What Will You Do When Government Tyranny And Terrorism Work Hand In Hand?

by | Jan 15, 2015 | Headline News | 142 comments

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt Market.



    I was in the middle of working on an article covering real U.S. economic stats versus manipulated statistics when the Charlie Hebdo shootings took place. And though I knew the implications of the event would be far-reaching, I was originally undeterred from my financial subject matter. I had already covered in previous articles the inevitability of ISIS attacks on Europe and America, including the “warnings” of Saudi Arabia in August of last year that jihadists would target the EU within months and the U.S. a month later.

    In September of last year, ISIS publicly urged attacks on French and U.S. citizens.

    I have also published extensive analysis on the covert funding and training of ISIS militants by Saudi Arabia and Western intelligence agencies, including my article “The Time Is Ripe For A False Flag Attack On American Soil.”

    The bottom line is the Paris attack was not surprising in the slightest. I have no doubt whatsoever that such attacks are going to increase in frequency, that the U.S. will be hit soon, and that our government will do little to nothing to stop such tragedies. However, a Reuters article titled “White House to hold global security summit Feb (sic) 18: U.S. official” caught my eye. And after reading it, I’m afraid I have to set aside my financial piece until next week and break down the insanity that is now taking place in the world of geopolitics.

    It is clear by the language being used by the political elite that the “global summit” called in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks is about far more than radical Islamic terrorism. Set aside the fact that our government essentially created ISIS in order to destabilize Syria. Set aside the fact that globalist middlemen like John McCain and “former” covert ops goons like Gen. Paul Vallely have met directly with groups like the Nusra Front that are providing support for ISIS. Set aside the fact that Saudi Arabia has been openly funneling cash and arms to Syrian terrorist factions tied to ISIS, and realize that the mere existence of ISIS, regardless of its origins, is being used as a rationale for the erasure of civil liberties and the establishment of martial law on both sides of the Atlantic. Such federalized reactions CANNOT be allowed to continue, regardless of the threats each nation faces.

    As far as the Reuters article is concerned, one does not need to read very far between the lines to see the true message being conveyed.

    First, the focus of the summit is not necessarily indicated as “Islamic terrorism.” In fact, the word “terrorism” is barely mentioned. Now politicos are shifting their language to the term “extremism,” which is far broader in its implications. It should be noted that while the terrorist label has been bandied about rather liberally by both the Bush and Obama administrations, “extremism” offers greater cover for governments to persecute or attack political opponents. A terrorist is generally someone who initiates or at least plans a large-scale attack designed to illicit a fear response in a population. An extremist, on the other hand, could literally be anyone who holds views or initiates activism outside acceptable forms of mainstream thought. Attorney General Eric Holder did not use the words “terrorism” or “jihadist” in his announcement of the global summit in February; he used the phrase “violent extremism”:

    We will bring together all of our allies to discuss ways in which we can counteract this violent extremism that exists around the world…

    Throughout history, “violence,” according to governments, is often attributed to ideas as well as actions. The point is the change in vocabulary over to the extremist label is not accidental or coincidental. The establishment is conditioning the public to think in broad terms and to identify numerous groups as the enemy, rather than focusing on radical Islam.  As I have said for years, Islamic terror is nothing but an advantageous excuse for governments to make war on all of us.  Do not forget, constitutionalists are often referred to in the mainstream media and by Orwellian institutions like the Department of Homeland Security as “extremists.” How long before we are artificially linked as being suspect? How long before Charlie Hebdo-style attacks come to the U.S.? How long before the liberty minded are categorized as accessories to terrorism due to our anti-corrupt-government philosophies?

    It is disturbing to witness the lack of conviction in principles in the average person. Self-proclaimed leftists railed against the degeneration of civil liberties and constitutional protections under George W. Bush, but rallied in support of the same weakening of freedoms under Barack Obama. Self-proclaimed conservatives today are shocked and infuriated by the trampling of the constitution through executive orders displayed by the Obama administration. Yet, I suspect that many of them will willingly jump on the fascist bandwagon in the event of “Islamic” attacks on American soil. Neither side seems to grasp the reality that the disruptions of liberty we enact in the name of stopping jihadists today will eventually fall back on the rest of us tomorrow.

    The lockdown of the populace is already ramping up.  The EU is currently discussing the creation of a European Passenger Name Record database (national ID database), meaning officials hope to create a centralized database with a file on every single citizen. Think the no-fly list is a terrifying concept? Wait until it becomes publicly accepted for all web comments, Facebook posts, and blog posts to be added to an ongoing record that determines whether you are allowed to travel. Wait until it becomes a mainstream notion that every travel destination you visit is tracked, recorded on permanent record, and scrutinized by some pencil necked bureaucrat who then determines whether or not you are suspect.  Apparently, French officials are supportive of the idea. And given the proclamations of “unity” surrounding the upcoming summit, I suspect actions undertaken in Europe will eventually be exported to the United States. Reuters reports:

    French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said after the meeting that European interior ministers had agreed to boost cooperation in an effort to thwart further jihadist attacks.

    “We all agree that we need to put in place better control on certain passengers, on the basis of objective criteria and with respect for fundamental liberties and without disrupting cross-border travel,” he said.

    He said Europe needed urgent progress in establishing a European Passenger Name Record database, which would facilitate the exchange of data about passengers between member states.

    “We are convinced of the need for such a tool, to follow those who travel to terrorist operating theaters or who return from there,” he said, adding that this database would also be useful in the fight against other serious crimes.

