What are the MiliPolice Planning On Doing With These Heavily Armored Vehicles?

by | Sep 12, 2012 | Headline News | 455 comments

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    With a massive biometric FBI surveillance system going live across the United States in recent weeks, tens of thousands of drones to be flying over American skies within just a few years, over 1 billion rounds of ammunition being acquired by non-military government agencies, and host of laws and executive orders outlining military and police emergency response plans to lock down the United States, it isn’t much of a stretch to suggest that our government is preparing for something that aims to fundamentally transform America as we know it today.

    New evidence for a coming lock-down of America is presented to the public by citizen journalists and alternative media on an almost weekly basis, which suggests that whatever is being planned is on a much more accelerated schedule now than ever before.

    The latest, from alternative news hub Rense.com, indicates that Department of Homeland Security is expecting significant push-back in the very near future, which explains why they would need some 2,500 heavily armored vehicles with DHS Police/Rescue logos:

    What could they need equipment like this for here in the US?  They are hitting the road with it.  Caravans of National Guard equipment but with new never before seen equipment in the convoys. Take a close look at what is painted on the side of the Black Humvees. The Humvees are fully armored the same standard used by our military.

    The use of the word ‘Rescue’ is an obvious psy op…makes it sound nice and benign, kind of like a life-saving paramedic ambulance and not a domination and death machine.  The Posse Comitatus Act is gone.

    They are gearing up for serious business and are training the National Guard, FEMA and Police with them.  The latest batch of 2,500 GLS vehicles don’t come more heavily-armored.  The GLS is the larger vehicle on the trailer below. It is a deadly serious piece of equipment and they have never been used inside the US until now.  All information in this email has been released publicly.

    [images/commentary courtesy of Rense.com]

    The United States government is and has been planning for unlikely events like war and societal collapse for many years. This year President Obama has implemented, by Executive Order, doomsday response plans that would essentially give the government an unprecedented ability to nationalize large industries, personal farm and ranch land, and even your skills and labor in the event of a declared emergency. A control grid is being put into place to handle what they know is coming.

    The only question is: What, exactly, is it that is coming to America?


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      1. Last week heading west in NWOh a train going thru had 20 sand camo tanks.

        • few months back I commented on a later thread that I saw an entire train , nothing but flat bed train cars..all of them loaded with Red Cross field Humvee trucks, like mobile medical units..headed south out of the upper east corner of Ohio, while i was on a road trip up that way

          • I have said this before, the nanosecond you start to see UN flags on any tanks or armored personnel carriers in this country, we are all in deep manure. There is no justification for foreign troops in this country trying to control the people. When you see foreign troops acting like police or national guard, it is an INVASION, and everyone with a firearms must defend the country from such.

            I would hope that those in the US armed forces would never go against fellow Americans. I could see armed forces from other countries easily committing acts of war against Americans. I just hope that if and when this happens that many Americans will see UN troops as the enemy, because any foreign troops in this country with weapons to be used against Americans are the enemy.

            • Well said B.I., I got your six, Sir !


            • Good point
              and I agree with you

              I will bet that the Iraqi’s and Afghans, and Somalis, and Yemenis and Serbs, and ……. Felt the same way

              One Mans Insurgent is another mans Patriotic freedom fighter

              I as well as Many others

              Feel the same way

              It Is an INVASION

              We will fight when it is necessary, with words first, and when that does not work, which i doubt it will…

              With whatever we can get our patriotic hands on

              the Watcher

            • BI, I am in complete agreement. If the UN flags are flying, it will be time for daddy to go off to war.

            • I have a revelation for you all that most will find hard to believe and few will fathom as even plausible, but look at the facts.

              The United States is a debtor nation. Cast the blame on whomever or whatever, it doesn’t matter: there are bondholders–the creditors–that want to get paid. Remember, the US declared bankruptcy in 1933. What most people don’t know is that “We the People” put up our property and our bodies as collateral for the bankruptcy. International bankruptcies run for 70 years. By 1999 we still had not paid off the debt. We had a little extra time, but the nation only went deeper into debt.

              Well, guess what? You already know this: the party is over. We’ve maxed out the credit line. The international creditors are foreclosing on the collateral: your property and your bodies.

              Why do you think cops treat us like animals these days? It’s because we are. We are livestock to the owners who foreclosed on our bodies.

              Why do you think the banks are taking houses even from people who own their house free and clear? It’s because they are foreclosing on our property.

              Agenda 21 is just another way to get the animals off their land (that they foreclosed on) and into “reservations” or “pens” )the cities) where they can manage us much easier.

              Connect the dots. I know many are going to simply deny this, while others may become angry, but realize that’s just the beginning stage in the Five Stages of Grief. You need to move on through bargaining, depression and then, finally, acceptance, so we can begin to fix this. Not Team Red nor Team Blue nor Team Other can fix this. Only you can.

              Each of us needs to accept responsibility, take charge, reign in and punish the out of control children, and sell their toys to set off the damages. This means transcending your current state of being and becoming better than who you are. Each of us must become better so that we can accept the challenge of taking charge and holding those responsible accountable. We must do this, and we must do this together, as Brothers and Sisters.

              Are you ready to stop pointing fingers and start taking responsibility? Don’t reply, just think about it. Then act.

            • Interesting that you say there’s no justification for foreign troops to be in the US. Because oddly enough, US troops are present in some form, in just about every other country on the planet!!! Sometimes they’re welcome, but generally they are considered Invaders.
              Just saying…

              • Which is why I voted for Ron Paul.

            • It is passed the time to find a few “like minded” folks in your A. O. and discuss plans for when the un steps up. You cannot do it alone and must have a few Patriots that agree that they must not be allowed to take control. I served in Iraq and whether I believe we were there for the right reasons doesnt matter. Once a trooper gets in a hostile invironment, he doesnt care about anything but getting the job done and going home alive.

              iixsive said it best, “One Mans Insurgent is another mans Patriotic freedom fighter”. The un fools may or may not believe what they will be asked to do is right, but mark my words, they will do what they are asked until they LOSE THE WILL TO CONTINUE. That will be our jobs, to help them lose the will to continue. I am prepared to do that to the last man.

            • The scary part is the white paint and bright flag, not subdued markings appropriate for war zone. DHS and Police/Rescue markings is frightening; these are not in transit from the factory to some military unit for training before deployment overseas.

            • What does that say about a government who readily supplies these foreign troops with armored personnel carriers and weapon systems to be used against their own people. It says the government does not view the American people as people it identifies with. I say, the American people should not identify with any government who does this. Time to reload.

            • B.A i got yours and his

              • Ill take em from the tower

            • Chum

              “””What most people don’t know is that “We the People” put up our property and our bodies as collateral for the bankruptcy. “””

              No, the corp put up bodies and property it did not own, to pay the banksters we did not owe. It then established Social Security and the fleecing began.

              Now time has, in fact, ran out. Our job, each and every able bodied Man, is to take back what was stolen and protect it with force of arms.

            • BI.. Amen…

              1-Gal gas + cup Kerosene + 1 cup styro or soap = dead tank

              apply liberally…

            • Chumbawamba. I agree with everything you say, you speak the truth , but i do not agree with the last comment we should not take responsbility for a contract which was not fully disclosed to we the people, (only to the people in congress)and so it is null and void. It was not our debt .

            • It would be nice if historically the troops supported the people. But they have always in the past “just done their job!” That’s because it’s always nicer to be on the side of those in power than to be against them and have to use your own low cost defensive plans. Secondly, they have a large incentive with families and cost of living, to continue to take money from their masters just to survive.

              NO, if history serves as it always does, then we will be fighting against kith and kin!

            • Ha ha ha ha. That is brilliant. An American saying he doesn’t want foreign troupes in his country.

              We should all stand together and kill the mofo’s! “They are the enemy” Did you ever stop to think that you are the enemy in way to many countries?

              “There is no justification for foreign troupes in this county” How many countries do you have troupes in where you have no justification, except maybe for weapons of mass distraction. I think the jury is still our on that one. Maybe oil is a valid justification but no politician is going to admit it.

              Wow, I’ve just re-read the post. Do you drive a pick up with a shot gun rack in the back? Missing any teeth?

              Chum, the debt built up by western society was built up by everyone. If you’ve never bought a TV on credit or owed JPM/VISA a buck or two but have received unemployment or food stamps you are just as guilty as the next person. Entitlement payments and people living beyond their means (i.e.public and private debt) are destroying western society. As you say, accept responsibility, for yourself, don’t rely on money from others, whether its debt or welfare, it is not yours. As I get older I realize what a smart guy my Granddad was.

              God bless Amurca!

            • RE: UN “Assets” Citing, ETC.

              Why get alarmed?! The UN may be buying its own equipment
              produced in US or Canada, being transported on U.S. railway system! I guess you’d really be excited/excitable if you really knew what else may be in transit by ships and or air in/near U.S. waters and/or airspace!? [Which, b/t/w,may share international right-a-ways, as well !]

            • the police and military admit they will KILL their own family if need be to take their weapons ,and that they no longer work for the american people but the UN.IF THIS SOUNDS LIKE TREASON,remember you were warned……….

            • It shouldn’t matter if there’s no UN flag, they’re not stupid if they roll in UN troops and vehicles people will wise up so they’re consolidating police and using national guard…etc first as to not rile up suspicion. The UN troops could be re-enforcements once police, national guard get wiped out. its obvious that those military vehicles aren’t there to protect anyone. They don’t even need troops on the streets, they have unmanned predator drones and remote machine gun turrets available now to mount on those vehicles and at checkpoints.

              The NDAA bill 1876, the patriot act, the over 1 billion rounds of ammo, helicopter and APC vehicles drills on city streets is more than enough evidence what they’re up to. The takeover has already happened and they’re just setting up their chess pieces for a checkmate!

            • Well said and preperations being made by most people i know.

            • AMEN

          • Even with APC’s, a billion rounds, hoards of DHS and every other now armed bureaucracy in place with local LEOs and even US corporate military, there still will not be enough of their firepower and logistics to maintain control of all the metro areas and tens of millions of subjects that reside in them. With over 300 million nationwide and at least as many private guns, this will get out of control in a hurry. Only select areas will be able to stay under their control and command. The rest will be considered a live war theater I presume.

            I’m looking for them to subdue the entire country by taking a hands off approach to most of the non-controlled geographical areas by allowing anarchy, starvation, and biological or chemical outbreaks to run unmitigated until their agenda has been achieved.

            • Exactly exactly.

              I was wondering if that was going to be brought up.

              This won’t be no Iraq. We cared about image in Iraq.

              You don’t have to pacify. You simply have to contain, and add an adequate external stressor. Then, suddenly, all those citizen’s guns become weapons dedicated to serving your ends.

              Meaning, you surround a metro area, let nothing in or out, and cut the food supply. Add NBC for additional fun and games if you wish but it’s hardly necessary.

              Oh, would you look at that, all those annoying citizens are killing each other over bread… toast some marshmallows, boys, and shoot anything that gets within range…

            • I watched the movie Ghandi. Remember the Brits controlled hundreds of millions of Indians with a military force of about 100,000 troops. They are organized armed and ruthless. They have no problem with oppressing, destroying and killing. We just want to be free and do not want to harm, murder, place our families in jeopardy, etc. I think that to defeat an occupying force the indigenous people will have to organize and become as ruthless or more ruthless than their oppressors. The problem then become that once the occupying force is gone the country is controlled by the same domestic ruthless group of freedom fighters. The challenge is to turn that power vacuum back into a rule of law and liberty type of system.

              Just my two cents.

            • Walt,
              Good read. I was waiting for Bracken to release this one. Hopefully, if this road is traveled, we will be able to do our part to ensure that the RIGHT outcome happens.

            • Good points. That is why it is so important that the Patriot community is truly educated about common law and where inalienable rights come from. You can’t have a truly lawful society without God (the ultimate source). So having a bloodthirsty and retalitory force regain our “freedom” only to trade one dictator for another seems rather pointless to me.

            • I agree with all above what if scenarios. But there may be another play at work with them trucks etc. If you read the Warner Defence budget GW Bush signed into law which Funded aprox $495-Million to refuurbish and build New “FEMA” camps.

              The main stated reason for it was Incase Millions of hoards of mexicans cross over to america when any “amnesty” for citizenship is announced.

              Now I do not for one minit think fema camps aint for all patriots etc. But perhaps fema camps serves a Duel purpous.

              What if reason all a sudden for Border enforcement vehicles such as these are is really due to a percieved need when HObammy declares(if he does?) Full Amnesty for every illeagle nationwide?

              Be it to garner votes or riots against whites or whatever? Imagiane the Hoards of Litterally Millions from not just mexico but south america-cenral america too!

              Its no secret libs dems and Many neocons want to do that for votes. Aint that reason after SIX yrs of full repub control of senate-house-whitehouse, they refused to do anything of substance to halt illeagles or protect Real usa citizens?

              And picture live TV spanish chanels announcing “EeeeeHaaa! Finally we got the DREAM ACT AMNESTY!”

              Recall, there exists aprox. 500+ Million total hispanics in world. Most are directly south of american border.

              It just may be real reason for so much ammo rnds and these trucks all a sudden eh?

              Remember they can always Re-use fema camps for us citizen patriots Later right. Or Prior, so we do not halt such a devious plan to destroy america with so many hoards.

              I get a funny feeling HObammy just may try such a move. Dems been chompin at bit to get millions more mexican votes, along with totally destroy whats left of a barely white america still.

            • Or when the Cantarell oil field runs dry.

              It’s been in severe decline for oh… 7 years (?) now…

              And Mexico’s economy will implode when it goes completely dry. Yeah I know it’s imploded already but we’re talking worse. Much worse.

            • We The People have an overblown sense of our own invincibility. Why do folks believe that a full invasion of the U.S. can not be done? Because you just can not imagine another country having the balls to do it because there are many guns here? So what. It takes an actual combatant to pick up the gun and use it. So many lethargic Americans would simply refuse to believe what was happening, when it was happening. You and I both know this. They’re called sheeple. They don’t believe it now, so they certainly won’t believe it until it’s too late. Both China and Russia are ready to go toe to toe with us as our Administration is systematically taking our arsenal apart and our military personnel is utterly exhausted from endless wars. So, an invasion could happen.

              “They” control communications as they demonstrated late last year with their “take over” of ALL communication. How will we as a populace co-ordinate our efforts if we can’t talk to each other en masse?

              “They” control the flow of food and water. Shut both down and the major cities will burn. That’s where most of our population lies by the way.

              U.N./Chinese or Russian troops can run and gun from the Southern border via the Chinese controlled ports in Mexico and push their way easily into the interior all the while they simply live off the land in small units coordinating their effort on the go. It’s fairly easy to do as they simply pillage along the way and if DHS is caching all that ammo along the way for them to use, then ammo is no issue either. Don’t think that’s not possible either as armies have done exactly that throughout the ages and China’s troops are disciplined and expendable.

              Command and control would be easy enough. Recently top Russian Generals have been invited deep inside NORAD and other sensitive intel areas, which I’m sure you all know. Ever wonder why now?

              This scenario seems only impossible in your head because we’ve been taught to believe it can’t be done. Better take a good damn look at those vehicles friends and remember that DHS’s mandate is for CONUS, NOT for overseas operations.

            • Yep, lock down the major cities and leave the interior to wither on the vine. That’s what seems to be the plan. I don’t think the powers that be though really understand just how resourceful the country folks really are. I also think those same power hungry idiots have no idea just what sort of insurgency could be unleashed by their stupidity. I would bet an American insurgency would make the Iraquis look like rank amateurs.

            • How about if China, Russia, Iran, Iraq, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Serbia, North Korea send troops over aswell after the UN sends theirs along with hired mercs and paid bounty hunters for each dissident.

              Sure the police, TSA and other small units may go down against 100+ million patriots, but against 1 billion troops there’s no chance.

        • So? Tanks get moved by train all the time. When they pull up in front of your house or you see them backing up a police/whoever roadblock then it will be a big deal. Also too late.

          • I think the enemy will use a show of force to compel the population to comply. Then, for those that did not comply, they will open fire. At that point it will we all out war. The enemy will appear to win at first but in time the patriots will achieve a few wins and slowly begin to acquire the weapons and gear of the fallen enemy. Next, as the tide turns, some of the enemy will defect to play for the winning patriots. Much will be lost, history books will be written and nobody will learn anything. And it’s a shame it has to be this way.

            • not too much confidence in our soldiers as patriots??

            • silverfox, I feel the exact same senerio you described will be the way. as for anonymous saying support in our troops protecting, I do think it will be mass chaos, and many of the older troops in their late 30 will defect and many of the younger ones will too. who knows what will happen, but be informed hit it, when we see UN flags here in america, thats a war and its on! the idiots and president will be in their bunkers trying to control things. they cant ever do the right thing. they have to tell people whats best for them. why cant leaders really stand up for the people.

          • John W. I agree. many wingnuts on this site

            • @ Anonymous, Touche. I failed in my assessment. You are correct. Many, perhaps 50% or more, will support good and not evil. Thank you for correcting me in a kind manner. I gave you a thumbs up.

            • Yes, and we will be the ones “tightening the screws” on the totalitarian oppressors…..

          • I think we need to distinguish between freedom fighters for the Constitution and true liberty versus corporate mercenaries working under the guise of the red, white and blue (whether they know it or not, they are still responsible for their actions).

            Please don’t gloat about Our Boys and their courage, training, sacrifice, honor, and the rest of that string of beads. For one thing, there is no honor in going to someone else’s country and butchering people you don’t know because some political general told you to; A hit man for the Mafia is exactly as honorable. For another thing, an army’s job is not to be brave, selfless, yada yada, but to win wars. In this situation, a soldier is only as “good” and “honorable” as his commanding officer.
            Think Nuremberg.

            • Sterling, I am so glad to see someone point these things out.

              Good work.

              Cops: “we are just doing our job.”. And, so is a mafia hit-man, so what?

          • Just saw this post, I go to work at 530am in San Diego and saw one cruising up the hill on the 52 freeway by itself about 2 weeks ago. Half asleep I was thinking about how BA it was then realized what it said on its side. I tried to slow down to get a picture but he was chugging along too slow to where I would have had to stop. Not exactly pulling up in front of my house or part of a road block, but it sure wasnt on a train with a bunch of others

        • Mac

          How about some serious interviews with actual boots on ground military here in the states..eh?

          This armored vehicle scenario has been on the web for quite some time now with absolutely no teeth behind it so far.just conjecture at best.
          I’m not sayin it’s not possible,but some hard evidence besides some pictures here and there would substantiate the argument.

          I’m sure with all your subscribers and contacts someone could come forward with some serious evidence to substantiate..


          As always..great job..


        • I’m catering Marines breakfast, lunch and dinner tomorrow and also lunch for them on Sunday. The Marines that I come in contact with are great men. I support them and stand firm that they by and large hold us in their best interests. I have not yet read this article or any comments yet but I gotta say that the US Marines are great men and I say that on the mountain top.

          • Chef.Ask tough questions.Deep down soul searching questions.Look em in the eye.

            • Like what? The Marines that come to my place are good, upstanding men and I would support them anytime. There are bad people at all levels of all occupations but I feel they are great Americans.

            • chef, ask them if they had orders honestly to shoot americans what would they do? if chaos broke out and they had orders to shoot or detain americans with a gun, what would they do or would they think about whats really going on. I think thats what 10mm wants to know. Plus troops vary bigtime. you could have a young group of cocky guys that just got out of bootcamp or e7 or higher or even spec war guys who have bigger responsibility in other ways. people say different things sometimes when they are around their buddies or in different situations. many dont have the right answer if the situation was in their faces at that time either.

            • Not to mention that their orders will not be to kill “honest” citizens but rather orders to kill rougue domestic nut jobs that must be stopped at all cost…for the sake of National Security….

            • This is from CHUCK BALDWIN(Prez candadit in 2008 now in montana) from newswithviews web site Today article.

              I well remember when my friend LT CDR Ernest “Guy” Cunningham conducted his “Combat Arms Survey” to 300 active-duty Marines at the USMC’s Air-Ground Combat Center, Twentynine Palms, California, back on May 10, 1994. A couple of questions in this survey were especially revealing (and startling). John McManus picks up the story at this point: “One of the questions asked the Marines if they would be willing to be assigned to a ‘national emergency police force’ within the U.S. under U.S. command. The survey showed that 6.0 percent strongly disagreed, 6.3 percent disagreed, 42.3 percent agreed, 43.0 percent strongly agreed, and 2.3 percent had no opinion.”

              Commenting on these results, Cunningham said, “Do you realize that 85.3 percent agreed with assigning troops to a mission that violates the Posse Comitatus Act?” Remember, these were active duty Marines back in 1994.

              Responses to another question were even more startling. Cunningham’s question: “Consider the following statement: I would fire upon U.S. citizens who refuse or resist confiscation of firearms banned by the U.S. government.” The result: “42.3 percent strongly disagreed with this statement; 19.3 percent disagreed; 18.6 percent agreed; 7.6 percent strongly agreed; and 12.0 percent had no opinion.” This equates to approximately 61% of Marines saying they would defy orders to turn their weapons on US citizens in order to disarm them; 26% saying they would not disobey such orders; and 12% refusing to say one way or the other, which means you could probably add them to the 26% who would not disobey orders to turn their weapons on American citizens.

              Speaking of Commander Cunningham, back in 2009, he told me that America was entering “The Age of Despotism.” Cunningham is no slouch. He was a Green Beret (who served in the same Special Forces Company alongside his father and two brothers), an infantryman with the 101st Airborne Division, Navy pilot, mission commander and analyst. He is also the author of the previously mentioned Twentynine Palms Survey. His military credentials are unassailable. When Commander Cunningham speaks, people should listen.

              CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!

              Commander Cunningham shared his insight with me into the stranglehold that the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) holds over the U.S. military by estimating that “75% of military admirals and generals with two stars or more have been trained by the CFR.”

              The US military was used directly in the government attack against the Branch Davidians at the private residence of Mount Carmel outside Waco, Texas. The military was stationed outside Los Angeles, California, during the LA riots. The military was used in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The military even patrolled the streets of the tiny town of Geneva, Alabama, after a man went on a short, albeit bloody, shooting spree.

              THIS IS AT BEGINING OF CHUCKS ARTICLE (Has a link to news atory to).

              On August 7, 2012, The Washington Times ran an editorial entitled, “The Civil War of 2016.” It begins, “Imagine Tea Party extremists seizing control of a South Carolina town and the Army being sent in to crush the rebellion. This farcical vision is now part of the discussion in professional military circles.

              “At issue is an article in the respected Small Wars Journal titled ‘Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland: A “Vision” of the Future.’ It was written by retired Army Col. Kevin Benson of the Army’s University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., and Jennifer Weber, a Civil War expert at the University of Kansas. It posits an ‘extremist militia motivated by the goals of the “tea party” movement’ seizing control of Darlington, S.C., in 2016, ‘occupying City Hall, disbanding the city council and placing the mayor under house arrest.’ The rebels set up checkpoints on Interstate 95 and Interstate 20 looking for illegal aliens. It’s a cartoonish and needlessly provocative scenario.

              “The article is a choppy patchwork of doctrinal jargon and liberal nightmare. The authors make a quasi-legal case for military action and then apply the Army’s Operating Concept 2016-2028 to the situation. They write bloodlessly that ‘once it is put into play, Americans will expect the military to execute without pause and as professionally as if it were acting overseas.’ They claim that ‘the Army cannot disappoint the American people, especially in such a moment,’ not pausing to consider that using such efficient, deadly force against U.S. citizens would create a monumental political backlash and severely erode government legitimacy.”

              The Times editorial goes on to say, “The scenario presented in Small Wars Journal isn’t a literary device but an operational lay-down intended to present the rationale and mechanisms for Americans to fight Americans. Col. Benson and Ms. Weber contend, ‘Army officers are professionally obligated to consider the conduct of operations on U.S. soil.’ This is a dark, pessimistic and wrongheaded view of what military leaders should spend their time studying.”

            • Americans have been corralled, beaten, detained and killed by other Americans in positions of authority throughout American history. Don’t count on members of the military defecting en mass if given orders to do the same. All the powers that be need to do is create a division between the shooters and those being shot and that’s all she wrote. Even if that division is entirely fabricated. The troops only need to be convinced that they are on the side of righteousness, and the citizens they are fighting are anti-American subversives. It’s a simple formula. The students at Kent State never thought the Ohio National Guard would fire on them either…

          • I agree with the comment about the Marines. I wonder if it would be possible for the entire Marine Corps to defect to the side of the patriots and fight against the state and it’s Army.

          • Good or not it dosent matter. They will be told whatever it takes to get them to fight. And when they dont fight they will be arested or worse.
            Remember, wars arent started by honest, noble people.
            But a lot of honest, noble people fight and die for these dishonest leaders.

          • I fully agree, as a retired AF Major. Our troops on the ground,
            In the field, fighting 4 Our Freedoms deserve all the CREDIT
            We can give OUR BOYS!!!

        • Oh man! Those are cool! Do they come in white? Maybe Santa will bring me one for Christmas. Hope he includes the American decal on the side too!

          Thanks Santa!

        • “being planned is on a much more accelerated schedule now than ever before”.

          I have pointed this out before. It seems we are on a bullet train heading to hell.

        • That’s because their going to Afghanistan :-). I’m a US Army combat engineer, we transport tanks by train everyday, nothing to be afraid of. 🙂

          • And the train/parade of tanks on ground–where might they be going?
            Do we make those tanks and trucks here to be parading them to a railway nearby??
            Just asking..soldier.

            • Most movement are training in its self. They do practice just moving heavy thing from point a to b.

          • I can see that being AD Army, my real question is why does DHS and police have such equipment? is law enforcement seriously considering VBIED’s and IED’s from the local gang banger?

        • Wendy: Were these Russian, Chinese, or some European tanks? If so, then perhaps we should be concerned. If they’re ours, so what! By the way, the Russian and Chinese stuff is real crap. On the other hand the Germans and Brits still have decent tanks.

        • They Look Israeli to me! They only need about 20% of us to work the mines! No education money but they can make us pay for our own demise! LOCK AND LOAD!!!!! Homeland Terrorists have arrived!

        • EPOXY PAINT ON THE WINDOWS WON’T WIPE OFF,gasoline down the vent tube burns good to,those things look like a death trap to me,WAY TO EASY TO TAKE OUT WITH A PAINT GUN or potatoe lancher with paint balls in it

      2. Homeland security?…. Right…

        • “””They are gearing up for serious business and are training the National Guard, FEMA and Police with them.”””

          I recently read an article that estimated about half of the military, police, and national guard will NOT turn on the people. It will be to our advantage that they are trained on the equipment they will commandeer for the fight against evil.

          The people are not the real targets, at this time at least. It is those military and police that will not cooperate that are the main targets. That is why so many vets are being taken to mental facilities and their guns being taken.

          Really, the ones that will turn on the people are the ones that need to be in the nut houses. The corp always acts backwards…

          • In Northern Ireland during the Troubles, the pro-British majority population (aka the Unionists) never thought their “own boys” in the Royal Ulster Constabulary (the police force) could turn on them. But when push came to shove and London decided the Unionists were not going to be able to celebrate their British heritage in public as freely as before, guess what? “Our boys” in the police were, for the most part, only too glad to crack skulls and fire rubber bullets into crowds of unarmed, tax-paying, patriotic, Union Jack waving civilians. Blood might be thicker than water, but hey, money is thicker than blood, so don’t be counting on the NG, FEMA boys and local police in the USA to be any different.

            • Kodiak, Good info based on experience I don’t have.

              I don’t count on anybody to do anything, but that is the idea behind the heavy armaments and foreign troops being deployed. The corp will be ready to take out those soldiers who do not cooperate first.

              My plan is to stay out of their way. Whatever happens will happen just the same with or without my participation.

              Should they come to my house, that will be different.

            • Not much you can do when a trained squad of infantry with years of fighting in Iraq ans Afghanistan are dropped on your block with orders to round up everyone dead or alive. Only hope is know where they live and settle matters that way.

            • Anybody and I Mean anybody regardless of UNIFORM, NG Soldiers, Marine, Blue Helmet or State and Local Cop fires on ANY American Citizen, they ARE the Enemy Period!
              and Should be dealt with as a Traitor to the Constitution, and Killed with Extreme Prejudice!!!

              Semper FI

          • GC,
            What article? What is that article based upon? Was there a poll taken of soldiers, police and National Guard asking them, “Are you willing to fire on innocent civilians?” I must have missed that poll.
            “So many vets…taken to mental facilities..” Again, where was this information presented? Based on an article on here?

            • Assnonymous,

              You can read about some of the vets being taken on occupycorporatism.com If your not too lazy or stupid, maybe you can follow some of the links from there and find out even more.

              I can’t remember for sure where I read the article that gave the 50% estimate. I have the sense to know it was a military guys best guess at the unknown.

              It was an opinion piece, and an estimation, possibly on SGTreport. I didn’t cite is as a fact or say a poll was taken, and the reality is that nobody knows for sure and can not possibly know. Even a poll would not reflect the reality of what would happen when the time actually came to live it.

              If you want propaganda, go to the mainstream media. That’s the ideal place for people like you who are too lazy to find answers for themselves when a post leaves them with a question.

            • I read the article as well, and it was the millitary asking the troops how likely it would be that they would fire upon american civilians if ordered.

            • About twenty years ago it was reported that a poll was taken at Camp Pendelton Marine base in California, asking
              “If you were ordered to help disarm citizens would you”?
              The article reported that 19% would comply with the order.
              I’ll leave it to your imagination as to who got promoted and who got fragged or pushed into early retirement

            • Anon=Butthole surfer…Scroll UP to MY Prior posting to read a REAL SURVEY where aprox. 1/3 us marines WILL shoot americans! Thats from 1994! Todays crop since gw bush let illeagles and gangbangers and exfelons join militarys can only mean todays numbers is alot Higher.

            • “So many vets…taken to mental facilities..”

              Whoa, Nellie, that in itself is not scaring or initmidating the veterans; it is simply alienating and angering them.
              So, this I don’t understand.
              How do I know?? I’m married to one from the Nam era.

          • you better believe it brother..

            • jayjay, let’s not clue in the corp that their plan is destined to backfire on them.

              I have no doubt that it will piss off many of them, but I also have no doubt that it is happening and why the corp is moving that way.

              Imagine how many it would piss off it it was front page news (like it should be).

          • It’s the other half that I’m worried about.

            • I think every service member should check the ‘yes’ box—it’s ONLY a damn piece of paper, why tip them off early? Checking a box under duress is NOT the same as pulling a trigger in the field. Our boys can do what they feel is right when they get out there, regardless of what the questionnaire said they said…I know I would choose the right regardless of some damn paper…OPSEC guys, OPSEC.

            • Remember the Kent State College murders? There will be an element of the LE/Military that have that same mindset when chaos goes afoot. Shoot first and ask questions later. It doesn’t matter if the crowds are armed or not, they will use live ammo on civilians again.

        • I hope they are also planning on wearing their silly blue shirts and badges when we trade lead.

          • Anontmous…Maybe they should wear their brown pants…LOL

      3. I was always one who wanted to put off the inevitable until today. My wife is interviewing for a position in a major metropolitan area where her family lives. My secluded retreat would no longer be two hours by back roads, but eight hours via mostly interstate highways from the coast.

        • Pastor, you can always pray she doesn’t get the job. Other than that it sounds like a giant step prepping backwards.

          • I would put my foot down and say, No way! In fact I’d be getting ready to go to the retreat very soon.

            • I probably will veto the move, but we lost a baby recently and understand why she wants to be around her family. She still has two rounds of interviews. At least she will get to visit them during those. The worst case would not be having to evacuate the city WTSHTF, but being at my retreat and having to go back after my wife and child.

            • Prepared Pastor, I am sorry to hear of your loss.

            • PP, sorry about your loss.

              And to everyone else giving advice to PP, as the other PP said, back off!

            • I will not back off Az, my advice is sound. It was for his benefit. Neither you nor the other PP have the market cornered on advice or opinion. You don’t always know who you are talking to. I have also lost a child and understand the loss, however you still need to make sound decisions in the time of crisis. Pastor is a title and there are many more on the board than you imagine. Just because it may not be advertised doesn’t mean anything.

          • Or Pray that she Returns the Pants to the Man/Head of house etc. “God To Eve in the garden on eden After eve ate forbidden fruit etc…..Your desire will be for the Man….But I Have Placed Him above as Head! And You (eve) shall submit to Him(Adam)”

            • Heh fat chance these days with the laws being what they are…

            • @ PrepdPastor – you and yours have our deepest sympathies… 6 yrs ago this week we and our daughter buried the body of her full term (though undelivered) baby who our Lord deemed needful to rescue from this world to be Home with Him… we all still hurt and remember… for what it might be worth, you’re now included specifically in my prayers…

              @ others presuming to “know” enough about his family/marriage situation to offer advice: back off, sthd and sthu… a few of you here can be obnoxiously presumputous and arrogant which equates to ignorance of the highest degree

            • You are waaay out of line here.
              We southern girls don’t actually stay in the kitchen now.
              I just finished reorganizing the shed, which included making 3 shelfs with brackets and press board.

        • I suggest she make other plans, or you step up and explain why its a very bad idea.

        • Yo Rev, you might want to cook diner tonight and sweet talk the oldlady in takin a job at the corner McDonalds seeing how theres one on every corner. Some times chasin that soon to be dead dollar aint worth a blocked interstate with hungry, irate, scared,and in some cases EVIL SUMBITCHES that dont give a shizit about you or clown standin next to ya. Time to rethink. God luck POTNNA !

        • What’s more important?

          • Family. Family is most important. whats the point of prepping for survival, if your not surviving along with the family you love and want to protect?

        • Well then…your wife OBVIOUSLY is not on board with what you are doing, no matter what she may be saying. But that’s women…they get you… trap you…then wanna own you. Tell her to have a nice life if she gets the job….

          • