What to Do to Prepare for Financial Collapse: “Get Out of Debt. Store. Prep. Cash. Gold.”

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    Survival Office

    Prepare by balancing debt. Before you max out your credit cards on top notch gear, make sure you can survive the economic conditions that are coming.

    Mass unemployment. Loss of income. Heavy dependence on assistance. And the biggest strain on the system we can imagine.

    The United States is once again brought to the brink of collapse. Regardless of how dismissive mainstream voices are on the issue, it is clear that Americas is only a few shades and another crisis away from an all out return to the Great Depression era.

    In 1929, it was a banking collapse that spread the panic, but it was the fallout in the heartland where its effects were felt. The means of survival become very difficult for the working class.

    The comforts disappear, and even items like toilet paper are hard to come by. People line up in droves for handouts, because they are too desperate to do without. The proud become embittered as they wither to the bone, and people in the 1930s depression-era were hedged much better in mostly rural settings, with the ability to grow their own food.

    Today, populations rely almost entirely upon deliveries, stocks and stores. All that could be gone in a matter of hours. If trucking were to halt, shelves would be empty and people would be rioting within three days, especially if EBT and other payments stopped or were cut off.

    Beyond the flashpoints and headlines, investment dries up, small businesses cease. Goods stop flowing, inflation makes everything unaffordable anyway. Between a jobs shortage and a dysfunctional economy, it means hard times, whether then or now.

    So what should you do? How should you handle this harsh reality?

    Bill White at Survivopedia.com gives this detailed advice:

    The two big signs of a financial collapse are high unemployment and runaway inflation. So, whatever preparations we make for the collapse, have to help us get through those two things.

    What you can do, however, is lessen the impact that the collapse will have on you and your family.


    Besides food, you want to be sure that you have a descent stockpile of other necessities. Personal hygiene products may be a problem finding, as well as over-the-counter medicines.

    By the way, this is happening in both Cuba and Venezuela, among other places. The extreme poverty resulting from mismanagement and economic warfare has led to everyday conditions without toilet paper. Many people simply don’t have it, can’t afford to buy it, and have to make do with newspapers and the like.

    Those are the conditions we are facing… not necessarily a genocidal war across society, but a sad and depressing leveling of once proud people.

    It is familiar and disheartening news from abroad. Something that everyone assumed can’t happen here in the United States… but it is happening. Many Americans are descending into the most difficult period of their lives. The future looks gloomy at best.

    So what can we do to face it?

    Bill White makes the case for setting aside post-apocalyptic fantasies of widespread annihilation and primitive survival conditions.

    It sounds a lot more like crappy, bureaucrat stagnation across the board. Long lines, slow, weak economy with centralized dependence on services, quite possibility at a price to liberty.


    But it is debt that will catch up to most people first, because they are swamped in it, and have relatively little in assets. The rule of the next phase seems to be that those who can hold onto assets can produce a future.

    That includes real estate, gold and tangible worthwhile things. Service and repair that is based around the type of needs that people will have when things shut down.

    Personal defense, but also personal insulation from the financial pressures that are closing in on everyone else. If you lost your job tomorrow, how exposed are you on your home?

    via Survivopedia.org:


    The most secure jobs will be those which supply essential services, followed by those that provide goods and services which people need to survive. Since people won’t be able to afford to buy new cars and appliances, repairing these types of items will be a very secure job as well.

    Another thing to consider is starting a sideline business… something you can fall back on, if you lose your job when the collapse comes.


    You may want to consider downsizing your home as well, especially if you’re at the point of having an empty nest. Ideally, you’ll want to sell your house and buy one that you can pay cash for, out of the proceeds of the first house’s sale.

    Can you pay your mortgage, or find another job? How long until they repo your car, or take away your means to provide for yourself and your family.

    Your best investment is getting out of debt. If you have $20,000 in a retirement account, you’re probably earning about 1% interest on it. At the same time, you might be paying 5% interest on your home. So, you’re losing money faster than you’re earning it. If you pay off your home, you have a net gain of 4.5%, even if you don’t have any money on hand.

    The only investments that are secure during a financial collapse are precious metals and real estate.

    Before even considering investments, you want to make sure that you have enough food and other supplies on hand. Ultimately, they are a much better investment than anything, even gold.

    You can’t eat gold, that much is true, and obviously important to keep in mind. Trading in gold also means trading with people you think you can trust, because anything valuable will also be targeted for theft, high rates of exchange and other schemes to transfer your wealth.

    Nonetheless, gold is one of the few assets that has proven to maintain value even in the worst conditions.

    Let’s say that you have $30,000 in investments right now, but you owe $100,000 on your home. Pulling that money out of your investments and putting it into your home may not be a good idea.

