What Would Really Happen If California Seceded?

by | Aug 2, 2017 | Headline News | 116 comments

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    There are two kinds of people who support the Calexit movement. People living in California who think that their state would be far better off without being hitched to the rest of the union, and people living in every other state who can’t wait to get rid of California.

    I’d wager that latter of those two know something that most Calexit supporters in California do not. They know that the golden state is a toxic influence on the rest of the country. It’s become a breeding ground for leftists ideologies, and the people who believe those ideologies have run the state into the ground. As California slips further into debt and the cost of living mounts, those people are moving away to states where there are more opportunities.

    But rather than abandoning the beliefs that turned their previous home into an expensive bureaucratic hellhole, they often vote and behave just like they did in California. They turn cities in conservative states into bastions leftist deterioration… little microcosms of where they came from.

    That’s why it’s pretty obvious that if California really did secede from the United States, it wouldn’t suddenly be unshackled from the rest of the country. The state wouldn’t become some beacon of progressive values and prosperity. Without the balancing influence of the rest of the country, which keeps California in check to some degree, everything wrong with the state would be amplified. Rather than being free to pursue some grand destiny, California would only be free to pursue the same wrongheaded policies that have driven it towards such a stark, downward trajectory.

    That fact was on display recently, when Calexit leader Shankar Singam went on Tucker Carlson Tonight. During the interview, Tucker challenged the notion that California would be able to manage itself properly. He brought up the fact that hundreds of thousands of upper and middle class people have left the state in recent years, which to any sane person would be an indication that their government is doing something terribly wrong to drive these people away.

    Singam would beg to differ. He admitted, without any coaxing, that this wave of fleeing middle class Californians is a good thing, because it makes room for more immigrants, and helps spread Californian ideals to the rest of the country.

    You heard that correctly. He thinks it’s good to push out productive citizens and replace them low skilled migrants.

    It’s obvious what would happen if California became it’s own country. The middle class would be hollowed out. It would immediately turn into a banana republic, where you are either a wealthy elitist or an impoverished peasant who is dependent on the state. Though it wouldn’t be in California’s best interest to secede, it’s apparent that America can’t get rid of this cesspool fast enough.


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      1. I would like to see a New York City Exit, sever it from the rest of New York State. Let them stew in their own little world down there by the Hudson River.

        • I guess we’d get to invade them, kill them, and take all their stuff (like the Yankees did to my family.)

          • Sounds like a good plan.

            • Menzo, there’s nothing in Cali I’d want after what the libturds did to the place.

              • A couple of those “Starlets” are tempting!

                • high maintenance

                  • I’m no economist, not by any stretch, but the entitlement mentality is probably the cause of the biggest problems this country faces. The handouts need to stop and tax cuts need to happen. Those politicians are always running their traps about fairness and helping the poor. It’s just a disguise so they can keep their jobs and stay in power. The government confiscates about $500 bucks a week from my EARNINGS, I work very hard for my paycheck, and to see what those crooks do with all those tax dollars doesn’t seem very fair to all those paying in. There are too many lazy asses living off the system. It’s disgusting that there are women who keep having babies just so they can get welfare. Their children grow up and do the same thing. I say cut it off. Give them enough time and offer them some kind of training so they can go to work, then cut it off. College students should not qualify for food stamps either. Only people that truly cannot do for themselves, and there are those, but most can and should be supporting themselves. It will take some time but alot of our problems would go away. This country was founded by hard work. People, not the gubmint, helped others if needed.
                    Stay quiet Be smart

                    • Nice post, Jack. Thanks. Check out Who Really Cares, by Dr. Arthur Brooks, Syracuse Univ. Former liberal, did the research and now, golly gee, is no longer a liberal.

                    • You’ve got it all figured out don’t you?

                      The problem is with your argument whether you really believe what you say and have been indoctrinated by Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Breitbart & Trump (who has also been indoctrinated by aforementioned). Who are the real welfare recipients BIGLY? I really want you to figure this out on your own & get back to me at:
                      @Iam_Mimi_Long I’ll be awaiting your reply.

                    • Damn Mimi, if you want my email address, then just ax for it. You used the word “bigly” so I’m pretty sure I know where you’re going. I can’t tell you all my thoughts in one post but the entire tax code needs scrapped. The issue I mentioned isn’t the only one, but it’s a serious one. One that has cause a certain thought culture that is destroying the fabric of this country/world. Corporate welfare needs to be stopped as well as handouts to other nations. If you’re idea of corporate welfare is tax cuts, then you’re an idiot. I have no problem with business paying low taxes, that spurs job creation, but r&d grants, handouts to colleges and a flurry of other types of waste need to stop. My paycheck is my paycheck. It shouldn’t be used to fund a bunch of dope smoking crackheads who WONT work and would instead rather play video games and have more and more children because of such. You’re a fucking bafoon and a moron if you think those aren’t problems we face. You’re girl lost, deal with it oh enlightened one.

