Why You Need To Prepare For The Cashless Society: “They Want An Intimate Knowledge Of What You Buy and Sell”

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    This article was originally published by Joshua Krause at Tess Pennington’s ReadyNutrition.com

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    Earlier this month, the European Central Bank suggested that the 500 Euro note needs to be eliminated. Not long after, academics and policy makers in the US started to call for the elimination of the $100 bill. This isn’t something that the average person really thinks about on a regular basis, or even cares about. The vast majority of our purchases are done through digital channels these days. Unless you’re about to buy a used car on Craigslist, you probably won’t be needing the hundred-dollar bill. For most people, eliminating it would be an inconvenience at best.

    So what gives? Why is anyone even considering the elimination of these bills? It seems like there is simply no need for it.

    The truth is there are a lot of reasons why governments and banks want to eliminate these high denomination notes, and none of them are good. It should go without saying that the people who are pushing this are not going to give you a straight answer. You’re going to hear them give the same excuse over and over again for the foreseeable future: Large denominations are indispensable for black market transactions. They enable drug dealers, tax evaders, corruption, and terrorism.

    But that’s just what they’ll say in the beginning. One day they’ll give all those same excuses, except instead of suggesting the elimination of large denomination bills, they’ll suggest we get rid of cash instead.

    That’s right. What the government, multinational corporations, and the central banks really want, is a completely cashless society, and they’re going to start by eliminating the bills we don’t use very often. Pro-gun supporters will recognize this strategy as the “slippery slope.” Start out with something small that sets a precedent, and quietly eliminate everything over a long period time so no one notices.

    Eliminate certain bills, restrict large cash purchases, demonize people and businesses that hold large amounts of cash and confiscate their wealth through asset forfeiture, flag bank accounts that transfer large sums of money, etc. You may recognize some of those as policies that are already in place. The anti-cash crusade is happening right now, and here’s the real reason why:

    For starters, there are people in both the public and private sector that want to track everything you do. Like a stalker, they just really really want to get to know you better. They want an intimate knowledge of what you buy and sell. The corporations that are in bed with our government would love to have this knowledge, so they can do a better job of tailoring their marketing to you.

    The governments that are in bed with the corporations want to use that knowledge to rule every aspect of your life. You can’t live if you can’t buy and sell, so without cash you’ll be locked into a system that you can’t opt out of. They say that cash is for terrorists and criminals, but they don’t want you to realize that you’re in the same boat as them. No cash means no anonymous transactions.

    The second biggest reason? They want to steal from you. Taxes aren’t enough. They can’t bring themselves to stop spending our money and putting us into debt, and we don’t want to give them anymore money, so raising taxes through a legitimate political process is off the table.

    Instead they’re going to lower your interest rates. How low? Ideally they want negative interest rates. They want to make it impossible for you to save money. The excuse for this will be different from before. They’ll do it when the next major recession hits, so they can say that it’ll be good for the economy. If saving money means losing money, then you’ll spend money, thus supporting the economy. But really, they just want to legally steal from you (insert taxation joke here). They know that if cash isn’t eliminated before these negative rates are implemented, you can simply pull your money out of the bank and hide it in your mattress. They don’t want to leave you with any choice.

    As you can see, physical cash is an essential means for maintaining your liberty. That’s why, in light of recent calls to disband high denomination bills, two right-wing Swiss politicians have proposed the exact opposite. Philip Brunner and Manuel Brandberg have suggested the creation of a 5000 franc note to ensure the safe haven status of Switzerland’s currency. Their reason? Cash is so important to individual liberty, that it could be compared to the right to bear arms.

    In this context “cash is comparable to the service firearm kept by Swiss citizen soldiers,” the pair argued in their motion, saying they both “guarantee freedom”.

    “In France and Italy already cash payments of only up to 1,000 euros are allowed and the question of the abolition of cash is being seriously discussed and considered in Europe, “ Brunner said on his Facebook page.

    The move toward electronic payments allows governments “total surveillance” over individuals, the pair claim.

    So how will you preserve your freedom if, and probably when this comes to pass?

    The most obvious solution would be to stock up on gold and silver before the cash ban arrives, because that is really the best alternative. Precious metals provide the only other convenient way to make untraceable purchases (you’ll probably start to see underground markets pop up to cater to many of the normal purchases you make every day).  After all, gold and silver were the most popular forms of currency until the 20th century. Alternatively you could put your money in any physical asset that may hold its value, such as land or firearms for example; but for daily purchases, gold and silver are king.

    Of course, the government could try to ban that as well. They tried confiscating gold before and they could do it again. However, it’s not going to do them any good. When negative interest rates arrive with the cashless society, there will be millions of people moving their assets into gold and silver. They’ll be joining everyone who is operating in the black market, who will have already moved into precious metals by necessity.

    There would be widespread disobedience against those rules. Nobody is going to give a damn about the laws at that point. If the government tries to brazenly wipe out everything you’ve earned throughout your entire life, you won’t be too concerned about the law and neither will millions of other savers. With that many people, it will be impossible for the government to really clamp down on it.

    Honestly, they’ll be just as successful in preventing you from owning gold and silver, as they are in preventing you from buying pot. And the cops will have their savings wiped out as well, so they’ll be playing the same game you are. It’ll be prohibition all over again.

    In short, gold and silver are the best things you can buy to prepare yourself for the cashless society. A lot of people will be rushing into precious metals if our government decides to get rid of cash, and the government will likely be helpless to stop you. So stock up now before the herd realizes what’s happening to them.

    This article was originally published by Joshua Krause at Tess Pennington’s ReadyNutrition.com

    Joshua Krause was born and raised in the Bay Area. He is a writer and researcher focused on principles of self-sufficiency and liberty at Ready Nutrition. You can follow Joshua’s work at our Facebook page. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger

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      1. Definitely a way to track gun sales/purchases. The only thing it might stop is illegal employment!!! Things can be bartered at this point and then resold as a way around it. So much for liberals being smarter!!! ROFL

        • They’ll find a way to make sure illegal employment is still possible — you know, we don’t want to disenfranchise anybody with a cashless society.

          Definitely a way to track gun sales… and everything else.

          Once they have the technology to do so, they’ll simply force us to comply or they’ll make buying certain things illegal… or, for example, you fail to pay your taxes or get car registration or whatever, and they’ll just lock your digital account so you can’t buy anything until you turn yourself in.

          Whether it’s a card in your pocket or a chip in your hand, one could make the argument this is “Beast Technology” right up the alley of the Mark of the Beast.

          • Yup. It is one step away from the Beast. The only thing it is lacking is a religious element, perhaps a new singular religion put forth by a consortium of religious and scientific leaders working through the UN. The Beast system also needs to be global, not national in nature, but with the adoption of smart phones globally (it is the fastest adopted technology in the history of mankind), and the advances in communication and finance being made in the developing world, making such a system global will probably be possible in the next 5-10 years (if it isn’t already).

            This is actually what got me interested in prepping. While I hope for a pre-tribulational rapture, I can also see a good argument for post-trib and know that if that is how prophecy verifies that I will need to know how to sustain myself on the run and live off the land. It also may not be a bad idea to understand hacking and a widespread range of technologies because of the digital nature of the future.

            • Anyone have a USD $500 bill ? I didn’t think so. Europeans do not need a 500 euro note either as long as their currency is on par with the dollar.

              Venezuela is a horse of a different color. 🙂

              • Wow DK how exactly is the “Euro on “Par” with the Dollar??” Is this a new term like pegged. bwhwhwhahahahaha. Are you aware these is a Foreign Currency Exchange? That fluctuates daily?


                • WWTI: Didn’t use “par” as in “par value”; but as in similar. The euro is a WRC and the value has dropped considerably, fluctuating above and below the dollar over the past year.

                  I don’t follow the FX markets every day as apparently you do, so brainiac, tell us again how you shot your wad ($20,000) in the markets. Its always good for a laugh. 🙂

                  The Chinese Yuan is PEGGED to the dollar and the China Central Bank adjusts that PEG every day. Are you ignorant or just plain stupid ???

                  Of course either way it would explain the $20,000 loss. 🙂

                  • BTW, the real test of the Yuan will come later this year or next when they run out of US Treasury Bonds to prop up the currency. Eventually they will have to float the Yuan and let the FX market decide its value, as one of the Rules to be a Club Member.

                    It will have to decline 50-100% in value to make China competitive with the Mexico Peso, now about 18 to the dollar.

