When the Trucks Stop Delivering, ‘The System’ Will Collapse

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    The following article was originally published by Tess Pennington at Ready Nutrition. Tess is the author of the widely popular and highly acclaimed book The Prepper’s Blueprint: The Step-By-Step Guide To Help You Through Any Disaster.

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    Collectively speaking, most Americans take for granted the system in place to deliver essential supplies to their area. “The system,” an underlying infrastructure that keeps goods, services and commerce in America flowing creates a sense of normalcy and order. Food, water, gasoline and medications are just a few of the items restocked weekly in order for our dependent society to maintain a steady flow. What many fail to grasp is just how fragile the system is and just how quickly it can collapse.

    Our transportation systems are one of the weakest links in the system. Mac Slavo explains:

    In a 2012 report prepared for legislators and business leaders by the American Trucking Associations highlights just how critical our just-in-time inventory and delivery systems are, and assesses the impact on the general population in the event of an emergency or incident of national significance that disrupts the truck transportation systems which are responsible for carrying some ten billion tons of commodities and supplies across the United States each year.

    A shutdown of truck operations as a result of elevated threat levels, terrorist attacks, or pandemics would, according to the report, have “a swift and devastating impact on the food, healthcare, transportation, waste removal, retail, manufacturing, and financial sectors.

    So too would events such as an EMP attack or a coordinated cyber-attack that could shut down global positioning systems and the computers responsible for inventory control.

    The report goes on to explain that consumer fear and panic will exacerbate shortages. News of a truck stoppage—whether on the local level, state or regional level, or nationwide—will spur hoarding and drastic increases in consumer purchases of essential goods. Shortages will materialize quickly and could lead to civil unrest.

    What the following graphic will demonstrate is just how quickly the descent will be. When the trucks in America stop, all commerce and delivery stops with it.


    To avoid falling into this recipe for disaster, use the information presented in this graphic as a guideline to being self-reliant. Listed within the graphic are critical supplies that willdisappear off the shelves at the first signs of this disaster. These are the items you want to stock up on before the trucks stop delivering. Many items such as powdered milk and canned meat are versatile supplies that can be used for short-term and long lasting disasters. When I wrote The Prepper’s Blueprint: The Step-By-Step Guide To Help You Through Any Disaster, I emphasized the importance of having a well-rounded preparedness plan that encompasses many different types of emergency scenarios. This essential survival guide stresses how important is to have plans and supplies in place in order to be better prepared for the disasters that are on the horizon.

    •  Create a food pantry. Creating a food supply is very beneficial to your budget. It is an investment into your future livelihood. One thing analysts and financial pundits agree on is that, in general, commodities will continue to rise. When others are buying foods at inflated prices, you will be consuming your investment when it was purchased at a lower price. Using a combination of shelf stable foods, you can create a well-rounded food supply to depend on when an emergency arises.
    • Store water. We need water to survive – and our preps should reflect this important need. An aspect that I love the most about preppers is that we love to have back ups for our back ups. Having a short-term water supply that you regularly rotate into your kitchen will ensure you have a freshwater source to turn to during a short lived emergency. As well, having filtration systems and portable water purification tools will ensure you can purify water for longer term purposes.
    • Attain needed supplies. If you are dependent on certain medications or supplies you need for your daily living, make sure you have enough to see you through a short-term disaster. The more supplied you are, the less you will have to leave your home during the emergency. As well, look into natural alternatives for medications.
    • Preserve your wealth. Choose hard assets (dry goods, precious metals, land, livestock, skills, etc.) for long term investments so they will hold their intrinsic value over time. Holding these types of investments will insulate you from inflation and other economic issues. Further, by tying your money up in assets it will help you avoid spending the money, thus furthering your cause of self-reliant living.
    • Become a neo-pioneer! Carve a path in life where you are no longer dependent on consuming at stores to live. Garden and grow your own food, raise livestock, learn skills to live self-reliantly, barter for goods and services.

    The above graphic is a reminder of how fast our population can breakdown and quickly spiral into a disaster of epic proportions. But surviving during this type of scenario is possible by simply preparing for it ahead of time.

    The Prepper's Blueprint

    Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, a comprehensive guide that uses real-life scenarios to help you prepare for any disaster. Because a crisis rarely stops with a triggering event the aftermath can spiral, having the capacity to cripple our normal ways of life. The well-rounded, multi-layered approach outlined in the Blueprint helps you make sense of a wide array of preparedness concepts through easily digestible action items and supply lists.

    Tess is also the author of the highly rated Prepper’s Cookbook, which helps you to create a plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply and includes over 300 recipes for nutritious, delicious, life-saving meals. 

    Visit her web site at ReadyNutrition.com for an extensive compilation of free information on preparedness, homesteading, and healthy living.

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      1. If you’ve got it, it came on a truck.

        • I’ve written several times about the insurance industry being at risk in the next big downturn, just as AIG was in 2008, but bigger this time.

          The insurance business model is built around them taking premium from everyone’s policies, paying expenses, taking some profit, and buying an annuity with the remainder to pay claims. Problem is with interest rates near zero they can’t find investments that pay what the industry was customarily paid for annuities.

          When they could get a 7% return their money would double every ten years! So if you kick the bucket in twenty years they only needed to set a side 1/4 of that hundred thousand death benefit. With 1% interest rates they need to have set aside like 90% of your death benefit, which they haven’t done because they were assured 1% money was temporary until Keynesian economics fixed everything!

          Insurers have been sitting on trillions of high paying annuities that are now rolling over. And just like pension funds that can’t get a decent return on investment. They are going to owe a lot more in claims than they have money to pay.

          They say the investment return vs claims curves, are going to cross over to insolvency in the next year or two. The bankruptcy of the insurance industry could be accelerated by a major stock market correction. The stock market being one of the last places they could get decent return on investment. Most insurance companies are also highly leveraged in derivatives, that will crash with the markets!

          My whole point with thus long winded intro is short and sweet. No insurance means no trucks on the roads. Nothing moves by ship or train either. No one can warehouse goods, ships won’t move, trains will stop, and stores won’t open.

          This scenario of a failure of several large insurance carriers becomes all the more inevitable the longer interest rates stay at near zero! Some Insurance carriers may already be operating on a deficit to pay claims, they’ll borrow cheap money until they can’t!

          • Looks like today Thurs July 16th – Silver will open below $15. Ouch!!

          • Mac, My good friend is one of the highest level people at the ATA. His greatest concern is not an emp, its the lack of new, younger employees going into the trucking industry. They would rather play games than work. The future looks bleak.

        • Many truck drivers now are immigrants, many I seen at the warehouse I worked at for 5 years were rude muslims and Bosnian.
          They would be happy to stick it to the Americans.
          We used to joke in the whse, stay away from the guy with the turban on his head, probably got bombs or rocket launchers hidden in truck.
          Weird how many of them drove new rigs, 50 year old American men come in driving practically antiques sometimes if they were independents.

          • That 35 % or more the migrants don’t pay in taxes would go a long way towards making a new truck payment

        • Many truck drivers now are immigrants, many I seen at the warehouse I worked at for 5 years were rude muslims and Bosnian.
          They would be happy to stick it to the Americans.
          We used to joke in the whse, stay away from the guy with the turban on his head, probably got bombs or rocket launchers hidden in truck.
          Weird how many of them drove new rigs, 50 year old American men come in driving practically antiques sometimes if they were independents.

          • …True, Chad! Maybe that’s another reason why so many truckers will tailgate closer than one second behind a car with a family in it! They don’t know about, believe in, realize, or care about the eight seconds it takes to stop a semi at speed to avoid killing whomever they’re following too close. A rear-end collision is proof-positive of the victim being tailgated by the one hitting whoever’s in front of them. …Talk about being assaulted with a weapon of mass destruction (a motor vehicle)!!!!

          • Recently there was an article that exposed an illegal operation granting illegals Commercial drivers licenses. It was a big deal with a lot of foreigners who could not read english being passed. In the thousands. We are in a world of hurt, as these same illegals can easily smuggle in wmd’s…. wake up America. It’s all intentional.

        • that’s what she said…

        • Google truthism.com

        • Everything is transported by truck. It may come by ship or train but in the end EVERYTHING is delivered by truck. Just look around at the streets and you will see more delivery trucks than anything else and they are everywhere.Without truck delivery we will have nothing and it will only take one or two days before all shelves will be empty and obama is counting on that and will stop all transportation when he declares martial law. I believe he will do that within the next 9 months because his term is running out and he has made it very clear recently that he is speeding up his “transformation” of our country. When he finishes we will have a muslim communist government with a sociopath dictator.

      2. When the Trucks Stop Delivering, ‘The System’ IS Collapsed


        • You are corect. That’s the problem with this post. Trucks stoping is caused by the collapse othewise why would they stop? Exact same thing could be said about railroads. Or power, or water or sunlight. What is the cause of the stoppage? It’s not going to stop just because a bunch of guys fogot to set their clocks.

          • Paranoid, if an EMP hits, trucks and everything else stop working. Those trucks are computerized just like cars, etc. It will be “One Second After” going LIVE.

            • Trucks can stop rolling if the unions go on strike which they have in the past. Also don’t forget the ports. Unions have gone on strike at the ports and caused massive backlogs in products being delivered.

