White House Prepares for EMP That Would “Wipe Out Power, Render Cellphones and Internet Useless”

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Headline News | 115 comments

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    Every prepper knows about the possibility – even eventuality – of an EMP attack, and most have taken some basic precautions.

    Washington and the powers that be know about the threat of an EMP, too, of course, which could come from a powerful solar flare or more dramatically from a foreign enemy.

    Nearly everyone admits that such an event would take out the grid, and leave the mass population without power, food, water and other essential services, triggering riots, chaos and mass death within days and weeks.

    A number of people in Congress, Homeland Security, the Pentagon and now the White House are strategizing for the big one, and war gaming out how to protect their critical infrastructure, and perhaps salvage mainstream society as well.

    The Daily Mail reports:

    The U.S. government are preparing for a catastrophic solar flare which could wipe out power across the world for months.


    The massive electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from solar flares could wipe out power grids, bringing an end to modern civilization as we know it as cellphones, credit cards and the internet were rendered useless.

    In the U.S, alone researchers estimate the cost on the fragile economy would be up to $2.6 trillion, according to a 2008 National Academy of Sciences study.

    The report warned that power outages after an extreme solar storm could last months or even longer if it wiped out the transformers.

    A catastrophic solar storm came terrifyingly close in 2012… With scientists predicting a 12 per cent chance that one could hit by 2022, the White House is preparing a contingency plan.

    Perhaps the real reason the White House is preparing is to guard against the growing tensions with Russia and China, both of whom have been testing some new EMP weapons and other sophisticated gadgets. Any nation or terrorist group with a nuke could potentially also set off an EMP.

    Then again, it could be the equally threatening potential for a massive and “catastrophic” solar flare to render electromagnetic pulse damage.

    Solar flares are shown in the video below:

    They know something is coming… and so do you. Are you as ready as you could be?

    Read more:

    Congressman Urges Protection for Power Grid: EMP Attack “Could Bring Our Civilization to a Cold, Dark Halt”

    Military Readies Mountain Fortress to “Shield Against EMP Attack”

    Well-Connected Insiders Plead for Action: “An EMP Could Change the Course of Global Civilization By 2030″

    Homeland Security Idle on 2008 EMP Threat: “Gov’t Dysfunction Preventing … Protecting Ourselves”

    ‘Mature’ EMP Weapon Ready for War: “Render Enemy’s Electronics, Data Systems Useless”


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      1. If someone here made transformers here, they would rake in the cash.

        Be well all…

        • Eppe, I have a complete set of transformers in my basement. I have Optimus Prime and the whole team of Autobots. And to think that my old girlfriend wanted to throw them out!

          • Well done, sir. You’ve got me beat, I’ll have to settle for my old VHS copy of “Transformers – The Movie”.

          • Not pig $hit, energy !

          • Mate…it takes a while to make a high voltage transformer. Even if they were manufactured locally it would be months before they were delivered. They only way to avoid some of the issues is to take down the grid…okay for a solar flare as you would get plenty of notice. EMP attack no notice. For that you would need to have a strategic reserve of transformers.

          • During ‘Operation Desert Storm’ there was an American soldier who had legally changed his name to Optimus Prime. AKA Never Been Laid.

          • Well done, you got rid of the girlfriend and kept the transformers. A wise man making excellent choices.

        • If someone here had the funds to stockpile solar cells by the hundreds of thousands, and 12 volt batteries with controllers, they could play king for a while, as long as they had big enough armies to protect it all.

          Wouldn’t a solar storm even the playing field for a long time, if it took out all the grids around the world?

          It very well could be in God’s plan to bring a wicked world to it’s knees.

          I read an article somewhere a while back that was written by a scientist, that said certain solar flares with the right intensity, etc., etc.; would hit the earths magnetic field and cause immediate ice sheets, and enormous hail stones, if the jet streams caught them just right.

          The results would be 50 to 200 lb. blocks of ice crashing to earth.

          Voila’, it seems that has been already prophesied to happen by our Creator’s end time judgments. Hummm? Got divine protections in place? We do.

          • PWTW, it burns me that the WH would prepare for an EMP when the feds have known about the threat of EMP since the 90s and not done a damn thing about it. All that money spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan should have been spent on upgrading and protecting the grid and then everyone could sleep better at night. Maybe the country needs to go back to the 1800s to get it straightened out. My prepping over the past few years has been geared primarily toward that. I’m going to a BOL that already has a complete solar system with batteries as backup power but can instantly become primary power once the grid is lost. Flojak hand pump on the well for backup. woodstove for backup heat and a lifetime supply of firewood. already has several cords of firewood stacked. 90% of my supplies are already there. I can have the truck loaded in just a matter of minutes and be on my merry way on the BUGOUT trip.

            • Brave..

              Salute sir!

              I hope / pray to a merciful GOD, that he warns you “when” to hustle-up & clear your present location!

