When Law and Order Break Down: “People Are Afraid Right Now. You Can See It In Their Faces.”

by | Nov 19, 2012 | Headline News | 426 comments

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    Cities from coast-to-coast are facing unprecedented budget deficits that have left government officials with no choice but to strip police forces to a bare minimum. We now regularly hear about new ‘records’ being broken in the resulting crime waves that follow.

    Law enforcement officials in Chicago, for example, have said that their city has deteriorated into a domestic war zone with gang violence leaving scores of people dead on a regular basis. Murder, rape, robbery and assault have skyrocketed in bankrupt Stockton, California, suggesting that local governments are quickly losing control.

    In New Jersey, the city of Camden may soon be granted the dubious distinction of being the poorest and most violent city in America.

    On a walkway 20 feet away, a middle-aged man lies dead, shot in the throat and head, sprawled on his back beside a battered 10-speed bicycle. His face is masked in blood that gleams bright red in the crime scene photographer’s flash.

    Johnson watches tight-lipped as investigators comb the grass for shell casings. “Kids play out here. Average people live here,” he says. “I’m shaking. It’s getting too close.”

    Gunfire rings out often in the neighborhood, he says, a regular reminder of the crime wave that has this city of 77,000 on pace to double its homicides in just three years, and has already shattered a nearly 20-year record for killings.

    With 59 homicides so far this year, the murder rate is on par with levels seen in Haiti in the chaotic aftermath of the 2010 earthquake.

    “A bullet has no name. If somebody shoots and I’m walking, I could be hit,” Johnson says. “People are afraid right now. You can see it in their faces.”

    The crime surge coincides with new census data identifying Camden, long battered by vanishing industry, as the most impoverished city in the U.S., with 42 percent of residents under the poverty line, and an average family income of $21,191. If trends persist, Camden may soon hold the grim title of both the country’s poorest and most dangerous city.

    Source: Huff Post

    As local, state and federal officials in the United States realize the reality of our fiscal and economic situations, they will be forced to make serious cuts in areas that have become essential to the American way of life.

    Personal safety, food security, health care and critical public services will inevitably be sacrificed as across-the-board austerity measures become the norm, not the exception.

    Impoverishment will lead to desperation and anger, which in turn leads to “nothing left to lose” attitudes and a rise in violence and criminal activity.

    The system is broke. The mathematics are simple. There is not enough money to go around. What we are seeing in Chicago, Detroit, Stockton and Camden is going to spread.


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      1. With a few friends who are veterans, we had lunch yesterday. We talked with a lot of BS about everything. Then we started to talk about our service, firefights we were in, choppers (Cobras) etc.

        Then someone said what are we thankful are for, you could hear a pin hit the floor, everyone just looked down on his plate for what seemed like hours. I finely said, I know what I’m not thankful for. I’m not thankful for letting my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren down, I fail to fight for the freedoms that we have now lost. Others chimed in and said, for allowing the heart of America to be taken over by the crime bosses and their greed, tyranny and causing the destruction of our nation’s dream. With this last election, America as we knew it, ENED.

        As we talked about the latest events that has happen to our once great nation. These came out. Where sodomy is alright, murder of the unborn is alright, starving the old people is alright, drug use is,alright, leave our soldiers to die is collateral damage, the total incompetent bastards that are in charge. A president who lies, when telling the truth is easier. Generals and admirals who have been fired for refusing to follow unlawful orders. The list goes on and on. You all know it.

        The hammer is about to fall in a few short weeks, maybe months, but it will fall on this dumb downed American nation of ours.

        So if we want to return it to a nation that we once knew. We must all agree that we will live FREE or DIE. In my option we must agree to wage the war that has been shoved down our throats. How you do your part is up to you, but mark my words you will have to fight at some point in the very near future, there is no way of avoiding it. As you look around you will see some will run, some will hide, some will go to the other side, but many will fight just because they do not have a choice. It’s coming, so to repeat on old warrior from LZ X-Ray” FIX BAYONETS, AND PREPARE TO DEFEND YOUSELVES”. Sgt. Major Plumley. Our government is bent on absolute control, power, and enslavement of this American Nation. THEY WILL NOT ACCEPT ANYTHING LESS!

        Are you prepared, do you have water, shelter, food, and a way of defending yourself and your family, if not GET OFF YOUR ASS and get it done NOW!

        I have too many miles on this old tired body, but MY COMMITMENT TO MY FAMILY, FRIENDS AND COMMUNTY IS STRONGER THAN EVER. I WILL STAND MY POST UNTIL VICTORY OR I DIE. It is being willing to stand for what is right even if no one else is standing with you. I want to go home and rest with my family and friends, just leave me the HELL ALONE. Home is where the heart is. If need be give me a field of fire and targets of opportunity. A WORD OF CAUTION: DON’T GET IN FRONT OF ME WITH THE IDEA TO DO HARM TO MY FAMILY! Because it will be a bad day for whom ever.

        What am I thankful for, my loving wife of 43 years, my children, grand and great grand- children, my fellow prepper’s,  but above all MY MERCYIFUL GOD.  That’s Just Me.


        PS: You all have great THANKSGIVING

        • AMEN

          • “I’m not thankful for letting my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren down”

            • FB, he referencing to which he will try and turn the tide, not which you might have already failed at. So, my dear FB, is your glass half empty or half full. Choose this day who ye shall serve. Nobody can out give God. It is an impossiblilty! Pressed down, shaken, cup runneth over. Oh ye if you had faith but of a mustard seed, “You could say to the mountain, move yourself and be cast into the sea, and it would be done so.”

              • PO   I understand the statement completely. It was meant directly at CP because of a few short statements that made it clear between us.

                We as a people, as a country, as parents in many cases have failed our off spring. Some of us as making sure our children were prepared forgot about other.

                To many of us have said when someone stands up I with them. That there was the beginning of our failure. We as the prepared are just as guilty of allow this damage as are the SNAPers and the progressive thoughts of the times.

          • Beautiful, Copperhead. Your sentiments make my heart pound.

            • Don’t get mad at me, but Copperhead STOLE his entire post from Greg Evensen:



              Greg wrote this on 11-16-12 and I,   as a vet,  cannot stand to see this “Copperhead” guy copy another veteran’s editorial and call it his own.

              Hey Copperhead,  what the heck happened to HONOR?  CHARACTER?

              Shame on you Copperhead.

              • Dated 11/16/2012 – This is the truth. Copied from the link of a true patriot!  Shame Shame Shame

              • It matters not if someone had written this before. The sentiment posted here reflects the feelings of millions of people. I am one of those.

                • Chris, It matters in that someone else worked hard on an enlightening and heartfelt article, to only have there work stolen and reproduced under someone elses name. Plagiarism is an insight into a persons mindset. It is what they do when they think no one is watching. If someone is willing to steal something as simple as someone eles thoughts what else what they willing to do. Not sure if I would be willing to trust a plagiarist to watch my six!  It’s about honor and esteem.

                • Except, he was not part of the 1/7 1st AC and did not fight at the Battle of the Ia Drang Valley in November of 1965.He could have stated that this was a quote from someone else and that it emulated his feelings. But, no, he took it as his own and stole someone else’s honor.

                  Just like any other thief.

              • Maybe Copperhead IS the guy who wrote it originally. . . ? Do you all know Copperhead’s real name?

              • I agree with chris who said;     “It matters not if someone had written this before. The sentiment posted here reflects the feelings of millions of people. I am one of those.” end quote!


                • I second that…and over 590 thumbs-ups reinforce it. After reading Evensen’s essay, it appears that ‘Copperhead’ did not copy it word for word but paraphrased it into a powerful comment. But I also agree that he should have acknowledged the source of his inspiration.

          • That is not a look of fear seen on the faces of the sheep.  It is a look of confusion.  They can’t believe what they see the corp goons do in broad daylight.  The murder.  The theft.  The fraud.  The unrestrained use of force on nonviolent people.  All without any accountability.  And all while the violent criminals are left to roam the streets and slaughter the bystanders.  They are confused because their master has turned on them and they don’t know why and WILL NOT believe it.

            Fear would lead to positive action, a concerted effort to stop the corp machinery for their own self preservation.  Fear would indicate  a NEED to act, rather than allowing for the voluntary illusion of a choice of preserving a life that does not exist anyway.

            Confusion will lead to acceptance of tyranny, and immersing themselves in slavery to show themselves worthy of their evil master.  They do not fear what the corp will do, only that it will be done to them if they don’t comply.  They are intent on avoiding it’s wrath, not in fighting it’s existence.

            Freedom is a fight of the few, for the benefits of the masses, who really do not deserve freedom in the first place because they are unwilling to make a sacrifice to obtain it.

            Law and order broke down long ago, but the disease was contained in Washington DC and New York for a long time.  Now the results of decades of allowing organized crime to pose as a government are spreading to the streets of America.

            Law and order broke down when the corp started hiring Police to enforce it’s codes on the innocent who did no harm to anyone.  It will return when the people once again accept their duty as Law Enforcement in regards to the Constitutions.

            All Law Enforcement is the responsibility of the people.  It never was the corps right to make rules for you, but you have to enforce the Laws that prevent it.

            • The U.S. Constitution was written by Godly men for a self-regulating people.  Those people had a moral compass: a Love for God and love for fellow man. 

              The erosion of nations was foreseen and described in II Timothy, and will come to fruition UNLESS Godly people intervene and stop the tyranny.  We have our own Jereboam right here on these shores, and he is being certain that those without the moral compass will follow him.  He and others like him will further lead this nation into sin.

              Ann Barnhardt said it; I repeat it: If a man fears God, he need not fear any government.

              Keep praying, and God Bless you all this Thanksgiving.

              • Hello, My friend.  I am a WWII Vet. South Pacific Campaign. Chief Boatswain Mate. U.S.N.CB’s.   In this War, we construction people became reconized for our abilities to think for our selves.  We wer able to participate in a very close way with the Marines.  After the young warriors had pushed onto further battles, We C B’s were left with a purpose to build and provide service and back up for the taskes at hand.  We had to protect ourselves from the Japanese left behind in the caves.  Fear was some thing that I never experienced.  I was out there to fight for the Country that I still Love.  Yes many of  did not come home.  God Bless there souls. 

                I must relate this experience to you.  I was on the Island of Tinnian. Marianas Atoll. In August , of 1945, while I was walkingg across the  inner compound yard,  God gave Me a message.  He showed Me about two Japanese Warriors who had just cut the throats of two guards outside of of run way ” B “,  cutting there stomachs open and jamming there testacles in to mouths. He dircribed ther physical statures to a tee.  And He said, Prove this out, and go get them.  End of directives from My God.  I did verify thease two japanese.  One was a Ryal Japanese Marine, He was bare from the waist up, was wearing U.S.Marine paants and marine belt and wearing Marine rubber boots.  The other warrior, was in japanes garb, with split toe sandles.  Thease two warriors had stopped beside a D * Tractor, that had jus been over hauled and was running in. It was parked on the outer fring of the heavy equipment compound.  Thease two warriors had stopped and were observed, throwing hunks of lava aat the big fan, but of course, this big fan, really showered them, so they took off.  So here was the verofication that God instructed me to verify.  My next move, was to ask the toughest man I new in our battaion to watch my back as I tracked them down.  He was, Mr.Alfred.Runkle.  I was armed with a Tommy Machine Gun, and  Afred had hs B A R.  We packed as much ammunichon as we could carry.  [ Thank  God]and wee took off.  These two Japs, headed straigt for the beach, where you colud look over at Saipan.  They turned to there right for appx 500 yds, and turned inland appxx 600 ft to a series of volcanic caves.  There was a cleft in the bluff we were baccked up against.  The main culprit, the Royal Marine was setting with His back to our position.  I sent Alfred op the little cleft to be on top, and I would not open fire untile I new He was in the clear.  This accomplished, a could not bring myself to shoot Him in the back.  So I hollerd, Hay you S O B.  And whene he tried to get away I opened up on Him.  Unbeknonest to Me, was the 4200 Japanes had escaped a Marine incirclment from the North end of Tinnian, dow to our south end.  So need less to say, I never seen so many Japanes Soldiers in all my life, as I now faced.  So I mowed as many of 6the enemy down as I possible could, and I khad to scoot up the way Alford went.  because my Tommy Sub, after firing 180 45 slugs in to thease Jap Bastards, the barrel was white hot.  Just as I started up the little gut. I heard the B A R working.  So I new Alfred was in a fire fight also.  As soon as I got up on top, I loked Afred yp, and H eshowed Me the Last two Japanese Generals on Tinnian.  So We fought our way bake into safee country, and back to our tents.

                I kept a Fiary during the WWII episode, and what I have told you is in the War Archioives.

                I am 95 years of age. 100% disabilaties reateing.

                I want to point out to you or any one else who might read this narrative.  I Love My God, and His Son Lord Jesus.  I love my neighbors as myself.  So I say to you and all other warriors.  There is nothing to fear with the Crooks, sell outs etc.  God is with us. So who cares about thease crooks and dirty politicians.  The can not stand against us.  Syre some of us will meet our Savior on this new battle field.  And I know I will see my Savior and His Son.

                You can pass this on to whome ever you like.  I am proud to be an American.  Lord Bless one and all of you.  Ken. Scalf



              • Americans today are a nation of degenerates who think everthing is funny or a joke and that wealth without effort is their due. They will soon be learning that is not the case. That a man like obama could be elected once was bad enough but then after four years of failure and open expression of hatred for the country he is president of that he is re elected pretty much says that this country is over. Make the best deal you can.

            • Amen GC,

              We have become Atlas Shrugged.

              Who is John Galt?


              • Hey piper glad to see you

                • Hey Doc!

                  Miss ya…

            • Law and order broke down long ago, but the disease was contained in Washington DC and New York for a long time.  Now the results of decades of allowing organized crime to pose as a government are spreading to the streets of America.


              What a great quote!  That about sums up my thoughts and kudos to Copperhead as well.

          • Here!Here! Let it be so………

            • As long as you people vote down truths like this, your country will remain at the mercy of the criminals who now own it.   America has been destroyed because you all allowed your minds to be controlled by fake preachers, lying media scum and a particular foreign power with lots of (stolen) money (mostly yours to begin with).

            • @ John Q.Public:  Must be alot of  “Zionist Trolls” roaming about today.  Israhell is the problem, has been the problem since the land grab after WWII, and continues be a growing problem.   Long live Palestine, and may Israhell “vanish” from our history…soon.

              Only the uninformed, ignorant, trolls, or other moron’s would be inclined to “red thumb” your link. 


        • @copperhead:

          I was reading from my kindle and gave you a thumbs down.  Not intentional.  Couldn’t reply from kindle.  We are having issues today.  So don’t think it was some moron.  Then when I am on the computer, it doesn’t show it. I agree  completely, (for what it’s worth)  So you will probably get two apologies.  After I submit this, the other one will show up.  LOL.

          • I just watched the local news from Charlotte, NC. They estimate that about 10,000 seniors in NC  will be forced out of nursing homes if we go over the fiscal cliff.  This could end up displacing about 1/2 million seniors who depend on medicade programs when the criteria changes in 2013. It will be ugly for many segments of the populace.

            • News like that makes me thankful I finally started having children in my 40s.  We’ll take turns staying home to raise them, teach them self-sufficiency, and later build a home for them together on our land.

              . . . or we could institutionalize them in infancy, let the government decide what they need to learn, and reap what we’ve sown.



            • Highspeedloafer,

              I’m afraid the U.S. went over the fiscal cliff many years ago. It’s just an excruciatingly slow Keynesian death. The body of the nation is going through the final spasms before the eyes roll to the back of the sockets and rigor mortis sets in.

              • I know YH, I am simply talking numbers here,  I am not looking for things to ever get any better in this country. I abhor the institutionization that pp was talking about, but I still feel compassion for those elderly who will not make room for granny and gramps when things finally go all squishy.

                • Highspeedloafer,

                  I hear you. I feel bad as well. When the economy goes sideways and the dominoes begin to fall again, the very young, very old, and everyone in between will be caught in the grip. I see France finally lost it’s “AAA” credit rating today and Wall Street celebrated. It makes no sense to me.

                  Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

                • I work at a cemetery.  Let me explain to you that “we’ve” already left granny & gramps behind.  Kids moved FAR away, sign the final papers by fax; granny & gramps re-married and there’s hard feelings; granny & gramps outlived their children (or never had any); granny & gramps were nasty/uncaring to the family that’s now supposed to be there–Gahh.  Lots of folks already die alone.  Don’t kid yourself.  Very Old and Very Young do not survivors make.  Too easily done.



            • ” It will be ugly for many segments of the populace”— It doesn’t have to be like that. Cutting aid to the TRULY poor does not have to be the first response, but IMO, cutting corporate welfare and empire building should be THE FIRST choice. Getting rid of the Federal Reserve mafia banksters should be the second. Ousting the illegal corporate occupation from DC should also top the list.

              • I think that the main reason the “safety net” is unraveling is because way too many people are using it as a FUCKING HAMMOCK!

                Son of a bitch: why do I have to get up at 5:45 every day to go and teach when the frigging gimme girls and banksters just get to dig their filthy claws into my tax dollars?

              • Yes but it is an age old trick of progressives.  When people finally get the guts to look at cutting gov’t budgets, instead of going after corruption, duplicate programs, waste, etc, they ALWAYS go after police, firemen, teachers, kids & senior’s programs, etc.  That always scares the budget-cutters off, and the gravy train keeps on rolling.  Progressives will NEVER give up control.

            • Senator Patty Murray was on the news recently as she stated that maybe we should not try to avoid the fiscal cliff. Maybe it won’t be that bad and we should just go over it and see what happens.

              She was one of the lead negotiators for the last fiscal conference. So that is her mindset. This explaines why the last conference went so badly. She  was also a lead writer of Obama Care.  She is not interested in fixing anything. She wants ObamaCare and socialized retirement.

            • Was it Fox News?

            • Just culling the herd. We are coming upon some sad times.

        • Copperhead,

          I sit here wondering where we are headed and what to do and I like all of us have been doing what we can and need to do. I always think about my Grandsons and what kind of  future they are going to have and we can only make it right! Reading what you have said has given this old vet some hope! God bless and Thank you.

          • You need to respond to the accusation that you stole someone elses work and claimed/posted it as your own. Unless you don’t mind having no credibility.

            • To John W.

              And who are you replying to sir?

              • Bill,

                To copperhead the alleged borrower of someone elses work. Personally it is not an issue to me but many others are expressing an opinion. He can do whatever he wants with the questions.

        • I wish everyone I know could read that and understand – beautifully worded, Copperhead.

          • @ Daisy (and everyone on this site)…as I sit here with nearly a tear in my eyes,  I’m thinking of a movie I saw a few years ago(sure most of you my age will remember it) can’t remember the name ……something about blowing up a bridge I think…….it ended by one of the head military guys saying “Where do you find men like that ?”………well that’s what I am thinking as I read Copperheads words tonight…….He, and many others on this site are awesome!!!…..won’t mention any other names…….there are many…….they know who they are……just to say I appreciate all you do for us!!

            Wishing all you a great American Thanksgiving!!  take care, CC.



            • Bridges at Toko Ri

            • The bridge over the river kwai…


              • Nope, it’s The Bridges at Toko Ri, with William Holden, Grace Kelley, Mickey Rooney, and I believe, Frederic March.  From the novel by James Michener.

                Good aerial combat sequences, and a good tale.


          • Bill what you can do is go to the guys website who REALLY first wrote copprheads post, Greg Evensen, and Greg also has training cd’s and other great survival seminars advice etc……Go to Theheartlandusa dot com.

            You can read copperheads entire post from 11-16-2012!!!!!!!!! Only its gregs version!!!

        • Copperhead

          You are spot on sir!..as many tactical sites I subscribe to, and visit, are all in the same sentiment..a complete breakdown is coming and a wrol situation is fast approaching.My son 1stBAT9MAR back from Ramadi(safe and sound) is now employed by a major international armed security corp..and his regional told him they are readying for civil war here!

          Just a matter of time…

          The dire situation is due to many factors especially economic collapse..what the trigger will be is anyone’s guess at this point..but..given the myriad of E.O’S and all the other solicitations for billions of hollow-point and NATO armaments by DHS and other agencies of late gives credence to the ultimate endgame.

          Kudos to you and all our fellow vets..we all must stand strong in the coming days..and I only wish we here could all be together as one standing on our feet til our last breath for liberty and freedom from these usurpers..



          • I fear not for my husband; he is 64, Vietnam vet, with vision in one eye, hearing loss damage from running over a land mine, already had open heart surgery, carotid surgery with an aneurysm, his knees are totally shot, and if they come for me or our supplies, I fear for ‘them’.

            He doesn’t give a ‘****’ if he dies.

            “His part we can not do; our part He will not do”

            • For jaysays

              take heart my friend you and your husband are in good company, many of us will fight and die that day. The weapons we have are far inferior to the ones our enemy will bring, and our age is greater than the youth that will come for us. I pray on that day the life’s I take are not the children of good families of honest Americans but I know this will not be something I will be able to control.

              parents school your sons and daughters in the military help them understand what is happening and the lies they are being  told. For on this day a choice will need to be made one that each of us will only be able to make, and for myself it is death or liberty and there is no grey area.

              i care a great deal for anyone that is only looking to do what’s right in life with no intentions of harming others, but I stand firm against those that follow orders blindly no matter who they hurt.

              be careful Mr. government you may have the weapons, supplies and for now the advantage, but what you do not have is the conviction of an American, willing to defend his land, family and freedom to the end of your very life!

              God Bless America and may it’s government burn to ashes

              • Well said…TK4usa

                I fear not 1000 lions led by a sheep; I fear 1000 sheep led by a lion…Alexander the Great

            • We may be old and gimpy, but we’re sneaky and don’t really give a crap anymore.

