Where to Hide When the Global Economy Crashes: “Safe Harbors Are Few and Far Between”

by | Apr 12, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 68 comments

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    If the world seems like its falling apart, then perhaps it is time to figure out where you could go to avoid the worst of it.

    With so many factors building up to global turmoil, and a number of trigger points for civil unrest and economic collapse inside the United States, where would you go?

    While every place has its problems, and no place is guaranteed to remain calm, certain pockets of relative safety like Scandinavia, Canada, Costa Rica, Chile or New Zealand could prove to be a bit more prone to stability, than to collapse. Compared to other hot spots, these places could be a harbor.

    With that said, the global economic collapse will not spare any region from fallout, and there will be great damage to all countries lined up in the chain of dominoes. Moreover, there are few, if any, places that are immune from natural disasters and other major problems.

    The United States, on the other hand, may have simply harbored too many problems as a whole – and thus, stability is anything but guaranteed. Border issues with Mexico; political siege by the permanent war coalition; internal strife between left and right, and conflict between identity politic groups and disenfranchised, angry hoards all make things unstable.

    The U.S. has many military targets that could be hit if a major world war should every take place… though, of course, there are many suitable places to lay low and insulate yourself from disaster.

    via The Money GPS:

    Where ever you go (or remain), keep in mind that safe harbors are few and far between, and there may be many barriers to entry, especially concerning paperwork and financial proof of self-reliance (for immigration purposes). The systemic toxicity is putting off a strong odor, and many places will be hard hit. Any place that has a natural resistance to these destructive tendencies does not want to take on additional burdens, and your family will only be allowed in if it can pay its own way.

    And while not every analyst is going to agree on which places are strategically best to run away to, there are some important trends that you should fit to your unique situation, carefully weighing any repatriation or evacuation plans you may have with great caution.

    Stategist Joel Skousen has one of the leading reputations on where to go, and how to weigh the options of acceptable risk with locations that are too dangerous to knowingly adopt:

    Stay prepared.

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      1. LOL. Hilarious video. China not recommended for relocation. SERIOUSLY?? Did anyone actually watch this video?

        • “While every place has its problems, and no place is guaranteed to remain calm, certain pockets of relative safety like Scandinavia, Canada, Costa Rica, Chile or New Zealand could prove to be a bit more prone to stability, than to collapse. Compared to other hot spots, these places could be a harbor.”

          Really, Mac ??? LMAO !!! 🙂

          Costa Rica is a giant volcano as is the rest of Central America. If you are a white “GRINGO” forget about it. Don’t speak Spanish ??? You are fucking toast !!!

          Chile and New Zealand are both earthquake prone, moreso even than Kalifornia if recent history is an example. And Scandinavia ??? You will FREEZE your ass off, plus the cost of living is sky-high if you expect to retire on your US SS. That doesn’t include the influx of JIHADISTS.

          Com’on Mac this list is the PITS !!!

          If you are a snowflake and need a safe zone, move to a small town in the mountains of the West on the east side of the cordillera. Lots of vacancies for Patriots, self reliant Preppers, and red-blooded Americans who believe in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

          In Arizona you can own a gun for each personality !!! 🙂

          • “In Arizona you can own a gun for each personality !!! ?”

            [Hat tip to Jonny V]

            • Was just in the AZ for my daughters wedding…really like it down there around Flagstaff and points east of there. Not much water though. Land for $4k an acre is pretty cheap! Am thinking on buying in that area or maybe across the state line in NM for a retirement spread. That whole area around the four corners is really nice.

              • “That whole area around the four corners is really nice.”

                Jonny, did you carve your initials into a tree while you were in the Four Corners area ??? 🙂

                • The “trees” in northern AZ are pretty scrawny looking LOL!

                  • What trees, JV ??? You must have been in New Mexico and didn’t know it. 🙂

      2. Wonder what will happen?

      3. If the global economy collapsed it would be followed very shortly by war with global participants creating global consequences.

        • Make sure that wherever you go, you are NOT surrounded by idiots who’ll believe every conspiracy “theory” that falls off the Honey Bucket truck….

          The world is packed plum full of idiots who want to believe that Jesse James, (AND Butch Cassidy, and Billy the Kid, AND countless others) all survived their assassinations and went on to live peacefully and out of the cross-hairs of the law for the rest of their days…..AND that there ever was an “80 MPG carburator”….AND that a political party is “working for them”, AND that “you can keep your doctor”, AND that “read my lips! NO new taxes!”,

          AND INFINITUM……

          You can’t afford to be surrounded by idiots who put their faith in such rubbish.

        • Make sure that wherever you go, you are NOT surrounded by idiots who’ll believe every conspiracy “theory” that falls off the Honey Bucket truck….