                  • They are in bed with the Chinese. China would fund them and thus expose our flank. I know commifornia has already sold China a port and a military base……

                • You do not know where they have been!
                  There are many casting couches in Hollywood.

                  • ahahahhaahhahahahahahahaha

                • STDs

              • I lived in San Diego for 20 years. Greatest weather anywhere. I am suggesting the judicial use of neutron bombs. Take out the populations of San Francisco, LA, and Sacramento. Then California would revert back to normal. I would move back.

          • babblehead commie needs a fix

          • And send in redneck carpetbaggers ta do it and run tha state for a generation or two.

        • You’re circumloculating Mac.

          It’s about the white race’s inability to maintain its boundaries its homogeneity and its culture.

          The problem with immigrants isn’t low skill level. It’s low IQ level as a function of their race.

          • Exactly. Too many whites are scared to admit it.

        • ” Shankar Singam ” sure sounds like a name passed down from our Founding Fathers from generation to generation. 🙁

        • California and New York must be broken up into additional States to protect the Republic. 🙂

          • WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

        • I’d rather just watch a bucket of instant sunshine envelope the damn thing in a rather stark, beautiful mushroom pattern, quite frankly.

          • You are a wordsmith sir.

        • Interestingly, I understand those leftist bastions like SF are on a *transverse* fault. So it won’t drop into the ocean (as one might wish), but even better, it is supposed to eventually end up off the Aleutians. Poetic justice one might say.

        • Singam is a certifiable moron.

        • Maybe they can merge with Venezuela. Call themselves Venezuelifornia.

          Just sayin’

        • What Would Really Happen If California Seceded?

          Texas would drink itself completely dry of alcohol during the celebration.

        • I’d like to sever Chicago from the rest of Illinois as well.

      2. Bye, bye California. Take New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and every other progressive state I may have missed with you.

        • Take one big Chain Saw and cut off the Cali Cancer. Leave Wine country attaches though. Oregon is being destroyed by all the Cali liberals going up there and changing the rules. Take Bend Oregon, and what has happened lately.

        • Take Oregon too.

          • Portland in particular. Get rid of them, and you have pretty much a conservative state, like it originally was. I’m old enough to remember the old cry: “Don’t California-ize Oregon.”

        • It’s not IL., Kfilly, it’s the Peoples’ Socialist Thugocracy of Chicago. Remove them, and you have a red state.

      3. Hoping California succeeds at secession soon.

        • This Texan Has Had Enough, if they do succeed can we banish all our liberals to live there?

          They should be free to live however they want to live, but they should leave me/us to live the way we want to. Under a Constitution that guarantees “PERSONAL INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS”.

          • Justice, damn right all of our libturds should be deported to Cali.

          • This Texan agrees. Clean out Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas and send them to CA.

      4. Dumb.

      5. Between taxes,corruption and crime people will leave in droves. Businesses will follow due to high business taxes and the jobs will follow. What about the federal land and military facilities? Currency? I don’t see people voting for this…it would turn into another Puerto Rico…….third world.

        • I too, would love to see California be set adrift – and permanently separated from the United States.

          However, there is one very dangerous and extremely likely scenario that we all need to consider, if Mexifornia did break away. As the writer of this article predicts, the state would rapidly descend into a third world, crime and parasite infested, lawless, pervert and degenerate populated hell-hole – and without any productive tax base left to steal money from, the political leadership of this turd hole would be desperate for revenue. Well, along comes Communist Red China – or some other hostile foreign nation, and they make Mexifornia an offer – whereby, they will pay a sizable sum of money on an annual basis in exchange for being allowed to establish military bases and sea ports along the coast of Mexifornia. This gives our enemies a toe hold on the continent of the United States, folks.

          Therefore, I would agree to allowing Calexit to proceed with the stipulation that, if, at any time in the future, that new ‘dung heap’ of a failed liberal state ever so much as brings up the idea of cutting any such deals with any foreign nation – that the remaining US government will immediately begin a carpet bombing campaign and exterminate every last liberal cockroach in that dung heap of a failed state.

          • I like it.

      6. This may happen and it may be happening by design. Would bring down the Country from within. Overnight begin to lose superpower status.

        Would this be the ignition point for the civil war everyone is worried about occurring?

        On the other hand, suppose they seceded and China invaded, or Russia invaded? Or Mexico?

        Somebodies brilliant black op plan. Sounds like the KGB.

        Oh well.

      7. What would happen? PARTY ? TIME!

      8. This is such is a joke. Where does all of SOCAL get their fresh water? Oh that’s right, the Colorado River. Their secession should work out just fine, as the remaining Union turns the tap off at Lake Meade.

      9. Why not subdivide from there? Let Los Angeles and San Fransisco become their own countries.

        • Kevin2, I keep wondering when people will realize the answer to Rodney Kings question: Can’t we all get along? NO!

