Why The Destruction Of The Durham Confederate Monument Is So Despicable

by | Aug 16, 2017 | Headline News | 197 comments

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    Ever since the Charleston Church shooting, the Left has been obsessed with purging every element of Confederate iconography in this country. No flag, statue, or bumper sticker has been safe. They want it all gone. The fact that most people who sport the Confederate flag aren’t racist at all, and merely view the flag as a totem of southern pride, matters not. The fact that statues of Confederate soldiers and generals are a part of our history, also doesn’t matter. To people who view everything in life through the lens of race and oppression, these symbols are offensive and must be erased.

    This irrational rage culminated this week after the protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, which was a rally to protest the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue, turned violent and led to the murder of a one counter-protester at the hands of James Fields.

    In response to that incident, a seething leftist mob gathered around a Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina on Monday, and tore it down.

    There are of course, several things that are seriously wrong with what they did.

    First, we have to think about what this obsession with destroying Confederate monuments will lead to. If we’re going to erase every monument to people who owned slaves or were just racist, where does the buck stop? How long before these people start to demand that we tear down monuments to every founding father who owned slaves (of which there were many)?

    It seems likely that whoever was leading this event, was probably not actually concerned about the association with this monument to racism. The end goal of these leftists is to tear down our history, and only recognize major American figures for the worst things they did. They want us to hate and demean the people who built this country, and preferably, erase them from the history books. Tearing down Confederate monuments is just the first step.

    But what is perhaps the most despicable thing about this incident, is their choice to tear down this particular monument. In case you don’t know, this wasn’t a monument to a particular individual. It wasn’t a statue of a historical figure who was responsible for specific misdeeds. Though that wouldn’t excuse the rabid destruction of this monument, at least it would have been something to be angry about.

    No, this was a war memorial to every Confederate soldier who died in the Civil War. Look at the video again and read the inscription on the monument. It reads “In Memory Of The Boys Who Wore The Gray,” and nothing more. It was flanked by memorials for soldiers who died in World War One, World War Two, Korea, and Vietnam.

    It’s simply a monument to thousands of young men and boys who fought honorably for what they believed in, as bad as that cause may have been in hindsight, and died under horrific conditions that most of us can’t even begin to imagine. What is wrong with that? What is wrong with simply memorializing the fact that a lot of people were cut down in their prime during America’s most destructive war?

    It wasn’t a monument to racism, or slavery, or oppression. It was just a token of respect to people who fought and died in an awful war, and it was just torn down by a bunch of sniveling self-righteous infants who’ve probably never had the guts to put their lives on the line for anything in their entire lives.


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      1. The civil war was not about slavery. It was about the right of states to leave the union.

        • The America you grew up with is gone. What you are seeing is the result of a century of leftist infestation. They want the U.S. to be the next soviet union, and worse. This will not be stopped with dialog, as the leftists cannot, will not, hear what you say. Refusing to face the truth will not save you from them, as in their view, unless you are one of them, you too must be destroyed…

          • It is a good thing we can defend ourselves.

            • Menzo, I’ve got a shitload of ‘lead poison’ waiting to be used on libturds and still stacking. Defend yourself regardless of what any ‘policy’ says.

              • Most of the leftist trash is unable to compete with Patriots on a true combat level with arms. They can raise hell in a controlled setting such as Charlottesville but will be absolutely unable to cope with incoming rifle-fire from multiple flanks. They will hire traitorous mercenaries or the law will be ordered to protect them by leftist politicians. In any case, whoever chooses to be on the left’s side when this becomes full blown, must die.

                • as soon as the shootin’ starts, these liberal turds will slink back into their homes, and we won’t KNOW who to shoot at….biding their time once again, until the time is right again…..what will be their uniform that we shoot at? they won’t be wearing blue or grey this time. better be takin’ NOTES right NOW.

                  • yep

                    • Also, the traitor to the Constitution governor of NC said that all Confederate monuments should come down so no one would get hurt tearing them down.

                    • They are now calling for George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson statues to be removed.

                      “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” ― George Orwell

                      It has only just begun…

                    • i got Finn m27 of the winter war

                      i think it”s possessing me

                  • and don’t think THEY aint takin’ notes too.

                    • I’m far past any point of caring.

                  • Who is registered as demoncrat gotta be a list some where like local demoncrat headquarters ie courthouse besides that the ones you know for sure will talk when faced with demise and one thing leads to another

                    • Don’t forget to remove the ‘Cemetary Vote’, from the voting rolls. We don’t need to dig up any of the dearly departed demonscrats.

                  • The First War Between the States was fought without the monuments. The Second one will also, apparently, be fought without them. The Confederate Flag will “still wave, over the lands of the free” only if flown by “the brave”. It’s not about racism. The ones who flew it for that the first time lost for that reason. It is about freedom from government slavery (and that of the U.S. Government’s Big Business who’s power their Constitution enshrines)–the kind of slavery that the Union murdered 600,000 to preserve.

                • The left has declared war …the right still keyboard commandos…. I do not agree with the left but they have more courage and fight …right underestimates….

                  War has been declared ….. right submits…look at the false narrative regarding white nationalists and Trump…right has to fight back…maybe not bullets but be smart..change the narrative…stand up!!

                  Keyboard commandos are cowards..the left is winning….and there is violence on the streets…question is will war escalate???

              • You are not going to shoot anybody- you 60 year old, wannabe Rambo, living in a fantasy,
                baby-boomer a-hole.

                • Anonymous, You don’t know wtf you’re talking about so STFU.

                • I’m going to shoot and kill people just like you. FYI 50

                  • Another one watching too many Red Dawn movies. Later, cockroach.

                    • Anonymous, bring it mofo, anytime you want. I’ve got something you don’t want.

                    • No, friendo. We white males have always had too much to lose to physically remove you leftists. Don’t mistake prudence for cowardice. We really do hate you and dream of ending your reign of terror permanently. Keep pushing your white genocide agenda, and you’ll soon see more and more of us start popping off…

                • why are you always showing hate for baby boomers, they are patriots too.

              • They got the media , most government, schools and many of the enlisted on their side .
                Just cause we are seeing more of it now , it has been building far longer . The left has dug in way deeper for way longer ! If there is any entity that needs destroyed it is the heads of the Marxist tv networks ! Thinking we have a constitution to protect us is a joke , when our handlers don’t honor or enforce it !

            • ““The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”
              – George Orwell

              I’m not a southerner, but I fully support people remembering their history. And part of history is that NAZI STANDS FOR NATIONAL ***SOCIALIST** GERMAN WORKERS’ PARTY. Google “Nazi party planks” for your own verification.

              The incredibly stupid left apparently thinks people don’t remember that, nor that George Soros ADMITTED he colluded with the Nazis. Well, I DO remember. And now you do, too.

          • to me the who thing smacks of Taliban mentality:

            what every you disagree with-get rid of.

            funny about that word taliban. The word Taliban is Pashto, طالبان ṭālibān, meaning “students”, the plural of ṭālib.

            students. they have learned well, eh?

            • Grandee, you say ‘whatever you disagree with-get rid of’? The students don’t realize that can be just as easily turned against them.