    If you can’t make the payments on your home, after the collapse, you might lose it, along with the $30K extra you paid. But if you put that money into gold and silver, it will probably go up. […] Once the gold and silver have appreciated enough in value, sell them and pay off your mortgage.

    Many people simply will not be able to manage this. A large portion of the country is living strictly on a paycheck to paycheck basis. Most Americans have meager savings – at best.

    But for those with the resources to do so, strategic payback of debts will cut down the number of predatory lines you have with the world of the collapse.

    If you own it free and clear, it will be much harder for anyone to take it away from you, and it with have value if you are able to sell it.

    While you may not have the resources to take on the biggest payments in your life – house, car, food, etc. – you can and should begin building back channels to an alternative lifestyle, and shutting down debt-trap operations that don’t serve your interests and can leave your entire livelihood completely vulnerable… whether it is a prolonged economic collapse, or a slow creeping malaise.

    It is time to think outside of the trap.

    Read more:

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    Analyst: “Millions Upon Millions of People Are Going to Die on a World-Wide Scale When the Debt Bubble Bursts”

    Collapse Strategist: “We’re In The Terminal Phase… Economic Pain Like We’ve Never Seen Before”

    Here’s What CNN Recommends You Do To Prepare For Collapse: “The Key is Getting a Good Investing Plan That Includes a Lot of Stocks, Some Bonds…”


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

    Free Exclusive Report
    The inevitable Breakout – The two w’s

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      1. Been there, done that.
        Be careful whom one listens to.
        Some here will ruin your life by taking what doom porn they act upon.

        Certain posters need to die off…

        • Skills skills skills. Relatively cheap and yield more fruit for the dollar in the long run.

          • being able to fix your own stuff, like your dryer or washing machine, dishwasher, stove, freeze. Those will be must have skills.

            • You forgot colonoscopy.

            • Well, I wouldn’t count on that because we will be more then likely not have power to run those appliances. Farm skills and hunting may work well, fishing if our waters are not contaminated. Green houses would work. Seeds, baking goods. Life will go back in time but we are strong and will come back.

        • What is the difference between a yankee and a redneck?

          A thousand miles…

          We all are more alike that we can imagine…

          • To bad the guy pictured cannot afford a reasonable supply of guns and ammo

            • Difference between a yankee and redneck tis easy,you can understand a yankee drawl,a southern drawl one at times need a interpretor!

              • Americans are a race of slobs, obese, transgendered, addicted to all sorts of prescribed medications, OTC medicines and synthetic vitamins, besides being animals who are extremely gullible and unable to think for themselves (trained not to think critically).

                • Hess, this may be the most true comment in the thread! Sad, but true.

                • You sound jealous

                • Milton,
                  I despise Democrats.
                  You have adequately described
                  Democrats. I don’t like most
                  Republicans either.
                  I’m an American.

              • War, ever hang with British guys?
                That needs an a translator.

                But we all grow up in different hoods all over the world.

                The russians I work with are out there.
                Always helping them with english slang…

                • eppe

                  Used to drink with a couple of Boilermen attached to the H.M.S. Ark Royal. Had chits to get beer rations and had Chinese doing laundry. Could not believe my eyes. Still have a cover/hat that they gave me. Warm Moosehead Ale. Crazy, absolutely Crazy.

                • Ever try talking to a Louisiana Cajun? I operationally coordinated some power plant maintenance work being performed by them. One of the maintenance personnel wanted a “pop-a-sheen”. I had no idea what that was. He walked around with me while I looked for his foreman that I could talk to. We walked by a Coke Machine, the worker smiled and bought himself a soda. A “pop-a-sheen” was a soda machine to us around Philly. I would listen to them talk to each other and would catch an understandable word here and there. They did like cheesesteaks and TastyCakes.

                  While off topic there is a cultural divide in the US that doesn’t fit into a one size fits all. The at one time productive North East, still heavily populated but significantly and increasingly on public assistance is clashing with the new wealth producing , from energy and food,rural west. Toss in a financial collapse where the wealth creators are faced with both financially carrying the North East and being forced to comply with their version of how things should be, no guns, lots of LBGT and you have a recipe for fragmentation. No one thought, in 1965 that the USSR would dissolve.

                  • Kevin2, I dated and lived together with this Cajun chick for 4+ years. I called it Cajun confusion. Funny and nice people, but it was on the ridiculous side at times. She got busy in her career and we went our own ways, she liked my sex and humor. We went down to New Orleans a year before Katrina hit. It was a dirty place then, and probably needed a good douching. The food and music was great, not much else to say about NO. Way to many black people for my likes. I would not live there, but it was a fun trip, me and 3 chicks.


                  • That chicks father has a strong Cajun accent. He said lets go get a Po-boy.. I was like, what? Po-boy. Like what, some poor kid who needs a job?