          In times of plenty, people tolerate each other, however, wait until we start fighting over the last biscuit. The bloodshed resulting from this failed social experiment of “diversity” is going to be horrible. But I hope it comes apart soon, so that my people have a real chance to survive/win.

          • Justice

            “In times of plenty, people tolerate each other, however, wait until we start fighting over the last biscuit.’

            That’s a fact. Setting aside good jobs for minorities in the 1960s, who felt slighted by previously being bypassed bothered few back then as the economic pie was large. Those slices once 20% of the pie now becomes 40% post industrial evisceration. The great blame is on policies that have taken food off of middle class plates by shipping manufacturing to the virtual slave labor 3rd world duty free better known as, “free trade”. They want us to fight over crumbs to keep us occupied while they steal the pie.

        • I’ve got a couple of acres in south Orange County. Why can’t I seccede and start my own Country?

          • Grit. Seriously, I suggest you do. Announce the process now. Not just North State/Jeffersonia and the eastern counties, but sections within LA, etc. should also secede (Orange County is, if I am not mistaken, conservative? In any event, sections of LA and maybe even the Bay area would be. They get to secede to. More importantly, they should announce this NOW as our OWN political ploy. What goes around with the fascist left goes around…

        • The people of Southern California, from San Luis Obispo County south, voted to secede from the rest of California in 1859. The state legislature approved it, the governor signed the legislation but the feds wouldn’t go along as they were afraid of losing control. Easier to control one big state than two smaller ones. It’s easy to think California wouldn’t secede in 1861 as Lincoln carried the state but he only won there by a plurality in a four way race. Only Breckenridge, the most secessionist minded candidate, won any county by a majority: San Diego County and two others. Lots of Georgians settled there, going from the Dahlonega gold rush to the one in California. Also, lots of P.O.ed Spanish speaking natives who had been lied to and had their property stolen by the feds. When the people of next door Arizona Territory voted to secede (Arizona Territory at that time was the southern half of what is now Arizona and New Mexico and connected Texas with California)Lincoln ordered the invasion of the territory while sitting in D.C. with it’s 3,500 slaves. Gotta love our government’s hypocrisy.

      10. I am a dual US/Canadian citizen, born originally in San Francisco (and DISGUSTED what the left has done to that once beautiful city). I also have lived in four provinces, including Quebec.

        Most of you know that Quebec wanted for years to do secede from Canada. Here’s what you probably don’t know: in the last referendum in the 1990s, the vote was close. But recall that the French ONLY live along the St. Lawrence and Saguenay rivers. Aboriginal peoples (Cree, Inuit) occupy about 90% or so of the province’s land mass, and WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FRENCH. In fact, in the last referendum, there was even a Sûreté du Québec (think state trooper) killed by Indians. They actually called out tanks, and all kinds of other measures were implemented. Wasn’t pretty – I lived thru it. But, leaving that aside, they key thing is that a massive amount of revenue comes from the hydroelectric dams on James Bay (lobe of Hudson Bay).

        What it came down to whas that ****if Quebec can secede from Canada, the aboriginal peoples can secede from Quebec**** – and take all the monies from the hydroelectric projects in the north. So… all you have left now is a French speaking Venezuela with snow.

        Extrapolate this to California. North State CA. (Jeffersonia?) is gone. A lot of eastern CA. will secede too. A goodly percent of people, like the French, or even Scotland recently, will have second thoughts when push comes to shove. What do you now have left?? Insane Francisco, Hollywierd, a few other Learjet leftist areas, along with Nuevo Mexifornia and the fascists from Aztlan, Raza, and MEChA? Let em go. Oh, and by the way, when you secede, it is a one way street. No dual passports, no bailouts, no nuthin’. So… buh-bye.

        And BTW, the ORIGINAL Californians ARE conservative. Remember, Reagan came from there as governor, before the fascist left turned the state into a nuthouse.

        I am in IT, and I often get job offers to move there. I simply tell them I *refuse* to move to a left wing state (same with NY or CT.) I actually and literally tell them that. Feels really good to say that, and make a point to people.

        Truth is, we are in as much danger of losing our whole nation as we have ever been. But the fight is one of education, information dissemination and the like, not violence. That is why Mac’s site, and others like it is so great. And in my little two bit way, hope a few people profit from my experience and information I post here. Recall that the battle was similarly bleak for Washington, before Doolittle’s raid, the Battle of Midway, or for that matter, the Battle of Tours, the Siege of Vienna, when Martin Luther had to go into hiding, or the Battle of Britain.

        We think of as heroes Jimmy Doolittle, Martin Luther, the marines on Wake Island (“send more Japs!”), Jan Sobieski at the gates of Vienna, George Washington during the very darkest days, Gen. McAuliffe at Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge (when asked to surrender when surrounded, he simply replied to the Nazis “Nuts” or perhaps marine General “Chesty” Puller, when surrounded in Korea during the dark days, who told his men: “All right.. they’re on our left, they’re on our right, they’re in front of us, they’re behind us… they can’t get away this time!” Question: Any more heroes out there now? I’m sure there are. But it isn’t military force today; rather, it is speaking up. Best to get crackin’!