    Unfortunately, travel is the least of our concerns. Free speech is a primary target for the elites, and the Internet is clearly outlined as a threat by politicians claiming concern for public safety. This comes in the form of one of the oldest rationalizations for tyranny – the trade-off between freedom and security. The French argue that while free speech is important, some “exceptions” must be made in order to thwart extremist ideas:

    Cazeneuve said the Internet needs to remain a space for free expression, but that Europe should fight against abusive use of the web (sic) to spread hate speech, anti-Semitic messages and the recruiting vulnerable young people for violence.

    “We need to work more closely with Internet companies to guarantee the reporting and if possible removal of all content that amounts to an apology of terrorism or calls for violence and hatred,” he said.

    Who gets to determine what speech amounts to an “apology of terrorism?” Who is the all-benevolent and wise sage who gets to decide what we can and cannot say? Will he be fair and just? Or will he use the power of censorship to attack any and all websites critical of the establishment? What do you think the most likely outcome of such legal precedence would be?

    Again, how long before websites like the one you are reading now are vilified by the extremist label? How long before liberty-minded speech is categorized as violent speech or hate speech?

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein and the White House are now kindly warning the public that terrorist “sleeper cells” have been activated and that some are present in the United States. On CNN,Feinstein said:

    So I think this calls for vigilance. It calls for seeing that the national security organizations of our country, the intelligence community is funded fully, is directed ably, is cooperating with whether it be British intelligence, French intelligence, German intelligence, as we do.

    And the French are good at it, and so are the British and the Germans. So, we can even be more active in terms of doing those things which enable us to find terrorists, to see who they’re communicating with in this country, and to track that.

    She means mass Internet and phone surveillance, the same National Security Agency surveillance exposed by Edward Snowden, which now has a convenient justification in the form of an ever-present fear of terrorism.

    Finally, it is only a matter of time before a militarized response is activated in the U.S., just as it has been in France. One shooting event has led to the fielding of over 10,000 French troops on French soil, as well as an extra 5,000 heavily armed police.

    Frankly, this is where I — and many people like me — draw the line. Martial law is not acceptable under any circumstances.  I don’t care if we one day see a mushroom cloud over an American city, there is no measure of government security (false security) that is worth the degradation of essential liberties.  I suspect the loss of liberty, usurping of the constitution and the deployment of the military on U.S. soil would trigger revolution — a revolution I’m sure the establishment would attempt to marginalize as mere terrorism. Ultimately, though, there is no other option.

    As I have been discussing constantly over the past several months, community preparation and organization comprise the only action plan worth the effort and energy at this time. The French are disarmed and utterly socialized. Millions of them march in Paris in a display of solidarity, but solidarity behind what solution? Even more government; the same government that created the problem in the first place? Even more centralization? The globalization of despotic security policies? The French have dug their grave, and now they are going to have to lie down in it.

    Americans do not have to follow the same path.

    We do not need more government. We do not need more surveillance, more police militarization or more troops on the streets. What we need is to take back responsibility for own defense. The French government could not or would not protect the staff of Charlie Hebdo, and the U.S. government will not protect you. That means you must train to protect yourself and those you care about. Whether we face a false flag attack or a legitimate terrorist action, the response is the same: Fight back. It is times like these that separate the courageous from the cowardly; those with principles and conscience versus the treacherous and self-serving. Make no mistake; as I wrote in my last article, many illusions are about to be shattered. You can be caught up in the storm as a helpless spectator and victim or you can become a barrier, a wall of defense against the dangerous riptides. These are your choices. Choose wisely.

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    You can contact Brandon Smith at: [email protected]


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      1. Grumble on the internet… Duh!

        • There is no such thing as coincidence.

          Wake up-its all coming together.
          You liked the Patriot Act.
          Didnt like NDAA as much.
          Liked NSA spying even less.
          Questioned the Sheriffs new MRAP.
          Raised hell on the 81K SWAT attacks.

          Step by step, inch by inch.
          Pound the keyboard harder.
          The clatter might muffle the loss of freedom.

          • Ah, revolution — now there’s a term
            I’m sure the gov will add to their
            priority list of words to purge.

            • When? When? It’s already here…

              • Same thing I am doing now because it has already happened

              • already here? it’s all already been here since humans were able to think, establish hierarchies and manipulate thugs to do their bidding.

                except, maybe there’s a chance they’ve learned to do it so “professionally” that none can be linked to whoever pulls the strings?…well, kinda…people have lost their trust and follow words less blindly nowadays(giving the benefit of the doubt to those who think freely).

                i’m just really wondering exactly where ed snowden is in all of this and exactly what kind of information was leaked for putin/russia to have finally grown some balls…let’s not deny, there’s a coincidence here. russia hasn’t acted so “defiantly”, in a long time…, before snowden arrived there.

                • You’ve got to be kidding? You honestly think Russia didn’t know they were/are being spied on?

                  You think they needed Snowden to point that out?

                  What kind of fantasy world do you live in? Had Snowden been that valuable of an asset, they would’ve disappeared him immediately, to keep him out of the hands of the U.S.

                  AT THE VERY MOST, he may have confirmed what they already suspected or knew, but Russia is not stupid. It was only our closest “allies” who feigned ignorance when the NSA got caught…not Russia.

                  • of course they knew, but was i specific? no…don’t just merely focus on one minor detail.

                    who knows what type of info, including vulnerabilities, that he could of divulged…he did work for the NSA, so i’m certain he could have more than just leaked mere surveillance info…

                    get out of “your” fantasy world and start thinking in the real one.

              • -> ffc <-

                The "revolution" started, basically, in 1871. They incorporated your government and turned it from a legitimate government into a business. But, they couldn't do everything at once. 140 some years later, the revolution is almost complete.

