White House At War With Clintons: “Obama Does Not Want To See Hillary Become President Of The United States”

by | Mar 16, 2015 | Headline News | 105 comments

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    obama-jarrett(Pictured: Top White House Advisor Valerie Jarret With President Obama)

    According to a new report from The Daily Mail former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s latest email scandal was leaked by none other than top White House operative and Obama confidant Valerie Jarrett in an effort to derail Clinton’s 2016 Presidential bid.

    Though President Bill Clinton lent his support to Barack Obama during the 2008 election, it appears that the Obamas and Clintons have a tenuous relationship at best. At worst, there is an all out war happening behind the scenes and members of the Democrat Party are no doubt being asked to take sides.

    If reports are to be believed the President and Valerie Jarrett are prepared to eat their own and will stop at nothing to keep Hillary out of the White House.

    The recent leak of details regarding Hillary Clinton’s use of personal email servers to send official and possibly classified information is just the tip of the iceberg.

    The feud is so serious that there are currently six active probes into Hillary Clinton’s dealings during her tenure as Secretary of State, including investigations into foreign government funding of her and Bill’s Clinton Foundation in exchange for favors.

    The New York Post is reporting that Valerie Jarrett, one of President Barack Obama’s top advisers, leaked details of the story to the press through outside sources hoping it would not trace back to the White House.

    What’s more, the entire thing was timed to become public just as Clinton was planning to announce her candidacy for president.

    Sources claim that the long rumored tension between Obama and the Clintons hit a high when during the midterm elections many members of the party refused to be seen campaigning with President Obama.

    Jarrett is reported to have commented this was because the Clintons had begun ‘marginalizing the president’ and that they were ‘trying to wrestle control of the Democratic Party away from Obama.’

    Because of this she reportedly went out of her way to exact revenge, working to get Monica Lewinsky high profile press opportunities and frequently complaining about the Clintons.

    He [Bill Clinton] then added; ‘The Obamas are behind the e-mail story, and they’re spreading rumors that I’ve been with women, that Hillary promoted people at the State Department who’d done favors for our foundation, that John Kerry had to clean up diplomatic messes Hillary left behind.’

    It seems like it is not over yet either, as there are reportedly six more probes currently going on that are looking into Clinton’s performance.

    Bill, upon learning of this, reportedly said to a friend; ‘The Obamas are out to get us any way they can.’

    It is about time the Clintons are held to account and there would be no better outcome then to see Hillary Clinton totally discredited.

    But make no mistake, the Clintons have spent decades successfully navigating an environment that has left countless corpses lying on the political battlefield.  If President Obama has made mistakes they will no doubt take the opportunity to destroy his legacy if given the chance to do so.

    You reap what you sow and many Americans would love to see the complete and utter destruction of Hillary Clinton’s political career. But the same could be said for President Obama, whose ousting from the White House over a major political scandal would be a dream for millions.

    Let the battle begin.

    Ideally, both the Clintons and Obamas are prepared for mutually assured destruction, wherein both families are forever driven from America’s political landscape. Their deep-seeded disdain for each other may be just what America needs.

    Look for more scandals, investigations and perhaps indictments to appear over coming months as two of the most egotistical and ruthless politicians in the world go to war.


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      1. Pass the popcorn – i’ve been waiting for this movie for the last 20 years.

        • Finally found something Obama and I have in common.

          • Yup, but I’m still not ready to give him a attaboy

            • Good. Don’t.

              This is nothing but a political ploy.
              Obama is poison to any candidate and the Clintons went all out to get him elected so now Obama must make it look like there is a rift between them. I will only believe it is real if there is evidence of criminal misdoings presented and she is brought to trial. That won’t happen because their hands were all in the same bloodstained pockets.

              This is all just more smoke and mirrors same as usual for politics. Watch the “leaks” and you will not see anything that is damaging to her political career. But if the American people had any focus or memory for more than movies or celebrities, they would have been shouting for criminal trials for both her and Obama and their cronies. She should not be allowed to run. But since the media is no longer the protector of government truth, they will air some stuff now and it will all be spun and then she will be the media darling next year. They are betting we are too short minded to remember past this month.

