White House Warns Of Nuclear Terrorist Attacks: The Four Ways They Could Strike…

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    Within hours of the Brussels attacks earlier this month we learned that rogue terrorists presumably operating under the banner of the Islamic State had set their sights on a high-value target so significant that it could have left hundreds of thousands of people dead.

    According to investigators, the terrorists who carried out the attacks had been actively planning to take over and/or target a nuclear power plant. They went so far as to plant hidden cameras at the power plant director’s home so they could monitor his movements and even killed a security guard in the process.

    The plan, which failed to come to fruition, called not just for suicide bombing several dozen civilians, but for turning Western Europe into radioactive wasteland for the next several thousand years.

    The threat is most certainly real and senior officials from Europe to the United States are now warning of the potential for a large-scale nuclear attack:

    Security officials warn that the ingredients for a nuclear device or a “dirty bomb” are alarmingly insecure.

    “We know that terrorist organizations have the desire to get access to these raw materials and to have a nuclear device,” said Ben Rhodes, Obama’s deputy national security adviser.

    The havoc such an attack could wreak in an urban area such as New York or London is concerning enough that leaders scheduled a special session on the threat during the two-day summit. U.S. officials said the leaders would discuss a hypothetical scenario about a chain of events that could lead to nuclear terrorism.

    Source: Denver Post

    Officials have known for months that chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) weapons of mass destruction have been smuggled undetected into Europe. In December of last year Swiss police identified and arrested two terrorists suspected of transporting toxic chemical gases and explosives, which were believed to be part of a plot for a future attack.

    At this point, with lax border security in Europe and the United States, the potential for coordinated and devastating attacks has grown exponentially. Moreover, as we learned with Brussels where the threat to their nuclear facilities was identified well in advance but nothing was done to improve security, the reality is that the bureaucracy inherent within our governments makes it all the more likely that terrorists will eventually carry out a successful attack using CBRN weapons.

    According to officials, here are some scenarios that show how a strike might happen:

    The most devastating but improbable scenario involves a group stealing a fully functional bomb from a nuclear-armed country. Most nuclear experts point to Pakistan as the likeliest source, though that would require cooperation with someone on the inside of Pakistan’s military.

    Easier to pull off would be for IS or another group to obtain fissile material like highly enriched uranium, then turn it into a crude nuclear device delivered by truck or ship.

    A third possibility is that extremists could bomb an existing nuclear facility, such as the Belgian waste plant, spreading highly radioactive material over a wide area.

    The most likely scenario that security experts fear is that a group could get ahold of radioactive material, such as cesium or cobalt, for a dirty bomb that could be carried in a suitcase. Those materials are widely used in industrial, academic and hospital settings, with no consistent security standards across the globe. Last year, an Associated Press investigation revealed multiple attempts by black market smugglers to sell radioactive material to Middle East extremists.

    And before you think we’re safe here in the United States and this is Europe’s problem, keep in mind that in the summer of 2014 there were multiple incidents of nuclear material being stolen from labs in Mexico. What’s of interest is that the materials stolen are exactly what officials described above –  Cobalt and Cesium-137 – both of which could be used to manufacture a radiological dirty bomb.

    How To Prepare For A Chemical, Biological, Radiological or Nuclear Disaster

    While the effects of a nuclear detonation or other CBRN related disasters are such that anything in the immediate blast radius will be killed, it is the fall-out after such an event that would have the most significant impact on the population.

    In her book The Prepper’s Blurprint Tess Pennington provides a list of  extensive strategies for how to survive a nuclear disaster. The type of disaster, your proximity, and your level of preparedness will determine your specific response.

    In short, Tess says Plan “A” is just as you may have guessed – get out of the area:

    If you are told to evacuate keep the following points in mind… If you are driving, keep the car windows and vents closed, and use recirculating air.

    Due to the fear of panic and gridlock that will ensure from mass evacuations, most governments will delay mandatory evacuations until the last minute. This will only cause mass confusion and chaos at gas stations, grocery stores and on the streets. The best way to prevent this is to stay ahead of the crowd and prepare ahead of time. 

    If you are evacuating during a CBRN event you better plan on delays. And delays could mean life threatening exposure.

    Here are two life saving recommendations to consider, as you and your loved ones will be out in the open:

    If you are caught in a situation where you can’t get out, you’ll have to shelter in place. Much of how your Plan “B” will work depends on your location, proximity to threat and existing preparedness stockpiles. For the majority of people out there, you may be at home or at work. Some recommendations from The Prepper’s Blueprint:

    If told to stay indoors, turn off the air conditioner and other air intakes and go to a basement. Seal basement windows and entrances to prevent fallout from getting inside. If you go outside you will need to remove your outer clothing before coming inside the shelter.

    Likewise, creating a sealed area near the entrance of the shelter will prevent fallout dust from entering. Seal the entryway, bubble wrap or plastic sheeting to prevent the dust from coming in.

    Preparing for a CBRN disaster includes a variety of strategies. The Urban Guide For Surviving a Nuclear Attack is a good starting point that covers various devices, taking shelter and dealing with fallout.

    Some additional resources:

    The threat of a Nuclear, Chemical, Biologicial or Radiological event is more real today than ever before. While it is widely believed by citizens of the United States and Europe that such an event will be stopped by law enforcement, military and intelligence services, the fact of the matter is that there are thousands of individuals operating in terror cells around the world whose sole purpose is to kill as many people as possible.

    They are actively looking for ways to compromise the system.

    They did it in New York in 2001. They did it in London, Madrid, Paris, San Bernardino and Brussels.

    And they will absolutely do it again. Anyone who thinks otherwise is naive.

    Prepare for it, because once it hits it will be too late.


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      1. What is it going to take before you do the sane thing and glass that entire fricking part of the world?

        • Yup,,,
          My theory is you use pesticide on persistant pest,
          Its pretty indiscriminate but very effective

        • This “warning” from the White House could be the que. Stay quiet, be smart.

          • Yeah that’s a False Flag alert if I ever heard one.

        • It is interesting and horrifying that Obama the muslim would just throw that out there! I think in his own demented, sociopathic way he is telling us what we already know! I pray that we do it first! Ashtray time!

        • I agree, turn it into a radioactive sand box. But then again, think about this. The world has been pumping billions upon billions of barrels of crude oil out of there, don’t you think that sooner or later it’s going to start caving in to the empty holes left by all that crude. Sure they pump waste materials back down but not nearly as much as they pump crude out. Same thing as Florida, pump millions of gals of water out, you get sink holes. Just that it’s not happening soon enough!

      2. Kill them all, let allah sort them out…

        • EPPE
          My brother I can’t agree with you more.

          See my remarks below.

          • Just a few backpack bombs, detonated in the right location, by a suicide bomber could bring SHTF to all of America. 🙁

            • DK

              Just one with a credible threat of another would be an Instant, “Black Swan”, event ushering in an economic collapse.

              Its not the damage in that scenario as 300,000 deaths are less than WWII but the psychological impact upon the population and leadership. The world would hold its collective breath. If it happened. That action would be predicated upon an unknown, “Who did it”? Is it Russia, China, NK blaming the Islamics? Is it the Islamics? Respond against who? Now any nation that had the potential capability and uttered a cross word is fearful that they will be targeted. What do they do sit idly by waiting for an ICBM coming their way or do they respond?

              The chaos, entropy call it, is so unpredictable as to render any post attack events impossible to predict.


              • Yes, you are correct. But my scenario, which I will not post here, would be much more devastating. 🙁

            • That is coming Kidd, the terrorists are just waiting for the Mullah in the White House to give the order!Probably going to see a Red Dawn scenario shortly after. As soon as Obama makes his push to take away our guns so we are defenseless.

      3. while we are at it,tell them about all the ways that they can take us out. So much for secrets!

        • I agree Jim in VA …. and TO ADD –

          Telling the world about captured and/or killed Terrorists / ISIS combatants is CRAZY WRONG because it provides THEM / ISIS with vital information that they use to fine-tune and improve their KILL strength, praise their martyred, and recruit more ISIS KILLERS.