              • they’re in for a steep learning curve.

                poor thangs

                • Whenever I listen to them I’m reminded of what my dad once told a schoolboard member at a PTA meeting in tha 80’s
                  “Son, your learning curve’s a dent”

          • These sorry leftist scum, most on welfare, street trash who are paid protesters, or students supported by wealthy parents, are jobless losers and will push for president statues and monuments to be taken down later, there is no end to the Soros agenda. Europe is now trashed (Soros agenda) and evolving into a third world hell hole when mass destruction and genocide commence soon, which will not be on mainline news either. Euro males are cowardly sissies in lacy undies. People overseas with relatives in U.S. will leak out info. A major false flag blamed on a rogue nation (Muslim or N. Korea etc) for the take down of the U.S. is planned. Patriots work had been in vain now since the early 50’s when anti- UN protesting and patriot groups formed; more so from the ’60’s on. Not enough patriots now that are able bodied to turn things around since mass Muslim and MS 13 thugs have been moving in the U.S. But we must do what we can when the country falls into complete ruin.

          • You are full of Fascist thought. Republican conservatives care only for themselves. You think the jackass in the White House is a savior when n fact, he’s just another back ward nut who needs to be gathered up in a butterfly net and flown to the North Pole and left there. You are ignorant

          • Globalists destroyed Europe and destabilized the middle east creating ISIS and Al Quaeda and other terrorist org. This country now is over with, down the crapper big time, as more destruction and monument removal is in the works. Patriots have utterly failed over half century, and informing others has been in vain. If I ran a blog site, I would have already shut down, hunkering down with family and prepare best I could. Nothing we do now other than bracing ourselves for civil unrest will be effective in stopping this mayhem to erase history, mainly because few care enough to impact anything. Politicians have been bought off. There are no real leaders now. Voting is a farce since corruption is the rule, Trump has no power either.

        • Try telling that to these ignorant fuckers.

        • You are an idiot. Slavery was the central issue. Why did states want to leave the Union? SLAVERY asshole. If the confederates are to be so honored, why not Benedict Arnold and the loyalist during the revolution? The same logic applies. I do agree the actions of those who the states down was reprehensible, but the arguments to retain those statues is sheer lunacy. I say that as a white man who has lived in the south most of his life.

          • 90% of White southerners didn’t own slaves. But slavery was a big reason for secession. Another big reason was taxation. The much smaller and agricultural south paid 75% of all federal taxes. The larger and industrial north paid 25% of the taxes. Lincoln had pushed for and got the passage of the Merrill Tariff. Another tax on the South. The final straw. It was a good demonstration of democracy in action. The majority voting to take what the minority has. Should never have given up the Free Constitutional Republic, limited franchise.

          • This JERK “Just Me” posts on Prisonplanet.com and Info wars too with many different names and is a LEFT COMMIE TROLL. So STFU you POS troll! Get off this site as we don’t want you on the other ones either. As usual you did not understand the article. The reason to keep history is not lunacy but your rhetoric is!!!!

          • Just me: someone posted here or elsewhere last week, mentioning a book on white slavery, in the 1700’s prisoners on ships from England, etc. who were sentenced to hang or long jail terms for various crimes. They chose to be sent to work “slave labor” in the U.S. and Australia. Child slavery working 14 hrs or longer in sweat shops up N. in lg. cities in 1800’s only because they were orphans. The blacks sold their own people (prisoners) to the wealthy slave traders in the N. who later were sold to plantation workers. States rights was main issue vs federal control of states. Most of history is being erased. Soon other presidents monuments will be trashed because there is no stopping the loser scum.

          • It was about trade, not salvery.

          • “most of his life”. You’re a carpetbagger son. Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms.

        • Here’s the point everyone is missing….

          If they (Soros and his ilk) get their way at attempting to re-write history by removing all these historical artifacts…

          Doesn’t this mean that the things that trigger these people will no longer be present?

          By this logic, it would mean they’ll no longer have anything to complain about if every so called “bad memory” is wiped from historical records?

          So by removing every memory of how America was founded, molded, and framed…. Everything should get better… Right?

          Something tells me… I don’t think so!

          Fuk em and feed em fish heads………..

          • Speaking of George Soros…

            We know that George Soros was one of the MAIN sources that funded the Occupy movement and protests. I think Soros is (secretly) providing funds to BOTH sides? I believe Soros WANTS to see increased tension and to tear this country apart.

            ‘Unite the Right’ organizer Jason Kessler was reportedly an Obama supporter involved in the Occupy movement as recently as November 2016, before establishing his white supremacist group “Unity & Security for America” in January, 2017.

            Police Brace for More White Nationalist Rallies, but Have Few Options
            -NY Times

          • They will never be happy. They will always find something to dislike and want to get rid of.

            • they will never be happy until this country is under communism

          • Fed em some Hirtenberger out of my AR-10!

          • You are so right, Orion. Nothing will ever be OK until the Marxist Nirvana is enforced by force.

            Now… the Fabian socialists *probably* won’t use guns. Rather, they will, as Bernays, the vile, evil, filthy, disgusting Saul Alinksky (whom they forced me to read in grad school, thinking they would make a young radical… well, they DID – just not the kind these fascists wanted!), the Frankfurt School, Antonio Gramsci, etc said, use propaganda (cf. leftist fake news) corrupt your kids in the school system, and that kind of schtict. It will be Pol Pot all over again, only using cultural atrocities (I DEMAND group marriage; I DEMAND to have public funding for a species change into dolphin, etc.) Already, disgustingly Canada has lowered the age of consent a while back. Harvey Milk (over whom the Navy has named a ship, disgustingly) here we come! Bestiality? Say it enough times, and it will seem “normal.”

            One thing the fascist left hasn’t figured out though. There ideas CAN never work. As von Mises has noted, without the existence of true prices, you have no signals to the market. This is why he predicted the Soviet Union would blow up, and why, e.g. Venezuela is blowing up. They are TOO STUPID, or too self-hypnotized to figure this out. Further, man is NOT infinitely malleable. I think if short order we will find out that putting female hormones in a person who ONLY has XY chromosomes will lead to all kinds of biological issues (they have now found over 6,500 things expressed in the genetic differences – see http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4475252/There-6-500-genetic-differences-men-women.html for starters.

            Finally, and most importantly, God **will** end this corruption and perversion. Just like the Amorites, He gave a LONG time for repentance. But if we continue down this path, we WILL be judged. I don’t know how it will come about, but Jefferson himself said “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.”

            And those fomenting this evil? People can and do repent, but barring that, there is a literal Hell that does exist, and people can and do go there. And it won’t be “Hey, I’m with my friends and can party; rather, see CS Lewis’ The Great Divorce (about a bus trip from Hell to Heaven) about what it might be like.

            • Sorry, I type too fast. Errata – “their” ideas. Probably more typos, but all I can do. I just come here on ADHD breaks during the day. My typing and proof reading is about the same level as the intellectual abilities and honesty of the left. Which is to say, approaching nil.

            • the one mistake everybody makes on marxism soviet revolution is they think culturally that you and me everybody else is the same.