              • Well said Jonnyreb, as one old timer once told me ” old age and treachery shall overcome youth and experience any day “

          • Possee,

            Just by  a being an active and vocal member of this wonderfull site Mac has created we are standing together.  Words can be a more powerfull tool than any weapon.

            Just reading what I wrote I think I may have caught a bad case of liberalism…Yow!  I better listen to Beck and Limbaugh or better yet Dr. Savage today.

        • copperhead:

          Well said.  As I just became a grandpa today, WE STAND SHOULDER TO SHOULDER.

          • Congradulations!!!!!!!

          • Don’t stand shoulder to shoulder Grandpa!! Spread out and take up a good fire position with cover instead!!


        • I’m with you Copperhead!

        • Copperhead:

          Well said.  As I became a grandpa today, WE STAND SHOULDER TO SHOULDER.

          • Congrats Grandpa!

          • boy or gitl ,,anyway congrats


        • Copperhead, so beautifully stated.  I wish you  were my friend and neighbor.  As I have stated on this great post before, I am alone, but am prepared to go all out in the coming conflict.  My nearest neighbors are cowards and liars, so I choose to go it alone.  I hope you all heed Copperheads’ advice, and get your preps done.  Good luck to all.


        • Right Friggin on man!  I could not have said it better, no really I don’t have the vocabulary. 🙂 

          We are in a world that our parents never taught us about.  How could they?  Where did it all go so bad?  I do not see how this can be reversed.  I do not know what can stop the madness.  Was it the drugs of the 60’s and 70’s that made us forget about ethics – morals – religion – our fellow man – honor to our country?  Were the old people right when they said that rock and roll was a product of the devil?  I’m not joking as I can see no other reason for us to be where we are at.  Nothing about all of this makes sense to the majority of people who are now 40, 50, 60 years old.  It is not how we were brought up.


          Yes there is fear on the faces of all but the half wits out there.  The ones on the dole are afraid they are going to be cut off.  The ones like myself who own a small business don’t know when an over regulatory government be it state or federal will put us out of business and ruin the lives of those we employ. Those who work from 9-5 don’t know from day to day if they will have a job the next day.  Most people have run through thier savings and used up thier credit to stop from going to the homeless state.  But there is no let up by our government.  They just want more and more.  We are and have become slaves of the state. 


          It would seem that the only choice most of us have is to continue to prep, pray to our God and when the time comes have the conviction to squeak out in our most forcefull way, STOP THE MADNESS – YOU WILL ONLY CONTINUE AFTER YOU WALK ACROSS MY DEAD BODY!!! And that’s gonna cost you big time.

          Another Vet standing next to you Copperhead.

          People say I am going to live off the grid but who among us can really do that?  Very few, thats who.  Even if you are on welfare you have to have an address for your check and food stamps to go to.  Almost all of us have responsabilities that force us to stay on the grid and be part of the system.

          • BIGB..read the 1963 Communist Manifesto read to the house of representatives..obviously, they didn’t give a crap, or were already infiltrated with communist.

            We know who they are now.


            • This may be a little off-topic or maybe not — part of what is going on today has a lot to do with blacks screaming about white oppression, etc. using this oftentimes as an excuse for their own actions or inaction, and white guilt.  A little history review is always eye-opening:

              1.  Arabs exported slaves from Africa for at least 1000 years up through the 1900s.

              2.  Africans have had their own slave systems up until the present day.  In Mauritania, although theoretically outlawed a few years ago, there still exist hereditary slaves.

              3. In Ethiopia, slavery was only considered firmly abolished when Haile Selassie came to power (1930s). 

              4.  American slavery ended in 1865; thus, nobody is still alive who was either a slave or a slave owner.

              5.  When slavery ended in America and other “white” nations, it caused multiple African nations financial hardship as they had to look for other sources of income (other than selling their enemies).

              So the next time somebody tries to make you feel guilty about something you had nothing to do with — just say no.

              • Nobody seems to remember the Millions abducted and sold as slaves by the Barbary Pirates or that slavery still exists in Africa. It seems the only slavery worth mentioning happened in North America. Never mind that for the vast majority of North American slaves, the first time they were sold was before they ever boarded a boat.

              • I never hear anyone talk about THE BRITISH army coming to ireland and kiddnaping the women and children,taking them to the carabean and using them for slaves in the sugar plantations,and this went on for hundreds of years,and the Irish are still under attack to this very day by these scum bag bastards,no one mentions it…..the british own the banks and if the us military leveled england it would all stop,this is the worlds largest crime family…………

                • Arizona…..Yes and also irish was used for slaves here in usa Before the first african black was brung to these shores!

                  Banksters(tribe aka tykw’s) and fellow tribe ship owners set up salvery here with Irish slaves so by time blacks came it was all set to go already.

                  Read Michael Hoffman I think it is, and Dr. David Duke.

                  They documented intensivly all of these hidden facts etc!

                  Hard part s convinceing white folks to believe it, and Forget convincing blacks to believe these facts.

                  The Only “Card” in blacks deck of cards is the Race card. If thats destroyed by true facts etc?….What do they have left to bash whiteys and promote whitey guilt with?….ZERO!

                  Everything done for and by blacks last 60 yrs depends fully upon white ignorance and guilt. Once gone, so will be welfare and “GimmieDats”……Somehow I cannot picture in my mind all a sudden 50 million blacks heading off to seek JOBS!

                  So they Need that single magical race card to play over and over……Thats main reason for blackout of All MSM white irish slaves info!

          • You don’t know how it happened?

            What are the 3 ways of fighting evil?

            Fight, flee or compromise…

            The last 100 years was about compromise with the “sweet words on the tongue that grow bitter in the belly”, the evil, called leftism. Every step of compromise being step backwards, now, we stand on the edge of a cliff looking backwards into the abyss… and we wonder HOW we got this way?

            Thesis, antithesis, synthesis… the tools of the compromisers, the compromise being the step forward that every body agrees with.. including the spineless ‘good guys’. Every step backwards, a step into the sticky mirey clay of an emotional swamp called political correctness…

            Where were we when God was kicked out of the schools?When abortion became quasi legal?When the Kelo decision took our property rights?When Obamacare happened, we came, we partied, we went home…then, we were mocked… and rightfully so, then they did it anyway.Need I go on?

            Now the battles will no longer be easy, while I support copperhead 100%, there is NO WAY TO WIN the short game. You cannot shoot a tidal wave.And the good guys are divided, there is no Liberty movement, we are like a herd of cats, easily scattered by the boogeyman. WE are divided by ideology and religion, with our preachers keeping us apathetic and in “submission to Godly righteous authority”, where is righteousness? Where has it fled? We say we believe in God, but too many are lukewarm and  worship money above all things… thus the failure of money should be our judge, jury and executioner. Cause and Effect.

            50% of this country supports ‘the free lunch’, the other 50% pays for it, this will not end well, since, Going Galt is now becoming a Meme, and this country will end up like Atlas Shrugged, if we make it that long.

            Where did it go wrong? WE need to look in the mirror.

            @copperhead; HOTEL JULIET

            • @Piper Michael, I agree 100%, sadly.  I am a combat arms vet, built to fight, yet, I am struggling with an internal fight to reprogram myself.  I woke up only about a year ago, trying to solidify what I stand for and beleive in.  I am unfortunatly contributing to “the good guys are divided” scenario.  

              I also admit, I do not feel it is time to literally fight but thats where I get lost, what IS IT time to do? (rhetorical).   Freedoms are disappearing faster everyday and people are increasingly fine with it while I start feeling more trapped and every part of me wants to do what I know how to do.  But I know that is not the answer although the correct answer alludes me.  

              I have looked in the mirror, now I need to look in my soul.

              • Armed, appreciate your honesty and I’ll keep you in prayer as you look inward. The correct answer will both suprise you and bring a smile to your face.

                • Thanks brother/sister.  

              • @armedtotheteeth,

                The fact that you say you know you have a soul and a spirit, leaves you with few options my brother…Your question brings up the most profound conundrum that the brethren of God face, but I will not respond here and ‘pollute’ this forum with my prattlings anymore. (To those who love your mysteries, you’re welcome.)

                I will leave but a taste, and the rest may be viewed at the link below…

                We see the march of evil across the land, they bait us into actions, knowing, that somewhere somehow, someone, is going to go bonkers and start pulling triggers on them. Isn’t it interesting, that the blacks and the latinos can pull all the triggers they want on themselves and create collateral damage, but, that is considered unworthy of any ‘crackdowns’? Let white people start doing it, and I guarantee a different response. That, would delight The Controllers.

                At some point, we will, no… we must, fight, it is inevitable, JFK was right, “if you make peaceful revolution impossible, violent revolution is inevitable”… so at this point, your soul is your answer. The very fact that you think you have one is your guide.Thus the concept of a ‘Just war’ comes into play, and if it be so, the only, ONLY way to win, is as ONE. Popguns of individuals, yelling at the top of their lungs; “From my cold dead hands…”, in the end, will all be cold and dead, one, by one, by one… Unity of the good guys, is the only way to survive an economic war, and it is, an economic war being fought upon us.

                continue … here;

                Piper Michael




        • Just a “thank you” copperhead ‘ol boy.

        • I had a similar conversation w/ a co-worker today. He does not understand how America could elect a muslim, he is one of those people who still believe the dem-repub-duopoly-facade. I have tried to explain the issue to him for what must be the 50th time, and he still has a confused look on his face. The stark reality is that the vast majority of people in this country are brainwashed, they are conditioned to believe what msm tells them.

          They no longer understand what Liberty is about, what it takes to earn, and keep it. The parasites have been working in the background for the last 100 years for this moment. The people of this country will roll over, and accept slavery, and as long as they have thier bread and circuses, they will smile.

          This is the generation that will either become slaves, or stand up, and hold thier freedom. This is especially true for White people. They will either face reality, or face White Genocide, like it or not. The vast majority of people committing violent crimes are not White, and the vast majority of victims are. The last election was an ethnic one, whether White people want to face that or not.



          • @JustMe —

            Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz [WHO IS NOT WHITE] said the Republican Party “got whiter and more male” while the Democratic caucus is “majority minority and female.”


            Someone should ask Wasserman-Schultz why she and her ilk are so concerned with the plight of the so-called “oppressed” in Amerika, but are so supremely indifferent to the condition of the oppressed in, say, Gaza and the West Bank.

            What is clear is that “they” feel strong enough now to drop their masks and openly give voice to their visceral hatred of Whites — apparently, all the high-minded moral arguments they invoked in the name of “tolerance” and “equality” were just a ruse to trick our people into ceding power to our deadly biological and spiritual enemies. We have not truly ceded our REAL political power, though, especially if you remember Mao Tse Tung’s famous dictum regarding the ultimate SOURCE of such power.

            “They,” who have packed Amerika with enemy foot soldiers, are today openly proclaiming their delight in what they believe is our impending defeat and subjugation, culminating in our ultimate extinction. This is a wake up call that even lifelong white ethnic Democrats and union members I know are noticing.

            Further, it is also noted that “they” demand we continue to play by the rules of a game that they have rigged (not by “stuffing” the ballot box, but rather by stuffing the voting booth, with humanoid refuse not of our nation, race or culture) and they demand that we prematurely accept our defeat and demise as our just due.

            Let them go to HELL. And let’s thank them for being unable to conceal their hatred and thereby waking a lot of our people from their slumber.

            • Ahab..What you wrote of is the exact reason “They” got Booted out of every nation They (TYKW aka the you know whos)  ever been in. 109 so far. Now its Americas turn.

              This is a good thing in disguise. The fact they are so smug and arrogant they feel free to stop hiding who They truly are.

              Just wait till all them 95% of negores finally realize how fake the black worship by the They crowd was!

              It may take awhile longer, but blacks will get it sooner or later. I bet when it happens blacks wont hesitate to turn on their handlers. Big time!

              Thats if theres any left after whiteys get finished!….I too recently was floored and amazed by Two total liberal dems.

              One is my sister, other a long time friend(45yrs), Both within a week of each other began to moan and complaign of being so fed up and so tired of “White Guilt” and always non stop being labled as Racist or antisemite.

              I still can’t get either to actually admit that all I told both the last 40+ yrs was so true. But for any lib dems to even admit what they did was very good to hear.

              Fed up Is where most folks begin the awakening process I think.

              My sis is so damn liberal chek this out.

              Aprox, 20 yrs ago she was at home asleep in bed, one kid age 4yrs in bed and another baby 1yr old in his crib asleep also.

              All of a sudden my sister said she though she heard some noises. Briefly awoke and in a sleepy haze figured it was just a dream. So she returned to sleep.

              One moment later she again was awoken to sounds coming from 1yr olds room across hall from her bedroom.

              This time she sat upright and began to fully awaken. Thats when she saw a huge african black male holding up cribs matress with one hand, while his other hand was feeling around under matress for stuf to steal!

              Sis got scared shitless and screamed loudly(typical female due to yrs of hollywood brainwashings), well That monky also got scared of being caught and he ran out of room to back side door they entered from.

              No sooner than that asshole split another bigger meaner looking african black male ran down hallway from 4yr old girls bedroom and right into doorway of my sisters room!

              She again screemed louder, and He stopped dead in his tracks. Then slowely aproached her bed, at last moment she screemed again and heard a car horn honking in driveway of her crib.

              It was her car they loaded up and a THIRD black monky was in the driver seat and he heard her screems and panicked to leave so began honking horn for other two.

              Well she got very lucky when #2 black guy in her room panicked and also split fast.

              I asked her when she related what happened next day, why didn’t you simply blow their fuckin heads off?

              In Typical dem liberal sara brady fashion, she says her .38 snub nose colt was UNLOADED tucked way back in upper closet area with all ammo Outside in garage!!!!!

              But she swore she was so happy all three guys left without harming her or the two kids etc. All they did was steal everything, and I mean Everything except the console tv set(old type full size wood cabinet etc very heavy) even took her coffe maker and toaster!!

              She simply refused to keep loaded gun and eventually got rid of all handguns and hunting rifles they owned, which was substantial amount of firearms(aprox 15+ guns).

              How does two normal married folks, man and women 30 yrs old avg age ,Hunters since kids(he was she hunted after marriage) avid shooters etc, and all of a sudden begin to Believe all that dem lib sara brady crap and sell off all firearms to become daffy kommie brainwashed fools?

              I will tell you how…He= Got a job in Govnt and Joined their UNION! She=went back to work, sat thru endless sessions of brand new  “Diversity/ Tolerance” training classes Mandated at most every job she worked at.

              In less than two yrs time Both became flaming antigun libs etc! Still are!

              Now 20 yrs after three african sub human filthy waste types robbed and nearly raped her, and likely would have murdered her and two kids, she still insists guns wont slove nothing and it all worked out swell etc.(she etched her soc sec ##s onto valuables, cops pulled over car and all 3 perps, when they tried to do a dope deal of trade her stuf for heroin! dope guy was undercover drug cop!)

              I ask what if happens again?…..Typical normalcy bias answers. “Oh I/we don’t think that will occure again. And it ended up ok last time!”

              Or, Cops is fast responders here, get here in 15 to 20 minits on avg!!!

              I ask How long does it take two or three maniacs(african blacks did I mention that Fact) to Rape and Kill all of you?…..Less than 15 or 20 minits right?

              But it falls on deaf ears.

              Hopefully hers and my old friends recent mentions as I outlined above aka fed up being called racists etc, will Grow into more awareness.

              I aint holding my breath though!

              ps. Too bad I wasnt sleeping over her crib that nite! Me and My “Snuffy”! (snuffy aka kimber tactical II .45 H.P defense loads!)

              At least both inside be dead as doornails. Posible third in her car in her driveway, or at least badly wounded!

              Ok everybody back to MSM and Lib dem worship of the Noble African Savages amoung us!…(just joking!!! I know most here aint with msm)

              • @ Angelo —

                The kind of White libs you describe are so far gone they are fundamentally disconnected from their own lives. That’s why, after being preyed upon by criminals of color and being made to suffer, they are full of excuses and “understanding” for the feral subhumans that have attacked or injured them or injured or killed their loved ones. They don’t really give a shite. Is as if they’re spectators in their own lives.

                But if ANOTHER White person is assaulted, robbed or killed by subhumans, these same types are full of active SCORN for the victim and can barely conceal their DEEP satisfaction at this act of “justice.” I’ve seen it over and over.

                New England liberals (who have transported their Puritan traditions into the 21st century) are the worst in this respect, and consider any criticism of their negroid pets (which they adore as an abstraction, from a safe distance) to be as “evil” as their constipated 17th century ancestors viewed dancing.

                The one good thing about what’s coming is that the last thing these diseased unnatural mutants will experience on earth will be to be expelled from from the colons of feral apes in bits and pieces. Poetic!

                Glad your relatives escaped that negroid home invasion though, even if by blind luck, and that those innocent children were not hurt.

                • Thank You Ahab:…And I must say you are very articulate and always seem to convey a messg so swell. When you wrote this…

                  The one good thing about what’s coming is that the last thing these diseased unnatural mutants will experience on earth will be to be expelled from from the colons of feral apes in bits and pieces. Poetic!

                  It made me spew coffee outa my nostrils!! So funny yet so True.

                  it reminded me of that Bear lover liberal treehugger guy. Ever see the tv documentary on him?

                  He was so brainwashed with liberal save earth, pet polar bears and hug trees etc he went to alaska or BC was it?

                  And hung out filming Grizleys and trying to “become ONE with the Grizley Bear Clan”!!

                  When many others warned him again and again, the clown was so set in his lib fanaticizims he actually believed Griz bears would kinda “Adopt” his sorry ass!

                  He was Quoted as saying his life will be fullfiled if he gets Eaten alive by grizlys and later Shit Out!….

                  Guess how story ended!!!……Liberalboy Treehugger-earthworshiper-Bear “adopttee” idiot got EATEN alright!

                  And his wish to be shit out from grizleys who ate him was also a done deal!…..All the rangers found after a few weeks searching was One lower leg portion, Badly mauled and eaten away, with only a shin bone and a few small shreds of Flesh still attached to said bone!

                  That tv show doc is first thing came to my mind as I read Your stuf!

                  And yes I agree 100% that them absolute fools who so adore the ferel apes and sub humans amoung us, will before its over be in a similar fix as Mr Lib Bear adoptee!!…….From Kommie marxist libs into SHIT!…….Monky canibal shit!

              • You mean they GREW UP WITH GUNS, and THEN decided to give them up? Seriously, wtf???????

                I lived for years in a bluestate gulag, raising my kids under “joint custody”… I had the kids, I raised ’em (mostly because their mother was a good for nothing who couldn’t raise a houseplant) but I couldn’t move, and fer damned sure, nothing “crazy” like owning firearms…. the judges up there would surely have deemed me “unfit”

                I finally move to one of the free states, arm up and defend myself, learn about this website, read it often, then I just now read your post.   All I can say is that if this had happened in my house, EVER, my new wife would be online searching for how to buy a frigging bazooka, not how to get rid of our means of self defense

                No offense against your relations, but they must have a massive earache right now from being so fucked in the head

                • SOS…Its true alright!  Broinlaw was riased with firearms and deer hunted since small kid! Sister(mine) wasn’t raised with guns, but was around me her brother and I had guns since I was age 14 and bought my first ruger 22 rifle. Before Fed atf crap laws too!

                  And I due to resideing in projects of wonderfull detroit paked various pistoles since age of 15yrs old. Was far too dangerous not to do so!

                  So yeah she was kinda also raised around firearms. I think what did the most brain dammages to both was first as I said lib training sessions of Diversity-Tolerance classes Mandated every where she got a job at. And his union similar classes trainings where he worked at.

                  BUT what I believe did the main brainwashings(they wont admit this) is when they went to Adoption agency for a Second adopted kid. Even after first kid and gone thru 3 yrs intense crap by “State” officials etc, it was even Worse the second time for adoption!

                  I Know from reading so many actual acounts by other folks who went trhu adoption process that state agency officials are ALL dem libs and ALL antigun as sara brady is!

                  I’d bet all my guns owned if truth be told, thats who caused them to get rid of every gun they had. Or else say bye bye to another kid etc.

                  This goes on daily across america. Official:”Oh I see…Hmmm so you say you Hunt animals?! and own guns?….Where are them guns located or stored?…OH! I SEE! stored right in same home adopted baby will be resideing at eh!!”

                  Well Gee Mr. smith, we never allow our wonderfull kids to reside at so dangerous a location as where any guns may be present!…..So sorry to have Wasted THREE yrs of your lives with all this paperpushing crap!

                  So yeah I bet That is main cause of got rid of every damn gun. And once indoctrinated into antigun crap……Now its full time antis. And total die hard libs.

                  They will vote dems even if a DEAD RAT with blue painted head runs for Prez!…Long as Rat IS a Dem liberal!

                  because “We vote dems because dems are for the workerman and Poor folks!”

                  They cant name their rep or senator if life depended on it….But Always vote for the asshole!

                  I am the Only one in entire family who aint a dem lib etc!

                  Kinda like that Maytag Repairman guy on TV…..Lonlyist guy in town!…….Mr. Black Sheep nutso prepper progun idiot!

                  Nothing can be done I rekon sometimes eh…..I stopped trying long ago.


                • “a massive earache right now from being so fucked in the head”


                  Oh man – THAT is classic!

            • Wasserman-Schultzis like any democrap these days – You are nothing but a color, a gender and a race to them! WTF do they want us whiteys to do – get outta their way!?! Die? Do we not have a right to live in this country that WE built?! The assualt on the white male these days is off the hook. Makes me want to THROW UP.


              One  time I was reading comments after a news story on Yahoo. Some hooochie mama black chick made a comment that “whites have no culture of their own so they steal everyone else’s. ” I had to correct her by saying “no honey, whites are the ones who ALLOWED all other cultures here.”

