What Upstanding Citizens Believe Vs. What Crazy Conspiracy Theorists Believe

by | Jan 3, 2020 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    This article was originally published by Caitlin Johnstone at Activist Post. 

    Crazy, stupid conspiracy theorists believe a mature worldview requires skepticism toward power.

    Smart upstanding citizens believe the government is your friend, and the media are its helpers.

    Crazy, stupid conspiracy theorists believe that powerful people sometimes make immoral plans in secret.

    Smart upstanding citizens believe the TV always tells the truth and the CIA exists for no reason.

    Crazy, stupid conspiracy theorists believe that extreme government secrecy makes it necessary to discuss possible theories about what might be going on behind that veil of opacity.

    Smart upstanding citizens believe that just because a world-dominating government with the most powerful military in the history of civilization has no transparency and zero accountability to the public, that doesn’t mean you’ve got to get all paranoid about it.

    Crazy, stupid conspiracy theorists believe it’s okay to ask questions about important events that happen in the world, even if their government tells them they shouldn’t.

    Smart upstanding citizens believe everything they need to know about reality comes out of Mike Pompeo’s angelic mouth.

    Crazy, stupid conspiracy theorists believe the very rich sometimes engage in nefarious behavior to expand their wealth and power.

    Smart upstanding citizens believe billionaires always conduct themselves with the same values that got them their billions in the first place: honesty, morality, and generosity.

    Crazy, stupid conspiracy theorists believe it’s important to remember the lies that led up to the invasion of Iraq, and the disastrous consequences of blind faith in government claims.

    Smart upstanding citizens believe “Iraq” is a fictional land similar to Narnia or Middle Earth, from the writings of a fantasy author named George Galloway.

    Crazy, stupid conspiracy theorists believe Syria is fighting to avoid becoming another Libya in a war of defense against extremist proxy armies of the US-centralized empire, who were given billions of dollars in military support with the goal of toppling Damascus.

    Smart upstanding citizens believe Bashar al-Assad is a real-life version of a cartoon supervillain who just started murdering civilians willy nilly in 2011 because he loves murdering civilians, then in 2015, his friend Vladimir Putin joined in because he loves murdering civilians also.

    Crazy, stupid conspiracy theorists believe the extensive history of US government lies means you should always demand mountains of independently verifiable evidence when they make claims about unabsorbed nations.

    Smart upstanding citizens believe Russia literally committed an act of war on the United States in 2016, China is orchestrating a second Holocaust, Maduro is deliberately starving the Venezuelan people because he hates them, Assad is using chemical weapons but only when it makes no strategic sense, Cuban spy crickets are trying to assassinate US diplomats, there’s novichok everywhere, and every noncompliant party in the Middle East is secretly working for Iran.

    Crazy, stupid conspiracy theorists believe that it can be difficult to figure out what’s going on in a mass media landscape that is saturated with the propaganda of the US-centralized empire.

    Smart upstanding citizens believe that all you need to do to ensure you’re getting all the facts is to watch television and run screaming from the room if you accidentally flip past RT.

    Crazy, stupid conspiracy theorists believe the Gulf of Tonkin incident was faked, the “taking babies out of incubators” narrative was a lie, Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction, Gaddafi’s rape armies never existed and the Libya intervention was never really about humanitarian concerns.

    Smart, upstanding citizens believe it’s better not to think about such things.

    Crazy, stupid conspiracy theorists believe the latest WikiLeaks publications of internal OPCW documents provide ample evidence that we were lied to about the 2018 Douma incident.

    Smart upstanding citizens believe those documents aren’t real because The New York Times never reported on them.

    Crazy, stupid conspiracy theorists believe that increasing levels of government secrecy are making it easier for government agencies to do unethical things in secret.

    Smart upstanding citizens believe that questioning your government makes you a Russian anti-Semite.

    Crazy, stupid conspiracy theorists believe that the billionaire class which owns the mass media has a natural incentive to prop up the status quo upon which it is built, and so construct an environment where reporters are incentivized to always support the establishment line.

    Smart upstanding citizens believe that if that kind of conspiracy were really happening, it would have been in the news.

    Caitlin Johnstone is the author of Woke: A Field Guide For Utopia Preppers. (Affiliate Link)



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      1. If Iran doesn’t retaliate in a big way, then Iran is done for. Watch were you go.

        • great info thanks

      2. Proud to be a “crazy stupid conspiracy theorist” as spelled out in your entertaining article. Demonrats in the SWAMP want me to believe NON-CITIZENS within the borders of my country should be entitled to VOTE, receive tax-dollars, be classified as super-citizens (greater penalties for citizen A than for citizen B for the same crime, as in “Hate Crimes”) regarding our laws, and should be able to disregard our borders. Sorry, I ain’t buying it. My tax dollars are paid to help my fellow AMERICAN CITIZENS.

      3. He had Big Daddy killed because he knew too much about the creation of ISIS and al Qaeda and US involvement in arming them.
        He had General Salami killed because those were his orders. The US ZOG will release fake statements against this assassination, but in reality, they support their bosses in occupied Palestine.

        General Salami was instrumental in defeating ISIS in both Iraq and Syria. ISIS backers, Israel and the US, were not happy about this. ISIS was a US and Israel created proxy force to overthrow Syria and keep Northern Iraq destabilized so no pipeline from Iran to the Mediterranean could be built. Ever notice southern Iraq never had problems with ISIS or al Queda? This is where most of the major oil fields are and they had to be kept operating and under US control to make sure the Western oilcos kept the spice flowing.

        He who controls the energy, controls the world economy.

      4. ‘Lions and tigers and bears. Oh, my.’

        In my version of skepticism, none of these predatory organizations is necessarily blameless.

        In your version of ‘skepticism’, Devil’s advocate.

        You were willing to believe that comparable atrocities have been committed by your own govt, less than willing to believe they were committed by the noble savages.

      5. This whole site is filled/fueled by crazy stupid people

        • Then why are you here? Are you one of the basement dwelling soyboys who gets paid to troll?

      6. Him

        “If Iran doesn’t retaliate in a big way, then Iran is done for.”

        Iran has no need to retaliate in a big way. Little doubt that a false flag is already planned just in case. TPTH globalists are getting their regime change sooner or later; they’re working on sooner.

        Regarding the article it’s all about belief; you either do or do not. The more collective the unity of thought the more each individual depends upon someone else analyzing; it’s easy, just get someone else to think. Belief is group think which is no think. All group think isn’t necessary flawed but all of it requires individual scrutiny; when it’s steered towards war (or a rose by any other name) be very very skeptical.

      7. Well call me crazy!!!

      8. Him

        “If Iran doesn’t retaliate in a big way, then Iran is done for.”

        Iran has no need to “retaliate in a big way”, that’s why they have false flags. They have been used to justify wars likely about as long as there have been wars. Ex Post Facto developments uncovering the deception are ignored once war begins. Like a fire it matters little if it was arson once you’re fighting it.

        It’s all about belief, you either do or do not. Group think contracts out cognitive analysis so more important things like food and circus can be focused upon. It’s not always wrong but when the state steers the public towards war it historically is. Why would a little nation with insignificant power pick a fight with a much more powerful adversary?

      9. Iran hits us we’ll smother them again.

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