            • You are dead on. I drove OTR for 6 years. There are at least 4 separate computers that are all interconnected. The Qualcomm is the com system of choice. It communicates all info and route info, down to what stop you have to go for cheapest fuel. It also tells the terminal your speed, braking force and the speeds at which hou have turned. Satellite instant real time. All logs are on there as well it’s 1984 times 10. I have also worked in grocery now for 15 years. No back stock, store is empty in hours after blizzard warnings, but we get a load each night, avg 2500 cases. In 2006 the company was relocating the local distribution center. Reduced loads and we had a major blizzard. No trucks for 3 days. The store was empty! 4 gallons of milk, no water, can goods etc… was total end of days scene. That’s what started me prepping. Scared me straight. This is a fairly large city. The store is a big kroeger owned store. People fighting over cans of garbanzo beans. It took us 10 full 53 foot trailers just to get half filled again. I’m at a dollar store now and we get one grocery load per week. So just in time logistics will do us in quick time.

              • The Weakest link in the supply chain is the Human Element. Will they even show up to their workplace to move products? Can they even get to work logistically? Or will they call in sick and abandon their jobs to be with their own families. Would you cross town suring SHTF to stock shelves for $6 bucks an hour? Bwhahahahaha.

                • Only if it was paid in the form of food products.

                  After the collapse…”Your cash ain’t nuthin’ but trash”.

                  • Exactly, pwtw! Coin might be usable (IF there’s anything to buy with it) but, paper money don’t make good toilet paper so, it won’t be worth anything. Barter will be the people’s money.

                    • The paper dollars could be good TP, especially if what they say about them being covered in cocaine is true. It could be a REAL “BUM” RUSH!

                • Grocery is union. UFCW, try 19.67 per hour plus .50 between 12-0600.

                  • Not in my state…8 bucks an hour, and when I managed the Super 10 ( like family dollar and dollar general) I got 8 bucks an hour in 1997 as store Manager! I doubt if it’s much higher now….their emphasis, ” how bad do you want to work?” Still 8 bucks here in TN….

                    • That sucks. I wasn’t disagreeing with WWT about nobody going out during SHTF, Just about the 6 per hour. I wouldn’t go out at all. I would consider myself retired and new job to survive and protect the family.

                • exactly WWT..
                  and speaking about 6$ an hour jobs and what they expect from you

                  I looked into Private Security jobs( i own a business but always looking for more opportunities , and one call in I made i found out one place was looking for an Armed Security Person

                  that person had to have a shit load of requirements , and his own weapon and permit.. training etc .. and put possibly his life or future freedom on the line for them for only 10$ an hour ..I laughed at the guy and told him to get fucked im not risking my ass for 10$ an hour .., good luck securing your family or business cheap skate

                  • Crap, Enemy, I made $15- $20/hour doing housecleaning! I had many years of experience, but still… there are some people (mostly men) who charge a heck of a lot more than $20/hour and just pretend they have special skills, in reality, they didn’t have hardly any experience at all– just wanted to come and rip people off. But most of the other women I came in contact with charged the same– most charged $20/hour– for housekeeping. A lot of my customers told me I should charge more because I was GOOD! (At that time, I only charged around $15/hour).

                • exactly WWT..
                  and speaking about 6$ an hour jobs and what they expect from you

                  I looked into Private Security jobs( i own a business but always looking for more opportunities , and one call in I made i found out one place was looking for an Armed Security Person

                  that person had to have a shit load of requirements , and his own weapon and permit.. training etc .. and put possibly his life or future freedom on the line for them for only 10$ an hour ..I laughed at the guy and told him to get fucked im not risking my ass for 10$ an hour .., good luck securing your family or business cheap skate

              • The local Walmart, Albertsons, and other stores here have no backup power- an outage here means the registers go dark, everybody groans, and the store is cleared and locked. It happened before. They don’t break out the flashlights and little calculalators like back in the day. As you know, the prices are now linked to the UPC codes that must be scanned. Most transactions are card swipes and PIN #’s, which would be down…

            • You think Reginald Denny the Truck Driver pulled from his truck and beaten nearly to death by niggers during the LA RIOTS would have gone to work that day, no idea out of the blue, all out chaos and looting? Supply Trucks will be hijacked and looted in SHTF. Dont count on anything making it to the store shelves. How about a rich guy calles the store warwhouse and says Ill pay you double for that semi load of food that was meant for a store. It is what it is…

              • I’m 2 miles and one of the sole residential areas from a public distribution AND a us foods distribution centers… The second things go hot… I’m stocked 😉

                Yes I myself have no issue telling that driver at the end of my barrel that the corporate entity trailer was not worth making a widow.

            • If Major EMP hits it’s not the trucks that count, no power grid, no computers, no phones,tv, railroads,no money/banking, no farming, no oil production, so who needs the trucks? There would be nothing to put on them. Yes the trucks would stop. But only because the orginization to fill them would stop.

        • Back in 2004 when we had 4 Hurricanes in a month here in FL, many store shelves were wiped bare. And thats with a full week notice. My buddy and I went to Home Depot for Plywood to board up. Got some of the last of that plywood and while I waited in line to checkout. My buddy went searching for circular saw blades. He came back to the line smiling where I was waiting and said, he got the last 2 Blades on the shelf. And that was a week before the madness started. People go buy up lots of wood screws, a tarp, 2×4’s plywood, hand tools if there is no power, or generator to run power tools. Or at least an big 1000 watt Inverter to run power tools off your car battery. Think of every case of what you are going to need in a disaster or crisis to get you through it. Just picked up a great crossbow to practice. Got a spike buck 15 yrds away from me as I write this at my BOL. He is a family of 3 Deer that includes a 8 pt Buck and a Prego Doe. She looks like a donkey fat thing. Deer also have fawns in mid summer here. If I deer hunt this year I will tag another pass through deer or doe. This family gets a pass, gorgeous animals. Also have now 15 turkeys pass through 1- 2 times a day. 4 hens and 11 growing fast babies. Nature is amazing out in the country. Cardinals, humming birds, hawks, owls, cranes. Get out of the death trap cities now people. No matter if you are prepped to the gills in the city, can you carry it with you as you try to escape the cities? Can you fit it in the trunk of your car or a back pack? When the lights go out the knockout game is game on. You will have to decide. Should I carry more bullets and less food or vice versa…. you like stress???

          • WWTI

            Get ready. The low pressure storms are starting to form and roll out of Africa. Too much shear as of now.

            • Yep, not too worried, got out of the city where my house was only 8 ft above sea level to a now 44 ft above at my permanent BOL in the boonies.. Storm surge in coastal areas is the greatest threat next to 140 mph Hurricane winds. Flooding is devestating. Got your pontoon boat tied off to your chimney? Ha..

              • your north of me ,im 35 mi inland and im only 25 ft above

              • Just curious if you are far enough inland to handle a 100 ft. tidal/tsunami coming west across the Atlantic?

                I think i remember you saying something about being closer to the Gulf.

                • Thats a good wopper. When has there ever been a 100 ft wall tidal wave? Any tidal wave across the Atlantic will be greatly abaorbed by the deep ocean bed. Its a 130 ft deep just a few miles off shore. I dove many times off of palm beach. The Gulf side ia very shallow 80 miles out it may only be 40 Ft deep, cause I suba dove that also, and there is more problems with the shallows absorbing the energy from a wall if water. Hurricane winds can push a lot of water up into back water and rivers that flow into the Gulf. Thats why mangroves are so important on the gulf side to cussion the influx of inlet waters.

                  • “And the waters prevailed, and were increased greatly upon the earth; and the ark went upon the face of the waters. And the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth; and all the high hills, that were under the whole heaven, were covered. Fifteen cubits upward did the waters prevail; and the mountains were covered.” (Genesis 7:18-20)

                    It’s what CAUSES the tidal wave that matters, not the assumption that it will come from across the ocean and then dissipate. A celestial body splashing down in the ocean would likely do it–especially the one mentioned in Revelation 8:8-11 which can be the thing in Genesis that caused the Flood over Pangea and the tilt in Earth’s orbit (Genesis 8:22).

                    An unsinkable, self-rightable, water-tight, rough-water boat may indeed be the best “BOL” to have for an aquatic disaster! Even a kayak would be better than nothing.

                  • WWTI:
                    A tidal wave (tsunami) of 100′ high or greater has hit the Cascadia region (due to its accompanying earthquake) an average of every 243 years. The last Cascadia earthquake was in 1700; we’re 72 years overdue for another one on the northwest coast.

                    Tsunamis 100′ high or more are actually frighteningly common, viewed in a generational sense. The largest tsunami ever recorded was a whopping 1720′ high and it happened in 1958.

                    Scientists have built models predicting that when the Canary Island volcano goes again, it will generate a tsunami that will still be 164′ high when it reaches the US east coast 8 hours later. (It starts out over 3,300′ high at the island’s edge.) I’m sorry, but scientists with empirical data, satellite imaging, historical proof and accurate measuring equipment hold much more weight with me than someone who has dived a few times off the coast of Florida.

                    You’re welcome to Google anything I presented here and learn these things for yourself.

              • WWTI

                I didn’t get any damage from the hurricanes in 2004 but a tropical storm came through and trees come down and went without power for a few days. Florida being flat would have a problem with a tsunami. Lots of waterways to push debris far inland from a 100 footer.
                Since we had no major storm in some time, the people have become complacent and imagine the mess at the Home Depot and Lowe’s when one approaches. Besides more homes have been built means more people. People who have never experience a storm like a hurricane. All it takes is one and there will be a major mess.