              Much to our detriment unfortunately….

          • “nation shall rise against nation” was mistranslated from the original Greek…

            Nation was the Greek word; ETHNOS…  or ethnic…

            So it should read; Ethnic shall rise against ethnic…

            God help them if it comes to that.



          • For the more technical/scientific or just plain old tinkerer types…

            there may come a time when this will be… um.. useful….

            The physics of Pffft

            by Piper Michael

            When the new theory is consulted concerning blast waves, or the loud bang associated with projectile based kinetic delivery mechanisms, which are called; firearms in the vernacular, specifically, those that emit a precious metal projectile at a high velocity, a picture emerges. The problems associated with this noisy nuisance are magnified by the linear thinking of those trying to silence or reduce the noise that is emitted from the end of the mechanism.

            a new theory of silencers.


            • PM…a few step by step illustrations would be helpful for us “tinkerers” that  have a hard time turning words into visuals. Thanks.

              • Not allowed.

                Federal laws gets VERY vague and obtuse, this is pure science.

                Anybody who wishes to try this thing, come to my blog, and we will answer any questions… on a .. um… purely scientific level.



          • @Justme ” The last election was an ethnic one, whether White people want to face that or not.”

            Would not have come to that conclusion myself if it were not a fact that 96% of black voters, voted Obama.

            • I didnt vote for either one of the assholes… and others in my circle opted out of the sham also.

              • I opted out of voting in the shams they call elections a few years ago.  Participating in fraud just helps to legitimatize it. 

          • What about the others that this government committed genocide against? I recall Iraq was invaded because Saddam decided not to sell oil in dollars anymore. 2 million dead Iraqis and millions more displaced. Iraq is full of depleted uranium which is causing many babies to die before they are even born and cause many to be born with defects. How about Afganistan, Pakistan (drone attacks), vietnam, south american countries. It’s not only the whites, it’s also everyone else too.

            Whether you like it or not, “what goes around, comes around”. Most americans stayed silent during genocide and bombings against other countries.

            Thumbs me down, I don’t care. But you all know what I wrote is the truth. People in the Middle East don’t just wake up and hate us for no reason or because american women have jobs. Give me a break.

            • Hey Me(h)

              You just gave me a great idea.  Lets send all of our depleted uranium and for that matter all of our radioactive waste to  Afganistan.  Should have sent some to Iraq when we had the chance.  Place it on a site right on the Iranian border.  We Americans just don’t take advantage of a situation like we should.  I know that if any of those countries mentioned above could do the same to us it would already be a done deal.

          • Sir if you knew anything about history you would know what would eventually happen to any colony on a racially different continent after a few centuries. The so-called white race will finally become actual Americans in name and blood. If you wish to continue to call yourself white with links going back to europe fine. But in a scant few generations most “whites” will not look euro at all. This is part of being in this country. The same happens to Africans and Arabs who have made Europe their recent homeland. If being part Native Amrican, Asian, Black, Mexican bothers you, well sir the time to flee is now! If you and your family are here for the long haul, good or bad welcome! Glad to have you but, keep this in mind. The chances that your grand children or their grandchildren are going to look like you in complexion and hair, eye, color are slim. So when this happens to your family, will you love them any less? They will be from your line just maybe of a different race. This is the future of America. Love and justice for all. All races under God as equal Americans! God bless us and protect all Americans!

            • Blue collar…Are you implying that regardless What orig race a person begins as, once relocated to different areas they “Evolve” into some form of That new race?…..If so, you are sadly wrong big time.

              Now if you mean we should expect our white kids to Mix and become Coal Burners?…….I guess it depends How you raise your kids.

              And sorry but theres no evidence in all the universe of so called “Equality”…..Equal under law and BOR rights?.Absolutely yes.

              But That Is where equal begins and Ends pal.

              Did you learn in 2nd grade science class how NO two snoflakes are eaxctly same?….Yes you did….Look around the world or entrie universe system. Nothing not even ident twins are eaxct equals.

              And like it or not some races Are inferior due to various dna or brainpower or whatever.

              Yes of course if basketball is important then blacks are probobly superior. But if your concern is runing govnt or industry or Inventions etc?…..Sorry but History Proves one race is far superior to the others.

              And thats Not a  bad thing!……50 yrs of “All we AXIN Fo is da chance ta Proves African blacks kinz runz da mayors office as Goot as dem crackers whiteys does Iz allz we Axin fo! Juz givz us da Chance ta proves it!”(shouted in 1960’s and again repeated in 2008 for Hobammy!).

              Well we did! and look how swell that idea has worked the last 50 yrs now!!!…..Ever visited major citys of america yet?…Theres a Goot sample of your type equality!

              What took 300 yrs for whiteys to create and build and Pay for…..Took 3 yrs for african “leaders” to Fuck up beyond recognition.

              When its everywheres and everytime and always the same races?….Thats NOT coincidental…….Its “Historic” Facts.

              Raise white kids properly and they will remain white.

              Whites who produce Other races of kids?…..are Self Genocidals and that borders on Brainwhacked.

              I don’t look fwd as you seem to to a future of zero whites left. Them others does for sure!….Thats due to such stupidity they can’t figure out its White folks who invented and built america and all they use or enjoy in modren life.

              The idiots along with idiot white liberals actually think they can Murder the Golden Goose and still steal More golden eggs after goose is gone!

              Some equality there eh!….Oh to be so wise and inteligent as to become a liberal and Hoist up on a pedestal of whorship them oh so swell Nobel Savage equals!!!

          • You are right.    I have been ‘awake’ to this White Genocide conspiracy of these hate filled aliens who’ve hijacked our government for well over 25 years – and I’ve tried my level best to help other Whites wake up to what kind of nightmarish future our enemies have planned for them, but despite my best efforts, I could count the number of Whites who snapped out of their zombie-state-of-mind on the fingers of one hand.

            I read where something like 30 million Whites voted to subjugate themselves to four more years of being ruled by a half black communist who clearly hates every inch of White skin they have on their bodies.  And, this guy also hates everything our White European Founding Fathers stood for, and that includes the US Constitution and what’s left of our Bill of Rights.  This man is dangerous and intends to turn America into a Third World dictatorship, but 30 million Whites are too stupid or too self-hating to see this glaring reality?



        • typical moronic american response. fact is – no one deserves to suffer as much as americans! hoo freaking rah you flag waving simpletons! you think a romney election wouldve solved your problems? ha! obviously, god hates you all

          • And you might hale from what great linchpin of the community of nations? No lying now, we’ll understand if it’s someplace no one has ever heard of before.

          • Hey Meh

            Burn in hell ya commie ass bite.

            • Really…Assbite?  Seriously? 

          • Meh

            You are an offensive loudmouth and I truly hope you are not British.

            shame on you.

            any idea why the lines  on my post are so far apart people?

          • Meh:  Just what I’ve come to expect from someone who lives in a  nothing little a country like yours.  Jealousy comes from having to take handouts from those that are bigger and stronger than you. Tell me, how much money have we given to support your sorry little plot of ground and how many times have we had to intervene on your behalf because you couldn’t handle it yourself due to either physical and /or moral weakness on the part of you and your fellow citizens.?  I can see that all of this clearly bothers you, hence the anger/jealousy towards us.    

          • Meh:  What, no pithy comebacks? No rejoinders spewing righteous indignation about your country’s  superior culture/history/educational system/blah, blah, blah?  Is it because you realize it’s all an illusion that exists in your little mind as a way of coping with that festering pest-hole you call home?

        • Copperhead!

          Thank you for your inspiring words of wisdom!  What you said is so sad, but unfortunately we know it’s true.  

          Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving too! 

          • It saddens me to think of what our children and grandchildren face in the future.

            “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

            –Abraham Lincoln


        • copperhead..brother you are not alone,,thats from a combat vet no brag just fact with 7 purple hearts,,and one old bronze star ,,,,i dont know ya but believe this ,,,”i love ya”

          snake said that

        • Wonderful post Copperhead….

          What I can’t comprehend however is that 4 people have thumbed it down.  I wonder what kind of moron would do that.

          • Right on the money, Walt.  Copperhead said it as well as can be said.

             The “thumbs down”; most likely came from some of the liberal/atheists that cruise these sites.  They have such a miserable life that all they can do is try to tear others down and stir up shit wherever they can.

             I for one, am fed up with the liberal/atheistic ideology that has created the atmosphere of the self-indulgent assholes of today’s modern society.   I’m ready to snap on the next asshole that gets in my face with that bullshit talk.  I work hard at trying to be a tolerant christian, but;  time for making a stand is now.

            • don’t tread…Christ and all 12 apostles used Tough Love alot!  Its long past due for us too!

              Reprove and REBUKE!!!….Then throw em up againts the proverbial wall.

            • My thumb was turned down for one reason : Plagiarism.

          • Walt: As someone with a “fan club” of my own, no matter what I post, I can tell you that there is no substitute for intelligence. It’s that or the GMO corn. In any event, it’s water on a duck’s back and Copperhead should accept any thumb’s down with a grain of salt.

            I do. 🙂

            • Yeah….I think I got my own thumbs down club too.

              Heck…I even thumb down some of my own posts.  

              Seriously….I wish some of these folks would actually respond with something other than a  thumbs down.  Especially on posts like the one Copperhead put up.  I guess stupidity fascinates me sometimes.  I never cease to be amazed at how really moronic some people can be. 

              • Walt: I had to give you a thumbs down on that … just for GP! 🙂

              • Maybe we need a third option – Up, Down, Huh?

          • He stole the post from someone else…as has already been started,with link provided!  That’s the problem!

        • @ Copperhead…….if it comes down to it I will share my last mag with you !

        • @ copperhead.  You know if more people shared the way you feel, the country, the whole world would not be in such chaos.  I just cannot believe the wisdom and common sense that is so plentiful on this web site and so deficient in most everyday life as you discribe eloquently in your comment. 

        • @ copperhead:

          i’ve had similar experience and came to the same conclusions…  we(you and i) will likely never meet this side of the Eternal Line but know that you are not alone here…  i too will likely settle for a field of fire, whatever ammo can be mustered and let our God handle the rest…  my kids know how it is with me and my grandbabies will likely see the things happen we all wish, hope, pray and work for not happening…  my hope is that they will understand that it wasn’t about our generation but for their’s – all we can do is fight however we can till the fight is over – one way or the other…  Semper Fi


          all ready on the right..? all ready on the left..? all ready on the firing line..?  Aye sir !!! 

          • Amen Brother! As a Marine Family we are in solidarity, I lost a Brother in the Marines, and Have One that is totally disabled, but yet the resolve is there to fight whatever Foe, no matter the Loss..I was not damaged by my time, but I learned the Craft..and they taught me well! I am not going to live on my knees, I will die on my feet! This old Grunt along with several old Jarheads, will take that final Hill one way or another…Keep the faith and God will Have your six…This is a battle they will never win!


            Semper Fi

        • Amen brother

        • I wish people would start organizing, i would rather die trying to straighten this crap out than live to a ripe old age under the thumb of the status quo. I have lost all motivation to push to grow my business, why should i struggle to make more when it just gets taken by the lame ass government? So many people without work, and these government employees and politicians treat us all like slaves, i wish for the day when people just start going apeshit and overthrow the government, all the veterans treated like crap, all the small businesses pushed to bankruptcy by government regulation and fees and manditory this or that, what the hell happened? Now i am looking at loosing our farm because of the death tax because the government cant keep their books straight, if they force me to sell the land just to pay the tax on it when my mom passes away my livelihood is gone, take my way of making a living and i sll of a sudden have nothing left to loose, i will make it my purpose in life to even the score

          • Have your mother sell it to you for $1… NOW.


          • you cant get people to come together because of FEAR,,instilled by our government and their news media,,here it is three men/women can do more than one,,twenty can do more than three,,,but the facts show dont trust anyone,,i hate the way we as americans have become,,sheep,,weak,,lilly livered ,,whusses,,.

            i have two grandsons and four granddaughters,,it sickens my heart to realize that they dont have a future,unless Gof fearing people,,patriots,,come together as one,,to protect all our children and grandchildren,,,,,we as a nation have had to many GOOD men and Women DIE for FREEDOM,,,,see the government has won we are divided,very divided,,fear ,,fear,,,fear,,trust is something we have to have in each other,,,

                             snake said that from his heart



          • @KULAFARMER- Get with a GOOD lawyer and get that farm in your name while mom is still here! Good luck and wish you the best.

        • Copperhead,

          Thanks for your post.  It’s good to hear like minded people say what I’m feeling.  Since the election, I’ve been in a major funk.  It’s hard to see the country you love and have sacrificed for taken to a level you never dreamed you would ever see.

          I told the guys at work last week that my new outlook was “it’s all about my family”.  It’s really hard to have put your life on the line to protect this country and then see the re-election of a “pogue” you doesn’t give a damn about the country, by people that are just looking for the next government handout. 

          For me the line has been crossed.  I took an oath to defend this country many years ago(1976) and again in 2007.   When I turn in my gear for the last time in Jan of 2013, rest assured that my oath will not be turned in with it. 

          I stand with you in protecting, not only my family, but this country.



          • We should never confuse our country, OUR America, with the POS tax fattened parasites who now infect her. Know why it doesn’t matter where Obama was born? Because you can see so clearly in his heart how much he HATES this country! THAT is what makes him a foreign tyrant.

            REAL Americans don’t look to snooze and screw around while others work and pay their bills. REAL American leaders don’t promise to take trillions from those who work and give it to those who don’t. REAL American leaders also don’t demand to create trillions more dollars out of thin air to keep the illusion going, and make the inevitable collapse that much worse for everyone





        • Copperhead – You are correct my fellow GI !  Cannot do harsh combat like in 68/69, but no trash is ruining our neighborhood as enough real Americans reside here. 

          Keep your “go gear” hanging. The “feces is lining up for  the vortex generator”. Don’t let the FUBAR catch you being stupid.

        • The (6) thumbs down were probably Pretzel Obama, Michelle, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wazupperman, and Timmy Geithner.  Great post.  

        • copperhead,

          Brilliant words. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

        • Amen Copperhead…Amen. Thank you and your friends for your service! We are on the eve of terrible things…it will be good men like you and your friends that help bring the US back, if our nation can be salvaged from these worthless Communists and their quisling allies.

          • Looks like the Thumb down commies are out in full force!

        • Copperhead,

          Your analysis is quite accurate and the assumption that a lot of people will just be causalities of war here in America. For those weak, sickly,or just lack the courage…your fate may will be amongst the early statistics tabulated. It is for sure by such time the infrustucture will be in such a state of collapse that you will want to distance yourself from anything connected to the  government….you life will be at stake.

        • I had no choice but to pause a moment to wipe the tears from my eyes…tears of HOPE. For about the last decade, I’ve felt like I was trapped in a burning building, on my knees waiting to die.While I could see others through the window, they couldn’t see or hear my pleas for help. I have this nightmare often now.

          A bullet to the head is much kinder than burning to death slowly.

          But THIS POST, Copperhead, proved to me that SOMEBODY  does hear me.

          Thank you.

          • no matter where it originated, the message is the same.

        • Wait…we’re in this mess because SODOMY is “all right”?  Really?  Quite the leap there God’s Creation.

          Live free or die as long as we adhere to what YOU believe, huh?


          • Sean, you’re confusing cause and effect. It is as a RESULT of the mess we’re in that we somehow celebrate AIDs victims as “heroes”. Seriously, “heroes”? Damned fools engage in immoral behavior and catch an easily avoided disease, and that somehow makes them “heroes”?

            Likewise, we think that we can grant our government the right to spy on us 24/7 for any reason or no damned reason at all, yet somehow we will maintain a free society. Just plain insanity!

            We also think that we can spend ourselves into prosperity,  build wealth by printing dollar bills, encourage brotherhood by fostering envy, and motivate entrepreneurs to create new jobs by taxing the shit out of them when they actually start making some real money. Again, just plain insanity: common sense and logic turned on their heads!

            It is also now proposed that we grant “amnesty” to people who have  broken our laws and stolen our jobs; yet somehow, this will have no effect on the willingness of actual citizens to obey the law.  We believe that we can add millions of people to health insurance rolls, and that this somehow will “pay for itself” and that it won’t bankrupt the states. Cities and even small towns across America are saturated with vicious thugs who are openly preying upon smaller and weaker citizens; yet our so called “leaders” insist that we bow to the UN, and disarm us in the face of this hate filled criminality.


            So sure, you can quibble about anything you like, Sean, but let’s see things as they are: THE VERY SAME PEOPLE who vote for gay “marriage” are also in favor of everything else I have described above? Doubt me? Go find someone who favors gay “marriage”, and see if they disagree with ANY of the points I have listed above.

            Go ahead and look Sean… I’ll be right here waiting, fool


          • Then the Lord rained brimstone and fire on Sodom and Gomorrah, from the Lord out of the heavens”  Genesis 19:24.  “Turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes, condemned them to destruction, making them an example to those who afterward would live ungodly”  II Peter 2:6

            http://www.arkdiscovery.com/sodom_&_gomorrah.htm = PHOTOS

            There is a visible record of the “brimstone” or sulphur at ancient Gomorrah.  Josephus knew about it and could see it, and so can you:Put 2 and 2 together…..

            • Sorry, my post above is for Sean

        • I meant to “Copperhead”.  Sorry God’s Creation

        • Outstanding Copperhead—-I am forwarding this to all my brothers, but, want to correct ONE THING in your post. The nation “ended” in the 1990’s when the progressives completed their takeover of the banking system, then staged 911 to build out the police force. Obama is just the final nail in the coffin—-technically you are correct, but the stage was build and set by the Clintons, Rubin’s, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan et al during the 1990s when they laid the foundations. Actually, we all know the REAL STAGE was set in 1913 on Jekyll Island when the band of private banking thugs created the criminal, corrupt Federal Reserve, but that is another story.

          The bottom line is your post is deserving of mass mailing bombs to EVERYONE ON YOUR LIST—-good job Copperhead

          Semper Fi Brother (to the constitution and my brothers, not Amerika)!


        • Amen!

          Semper Fi


        • How could anyone thumbs-down this gallant and valiant gentleman? He’s just expressing his concerns and stating what he feels he must do.

          Perhaps others have different ways of expressing themselves or different views, but to negate such heartfelt feelings seems petty.

          Warmest regards,

          – Stoosh


          • Because he stole his words from another author!  Wake up!

            • Obama stole an election and he is getting less grief than copphead. It was a good screed even if he borrowed some of it. Give him a break already.

        • Copperhead, I’m in your camp.  There are more of us(I’m a Vietnam Army vet) than most realize.  I got wind of what’s really going on about 20yrs ago.  I tried telling friends, family what was coming down and got that “WTF have you been smoking” look.  They still don’t get it after harping for 20yrs.  There will be a lot who don’t survive this mess.  I could be one, but it won’t be because I rolled over.  I wear my “Vietnam Veterans Against The War” T-shirt often.  Some will never get it, but it won’t be because I didn’t try to reach them.   BTW, I voted to secede on the Texas petition on whitehouse.govt.

        • Of all the problems facing America now, you list sodomy as the first of them?  Priorities man.  You sound like you’ve been listening to too many dodgy Preachers.  if so you just may be part of the problem.

        • Tom Chittum was right! About everything! Everybody else you have ever listened to was just too big a sissy for any straight talk. Chittum nailed it a long time ago but a prophet has honor save in his own house.

        • Well said. May God bless you

        • Could not have said it better myself…I am ready and waiting  for the resistance  to call     me up and depose of the despots that have taken over our Grest nation….when is the call to arms?

        • TWENTY YEARS ago were were handing out flyers ,then dvds, we handed out over 83,000 dvds,over 1,500,000 flyers telling america what was coming,we dodged beer bottles,cans,and too many times,we had to fight the very morons we were trying to save,SO copperhead,I don’t recall any of you boys stopping to help us warn the sheep,and now it looks like your going to have to fight them,THAT REALLY IS TO BAD…HOPE your right with the lord,my guess is he’ll ask you and your friends why you threw beer bottles at us,and called us names every time you drove by……………….

        • Really?  Where Sodomy is alright?!  REALLY!?  Where drug use is alright?!  REALLY!?!?!   Since when was what people did in the PRIVACY OF THEIR OWN HOMES any of your concern?

          Also, if you really meant what you said when you enlisted; you would know that drug use is perfectly ALRIGHT…Given you don’t obstruct anybody else’s rights.  Alcohol is a drug and nicotine is a drug as well. 

          I also took an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States Of America, not worry about what people decide to do in the comfort of their own homes.  Get it together and stop being fanatical about what you believe.  PEOPLE LIKE YOU are the reason that religion has caused so much war and death across the world throughout history.  

          Worry about yourself and your family before you try to worry about everybody else.

        • The truth is polarized from local perspective.

          You never fought a good cause, US is been very busy making war with rich peaceful countries, so it steals the goods, all is been a big great false flag, to benefit some with injustice and death to others.

          Petrodollar per example is world imposition to dominate trough economic monopoly, and leaders around the world agreed to that because of greed or because they been realistic that doesn’t have many options. Ask Saddam or Gaddafi when you see them.

          You been so immerse on the American Dream indoctrination that you forgot that people is been suffering because you not well gained style of life, families destroyed, societies vanished, that feels and care for the own as you, well have the peace of mind that is not your fault and moreover you was brainwashed by lies, but by now we have enough evidence to show ourselves what is really happening.

          Welcome to this side, you are now part of the looser side, where only the elite can keep the dream for a better future.

          To recognize that every human is as valuable as the other, and I prefer to loose my  big SUV or my 10billion dlls account that I don’t even going to enjoy, to make a more equal world.

          Take action and Fight or Die as you said, why? so the next in power can outsmart us again, I would like to die for a good cause.

