Why Sleep Is VITAL During A Pandemic

by | Mar 31, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 35 comments

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    With the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, there have been many who have suggested a good night’s sleep as a way to boost your immune system to protect you from the infection.  Sleep is vital, and there are several reasons why.

    Your body needs an adequate amount of sleep to fight of infections. That included the coronavirus. If you are losing sleep because of fear (and it’s hard not to when the mainstream media is pumping it out right now 24/7) you aren’t doing your body any favors. Studies show that people who don’t get quality sleep or enough sleep are more likely to get sick after being exposed to a virus, such as the common cold (rhinovirus). Lack of sleep can also affect how fast you recover if you do get sick.

    Six (More) Reasons to Get Better Quality Sleep

    We are still going to get sick once this pandemic is in our past. We cannot live out lives apart and inside our homes for the remainder of humanity’s existence, so at some point, we all need to do our best to keep ourselves healthy.

    During sleep, your immune system releases proteins called cytokines, some of which help promote sleep. Certain cytokines need to increase when you have an infection or inflammation, or when you’re under stress. Sleep deprivation may decrease the production of these protective cytokines. In addition, infection-fighting antibodies and cells are reduced during periods when you don’t get enough sleep.

    So, your body needs sleep to fight infectious diseases. Long-term lack of sleep also increases your risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart and blood vessel (cardiovascular) disease. –Mayo Clinic

    Aim to get 7-8 hours of good quality sleep at night.  More isn’t necessarily better either.  Poor sleep for 10 hours is still not as effective at boosting the immune system as 7 hours of good quality sleep (meaning you stay asleep and don’t toss and turn or wake up frequently at night).

    There are some natural solutions to help with your sleep. According to the Mayo Clinic, you can do the following:

    1. Minimize Light and Sound.  By using curtains to eliminate light and shutting down anything that makes noise, you’ll be able to sleep better.  Darkness causes your brain to release melatonin for a calming, sleepy effect. That means, don’t expose your eyes to too much light such as that of a smartphone or the TV right before you go to bed.
    2. Stick To A Routine.  Make a schedule and stick to it, even on the weekends. Get up and go to bed at the same time every day to make sure your body gets into a routine that works for you.
    3. Keep Your Stress Levels Low.  Try to not stress out as much during the day.  Use meditation or prayer if it helps you create a sense of calm.  You can also simply turn off the news.  The mainstream media is in a state of panic and fear right now and that’s creating a public that’s emulating those same emotions. Don’t let others dictate how much stress you have. Anxiety and worry are sleep disrupters. 

    All of this is easier said than done right now while the globe is battling a pandemic. But it’s important to understand just how vital it is to decrease your fears and worry.  Panicking and consuming fear-mongering media all day can be catastrophic for your immune system, and as preppers, we need to understand how best to protect ourselves, and not just fall victim to our fears.

    Simple Prepper Hacks To AVOID Getting The Flu

    Hopefully, this will help all of us to get a better night’s sleep and have a better chance when it comes to fighting off all infections.  For more information, visit the Mayo Clinic’s website or talk to your healthcare provider.


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      1. Bill DeBlasio is claiming that the coronavirus hoax is the biggest national health crisis that we have faced in this century! No! not even close! Try the opioid epidemic, created by the Medical Mafia, the FDA, congress, and the military, other drug addiction, alcoholism, medical mal-practice, national poverty, homelessness, unemployement which creates most of those things also, and you are now causing, as well as fraudulent drugs proven not to work, but covered up by the Medical Mafia!

        Rykers prisoners are digging mass graves, which was planned in 2008 for the Pandemic that they were certain would happen, but didn’t bother purchasing any of the things that they claim to have shortages of! Hopefully the graves are for the psychopaths that are in the government and financial fraud sector, medical mafia, and tech sector, who are obviously trying to kill us!

        • Species thank the virus as we need a mass die off like 2 billion to stop climate change

          • Lucy, you can be the first of the billion to go. What a wacky statement.

          • April Fools!!! Hahaha!!! ???

          • April Fools!!! Hahaha!!! ???

          • If you truly believed that, Lucy, you would start with yourself.

            • The most vital part of this outbreak is stopping the virus, since doctors have nothing for it but a ventilator.
              I’ve had coronavirus 3 times since January and its easy to stop using nebulizer and colloidal silver. I like Advanced Silver Company best, but any 10ppm solution will work.
              The real problem is government won’t test everyone to stop all the Typhoid Marys running around who keep spreading it.

          • Bill Gates, is that you?

      2. On the bright side, only 1 in 13.3 people who tested to see if they had the coronavirus had it in Milwaukee as of today. 

        This is proof that this is hysteria, or a combination of hysteria and a rush to create a crisis. Obviously, with the situation, many are frightenned, but symptoms can mimmic the flu, a cold, allergies, asthma, and stress, as well as wi-fi exposure.