        • Question: Any more heroes out there now? I’m sure there are. But it isn’t military force today; rather, it is speaking up.

          Short answer is yes. Only when circumstances are dire do the real heros surface. They come from anywhere, without regard for upbringing, education or superficial factors. It could be you, me or a neighbor; time will tell…

        • I love this well considered response.

          You mention several areas of California that are particularly despicable, but you left out the “San Pornando Valley”. If California were to secede, the US should enact a law that would put us at war with any country creating or distributing pornography.

      11. Let Cali go their own way. And all the Cali liberals who went to other states to try to ruin them should be kicked out of those states and deported back to Cali. Cali can’t go soon enough for me.

      12. Anybody that stays there will have to put up with crime,corruption and higher taxes. nobody else to bail them out. businesses will leave due to less business and higher business taxes and anybody that can will leave

        • Jim in Va., liberals are the only people I know that can turn a “Garden of Eden” like California into a cesspool. It must be intentional because nobody can leave a trail of destruction behind them, like Liberals/Communists do, and it be a well intentioned accident.

          If I could bring one saying back into usage it would be:

          “The road to HELL is paved with good intentions!”

          • Leftists did a pretty good job with Detroit, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Argentina, Greece and a few other countries too, Just.

        • Seems like many are leaving already. Not sure how much higher they can make taxes. Not enough left to tax. Kinda that way in many states lib or not.

      13. I wanna see British Columbia , Albert , Saskatchewan and Manitoba split.
        Our country is to big to be ruled from that far away. They suck the life blood from us and shit on us in return.
        I’m talking about transfer payments.
        In a nutshell the west with all its natural resources and farmlands has all the wealth were of a different mind set as a result of working in those jobs.what we do not have is the majority of the population.
        Eastern Canada does
        We as the have provinces must send a equalization payment down East to the have nots.(liberals)
        Yet Ottawa tells us the payment will continue but we’re shutting down your coal natural gas and oil.
        Make your quota of bricks without your straw. Says Pharoah.

        • Ontario been doing it for years, Beav. I’m old enough to remember – and live under – a Western Canada Concept MP from Alberta. Forget Quebec separating! My wife is from Toronto – a WONDERFUL woman, but the times we do have arguments it is, interestingly, about the East/West split, about which she remains, like all Easterners, pretty darned oblivious. Otherwise she is the best woman on the planet.

          Tell you what though: We own property in Nova Scotia, Cape Breton, outside of St. Peters. Reminds me a lot of BC (I’m an old Edmonton, Vancouver, and Nanaimo boy). I’m SHOCKED how many people choose to live as slaves in Vancouver TO., even Alberta, when the cost of housing is SOOO much cheaper in the Maritimes. If you can work from home, and only need to be near an airport, why in tarnation would people spend perhaps EIGHT times the cost of a house in Vancouver when you could live in a nice city like Halifax? Two universities, lots of night life, the cultural centre for the whole Maritimes, so it feels even larger than it is, int’l airport, etc. etc. I’m a Western boy, but not stupid. Average house price in Vancouver is now %1.6 mm – Halifax around 1/4 of that. So, why not sell in BC, pocket the $1.2 mm, and retire early? I just talked with a friend in Ottawa yesterday who is struggling, but she refuses to consider creative options like that. As our economy gets more decrepit, people need to think outside the box. Sadly, this friend won’t. N.S. would also be good in a melt-down situation. Fertile in many areas, rivers, good rainfall, on the Gulf Stream so it doesn’t get terribly cold, in a real TEOTWAKI situations, people will flock south, not north and east, so it is off the radar screen. And check out effects of a “typical” EMP attack – you’ll notice NS is outside the range of any effects (yes, I know, no one knows how it would actually play out in real life, but still…) Cape Breton is magnificent (not Alberta, but close), and the road signs are actually in English and Gaelic… so you can imagine the music!

          My wife’s cousin was Boy Wonder Trudeau’s nanny years and years ago. I’ll dispense with the obvious jokes re. Mr. Ramadan socks at a gay festival faux Prime Minister. Worse than his father.

        • as a fellow Canadian and Albertan I couldn’t agree more – we put up with so much hatred especially from Quebec – they should just go away – anyone who thinks a country can stay strong in the midst of so much change over the centuries is wrong…Liberals – especially from the east have degraded this fine country – the independent western spirit is being bled out from the leeches from the east – Ralph Klein nailed it when he called them bums and leeches..LOL

          • Tad, I lived in Ottawa – and also across the border in Quebec – for years. I once told a Quebecois friend about how beautiful Alberta was. He told me he didn’t want to visit because they hated Quebeckers. I told him, “Dan, it’s not Quebeckers they hate, its EASTERNERS in general!”

            Did you know AB. is about 5% French? Lot of them live out towars St. Paul, and have an historic presence going back a century or more. Doesn’t justify the Quebec leeches, of course, but just an interesting sidelight.