          • People crack me up when they mob HD for plywood before a hurricane. I always wonder, what happened to the plywood from last time?

            • One would think REAL shutters would be the cat’s meow in places like FL. The 75 year old homes often come through with missing shingles (not right by the ocean) and the new stick built ‘hoods are scattered all over the county. It’s almost as though, back in the bad old days, they weren’t counting on checks from federal flood insurance.

              • Former Marine?

        • Trapped in the Cities. When SHTF do you stay and try to wait it out, or try to escape and get killed by looters before a highway on-ramp? Hmmmm. Answer: Escape the Cities Yesterday.

          • The only way out of a large city after it hits, that you can reallly depend on, is an ultralight airplane. once you get about 500 ft above GL they go fast enough that no one can hit you. Hand guns and most rifles won’t go up that far and few people have the HP rifles that can. Even fewer would care about you.

            • I’ve always dreamed of having an UL fixed wing, or I even looked at those helo kits with the briggs & strattons on them. Hell, I’d take a hot air balloon if I could get one.

              • @ sixpack…there was a guy in your area that tied helium balloons to his lawn chair and ice chest full of beer and floated for hundreds of miles.

                • …this is the left coast…

        • Sounds like Truck Driving will become one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. I can see hired armed guards riding shotgun in Semi Trucks, like the Wells Fargo money horse drawn coaches back when.

      3. One thing she’s wrong on: Hospitals will not run short of oxygen. Oxygen can be separated out from air by a simple machine called a “concentrator”. I have one for my sleep apnea. New ones for home use cost $500 to $1500. A big one for a hospital might be $5000.

        • hey Coach, do you think you can build a Hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber with one?

          this is on my list of high end prep’s for increased healing and anti-cancer therapy.

        • There is a big difference between an Oxygen concentrator and the usage of oxygen in the ED (Emergency Department). A Concentrator runs (at most – generally) 6-lpm (Liters Per Minute) which works fine for Oxygen delivered by NC (Nasal Cannula), but not so much for a NR (Non-Rebreather, 15-lpm), CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure 25-lpm). Oxygen for these systems is supplied by enormous tanks located somewhere on the property.

          Besides, the Concentrator requires electricity to run. Once the main power goes out, the Hospital would be on emergency backup (generators). Once those go dry, the Concentrator will not run (same end result as the point of the article – NO OXYGEN).

          • True about the volume output. You’d have to have a big one or a lot of little ones like mine feeding to a manifold that leads to a compressor to store the O2 for future use. Knowing the amount of energy and capital investment it take to get oxygen the other way (liquifying air), my guess is that most of the O2 that’s in those hospital tanks came from concentrators. I also to remember reading that concentrators were the method used to obtain oxygen for aircrew during WW2.

            Yes, you need power. If not the grid then diesels or windmills or hydro or some such.

        • @Old Coach……

          So…how is an “oxygen concentrator” powered? Electricity I’d wager.

          So…when the power goes off, the oxygen concentrators will run as long as the hospital has power produced by their diesel generators. And those will run until the diesel runs out.

          Because when the trucks stop running, the diesel doesn’t get delivered. You get the picture……don’t you? Or perhaps you think that somehow this will magically all get fixed?

          • Play Nice!

            Hey @Anon4 don’t be a Ahole!

            This website is for Prepper folks to come together as a Community, share any and all idea’s, news in the SHTFPLAN Hivemind so All may Learn, Share and Help.

            Attacking veteran SHTFPLAN folks such as OldCoach will just get you ignored and attacked here.

            Please Stop!

            Thank You for your Understanding!

            • Although there is a “good ole boys club” in play here quite often and you won’t see many newcomers or ladies making comments here, at least for long.

              • I’m female AND a member of the “good ole boys club”.

                • Me too, I’d like to think…..

                  • Six and Baby
                    Yes, you are.
                    For me I love the two of you because you are here to help. Not to bring down.

                    Thanks for advising Anon4 to be polite. We want to help not to hurt. The hurt will come WTSHTF!

                    • I believe anon4 was making a valid point and was not unduly impolite, maybe sarcastic, but sarcasm is no reason to flame someone!

                      If people here are so easily offended I shudder to think what your chances are when things turn really nasty.

                      Speaking of nastiness, there are quite a few racist and anti Semitic regular posters here.

                    • Cerberus, it’s not that we’re easily offended, as it is that we’re not on msnbc and we don’t expect to be treated like we are. We’re SUPPOSED TO BE AMONG FRIENDS. There is no rational reason to berate each other here, among friends and like-minded individuals.

                • You ain’t no female, you gots bigger balls than everybody!

              • well all i can say is get yer self a pair of sharp elbows and push your way up to the bar

                • lower 40


            • Bad information gets people dead.

              We’ve been lulled to sleep for years by folks telling us stuff like, “it can’t happen here” and “don’t worry, they won’t let something like that happen, the government will step in and take care of us.”

              Sorry if what I say comes off as abrasive. I’m just tired of the disinformation that some people throw out there.

              Some of the nonsense people spout is willful with the intent to mislead or misinform. For others, it’s simply a matter of not thinking the matter through thoroughly. EITHER CAN GET YOU DEAD.

              • Which is why, if such info gets posted here, and the commenter actually believes his post, we can set him straight, thereby maybe saving at least one life.

                It’s okay to not know everything, but when you refuse to listen to someone who does know, it’s usually at your own peril.

                Sometimes I’ve posted stuff that I heard about, just to find out if anyone had any more info on it. I don’t trust wiki or youtube for accuracy. I wanted to hear it from you guys.

            • ❤❤❤

          • Until the deisel runs out or the backup fails to start because of a control wiring issue, happened here at the one and only acute care facility

            • The Just In Time(JIT) world will bite the city people. The supply lines are pretty long and sophisticated, but not very robust. Obama just started WW III, so hunker down. I’m ordering a 5kWh solar system this August. Get off grid if you can ASAP.

              • rellik, if you don’t mind me asking, where did you get it… and what did you pay? Thanks

                • I designed it. I’m a retired electronics engineer. It is a ground based system. AIMS inverter, Hyundai 270 watt panels, I’m still fighting over batteries( the most expensive part of the system)
                  cost is less than 15K.

        • Hey Old Coach, when the EMP goes off, we can watch the events unfold on TV. Oh wait!


          • Tune in next week as June scolds Ward at the breakfast table…” Ward I think you were a little too hard on the beaver last nite”.

            • Oh my God! I never thought I’d hear that one again !

            • @passinwiththewind…..

              LOL! Good one.

        • That is precisely why big city dwellers should pay close attention to this and other prepper/economic collapse web sites.

          They should follow the steps Tess has laid out in the above article. What isn’t feasible for their location, should be adjusted for the next best replacements.

      4. 3 DAYS

        just remember 3 days till the food runs out at the local grocery store once the trucks stop rolling.

        i live near a railroad station.

        something all prepper’s might think about is ‘rail freighting’.

        if the trucks stop running, rail freight might be your best option to receive and deliver goods to your town or area. maybe even become a local supplier, open a store.

        might be worth your effort to inquire now about it with the R.R. office nearest you.

        * also establishing, getting involved in a local traders market immediately after the trucks stop rolling as a organizer/ trader will bring you added benefits of first come first serve pickin’s of fresh produce items for sale and other goodies.

        • @Aquaman….

          I would venture to say that food will run out in most grocery stores on the first day. If people think the loss of power is temporary, it may last a little longer. Once they figure out the power outage (or whatever is preventing the trucks from running) is more than temporary, the runs on the stores will begin.

          You’d be amazed at how many people have virtually nothing in their kitchen cabinets and refrigerator. Many people eat out for the most part (particularly in urban areas) or they buy stuff for dinner on the way home from work.

          Figure that we are three days away from anarchy from the moment the trucks stop. In some places, if an EMP is the cause of the problem, it will happen much faster. Once there are no street lights…or any other kind of light….no phones….no communications with emergency services, the low-lifes and zombies will come out to play.

          • Anon4 -During the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake (I was in San Francisco when it hit at afternoon rush hour, 5:00pm) by the time I made my way home around midnight, due to all incoming and outgoing transportation being halted; roads caved in, chunk of a major Bridge gone, subways closed, and so on, we were told not to leave our homes that morning because of potential gas leaks and that roads needed to be clear/open for emergency vehicles only.

            All the neighbors cars were in their driveway and police were heavily patrolling the neighborhood streets. It was a real disaster. I did have food in the house but wanted to go out just in case the power was out for a week.

            Anyway, by the time I snuck out to go to the grocery store it was 12 noon. The shelves were practically bare. There was hardly anything on them. I didn’t expect they’d be full, but I didn’t expect them to be empty either. The fear that rolled through me was as bad as the fear during the actual quake. ‘Food insecurity’ really inspires fear.

            I thought if no one was allowed out on the roads except for emergency vehicles and there was NO ONE on the road when I finally made my way home just outside the City, 7 hrs later at midnight, (looked like a ghost town) at midnight who cleared the store shelves… and when?

            All I know is when I decided to make a run for it at 12 noon, twelve hrs after I arrived home, and drove 2 miles to the nearest grocery store (less than 24 hrs after the Quake struck) there was nothing left on the shelves except a few torn open bags of food, like bread and cookies. I didn’t want to buy opened bags of food so I left with one jug of water, and that was it. I just boiled the tap water.