              • You hit the nail on the head. Joke of an article if I ever saw one. Don’t pay attention to political whoregasm, prep like there ain’t gonna be no ’16 election!

                • Who knows, maybe Obama wants to discredit all politicians running for president so he will have no competition and he’ll just write another illegal Executive Order making him supreme ruler over America forever.

                  • well worse than that, I ALMOST THREW-UP that picture does those scumbags justice, cann9ot wait until they are tried for treason and found guilty and hung!

              • Not to mention that any time Obama is manipulating the narrative, watch what he’s trying to hide in the background. Could it be that he’s trying to take our eyes off his deal with Iran? Surely, Iranian-born Valerie Jarret wouldn’t want anyone sullying that deal! Lift up the curtain and see what he’s really doing!

              • Perfectly stated Cara, watch the other hand. The Clintons have enough powerful friends that they could stop this if it wasn’t somehow to their advantage. To me, this is just another way to get the clinton name in the public eye. Maybe they hope enough people will feel sorry for her and vote for her anyway…or maybe they have a better elite already programmed, trained and ready to go.

                Make no mistake, they will cram their agenda down our throats, no matter what coat it wears.

            • Who give’s a fuck about that bitch….

          • You said it a little differently than I did when I saw the title. My reaction was, Good God my life is over, I agree with Obummer on something

            • “What’s the Difference!! ~Hillary…. One puppet or another?. Time to cut off funding the gubberments circus of world chaos. Fire half “The dead wood crowd” and cut the Pentagon budget in half. Fire the CIA. Build roads and infrastructure and create income jobs. Cut Taxes in half.

            • No fricken way can you agree with Obola on this. He and the first monkey are scheming ways to not vacate the White House and will do anything to try to stay. They’ve “moved on up and had their piece of the pie” and will not leave peacefully. Expect an all-out martial law event to postpone the ’16 election or inauguration of a new president. Or some unconstitutional executive order to allow himself a third term.

              • Check out Operation Jade Helm taking place in Southwestern States July 15th – September 15th. Texas alone will have more than 1200 troops there alone. Military and civilian training for what? Martial law maybe. If it is invoked it would prevent any elections taking place.

                • 1200 troops couldn’t even keep Austin under martial law, let alone the whole state.

                  Just what elections are held in Texas during the summer?

              • I am afraid you are correct. So, now, what are we to do? How much will Joe American take before he says ‘enough is enough’. Who will stand up first? Who will fire the first shot? If a leader would rise up, me and 40 million of my closest friends will stand with him/her.

            • I had to check my pockets to see if they had been picked of ideology, when Feinstein slammed Clinton about this. It scared me that I agreed with her on something. I realized later that there was something going on, but didn’t know what.

          • I have a gut feeling that this feud is connected to that
            wisecrack that der Slickmeister once made about a guy like
            Obongo was more likely to be seen wearing a waiter’s white tux
            and fetching cocktails for the guests at the White House
            than to be parking his feet under the oval office desk.

            Slick is one of those race savvy, Old Guard White Southern
            politians who is a race realist – but, at the same time,
            an exceedingly greasy White race traitor who’s psychopathy
            tells him that blacks are merely useful tools to be
            occasionally pampered, but always exploited in ways that
            benefit White liberal race traitorous rats like himself.

            Obongo has seen through the Clinton’s bullshit act, and
            is thinking that it is time to wrestle control of the
            evil Demonrat party and purge the white liberals out
            of as many of the power spots as possible. Negroes Now
            in Charge.

            Predictable outcome,really. The white lib establishment
            are on the way out.

            • What scares me is, what is the intended replacement?

          • Anonymous – you are an islamic supporter who voted for the white house traitor? Figures.

