Why EVERYONE Should Be Outraged At Assange’s Arrest

by | Apr 23, 2019 | Headline News | 39 comments

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    By now, most have heard that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested. The journalist was forcibly taken from the Ecuadorian embassy. Assange is perhaps most known for leaking Hillary Clinton’s campaign advisor’s emails during the 2016 election.

    Much of the discussion over the recent arrest and indictment of Assange has revolved around whether or not his activities qualified as journalism or hacking. This is a key element in the government’s vendetta against the transparency activist.

    The government doesn’t like it when the truth about their actions is revealed and we should all be appalled at how Assange is being treated for telling the truth.

    The government is trying to make an example out of Assange right now, for he dared to publish the truth.

    The indictment justifying Assange’s extradition to the United States is based on alleged hacking. But Assange didn’t do much in the way of “hacking” at all. In truth, much of the government’s affidavit against Assange describes perfectly legal and legitimate technology-assisted journalism.

    By conflating hacking and journalism, prosecutors kill two birds with one stone. They can take down their public enemy number one while setting a precedent that could harm future would-be muckrakers.

    In December of 2017, the FBI filed an affidavit to support a criminal complaint against Assange based on an alleged conspiracy to violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act(CFAA). This law, which got kicked into gear after President Reagan was spooked by the hacking movie WarGames, makes it a crime to “knowingly access a computer without authorization or exceeding authorized access” to obtain information.-Reason

    Using the vague language of the archaic law, the government will attempt to take down Assange. The bottom line is that we all know Assange had to be taken down because Wikileaks exposed many government operatives as they truly are. Maybe he’s a hero. Maybe you think he’s that jerk that caused Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016 to Donald Trump. Either way, we should all be worried about such government abuses of “hacking” laws in order to crush ideological enemies.

    Assange’s arrest should outrage everyone across party lines and awaken the masses to what the government really is, and it’s anything but transparent and benevolent. The government wants only to maintain its grip around the necks of the public to remain in control of everyone they have claimed ownership of. Sharing the truth about what the government does is a danger to the power-hungry elitists and they will make sure we all know it is not to be tolerated.


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      1. The best President the US has had in my life time. Gets things done and follow Christ!

      2. I know damn well Hillary was behind Assange’s arrest. I think the Brits still have him. Don’t think he’s been extradited yet. Assange helped Trump to get elected and now Trump should do the right thing and help Assange by pardoning him. Trump needs to go nuclear on the deep state. Otherwise it’s civil war 2. I really feel for Assange. If this can happen to him it can happen to anyone else in the independent media.

        • Trumps hands are tied on pardons until after the 2020 election. After that we will see what he is made of. There are a lot of people that have been imprisoned by the deep state over the 2016 election that need a pardon in addition to Assange.

        • The Deplorable Renegade

          I suspect that Assange will be extradited to the US and get convicted. Trump will then pardon him (he can’t pardon him unless he is convicted) to stop this case from going before the US Supreme Court. The fear of The Establishment is the use of the Pentagon Papers (NY times, Washington Post v US Government 1971) common law to overturn the conviction thus adding protection for whistle blowers. A Presidential Pardon in effect says, “Your guilty but I pardon you”. It’s possible, however unlikely that Assange will die in custody. This is crude thuggish and I believe unlikely certainly being the alternative available. Trump appeals to his base, the Establishment is spared a (in their eyes) dangerous US Supreme Court ruling.

          The First Amendment is the most Holy Of Holy in the Bill Of Rights. It wasn’t First by happenstance.

          • I think he will be “arkancided”. It’s been the MO forever. I’ll bet ya 10 bux?

          • “he can’t pardon him unless he is convicted”.
            I think Ford pardoned all draft dodgers, even the un-convicted ones.
            I believe Vietnam was an illegal war under American constitution
            rules. I despise draft dodgers and anti war protesters. I’m a Vietnam era Vet. I was not drafted, I volunteered. I served over 5 years, in SAC and MAC. That’s Nukes and airlift for you non air force types.
            We should have prosecuted the Democrats that started and continued to push an illegal war. Our last legal war was WWII.
            everyone one since then is an abomination brought to us by Democrats.

            • May I ask why you volunteered for an illegal war?

              • Gen,
                I was a Minor, charged with felony assault of a California Highway patrolman. I cold cocked him. He was hospitalized.
                Were it not for the fact I was a minor I’d probably be dead .
                This was early 70’s, they were not shooting kids then.
                State attorney general( a general in the USAF reserve) was a friend of my very expensive lawyer.
                6 years enlistment and a generals endorsement got me in.
                Better than 5 years in a prison.
                I still don’t like cops.

                • relik, I can totally understand that! Do you want to publish my book when I’m done? Lol

                  • Gen,
                    I’m an engineer, a scientist, a shipwright, I curse like a drunk sailor, and English Grammar is not my area of expertise. Try Amazon. Good luck and

                    • I knew there was a reason I like you! 😀

            • Rellik, you made some good points but it was Carter who granted AMNESTY to the draft dodgers.