                    He meant Poor Boy Sandwich. Its fried seafood on a bun. Po-boy. lol

                    ~WWTI… Good Peeps. Though highly religious. You know stand around holding hands saying prayers of BS all the time. It took everything in me, to stop from laughing at them. The chick I was dating then, was pretty smoking hot. French Cajun with green eyes and hot body. She would go tan on the bow of my boat naked. Got lots of photos, good times.

            • I especially like the weapon farthest to the right. That one ought to keep marauders off his front lawn.

              • i was thinking 2nd in looks like a lAS rocket,eh,either one would keep those deer tyrants out of the garden!

                • What no RPG to hunt wild hogs?

                • And eppe is not allowed to have any weapons. LMFAO. But has plenty of drinkimg stories. Spent all his money on booze instead of preps. No guns no BOL. Waits for relatives to die to collect inheritence. Just a usless drunk joke teller. Cant fake prepping dopey!! You can sat all the crap you want on here. I am prepped at my secure BOL off the grid with weapons, and you sir are a friggin unprepared Failure. Capital F.

                  -WWTI… Jealousy will not get you prepped. Slamming preppers for acting will not get you prepped. Fiddling telling jokes will not get you prepped. Stupid people fail to act. Dopey will be making reservations for Club FEMA Camp.

                  • Didn’t I say I don’t have any weapons either, except for a few butter knives.

                    Just like Eppe I have no weapons. I have talked of the ones I’d love to have bought over the years, but alas, the cupboard is bare.

                    Dang, autocorrect tried to make that the cupboard is beer……. I kind of like that.

                    • No worries plan,you can start sharpening those butter knives now,just be careful with em!With some real grinding/polishing might even get a drop point or two out of the batch!

            • You win. Best comment of them all today!! Was thinking similar thoughts. Wondered where the ammo, knives, bows, spears and other instruments of mass persuasion were. Figured behind the cam there must be rows of shelves.

            • Paranoid. That sure aint eppes house. Hes not aloud to have any guns. That suicide watch thing..hes on. Fragile ego.

              -WWTI.. My neighbor tried to commit suicide. He got a rope and a ladder out tied the rope to a tree branch, wrapped the rope around his neck and jumped off the ladder. Well the branch broke and he fell into the canal with the aligators. The other neighbor grabbed the rope and pulled him to shore by the rope. Sum funny sh!t. Then the County Deps arrived and took him to jail for giving his mom a black eye.

              So dont be smoking meth. Hes such a dope he failed even at suicide. Losers.

              • That is what happens when one does not meet thier potential neighbors before one buys property.

                Always figure out the people you will be living beside.

                Common sense seems lacking here…

                • eppe, I have no fear of those committing suicide in my area. They are weak like you. Its one less dope like you, I will have to cull when necessary. So whats your choice of suicide since you failed to prep and have no guns? Did you even prep for suicide. Cyanide capsuls or hamging? Got rope you dope?


                  • Capsuls/hamging?!You can’t even use spell check,you don’t have due to security on OS yet can’t see that the spelling is off,you thus lack attention in the details,that can very likely get you killed.

                  • WhoWTFKnows,

                    KNOCK IT OFF

                    you’re bein’ a real jerk

                  • Spill it, tough guy, what’s your 20? GPS coordinates, please.

          • A older friend whose father was a shiner once said:

            You ain’t drunk until you shit in your pants and forget your name…

            • I don’t drink anymore and sometimes I do both anyway, lol.

              • da hICK –

                That is some funny stuff – thanks for sharing, and playing along.


          I disagree. There is debt and then there is debt. 🙂

          Get out of secured debt as fast as possible. Unsecured debt is a different thing altogether. Get all that you can. At least all that you can afford to repay. I have a very large unsecured credit line.

          The gangster banksters are passing out 15 -21 month ZERO INTEREST credit cards like halloween candy. I have three CC, one each from three major banks, all new with at least 15 months of free money. Where will we be, where will the economy be in 15 months ???

          A lot can happen in 15 months. As it is I am using free bank money for EVERYTHING that I would normally pay cash for, making more than minimum payments and stashing the cash out of the banks to either pay them off after 15 months when the balances come due …. or not …. as conditions dictate.

          I will not be bailing out the banks with a bail in. They will be bailing me out. Fool me once shame on them. Fool me twice, shame on me. This time the banks may be bailing me out, depending on how difficult SHTF becomes.

          I only wish the credit lines were higher, but I am not going to ask for an increase. It might set off alarm bells. 🙂

          • Cash is liberty coined! Every time you use a credit card to purchase something – you put a profit into the pocket of a bankster corporation – via the fee generated from the merchant ~2% of the purchase price!

            Every time you use a credit card to make a purchase, you are in fact, bailing out the banks.

            To starve the beast, look for the flag of the frugal revolution, a.k.a. the hand-written price tag.