                    Short the Yuan when this happens and you can get your 20 grand back !!! 🙂

                    • DK, I actually lost about $30K back in 2002 period when I was day trading in the middle of the DotCom Bubble. That was 14 years ago.. Sheesh… I could afford then to lose that much, as I was making about $20K a month. Probably a years salary for you. I knew my threshold of pain and stopped trading. I have friends loose as much as $130K back then, and traded till they were broke.. And caught in margin calls. I kept warning them it was crashing. I cashed out and bought a BMW M3, and enjoyed that for about 12 years.. No regrets. Also when I was day trading I would trade as much as $20K worth of stock per trade, back and forth in a given day multiple times, as I was momentum trading. It was a lot of fun watching 4 monitors charts and I was the market maker often, making the stocks move on my trade. I have not been in the stock market since then, as I see it all as rigged for the house, and pros manipulating the market with phony data and pump and dump. So I speak with my wallet and experience on economics. How about you Mr Pegged? lol


                  • Again DK, The Yuan is never pegged to the dollar as each currency fluctuates daily in either direction separately and never in unison. What you need to use, is the term “compared to.” And look at the foreign exchange chart to see the differences in value. Both currencies go up in down separately, and not pegged to each other in any form. You sure are stuck on ignorant terminology like pegged & Par. Which has zero relevance when comparing foreign exchange rates. Pegged is a term used like the value of Oil is pegged to the Petro Dollar. And used as a standard when determining the value of a barrel of oil on any given day. Or a credit card interest rate is pegged to the fed rate, plus a few percentage basis points. That what pegged means. I sure hope you catch on someday.


                    • The Yuan is PEGGED. The Chinese Central Bank changes the peg every day or whenever they want a different value for it. The value of the Yuan is not market driven by bid and ask buyers and sellers.

                      Google it. 🙂

                      I speak from my education, experience, and special expertise in the banking and financial community that spans a career of 40 years. I do not own stocks other than in my own companies as I have indicated here before.

                      I do not buy stocks because I understand that all markets are rigged, limiting my returns; and avoiding the theft of my equity by upper management with their stock options and warrants.

                      I control my own destiny and I am not so stupid as to lose $32k playing the FX market which is totally controlled and front runned by the BIG BANKS. 🙁

              • It’s really just the American dollar committing suicide. People will trade in something else, as .gov expends ever increasing amounts of resources chasing their tail going after “violations”. Cops who wish to stay healthy will look the other way.

              • No, but a good friend of mine has a real, and validated, $1000 bill. he bought it back in the sixties from a collector.
                he thinks it will be worth ten times that amount in the future.

                Well the future is here, and I don’t see him advertising.

                • It’s already worth more than $1,000 as a collectible, provided he hasn’t carried it around in his wallet for a few years.

                  • The average paid for the bills in excellent condition, unless rare, is about $1600.00

                    Not hardly a big investment for holding on to for 50 years, but then I don’t know the mint or serial numbers. It could be one from the early twenties that is worth as much as twenty thousand.

                • Too bad he didn’t take that $1000 and buy a couple select gold coins back in the early 1960s. It would have been a heck of a lot better as an investment.

            • You should study the books of Thessalonians. The rapture is pre tribulation! The question is will you be joining me in the party? Have you made the committment and surrendered your life to Christ? If not, you will be left behind! Period!

              • I wish the rapture would happen right now.

                Any way to speed it up some?

              • John Duncan, You should be studying real history, science and sociology, and leave the BuyBull to the carnival clowns selling hype and fear. 2000 Years they been claiming Jebus is returning. NOT and never will. You worship a dead marytr. I think you already have been left behind according to reality.

                No Doubt, The gullible will be easy prey in SHTF collapse.


              • The rapture is NOT pre-trib. You must read your theology INTO that passage to see/believe it that way. Besides, if you will read 2 Thes. 2:3 you will note two things must take place first, 1) the falling away (apostasy), and 2) the anti-Christ is revealed. And that doesn’t take place until the middle of the seven year trib (Da 9:27, etc.). Read it ALL, then form your theology.


                Son of Liberty

              • Yes I have. I have been a Christian for many years now. However, I see the future as uncertain. It’s not that God doesn’t know, it’s that I do not know for certain what will happen because I have not seen it yet. Like I said, I hope for a pretribulational rapture, but will prepare for it not to verify. If it happens then that’s great. If it doesn’t though, I still have at least some ability to survive in the tribulation. I always try to see both sides of the equation and prepare accordingly. It’s the only logical thing to do and why I refuse to get caught up emotionally in the timing of an event I have no control over.

            • Watch and see, as it unfolds just as prophesied.
              The next six years will be all about finalizing the set-up of the NWO gov control system. I would not be surprised if Odrama gets the nod for the next UN prez, if he has not declared martial law before the 2017 inauguration.

              The one world religious system will be implemented over a period of seven years from 2022 through 2029, that will pave the way for the return of Satan, playing the role of Antichrist,…which actually means…instead of Christ, or the false Messiah.

              It will be a slow burn, and things will get really,really bad for those not prepared for the events that are coming upon the earth. Spiritually and mentally prepared is what is needed most, but is actually taught the least, or better said, the truth of it is taught the least.

              • Also, I have an hypothesis on the timing of the cashless society being implemented.

                I truly believe that it will be tied in directly with the NWO/Beast/Antichrist system being fully implemented with the one world religious system/chrislam/etc.

                When it is about to be all implemented “for the good of humanity”, there comes a “deadly wound” that causes a set back and possibly a revolt against the whole system.

                Only the deception of a returned messiah that sets everything right, peaceably and prosperously, can cause the whole world (except for those that can’t be deceived), to follow/whore after the grand illusionist.
                As he is so convincing, he will be able to demand all people from all walks of life…that they accept the cashless system and only be able to use it to buy or sell, if they have sworn their allegiance and total support by worship to him and his system.

                As the majority of sheeple are “taken”, all others are assumed to be “left behind”, as he/antichrist says he will rapture all the followers and worshipers away, before the total destruction of the earth.

                Before it all comes down, he/antichrist will turn ugly against all the saints, and kill the two witness of God, in the streets of Jerusalem. The jig is up to most people that have eyes to see, and ears to hear at that time. Those that have fallen for his lies and deception will freak the hell out, and after three days of the witnesses laying dead in the streets, the armies against them and God will have formed in the hills to the North of jerusalem, for the battle of Armageddon, and the true Christ returns.

                That is when many of the deceived will run to the dens and caves and pray for the rocks to fall upon them to hide them from the face of Christ, because they had been following and worshiping the false one. Will it happen in the time frame and sequences i have been shown? I am not betting it won’t.

              • 2022-2029

                I don’t have to worry about that.

                It’s all about the Human Gene’s and family medical history. And it don’t look good for me. One day you look fine and the next day we drop over dead.

                When I think about it all. Prepping gives me something to do. That’s it.

              • Passin, what are you worried about? I thought you were promised ever lasting life if you believe. Prepping is pretty contradicting to your religion, eh? So which one is it? Roll the dice, suckers.


                • Dumbasses never get it. The everlasting life comes at the moment our flesh body dies, or if we are around when Christ returns, it just crashes to the ground and instantly…”in the twinkling of an eye”, our spirit, intellect of the soul, goes directly into our new spirit/eternal body…forever to be with the Lord.

                  I ain’t worried about one single thing, wwti. My life is complete. I have done more, seen more, experienced more, than 99% of the people that have ever lived. So, I can lie down with confidence and peace each night that my soul is secure from hell fire.

          • Mac, exactly, they will have you by the balls and I mean in a vise! You WILL comply or else!

            • The tyranny is really genius. Force everybody onto a cashless system, then once everybody is on it they will force through a tax on each transaction.

              Sales tax plus transaction tax.

              • If we let them ????? But peoples are so dumb they are going to fall for it……. and then they will realize that they been screwed to the core….

              • I was well ahead of the curve on the cashless society. I got into the credit card processing/ merchant service industry back in about 1992 and make profit on every card type transaction, for each merchant in my portfolio. Those transaction fees add up, month after month, Year after year, decade after decade… I split the profit revenue above cost, 50/50 with the processor I broker with, who services the accounts. And anytime when I want, I can sell my portfolio back to the processor for as much as 24 to 28 times the monthly revenue. Nice picking up a few checks every few years, for $50K at a time here and there. I can also work as much as I want or not.. Its the easiest work out there, and why I’ve been doing it for 20+ years. I took this entire last year off, and worked my BOL with the monthly revenue still streaming in from the accounts I set up. In life you need to know how to work smart, not hard. Smart people find and seek out opportunities. People who work hard just get tired.
                There are 3 types of people in the world.
                Those who make things happen,
                Those who watch things happen, and
                Those who sit on their asses wondering what happened.

                If the US goes Cashless, I’m already in position and established to hook everybody up to the new system, and will make a bundle. I really don’t give a shit which way it goes. I am prepped to the rafters, and I’m also in position to capitalize on the masses. I am the Toll Master on the Economic Transaction Highway. Let er’ Rip!!


                • What good doeth a man to gain the whole world, if he looseth his soul?

            • I’ve got a better idea, when the government says their going to do away with cash, we, the public, need to not only say no, but hell no!!! I don’t know about you, but i don’t plan to live the rest of my life under the governments thumb. This is the exact reason our for fathers put the 2nd amendment in the Bill of Rights, for us to use, to stop crap like this!!! I’d rather die standing on my feet, fighting for our freedoms, then living one day on my knees, saying please, and thank you, to the government for my family’s survival.

              • I have a lot of friends in Peru. They made it mandatory to have a national ID and you have to produce when you purchase something and they record your ID number on most transactions.
                The people were all for it in the beginning. Of course it was to fight Terrorism and drug traffickers. However it is mostly used against people and small businesses to get them to pay taxes. They just compare what you purchase against what you report as income and if they dont think it is kosher, they just seize all your assets and you have to take them to court to get them back. Its really horrible. You drive down any street and you see lots of seizure notices taped to doors. I spent a lot of time there and never saw any drugs or terrorists. Just cops beating people up on the street and bashing down their doors to get at their assets.

