What We Know About The Las Vegas Shooter And Why What We Don’t Know Matters

by | Oct 2, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 84 comments

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    There are still few details about the man who allegedly participated in the worst mass shooting in modern United States history. But the few things we don’t know could also be very telling.

    According to Zerohedge, the gunman responsible for the worst mass shooting in modern US history is believed to be a grandfather who lived in a remote desert home. Stephen Paddock, 64, was named by police as the perpetrator who left more than 50 dead. He was killed when officers blasted their way into his hotel room. Las Vegas police said they had located “numerous firearms within the room that he occupied.” Las Vegas Sheriff Lombardo said officers had confronted Paddock on the 32nd floor across the street from the concert. “There were at least 8 guns and a number of long rifles in the alleged shooter’s room”, per Las Vegas Police Undersheriff Kevin McMahill.

    In the latest police update, Las Vegas undersheriff Kevin McMahill confirmed that Stephen Paddock died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound as police made entry to his Las Vegas hotel room. He also confirmed that Paddock, who is believed to have checked into the hotel on Thursday, had more than 10 guns and a substantial amount of ammunition. But how did a 64-year-old man get all that to the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel without any video of him at all? Casinos and their hotels are usually covered in security cameras, but perhaps the video has just not been released to the public yet.

    Former Las Vegas police officer Randy Sutton told CBS News, “The fact that this individual had that amount of firepower in that room indicates that he didn’t bring all of that up in one trip, and he certainly didn’t have the bellman bring that up. Having been there for three days, he had the time to bring [his firearms] up, probably in luggage or a golf bag or something of that nature.”

    Reports also claim that Paddock was a “lone wolf.” Yet when looking at the Mandalay Bay, two windows that were impossible to open were broken to allow for one man to cause so much devastation. There is not yet a report that explains how the windows were broken or why there are two.


    The unanswered questions are already causing others to be concerned about the massive amounts of conflicting information, and the possibility that this could be a false flag event.

    Of course, information does tend to unfold quickly and others say we simply need to wait for the correct information to deter skepticism and we always have conflicting reports early.

    At this stage, Paddock does not have any known ties to terrorist organization and no motive has been put forward. When asked by a reporter if it was an act of terrorism, Sheriff Lombardo said: “No, not at this point. We believe it was a local individual. He resides here locally.

    “I’m not at liberty to give you his place of residence yet, because it’s an ongoing investigation, we don’t know what his belief system was at this time. … Right now we believe he is the sole aggressor at this point and the scene is static.”

    NBC reports that he was. But public records do not show any criminal convictions for Paddock in Nevada. Mesquite Police told CBS News that he was not known to them, and that he lived in a retirement community, is a white male and wasn’t a military veteran. He was not believed to be connected to any militant group, Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo told reporters.

    “We have no idea what his belief system was,” Lombardo said. “We’ve located numerous firearms within the room that he occupied.” –Zerohedge

    Perhaps the most worrisome issue with this incident happened before the shooting took place.  According to multiple reports, approximately 45 minutes before the shooting, a woman described as “Hispanic,” accompanied by a man, had been heard telling concert attendees, “They’re all around… You’re all going to f***ing die today.” Witness Breanna Hendricks, who was in Vegas celebrating her 21st birthday, said, “There was a lady who came running up behind us in the concert and she started to play with people’s hair acting crazy and she told us that we’re all going to f***ing die.”

    Hopefully, as more information comes out the questions can be laid to rest. Thoughts and prayers are with those injured and the families of those who lost their lives in this senseless act of violence.


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      1. What I want to know is during a autopsy what drugs he was on,legal or otherwise.I would say if on legal psych meds or recently on them will be covered up as pharm industry a billion dollar business with billions in tv advertising,the news won’t shoot the hand that feeds them.

        I hope like hell the computer savvy/hacker types get working on this guy and possibly some truth to his motives,whether lone wolf or a puppet.

      2. Originally Posted by Emily Henderson View Post
        A woman who appeared to be Hispanic, with a Hispanic BF, told concertgoers they were ‘all going to die’ 45 minutes before the shooting.

        She was escorted out by security.