              Worked in Memphis last week (2 days)..troubling-shooting control problem / possible software-glitch, the O.E.M. boys couldn’t find.

              ..yeah, system hardware was considered “OBSOLETE”…t’was hardware in the end, (a fiber-optic to digital interface module). Problem salvaged / corrected via new-style DB-9 / F.O. adapter.

              Stayed in a pricey hotel, just off the water (sorry, only clue I’ll give)…that said:

              …from here on out (per Memphis jobs)..my rates goes to $250/hr. ..which should eliminate me, as a viable source for outside help.

              ..hate to say it, but….Memphis is a honest-to-goodness “SHIT-HOLE”..


              Just so you know, bro..have asked-mentioned “BRAVEHEART” in off-hand conversations @ the guard-stations / gates of the few places I service there..(done in a low-key professional manner, mind you)..whilst awaiting for my creds to be confirmed by engineering/maintenance honchos..

              ..dunno if I’ll be back there-abouts…ditto, have just instituted the same high charges…for Atlanta & Richmond.

              ..as demographics IMO, carries a price.


              I sincerely hope you make it, pal. Good luck!!!!!!!!

              • Hunter, good to hear from you. so you were in my area? No one knows better than I do about Memphis being a shithole. I just recently had another trip to the BOL last week and came back this past sunday. As far as my online sessions go, no one else in the city is aware of them [OPSEC]. On the hotel, yeah there’s too many overpriced hotels in this dive called a city. I’ve got another trip to the BOL scheduled for the Christmas holidays but could be going back before then if the circumstances are right. Memphis is destined to be destroyed one way or another. If the free shit army doesn’t burn it down first, then New Madrid will take it out. I’ll be back in north GA before either one happens. take care.

                • Braveheart,

                  Re: complete solar system

                  Be sure they have extra solar cells stocked. Bad weather such as hail, ice, or tornados can destroy the solar cells.

                  When the tornado hit our area a couple years ago, it destroyed 1/2 of the solar cells in mere minutes.

                  The older people said it was the first time that a tornado hit this mountainous area.

                  • KY Mom, they all bought extra cells during the summer and have them stored in outbuildings on their properties. They even have backups for backups.

                    • Good! 🙂

                  • Just a thought, if nuke plants run off of electricity how long before they melt down ?

            • Glad to hear it, Braveheart. Just wish we were closer. Nothing like having like minded brothers in Christ as SHTF neighbors.
              Was close to relocating to North Jawja, a few years ago, with the wifes promotion to her Hme office in Alpharetta.

              Already had made plans to have a connector b/o in Cherokee, near cuz, as a backup plan if shit got too deep in the Peach st.

              Things changed after the accident, so we are still in another part of God’s country in the high Applachian Mtns., several hundred miles from there.

            • 1990s? – try the 1940s …. they blew out early days Las Vegas during one of the post war nuk tests – that’s when the first EMP nuk weapons was born ….

            • Braveheart1886 says:
              I can have the truck loaded in just a matter of minutes and be on my merry way on the BUGOUT trip.

              Because an EMP strike will immediately fry all the electronics on ALL the cars on all the roads nationwide,
              making the roads impassable. Trying to get out and push
              all the cars and trucks off the road to get to your bugout site would be impossible because, if you had an old car without computer chips that still ran, others would attack you each time you got out to move a car off the road. For this reason NOBODY will be able to drive to their bugout location. Maybe have a motorcycle that is in a faraday shield or old one without computer chips to drive around all the stalled cars and trucks, but people would try to knock you off the motorcycle and take it from you so THEY could get home to their family.
              Remember, in this drastic of emergency a normally law abiding man will kill to get home to protect his family and to get food and water for them. The Flojak Earthstraw hand activated well pump is a GOOD idea if you already have a waterwell on your property. Good luck preppers, but forget driving anywhere due to stalled cars and trucks on EVERY ROADWAY !!!

              • JR, I appreciate your concern, but I do pay very close attention to events, and I know it’s possible I may have to bugout early. At the first hint of REAL trouble, I will be out of here. As long as I make it to the BOL before anything happens, I’ve got it made.

            • Dude, it’s an EMP, your truck won’t get you there! It won’t run unless pre-1979. What is your Plan B? How far way are all your wonderful resources? Can you get there before a squatter takes it over and consumes your preps?

          • passinthewind,

            Don’t forget that solar cells and solar charge controllers are or contain semiconductors; thus, they are vulnerable to the same EMP effects that would cause the theoretical situation being discussed here. If you or anyone does invest in same – please remember to safeguard them via Faraday or other pulse reduction caging.

            Alternative solution – tubes. The old fashioned vacuum tube. Actually not all that difficult to fabricate.

            • Yep, I’m sure anyone with enough funds to accomplish such a task would have that issue covered from the get go.