            Since the power was out overnight there were no refrigerated items at all. All frozen and refrigerated items had been thrown out. I got the last jug of bottled water and left… scared.

            Point is, it’s actually a lot worse than one can imagine AND it’s not always 3 days.

            • CommonCents…during the time of that earthquake, our youngest daughter was attendinga boarding high school near Santa Cruz. Just minutes before the quake struck she became very nausious and left class. As soon as quake hit she called me to let me know she was ok. She hung up, then was very long time before we could connect again. In the event of disaster, call someone Immediately and have the person outside of the disaster area call everyone else.

        • I don’t recognize Mr. Sanders as my senator or as a Vermonter. Not unlike all career politicians.
          He should be shipped back across the pond to NY, where he couldn’t get elected dog shit picker upper. The controlled media can’t get on knee enough. Um, wonder why?

          • Hey Marty, learn to spell… “buy Isreal” ? You mean “by Israel,” And BTW/ Israel can barely wipe its own ass with out US Funding and US Military back up. Let alone try to blow up Iran. Iran already said it can wipe Israel off the map in 11 days. I wish they would, as half the world problems would quickly disappear. Iarael can’t even wipe a tiny strip of barely armed rag tag Palestinians. Jews are cowards when it comes to boots on the ground. They resort to dropping bombs on school children. Thanks for the laugh though.

            • Without going nuclear, Israel cannot win a war of attrition if they don’t have American support.

              • Israehell’s Nuclear Payload “Sampson Option!”

                If you don’t give them what they want they will NUKE YOU and your country out of existence!

          • Along with the rest of the New Yorkers who have infested Vermont.

        • I would hope you would not vote for a career socialist. He is part of the problem.

          • ;0) very true.

            I don’t Actually Vote!

            It’s a RIGGED Diebold Voting Machine manipulated Fraud!

            “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”

            ― Mark Twain

            • @Aquaman….

              Oh..ok…I had no way of know you were being tongue-in-cheek.

              I tend to agree with you by the way. I most likely will skip the national election next time around. To my way of thinking, it would be the same thing as the founders of this country voting for King George. Why would I want to lend legitimacy to a fraudulent system that needs to be abolished and restored to what the founders intended?

              I believe D.C. has as much relevance today as the British Crown did in 1775.

              • …which is why we keep getting globalist liberals in positions of power….ONLY THE LIBERALS BOTHER TO VOTE.

                • Sorry to have to disagree with you sixpack…but conservatives have turned out to vote for people who promised to work to change things in D.C. For the most part, they have lied to us.

                  What was it we heard in the last election? Put the Republicans in charge of both houses of Congress and they would roll back Obamacare and stop the flood of illegals coming into our country. They’d get to the bottom of scandals like “Fast and Furious”, the IRS’targeting of conservative groups, what really happened in Benghazi…etc, etc, etc,…

                  I ask you……what have they done? A big fat nothing.

                  After a while, you come to the conclusion that the whole stinking mess in D.C. is so corrupt, that it just can’t be fixed. At that point, anything you do to perpetuate the fraud makes it worse.

                  The Republican (i.e. faux-conservative) leadership in D.C. are just slightly less liberal than the Democrats.

                  What’s Einstein’s definition of insanity again?

                  • “For the most part, they have lied to us.”{

                    Of course, you’re right. But that doesn’t mean we should detach ourselves from our rights and go hide in our basement while our world burns.

                    You know we share a little of the blame for being deceived by liars. WE should’ve done more to research and verify, and possibly avoid being deceived.

                    It’s more difficult to deceive people if they’re paying attention and watching both hands.

                    We just were not as vigilant as we should’ve/could’ve been.

                    My bad.

          • Sanders is a Democratic Socialist, not a Socialist. There is a difference, which you would know if you were interested in facts. Instead of calling names, you ought to check out his voting record, which has always been for the regular American–and not for the rich.

            • Sharon the Leftist has spoken. And yes, I know Sharon’s political leanings very well. She’s been on blogs like this one for years.

            • Socialist vs. Democratic Socialist….

              Distinction without a difference.

        • @Aquaman…..

          Why would you even consider voting for an admitted socialist in the first place?

          • I know him and his staff personally.

            He has a good heart.

            His only fault is he’s a Politician and must kneel before Zog.

            • You know him and his staff personally, we must be neighbors.
              Apparently his heart says occupy, suppress and eliminate a native population while based on false disinformation. I wonder what his mind says? “I’m of the Chosen”
              Then we have his socialist communistic equality question.

            • Well…I can’t judge his heart, but as the saying goes, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

              A lot of real evil in the world has been the result of people in power who had good hearts who did stupid things.

              I’m reminded of Neville Chamberlain whose appeasement of Hitler may well have resulted in the deaths of millions of people. Had Hitler been actively and forcefully opposed, he might well have been prevented from taking the entire world into war. Instead, Chamberlain’s good-heartedness was interpreted as weakness.

              I personally take issue with anyone who believes that it is ok to take the possessions of one person in order to give it to someone that they deem more deserving. And that is what Socialism does. What it amounts to is legalized theft.

              • One thing that almost nobody realizes about Chamberlin. At the time the British military was still quite toothless. They were building up as fast as they could, but going to war with Germany in 1938 would have been suicide. Example: The vaunted Hurricane and Spitfire fighters that eventually won the Battle of Britain were still equipped with fixed-pitch two-bladed wooden props in 1938, crippling their performance as compared with the German planes which had all-metal variable-pitch props.

                The British were building UP. Compare with the Halfrican Dictator who is doing nothing but TEAR DOWN.

                • Britain would not have been alone in opposition to Germany. France and Poland would have resisted as well. Hitler was worried about his forays into Czechoslovakia, but the pitiful response of the rest of Europe emboldened him and the next thing you know, he’s invading Poland. Britain and the rest of Europe was so afraid of another war that they ended up getting exactly what they feared the most. And they got it in spades. Appeasement always invites more aggressiveness.

                  Europe could have seen the German military buildup had they just opened their eyes. They did not WANT to see it.

                  And we are seeing it played out all over again.

                • Look at why the Army/Navy was toothless and you will find Chamberlins and others fingerprints all over. Yes in 1938 they were building, but in 1936 he had his head up his ass. Just like Ben B. lots of people talk about his efforts to save the banks, no one even mentions: Why they got into the mess.

                  • No argument from me on that. Churchill referred to that periods as his days in the wilderness.

                    But I think my point still holds – that in 1938 the Brits at least had come to their senses, whereas Obama is actively dismantling our military.

                    • You got that part right…”actively dismantling our military”.

                      His plan for USSAG is one of replacement. He hates American Christians, and those that support American Christians.
                      Any mention of Bibles and Guns, and he is ready to explode with anger and contempt, because he is demonic in nature and demonic entities run from anything spiritual and freedoms it represents.

                      The Holy Spirit is the demon’s Kryptonite.

                      Odrama and all his liberal legions of demonically possessed followers have one underlying goal….dismantle all references to God and the Holy Spirit by dismantling the holders of His Book. Which means, dismantling the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, to get to the Book, the Bible.

                      They can’t dismantle it through the military, because there are too many God revering soldiers, so dismantle the military to the point that it can be overrun by aliens/foreigners/secular forces.

                      Odrama’s group of demons have sold out America’s freedoms by piece mill tactics. It started many years ago but has been ramped up by little Bush and the Clinton’s. Now their darker side leader, the Obominable One, has come along to finish the job.

                      If he is the One, there will not be an election held in 2016 for a new Prez. If not, then he was just another spoke in the wheel of Doom.

                      I will go out on a limb here and say he is the Obominable One that sets the stage for the Obomination of a Nation, and opens the door for the Dragon to take the reins in the near future.

                      So in closing, we could say that he/Odrama is the Chosen One.
                      Chosen for the destruction and wrath that brings about the events that consummate the end of this age.

                      Only time will tell.

                    • Old Coach. Obama is hardly dismantling the US Military. Ever look as the DOD budget? I would cut their budget in half the first year and 10% more each year for 5 more years. I would scrap all the steal for making steel I-beams for raod bridges this country so desperately needs.

                    • BO maybe dismantling the Military but the public is arming like there is no today. forget tommorow.

      5. Another article full of what if and maybe? It could happen big deal. Not very many hard facts. I drove truck and there are refrigerated warehouses all over this nation with acres of frozen food. the smaller trucks come there and get their daily loads. The local stores don’t want fully stocked shelves. they only want to stock what will sell fast. no point in having thousands of dollars tied up in excess merchandise. why not a article or two about the magnetic pole shift. Its actually happening right now. and its causing weird weather events and clatyclisms every day. what good will hoarded stuff do ya if a tornado, volcano or flood ect gets ya?

        • How do you suppose those warehouses are refrigerated?

          How long do you suppose the frozen food will last once the power goes off?

          Man…..the shallow thinking on this site truly amazes me sometimes.

          • Hey anonymous4 shallow thinker yourself. Don’t you think warehouses that store millions of dollars of frozen foods have a back up generator to run their freezer operations? I bet they also have a month of diesel gas to run it also. Big chain Grocery stores have back up generators as well.

            And if the supply chain runs dry these warehouses will be empty in a week anyway, just getting their current inventory out. I don;t see that as any weak link.

            Even if you can get groceries, good luck making it out to the parking lot to your vehicle, through the hundreds of Free shit army klan that will hijack your grocery cart and knife you if you give them trouble.