          • I have a gut feeling that this feud is connected to that
            wisecrack that der Slickmeister once made about a guy like
            Obongo was more likely to be seen wearing a waiter’s white tux
            and fetching cocktails for the guests at the White House
            than to be parking his feet under the oval office desk.

            Slick is one of those race savvy, Old Guard White Southern
            politians who is a race realist – but, at the same time,
            an exceedingly greasy White race traitor who’s psychopathy
            tells him that blacks are merely useful tools to be
            occasionally pampered, but always exploited in ways that
            benefit White liberal race traitorous rats like himself.

            Obongo has seen through the Clinton’s bullshit act, and
            is thinking that it is time to wrestle control of the
            evil Demonrat party and purge the white liberals out
            of as many of the power spots as possible. The New Obongo,
            Holder, Jarrit, $harpton, Jack$on Imperial Proclamation is this: Negroes Are Now in Charge.

            I mean, think about it for a second and take off your Franz Boas Bullshit Blinders. Think in racial, tribal terms. Were the white liberal idiots (and self chosenite schemers) who
            put this gang of virulently anti-white blacks into the White House really so stupid and racially naive to not realize
            that, once given a ‘tantalizing taste of power’, that these hand picked stooges would meekly enjoy it while it lasted,
            understanding that it was a fluke that was unlikely to
            happen again, and then when time was up, they would gracefully say “thank you, Massa” – and hand the keys to
            power back over to those White liberals?

            Predictable outcome,really. The white lib establishment
            are on the way out. Visualize in yo’ mind, greasy White liberal race traitor, the image of you tossing a big old juicy pork chop out in the yard to your Rottweiller and then,
            changing yo’ mind and being faced with the task of retrieving that pork chop.

            Go get it, you butt ugly, wrinkled old Commie Witch.

            Ha, ha!

            • Holy crap Tucker, I think you may have nailed it

            • i guess he didnt like the question

              “Whats it like to be the last black president”

              • I hope we don’t have to ask “what’s it like, being the last woman president”?

            • Once in power, the far left (not liberals), but Maoists and Marxist-Leninists, will not give up power if they can help it.

        • Instead of email, how about asking Hillary to apologize to Ross Perot?

          • “He [Bill Clinton] then added; ‘The Obamas are behind the e-mail story, and they’re spreading rumors that I’ve been with women, that Hillary promoted people at the State Department who’d done favors for our foundation, that John Kerry had to clean up diplomatic messes Hillary left behind.’

            That pretty well sums it up Bill. Where’s the lie? 🙂

            • I’m LMFAO! The african virus and the commie/feminazi hitlery at war with each other. Let them do something useful for a change and just kill each other. The whole country would be eternally grateful.

              • Braveheart.
                Me too! LMAO.

                How is that Hope and Change doing for you, Billy Boy.

                Nothing more I would like is to have that screaming Harpie, Hillary flying around the White House with an endless barrage of insults to Obama’s Ears.

                I’ll get you my pretty. Hahahahahaha!

                • Braveheart:

                  If the truth be known the four of them are planning on a ‘mutual’ sleep over as we speak.

                  • POG, talk about something sickening, but I wouldn’t be surprised in this day and age.

                  • Three dicks in the mix. Just saying.

            • FOIA regulations ?
              Not anymore………

              ht tp://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2015/03/16/white-house-foia-regulations-deleted/24844253/

              • Now is the time for the Provost-Marshall of the Senate or the House to seize White House records, hard drives, all of it.

        • Perhaps Obummer IS less stupid and soldout that we have been lead to believe?

        • The “president” means nothing. That is just a face on multiple wings.

        • We can only hope the Clinton mob will respond in kind with what they know about Obama’s citizenship and religion, you know, the issues they raised during the 2008 primaries?

          I’d love to see a bombshell from their camp in this regard. Maybe a copy of a citizenship document from Jakarta, or something like that.

      2. More distractions, at this point our nations problems wont be solved at the ballot box, only worsened. And thats IF we make it to 2016 without a false flag event resulting in obummer declaring martial law…prep on and keep you powder dry!!!