          What to do then, mm really hard question, in my opinion this is been a perfect experiment to demostrate that humans cannot rule themselves, if you have any faith attach to it and commit, and if you are atheist, wait for the time so we finally learn from our mistakes and correct from roots our ways to live in peace, this if not before we extint ourselves.

        • Even if you truly deep desire is to fight back, who is going to do it? we forgot that generations back, now people is so immerse on technology and entertainment that don’t care anymore.

          You can now take freedoms, future opportunities to a regular Citizen even have him under confinement with bare food basics, as soon as you keep internet connection, smart phone, facebook, and HBO he will be happy there.

          The living dead is arrived.

        • Copperhead,

          Thank you for your service to our country.  But service to country isn’t just about taking up arms in a foreign land.  Medicare and Social Security–the two biggest things our government does after national defense, didn’t stop when Vietnam ended and as a result millions of older Americans were moved out of poverty.  Maybe not very far out of poverty, but better than life without some kind of retirement security and health care.   We didn’t stop paying the taxes on these programs or the other programs that help my nephew with Down’s syndrome live as normal a life as he can.  He gets off his ass every day, catches the subsidized bus to get to his job at Lowes. Thanks to taxpayers and employers like Lowes is doing the best he can do.   Maybe you want to point your fixed bayonette at him, though you are going to have to come through me and the vast majority of this country who go to work every day, pay our taxes, support our local communities and, while we aren’t happy with the way things are going, are not going to lie down and take it from a bunch of whiners who think that with the election of Obama  “America as we knew it, ENDED.”  We lost that one.  Get over it.  It matters, but not that much.  The House remains Republican and there are enough republicans in the Senate to prevent anything really stupid, even if someone wanted it.  But they don’t.  The vast majority of Americans believe in hard work, paying reasonable taxes for reasonable and appropriate government services. We got real problems that need real solutions, but don’t believe for one minute that we believe in seccession, revolution,  or in those that do.  You may have too many miles on your tired old body, but that doesn’t excuse you for lazy and seditious thinking.  Last I checked, its illegal to take up arms against your country.  While this country was formed by people taking arms against an oppressive government, our forefathers died for the kind of democracy you want to destroy.   If you don’t like it then get off your ass and change it through the greatest system ever devised—democracy.  Can’t take that, then bring it on, because unlike you, I am ready to die for my country.  What will you be dying for? 


          • TT,

            What a fantasy world you live in. Totally clueless.

      2. Lock and load.  Be there for your neighbors.

      3. You get the high five of the day copperhead! 

        • @M2245TH

          Apparently its a high 300 and counting.

      4. “I looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it…………………………..BUT I FOUND NONE.”


        There will be hell to pay.

      5. We’ve had different attacks on college students here recently by groups of people and all those had one thing in common. They were not from here, but from inner cities in NY and NJ. They moral decay is spreading like a disease.

        • Off Topic, but may be helpful

          If you still have some “preparedness items” you are looking for, some sites are having special sales this Friday.  In the past, Shelf Reliance and Emergency Essentials have had good sales on “Black Friday.”  If you sign up on their website, they will email (beforehand) of their sale items.

          Links for their websites below.

            • Thanks KY Mom

              • AO1(AW),

                You are welcome.  Hope this might save you and others some money.  

                I feel like we are living on ‘borrowed time’ and there is a sense of urgency to get ready as soon as possible.

                • We definately are on borrowed time, and saving money is always a good thing. While we have it to spend!.


          • There ya go crashin another great speech………..!

            • pukmerunin:


          • Are you shittin me woman ?

            • Your her favorite turd and dumbass I’m sure.

        • PP…..All one has to read is the petitions attempting to deport those expressing their disgust with this govt to understand, ‘Houston, we have a problem’.

        • What collage PP? Wesleyan, Glenville State? Just curious.

        • Try that in Texas and you’re likely to get aerated in the process. God bless the Lone Star!

          • And Texans elected Sheila Jackass Pee.

      6. copperhead,

        I couldnt have said it any different.

        Dont worry, alot of us vets will be living Free or Dying right there with you!


      7. CAMDEN NEW JERSEY used to be a decent place to live. A large problem is MEN are not allowed to be MEN anymore. I grew up across the river from there and ”back in the day” IF there was or about to be any trouble in the neighborhood the fathers from the block would go out together and ”take care of business.” NOW if you try that (wait,there are no fathers around) ,police are called ,lawyers are involved and lives are ruined while the trash stays on the street. Problems in your neighborhood have to be taken care of from the start or they end up looking like CAMDEN,NEW JERSEY. There are a lot of things for all of us that are AWAKE to worry about (sometimes I wish that I had taken the blue pill,but that is my style) but lets all take a step back this week,take a deep breath and think of everything we have to be thankful for. Don’t forget to put that seat belt back on…..it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

        • Audentis

          “Let a babe, be a babe, a boy be a boy, and a man be a man” – a quote from my late father.   Adults have become so locked in a permanent state of childlike dependency that it blows my mind.

          The “sense our babies are born with” is all too carefully systematically and scientifically removed by the education system nowadays.

           I refuse to release into the outside world a “man-child” unable to take personal responsibility for his actions, constantly looking for the guidance he did not have in his formative years. I need to know he will have the critical thinking skills, ability to protect and provide for his offspring etc that will ensure the survival of my Grandchildren when I am gone.  

          For this reason my son will home educated through his adolescence – I did not have a child to hand over his raising to the “gubberment” like a dependent kiddywink asking Daddy’s permission.  I’ll not give him into the care of a morally defunct school system that will give him condoms without asking my permission, before he’s learnt to put up a shelf or write a decent job application. (He’s in state school just now simply to obtain the ASD SALT therapy he needs that my budget can’t provide – as he works hard he’ll be done in a year or so).



        • ….or they’re asked to appear on the next Dr. Phil show to hug it out. 😛

      8. Not sure how many of you have followed the bankruptcy of the few cities going under.  I’m 20 miles from Stockton so I follow that one.  The BK will costthose who bought bonds on communityprojects, not police, fire, or education etc.    The cops and city employee pensions are 100% protected.  Zero impact.  In fact once the bond debts are wiped out the city willstill have the pipes in the ground, roads, and buildings that were built.  The money servicing those debts will go to more govt spending.  Great ponzI scheme.

        • I must live real close to you.  Those retirement funds they think they will get? Don’t think so.  The state of California has borrowed to much from CALPERS and the rest of those funds for the most part are invested in things such as derivitives from the housing crash.  Another five years and CALPERS will not be able to make the payments to the retiress.  My cousin works there and knows very well that the day is coming.  Only thing that has saved them from insolvency in the last two years is federal bailouts.

          • Ah yes Cal Pers I know it well.   They will simply demandwhatever they areshort from the tax payer.  In fact it’s in the PERS contracts.   If they lose on their investments the city’s and countys and state are on the hook.   No bankruptcy can change that.  The only way the public employees don’t get paid is if SHTF. 

            Also remember the ” left ” just bought and paid for 2/3rds super majority control of the state legislature.  They won’t even be consulting so called Reublicans when paying off the publicemployee unions for the next two years.

            • And voted a tax increase!!!   Tell me I’m wrong; the one’s that pulled the lever to vote for increase, expected they were imposing increase on “the rich guy”. People who pay no taxes, voting to raise taxes!!!

              Please, let’s get on with it.  It’s the waiting that’s  making me crazy.

              • It’s the fox voting on how the chicken coop should be built.  Limbaugh quoted a statistic yesterday. I can’t verify it but he said that if you remove the people in California who do not work and include into that the people who work for the state the total is 66% of the state.  Of the remaining 34% only 17% pay income taxes.  Thats 17% of the population paying for all the rest.  So who is surprised that the people voted to increase taxes on themselves?



                • BigB so in essence Romney lied.  He shouldn’t have said 47% he should have said 66% though its possible the California socialist network is higher than the rest of the nation.  I did spend a few years on the Monterey Penninsula and you’d be shocked at how many college aged kids there are just living in their inherited homes with no jobs, no income, no careers, maybe a little money from room mates – and the public dole.

              • Exactly!

                I wish the SHTF soon. I have canned goods that are going to expire!!



                • Zoltanne

                  i dont think so what you see is the best by date,,just watched a morning show about that,,stuff from 1994 still good,,also think c rations,,canned in the 30 and 40s thats most of what we ate in nam,,add a little hot sauce,,,,good to go,,with lots of fresh rice,,,


                • Hey Snake, I was just funnin’….

                  In all seriousness, those expiration dates seem to be there more for government regulations than any other reason. The sheeple might believe that stuff but none of us do, do we? 🙂

                  And yeah, weren’t there some canned goods found in someone’s attic that were dated back to the 1950s or so and they appeared to have still been in good condition?

              • They can vote for a tax increase; they can also try to squeeze blood from a turnip. I can also pray that Buddha brings me a pony, my bangs and my eyesight. It’s all just about as likely to happen

        • I’m sure such salaries were guaranteed in USSR. Before their final implosion such employees were sometimes paid in vodka.


          Just like that of USSR, USA’s trillion dollar navy will end up on the auction block for chump change.

          • Funny you should mention that: my first teaching job was in MA, in a little town that had tons of Russian refugees come in before the Communists — whoops, I meant to Putin government– whoops what the fuck difference does that make– decided to slam the gates shut.

            I couldn’t tell you how many of these kids had parents who were teachers, who were getting paid in produce, and told that they’d never get back pay if they left. They finally realized they weren’t EVER getting paid, so they pulled up stakes and left.

            I remember at the time thinking that it was a damned good thing I was a teacher in America. That could never happen here, right? 🙂

      9. Anymore, I just don’t know what to say. I love my country and I am heartbroken that it has come to this. I have always believed that God is in control and I will until he decides to take me home. I will defend my family and my neighbors against the evil that has flooded my country.I hope we will all stand together when the time comes. I know I will be there for those who need help. God bless you all and God bless America.

      10. Thanks copperhead for everything you’ve done for us. I’m proud to be an American because of men like you.

        • I’ve been noticing that it looks a lot like somebody comes thru here and thumbs down every post. It doesn’t seem to matter what the post even says. Perhaps an IP search might confirm that? I’d compile the stats if it was my site and block that IP.

          • Censorship?  You bastard.

      11. Root cause? The evisceration of US Industrial Capacity. Camden was just a couple of decades ahead when New York Shipyard, RCA and Campbell’s Soup closed. At one time it was a nice city with lots of shopping. I remember going there as a kid in early / mid 1960s. Camden has since gotten so bad that the Camden Police did not go to areas in Camden and for a while the NJ State Police had to take over. 

        Billy Joel told the same story in his hit Allentown. 

        • Update regarding the Camden NJ Police. Plans are in the works to disband the department because of a lack of funding. The plan is to have a regional Police Force. Surrounding towns/cities have been asked to cooperate but so far no takers. 

          Visions of a Gloucester Cop in Camden? Anyone from that area knows about that “friction”. A Cherry Hill Cop in Camden?  That’s a story line for a TV comedy writer. 

        • In the Early to Mid 1960’s era….Every major city was still good. Thats the turning point when boatloads of subversive antiwhite sub human scum overtook all of americas main citys.

          Our parents and grandparents(I am 60 yrs old) is who refused to deal with that back then. Alot of folks say “WE” to blame……No, by the time “We” was even old enough to vote etc it was already screwed up to the max and full of kommies.

          I bet a full 80% min. of their generations was demacrats. had to be for lib dems to remain in total control for nearly 65 yrs!

          I refuse to be blamed when detroit, my birth and hometown got destroyed by time I was age 15 yrs!

          They Knew it wouldn’t expolde or come unglued untill They was all dead and gone……That leaves Us, and youth today to deal with this mess.

          That wont happen till enough folks realize only ONE method will work period.   Then it be showtime!

          They made a huge miscalculation thinking if they wait till us boomers gets older we be too old to fight etc!

          Their miscalculation= The older we get the LESS we got to lose!

          Then….Showtime! They the TYKW’s picked the Wrong white nation to do this to.      Us=68%…..TYKW’s= 1.4%…….Bad odds for Them eh.

          • Self sufficient, responsible, educated, family minded people; of any race, creed, religion or color; would put the Democrats out of business, immediatly. You draw the conclusion.

            Democrat is THE party for losers. As soon as you are no longer a loser, you are of no value to them.  Blacks are the biggest group, 95% vote! Oh yeah, their gonna work hard for you. Make room for the next loser group they are grooming, Hispanics. Move over queers, commies, and dingbats, make room.

            And one of my favorites. The college kids. A real bright group here to conquer, eh. How many parents out there would give their college KID a credit card with no limit? They are DUMB KIDS for shitsake. There should be some sort of a test to earn the right to vote. The founders missed that one. Well not really, but geesh, they let anybody vote. Next they’ll start giving out voter cards with drivers licencses!!

            • Staring with Lyndon Johnson, a democrat, who was the totally corrupt E.O. author of affirmative action AND everyone knew Johnson was corrupt.  In addition, all the evidence points to Johnson being  the instigator of the Kennedy assassination…he absolutely hated Kennedy…and it’s been downhill ever since.

          • White nation?  Whose that exactly?

            Or are you willing to get on a boat and let the First Nations take back control of the lands so greviously abused by so many for so long?

            That right there is your problem – swallowing the divide & conquer Kool-aid, and saving the powers that be the trouble of wiping you out by supporting their plans for inter-ethnic conflict in a nation created by immigration from all four corners of the globe.  A Race War would make Obama’s day – Lord knows he’s tried hard enough to create the conditions needed for the spark to ignite! 

            Unity is at this stage our ONLY hope.  

      12. “To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.” Thomas Jefferson

        When will we ever stop this madness!  This class warfare perpetuated by this administration is unbelievable. Take from those who can pay a little bit more and give to those who have less. HA

      13. @ copperhead….i’m with you 100% on everything you said in that fantastic post up there ^^^

        •   I often rag on DK, but he is obviously not stupid. Water is Cali’s Achilles heel.

          States like AZ are getting tired of Cali sucking up so much of the precious water fron the whole region.

      14. James 5: 1-3

        Come now you Rich, weep and howl for your miseries that are coming upon you. Your riches are corrupted and your garments are moth-eaten. Your gold and silver are corroded and their corrosion will be witness  against you, and will eat your flesh like fire.

      15. I have been watching the decline of America my whole life..Not fearful, just observing. Every time I think it can’t go much lower before the SHTF, Woden we go..And yet we are still here.

        I think we still are a few slips away from falling because there is always a few politicians willing to “save” us!! All we have to do is give up some more of our rights, or money, or freedoms..We still have a lot left to lose..

        • So have I.   And, the decline began with the passage of the 1965 anti-White, White Genocide immigration legislation that Emanuel Celler and Jacob Javits cooked up which shut down immigration from our traditional sources, i.e., Europe and opened up our borders to the Third World.

          You can’t have or maintain a First World caliber nation when you import a third world caliber population – the vast majority of whom are not compatible with or able to assimilate into a White, Western European created civilization.  What they do instead is recreate the same kind of societies that existed in their native homelands, because that is all they are capable of doing.      This was why the Cultural Marxists started pushing the clearly insane and outrageously stupid idea that ‘multi-culturalism’  was a great idea.  They knew that large numbers of non-European aliens would never be able to assimilate into a Western society – and that these people would cling to their own cultures, so they figured they’d make it easy for them.  

          After all, the stated objective of the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism was the destruction of White Western civilization and the genocide of White European people.


      16. @ mac….great article…I suspect things will go downhill very fast ( as they are indeed doing ). Every major city in America could end up a war zone if this gets out of hand.

          @ everyone…. I would for sure finish any last minute preps you might have remaining. Time is running out. We have a potential ” black swan ” event with Wal Mart that could EASILY take down the DOW with it if this stike is for real. I’m not sure what’s going to happen the day after thanksgiving with this huge strike….but if Wal Mart stock crashes due to most of the Wal Mart workforce not showing up for work…..watch out BIGTIME. Everyone better take into consideration that even though Wal Mart isn’t ” unionized”  the unions are STILL involved in organizing this……this could be utterly HUGE. It was the unions that organized the ” twinkie” strike with hostess…look at them now….out of business folks. Could the exact same thing happen to Wal Mart? Possibly.

        buckle-up everyone…the ride is about to get bumpy im affraid.

        • badpuppydog

          US tastes have changed and Hostess products were not selling. Of course that did not prevent The Board from voting themselves a pay raise. In the meantime they proposed to cut wages in an industry that is paying $16/hr. Indirectly “Free Trade” has a hand in this by lowering wages across the board  thus lowering the bar of compensation.

          I heard the broken record so many times that US workers wanted too much money and that’s why industries fled. Well the US Textile Industry which was low paid with poor working conditions and typically non union fled to Asia where below $1 / hr labor is in abundance and the likes of OSHA does not exist. Eight to twelve dollars / hr is entirely too much to pay. 

          Thank NAFTA and China Free Trade or more accurately stated Free Trade with slave labor nations. Thank the Democrats for their support of these agreements along with the Republicans. Special thanks to Bill Clinton who signed both into law.

          It’s a race to the bottom. 



          • Don’t forget to mention the despicable  slab of treasonous human scum Newt Gingrich, and also Bob Dole.   These two, plus Clinton were the rats who were responsible for NAFTA.

            Oh, and lets also remember that there was a big, fat, oxycotin addicted blowhard who sits behind his golden EIB bullhorn down in South Florida who was cheerleading for the passage of NAFTA and he was attacking Pat Buchanan and Ross Perot and anyone else who had a patriotic bone in their bodies and who were warning Americans what NAFTA would do to our jobs.


      17. I think our biggest treat now is war and weather or climate change. I really dont think we will see an economic collapse any time soon !!

        • RICH99,

          Sorry pal but the foundation is rotten and it is being held up with bull shit for now but like everything, it will disintegrate and then the great big american dream will crumble into a million pieces. Do you think our kids will know how to put it back together?

          • @RICH99

            I have a masters degree and 12 years of teaching experience at EVERY grade level from grade school to early adult. I have had to work in three different states in the past fours. Teaching isn’t supposed to be a glamour occupation, but it IS supposed to be something safe and predictable and yes, even a bit boring in its routine. If people like ME can’t find stability, it can only mean that


            You, sir, are truly a fucking idiot for not being able to see that

          • RICH99 and similar idiots like him are amusing products of the American “educational” system.

            They don’t realize that when the economy falters or climate disasters occur, war usually follows like butter on toast. Historically these things are yoked at the hip.

            America is on the verge of massive internal unrest and serious economic trouble and the tyrants in charge will do the same thing tyrants have done for millennia – whip up external trouble outside the country in the form of warfare to distract attention from the interior.

            America doesn’t exist in a vacuum.  She is surrounded by enemies chomping at the bit to turn the country into a 3000 mile wide glassine crater and they are going to strike when they sense the moment is ripe. The morons inside the country think all their problems are internal – but there is never a separation between internal strife and external threats.

            All empires collapse when their enemies take advantage of decay and degeneracy in their culture to prey on their borders and their substance.  America will be no different from ancient Rome. Nations get set up to collapse because their termites weaken them inside with so much dryrot that any serious crisis can wipe them out.

        • @ RICH99.  I don’t know what is going to happen with the economy, this is hardly my expertise.  It seems like the ceiling is getting ready to be reached, and there are sure a lot of tipping points that could collapse the economy.  I think war is very possible on a global scale.  Anyone doubting just how much military that the countries have please check this out: http://www.globalfirepower.com/countries-listing.asp

          While this does not have special weapons like nuclear weapons and chemical and biological arms, it does show the conventional amount of claimed weapons that each country has, which of course is much higher like in China for example.  It shows the country’s ranking, as Israel is ranked number 10 and Iran number 12.  In a conventional war between the two this shows a stalement.  However a war between Israel and Syria in which it is 10 for Israel and Syria being ranked 35, it would be an Israeli massacre.  Interesting to look at for everyone wondering about the armed forces of the world. 

          • The “Exponential Function” is what will bite us in the ass. I understand it, and still don’t think in those terms. We mere humans think linear. Our brains don’t factor in the exponential function.  We are conditioned to think things will move at the same rate as they always have.

            We have to be nearing a tipping point. Look how the numbers are now in trillions. Trillions are now thrown around like, millions? And a million is a lot. But not to Uncle Sam.

            Thousand thousands= million

            Thousand millions= billion       ( Bill Gates, 43,000 +- millions)

            Thousand billions= trillion    or   Million millions.  ( a bunch)

            Debt 16 trillion and climbing. These numbers are stupid high and can’t be sustained. It will have to re-set. Oh, and no budget for the last three years. Who cares?


        • Ha..haahaa…ha.haaahaaaaa..hahahaahaaaa…haa..

          Good one.

        • Rich99: You are right about War, another one is coming soon. War creates chaos. Chaos has unintended consequences. Another extended war could crush the dollar: two to three years out.

          Currency re-alignment thereafter could include a metals backed basket of currencies; especially if US oil and gas production continues to ramp up.

        • Rich99: Where have you been, we are in the middle of a very slow economic crash that began in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act. I have to keep reminding you and a few others that the price of gold hasn’t gone up,  it’s the value of dollar that has gone (WAY) down relative to the value of gold.   In 1913 one ounce of gold bought a good businessman’s suit ($20.00 +/-). Today that same ounce of gold buys a good businessman’s suit ($1600.00+/-).  The same goes for cars, homes, food and most other goods and services.  Our dollar has been devalued by 98-99% due to the unrestricted printing of the dollar without anything tangeble  like gold or silver to back it.  The crash will keep on until some nation refuses to accept dollars for international transactions. This will most likely cause a cascade and other will join in and demand payment by other means.  This slow crash is like a long running soap opera that’s run its course and is in its last season. The fianale will surprise many of us.  Got your preps? 