                You see, we had a revolution in 1776 to get our freedom. It took almost 100 years for TPTB to really get a wedge in. First The Act of 1871, Then the Social Security Act of 1933, and on and on and on and on. …all the while the sheople are grazing on the sweet grass below their stupid hooves.

                The revolution was started by the destroyers of freedom over 140 years ago. Are you just getting the message now? We push back a little but they figured out that you can't push too hard. they lost a lot of ground 240 some years ago. But, tryranny is eternal and it has gained a lot of ground in 240 years.

                I find it odd that the corporation known as the US Government can get away with inferring that people who respect the law (Constitutionists) are law breakers. It just goes to show who the real "extremists" are. The law is the law is what the cops will remind you, but, what they don't tell you is their "law" is "color of law" and when they say "law" they are abbreviating. I say The Law is The Law and you can bet a dimed sized chunk of lead, some brass and little nitro-based gunpowder the militia is going to enforce it. They've been very patient and very forgiving, but, its all wearing very thin.

                Who is the militia? In my state, the law says that the sedentary (the militia that isn't sent of to imperialist wars) is every person over the age of 17 years. 17 years and 1 second: Militia Member. Thats The Law, not "The Code" or "The Color of Law" or some "Statute". "The Law" also says that the citizens of the state have the right to bear arms in defense of themselves and the state. Double Whammy! I've got the Constitution for the United State and my state's constitution on my side!

                But, facts don't slow down statists. If the law doesn't serve them, they just ignore it.

                Look for a FFO (False Flag Operation) near you! …and bet on them being Class Ds. They've run out of people to die for the cause and from here on in, the only casualties will be property, truth, justice and honor. All human deaths will be fake.

                • The counter-revolution that we call “Federalism” is what the likes of Alexander Hamilton (Dick Cheney the First) and his Stooge-in-Chief George Washington (Baby Bush the First) inflicted on those veterans of the Revolution who had just won freedom for Hamilton and Washington from their boss, King George III. Those veterans assumed that they could live without being taxed (robbed) by a government after they had fought to free themselves from such tyranny. That counter-revolution which we call the “Constitution of the United States” was crafted with so much of Hamilton’s type of government supremacy–replete with mumbly-worded but oh-so-interpretable language that was put in that Constitution– to supposedly disable the people from every again staging a Shay’s Rebelllion that would endanger the elites’ stranglehold on the public as their captive slaves. The Bill of Rights was the first ten AMENDMENTS, which the people and their (then) subservient states insisted be included as a condition of joining Hamilton’s Union of states, which AMENDED that otherwise government-supremacist Constitution. That Bill of Rights is the only Constitution of the United States and, such Bills or Declarations of Rights of the people in state constitutions are the only valid parts of those constitutions. They make no provision for government supremacy by others (namely the .01% or fewer) over others (namely the 99.99% or more). Self-government of oneself (not over others) is the only legitimate government which, if self-enforcing on oneself the basic laws that exist or that should exist to create liberty for EVERYONE. Self-defense (most effectively comprised of self-armoring) is one’s surest defense against those who attempt to rule over one. Self-reliance is necessary for self-sufficiency without dependence on and enslavement to others.

                • If they say (or it appears to you, at any time) that there will be an attack; consider your city to be on the list. Being self-armored; self-evacuation from the sight of that city– but, necessarily, WITHOUT depending on motorized transport– is your best defense. Anyone who interferes with you in this is your enemy whom you are to evade as your first line of defense against them. They’ll be too self-disabled, by the deprivation of that on which they depend, to be able to deprive you of Nature, of which God is the Personality, on which you will rely if you expect to survive– and even thrive.

            • Off topic…

              Gas prices have risen nearly a quarter per gallon at nearly all local gas stations since yesterday. I assume the remaining few will raise their prices by tomorrow.

              (Could this be related to Putin’s latest moves regarding gas? Re: SHFTplan article posted yesterday.)

              If you are low on gas, it might be a good idea to fill up.

              • Gas in my town just went below $2.00 today.

                Putin’s moves relate to natural gas, not gasoline.

              • Lower here today in Indiana where I am.

                • Lower here in NJ for about a week now.

            • “Fight Back” Aw that has such a lovely ring. I like most of Brandon’s articles and this was no exception. Now my question is, how do you fight back. Do you come on SHTF and shout your threats or say what your gonna do when they come to your door. Or do you show them by not voting and telling people how stupid they are if they do vote. If you don’t vote, or contact those that are elected to represent you, then so to speak you are non-existent. If your Rep. is afraid to vote agaist their leadership because they may lose a position or a spot on a committee then they sure won’t vote to repeal more government control. Sorry! I don’t have any other ideas on how to “fight back” until we break out the bullet box. Pray to GOD that day never comes, but when it does I’ll be there. Trekker Out. Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum!

              • To MT and everyone else here. What will Braveheart do when government tyranny and terrorism work together? STAND UP AND FIGHT, THAT’S WHAT HE WILL DO. WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY. MOLON LABE BRAVEHEART

              • @ Mountain Trekker

                what if TPTB have ALREADY broken out the bullet box? Doesn’t that mean the shit is already raining down on us?
                Perhaps instead of “preparing” for SHTF, perhaps we should be acting as if it already has. For it surely has already begun.

                Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

        • As eppe would say, “How do you know, can we be sure?” lol

          Same Sheep Same Day

          • WHITE HOUSE: Internet Rules to be Implemented Without Congress…

            Drudge Report

          • Hunter let a post for Eppe asking him just what his stance was on some issues because of his “How do we know, can we be sure” post.

            I have returned to that post several times to see Eppe’s response, but so far, nothing….

            Wish Eppe would reply to Hunters question.

