Who Do You Trust More? Government Data or Gallup Survey?

by | Feb 12, 2010 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    Via Zero Hedge:

    As if anyone needed more reasons to doubt the data coming out of our government. Earlier today the Commerce Department reported that January retail sales data came at a nice and bubbly 0.5% sequential increase, and an even nicer and bubblier 4.7% YoY. This presumably beat expectations which were looking for a sequential beat of 0.3%. Yet here comes the much more reliable Gallup data to throw some salt in yet another economic data fabrication. According to daily Gallup consumer polling, which due to its lack of proximity to the government propaganda complex is vastly more reliable, the January average data showed a decline of 5.8% over January 2009 and a whopping 16.3% decline over December. This is beginning to parallel the ever increasing divergence between the ABC consumer comfort index and the UMichigan index which lately seems to only track the average leve of the S&P over the prior month.

    If Gallup’s data is correct, the discrepancy is startling.

    It’s information like this that should make us question every official statistic or report coming out of any government agency.


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      1. Wow!  Imagine that!  Our very own government lies to us?

      2. They don’t just lie to us, they blatantly lie to us. And, they keep getting away with it.

      3. Yes, Bill, I know its hard to believe but they actually have done this before. You know, like, yesterday. …and the day before. …and the day before that. …and the day before that. …and the day before that. …and the day before that.

        I’m a technical guy so I can’t keep this information in my brain forever, but, I do recall that the US Government has been lying to the people for the benefit of federal power and control since about 1776. Be careful, though, not everything they tell us is a lie. One tends to go overboard because the government will tell the truth when it suits them and if you miss it, it could be to your detriment.

        Its all about the manipulation of the populace. Facts, lies and all are simply designed to control our thinking.

        I will agree with Brian, though, this administration, Congress and Senate absolutely are more blatant than any I have seen. Amazing.

        I just hope we can fix it soon. America can’t take much more.

      4. Of course sales in the U.S. are supposed to drop between December and January. In December people buy Christmas gifts.

      5. hard to lie when you can conveniently re-write the definition of things

      6. Down south, your comment is spot on. War on terror (who are the terrorists?), enemy combatant, “free” markets, democracy vs. republic, Republican vs. Democrat (both are the same), consumer price index fiddling, inflation (increase in money supply – NOT increase in prices), list goes on and on. We can’t believe anything we are told anymore.

      7. A lie is only a lie if you can prove what the definition of is is.

      8. Down South – I like your comment.  Too true….   A lie is a lie when you don’t tell the truth.  Our government wouldn’t know the truth if it flew up their butts.  What ever suits their needs at the time seems to be their truth.  When you tell one lie you have to remember it so you don’t get caught.  These idiots lie so much they’ve lost track.  Maybe each one of them needs to have their very own “Liar Czar” to help remember what lie was said and when.

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