        • I am rubbing my magic lamp and wishing that Putin airmails
          one of his sunburns to downtown D.C.

          The whole world would throw a beer keg party that would set world records.

          • We’ll name a holiday after Putin.

          • We couldn’t be so lucky.

      3. Talk about a win-win situation for the whole country. We could play politician and give money to both sides and watch to fireworks.

      4. Kinda like the pot calling the kettle black eh?

      5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2-bxutbIPI


        in the story at the end it says this..” If you know anything about this jerk, call the anonymous Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-222-TIPS, or the Surrey Royal Canadian Mounted Police at 604-599-0502.”

        I hope no one calls,, and to the commentator ,, the only threat this guy is , is to himself

      6. Putin has reappeared. He was rearranging the furniture in his fallout bunker in preparation for WW3. The propaganda machine in the US has even made the commander of NORAD go on tv and scare us about new Russian cruise missiles. Message to Putin, please hit D.C. first. Thank you.

        • Actually if they time it while Congress is in session, one would do it. The worlds biggest bully (the US government not it’s people)would be gone and we can start fresh with a whole new crop of ONE term Congressmen and Presidents who are not allowed to accept any corporate contributions of any kind (and no foreign monies like Obama got though illegal).
          We would remove laws that give Congress and the White House any type of special immunity from criminal charges.

          We can reinstate the 5 year ban on crossing between government and corporate jobs in the same field.

          We can cancel all contracts with the unFederal Reserve.

          We can get the UN out of the US and UNESCO off OUR public lands.

          We can bring ALL our troops home and only fight wars when attacked because we would make it a law that companies that make planes, ships, weapons get paid the cost of the item plus a set % markup and nothing more. We would remove the profit in war.

          The CIA and NAS and Homeland Security would all be defunded. We would keep the FBI. The Patriot Act would go.

          Yep yep, one small one, smack dab in the middle while Congress is in session…..hmmmm It does sound tidy.

          • CARA-
            Are you running as an independent ?
            I,m all in !

      7. Smoke and mirrors everyone, they are doing this to keep our eyes off what they are really doing, Russia put 40k troops on high alert this morning. The stock market is acting just like it did in 2007 to 2008 up and down so everything is like a big ugly pimple that’s ready to pop and dammm is it going to hurt when it does.

      8. More political theater that is the national sitcom. Why actually solve any issues when you can fingerpoint and snipe instead? (Sarcasm off)

      9. http://www.merrell.com/US/en/moab-mid-ventilator-wide-width/16249M.html?dwvar_16249M_color=J86593W#cgid=men-footwear-hiking&srule=price-low-to-high&start=1

        These are my new summer hiking boots. Whatever brand you decide on they should be ankle height (6″), made of fabric with perhaps minimal leather reinforcements, have laces, have tread that is of MODERATE DEPTH, and be NON-WATERPROOF (no barrier membrane to restrict ventilation). Don’t get these stupid assed tacti-cool boots that go up to you knees and have all this Panama treads and buckles and bullshit. It’s too restrictive to work in the field. Fabric boots need to be broken in for about 50 miles and leather boots about 100 miles before they are trail-worthy.

      10. I see Walker flip-flopped on amnesty.

        What fucking good is it to get the wetback vote out for Republicans if the country goes to a non-white majority? We will never have a ballot box solution ever again after amnesty. You can kiss the bill of rights goodbye because 72% of these shitskins believe in gun control, not to speak of the 99% of them who believe in communism.

        Why the fuck would you not be a racist? You stupid, stupid old people.

        Say it with me: We need a ban on immigration and a one-child policy. Say it loud and proud.

        • Can’t fix stupid. Can’t fix acid.

          • Hi Braveheart!
            How ya been?

            • PM, about time you came back. I’m fine and been covered up, but that’s settling down now. How about yourself?

              • Cold… its been a bad winter… no dry wood.
                THAT, is a big downside to wood stoves.