        • http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/01/14/bradley-cooper-responds-to-lefty-anti-war-criticism-of-american-sniper.html





          • ASSit ITCH

            Go take a dirt nap…

          • lmao at effeminate garbage

          • Acid, this “old fart’, for one, doesn’t give a damn what comes out of Hollywood these days or Academy awards, or any of that shit. If you would go off about the brain-dead sheeple instead of the good people on this site, I could definitely agree with you on the sheeple. hell, I don’t even have TV service for that matter. I’m an internet freak as well as being a prepper.

            • I haven’t had TV in 14 years. But a lot of people on this site still have a hell of a long way to go before they can lay claim to be wise men.

          • Boy, you sure have a way with words – not a good way, but a way.

            The 442 is the most decorated unit of WWII, and there is a great movie about them, it was called “Go For Broke.” Loved it and wish they’d do a remake. Several great stories out there that’d make great movies, like “Castner’s Cutthroats,” “Marsden’s Marauder’s, the Aleutian War (WWII),” and others.

            However, Don’t understand why you get your jollies by name calling that doesn’t fit, and isn’t well received by the way.

            Throttle back and just talk to us A.E., and you will accomplish much more. BTW, do your research before you begin throwing around accusations as well. Even you might be surprised at what you might learn.


            Son of Liberty








            • @acid:

              I have my own defensive arts — it is called: “230 grain double tap” — very effective against all of those jumping monkey programs you mentioned.

              You might consider opening a transgender arts class and teach people to whack their pee-pee.

              Really ???
              You posted a link to the hollywood reporter ????
              LMAO !!! ….how very septic of you…

              My favorite martial art is the one I use while getting laid….and if I am naughty, I will get the black belt.

              …be safe……..BA.


            • A black belt can be gotten for a few dollars.I see nothing wrong with mixing martial arts and creating new styles training for folks.All things in life including martial arts training are exploited by folks who just are out for money and really do not care about training folks properly.On the plus side there are many people who train folks well/open to new ideas and though make a living at it(nothing wrong with that)do it because they enjoy/love passing on knowledge.

              • Acid, black belts are available at wallyworld for $12 each. [I’m being really sarcastic today.]

            • Mine? I prefer Kapow Ker Chunk..or Click Boom!!

              NOMI KMA

              Semper Fi

            • Yeah, yeah, yeah…

              My stainless .45 Kimber beats your BS martial arts expertise. So STFU.

          • Hey Acid, can you please switch your CAPS LOCKS off when posting? Just easier reading for all, I think. Would be much appreciated.



            • The screamin was killin me , LOL .

              • Yeah, me too. I was wondering if there would be any enamel on my molars left for the hygenist to clean next Tuesday.

                I see the conversation going like this:

                Hygenist: What the heck happened there?

                Me: All caps, chatty poster on SHTFPlan…

                Hygenist: SHTFpl… What?

                Me: (grabs phone) This!

                Hygenist: Back to work. Did you see the game last night.

                Me: Game? What game? Poker? Blackjack? Sorry.

                Hygenist: Nevermind.

                Paying attention to real, life changing information makes you a wierdo.

            • Seriously, there are people stupid enough to read his garbage?

              • Are you calling Mac stupid?

              • Acid’s posts are actually comic relief for me.

            • Mac, I’m LMAO, NOT at you, but what you said to acid. You do realize he’s our old friend eisenkreuz posting under a different name. The all caps routine is one of his trademarks. It really seems like he’s screaming when he uses all caps.

              • I know — Eisen has always been a bundle of joy…. And while I am all for an occasional text-based yell or scream, if we can just use our inside voices the majority of the time that would be awesome!

                have a good one!

          • All I know is Ching chong. That’s what my 1911a1 sounds like when the slide releases and strips a round from the magazine. That noise in dark places amplifies and who ever was skulking in the shadows take off to safer places.

          • Sign eppe up, he needs some spine.

          • Well, at least you recognized Bruce Lee’s jeet kune do as a force to be reckoned with.

        • Brandon Smith is usually a piece of shit but he does fairly well here except that he doesn’t grasp that Charlie Hebdo reeks of CIA. Tin hat you say? Did the CIA bomb civilians in Italy to discredit communists?

          Preppers don’t wear tin hats. They wear tin hats with a proper grounding wire.

          • Yours is loose, then…..

          • Acid, this “old fart’ enjoys Brandon’s articles. You wouldn’t know a good article if it bit you on the ass.

        • What Will You Do When Government Tyranny And Terrorism Work Hand In Hand?

          I will cry like a baby.

          I will write my congressman/woman a pointedly stern letter.

          I will hide in the forest until they agree to quit picking on me.

          I will tickle them when they come for me. lol

          I will etc. – etc. – etc.

          NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That will be when my shit hits the fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      2. Revolution: An abrupt change in the form of misgovernment.

        Ambrose Bierce
        (1842 – 1914) author & satirist

        Same shit, new day.


      3. Everything is going to hell in a hand basket.

        • A rocket-fueled handsbasket, Reb.

          • …lined with lead and sulfur!

      4. When they work together? They have been for a long time.

        • Yes they have, and here is just more proof….

          Duke University cedes chapel tower bell for Muslim call to prayer; ‘God help us,’ critics say.

          The anti-christian, anti-God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, movement; it’s alive and kicking it’s ugly attack on American society, thru the liberal and pc university system.

          All the bible believing Christian parents that continue to send, and pay for their children to go to these evil establishments will suffer the wrath of God, unless they pull those kids out of these pits of liberalism and Anti-God systems, and pray for forgiveness.

          The day of reckoning and chastisement is soon coming and all the idiot followers of mooselimb appeasement and propogation in America are soon to be brought to their financial knees.

          It has been needed for a long time. Those little gods made of paper and ink will crash and burn.