            • Helot: The BEAST is not going to “starve” when it has the capacity to create money for its investment class and purchase all of the securities evidencing real and financial assets.

              Your ignorance of the system reveals itself again. 🙂

          • I understand your strategy. Interesting contrarian view. But what if the system stays afloat for another 3-4 years? Won’t you be forced to pay off the credit cards or the interest kill you?

            • Diane: No it is NOT possible for the system to stay afloat for another 3-4 years. A reset of some sort is coming soon. I would be surprised if it keeps its head above water for another 90 days. We have reached a transition point where the system will reset long before, say, July 1st of next year.

              This credit card debt is unsecured. I could refuse to pay the balances in 2018. If I did there is nothing the banks can do. I am personally judgement proof meaning that my assets and income are beyond the reach of an unsecured creditor. They have no recourse.

              At my age and given my financial status, I do not need ANY credit. Repayment of my credit cards, or NOT, is an option; not a requirement.

              When the card balances become due in early 2018, I have the option of walking into those banks and paying my balances in FULL with cash. If I take that option the banks will say, “Good Boy! You deserve …… a HIGHER credit line.”

              If I failed to use the credit lines given to me, they would be reduced. That’s the way the system works. Use it or lose it. 🙂

              • BTW, these three cards are HIGH CASH REWARD cards, meaning the banks are paying me to take their FREE MONEY!!! Hate the banksters ???

                Cash Rewards are the best revenge !!! LMAO 🙂

                • Durrango, Not exactly. The CC Cash rewards to not hurt the banks, but hurts the Merchants who stores you shop at using your cash rewards cards. They have to pay a higher percentage say 3% for rewards cards transactions, than regular credit card at 1.6%. Nearly twice the transaction fee. Thus your local business are funding and subsidizing your cash rewards. Reward Credit Cards are what hurts local business the most. You want to help your local merchant also fight the banks? Pay all in cash and skip their digital tollbooth.

                  ~WWTI… Credit card processing for businesses is what I have done for 23 years. So just saying. I see who pays for what. I too make money off every transaction of the business I set up, so I make more money if you use you Rewards cards. So thank you in advance. It actually pays me more. I win. lol

                  • I know, but I have no allegiance to “local merchants” for them its part of the cost of doing business and they likely add that cost into their profit structure. As it is, everything is over priced even if it is marked “on sale”.

                    Right ???

                    The point I am making is that the banksters are paying me to use their free money. I don’t care where they are stealing the money as long as I get mine !!!

                    Why don’t I care ??? They would be stealing the money from someone whether they pay me or not. Better they pay me for taking their free money. 🙂

          • I was debt free when we got married, but she owes on everything including her home and car so we’ll live in her nicer house and drive her nicer car until she loses her federal grant then move back to my place in the mountains and drive the old Jeep. We have completely separate deeds, titles, bank accounts, etc. so no contagion.

            BTW, there was a huge migration from rural areas into cities during The Great Depression by country folk looking for jobs busting the myth that rural is a panacea. The reason to buy rural is so you can afford to pay cash. If you cannot it is better to be in the city.

        • And dopey here who claims to have prepped since 1997, still has no weapons, no BOL, 100% grid dependent, still punching a clock at 57 yrs old and who still lives in suberbia. You have not learned a damn thing here, have you? And his PM’s is junk silver he inherited. And waiting for his wifes family to die off to collect some loot to go buy a BOL. Walk the walk bonehead. You are full of snail Bull shit. Fn moron fiddling. But hey everybody wanna hear a joke?? No thanks, you are this site’s joke. Thx for playing.

          -WWTI… Commiting suicide will be your only escape, on your terms for the unprepared. And the clocks tickin. Keep fiddling dopey.

        • AMEN TO THAT!

      2. Impossible for many to get out of debt…

      3. It depends on the severity of the collapse. If it is at the level of 90% + of the population being starving then my action plan is to form teams of the similar minded patriots and simply go after those who created the collapse and are living a comfortable life and that includes their bodyguards first.

        • Stolz.. Yeah that would be a fun adventure. COUNT ME IN. Like pirates, like the Vikings, pillage and plunder. Steal their women, enslave their children. Take their gold and wine gobbletts.

          Had a friend who was a Tank Col in Iraq invasion 2002. He smoked Saddam’s Cigars on the roofs of his palaces that they captured and took over. The 1% has a lot of great stuffed stashed away. Wine Celars, fine art work, PM’s.


          • Stolz: It’s always Okay to do that as long as You maintain a mind set of Righteous Indignation as main reason for hunting down and whacking those Perps.

            Righteous Indignation is arrived at when one finally awakens and gets wized up as to whom are them real top controler perps. Then all that happens afterwards is all A-Okay!….Especially if only They get harmed eh.

            America is chock full of various Celtic-Viking-Anglo-Saxon-Warriors just waiting a proper moment to Pounce.

            Like that Poem by Kipling aka “When the Saxons first began to Hate”…Thats the point of time when all things shall be counted from…Today we have BC and AD…Then we shall have Pre-Saxons began to Hate and After saxons began to Hate! With alot of very very sorry assed Dead perps as proof solid of their nefarious swindle scams they thought to get away with forever. But soon the perps shall Lean that this time around, they simply bit off Far more than they can Ever jew.

            • Indeed Them Guys. I always remember your quote:

              Prosecute the guilty and leave the innocent alone.

              We are not savages like these barbarian Judas to kill unarmed kids and women and to suck the blood out of humanity.

        • Stolz,my guess is many of the said body guards/security may be way ahead of ya’s.When they see the actual damages caused they will in some cases be out for revenge as they realize the world they know with friends/family gone,some just ore practical and say fuck it and take it for them selves.

      4. Its an experiance of mine that the future brings the unexpeted.It finds a path of its own, like if give everyone the finger.Not saying not to prepair, but perhaps we should not worry tomuch abot tomorrow.Everyday has enough of its own pain.But then again….I am not quite sober right now…so : )

      5. Prepper food should contain plenty of coco powder.

        Make chocolate candy, icing, fudge, pancakes, cake, cookies, syrup, etc.

        Store it and experiment using it. This “Food of the Gods” is packed with antioxidants which are the clean up guys that rid our bodies of Cancer and aging oxidative destroyers of health.

        Store coconut oil and mix with butter when cooking. Buy canned coconut milk. It contains coconut oil. That is why the can says shake before opening.

        I use organic sugar and keep honey to drizzle unto cold food because heating destroys enzymes.

        No sugar is required to use coco powder. It can be added to savory foods as a flavor enhancer and for its health benefits.

        I have begun making coffee with both cow or goat milk and coconut milk. Wow, it helps to keep one clear headed.


      6. Another click bait story for buy Gold…I miss the old day at shtf..

        • Amen PA. Seems some come here just to fight.
          Ruining this site is thier MO.

          Proud to have been here when posters were real…

          • Eppe left you a comment below. Down fall of living out in the middle of nowhere, no signal took me three times to send. And now it’s down there.

          • There is no commie seniority ranking here clockpuncher. You either post legit stuff or you can leave. Try leaving. Nobody would care.

            -WWTI… ASK Eppe why he has no weapons?? Lmfao..

            • No ranking here.
              But posting lies and slander has brought this site down to your level.

              Maybe I should post jokes to tourque you up again.
              What do other great posters think???

              • Crickets.. Zzzzzzz
                Keep fiddling dopey. When SHTF, like the 3AM knock on his door by baseball bat carry thugs, and dopey has no guns,… the look on eppes face… priceless.

                Thats when his fiddling comes full circle, as he is dragged from his house by his ankles,telling the Thugs, hey wanna hear a joke?

                -WWTI…Cant fake prepping. Cant fake weapons, cant fake having a BOL. CANT FAKE HAVING A PLAN.

                • WhoWTFKnows,

                  Your such a POS.


                • WhoWTFKnows:

                  You’re such a POS


              • I would always post jokes,we lose ability to laugh in trying times we have already lost!I would do this though to have forum laugh,not due to personal conflicts.Tourgue,really?!

          • Man, eppe, that WhoWTFKnows fella sure does seem like a whackjob psychopath. What you seem to draw out of him is educational: heartless evil is all around and ready and eager to pounce, so beware.

        • This site is a mirror to our times, and current events.

          Damn straight the good ol’ days are gone, Americans voted for the sh#t sandwich we are currently being served and it frightens a lot of people.

          Economies follow historical boom and bust cycles. The current super debt has been tried before and always ends in disaster.

          Preppers are a bit like six year old soccer players, they run in a herd chasing the ball. Whatever is the latest obvious threat is what they prep for. However after many years of this, the bases ultimately get covered little is waste.

          Prepping for a hurricane, winter blizzard, earthquake is simple compared to prepping for another Great Depression. An economic collapse will be a 10 to 20 year event, with periods of famine and terrible hardship. This is really tough to prep for. Kind of takes the fun out of prepping.

          • plan twice,
            I think everyone yearns for the old days, I had better friends then, neighbors and just people in general seemed nicer. Now it seem’s like I’m walking on eggshells around people any little thing makes them mad. And I can say I was a lot better off eight yrs ago then I am today.
            I say it all the time when discussing current events with friends, are great grandparents probably stood here and discuss the same things. But I really do think we are getting closer to the shit sandwich..when it comes I’m much better prepared than I was, thanks to shtf.

            • Ahh the good old days.
              Getting home from work, eating a can of ravioli for dinner and crawling under my car to fix it so I can go to work the next day… Only to fall asleep under said car, wake at 4:00 am, finish fixing the car, crawl into bed for two more hours of sleep and rush to work.

              Ahhh the good old days……. Damn a global appocolypse might be easier?

      7. Have been ready since 1999. Got all me and the wife needed.
        Then cancer came and took my wife in may. The only thing left are the preps, I have donated them to a good cause. You see cancer will get me soon also. So I hope they get this show on the road.
        I kept enough to do my part.
        Law of One
        Someone has to pay
        Only question is WHO?

        • I’m sorry you lost your wife, and are dealing with cancer. That rots. Please know your preps were not in vain. They will help others. Thank you and I will send prayers for comfort your way.

        • Law of one.

          “I kept enough to do my part.”

          You said a lot right there.

        • Law of One,

          God bless, no words are appropriate for such a loss as yours. We have struggled with cancer as well. It’s a terrible plague win or lose.

          When I bought long term stored food, my wife said she’d never eat that, I chuckled and said if we never use it, I’ll donate it out to disaster relief while it still has a few years before it expires. If we need it you may feel different when you get hungry enough! Our little joke.

          Our preps will always be a blessing to those in need no matter what. Pleased to hear you seem to feal the same way. Give those blessings in her name and her smile lives forever.

          It’s cold and damp here, I’m sitting here with a toasty fire in the fireplace, and if I may, I’ll raise a glass to you and everyone here who has lost someone they love.

      8. What goes around comes around. The advice from the “Greatest Generation” that lived through the great depression and WWII was “save your money, don’t go into debt, pay your bills”. Decades later its like they found something new when this advice is timeless.

      9. PA,agree for most part.I suppose short term gold a inflation hedge but hits the fan even gold no good.You survive/live long enuff to get to other side of disaster gold could be part of a kickstarter on the other side.

        That said,beans/bullets/bandages/learning skills that have value ect. what you need.While I have none excepting my share of govt. debt(good luck collecting that!)really do not see debt as a big thing when it hits the fan.Hell,would prep like hell on goods if needed and declare bankruptcy on said cards,tis what is in store for the populace anyhow in regards to investments/retirements ect.

        • The smalls add up…

          And a 1957 Bently convertable would be cool to drive in now days…

          Keep on keeping on my brother..

          • That would be fun to drive again,tis about year 3 since last hung with me dad,was a great week at the Vt. home with 600 acres to play on,now,no longer in the family.

            I am at a friends home at moment,river out front and tire of that turn 90 degrees to lake it feeds,not too tough!I saw here for I believe the first time a Pielated woodpecker,big as a damn crow and cool looking with bright red throat and crown,and rest black,tis the biggest in North America unless hidden some were ivory billed woodpeckers,not sighted for decades unfortunately.I am waiting for the duck that comes by at night for free snack,usually here every night but probably cons a better meal some nights,being weekend a lot of folks coming back for leaf season/final boating of season,soon,off to Maine for a bit of volunteer carpentry on a kennel,going to be used for dogs being trained as service dogs for vets fucked up from the wars,seems a worthy endeavor.

            • Seen those 2 foot tall woodpeckers.
              Really can make a racket in the woods.
              You are a good man to voluniteer for a great cause…

              Be well all…

              • I get a couple of those wood peckers on my property in Mich most every year. They are so loud you can hear them over a mile away!….When I first moved here and did not realize yet I had them type wood peckers here, I thought sombody was out back on my property chopping trees down with an Ax! I rode the hondo 4X4 atv out in search of the trespassers and never could find anyone!

                Then one day I heard it again very close by and very loud. I walked to living room picture window to look see out in front yard and saw one of them 20 ft out from window I stood at…He was furiously pecking at a old dead tree eating bugs within that dead tree trunk.

                They are very large birds too.. typical size is at least 18-20 inch tall once full grown.

                One other time I saw for very first time here a Huge Barn owl or whichever Owl is the largest sized owl is called.

                It was aprox 3:00 Am very Dark nite and as I slowly drove to drivway down a 1,00 foot long dirt road I live off of, right before I got to my driveway, I saw what appeared to be a very Huge house Cat just sitting in middle of road. I flashed brights lites at it, tapped horn flashed brite lites again and it refused to budge!

                Then as I very slowly drove truck closer to see why it won’t move…Thats when I realized it was a Huge Owl!!!

                Just stood there looking at Me with huge round eyes and twisting its neck almost in a full circle around and back to front to stare at me again…Very erie.

                It took a full two minits longer before he finally spread wings and just glided/flew off still stareing at me in the truck. That Owl was at Least Two full feet tall I swear…I never seen so large of an owl or bird here.

                but later on I did see even a larger sized Eagle..It was in middle of two lane black top local road to town, eating road kill and when I stopped truck to watch the eagle I saw it was a Bald eagle like national usa bird is.

                Now That is the very largest ever bird I ever seen yet in person here in mich…I sat in truck observing it eat road kill a couple minits with several other cars now there observing it also. All a sudden the eagle spread its huge wings and flew right at my truck front end.

                Just before it could hit my windshield it rose quickly up and took off with wing span of close to seven feet across!

                It looked like them remote control Planes folks fly at various club events etc…Very Huge bird.

                in the huron National Forest lands close to me, like two miles away, I also found a tree by side of two lane blacktop road near a lake and many homes, and that tree had an bald eagle fly up into its nest. Man that eagles nest is huge also…Must have been three or four feet Deep and six or more feet across nest…I never ever seen anything such as that prior when in Detroit! Lots of apelike monkys there in detroit but zero bald eagles or large wood peckers. All in All it’s a very swell trade off between up north mich vs detroit areas I must say.

                • Them,you probably saw a great grey or more likely a great horn owl(they have cool looking ear tufts).The great grey more canuk region but you are close enuff a likely candidate.Mostly white might have been a large snowy,very large presence here in New England.

                  Seeing this wood pecker has got me reignited in the birds,need to find me Sibley Bird book,the bible of bird id.

        • Warchild, who can afford gold, everyone’s priorities are different, for me it’s harvesting my crops, eating that egg yolk that are orange not yellow because the chickens are truly free range, that’s my gold.
          The last few yrs I’ve been making changes with the farm because of whats comming “hard times”.
          Instead of being dependent on crops too feed my cattle that cost a lot, with failure, deer damage, I’ve spent money time to get pastures and hay the best they can be. The cattle are at about 98% grass fed now, with little feed in winter. That’s how I’m getting rid of debt you could say.

          • PA,am in firm agreement,the gold is for those who have other bases covered/caches ect.I would much rather the working farmland then gold in good or bad times.

            Now,if I was to find gold while tilling the land,that could be a very nice bargain!

            • Prepper Gold

              sifting your hands through buckets of clean, winnowed corn seed.

              some for grinding, some for planting next spring.

              knowing you pulled it off yourself.

              knowing you can do it again.

              ahhhhhh the feel of prepper gold sifting between your fingers.

      10. “So what should you do? How should you handle this harsh reality?”

        Open up a bottle of wine … fire up a good smoke … watch the upcoming events unfold that are about to take place. ?

        • FTW,will be Jack when it hits,along with some final tunes before stepping out into the dark unknown,probably not to return.

          • Stepping out into the dark unknown, probably not return?

            If so … may I suggest playing this song loud on your home stereo system before you make that move!

            Duration: 4:05


            • Eh,will be AC/DC’s “Are You Ready”,that songs makes me want to stick my tongue in light sockets and chew on concrete!Of course,Crue’s “Holigans Holiday”also has this affect on me!This,after a lot of Tull for the final time with drink and smoke,then,off ta war.

              • AC⚡DC “Are You Ready” – is a song that says – “time to put your game face on & tear shit up”.

                Duration: 4:11


              • Tull!!! Yes! I suppose your name is semi-inspired by the album. Damn it, Tull… I hope we still have the juice in days far ahead so I can play an album once in awhile.

                My words but a whisper, your deafness, a Shout!

                Wishing you all a safe Rocktober….

                • Steel,semi-inspired?!I saw Tull as a kid on Warchild/minstrel tour,saw em over a 100 times since!

                  A orphan kitten(Siamese Lynx)has the name Warchild Tsunami.I saw him and mom asked me what we should name him,the little ball of fur was tearing thru the home and going toe to toe with 80 pound dog(lab/wolfhound mix),dog was just good natured laughing as a dog can.The tsunamis had just hit with devastation hence the name,was just listening to Warchild and thus Warchild Tsunami.

                  He lived up to his name,would chase full size deer in some delusion he could bring em down(was only 8 pounds),had a face off with a mother deer over fawn napping on lawn,ended up napping with fawn,a bad ass/cool cat.

                  • WC;
                    You sound like my wife and I. We have both always loved our animals and, as a matter of fact, I prefer them by far to the vast majority of people. The connection with them seems to strengthen with age.

      11. When winter comes you have no heat the snow piles up the water shut off. I’ll say a prayer for the dying. DHS is at the nuke plants wanting to know about melts down already. The oil truck won’t have gas. The gas line will be empty. After that the mop up crew will come If you didn’t go to your nearest fema camp.Hell coming so be ready for thing you never seen or dreamed of.

      12. My only concern is how Mac took a picture of my office above.

        • We have our ways….


          • MAC – I like this response, damn funny – btw – something funky going on with SHTFplan website … it was boggy/slow earlier … and the youtube video’s won’t upload and format like they should.

      13. I have no debt.
        I have water and food forever.
        I own my land.
        Soon I will have electricity forever.
        My newest car is 14 years old, my oldest is 30.
        You make your choices. Sleep with a fake tits
        Kardasian or with the girl next door.
        I married the girl next door.
        Really! 40 years now.

        • Sorry, but you never own your own land if you are paying taxes on it. You are renting the land and house. Don’t pay the taxes and the gov comes and takes it away. It stinks.
          We never own our land if we pay taxes. We are just renting it.

      14. Excellent article, Mac.

      15. Eppe, call it what you will something told me to open the page back up that you commented on mine, weird..
        Years back I lived for shtf not so much anymore. Soon as my eyes would open I would read any new comments, midday I would look to see if the next article was up yet. I’ve watch you take abuse, like when you would tell joke’s till everyone had tears in their eyes, “but no” that had to end, because that was fun. And of late something was going on, but I don’t read shtf all the time so I don’t know what it was about. Anyhow I hope all’s good your way. Eppe your a good friend the welcome mat is always out for you at my farm.

        • “And of late something was going on.”

          It’s called WWTI being a prick! – there is nothing else to add – it is … what it is and nothing more.

          • … and on that note … I know Eppe would find this humorous … as in WWTI … not so much … but … this banter between these two … reminds me of this video.

            Duration: 4:25


            • Pa & FTW, I am tired of the verbal abuse.
              And yes I try to dish it out as bad as I get it.
              But I did not start it months ago.
              Now he is working on Satori.
              Who will be next???

              • PA, wished you were a neighbor.
                Ever google your moniker?
                I am proud to been there, my favorite poster was Smokin Oakie.
                He posted some really funny stuff.
                I copied some of his stories to send to others.
                The site was fun then…

      16. I’ve been here since the beginning. I rarely comment, but appreciate all you regular commenters. You writings have provided solace when the rest of the world thought I was off my rocker.

        Well, I am still off my rocker, but my rocker kicks ass. Prepping is a way of life, something one does because they have a conviction that can’t be shaken and a Faith to weather the storm.

        Kipling essentially said in his poem If that being a man or adult means enduring humiliation while others laugh yet you make your principal-led way. When the storm hits in full, it will be no laughing matter, but those who took us for fools, will realize the extent of their folly, one way or the other.

        I hope October is an uneventful ride to the election ( yeah right), but whatever happens, to quote that great jackass on PA ave., “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

        Saluting from the Shenandoah…

        • Welcome Steeltoe.
          Have a thick skin…

      17. @Law of One
        Im very sorry to hear about your loss.
        Praying for you…. for comfort, God’s wisdom and protection.

        Just remember this life is temporary… whether you live for 80 years or 8 years.
        The next life is eternal!

        Beans,bullets,bandaids and the Bible.
        God bless,

        SolarGuy out…

      18. Wow Debby downers here. Many sound like they are about to die. Saying goodbye’s. The name of the Game will be “Cull or be Culled.”

        Got your SAFE BOL? Weapons to defend it? Walk the walk. BS is just talk.


        • WHERE ARE YOU?

      19. Debby downers?No,just a realist who cannot watch evil when it kicks in in full force,will fight to best of ability and probably die in said fight.I was not raised a Grizzly Adams life style and do not have a few special ops combat tours under belt.I will do the best I can anyhow,and thus will violence with violence,will not be able to hide/bugout while murder /rape ect. happens before our eyes,hence,probably not long for the darkness.Tis OK,have no wife/kids and thus can in the beginning say fuck it and go,will be a important message to get out early in the games.

        • Warchild, have a good bolt action deer rifle, a 12 gauge shotgun and a .22 rifle, each with lots of ammo.

          f ’em

      20. We may soon look back and say, ‘These were the Good Old Days’. If you have been following alt-media you have been warned.

        Examples using Sam’s Club.
        Enriched White Rice $15 for 50 lbs.
        Black Beans $10 for 10 lbs.
        Unlimited quantities are available today.

        Imagine the torture watching your loved ones suffer greatly and saying to yourself, ‘If I had just spent a lousy $200….’

        • Diane, you speak the truth…

        • Yup, next Costco run is rice, beans, spam and sugar 🙂

      21. Property will have to be constantly defended by one’s own munitions.

      22. have posted many times but here again,a good article: ht tp://americanpreppersnetwork.com/2012/08/a-year-of-food-storage-for-300-for-a-family-of-four.html ,as always,space between http to avoid the moderation game.You obviously need water/cooking nice but a good base to get started with.You don’t have that much money just do what you can and as time permits add to it.

        Folks,you new to this it can be done till it’s hit the fan,go for it.

        Oh,on a side note make sure all the food is labeled “survival food”,else,tis no good according to one poster it seems.Boy,am gonna have some fun with this one!

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