              • M4,

                Well, that’s a great generalization statement but nothing of substance about what you plan to do exactly about getting around it.

                • Bill, If you need to rely on comments posted on a web site to form a plan of action for what your going to do to protect your family if our government does away with paper currency i can’t help you.

                  What You need to do is to look for some people who live close to you, that you TRUST, that you can build a team with. With those people as you team, you can then build a plan of action for what your going to do if the government does away with paper currency.

                  • M4,

                    Well, I have to agree comments on websites are useless.

            • The asteroid will get us before then.

              If the 11 o’clock news is on tomorrow night. We made it.

          • We’ve been warned, not to accept the mark, which is a number of man: 666. Bar codes start , middle and end are two marks. II, look for yourself. That represents a 6. Onward, a chip has been designed to generate energy from temperature differential and the two places on the human body which change the most: are the right hand and the forehead (we have been warned). Prevail, exist and believe if you do not know.

            • Maybe, but you don’t have to use the body to generate energy for the chip to respond to. All you need is to use electromagnetic induction through radio waves to energize it. It would only need to transmit over a short distance of around 2-6 cm, so the antenna wouldn’t need to be very big at all. It would be something similar to RFID or NFC but smaller. Also, all it needs to do is transmit a number when energized. All of the data will be in the cloud and accessed by that code (probably encrypted for security).

            • how to read a barcode-http://www.wikihow.com/Read-12-Digit-UPC-Barcodes

            • I am not a Christian, but i have always believed that the mark of the beast is the chip that goes in the hand or in the forehead. Yep.

          • Anyone who doesn’t have their guns in order at this point is not going to make it if things get tough.

          • In general, a great article. However, I kept waiting for the writer to make the one point that he seemed to dance completely around and instead, only hinted at it.

            That point is this: When people use cash to make purchases, sure, in most cases – if the purchase is made in a store, they have to pay a sales tax which is added to the cost of the item. And, there is the anonymity factor that most of us consider to be a huge benefit, if we wisely wish to protect our privacy and prevent Big Brother from monitoring every stick of chewing gum that we buy. But, the key issue is that, if the Government and the banks can take away our cash – and leave us with no other option than to use a credit or debit card, then they can charge a FEE on every transaction that occurs on our plastic cards. That is their unspoken avaricious objective, folks. If they (meaning a business) tried to impose an extra ‘fee’ when we used cash, most of us would tell them to take a hike and go somewhere else to make the purchase from a competing business who did not try to charge that extra ‘fee’. Given the nature and intensity of competition in our capitalist society – businesses who tried attaching fees to cash purchases would not survive long because they would lose customers.

            However, if cash were banned and everyone were forced to use plastic – using a card issued to them by their bank – then, the bankster gangsters could impose the fee at their end and automatically suck the fee amount out of the electronic account of the card holder.

            Oh, and I do not suppose it’s necessary for me to identify the tiny, historically vampire-ish ethnic group who have been the primary perpetrators of the voracious, usurious plundering of whole nations.


            • Tucker, you are already paying a fee when you use any card, it’s just built into the price of the product, but you are correct – they are bent on adding a direct fee as well.

      2. The only way a cashless society can work is if every person and individual has some sort of electronic wallet. Or like a MC /Visa Debit type of card that can be loaded and unloaded. We are talking decades away for that to happen. People will form their own way of paying if cash is eliminated. such as barter or silver coins.. They been talking about this since early 1990’s.


        • I agree that this would require widespread acceptance… But such a thing can be forced, if necessary… All they need is a crisis… the right crisis.

          Consider how quickly the sheep will follow if they are told by their benevolent leaders that it is the only way to prevent a complete collapse of our system… In 2008 they used this tactic to basically steal trillions from the American people in the form of bailouts by scraring the crap out of us (remember tanks in the streets? video here) , and while many of us argued and called Congress about stopping said bailouts, at least half the people were all for it.

          Really, a simple ‘food crisis’ should do the job of getting the electronic devices/tech in our hands. Once we are all ‘registered’ it should be pretty easy to implement full cash bans from there.

          There will be those who reject this, probably a good amount of people… But given what I have seen with the general populace, I have absolutely no confidence that they will stand up to tyranny. The majority will accept it without question.

          I hate how pessimistic I sound, but given what we have seen, I just don’t think that most people really care so long as they can eat, watch netflix and buy new worthless trinkets from China every so often.

          • Its not pessimism, its realism

          • They could have a Bank Holiday Weekend and the banks issue debit like cards instead of any cash come Monday at the new exchange rate until all the paper cash money is sucked out of the system. What happens though is the Big Players like Walmart will get all the business because they will have the systems set up in place for people to pay with these cards. The little business guy will suddenly find themselves going bankrupt, furthering the forced Fascism on the people. Unless they quickly get the similar card like debit systems set up to take the card transactions. It will be a mass roll-out. These smaller businesses that fail to comply will be pushed out. Thus there will be a huge black market system tax free of course. Its all about Government and banker control so they can tax or charge a transaction fee to collect their skimming off your wealth.

            I am in no way condoning this, just looking at how it may happen and be rolled out. As I have been in the credit card transaction processing business for over 20 years. And like I said they have been talking about this since the early 1990’s and why I got into this business which have benefited me for some time. However, After a Weekend Bank Holiday, there may be 100 pissed off people pointing shotguns at a bank come Monday, as nobody is going to come or leave alive. This is why you should NEVER leave any sizable amount of your wealth in any Bank other than to pay monthly bills. And convert a lot of your cash right now to Silver 1 Oz Rounds to protect your wealth. Bitcoin can be the stolen with the click of a mouse or hack in seconds.. Again, if you are not holding your wealth in your hand or easy access, you don’t really own it. So prepare, or prepare to be fleeced.


            • WWTI, your scenario sounds plausible, except for one thing. What about if you’re pulled over on the highway by one of those ‘drug task forces’ in order to search for large amounts of cash? And what about politicians, bureaucrats, judges, prosecutors, etc. who love to get money under the table? It would be interesting to see how that would work out without cash.

            • I will never have that problem as I keep my savings in cash and silver. I don’t carry more than 1500 at any time (unless I am buying a more expensive item). Carrying all your cash around with you means your an idiot and asking to have it stolen by the pigs. Have a bank holiday it won’t effect me because Im not an idiot lol.

              • You are only half an idiot. Not only will they seize cash in the banks they will declare any cash not turned in by a certain date to no longer be legal. They will do that with silver and gold also. If they try this there is only one way to stop it.

                • Wrong, If that scenario were to develop I would get rid of the cash and get more silver and preps. More preps probably as I have been stacking for a long time.

                  • There will also come the day, probably when the cashless system is invoked, that gold and silver is no longer accepted at banks for transactions.

                    All that stacking you stackers boast about, will only be good for …..well, nothing I can think of.

          • I see a cashless society would be hard to do! Mainly what happens during a natural disaster? Power is out for days and weeks sure would be hard to run a electronic card during this period LOL, but leave it to a left winger to say, oh the gov. Will be there to help you ! Right ask Katrina folks how long it took oh let’s not forget hurricane in northeast power was out a long time in some areas also. Hmmm seems to me the logic in a cashless society is pretty stupid but I forgot ( liberal are pretty stupid for common sense) in these areas , come to think of it in most areas lol. Oh well just my thoughts of how stupid our society is becoming

            • Oh they issued Prepaid Loaded credit cards for people in Katrina, and they went off and spent them getting lap dances at the whore houses. Look that up. Good Job Brownie!!


              • WWTI–That’s not true. Some got tattoos.

              • How long after ? A couple of weeks later before they started issuing them . The point I was making is time frame without power ! Wake up Brownie WWTI use what cells are in your skull

                • Prepper1 – Not everybody was without power. Whore houses had back up generators, you know to keep the spot lights on the dancers working the poles. Sheesh. They had brain cells also and were preppers too. BTW/ You can take card transactions on mobile phones that use cell phone towers and satellites not affected by Hurricanes. You got a solar charger for your phone to keep it charged? I have several solar backups to backups, including spare brain cells.


          • Mac, most people don’t have $1000 dollars in savings. Many don’t even have one weeks worth of groceries in their pantry.

            There will be a point in time where you will have two choices: show up at the local Red Cross feeding station or run in the opposite direction. At least 50% of the US population will queue up and stand in line for their daily, weekly, or monthly rations from the nearest feeding station.

            Some people, like myself, will be running the other direction as fast as possible.

            • Oh and how about this one? You don’t get to buy food unless you have ALL the mandated vaccines?!!!

          • Mac, I agree there will be those who will accept the ‘beast system’. There will also be those, like us who come to this site, who will refuse it. There WILL be an underground economy and I will be a part of that one. if/when the bread and circuses stop, TS WILL HTF!

            • BH: amen brother, amen.