      18. * Strike……I need spell- check back mac !     :>0

      19. I am sorry for my first post being off topic, but that was on my heart and I had to say it.

        Yes everyone that is not brain dead is scared to death and they should be. Like I said our government wants total control. I will die not letting them have it.

        Having said all that, prepare for the worst things you can think of, because it is here now.

          • Well I’ll be “darned” !!  You NAILED it.   Copperhead’s post,  while most likely filled with things that he identifies with,  sure as hell was written AFTER he read Greg’s article/letter.

            Key words,  phrases,  analogies and references contained within Copperheads post,  were taken DIRECTLY from Greg Evenson.


            I’m sorry,  and actually embarrassed for copperhead.  I don’t know copperhead,  never read his posts before,  but I know Greg, and Greg would NEVER steal another man’s work.



            • I wondered why all of a sudden copperheads post was with Paragraphs and well punctuated etc…….Coyp and pasted eh?…..Hmmm.

              Oh well copy and paste is ok, as long as you tell others its done.

              Now with new posting tools you can darken or italitize parts lifted from others articles. And make a small mention of whos stuf its swiped from eh.

              After reading Gregs article(i read every article he wrote since he began at newswithviews) I must agree…….Most of copperheads post was from Gregs “heart”…..

        • copperhead

          No apologies needed!

          All comments are welcome here,(and I am balls on sure..thank you Maria Tomei, that Mac would agree) and your comment was dead on..imo

          A grandpa myself and an old soul couldn’t agree with you more..

          Our cities,and nation, are decaying and incurring deadly violence equal to those in third world countries in many cases..we are witnessing a well planned decay of our ,social, spiritual,economic, and Constitutional  based nation at a frightening rate…and those who do not fear what is happening are obviously brain dead..or allegiant to big sis/brother/aka federal govt.

          We here, as now ,somewhat, free men and women should continue the fight for freedom and pass our knowledge,and willingness to fight, on to our children/grandchildren and future generations..it is an eternal fight that has perpetuated for thousands of years..never let go !

          May God bless you,and all of us, in that quest..



          and I am agnostic..but still believe in a higher power whomever it may be without constraint..peace to all of you

        • Glad you shared it with us.

          • Plagiarize: I have never been to Mr. Evensen web site and read his article. What I wrote was put together from what was said at the lunch I had with friends and my own thoughts. It laid heavy on my heart what was said. If I plagiarize anything from Mr. Evensen then I am sorry.

            There is not  many books, articles,post or thoughts that dosen’t have some plagirized material in them. These were my thoughts and feelings.

            If this is not satisfactory, I do not know what else I can do.

          • His post was true whether original or not. I agree with the sentiment. Besides hardly anyone is original anymore.

        • Copperhead, Did you go to college with Joe Biden. He got caught plagiarizing during college and several times in congress. I’ve always felt those who lack vision and original thought must resort to such a thing. The next time you post another persons thoughts and words please give credit where credit is due.

        • Shut yor filthy plagiarizing mouth copperhead!

      20. Copperhead, I heard the voice of my late father (US Army, WWII) when I read your post.  His spirit was saying, “Now it might be your turn”.  Understood.  Bless You.

        • But, of course, it is up to us old folks to stand up to tyranny….we MUST be the example for the young!  They must know what WE know….and what those who have come before us have sacrificed to ensure our continued freedom…..and they must never forget what we teach them….this Nations’ future lies in the hands of our younger citizens…..let us “feisty old folks” reach out to them NOW….


      21. “Sourse, Huff Post”……… I’m surprised the bunch of Huff-Po flaming lib-tards aren’t calling for another gun ban to cure the shooting problem.

        • That was my first thought as well!

          (I didn’t read the comments, but if I had to guess you’ll find your calls for gun bans in there!)

      22. Copperhead, I couldn’t have said it any better and I’m with you all the way!   When the REAL SHTF hits in  Memphis, i will be locked and loaded and ready.   Anyone makes one wrong move on me, they will be history, PERIOD!   AFI,  i know what you say about men being restrained from being men is true and I’m going out on a limb with what I’m sayiong next, but I don’t care.   If you find yourself in a one-on-one situation with anyone who has bad intentions toward you,  most likely you will have to disregard some kind of law in order to get out of the situation alive.  YOU WON’T HAVE ANY OTHER CHOICE IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE!   For far too long, we have tolerated a situation where the laws show favoritism to the criminals and punish the victim for acting in self-defense.    Even without the budget cuts, forget about calling 911.   According to the state and federal supreme courts,  POLICE HAVE NO OBLIGATION TO PROTECT CITIZENS WHATSOEVER;  it’s not even part of their job description.  They “PROTECT AND SERVE” the government, not the public.   They don’t even care about the public.   There’s no such thing as “police protection” or a “public servant”;   that’s just part of the propaganda we were all raised on.    When we get confronted by anyone wanting to harm and/or kill us, WE ARE LITERALLY ON OUR OWN;  WE HAVE TO FEND FOR OURSELVES!   If it happens to me, I’ll handle it any way I consider necessary and any unconstitutional laws concerning the matter be damned!   Everyone has the natural, God-given right to defend themselves.  It doesn’t matter what any of these unconstituional laws say, especially the civil rights laws.  In post-SHTF, there  will be total breakdown of law and order.   LE will be nowhere to be found and courts won’t be in session, either.   Nothing will get enforced, at least for awhile.  it will be everybody for themselves.   Stay safe and keep prepping.   Braveheart    

        • Braveheart

          I am all over this latest post due to it strikes my heart and mind like none other of late..not necessarily the mother of all posts by Mac but the replies are perfect…!!!

          It is obvious we almost all share the same sentiment..the crumbling of our once great  nation bit by bit at a rapid pace despite our respective political or religious views..probably none of us have ever met personally yet we all rally behind a post or comment especially like copperhead’s ..and I’ll reiterate..it is unfortunate we all couldn’t meet and take this a step further..and just what that step is..I’m a loss for words..

          But Goddamit ..when will we all take the final stand as copperhead eqautes?



          • People always react when its too late. Its the way it is so one is not looked at as a antagonizer. If war broke out in America in 3 years, at what point would you say it was too late to do anything? Nuttenyahoo talks about red lines. Perhaps it is time citizens do?

      23. I am so glad I live in a small-ish town in Alabama.  Hi Unreconstructed southerner.  My area could be better, could be worse.  We have been trying to sell our house for 5 years and move to a better location, but no takers;  so it looks like this is where we will have to ride it out.  Preparing as much as we can.  My heart breaks for my 21 year old son.  It’s funny copperhead, after the election I told him how sorry I was that my generation failed him.  Failed him and his generation miserably.  Failed to keep the Republic, liberty and freedom.  I don’t know about the rest of the country, but we southerners are a clannish crowd.  Everyone I know is stocking up – on everything – I think we will look out for each other better than other areas.  I do not post often – just a lurker.  God bless to all.

        • Hope you good ole boys and ladies won’t hold it against us northerners who were born here yet ,are 100% undeniably not of the ilk here ,when we migrate to your neck of the woods once it all fails should we make it..there are many of us unfortunately born and raised in the belly of the beast..but never subscribe to the politics nor mindset of the massholes we are surrounded by..

          from Massachusetts



          • You’re welcome in NC anytime…

            Just leave them yankee ways up there and we’ll get along fine…



          • possee my friend we have no choice where we are born,and i think on where we die,,,i live in upstate south carolina,,,come on down,bring more 223,,30-06,45acp,,,9 mm,,i got plenty of food,,


            • Well I live near Detolet, but we here are not Carpet Baggers, I hate what is going on, and have Family  in Texas, where my Mother Was Born, My dad was from this area as were his Family all Great Lake Sailors, We have ties to the South, and Hate this Areas Politics , but we will fight as One Nation Of Patriots!


              Semper Fi

        • Nice to meet you, bisquit.  No cause is ever lost, because no cause is ever won, and we Southrons are now being vindicated for our heroic fight for The Cause, while Americans everywhere are crying ‘Secession Now.’

          Never forget our President’s fateful and prescient words: “Truth crushed to the earth is truth still and like a seed will rise again”

      24. 1 Corinthians 16:13Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong.

        • Ephesians 6:11 Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s illegal, communist-bearing bastard’s schemes.  🙂

          • Don’t forget 5:11 also, and “expose” them.

      25. “the city of Camden may soon be granted the dubious distinction of being the poorest and most violent city in America”

        I thought they already held that title for well over a decade. Good Lord, Camden is a 3rd World community right here in the United States. It has been the land that time forgot for a loooooong time.

      26. I always have walked to the beat of my own drum.

        I never thought I would see any of this in my lifetime.

        Still prepping.


      27. Righteous,  Copperhead, I got yer 6

      28. Long time ago I heard  joke:  Man is driving down highway, wife is yelling at him; how he isn’t as romanic as he used to be, they don’t even set next to each other as they go places.  Man turns and says:  “I haven’t moved”.  Well, say what you will about this country:  “I HAVEN’T MOVED”. And I’m not going to.  I’m to old to run. to dumb to change, and to PO”d to care.  Bring it on ,and the devel take the loser.

      29. This is not new, been going on for a long time. Detroit, Houston, Miami in the 1980’s, Chicago has been violent since the 1920’s. St. Louis is pretty bad I hear.  East L.A., Oakland, Birmingham Al. and Atlanta. Anywhere there are a large group of poor savages present.  (Black/Brown/White)

        The game is to let the older neighborhoods fall apart, then buy up the land dirt cheap and build nice high rise condos to sell the Rich and Powerful.   I’ve seen it happen over and over in the mid-west.

        America is not running out of money, although some of these Cities might be. There are billions sitting in your bank accounts, 401K/IRA and pension funds that Obummer’s people are working hard behind the scenes to grab. 

        The Fed’s weak dollar isn’t helping either. The love of money is the root of all evil.

        • SBG. They won’t get my money. Had all mine in my wallet when I was out on the lake in my canoe when it tipped………….. Funny thing about this site. Sure is a lot of people on here that own canoes. Lot of firearms lost the same way…….

          • PO’d

            Funny how that happens, isn’t it?

            • Funny, that reminds me of how I lost my canoe.  Dropped a crate of rifles while trying to hoist it over the side into the lake, ended up knocking the bottom out of the canoe…..lost guns and the boat, had to swim for shore.

      30. Thanks Mac for another great article I really appreciate all the time and work you put into your articles. It is so nice to have some where to go to get the information that mainstream media doesn’t want to put out there.


        Well said I think a lot of us feel that way. And Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone else here. As bad as things are we all do still have lots to be thankful for.

        Things are quickly getting bad. I think more people are finally stating to wake up I know a few that are trying to frantically trying to prep now (would have been a lot easier had they started when I told them they needed to) but I guess every little bit will help.

        Luck to all and keep prepping time is quickly running out.

        • Better late than never..


      31. Possee,  I’m with you; copperhead doesn’t owe anyone any apology here.  Sometimes, i get off topic and ranting some myself.  Last night,  I heard from the spirit of my late wife from Cuba and she said to me,  “Baby, don’t let what happened to Cuba happen to America!”    i thought of that when I read Copperhead’s post and had to respond.   Paranoid,   I’m with you also.    I’m too hard-headed and stubborn to go against my upbringing, too old to take any BS, and too old to care.   I don’t change anything about myself to make anyone happy.   They can accept me or reject me the way I am; it’s their choice.   It’s been my experience that people who think you should change will have bad intentions toward you.   I’m way too independent-minded; i don’t accept propaganda from any source.  Nobody tells me what to think or believe about anything.   In march of next year, they’re supposed to be coming out with the RFID chip,  the “mark of the beast”.   i won’t take the chip, period!  That is, if we make it til’ then.    braveheart

        • A lot of posts with old vets saying they are too old to care. I got news for you…This 36 year old has had enough and is too middle aged to care. Bullshit is bullshit no matter what age you are. Trust me when I say there is a legion of younger people that think like you do. Many of us are dumb and many PLAY dumb as to not stir the pot. Watch and see what happens when it affects us to a larger degree.


          Game on!

          • Bless your Heart!

      32. I agree something is brewing, which will be historic, and probably involve some sort of mass violence (civil war?). What do I really know, but it seems to me that the chief irony to draw from all of this will be that those who are the most dependent of government will be the most violent of all of them, and probably the group that suffers the most losses. My family and I started getting ‘aware’ a couple of years ago. Still polishing up the preps. Good luck to all of you, and especially you, copperhead.

      33. I started my political awareness as a Democrat. The D party started to embrace ideas that I couldn’t digest so I began the journey to find my place in the political realm. I tried republican for a few election cycles and became disgusted with their    cowardliness. You see, I  was sold the ideas of the  John Wayne America of strength, no bull, compassion, character and good old flag waving. Newt Gangrich cured me of that. That corrupt little troll back stabbed us when he was given the trust of the silent majority, he and his leadership embrace the Democrat Party’s style of governance of screw the people, I’m going to get rich while I have the power. I’m going to reward my buddies so that they can give me more. 

        I change my registration to independent, became even more cynical and have no trust in anyones leadership. If someone want’s to be a political leader then they’re a self serving, egotistical pieces of shit, until proven otherwise through their deeds. 

        I’ve donated to partys, candidates, attended protest, was active in local issues and have been left with feeling like a fool. I hold no hope for a savior, a knight in shining armor or John Wayne. I don’t necessarily believe in the NWO or the great conspiracy. I believe that we are living in an age of saturation and that the bucket is full, that man is too back stabbing, incompetent, self serving and demented to be able to carry on a plan for global dominance by a select few. The elite families are nothing but a product of an inbred ivy league puppy mill. 

        We are living the age of saturation, our debt is full, population is full, laws on the books are full, regulations are full, bureaucracy is full, government teat class is full, information distribution is full (too much useless noise).  I don’t know how much longer the “can” can be kicked down the road, I’m sure that many of you that’s been prepping for decades have thought it would have already collapsed and are dumbfounded why it hasn’t. If or when it does is anybodies guess.


        There’s areas of this country where people live in fear but for the most part the look on peoples face is disillusion and realization. 

      34. Do nothing..  let it all collapse.

        Kumb-ya ya na na na!

      35. 11/19/2012: All is well in FtW, TX.  Of the six million people in the metroplex, the saturation of the military industrial complex and service industry is holding its ground well against the unemployment and cutbacks suffered elsewhere.

        The collapse will come like a thief in the night. There will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth.


      36. Last weekend, my church here in NC held a survival prepping seminar.  They talked about everything from buying land, food, ways to get water out of your well, solar and living a sustainable life.  A lot of folks showed up just walking in off the street.   The church was full.  It seems we had hope things would turn around but since the election, the hope is gone and folks are worried.  All the EO’s are in place to put the hammer down.  Good luck to all!


        • I held one at my church three years ago, but an unexpected blizzard shut down the roads and only a few people made it.  Maybe it was for the best because the local television station called to find out if we were still having it and I really didn’t want that much publicity after the event.

        • Thumbs up for you and your church. What city are you in? Our church has been prepping for a while here in NC too.

          • highspeed where in NC


      37. The sign at the local food pantry is praying for 140 turkeys that are needed to give some kids a thanksgiving dinner. The swine are lining up already at walmart for black friday. Some people are scared and some are in complete denial, couldn’t imagine all that free money not coming in the mail on schedule every month, especialy since the dear leader has another four years. Won’t they be in for a surprise when the mail doesn’t show up. For the ones that truly need it, God bless you, for the ones who don’t because they are lazy and losers, I hope the dear Lord gives you a first class ticket to hell.  Happy Thanksgiving.

        • A lot of good all those electronic goods will suffice them in the coming days..fools all..No wonder it is called Black Friday.


        • Hey, don’t knock Black Friday( I really hate it:-()–Kmart starts theirs on Thursday, and this prepping gal is going for more flannel sets, and flannel shirts @ 50% off!! 🙂

        • @ Live free or die.  About two weeks ago I saw this person with about 50 turkeys in front of me and I asked this person about why they had so many turkeys. suspecting it was for Thanksgiving dinner for many homeless people.  You know what I got the answer for.  This was for all the hungry people at the time, not Thanksgiving.  It showed me that someone that has money is trying to share their good fortune with others, but also showed me that people are really desperate all year long.  This shows the poverty of the people and that there is not much money out there, to pay for anything, including protectective services to the people like this article describes. 

          All the while all that revenue from the good jobs shipped over to the enemy (China) and countries that employ slave labor.  All so these ass clowns can go fight the crowds for cheap Chinese junks on black Friday and the rest of the year.  I would say that if the country was not stuck on stupid and pure elitist greed, then maybe there will be a chance for us, but this is not the case.  Oh boy, how did the country get this far without an implosion? 

          • @ BI – sorry to put this here; not sure how else to reach you with questions.  today wash. had 3.2 @1415 UTC and oregon had 2.6 @2251 UTC.  are these foreshocks for cascadian?    you had said to watch for it by the end of thanksgiving week-end….  thanks again for all your hard work!

            • @ kimintn.  The earthquake that was 2.6 was on the fault and could indicate something, but not really likely.  The 3.2 was on an unrelated fault.  If you start to see a whole bunch of 1-2’s that could mean it is in the process of failure.  Actually the 4.7 on the China Mongolia border could be considered a distant foreshock of the Cascadia.  I have seen this before where large earthquakes focus their energy all the way around the planet.  There has been some real polar activity and no large earthquake since this.  Again large earthquakes send their energy to other spots that do not have stress build up that is so locked in position. 

              I think that when a fault is so locked, as the tension builds you don’t have the earthquakes on the fault to indicate this, they are directed away from the fault to areas that are NOT locked and can release some of this energy that continues to build up.  This is why foreshocks are so rare, 1/20 before a big earthquake goes off.  I truly believe that when there is a foreshock, that the fault simply broke and did not finish the cycle of continuing to break.  The Japanese fault did this, as there was a 7.3 two days before the main 9.0 shock.  Look for foreshocks away from the Cascadia.

              Take a tape measure on a globe and go about 40 degrees northwest with the tape measure south and north of the Cascadia, 45 degrees is okay, the half way point between up and down, and straight across horizontal.  This is line where you will look for foreshocks, as the 4.7 today in China shows.  The Cascadia fault is large enough that this circle would go all the way around the world.  Polar earthquakes at the southern tip of South American at the Drake Passage and polar earthquakes south of Africa southwest of the Marion Islands region will be related to the Cascadia. 

              I know this sounds bizarre, but this planet is just not that big, and a 7.5 size earthquake rings the whole planet everytime it happens, a 9+ earthquake can actually offset the orbit of the Earth slighly as the Japanese earthquake did this.  See polar earthquakes in these regions and I would be real worried about the Cascadia fault.  Have a 7-8 earthquake on the Cascadia and I would say just like Japan that everyone has minutes to days before it totally finishes breaking.

              • thank you for explaining it better.  sometimes i can get it, sometimes i need it “dumbed-down” a bit. 

                hope you and yours have a happy thanksgiving!

        • Live free or die, etd:  Kids all over will need food for thanksgiving because their sorry breeding  scum parents are trash who don’t support them.  Should have never had the kids or put them up for adoption.  These are the same scum parents whose kids get free school lunches while they spend their welfare checks on drugs, bar hopping, junk food and booze.  May they burn in hell. The 50 million EBT cards could be cut off to get riots started and then martial law enacted. Go to : naturalhealthnews.com and read article on 11/17 about EBT cards.

      38. on a happier note happy thanksgiving everyone

      39. Excellent post copperhead.  You know how copperheads are; if you see one, there probably is another one close by.

      40. unprecedented budget deficits that have left government officials with no choice but to strip police forces to a bare minimum”


        One might surmise that the last thing government officials would want do is scale down the only force that stands between them and the masses. 

        • Yes and that will give “them” the opportunity to impose every executive order known to mankind




        • EA,

          You forgot, they have all that ammo stocked up and the brown shirt brigade coming soon to a neighborhood near you, not to mention the drones and the up and coming arms treaty. Hell, they don’t need the police for anything, they figure the masses will sort themselves out with violence against one another and what’s left, the bullets and the drones will take care of, after they take our guns away. Yes it all makes sense now and maybe only 1% of the population gets it. Scary.

          • 1.  They may take your guns away, forget the “our”  2. Yes they have bought millions of rds.  Public bought Billions.  3.The flying Drones above us, are commanded by the DC drones, and they are so stupid they think they run the country.   4.  Just how many taxpayers do you think they can kill?  They are already broke; they cannot have a war with us and there is no need for us to have one with them.   They are going broke now,  We cannot provde them the billions they need to keep what they have.  All we have to do is wait and take care of ourselves.  Look at it this way, if you handed them a lb of wheat; how many of them would have any idea of how to make bread?  They are parasites but they don’t know it.

        • Its always cops or teachers first who they cut. Thats how folks get scammed to pay More property taxes and Sales state taxes!

          I recall as a grade school kid in detroit. Every year a week or two prior to autum school start. Mom and other moms would get mad at teachers going on strike for more cash-more bennies-and Smaller class sizes! always smaller class sizes!

          I had avg always of 42-45 kids in every class. Whats it today?….12 kids per class?…..Or is it 8 kids per class size now?

          I want a class action suit Refund for every tax payer who got royally ripped off in how todays kids are so dumbed down etc!

          In 2010 detroit students had americas lowest grad rates….Only 24% graduated from high school there!……Unions and gov agencys and teachers(not all of course just aprox 99%) OWES us TAX Rebates big time!

          For near Total Faliure!……Pub;lic institutions like cops and schools are worse than the Yugo cars!…..Total failures. Rebates Now!…..Let the banksters pay us back from their $50 Trillion bailouts!

          Oh wait they already spent it all on isreal villas!