            How much gas do you have stored at your house or BOL? What is your back up plan to your house refrigerator?

            Come on share with us, more of your brilliance. Bwhahaha

            • I know one of the big box stores here doesn’t have a back up generator

              last time the power went out

              everything in the frozen food cases ended up in the trash

              • Don’t they get to claim that spoiled merchandise as a LOSS? They recoup those losses from their insurance, don’t they?

                Stupid sheep…so why worry, the check will be in the mail.

            • None of the “big chain” grocery stores around here have backup generators. When the electricity goes out, they close down and then later have to discard all the meat, dairy, and frozen food. It takes them a while to restock.

              • We just had a power outage where I live (~7 hrs). The Kroger up the street threw out their yogurt, etc. What dairy they had had been restocked since the outage.

            • @whowuddathunkit…..

              Ok bright boy. So they have a months worth of diesel (doubtful by the way)….What then? You think a large EMP or solar storm like the Carrington Event will be fixed immediately? Not likely. They’ve made almost no preparation in this country for such an event to repair the electrical grid. If we lose the grid, this country will be in a state of absolute anarchy coast to coast in two weeks at the outside. So then you have further infrastructure destruction. The reality is, it might take YEARS to get things back online….if ever. Once you go past a certain point, the probability of things EVER getting back to normal become extremely unlikely.

              Personally…..if the grid went down tomorrow, I could get by a least a year just on what I currently have. It would be uncomfortable. But I’d survive. No frig needed. Everything I have is dehydrated or canned. The big problems are sanitation. But the even bigger problem is dealing with those who have not prepared, who think it is their inherent right to take from those who have. That’s what our entitlement culture has given us. And if that is not enough of a problem, our own government is an even bigger concern to me. I’m more concerned that they’ll come down the street ordering mass evacuations or relocation. At that point, my alternatives become extremely limited. It’s either comply, fight or flee. None of those options are good. And once it happens the odds of surviving it go way down very quickly. At that point…the best thing you can have going for you is luck…or Divine providence (depending on your point of view).

              I am not in a financial position to have a bug-out location. I wish I were. I wish I had a retreat and was already there. If I could do that and still make a living, I would. So….I do what I can and hope for the best. I have family obligations that prevent me just picking up and moving. If I had a sociopathic personality, I’d just pick up and go. But I have a conscience and can’t do that. It is what it is.

              I’ve said this before and I’ll repeat it. If you don’t already have a bug-out location, stocked and ready to go, then bugging out when SHTF is going to be a VERY risky proposition and would be a move that one would survive. There are going to be literally thousands of people trying to do exactly that. And if the government clamps down on people trying to flee the urban areas, that will just compound the problem. Again…the odds of surviving that are real small. You’d have to be VERY good at evasion and remaining unseen. Even if you do have a well stocked retreat, you’d better be there BEFORE SHTF, or you may not make it. If your retreat is more than a tank of gas away….forget about making it in a vehicle. You’ll have to abandon it. Roads will be jammed anyway. Then once you get to your BOL, you face the possibility that someone else already beat you there. Now you get to evict them…..maybe. Or maybe they evict you. What then? But say you DO get there and nobody is there…..yet. Now you get to defend what you have. Remember all those thousands of other people fleeing the city?

              Now do you understand the reason why, if we have a widespread grid failure they project that 90% of the population will be dead in a year?

              I think about the only BOL that is going to give a reasonable chance of survival is something that is in a very remote location, underground and highly camouflaged. Once you’ve been detected….it’s all over. The other alternative is if you are part of a group of committed individuals who can provide mutual support. That is extremely difficult to put together. And if you don’t know each individual in your group VERY well, it may in and of itself be a risk that will severely reduce your chances of surviving.

              Look….call my thinking shallow if you want. But tell me exactly where my thinking is flawed.

              • “I’ve said this before and I’ll repeat it. If you don’t already have a bug-out location, stocked and ready to go, then bugging out when SHTF is going to be a VERY risky proposition and would be a move that one would survive.”

                Should have read……”one would NOT survive.”


              • Your thinking is not shallow from where i am sitting.

                I am always stoned/ridiculed, by the likes of wwti and liberal minded idiots all the time for my “bible thumping” as they call it.

                That is OK because there are more of us than there are of them.

                To those that say i never offer anything more to prepping than preaching shit they don’t want to hear…well listen to this.

                We have been prepping for all aspects of the last days/collapse/tribulation for ten years now. We try things and then change things and then tweak things a bit.

                On the subject of a grid down scenario, we plan for that, the most. There are only so many things we can do with limited resources, so we combine modern technology with old school techniques as well.

                I will share our system/plan, for refrigeration in a grid down scenario.

                Growing up as a kid in the 60’s, we had a 20 cubic ft chest freezer. Momma was a little on the lazy side, so she preferred to freeze everything instead of laboursome canning.
                Many times over the decades, that old dinosaur of a deep freezer got emptied because of long power outages or a broken part that didn’t get recognized soon enough.
                Hundreds of dollars worth of food was just thrown out and wasted. A whole hog got thrown out because it had become our pet pig we raised from a piglet, and then butchered. Pork did not freeze well in the sixties nor does it today, but every bite we ate got bigger and bigger in our mouths until we ended up throwing the whole damn thing away. Yea, i know, a big waste.
                Two lessons learned, never name a pig and pet it, if you are gonna plan to eat it, and especially don’t name it Susie.

                Anyways, I lost a whole freezer full of food back in 1998 while out on the road trucking and the breaker for the freezer got kicked off from an electrical storm. Two weeks later I had a stinking mess to clean out. A lot of good venison lost.

                So, to make sure such a big loss never occurred again, we bought the smallest chest freezer possible. Everything that won’t make it in the freezer, gets canned, or dried/dehydrated. We keep enough empty jars and new lids available to can everything that is in the freezer if we need to, also.

                Solar panels to recharge 12 volt batteries that are wired to a 2300 watt Inverter will handle the compressor unit until we can cook,smoke,dry, and/or, can everything possible. Nothing will go to waste.

                When we can no longer operate the big refrigerator, we will downsize to a 12 volt operated cooler. We even have a backup plan for that too. We recently purchased a counter top/ portable ice maker. The 12 volt battery array w/solar charging will power up the unit to make enough ice to keep a couple coolers going for a good while.

                When that goes, there is always the System of cooling that Granny and Pa used for their excess gallons of fresh milk for many years. Haul the gallons and half gallons to the covered Spring Box and set neck deep in continual flowing water that never got above 56 degrees. It worked.

                Everybody had a root cellar in the 1800’s and before.

                • Anon4 & Old Coach, Thanks for sharing more useful practical prepping info. ~WTTI.

                • @ Passin… A prepper tip…. Assuming you have 4- 6v200ah/20hour golfcart batteries such as Trojan T105’s = 400ah@12vdc. To run a freezer drawing 2amps 120vac per hour for 8 hours average run time a day, the batteries would be drawn down 160 amps… way over 70% which will shorten the battery life…240 watts/ac divide by 12 vdc = 20amps/dc per hour x 8 hours from batteries. car batteries are rated @ cca, not @/amp hrs. Although I, and any other electrical person would not recommend a 12 volt system, If that’s what you have, then increase you battery bank to 8 six volt deep cycle batteries wired series/parallel to get 12 vdc @ 800ah. Later, if you get a 24 volt system, re wire the batteries to 400a @24 volts. If you already have this covered, disregard…just trying to help. Dave

              • anonymous4,
                Could not have said it better myself. A BOL is not feasible for me or my family at this time either. I have stocked up on TONS of supplies and my wife and children (both now adults) could probably not leave our house for 15-18 months depending on how much charity I passed out to neighbors. In a grid down situation, the only thing I would have to go outside for is water, either rain catch barrels or a shallow hand dug well. The direction my preps are going in now is to be able to help TRUSTED neighbors. My wife, I and 2 adult children can only protect our preps to an extent. Like you said, it’s vitally important to be able to protect your preps. With the ability to help/feed/protect trusted neighbors, the extra security that a group of trusted family/friends can provide is the most important prep one can make.

              • Anon4…if you and fam are ever stranded in central oregon, try to find me. I’ll help.

                • @LSB…

                  How very kind of you. Thank you so much!

        • Like I’ve said in the past, magnetic pole shifts have happened many times in the past, and there were no physical effects whatsoever. If it shifts now, your magnetic compass will point in the wrong direction. That’s the only thing you will see.

          As far as weird weather, I haven’t seen anything lately that I haven’t seen before. The only unusual thing is the lack of major hurricanes for the last nine years. We might get a major one later this year. It’s hot, it’s cold, it rains, it snows, none of it any worse than what I’ve seen before in my 60+ years.

          Also, as far as “hoarded stuff,” preppers don’t hoard. Hoarding is buying all the store has when a shortage is already happening. Preppers bought all their stuff while there was plenty for everyone. If you have a storm shelter, a tornado won’t take what’s in it. If you have an upstairs or attic, a flood won’t take what’s up there. And if you’re living next door to a volcano, you’re nuts.

          • Yes, Pole shifts have happened in the past. But you have no Idea if it was a problem or not! None of them has happened in over a million years. If it is a true revesal and the magnetic field is down for even a few weeks, the destruction could be terrable.

            • The earth’s magnetic field is so weak, it can barely move a compass needle. It cannot cause physical damage, such as earthquakes or storms.