              As for me, I have my AGM’s (the ones that can be charged indoors without releasing toxic gases), protected as well as controllers and such. Backup panels still in cartons, inside protective area.

              After that we have a backup plan, to a backup plan. Any deeper than that, it is gonna involve a lot more walking and carrying, if the Horse kicks the bucket.
              The Lord helps them that helps themselves, as best as they can.

            • Yep, the vacuum tube would work, except for a little drawback. How would one generate enough power for the little critters to light up? Gas powered generators would work if they are of the older variety. But, then again, how would one find the gas, pump it out if the tanks that are underground, get it to the generator, etc.etc. A wise old Greek named Solon said that when civilizations are destroyed, the survivors would have to start over, as infants. There would be no more high technology, it would cease to exist and be forgotten, again.

              • It doesn’t take that much power for small tubes, such as those in old car radios. They ran on battery power fine and would run on solar also.

                You also don’t have to use a gas generator. You can run a steam generator using wood for fuel.

                As Archivist, I have a huge collection of books that can be used to recreate any technology needed, from basic geology, mining, and metal refining, on up to electronics. I have books on farming and all other occupations from the old days with ones covering all the advancements since then.

                I have been collecting information compulsively since about 1960. The first information I collected was a population chart from a Weekly Reader in school. I still have that scrap of paper in my collection.

                Many things we use today have a lower technology precursor that we can go back to. Just as an example, you can make an AM/shortwave radio using some wire, a razor blade, a safety pin, and earphones. The parts are EMP-proof, so you can build the radio later. You can find the instructions online and print them out. I built one when I was about 10 or 12, so anyone else can do it too.

                Just think outside the box and buy some of the hardware now while it’s available. I would stock up on wire, nails, screws, nuts, bolts, pins, needles, and other things that are very difficult to make for yourself.

                I have a windup radio, and windup laptops were introduced 10 years ago. So when Dr. Demento says “Wind up your radios,” I can actually do it.

                In Solon’s day, most detailed information about the technology of the day was trade secret and not written or distributed widely. Today, almost everything known is in a book somewhere or on a webpage. So start buying books and searching for info on the internet to print out.

        • Bingo Eppe….. why the hell the govt. isn’t stock piling transformers is beyond me.

          • Jim in Va.

            Not cost efficient.
            Have to pay storage fees.
            We operate by just in time economics.
            EPA Restrictions.
            Very bulky and take up too much parking space.
            They scare people cause the look like the Dr. Who Aliens that want to exterminate.
            Not In My Backyard, opposition.

          • Because they are huge, custom-made, one-off transformers completely unlike the large standard transformers you assume they are, that cost millions that may well not be viable after sitting around for years waiting for an emp. That’s why.

            • Marcus

              Why can’t we manufacture them here in the USA if there is a security or replacement problem.

              We have been talking about this for years and they have not even broke ground to manufacture them.

              This country has a bad case of the DUMB ASS!

              • Mainly, return on investment. Unless there’s money to be made, most of the utilities don’t care. Same thinking has our high speed optical fiber telecommunications backbone terminating into 40 year old twisted pair in a 60 year old 10-100 box in the last mile to the customer site because ma bell is to fking cheap to replace it.

                To be fair, multimillion dollar spare parts that require their own maintenance and may never be used is going to be shunned by any industry. Not saying it’s right, just saying that’s how it is. In December a group of us will be at the DuPont gig beating private industry over the head about infrastructure and the emp issue, no fear.

                And yeah you touched on the other issue: we have everything made in China.

                Totally agree on your last point.

                • Marcus, DING DING DING DING. WE HAVE A WINNER. One more reason is that this is all done by design. Taking down the grid is part of the plan to take down the good ole USA.

      2. How will I get my Presidential Emergency Alert Message without power? I wont be able to watch him on TV either?!!! HELP!!!

      3. The Sun is powered by the same source of energy that destroyed Hiroshima, as my research mentor realized while standing in the ruins of Hiroshima in August 1945:


        For the next seventy years (1945-2015), that fact was hidden from the public: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/280133563_Solar_Energy

        • Sorry O M- your mentor was incorrect.
          The nukes we dropped were Fision weapons, meaning atoms split. Hydrogen bombs on the other hand are like the sun, fusion (sounds similar but opposite in nature. Fusion “fuses” or binds atoms (nuculie) together making them larger and more dense, not smaller.
          It sounds very poetic- but it’s still wrong. Just say’n.

          • Walter, the core of the Sun and the core of the uranium atoms that destroyed Hiroshima are composed of neutrons, energized by neutron repulsion.

      4. Think of where humanity could be now if Tesla inventions took hold using the earth’s electromagnet forces…

        All be well…

        • That is one of several reasons why “they” offed him.

          Can’t make money or regulate something that is FREE.
          That is just bad business for Government.

          “Slaves in America can not have FREE ENERGY.
          You pay us, what we think you should owe us and be happy about it.