          • There’s a CAFR’, COMPREHENSIVE ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORT ..Ixquick it..the states ARE NOT broke..just want you to think they are to take steal more of our hard-earned money by raising looting taxes.

            If you can screw the govt out of taxes by not claiming revenue…go for it!!!

            Barter!!! Work off the books; hell, folks, the SS and Medicare is not gonna be there when you need it anyhow.

            Thank God I never contributed to 401 and IRA.

      41. I think a lot of people are truly feel the tension and the “end” times.  I like to scan the internet for this and those feeling the same way as I and most of the people on this web site.  Each week I kind of like to go to this site: http://www.raptureready.com/rap2.html

        It is like a scoreboard of Christians that feel how soon the end times are.  The score is now 186, and the highest ever.  Now many people don’t share the Christian beliefs, but what this shows is that a large section of the population feels that everything is coming to a head.  This of course is one section of the population’s opinion, but it seems to be a general consensus of the whole population that times are going to be at least difficult in the coming future.   Out of a possible 225 points, to get 186 points, 82.7% sure shows some true anxiety in a large portion of the population. 

        This is a question I have been asking people that many are not sure about:  Do you feel that this Christmas will be just like every Christmas of the past, or is this Christmas this year going to be different for you and the country? 

        • BI, to answer your Christmas question. It is going to be different this year. My wife and I already informed our kids (adults) that we aren’t gifting this year. We’re going to buy food and pass it out to those that we know that’s hurting. Christmas eve we’re volunteering at a local soup kitchen. Christmas dinner will be with friends and family, which isn’t a change. As for the country, no different than last year. Gas prices were lowered for the christmas shopping season, which is when I top off my boat, and spare gas cans. Black Friday lines are already forming and Christmas music has been heard on the radio and the annual war on Christmas stories has started. Nope, nothing different for the country.

        • Be informed,

          Christmas is different for me this year, I wish I could give my kids the best present of all, that would be a guarantee for a better future, but in reality, I can not. The world is in horrific turmoil, America is changing at an accelerated pace that few of us anticipated. In some ways, this Christmas is probably more real and honest, I feel closer to God and yet I am very sad. I will probably hold my Family a bit closer and I have already reached out to loved ones afar.

          I would suppose that faith is probably the best comfort right now and without it what else is there? The unknown is unsettling and makes one very uncomfortable in their own skin. This Christmas, I will count my blessings and pray for humanity to return, there will be no electronic gadgets or crap that my kids will get bored with in a minute. This Christmas there will be music playing, good food to eat, God at the center and love all around. I’m going to give an animal a home that needs one. I can’t think of one better thing that my kids would love more than another homeless little critter.

          Four years ago, I took in a 25 plus year old mare that was up for auction in the kill pen down in Iowa. I saw this girls picture on line through a horse rescue facility and something about her haunted me. She has just one good eye and was not much more than bones with skin on them. I had her trucked up to New England where I live and didn’t think she would make it more than a week. Today we have a sign on her stall door that says, ( It is never too late to live happily ever after). I love that horse and she is the best gift I ever received. What I learned from her is, patience, hope, dignity, spirit, trust and the fact that I had a place in my heart that I didn’t realize existed. I tell her everyday how pretty she is and how much we needed her. If she’s in a good mood then she will give me a kiss, if not then she will show my her tail. That is the best part of all, her spirit is back and she is not afraid to be herself with me. I just chuckle and let her be. Here at the farm, we will all have a love filled Christmas and pray that we have many more.

          I wouldn’t give up one thing in my life, not even cleaning stalls or runny noses in exchange for the life the elite, power hungry monsters live, I feel sorry for them that they don’t have my simple extraordinary life.

          • @ Live free or die and Rickin Oregon.  All I can say is what very nice comments about what the holidays truly mean to people that still valuable the intangibles that really matter, not the superficial glitzy meaningless confusion that the masses partake in.  I wish I could hit the thumbs up for both of you over and over again. 

          • Live free or die,

                                             that is a really great post in so many ways. Thankyou and Merry Christmas from Vermont, guess we’re almost neighbors.

            • Boss Hog,

              We sure are neighbors, N.H., I do love to visit Vermont, Merry Christmas to you and yours.

        • BI, it is definately going to be “different” this time around and for many more to follow. This is just my gut feeling. We are in for some hard times ahead, some major “bumps in the road” For my children, I can only hope this will be a normal christmas. 

      42. Pure gold Copperhead.

        I know this may not mean the most in the long run, but thank God I’m a country boy!

      43. Not sure if many of you follow world finance. Today, the largest bank in Spain declared that 10.71% of their commercial real estate loans are more than 2 months behind and in danger of defaulting. These are the rock solid, gold plated top tier assets, that form the collateral for trillions in derivatives. If one is looking for an early warning system to let you know when its about to hit, look to Europe. The big crunch will begin there and flash across to U.S. The banks of Spain are known for their, shall we say  fudging of the numbers. That they will publicly announce the loss of almost 11% of the backing for the loans is very, very dire. If any wish to follow up on this info try zerohedge.com. Mac, sorry for posting another site, hope you will let this through. The info is very pertinent to our futures

        • LOL I assumed everyone here watched global finance closely, or at least comes here to learn what is happening from those of us that do… Or at least I hope so.


          I told my friends last year: Watch for municipal failures. It will take no special knowledge of economics to find the news, and when you do, admit that I was right and ask me what what is coming – now that you are listening…

          It worked.

          • Hi Low,

                Sorry, couldn’t resist! 🙂 A ‘new’ thought is developing of late. That being that this place – SHTFplan.com – might (after Mac’s modifications to the site are completed) come to serve as a ‘hub’ for all the ‘news’ that preppers need to digest daily. To any here, beginning with yourself, who follow any specific thing/field – such as the world of Global finance and the antic’s going on there regularly – consider, if your busy life allows, posting regularly on what’s going on there.

                 Part of the difficulty, I think, that most people have in keeping up with things is the huge number of places one has to go in order to keep up with it all and then the neccesary ‘synopsis’ that must occur in order to understand it. Imagine, if a few knowledeable people took the time to regularly post-out here the specifics of what they see going on with a basic analysis of same…..this place could rapidly become a truly astonishing place through which people could rapidly get nearly everything they’d need to know to be able to judge what is actually at hand. Just a thought

                I don’t think it neccessarily requires ‘PHD certification’ to able to do good work’s in this vein….many, many peolpe have an operational knowledge in various fields that is simply priceless. If you – or any other – fall into this category please consider how much benefit there would be in doing so.

                ‘Be Informed’ regularly post-out on everything related to the seismic aspects affecting us daily and as it happens I’ve lately decided to begin doing this for all matters Solar in nature – my own area of ‘expertise’ as it were. Consider doing the same if such is within your ability and you have a little time to spare. Dwell on it a bit!

      44. BI; Its in my favorites, go there daily. POSSIBLE THE LAST CHRISTMAS, THAT WE WILL HAVE.

      45. Live free or die,  let those brown shirts come and try it.   When they start having people shot left and right, they’ll back off.   They can’t possibly match 80,000,000 gun owners with at least 250,000,000 guns in this country; 10% of that figure alone could defeat them.  Remember, they’ll take your guns and anything else you have ONLY IF YOU LET THEM!  DON’T LET THEM;  GIVE THEM SOME HOT LEAD AND SEND THEM TO HELL!   If they come to my home trying that shit, it’s game on!  Possee, what you said in 864512 is spot on;  copperhead’s post got me all stirred up this evening.   i feel like we’re all running out of time to get our preps; I’m shopping again this week even with Black Friday coming up.   Preps, preps, and more preps are all the hell I want for Xmas or any other time for that matter.   I think the day when push comes to shove is a helluva lot closer than any of us think.   I sleep with a loaded .40 pistol at my bedside every night.  I expect soon I’ll have my M1Carbine loaded every night within reach also;  just got that feeling.    here’s the latest on the middle east;   Direct link:  debka.com/article/22543/us-warships-turn-around-toward-israel-for-possible-evacuation-of-americans/       We’ve never evacuated from Israel before!    batten down the hatches; shtf is coming.   braveheart

      46. Something horrible is coming, I do not know how to put it into words. I will try anyway. I think what will happen, will be equal to finding out someone you care about so dearly has just passed away. Not in a good way, but like in an unexpected way, with horror and sadness beyond belief. I feel in my bones, in my body, like as if something so dreadful is about to happen and I don’t know from where this is coming. I look all around to see if I can pinpoint a location of where the danger is coming from, but I cannot see it in only one place. It is coming from all around. Am I crazy? It seems utterly impossible for me to be able to protect my children and family from this. I do not see any way to escape what will come. I understand that some of you place your faith in God and Jesus, I hope that you are right in that he will come back and change the order of things. I don’t see how any of us will be able to get through this without being directly affected. I am afraid of what is coming. Remember me in your prayers.


        • indio

          i know what you are feeling,i am too,,but i am not afraid of what is coming,,just damn impatient,,


        • Prayers to you and yours…have faith and trust in Jesus Christ our lord and savior!  God bless you my friend.  

        • This may or may not be the end times approaching (rapture?), but regardless, those who are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ will always be protected and given what they need in order to fulfill God’s plan for their lives – God’s plan may not be exactly what we wanted, and it may be time for some of us to die, but we can relax and watch how it all plays out, knowing that His plan is perfect. America has rejected Him and we are about to feel His wrath, but believers are still His children and in His plan. Living or dying, glorify Him with your thoughts and actions.

          • Folks – I put 23 years into the Canadian Militaryduring the cold war.  Everyday I gave thanks to God for our freedom knowing that I was free because the USA had our back. I love my country, but I love yours as well.  I have always believed that the US constitution was / is the best there iswill pray for our nations each day.  I ask God to forgive us for what we have become. Hang onto your faith in the Lord Jesus and know that each day the sun comes up He is still in charge. May the Lord bless you all this thanksgiving

          • amen and thank you for putting our thoughts into words here.

        • Indio,

          You are correct that something dark and horrific is coming, more and more out of control, leaving us all astonished.  We will be confounded that people will simply sit by and allow the flagrant, outrageous, brazen evil to be implemented all around us.  Always ask the Lord for help and protection, but know this:

          “If the Lord had not cut short those days, no one would survive. But for the sake of the elect, whom he has chosen, he has shortened them.” Mark 13:20

          There is no hope that things will “get better.” There is ONLY hope in God and Jesus Christ for your ultimate salvation, because Jesus said this:

          “Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live.'”  John 11:25 [emphasis mine]

      47. Don’t worry, folks!! Just chant “Yes we can” – or, more helpfully – “Yes we have no bananas” and The (Fraud) One will save you.

      48. I’m hoping to pick up a new rifle soon.

      49. got a green message saying post was posted successfully, but not seeing it???

        • Anonymous it seems you have to refresh befor you see it


          • Re fresh what? Why the change of procedure? Is this payback for making fun of the post ID tags?

      50. @ beinformed….when the earth gets lined up with the other planets,the moon,the sun, and the milky way ( which i’m convinced the Myans were trying to warn us of ) i’m affraid it could possibly be a RADICALLY different Christmas this year. Something is NO DOUBT causing the increased quake activity all over the globe. I have studied this a lot and I don’t think the Myans were saying the end of the world is on December 21, 2012. I think they were simply trying to tell us when this planetary alignment would take place again. I think what took place upon alignment was so bad they wanted to warn future generations to watch for it to happen again. ( I think it’s what wiped out the Myan civilization..minus the few that remained to write and warn about it ). I assure you if this is true…nasa knows all about it and is keeping it hush hush. That could explain what the government has be madly preparing for with all the bullets and drills etc, etc.

        • @ badpuppydog.  I have wondered about this simply being a cycle that happens over and over again, like the 76 year cycle of Halley’s Comet.  I have read about that the planet and the solar system are going to enter a kind of dead area of space towards the center of it on Dec. 21.  I imagine that anytime you change the balance of the solar system you could have choas.  What I would love to know is when OTHER solar systems have entered this area of space, what has been the results to them. 

          I think if anything it might have a type of negative gravity effect on the more solid planets that have a deep core like Mercury, Venus, the Earth, Mars, and some of the larger moons and asteroids out there, more than the gaseous planets.  The government might also be clueless about this but have a general idea of it.  I have also wondered about that date as if something happened out is space we would not know about it until the light reached us.  In other words someone travelling faster than the speed of light, like many feel tachayons do, could see something happen and warn everyone when the shock wave reached the planet in the future.  This is one thought. 

          What bothers me is not the war posturing of countries, this can happen any year.  It is the sharp increase of geophysical events that are leading up to that Dec. 21 date.  If the planet had the same activity as it was 15 years ago, then I would say 2012 meant nothing.  I have looked over the earthquakes many times and there is a sharp increase.  The volacanoes are up.  The storm activity is way up as Sandy had the lowest pressure ever recorded of a land falling hurricane ever that far north.  Wilma several years ago was the lowest pressure ever recorded in the Atlantic.  Just look at these tornadoes.  True magnetic north has wandered much in the past years. 

          These events could just be extremes that you see every 1000 or 10000 years, but it is kind of coincidental to me that it is building up to that date.  Polar shift like the movie 2012 is possible as the crust we ride on is really thin in comparison to the entire planet. 

          Now for the most likely scenario I think is possible if the 2012 date is accurate, the SUN.  2013 is a solar maximum for one thing, but the Mayans and other cultures at that time would be observing solar cycles like we do today.  The sun is fairly timely on its own cycles, and prehaps someone did know something.  A mass radiation storm from a super flare would fry the planet and was thought to have possibly caused the mass extiction of 95% of the species about 260 million years ago.  As JustOneGuy knows, it is not just an EMP that the planet has to worry about with a super flare CME, it can be cosmic radiation also.  Many times planes are grounded when a powerful flare erupts because of the plane at a higher altitude being exposed to radiation.  Something really huge could cause a serious amount of radiation on the surface of the planet.

          As the planets rotate around the Sun, anything that goes abnormal with it will cause planetary problems.  IF Dec. 21, 2012 does mean something, my bet is on the Sun being what causes chaos with the planet.  My second bet would be something to do with the crust.  The government sures seems interested in the New Madrid region as what copperhead has been trying to alert us to. 

          • Hi  Bi,

               I direct this at both yourself and badpppydog (BTW, how did you come by that moniker, it’s cute) I wouldn’t worry overmuch about the entire “Mayan Doomsday” thing. There remains a mystry as to how they knew of the 23,000 years cycle of precession, yes, but there’s no evidence that – then, or now – that the intention/implication of thier prophecy’s was a cataclysmic event of some sort. More recently, the Mayan (existent and descendant) and Hopi Elders have both fenounced the contemporary interpretations as ‘sensationalism’ In both cases, thier consesnsus is that what is coming is a change in the human arena, in human thought….which if one looks about at the worl today does seem to be occuring moment to moment. 

                 There’s a lot of “Internet speculation” about (gag me with a fork!) which is unfounded and wholly unreliable….Much like one find’s in places like over at ‘GodLikeProductions’ which are for the most part simple flight’s of fancy. This is not to say that there aren’t deep mysteries present, both in our past and all the way up to today but I beleive that all are treateable through science and we’ll eventually have answers to most, possibly all with the passade of time.

                BI’s efforts here with the seismic aspects of what we see in the world are excellent….the examination of a vast ream of records followed by artfull attempts to ‘see’ into the underlying phenomena. It is here – beyond out worries and daily concerns – that out efforts should be directed. 🙂 From these things alone will can we hope to have that slight margin – pre-facto – that will allow us to render the appropriate warning at the proper moment to the benefit of all those ‘Who have eyes to see, and ears to hear…’

               BI, you and I MUST get together as soon as Mac can get the board trasitioned to the new schema… there is MUCH to compare notes on, bidirectionally. I alluded to this previously when I indicated that simple single-discipline approaches will not here suffice since the ‘compartmentalization’ of same prevents us from seeing the larger picture(s) at hand.

                Anywho, till later Friends… 🙂


            PS: @ BI, I’ve decided to launch a ‘Bi-Daily Solar Report’ here…that might be something that you might  consider for the ‘seismic side of the house, both now and after the transition. Any such could be clarified on an as per basis easily and would serve as a ‘touch-base’ for anyone who stopped in here to get a quick synopsis of the current state of affairs….Responding -DIRECTLY – to every incident is likely to be impossibly difficult ( in practice) over time.

            • @ JustOneGuy.  This is not a bad idea with keeping everyone updated on the solar reports because of the REAL danger of EMP to all of us.  The solar maximum is rapaidly approaching and within an instance we could lose most electronics in the world.  Can you imagine the lawlessness with little or no communications ability after an EMP. 

              I don’t completely dismiss the Mayan predictions as it is strange for me to see the up-trends of the seismic activity and just a plain personal feeling that the planet and the Sun just don’t “feel right”.   Another discomforting observations is that aniamls have been acting “weird” for the past several months.  I have noticed that for example insects have been much more aggressive.  Last night for example I watched a spider run back and forth all over the computer keyboard for 2 hours like the spider was on something.  I saw ants all summer long in haphazard formations, like zig zagging.  Ants are usually fairly orderly like soldiers.  The Canadian Geese flying south for the winter are flying in formations I have never seen before.  The pigeons are flying erratically as of this month.  This to me has to do all with the magnetic fields of the planet.

              Have you or anyone else on the site seen unusual aniaml behavior that would relate to a disruption of the Earth’s magnetic fields?  This could be related to something serious with the planet.

              • Hi BI,


                    “Eureka!” latin, for “I have found it.” Well, not quite… BUT I have found something which even more directly addresses you particular concerns.

                  Look up, on the Web, (Google probably is best) something refered to as the “Schumann Effect” specifically, I have a downloaded pdf on my ‘pute right now internally titled as;


                    Schumann Resonances, a plausiblebiophysical mechanism for the human healtheffects of Solar/Geomagnetic Activity


                   The file name is;



                   This speak’s directly to the issue of the biologic effects of solar (and other) radiation’s on living, biologic matter /systems.

                   While we’re here – I reiterate – go spend a day digging around on the Hopi phrophecy thing. They specifically talk about all manner of disruptions in the natural world; Earthquakes, ‘odd’ life and ‘odd’ behaviours of life in the natural world….and a lot of ‘other’ things also

                    Remember when you mentioned the notion that, “maybe someone came here from another stellar system long ago to warn us…”? I’m not an ET sort-of-guy as it were but there is an eery correspondence between what the Hopi elders are/have predicting/ed and what we are seeing now/today/lately. How I stumbled ove this originally i don’t actually remember, but – believe me – it’s worth the time. To put it plainly, I’ve begun to think that perhaps we are not the first manifestation of higher civilization that has existed here on Earth….many, many cultures have ‘legends’ of greater ones in the past. This is something that we should actually take up later, in detail, once Mac has transitioned the board to the new format. Give it a go, I think you’ll see the similarities immediately.

                   Oh, incidentally, the paper I mention above is WHOLLY Academic and is in no small bit ‘thick’, put on your mental ‘hip waders’ before going into it. 🙂 Have to bounce out for a bit to check on solar, there’s been some activity (unexpected) this morning….be back in a bit. 🙂

                • BI,


                      Mt Carmel, Illinois, a 3.6, about a half-hour ago. WHERE is the northern terminus of the NMF?

              • BI,


                    Solar is up this morning, a previously small, quiet region has begun growing and flaring; NOAA 11618 specifically. Given the most recent imaging I’d think that this one could be active for the next few days….watch the seismic to look for corresponding tectonic activity. We’ve had two flares in the M-class already today, though only one of those emanated from 11618.

        • This is the dawning of the age of Aquarious!!!

      51. lol…thumbs down already ???  I just posted it 3 seconds ago !  

        • Yeah I can just picture them Mayans….Savage Canibals sitting round the camp fires at nite after a great feast of Human flesh! Raw meat of course!…..While they pontificated and pondered the future events with many wise beyond all measure Witch Doctors and medicine men elders(the elders who awaited their turn to be eaten alive!)…

          I Read a long article about when spainish armadas first discovered them Mayans in mexico. It had real excerpts from actual Diarys of various sailors on them ships.

          I recall one entry by a sailorman who was very old when it was written.

          This man said hes been out to sea over 60 yrs now, began as a cabin boy at age 12yrs old. Now is in his 60th year at sea!

          His diary entry the day he first laid eyes upon mayans basically stated that in all hs 60 yrs at sea he thinks hes seen litterally Every nations ports, every islands etc.

          And even when compared to other native savages types from africa and a hundred other savage islands, nothing he saw with them mayans could compare!

          He went on to desribe their sheer brutality, even to each other(like detroit kinda eh) and how mayans played a game similar to what we call LaCRoss.

          But the savage mayans, being Canabals, would host once per year play-offs of lacross games. and the final winners(like our olympics games) was who got EATEN that nite for din din!

          The winners was taken to top of sacred pyrimid, 4 men held them down by legs and arms over a huge flat rock structure, while the KIng or High priest guy used a razor sharp piece of Shale stone to slice his chest open so they could rip his beating heart out!

          The King got to eat his heart, After he rubbed the fresh blood all over a stone statue of their “god” kwozekwotol , or something like that.

          Then they thru the guys body down the pyrimid steps to the frenzied awaiting Hungry mobs below(the peons)……Where in fits of wild abandon and total frenzy lust, the mobs ATE the guy!…..But they carefully stripped his full body skin off to WEAR, as mayans believed wearing the skin of sacraficed tribe members will instill That dead persons spirit into Theirs and empower them more etc!

          Then the sailor man mentioned how once for a special festival to Honor their King, in FOUR Days time, 80,000 Thats Thousands! of their tribes folks was sacraficed in like manors, always by heart removal withOUT anestetics!

          So Yeah I can see how some folks can be so enamored with various mayan “prophecys” etc….Can’t beat worlds most brutal savage pagan heathen folks when it comes to plans for your future eh!