            Where are you in AB? I used to live in Edmonton (and Nanaimo and Vancouver… then went east in the mid 80s when the oil bust hit AB and lumber was down in BC. In fact, when you crossed the border from MB to ON, the OPP was stopping cars with BC and AB plates, looking for people coming back to ON and who had outstanding traffic tickets, etc. I got stopped three times in about an hour… was pretty funny (funny because I was clean!)

            I still wonder why more people aren’t looking at places like Nova Scotia. Prices are way too high, even in places like Regina. I miss the west (live in the US now, in Chicago area), but housing is absurd. IMHO there is going to be a massive crash, and people will lose their shirts. More people are involved in construction in Canada at present than there were in the US in 2007. I think this will all end in tears.

        • Haha shut up and take it slave. Kiss the queen’s ass

      14. Good Riddance!

      15. Our governments will be changing soon back to a more right wing stance. More and more people are waking up to the disaster that is :
        1.) climate change hoax
        2.) political correctness
        3.) socialist policy
        4.) career polititions
        5.) Soaring debt
        6.) Crimes by illegals
        7.) GMO foods
        8.) Land grabs
        Point is the list goes on and it’s getting to the point around here it’s not so bad to speak out about such things they tried to shut our Catholic schools down over this 3rd bathroom thing and refusing to allow 6 year olds to be “gender fluid”
        They stood thier ground and won Catholic schools in this province are publicly funded but they do teach Catholic principals and according to Catholicism homosexuality is an abomination an unfogivable sin.
        I’ve yet to see a gender neutral bathroom anywhere really.
        Oh and fag and dyke beatings are in the rise.
        Sure will be nice
        Kids back to school
        Wives back to the kitchens
        Men back to work
        And the homos back to the clisets

        • Angry Beaver, I hope you are right that the left has overplayed their hand, but they still control the message that reaches most of the public.

      16. “It would immediately turn into a banana republic, where you are either a wealthy elitist or an impoverished peasant who is dependent on the state.”

        We already have that. In every State of the Union.

      17. It is a human right to secede a civil right to secede. Besides it’s way past time for the place to break into pieces. The Founders never intended for it to be the monstrosity it is today anyway.

      18. The nation should break into autonomous regions free from Wash DC. Easier to govern that way and still easy to remain peaceful allies and trading partners. It would be better for all of us and future generations.

      19. Interesting how California’s push for secession gets more media play than the Texas secession movement which is growing stronger and more serious every day.

      20. “Stay quiet and you’ll be ok”

        So said Mohammed Atta to the passengers on the flight he hijacked on 9/11. Same thing the Islamofascists, the fascist left, the feminazis, etc, want from you and me – shut up and be passive. Same thing Hitler wanted. Same thing the vile, evil thought and speech police on campus want.

        Sorry, ain’t buying it.

        And puhleeze, this isn’t about 9/11. I agree there is something fishy there. My only point is that this is a very telling quote about folks who are conservative and libertarian to NOT shut up.

      21. I see little downside to having California leave. But we would need to have strict border control…when their Marxist economy tanks, those libs will try to migrate east for more free stuff. We would also have to maintain naval patrols of the California coast to ensure that foreign enemies don’t take advantage of the situation.

        • the only downside is the food production they have. its big.

      22. As a parting gift, give them 40% of the national debt to take with them. Their situation if like Great Britain leaving the European Union. If South Carolina and other southern states weren’t allowed to leave in 1860, why should California be allowed to leave unless they accepted 40% of the national debt and Bernie Sanders and all the Hollywood celebrities who always are whining about Trump. If yea, please go!

      23. Justice, I believe AB is right about the left overplaying their hand. True they still control the mainstream media but we still have the alternative media for information. Libturds don’t tell me what the f#$% to do.

        • Yes they’ve overplayed thier hand around here the economy testifies to that onterio with its 15 years of ever left leaning ways has managed to have the highest power bills in North America that’s all under the bull Dyke Kathleen Wynne she’s almost bankrupt the province with her dreams of equalization and utopian society quite simply they are out of money and now are forced to start making hard choices like going back to coal and gas.
          Alberta has seen this happen to onterio.
          Unlike most Canadians Albertans tend to think more like an American when it comes to matters of ownership , taxes , law stuff like that. The rest of Canada is pretty leftist Alberta and Saskatchewan are the only two you’ll find a true beer drinking redneck

          • Careful folks,Beaver tis from Canada!He is just saying soothing things real Americans want to hear while Canada becomes a huge base camp for the invasion of the United States!As a citizen of the northlands of New England am always watching for signs of cross border infiltration/spying,the clues are pretty easy to see when out in the woods.Look for discarded Labatts bottles/flyers for curling events,and,well obviously,moose tracks!

      24. Yo, let them go. We will be far better off without the globalist socialists who are trying to destroy the republic. We just need to keep the far north, far south, central valley, and the sierras which are all conservative or libertarian areas.