                I’ve been here all along.
                Just not worth posting anymore… too much to do.
                Besides, who really gives a flying shit?
                You and a few others?

                I have now gotten my VA disability, so I’m doing my part to help bring down the debt laden System…
                (going Galt has its upside and its downside. But with Uncle Sam helping to pay for my preps, that’s irony for ya…)

          • So right Braveheart, Acid is way beyond help. He needs to knock off the “old people” crap before we band together, find him and beat the snot out of him he will be old too someday. Yes I am laughing at the TPTH fighting with each other they really deserve each other and no better way to keep Obummer busy so he doesn’t sign any more Executive Orders. I keep prepping and trying to push forward but I’m getting tired and wish something would get solved or at least happen to make things go one way or the other, running in place is getting boring I’m a do or die person.

            • Mallardhen, if he keeps going like he is, he WON’T make it to old age. Besides, this ‘old fart’ can still beat his ass if it ever came to that.

            • Same here. My husband and I are getting older. We have prepped for at least a full decade, but that won’t help if we’re too frail to care for ourselves. We’re not at that point yet, but we don’t have years to wait. Plus, the pressure gets to you!

        • We need a ban on Acidisms. Nuthin but a ranter!

      11. The ZIO selected black Vs the ZIO selected Lesbo. Who cares.

        • @Stolz,

          I am not convinced she is backed by the NWO. I truly believe she is a real thorn in their side. She’s always been popular and the NWO has lived with that…..In response though, they’ve always had counter balances in place. I’m not so sure they have them in place now though. Boehner and McConell are weak in their eyes so they are trying to shore them up.

          The NWO really wants Bush…..then they want Kennedy Blessed Elizabeth Warren in a few years.

          • Cellar Spider:

            Really? Really? “A thorn in their sides”? She is “frosting on their cake! Get real.

            • POG, Hitlery has long been one of the globalists’ favorites.

            • She definitely has that murder-suicide down pat.

              Yeah, NWO loves her.

            • Pissed Off Granny,

              I say she isn’t one of the NWO’s favorites because any president throughout history who has pissed off the NWO, TPTB has suffered public scandal and/or death. Literally.

              Every president throughout history has been involved in some morally corrupt behavior. Whether it gets suppressed or brought into the limelight is the function of the NWO string pullers.

              Clinton suffered scandal. He was neutered for 3 years literally. He had to have done something to piss them off.

              Thus, we have guilt by association. Hilbag knows who the enemies are. I’m telling you, she is not their favorite….meaning that they (TPTB) won’t be able to keep up their god awful unchecked manipulation of the masses…like they did / are doing under Bush and Obama.

              I’m not saying she is the “It” president. I’m just saying she isn’t their “cup of tea”.

              • The only reason I think they’re tearing her down, is because they have someone else in mind. I think the masses will be conned into voting whomever it is into office.

          • “The NWO really wants Bush…..then they want Kennedy Blessed Elizabeth Warren”

            Good god !
            If thats the way we’re headin , lets just dig up Mussolini and get it over with .
            NOT a bright outlook for sure .

          • People recognized her as hardcore NWO back when Bill first ran for office. Don’t forget her response to Congress questioning her on Benghazi “what does it matter?” in an irritated voice.
            What does it matter that the Ambassador and several military men died in service to their country but did not need to die? What does it matter that the US had troops on land locally, at sea nearby and in Italy all ready, all wanting to go help and able to get there in time? What does it matter that those units nearby able t help were repeatedly ordered by Washington DC to STAND DOWN? What does it matter that US citizens were repeatedly asking for help? That that help was refused? That she and the President turned their backs on men who were their responsibility?

            To Hilary Clinton and Obama, Benghazi was a door to get weapons into Syria. They got that job done so nothing else mattered. That is what she was saying. To them lives don’t matter.

            If you think she would not order 3 EMP nukes over the US like Obama tried to do, think again. If it gets her job done then “what does it matter?”