              • DR,
                Thanks for the correction!

                • Hmmm, I thought it was Klinton.

          • Kevin2, what if Trump were able to get Assange out of the deep state’s hands and under his own control? I’m thinking he could be offered a deal to tell all he knows about Hillary’s emails and other items of interest in exchange for the dismissal of all charges. Assange is supposedly a gold mine of information on the deep state.

            • The Establishment or Deep State is so entrained as they have become the government, not just ours but worldwide. They’re frightened to death of transparency. They’ll kill, start WWIII and like a spoiled kid break their own toys if they have to share them. I have no optimism that somehow a system likely emanating as far back as the vaulted illuminati are when so close to grabbing the brass ring roll over.

          • A Presidential Pardon for any and all Federal Crimes you MAY have committed is available to anyone who will accept it, if offered.

            See President Richard M. Nixon in 1974 neither indicted nor convicted of anything, was pardoned by President Ford.

            You don’t have to be convicted of anything, but the Power of the Presidential Pardon only extends to the Federal Code.

            That’s where Mr Trump will sink probably when the State of NY gets done with him.

            At the very least, they will torment him and his Family for the rest of his days.


            • bb

              Thanks for pointing that out. I should have remembered Nixon. Regardless TPTB do not want Assange before the US Supreme Court fearing the ruling reinforcing the New York Times Co. v. United States, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that the government had failed to prove harm to national security, and that publication of the papers was justified under the First Amendment’s protection of freedom of the press.

              “The press was to serve the governed, not the governors”
              US Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black (writing the opinion for the court)

            • BB, the State of NY will be grabbing a tiger by its tail if they tangle with the Trump family. Not a smart thing for anyone to do.

      3. I’m not “outraged” (even though we seem to live in the age of outrage) I’m happy.
        Instead of wasting your time with Mac’s ignorant

        • Stuart, uh, I think part of your post was cut off. Not sure what you’re trying to say.

          • “And so it was, the exposers of truth were persecuted”. Made punished for crimes against the rulers of great armies. The truth haters cheered in their ignorance. For they believed all should be as the evil ones commandeth. To die for the defendence of thy lies.

            Book of Genius 1:2

            • Damn that aint half bad! Maybe I will make a truth quote bible! History shall remember thee 🙂

      4. … damn. There should be a safety on the keyboard.
        A dead man switch or something.
        Anyway, read this and be enlightened.

        ht tps://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1117004313207951360.html

      5. Poor Pam Anderson. Who gets the kitty now?

      6. Larken Rose is describing hacking, from an anarchist perspective, but not from a Machiavellian one. For instance, is Assange literally leaking high-value information.

      7. Stuart

        Please post link again as it likely did not go to where you intended

        • The link works. You have to take out the space in https

      8. I have zero sympathy for Assange. He was a co-conspirator to the theft of stolen documents. He is not charged with publishing the documents, but hacking the password to access the documents.

        Fuck him. He put American troops at risk.

        • American troops fighting phony, Deep State petrodollar wars.
          You’re right. He can still be used to help take down Killery.

        • john stiner oh please, American troops volunteered to put themselves in danger by waging unjust and unconstitutional wars on foreign soil. They could have heeded the advice of Major General Smedley Butler. Who do you think is a greater risk to Americans on US soil, the US military waging these foreign wars or Julian Assanges?

          • Montana Guy, agreed about Assange. In my book he and Edward Snowden are heros. JS has been drinking too much MSM and neocon koolaid.

        • “Stolen Documents”? Sometimes things need to be done in the best interest of everyone. TPTB are only interested in punishing Assange for telling the black evil truth. In the words of Bill Binney former NSA technical director, expert on matters of intelligence and matters of “Russia-Gate”: The Shadow Government did this as part of the take over of the world, and to keep information from the President. They already control MSM, and this will put the final nail in the coffin for whistleblowers. There will be some made up charge, and everything will be done behind closed doors…….meaning the trial and the public will not know what actually went on. They will release only the information they want the President to have…..not necessarily the truth. Their way of saying, conform to what we tell you to do, or else! Ray McGovern, former CIA officer and whistleblower, said “Assange is a hero, and more people should be like Assange”.

      9. Perhaps JS, but there are a lot of very evil deeds done by very evil people that would never have seen the light of day if it weren’t for Mr. Assange.

      10. It is 10:33 now in Arizona. In Northern California a guy was arrested for plowing his car into pedestrians. Cops HAVE NOT released his name. Any guesses?

      11. That’s it.

      12. Still you all think Trump is the greatest thing since sliced bread and will continue voting for upper level criminals because that is all that is put forth to vote for. Hard to believe a nation of 300+ million people can be so micro managed into voting for and supporting what works for the controllers and to the common peoples detriment. I call it lawyered out of existence.

      13. I posted my take on this on April 11th SHTF.

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