          Only the wise and prudent will have exchanged those papers, with things of real intrinsic value, before that dreadful day.

          • Duke has already backed down. They realized it would hurt the bottom line in their sports program.

            “I’m a Tarheel born, I’m a Tarheel bred,
            And when I die, I’m a Tarheel dead.
            So it’s rah rah Carolina-lina,
            Rah rah Carolina-lina,
            Rah rah Carolina, go to hell Duke.”

            That’s how we ended “Hark the Sound of Tarheel Voices” at football games back when I was in college in Chapel Hill.

            • Archivist. Class of 75 here
              We still use Tarheel born and Tarheel bred cheer
              will be at the Dean Dome Sunday night

        • My thoughts exactly. Most likely funding and enabling them. Even the handlers have handlers. What am I gonna do? Drinks some cold beers, go fishing, hunting, visit family and friends, sit on my screened porch in the summer and watch a thunderstorm build, getting closer until it sounds like a cannon belching flame. In other words I ain’t gonna allow these simple shits the luxury of preventing me from living my life as I see fit. If they attempt to bar me from it then I guess its game on.

      5. Hmmmmmmmmm, I tried fighting back once, it cost me two years. I’m getting a tad too old to be wasting that amount of time banged up.

        • i’m done too.

          truth is no one is coming to help you if the shtf does a drive by on you. if it comes in your house, then you can take action, but otherwise; youre just had bad luck.

          could be 5 years or 35 years before there’s enough pushback. until then, we’re just rolling dice.

          • Lena, NO WAY we have 5 years. this year will be IT.

        • Me too K87, A small misunderstanding in the Losers Lounge in Laughlin NV a couple of years ago. A few grand later and some nasty bruises (on both sides) and all charges were dismissed. However I learned a valuable lesson: If a large bouncer asks you to not sit on the pole dancers chair, even though she said I could sit there while she was dancing, the wise thing to do is move. 🙂


      6. To play at revolution is to plough the sea.

        The visible is governed by the invisible.

        It is the invisible, the cause governing all things visible, that gets ignored since we fail to recognize anything beyond the visible as real and respond only to that.

        So things will continue going the way they are going without any restraint.

      7. I could have skipped to the last paragraph and still be where i am at on politics/govments/evil leadership, and the loss of freedoms and constitutional rights. They ain’t coming back until the evil regimes in all the world, are replaced.

        While, standing on a heap of patriotisim and crying “we need to take our country back” makes for good spreading of enthusiasm, it usually ends with the same gut feeling of disappointment. Especially when the realization that all that speech should have been preached to the roof tops many decades ago, and seeing, as we are basically at a point of no return.

        No discredit to Mr.Smith, because newbies are coming to these sites daily and any information that helps “wake” them up is good information.

        It comes down to basic self-preservation first,and then; well, I won’t lay out all the priorities again.

        If people can’t figure those out, then maybe they are too blind to make a difference anyway.

        It has come down to where the rubber meets the pavement.
        To be spiritually prepared and connected can mean the difference of weathering the storm with anticipation of the great rainbow to come, or sinking with the pc/liberal ship.

        how long the tires screech along on that pavement, is anybody’s guess. But when the signs and biblical indicators ramp up with mass war and death, and then supernatural events, then we are not far off from seeing that bow in the Heavens.

        • “as we are basically at a point of no return”…

          and therein lies the truth. indeed, we are past the point of no return. prepare to ride it out the best you can cuz the sh!t storm is comin’…

        • PWTW:

          Terror, terror, and more terror. Written in an old document claimed to be a forgery.

          Of the contents of that old document claimed to be a fake, Henry Ford said it sure contained a lot of truth.

          The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Read it and see if you can convince yourself that what is in it is a fake/forgery. What is happening in the world today is all there….happenstance? Hardly.

          • Henry Ford was a certifiable fucking nutcase. It’s no surprise that you would look up to him, birds of a feather they say.

            • F’n Hillbilly:

              Hows the weather in Tel Aviv? You been hired to stalk posts about the tribe?

              Nuttyyahoo sign your paychecks?

              • If your idea of stalking is calling out chicken shits on the bullshit they try to pawn off as facts, then your answer is yes and I will continue to do so. Sounds like your resolve is pretty flimsy, or your God is letting you down.

            • Yeah, we was crazy alright. Its why the auto unions picketed him for years. It was all over wages, they tell you. You assume it was because he wouldn’t pay union scale. Technically correct, I suppose. He was actually paying almost double union scale. His workforce put the rest of the auto industry to shame. Not only did he pay double scale but he provided health care, houseing and gave each employee a car. But, history has been rewritten and the good guys that don’t fit the narrative are written off.

              • You’re either ignoring a large part of his history or are unwilling to face the truth, there’s NO third way. The facts are he did NOT want to pay his workers five dollars per day, I was done by the senior management as to keep trained employees, ford was kicking and screaming AGAINST it. You may also wan to check out his big experiment in South America, called Fordlandia and see how THAT worked out, it was the biggest fucking disaster ford ever made, so go back and check ALL of his history before you so blindly weep for him no being recognized as a ” good” guy.

      8. You’ve got to fight for what you want, for all that you believe. It’s right to fight for what we want, to live the way we please. As long as we have done our best, then no-one can do more, and life and love and happiness are well worth fighting for. And we should never count the cost, or worry that we’ll fail. It’s better to have fought and lost than not have fought at all. Lets always take whatever comes and never try to hide. Face anything and anyone together side by side.

      9. If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.

        James Madison

      10. Buy more Ammo if you already have the guns. If not buy both while you still have some time to protect yourself and your loved ones.

        BTW: Did you hear that the Switzerland Central Bank just moved to negative interest status?