          With much love & appreciation,
          signed: -US OLIGARCHY”

          • “They” didn’t off him. He died after fighting and sacrificing his health, personal fortune, and well being for decades against Edison electric to prove AC power was a viable idea. Then Edison co. Stole the idea.

            • BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              …rest in peace “Mr. Tesla”.

              ..God willing, someday I intend to attempt, to duplicate your zinc & copper plates (& pea-gravel substrate) along a lay-line.

              ..after I figure out the winding ratio, per primary vs. secondary of the necessary transformer..(deep sigh)

        • Please post a link to Tesla’s ideas.

        • Where we’d be?

          Nowhere, we’d all died off from electromagnetic radiation and sterility by now.

          Of course, if you don’t believe me I suppose you could always go stick your head in a microwave for a while and test it out.

          • Or you could stick your head in a bucket of water and prove that water is bad for you.

            • Except Tesla didn’t advocate limited water power, he advocated broad scale electromagnetic radiation transmission of power which is what microwaves are.

              That is what is in question.

      5. In reference to WWIII; this one will be mainly bombs and missiles (very few if any nukes, mainly HE and Bio will be used) here in the U.S.A. The only invasion force to touch boots on the ground here will be mop up forces. Everything here on the surface will be more than likely destroyed and the vast majority of the population dead. all IMHO.

        • Look up neutron bombs . That’s the plan?

          • The money for all this country saving EMP defense will come from where exactly. The main reason the government hasn’t acted on their knowledge of EMP effects before now was the cost. That was when we had alittle money, now we are the brokest nation in history. This is pure PR folks, it isn’t happening there isn’t money to do it. Bend over and wait for it!!

      6. Forstchen’s One Year After is a great read with misery on every page. I understand he is working on a third novel in the same vein. Of course, his premise is nuke attack which creates the EMP, not a vomiting Sun.

      7. That just means that they are threatening the American people indirectly to let us know what they are planning to do. That’s what Gusifer, the romanian hacked discovered when he hacked the emails of the elite and cabal and found our that this event was planned for November of 2015. The temperature is perfect for the UN troops that are accustomed to cooler climates.. they prefer the cold, while we can operate in the heat.. like the MAZDA states they plan completing the shooting, killings and massacres to be completed in a 3 month time frame.. so prep a d get ready.. perhaps exposing that plan will pu then on notice that we are aware of this event.. so I expect them to tell us that a solar flare is coming to wipe out the grid, when in fact it’s and EMP that is being planned by their allies, the chinese…my scientist friend told me that the EMP will not affect your body or organs only if you are in ground zero of the event. Also be wanted me to let your know that it only stops your car if it’s running. So if you are hit by and EMP and the car is off, the car should start afterward..He said that we are going to have a really bad, bad situation coming up and he was told this again recently by his inside source, that is friends eighth Quayle, and hagmannandhagmann.com Doug hagmann…you guys need to out another order in for more supplies. This is a heads up. I am kit certain if the rat bastards will get to come the crime, but if they succeed at it and we are caught off guard, a lot of us on this site, may not survive, me included..i am nothing special am in the same boat like everyone here.. we are all at risk.. however I will exercise all severity if I have to survive.



        • yeah your just slightly off your rocker.

        • wack job this is your master. Stop threating people i told you nothing is wrong except in your head. Call me for your new prescription so you can get back on treatment. How is yours and Acids son, agency ass clown doing? Please call me soon for your meds. Don’t worry we will get you back on track.

      8. Have backup for everything and backups for backups.

      9. HCKS, yes we’re all in the same boat no matter how we look at each other. I will do anything I consider necessary in order to survive. In any post-SHTF scenario, don’t worry about whether anything you do for survival is legal. We’ll be in a WROL [without rule of law] situation. all the rules will go out the window. Cops will be at home looking after their own families. If you get into a situation where you have to shoot a dredlock, raghead, etc. that’s threatening you, just do what you have to and move on. Don’t hesitate; that’s guaranteed to get you killed. All hell will break loose. It will be ‘no holds barred’ and ‘anything goes’. There will only be one ‘rule of engagement’ to follow; KILL OR BE KILLED. Take care.

        • BH1776


          • Slingshot, I thought it was time for a change. Since 1776 was the year we declared our independence, the new name had a nice ring to it, so…..

      10. What is the big deal about living without electricity, as far as our personal lives go? Our ancestors did it, why can’t we? If you take foreign invasion out of the equation, wouldn’t life really be better w/o the juice. How hard is it to dig a well by hand, wash clothes in a bucket, go to bed at dark instead of watching tv, or maybe have a real conversation for the first time in your life. Furthermore, who gives a tinker’s damn about the economy? Are any of you going to lose sleep over a government employee not getting paid? Are you going to fret over the ugimmes not getting their ebt car replenished, or their kids not getting free lunches. If all of you would just settle down and think, then you would realize we have a lot to gain and nothing to lose by not having electricity. Give it some thought.