              • There isn’t going to be any great ” underground” system. Where the Hell do you plan to meet to make your exchanges for black market items? The big outdoor black market bazaar? The NSA already is reading every email and phone call you make, they know who you are and what you own, there is no anonymity as there was in days past. You can only drive old cars and trucks for so long before you can’t get parts or they fail emission inspection and costing a fortune to fix. Eventually, you’ll have to get a newer model with the computers in it, it’s only a matter of time. The fact is over well over 90% of the people on this site will fall into the same line as everybody else, despite the protest to the contrary. Once computers started to double their capacity every 18 months, it was only a matter of time before the population would be categorized and filed into the system. I’m not saying it’s a good thing, but wake up, it’s what the future is now. You’re already a part of it now, this so called barter system will only work on a large scale if there is no longer any central government, and the odds of that happening in your lifetime are slim and none. All the Amens in the world won’t change the facts.

                • Jimbo, the underground economy is already here. It’s alive and well. It has actually expanded significantly under the Obama presidency. The unemployed and under employed are doing all kinds of stuff under the table to augment income – craigslist, ebay, etsy, etc for goods and services. There are Internet commerce sites where you trade various “site credits” for goods and services. Another example, late 1980s Romania. You know what the underground currencies were for goods and services? Condoms and cigarettes. You could get anything you wanted with those currencies. It is estimated that approx 60% of the US economy is undergroundoing today. As the middle class is further squeezed and the poor class expands, the underground economy will further expand. It is the only way people can cobble together a living.

          • Mac, it will just split USA economically. Parallel societies, until theirs collapses, which it will quickly do, since the leech class will quickly jump on the .gov side. The actual producers, not so much. Could be a blessing in disguise.

          • The gov’t and banks would already have laws ready to implement to ban precious metals in bullion or coins for purchasing, and give the banks an exception… if they ban cash.

          • With every year that passes, the majority who ‘will accept it without question’ continues to grow, for one simple reason: age. Teenagers nowadays have never known a world without smart phones and tablet computers and electronic chips embedded in just about everything.

            For them, this is the way things have always been. People who are raised in an electronic world, bombarded with messages that reassure them that ever-present connectivity is cool and fun and easy and wonderful (and that if you are left out, your peers will scorn you), accept the digital universe as normality. They are comfortable with it, and feel isolated and uneasy without it.

            They WANT this way of life, and dismiss concerns like ‘privacy’ and ‘autonomy’ as trivial because they don’t know any better. Indeed, they have never actually experienced privacy or autonomy during their short lives.

            Time is on the site of the totalitarians. As those of us who grew up in the pre-electronic era become older and eventually die off, the few who want to escape constant connectivity will be regarded as unbalanced.

            Probably the American Psychiatric Association will come up with a solemn and impressive name for these loonies… “Electronic Avoidance Disorder” or some such.

            Sic Transit Gloria Mundi ~

        • Do they not require electronic accounts today if you receive government benefits? I think they do but I am not 100% positive. It will be very easy for the government to mandate this. If you want your tax refund check (actually, tax withholding overpayment) then you need an electronic account for the deposit. If you want to purchase something from a store, then you need an electronic account. The government only needs to make examples of a few people that accept or pay in cash for the rest to fall in line. I have been a beg fan of electronic commerce in the past as it is much more convenient. However, lately I have been carrying more cash and paying with cash. It actually feels much better to pay in cash then putting it on a charge card or debit card.

          • You don’t have to send refund electronically you can have a check mailed I do it all the time

            • That is a peev of mine, people using cards for everything! Like a bunch of dipshit zombies, go to 7-11 and buy a soda with a card or some little shit. These idiots will get exactly what they deserve! Cash, use it or lose it fools. I sat in line at the store the other night while some dumb bitch couldn’t get her card to work and farted around while 4 other people behind her were getting pissed then at the end she pulled out cash and paid for it! If you buy all your stuff with cards or phones then you don’t deserve ANY privacy or cash, you deserve your ultimate slavery!!Every time you use a card you are nailing your own coffin shut forever and you DESERVE IT!

            • Checks cost you money too. Mine costs 30 cents each. They all require a security mark on them now.

          • erv, You mean like illegal aliens that work for cash and also get food stamps or welfare payments from the US Tax payers like me? There is so much fraud in the cash system and those who fail to pay taxes. How many waitresses fairly claim all their cash tips? Hardly none of them or bars and restaurants that only accept cash and greatly underestimate their incomes. Those like me that have all my income deposited in a Bank account via ACH are fucked every year paying a lot of taxes and making up for those deadbeats who fail to pay taxes. Sp there is some legitimacy for a cashless society. But you can be sure they will not reduce my taxes if the Government collect more from the deadbeats.

            ~WWTI. WhoWuddaThunkIT

            • WWTI, legal citizens like me also work for cash and not paying tax on it is the right thing to do. You like taxes? Are you out of your mind? It is your DUTY as an american to pay the least amount humanly possible to the death machine that makes you fund your own demise. I don’t give a damn about drug dealers and illegals using cash, I USE IT TOO AND I WILL BE FUCKIN PISSED IF I AM DENIED THAT RIGHT! Maybe you think absolute slavery and control are ok but I DON’T.

              • Genius, Believe me if I could avoid direct deposit I would. I have no F-n choice. I don’t work for cash in the business I am in, but am paid residual profit income off banked accounts I have set up over the years. Everything is ACH’d in my Industry. You may also be screwed when it comes later on in life to collect social security. You will get $300 a month, and I will get $1600 a month, and be stress free, out there golfing, or fishing. You may also be audited, and need to account for all your wealth and assets, or forfeit them to the Grabberment. That too may be coming down the pipe. I don’t have to look over my shoulder to see who may be following me. You may be.


              • I will add that money direct deposited, I also get a series of 1099’s at the end of the year, that has to match what I report to the IRS. I can’t hide shit, income wise. Expenses is another story. Ever been audited? I have. Just saying. The government has no problem spending thousands to collect a few extra hundred dollars from tax payers. I don’t need that stress or expense ever again..


                • WWTI, Ya I can understand your position but I am not in that position. Don’t think you are safer than me because they don’t care whos shit they steal. I have never been audited and never plan to. I work an above the board job too and pay (out the ass) in taxes. I pay property, income, sales, gas, and every other tax these fooks have. I do have a normal job and normal shit but try my best to avoid paying for my own demise.

                  • You have exposed yourself as a tax cheat on this site and to the Feds. They have you under surveillance and when you least expect it, a warrant will come in your hand.

                    Now that is the “real smart genius”.

                    But, than again, they know how much you lie.

                • I work a lot of small jobs. If someone pays you less than $600, they don’t have to file a 1099. If there’s no 1099, there’s no tax. The person that pays you is already paying income tax on it. I think that’s enough.

            • Here is a spoil shiit who is pissed off because he things he’s getting the shiit end of the stick. Stop Fukking crying.It’s not just about you, its about the government fuccing millions of people and make us slaves forever.You want everyone to pay taxes because you think you have to.

              I say to hell with you and the government. People better learn to think and fight for freedom.

              Foolish! if you believe that there is legitimacy in going cashless then the next thing could be people should not be allowed to live pass 50 years.

            • Get rid of income tax and replace it with a consumption or sales tax. That way everybody has some skin in the game. Those who spend more pay more in taxes, those that spend less pay less. No one can avoid paying their fair share and no more tax fraud.

              • But I didn’t vote for these taxes for all the waste I am forced to pay and my representatives don’t represent me, nor have I used the gov’t benefits we are taxed. I call it taxation without representation as a betrayal. What people call “fair share” of taxes is unfair to the person who didn’t want to pay for Islamic terrorists hiding in the Syrian refugees, or fund $$ millions to observe a shrimp running on a treadmill.

                Reminds me of a classroom I was in school. If two were caught talking, the whole class was punished. Reminds me of my father when my brother and sister were fighting, we ALL were punished. Because of this socialism, I found an obscure legal way to not pay taxes on most my income.

              • Kill dozer

                Sales tax would be very reasonable; however, the point of our byzantine tax code isn’t to collect money for government operations… there are 50 easier ways to do that, like your suggestion, which would also kill the gestapo… I mean IRS. The current tax code allows government to sell tax exemptions and write offs to the highest bidder and it is the Neverending income stream for the Senators and Representatives. In addition it is a social engineering tool. Do what we tell you to or you will pay. The tax code is the largest scam in this country, rivaling the banksters.

          • For that matter, if you want to get paid on payday you’ll need an electronic account. Employers will all be required to pay you this way in order to pay not only your pay but to file the taxes withheld from it with the appropriate agency (almost that way now if you are any size employer at all).

            At first you’ll still be allowed to withdraw cash from it, but slowly the cash amount you can withdraw will be reduced and the number of places that will (or can) accept it will diminish till cash is simply of no practical use.

            Then cash will be eliminated as an obsolete form of money and you will have nothing other than electronic transactions available.

            Happened before, the obsolescence of common monetary instruments, when was the last time you saw a “Passbook Savings” account offered by a bank? (if you’re under 50 you probably don’t know what that is)

          • A store gas station near me won’t accept a CC without a $10 purchase because the owner says he loses money in profit from selling a dollar soda on a card because of the fees.