          I’d liken it to providing them with weapons. We must not let emotions cripple our resolve to defeat ISIS and other terror groups.

          Contrary to Trump’s big-headed egotistical notions, it is NOT possible to negotiate with martyrs, disordered people and psychopaths – totally impossible. They may come across as shark-like uniquely skilled negotiators, while their secret motto is, “My way or the highway, pal.”

          The EU and other countries are in a downward spiral of devastation and destruction entirely due to their dysfunctional governments’ inane liberal political beliefs. Informed Americans know that unless America addresses their problems TODAY/NOW they will become exactly like these other countries tomorrow.

          Not using this as a platform to bash Trump, but since I believe he’s as disordered and dysfunctional as the rest –imo, think it’s worth mentioning that most voters are keenly aware countries around the world are currently using Trump’s mitigating threat proposals to address their individual countries’ catastrophic situations. Bad idea.

          Suffice it to say Trump lives in a bubble world of his own creation. Imo, he’s a dangerous narcissistic crazy man (almost as bad as Hellery) who is so full of himself that he doesn’t even know what he needs to know, but doesn’t know. What Trump thinks is so, just ain’t so.

          Trump or Hellery or that other jerk-off as our new POTUS… imho, not going to end well for Americans. By the time people truly realize this it will be too late.

          • i’m curious…who WILL save U.S. then?…my money’s on trump at least TRYING to make our country great again….but it WILL be an epic battle!

          • CC and Jim: secrets? What secrets? I have read about all of the above, and more, in books, for years! None of the above is a fricken secret! Start with Clancy and move on to Brad Thor, Vince Flynn, and Ted Bell. If you don’t like fiction why not spend some time reading white papers.

            Apparently both of you live in a bubble world. Enjoy it while it lasts. Once the bubble pops you will be hit with the cold, fresh air of reality.

          • We need someone what will work to make permanent change to our govt institutions, not act by executive order like Obama. The only thing that will hold back the shitestrm that is coming is via the Supreme Court. Who is the ONLY candidate who has fought the world court (against Bush) and won in favor of our sovereign laws. (Death penalty case in Texas of an illegal immigrant)…oh and by the way, he beat the world court……there’s only 1 candidate who has shown the gravitas, and it’s not trump.

      4. If there is another nuke set off in America all of the blame will fall on the US congressional military industrial complex, because it won’t happen unless those groups make it happen for their own benefit. Yeah, it will happen.

        • More than 60 million babies have been murdered by abortionists in this country alone. Some cases momma is her own abortionist. Might as well nuke the momma and her abortionist. Collateral damage will take care of its own.

          This coward country isn’t worth saving, commies everywhere.

          f ’em

          • God will shit on this banana republic.zGood.

            • You two need to move to Cuba. STAT.

              • Lot of commies on this site. Baby killers and their supporters, murderers too. Killing unborn babies is murder. The mother is a co-conspirator to the murder.

                60,000,000 murdered babies and counting.

          • It should be a Womans right to decide, not the governments.That is why this country is in so much trouble, the government interfering in our everyday lives. The more power we give the government the more We The People suffer.Get that through your thick head. If your daughter was raped and got pregnant would you make her have it and raise the little bastard? Or would you take it from her and raise it yourself, think about it MORON!

            • Baby killers, murderers, found/find all sorts of reasons to murder unborn babies, now up to 70,000,000 here in Bible thumper land.

              Commies everywhere.

            • MO: Trump said something I agree with yesterday (forget which interview). Trump said that he thought abortion should have been left as a state issue. I agree. Same for gay “marriage.” The nine black-robed lords at the Supreme Court have no right to force their point of view on the entire country.

              I expect the USSA will end up like the former USSR and will fracture into regions once the Ponzi scheme implodes.

      5. 90% of the projected casualties from a nuke detonation in America are 100% avoidable when at risk population knows what to do and not do beforehand.

        See/read the short “Good News About Nuclear Destruction” here…

        – Shane

        • Thank you Shane. Will pass this along.

        • “They discovered that a 10 kiloton nuke, about 2/3rds the size of the Hiroshima bomb, detonated at ground level, would result in about 15,000 immediate deaths, and another 15,000 casualties from the blast, thermal flash and initial radiation release.”

          First a terrorist bomb would come without warning. There would be no, “duck and cover”. If it was a nuclear exchange from a major power a US MIRV warhead is 115 KT. With at least a 1000 warheads detonating airburst over the US the survival prospects are grim. With all industrial centers, facilities of higher education, infrastructure, hospitals of note along with their irreplaceable staff killed the aftermath would bring upon the dark ages for nations targeted. A geo-political-economic shift would occur for mankind as the primitive non targeted nations would then become the world leadership. Think of where those nations, too backward to waste a nuclear weapon on are, where they’re located and who their inhabitants are. These nations, and there indigenous populations previously depended upon the first world nations for goods.


          • Yes, there would be a ‘duck and cover’ unless you are right on top of the impact zone (and in that case no, duck and cover won’t help your sorry ass).

            The nuke, when it explodes, will flash a very bright light and will be followed by the heat/shock wave. If you see the bright light you should have anywhere between 2 seconds and several minutes before the heat/shock wave hits you. If you are not ducked and covered when the heat/shock wave hits you, you will be burned.

            • Two seconds, maybe five. Shock, “What the hell is that”? BAM.

              I doubt if a copy of The National Inquirer is going to afford much protection.

              The idea of surviving a nuclear exchange is madness out of a Science Fiction (major fiction) movie. If your in some extremely remote area that is not downstream of something like The Hoover Dam your chances of immediate survival are reasonable. Immediate is the operative word. I would discontinue thoughts of pension and old age as life is about to get real difficult. If your anywhere around a targeted area I recommend doing the following.

              1. Go to the lowest point of your home, preferably the cellar.
              2. Go to the wall most likely on the side of the explosion.
              3. Bend over
              4. Pull your pants down
              5. Kiss your ass goodby

              • Ignorance is bliss. It’s also deadly.

                Nobody’s forcing you to take steps to survive. You have to do that on your own. So I guess you’re right, YOU can’t survive a nuke because YOU believe you can’t.

                See ya. 🙂

                • I can only prepare for so much. The economy, civilian disorder, contagious disease, loss of power, weather…….I do give up at asteroids hitting the earth and nuclear war.

                  • I’m not trying to convince you so much as posting for all the lurkers.

                    Surviving nukes, if you among the large majority that won’t be right at or too close to any nuke GZ and already toast, is amazingly cheap and easy to do. If you read http://www.GoodNewsNuke.com and then the free guide linked near the bottom of it, you’ll see the proof of it for yourself.

                    – Shane

                    • SC: thanks that link is excellent!

                    • Shane, thanks for the link. Lots of good info and thoughts there.

                  • i don’t….i won’t give up……and what about the nukes that hit fukushima….we ALREADY been nuked….and if you look around at the damage, it won’t be pretty….but I aint givin’ up juss yet!

                  • You’re right.

                    Because that little bit of extra knowledge (read FREE prepping) to hit the floor the second you see a bright flash like you’ve never seen before is, well… just too much to bother with in order to maybe save you from major burns or maybe even save your busy, ignorant little life.

                    • so you can’t imagine seeing a bright flash from, say, 50 miles away…and still surviving? why are SO many people so quick to dismiss ALL possibilities of surviving…and the asteroid thing…if we get hit by one the size of a car, we might see a nuclear winter, but it just may be survivable…my point is that it’s not a nuke dropped on your head or 500 miles away….if it’s dropped somewhere in between that, you may experience it, yet survive it.

                  • Kevin. Men, you are so funny. Planning for this or that can really take it toll on one. I know where you’re coming from

              • K2: plenty of people survived a direct nuclear strike in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. People live in those cities now, too. A nuclear strike is a survivable event.

                • A whole lot less would have lived with a 100KT bomb (which is relatively small as a MT range weapon is not out of the question) than the 15 & 20KT bombs used there. If its a terrorist bomb just don’t be there. If its a nuclear exchange between nations its “Schools Out”.