      25. Ps. Rachael notley is a bitch hillery dyke wannabe.

      26. I believe that if California leaves the Union, that it will immediately seek another sugar daddy, and that would be China. I foresee California letting the Chinese establish military bases on their soil and letting their battleships dock in their harbors, in exchange for welfare handouts. A Chinese military buildup on North American soil. So yes I am concerned. For this reason we should oppose secession and instead sell California to Mexico.

      27. All joking aside, busting apart this country is exactly what is needed; the US should be broken apart into 5 or 6 new countries. This country is too large and with all the third world cultures being promoted it is causing the nation to be balkanized. This isn’t of course just incidental, it is by design. TPTB do not want societies dominated by English speaking people of Christian culture. Who does not believe that? Does anyone believe with our incredible resources, economy, and military might we do not have the ability to control our borders. They do not want the country to be broken apart, but to maximize the amount of the Earth’s surface area expunged of any remaining part that is still free and democratic; a global third-world system is the goal. They want this country in perpetual turmoil, the people divided and conquered you might say, so that no segment of the population can challenge them. Many of our Canadian neighbors feel the same way since the same thing is occurring there too.
        If California stays it will continue to degenerate our society with its adopted culture that is socialist, whose new “citizens” do not want to assimilate, nor identify with our constitutional rights or form of gov’t. Instead, they are absorbing and wasting vast national resources, and exporting its problems to other parts of the country. Better that we peacefully establish new nations now so that each may establish their new borders that protect the culture, society, and political systems they desire. Otherwise, turmoil will continue to build until it becomes intolerable. I for one don’t like my taxes gong to other parts of the country, or being imposed upon to change because it might offend someone. I am a Southerner; I can firmly say my family, relatives, friends, and neighbors feel as I do.
        Of course California cannot viably exist as a nation, but nevertheless I still want to see them go. The state is politically blue (do to the heavy population density in the southern third), but geographically red in the northern two-thirds. It is just a resource base being sucked dry by the blue region. Red California wants to split off now anyway.

      28. I’m keeping my state. Let’s maroon the commies on Catalina island. Problem solved.

      29. CAIFORNIA is great, it is just that some people suck.

        America was sold out by (((3ews))) in 1965. The 1965 immigration act was pushed by Jacob Javetts and his (((3ew))) buddies. The whole liberal/Communist agenda is a (((3ew))) agenda.

        The Communist spy who sold our secrets to Russia and got our spys in Russia shot in the head; was let out of prison. Netenyahu told him that he would break up America after sucking it dry, and that we would be blown to the wind.

        I see his handy work in this. The (((3ews))) have lost much of their control because now more and more people are (((3ew))) wise. So if they aren’t going to keep getting 38 billion in foreign aid plus all the haulocaust payouts, they will start to break up the Country. That is it. It’s the (((3ews))) stupid.

        _ too bad Carlson didn’t ask this guy how long he has lived in California. I also wish he asked him what ethnicity he is. CAlifornia, like every other state, was almost all white European. Most of the people who left are white people. It is white flight on a massive scale.

        Blacks migrated from the Southern States. Over the years they went from nice respectful people to hateful entitled bullies. In groups they can be pretty agressive. Basically, they are cowards so they pick on weak small isolated and women. White middle class ran from them. But nobody on the (((3ew))) Tube will talk about white people’s problems.

        Then of course there are millions of migrants from Mexico and South America. Our family gets on well with these people. But that is the problem too. Mexicans work for lower wages. This is good for big (((3ew))) businesses. But it is bad for white people who got pushed out of jobs. You see lots of young white homeless and older white homeless.

        Then there are all these people from all around the world. They come and take jobs, too. I don’t hate them. I wish there weren’t so many. It is not there fault. It is the law, the 1965 immigration act. It needs to be repealed. Otherwise, what is happening in California will happen all across America.

        Repeal The 1965 Immigration Act.


        • And, when you get this sort of Pinocchio / Pleasure Island kind-of scenario, in which people are progressively turned into beasts of burden, through their venal lusts, have you not forgotten the most important part.

          Noone else can make you succumb to temptation, to take bad loans and indulge in moral vices, bread and circuses.

          Even if you are put an an isolated island, and that is all there is to do. Noone has forced you to do wrong.

      30. Does America really want or need another hostile country joined to it?
        Can’t even control the southern border let alone a border the size of CA.

      31. Yes indeed let calif leave. Its full of hollywierd idiots. Folks like Merl Strepp who think their political opinion matters and think that us folks out in fly over country shouldn’t be allowed to vote. better yet lets hope God does the job for us. Bring on the Cascadia and San Andreas earthquakes and watch calif slide of the continental shelf and disappear in the deep ocean. While Im hoping just as well have the new Madrid let loose also. I would like to see the entire delta from southern ill all the way to new Orleans liquefy and slide off into the gulf of mexico. Im feeling mean tonite!