          Hey pass me a Leg I’m hungry! Gimmie some Dark meat too! heh heh…

          • Hi Angelo,


               One small correction here: The Mayan’s were NOT bloodthirsty cannibals….the Aztec were. The Mayan’s were a highly cultured civiization at the end of a period of long decline when the Conquistadores first arrived in the New World,  all but extinct in fact. It was the Aztec who practised ritual sacrifice…with a gusto.

            • Ok but to say aztec or mayans is akin to saying Its negroes in detroit Not chicago! Oh like theres a huge difference or what?…..Most all savages from every land or island was canabals.

              Or at least vicious savage pagans. Thats the reason Christ told us to Go spread His gospel to Every tribe/race etc…..So they can stop their pagan heatheness and act like Whitemen!

              I admit last 2000 yrs has not worked to swell….But Thats not whiteys fault! Can’t hep it if they refuse sound teachings eh.

              • “Thats the reason Christ told us to Go spread His gospel to Every tribe/race etc…..So they can stop their pagan heatheness and act like Whitemen!”


                Note: this guy just literally admitted that christianity is responsible for the demise of western peoples.  You jew worshippers are never going to wake up to the true scale of the rot.



        • JJ, don’t forget the flannel sheets-loves mine!

        • bpd, tough crowd LOL.

      52. Greetings Everyone!

        “times difficult will be here”

        Truer words were never written about the “Times” we live in.Truly dark times now and worse ahead.Yet,before we despair entirely we DO have tiding of hope from the Scriptures.God’s purpose for the earth will come to pass.It was to be the home for mankind,and will become so as we pass through what’s referred to as “The Great Tribulation”.Just what events will constitute that time period are at least partly described in God’s word.Not a complete blow-by-blow account to be sure.But a general overview of the events. So the question comes up:”where do we fit in?”.Prepping and doing our best to provide for our loved ones makes an excellent start.Another is the course set out by Noah.He was a “preacher of the coming judgement upon the ungodly”.God’s judgement timetable was already set up and running when he told Noah to build the Ark.As 2ed Tim 3:16 says:All Scripture is inspired of God to equip the man of God for every GOOD work.This includes both “prepping” and “warning others” about the coming judgement.After being warned,the next step is up to them(We all know how many survived the Flood!).”Faith is NOT a possession of all people” it’s said.In fact only a small percent will make it alive into the Kingdom.Thank God I don’t have to worry about judgement on others,Jesus Christ has the position already covered.Frankly,I have more than enough “faults and shortcomings” to work on of my own!I hope everyone here can find a place of worship that is “Faith in the coming Kingdom” centered.There are plenty that are only places to go that you get the “that get their ears tickled”treatment.And only a few where you get unvarnished truth from.God WANTS everyone to survive,but only a few are willing to do what’s necessary to qualify.

        We’re gonna need a good supply of both “Truth from God’s Word” and  of Prepps to sustain us as things move toward it’s climax.

        Best to All



      53. I worry about the people in nusing homes.

        Many don’t have family (or their family finds them too hard to care for). Many have lost some degree of mental function. They don’t adapt well to change.

        The government bureaucrats are getting nuttier and nuttier in their regs for nursing care. These homes now get more surveillance from pencil pushers than nuclear power plants do. The nurses live in fear of a visit from the State and a few of the more intelligent (but mentally disordered) patients will call the State to terrorize the staff. All this takes time away from providing important patient care.

        If someone you care about is in a nursing care facility please see if you could find a way to bring them home. Although the staff at most places are caring and work hard, this is one area that is tremendously vulnerable to what is happening.

      54. Just ignore them, apparently their lives suck so bad this is what they do for entertainment.  I get em on every post, no matter what I write.lol

      55. I am almost done reading Rawles’ novel “Patriots.” That is one awesome read. I can’t wait to get into the next one.

      56. @ highspeed..thanks for the encouraging words.    :>)

      57. Damn fine comment, copperhead. Excellent!

      58. The situation has gone from bad to worse.  I expect only a partial USA to be around by federal elections in 2016.  Maybe there will be secessions or maybe nullifications or maybe rebellion.  Regardless, there are many who increasingly prefer to “Dump D.C.”, and it probably will happen.

        As an army vet, I do have some training and as a “conventional” citizen, I do take the USA constitution seriously. Thus, I look forward to assisting as I can.  On the other hand, it may be wise to take advice from a previous comment here, which suggests fleeing high density population areas.  In all probability, high density pop areas will bear the brunt of these “interesting times”!

      59. Now, is Anybody paying attention to what is Really big in the news today? I mentioned this a few months ago and most thought I was joking (ok, I was joking, but still it turns out I may be something of a prophet as well).

        HOSTESS IS ATTEMPTING TO SHUT DOWN! People- Please listen! We are headed for a Twinkie Cliff! It’s right in front of us and most people are unaware. This looming catastrophe will have world-wide ramifications. The shortages are already showing up, with long lines at the grocers, last minute hoarding by the less prepared, and now, skyrocketing bids on eBay for fresh boxes of Twinkies.

        This is Madness! And it didn’t have to be this way! I told you all MONTHS ago about this possibility. Hopefully, most of you got your preps in order and are well stocked. To those who didn’t- you should have known better. When your grim faced little kids come crawling to you for a taste of creme-filled golden goodness and you have nothing to offer them but a stale pb&j sandwich, there’ll be no one to blame but yourself.

        Already, several states are considering a call-up of the National Guard to fight off the looters. And the Federal Department of Creme Filling is warning of a massive shortfall in the Strategic Sponge Cake Reserve. (latest estimates are fewer than 4 million individual cakes in the entire reserve!) Shock waves are resounding through the entire snack food industry. Little Debbie has her panties in a wad, to say the least!

        This is no time for the faint of heart! Get ready! Roll out the Ding Dongs. Stand by to ‘fire one’ on the Ho-Ho cannon! Get those Twinkies and get them NOW!

        • A reminder to retailers in New York and New Jersey;  Do NOT raise the prices of a Twinkie , HoHo ( not the street type, they’re exempt) or DingDongs!  Nor price gouging. Remember, the AG will prosecute.

        • Damn the twinkies, full speed ahead!  But if it’s my chocolate they want, it’s war they get.

      60. Fun With Lang-Widge part 3

        Some television talking head recently said, speaking of a forthcoming catastrophe, “This doesn’t bode well for the administration…” I have no idea which of the current 379 possible catastrophes she was referring to. And it doesn’t matter. What got my attention was her use of the term ‘doesn’t bode well.’ Did she even have a clue as to the meaning of what she said? Probably not. Does anybody, other than employees of Merriam Webster, even know what “BODE” means?  Me neither.

        I had to look it up. It means to ‘foretell’ or to indicate an upcoming occurance. Hardly anybody uses the term ‘bode’ except to say ‘it doesn’t bode well blah blah blah…’ They don’t think through before using a term like that. They just hear it and start repeating it on every lamestream show on tv. Which makes me think those so-called journalists could all be replaced by a few myna birds who’d work much cheaper.

        Bode is something of an old fashioned word. It’s a word my Grandma would’ve used. And she often did. And, she certainly would’ve known the meaning of it. In each of its many uses. For example:

         “Okie, you run through my flower beds again and I’m a-gonna smack you with this bode…right across your butt!” I knew that definitely foretold an upcoming event that I didn’t want to happen!

        Or: “Dammit, Okie! I said to get on bode the train! They’s a-gonna leave without you!”

        Or: “If you youngins is really bode ’cause you got nothin to do, then git on out to the okra patch and pull some weeds.”

        My Grandma had little formal education, but she was loaded with common sense. And, more than anything else- She had a command of the language that was incredible!

        • thank you OKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i needed that,,,,aint it the truth


        • “…get on bode that train! They’s a-gonna leave wothout you!” LOL, T’anks Okie! 🙂

      61. # smokinokie…. hahahahahahahahaha….” cream filled golden goodness “

                                                        ” strategic sponge cake reserve ”    dude…you are hilarious.          :>)

      62. Amen, Copperhead!

        Been on business travel in Spain and Greece the last two weeks. Unemployment in both is 25% plus. Demonstrations of desperate people daily. It  is getting uglier,  and I hear nothing but hopelessness talking to locals. Back in the USA real unemployment is 22.9% -according to Shadowstats.com. This is but the beginning.

        We’ve been prepping about four years. I have been the optimist, thinking that maybe we can turn the whole thing around. Yet all over the world, central bankers have  put the rope around our collective necks are drawing the noose tighter day by day. Make no mistake – this is all planned. The most devastating thing to witness is to watch the moral and intellectual decay that is rotting our beloved America, thanks to a progressive agenda which has infected the media, our schools and public psyche.

        In Greece we have the rise of the Golden Dawn  party, a right wing, anti-immigrant party that has moved from 3%  to 17% support in just a few months. Some Western observers compare them to Nazis, but unlike the Nazis, Golden Dawn is not socialist. Remember that Greeks are not allowed to own personal firearms for the most part. The police are understaffed. So Golden Dawn has stepped in to provide protection to local communities, and they also run food banks as best they can. It is simply an example of what happens when governments fail. People do rally together in local communities to protect themselves.

        The one thing we still have in the USA is our second amendment rights. And this is our key to freedom. We also have plenty of land on which to grow our food, and energy reserves far more than most people even know. We old timers have to make our stand, and after the collapse, we have  to stand together to rebuild our communities, one by one. We can never let the American dream die. We will pervail – town by  town, hamlet by hamlet.

      63. Could the earth plunge into complete and total chaos due to a serve ” twinkie ” shortage ? Dammit…why didn’t I stock up on twinkies ? Please god…noooooooooooooooo ! I know damn well Woody Harlson’s character from ” zombieland ” would be livid in a world without twinkies.

        p.s.      change #  to  @  in above post


      64. @ gray fox…I LOVE the story of Noah…so many similarities to today’s situation. You try to tell people of the coming storm most of them will mock you or at least roll their eyes. ( just like noah experienced while preaching and building the ark ) you tell people to stock up on food and water ( just like noah did ) they act like you have f*cking lost it. Noah was mocked up to the very last minute just like most of us are by family and friends. Then the storm came and the laughter turned to horror. The exact same thing is about to happen to all the dummies who mocked and laughed at the wise preppers.

        Is that thunder I hear off in the distance ?

      65. I was recently in Europe and spent 22 days walking, and walking, and walking through cities large and small.  I only saw one police in one 8 day stretch.  Almost nonexistent.  What’s up with all the white people behaving themselves?


        I agree with you all, and im proud to call all of you my fellow americans. we have let our government go unchallenged for so long so they think they can exterminate us. when they come I will not comply (I have authority defiance disorder ) and my parents and grandmother tought me do back down from evil and stand up to evil men. From the age of 8 I was trained to fight my parents insisted the I learn hand to hand combat and how to use a variety of weapons just in case. My grandmother would tell me these days would come I thought she was crazy I was crazy far blowing the warnings off. Now I see whats going on. I have a family now and theirs lives and freedom are my main concern Id gladly lay down my life for my wife and children and anyone who want freedom if we stand up together we will prevail and restore our great nation GOD BLESS 

        • @ Bill45….

          Was her name Sarah Connor? ….just joke’n

      67. Let the would-be robbers hit my house.

        My gift to them……….Hexolit 32

      68. Having been employed in the forensic psyche field for a few years now, I have come to the conclusion that there are two types of people . Those that ignore the elephant in the living room, and those realize there is an elephant in the living room.  One will do nothing , hoping it will leave and one that tries to get it out, but soon realize there is a herd of them and may need help ridding the room of elephants.

                 Gang, we are in serious trouble as a nation. The time to point fingers and assign blame has long passed. Obviously the politicians,appointed or elected aren’t listening. Nor will they ever.  We are watching the train wreck in real time. I can only prep so much until redundancy becomes ridiculous.  So now what?

                 This is not the country I went to war for some many years ago. I look at my friends and neighbors now as one of two things. Targets or Allies.  A sad state of affairs to label people that but so be it. That’s what it it coming down to fast. I often spend time in diners and  quiet low key places where I can hear people talking while minding my own business and Yes people are scared , or more like Terrified.  I listen and talk getting peoples thoughts on the shit we face and most have no clue what to do when basic services are interrupted . These are the targets IMHO.  You get the idea.

             I have noticed that there is a certain  group of people that seem to not be in the verge of a nervous breakdown. Any idea ?  Veterans.  There seems to be a collective standoffish between vets and the mainstream BS. Why ?  Because we know bullshit when we see it and call it for what it is. Alas , nobody seems to listen except another veteran.   Amen Brother, Preach to the choir!!

               Its ok to preach to the choir as the choir will be the ones to pull anothers fat out of the fire. I will stand with my comrades and defend what is ours by birthright .


        • Wrong Chris, there are 3 types of people-those that see(that would be you, me, and all the prepped folks here), those that see when shown(that would be those here to learn how to prep and prepare for what’s coming), and those that will never see(that would be the bussed in California neighbor that just spent $2200 for curbs around their flower beds so they don’t have to weedeat!!).  

          You can’t fix stupid.

          • Right you are.

          • Hi jayjay,


               Quoting again from the ‘Book of Ron’ today I see! 🙂

                Ummm, Chapter 2 verse 12? 🙂 🙂

            • Nahhhh..I use two versions for my plagiarizing sharing; The Bible for Lutheran Students (because no matter how often or how much I read, I am still dumb a ‘Christian in training’ ) and The Message, by Eugene Peterson, because he writes like I speak– 3-letter words I can understand speak!!  🙂

              • But just about EVERY post brings to mind two comedians by-words…You can’t fix stupid….and Save up!!!

              • @ jayjay,


                HAhahahaaa……HYSTERICAL, I declare! 🙂 I’d give ya multiple thumbs-up here but the damn thing won’t LET me! 🙂


        By Greg Evensen ▪ November 16, 2012

        Like many of you, my memories now span over 62 years and ten lifetimes it seems of experience and horrific change.  As I have observed the past five years, I am consumed with the dreadful sense of shame and guilt that I have failed to walk my children and grandchildren into a brighter future than what I had.  Now when I stand with a group of veterans, many heads hang low when we talk of wars fought, battles won or lost and all for what…..?  Daily heroism, lives cut short and friends lost because the call to “duty” was answered by men and women who believed they were advancing freedom for others and reinforcing the freedom we had been given 236 years ago.  And when taps sounded in the hearts and minds of so many, each night as stillness and contemplation made its way into the room, heartbreak and a deep sense of the loss of country cannot be dismissed.  The heart and soul of America has been held hostage to greed, tyranny and destruction for decades, but the crime bosses have entered that pitiful room where our nation’s dreams were imprisoned.  The beating continued until finally, mortally wounded, America could withstand no more.  In a moment of time, her soul was defeated, her deeply compassionate spirit was crushed and life as we knew it—-ended.

        © Copyright 2012, Greg Evensen – All Rights Reserved

        **admin link addition** Original article posted here: http://www.theheartlandusa.com/editorials/2012/ge_111612.htm



        • @ Satori

          Well isn`t that just great !!!

          I hope they are not doing the scientific research here in Canada !!!


      70. @ All,


            A solar flare of magnitude M-1.7 peaked at 12:41 UTC this morning. EUVI SAM (AIA 195) imaging indicates that the source of the flare was the now departing reion NOAA 11611. This flare is not expected to have a geo-effective consequence.

        • “Morining Solar Report”,


              Only two spot groups of significance are active on the visible solar disk this morning; NOAA 11618 and 11619 with 11611 having rotated out of the visible line-of-sight. As per the preceding post 11611 was responsible for an M-class eruption this morning. During the last 24 hours 11619 has simplified magnetically though 11618 has become more complex and is now showing significant polarity intermixing. The spot count associated with the 11618 group is quite large…so much so that we’ll await NOAA’s official estimation before posting further info thereon. Both 11618 and 11619 are classifiably “Beta-Gamma” at this time.

             A review of the 48 hour HMID (color) movie loop shows that 11618 is in growth phase at this time.

             I will hereafter attempt to post a morning and evening review of the general solar status on an ongoing basis. Said postings will – until Mac has reorganized the board – be in abbreviated form as a general courtesy to the members here. Once the individual forums have been opened same will be presented there in a more expansive form daily. 

          • Well thank you, Sunshine!


            • ‘Sunshine’…LOL, Good ONE!!! 🙂

          • @ All,


                NOAA’s GOES-15 has just recorded another M-Class flare, an M-1.6 as occuring at 19:28 UTC. The clear point of origin of this event is NOAA 11618 as imaged by the SDO EVE SAM 1-7 nm imaging.

            • Meanwhile Netanyhaoo again shot a 4yr old palestinian child in the head for target practice!…….While foaming at mouth for usa to bomb more nations multitudes into oblivion to reinforce the “Tribes” self sence of racial supremity,  even though they are really alot of Inbreds Deluded for 3000 yrs and counting!……And their tribe crowd chanted…OYVEY!

      71. A Thanksgiving Lesson

        “Did you know that our Pilgrim forefathers tried communism when they first landed at Plymouth Rock?”

        The colonists struggled desperately for two more years. When spring arrived in April 1623, virtually all of their provisions were gone. Unless that year’s harvest improved, they feared few would survive the next winter.

        The Pilgrim leaders decided on a bold course. The colony would abandon its communal approach and permit each person to work for his own benefit, not for the common good …

        Once they replaced communal efforts with individual responsibility the differences were dramaticand life-saving. Men went into the fields earlier and stayed later. In many cases, their wives and even their children (some barely past the toddler stage) worked right alongside them. More acres were planted, more trees were felled, more houses were built, and more game was slaughtered because of one simple change: People were allowed to keep the fruits of their own labors.”


        • GOOD one, didn’t know that, Thanks KY Mom!

          • KY MOM…Amazing isn’t it when so many liberal stroies we was all fed insist that all the early pilgrims did was basically run rampant across the entire lands of america, on search and destroy missions to murder as many injuns as posible!

            It took real dedicated folks to laboriusly work sun up to dark evening in their fields all while simultaniously whacking every injun they could hunt down.

            I always admire them what can do TWO seperate things, miles apart at the same time frame!…..Unless all them fables lib anti-american types spewed was all…Lies!

            One of the Kommie manifestos main schemes is to Always after infiltrating and gaining political and societal Power, is to Drastically Change actual truthfull History of the particular nations peoples.

            Then Replace it with a new Kommie version certain to cause much confusion as to what should be believed.

            Thats why God gave us His Holy Spirit to dwell inside of Us His Elect. So regardless what or how long them Kommie Invader Parasitic Demonic Subversive anti everything Good or Holy types , won’t be able to confuse or divert Us from true Truth!

            One of Our best and finest weapons to use against our foe enemys(kommie tribe et al) is the Truth.

            When we speak truth to them enemys, it acts the same as if we scooped up a huge shovelfull of Red Hot Coals from the Furnace, and Dumped it directly upon the enemys Heads!

            Thats what causes liberal kommies to run wild like Mikey Jackson with his hair on fire(pepsi commercial filing episode).

            Pictrue Pelosi runing around in circles with her hair in flames!….You all have power to cause that!….Just speak Factual Truth to their kind…..Then enjoy the show!

            ps show that Pilgrims truths to libs as a start. They will deny it and swear pilgrims came here for One reason….To Murder injuns period.

      72. Fear is being used as a weapon against us.  It is part of the stratigy to destroy the American spirit. Our enemies, Moselum,UN Agenda 21, Socialist/Communist have joined forces to take us down.  Something will have to give soon, our society cannot endure the internal and external pressure.  I don’t know what the answer is except to stay strong in our core beliefs and keep God close.

      73. I think the most probable scenario for the near future is that of the former Yugoslavia.  Think Bosnia, Croatia, etc.  As their economy fell apart, ethic groups went at each other with a vengeance, gangs formed, both for community defense and opportunism, as well as racial hatred, and fed off anyone weaker than they.  Individuals found themselves dependent only upon their own preps and survival skills.  The only real “government” was at the community (e.g. warlord) level.  Even after “we” arrived along with the UN, we basically watched, providing some medical and food support but no real command and control.   Perhaps we too will be lucky enough for the coming dollar collapse to take out the US government so “it” won’t be another predator we have to worry about. 

        Wardoc; we all know what to do; the only difference between us is our thresholds for taking action.  Some will wait until the gangs (whether uniformed or not) come to their door; others will take the fight to them. 

        Either way, may G-d be with you. 

        • Are you readying http://www.shtfschool.com ?  Selco lived through it.  It’s a very useful website.

           Also, I think you are dead on.



          • *reading

        • Wardoc com’mon!

                  Bosnia really?! We are the USA for a reason! We are going to have racial strife in some areas but not widespread across the entire country. The areas that have it at a high pitch will worsen but many more area will band together. No gangs looted in NY or NJ. At least none that I heard. In New Orleans yes!! But the racial turmoil is always at a slow simmer there. The (lack of media coverage) of women and children being refused entrance to an all white town at gun point. Plus how some of those same people later died from flood waters, shows how both selective story telling and illustrates the  racial divide. If SHTF some areas are going to do well and band together like Americans unity through thick and thin. While others will see an opportunity for power grabbing and paybacks! Nothing like Bosnia or Croatia will devolve with years of fighting. We are Americans! We quarrel and bicker forever but, let someone attack us and they’ll have hell on their hands!!

          • You sound more like BLUE STATE than blue colar…..Do you really believe such liberal hoppychangey feelgood stuf?……You really think african blacks will join forces with whites?!!……And as for No NY or NJ looter gangs etc?…

            Go check and Read a few articles Prior to this one for proof that yes gangs of looters Did hit after NY and NJ sandy huricane events.

            Stories not spoken or shown on MSM tv etc, of many fearfull folks stuck baricaded in homes due to zero firearms allowed nor is self defense alloed in them havens for libs!