        Excellent find. I’ve been posting this all over like wildfire.

        >>>Shooter may have 13 tatooed on neck. Thirteenth letter of alphabet is M- tattooed M means “La Eme” or Mexican Mafia

        • interesting to listen to–thanks for posting it

      3. http://allnewspipeline.com/Vegas_Death_Toll_Rises.php

        According go to some folks. Hispanic women were walking into the crowd playing up in peoples hair telling them them that they are about to get killed. So its obvious this was a communist leftist false flag hit.

        See live video link, at ground zero.


      4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_v7kH9ta3-I

        More footage at ground zero. This is some serious shit. You leftist communist and jihadist have crossed the line this time.


      5. What kinda bets on how long it takes the swamp congress to push through emergency legislation banning all “assault rifles” and “high cap mags”

        • Im giving it 6 days

          • Senator Fake native American Warren is already on it.

            • Watch how fast our local government jumps on that one,,, eyes and ears wide open bud,,,,

          • I fear you may be right 🙁

          • Is any0ne here going to turn in their weapons? Nope.

            • Menz,I like many it seems lost mine years ago in a tragic boating accident,even with me taking a safe boating course.I guess I and others need advanced safe boating course to prevent such future losses.

            • Menzo, I’m not giving up weapons or anything else myself. I smell false-flag all over this one.

          • Nailbanger, no question the incompetent, ignorant and corrupted people in congress will be all over this like flies on stink for gun control and will most likely come from both sides, red and blue !

            Six days ? the call for such will be today !

            • One of our state senators already calling for stronger gun laws, like thats going to do anything.
              On the local news website for MauiNow theres a ton of facebook posters already whining about the same thing, these people just dont get it, special kinda stupid.
              Cold Dead Hands

        • That’s okay. When the shooting really starts there will be plenty of them just lying around — and these guns will be fully-automatic.

          • I think i am more dangerous with my bolt gun, just sayin

            • This guy was shooting fish in a barrel randomly and aiming was not necessarily needed with so many targets in close confines and an overhead shooting position. Just point and dump a mag. A magazine fed semi would be far more effective than bolt action for such a setup ? Just saying.

            • Same here. Full auto wastes a lot of ammo. Stupid unless you plan on going out in in a blaze of glory.

              • Full auto is very good for fire suppression and keeping heads down,l to move around. But Semi auto is far more accurate. This guy did not need accurate fire though, so full auto at least hit more people in such a confined space and large crowd.

                Even semi auto with rapid fire takes a lot of practice to get any accuracy. Everything has a purpose and some work better than others for various reasons.

                Just listening to these pundits and commentators who know almost nothing about any of it shows how stupid they are in spades.

        • Don’t worry, the swamp Congress would never dream of passing anti-gun legislation. Only the Democrats have the balls to attempt that.

      6. There is no fear of God anymore

        • Similarly, people don’t tend to fear witches nowadays. It’s because that fairytale nonsense isn’t relevant in modern society.

        • southside, for some there is no fear of any laws, much less any God ? None of this is about God, it is about men’s decisions and bad acts !

          Depends on your skin color and political persuasions these days here in USA today, who must abide by any laws !

          Why do you suppose BLM was allowed to burn down cities and harm many and kill some as well and nothing happened to them, yet during the same time frame Finicum did nothing even close to their crimes and was setup and murdered by our government ? And now Antifa, BLM and BMAN continue unabashed !

          You are going down the wrong road like many here in USA today ! The only reality is that we must save ourselves and demand accountability or lose all ! God will not save us that is why we have FREE WILL ! Why would any actual benevolent God save a nation that commits infanticide in the 10s of millions of unborn ? and your tax dollars created these nightmarish crimes and many others as well.
          Time to rethink a bunch of stuff.