        Confirmed cases: 1,412 (as of Tuesday afternoon)

        Deaths: 28

        Negative tests: 17,375

      3. On the bright side, only 1 in 13.3 people who tested to see if they had the coronavirus had it in Wisconsin as of today. 

        This is proof that this is hysteria, or a combination of hysteria and a rush to create a crisis. Obviously, with the situation, many are frightenned, but symptoms can mimmic the flu, a cold, allergies, asthma, and stress, as well as wi-fi exposure.

        Confirmed cases: 1,412 (as of Tuesday afternoon)

        Deaths: 28

        Negative tests: 17,375

        They have also cancelled all ethnic festivals in Wisconsin, which go on for the entire summer, and Summer-Fest has been postponed until the summer, this year being the only exception.

        But, the DNC primary has not been cancelled, since Republicans can vote for Biden, and the DNC has a proven affinity for dirty old white guys. ( Apparently, very easy to manipulate! Especially when they are senile! )

      4. War mongers’ and Wall Street’s submissive multi-billionaire Bill Gates says that all state lines must be closed. “Shut down anywhere means shut down everywhere.”

        Or, shut down Microsoft means shut down everywhere?!

        Of course that would end all supply lines, but it is more important to kill every American so that the virus cannot survive, according to Gate’s rationale.

        Imagine if Silicon Valley had the same protective measures for computer viruses? Oh, they make those too! There’s an App for that!

      5. Bill Gates has now met the criteria on more than one occasion to qualify as a terrorist, perfectly content to ban the import of products across state lines, which would end up killing miliions!

        Someone better sue the living daylights out of that fucking psychopath now!

      6. Wow. I found the last known holdout for coronavirus deniers. Even your president has backtracked on downplaying the seriousness of the situation. But keep thinking its a conspiracy. Keep thinking your small world in Wiscousin is safe.

        • It would have been caused by Malthusian social conditions, on accident, if not by Bill Gates, on purpose.

        • You mean OUR president!

          • I keep my stuff here. I have no death wish. God is not a respecter of persons, though.

            Over which country did the historical Cyrus reign?

      7. Coronavirus is a hoax. Dont believe the hype people. nothing but a cold

        • Take a trip to NYC. We won’t have to decide if you get a ventilator or not, because it’s a hoax.

      8. You people are fucking nuts. This IS a pandemic, people ARE dying from it, and the federal government has failed you due to incompetence and not some conspiracy plan. You really need to get outside more. The rifle oil fumes in your bunker are making you insane.

        • you’re a moron. state and local governments have failed bigger in every respect than the federal government (reference the constitution)

        • You do realize that even if 200,000 US citizens die, that’s only about 0.58% of the population. Meanwhile, we willingly murder 750,000+ babies a year, and no one blinks an eye. Nothing to see here folks. Just an entire society looking the other way while we barbarically commit mass infanticide. But let’s bring the world economy to a screeching halt over a respiratory virus that 99% of people recover from after a few days of symptoms. Seems reasonable.

      9. Four points –

        1. It would be very helpful to compare the spread and infection rates of the China Virus with the spread of the seasonal flu. We claim to have reasonable estimates of the numbers re a bad flu season, ie. 40,000 deaths, 40,000,000 infected. How
        2. Infections and deaths from the seasonal flu are really only mitigated by people getting the flu shot. However, this number is quite large (30-40% or greater of adults I’ve heard). Without the flu shot every season could a bad flu year approach 100,000 deaths? Given we’ve never really ‘social distanced’ during flu season it’s hard to do an apples to apples comparison against the China Virus.
        3. We really have no idea how many have been infected by the China Virus since testing has been so limited. This greatly affects the death rate. Currently US deaths are running at about 1.5% of confirmed cases. If there are 10 people who have had it for each confirmed case then the death rate plummets to 0.15% or slightly higher than the seasonal flu.
        4. On the bright side, all the steps we are taking to mitigate the spread of the China Virus will likely reduce the number of seasonal flu cases and deaths. It also will reduce traffic deaths and even some workplace accidents. There may also be a small baby boom in 9 months. Within a year we may actually end up with more people in the country, than if the China Virus had never happened.

      10. test

      11. “If you are losing sleep because of fear (and it’s hard not to when the mainstream media is pumping it out right now 24/7)”

        …says the site billing itself as SHTFplan.com? Hillbillies.

        • Butch and others here,
          your TelLieVision has a magic button that turns the “programming” device off. Push that button and turn OFF the funnel of lies going into your brain. Avoid mass media.
          Don’t be fearmongered or distracted by politics.

          Gain a Proper Perspective:
          Your garden matters. Spare seed?
          Small livestock matters.
          Water supply/storage matters.
          Food storage matters.
          You exercising everyday matters. (We ruck 30 miles several times a year. Kids love the challenge. Wife hates it.)
          Cleaning, oiling, preparing all your tools matter.
          Gaining new skills matters.
          Go to the StopTheBleed website. 30 minutes of your time to save a life. Maybe your own.