        • We are probably around 90% there already. Most people no longer use cash and instead choose to use the security of debit and credit cards (if they are stolen or hacked the card holder has some level of legal protection whereas stolen cash is virtually untraceable). Those of us who don’t are holdouts or people who work for cash. This could be anyone from a drug dealer to a tipped employee such as a waitress or food delivery person. Both of these are seen as the bane of the system right now because both do not have easily traceable and taxable income. By going to a purely digital payment system, they can now collect more taxes from the legitimate workers who work for cash, as well as making some illegal income streams more difficult to live off of for all but the most adaptable of criminals.

          • Winston,

            Your points are the very one I use to argue why cash WON’T go away. If you make working under the table taxable, you will simply get less of it. If you make the drug trade completely trackable, you will kill it.

            BOTH of those (and more) don’t pay taxes on their income, true enough…..but then what happens to that income from there ?


            And then that same money begins to generate LOTS of taxes. Sales tax at the point of sale, income tax by the legitimate businesses that receive those previously non-taxed dollars, property taxes, excise taxes, heck, a hundred more taxes….all those taxes from that income that if you cut out WILL NOT GET GENERATED.

            So, as much as they might like to cut out cash, unless they are more stupid than I give them credit for, they will not do it.

            • Don’t worry, TNAndy, eliminating cash will make the underground economy larger.

          • I have mentioned this in the past, being in the credit card processing business for 20+ years, that there is NOTHING Secure about USING a DEBIT Card for any purchase whatsoever period. You do NOT have the same protections as your do by Using a Credit Card like Visa or MC. If your Credit Card is Hacked or stolen they are stealing MC & Visa’s Money. If your Debit Card is hacked or stolen they are stealing your BANK Balance.. Which you can really get hit, if you also wrote checks against that outstanding balance that was stolen, and get charged $39 a ding for NSF’s if a thief hacks your debit card. NEVER NEVER use your debit card for anything but to take CASH out of your OWN BANK’s ATM Machine Period. Banks do NOT have to credit you back for your Hacked or stolen Debit card bank balance. Read the fine print on your Checking account contract.

            Wake up people, I speak the truth on this.. Besides paying cash, Only use credit card for all other purchases like online shopping, gas, restaurants, etc. And NEVER your Debit card. And those who don’t qualify for a credit card, you are pretty much screwed.

            And for Merchants, those using Paypal or Square at 2.75% or higher, are getting ripped off Big time. Go through a direct card processor like me, skip the layer of added bank fees, and save a bundle with wholesale processing rates. Pennies add up to dollars quickly, and you can still keep your same bank accounts, but at a much cheaper whole sale processing rate per transaction fee with a direct processor. Lots of Merchant have no clue there is a cheaper way of processing their card transactions..


            • Pay with a card for gas and restraunts etc.? So every alphabet agency knows exactly where I have been and what time I was there and what I ate and how much gas I use etc.? You have to be kidding me. I pay cash for EVERYTHING except online purchases. Talk about making every move you make and everywhere you go public knowledge just keep swiping that card. C’mon man, I know your smarter than that…

              • Genius, you must have a worm up your ass tonight. Read what I said. I said, “Besides paying cash, Only use credit cards for all other purchases like online shopping, gas, restaurants, etc.” vs. Not Debit. Lots of hacking going on at Restaurants, and some Gas Pumps.

                So they track you anyway for online purchases. OH you are being tracked. lol Pay Cash Genius for online purchases. What you thinking… (Sarcastic)

                ~WWTI… And I do know what I’m talking about. Smarter than a Genius. lol

                • You must have not understood what I said, DO NOT use cards for anything except online (because you have too). Debit or credit, same thing, all TRACKED! Online is tracked no matter what but at least everything else isn’t. I don’t think you are smarter than a genius because of your comment but you are a smart guy. Cards for anything but have toos are BAD!

                  • You can also use a MasterCard bought at WalMart to order online. Buy the card with cash, and get your orders sent to various friends’ houses. And if an online retailer requires you to set up an account, set up more than one so you can use different accounts for each delivery location so they can’t be correlated to one person.

              • When you want to be somewhere you don’t want known, arrange for someone with tight lips to be using your cards somewhere else, wouldn’t hurt to have him/her using your cellphone while there as well.

                • Good tip anon!

            • Wwti
              If you must use your debit card, have it run as a credit card instead. You get the cc protection.

              • Actually Rebecca that is false. Guess Who moneys is being used by using your debit card, even if it is swiped like a credit card? Your bank balance is taken either way. The difference between a Debit Pin Based transaction and a CC Swiped transaction is the cost to the merchant. And the debit is directly debited, but a CCard swipe is 2nd day taken. There is a lot more to add to that discussion but for simplicity sake, just don’t use your debit card for anything but taking cash out of your own banks ATM Machine where there is no cost to get your own money.


            • Well, perhaps I am a little bit off on some of my facts then. However, I already do what you suggest and only use a low limit credit card for online transactions as my debit card is tied to my bank account and I like having the layer of separation between the two. For the bills I can’t pay in person I use a check and for everything else there is cash. I see no reason to add an extra layer or two of a paper trail for my transactions. I also avoid all frequent customer clubs and cards as well as giving out my number at stores that request it like Harbor Freight. I just don’t see any reason to generate more data about my life for someone to possibly use against me than is absolutely necessary.

        • “We are talking decades away for that to happen.”

          No, technically, we could be there in a few weeks, tops….however long it took to mail out the cards.

          This is exactly how EBT cards work now, along with debit cards. All they would have to do is announce everyone must have an account at some bank and a card, and you have 15 days to turn in whatever cash you have into that account, and after that, cash is null/void. It COULD happen nearly overnight, the technology is firmly in place.

          I just think it won’t happen for the reasons I list in a response to Winston’s post below.

          • TnAndy, Like I said they been talking about this cashless society already for decades since the early 1990’s. Just the card industry trying to implement the new EMV Chip cards took at least 10 years plus to roll out and only about 70% of merchants are compliant and maybe 60% Credit Cards have the Chip as of today which violates compliance. Check your own wallet to see and verify what cards have a chip. The pushback for the cost of the rollout is fought by the banks and card issuers, in Card Reader terminal replacement costs and software development to process the cards besides the cost of new card issuance. So it will not happen over night or weeks as you try to claim in your uninformed opinion.


            • WWTI, I and several co-workers just recently received new company-issued Visa credit cards with that chip. Businesses in my area are slowly upgrading their card readers to accommodate the new cards but not everyone has done it yet. It will take time.

            • @WWTI

              You’re comparing two different things. It doesn’t matter how long it is taking to change over to the new card readers. Cards will work with all the current readers, and even the smallest businesses at least have the old readers. Even individuals can be issued the cellphone card swipers.

              So, yes, practically everyone in the country could be issued new cards in a matter of days.

        • “The only way a cashless society can work is if every person and individual has some sort of electronic wallet ….. We are talking decades away for that to happen.”

          No we are not.

          Phones already have an APP for point of sale purchases. Its already here. You are just a decade behind. Catch up !!! 🙂

          • Yup. It’s called NFC or Near Field Communication. To use it, all you have to do is link an account to an app like Google Wallet or Apple Pay and then just touch the phone to the reader and the payment is transferred automatically. Not every phone has NFC, but the technology has been around in phones since around 2012 or 2013 (I think the Samsung Galaxy S4 was one of the first to have it) and it is rapidly spreading to most new mid tier and higher devices being introduced this year. I would say that within a year it will become standard on all but the cheapest devices which means that within 3-5 years everyone who doesn’t live in a technological cave will own one.

        • Won’t take decades at all, just pass the law, and you’ll have to take your cash to a bank and exchange it for a card you can use to purchase things.

          Don’t have an account? You’ll have one now. Merchants won’t take your cash, it’s illegal to do so, you have to go through the banks.

          Could take 30 days, just the time it would take for the banks to gear up and get millions of cards issued.

          Millions of Americans already don’t use cash at all, or seldom.

          Then once your cash card is empty, you get to use it as a debit card on the account your paycheck and all income goes into.

      3. Yes. Why? Full spectrum dominance.

        • Exactly, an orwiellian nightmare from HELL!

          • Genius, yes.

      4. They may not confiscate your PMs but if they ban cash they will ban buying PMs also, or at least put on limitations. It will just be too easy to move your cash to PMs otherwise and defeat the negative interest rate policy.

        • Then is when PM will go back to being cash….instead of trading silver coins for paper money to buy things, you will simply buy direct with the coins. THIS is why you want a good stock of pre-65 US silver coinage.

          There have been black markets for nearly as long as there have been markets, and I have complete faith in people’s ability to work around whatever govt has in mind. Better mouse traps (them) encourage smarter mice(us).

          • Tn Andy. Pre 64 coins? When they ban cash what do you think pre-64 coins are? Yep Cash… You will be lucky to get face value. Try dumping a bag of old coins on the counter and then look behind you at 20 other pissed off people carrying the real deal, true .999 1 Oz Rounds of silver, watching you try to pawn off your junk. That is the World standard for Silver Values. 1 Troy Ounce which is $15.50 today. What is the value of old worn out coins with the face rubbed down and edged worn off? Just saying. You will find out for yourself. Just saying.


            • WWTI: I am a big fan of Canadidan and Australian .9999 silver bullion. Easy to recognize and hard to fake. Not worth it. And yes, at less than $16 an ounce still cheap, a steal.