          • DowntoEarthThinking.com, I love what you do and I know you mean well. But you speak of following laws? Depends on WHAT KIND of laws you’re talking about. Any laws with a legitimate basis to them I do follow. But anything illegitimate, especially ones that can interfere with self-defense I don’t follow. As far Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter and other leftist groups are concerned, something called CIVIL RIGHTS is the reason nothing happens to them, especially in the case of BLM. But the day will come when we no longer have ‘rule of law’ and when that happens it will be anything goes and no holds barred. That will be the time for ‘cleaning house’. It has to be. Only way I see now to save this nation. None of the ‘gun control’ laws on the books have any legitimate basis to them. If/when gun confiscation is attempted a lot of gun grabbers will get killed.

            • The Deplorable Braveheart, I have said many times we are NOT obligated to follow bogus, illegal or false laws ever ! And every bullshit law BHO and crew created falsely we are not obligated to follow as well as many others by fake judges and other politicos !

              What you are calling civil rights is nothing of the sort ? That too is just another of the many illusions created to manipulate us. There are many illusions and some are called laws ! That does not make them all valid.

              The reason BLM and others have gotten away with their shit is not civil rights, but special rights and PC created by BHO and crew and carried forward by the DEMs and RINOs!

      7. A 64-year-old man with no criminal record, no record of any kind of any previous instance of violence what-so-ever, living in a retirement home for crying out loud. And this guy commits the worst act of domestic violence in U.S. history?

        Just try commenting on any of these pro-democrat, pro-Clinton, MSM sites and see how quickly your words disappear.

        At this point, if this isn’t a false flag event carried out by the Deep State then I don’t know what is.

        The United States of America, we have become Iraq, Egypt, Libya, the Ukraine, Syria, Somalia, and on and on.

        • Have a bad feeling this is just the beginning

          • We are long past this being just the beginning my friend.

            • So true

          • Nailbanger, what is beginning ? it has all been in motion for along while, not just beginning ?

            Why was Finicum murdered and BLM, Antifa and BAMN allowed to grow when they committed far worse crimes and still do regularly ?

            And why was 9/11, Boston, Orlando, Riverside SanBerdoo, Ft Hood and others allowed to happen when the spook agencies knew it all ahead of time and even investigated all the perps and let them go to commit their deeds ?

            None of what we see is just beginning, it has all been ongoing, morphing and escalating for years ! These are NOT isolated events. It is a plan that morphs as the control freaks of the deep state apparatus deem necessary. I have explained it all many times in great detail for all to see in spades .

            • Finicums murder by the feds still chaps my ass,,,
              That sits about as well as Waco or Ruby Ridge,,

              • Yep. To that and your previous comments. Nothing I disagree with.

              • Nailbanger, I’m also still chapped over Finicum, 9/11, TWA Flight 800, OKC bombing, Waco, Ruby Ridge, all of anitfa’s and BLM’s BS. The day is getting closer when our weapons will have to speak for us.

              • Nailbanger, far worse and more serious than a chapped as for sure.

                Haven’t heard that phrase in while, used to be common before the PC garbage. about as funny as a chapped ass hey ?

            • DowntoEarthThinking.com, I forgot to add to previous post that blacks fell they don’t have to follow any laws because of something called CIVIL RIGHTS.

      8. is he muslim?
        just asking as MOST terrorists are muslim

      9. There is a Gun Show on Oct 7-8. You can see the billboard ad in the news babe’s broadcast. It is common for exhibitors to store their guns for sale in their hotel rooms, as the cars get burglarized all the time.

        The Mandalay commonly lets guests store guns in their room, if they are there for the gun show.

        • I keep thinking that some folks (guess who), as in “We shot some folks” came to Las Vegas at the same time that a gun show was going to take place. They (guess who again), passed themselves off as gun dealers just so nobody would know the difference.

          Blending right in, they (guess who again), arrived on the scene locked and loaded, just before a gun show was set to take place, and not looking suspicious at all, they broke into Paddock’s room (instant pansy), shot him in the head (instant patsy), making it look like suicide.

          They (guess who) proceeded to rain death down from Paddock’s 32ND floor hotel room, upon some Confederate linked, Country Music concert goers (because Hillary hates despicable Country Western music and deplorable Country Western music lovers), especially those gathered in an outdoor celebration full of Trump lovers.

          And the rest was not even real history. Like the man said: The worst mass shooting ever in the U.S. was carried out by the U.S. government when they massacred all those Indians in one place at one time.