        • taxdn2poverty

          Electronic addition will be hard to overcome by many.
          I can imagine many being scare because they are now sitting in the dark.
          I hope some of you went to Wally World and got your discounts on chemical light sticks. Check your battery count for flash lights. Don’t forget bulbs. Bic Lighters and ZIPPO’s.
          A CAUTION on storing Lamp Oil. The containers become brittle over time. When you go to squeeze them to pick the up they might break. Then you may have a fire hazard on your hands. Lighter fluid and Butane can be stored easily.

          Learn to drink warm beer. Arrgggghhhhh.

          • Years ago, Prell shampoo changed their bottle from a simple one with a screw cap to the current squeeze bottle. I liked the old bottle a lot, so I would buy new shampoo and put it into the old bottle. One day, I dropped the old plastic shampoo bottle on the bathroom floor. Have you ever tried cleaning up a whole bottle of Prell shampoo from the floor?

            So, yes, plastic bottles get brittle with age. So don’t keep anything in plastic. Transfer things to glass or metal containers.

            Also, look up zeer pot. It’s an Arabic invention for evaporative cooling.

        • taxd

          Whats the big deal? Well I would probably start with the fact that back then there was not 350+million of them back then. They also were not the drug and tech addicted hyper allergenic dick bags that we are today. I totally understand and agree with your point about that way of life and the quality of that life actually being better. But I think you and I both know that getting there would be no walk in the park for anybody. If it ever did happen on such a mass scale, I think forstchen’s novel would actually be a best case scenario

        • No electricity means no canned goods, no medical treatment, no manufacturing of any nature beyond blacksmith level, no communication, no transportation beyond your feet.

          You’ll be dead in weeks, as soon as your food runs out in the winter.

      11. I would not put it passed the Obama Entity and his Marxists pals to pop a nuke over the North American continent, tell us it was a solar flare and declare martial law till thing got back to normal, so that the entity know as Obama could rule by decree and for life.

      12. It’s a distraction. The Sun is entering a long period of quiet. A solar EMP is highly unlikely.

        The grid however should be designed to be EMP proof, but since is a utility it’s highly regulated already, and they can create all needed regulation without all this discussion, and BS.

        Most of the phone system and Internet is fiber optics which are immune to EMP.

        We are all at a much greater risk of the global debt bubble that’s a black swan or two from total collapse.

        • Fiber optics are run by light. Light is generated with electrical power. Phones and internet are goin’ down lol

          • Anything with a silicon chip in it that is not ‘hardened’ has the potential to be fried.

          • The reason the power grid is vulnerable to a solar EMP is, its long runs of cable act as receiving antenna that collect and deliver massive induced electrical spikes to system transformers. The spikes are so powerful they can pass all the way through the system to consumer appliances. These spikes can fry electronics that aren’t even turned on. The rise time of the spikes is fast enough that fuses and breakers can’t react fast enough to protect appliances.

            The phone system and Internet cabling is glass fibers that are non electrically conductive and are immune to magnetic fields. There is a weak spot though, light only goes so far down fiber before losses make the signal unreadable, so there are amplifiers every so many miles that boost the signal. It depends on electricity and the electronics could be vulnerable to spikes.

            The phone system and Internet were designed to be nuclear EMP resistant for decades, but the most modern installations may actually be the most sensitive, while the older installations that use 1960’s technology may be more robust.

        • Everything around here is copper wire. My phone line is copper wire all the way to the central office.

          A while back my phone quit. The repairman said he found the loose wire in a junction box almost a mile down the road.

          All of that will be useless and practically unrepairable after an EMP.

      13. Our window of opertunity? Can’t wait . Let get the party started.

      14. braveheart , There will only be one ‘rule of engagement’ to follow; KILL OR BE KILLED. Take care.


        SSG USMC 1966-72

      15. attacks are possible the sheep have been brainwashed to believe we will never be attacked by an invading force. 911 happened people wake up. Terrorists are gov financed mercenaries for a regime and they use fear and terror to psychologically destroy your will to fight and employ guerrilla warfare tactics. We are at war just because Obummer says we aren’t is just political nonsense to keep the brain dead zombies voting democrat.

      16. the only thing the government is preparing for is continuation of government.

      17. Why don’t you turn down the stupid music so we can hear what you are trying to teach us in the video?

      18. I read in more than one place that Poppy Bush the 1st president of that villainous clan worked for Tesla as a helper when young. He was regarded as a meddler nosing into Tesla’s work. Spy at an early age and somebody voted him into office. Can the Bush dynasty be finally over? Stick a fork in it! Jeb! you flat out suck! Nobody believes a word you say. Clinton deserves the same disgust or worse she should be serving life penalties. This can’t be serious.

        • Aljamo, all the Bushes and Clintons should be pushing up daisies.

        • Jeb is the Billy Carter of the Bush family.