          The world is packed plum full of idiots who want to believe that Jesse James, (AND Butch Cassidy, and Billy the Kid, AND countless others) all survived their assassinations and went on to live peacefully and out of the cross-hairs of the law for the rest of their days…..AND that there ever was an “80 MPG carburator”….AND that a political party is “working for them”, AND that “you can keep your doctor”, AND that “read my lips! NO new taxes!”,

          AND INFINITUM……

          You can’t afford to be surrounded by idiots who put their faith in such rubbish.

          • There was no “grassy knoll shooter” either…..

            • Let me add … “I did not have sex with that woman” !!! 🙂

              • And, “We have to pass the bill before you can read it” !!! 🙂

          • And NASA (Never A Straight Answer) traversed through the van allen radiation belts landed men on the moon and brought them back unharmed with the limited technology available during the Apollo missions. and then after Nixon was gone they stopped going?

        • Seriously Do you thing in a Global collapse that going to any 3rd world country will be safe at all? You go there, don’t speak the language, and disappear never to be found again, just because they wanted your watch or the $20 in your pocket.

          • Not to mention your sneakers ….. Just saying. 🙂

      4. As an 11th generation American, I’m staying here!

        • Only 2nd generation here and I’m too old to learn another language; why would someone assume someplace else was better as all governments are corrupt. Moving locations within the US is a possibility. I suspect that its highly possible, maybe probable that real America, with American values will leave in succession. I’ll go there.

          • Kevin2, the first week of May I head back to the BOL. Eventually it will become my permanent home. All the family are within 3 miles of it and the area is about as safe as anyone could hope for. Good deep well and one side of the property borders on a year-round creek for fishing and an extra source of water. Lifetime supply of firewood and plenty of game all around. Everyone knows how to hunt, fish, trap, forage, etc. Hell, some of the women in the family are better shots than I am. LOL! When the balloon goes up, I’m gone to ground.

          • The other languages are coming here.

        • Run? Hide? I prefer the concept of taking cover when need be; but, know that I must to be free leave my place of safety and join the fray. There are those who hear gunfire and scramble to the woods like scared rabbits, inherently filled with cowardice. Then, there are those who hear the same shots and say to their buddies, “you hear that?, we need to go and see what’s going on”. The latter group is the one that will perhaps take losses; but at least will try to persevere. The first, they have no choice but to accept whatever comes for them – and it will I assure, eventually. Stand up like an American, fight if need be, don’t expect ‘others’ to do the doing of freedom for you and think you deserve it. But run, hide?

        • roy in nc – no where to run … no where to hide ! stand and fight where you are . give ’em hell …. send them to hell ! damn the torpedoes !

      5. I dont even recognize this country anymore.

        And you people talk on and on about economics.

        When your child is the only white baby in the school

        at least youll still have your constitution?

        This is madness

        Say it with me:

        WHITE people have the right to exist.

      6. Some places might not let you in. Other places might look safe but have to import everything to sustain the population. Iceland I’m sure doesn’t grow much nor produce oil. How many places can you go to,grow food,have few people and protect what you have over a long period of time? Not many I suspect. Lets hope it doesn’t get that dire.

      7. Ghandi, You muslim paki. You agency ass clown troll dumb fuck, goat fucker. YOUR ASS IS NO BANNED. Taking shit about Sarge.

        I HEREBY ACCUSE YOU OF AGENCY ASS CLOWNRY. You son of a bitch, you taught you slipped by me, now your calling SGT Dale mentally ill. Dale is a cop, he is not ill.

        Ghandi BUSTED.



        Agency ass clown super moderator.

        • Ghandi, ignore Hcks, she thinks a Million Chinese are about to invade the US over the Mexican Border. lol

        • HCKS what about that Russian beating you up in the too shop?

          Also, let’s talk about SGT Dale and his interrogation of under aged boys, shall we.

          • please inform us all about the underage interrogation .

        • HCKS, way to go. I didn’t care for Gandhi either.

        • you sound like you have authority but you have no spell checker ?

      8. Too many people for the crooks to handle or too many crooks for the people to handle. It’s one or the other, maybe both. If depopulation is the overall agenda and it seems to be, then apparently there is nothing that can be done to stop this direction taken. In our faces yet behind the scenes, the connection is broken.

      9. Why run? There really wont be anywhere safe, except maybe at the top of some mountain somewhere, but why bother

        • Lower slopes of Mauna Kea or Haleakalā are probably OK. But who can afford to buy a place there anymore?

          • Yup,,,
            Thats why we will hang on to this 8 acres as long as we can, its irreplaceable

            • I only have a little over 5 AC.
              But it is paid for.