              The marxist root goes further back than most realize, also they have lost more battles and wars than they have won. Their main weapon is lying.

              Don”t believe me.

              Example. They believe people are cattle, cut the herd off to smaller more manageable groups.

              Propaganda, .ie. , lying. It is like one kid telling the other kids that the target kid smells like poo,poo and don”t be friends with him.

              The opposition and their loyal controlled opposition, remember the Bible saying Satan will walk the earth hoping to ensnare who he will. Be very careful. You folks can run your mouths all you want, but some have to quiet so they don”t know who they are looking for.

              My bet is when push comes to shove the marxist will hire mercs. the real antifa has not appeared yet, these will be fully armed and trained units.










          SAY IT WITH ME

        • The KKK is almost Non existent! Charlottesville was ALL STAGED and scripted. Paid ACOTRS by Soros and key Left and deep State to subvert US Government and America!

          WAKE UP, people! Alt-Left and Alt-Right are run by the same forces… the goal is “divide and conquer”


          Racism RIGGED by A&E: KKK “documentary” was entirely scripted; A&E provided Nazi flags and wooden crosses to burn; actors paid cash to say “ni@@er” on camera


          March on Google postponed after Antifa left-wing terror group threatens to ram cars into peaceful protesters


          • Are you fucking nuts?

        • The irony will be when they tear down Confederate Maj. Gen. Patrick Cleburne’s statue. He advocated– in front of all the Confederate officers, who, of course, ignored him– the emancipation of the black slaves and arming them (the ones who weren’t already) to help defend the Confederacy from the coming Federalist invasion and enslavement of everyone under Big Business. Gen. Cleburne had lived in the North and knew what an inherent slave system existed there for everyone–except those few major shareholders who really own Big Business, and their stooge crony contractors with their brainwashed, self-deluded, scared, ignorantly dependent hierarchy of wage slave “employees”, of course. Gen. Cleburne predicted that the history of the War Between the States would be (mis)”written by the victors”, to the vilification of the noble true cause of the Confederacy–that of Rights, which must extend to everyone, including the black slaves of that time. This is the real reason the government-supremacist Left wants to destroy all vestige of memory of the Confederate cause. They don’t want that resistance to be remembered.

      2. Did these protesters get charged with property destruction and hate crimes. Blm antifa get away with this but if kkk went and tore a mlk statue down there would be hell to pay. trumps a coward he needs to call out antifa and Blm by name and he won’t. I won’t be voting for him again. He had no problem calling out wn though. Tearing down statues is a sign of civilization collapse.

      3. I remember a conversation I had with my father. We were discussing one of my aunts. She only had a highschool degree. But, she was very well educated. I reminded him of a conversation with my cousin, her son. He was a highschool teacher. My cousin remarked that although his mother never attended college, her highschool degree was equivalent to a college degree at that time. It was perhaps fifty years ago.

        Today a highschool or even a college graduate knows less than a seventh grade student in the 1800’s. Why? Because nobody wants an educated slave. The Communists are wiping out the memories of the past. They have already made the masses as dull as they could. It would not matter whether these symbols of the past were of good men or bad. The globalists don’t really care that these men were for or against slavery or tennis. The only thing that matters is that they erase the past. Then when the masses forget who they are and where they came from, the globalists can create any senario, tell any lie; and who can know that it did not happen that way.

        This is part of white genocide. It is part of a Communist takeover. It is setting the foundation for global slavery. The slaves, black, brown, tan, whatever will have no reference point for a Constitutional Republic. Whatever they are allowed to know will be to secure obedience and cooperation without human rights.

        The globalist, Soros / Rothschild et al, set up the confrontation in Charlottsville. They will keep using these statues as a bullfighter uses a red cape, hoping to plung a sword into the charging bull. The Japs were tricked into attacking the U.S. only to wind up being nuked. Hitler was tricked into invading Poland only to be attacked by the whole world. Antifa and the alt right are being tricked into civil war.

        Can someone step back for a moment. The trees are blinding you all to the forest.


        • Spot on. Diversity is code for white genocide.

        • B from Ca; Well said!! Your post deserves a Pulitzer Prize!!

        • A Prudent man sees danger and takes refuge but the simple keep going and suffer for it Proverbs 22:3

        • These goals include discrediting, degrading and ‘revising’ our Constitution, culture, history, education, the American Founding Fathers and doing away with all loyalty oaths.

          “Communist Plans For America” – 45 Declared Goals, 1963
          The Communists Goals for America as discovered by, and published by the United States Congress.

          Congressional Record, Vol. 109, 88th Congress, 1st Session Appendix Pages A1-A2842 Jan. 9-May 7, 1963 Reel 12

          ht tp://rense.com/general32/americ.htm

          • KY Mom, we are witnessing hard core Communist tactics and objectives. I know who and what we are up against.

        • A group of Sharia Law CAIR Islamic Middle Eastern SOBs with no dog in this fight is asserting their power over Americans by allying with George Soro’s creation “Black Lives Matter” Communist Revolutionary Thugs. The CAIR invaders (who should be deported and never should have been allowed to step onto American soil) are calling for ALL confederate statues to be taken down.

          That’s right. They are already pushing their weight around !!!

          And nobody has shot them down, literally or figuratively, yet !!!


      4. Now they are putting their lives on the line and they act like they are above retribution from the real southerners.

        • here, here.

        • Capt. Jack, anyone who attacks me won’t be above retribution.

          • Sounding a little insecure there. You probably sleep with your AR-15. Big breastfed baby.

            • anonymous, why don’t you just dry up and blow away?

              • You are constantly making asinine comments about shooting people and preparing for your
                make believe civil war. You are a tweaking cyber commando living in a make believe world.
                You say you are 60 years old. Start acting like it, you infantile prick.

            • If you don’t sleep with yours you are not using good judgement. Or to put it how you can better understand it (IF YOU GONNA BE STUPID YOU BETTER BE TOUGH).

          • The whole point of this article was completely missed.

            The local police stood by and watched the distruction of the monument. It was the county sheriff that got a warrant on the black female and had her arrested.

            The local police were letting it happen.

            America is no longer a “nation of laws”

            • I was raised to always respect the police and I have done that my entire life but I tell you, I have little to no faith in them anymore. You seen dozens of them literally stand there itching their dicks while white patriots are attacked and getting their heads busted and the cops do NOTHING!! My fellow White Patriots on the Right, arm yourselves and do it yesterday. Get a very decent amount of ammo and train and train and train some more. When it all pops off, 911 will NOT be there for you. You will have to rely upon yourselves – you can do it.

      5. History is History. Learn from it.

        Taliban swept through Afghanistan, destroying Buddhist Statues they deemed offensive.

        ISIS has destroyed ancient Sumerian and Babylonian statues they deemed offensive.

        Nazis burned books with content they deemed offensive to their cause.

        Do you see a pattern here?

        Now we have a movement in this country to delete history.

        Its all about power and control, its as old as humanity itself.

      6. i dunno i kind of dig the whole southern history thing, i mean you can’t erase it. Otoh these are monuments who to men who fought to enslave people, it doesn’t get more fucked up than that.