            • So you’ll be willing to slap a 1oz round on the counter for a loaf of bread, or a gallon of gas ? Have you never heard of the concept of making change ?

              The LAST time large silver coins were popular in circulation, it was the Spanish Reale, prior to,and following the founding of the US. Same problem….lack of small coinage to MAKE CHANGE.

              So folks took to cutting the coin into quarters on the cross emblem of the coin, making a ‘quarter’ (which is how we got the name for our later 25 cent piece), also known as 4 bits. Those were also cut in half to make a small 1/8 slice of the coin, giving you ‘8 bits’ (You’ve no doubt heard the high school cheer “2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits, a dollar”….the whole coin…”)

              So, you know-it-all, is keeping a sharp ax your plan for making change with your “only 1oz rounds” idiot plan ?

              • TnAndy

                There is a possibility that Pre 2015 nickels and pre 1982 will be use to barter. Another item coming on to the metals market are one ounce copper coins. They have special events and such and are nice little gifts. Simular to the large one cent coins of the 1800’s. Add the pre 1965 coinage, including silver dollars of the Morgan and Peace dollar type. There would be plenty for circulation.

                Deflation and inflation play into this also. Markets prices for items to be determined as what the market will bear.

                But how much metal will you be able to carry in your pockets? Could be back to using paper money later on.
                Or again not at all but micro chips.

                Won’t know till we get there.

                • Slingshot,

                  Yep…real copper and real nickels will come into play, but assuming (and that IS a big if) the same population is still around, I suspect we’ll be just like our early American ancestors….scrambling for small coins to make change.

                  About 7-8 years after they did the removal of most copper from pennies (1982), I saved a random pile of pennies for a while, and separated them….about 50-50 mix of old and new. Did it again 10 years later, and the ratio was down to 20-80 old/new. Gresham’s Law in action…..good money is hoarded, bad money is spent first. In the case of pre-65 junk silver coins, a HUGE amount of it went into the melting pot over the years.

                  I bought $1,000 bags of it in 2005, there seemed to be plenty, and it actually sold below spot often, 30-50cents/oz less. A $1,000 bag (715 oz of silver) was selling then for 3200 FRNs. Almost any dealer had them. Moved my whole IRA into it from crappy stock mutual funds, and never regretted the decision.

                  Today, even large dealers like APMEX don’t even list them for sale….500 buck bag is the biggest they list….and those “1/2” bags are running $7k

                  As for large purchases, gold is the ticket. Right now you can carry a tube of 25 one ounce Eagle in your closed hand with a current value of $30k. One would be hard pressed to get a roll of 100 ‘dollar’ bills that size in your pocket.

              • I like having a range of options. Old silver dollars and halves are nice; so are 1-oz silver bars/rounds.

                For smaller units, it’s good to have small pre-1965 silver coins; and half-ounce, quarter-ounce, and tenth-ounce silver rounds are also available from bullion dealers.

                No need to limit yourself to one format. You may encounter trading partners who insist on coins OR trading partners who insist on the .999 rounds. It’s wise to be prepared for both.

                As for gold: Yes, there may be restrictions on bullion. But I have never yet heard anyone, anywhere mention the exception which (to me) seems very obvious: even the infamous EO 6102 (which is “2016” backwards — spooky!) issued by FDR in 1933 did not touch jewelry.

                Bars and coins are nice, but everyone who believes in putting by some gold for the future should consider picking up some scrap gold jewelry if you can get it for right around the value of the gold content. Once again, this gives you yet one more option to have at hand.

                Remember “Schindler’s List” in which gifts of scarce luxury items were useful in obtaining special favors from corrupt officials? Attractive jewelry, obtained for content value, may serve the same purpose in the future. Egotistical overlords enjoy displaying their status with flashy jewelry; and they also want impressive gifts to bestow upon their wives/girlfriends.

                An added bonus is that jewelry styles go in and out of fashion. Necklaces and brooches from the 1970s and 1980s that are currently scorned as ‘old-fashioned’ may be prized in the future as “retro” and “collectible” and bring a premium.

                A similar principle exists with silver. If you really need a certain item or service during a long-term crisis, it could be risky to offer silver coins or rounds. There will be no shortage of opportunistic eyes and ears, alert for potential victims to mug or to follow home so that a future burglary can be plotted.

                But if you have a few old silver teaspoons and a handful of battered miscellaneous silver jewelry, you will blend in with others who have rummaged through grandma’s old jewelry box or stuff stored in the attic. You will look like just another desperate peon scrounging for scraps, and not somebody who has socked away stacks of valuable coins and bars.

                Scrap jewelry can thus provide ‘Gray Man’ camouflage that enables you to keep a small amount of material on hand for immediate use, while your main hoard remains safely concealed away from avaricious hands. ~ KV

            • They won’t ban coins. Do you really think they’re going to put card readers or RFID readers on gumball machines?

              • There are already card-terminals on the kids’ fun-rides around here, and some of them stopped taking coins, while others accept both. The kid himself, he enjoys just sitting on the thing for a while and pushing at the flashing lights, no charge required for that!

            • WWTI, you just go and weigh some worn silver coins and tell us all about the one-tenth gram of missing .900 alloy.

              No one cares about that today, why would they start to care about that tomorrow?

              The coins are bought and sold by face value, not weight.

        • Anytime the government bans something, or makes it illegal, it creates a black market. Some people say the black market is the only real market. Anyhow, what is the government going to do? Dig up everyone’s back yard? Bulldoze sheds and barns in order to locate hidden PMs? Ya, right.

          I just read an article over on Drudge, about how some folks are doing fairly well renting out smaller properties on Air BnB. Of course some people don’t like it and don’t want it and, technically, it is illegal in New Orleans but they don’t have enough police to enforce a law that is no longer functioning or useful. One person that is doing well with Air BnB rentals said to just start taxing them and be done with it.

          I agree. Which will happen, sooner rather than later, because local governments always want more tax revenue. It is the reason that recreational pot is now legally sold (and taxed, of course) in 4 or 5 states (this year) and will be sold in 15 states next year, and in 10 years there will only be a few states (like Utah or Mississippi) that will continue banning marijuana.

          • What is ‘Air BnB’ ?

          • I will be happy when the Government starts taxing that Fraud Industry called Organized Religion. Just like Dope Dealers, pushing BS Crack for cash, polluting the minds of normally healthy people. For some religion is more addicting than Cigarettes or heroine. There are a few of these junkies trolling this site daily.


            • WWTI: I can’t stand groups that are tax exempt. The biggest fraud, in my not-so-humble opinion riding the tax-exempt gravy train is the NFL. Don’t beleive me? Use your favorite search engine, mine is Duck Duck Go, and find out for yourself that, indeed, the NFL is a non-profit, tax exempt, organization. What a fricken fraud.

            • “There are a few of these junkies trolling this site daily.”

              Hi guy! 🙂

            • Who
              Many are not normal people, they have done things that are… extreme, shall we say. These churches not only give them absolution, but they get to be holier-than-thou to regular folks. It is a great schtick.

              • Reb,

                Indeed, many are way over the edge of sanity. Religion is fine for those who want to follow on their own accord, but you always get these self appointed preachers who infest the place with their sanctimonious spewing about how everybody had better listen to THEM or else. They never learn, you try and tell them to tone it done somewhat and back down a bit, but it only makes them foam at the mouth more and call those who question them infantile names like spoiled playground 3rd graders. They’re beyond repair, the only thing they can tolerate hearing is how great they are, how lucky we are to have them with us, etc. Yes, if they get praise they love you, regardless of the fact they have NO idea they make be talking to a psycho killer, as long as they’re told what they want to hear they’ll love you just fine.

                • Jimbo,
                  I hear ya.

                  • Birds of a feather!

                    • Passin
                      No way I can be as nasty as a low life Xian. Prep on.

                    • Passin,

                      It’s funny that you are the only one to show up and post a comment. Why is that do you think? For somebody who spent 20 years driving a truck you’ve tried to set yourself up as the great messiah of the shtf board. Any asshole can quote Bible passages and call himself a ” good christian”. In fact, you spend most of your time here doing exactly that. Then you turn around and say really Christian things like ” slavery was not a sin because the Bible didn’t say it was, in fact, slavery gave most blacks a great opportunity to become sharecroppers”. And before you foam at the mouth and tell me that’s a lie, that exact statement was made by yourself, it’s in the archives here. So, knowing your history here, you’ll forgive me { pun certainly intended!} if I dismiss your ravings as the fantasy of someone who requires mental health counseling. And yes, I would certainly join Rebecca over the likes of your kind anytime, she is not the hypocrite you are with your little boy potty mouth when you’re angered.

      5. Revelation 14:11

        And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.…

        The smoke of their torment will rise forever and ever, and they will have no relief day or night, for they have worshiped the beast and his statue and have accepted the mark of his name.”

        No matter what…Don’t take “The Mark” …

        • Maybe i read the bible wrong. Didn’t it say IN the hand and IN the forehead? Somebody check it for me.

          • It probably varies by the translation. However, I believe that it will be a physical mark in addition to any sort of implant since the mark is to seal to person to the Beast as his property. Thus it makes for an easy visual way to divide one from the other. It also states that the believers are sealed to Christ as His property, so I think that the mark is the way for the anti-christ to try and duplicate Christ by marking his property in the same way.

