        Woodrow Wilson, one of the “progressive” (really regressive) rats that arguably started us down this path of corruption at the very end of his life said “I have betrayed my country.” (Not to mention justice, truth and integrity). Dont be one of them.

      19. To wit: You might find this stupid; you might claim it is ineffective. It is *certainly* low tech. However, in the interests of **communication* and education as the vehicles of this issue, here is what I do: I simply print out (3 per page) the statement below, then leave EVERYWHERE I can think of – shopping carts, doctors’ offices, on (never in!) mailboxes, etc. The point is, if we can capture the hearts, minds, logic and imagination of the common person, we will carry the day. It is that simple. Here’s the quote. If you don’t like it, make up your own. I’ll bet I’ve left over 5,000 of these around (or similar quotes) over the years. All this is legal, non-violent, easy, cheap and IMHO, compelling

        You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.
        When half the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that, my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.

      20. At least many over the age of say 55 can look back to a better life growing up and existing before the hyper police state started growing at this on steroids rapid rate. No doubt it existed then also, but less noticeable. I guess you can blame that on the information explosion. Yes, alternative news and views can be found on the net, yet it is obvious this technology has made us less free in our private lives and privacy from the all seeing eyes at the top of the pyramid. The people are woefully lagging behind the truth of the existing and extended planned tyranny. It’s not hard to notice, just go out in public and try to engage a stranger in conversation about such events. For the most part they don’t want to hear it, they just might believe in the see or hear something, say something brigades. My older by a year brother still thinks 9-11 was done by Arabs with boxcutters. Talk about in a fog brain dead! He rails on Obungler, yet after being a lifelong Democrat, now touts Rubio and Walker. I told him the woman he lives with has totally brainwashed him, he says no, but I know better. By the way, Obullshitter was placed in office by the Bush Crime Cabal, handpicked to continue and escalate their orders. If you doubt that, then you are numbskullish wrong.


        ‘free download of the .pdf $15.00 book’

        * fill in the proper spaces on the address:

        ht tp://w w w.pdfarchive.info/pdf/V/Vo/Von_Dach_Bern_H_-_Total_resistance.pdf

      22. Old Zimbabwe dollar becomes nearly worthless…

        Zimbabwe Demonetizes: Offers US$5 Per 175 Quadrillion Zim Dollars

        “It’s over! Starting June 15th and ending September 30th, the Zimbabwe Central bank will begin its process of “demonetization” of the old Zimbabwe Dollar.

        The Zimbabwe dollar will be removed as legal tender after the currency’s use was abandoned in 2009 following a surge in inflation to 500 billion percent. For bank accounts containing up to 175 quadrillion Zimbabwe dollars they will be paid $5, the country’s central bank said.

        The people remain angry slamming this as “abusing one’s rights in the banking system,” and claiming this is being done to enrich a chosen few.”


        • You can buy Zimbabwe bills online. I have 5 quadrillion (or something similar, cant remember the exact amt) Zimbabwe note. I use it as an object lesson. Sometimes I go into stores and offer to pay for an item with it.

          Come to think of it, Zimbabwe is what the Fed has been doing, only on a smaller scale.

          Of course, the crony socialists in the Mugabe regime are still making out very well. Just the the Learjet leftists here.

        • So poor Zimbabweans who went from being simple paupers to being multibillionaires will go back to being simple paupers.

      23. Anything they use against us can be used against them!!!!!

        • Sure, as if everyone can afford, say, their own stingray and other high tech tracking stuff.

          If they can find someone to sell it to them in the first place, and then use it without it being discovered.

      24. Meet the 3 neocon ponzi scheme wise men from wash dc who helped bankrupt zog amerika!

        Amerika is financially Finished, GAME OVER!

        Social Security and Medicare both bankrupt by 2027! That’s just 12 years away!


        • Maybe that’s why the SS administration has been buying all those guns and much ammunition.

          They’re figuring they may have to fight off mobs of angry geezers hobbling towards their offices on walkers.

      25. Wow, and here I thought my tin foil hat was doing the trick. Now I’ve got to raid the preps and make me a Clint Eastwood style serape.

        Stay safe or be dangerous!

        Jester in Northern Idaho

      26. This has been in the works awhile, i have posted many times about the dangers of wifi, and its possible uses. About a year ago i was trying to secure my wifi better and give me some control over it, my isp would not let me access the control panel of my router/modem, so i hooked up one of the many i have, still no, so i bought a new one, still i was not allowwd access…even though i have been setting up networks while most their techs were in diapers. My only othwer choice waas cut the cable and send their modem back.