              Scientists who have studied the geologic record for signs of magnetic pole reversals have found no signs of concurrent upheavals in the earth.

              • It protects us from solar radiation far more than you give it credit for. Even a small solar storm could cause us extreme problems.

            • I thought the earth poles shifted every 25ooo years, and the sun way more often….as a matter of fact, the sun just shifted poles last year.

          • But, if the pole SHIFTS, actually moves, won’t the compass really be still pointing to what will then be magnetic “north”?

            Which means it won’t be the compass that is wrong, but all of the maps we made before the shift. 🙂

            • That would confuse the newspaper writer who wrote that the South needed ethnic cleansing.

              • 🙂

            • most web fear porn sites think the earth flip flops…not the magnetic field. The maps would still be correct. The compasses would be wrong. The gov and airlines adjust instruments for the magnetic shifting every couple of years otherwise they would drone/bomb the wrong targets and the airlines would land at the wrong airports. Then the airports would have to “feel you out” again before sending you off again to the correct airport…for a nominal fee.

            • Magnetic North/compass North is not the same as true North most places. True N is axis of the earth’s spin.

      6. thx Tess- good basic info there of course.

        PBS is running a show about the NYC blackout of 1977. The looting & burning in some places started in less than one hour.
        Since it was PBS, not much was said about the content of the theives character- it seems the looting was the fault of just about everyone but the looters…
        When it hits, business owners best be prepared for mobs of self-rightious blackhearts (AKA the FSA).

        “Get a shotgun.”
        – Joe ‘the feeler’ Biden

        • Heyduke, PBS is just commie propaganda. and if I were those business owners, yeah get a shotgun, and all the 00buckshot, birdshot, and sabot shells they can afford.

          • @Braveheart….

            Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

            Take from it what you can learn from it and discard the rest.

            The first thing I ask myself when viewing or reading anything is…..”Is this true? Is it factual?” I discard any agenda that they may be trying to get across.

            • anon4, don’t worry. I do analyze each and every article carefully. Tess is Mac’s wife and writes some good articles. Even if she missed a few things, she still offers some good food for thought. she also has a good website.

          • Electric fence controller
            10 big ass batteries
            2/275 watt solar panels
            75kva transformer
            Straight high tensile strength galvy wire
            Backfeed the transformer with the fence controller
            Hook it all up running 6 strands all around your place,
            When they grab the wire or try to cut it and pull back a smoking limb if they can still move,, they might get the message,
            Hook up a motion sensor to a chime or buzzer, better yet a bunch of them but use photo eyes instead, there will be no sneaking, make sure the buzzer is loud, kinda like a loading dock has…

            • Kula, That is a good idea and something I can add to the 6 Ft Barbed wire fence I just installed. I can also run that over to other choke points. I have deer here though, otherwise I would bury pungi sticks in parapits next to the fence. If I did that now, I would have a pile of deer ready to dress in the AM with that security method.. ha.

      7. They’re Trying To Shut Down ‘The Ark’ – Canada’s Largest Private Survival Bunker Was Featured In ‘End Of The World – How To Survive Armageddon’ – More Survivalists Under Attack!

        Back in 1980, a Canadian man by the name of Bruce Beach put together 42 school buses which he buried underneath 14′ of ground and 2′ of concrete, creating Canada’s largest private survival shelter, a shelter which could house 500 people and a shelter which the fire department there is now attempting to shut down. Beach’s ‘Ark’ was featured in the 12 minute video ‘End Of The World – How To Survive Armageddon’ seen in the 2nd video below. Why are so many survivalists under attack? According to a story from Offgrid Survival, it’s the demonization of ‘self reliance, patriotism and freedom’.

        With an upcoming survivalists summit on the grounds of ‘The Ark Two’ in Dufferin County, Canada, fire officials have declared the bunker a hazard and the 35-year old disaster shelter, which is beloved by survivalists worldwide, is in danger of being welded shut for good. Beach, however, isn’t having it and says he’ll do whatever he needs to do to keep the shelter open, even if that means getting arrested for doing it.


        • @Aquaman….

          A practical lesson in Op-Sec. The guy should never have let the media (or anyone else) know anything about what he had going on.

          As for them trying to shut it down……that’s what statists do. It’s the typical leftist way of doing things. Rather than raise people up, they want to drag everyone down to the same level….Egalitarianism at its finest.

          All that being said…..if that were my bunker, there would be no arrest. They would have two choices…leave me alone, or kill me. Should they attempt the latter, then they’d best bring body bags……and more than one.

        • Remember seeing that man with busses on doomsday preppers.
          Hope he finds a way to keep it open.

        • Not sure if that guy in Canada is the same on who was on doomsday prepper,?? but he seemed to have a problem pumping breathable air through out his burried bus depot. Oxygen is a wonderful requirement for life. Also imagine those buses start rusting and collapsing. Maybe that is the reason Canada closed if condemed the place.

      8. Storing water is fine for a day or two, but you’re going to want (need, really) a water filter.

        • Definitely,
          But it is easy to store potable for drinking and washing, 55 gallon drums, 275 gallon totes, poly tanks,,,, lots of options, is well worth the investment

          • I found out something today that I hadn’t thought of. I read a magazine article about constructing a solar still to make your own distilled water. There was a warning that you shouldn’t drink much distilled water because of the lack of mineral content. Also, distilled water can leach chemicals more easily from plastic containers.

            So don’t use distilled water for drinking (unless you have minerals to add, such as Himalayan salt), and store what you need for refilling batteries, etc. in glass containers.

            BTW, the solar still was a simple wooden box with a glass lid. The box was painted black on the inside. The top was slanted a little so the condensed water would run down to one corner and out the spout to a container.

            • Drinking distilled water will not harm you.

              Just the opposite, the lack of heavy metals and some minerals will help flush out toxins from the body.

              I have been drinking distilled water for the past 15 years. since 2007 I have not had one single cold,virus,flu bug or infection. I do take some natural vitamins and such, but try to eat healthy also.

              I drink a cup of coffee every morning that is made from pure mtn. spring water and occasionally iced tea made from it also. I don’t drink many soft drinks or high fructose fruit/vegetable juices because they are made with municipal water that i despise.

              All my plain drinking water is distilled. I don’t plan on living off of what few minerals are present in non-distilled water. My minerals come from the food I ingest.

              The establishment wants people to believe that distilled water is bad for you because they want to keep you sick from drinking their toxic soup of tap water or sell you their chemical laden plastic bottled water.

              Don’t fall for the lie. Have a reliable source of clean potable water, or have a counter top water distiller or back up small type stainless steel or copper unit that can be fired by wood or oil. The outdoor distiller can also be used to make high proof alcohol that can be used for antiseptics, if you run out of rubbing alcohol and such.

              Remember, there is no leeching of chemicals into the water from glass containers. That is all we use for storage. There is no “safe”, plastic for long term storage…period. Drinking water stored in plastic bottles is better than no water at all, but it will make you sick if you ingest enough of it.

              We all die eventually, but why be foolish and be sickly while we are getting there.

              • I’ve bee drinking distilled water for 30 years and my insides are just fine.

              • I would avoid distilled water if I ate a lot of fast food.
                Since most of the food I eat is home cooked from home-grown vegetables that were grown in mineral-rich soil and typically eaten within an hour of picking. I get more minerals from my food than there is the tap-water.
                My distilled water tastes a lot better than the stuff from the tap and I know it won’t have any flouride, heavy metals, hormones, statins and all the other crap that comes with the recyled wated the city pushes out thru my taps.

      9. “US Mail delivery will cease?”

        I’m sorry, but I wasn’t aware it ever started!

        • The Government will keep the Mail Service running no matter what. The Fascist Corporations still need to send out their bills to collect revenue as well as for the Graberments IRS tax bill you get to pay.

          • Well screw them. They all have tried to bully us into “paperless billing” by sending their bills via email now. No power, no bills. But they will be happy to accrue the interest and late charges anyway, the bastards.

      10. Hi Braveheart, and all others who have had LONG-term plans to bug out to your “ultimate” locations in our own country:

        Bug out no later than 7/31/15 because I have a feeling August will be a month where the powers that be will really eff with us all.

        My feeling is the closer to 8/1/15 you bug out, the LESS likely you will incur roadblocks, power outages, gas shortages, etc.

        But that the closer to 9/1/15 you bug out the MORE likely you will incur becoming “trapped”.

        Good luck and God speed. Keep your head on a swivel. And don’t forget to pray for protection from St. Michael the Archangel.

      11. A deal was stuck with Iran, a major oil producer. Know what that means? Fuel prices are stabilized. An EMP will not cover the whole continent,and military vehicles are sheilded. Relief convoys will arrive in time, so theres not much to worry about here, get out and enjoy the sunshine and contrails. besides if IRAN tries anything they will be wiped off the map buy Isreal, with or without permission, the trucks will keep rolling!

        • Gas is down to $2.39 here today. The Iran deal is supposed to make prices go down even more. Maybe I can buy some more in a week or two.

        • @marty…

          You assume a single EMP. What if there were multiple?…say….three….East coast, mid-west and west coast. If some rogue nation or terrorist group could pull off one, they could most certainly pull off three. Now it’s the whole continent.

