What Shutdown? Federal Spending per Day Is Down Only 7 Percent

by | Jan 25, 2019 | Headline News | 102 comments

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    This article was originally published by Mark Brandly at Mises Institute

    In our Principles of Microeconomics courses, we sometimes consider whether a firm should shutdown some line of production. A firm shuts down when it ceases operations, when it closes down and stops its production. The firm stops spending money on everything except its fixed costs.

    A federal government “shutdown” has a completely different meaning.

    There has been much hand wringing over the current government shutdown that began on December 22 of last year. The Treasury department, with its Daily Treasury Statements, has provided us with details regarding federal spending through January 18. So we have the data on the first four weeks of the shutdown. Let’s try to determine the definition of a government shutdown.

    In order to have some baseline for comparison, consider the budget for Fiscal Year 2018. The Treasury Department reports on all of the dollars withdrawn from federal accounts. In one sense, this is all federal spending. In FY 2018, withdrawals from federal accounts totaled $13,961.9 billion. That works out to a daily average of $38.3 billion.

    In the first 28 days of the shutdown, the feds total withdrawals were $1,163 billion. That’s a daily average of $41.5 billion. If we define federal spending as the total withdrawals from federal accounts, then average daily spending during the shutdown is about 8.5% higher than it was in Fiscal Year 2018.

    However, the federal government is rolling over a large amount of its debt. It is issuing new government securities and using the funds from this sale of these securities to pay for previous securities that have come due. These withdrawals are under the line item Public Debt Cash Redemptions. It’s analogous to a firm borrowing money to make the principal payments on its debt.

    The bulk of federal spending is this type of spending. The reason this spending number is so high is because of this debt service.

    Most everyone, all households and businesses, would classify loan payments as spending, even if they financed the loan payments by borrowing money. However, most analysts, when they discuss federal spending, omit this debt service. They usually only include the other types of spending. So let’s take a look at that.

    In FY 2018, federal withdrawals (spending) not including the debt service (PDCR) totaled $4,757.8 billion. That’s a daily average of $13 billion. (As an aside, please note that two-thirds of federal spending in FY 2018 was debt payments. This should make us uneasy regarding the federal government’s long term financial viability.)

    For the first four weeks of the shutdown, December 22, 2018 to January 18 of this year, withdrawals less PDCR totaled $338.5 billion for a daily average of a little more than $12 billion.

    So by this measure of federal spending, the feds are spending on average 7.3% less per day during this shutdown than they did in FY 2018.

    Regardless of your position on the shutdown, we should recognize the deceit involved in calling this a shutdown. Spending $12 billion per day is not a shut down. Spending 7% less than you spent last year is not a shutdown.

    Calling the current budget impasse a shutdown is just another example of the political corruption of our language.

    About the Author

    Dr. Mark Brandly is a Fellow of the Mises Institute. He holds a PhD in economics from Auburn University, where he was a Mises Research Fellow, specializing in the areas of Public Finance, International Economics, Natural Resource Economics, and Industrial Organization. He has published articles in The Wall Street Journal, The Journal of Commerce, Public Finance Review, The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, The Free Market, various newspapers and websites. Since 2003, Dr. Brandly has taught at Ferris State University. He also taught at Ball State University and Taylor University. Prior to his academic career, he worked in the Colorado oil and gas industry managing the drilling, completion, and production of oil and gas wells.


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      1. Nancy needs another botox injection so you think that face isn’t all plastic. One thing I never understood is why Donald didn’t let her and crew go to Afghanistan and then call the plane back and strand their asses there.

        • That look might come from strokes. Maybe, something more animatronic.


          • That’s the face of too much vodka in the morning.

            • vodka and plastic….

            • Pelosi turns 79 years old next month.

              I don’t care for her but she doesn’t look so bad for someone who raised 5 kids and is pushing 80.

              • Botox queen.



          FUCK AMERICA





        • Why cant we have a 9-9-9 tax plan?

          How many billions is wasted on this idiotic tax code every year?

      2. “If we define…”
        Always a whopper coming after those three words. Or at least a (usually) disingenuous setup for supporting some flawed thesis.

        So, not paying 800,000 people only returns a 7% reduction in spending? Seems to be an argument AGAINST the idea that government is bloated, no?

      3. jGjQAcnrnbU
        President Trump at 1:30 pm Eastern

        • ht tps://www.cbsnews.com/news/government-shutdown-trump-to-make-shutdown-announcement-at-white-house-2019-01-25-live-stream/
          Better link.