          • yea, and at least billy has a legacy for producing cheap beer.

            nerdy bush has nothing but maybe more gov involvement of children’s education, that doesn’t sell any better than the Billy Beer did.

            • PWTW, you brought back a bad memory for me on billy beer. I tried it one time and immediately spit it out. Worst-tasting excuse for beer I ever came across.

              • you are right, it was nasty, but…it was cheap.

                i think the only cheaper stuff was Neer Beer, remember that.

                I owned a convenience store when it came out, and stocked it in one of my outside soda pop vending machines. On weekends, the underage boys, and some girls, would clean it out. They were a few years away from being able to legally buy beer, so they drank it instead. My trash cans outside were full of empty cans on Sunday.

                I actually drank it from time to time because I liked the taste of beer, but never drank while working. The Neer Beer had a better taste than O’Douls, and was about a third of the cost.

                One guy said he drank about 15 of the Neer Beer in a couple hours and actually caught a buzz. It was supposed to contain .5 % alcohol by volume, compared to an average of 5.0 % in regular beer.

                I guess the guy got a good kidney flushing, if nothing else.

              • I was working in a convenience store when Billy Beer came out. The dealer put one case in the cooler. We never sold a single can. It was finally disposed of. I probably should have bought it as a collector item that might sell now on Ebay.

      19. We are all screwed myself and many others were bringing up consernes about a EMP event 10 years ago and now our almighty gov. Sees it as a issue ??

      20. Considering that we have all but passed through the peak of the current solar cycle that has been very quiet indeed and that we are now headed towards solar minimum,the claims by the government that a solar flare would be the cause is as inane as their B.S. about climate change (the latter which is, of course, COMPLETE B.S.).

        As for mobile phones, well yes, society has become a bit addicted to them. Having said that, just tonight, I drove to the store. Given the number of distracted drivers that are WORSE than drunk drivers, given the people who turn into zombies as they stop in the entrances of buildings and stores, as well as in the middle of aisles staring at their phones as deer in the headlights and ESPECIALLY those who bellow at a very loud volume as they speak on their phones about their personal lives and the size 84 underwear they just bought, well, maybe an EMP JUST MIGHT be a good thing.

        • That bellowing is a medical condition known as Cell Yell.

          • Who would name their baby Conni, with the last name Lingus?

            Oh, wait a sec… the same person that named her baby Shi-thead.

            The shi-thead then named her two babies O-rangejello, and Le-monjello, after orange jello and lemon jello. True story from Winston Salem NC. you can guess the race.

            • Yeah, we all better start blaming everybody who isn’t white for the downfall of civilization or God may not let us into Heaven, right? Yeah, they’re stupid sometimes but so are the white trash Appalachian hillbillies who can’t get past 6th grade shitting in outhouses and getting their clothes from Goodwill. And YOU are the guy people should follow for the word of God? You’re a fucking idiot, that’s all.

              • Pissininhispants, f$&@ you. Watch your stupid mouth about white people and the Appalachians. I have family in the Appalachians and I ‘ll take them any day over the shit that’s in the cities.

            • Those seem to be very common names. Orangejello, Lemonjello, and Shithead were actual children in one school in northeastern NC. There was also Oatmeal Raisin and Female (“fuh molly”).

              This similar to what happened 100 years ago, when black people named their children General, Prince, Major, etc. so that white people would have to address them with a title of respect or else use their last names.

              • That’s too good, Archivist.

                In a recent search for some ancestry info on extended family from marriages, I came across some very interesting info that is quite astonishing, and makes inquiring minds stop and think…why?

                One relative, via marriage, in the mid 1800’s made a legal will. My great x 4 grandfather married into the family. I actually just lucked onto the will when i saw my great x 4 grandmother’s name pop up.

                There were four other children, besides her that were left $1.00 after the estate was to be settled. What was surprising was the fact that he was a big farmer that had a slave family on the property of 170 acres, and grew lots of corn and other grains. Also, the five other children were to be given either a set amount of money from profits of that years crops, or those yet to be harvested and sold. So ten children were to be handed down small amounts of cash, and the farm, all the way down to chickens and the biddies, were not given to them.

                Funny thing was the mule that was also described as a “mule beast named Dick”. Too funny.

                The head negro slave was left everything beginning with the 170 acres of land, down to counted chicken biddies at the time.

                Even stranger than that was a story of a man that was a father-in-law, of one of the great grand daughters of this particular man. She lived in Arkansas, and her husbands grandfather was known far and wide due to his size. He was a giant of a man.
                An old newspaper article explained that he was 7 ft. 6 inches tall, and three, 200 lb. men could fit inside his coat.