              • Nail, rellik, wife and I are with you in spirit. We all may not get shipments of ‘stuff’ from the mainland but we’ll never starve, that’s for sure.
                Our long term chances are better here than most places, and you guy’s are too.
                rellik, my wife is planning a stateside visit soon also. Not feeling too good about it.

        • the mountain tops are already taken . by patriots as well as foreign troop encampments .

      10. They forgot to mention that when you are all snug in your new ‘safe space’ the people who take charge will be sending thermal imaging terminators to your happy place to say hello.

        • John K, the family and I have a ‘solution’ for those terminators called ‘hot lead’.

        • and sarin and chlorine and bunker busters .

      11. When your great grandchildren ask you what Big Macs, Whoppers, and Krispy Kreme donuts were like, be ready to explain it! Makes me weep.

      12. I won’t bother to critique the actual content of the text in this article; rather, I will show it is not necessarily to inform, but to influence. The picture placed with this article shows the earth as a bomb with a lit fuse. This subconsciously implies that whatever is to happen will just blow up in an instantaneous event, and therefore there is nothing one can do about it. It is an extremely misleading picture to help emphasize his article. We all know people have less control over instantaneous events than over more ordinary events. Things may occur in a sudden and dramatic end on a small or local or personal scale; but not on a large or complex scale without a very long chain of events, usually not clearly understood, or at very best poorly interpreted, else we could always prevent anything that was bad from ever happening. Secondly, when one’s thinking has been steered to see something in a way the author wants him to see it he has been misled, at that point he can no longer think critically about it because he does not see in an unbiased way. Just a tip.
        This is exactly how propagandists work. They know graphic items make a greater impression in the mind than text does (who hasn’t heard a picture is worth a thousand words). If I was a marketing director or a politician I would employ the same tactics. Propagandists exists because they have an agenda.

      13. Democracy growing in the rape capital of the world, really??? Hungary: they hate Soros and have taken a big stance against refugees. They are tough, eat well and drink even better.

        Bugg’n In, here.

      14. Gonna have to burn the stump and sift the ashes to find me. And if you do manage to find me, I’ll have already taken all the slack out of the trigger with you in the cross hairs.

        • things will get ugly, guaranteed, not a doubt in my mind, times are good and people are at eachothers throaghts.

      15. Is this advice for the 1% ??
        So all us poor slobs just fight and die in place??
        Not very good advice for prepping.
        Just saying…..

      16. Well, I guess I’m in the wrong place. Looked at the map and I live 60 miles from one county and 150 from the other county where you don’t want to be when the SHTF. Can’t afford to leave the country. Have also checked this out and they want 100,000 to 500,000 dollars of investment in their country before they let you in. It still seems like it’s only the very rich elite who can afford to move to another country. Me and mine will just have to do the best we can where we’re at, and with what we got. I may not be as well off as some, but I’m sure I’m better off than others. I will count my blessings and be thankful for what I do have. I know God is by my side. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Amen.

        • great attitude . now if you can just ditch the religion bull shit i would call you enlightened .

      17. I have a masters in Ebonics and a bachelors in Spanglish.

      18. Two brief points:

        One, the only safe harbor is the one you keep in your heart united in prayer to the God you pray to. With God nothing is impossible. So if if shortages and panicking happen, don’t be deceived by those illusions because history is filled with examples of hearts transformed from within that changed behaviors and resulted in true community and connectedness.

        Secondly, there in fact HAVE been carburetors that in the 1960’s and early ’70’s that several car companies (including GM) bought out that were modified to get as many as 200-miles to the gallon or more! They remain locked away in vaults.

        More disgusting is that from the 1980’s on car companies radically redesigned the engines to make them, for lack of a better phrase, tinker-proof, so that car owners who were creative and geniuses in their own right could no longer find engine material to modify.

        Gasoline remains not only the most disgusting but also the most inefficient fuel man ever devised.

        But if you research the late Stanley Meyer, a patriotic American, you will find that he and other inventors around the world harnessed the energy from the hydrogen molecule to power his dune buggy which got 100-miles from a simple, plain gallon of water.

        Mr. Meyer was not a scientist, but was inspired by the long gas lines in the mid-1970’s, an “energy crisis” that we now know was anything but, and engineered to create billions and now perhaps trillions by the schemers.

        Tragically, Mr. Meyer died mysteriously the day after he met for dinner with two government employees who were interested in licensing his technology– the autopsy was “inconclusive”– he had run from the diner shouting he had been food poisoned.

        Pray for his soul and for his family, and for everyone whose lives and their families’ lives are threatened for their contributions.