                  An order of magnitude explanation is in order.

                  20KT is $20,000 dollars, twenty thousand
                  1MT is $1,000,000 dollars, million


                  • Obviously, the bigger the weapon yield the larger the area of overpressure damage from the blast wave. But, the damage range does not increase in a linear fashion with the more powerful explosions.

                    For instance, comparing the 200 KT air burst with the five times more powerful 1 MT air burst, the range of moderate damage and initial fires increases from only 4.3 miles to 7.3 miles. This is because the reach of blast and fire effects varies as the cube root of the weapon yield ratio and the cube root of 5 is 1.71. So, instead of a five-fold increase or 500% we have only about a 70% increase in this comparison.

                    This is important to keep in mind when you hear people throwing around numbers of how much greater the damage will be from a larger bomb.

                    – Shane

                    • “For instance, comparing the 200 KT air burst with the five times more powerful 1 MT air burst, the range of moderate damage and initial fires increases from only 4.3 miles to 7.3 miles.”

                      Had to think about that for a second or two.

                      Area = D squared x .7854 and its an area that is destroyed as it emanates from center out.

                      4.5 radius = 14.5 square miles
                      7.3 radius = 41.85 square miles

                      Therefore its 41.85 / 14.5 = 2.88 or 2.8 times or 288% increase in devastation not a 70% increase.

                      As Jack Swagart said in Apollo 13, “I can add” (not too bad at basic algebra either, Gold Seal Thing)

                    • 4.5 diameter not radius. Correct math, incorrect terminology

                    • Correction 2.63 times.

                      15.9 verses 41.85 area.

                      263 % not 70%.

                • The people in Japan had a support system in place post attack. The support system post nuclear war would be Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble.

                  “If WWIII is fought with nuclear weapons WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones”.


              • Assume a cobalt bomb deposits intense fallout causing a dose rate of 10 sieverts (Sv) per hour. At this dose rate, any unsheltered person exposed to the fallout would receive a lethal dose in about 30 minutes (assuming a median lethal dose of 5 Sv). People in well-built shelters would be safe due to radiation shielding.
                After one half-life of 5.27 years, only half of the cobalt-60 will have decayed, and the dose rate in the affected area would be 5 Sv/hour. At this dose rate, a person exposed to the radiation would receive a lethal dose in 1 hour.
                After 10 half-lives (about 53 years), the dose rate would have decayed to around 10 mSv/hour. At this point, a healthy person could spend 1 to 4 days exposed to the fallout with no immediate effects.
                After 20 half-lives (about 105 years), the dose rate would have decayed to around 10 μSv/hour. At this stage, humans could remain unsheltered full-time since their yearly radiation dose would be about 80 mSv. However, this yearly dose rate is on the order of 30 times greater than the peacetime exposure rate of 2.5 mSv/year. As a result, the rate of cancer incidence in the survivor population would likely increase.
                After 25 half-lives (about 130 years), the dose rate from cobalt-60 would have decayed to less than 0.4 μSv/hour (natural background radiation) and could be considered negligible.


          • You said; “First a terrorist bomb would come without warning. There would be no, “duck and cover”.”

            Duck & Cover does not depend on advanced notice of nukes in the neighborhood. It’s taught to be executed whenever any bright flash suddenly & surprisingly appears, you promptly hit the deck before the delayed blast wave arrives.

            Not sure what your point of litany of how bad it’d be after all out exchange is? Are you suggesting that learning how to survive a nuke is futile cause it’ll be impossible and life not worth living even if you did?

            If that’s your point, and ignore my next comments if it isn’t, but you’d be making assumption that we can only see a full, all out, nuclear exchange, never anything less.

            If you fail to learn and then teach your family how to survive a nuke and they perish, because you could only envision the worst case scenario, you’d be like the guy that won’t let his family wear their seat belts cause he’s convinced himself the only accident they could ever get into would be going over a high cliff where seat belts would not save them.

            – Shane

            • “can only see a full, all out, nuclear exchange, never anything less.”

              A terrorist bomb is a different animal; simple, don’t be where it goes off. A nuclear exchange between nations? Think an attacker will send one just to measure our response? Think a tiny nation with just a few will commit suicide by taking out 3 of our cities and losing their entire country?

              Figure on 100,000+ deaths conservatively per detonation (at 100KT) times 1000 upon metro / industrial areas and 500 more remote military and high value targets like the Hoover Dam. Call it 1/3 of the population dead within 24 hours. Instant stone age.


              • Let’s get specific at the higher end of the armaments today.

                One 500kt air burst at optimum height to maximize death & destruction will be un-survivable above ground out to about 2.2 miles from GZ. The blast/shock wave will arrive at that 2.2 mile marker about 8 seconds after the flash and then continue on to about the 9 mile marker killing and maiming additional people all along the way who did not, in those 8+ seconds Duck & Cover.

                If the population was evenly spaced over that total 18 mile diameter, there are 15 times more people outside the 2.2 mile radius of total destruction than inside it, that if they knew to Duck & Cover, resisting impulse to rush to nearest windows to see what bright flash was, would likely survive.

                That’s why you’d teach your kids to dive under their desks and not run to the nearest windows with their classmates. Even if caught outside in the open, just laying flat reduces by eight-fold the chances of being hit by debris or being picked up and becoming debris.

                90% of the projected/expected casualties are 100% avoidable, when people know what to do and not do beforehand. Most that perish will tragically do so needlessly. If everybody in this country was taught the basics of Duck & Cover and Sheltering-in-Place, we’d effectively have rendered all nukes, regardless their source, 90% less lethal.

                Sound like maybe a better plan than bending over and kissing your ass goodbye?

                – Shane

                • “Sound like maybe a better plan than bending over and kissing your ass goodbye?”

                  To simply answer your question as that is multiplied by 1000 is. No.

                  No help will arrive.
                  No functioning government will exist
                  No oil refining will remain
                  No electricity
                  No transportation
                  No food
                  No medical care

                  90% less lethal and a 1954 study found an insignificant correlation between smoking and lung cancer.

                  MIC wants to sell more bombs.

                  • You continue to assume that the only nukes in your future have to be, must be, can only be, an all out full exchange unleashed, never anything less is possible worth prepping for your family. Good luck with that if you are wrong and they are left wanting or worse.

                    I’d have to agree, though, it’ll certainly be bad enough for some people that they would suicide themselves. I just wonder how many, who if they’d been better prepped for nukes, would not be in such dire straights then from their avoidable blast injuries and avoidable radiation poisoning.

                    – Shane

                    • Terrorist bombing is survival because by its nature its limited. US v Russia? No way its remotely plausible that such an attack from either would result in a complete massive exchange. All the chips are on the table. US China? China has deference and in effect is like France. All I need is to rip your arm off. Possible limited? Not from Chinas perspective as everything they have would be used because as the saying goes, “Use it or lose it”. Even half of theres is 150 warheads impacting. My geography I don’t think is good enough to name 150 cities in the US. Instant stone age.

                      Maybe if I lived in rural somewhere, was 30 years old and healthy, on a farm 50 miles from anything worth nuking the China exchange might be survivable.

                      The aftermath of US v Russia ……… forgetaboutit

                • @ Shane. you will to fight on shows good character. I don’t like to hang around people who have a defeatist attitude.

            • EXCELLENT summation, shane!…it’s what i was TRYING to say, but couldn’t quite get the point across….MASTERFUL!…they want to just give up, i guess. i’m going out like i came in, covered in blood and screamin’!!!!!!!!

        • I lurk on tb2k and appreciate your efforts. I have made no less than two dozen copies of your download and passed them out. It is an easy read that makes it all clear. Two feet of concrete, three feet of dirt…. 36 – 48 hours, don’t ingest the particulate matter, and shake (wash) the dust off regularly, while wearing the proper garments….in a nut shell. These simple actions, saves lives. Thanks again shane, ractivist on the tree.

      6. Bring our troops home and station them on our borders. Stop protecting NATO at the expense of the American taxpayer while other countries spend little on their own defense.