          – – – – – – – – Best of luck to you.

      12. Now it is being revealed that the military warned Trump about the possibility of a corona virus epidemic three years ago and said we should be prepared. He ignored it. I guess he was too busy NOT BUILDING our wall.

      13. “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” – Socrates Apparently, shtfplan.com readers aren’t all that bright.

      14. “Try to not stress out as much during the day”

        Are ya serious? I’m being hunted by a killer virus from outer space…but I’ll try not to stress out too much.

        Thanks fer nuthin

        • Joe and folks here
          the situation is “Not that bad. No worries.”
          No need to be stressed out. Just politician and media Hype.

          (Warning: Longer and more Repeats than intended. But might help you?)

          Recipe Ideas For good Sleep:
          1. No TV/Computer/Phone: 1.5 hour before retiring for evening. Leave the screens OFF. No cell phone next to you.
          2. DARK: Make your room Black Dark, NO light. Very Important.
          3. Music: Calm music on shut off timer helps
          4. Journal: Write your concerns/tasks/activities down half hour before rest. Clear your mind. Tomorrows chores written down.
          5. Set trip wires. Set Alarms. Check that dogs are in place for guard duty. Check on children. Check all livestock on property, water-warm/cool-secure. Outdoor illumination working properly. Gates locked. Doors locked.
          6. Watch: Always have someone in household on different sleep schedule. Someone ALWAYS stays awake on on your property. Never leave property unattended if possible. Advantage of having many children and Parents/Relatives living on same property.
          7. Check that your multiple weapons of choice are plentiful. Backups are plentiful. Fall back positions with weapons ready.
          8. Have illumination close at hand. Flashlights working and backups near.
          9. Do a Final security sweep of your perimiter, locks-alarms-tripwires-vehicles secure. Fire check, stove ok. Gas off.
          10. Set your alarm clock. Set backup alarm clock. Backup battery in case power goes out in night.
          11. Have clothes, boots, coat, weapons, near and ready for quick donning. Vehicle keys in pocket. Be ready to go. ALWAYS put these in same location Near.
          12. Now say your prayers to God above. Read some scripture. Have a clear conscience free from worry.

          You might consider:
          * Have canaries as pets. (Air quality check)
          * Have dogs or and peacocks. (guard duty)
          (My animals Always warn me of storms, fires, intruders four legged or two.)
          * Have working Fire alarms. *** (Fire is your BIGGEST sleep Threat danger)
          * Have working carbon monoxide alarms. (carbon monoxide is deadly)

          Now You will sleep like a well fed, well cared for, fat, happy, baby. I nearly always sleep well in any/all environments. As long as I trust the person on watch and have said my prayers. Wet, cold, hungry, injured, I still sleep well. Those that Trust in the Lord God are cared for while asleep.

          Technology will fail you. (Tech is for those above you to control you.)
          Trump will fail you. (Politics are distraction/deception.)
          Preps can fail you. (Lost all of ours several times)
          Friends can fail you.
          Trust in God of Jesus Christ.

      15. Might be a pandemic but how to trust medical professionals when all these years weakening us with too many vax. Yeah trust em they had change of heart?

      16. What if it’s a hoax? Can you begin to imagine the implications? We should be comparing COVID-19 to all other viruses to keep it in perspective. People die of influenza all the time. We don’t (over)react to that. Call me a denier or a skeptic. It just seems like we lost all common sense as a people. If this is viewed as the opportunity to bring Trump down by the left, know that the man you’re gunning for is in complete control. He’s always one step ahead; we’re watching a complete master at the game. Pelosi and Schumer, even McConnell, they’re novices. Trump is turning the crisis to his favor. He started it in January when the left was calling him xenophobic. He already has his next three moves planned. Wait and see.

        • Trump is a class 1 moron. All he does on teevee is stroke his huge ego.

          And since Melania is not staying in the White House he strokes his tiny mushroom dick at night.

      17. PS- Don’t drink sodas. Don’t eat too much before sleep. Eating at night can interfere with restful sleep. Some people skip dinner because of this. Others like a very light dinner. In field conditions, I sleep best, seem warmer, with a light snack and light warm drink when possible before sleep.

        You can have great sleep and wake up ready to attack your tasks. Hope at least one idea helps someone. My Father came up with most of this. His Dad also practiced most above measures. Both are old men and warriors. So I would say their methods are more than proven.

        I believe that poor sleepers have NOT done most of the above that I listed.

        Friend was pescribed sleep meds at VA. They resulted in him crashing truck several blocks from home. Waking up in his own bed. Mud on feet. And zero memory of how truck crashed. So you might want to avoid the expert doctors sleep methods with their meds. Other people have become addicted or died because of the meds.

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