      12. Sounds like a blame game to me. It just never ends. I’m sure there is a lot more we don’t know. Yeah, it could be to distract. Butter on my popcorn.

      13. Just a show from the clowns in DC! Hhhmmmm, what’s NOT getting talked about is what worries me. Good day all!

      14. google
        hertz rental cars with cameras

        “”This week I got an angry email from a friend who had just rented a car from Hertz: “Did you know Hertz is putting cameras in rental cars!? This is bullsh*t. I wonder if it says they can tape me in my Hertz contract.” He sent along this photo of a camera peeping at him from out of his “NeverLost,” a navigational device that the company has started putting in many of its cars:””

        • Duct tape, handkerchiefs, hand tissue, lots of ways to cover a lens.

      15. I don’t like either one of these two turds. You can’t believe what either one of them say or say they will do.

        Both of them hate the USA.

        He has push the country to the edge and if that bitch gets elected we will go over the edge! That is if Obullshit doesn’t surrender to the muslime, or starts a shooting war with Russia.

        I think Obullshit is afraid of the Clintons because he knows that if they don’t get there way they just find you dead. Suicide by 5 hammer blows to your head or 3 rounds to the head, crash your airplane. Little things like that. If you know what I mean!


        • Sarge, the irony is that MANY people have died under suspicious circumstances under BOTH the african virus and hitlery.

      16. ht tp://news.yahoo.com/dickel-master-distiller-leaving-head-popcorn-sutton-145513979.html

        A central figure in the public dispute between Jack Daniel’s and George Dickel distilleries over the legal definition of Tennessee whiskey is leaving to head up a brand named after a legendary moonshiner.

        Popcorn Sutton Distilling announced Monday it has hired John Lunn as its master distiller. He had held the same role at George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey since 2005.

        who cares about the bickering at DC.. those assholes are irrelevant .. now whiskey , likker and shine? .. thats worth talkin bout

        • Been a close friend to George #12 for almost 20 years. You are correct, this is even more important than Putin saying that he is going to nuke the U.S.!!!

          Watch out fur them Hogs…and keep them away from the still!

        • It’s a shame Popcorn is gone…I wonder if he would have taught the new guys how to make ‘shine right?

      17. The Dems eat their own….cannibalism.

        • Yes Jim but not fast enough.

      18. The Kabuki dance in the theater of the damned,
        what is real, what is Illusion?

        • Your comment is one of the most skillful and poetic entries I’ve seen, but it is absolutely terrifying!

      19. I’m telling yawl, Obola is going to run Michelle, and get a 3rd. legal term in office.

        As a Black Muslim man, he does not want a White/Christian/Female in “his” White House.

        Either way, you still got to Watch out fur them hogs.

        • Ohhhhh Gawd I hope not

          the wookie is not qualified to be female let alone president

      20. Has anyone considered while we watch the kabuki theatre of childish fighting, the truly serious scenes are being hidden behind the curtain?

        • Predator versus Alien
          President OBarnum versus The Carny Prince

      21. Pretty ballsy considering the mile long line of dead bodies trailing behind the Clintons.

        Of course Obama does love those two words – “predator drone”

        Stay tuned..

      22. We need some new blood in the political system.

        • I’m all for drawing some political blood, as long as I’ve got plenty of hand sanitizer.

      23. hold on everyone this war may be a plus since obutthead made it a hate crime to tell the LGB people what their doing is wrong I see the group starting to crack Queen Lez Hillary and Ohomo are at war could be a plus

        • …it’s only a plus if they cancel out each other.

      24. I never understood the whole opposite day thing…stewpid game. They can say they hate Hillary all they want but I am still not voting for her. Give it a thought…everyone is hatin on Obama so he says he doesn’t want Hillary in the House just to get her in there…reality check.

        • A real possibility, since the sheeple are easily confused.

      25. Don’t they just look so happy together in the photo above?

        Her saying that she’ll stay in the White House until the lights go out sounds creepy now.