        • Indeed and all the pundits have not even clued in on it and still rambling like idiots days later how could he possibly get all that stuff to his room. Even supposed terror experts and local police doing the same thing ad nauseum !

          Beyond clear he simply loaded it on hotel carts and moved it up there rather easily. SO much for the experts, hey ?

      10. “remote desert home” … Mesquite is a suburb of Las Vegas.

      11. If one believes in the cui bono rule, then some governmental agency, Soros’ front, or liberal/progressive/communist organizaion or all of them were behind the shooting.

      12. Will see in few days as to what surfaces and what doesn’t surface, mass (fake news)media will steer it how they want, it’s they very few that may present some not all on alternative media, not Alex jones either. They said on the fake news was the worst mass shooting in U.S.History, WRONG- worst mass shooting was commited by the U.S themselves, It was in the winter time on December 29,1890, at a place called Wounded Knee, where men women and children were gunned down and murdered by the U.S.Calvary/army . So get your sources and truths straight!

        • They starved bigfoots band and when they left to go to another reseveration looking for food they simply hunted them down and murdered them. Not every soldier in the unit participated in the wholesale slaughter.

      13. so where is the main stream media at,why don’t they track her down.

      14. I have to repeat an often stated warning heard on this site. AVOID LARGE CROWDS.

        During a night training operation with the Marine Corps in 1971, I saw the awesome firepower of 50 caliber machine guns with tracers. The tracers, the only rounds visible, created a sheet of light in front of the machine guns. Any automatic weapon has incredible effectiveness in a target-rich environment. A sick bastard becomes awfully dangerous with an automatic weapon.


        • Yup,
          This thing sends that one home

        • Been doing that for years. Good reminder. Young folks want to be part of the party, part of the excitement. Hard to tell them to keep a low profile.

          Also smart to avoid large groups of blacks. Do not engage them in any type of argument as it could be deadly. Best to simply leave the area, quickly and calmly.

          • PD< DITTO on avoiding large crowds of blacks. I speak from personal experience. Anytime you get a large crowd of blacks somewhere, especially if they're young, it's guaranteed to be trouble.

            • DB: Recenlty discovered Colin Flaherty’s Utube channel. Big wake up call! The MSM is lying to us white people every single day.

      15. In regard to those guns and the ammo – broken down it would fit in a couple of large Pelican cases – heavy duty rollers and handles for that kind of load – parking garage elevator to the 32nd Floor …

        There were two “platforms” – ????? – built from the hotel furniture or some kind prefab deal he hauled in?

        • I’ve been exhibitor at SHOT Show and SOF Conventions there, toting dozens of guns secured in cases up to our rooms before the hall opens to set up. And as anybody knows Las Vegas has conventions going on all the time and it’s common for exhibitors to be rolling around big trunks, often times up to their rooms, too.

        • cranerigger, just because there were initial media reports these were full auto weapons does not make it so ? Most people cannot tell the difference between any full auto and rapid fire from a semi auto magazine fed from a proficient shooter. These folks were completely freaked out and we do not know if this was automatic fire quite yet. I doubt it was, but we will likely find out one way or the other soon enough. But we know it will not come from PRAVDA/MSM for sure !


      16. His girlfriend is indonesian, a very muslim country with a bad history. He had gambling problems and she was a regular in casinos. Foreign agents frequent cassinos looking for vulnerable people to take advantage of. Could he have been drugged or brainwashed by islamic extremists by the honeytrap method?

        • Depends on which part of indonesia. My mother’s family is indonesian, from surabaja, and they’re all roman catholic.

      17. Reading that LEO let this Marylou woman go! Even though she was described as his “companion”! And then they are looking for two vehicles supposedly owned by this guy,driving away! Description and plate ID,and they can’t find them. WTF? Are the keystone cops running this investigation?

        • I have heard that she is out of the country. Early reports said she was in Dubai but I just saw on FOX business that she was in Toyko.

          Sheriff simply said she was “out of the country” but they were interested in talking to her.

      18. Sounds like a false flag to me. Every time these mugs end up dead on the scene. Couple that with a pre warning from associated individuals minutes before the shooting. I’ll be waiting to hear the gun grabbers rallying cry.