      7. Reality is, most people won’t seek out guidance and instruction on what to do to survive nukes until something happens first to panic them.

        Fortunately, though, instead of a full blown surprise attack WWIII suddenly out of the blue here, it’s more likely we’d first see tactical nukes overseas or a limited rogue nation or terrorist detonation or two here, that while devastating to that locale, will leave most all the rest of the nation intact.

        Then, while everybody is finally in a panic, groping desperately for guidance, there is some good news in that most everybody can survive an escalation of more nukes coming soon without much prep IF they can all be gotten the right information quickly, such as what’s presented here…
        The Good News About Nuclear Destruction!

        With that guidance and acquiring or recombining a few things locally (nothing fancy, expensive, sold-out, or requiring time delay to ship) they could easily/quickly reduce the projected casualties by 90%, effectively rendering all future nukes, threatening all their families, 90% less lethal.

        That’s our best plan for saving the greatest number of families, starting off with the sober and realistic understanding that they won’t ever be interested in learning or doing anything beforehand until it’s finally, in a panic, seen as an imminent threat.

        So, what we’ve designed to direct them to then is what those hordes of late comers to prepping can still effectively do and acquire at the last minute. You don’t want to be telling people they can’t survive without a bunker they can’t afford or have time to get or rad instruments that are long sold out and would have delay shipping anyways. And, for most, what’s in that Good News guide above, and what it points to, is all they’ll ever need to avoid unnecessarily and needlessly becoming additional victims.

        – Shane

        PS – Got friends, neighbors and relatives that think you the nutty prepper, well, on ‘that day none will forget’ when they are all suddenly thinking you a genius and are clamoring for your aid and guidance, and you don’t have time to fool with them now, point them to that link or a hard copy of it as you send them home to get busy. It’ll be very smart you helping to convert any into useful allies, even at that late date, instead of letting them remaining only future roaming threats.

        • “The Good News About Nuclear Destruction!”

          Something about this sentence that disturbs me.

          Besides the obvious, but it seems to me that “good news”, and “Nuclear Destruction” simply do not belong together in this type of dysfunctional fashion.

          If there was something good about Nuclear Destruction – everybody would be doing it and spreading the joy!

          • “The Good News About Nuclear Destruction!” title is purposely perverse, preposterous and provocative to get much needed attention. You should have seen the response in SLC with it up on a downtown billboard!

            But, beyond that attention getting, there really is “good news” regarding nukes, as we say in the second sentence; “…they are all survivable for the vast majority of American families, IF they know what to do beforehand and have made even the most modest of preparations.” Then, we proceed to prove it’s so.

            Challenge has always been, most people think nukes are un-survivable and are thus not open to ever discovering how easily they might could raise their family survival odds by a lot with a little info, if only they could be enticed to see/hear it.

            That title sucks them in, all huffing and puffing with incredulous indignation, but the feedback we get afterwards is most everyone is very grateful for the awakening and are now eagerly passing it onto friends, neighbors and relatives to good effect to.

            The ‘Good News’ is a refreshing message of hope and empowerment, banishing those crippling myths of nuclear un-survivabilty that earlier had all thinking it was futile to ever try and learn anything to survive nukes.

            The title works, drawing in exactly those people convinced they could never survive a nuke, the majority of our fellow Americans.

            – Shane

          • FTW

            Everybody’s doing it, doing it, doing it.

            Picking their nose and chewing it, chewing it.


        • Yeah well the “good news” is that if you set it off about a quarter mile or so from a nuclear reactor (depending on the yield we’re talking about here) you’ll…

          Well you get it.

          If that’s the good news I’d hate to see the bad news.

          • and the odds of living within a ten or twenty mile radius of ….. say……. 2000 nukes is actually quite small. So those outside the blast zone might very well live if they react properly and immediately. Thirty minutes of exposure or more can be lethal. Immediately find density and get in there for two or three days. Guess what, you will likely live, as long as you don’t ingest particulate matter, fallout. Easily avoided if you cover your yap…….. print off Shane’s download. It’s invaluable, make copies and disperse them. As to being within a quarter mile of ground zero, hope you know Jesus.

      8. aljamo

        The pubic will collectively blame whoever the officials blame it on. Guaranteed. Challenging that narrative would be very dangerous.

        We were recently discussing the probability of some catastrophic event that would shock the public into compliance surrendering whatever remains of their rights. This is about as catastrophic as it gets.

      9. Thanks for the warning became I read websites like this one. I got potassium iodine…we know that may time now they are going to strike with a false flag to cancel the election and stop Trump..from my cold dead hands…



        Agency Ass clown Super moderator.

      10. Recently there was a methane leak in Southern California. I don’t know the particulars. Some weeks later it was reported that there was radiation in the methane leak. At around that time several people became ill with various symptoms including pneumonia. Don’t know if there is a connection or just coincidence. I take potassium iodide supplement to support my thyroid and reproductive system and I had no problems except felt a little not well. The RDA for Iodine/Iodide is 150 mcg. That is way low according to recent studies. Iodine is found in fish and sea vegtables (sea weed). Breast cysts and breast Cancer as well as Prostrate Cancer have been shown to be particularly connected to deficiency of iodine.
        Intake of table salt has been linked to high blood pressure. Table salt contains sand which leaves little cuts in the valves leading to the heart. Cholesterol, which has been mistakenly blamed, is there to repair the damage; which is akin to blaming a fireman for being present at the scene of a fire. Sea salt is a better choice. It has only small trace amounts of iodine but is accompanied by a balanced assortment of important minerals. Selenium, found in Brazil nuts, works synergistically with Iodine. These findings may be contested but bear in mind that pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars off the suffering of sick people and are not apt to promote anything which cuts into profits. My comments are my personal opinion and should not be construed to be medical advice. That goes for all my posts here on TSHTF.

      11. About wearing a gas mask: I have worn full MOPP gear and a gas mask and not when it was extremely hot or humid. Those suits are awful. Moving around in them is torture. When wearing a mask your sight is restricted.

        My preference would be to use duct tape and plastic sheeting to seal my house from the inside and hope for the best.

        • Philosopher:
          I have a friend who studied philosophy and works in biotech. He wears protective clothing. Don’t know, but since he never calls; I would be really glad to learn that we still had a connection. Could be HICK’s Scientist friend. I sure miss him and hope he is happy and doing well.

          • Excuse me? Not tracking your comment.

        • MOPP gear in heat is horrendous for anything but a short quick transit.

          For fallout, a cheap N95 dust mask will suffice for most. Adding goggles is a plus for beta particle eye protection and anything to cover hair for ease of decontamination later.

          But, as you’d mentioned, best not to be out in any of it. A mask keeps it out of your lungs, but you are still being radiated externally.

          – Shane

          • Yes, it is nasty. Even just trying to walk or do anything in a mask is difficult. Let alone a full MOPP suit and gas mask.

        • I wore it for 3 days straight a few years back while cutting trees, and dealing with a particularly nasty hive of ground nesting meat eating wasps,, was all I had so on wentvthe suit, duct taped any openings around limbs and duct taped edges of hood, was with my canister full mask, hot as hell, lost 12# in 4 days, finally got sick of it and got a bee guy out to poison the damn thing when i finally figured out where it was, try lugging a husky395xp and wedge bag and axe with your fuel pack in thick slash while wearing one, its fun, trust me

          • Kula it took you all of that and three days to call in the right man for the job? Well you know what I mean then. I cannot imagine wearing that gear and then walking one mile let alone 50.

            I read some of the links. It sounds like if you survive the initial blast the best think you can do is to just hunker down for two weeks and then try and move to an area that is out of the fallout zone.

            • Yea, it cost me 1k for that and knew it going in, usually those wasps go away after a day or so, guess i shouldnt have dopped a 180′ tall tree right on the stump they had taken up residence in

              • Kula, OMG! That was one expensive project!