      4. The shutdown costs the government a billion dollars a day x 35 days so 35 billion, yet he asked for 5 billion. Heck the whole Wall is supposed to cost 50 billion.

        That is what needs to be communicated. The DNC have lost their minds.

        • It is so RIDICULOUS to listen to the fake news media spinning this as Trump caving as he had planned a national emergency just hours ago with Wall funding! He is not caving. Certain exegensies have resulted in Pelosi cutting a deal to instead do a 3 week temporary reopening.

          I hate listening to a CBS livestream as it’s just garbage information that are bold faced lies.

          Pelosi balked at a national emergency. Recall that Trump backed her up too before she became Speaker. Go back and read the news reports. Then Pelosi stabbed him in the back.

          • PROOF

            htt ps://thehill.com/homenews/administration/426883-white-house-preparing-draft-for-trump-to-declare-a-national-emergency
            Just hours ago he was going to do it. Pelosi is the one who caved.

            • PROOF
              ht tps://www.vox.com/2018/11/17/18099910/trump-nancy-pelosi-speaker-republican-support
              Nov 17 2018 Trump backed Pelosi right after the election amd then she stabbed him in the back.

              • The Dumbocrats WASTED $35 billion on a 35 day hissy fit that accomplished NOTHING and that is 700% more than what Trump asked for. This is flat out grandstanding by the DNC.

                The DNC put 800,000 government employees paychecks at risk.
                Caused air traffic snarl ups.
                Risked SNAP
                Risked Section 8
                Risked Indian Health programs
                Risked WIC

                and wasted $35 billion

                versus giving up $5 billion.

                That is lunacy.

                • By God he should have called them on it. Just the SNAP alone for 2 to 3 months would have done it.

                  I mean I would be hating life, there’s no doubting that at all… but that said…

                  You want to win a war you have to accept damage.

                  To me… if I blew myself up politically and took ALL of them collectively with me? It’s a win.

                • Six events affected this about face.
                  1. Ginsberg status
                  2. Air traffic controllers / TSA issues
                  3. Venezuela and Russian and Chinese intervention
                  4. French bank runs /yellow vests
                  5. Treaty of Aachen / loss of NATO in France and Germany
                  6. Inevitable civil unrest in March

                  Had Trump declared a national emergency this afternoon, it might have caused chaos in the market. He could easily have declared a SOTU address using military force.

                  You would expect an official plan on a Reduction in Force.

                  You would expect an official plan on Venezuela since 400 Russian “advisers” are there as a security detail for Mazurka and then why Columbia balked at the US using military bases there.

                  You would expect an announcement on the incapacitation of Ginsberg and a counterattack impeachment on Kavanaugh by the DNC.

                  • The curse of autocorrect. It should say Maduro. We officially recognized Guiado.

                  • The US Supreme Court has nine slots. You need seven to make a quorum and five are needed as a majority.

                    Ginsberg in essence is out due to severe pneumonia and makes it eight.

                    Kavanaugh is very possibly temporarily out due to impeachment and makes it seven.

                    See the problem for President Trump?

                  • ht tps://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-25/france-germany-we-are-committed-emergence-european-army
                    This Treaty of Aachen reminds me of Vichy France during the Nazi era. Nothing good can come of it as how can they possibly create a European Army when the nationalists do not want it? It will split the EU even more. Does anyone think the yellow vests in France desire MORE TAXES and being mustered to be Macoroni’s soldier?

                    It is destabilizing and counter to the spirit of NATO. If the EU were actually a United States of Europe in ethos, then maybe they could protect themselves? It would help lower miitary expenditures for the USA.

                    In a worse case scenario, it encourages Communist China and Russia and pits France/Germany versus everyone else in the EU and thus the USA loses whatever remaining authority we have there due to a diminshing NATO.

                    Le Pen not winning is seriously harming France and Merkel has imploded Germany in many ways…not least of which is the economic migrant debacle.

                    • The UN Security Council is discussing what to do about Venezuela.

                      In the last 24 hours, Islamic nations have universally backed Maduro.

                      China supports Maduro as they have heavily invested there.

                      IF the USA went in, it would be very controversial, and then remember that Hugo Chavez SEIZED the oil fields that belonged to US corporations like Exxon so who do they belong to really?

                    • Wow Maranatha you must have lot of time on your hands.

                    • 5bqWm3DLcYk

                      Is the French-German Treaty of Aachen just Vichy France all over again???