        • Just picked up three more boxes of Hornady Critical Duty, 135gr.+P for the G19. Want to move the G36 to another position. BTW Sportsman guide had the best pricing on it if you’re a member. Next best price was Midway.

          • Poi P!
            I’ve been rolling some 38+P’s 125 grain Hollow points, and soft points. 7.8Gr of Blue Dot with a CCI mag primer. moves out at around 1,000 FPS.
            Tomorrow I’m going to load some 38+p’s with 158 Gr Hollow Points 6.8Gr of Blue Dot with CCI mag primers. Moves out at 925 FPS. I don’t have a 38 I only have a 357 Mag. so it should shoot Ok. Load these at this rate on your own risk. If you are shooting these out of 38. Just found a new place to get bullets. Great price and they have the stinking things. Powder Valley Inc. Found them on the internet.
            They also have .311 150 grain slugs for my Nagat.

            • Thank you

          • PO’d, I have am AMMO CAN full of Hornady Critical Defense for my .380. Damned good ammo. I go to Sportsmansguide.com for certain other items. Best selection of goodies I’ve ever found and the prices are hard to beat. Check out their selection of optics and night-vision. I’m looking for some new night-vision.

      11. We’ve got less than a year…….

        • I dunno, you may be right. I don’t think anybody has the time cornered. Make hay while the sun is still shinin’

        • JIM in Via. ….you willing to put your ass on the line for such a statement ??????

        • Jim in Va.,

          That’s what this website was saying five years ago…..

          • and they’ll be saying the same thing 5 years from now.

            • You better hope that is the case. We shall see.

              • God knows, I hope we have five years… circumstances have put a big dent in my prepping efforts, and recovering will take time.

                Five years would be good… but if SHTF this year??? Not good. 😐

        • “””””We’ve got less than a year…….”””””
          it seems like I’ve read that slogan here every Year since the site started, it just proves that a blind squirrel doesn’t find a nut all the time.

      12. LAWZEE! Where do I start? I will start with what was mentioned by PASSINWITHTHEWIND fella.

        It has been said many time all over the internet “We must take our country back.” The other prominent phrase I hear all too often is “What are you/we gonna do about it?”

        Well maybe I can help with the answer to both questions.

        First, get right with God, you are going to need Him.

        You are never going to get any satisfaction from any petition, protest march, or election result’s from the United States Federal Government.
        The only place you can get positive results toward restoring recognition of our right’s will come from the state level. Only there will our grievance’s be heard.

        You want to take your country back? Take back your state first. I’m sure you can remember the Adam Kokesh debacle. Actually he had a good idea but applied it wrongly. Organize armed carry marches in your state. Target the capital buildings, simultaneously have smaller marches in county seats. Demand don’t request a return to Constitutional laws and principles. Do not ask ‘permission’ for these marches. Solicit gun clubs, hunting organization’s, sporting goods stores, ect to aid in this effort.

        But alas, I fear it is too little too late to get the country back. But you can get your liberties and freedom back and what arises out of the ashes will at least not be theirs it will be ours..

        • I am afraid that won’t work at this point, sure wish it would though. It is a great idea, but for 30 years ago.

          No, I am afraid we all KNOW what really has to be done. Only thing left, is for us to just organize and do it.

          • @anon
            “Only thing left, is for us to just organize and do it.”

            “ORGANIZE”….Therein lies the problem. That’s the one thing we need and the only thing we don’t seem to have.


          • Acid, it’s to keep we the people under their heels. thought you already knew that.

        • JOHNNY-
          Many years ago i used to show up up the capitol for all the demonstrations and marches.
          But every damn time our group would get infiltrated with some assbag that wanted to either start a fight or just run to a TV camera and say somethin stupid .
          On purpose i am sure.
          Now i stay local to county and township levels and we are seeing good reaults.
          Dont give up , small victories count.

      13. “What Will You Do When Government Tyranny And Terrorism Work Hand In Hand?”— Are you KIDDING, THis has been going on for YEARS, somewhat of a symbiotic relationship……

      14. Everybody is on their own. Don’t expect help, it may never come.

      15. i open carry everyday..
        ssg USMC 1969-1971

      16. My comment on anyone that’s pushing a dividing agenda.

        I will share my thoughts in music, like days of old.


        I do, from your little bro.

        Three Dog Night “Family Of Man”


        What me must do the never ending responsibility of all of us. We simply must and will. Have faith… Do your homework.

        Battle Of Evermore (Live) Heart HD


        • Those women rock,
          Miss that kinda music,
          I like the original Zep version too, just too good

          • I will say Heart did good Zep covers,saw Heart back in the 70’s as a kid(once again,thanks dad!).I remember one song either Ann or Nancy playing the flute,many folks yelling out “Jethro Tull”!

            • Another band i saw and loved was Jefferson Starship, saw them in early 80s in Lahaina,

              Ah the good memories these bands bring back, in Highschool my 8 track regularly had Santana, Heart, The Cars, Queen,
              Miss those carefree days,
              A cooler full of Budweiser, or Heiniken, a big old bag of buds and all sortsa willing girls to roll around with in the back of my 76 Blazer,,, good times

              • Kula,saw all those mentioned in 70’s as a kid,would add Yes/Bowie/Bad Co./ELO/Areosmith(duh,Boston Band)Boston/J.Giels/Rush/ZZ Top/Van Halen/Black Sabbath/Journey/,hell the list is endless!I am so grateful to my dad who did very well in his business and loved music,he sent me and friends to concerts on a regular basis and am so grateful for the memories.I saw many of the aforementioned bands many times in the 70’s,oh,and probably by the time 70’s came to a close saw Jethro Tull @ least 30 times.Thru the decades have been to well over 500 shows,still occasionaly go and “Rock Out!”.