        God bless you all

        – the Lone Ranger

        “For the sake fo profit, many sin.” – The Book fo Proverbs in the Old Testament

        • One that really pisses me off is how the EPA wont let the auto makers produce and sell their small and mid size trucks with deisel engines here innthe US, ford, toyota, both have trucks with 4 banger turbo deisels that get over 45 mpg, but they cant sell them here, just freakin bullshit, then they slam volkswagon whos jetta got around 40+ mpg, so now u cant get em,,,
          The gov needs to go the way of the dinosaurs

      19. Mommies’ basement is starting to seem like a good idea.

        -•_•_ ?


      20. Acts 16:31
        They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household.”

      21. Plenty of places in the US, the rocky mountains, whites need to leave the liberal urban centers. When it goes the coloreds will eat each other alive and we can pick off the straggles with little effort.

      22. If you can and you believe the Big Show is coming , you will want to be clearing out as many coyotes and there Larger brothers as you can . Our forfathers had the big ones all but gone, now northern Mn,Wis , and the U.P. Have too many. A haircut here will leave more game , which will still be very pressured . It makes you a better woodsman if you can get after these guys . Don’t forget a good wood stove . SB. Out

        • Other part of that is when their game is gone guess what will be next course on the menu

      23. Information is valuable to plan and prepare. I think his approach is practical and useful to many who can’t relocate to Idaho like we did. Think of people who are potentially like minded and then think of the advantage of having many of them be better prepared than now. I want as many of my would be allies to survive as possible to increase my odds long term.

      24. You cant hide or live off of stored supplies or money very long. And that’s not surviving. Its enduring or marking time. We knew Trump wasn’t anything more than a loose cannon. We knew right where Hillary,s cannon balls where aimed. So it eventually boils down to this. A miserable stone age existence. A survival of the fittest. If you are not a healthy person. If you are not self reliant. If you don’t have Know How. If you are not a killer. If your not mentally able to cope. And if your not luckey. You will not survive a SHTF -WROL situation.

        • wisdom of the ages . kudos old man . ditto,ditto,ditto ….

      25. I’ll say it again: Nova Scotia.

        On the Gulf Stream, it is not that cold. Well watered, fertile almost NO Muslims, the Canadian dollar is about 75 cents US, and the Maritime provinces are the only part of Canada not in a housing bubble. Oh yeah, look at those potential EMP maps. Notice that NS is outside of most rings (understanding that no one really knows where the nuts might do something). No TEOTWAKI? Then you have Halifax with two major universities, international airport, cultural activities, and only a half million population. Crime is extremely low.

        Yeah, some of you weenies can’t take temps below 60F, so not for you. The rest of us just put on a jacket.

        • Good stuff. A lot of these macho man types on this site are weather pussies.
          You are absolutely right.

        • Ill be thinkin about you in february when im puttering in the garden in flip flops and shorts!

        • nova scotia is illuminati stronghold .

        • that is the last place I would want to be, every groid in the nation will be heading there

        • Ignore that comment I thought you were talking about the gulf of mexico for some reason, stay away from that region at all costs.

      26. My BOL is in Western Ky, in a county that has has a 3% nonwhite population. Extremely low population density and lots of airable land. I’ll take my chances here. Yes I am near the New Madrid fault, but those of you in Idaho and Wyoming and Montana are as like to succumb to the Yellowstone caldera as I am to New Madrid should a geological SHTF kick of. My point is that there are no “perfect” places to bug out in America. All one can do is prepare and set up living circumstances as best on can and hope for the best. A lot of this stuff will probably boil down to a combination of preparation and LUCK. People often make there own luck in life but any of you who have ever served in combat also know that sometimes shit just happens prepared and motivated or not . Some times things are just not in the cards, no sense worrying about it, a real man buys his ticket and takes his chances. I think shit is about to kick off real soon, hope I am wrong but don’t think I am. It could kick off as early as next week if that fat fuck in Korea Miss plays his hand. If it does I say to all of you I have seen on this site for the last 2 years, Good Luck, God Bless, keep your nose to the wind and your eye on the skyline.

      27. I am sooooo sick of the talk about running scared….leaving the only remaining capitalistic constitutional republic with 2nd amendment. Before authors tout these other country’s you may want to learn how the treat non citizens or newly converted citizens as well as their gun laws….most places touted have strict gun laws or laws actually prohibiting guns by citizens…so just how is this better than say Alabama, rural areas that won’t take any shit from anyone. If you sling shit prepare to get filthy…..300 million vs 1.5m. Every revolution has been successful when only 3% revolt…..go learn your history and stop peddling running to other bat shit crazy nations that will surely enslave non natives first, as history has proven every single time. You are being brain washed like an elephant it’s 120lb trainer holding a bamboo stick…..

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