        • Let’s just get rid of all statues and let the “left” do our decorating. We will end up with statues of illegals swimming across the Rio, statues with man buns, and marble nudes that have their genitalia mutilated.

        • The War Between the States was about economics, just as all wars are now. Most of the people in the North didn’t give a shit about slavery because they were too concerned about staying alive through the next winter, or where there next meal was coming from. How do I know this? It only was a generation away. Because my Great Grandfather fought in the Mexican American War, which was about 20 years before the Civil war. He was fifteen years old when he joined the army. He homesteaded in a sod house on the plains and had seven daughters. I lost two Great Uncles in the Civil war and my Great Grandfather suffered from spastic colitis for twenty years after the war before he died from it, leaving my Grandfather without a father at one years old. The Children and Grandchildren felt the effects from the war three generations after it was over. One of my Aunts only received an eight grade educations but could still do algebra problems. My wife’s family from the South suffered even more from it then did Northern families. So how do I feel about these ignorant assholes today trying to destroy the lessons of the past. When the curtain comes down on this country I will do every thing I can to exterminate these morons. Maybe they will make a statue of me in a car running over a bunch of these dickheads.

        • I wonder how whites would feel if their people were enslaved long ago and now must live with statues of the oppressors reminding them daily of the evil and injustice they suffered?

          That said, I do believe the white race is being systematically oppressed but this confederate worship is wrong, stop with the multitude of excuses that it was never about slavery. The hell it wasnt.Blacks are still slaves to this system and calling them all sorts of derogative and bigoted names on these forums proves it.

          There is no such thing an honorable bigot.

          Lastly, the Nazis won the ideology war in America, the cops think, dress and use intimidation, agression and violence against us who dont wear the shiny plastic badges and strap on our manhood. Dont believe me, do a search on why cop uniforms are designed and colored they way they are, its all from the Nazi playbook and we’re paying for these badged swine to fufill these sick fantasies. Our extorted taxdollars should not be providing this group of domestic terrorist the means and “authority” to intimidate or influence ANYONE, THAT’S NOT WHAT THEY WERE HIRED TO DO.
          Nazis run FUSA.

          • You may want to read about Irish indentured servants, ie white slaves. They were considered temp help because they could (in theory) buy out their contract. In reality, lots of them were literally worked to death, given virtually no food or decent shelter, and their owners kept moving the finish line for the payoff date. So, yeah, whites were enslaved, and by other whites. Of course, blacks were enslaved by other blacks in Africa, and sold to muzzie traders on the coast. To a stinking muzzie, any infidel can be sold into slavery. It is still going on today in what was left of Libya. And yet, every brain-dead leftist worships and ass-kisses the muzzies as they invade our homeland. This country is so fucked up and needs a thorough cleansing, starting with the asshole of the world, Wash DC…

          • My ancestors were enslaved. My Great, Great, Grandfather was and indentured servant from England. Many people from Europe were escaping slavery to come to America. I still have to live with reminders every day that he had been a slave in England. English language, English common law, and an English measuring system. I had a distant relative that was a knight supposedly was dishonored on the field of battle. I think what really happened was he told the King to go fuck himself. Guess what? I got over it even though my ancestors were considered criminals for killing British soldiers. The Dutch Jews were behind a lot of the slave trade as was England so blame them. Slavery exists right now in America. All of us are slaves to the House of Rothschild. If you remove all the reminders that slavery existed in the past it will be totally in your face slavery in your future.

        • 83% of white southerners did not own slaves.

          177 free black men in north carolina owned slaves themselves.

          That is fucked up.

      7. Many people fail to understand that it wasn’t just “white” people who had slaves. One example is William Ellison. He was a Confederate Black Slave owner. There were a great and many “Confederate Black” slave owners back in the day. On top of this, we don’t see any mention of the Chinese who built the railroad. We also don’t mention anything about the Irish in the coal mines in the 1800’s, or the indentured servants from England that was common back then. If this current societal issue is about slavery, then why no mention of other ethnic groups that were enslaved as well.

        • I failed to mention that these folks complaining about slavery do not have a problem buying consumer goods from other countries that have slaves making their products. Quoting George Carlin: “Not in my backyard!”

      8. Most of those who fought for the south didn’t own slaves and many who fought for the north didn’t give a damn about the slaves. Don’t let the left rewrite history for you.

        • The modern slave owners, the oligarchs of the American iron triangle, direct this slave interaction to hide their culpability and the fact that anyone not in their club is in fact their slave. It doesn’t matter the color of your skin as long as you owe them your green. The purposeful eradication of history clears their path to promulgate their new order. Left, right, is all misdirection for their attack on the middle and the theft of its wealth. They play our emotions like a fiddle, they always have. It is what they do. The present ringing of the iron triangle is not calling you to feast but calls them for dessert. Just take a guess who is on their menu. Look beyond the smoke of their barbecue and go after the butchers. Eat or be eaten, nothing has changed while we fight for their scraps.

      9. If you are going to remove, erase, one thing from history, then you have to take its counterpart. Eventually, you run out of statues and go looking for other symbols of hatred. You have to get it all. You go from just Confederate statues to all statues.

        Triggers of racism must be purged. It all has to go. Erased from existence: Gettysburg, Antietam, the Huntley submarine, even the 1969 Dodge Charger, the “General Lee” from the TV Show “The Dukes of Hazzard” with its Confederate Flag painted on its roof, Zippo Cigarette Lighters. All symbols of “racism” have to be purged. Good Old Boys one and all.

        You watch. Eventually, they will be coming for Abraham Lincoln. After all, why did it take him so long to come out with the Emancipation Proclamation? If “these truths be self-evident” they why did it take 100-years to come out with the 13TH Amendment?

        The Communists did the same thing during the 1917 Russian Revolution. Here in the U.S., Cultural Marxism is the same as Communism. Germany attempted to erase all reminders of Nazi Germany after World War 2. Here in the U.S., Cultural Marxism is the same as Fascism.

        Trouble is that once you start hating you can’t stop.

        Look at what the “Good People” of Newtown did get rid of the evidence of their failure to be responsible neighbors and good citizens. To eradicate all symbols of their failure to come out from behind their big screen televisions and their white picket fences to help a family in crisis. They tore down the Lanza’s home. They tore down the Sandy Hook Elementary School. They went after the rest of the United States of America, the good people of the US of A, that part of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that represented their failure to look after their own.

        Same crap is going on right here in places like Charlottesville and Durham.

        • Sandy Hook???


        • Right, I want the Black Power Fist in Detroit taken down…NOW!!!!

          • To hell with all of those black bastards and their nigger nonsense!!!! Stand strong White folks, before all of your history is destroyed!

        • The night before last the Lincoln memorial in Washington was vandalized. Rev. Sharpton demanded that the Jefferson memorial in DC be torn down. More statues were taken down last night in Baltimore The dominoes are falling and it is speeding up. See a pattern here. The left is going after everything and anything. Mao tactics…..

          • The black pussies do it at night!! These black apes make me sick.