      26. This is a battle where I hope both sides lose. It couldn’t happen to scummier people.

      27. Basically, this is Hitler vs. Stalin.

      28. Hate hill but hate obola more. Obummer is gonna declare he’s the supreme leader he already thinks Americans are stupid and should just listen to him. I’d take joe Pesci he amuses me.

      29. Well at least he’s doing ONE thing I 100% support.

      30. I hope Vladimir nukes the “winner” of the fight between Obama vs. Clinton. That way the American people can be the ultimate winners.

        I wonder what would happen if I started a petition on the Whitehouse web site to ask Putin to nuke the District of Criminals?

      31. Why do you waste you’re time on this nonsense?!!!
        There will not be another national election!!
        I explain to people all the time that Barry will never leave voluntarily!!
        You don’t spend billions of dollars…fill all the top spots with Muslims…fire all the military leaders who disagree…and have congress in your pocket…AND JUST WALK AWAY!!!!
        Barry will either initiate marshal law or garner a 3rd term…or do an FDR and suspend elections because we are at war…period!!!

      32. Bill Clinton screwed up by trusting that the low-life Obama would stick to his word and back Hillary in 2016 if Bill backed Obama in 2012. Bill should have gotten up in front of the Democratic National Convention and said, “Look, I love this country, and because of this I have to do the following. I have to tell you the truth about this lying, conniving, Marxist idiot who is destroying this country. And because of this I have to back moderate Republican Mitt Romney… yada yada yada. Now the Clinton’s have lost control of the Democratic Party to a truly dangerous, radical Marxist who thinks Republicans are more dangerous than Al Qaeda. If Obama had absolute power, I have no doubt that “re-education camps” would litter the countryside and that people would start being lined up against the wall.

        • William Ripskill:

          Oh ya! Bill Clinton should have got up in front of the DNC and stated all the things in your post. Sure….

          They would have told him, “Sit down Bill, you lying, conniving, thieving elitist Bastard”. We might just let the cat out of the bag about ‘Foster’, a trail of dead bodies, all the relief money you collected for the Haiti relief fund (billions) that have not been accounted for, etc., etc.” (The list is too long even for SHTF).

          The PTB told Bill and Hill that Obama could further their agenda with less resistance from the ‘voters’ than Hellary at that moment in history; but she was assured her position of Secretary of State at that meeting. (probably was promised to be ‘queen’ when the Black Plagues’ term was over).

          If you think the Clintons do not understand the political machine you must be living in a cave. At one time in the not to distant past Hellary was “the most hated woman in America”. The PTB managed to rehabilitate her to the “most admired woman in America”.

          Think they cannot manipulate the election for a win for that old corrupt hag?

      33. According to that bastion of fact, the New York Post, first leaked the leak about hillary to the world, as reported by Edward Klein. The Daily Mail is just re-posting somebody else’s anonymous sources:

        “It’s the vast left-wing conspiracy.

        President Obama’s senior adviser Valerie Jarrett leaked to the press details of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email address during her time as secretary of state, sources tell me.”


        Anyhow, I think it’s more a political ploy. Oh look, we’re fighting! And since the viewer can’t think; the frenemy of Obama is the viewer’s friend, so vote for hillary! At the pub, they’re probably shaking their heads over how dumb the populace is.

      34. Bill and Hillary have a track record of putting people in the ground who cross them. I hope they take this nuclear on Obama and wipe the smug smile off of his face once and for all. Its always best when dies hard socialist eat their own, saves us the trouble later on.

      35. And now for the latest installment of the Bush – Clinton (Obama) crime saga…

        Meant to keep the American SHEEPLE fighting within the FALSE LEFT – RIGHT PARADIGM we like to refer to as the AMERICAN POLITICAL SYSTEM…

        Oh and for your side show entertainment just to heard a few sheep away from the pasture we present the FALSE LIBERTARIAN PARADIGM….

        Brought to you by your friends at the ?????????


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