                This a piece of that article…..” he towered , 7 feet 6 inches . his remarkable size was mostly in his girth.
                his coat would easily go around three 200 lb. men and , buttoned. … darden weighed more than 1,000 lbs
                his traditional breakfast consisted of , 40 biscuits , a pound of butter , 2 1/2 lbs of bacon , and 18 eggs ,
                washed down with 3 quarts of coffee… the collosus was active and able to work until he was 55. he married twice
                and had several children . none of his children attained his gigantic proportions. during the last 2 years of his life, darden was hauled about in a two-horse wagon. he died in 1857 henderson co. TN.”

                This kind of helps explain why the giants of Noahs time, ate everything coming and going, and screwed whomever they pleased.
                The average size of those giants has been reported to be 12 feet tall, with some over twenty five feet, with double rows of teeth in some of their jaws.

                No wonder the Israelites, on their way to the promise land, came upon them and said they felt like grasshoppers in the sight of these giant/gebbor, men.

                • You might want to check deeds for that property. Many times back in those days, a landowner would deed property to adult children rather than will it to them years later.

              • Then there is the woman who complained to her child’s teacher about the teacher calling her child “Leah”.

                The child’s name was spelled “Le-a”.

                The mother haughtily informed the teacher that it was pronounced Le “dash” a.

            • The same person who would name a kid Fella-Tio.

      21. 7.62 39..you only talk like that because you have not me in person. I promise you that if you are unarmed and you threatened me, you will pay a heavy price with your life. Got that Ak47 ain’t you..A Muslims favourite weapon..You come and f…k with a white boy like me, I will end you, your hear me you little sh…t.

        It’s now obvious that you are a Muslim..your kind is not welcome in my area. Why don’t you just use you fusion center data, go ahead set me up, come to my office or home and try arrest me.. walk in my office Muslim, I dear you to do it.. come to my house, beat down my door..your some kind of tough guy eh.like my martial artist instructor tells me..your know your good when you van block one of my punches or kicks. And I have been blocking then, and when I fail I get hit hard very hard and he has injured me accidently several times.. i don’t worry about gay fusion center employee pussies like you. You are.. nothing but mouth, so f…k off you faggot..go suck your lovers cock.



        • How some of your self aggrandizing ramblings make it through moderation is beyond understanding.

          • HE is the moderator!

          • Anon,

            He’s just the village idiot. Nobody takes him seriously, he’s only here for comic relief.

        • HCKS is a PAID TROLL TO KEEP EVERYONE COMING HERE GUYS. He works for Mac. I figured this out long ago. Thats why i left here. That guy HCKS is a nut case and why all of you listen or put up with him i can’t figure out. ALSO Mac IS PART OWNER OF THE DAILY SHEEPLE….so wake up people you all been had by this BS crap. Do some research guys.

      22. Cant happen soon enough,
        Lets go already

      23. Strikes me that it is another scare tactic to justify putting in more controls over the Internet, power grid and other key systems.

      24. several months ago I began searching train derailments, sink holes, gas explosions, why billionaires have bought up land in Africa, water rights all over the world etc.. I must of hit a sore spot as the “comm center” began showing up on my iPhone, our home was broken into, my money manager and others were getting calls from a voice that sounded like me, my friends vehicle was killed ( I told him to remove the battery from his cell phone and yes his car started ) point I’m making..if the grid is taken down UNPLUG your t.v., computer, telephones, and throw your cell phone out! You will be tracked if you do not..they will be able to watch and hear everyone and yes even if the grids are down. TELL everyone you know this..it could save their life!

        • George, on the cellphones, you get tracked through the phone’s GPS VIA SATELLITE. If the GPS satellites are disabled, then any and all tracking automatically stops. If your phone is fried by an EMP, once again no worries about tracking.

      25. No, No , No i won’t hear a word of this that the sun might take out our power systems or China or Russia.

        You have got it all wrong, it’s Iran thats got these EMPs bombs because CNN news told me so and they are buying up shares in internet service providers because once a EMP goes off then the internet will need re-building and it will cost $1 per K to use the new network.


        Just think kids will be jumping from high building because the x-box does not work but maybe they will be lucky and land on some of the CCTV’s on the way down that are all over the place.

        We must bomb Iran before they take us back to the 1980’s were most working people could aford to buy a home and we all had jobs and spoke to people in the streets and could throw parties without getting arrested.

      26. There is a company outside of Milwaukee, SPX, that makes said transformers. They are as big as a house. Two stories tall and take two years to make. They make around three at a time and that’s it. The other makers are foreign companies.

      27. What the hell are they waiting for, the psychopathic criminal monsters controlling the fascist collapsing shithole of America might as well go ahead and set off the EMP or whatever they have planned for their FINAL SOLUTION, because the brain dead dumbed down chemically altered coward pussy Zombie boot licking filth of America are as insane as you get and the boot licking Zombie filth are never going to wake up to the Orwellian Fascist Police State horror they are living under.

      28. Thank you for sharing that George. Clyde Lewis’s main website got Hacked and Shut Down by a (probably ) Alphabet agency. Clyde m ow is using a back up website to get the word out. Apparently, Clyde touched on some topics that ticked off somebody, somewhere. No matter, many of the mundane masses are waking up.