        Like it or not they will be useing private wifi to run their wireless grid, thats partially why cellphones map out wifi and hotspots, this is sent to them and they map the whole country out, all of this will be used against us, map out our homes, our movement patterns, drones and robots will use it for communication, tracking etc… Right now the net also benifits us but once the grid is complete our access will be extremely limited,

        On a better note, like everything else i think they may find it difficult to control their own system, and their own minions… And in the long run may benifit the cause of freedom, when ever you put all of you effort into a technology based system there are always glitches, and it seems to me the more they tighten their grip, the more people slip through their fingers.

        What i see kind of reminds me of my favorite chicken that died this winter, she became ill, so i brought her in and nursed her for 3 days, got her to drink some but she would not eat…she laid there calmly for days, but just before she passed she went into a frenzy of flapping and kicking, after a few seconds all went quit…

        And thats kinda what i see right now, the ptb are just about to reach their death throes and are trying to stay in control before the kicking and flapping starts and the whole thing crumbles. Whata bad is they will to anything to keep from getting to that point, including making allmof us kick and flap.

        • secret squirrel…I posted a comment on Mac Slavo’s May 26th “Elite Bunker Down in Secure Safe Rooms” thread that I think kind of speaks to your post.

          I am new here on SHTF (but not new to prepping & the reality of things to come) and didn’t realize the thread was over, so my comment #221 is the last one, which was posted a few days late. But you could read that, as I said, it speaks to your very informative, insightful post here.

          BTW, I worked with high-level tech CEO’s/Founders and multimillionaires & and a few billionaires but do not know any of TPTB (600 or so) upper-crust wealthiest elitists; high-level politicians and dignitaries…never met any of them, except for very briefly met Al Gore when he was in Silicon Valley in the mid-90’s, not that he’s even part of the 600.

          Anyway, I know enough about how they operate to know what you say is very accurate and true.

      27. I worked in the Silicon Valley tech world for almost 20 yrs in a non-tech capacity but worked very closely with founders/CEO’s and execs and engineers and can honestly say many of the (R&D) design, development (and many other) techies/engineers don’t realize the technology they developed and fine-tuned is going to be used against us and to take away our right to privacy, what little is left, that is.

        There’s also no shortage of (technical genius-type) psychopaths whom they’ve secretly employed to enhance the existing technology that the decent people (who are on our side) have (innocently) developed so everyone can be spied on with great ease.

        And on another note, IMO, I think that’s also why they want all PC users to upgrade to Windows 10 before this coming July (which is why they’re giving it away (as in for FREE) and as a scare tactic are claiming after January 1, 2020 they will no longer support Windows 7 or 8…. that is, if we’re still here in 2020…and the lights are still on (doubt the latter)….just sharing my insights.

        • Common cents,
          Great post, and info, thanks.
          Its funny how you mentioned the windows 10, i am experiencing the same thing with a phone, they keep sending messages that on the 22nd my phone will no longer work on their network, trade it in for à new free phone, ill go buy a new phone i will not trade in any data collecting devices, lol
          I keep saying skynet is real, and folks just keep laughing..

        • Common,anyone who uses windows on their own devides deserves NO PRIVACY!I get it ,library uses what it wants and your stuck there,but on own shit go open source linux and configure to your needs!

      28. An aluminum foil hat sounds pretty logical at this point.

      29. Remember,we can ALL use the tech coming out and also figure out workarounds,enjoy and adapt!

        • Find a way to passively reject your body heat. Good luck.

      30. Let’s all change our last names to “WiFi”. That would really confuse them.

      31. Hey I’m not knocking the technology. I was responding specifically to the comment by ‘secret.’ If it weren’t for the technology, MRI’s, Internet, cell phones, to name three of many I’ve benefited from, I’d surely be dead by now.

      32. I never said technology itself is a bad thing, its how its used is the deciding factor if its good or not, im using a tablet to type this, i use cellphones, i have a camera system, 2 computers in my house, solar panels, i have a couple trucks, etc etc. All technology, all serve a purpose,

        An x ray machine was a great advancement in tech, i can use it to find
        Broken bones, i can also use it to give a lethal dose of radiation.

        A cellphone is great for 24/7 accessability, its also great to map out your whole life,

        The tech itself is not the issue, the issue is how the tech is
        Used by those who control it.

      33. Secret… Agreed. My post wasn’t directed at you. I was just clarifying. I wasn’t implying you thought that. When they use the technology against us like a weapon (and they are) it is a bad thing.

        • I know it wasnt, i was just clarifying my position, although i hate tech, i also love it,
          I am a geek from way back, lol……

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