      19. I know one thing, the shooter or shooters were not high on medical cannabis. Impossible to pull that off. Big Pharma drugs most likely. That info will never come out, just like most of the other mass murders where the truth was withheld as to the drugs in the perps bodies.

      20. Didn’t we just on the 26th we heard about the Erie Warning Broadcast. Area 51 right? Which is in Nevada…. Sounds Spooky now right. Listen to it again. It’s just a couple days back…

      21. They want to ban guns….but why don’t they want to ban psychotropic drugs, which is the real culprit. MADNESS.

      22. Drudge is reporting that the shooter’s father was a bank robber and diagnosed mental patient.

      23. Wonder what would be said if the firearms were part of the ones that were “lost” during the fast and furious?

        • The feds would never let that info slip to the public

      24. Friend in the know who professionally evaluates ISIS claims from multiple sources gives their claim that shooter was one of theirs 95% confidence, including they stating his Muslim war name, that typically ends in nationality identifier, as Abu Abdul al-Bar al-Amriki, or without it could also be translated as Abu Abd El Bar. If later .gov is forthcoming, you should see one of those names referenced, though MSM would likely lag ever doing so.

      25. Some people watch news because they enjoy the adrenaline rush that getting angry gives them. They keep dwelling on past events that get them angry. As men age, they tend to become less analytical and more emotional. This man was sixty four. Everyone needs a way to relax. You can’t control what is happening in the world. Get out and enjoy life if you can. What happened to this guy can happen to you!

        • Honestly, im sick and tired of the news, its all so deceptive too.
          But theres the desire to know what the hell is going on too

          • Nailbanger, I only check in on the news occasionally to see whats going on with the newest lies and distortions and to get a reference point of the stupidity and crimes being committed by our government.

            Even FOX is almost worthless with the likes of Dana Perrino, Stilewart and at least half of the rest of them these days. Pathetic. But there are many other sources still without relying on any form of PRAVDA/MSM.

      26. How bout everything that smells about this… 50 dead 500 injured! huge numbers, in the middle of a CONCERT in the middle of the vegas strip! and yet no vid, no pics, no bodies…what hospital could handle that number of carnage without doing triage in parking lots?! This is B.S. to the highest order. Did anyone look at the people in the vids released? none looked remotely scared stiff given bullets are raining down//

        • ^^^THIS^^^

      27. Wonder how he managed to tote all that stuff up into that room? Pretty soon hotels will be doing like the airports do with body scanners and pat downs and looking thru luggage.

      28. FWIW, I have friends in LV and they said that the shooters’ brother just came forward and has said his brother had no political affiliations.

        His brother said he is sure this had nothing to do with Trump-hate because his brother was apolitical. He also said his brother was not a registered voter and had no interest in politics.

        Sources confirmed the shooter was not registered to vote.

        The shooters brother has also stated that he hadn’t noticed any signs of depression or disorder or anything unusual about his brother before the shooting took place.

      29. All you US people- dont be like Australia, fight to keep your weapons, because at least you can defend yourselves, or take back your country from corrupt grubberments.
        Us here in Oz cant do jack shit because 98% of the population is unarmed.

      30. It deems his father was a career criminal? convicted bank robber and on the FBI tem most wanted list. Maybe bad genetics? One thing during the 8 years of Obummer none on the so called right resorted to violence or even posting hateful messages. The election of Trump has caused the libs to go berserk?

      31. Left-wing deep-state stink all over this.

      32. What we don’t know is probably his girlfriend was having imigration and EBT problems he blamed on Trump?

      33. This is a false flag and it’s so obvious.

        Look at all the blood – there isn’t any!

        Look at the body language of the ‘witnesses’ crisis actwhore!

        Listen to the testimony of the ‘witnesses’ I mean crisis actwhores!

        Total bullshit, all of it. They are doing it to take way our guns man.

        God bless.

        • Sam you’re insane! Of course it happened, that’s beyond refutable, the question is who was really behind it? It’s morons like you who give thinking conspiracists a bad name, shut the hell up!

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