        • My bible does not say ON the hand and On the forehead. It says IN the hand and IN the forehead. King James.

      6. SOMETHING OF INTEREST……………………

        West Virginia just (PASSED) that people who live in West Virginia

        As long as you are (NOT) a CONVICTED FELON………

        This will all take place in (MAY.)

        This is accordance with OUR 2ND AMMENDMENT RIGHTS

        Sounds like a VICTORY HERE for the PEASANTS………….

        West Virginia also has (OPEN CARRY) too, along with the same guidelines.

        What do you think Sgt. Dale ?

        • Yep, they had to override the Governor’s veto, took two tries.

        • A similar law went into effect in Maine in Oct 2015. Citizens can carry concealed; and, surprisingly, the bill also withdrew State restrictions on automatic-open knives, gravity knives, etc.

          The whole thing is pretty amazing, considering that this State has been inundated with swarms of vermin from Massachusetts and New York, who (along with University-educated Maine kids who have been indoctrinated by their professors) who are passionate about liberal politics.

          Naturally, the predominant (and unabashedly left-wing) newspaper here, the Portland (Maine) Press-Herald, printed a number of somber, jowl-wagging predictions of Dire Consequences via articles, letters-to-the-editor, etc.

          Well, five months have gone by and I haven’t heard a peep about the big increase in slaughter that was supposed to be inevitable.

          Of course, I haven’t heard any apologies, retractions, or admissions of error from those who were wringing their hands in anguish at the prospect of allowing people to defend themselves, either.

          I’m sure they are just biding their time until one or two incidents occur that will allow them to pour out of the woodwork and clamor for “this tragically misguided bill” to be repealed.

          In the meantime, it’s nice to be able to carry my Swiss Army pocketknife with peace of mind….

      7. The irony is that a cashless society would require everyone to have an electronic wallet, computer and some other form of electronic medium to use/exchange digital currency. Sure the government could provide this…..but then, we’re told its too cumbersome for the “underprivileged” to even have a photo ID to vote….oh, the dripping irony.

        • No problem,,,
          The government can give them a phone, a pen, and more free shid,,,

          • Kula, the free shit army already gets obamaphones, courtesy of white peoples’ tax money, along with the other freebies.

            • Except that there are more whites (by number) who get these hand outs than minorities. Minorities just have a larger percentage of their population on the dole, which is why it seems that way. It’s not really as much a race thing as it is a economic class thing. At the restaurant I work in, I am probably the only self-sustaining adult outside the general manager who does not get some form of government assistance, and most of my co-workers are white.

              • Um, NO!

                It’s not even true per poulation percentages anymore.

                Whites 74% population 38% welfare

                Blacks 13% population 39% welfare

                Google it!

                • Ok, if you really want to quibble about one percentage point…

          • @ Kula ..Im going to build or buy a tool bar for my tractor (mini wannabe tractor) and put a 2 row hiller on it. What width is most common for making rows 12-16 inches? I have to water most of the area with rainbitches (sprinklers) because I’m in rolling hills and am too lazy to level a area for flood irrigation, plus I would lose the top soil.

        • Technology is very close to discarding the need for any electronic media like cards or wallets or photo ID.

          The future is Biometric ID — systems will simultaneously scan your retina, your fingerprint, and your heartbeat for a positive ID. This will all be linked to your financial accounts, medical history, place of employment, and everything else.

          You won’t have to carry any form of ID at all. Your entire body will provide your ID. All you will have to do is to okay the transaction.

          I’m sure the Russian hackers are already plotting ways to develop duplicated-retina contact lenses, heartbeat-duplicating emitters worn in the shirt pocket, and plastic “thumb sleeves” with fake prints on them…..

      8. Folks to use silver coins to buy anything is way out of reach for the average person just because so few have put back any PM’s. It will be the government to give you want you need, they will control everything. There are a few of us that be able to barter for things but it will have to be very deep underground away from prying eyes if you get my drift. So when they knock on the door you know what to do.

        • Silver is still less than $20 an ounce. Learning to save for a “rainy day” is a habit that responsible adults practice. There is going to be a day when it will take many FRNs to buy one ounce of silver. I think there will be a day when FRNs will be worthless.

          FRN: Federal Reserve Note commonly called money in the USSA.

        • As with money now, if people don’t have silver, they will have to work for it.

      9. Ban cash? The 100 dollar bill does not buy much now, of things you really need. To call that a large bill is ridiculous BS. Isn’t the one dollar bill presently valued at about .04 cents, times 100 is $4 as per the 1913 value before the ripoff started. So what you could buy for $4 then now costs $100. As far as stopping the insanity now, everybody throw away their phones and it will be over. No more surreptitious spying on the American people. It would end their system of control that is building the American Police State steadily towards total domination. Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

        • I have good friends (husband and wife) who are so hooked on their phones/tablets that it’s scary. They cannot go more than 20 minutes without diving back into the digital universe.

          Ten years ago, we would have supper and then watch a movie when I went over to visit them.

          Now, they say “let’s watch a movie” and I sit and watch by myself while they spend the entire time immersed in their smart-phones. I might as well be home alone.

          They see nothing wrong or unusual in their behavior. In fact, I am often chided as ‘backward’ and ‘stodgy’ because I refuse to own a smart-phone.

          They do not perceive that they have suffered any ill effects from all of this, so they are scornful and dismissive when I voice concerns. I’ve given up trying to wake them up. They don’t WANT to wake up; they are very happy to relinquish their privacy, independence, and interaction with the real world so that they can live in cyberspace.

          I expect this is more common than not, and will become the norm as those of us old enough to remember the pre-electronic world get old and die off. All the kids now just love electronic saturation and panic if they are cut off from it. They don’t give a shit what they sacrifice as long as they are connected 24/7.

      10. The Mark of the Beast, Revelation 13:16-17

        And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.

      11. I will also point out this article is spot on for the alternative to cash, which is Gold or silver to purchase goods or services. Silver is grossly undervalued today, and anybody with a peanut for a brain better back up the truck and scoop up some silver rounds. Silver should be trading at about $23 right now, but stuck in manipulation at $15.50. This opportunity will not last very long below $16 per OZ, as it hit $15.90 last Friday..

        Just look at this chart – Gold to Silver Ratio – http://www.macrotrends.net/1441/gold-to-silver-ratio-historical-chart Then Click on the 20 year chart. It is again above its peak of 80 to 1, meaning Silver is undervalued to the price of Gold, and ready to blast to the moon. If it was trading at its average of about 55 to 1 Gold to silver ration Silver would be valued at nearly $23 today. Gold $1260.10 today, divided by 55 = $22.91. The Ratio has only peaked this high at 80 just 3 other times 20 years ago, since Nov 1996, June 2003, Nov 2008, and today March 2016. And we all know what happened back in Nov 2008 don’t we? As the price ratio declines on the chart the Silver price value goes up. Look at the April 2011 when the price ratio was 31.50, Silver was trading at $48 per OZ, so that is your trading range in the last 20 years. Back up the truck and Buy Physical Silver ASAP. This is Huuuuuuggggge!!!


        • WWTI: I am a big fan of silver. I have been buying silver and I am still looking to buy more silver. I am not a trader. I buy physical silver and just put it under the mattress for a rainy day. My next purchase will probably be an Australian monster box of 250 ounces of .9999 Australian silver.

          • Just wondering: why Australian? Is there any particular benefit, rather than just buying rounds, bars, or Eagles? Or Maple Leafs, for that matter.

            It just seems to me that paying to ship something that heavy from halfway around the world would be quite costly, and I can’t quite see the benefit that would justify the expense. What am I missing….?

            • Australian and Canadian are the purest silver coins at .9999

              • I see…. thanks for the explanation.

                I would still rather have .999 bars that I can get for 99c over spot price. Figure out how many extra bars that you could have bought instead of insisting on ultra-pure .9999 bars on a bulk purchase and I think it makes economic sense to go for the .999 bars and wind up with a few extra. Just my own perspective….

        • Yes, pre-1965 silver coins, aka “junk silver.”

          EVERYONE can afford at least a little, a lot of upside, widely recognized. It would be just plain dumb not to get some. This one is VERY simple, folks

        • The natural ratio of in the ground silver/gold is 16 to 1. So silver should be at around 80 dollars an oz. PLUS most of the silver ever mined has been consumed and not recoverable so that ratio is even less in reality. Most of the gold ever mined is still around. I would estimate the fair value of silver compared to the current gold price is about 160.00 an oz.

          • Don’t forget though that the math can easily run the other way and gold could need to drop to the historic ratio against silver.

            • Thanks Winston. I have been watching endless assertions that silver is undervalued, you are the first to mention that gold could be overvalued. My sister got burned on silver many years ago under a similar run-up. Can’t remember exactly, but I think the Hunt brothers out of Texas were involved.