                I found a den of ground wasps at a previous house. I flooded it with bleach. I sprayed it with expanding foam. Then flooded it with ammonia and more bleach. I hear you. It was a pain in the arse and it was right next to my sliding door, too. I found out later that the place I lived used to be a farm and another neighbor had died after being stung by wasps. 🙁

                • We had ground bees near a pine tree. I poured their hole full of gasoline and lit it. I haven’t seen them in that area since.

                  • Archivist:
                    Had plenty of gentle honey bees which kept our backyard orchard and garden in fine pollinated shape and never stung anybody. Their hive was in a tree in front of our house. I had so much to keep them busy including sterile butterfly bushes (sterile because they are invasive) and plenty of English Lavender, which was their favorite attraction.
                    Unfortunately certain pesticides one called “Seven” when used on some weeds around the garage, killed the bees. With the vacancy, wasps moved in.
                    I am currently at a different location. Don’t know if or how the wasps are, or where their hive is.

                    I have considered bee keeping and would have moved the bees into a wooden home and out of the trees in order to take advantage of their honey if I knew then what I know now. And of course, be more careful with weed killing pesticide. Something I never used for so many years, but allowed one of my yard helpers to use without realizing how it would upset the bio-diversity of my little piece of paradise. Oh well, we have beautiful butterflies. And it may have been a neighbor who used the offending pesticide that killed our honey bees. I don’t know what was used in my yard. Next time I will. Guess I would have to get the cooperation of my neighbors/farmers in the vicinity of my present location.

                  • A: that is good to know! Unfortunately the nest was right next to my house and I might have risked burning down my house but hmmmm dousing them with kerosene might have done the trick too and then wait for it to evaporate.

                • My secret weapon against flying, crawling, or walking varmints is mothballs. Tossed into a mole or vole hole, they depart. Closet freshener types (Choose cedar scented) hung in my shed or garden barn (6×8) put off anything looking to make their home or hibernation spot there such as mice.

                  In transitional seasons of fall and spring, put mothballs in the door ways to ward off things looking at your home as a good spot for a nest.

                  If you have varmints prone to chewing the wires under the hood of you vehicle, put a few mothballs in a small cloth bag and secure it away from moving parts.

                  Mothballs can be used around the perimeter of your garden to shoo off invaders. Be judicious in usage here because it will also fend off bees that you want for pollination.

                  Mothballs can even be used under small foot bridges to keep snakes, etc. from seeking shelter there. (Saw that on an online article about park rangers improving their area–forget where it was though.)

                  Don’t put mothballs next to food or water supplies. Its scent will taint those supplies or at least the plastic containers used. Like the garden idea, it’s fine at the perimeter if kept away from pets or young children who view any ball as a toy.

                  Using mothballs or moth cakes versus moth crystals have the advantage of longer life. Moth balls do not melt in the rain. Moth balls are most effective in smaller enclosed spaces. (You couldn’t moth ball a whole house nor would you want to.) Most hardware or home improvement centers carry mothballs. Supermarkets or department stores may or may not.

      12. If we had a real Prez. He/She would strike first before they strike US. We don’t so he will get hit. I hope and pray that I’m home with my Wife and Dog when it happens so that I can start planning for the group to get together.

        Again I will state you hurt or kill one of mine. I WILL GIVE YOU A WAR THAT YOU WILL CRY FOR YOUR GOD TO TAKE YOU HOME. THIS GOES FOR YOUR FAMILIES TOO!!!! Please don’t start something I will have top finish. I’m begging you PLEASE don’t start it, PLEASE!


        • Idiot…..Strike who ? They are scattered all over the world. The U.S. is just going to scatter ICBMs all over the world ?

          You will give who a war ? Who are you gonna shoot at ? The nuke missle could be from a off-shore trawler 200 miles from the U.S. coast.

          Good god idiot, wake up and look what you are saying.

          • HBOMB,

            Don’t worry about old dale too much, one day he says ” I want to collect my pension for the next 30 years” and the next day he’s going to fight as a member of Trump’s “army”. He admits he’s never fired a shot at anyone which is why he talks the big tough talk about killing people. He has no credibility, just another internet Rambo, armchair General who huffs and puffs all day, nothing new, he’s been at it for years now.

            • m
              Where did you see I was a fighter in Trumps Army.
              Martin come and meet me face to face and you will find out that you are dead, dead wrong.
              You are correct I haven’t fired a shoot at anyone, but you can become the first.

              • dale, you couldn’t hurt a fly if it landed on your nose. So you want to know where I saw you say you would be a volunteer in Trumps army? In a comment you made about 2 weeks ago right here. Look it up in the archives. Your memory is almost as bad as your phony bravado. You’d puke your guts out if you ever killed a man face to face. Ask someone who’s done it, they don’t talk like idiotic 12 year old boys making threats to give ’em the old ” double tap” and ” aim small, miss small”. So save your little boy threats for little boys, you MIGHT actually be able to convince them your serious, but not anyone over the age of 14 or anyone who’s read your comments here for any length of time. Your just another aging armchair general, and one who’d be defeated the first time he ever gets in a battle outside the internet.

          • h

            You are so stupid if you don’t think for one minute that the US military doesn’t know where these bastards are at. You are dumber than a box of rocks.

            Any body that hurts or kills any of my family for there religion. That simple!

            • Take some meds and STFU

            • Tell ya what. I’ll meet you in Englewood. If your man enough to show up.

              probably to scared to come to such a violent neighborhood.

        • 100 heads boss
          100 heads life and casualty insured

          • Yup, shoot n scoot
            1 shot only.

          • Make sure the ghilly and drag bag are all set.

          • ……and he wore Blue Helmet…

            Pew! Pew! Pew!

            ……but not for long…

            Foreign troops to police ‘merica, means foreign invasion.

            ….steady…and ready….BA.

        • Sorry Sarge I did not read that anywhere in your christian bible. Can you direct me to the passage where jesus said any eye for an eye? Or to recompense evil with evil?

          • RJ. I’m not going to argue religion with you. Read Luke 22:35-38.
            Sgt. Dale is begging them not to do any harm to his people.
            1st. Timothy 5:8 Tells use to take care of our own. I take it, that means, in every way shape and form.
            I’m not saying to attack them for no reason, but you have the right and the duty to provide safety and security for you and yours.
            If I’m wrong I’ll answer to “God” and no one else for what I would do to protect me and mine.
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

            • Luke 22:35-38 just tells people to buy a sword. So? What is your point?

              One could argue Matthew 10:37 in regards to family. Of course that contradicts 1 Timothy 5:8 doesn’t it.

              Interesting all the double speak. You have to wonder who really wrote the bible. Sounds more and more like a lawyer to me.

            • Who do you hit/target?Well,since we are talking muslims would say Mecca/Medina,glass em over,happy pilgrimages in nuke suits.

              I would say though,get the US out of middle east completely,we have caused enuff damage there and lost too many of our own folks fighting in a sandbox that has not played well for centuries.You feel strongly about a cause,join the idf/isis/many other factions,just leave the US out of it.

      13. The easiest way is to damage a nuclear plant for Fukushima Future.
        Everything else costs too much and is too easy to get caught.
        My whole life has been under that dreadful nuclear cloud. Underground shelter anyone? How about cards and board games…

        • I lived in a large city that used to have fallout shelters underground. How do I know? Because they used to actually have signs pointing to them and where to go.

          Now the only people that will have access to a fallout shelter underground are the COG (continuity of government) folks and those in the goverment and the military with shiny plastic badges. Do they hand out those badges to civilians? Perhaps a few will get access but the rest of us will be left to our own devices.

          • Fortunately, there’s a lot of expedient workarounds when it comes to last minute DIY fallout sheltering. Maybe not as comfortable as a proper shelter, but you can put up with most anything for 48 hrs while fallout loses 99% of its lethal intensity, considering the dire alternative. Details on the proven how-to’s at link on bottom of Good News article at http://www.GoodNewsNuke.com

            – Shane

            • SC: thanks. I agree, I think that a nuclear event is survivable. Will it be fun? No. Am I going to waste a lot of money on masks? No.

              • Build a root cellar with 3 feet of dirt covering it. Great storage for vegetables and stays cool year round.