                    • Look at the actual pitiful state of Germany’s military readiness. They would CRUSHED by the Russians.

                      ht tps://www.stripes.com/news/as-germany-prepares-for-nato-crisis-response-role-its-military-readiness-is-abysmal-1.527253
                      “Pressure on Berlin is mounting after a series of revelations has exposed the German military as one of the least combat ready in NATO, despite its economic heft.
                      “The readiness of the German military is abysmal,” said Jorge Benitez, a NATO expert with the Atlantic Council in Washington. “For years, German leaders have known that major elements of their armed forces, such as tanks, submarines and fighter jets, are not fully operational and can’t be used for actual military missions.”
                      The military dysfunction is likely to re-emerge as a flashpoint between Berlin and Washington when President Donald Trump attends a NATO summit in July.”

                    • Look at French military readiness. It would be impossible for them to muster any sizable force due to other commitments.

                      ht tps://www.rand.org/pubs/research_reports/RR1629.html

                      “French Army Conclusions
                      France can probably field one medium or heavy battalion task force within a week. Generating the equivalent of a full armored brigade probably would take several weeks to a month.
                      The toll of France’s ongoing operations — especially Operation Sentinelle — on French Army readiness introduces a significant degree of uncertainty regarding France’s capacity to sustain a brigade and that brigade’s proficiency. This uncertainty will linger until France finds a way to lighten the load currently carried by its ground forces, particularly in the army’s homeland security role, while also growing the overall size of the force.”

                  • ht tps://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-26/venezuelas-highest-ranking-military-attache-flips-maduro-urges-armed-forces

                    Told ya. What typically happens in Latin America is a general elects to be a patriot and save the People by risking his neck, or a corrupt general who likely took bribes realizes the handwriting is on the wall. So the latter cuts a deal with the new contested leader to get unspoken amnesty and retains his military power.

                  • Venezuelan tanks move toward the Columbian border, one gathers in anticipation of a US military attack from Columbia per the earlier report.

                    Many Venezuelan private planes leaving the country. Mass reports of power outages more than a day in duration.

                    Venezuelan infantry and artillery moves to the Columban border.

                • mara, That is exactly why Trumps shutting down the government was not a good strategy. At all.

                  The Dems didn’t shutdown the government. Trump did.

                  Trump should have known of the consequences and considered the costs of his decision before he decided to go forward with a reckless decision to shutdown the government.

                  Shutting down the government was not the answer to getting the first round of border wall funds. But facts straight: HE was the one who shutdown the government.

                  In my previous (long) post (from about an hour ago) I mentioned that Trump didn’t cave in. That’s not what took place. I also shared what is going on “behind the scenes” right now.

          • Maybe they are all in cahoots with each other on one big team called government ruling class and all this along with everything else is just one big deception show….cus in the end we are all still where we are and they are where they are.nothing really changes hmmmm

          • Trump just gave the Democrats everything they were demanding. He got absolutely nothing in return, it wasn’t even a compromise.

            He surrendered, trying to put the reckoning for it off and save face, there isn’t going to be a wall he promised anymore than there has been any wall or other concession since Reagan first started surrendering.

            At some point, you have to deal with reality instead of trying to substitute wishful thinking for it.

          • He backed Pelosi?

            What is the man insane or something?

            My order of hate for politicians goes something like

            Hillary Clinton
            Pol Pot
            Joseph Stalin
            Fidel Castro
            Adolph Hitler…

            Jerry Brown
            Nancy Pelosi

            She ranks in at #3 on my most hated AMERICAN politician list, followed by Pocahontas at #4.

            (You know, I remember when this “claiming you’re an Indian” bullshit was actually a thing, and actually worked with University admissions).

        • I assume you read the article, where are you getting “The shutdown costs the government a billion dollars a day”?

        • Not responding to spoiled children = priceless.

          You feed them once they’re going to keep coming back and coming back.

          It would have decimated our economy. This is true. Imagine no paychecks for all .gov employees, then them not buying anything, and this going on for 4 to 6 months. Couple this with the 25% tariff YOU KNOW is coming. It’s coming. And we manufacture NOTHING here.

          But I’m starting to think it would be worth it to decimate the economy, just to permanently humiliate these fucking spoilt brats.

          If my situation was just a little different I would be 100% on board, I assure you. There’d be no debate whatsoever on my part. Unfortunately for me, I’m not in that “little different” situation and if I go, a helpless dependent goes with me.