              • If I remember correctly, they were buying it in huge quantities as a hedge against inflation after the Dollar left the gold standard. However, they were buying it in such quantities that they became the whole market. I’ll also admit to having been burned in this most recent bubble market in the white metal. I still own what I bought then, but decided not to listen to all the hype on the way down and didn’t buy more as I felt it had much further to drop. Right now, I hedge in different ways. I have chosen to invest in tools and abilities rather than financial instruments. No matter where the dollar goes, I will still own my tools and the knowledge of how to fix things and make things in my head. Plus, knowledge and tools are the most likely things to be useful throughout my life because even if it never hits the fan, I will still need to have technology of some sort to live. Throughout my entire life I have never had need of a gun, but many times I have had need of a rebuilt transmission. I have nothing against guns. I just find the ability to fix things a more useful skill than combat training and so that is the majority of my focus.

                • Winston,

                  I also believe strongly in skills and am adding new skills regularly. I find that my skills are making a real dent in my need for cash. This week I learned how to burn Juniper for ash to create lime to make hominy and will never again buy commercial pickling lime for that purpose. I keep adding tiny skills that reduce or disappear expenses. I have a sourdough starter to bake bread. I no longer buy baking yeast. My garden saves even more. This year I will try sugar beets, and if successful, I will never buy sugar again. I want French Angora rabbits to spin their fur into knitting yarn. I have laying hens and will switch to a full complement when I am sure I can feed them. I wish I were mechanical, because that saves tons of money. I ought to take a class.

            • Winston
              Looked it up… that was 1979-1980 when the Hunts bought up massive amounts of silver and ran the price to $50… then it dropped back to $11 then $7. When you are being told to invest by tptb it is usually so they can sell out clean. Buy PM when it is right for you, be cautious, because market price is an illusion not an intrinsic value. Same with homes, market value is illusion. Buy a home when.it is right for you.

              • I sold most of my silver the week before the big drop.

                Buyers were traveling around the country setting up cash buys in motels. The one I sold to was buying silver coins at 20 times face value, regardless of collector value or condition. One of the quarters I sold was so worn, you could only tell it was a quarter by its diameter. But I still got $5 for it. I made a good profit, as I had obtained all the silver from pocket change at face value.

                Back then, people were investing in silver and weren’t afraid that the whole system would collapse. They were planning on reselling the silver at a profit later, but panicked when the price started dropping.

                Now, you need to buy silver as long as you can afford to, without worrying about the future dollar value of it, because there is a good chance that the dollar may go to zero. The silver will still be worth about what it always has in relation to other goods after things settle down after a collapse. A silver dime will probably still be worth about one loaf of bread.

                I sold my silver back in the early 1980s at the peak, but I don’t plan on selling my current silver. I plan on buying goods with it if it becomes necessary.

                BTW, I still occasionally find a silver dime in my change.

      12. This is what direct deposit is and why I still get paid a live check and go to my bank. See if your employer has your account number then he has to have a way to see what your spending habits are like how much you save every week. How much disposable income you have and how much debt your in. Account activity is a huge indicator of a lot of things. Basically your employer wants to be between you and your bank. What the hell business is it of theirs what you do with your pay. Your company is owned by a bank and they want to know where the $ is going because they still think it’s theirs. Market research is how they see what your looking at. I get emails fro eBay that says are you still considering blah blah. Then I remember I looked at something once the day before. They probably ran your name because you looked at airline tickets. This is the same as surveillance to me. Oh mr insert name buys 50 rolls of tp 15 cans of beans 5lbs of rice and 100 rnds of 45 acp a month he must be one of those anti gov people hoarding supplies. It’s damn near impossible to buy something without a paper trail. Only way I know is barter trade. The guy you bought that farmall cub from doesn’t give a shit as long as he got his $ it’s not like you need to pay sales tax on it your using it in a field not registering it. That cord of firewood you traded for some chickens or a goat flew under the radar. In my community the police have a place for people to do trades under the watchful eye of police cameras all in the name of safety. You know it’s because they wanna know about all the transactions that go on in the community. People were going to meet people from Craigslist in parking lots because they didn’t want people to know where they live and we’re getting robbed. It’s rediculous the shit that goes on.

        • I take my checks and cash them and only put in the bank what I need for online orders. Like I said, Cash, use it or lose it.

          • Same here. I agree. Although I do keep a couple G’s of cash on hand. Just in case.

          • Well when you only take home twenty dollars a week what you do is easy. For those of us that make real money walking around with two grand is a non starter,

            • JW: it isn’t what you take home it is what you keep that will matter, in the end.

        • Umm… no. Anyone can deposit a check in anyone’s account so long as they have the account number and routing number. That doesn’t give them the right to access that person’s account information though. To get that they either need to know the person’s PIN number or have them give them power of attorney. I read the direct deposit terms from my employer and nowhere in those papers did it say anything about giving them account access. Unless your employer does something different from normal practice, letting them deposit a check in your account does not take away any of your privacy. It just means that you have to make one less trip to the bank every pay period.

      13. While a cashless society could be enacted fairly quickly a PM network would take an extremely long time to fully develop. This is because it would need to be word of mouth advertisement only and very, very low key. And in today’s police state I doubt if it could get enough of a footing. Some dumbass is gonna text it or something and then it’s all over.
        Barter on the other hand would be quicker, but it could take months or weeks to find someone to trade with. Which is the reason cash came to be.
        Eventually you have to use the digital form of payment. They got us by the balls, at least in the first few years of the cashless society.
        There has to be another way but I’ll be damned if I can figure it out right now.

        • You are right ed, we will be totally screwed if the card purchase zombies continue.

          • Seriously I can’t understand why most idiots cannot carry 100 dollars in cash with them but will have 500 in the bank. I guess they love the bank and trust them and will never be sued or have negative interest or irs levy or the govt. spy on them or a divorce or identity stolen and bank account cleaned out or card stolen or lost or any number of sharks clean them out or lock up their funds. God damn man, how much more secure and private can you get? Like money in the bank lol 😛

            • And if you think Banks accounts are getting hacked today which they are, digital currency will be no different. Who’s going to insure you if you are hacked? The FDIC? bwhahahahahaha They only have about $25 Billion in reserve to cover $12 Trillion in depositors bank balances. We are economically hanging by a thread, danging and twisting in the wind, for that any given day poof, Gone!!

              It may be wise to set up a local trading post, for barter post SHTF. People bring in assets on consignment, Bushels of corn, tools, PM’s, until someone else wants them, and the value is determined, with also of what the other person brings in to trade for it. The shop receives say a 15% commission on the transaction. I assure you, creative ambitious people that can set this up ASAP will be the Man in the Hood. You will just need a lot of space to store all the stuff, which you can also charge a storage fee on consigned goods. Also a crew of security to guard the place. We can call it a Local “Knab” which is Bank spelled backwards.


              • WWTI, that would be good but man you better have some good security too.

            • The only problem with your theory is that holding cash isn’t exactly safe either. It’s easier to steal cash than digits and far easier to make it disappear without a trace. No matter what system you use you always can be robbed by a clever or violent enough thief. It’s not that I trust the banks, it’s that I don’t trust anyone.

      14. The push for a cashless society just makes me appreciate the hardcore hackers all the more,they will have a field day!

        • Yup, let it rain

        • I worked at an aerospace company. We ran into potentially deadly situations with airplanes because to save money some subsystems were deemed non-essential. when something happened that went really wrong, we discovered that subsystem was really essential. So we fixed it. Software is the same way. Safety is arrived at with the cost of a lot of blood. It is an engineering thing. I designed what I called “suicide” code in the 90’s for one of my projects. The equipment routinely flew to Russia and we did not want them poking in on mundane airplane non-essential data gathering. If someone tried to penetrate the system too many times it killed itself, but you lost some data and capability
          (like the new Apple Iphones do).
          I don’t think you want that design( you want a better one!) to run on the main computers of a A380 or B777 aircraft do you? Hackers can be thwarted, but it costs money.
          That is what needs to be emphasized. Hackers aren’t supermen.
          They are more like pick-pockets skilled in the weaknesses of the
          victim. We can make software as safe as modern aircraft, but it is not cheap.

          • I would be willing to pay a few grand for software that when my computer is accessed by an unauthorized entity, or hacker or snoop, it infects and fries their system rendering it an irreparable brick. The person who could write that code would be the wealthiest person on the planet.

            • Doing what you ask is probably not possible. I was working with a custom built data recorder using a embedded Real Time Operating System(RTOS). It wasn’t a generic off the shelf system. I had a great deal of control on how the software worked and merely exploited a design “feature” of the tape storage unit that made the data tape unusable. Long story.

            • Kula I hear you. Woke up this am to window 10 having installed itself on my two computers.

      15. A cashless society would be end game for TPTB.

        The banks make too much slush fund cash skim from drug money they launder.

        TPTB do NOT want evidence of their cash dealings any more than you or I.

        TPTB are not going to give up their hookers and dope.

        Neither am I.

        • The problem is, you or i do cash deals, these so called elites are dealing in a whole different arena where they really dont need cash, they can play shell games all day long to hide transactions. The reality is they want more control over the little guy, ie you n me,,

      16. spoken like a true capitalist who wants to relieve you of your hard earned money and buy his coins.

      17. Get a re-loadable prepaid VISA and use it to buy your “questionable” items.

      18. “They Want An Intimate Knowledge Of What You Buy and Sell”
        &…. The money in the bank, belong to the bank !

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