                • DiI: that sounds like the best approach, to use dirt as a shelter. Good place to store some water, too.

          • Philosopher,
            Let all those govt. people run into those fallout shelters. Once they are in there those on the outside can seal them in. Solve two problems at once. Get rid of the govt. types that cause most problems and bury them at the same time. We won’t have to fire a shot to take back our country because they will have willingly run into what will turn out to be their grave.

            • Tex: those signs were from 20, 25 years ago. The last time I was in the city the signs were gone. I doubt the fallout shelters are maintained. As for the COG sites I expect all hell to break loose inside the ones that are not all military. The ones with governement apparatchiks, senators, and congressman will break down quickly because those folks can’t do anything without an entourage their staff. The site outside of Colorado Springs, Cheyenne Mountain would probably be okay because it is a military-run location. Mt. Weather, on the other hand, would probably end up being a tomb with the first shooting / stabbing / strangulation happening in the first two weeks. Plus everyone knows about it. What is the other place? The Greenbrier resort in West Virginia but that place is closed and offers tours of the Bunker Room.

      14. The White House is telling us right now or has this been mentioned before?

        What I am reading here is that many do not have a clue and are going to die. That is if the threat level has been elevated to the point of a sincere warning by Government authorities.

        Philosopher is right about a gas Mask. If you have breathing problems you will have a major case like being suffocated and the ask will come right back off. Your body is not used to the restrictive air flow. Flip on a M17A1 and find out. Must be the new M5 issue now.

        Have any of you strapped on an OBA for fire fighting. Military Canister type.
        Oxygen Breathing Apparatus

        • Yep , i have strapped on breathing gear at the FD .
          Anyone with asthma is screwed ……
          Unless oxygen is conected , but that wont last long .

          Me , i gonna keep breathin the air …..

          • Hammerhead

            I want to be brutally honest about gas masks. Unless you buy a “NEW” mask that is “Made” for the “Enviorment” you will enter you may die. Most Army/Navy store mask will protect you from CS and Tear gas but Bio/Chem is taking chances. Charcoal does not degrade if not wet but other stuff does inside the canister/filter.
            You can have problems with breathing, temperature, vision and have a breakthrough. That is when you can smell the outside stuff because the filter is saturated. Or no air like on a SCUBA. No buddy to share air on that. No free assent either.

            Put that booger on and have a insect crawling around your eyeballs. Maybe one that bites. Size and facial seals. No beards. Has the valves and materials degraded over time.

            Miss something on your checklist and you die.

            • Beg to differ on the beard no,no. I’ve been tested many times by a person that really wanted me to fail and my mask always sealed fine.
              Keep it short( 1/2 inch) and neat.

              • rellik

                That is a chance you are willing to take. They gassed us in military training. My seal was fine till the instructor told us all to take off our masks. Eyes, throat and lungs were set on fire after the first intake of tear gas. Not for me. Clean shaving if I intend to put one on. Don’t forget the face seal check. Old School but I would think mask seals are better made today than over 40 years ago.

        • SS: thanks for backing me up. I cannot imagine having to wear a mask 24/7 and actually do something like walk or hike and carry a pack. If a nuke goes off I am going to bug-in and wait it out.

          People survived Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Now those places have been rebuilt. Something to consider.

          • Philosopher.

            During a chemical or biological attack. If you do not have detection gear what does your patrol do to check if it safe to take off your masks. You may or may not have antidotes. Antropine? But if you don’t.

            Low man of totem pole in the squad gets to do it first. Take off mask. Breath for a few seconds. Put the mask back on. Then you and your buddies wait and see if you start flopping around. This is a concern if you have been on the battlefield with long time exposure to agents and you are trying to find a safe area so all can unmask safely.

            • SS: OMG I remember having to pretend to self-inject atropine! Stick it in your thigh for the auto-injector. Of course no one told us what the side effects from using REAL atropine were back then.

              As for a biological issue, my approach is pretty much the same. Isolate and seal off my house with, wait for it: plastic sheeting and duct tape! Oh and have plenty of beach for decontamination. I like the KISS method.

              I hated that NBC gear. It was one of the worst parts of being in the military. I didn’t mind the bad food or sleeping in a tent. That was okay and an adventure.

              • Many many yrs ago i got very sick from insecticide poisoning. I was very sick for six months and up until a year. I had to quit my good job and was never able to go back. I had all kinds of central nervous symptoms. The worse was one nite i thought i was gonna die. I was extremely weak and layed down. After a couple hours i woke up and i was shaking and trembling very badly. It passed. I lived. No doctor would believe me or help me. I then read Rachel Carsons book Silent Spring and in it she said that when birds got sick from DDT they started to tremble just before they died! Also i read that atropine was an antidote, but it had to be taken quickly and no doc would give it. Also, yrs later my teacher told me that Tonic Water had something in it that was an antidote. Yrs later again i moved into a new house and the cat knocked down a can of flea spray bomb. I held my breath, threw it in hallway, shut door, put rug by door crack, ran upstairs and stayed there the whole day. Then i started to get spasms all over my body the next day. I went out and bought a bottle of Tonic water and drank the whole thing. The spasms went away and i was fine then. I can’t even use flea spray on my dogs, but i can use the drops, wash hands and be very careful.

                • Marie, Most insect sprays are infact a nerve agent, but people freely spray them all over their house, without proper protection.. Ever wonder how they make wasps curl up and die in flight?? Several yrs ago I was talking to a friend of mine, who is a mechanic for the coast guard. I was explaining to him about wasp & bee spray being a nerve agent and how it wasn’t good to breath the spray or get it on you.. He said they use it all the time in the metal pole barns they have, due to all the wasps.. Anyway, to make along story short, he told the head honchos at his work about it.. A few weeks went by, and next thing I know he brought a case of wasp spay home.. They told him that they were not aloud to have a nerve agent on base, and they were told by people higher up in the chain of command to get rid of the spray ASAP…

                • Rachel Carson was a fraud, a quack.

                  DDT has never harmed a human, but kills the hell out of lice (typhus) and mosquitoes (many diseases including malaria) that kills millions each year.

                  Millions of people were sprayed with DDT during WW11 to kill lice, the vector of typhus.

                  Tonic water my ass.

      15. ht tps://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2016/03/31/please-dont-shoot-me-man-pleads-for-life-moments-before-being-killed-by-arizona-police-officer/

      16. Update on the “economic recovery” Obama brags about in speeches.
        This may explain the huge rise in the numbers of people on food stamps in recent years.

        Attention President Obama:
        “approximately one third of American households can no longer cover the core necessities – food, housing and transportation – with average income.”

        “While the median income had fallen by 13% from 2004 levels over the next decade, expenditures had increased by nearly 14%.

        But nobody was more impacted than the one-third of households which the study defines as “low-income.”

        Pew finds that while all households had less slack in their budgets in 2014 than in 2004, lower-income households went into the red by over $2,300.”

        Charting America’s Descent Into Peasantry
        “Since 1973, wages among men in the 50th percentile have fallen a total 4.6 percent. Wages for men in the 95th percentile, meanwhile, are up 51.4 percent.”

        Boeing to Cut More Than 4,500 Jobs

        Jobless Claims Surge Most In 2 years, “Significant” Jump In Retail, Computer Layoffs
        “With both ISM Manufacturing and Services employment indices collapsing, endless headlines of layoffs.”

        “The last 3 weeks have seen a 9.1% surge in jobless claims.”

      17. “We have forgotten that he who will not answer to the rudder will answer to the rocks” -Mortimer Adler

        “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” -Thomas Jefferson

      18. Can anyone quote the source this info came from…???

      19. ““When the situation was manageable it was neglected, and now that it is thoroughly out of hand we apply too late the remedies which then might have effected a cure. There is nothing new in the story. It is as old as the sibylline books. It falls into that long, dismal catalogue of the fruitlessness of experience and the confirmed unteachability of mankind. Want of foresight, unwillingness to act when action would be simple and effective, lack of clear thinking, confusion of counsel until the emergency comes, until self-preservation strikes its jarring gong–these are the features which constitute the endless repetition of history.” – Winston Churchill, House of Commons, 2 May 1935

      20. A third possibility is that extremists could bomb an existing nuclear facility, such as the Belgian waste plant, spreading highly radioactive material over a wide area.