          Even if the military vehicles are shielded, there aren’t enough of them to provide enough aid to take care of everyone. Just moving and supplying troops and equipment in a war is a huge logistical problem. Try supporting 300 million people. And fuel would need to be part of what was transported. Then it has to be prioritized. Think for a minute about who delivers our mail and handles our vehicle records and then think about those same kind of folks handling food, medical supplies and water distribution. And doing all of it while dealing with a bunch of people who riot over the newest Nike athletic shoes.

          Get the picture?

          Relief convoys will NOT arrive on time. You will be on your own.

          • Most Americans think the strategic petroleum reserve (if they even know it exists) is there for THEM. None of us will see a drop of it.

          • “Relief convoys” are for the rich and well-connected, not the poor saps with nothing to their name who might actually need it…I won’t need it for a long time.

        • Here are some maps of coverage for you to look at, for a single detonations. I’d expect at least six in various places.


          Expect about 200kV/m near GZ; 50kV/m at the periphery.

      12. The 1st week, traveling using any form of transportation other than your own two feet, and you’ll become a huge target for the thugs. The thugs will kill you for your ride. After the 1st week it may be wise to stash the vehicle and only use it in life or death escape situation.

        • Just like wagon trains in the Olde West, the only way to move any distance will be in a convoy that has enough firepower to take out snipers and roadblocks.

        • @Bert….

          Good advice!

      13. Whoever said we are nine meals from anarchy was an optimist. Nine hours post EBT, max. We apparently know no other way.

        • Speak for the sheeple, man. No prepper is only nine meals from anarchy. More like nine months.

          • Agreed, that we preppers will suffer the non prepper was my point.

      14. I’m a local p&d driver for a major motor carrier. The problem is the logistical infrastructure has out lived it’s usefulness it’s way over capacity there is a shortage of pay and drivers. People don’t appreciate the fact that the shit on the shelf came in a truck to the store where they were able to fill their carriage. They live in free shit world and it’s always been on the shelf come the first of the month. I for one will be not coming in to drive the truck once it goes down. I don’t care if people get their food to eat. Driving a truck full of goods by yourself is a death wish in shtf you will be robbed in a split. I don’t need $ that much. I’ve hauled loads before and had what looked like to me gov officials following me. I’m fully aware if I’m being followed because your always looking in the mirrors. If drivers tried to walk off the job en masse the gov would intervene probably with Marshall law and force drivers to work. You know what happens when govs lose control they tighten the noose on people. Not on this guy I will wreck the truck on purpose then.

      15. Today’s History Lesson

        Five Confirmed False Flag Operations and How to Spot Them in the Future

        ht tp://beforeitsnews.com/terrorism/2015/07/5-confirmed-false-flag-operations-and-how-to-spot-them-in-the-future-2454274.html

        • Thanks Santori, good stuff. Carefully note that the FBI smeared Dr. King, calling him a commie…hmmmm I recall the other day a poster saying just that. King wanted us OUT of Viet Nam as badly as Bobby Kennedy did. And Kennedy said he would reopen the investigation into JFK’s murder…The PTB couldn’t have ANY of that. Hence, they both get killed by “lone gunman”…And what followed??? GUN CONTOLL ACT of 1968…Oh dear…

      16. Greece’s banks are likely to remain closed for another month

        ht tp://www.businessinsider.com/greeces-banks-and-atm-update-closures-until-august-2015-7

        can you imagine the chaos if the banks here were to close for a month ???

        there’s a lot to be said about keeping money in the Bank of Serta

        • Satori, I can and already do better than Serta. I have the “Bank of Braveheart”, an old safe with the combination dial lock [private banking]. My combination is very well-hidden and nobody else knows it. There’s even more to be said for that.

        • Money? What money?

        • @Satori….

          I’m wondering what kind of chaos is going to be in Greece if the banks are closed for a month.

          This thing is just getting started.

      17. The huge issue when trucks stop rolling is whether the issue is regional or national or continental or even global. You will need to know this for your decision to bug in or bug out, and you need to prep for the one you think is most likely to happen. If you can drive 250 miles and get supplies without fear, then you can stock up and stay where you are. If you have 30 days of preps you can outlast any regional crisis, as help will come. Anything national or larger means you won’t be getting help anytime soon.

      18. Seems there are gooks in the wire here again.

        • You mean spooks on the wire? 🙂

      19. As a former employee of a MAJOR shipping company, I can say from experience, that a sheer ice event in an unprepared region can backlog the OTR and delivery vehicles for days and cause substantial delays, anything beyond that, such as a strike or other non man-made disaster would bring commerce to a standstill. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Our JIT system is a double edged sword that has major consequences. While it has kept OHI down, it has made the vast majority of Americans completely dependent on a system that runs without a hitch. I for one don’t like to feel that vulnerable.

        • Some years ago, 8″ of snow shut down northern KY. Truckers lived in Florence mall for weeks.

        • The JIT system is mostly the result of govt. regulation. If the govt. did not put an inventory tax on the distribution system the stores would be more willing to keep more items in stock at all times. It would be in their best interest to be able to serve their customers (us) in the event of outages, shortages, strikes etc.

      20. This is why we need to bring back our railroads. The trains used to do the work that trucks are doing now, and trucks were used to deliver items locally. Trucks and air craft are too fuel needy. Trains can carry far more cargo per gallon of fuel than trucks/aircraft combined. Also, railroads are a good source of jobs.

        • @James….

          But trains are slooooooooooow.

          I agree though that we should do more by rail. But time sensitive stuff has to move faster.

          But trains are not totally immune to fuel delivery issues. And does anyone know what effect an EMP would have on a diesel/electric locomotive?

          • Interesting thought. Those rails are just as much an antenna as high tension lines are. An EMP might no kill the locos, but it sure would kill any traffic control devices that are connected to the rails.

            • Hasn’t trains gone computerized, with GPS monitoring and computerized interchanges?

          • Trains can’t run if the electricity is down. It doesn’t matter if the engines can run or not. All the track switches have been replaced with electric ones. The manual ones were removed and recycled. All the switches and lights are controlled by computers. Even if the switches could be replaced, the people who knew how to do things manually are gone. And there wouldn’t be enough people to use lanterns and paper orders to manage a rail yard.

            • Yes, switches, that’s the word I was looking for—thanks Archivist!

        • Trains can be used in a non-emp situation, but like diesel fuel or gasoline shortages for trucks, trains will suffer the same circumstances. There are just a few wood/coal fired trains but they on the most part have different track sizes and are stuck in museums.

          The cities are SOL….. But it will be smaller communities and farmer/country folk who will be getting together with farmer’s markets and supply sales and bartering. They use livestock to pull their wagons to deliver short distances. It will be Little House on the Prairie again, but it is survivalable.

      21. Interesting dilemma in Greece. Ship are apparently sitting at dock still loaded, because the banks can’t process the fund transfers to pay the dock unloading fees. Then theres the truckers that want to get paid to move the goods. They are getting nervous and want to get paid in advance. The only way anything is going to move with the banks shuttered is if people start having couriers move bags of cash. But alas the banks prevented anyone from withdrawing large sums beginning a month ago!

        Now that the banks are closed it’s getting interesting.

        Perishables will likely rot in their containers before they get to the stores!

        If you live in Greece and weren’t prepared a month ago, you’re in sad shape today, and this ball just started rolling.

        • @Plan twice, prep once….


          And it didn’t even take an EMP or solar storm to bring it to a grinding halt. Just a broken down system for getting people paid.

          I wonder if it continues to get worse, if other countries will give humanitarian aid to the Greeks.

          Imagine what it would be like if….along with the financial mess, they had to deal with no electrical power and no fuel….no means to transport goods even if they did get the financial thing resolved.

          And yet there are those who say nothing like this could ever happen here.

          Terminal case of normalcy bias i’d say..

          • This is precisely what happened to great grandpa’s coal mine in the Great Depression.

            Make a shipment, customer went bust in the stock market and couldn’t pay. This took out the company savings and profits. The next shipment was financed at the expense of the company nut, the operating expenses. That customer failed to pay as well! The next shipment was financed out of personal savings. That customer took delivery and went belly up as well. He took the last few thousand dollars and tried to organize a new business. He had no idea the crash was just starting and would last another decade! Timing is everything.

            Grandpa was 9 years old and fed the family with a hundred+ customer paper route he got up at four to run before school! Great grandma tried to keep up appearances like a bad copy of Charlotte O’Hare in Gone with the Wind! The Great Depression left everyone with its mark, today we call it PTSD!

        • Once the first shot is fired all the plans go out the window…

          • Yep

        • I’m dimly remembering a Scientific American article from 30-40 years ago, speculation on the aftereffects of a major quake in the LA basin. The one I still remember was that, since LA is the banking clearinghouse for all of the Left Coast, commercial activity (including shipments from overseas that went through unaffected ports, e.g. Seattle) would stop, because nobody could get paid for their merchandise. This would spread nationwide in short order. After all this time, one would hope that they’ve mirrored all the computers in LA at some distant location, but then again, maybe not. But don’t worry, NSA knows all.

        • Oh I see—NOW that a PROSECUTOR’S SON was attacked, NOW it’s called racially motivated! What a bunch of hypocrites. We’ve seen several instances of this same thing happening, BUT since no offspring of prosecutors or judges was beaten, it wasn’t considered “racial”.

          These people, ALL OF THEM, make me sick.

          • that prosecutors son wasn’t armed? or had security?

            stupid comes in all walks of life

            • agreed.