        • So if the left insists on erasing the history of the south, and the whole country for that matter, the alt-right should insist on erasing their history as well. Seriously, how many statues of Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Booker T. Washington and on and on need to be removed? Look ’em up on the web. They’re everywhere and need to be removed. Roll up to the all black colleges, lasso and pull ’em down. So far we have six statues pulled down. Looks like they owe for six. City of Baltimore pulled down four last night. If the antifa and sympathisers insist on pulling their stunts, we need to make ’em pay a price for their behaviors.
          Standard disclaimer…it’s a felony…of course that doesn’t seem to stop the antifa losers.

      10. Destroy the physical evidence and the witnesses, then it is nearly impossible to prove that an event happened.

        Destroy one side of the story of an event, such as the civil war, then you can shape history as you like it.

        Sounds like Pre- World War II in Nazi Germany to me. Prior to the Nazi Death Camps.

        Three sides to a story. Your side, my side and the hard cold truth.

        Regardless of how revolting it may be, going to have to defend some things that aren’t so nice in our history to learn from it.

        So, if the civil war statues and monuments are so revolting to people of color, then how about markers and statues regarding the civil rights movement to white people?

      11. I wonder how many of these protesters were paid to go do what they did ?

      12. A must watch.


      13. Mac, what the hell is wrong with your site?

        THE CONSTANT HUGE ADS ASKING ABOUT voting FOR MOOCHELLE OBAMA..and that traitor POS Baraq Obama. Are you now the single biggest supporter of those scum on the prepper websites? What gives? Do you not see this crap?

        GET A GRIP on your site. I don’t know what ad revenue you are getting from it, but I am leaving if you don’t do something about it. I don’t know if anyone else is heartily sick and tired of them too.

        I don’t need that Marxist tripe in my face on EVERY SINGLE PAGE of your site. Whoreship the dollar, I don’t care, but it is INSULTING to read comments and content with the Marxist scum ads in our faces. I don’t have room of time for people who whoreship the Obamas.

        • We try to weed out any crazy ads, but sometimes they get delivered by third-party ad providers like Google. The ads, unfortunately, are necessary in order to maintain the site.

          There should be no intrusive popup ads or anything like that, so hopefully those who don’t want to see them just continue scrolling. Thank you for the feedback.


          • Fine, Mac. So googleads is obviously fixated on the Obama’s and this is less than obvious programming that we also should be fixated on their overt brainwashing by them constantly running them. You can’t minimize that ad window then or eliminate it altogether? I get it you get paid ad revenue but their brainwashing crap is so obnoxious. Why do insist on helping them push it then? Is the money really that important that you blatantly help them do it. Or maybe it’s a subtle play by googleads to just keep making the awake people highly agitated by shoving it in our faces their desperate desire to reinstall the traitorous Marxist piece of shit and his freak show wife? Even their autocorrect programming in the Android phones Gboard keyboad is none too subtle support of that scumbag by constantly changing my context and words such that I have to reread and edit everything. Google is influencing everything with their embedded programming.

      14. “It’s simply a monument to thousands of young men and boys who fought honorably for what they believed in, as bad as that cause may have been in hindsight” Yeah? That cause was the preservation of the original US Constitution.

        • Classic

          • it is, isn’t it!

      15. B from CA is correct. Don’t forget that the FORMER monkey puppet in chief is conducting “operations ” from his ” bunker” (WTF ???) less than 3 miles from the White House. The community organizer is “organizing ” his 30,000+ army to foment ALL of these events…of course they have Soros money ? to back their play. ALL designed to create the ” situation ” that will cause the desired outcome. Classic Saul Alinsky… Bottom rises up, the middle cries out for ” something ” to be done AND…wait for it…THE TOP COMES DOWN…viola… Martial Law for everyone…Case closed, next, genocide begins.

      16. I think the civil war was about a federal power grab and mostly a central bank controlled by the north. The green back. The south believed that to pay tax to the federals would only allow them to grow in power . The pro, federals blockaded harbors to get their tax money and the con,federals , said no. I read that the average slave cost the equivalent of 10,000 $ . If you paid ten thou. For a plow horse would you abuse it? The refugees from the potatoe famine were willing to fight Americans for a price. Refugees non Americans ready to sign up right now. Millions of them.

      17. I always get a strong suspicion that there are things “The Powers that Shouldn’t be” don’t want us to notice, when they come up with a really important issue like tearing down statues……..

        This is totally taken everyone’s eyes off what the globalists are doing with their other hand.

        • Precisely

      18. I wonder if the civil war , the war against civilians? Will start in our military. Trump should fire everyone obama appointed, and reinstate everyone obama fired. Can’t go wrong there? The Generals and soldiers know what’s going on first hand. And they need to do some extreme house cleaning. Now.

      19. Much of the unrest is just growing up realizing the system is unjust and not seeing a way forward in today’s world. Most youth go through that stage. The stark reality appears impossible to fit into. Obamas change we can believe in became an all out sellout to the banks. His payoff can be clearly seen.

      20. After watching Charlotte March videos. How can there not be a race war coming? And the poor race traitors. What will happen to them? I’m sure the brown people will be very understanding. And the whites too. These people can’t be reasoned with, they can’t be bargained with, they don’t show pity or remorse. And they absolutely will not stop , Untill we are dead?

      21. The communist Left’s hatred of Confederate symbols is simple: They want to remove anything that says it is OK to stand up to the federal government.

      22. I guess Charlotte is what you’ll see after SHTF? But everyone will be armed? Those two groups ,calculating their numbers and probable weapons and supplies. What side will run out first?. After the event , best to sit back for awhile and let them , eat each other ? Then come out for the canibles?

      23. I hope many realize what will happen to others,if after SHTF event . The enemy gets your stash? Better to burn it all?

      24. I am going to be brutally honest here. I may live in Canada for the time being but am still a son of the south. What even gives anyone the right to destroy historical land marks. I look at the video and wonder where are all the folks who take pride in their southern heritage. I am just pissed off about this whole thing. These damn libertards need to be held accountable for their actions. I know the country is damn sure divided and that it is manufactured by Soros among others but I have to admit in all of my 58 years on earth I never thought I would see the day this type of behavior was allowed to happen especially in the south. Sons of the south better rise up and take control of your homeland or all will be lost. I am so pissed I cant even write anything else. God bless to all the patriots out there and keep your head on a swivel. The enemies are many and all different types. Have a great day.

        • They really want everything that is White destroyed. White history, destroy it. White tradition, destroy it and on and on. All they want to do is promote black this and black that and muslims and foreigners and piss on the whites who have been the lifeblood of this damn country.

        • The leftists’ goal is white genocide. First cultural and ultimately physical. The holocaust started with the destruction of Jewish businesses, synogogues, and cemeteries. We know where that eventually ended up. You can’t negotiate with these people. There is no middle ground with scum who wish to kill you and your people.

      25. MUSLIM JIHADIST BUSTED WITH ARSENAL TO USE ON BIKERS AT A UPCOMING RALLY. See link to see what they caught this piece of shit with. Even I was supprised at the arsenal.


        Patriots who show up armed are very smart to do so with good reason. After seeing and reading this, it makes all the sense to stay armed. See link and look at what they found. damn.