      29. Guys i have to admit and i knew you all knew i was full of shit. I am a lying crazy bastard. I can’t spell or even think properly most of the time. The only one that listens to all this shit and believes it is BraveHeart. So listen i been screwing with you all for a long time and it was fun while it lasted. Mac, i just can’t do this any more. You need to write better articles and then people might come back and read them. You have pulled at straws too long and your site has gone down the tubes. HCKS, does not exist i am a fictional character who spells things wrong to be believable to get you to read this gloom and doom made up crap. Guys do some research this place is just fear mongering and nothing more so Mac, Dave Hodges,Micheal Snyder, haggmans can all make easy money because they are lazy and have no skills in life. HAve a great weekend and again….don’t fall for any of these ass clowns any more.


        • HCKS, I have to stand up for Mac and the integrity of this website. Mac usually brings us good articles. While there have been some articles on occasion that I was skeptical of, I’ve always believed that Mac does his best. I still love this site and won’t leave it for anything in the world. I always knew something was fishy about your posts and just played along. You did give some good entertainment, I’ll give you that. Good luck.

        • HCKS you are sick dude. Why don’t you play your mind games somewhere else or better yet, FUCK OFF AND DIE!!

        • HCKS:

          I never read long rambling bullshit like you put out but I have learned from people who post here. Most of the time, I just enjoy the banter and don’t take anyone’s input seriously, especially the articles. But once in a while I learn from them too. I didn’t know if you were insane or just an ass. Have a good life. I’m glad you aren’t going to post as HiCKS, but you will probably return as a know-it-all, I’m so smart I tricked you gullible fools, my shit doesn’t stink, but I’m really not that smart and fooled few if any, but who cares; certainly not me-you-anybody.

      30. “Are you as ready as you could be?”

        Don’t forget people who are today’s present officials through much of the world are Psychopaths and Sociopaths:
        1). When the grid goes, they’ll implement alternatives by force.
        2). When food shortages occur, these regions particularly Rural regions will encounter total war tactics. It also started occurring in China not long ago, the Communist Party deployed total war tactics to force Rural Chinese to relocate. Some of that relocation was directed towards select abandoned cities built during their boom.
        3). The estimated 90% of the populace being killed due to a major catastrophe by EMP or natural event grants the psychopaths and sociopaths to remove dissidents and rivals under the color and statistic of fatalities related to that event.
        4). Those who survive will be forced to have their liberties stripped. Liberty movement members should think twice about worshiping Putin, figureheads have already laid the groundwork exposed by writers as Brandon Smith to blame Liberty supporters as Russian Astroturf and Insurgents aka terrorists.
        When it happens, it’ll be blamed on Russo-Sino cyberattack, and Liberty supporters as their terrorists.
        5). Population Control returns to being mandatory.

      31. …Just what it’ll take to get everybody “off the Grid”! “SHTF” is Liberation Day for the masses–only, they are part and parcel to the System that will “Hit The Fan”. Those already off the Grid, and at defensive war with the offensive Gridders who intend to get them back on the Grid, are waiting for that Liberation Day when the Grid-dependent-and-ruling powers-that-be will be in adversity, instead of the other way around. The Grid powers-that-be will be the ones who detonate the “EMP”, yet, they’ll do it thinking that will herd the dependent masses right into their FEMA concentration camps for good. It will weed out the dependents to make room for the independents.

        • If EMP turned out to be as bad as some think it would be -it won’t, it could cause temporary interruptions and such for the general public but not a total collapse- there there wouldn’t be very many people left to put into FEMA camps even if there were any still operational.

      32. So we spent a fortune on wars that only benefit Isreal but not the United States so that it would help the economy. How about we shoot the billionaires and trillions heirs, and steal back the money they stole from the poor slobs in America and elsewhere, build some decent hospitals to take care of our brain damaged, dismembered, burned and traumatized child soldiers so these sick fart old men can live in the lap of luxury. There would be less blood spilled. And the bad guys would get a little of what they have been dishing out-death and mayhem.

        Of course I don’t really advocate the above, but it sure feels good to imagine a little justice, I would settle for a cease and desist. Even a go to your room.

      33. What would the 22% of the full-time US workforce [govt imployees] do if there was no more electronic data to scrutinize? Start steam opening our postal mail?

        • The greatest threat to modern civilization is

          1. A solar eruption like the one that engulfed the whole Earth in an electrical discharge, like the Carrington event in September 1859,

          2. Destroying electronic communications and electrical power grid worldwide, plunging the world into darkness, unable to communicate,

          3. Convincing leaders of opposing nations to believe their country had been attacked, and they retialiate,

          4. Launching nuclear warheads to destroy the enemy nations they thought had attacked them, and

          5.Destroying any remains of modern civilization:


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