                • Kula and Warchild, you bring back memories for me. all of those groups you mention and some others put out some REAL MUSIC in those days. They were ALL talented. Not one of the so-called artists today could hold a candle to the artists we grew up with. Rap and hiphop have nothing over on rock-n-roll.

                • Yea buddy, thats the stuff

      17. what do you mean.. arnt they already working hand in hand? did i miss the memo that said this WASNT the plan?

      18. they forgot to add in the race war..

        maybe this will piss more of them off

        ht tp://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/oscars-acting-nominees-all-white-764018

      19. Like I’ve been saying since Ferguson started the week of Thanksgiving, Barry needs a CRISIS, to declare martial law and stay in Office forever! Stage #3 in a takeover.

        Fact: Many of the “Black Lives Matter” crowd are members of the religion of peace. The economy is staggering, our National Debt is $18 trillion+, illegal immigrants are pouring in, Russia/China are prepping for what? WAR? The Black Panthers are forming an Army, so “Ferguson” isn’t over.

        Gas here in central Minnesota jumped 40 cents a gallon today. An AR-15 that I could buy for $750.00 4 years ago now goes for $1,400. .223 ammo is about $500.00 per 1,000 rounds.

        False Flag or real Terror Attack, both work in the “Commander and Thief’s” favor.

        • SINNER-
          500 bucks for 223 ? Whoa !
          Now thats a skinnin .
          I get for 300 per 1000 at the radiator shop here .
          And its green tip…..

          • Sin,@ moment way too much for the ammo unless something real special about it,hand loaded match grain or some such.I do not know what type of AR’s you looking at with such price increases but start with a 80%(hence,no paper work/trail if done right) and then for about 800 can build a very nice rifle with quality thru out,something to think about.

      20. There is entirely too much wealth or control of it thereof, concentrated in too few hands, for any system capitalist, fascist, communist, socialist, monarchy, dictatorship or any other to run uncorrupted.

        “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. The closer it gets to absolute, the larger it gets and the greater its capacity for corruption.

      21. Whatcha gonna do about it?

        The only thing that will overcome a government of violence and lies is greater violence.

        Good luck with that.

        I’ll watch from here. At my age, my freedom lies within rifle range of my home.

      22. There’s a Soviet Union-Nazi style alliance between Islam and the American left. They both hate Christians and they both hate America. Allowing terrorists to come in across an open southern border will allow them to impose strict laws following a terrorist attack.

        • YEP BARN
          And they damn sure will .
          Not really sure if we can do anything about it at this point , it seems the pilot put us on auto destruct and jumped outta the plane .

        • I regret to say it, but all appearances indicate you are correct. Sad, sad, sad.


          Son of Liberty

      23. ht tp://news.yahoo.com/fbi-ohio-man-planned-bomb-us-capitol-kill-063558181–politics.html

        Where would the FBI be without these idiots to save us from? If these guys didn’t exist, FBI would have to make them up. oh shit, I guess they already figured that out…

        at the Heritage website where they claim that Americans have been saved from 60 different terrorist plots. Fortunately they also provide some details of each plot.( gee how convenient eh?) almost as if they had insider information? nahhh cant be

        sorry my sarc font isnt working today

        Who is going to protect us from the protectors.. i know what my job is at home and with my family ..do you?

      24. read carefully

        ht tp://www.ammoland.com/2015/01/fast-track-to-delegate-enormous-power-to-obama-second-amendment-could-be-impacted/#axzz3OtHJXxPw

        The scheme is called “fast track.”

        In “fast track,” Congress passes a bill which delegates to Barack Obama the legislative authority to do anything he wants – ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING – so long as he includes it in a “trade agreement.”

        The problem is that Congress would delegate this authority to Obama without knowing what was in the top secret agreement — and possibly before it is even completely written.

        just like ACA.. “we have to pass it to see whats in it type shit”

        • So who would the enemy then be?

          Obama or Congress?

          Or the unseen forces behind the scenes giving the orders they are following?

          • Both. Look at what’s unfolding. Boehner and McDonnel are working for the communists, we have a “president” who thinks his dick -er pen and cell phone will make everything go his way.

            They are sadly mistaken.


        yes there is going to be a test

        the test of your LIFE!

      26. It just keeps getting better and better here in the American headlines. Are even diehard Fox and MSNBC viewers still buying any of this stuff?

        Just a few days ago, news hit that ISIS supposedly hacked CENTCOM at the same time that President Obama was announcing new cyber security legislation. Superb Wag The Dog timing, no?

        Now, a violent jihad on the Capitol has been thwarted by the FBI. WHEW!

      27. What are you going to do when the Gov. works with Terrorist?
        Shit they been working together for years.
        I’m going to keep carrying all the time, keep up my food water and med preps up dated, my eyes open, listen to the news and try to read between the lines.
        Most important I will let my fellow PATRIOTS know I’m will stand beside them when the time comes!.

        • Hi Sarge….Amen. I’ll do the same but first I am going back to shoot some hogs this weekend. Well I should say let my son to get one since he is driving me crazy since last time he missed one.

          Pork chops barbecue party and beer soon.

          • SV
            Good luck, try to get closer it make it more fun, when you don’t know which way they will run (AT YOU OR AWAY FROM YOU!) Please stay safe. Try to get one that weighs about 300 LBS.
            When the party I’ll bring the Chips, and the Mikes Black Cherry!