      32. You know, once there was a group of like minded people who knew that free men don’t ask permission to do what they think is right. California, if you want to secede, secede. However, know this, secession is rarely successful.
        And, if you secede and the Government doesn’t invade, kill a lot of your population, and destroy most of your land, well it owes one hell of an apology to many states who tried this before.

      33. “California has worn me quite thin”, but I highly doubt uncle sam will let go of any of his possessions.

        • Aljamo, it would be interesting to see how Uncle Scam could stop Cali from leaving. Most of the military are overseas and even in Cali cops are outnumbered at least 100-to-1. How the hell could DC stop them?

      34. Personally I can’t wait to butcher these cunts. Appease the enemy and you get butchered. And your little children . Teach them well? While you can.

      35. Your mommy teached you about sharia law , now you die. And good ridinse? And I can’t wait.

      36. These little cunts have their rights. And you can respect them as they kill you. Culling time?

      37. I would love to see succession movement grow and win for different reasons,would be a start to loosening up the union death grip(state union)and would allow the movement of micro states being born in the former state.I really do believe some level of divorce in this country necc. as the most peaceful way to get back on track.We could still keep a loose confederation for true defense(not over seas missions for profit)and trade and let folks vote with their feet.I am sick of the bullshit but at same time do not want to force onto others my beliefs,divorce,in one form or another tis coming.

      38. How much of the US agriculture does California produce?

        “California is one of only five agricultural regions in the world that has a Mediterranean growing climate, producing over 400 commodities, MORE THAN ANY OTHER STATE IN THE NATION.

        California agricultural production was valued at $46.7 billion in 2013, accounting for 17.3% of total U.S. agricultural output.” Source: Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy, Jose Medina, Chair

        Control the food, control the people?

        “Stupid is as stupid does”

        • Can’t have agriculture without water, a good deal of which they get from other states like Nevada. Let Kalifornia secede. Within a year they’ll be begging us to take them back.

      39. If you drive 50 miles in any direction from Los Angeles – the people are as Conservative as any Red State…

        It is only people in LA and San Fran that are completely bereft of all logic and reason and the ability to add and subtract.

        Succession is part of the Constitution. It is supposed to keep the Federal Government in check.

      40. Good by. don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out!!!!

      41. If California was to leave it would boost the influence of conservatives in the other 49 states. We would be released from the electoral college influence of that very high population state. And for that reason they will not secede. The left will not allow it.

      42. Lib’s/Dems want immigrants flooding our country for one reason and that reason has absolutely NOTHING to do with contributing to society,or anything to do with multi-culture bullshit..It has EVERYTHING to do with getting their VOTE come election time..More immigrants=More VOTES…Why do you think immigrants are catered to during an election? Libs/Dems know that the overwhelming majority of immigrants never contribute to society and depend on handouts..Libs/Dems are perfectly fine with that as long as they get what they want,their VOTE…Libs/Dems will do just about anything to regain CONTROL and they think their best option to regain control is through immigrants..Give immigrants what they want in exchange for their vote..Immigrants use their vote to get free stuff and immigrants are used for their vote..And the wheel goes round and round…

      43. In Calif as every where all wage war on all. Every group is out for its self and no other. The middle class would leave along with most of the wealthy. You would be left with illegals and welfare people with no one to pay the taxes. they would rejoin the union very fast to get Federal money

      44. Good-bye Cali and good effing riddance.

        We lived there for 12 years, Silicon Valley, SF Bay Area, in the late-80’s to 2000 and the people were horrible, at least the natives, not so much the transplants. They were either messed up in the head libturds or just nasty and mean. Terrible people;

        Road-rage every single day, alcoholism like I’ve never seen it anywhere else, binge drinkers and drunk people and drunk drivers everywhere, bar/nightclub brawls, drunk Millennials fist fighting at Sunday brunch in front of families with children, heartbreaking child (stranger abduction) kidnappings were VERY common there in SF Bay Area, pedophile rings, gangs galore, motorcycle gangs, Mexicans everywhere and they don’t speak English and aggravate the life out of you, most rentals owned by judges and politicians meant inflated rents and disgusting, greedy slum landlords everywhere, HOA’s run only by Gestapo types, politicians sold out to wealthy Chinese and inflated the real estate market there, psychopathic lawyers who make up frivolous lawsuits to embezzle money from innocent tax-paying citizens and corrupt judges and filthy politicians who go along with the extortion schemes, lack of shelters and affordable housing meant homeless families and panhandlers loitering and begging for food in front of grocery stores, militarized law enforcement, guilty before proven innocent, over-crowded prisons and many criminals roam free, mentally-ill living outdoors shitting and peeing wherever, non-English speaking Mexicans everywhere, and millions of angry entitlement types and dumb, stupid libturds everywhere. That’s the real Cali.

        Great weather, beautiful views, horrible people.