      26. These idiots and or liers. Won’t admit that the northerners owned slaves when the civil war started . Lincoln freed the southern slaves first. This was a federal power grab. Central bank grab. Slavery was like the greens movement during the civil war. The north was blockading ports with war ships and Forts. Submit to federal tax and central bank.? Or we block all your importing and exporting? The south had no choice? Maybe they thought the fed bank would back down? Seems like any knowing southerner would realize the northern industry would over take them? If you could find out who bought up most of the land from the starving survivors. They are maybe the ones who started it?

      27. We need to start toppling, in a literary and cultural fashion, all the fascist left icons like Obama, Hilary, and the Hollywierd Learjet leftist icons. Seriously. This means writing in a cogent, winsome manner.

        Just last month, we have a bunch of the fascist left neighbors of mine start putting up a bunch of “Love Trumps hate,” and similar signs (what a joke – the biggest haters on the planet IS the fascist left). I went to our homeowners association, and had them enforce the bylaws about no yard signs on pain of a hefty fine.

        Big deal? Probably not. But multiply that by thousands of us little people doing similar things, and we now have a good slug of activity!

      28. First statues/then book burnings/perhaps purges!Yes,while I agree it does keep folks off of other issues does not mean it is not important.Soon perhaps legal sanctions against folks who disagree with say,immigration,just look at Europe for good examples there.

        The camel needs it’s nose swatted the minute it sticks it’s nose under the tent!

        I will be at Boston this weekend,not a participant but just another pair of eyes/hopefully filming of what goes down/will keep distance and remain more looking into behind the scenes a few blocks away,try and see if they knowingly pull another Charlotte,trying to force crowds into each other for violent results.

        It is important that while we should always watch the bigger/world wide picture to stay on top of things happening locally.

        • sounds like you may need a couple extra batteries for that camera!

          • BC,still working on borrowing a camera,the one was going to cannot be found,trying to get a inexpensive but fair one on CL,just e-mailed a offer on one.

            • Warchild:

              Hope you find a good deal. So, you are an amateur journalist. Why not seek out a James Bond style camera hidden in a tie clip or some such thing. You could have one hand held and one out-of-sight. If you get sucker punched and someone steals the camera, you will have them on your “JB” tie clip.


        • Warchild Dammit!, I wish I were younger because I would go out to help protect our history. I can’t go to trouble, I’ll have to wait for it to find me. Stay safe.

      29. This is the communists out in the open now, ethnically cleansing White historical figures. If you think they’re going to stop with Confederate statues in the South, you would be very wrong. Washington and Jefferson are next. And just a reminder, the Flag of the United States of America flew over all of the slave states for more than 80 years. You don’t really think they’re going to leave that alone, do you? They won’t stop until the communist hammer and sickle or the black nationalist flag flies in victory over you. You already lost. Now hide in your bug out location.

        • They want everything regarding white history and white tradition and christian items gone and destroyed as well and then just promote all of the black bullshit and muslims and foreigners that hate the damn country.

      30. This is all BULL SHIT!!!!!!!!!

        So the way they have it only leftist Commies have rights.

        Rightwing, patriots don’t have rights??????

        The only thing this going to do is start another Civil War. If we don’t already have enough reasons!!!!

        Civil War was about STATES RIGHTS!!!!! Even the Generals of the Union Armies had slaves. If you don’t believe me look it up DUMB ASS!!!!! (who ever you are)

        The Slaves of the 20Th & 21St. century is the Middle class paying all the bills. WHEN DO WE GET OUR FREEDOM????????

        To Hell with all of those who tear down the Confederacy.


        • SNIVEL….it’s SNIVEL war…..and HOPEFULLY the crybullies are about to get left on the side of the road, naked, and bleeding.

        • sarge, it’s coming like it or not. The left is definitely adding reasons for civil war 2. I’m back at the BOL til’ the end of the month.

          • Too bad you can’t get off the computer at the BOL. They must have high speed internet out
            there. I guess you got done shooting at your cans and now you are bored. Your BOL is most
            likely a Super 8 or Econolodge. Civil War? Really? 60 years old with a mentality like that.

            • you always have such intelligent things to add to the conversation, anonymouse….your mommy must be so proud, forming almost legible sentences, after being born with only a brain-stem……and the doctors had said you would never even be able to go to the baffroom by yerself….WAY TO GO!

              • Kulu-crack coming in for the snipe attack. You are basically in the same category as Bravefart. Same mentality. Don’t you have another supply list to make? Are you
                stockpiling single-ply or double-ply? Nevermind. Sick of you as well.

      31. WOW. The usual tough talk here. Where is the ACTION????

        No one is stopping this desecration of history. American Taliban like Jared Huffman in California. He co-authored bill to remove the Confederate battle flag from federal cemeteries. He gets standing room only at his gatherings. People love him in Northern California.

        Where is the action instead of the foaming at the mouth -?

        You are all so manly and have closets full of guns yet all you do is spew racist hate and squawk like parrots repeating what someone else has said.

        Blame the left all you want. Look in the MIRROR, tough guy.

        • Precisely,

          Not a whimper as the statue of R.E. Lee was removed from LEE circle in New Orleans. The White Southerner goes down everywhere without even so much as a protest. Pussies.
          You deserve what you get.

        • They pick their fights carefully and commit fully. It is too late to berate. When you are the hungry one you will witness how tough they really are.

        • Stormy, it pains me to see the Leftists win without a fight. I am located in arguably the heart of the so-called liberty movement. I finally realized that ‘patriots’ are all talk on New Years Eve 2011 when the REPUBLICAN’S NDAA was signed by Obama. What did ‘patriots’ do. Jack squat.

          It seems that anarchy is inevitable. Maybe we will field some offense then. My favorite model is Estonia. All they lack is Christ and enough size for a national defense.

        • Stormy says, spew racist hate? Funny you should use the word racist. It was invented around 1930 by communists. Some say Trotsky, some say Magnus Hershfeld invented it. Regardless, the communists said they invented the word racist to intimidate White people out of the political process, so the communists could change the demographics of the West, thereby making the West non-White. So Stormy is a commie. And anti-White.

        • Stormy, you libturd moron, go f#$% yourself!

        • I don’t care much for lefty’s but you are right. Bravefart is a senior citizen living in some
          kind of Rambo-Chuck Norris fantasy world.

          • Anonymous, you don’t want to tangle with me if you can avoid it.

            • Get off my planet you mental midget.

        • Stormy

          When this boy starts shooting you will know the war is on. I will pick my fights and know my enemy. I learning everyday who they are. I’m I giving you a hint????


        • Stormy, there is a time and place to make a stand. Every person has to decide for themselves where their line is. When they come for our guns, I hope we give them Holy Hell To Pay on that day. Regardless of the cost and consequences.

          • Justice,while not ready for a mobile scooter(Yet) am no spring chicken either,was a infant when JFK assassinated(probably by mic/fed/both).I just feel a need to try and as best as possible be another set of eyes/witness to how this goes down.Boston was my hometown city(lost it’s way after revolution)thus know itwell,know where the rallies ect. are and know places to watch without getting into fights,am merely
            there to witness for now.