          • Stolz, if you’re talking a wild boar, be more careful than you’ve ever been in your whole life. those animals are notorious for carrying diseases and that meat has to be cooked 100% thoroughly. One mistake in cooking it will give you food poisoning, but if it’s done right, it does make for some damned good eating. some of my relatives in GA hunt wild boars and they cook that meat a certain way that guarantees NO food poisoning. Wild boars are NOT something to play around with.

        • Sarge, I do the same things all the time. I’m already carrying one of my .380s with a few extra mags in the truck with me everywhere I go. I’ve got another shopping trip planned for this weekend. And just like you, I’m also standing with my fellow patriots when the time comes and that’s not too far off judging from the way I see things.

      28. Government & terrorism are already working hand in hand. Terrorism is just another word for government propaganda depending on what they want to vilify.

      29. It appears to me that government & terrorism is already working hand in hand (which is no surprise to you folks.) Terrorism is that which promotes the goals of the eletists,WWTI,so called Democrats, so called Republicans & even the so called T party patriots . What about the goals of the average American? I believe that this site helps us to at least compare thoughts & ideas.
        Keep on speaking out!

      30. What makes you think they are not working hand in hand? I keep seeing a lot nice M-16s and M4 carbines being waved around by those ISIS turds.

      31. ‘WHEN?’


        where have you been for the last 200 years of Zog Amerikan false-flag banker corrupted history?

        And the past 2000 years of ‘Joo’ History!

        * there’s a reason ‘the Joo tribe’s’ have been kicked out of over 300+ countries from around the world over the last 2000 years.

      32. I just caught another scam on TV a little while ago. My wife was channel-surfing and came upon the Jim Bakker show. She called me in, asking me if I had ever heard of a “fuel-less generator.” I said I thought so, but it was a scam.

        I watched a little of the show. Montel Williams and another guy were on the show. What they were pushing was just a self-contained battery and inverter with a small folding solar panel. They said you could run a refrigerator two whole hours with it! And it only costs a minimum donation of $2,500! I know it’s better than nothing, but you can get a better system for 1/10 the price from Harbor Freight. Of course, it is simple enough for grandma to use.

        They were also pushing the “Powder of the Month Club.” That cost a minimum of $45 per month for 14 oz. containers of powdered spinach, wheat grass, carrots, etc. That’s a real good deal for the math-challenged.

        At least Bakker doesn’t look as retarded as he used to years ago, and he has a better-looking sidekick who doesn’t use a trowel to put on makeup.

        • Hey Tarheeler,(archivist),

          Remember Baker and tammy doing the “pass the loot” hippity hop, song and dance.

          My future ex-inlaws, lived in Charlotte, and ate up their bullshit, hook,line, and sinker.

          Me and the future Miss ex, would laugh and sing pass the loot when they sat in front of the TV drinking it all in and writing checks.

          When their scam surfaced, the in-laws wouldn’t talk about it. I would have liked to have know how much of my granddaughter’s inheritance those ignorant in-laws sowed into “un-fertile” ground.

          • I never saw the show in the early days. When it finally came on a channel I could get, it took me just a minute to see that it was just another “prosperity show” scam.

      33. In answer to the question of this article: The same as all the other readers of your articles: Whatever the red blooded Americans do! Truth is truth. The god of this world is the devil. He/it is also in charge of all the (false) religions. Just be honest in your quest and you cannot lose. You want real answers? Contact me at [email protected]

      34. “What Will You Do When Government Tyranny And Terrorism Work Hand In Hand?”

        It’s already happening, just ask the FBI. They know all about this, in fact they’re a major sponsor of tyranny and terrorism. They get away with this for now because the MSM is government controlled and is still painting false realities for the government.

        I’ll tell you guys a secret which most of you probably already know. Some of us are and have been being surveilled 24/7 and I mean 24/7, for years. One of the best defenses against this for now is to act like you don’t know it’s happening, and to exploit their weaknesses as you learn more about them. They have weaknesses.

        Other than this, we all know what to do with government tyrants should the opportunity present itself, or should the opportunity be able to be created by those who are able and willing.

        • Hello Ghost. Check out Survival Tactics: How to be a “Grey Man”… “Who said that?!!!”

      35. Anyone that reads this must look up Twilight in America I think you will quickly see what has been un reported and the government is all over the globe defending political interest ,mean while are country is being set up for a major holy war..

      36. So when it inevitably all collapses someday, whether it is next week or 100 years from now…what then? What makes anyone believe that the society that arises from the ashes will be any different than all the failed civilizations that came before it? The problem is us. We are inherently greedy, selfish and power hungry. All civilizations that erupt out of revolution begin with the best of intentions and work for some time usually, but eventually collapse because of the aforementioned human flaws. So when it’s all said in done we arrive back at square one in a few generations. Wash…and repeat.

      37. Hmmmmm… want to stop violence, world leaders? I’m on board.

        How about we start with th 50 MILLION babies that have been aborted in the US alone?

      38. “What Will You Do When Government Tyranny And Terrorism Work Hand In Hand?”

        YOU MEAN THEY DON’T ALREADY? Here all of this time I thought the govt WAS the terrorists…silly me.

      39. The economies of the world are in serious trouble. It is to be expected that governments will do whatever is necessary to sell and push fear upon the people to validate their new moves to gain even more power over their populations. This is about maintaining control over coming chaos in the streets and to continue robbing their own people of as much money as they can. Same game as always.

      40. Hollywood is feedng the race card frenzy…..
        What? You thought they’d do something original?

      41. Once upon a time

        long long ago…………

        an evil King wanted to control his subjects.

        But they had bows and arrows, and hid them.

        So the King let them buy all the arrows they wanted

        but put tiny grains of magic rice in the arrows.

        And the magic rice would sing.

        The King would listen to the magic rice sing and find

        the arrows and the hiding places

      42. THE END IS NEAR

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