      22. Cincinatti is a City living in Denial as is most of PC SJW RainBow Bright Zog Amerika.

        This is nothing more than Class Warfare and it is going to get worse as Amerika crumbles under NWO Zog Marxist Ideology!

        The Chimps are now running the Asylum!



      23. It is already happening in the UK. Most of the county’s food shipments come on trucks through the Eurotunnel. This is being disrupted every day by hoards of violent migrants from the Middle East and Africa, trying to smash their way into the UK to get at the free healthcare and welfare benefits. Have a look at You Tube: you will see what it is like. Also watch the film Children of Men: a prescient forecast of the state of the UK in the next 5 years. Over-run with illegal migrants, lots of no-go zones run by violent mobs, chemicals and pollution destroying people’s health and fertility, terrorists free to roam, and a shambolic fascist police state trying to keep the lid on it for a tiny cabal of elite pedophiles who run the whole show.

        • Skull and Bones Secret Society Motto:

          “Order Out of Chaos!”

          *everyone should remember this is a NWO Zog Globalist 50 year till completion of their ONE WORLD ZIONIST controlled GOVERNMENT-BANK-RELIGION plan for the world, 2050 is their goal finish date and they are 10 years behind schedule!


      24. The problem here is INVENTORY, especially bulky items.

        I have a 5 year supply of toilet paper at my house. I know three things about toilet paper, 1.) I’ll always need it, 2.) if stored properly, it never goes bad, and 3.) it probably is only going to go up in price.

        Companies on the other hand don’t/can’t look at it that way. Companies look at inventory as something that cost money to store, something that they had to pay for today, that they don’t need until next month, something that has to be count and tracked and something that if given the chance some employees will steal.

        I can afford to store 5 years worth of toilet paper, WalMart can’t afford to store 5 weeks worth.

        • Yessir-
          As Tess says, have a pantry. We have bucoo shelves, kind of a mini-WalMart of things with long shelf lives, and just rotate items. We would buy this stuff at some point anyway- its just stored here instead of there.
          TP, paper towels & plates, detergent, drinks, ‘salty snacks’…
          Water on the bottom (supported) sheves, etc.


          I lived in Riyadh (the L.A. of Saudi Arabia) for a time. Most bathrooms were just a hole in the floor, with a water spigot and a water pitcher to use. No T.P.- basically you wash your ass with your hand. You touch food and the Koran with one hand, and touch your sh*t with the other…
          Touching people or items with your wipe hand could be big trouble.

          • gross. I’m getting more tp and paper towels, ASAP.

      25. Trucks will always run, there have been several attempts to organize the drivers. Never happened, it’s always been known, if you could control the transportation industry, you control everything. There will always be a driver that will take the money and deliver.

        • truck drivers may become an endangered species
          I’m sure you’ve heard o Google’s self driving cars ?

          well they are applying that same technology to trucks

          they’ve already had some preliminary success

        • aint gonna go no where if there’s no fuel,, or the roads are blocked with “Teens” looking for free shit for their army

      26. Off Topic: Just had three BUFF’S (B-52) go over head headed west and one was nursing. First time in a very long time I’ve seen 52’s over head. Southwestern IN. 20mi’s north of the Ohio River right on the Wabash River. I-64 at the state line.

        • WOW…

      27. Like i have mentioned over a kazillian times. My scientist friend warned us about what his friends from the inside told him. Once of these friends are good friends with Steve Quayle and have been on his shows dozens of times. The result of this economic calapse and its result was beta tested outside the US, to see what goes down in the real theatre. Out of 3000 people, only 12 of them survived, Neighbour against neighbour, men raping and attacking thier next door neighbours, the entire block on thier subvisions went to war against each other, no food, no water, but of course, you have the 12 survivors who banned together and let it run its course, these individuals struck first in the early phase, and got supplies, cleared out to the outskirts, these were the leanest most muscular, stongest. Within 3-4 days, men and teenage punks became murderours and rapist overnight, the killed, murdered, raped, there friends children and family members, commited hanus crimes that you not expect. Then the starvations and deaths began within the first week, then the stench of the rotting and decalying bodies began to fill the air. So for the preppers who are telling people to do Gods work and feed your neighbours, you are total complete f…c…..g idoits. That will draw all neighbours toward your house, BECAUSE YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT NONE OF THE 500 PEOPLE IN YOUR AREA, JUST YOUR SUBDIVIONS, ARE NOT PREPPERS, those same cool people saying high to you every day, will be coming for you and your children.

        Lucky me, me and one of my prep buddies are litreally on the edge of the main freeway to the outskirst to get to the scientist house, then further away, literally 50 miles outside. We have a high performance Car that can work post EMP Conditions. We will be fereday caging out Batteries. This will give us time to access the conditions one the idiotic non preppers, get trapped in the middle of the SHTF EVENT, we will be in post SHTF, AND FUTURE RECENT HISTORY. The past becomes the Pre Tense. We leap into the future Type One Civilization. All of my preppers pears know exaclty where my prepps are at because when SHTF STRIKES, I MAY NOT BE ABLE TO RETRIEVE prepps, and will rely on them to retrieve it. They know what i have and i showed them it, and its location, and told them to get it to save themselves and to head with it to our direction. It was just a year and half ago i was running my business fighting the economic war, working in my office running my business and literlly sleeping in my car. The over heard had to be covered and paid, my business overhead and customers came first, i had to experience shtf, It was up in my face, when the car broke down and i am outside 4 nights in a row, asking my self ” WHAT THE HELL DID I DO TO GET MYSELF INTO THIS SITUATION” Customers started to contact me, because Texas is still strong, i so am i, i worked my ass off, and fought the economic war against my competition, recked others competitors, and took better care of my current customers and planed to recover which i did rapidly. All the left over money went toward provisions, food, goods and self defense, then i stocked up and go into a condo. Even when i got there ,i knew that i would run our of food again. I had MRE’s, lost of them, other freeze dried up crap in packets, water as i ran out of food again. One the money began to role in, i restocked again, beefed up invintory. Then i began to adopt the 1 or 2 extar cans of canned meat ever too weeks. Now i and expert. This was my personal shtf, in Houston. Little did i know that October 2013, that we almost got EMP hit. Had this happened, i would not have been alive now. If this happens now, i will be in the 3-5,000,000 suriviors. So keep at it dumb stupid idiotic men and women who are currently pregnant with your 3 kid, keep at, governments loves you.

        I have read Selcos course, Failure of Civility, i have this book, One Second After, Fernando Feral Argentian Calapse, Patriot Dawn, etc and the artilces of SHTFPLAN.COM, David Hodges, you name it. This is not going to go down well. If its Nubiru, we are still going to end up with no eletricity, no water, etc, If its the Suns EMP, we are still screwed. If its the cabal EMP-ing the crap out of us, we are still screwed> With what i knew and have heard from the horses mouth, it not looking good. Thats why scientist friend moved out of the city on the outskirts. According to him, people women, men, children will be at work, school, etc when SHTF COMMENSES, that the people, as in the dumb asses, the unprepared, the “you dont know sh…t, i am dick and tired of hearing your negativity, thats never going to happpen” crowd. The idiots who think that governments loves them, and will force company owners and food distributers to make sure that the pregnant women who is six months pregnant with a 6 & 10 yr old will get food delivered to them right at there house with a generator and once year of food, and that this will be done all over the entire city, while the stupid incompetent husband, idiotic boyfriend, or derilicts in run down subsidized neighbourhoods will be taken care of. You are wrong about this.

        Like most preppers and posters on this site, i have not damn confidence in people who call us people, serfs, useless eaters, human resources, surplus, etc. As if they give a rats azz about me and you. The nice russian, chinese, jihadist, and other Nato killers, rapist and murderors will be ready to take care of you, that it, have another baby, get pregnant. No food or eater for you idiots, its not a wonder why the ruling elite call us usless eaters. For the preppers who have childeren, who have prepped up and just found out. You will survive whats coming, you were late in the game of prepping and took reponsibilty. More power. And for the women preppers who have prepped. We need more intelligent women like you all over the country. In the 3% of preppers who prep, only 3% of that 3%, are women. This is what is so insance about prepping. And for the agency azz clown trolls who are going to attack me, telling me that Jade Helm is not going to happen, thats its all fear mongoring, you azz clowns work for the agency. Its seem that our survival is come kind of huge threat to you all for some reason, since you are into the game of maximum suffering. You attacks on here will not get us to relax until the soldiers are knocking on our doors to take us to get raped, shot, or guillotined in a camp. Keep dreaming idiots, one of your boys, USASECURITYGUARD, had already spilled the beans. YOUR TOO LATE AGENCY AZZ CLOWN TROLL.


        HCKS, agency

        Azz clown moderator.

      28. Saw this on a t-shirt the other day, “Our ancestors would be shooting already”. ’nuff said.

        • 10 years ago I knew things were going to begin getting bad. We moved from a large city in South West Florida. We’re now in a small (15000) people town in the Midwest. We’re better off here but no place is perfect anymore. I went to the farmers market today and found out from one of the local farmers that ‘they’ would not let them sell eggs at the farmers market anymore. I am so sick of ‘their’ rules and laws.

          The Prophet…I know my grandparents would be shooting by now.

      29. Mac, this is one of the best and most useful articles ever posted on this site! It describes how every individual can be free from and defend themselves against “the System”.

      30. This is how the powers-that-be can control everyone that’s dependent on their “System”.

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