            We go deeper down the rabbit hole,well,then no turning back and time to actually engage in violence,but on my field of choosing,and,hope that rabbit hole can be avoided with out giving up the country(not a option for me),sigh……,interesting times.

            • I wonder if we will eventually all come to realize . The Texans didn’t stay on their land and try to defend it from Santa Ana,s army. They all grabbed their preps and headed for the Alamo. Walmart? Hospital? Stadium? Bug out trailer? Hang together ,or, hang alone?

      32. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

        Thomas Jefferson

        A refreshing is now more than 100 years overdue. At this point, it is too late.

        Life Stages of a Republic (dates are my guesses)

        From Bondage to Spiritual Faith: Pre 1776

        From Spiritual Faith to Great Courage: 1776 – Formation of the United States and the War of Independence

        From Courage to Liberty: Defeat of the British Empire (War of Independence and the War of 1812)

        From Liberty to Abundance – 1820s – 1920s

        From Abundance to Complacency – 1930s – 1950s(early 50’s)

        From Complacency to Apathy – 1950s(late 50’s) – 1970s

        From Apathy to Dependence – 1980s – 2017(present day)

        From Dependence to back into Bondage – 2020s – ????

        We are losing the country a piece at a time. We can clearly see this destruction of America is speeding up even under Trump.

        • There is actually a rebound under Trump’s presidency. Don’t think for a minute that conservatives don’t see this little turdknockers uprising as anything more than the commies trying to disrupt the president from doing what he promised. The great thing about what’s going on right now…we get to name our enemies. Did I mention that Sessions got a subpoena for the websites used by the trouble makers so we can “de-mask” them. I would guess that they also had Stingrays in place in Charlottesville to further the ID process. These idiots are coming out in the open to spread their communist snake oil. Fatal error on their behalf.
          Do have to ask the question…why do so many lefties wear masks when their cause is just? Turns out that $25/hr isn’t quite enough for full exposure to authorities. Gotta consider risk management and all…..when you’ve been bought and paid for by enemies of the state.

      33. Stormy,I do believe you will see open/in the street deadly violence,which,of course,is how those powers that want to be want it,then a excuse to declare martial law ect.,which,will lead to a lot more violence,not good.

        Please,show examples of the racist hate that you claim is being spread here.

        This is why I will be in Boston this weekend(my old hometown city).I want all the info. out there as to how it goes down/is played out,suppose in your eyes makes me also a racist,so be it.

      34. taxes payed for hundreds of Martin Luther King blvd ,ave,street signs and statutes all over America every city has one so how about all of them be torn down? He wasnt an elected official and where has calypso looy and alsharpton

        • So is it open season on MLK statues then? Why not? After all we are re writing history while forgetting that history has never been pleasant. Monuments stand to express that we have been there and done that and to not go there again as you live to make history yourself.

          • It offends me that Illinois is giving Obama a day every year and of course all state workers get the day off. Any different than naming a street or building after someone,a statue?

            • Let us hope it will be to not go there again. But much water must pass under the bridge for that realization to come true. Illinois is as Illinois does.

          • I will take a big fat dump and smear it all over that coon apes stuff!

        • Well GS,Martin cheated on his wife,thus a adulterer/misogynist,obviously cannot have statues of folks like that!That seems to be the way of the retarded thinking in the country today.

          We go down the rabbit hole into blown violence do not think we can come back,well,was a good run as a country.

        • Amen! None of that monkey nonsense will be touched, you can bet your life on that!!

      35. Let it begin. Didn’t see this as the way it all fell apart.


      36. When do the book burnings start? “Usefull idiots…”

        • They want to rewrite history and eliminate teachings about civil war so give the school’s 6 months or sooner

      37. I would bet if you went to a mall and wore a confederate flag tee shirt you would hear and catch more shit from people than if you wore one with the ISIS flag on it. Although you would prob be knocked the f#!% out by a current Veteran. Rightfully so

        • Or even the russian flag and confederate people would say more about the confederate shirt. Stupid sheeple

      38. as usual a lot of hot talk and no action
        if a monument is being attacked as in Durham and you going to arm up and go protect it ? or sit at home sucking on your thumb and complain ?

      39. The snowflake leftist blm need to burn all one dollar bills cus guess what George Washington had slaves so did Thomas Jefferson and about everyone did . Burn it burn it all stupid sheeple like to pick and choose. ..

      40. This board is an excellent training site for psychiatry residents.

        Keep up the hatred guys.

        • Proff,you a psychiatrist?I mean MD and all that,not just a doctorate.

        • Snakes in Suits 101. Now that’s a real study in psychopathy.

      41. Have a bad penny with Lincoln on it cus he was one of them evil Republican people just toss it on the ground and stomp on it i will be or one of my fellow Republican by shortly to pick it up. Stupid demoncrats

      42. Orrr go full blown retard eliminate all physical currency cus of offending people with the history presented on them and Chip everyone. Yea thats the solution …

        • They will be replacing Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubbman soon if I’m not mistaken. President Jackson hated the idea of rechartering the second bank of USA (Bank War 1832) and fought the bankers. They still hate him to this day.

          • I am a descendant from Jackson’s adopted son and I approve of this message. The family is still pissed.

          • It is so typical. Tear down everything WHITE and replace with nigg@r garbage.

      43. Screw the statues. All statues are idolatry. But anyone who is anti-white or anti Christian needs to be deported or executed. They are the ones who will genocide hundreds of millions.

      44. The War of Leftist Aggression has begun. . . make sure you have concealed carry because you never know when these “people” will attack. . .shoot them in the groin, they won’t die (maybe) but they won’t be able to reproduce.

        • Confederate,any in fear of their lives needs to shoot to kill,not wound.I will say be sure of your actions,you can’t climb back out once you have crossed that rubicon.

          • Yes most times when you are left with no other choice you should make it deadly. However there are exceptions. For example If there is a big mob coming at you and you only have the six rounds in your wheel gun. I think picking out a couple that seem to be the head of the snake and shooting them in the butt or gut would be prudent. The others seeing the blood and hearing the screaming of the wounded should unnerve the remainder. for every wounded combatant it takes two others to carry them off. If you ever do shoot another person it will be one of those life changing events. You should only shoot as a last choice no other avenue last ditch resort.

      45. If it comes down to shooting. Old guys like me will not be spraying bulletts everyplace from 30 round and larger clips from automatic weapons. nope we will shoot one at a time after deciding range & windage then taking steady aim a deep breath holding that breath while slowly squeezing the trigger. From a WWII bolt action that holds 6 rounds. Just who should be in the sights Is the unknown ?

      46. I mean honestly, can you imagine if I tore down some coon statue of MLK or Betsy Ross or one of them there darkies? Well hell, it would be the end of the world but its fine for them to destroy anything and everything to do with WHITE history, Civil War, etc, etc. It is disgusting. Civil War II is definitely needed to right this ship so to speak.

          • Red,was wondering about that but felt CC was on a roll like Bluto in Animal House,you know,”When the Germans invaded Pearl Harbor”,felt better to let it slide!