        Consider the on going event in Fukushima,Japan and how it occurred. Supposed it had be bombed? However, this subject came up after the 2001 terrorist attacks and the report said that most Nuclear power plants might could withstand a direct hit from an aircraft.

        I have real estate land in Atlantis too. Anything man made can be defeated.

        Or hijack a government transport moving radioactive waste.

        There are measures one could take to fortify their homes to limit radiation contamination but most would die from exposure
        from the radiation being spread downwind.

      21. I’m going to bake a big X-Ray proof cupcake around myself and live inside. No one will ever be able to get me inside there.

      22. Relax,

        As far as an actual nuke, no one’s gonna nuke us.

        But a dirty bomb is possible, the best target would probably be one of the worlds major international airports. Strong terror effect coupled with pretty much shutting down an almost irreplaceable essential facility permanently.

      23. Off Topic:

        Supreme Court just ruled 5-3 in favor of 6th Amendment rights of defendants to not have civil asset forfeiture by police without proof or trial. It is a big criminal case; however it will weaken state laws allowing police to stop people and steal money, or confiscate houses, etc. The only article I saw was in the Christian Science Monitor and they didn’t seem to “get” it. I will read the decision and opposition when I have a chance. As it stands, it looks like it will knock down all the civil asset forfeiture laws, which are clearly unconstitutional.

        • Rebecca

          WOW and How-Lay-Loo-Ya, thanks for that. A well liked OFF TOPIC

          Please like that info……….WOW the system might actually work? Who were the authoritarians that voted against?

          Got a link?

      24. This story is running in the mainstream press and I find it suspicious, a distraction, so what’s happening that the powers that shouldn’t be, don’t want us to notice?

        Problems with the story? The only way terrorists will get a nuke is if they steal it, or are given it by a Nation that makes nuclear weapons. Nations like North Korea are closed and jealous, they aren’t giving one up and no one is stealing one from them. Most nations with nukes keep them under wraps and secure. Countries like Pakistan and India are the greatest risk, but without inside help and a ton of luck, terrorists aren’t getting a bomb.

        Say terrorists get a bomb, now they need to make is work. They are complicated and the US has gone out of their way to insure nations with nukes have unhackable trigger systems to the point of supplying sample circuits and specs to nations like India etc. Thus a stolen nuke would likely need to be taken apart, safeties and interlocks disabled, and a new trigger system built and installed. Meanwhile will anyone be looking for the bomb thief?

        Assume terrorists get a bomb, it’s a big world. The bomb would affect only a relatively small area. Once they use it the entire planet would be united against them. Any act of terrorism needs a goal, and a target and action that serves that goal. Palestinians came to understand that terror attacks with high body counts caused Israel to go to war and kick their butts. Lightweight attacks that only injur and maim serve the Palestinian purposes better. A single nuke will not defeat any single significant western nation.

        Why does our government want to spread this fear porn while Fukushima, a real threat, continues to spew more radiation into the environment than any terrorists dirty bomb would?

        This is a good story for SHTFPlan, it breeds great discussions on survival. My two cents, stop buying salt without Iodine. There’s two much radiation being leaked into the world. People need the iodine in their diets to protect them from leaked radioactive iodine. I remember as a child seeing children with severe mental retardation because of insufficient dietary iodine, stupid Americans are avoiding salt with Iodine because they think it’s all natural. They are putting their families at risk.

        The risk of nukes is greatest for a nutty Western government to use one of their own weapons, or assist in a theft of a nuke for use in a false flag attack to justify continued wars of adventure.

        • PTPO: I agree about iodine. Infowars also sells liquid iodine. A bit spendy. I like the Survival Shield X2 mixed with a little juice or seltzer water. I have had no problems tolerating the product and I have tried other forms of Iodine (bladderwrack and iodine in tablet forms) that caused stomach upset and heartburn (severe).

          • Tincture of iodine has been banned in the US, because it contained Mercury. Apparently stupid people were drinking and gargling with it.

            In the US it is replaced by “povidone iodine” that has no mercury. Anyway, it like Tinture of iodine leaves a red stain on your skin. The faster that stain is absorbed the more your body needed the iodine.

            Funny story, ok just funny years later! The wife and I were in a Central American country on vacation, and my wife was cut pretty good in a fall. We took a taxi (yeah they don’t have ambulances or real hospitals) to a local doctor who turned out to be a Cuban refugee who fled because in Cuba doctors are only paid $25 a month. We paid her a half years salary by Cuban standards for one treatment, and got away cheap by US standards! She was married to a former American Texan, who I suspect had a significant legal entanglement in the states. He ran the drug store front, while she was one of three doctors in the region that hated patching US tourists after they got in bar fights. Anyway they sold us “Tinture of Iodine” now illegal in the US. I asked for the best antibacterial agent to combat those nasty untreatable Central American infections, this is what they sold me, the FDA be damned.

            We had a long conversation while she treated my wife, they were nice people, God bless them.

            My wife was well cared for and we got a big time education on life in the rest of the world.

            Americans have no cue wha they are about to lose.

            • Oops I missed my whole point, I as having so much fun!

              Use tincture of iodine or its equivelent and you get a big red stain on your skin. The faster the iodine stain vanishes, the worse your body needed the iodine, because your body will grab up iodine when it’s short in supply. This includes absorbing it from tincture of iodine applied to a wound, i.e. the red stain vanishes.

              If your body needs iodine it will absorb it from all available sources including radioactive fallout from say….. Fukushima!

      25. So here is MY analogy of this W.H. “warning”:

        Parents: “Now children, there are people in front of our house right now that look dangerous and are making threats and hurting and killing people and saying that our house is next – SO – THIS IS WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT. I want us to make sure we leave ALL of our doors and windows open and unlocked all day and all night. I will throw away any weapons or alarm systems we have that could inhibit their free access to our house and those of us inside. AND, AS THE HEADS AND LEADERS OF THIS HOUSE, WE, YOUR PARENTS, WILL MAKE SURE THOSE PEOPLE OUT THERE SEE US LOOKING AS WEAK AND AS NON-PROACTIVE AND AS DEFENSELESS AS MUCH LIKE VICTIMS AS POSSIBLE”.



        Well, I guess that is about how I would compare it, in this little convoluted skit.
        What do I know?….wonder how that skit ends? Maybe someone else can finish it..happy ending?….!

        • Wow. That was a GREAT analogy!!!

      26. CUPCAKE!!

      27. enough said…

        Governments Admit that Much of Modern History Has Been Manipulated By False Flag Attacks

        h ttp://www.washingtonsblog.com/2016/03/governments-admit-much-modern-history-manipulated-false-flag-attacks.html

        John McCain Linked Nonprofit Received Million Dollar Donation From Saudi Arabia

        h ttp://www.washingtonsblog.com/2016/03/john-mccain-linked-nonprofit-received-million-dollar-donation-saudi-arabia.html

        just a taste

        “Former Democratic Sen. Bob Graham, who in 2002 chaired the congressional Joint Inquiry into 9/11, maintains the FBI is covering up a Saudi support cell in Sarasota for the hijackers. He says the al-Hijjis’ “urgent” pre-9/11 exit suggests “someone may have tipped them off” about the coming attacks.

        Graham has been working with a 14-member group in Congress to urge President Obama to declassify 28 pages of the final report of his inquiry which were originally redacted, wholesale, by President George W. Bush.

        “The 28 pages primarily relate to who financed 9/11, and they point a very strong finger at Saudi Arabia as being the principal financier,” he said, adding, “I am speaking of the kingdom,” or government, of Saudi Arabia, not just wealthy individual Saudi donors.