        • The Democrats (supported by big business and multi-national corporations), officialdom, some senior Republicans, TPTB, and other powerful entities, don’t want ‘the Wall’. But it’s not about the money, and NEVER was. Since when has the Demo.s (or Rep.s for that matter) ever been concerned about deficits and debt? If the illegal aliens voted Republican the Wall would have been erected already and been an even greater structure that is presently envisioned. No, it’s not about money.
          Why is officialdom hell-bent on simply allowing unregulated and unrestricted floods of third-world immigration in the US ? The premier, over-arching, number one priority of officialdom/TPTB/deep state is to permanently alter the demographics and culture of the US. Especially to reduce and render whites, conservatism, Christianity, and European based culture to a powerless minority status with no influence to shape political, economic, social, or legal policy. Eventually, if it isn’t mitigated, the Constitution will also eventually be ‘legally’ redefined or even nullified.
          I can safely say officialdom despises people like us. One of the greatest tools of TPTB is to discredit those they don’t like. They employ individuals, companies, and other entities into a powerful unified machine to discredit and blackmail, or do whatever it takes to silence those who stand up to them. I also strongly believe they have a handful of provocateurs who post on this site, I have one or two suspects, maybe a few other posters believe so too.
          SECEDE NOW !!!

        • mara, That’s why the shutdown was not cost effective. Trump is the one who decided to shutdown the government and he is the one who made that happen. Which ended up costing us more money.

          Apparently, shutting down the government wasn’t the answer or solution, nor was it a very good strategy, was it?

      5. I got back from my weekly shopping trip.

        Never in my 75 years have I ever seen so many fat disgusting obese pigs in my entire life. Especially the women that are suppose to be ‘the prettier sex’

        Out of the 200+ women that past by me at the stores, only two were not obese.

        American adults have too much free cash [more than half are getting free monthly money from the working legal taxpayer] or these stupid morons are running up their credit buying this super high carb cattle feed that they eat.

        I hope we have the worst depression of all time so that 300 million fat Americans can lose a few pounds.

        Shame on you.

        • Marantha’s pretty chill. So far as I can tell.

          I’m judging like 85% on personality / belief system / loyalty / partnership CAPACITY these days and like 15% on looks.

          Trust me, in Los Angeles… as Han Solo once said “and I thought they smelled bad on the outside”.

          God in heaven, if men did even a third of the shit women do around here they would be shunned forever MINIMALLY, and likely punched in the face.

          Reverse the genders in your head and behold the ugliness.

        • Sounds like Walmart in Arkansas.

        • Americans need the North Korean diet.

        • You are so right, my G*D the majority of women are so fat, many morbidly fat. They gross me out wearing spandex or tight clothing. Then then act prissy like they are a real catch. The single mothers who are fat are the worse. These women are piggish in appearance and attitude, not even nice to people, just classless. They fix up their hair and put on makeup, then go out, it’s just putting lipstick on a pig. They have a mentality of entitlement, even of superiority. Fat women have nothing to offer a man except to be a temporary sperm receptacle, if that’s what he wants. When a man doesn’t want them they say it’s his problem, what does that mean?
          You can see most fat women are lazy. When you see their cars in the parking lot you can see they don’t take care of them, looking inside their cars you see trash, food containers and wrappers, and even food lying on the seats and the floor. I had to go do an electrical upgrade at a fat lady’s house she rented, they don’t even clean the house.
          They don’t just need to lose weight because they are ugly on the outside, most are also ugly on the inside. They need to develop a better character and lifestyle.

          • …rejected by a fat chick, huh?

        • The societal decline in America is indeed across all facets, education, health, readiness, morals economics on main street level, government…. Et al….

      6. Pelosi For Prison. T-shirts! Get your t-shirts!

      7. IW —
        “Trump: Deal Reached to End Shutdown”

        No wall, yet.

        I don’t think the kneejerk left worried as much as people, who can live off the land.

        If you don’t have a day for Sabbath, it’s a good idea…

      8. Most of the money spent by the Government goes for Defense and social welfare(Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid). A lot of payments are done automatically. The big lesson is about security and how most Americans don’t have it. You’d think being a Federal employee gives you security and it is better than the Americans working in the private sector, but we live in an insecure world. Like most Americans, the Federal employees live paycheck to paycheck. They’ll probably get reimbursed when the budget is finally passed and signed. Regardless of how secure you might feel, you still need to plan and prep.

      9. Yet again, Conservatives/Republicans/Honest tax paying hard working Americans are left with nothing. Are we really so stupid to think 3 weeks are going to accomplish something that hasn’t happened in decades. BULLSHIT!!!