        • Fed Up Goy:

          Looks like we have a long way to go and a short time to get there with the petition. A search of the internet will show who these despicable human beings are. Their loyalty is to Israhell….not to the America they clsim to serve.

          I see there are some wide awake patriots here who understand AIPAC and their strangulation of America. However, most have left shtf for lack of the truth to who is behind our demise.

          I check in once in a while and see only a handful of posters…..anyone want to venture a guess as to why. One of these days we will demand the TRUTH from sites like these or we will leave them out of disgust.

          BA of California: Your truthful posts are a breath of fresh air. Thank you for hanging in. The Lord has given you eyes to see and ears to hear. You have been richly blessed.

      47. It wont be a war but more so a purge when it goes it will be all out. House to house block to block and no stopping or controlling it . Night of broken crystal? When that time comes you will be on one side or another no nutrality . When it gets to that it will be all in or loose all.I say put em up against the wall. Not that I Wear a brown shirt but just saying…

        • They wont be satisfied untill us whites are enslaved or they are first class citizens and we are 2nd. And might I add the SS did have damn nice uniforms. .just saying

      48. This saying goes way back – one I used to hear quite often when I was a kid:
        “Save your Confederate money boys, the South will rise again !”

      49. The next Civil War is almost here….

      50. Another thing to remember is many of the combatants didn’t have a choice. They were conscripted. If you think conscientious objectors were scorned in WWII anyone who tried to avoid service during the Civil War era were often soundly beaten or even killed. Particularly in the South.

      51. I don’t know about white genocide, communist conspiracies or globalist conspiracies. I do know that honoring our war dead with monuments and memorials is not wrong. We may be reaching a point where the placement of such monuments and memorials is an issue, but we can’t forget that Confederate soldiers are veterans too.

      52. Why do we keep giving in to the left..hmm? Why damn it, why?

      53. Where can I get some confederate flags? I want to fly them out side my house…oh, and yes I will be sitting on the porch with my shotgun. Do we have an U understanding?


        See the Naturalization Act of 1790


        This article of legislation allowed an individual to apply for citizenship if they were a free white person, being of good character, and living in the United States for two years. Upon receiving the courts approval they took an oath of allegiance which was recorded. The individual’s citizenship was also extended to any children under the age of 21, regardless of their birthplace. If the applicant had never been a U.S. resident the application was disregarded.

        President Trump, in condemning White Nationalism, was condemning the Founding Fathers!

      55. Confederate memorials (and the Confederate Flag) stand for resistance to Federal invasion. That’s why the Federal supremacists want those symbols gone. The travesty of States’ Rights being touted only by those whites who wanted to use those “rights” to maintain private slavery of blacks is so easily used as THE whole reason for the “Civil” (as if within ONE state–nation) War (Between the States–Nations). That way, the Leftist government supremacists can destroy all potential memory of resistance to the same kind of slavery they advocate by their “Federal” (imperial) government supremacy over everyone else–a trend that will extend to world “federalism” (imperialism).

      56. Is there any multicultural or multi ethnic of equal numbers country who isn’t having racial and cultural riots? Do you really think things will get better as their numbers grow? 13% black and see what’s happening. 50% 75% ? And don’t forget Browns and Muslems. Seems any rational person can see the outcome. Whites are 8% world population . We are outnumbered. We have 8 guys they have 92? If your family of 8 is surrounded by 92 antagonists ? You better have some extreme firepower, and a trick or two ,up your sleeve?

      57. Stop white genocide.

      58. There is already talk that the Washington Monument should no longer be allowed in DC.

      59. A lot of Southerners find the Lincoln Monument to be offensive too.

      60. Ive given it some thought. And I really believe that if all the races where homogenized and we where all the exact same genetecially. If racisim and hate didn’t exist. We would still have the same problems. What has occurred is the lazy and dependent folks Who I prefer to call losers. Have learned to vote themselves so called free money ,goods & services from the public coffers. That makes it necessary for the politician to get elected and stay in office they have to become fiscally irresponsible. So to appease those who voted for them they tax the producers we for arguments sake we will term Winners. So the winners are taxed and punished to enable the losers. Our Republic for all intents and purposes has become a mob rule Democracy. Because the judicial system for the most part has yielded to the wants &wishes of the many instead of the God given rights that the framers outlined. The proof of this was when the Supreme Court upheld Obummmer care. Now this is the uncomfortable fact. Who your ancestors where don’t matter. What your ancestors did don’t matter. Those statues of those( heros) don’t matter. That is all in the past. What all of us here and now did in the past don’t matter one bit. What matters is what we do at present. What we need to attempt is to become such a winner that we don’t need anything from the government coffers. Be such a winner that we don’t have to sell any part of our lives being in the employ of or beholden to another person. We need to shun the losers and produce only for ourselves and other winners. It cant be done over nite. Its a attainable goal. Avoid taxes. Today I will eat fried squash, eggs and rabbit. And I never paid a cent in taxes to any loser who had ought naught to do with me having my food. Get healthy quit eating anything you don’t cook yourself. The losers cannot tax the labor of you cooking you own food. Make the effort to buy with cash or barter directly from some other winner where nothing can be taxed. Eventually this economy and petro dollar will be gone. I am certain of this fact because this current lopsided ratio of too many parasite takers (losers) and to few producing makers(winners) is not long term sustainable. It cant continue forever. Now simply do this just buy all your produce , eggs dairy ect that you can locally where no taxes are extracted. If a large enough percentage will do so. The grocer and Wal Mart will suffer big losses on those perishable items. In a short time they will discontinue that department. That will open a door to allow even more local production. Certianly the politicians will attempt to fill their coffers by passing laws and regulating the local production. That’s where the act,s the framers resorted to must be brought into play. Any politician who proposes such infringement must pay for their treason. Slashed tires acts of vandalism and of whatever it takes to water Jeffersons tree. That’s where we go for broke the here and now what we actually do at this time is what counts. Not something some historical figure in the past accomplished of fought for. Giving the destruction of some statue free rent in your head doesn’t do anything. Why hasn’t the mayor and vice mayor been held accountable? If those elected traitors are allowed to go unpunished their agenda marches foreward. Why do they still have a bed to sleep in? They should be living in fear at this very moment. Protesting will not solve anything. Voting will not fix anything. As Woodrow Call stated in the movie lonesome Dove. Cut the head off of a snake the rest of it don’t rattle very long. The dodge driver did accomplish one thing. He put the little nagging doubt into the losers blocking the street. Now they know such action,s just might end up with them taking the dirt nap. Betcha those who where injured wish they wouldn’t have been there. Quite possibly they will decide I will not do that no more times. Good Luck everyone. We are a gonna need it!

      61. We must DEMAND the immediate removal of The memorial sited near the corner of 3rd and D Streets NW in the Judiciary Square, OF BRIGADIER GENERAL ALBERT PIKE.
        GET RID OF THE DESPICABLE BUM that everyone on the HILL worships.
        Pike must GO!
        Pike must GO!
        Pike must GO!
        Pike must GO!
        Pike must GO!
        Spread the word and all other negative statue activity will end…

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