        Sources who have read the censored Saudi section say it cites CIA and FBI case files that directly implicate officials of the Saudi Embassy in Washington and its consulate in Los Angeles in the attacks — which, if true, would make 9/11 not just an act of terrorism, but an act of war by a foreign government.”

        remember the TV series JERICHO?
        multiple nuclear explosions throughout the US
        by whom ???

        there are people in “government”,all governments
        who are just plain mother F_CKING evil
        don’t put anything past them
        they are capable of ANYTHING
        (paranoia off now !!!)

      28. when your leaders let the fing terrorist and ememies into the country what the hell can you expect


        Buy more preps, ammo, more, this or that.. guys I an tapped out.. not Sure what the phuck to do next? Now I am staring to feel the heat of the economic callapse that’s affecting my business and customers directly.

        KEVIN2 TALKS and explains the future we are heading toward?. What if?.

        Kevin2, good posting. Good to see someone educate the masses about “things are looking grim”.. yes indeed..in fact most of us preppers will survive the first 3-4 months rhen only 3% of us survive over the next 5-6 years. Women, good luck, unless you join men preppers and get use to listening to all the whining bitching and complaining, then use it being jumped by 10,000 dred lock. Latino gangs, and Chinese soldiers, UN, etc, then you are totally completely screwed.. women with guns are not good enough with weapons to even fight invading armies..man can by women cannot and this is just a fact of life, so you need to join male prepper groups..Kevin2 is right it’s not looking good at all. Eveyone since the Trump rally BS, my girlfriend believes me now and keeps asking me, wtf are we going to do if callapse commenses.. I tell her that we have to deal with the situation when it hits.. as you can see fellows I am just phucked as the rest if you all. Not sure how much longer this roley love dovy crap will last for us dudes with wife’s and girlfriends will last before the Red dawn event starts. Enjoy yourself while you can.



        • Economic crashes are slow motion long term events. Pace yourself, what’s coming down will take twenty years plus another twenty or more to play out. Longer if the powers that shouldn’t be make bad decisions and avoid reality, or become aggressive theives and killers.

          What’s coming down will likely outlive many of the old timers here, but their preps will be foundational for children and grandchildren. The collapse of Great Britain as the world reserve currency took from the late 1700’s to WW2 when the US dollar took over. Food shortages in Britain continued through the 1950’s. Monty Pythons Flying Circus made songs and jokes about Spam, that kept many alive. It was the preppers food of the last global financial crash.

          There will be times of lawlessness, hunger, economic insolvency, feast, famine, danger, global war. Among those days you will have joy, feasts, triumphs and many happy days. Try to build a life and family and joyous memories in the rubble of what was once called America.

          What’s coming is not going to be an 18 month economic correction or recession.

          Pace yourself, be content with life as it is. Expect long years of boredom and short moments of object terror. If you are well prepped you’ll avoid many of the pitfalls that will befall the ignorant sheeple.

          • i hear spam doesn’t keep as well as it used to. sumthin’ about the newer type cans lose their seal more easily…don’t stack ’em toooo high!

            • BCD: really? Good to know. I don’t eat spam on a daily basis but the next time I am at the commissary I may stock up on a case of it. Just stash it away along with other preps.

              I am also hunting for a good organic bullion. I have seen some that is in a jar and am going to try it. In sixth-grade camp they had us make little emergency kits with a candle, some matches, a plastic garbage bag, bullion cubes, and a chocolate bar. The purpose of the bullion and chocolate was for morale.

              It is also the reason I keep a deck of cards on hand along with board (bored?) games. I always have yarn and crochet cotton and a crochet hook on hand too.

              • kulafarmer can tell us about spam. i hear they use more of it there than all of the other states combined. when shtf, there won’t be any meat available(is spam REALLY meat?) so i have it to mix in with other things to make it more palatable. hawaiians eat rice with spam and veggies in it, like drop in a can of corn or green beans or mixed veggies, and you got a whole meal….don’t forget soy sauce or terriyake. as far as bullion, knorr was on sale a few months ago for the big jar was like 4.99, and you got a free 2lb bag of rice with it. i think i got 20 jars back then….that’s how you got to prep, when you see a good deal, you got to buy a BUNCH of them….don’t forget the water though. that rice is wortless with water to cook it…and wash the pots afterwards.

            • I brought up spam not because it’s good stuff, I mean it smells like dog food for humans, but it is historical. I was astounded to learn how long British food shortages happened in reality, after their currency collapsed.

              In the last global crash, spam saved the lives of millions, but that was 70 years ago. Survival foods have become so much better. Point is, spam saved millions of lives. Children who grew up on it learned to love it! OK, at least some.

              Interesting side note, I have a bit of a huge storm brewing outside right now. Thunder, lightening, 50 mph winds etc. Wondering if the lights will go out, or will I successfully finish my thoughts and hit the send button first? Such will be the coming big storm.

              In retrospect, we have such inexpensive and wonderful survival foods available today, people will wonder why anyone starved in the coming crisis?

              Just got a flyer from one of my favorite long term survival food suppliers. Buyer beware, but there are some good sales.

              OK the storm has turned to hail and screaming lighting, so I’ll hit send!

              • Cool, there’s an inch of hail piled up against my back door right now, and its 43 degrees!
                This storm is cooking!

                • plan, you said “. Expect long years of boredom and short moments of object terror.”…that’s what my friend that flies a helicopter thinks about flying THEM….hours of utter boredom, interrupted by moments of sheer terror.

      30. this “warning” is a setup for a false flag……………..period!

      31. HCKS

        I’m not confidant with the sustainability of the global economy its the when, months, years, a decade that is difficult to determine. WWIII is doubtful as the players understand the incredible damage to the civilized world with an outcome of all losers, no winners. I have said if it happens, “Schools Out”. I think WWIII is highly unlikely. Terrorist nuke? If it was a concern the borders would be heavy guarded as TPTB could not guarantee that they themselves would not be casualties. Taking the above off the table your left with a false flag scenario. Certainly that is not unprecedented in history but rather the norm. Major wars have been kick started using False Flags that have resulted in millions of deaths. Whoever “they” are, they’re not above it. This being theorized its only logical that if their goals (figure out what they are) can be accomplished without such a destructive action certainly all the better for them.

        “Can’t say yep, can’t say nope, just say, maybe”.

      32. One thing you can be sure of is that when the nuke events you folks talk about occurs most that die will be commies cause commies are everywhere.

      33. Hello from Colombia!

        Wow, you Americans are so dense, you worry about Pakistani Nukes when you should be worried about French Nukes

        Why? Well, the French Armed Forces are having quite the problem with Jihadists on their ranks now… and if some of them manage to get one or two French Nukes… Someone up there commented on “unhackable” codes, but what happens when the people that steal the bomb have the detonation mechanism or can use it? I know, the codes are usually kept at the highest echelons of Government, but still, if one day the crew of a Nuclear-Armed French vessel or airplane decides to go Jihadist…

      34. Our american freinds are sending not just NATO but more forces to the Russian border and Russia is not taking it laying down and who can blame them as the armys race re-starts.

        Most people in Europe want our US military occupation force out of Europe because they are nothing but trouble and are out to make more trouble in our back-yard.

        Yes things could well go hot but it’s the banker puppets from the USA/Israel that are to blame that have control since of the USA long before they did a 9/11

      35. Consider that Aubrey Thomason, the only other woman in the war room when we saw Hillary and Obama gripped in suspense when Osama was “killed”. The rumor is… her thesis was titled “The Apocalypse Equation”. It was based on the knowledge the world wide house of cards was going to fall, so would it not be wise to have a mutually agreed upon nuclear exchange, one that allowed the US, Russia, China to divest themselves of their problem cities (and ethnic groups), say killing off up to ninety percent of the worlds population. A number that is often discussed, to save the planet of course.

        Do you comprehend what it means when Obama tells Medved to tell Putin, when I”m reelected I will finish the job…………….. do you understand? Nothing happens by chance. As the Bible states clearly, when the city on the hill is burning, the merchants, far out at sea, are wondering who will buy their goods now……………….

        Yup, better plan on nuclear. The good news, as Shane states, the prepared may survive.

      36. Government better watch out for these cargo ships that dock in our harbors or near our country idling

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