        I made a ton of money there and in 2000 we left and bought our nice upstate northern Maine home and also a secluded BOL on a lake (great fishing!) for all cash, no mortgage, but that’s all the good I can say about that toxic trap they call The Golden State. At least we left with enough money to live comfortably, both on and off-grid near the Canadian border. So we thank Cali for that.

        Even the politicians, lawyers and judges are all corrupt. You couldn’t hire a decent lawyer if your life depended on it. No such thing as a decent lawyer there. Judges hand down light sentences for hard core’s and don’t give a shit about victims. Most of the judges are alcoholics, some even drunk on the job. No shortage of criminals there and they have more protections/rights than law-abiding citizens. Criminals and ex-cons are free to live among the normal people.

        Yup, sure will be interesting to see how the libturds and especially the entitlement types handle major earthquakes or a tsunami or other major catastrophe without any US Government aid. Once they secede they forfeit that benefit. Haha. Hope the stupid assholes do secede. Adios assholes.

        • Mike, yeah “without any US Government aid” that’s right, wait till they need Federal aid after another crisis.

          They are constantly tapping the Federal Government for assistance with the raging wildfires. They extinguish one fire and another starts and there back to asking for more Federal aid. What are they gonna do WHEN, not IF but WHEN there’s another Earthquake which is only a matter of time. Come crawling back to the US? I hope they leave.

      45. This is a false argument, between two kinds of leeches, social parasites —
        welfare cheese communists
        champagne communists

        The Boomers are themselves a joke in their own right.

        When we talk about these skilled and well-mannered people, they are exactly as described by the wetbacks, typically, helpless, effete, and overly privileged.

        Neither side of this argument can exist under voluntarism, austerity, or a meritocracy.

        Both sides of this argument are an unfunded liability.

        While you argue, the elite would possibly prefer a Malthusian check (as to reduce population.)

      46. Just lop off the entire west coast: California, Oregon, and Washington become the new country of Pacifica. And then put a really tight border on the eastern edge to keep out all the crazies from the Disunited States! Wouldn’t that be wonderful!!

      47. Absolutely hilarious! That you numbskulls actually believe if MexiKaliForniKation leaves the Union, somehow the seas will part, and you will be on the road to your freedumb.

        Go ahead. Remove the senators and congressmen from MKFK from D.C. And what do you have left in D.C.? Why, you have the senators and congressmen that the rest of the Union numbskulls voted for. Because, LMAO… freedumb.

        I could care less if MKFK leaves the Union. But I can assure you numbskulls, nothing will change with the rest of the 40 States of the Union. I can tell by the voting pattern. Ya’ll keep voting for RINO’s. LMAO!

        Seriously, you all live in some fantasy level alternate universe.

        • Typo: 49.

      48. Let cal seperate. Arizona And Nevada can just take the part of cal that has the ports. The libtard communists know nothing about defense. Pictures of guns would be all we need. They’d just curl up in the fetal position.
        And nocal could become Jefferson. A respected ally.
        And the Goldwater test range could be everything south of San Diego.
        Win win all around.

      49. Basically what would happen is two main things: 1. They would go bankrupt and 2. They would be overrun by Mexicans. In the end most would flee the state and it would inevitably get annexed to Mexico. There is no “Calexit” they are either a part of the US or they will become a part of Mexico.

        • There is no calexit just sedition from some SoCal cities

        • mike, Good observation. I would laugh my ass off if that happened. Especially if they became part of Mexico.

          Maybe Trump’s wall could serve as the divider between the new North Mexico & South Mexico.

          The wall would divide it into two, North and South (Mexico) depending on which side of the wall you are on. LMAO!!!!

        • Mike, “would be over run with Mexicans”? Wrong tense. They have been over run with Mexicans and Asians.

      50. The are a vast amount of folks in California, who would not go along with the Commies plan to secede if it were to pass.

        The ensuing chaos would make the Balkan war look like a Sunday picnic.

        All the Water, Gas and Electrical passes thru the Free California who’s residents are loyal US Citizens.

        They will make sure that NO Water , NO Gas and No Electricity get to the Commies out on the coast.

        Outside of the thin sliver along the coast the rest of the state is Republican.

      51. a lot of people in the pacific north west want california to succeed so that we can go with them. Im in oregon.

      52. I do not see this happening. The logistics of such an act would lead to WORLDWIDE chaos. Californias economy which dwarfs all but about ten countries would immediately plunge into recession leading to a dominoe effect for the rest of the country and then the world. The US military industrial complex has major stakes in California. What would happen to our naval base in SanDiego, oh yeah I’m sure the Pentagon would just cede it to them. Over 1/4 of our strategic nuclear arsenal is either based or has its Command and control in California. Sure Washington will just give that up too. And of course the PTB in Washington would have no problems giving up the technological resources in the Silicon Valley. Cali may be a shithole but it is a shithole with vital, irreplaceable strategic resources. This is a liberal and yes conservative pipe dream. It ain’t gonna happen, not without a MAJIR Civil War at least.

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