What It REALLY Means When The Government ‘Shuts Down’

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 31 comments

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    Due to the inability of elitists to come to a conclusion on how to spend money they don’t have, the United States government “shut down.” But, the hard truth is that during a “government shutdown” only about 25% of the government actually shuts down.

    Only “non-essential” functions are actually shut down. Of course, that begs the question: why are there non-essential government functions to begin with?  Nonetheless, on the whole, the majority of the government is open.

    According to Joe Joseph from The Daily Sheeple, “even with the government shutdown, it would take a long time before it really starts getting ugly.” So basically, people are panicking for no reason.

     “Don’t get me wrong, those 25% [of civil servants] who are affected, I’d hate to be in their shoes right now,” Joseph continued. “But I have to say that the majority of Americans that live in this country deal with a measure of instability when it comes to employment that civil servants don’t normally or are not subjected to.”  Be that as it may, politicians are the problem here.  This isn’t right or left, it’s politics and corruption that is fueling discussions and arguments about how to spend money they don’t have.

    “I hate politcians. I just do. I mean, I’m sure some of them are very well intentioned, don’t get me wrong. But on the whole, you’ve gotta be a really shady, sneaky, snake to be a politician. A lot of people wonder why don’t men and women of honor ever run for office. It’s because they don’t wanna be caught dead around that place because of how corrupt and how bad it is and how much of a risk it would be for them to become corrupt if surrounded by a bunch of corrupt crocks and thieves and criminals. And that’s what they are! Let’s be totally and completly clear.”

    Joseph also explained that government and civil servants are held to a much lower standard than those who choose to live their lives as freely as possible.

    “We get villified, raked over the coals for the smallest things by government and by law enforcement and these people get awat with literal murder. Their decesions have profound effects on the lives of millions of Americans and they just don’t care.”

    But to understand the shutdown, one should understand what type of person makes up “the government” and the many different types of money involved.  It would take so long to make any sort of impact because funds have already been appropriated.  So all the fear mongering is simply that and nothing more.

    “This shutdown shouldn’t scare anybody. If anything, this is what’s SUPPOSED to happen when there is disfunctionality within governemnt. This is what’s supposed to happen when you don’t see eye to eye on things. You’ve gotta negotiate. Sometimes it can get nasty. But, I can tell you that this government shutdown and others like it, have been hyped in the past and it takes months before you really start to feel the pinch.  Before you really start to feel that burn.”

    All of this is true.


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      1. Why do we need the federal gov anyway? They all are as useless as a screen door on a submarine!

      2. I don’t “feel sorry” for any civil servant who has to stay home because of a shut down.

        It’s no different than the so-called administrative leave that LEOs take when they murder a “civilian”. They both get a paid vacation on the taxpaying producer’s dime since the gov employee always gets paid for back time when a CR or budget passes and they go back to the office.

        No one suffers, especially not the .gov snowflake.

        • You sir are very screwed up when it comes to a Gov shutdown. I am a government employee with a average paying job. I make less than I would in the privet sector. With that said I know you will bash me for servbing in the military to protect you and then becoming a civil servant. I was furloughed in 2013 for 13 days and no I was not paid for it. And everyone who was sent home yesterday was not paid. We also live with the fact that Congress like to use us to make their point. Send us home without pay while they get paid. The fact is most government employees make less than they could privately and we are held to a higher standard than most. I just ask that if you are gonna bash government employees you bash the right ones, Congress and the house.

      3. I noticed that today for the first time in a long time, there weren’t any chemtrails in the sky over SoCal.

      4. So there is not going to be a war against Iran? Not finished stealing every countries oil?

      5. Maybe they’ll shut down the dollar printing presses and end the fed(eral) reserve and the IRS.

        Just funning ya.


      6. Waahhhh! The poor federal workers get to stay home and watch television, surf the internet, eat snacks, pick their noses, have a J. Arthur, whatever.

        Once their little playtime is over at home, they go back to their jobs and get back pay for vacationing at home during their ‘shutdown’ days. Oh, the horrid suffering they endure!

      7. Schumer Caved the sutdown has ended. And the Dims did not get one concession. Maybe Schumer has some one tell him tread carefully or there is a cell at GITMO for you! illegal actions against the President is Treason.

      8. What It REALLY Means When The Government ‘Shuts Down’
        It means paid vacation for some folks.

        • Exactly Sarge. The shutdown for real working people (and don’t one single govt. employee stand on their hind-legs and state “I work for a living too” – for that is a b.s. lie) means nothing but more so-called political drama for the MSM to approach some weirdly-originated climax from. At heart, mankind is anarchist to a great extent. Each man or woman’s goal is to live their life as they choose. Sadly, many have come to believe that that choice is either not really their’s to follow or that only government has the answers. Sheer unmitigated laziness, cowardice and abrogation of any sense of personal responsibility. As they say in the oil-drillings, “shut ‘er down Virgil, she’s a-suckin’ mud”.

      9. There is no shutdown. Ever. The Federal Reserve of Roachild will print in rain or shine. And you are their slaves.

        killallfagsandfaglovers and sluts and non Christians and libturds and all worthless scum. Relax, nothing racist about that.

        • Of course it’s not a real shutdown. It’s just a big, nation-wide circus played for the public, a big drama. A big charade. Surely when no agreement between the two parties can be reached about the budget, some emergency scenario could be put into place? Why would this have to result in a “shutting down” of the government of the most powerful nation on earth?

          Sounds absolutely ridiculous, doesn’t it?

        • What is the real reason for this false flag “shutdown”? We have known for a long time the media are being used to make the human cattle believe all kinds of things which either are not true, or which are being presented in another light than what they are.

      10. Seems as though the central banks, are working on a GCR.
        Global Currency Reset.
        Look at the Dollar Index on traderschoice.net
        The dollar is getting KILLED.
        Oh yes, there is a method to the madness.
        You will wake up one morning and your puny little green paper won’t buy SHIT.
        And then, as R. Lee Ermey says, “You will be in a world of shit.”
        In our case, a world of deeper shit.
        The New American Shit Dollar.
        Coming soon to a banking institution near you.

        • It still didn’t happen. And yet, they were predicting the collapse of the American economy and of the Dollar in 2009.

          • It DID happen. The dollar is in a death spiral. That in itself is stock market positive.
            Which means nothing for the REAL economy. If you are working 2 part time jobs with no
            benefits, you live in the REAL economy.

          • Not talking about a collapse. Talking about a currency reset. Controlled demolition.

            • Controlled demolition usually means it’s going to be replaced with something else.

      11. I was hoping that all of those free stuff programs like EBT, Section 8 , Welfare checks, WIC, Medicare, Medicaid…would be shut down.

      12. QUESTION ????????

        Is this our GOVERNMENT ?????


        or SCARY VOICE 3 ON YOUTUBE????

      13. (((What’s Shakin Jowl Bacon)))

        ht tps://www.adn.com/alaska-news/2018/01/23/8-0-earthquake-in-gulf-of-alaska-tsunami-alert-for-coast/

      14. This is what happens during a government “shutdown”:
        1) ALL government employees report in to work on day 1 to find out if they’ve been ” furloughed ” or if their position is deemed essential.
        2) All temporary duties not already in progress are suspended,(TDY/TAD, continuing education stuff, certifications etc)
        3) Essential personnel continue to work through the shutdown, some agencies and organisations may rotate people in and out if the positions are compatible; DOD civilian positions get filled by military personnel who may or may not have the qualifications to do the job.
        4)No paychecks are issued until the shutdown is resolved.
        5)No payments on current contracts are made.
        There’s a bunch more stuff that happens but basically the money stops flowing to everything except the politicians.
        Short term, this is ok(except for the politicians part), and usually people get back pay(govt employees are salaried after all) and contracts are paid up… usually. Long term (over 2 pay periods for employees less for contractors whose sole client is the Govt, longer for the companies like Boeing etc.) this ends up being a financial and logistical nightmare.
        I went through 1 when I was in the military and 1 as a civilian employee, neither was very long but they can really jam up your life.

        • It is true most politicians are trash with the exception of a few. Basically, you have to be a pervert or an international criminal to do the job because they want something on you so that you do what the grand pooh bahs tell you to do. I have met many politicians over the years and can only think of a handful who had integrity. And it gets worse when you look at the senior dudes at the international institutions. I always tell people to look at their pictures and ask themselves this: does that person look like a total freak? Are you getting ‘peado’ fumes coming off that photo? Look at those group shots they love to do.

          But government shutdowns are cruel because they have your tax money and many people depend on their contracts being paid. This can get really bad: in many countries you can wait a year or more to get paid and the UN is notorious for not paying contractors on time or sometimes ever.

          • I always thought those government shutdowns (the firt one I was aware of was under Obama) are the epitome of ridiculousness. It’s just total nonsense.

            How can a government “shut down”? The citizens are paying them to be there and doing their jobs!

            Is a government now just like the grocery store on the corner?

            • Simply these people need to be held to public account. I suggest a real-time website that shows how many outstanding unpaid contracts are on display beside a picture of the civil servants responsible for making the payments. Have one of those chat boxes there so people can comment. The unpaid contracts flash red with the number of days/months unpaid. You will find the people responsible hide and will not give their names publicly.

              • This makes sense. They are civil servants which implies they work for the the nation after all, so the public has a right to know what’s going on.

      15. Why is that a hard truth?

        You didn’t expect people to think the lights would go out in the White House, did you?

      16. This is a political farce that occurs each year. Democratic politicians, dripping with the milk of human compassion, rising valiantly to defend the so-called “Dreamers”. They care less;hypocrites! The Courts will decide the issue later this year.

        • The Dems drip as long as they have money to throw around–not their own, of course.

          Wouldn’t it be nice if some of that compassion was spent on the American citizens? We have plenty of problems; no need to borrow any.

      17. The state is the government. The United States Government is only, as Thomas Jefferson is paraphrased as saying: “the (joint, federal) foreign office of the several United States”. In a free state, however, every person is his or her own government–only of him or herself.

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