        Another win for Democraps/Socialist/Marxist/Progressives. Should have held the line…’nuff said

      10. Trump fucking caved. He had them by the balls with the shutdown but just as it was starting to get painful for the federal workers he folded. People have to suffer for there to be results. All I learned from this is pelosi is more powerful than the president. Trump is a good bullshitter though he fooled me. Keep stocking up.

      11. The plan is that the Democraps will not cut a deal no matter what Trump offers so either Trump declares martial law on the border, gets called a Dictator which starts riots or does nothing and riots by unpaid Government workers/ welfare queens start .

        Communist take over almost always through violent Civil /Guerilla war. (Russia, China, N. Korea, Cuba, Vietnam)

        “Political power comes from the barrel of a gun” Chairman Mao.

        Once the 2nd. Civil war starts, expect China to take Taiwan, N.Korea to invade S. Korea, Iran and Turkey to attack Israel.

        • It’s in the Chinese best interest to topple Kim in North Korea and replace him with a new puppet. Then that puppet engages in peace talks with South Korea. Reunification begins and China then controls a unified Korea, acquires the massive cache of rare earth minerals, and likely starts a huge joint Chinese/South Korean investment in infrastructure in North Korea.

          That is supremely dangerous.

          • Sounds like a plan.

          • In the interests of China and Korea to remove US troops from South Korea to unite countries.

            • The younger generation of South Koreans have been swayed by subversives for the last two decades and want reunification. That will force changes in PACCOM and Japan would have to majorly change their diplomatic policies and might end up declaring neutrality or worse be in a loose alliance with China to save money they are spending on the Jaapanese Self Defense Forces.

              That would alter Vietnam, the Phillipines, India, and Pakistan.

              Guam would be the only holdout and likely changes from a US territory to a US state because they could never stay neutral as their own country.

              • Imagine you are Russian then. Are you going to stand by idly while China swallows up Asia and could then cause border issues? I doubt it. China would destabilize Russian relations.

                Russian Marxists NEVER considered Chinese peasants to be true proliteriats before butbtreated them like step-children.

      12. Trump talking about making a deal to reopen gov just don’t even sound like him. I could hear defeat in his voice while he tried to diminish the seriousness of this political defeat. The demons know he will see things their way if they hold the line. I think this is the beginning of the end for trump.

      13. The realistic way Trump can get the most accomplished requires the following.

        1. Replace Ginsberg

        Now conservative Republcans control the Supreme Court for at least the next 30 years.

        2. Create an official RIF and cut 4,000 of the Senior Executive Services and save at least 600 billion a year. These are the swamp who cannot ordinarily be fired…by any other means.

        This are largely DNC hardcore beneficiaries of nepotism and got these cushy jobs as their raised funds for the DNC coffers.

        Both totally neuter the DNC.

        3. Declare a national emergency.

        4. Invoke military tribunals to punish sedition, subversion, and treason under 1948 federal laws.

        5. Reveal the Lucferian insurance file that the NYPD and FBI saw that made them throw up and just about lose their marbles.

      14. 8HNcWf_k2hg
        Pelosi and Schumer wasted $35 BILLION and created a government crisis just to say, “Nyah nyah na nyah nyah”.

        It is surreal and insane when he was asking for $5 Billion.

        This is Civil War 2.0 as the money did not come out of their pockets. These Luciferians hate the average American. They want you to suffer.

      15. So, the Russians were allegedly messing with our election process. What is the US government doing to Venezuela right now? Syria? Yemen? Somalia? Afghanistan? Libya? Ukraine? Is it the pot calling the kettle black?

      16. Can someone help me remember when was the last time a Democrat was arrested in the predawn hours by a swat team and the MSM in tow? The big danger was that Stone’s wife is deaf. She was upstairs and didn’t know a raid was going on. Why would she suspect something like that, when everyone else is told to come in with a lawyer.

      17. sw said, “The plan is that the Democraps will not cut a deal no matter what Trump offers so either Trump declares martial law on the border, gets called a Dictator which starts riots or does nothing and riots by unpaid Government workers/ welfare queens start”

        “Leakers” leaked that to us, supposedly.

        But, t relented, yesterday.

        Rather than the 5d chess, which t was supposed to be playing, I have a better idea. You foresee great controversy coming, so declare the emergency, 2yrs ago.

        Tell us when you’re done, already. Show us work completed. Not plans, not halfway, not toward the end. Don’t turn in incomplete assignments. Let us know when you’re all finished. Just as Barry was supposed to prove eligibility, before being allowed to run, all of t’s ducks should have been lined up, before this campaign promise was made to us — prior to inauguration. Let’s say, 3yrs ago.

        People are hired and fired, “at will”. It’s called “at will employment” No reasons need to be given. Why furlough; they were redundant. Let those Red Communists complain about the outcome, as internally-displaced refugees. If masculinist WASP’s can be replaced, Dems can be written-off.

        • Repeat with me.

          I saw it in a news headline. So, it’s the new normal. I saw it in a news headline. So, it’s the new normal.

          (Ruby slippers click together.)

          Anywhere you want. It works with talking points, from either side of the aisle.

          All of the outlets, whether for or against you, have been nationalized. So, why not be a lovely superhero, on Mt Olympus, rather than basking in negative attention. Why pay any person to call you a bad guy. Srsly

      18. ht tps://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2017/01/16/rex-tillerson-got-burned-in-venezuela-then-he-got-revenge/?noredirect=on

        Here’s a little discussion on US interests due to petroleum in Venezuela and how Hugo Chavez nationalized it.

        • They are globalists, not nationalists, so should have litigated, globally, went over the heads of state.

          Nationalists strive toward material independence, self-sufficiency, so do not engage in entangling alliances, even to supply a need.

      19. FOX News Headlines:

        “Government Shutdown Has Cost U.S. More Than Trumps Wall Demand”

        Not too mention, sadly, the wall cannot be built for $5.7B. Impossible. Even though we need the wall we can’t do the impossible.

        Over time, we would have been pouring more money into it. The promise that Mexico would pay for it was a lie. They are not paying for it as it turns out, are they? That means that was a broken promise. Or a bald-faced lie. The taxpayers would have ended up paying for it eventually.

        Anyway, Trump has not been defeated by the likes of Pelosi or the DemoRats in general, nor did he cave in.

        The Dems provided him with cost effective alternative ideas and border protection solutions instead of securing the border with a wall, and the exorbitant costs associated with said wall.

        Two (of many) Solutions they presented to him are:

        1)Highly Sophisticated Drones, and the other is 2) 24/7 strategically positioned Manned Towers as well. The other three have not yet been released. All five will be implemented and utilized, according to the Dems.

        In addition, the technology to detect underground tunnels is also available, as Trump has also recently learned. He stopped talking and demanding and started listening.

        Now they can detect underground tunnels from low-flying aircraft and then close off the exit/entrance tunnel points on the U.S. side. That will prevent illegals and drug traffickers from entering via underground tunnels as they will be readily detected by this new technology and then closed off on the U.S. side. The technology to detect the underground tunnels is accurate and available, as Trump has recently learned from the Dems who enlisted the aid of world-renowned security experts.

        At least this time Trump listened to them and will take their advice. Normally, he does not listen. He tunes them out or over-talks them or argues, all of which accomplishes nothing. He turns what should be informative information exchanges and cooperation into a vicious win-lose competition. But this time he listened to security experts presented to him by the Dems and decided to re-open the government and instead of demanding border wall funds he’ll go ahead with these new plans that will only cost a mere fraction of what the border wall would have cost.

        Trump DID NOT cave in. He did not succumb to Pelosi. He just listened to their alternative ideas and is now reconsidering these realistic and effective alternatives.

        So that folks is what’s going on behind the scenes.

        Their cost-effective solutions, that are also highly effective deterrents, and will not cost anywhere near what just the first phase alone of the wall ($5.7B) would cost, will be gradually implemented in the coming months.

      20. Censors are weaklings. (Yeah, this means you!)

      21. TcRIdNnbq6E
        Here is a little history refresher from 2006 in which southern border fencing was a noncontroversial bipartisan plan to control and repel illegal illigration.

        Staunch Democrats supported the Wall in 2006.

        • ht tps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secure_Fence_Act_of_2006

          Although the 2006 law authorized construction of a fence, Congress initially did not fully appropriate funds for it (see authorization-appropriation process ). “Congress put aside $1.4 billion for the fence, but the whole cost, including maintenance, was pegged at $50 billion over 25 years, according to analyses at the time.” [10]
          A 2017 GAO report noted: “According to CBP, from fiscal year 2007 through 2015, it spent approximately $2.3 billion to deploy border fencing along the southwest border, and CBP will need to spend a substantial amount to sustain these investments over their lifetimes. CBP did not provide a current life-cycle costs estimate to maintain pedestrian and vehicle fencing, however, in 2009 CBP estimated that maintaining fencing would cost more than $1 billion over 20 years.” [12]”

          • You see what President Trump can do since this passed in 2006?

            Congress already approved it! They KNEW it would cost $50 billion! As the Chief Executive with already passed legislation, all he has to do is act. The issue is it’s been stalled in the budgeting process.

            We don’t need MORE legislation. We have the legislation and all we need is to ACT to ensure it gets budgeted even if POTUS has to use an executive order to use his authority to move funds around.

            The DNC are traitors who are violating the Constitution as well as violating numerous federal laws of subversion and sedition.

      22. Ala Roman Empire: The American Edition

        Like every Empire, the waste rot corruption all manifests openly morally and broadly… Right before it burns. Look at the British Empire, a cesspool of staggering rot and immorality.

      23. “corruption of the language”


        He, Trump… (excuse me) They Trump…

      24. ht tps://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-27/escape-venezuela

        Canada, most of the Caribbean, all of South American have decared for Guiado.

        The Russians jumped the gun sending those 400 “security contractors” in. This is a bad situation. Look at the map of who supports Maduro. And those who support Maduro are insanely saying, “we suggest a free and fail election in 12 days”! As if that were possible!

        • fail should be “free”.

        • ht tps://defence-blog.com/army/venezuela-steps-up-armored-deployment-on-colombia-border.html

      25. Bank of England refuses to release 1.2 billion in Venezuelan gold to Maduro.
        ht tps://www.ft.com/content/4ffb02b4-226e-11e9-8ce6-5db4543da632

        • The 2017 budget for Venezuela was 8.5 billion which was a 500% increase over 2016.

          There is more than one way to skin a cat.

          • ht tps://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/venezuelas-inflation-will-hit-1-million-percent-thanks-socialism/2018/07/27/44b5ac16-91e0-11e8-b769-e3fff17f0689_story.html?noredirect=on

            Here is what happened to Venezuela due to socialism. They had a MILLION percent inflation. Can anyone even comrehend that?

            Here’s an example.

            ” According to the International Monetary Fund, by the end of the year, the annual inflation rate in Venezuela will reach 1 million percent.
            A number like that is hard to grasp. Simply put, a candy bar that cost $1 today would cost $10,000 at the end of a year. Anyone in that position would understandably rush to spend the money right now, on anything that might possibly hold its value. Everyone else would too. The entire economy becomes a giant game of monetary “hot potato.” Saving or planning becomes a sucker’s game.”

            NOTE that the DNC is extremely socialist. Watch your net worth just go up in smoke if they get back in power.

      26. Why is the Russian ambassador warning the USA about intervening in Venezuela?

        ht tp://news.trust.org/item/20190126173103-8nbg1

        ht tps://www.rt.com/news/446899-russia-military-base-venezuela/
        Two Russian Tu-160 strategic bombers arrived Dec 2018. They plan a military air base at La Orchila island.

        Russia effectively owns a Venezuelan port IF they default on a loan.

        Here’s a history lesson. Exxon invested heavily in the petroleum industry in Venezuela. Hugo Chavez seized these and nationalized them.

        Russia then hugely invested in the same now nationalized petroleum industry ie effectively stole Exxon property.
        ht tps://www.reuters.com/article/us-venezuela-russia-oil-specialreport/special-report-vladimirs-venezuela-leveraging-loans-to-caracas-moscow-snaps-up-oil-assets-idUSKBN1AR14U

        Its Cuba 2.0.

        • ht tps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Southern_Command
          Here are all the service components under USSOUTHCOM.

          ht tp://en.granma.cu/mundo/2018-08-15/us-military-presence-in-latin-america-the-caribbean

          “The United States has some 800 military bases around the world, and 76 of these are in Latin America. Among the best known are 12 in Panama, 12 in Puerto Rico, nine in Colombia, and eight in Peru, with the greatest number concentrated in Central America and the Caribbean.”

          • 92jQcxUNsMc

            These US Marines would be the tip of the spear as the first boots on the ground.

            • Maduro has made a huge error allowing 400 Russian security operatives in, and then threatening the Columbian border. He is writing checks that he can’t cash.

              Inside MAGTF

              • AGr9DYVyie4
                This shows the Assault Amphibious Vehicles going in to take the beach.

      27. The Senate and the House have passed bills that would make it technically impossible for POTUS to pull out from NATO.

        NATO is largely funded by the USA as we pay about 70% since 2011. Annual costs (that are not black budget items) equals 936 billion.

        Scroll back and see how poorly France and German military forces are.

        • In terms of the US budget for NATO, since 2011 we have spend 5.5 TRILLION on it since 2011 based on official figures for general costs (not all costs and not black budget items ie secret projects).

          The US general budget (not including black budget items) for 2018 was 4.1 TRILLION.

          I would say that we have more than paid our fair sure and enough is enough. Why do you think POTUS is angry about US NATO commitments and about how the military-industrial complex finagled Congress?

          • …more than paid our fair share…

      28. Guiado has called for a national day of protests on 1/30.

        Meanwhile Trump just gave a big F U to the DNC that is logjamming the Wall negotiations. He said he’s building it even if has to use national emergency powers.

      29. There are unconfirmed reports of major US Military retasking of spy satellites. That is a major headache to do and not done lightly.

      30. 70,000 DARKNET users have just been arrested.

        There have been rumors this last week of prison barges arriving at GITMO to be used as temporary housing following Secret Military Tribunals. There would only limited press releases in such an event. Recall that Senator Linsay Graham specifically asked Kavanaugh about the legality of these while he was being assaulted by the DNC senators. It was a warning.

      31. Guaido is offering a blanket amnesty to any Venezuelan military officer who has been accused of human rights abuses or due to corruption issues like graft or bribery.

        • htt ps://www.bostonglobe.com/news/world/2019/01/27/venezuela-opposition-talks-with-military-officials-force-out-maduro-its-leader-says/jJaBBImIGC3OAeLkGDeiaP/story.html

      32. htt ps://www.military.com/daily-news/2019/01/27/venezuela-allows-us-diplomats-remain-defusing-potential-showdown.html

      33. htt ps://www.unian.info/m/world/10423284-canadian-u-s-jets-scramble-to-intercept-russian-strategic-bombers-near-north-american-coastline.html
        Standard probe or more?

        In related news, a Russian strategic bomber with hypersonics spectacularly blew up in Murmansk.

        ht tps://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-27/stunning-footage-deadly-russian-strike-bomber-crash-surfaces-online

      34. Russia has sent out press releases stating that they did not officially sent those 400 Russian mercs. I wonder how they got to Venezuela? Plausible deniability once again…

        Looks like they are sitting ducks. Expect an Oscar Mike on 1/30.

        • ht tps://www.reuters.com/article/us-venezuela-politics-russia-exclusive/exclusive-kremlin-linked-contractors-help-guard-venezuelas-maduro-sources-idUSKCN1PJ22M

          72 hours prior. Amazing how things change, ain’t it?

          • ht tp://tass.com/politics/1042035

            Look at the Communist backpedaling including China.

            • ht tps://www.bakersfield.com/ap/national/russia-and-china-heavily-invested-in-venezuela-warily-watch-the/article_53e9789e-5ca3-5b3e-99ab-95c20462b022.html

              Look how much money China and Russia invested in Maduro, and now they have to bail or get sucked into a proxy war. They sure don’t want to immerse themselves into a direct unwinnable war so close to USSOUTHCOM. That is suicide and worse, it totally screwsup upcoming Chinese trade talks.

              • htt ps://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-27/weeks-three-scenarios-us-china-trade-talks

      35. ht tps://www.uawire.org/venezuelan-ambassador-to-russia-caracas-is-ready-to-accept-moscow-s-mediation
        Meanwhile Maduro sees the Communists are not backing him up, and is reducing to begging after just hours earlier making a grand threatening show at the Columbian border.


      36. Maranatha, get out of the house for awhile. You might be wearing down your fingers.

        • Him, How much you wanna bet Maranatha is the person at meetings, social gatherings and parties who talks non-stop. Always talking. Never shuts up. Must be the center of attention. Doesn’t listen, just talks and talks and talks.

          Notice here on shtf he rarely replies to a post unless its to disagree or one-up. He only posts one after another, taking up more than half of every thread. That’s very telling right there; why listen when you can talk. A classic sign of someone who thinks they are all-knowing and always right.

          And notice his posts appear rather quickly, some instantaneously, unlike most posts that take well over 24 hrs to get through moderation, which this post will NEVER make it through. The truth gets censored.

      37. Notice how my detractors NEVER post useful intel or practical tips. Almost every post I make is either useful intel or practical tips.

        I got to ask why would anyone go to a useless party and how does that relate to prepping???

        • I have proven without a shadow of a doubt that anyone who follows basic directions can make nearly unlimited posts. If you can’t figure this out, maybe you are too stupid to make posts?

          95% of my posts instantaneously show up.

      38. I have proven without a shadow of a doubt that anyone who follows basic directions can make nearly unlimited posts. If you can’t figure this out, maybe you are too stupid to make posts?

        95% of my posts instantaneously show up.

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