            You must have lived and growed up in non black areas eh?…..Or are you very young and believe all what was taught by liberal kommie professors etc?

            If you don’t rethink this stuf you may later regret such fantasy ideals.

            Wait till the first time you attempt to aproach or are confronted with angery mobs of africans who been told all their lives to Blame/Hate/Murder whiteys!

            You wont get the first sentence out when you begin to descrube Your political world views to savages who desire all You have and want more to kill you than most all other things.

            DISCLAIMER:….Yes there are ‘some” who aint that way…..It is just that Bad 95% which makes the rest(5%) look bad.

            Good luck figureing out Which is which when shtf time.

      74. JOG

        thanks for the info

        take care

        • Goof Morning Burt,


             How’s the weather for our friends in the British Isles this morning? Our’s – here in the central US – has dawned bright and sunny today at a temperature of about 42 degree’s fahrenheit…brisk, but delightfully so. I have to admit, I’ve always been a fan of the fall-time. Here that usually means an explosive ‘riot’ of color as the foliage changes in preparation for winter.

             Our local flora is predominantly deciduous – oak, ash, hickory and such – with a small smattering of the coniferous, primarily here cedar. I’ve been to New England several times and to be sure the fall colors there are typically gorgeous, however, Missouri does not lack for color during the fall-time and does a fine job of holding it’s own. Our recent ‘drought’ did have the effect abbreviating the length of time the woodlands ‘flushed’ to color but it was beautiful nonetheless! I’m curious, how was your experiance of the Fall this year where you are?

          • JOG


            totally crap, torrential rain all day….again. I am so sick of rain. Our fauna is currently all grey and waterlogged, the skies are grey, the grass is mud, it is most unpleasant. Autumn as we call it was wet, as was summer and spring, we did have two weeks brighter weather at some point but i cant remember when it was lol. We did not get the usual beautiful colours we normally have, some changes but not the vibrancy usually associated with autumn. I am very much looking forward to Christmas in sunnier climbs. Glad to know all is well your side. Love to you and yours.

            take care

            • Burt,

                 Same to ya ‘sweetie. Sorry to hear that things have been so dreary on your side of the’big pond’. 🙂 BI and I are just itching to compare notes as soon as Mac gets the board converted to the new format, to be sure, it seems everyone’s weather is a tad strange of late.

                  I did see something – on one of the ‘Discovery-type’ channels, I think – that spoke to the weather issue directly. They seemed to believe that most, if not all, of the oddities we have seen for the last couple of years were directly related to that volcano in Iceland which erupted some two springs ago. Apparently, the ejecta from same consisted of an extremely fine ‘micro-ash’ that due to it’s tiny average size is able to float mush higher in the atmosphere AND remain there mch longer than it would ordinarily. Examples of such- historically – are the world-wide weather effects seen after the eruptions of Krakatoa in the South Pacific in the latter 1800’s and another, larger eruption in Indonesia in the first section of the 1800’s…the name of the earlier eruption – the mountain from which the eruption spewed – esacpes me at the moment, but in both cases extraordinary weather occured post-facto…for upwards of 5 years! Pointedly, some of those years following the earlier eruption are oftimes refered to in the historical record as either the ‘Year(s) without a Summer’ and at least one as, ‘The Year without a Winter’.

                 We’re on the verge of our American “Thanksgiving Holiday” which will occur this thursday to come. Though I know that you all do NOT celebrate such on your side of the ‘pond’ nonetheless Good Wishes to all of you there in the spirit of. Enjoy your coming weekend, G’Day Mate!

              • Addendum: Mt Toba, Indonesia….Damn, age does ‘futz’ one’s memory…doesn’t it? 🙂

              • JOG

                I heard that also. No we don’t have a thanksgiving as such, but the way things are I thank God for every day we keep our health, our roof and food in our bellies.

                take care

                • Amen, Friend…when I look out at the world today I immediately think, “There but for the Grace of God, goeth I”… as should many others also. 🙂 Gotta go for a bit, things are heating up on the solar front, so to speak…multiple M-flares this moring from a newly active region…..


                      Gee, WON’T IT BE GREAT when we can all chat more directly!!!

        • @Burt….I sure am glad to see you back!  I have been wondering about U, and if everything is o.k. with you and your family……Cheers!  CC.

      75. First off,Jersey is a Police State itself.The residents continue to vote for anti gun rights itself yet have that reliance on the police to somehow magically appear.They continue to vote for anti gun right politicians.I have no intrest in their plight with crime,they brought it upon themselves.Same with NYC,Chicago,Calif,or any other mass shithole that does not get it.Police unions use this tactic for their cause.

        • 10mm

          I voted with my feet and moved out of NJ two plus decades ago. It’s “law land” for sure. EVERYTHING is either highly regulated or illegal providing lots of employment for the politically connected to enforce all of the rules and costing a fortune in property taxes to feed the system. I lived in South Jersey that socially was a bit removed from the North with it’s NYC attitude. Regardless they made the laws having 5 out of 7 NJ residents in the northern counties.

          That place will be a zoo when the SHTF. Wait until many find out how damn long it takes to get a Firearms ID card for a long arm when problems erupt. My bet is NJ would think nothing of suspending gun purchases permit or no permit and drag it through courts taking several months at the least. They are well known to not follow the federal Firearms Ownership Protection Act. 

          I have family in NJ and I told them I’ll have, “Better here than NJ” inscribed on my tombstone. 

          Funny thing is many NJ residents think NJ is normal. 

          • Kevin,I grew up across the river and South Jersey was are getaway,the shore.What your saying is spot on.The NYC crowd is moving further south in terms of real estate with the attitude shit.My fishing holes are there and i hit stripe bass season only,fall/spring.Other than that,it’s a gonner.



      76. This is precisely why EVERYONE should armed.  Then we can protect our selves and each other against the wave of crime and tyrany that is steadily eaking this way.  You may not have it yet, but its coming to a town near you.

      77. Now I am 100% sure that the end will come soon. I just read a story that said that the actor who does the voice of Elmo, is quitting “The Street” . We’re doomed, DOOMED I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!

        This Thanksgiving, don’t forget to thank the one who provides your blessings. For some that’s Obama….for the rest of us, we know where they come from. God Bless.

        • copperhead

          i have a simple question for you,,,are you a veteran??


      78. Happy Thanksgiving…I just want to says thanks to everyone for all the info I have learned from this site…not sure who said it first…a fear based society is easier to control…something to think about

      79. Why is everyone always to damn doom and gloom.

        Sure, our country has some issues – look around the world, it’s the same.People are sure quick to blame the President, a man who inherited the biggest pile of steaming excrement in US history, caused by the retarded offspring of a war mongering bafoon! The country has indeed deteriorated over many decades because of the insatiable greed for absolute control by the 1% (yeah those ‘job creators’ – if you live in Asia or India and will work for pennies on the dollar), and if you want to be real about it, look at yourself in the mirror. Look to your father, and his father, the ones who believed that the American ‘Dream’ was real and that if you worked hard, shut your mouth and kept your head down, that you could achieve it. Many have, but in comparison to the ones who didn’t they are but tadpoles in the pacific. For generations we have been lied to, and quite frankly, the majority of Americans have done nothing about it. They are spoon fed by a media that’s controlled by the very people who want to take away your so called freedom, and yet these morons eat it up like candy in the Hershey factory! Most people don’t even bother to dig a level or two deeper, instead believing everything at face value – they would never lie to us right? Not OUR government, in this wonderful land of the free?

        And that’s the downfall of this nation. It’s not the current President, and those who feel so saddened by his re-election (some so saddened that they took their own life – I just felt the earth get lighter, we lost another moron) need to realize that the other guy (Romney) was only the friend of the very people who have made you all slaves in the first place. Yet, people naively believed his “I’ll make new jobs” garbage, because that’s just what they wanted to hear. Hearing and seeing are two different things. The Bush administration promised the same, and things got worse for the little people and better for the 1%.  And to those who opposed Obama care, just think a little beyond your privileged life. Your perceived security can be gone in an instant. One day you work for a leading corporation, great money, great home, great health insurance….and then you get a diagnosis that shatters your life. Within months you lose your job, your health insurance and ironically that’s when you need it the most! But there’s nothing to help you. Either pay health costs that rank #1 in all the developed nations, yet dead last in terms of quality of care…or die a potentially painful miserable death. Is this a country we want to be proud of? Where a human being’s life is less important than a massively profitable profit sheet in a grotesquely bloated healthcare system? Health care is not a luxury item, it’s a basic human necessity. Look at other countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Ne Zealand – all have wonderful public healthcare systems that often exceed overpriced private care here – I’ve lived in the UK, Australia and now the US, so I’m basing this on factual personal experience. Are these countries in as much debt as the USA? Are their people running around prepared to kill someone? Is the fabric of their socioeconomic state about to tear?The answer is NO IT IS NOT. So is the idea of providing access to healthcare for everyone regardless of social status or income such as terrible thing? Or would you rather a country full of sick and dying people, who can’t work or be productive? Is that going to make America strong again? 

        Perhaps this country will fall into anarchy, and that will be a travesty and will align us with the barbarians in the countries our army pretends to liberate (it’s not about building democracy and change for the little people’s benefit – it’s business as usual, furthering the agenda of the 1%, control and power).I for one sure hope that I don’t find myself sitting hidden on a top window of my home with an assault rifle, preparing to murder a starving human being because they came too close to my home and I immediately assumed they were some drug-crazed gangster.

        I’ve got a better idea – let’s get off our lazy, fat, conditioned behinds and put pressure on our government that they have never seen the likes of. Relentless, unwavering demands that equality and  opportunity are returned to this country for our children and their children.There are 100 individual people in the USA who have more money than the combined income of 150 million Americans. Let me repeat that….100 people have more money than half the entire nation. And these are the guys that don’t believe they should lose their tax breaks – where many of them pay much less tax rate % than the average blue collar working American. And where do you think their money came from in the first place? Think about, it’s not difficult…..it came from you, your neighbor and every other American. Yet, Romney felt that it’s not right to ask them to pay their fair share, or even the same as the rest of us?How in the heck will things change when the very people who control everything are not willing to budge an inch? It won’t, it can’t.

        Stop focusing on the little issues, like gangs killing each other – let them. Focus on the bigger issues and think about how to raise the voice of the American people to such a deafening crescendo that cannot be ignore any longer. There’s only 100 of them that control everything, and have our government pander to their needs and wants. But there’s over 300 million of us. And that’s what every single one of these ultra wealthy people fear day and night. That maybe one day people will realize how much we outnumber them, and when that happens, change will happen.

        Your future is in YOUR hands. And it can be taken back without this post apocalyptic wasteland that so many people seem to focus on. What you gonna do? What kind of world do you want to leave for your ancestors? I’ll let you all decide that……  

        • Don’t you get tired of  putting it all on George Bush? Last time I looked he hasn’t been President since Jan. 2009.

          • in a couple of years

            I’m gonna ask you

            “ain’t you tired of putting it all on Obama?”


            it ain’t just Bush

            it ain’t just Obama

            quit looking at single trees

            yer missin’ the freakin’ forest



            their are liberal sheep

            and their are conservative sheep

            BOTH are going to the slaughterhouse !!!!!! 

            • sorry for my bad grammar !

              for all you spelling and grammar Nazi’s


              it’s not “their”

              my bad 

        • But George Buuush! yada yada yada..Jealous Much Troll?

        • Globespy, you’re a about a dumb’ol Goddamned boy!

        • Globspy,

          You have it all backwards but hey, you can’t help it if your hooked on kool-aid, it must be a chemical imbalance, they have meds for that I think. The best med I know of is a piece of reality hitting you right in the head. Instead of complaining about the super rich making too much money and not giving you most of it, try telling the lazy son of a bitches to get a job and stop leaching off of society. Tell that to your anointed ass hole of a pres.

        • Globespy….all noble ideals. However, universal healthcare, social security, welfare , foodstamps and all other social programs will be relegated to the dustbin of history. They are unaffordable and will soon be unpayable. Sixteen trillion in debt with no end in sight. I refuse to be on the hook for this “odious” debt.  After all, “on a long enough timeline…”




          your post makes way too much sense

          and contains way too much truth

          people ain’t gonna like it 



        • Pull ur head outa ur ass globespy.

        • @ GlobeSpy.

                     Payback is a Bitch. There is not one of us that can predict what exactly is going to happen. We do know it is not going to be good. General term being used is, We’re Fucked! The only way this might be turned around is by civil war.

           Stop complaining who is the blame and get with thinking of what you are up against. Most would think they would get by unscathed. FORGETABOUTIT! If you are going to sugarcoat  our plight then you deserve what you get. Get your mind right.  For example after the SHTF and things got tight. If you complained too much I would probably shoot you because you were destroying moral. I am not putting up with the bullshit no more. Get tough or die.

      80. “Cities from coast-to-coast are facing unprecedented budget deficits that have left government officials with no choice but to strip police forces to a bare minimum.”

        I’m tired of hearing this budget con. All of these cities are sitting on piles of money. Here are two links to ponder:



        Now, let’s see the author write some articles exposing this shell game.

      81. Mac,


        What’s up? My comment last night never did post and the one I posted at 6:32 this morning  is still awaiting moderation?

        • on it, sorry for the delays.

      82. This old film from 1984 by the BBC is one to watch for governmental response to large scale disaster http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MCbTvoNrAg  “THREADS 1984 – BBC”.

        It’s two hours long, so one to save for a night in.  Substitute nuclear war for whatever your imagination believes to be the most significant threat, and a UK council for your own local government jobsworths. Not one for small children.

      83. Cows Flee California Seeking a Better Economic Climate

      84. It’s not just Chicago that is a domestic war zone, it’s other cities & it will continue to spread as the economy gets worse in 2013.  It’s our own government that put all of us and our families into this disaster.  Where is the outrage?


        There’s a book out about a small town where American citizens decide to take a stand against federal tyranny & end up starting the 2nd American Revolution.  All of the signs of the previous revolution are happening now.  It’s a thriller so I recommend it.   http://www.booksbyoliver.com


        The best each of us can do is stop letting the government continue dividing the people into Blue/Red states, rich/poor, Black/White/Brown.  We need to be united if we want to regain our country.

      85.  I’m thankful God knows exactly whats going on in this country as well as all over the world and he is in control. He has a plan and nothing happens against his will.

         We may not understand it or want to accept it, but he knows better than we.

        • Amen brother Walt, well written.

          • Indeed, but lets top off magazines while we are giving our Father the glory.

            • @ PO’d,


                 ….”Yeah, WHAT he said!” 🙂

      86. I don’t see anything in people’s faces except instant avoidance of real issues.

      87. My heart is breaking with everyone else’s.  I feel so broken for our youth and young ones coming along.  One of them said above that it all happened to us so fast – yes, that’s right.  I feel bad for all of you teens.  I’m 52 now and our age was just busy working, trying to get you to school, taking you to the practices and sleepovers…we didn’t know what was happening.  While we kept our noses to the grindstones, they betrayed us and took our country away.  We tried to stop them.  We voted against them.  We protested abortion, turned off the filth on TV, refused the magazines, turned off the dirty music…but, they just kept coming.  It will take a war and nothing less to clean this up.  We didn’t do it, our corrupt leaders did across the board and got others in on it with them.  Pretty soon, the whole thing became corrupt while a lot of us weren’t sleeping – we were working and doing our part.  We were betrayed by a government we thought was still on our side.  So tragically sad.  Maybe Copperhead didn’t write the article he shared, but I believe his heart is with it.  Should he have taken credit?  No.  But, maybe he doesn’t have the eloquence another did.  Let’s forgive him and agree that the sentiments are right.  We cannot stand divided and the time is coming so shortly that we will have the trial of our lives.  God bless everyone and seek the Lord while there is still time.  Jesus saves all those who call on his name – just tell him you want to be on is side and you reject Satan and all of his ways.  Ask Jesus to forgive you for your sin and admit that you, like all of the rest of us, are a sinner – ask Jesus to come into your heart and life and he will.  Then you’ll be on his side in a way you’ve never been before.  

        • Amen, Rebecca, Amen.

          II Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

          Pray as we have never prayed before.

      88. Not long ago Vice demanded toleration, then after it was afforded what it did not merit, Vice demanded equal rights with virtue, then after being granted equal rights with virtue Vice demanded that Virtue not be tolerated and expelled from our society and institutions.  You see Vice does not play by the same rules and Virtue.

        So, we let abortion, homosexuality, pornography(which is now in nearly every home via the Internet and home movies), contraception, divorce, drugs, etc, all have their tolerance and equal rights, we let Vice become the norm and Virtue has be relegated to ridicule and back stage laughter.

        Now: Obama has placed over 250 homosexuals into high places in government, he has placed marxists, atheists, feminists, and non-christians into thousands of high and powerful postions in government that today they as a whole are now in charge of the everyday running and powers of our nation – and now also they have announced their total war against God and Christianity, against Virtue.  Three Lesbians in the Supreme Court, One Lesbian in charge of Homeland Security, and marxist/feminists such as Hilary Clinton, Pelosi, Jarret, etc, as functionaries of our nations institutions and government.

        All these vices and now there equal protection in law, together with their adherents how running our country – what did this nation think was going to happen but an eventual breaking down of all law and order, of the disolution of justice and honesty.  Corruption is now instituionalized in America, it permeates every aspect and corner of our institutions, military, judiciary, education, etc.

        In the 1960’s was held a meeting in Columbia University, where an FBI agent was in attendance along with the likes of Bill Ayers and other Marxists, near all who were Phd’s, people of position, who declared that when they manage ( and this is now about to be realized) to establish a Marxist Social Order in America, that approximately 15% of America would have to be “exterminated”, thats about 45 million today, as it is estimated that that many would not surrender to a Marxist State.

        Good men did nothing, but even good men, so called, took part in the vices that I have mentioned, pornography, divorce, contraception, drugs, and did nothing to oppose, abortion and homosexuality. 

        Some religious mystics of high integrity have been warning that their visions or messages from heaven have said that God is going to let our enemies severely punish us, that what is about to happen is beyond the most horrible scenes you can imagine, war, revolution, earthquakes to swallow entire cities and even some countries, storms and natural disasters that these recently will pale with what is soon to come – next year is mentioned by many of these mystics to be the time of reckoning – we will see if they are right  and any sane and clear thinking man will say today we don’t even have to rely on the mystical to see what is shortly to happen – which is to be a sudden and unseen massive onslaught of apocalytic proportions by next early summer.  Get out of the cities these mystics say and prepare to “survive” – no electricity, total anarchy, war, revolution, no gas, food, clothes, stores, etc – prepare now or pay the price later. Have a place to go in the country or out of the city, a relative, farm, cabin, something and prepare for your needs.  Four years of disasters, war, etc, followed by the greatest era of peace and prosperity the world has ever seen for a few generations, before man falls again, then comes anti-christ.  So, we will not see anti-christ, but over 75% of the world dies, say the mystics.  Laugh now and pay later, be serious now and maybe survive later. 

      89. Not only that.  Federal slavery will continue making things even worse with the implantation next spring or summer of the microchip Mark of the Beast (666) on all Americans begging Government medical services, to be followed by the implantation on all Americans begging for welfare food stamps.

      90. Honesty, and PERSONAL integrity, seem to have fallen far short of what once was respected as, and expected to be, the characteristics of moral and just men. Such men who have no comprehension of the value of these are pathetically lacking in the ability to understand that a man’s feet should always seek the moral ‘high ground’… evenm and perhapsm especially, when times get hard.

        And men such as these, often attempt to cover their own low standards in regards to such things, and their own tendency to act in such ways, by a precursory ‘disclaimer’ of such moral values by discounting those values in the form of ‘questions’ such as, “So what…?”… or “What difference does it make….?” or worse yet, ‘statements’ like ‘IT DOES NOT matter… ‘ as though their saying such establishes it as ‘fact’ and backhandedly justifies their own actions in regards to similar situations…

        To moral people, such things do matter… Those who cannot respect others, in regards to the most simple of things can most likely be expected to fall far short of keeping a straight compass heading, if it be a true, ‘moral compass’ they are expected to adhere to… when the times of such things are most important…

        For those who still respect what has now come to be disparaged and off-handedly called ‘Old-fashioned Values’, perhaps it is time to plant a few seeds of ‘moral integrity’ – speak words of hope of ‘better things in them’ to the young…. quiet encouragement to the old… hope to the children… and love, love to those who have loved you, (and just as important – to those that have not)… pray for your enemies… all these things do as much for us as it might one day do for them… but seeds must be planted before fruit can grow… and who’s to say, who may one day, be blessed by that fruit? : )

      91. If that were true I would live in the third safest state since I live in the third whitest. Since crime is largely a response to poverty, however, we rank about 23rd. Another example is the country of Honduras which being only 4% black (We’re over 13%) has a much, much higher crime rate. 

        Racists are in for an unpleasant surprise when their once prosperous white-bread neighborhoods are not doing well. We’ve been nice because we are rich. When we are no longer rich, we won’t be as nice.  Accept wise counsel and plan accordingly.

      92. Guys, it’s true that law and order are breaking down in certain parts of America, but let’s remember that Camden is one of the poorest cities in the entire country, with notoriously high crime statistics. I would speculate that people in other cities where crime is so rampant would also have fearful faces.

        Having said that, it’s never bad to take advantage of Second Amendment rights. If you haven’t yet, do so. If you have, and if you can afford it, an extra firearm may be worth investing in.



      94. Who cares if copperhead wrote it or not. It was a powerful statement. Maybe he was feeling it in his heart and wanted to share it.

        Anyways, yeah man. It’s getting ugly out there. I’m on Long Island and the aftermath of Sandy still looms large. It’s like a warzone in many parts of the island along the south shore. People lost their homes and have nowhere to stay. It’s sad…

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