What Could Go Wrong? EPA Approves Bacteria-Infected Lab-Grown Mosquitoes

by | Nov 8, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Forecasting, Headline News | 17 comments

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    Lab-grown mosquitoes armed with bacterium Wolbachia pipientis have just been approved by the EPA. The agency is saying that these mosquitoes could be the key to killing off insects that often transmit dangerous viruses such as Zika.

    Nothing can go wrong, right? The government would never do that to us. Famous last words, but nonetheless, the created mosquitoes are very real! Mosquitoes are annoying the way it is, and adding the Zika virus has been exactly no fun for anyone. But is it worth infecting mosquitoes with bacteria in order to help stop the Zika virus? The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) says “yes.”

    On November 3, the Environmental Protection Agency approved a new approach from the biotech company MosquitoMate. The goal is to destroy populations of wild mosquitoes that could be carrying nasty viruses, according to a report from Nature magazine. –CNET

    MosquitoMate infects lab-grown mosquitoes with the common bacterium Wolbachia pipientis, which affects mosquitoes but they claim, it does not affect not animals or humans. They chose to infect lab-grown mosquitoes over genetic modification, although the reason for this decision is not yet known. MosquitoMate will release these insects in 20 states (which include Washington D.C., and Kentucky) this summer.

    The Wolbachia-infected male mosquitoes (which don’t bite) mate with the wild populations of female Asian tiger mosquitoes (which do bite). The eggs fertilized by MosquitoMate’s male mosquitoes won’t hatch because the paternal chromosomes don’t form properly due to the effects of the bacterium.

    But the process to create these mosquitoes is time-consuming, and millions must be made and infected for the insects to do their job, and make a dent in the Zika virus.

    MosquitoMate hopes its GMO-free solution to destroying deadly mosquitoes will earn the praise from those of us who want a more natural way keeping mosquitoes that could end up making us sick out of our yards. “Unlike traditional mosquito control, we don’t show up after you have a problem,” according to MosquitoMate’s FAQ. “By acting proactively, your population of Asian Tiger mosquitoes will not reach a nuisance level.”

    Let’s just hope they are right that the bacterium being used is not harmful to humans or animals…


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      1. Deep state depopulation control.

      2. Great. Now I got to look forward to mutant virus-carrying bugs munching on me every evening. I got an idea!! Make a gigantic cockroach species that has a taste for politicians and release in Washington D.C.

      3. Sounds like the continuous spin put on the continuous fuck ups that our scientists continue to make. You know what would be Ideal? If these scientists could make a house fly with the head of Hillary attached to a body of a fly. What a run on mom and pop hardware stores that would occur and the absolute fun of swatting that fly, not only once but several times for good measure. Now that would be the bomb. Also seeing one her flies stuck on some fly paper crying, “Help Me”………..What money could be made?????

        • That picture above of Bill Clinton lookin’ at the back of Hillary’s head. He sees a mosquito on the back of her head and says to himself,”If I only had a hammer”.

          • Why don’t they just invent a mosquito that has a virus that sterilizes ALL mosquitos? Gosh Gomer, thets a guud idear lol.

      4. When the government collectS mosquitoes to see if the Zika virus is present, they have trouble identifying if a partiular mosquito has it. Zika is spread by more than mosquito bites. An exchange of body fluids and coitus can spread it as well. It is more virulent than malaria or yellow fever. Mosquito repellant and netting doesn’t ensure safety. The Wolbachia bacterium is being looked at in connection to Dengue Fever as well as Zika. If something goes wrong it may go wrong in connection to both diseases. Stock up on condoms, mosquito repellent and netting.

      5. Oh, boy. It’s another chapter in “The Killer Bees Attack!”

        The next chapter starts with “We are so screwed.”

        Remember all those bug zappers that you couldn’t keep on store shelves back in the 1980s. I still cannot get the sound they made out of my mind: “Zi-i-i-i-i-i-ttttttt!”

        Maybe its time to bring those back. They did a lot of damage to bio-masses everywhere back in their day. Maybe the mad scientists could make one that only kills mosquitos.

      6. Zika was found in monkeys in 1947. In Uganda.

      7. And the CDC would never lie to us….right? Riiiiight!

        When AIDS was a new disease, I called CDC as i was concerned
        that it could be transmitted from one person to another by mosquito’s
        in crowded stadiums.

        I was admonished big time. The CDC at the other
        end of the telephone told me…” mosquito’s cannot spread anything like that.”
        I argued that if the insect draws blood from an infected AIDS patient……then
        goes to another person 3/4 filled with that blood…..wouldn’t that be the same
        as using an infected AIDS needle?
        She said, “No! No! It doesn’t happen that way.”

        I read a couple of years ago that ticks that bite rodents, deer, etc., can then
        spread LYME disease or many other bacteria to humans.

        Lyme disease is one nasty disease….and lyme carrying ticks can infect you
        in your own back yard! There are reported 300,000 new cases per year.
        Good luck trying to find a doctor that knows anything about it!!! )

        Then Zika, West Nile, Sleeping Sickness, and a whole host of other deadly diseases,
        carried by the lowly, blood sucking MOSQUITO!!
        I don’t trust any gov. agency anymore.

      8. What the he’ll does the EPA have to say about it anyway. I thought Trump was going to get rid of them. If a business wants to do this then go for it.

        • “I thought Trump was going to get rid of them.”

          Trump is a President, not a King. Doing away with such an agency in one swoop is politically impossible.

          A previous article was about The Plague in Africa. I’ll take a bet that Africa is the testing ground for all of this stuff. If it breaks out they get what they desire, less Africans and a plausible excuse from a bought media on what happened. Africans being poor have less travel capabilities, less media, less who give a damn.

          Science knows a bit about DNA and we’ll get a wholly mammoth born from an elephant before we’ll get a cure for cancer from it.

          • There already is a cure for cancers, but you and I will never get it. Ever wonder why the uber elite live forever it seems? What about the 20+ microbioligists that were murdered? Not to mention the vast array of others that “dissapeared” after claiming cures? No money in cures my friend.

            • Have you seen some of these old age uber ilk? Keepers of the crypt comes to mind. There is always something off putting about their looks to begin with.

      9. Label this “Humans Making Bad Decisions.” Or maybe, “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”

      10. Lyme Disease comes to mind.

      11. I got it!!! Genetically modify baked beans to produce a methane-based RAID . Then, as nature takes it course after the picnic, Voila!! insecticide is ‘naturally’ emitted. There. All done, bye bye skeeters.

      12. It would not surprise me if the govt, using the EPA as its public relations “gopher”, is quietly experimenting with inserting viral plasmids, which are bundles of DNA or RNA, into the bacterium Wolbachia pipientis, which could be used to unleash a new epidemic upon the people. Think about it, great vehicles (the mosquito and it’s genetically prepared hitchhiker Wolbachia,) for disseminating the viral plasmid. Spanish Flu 2.0

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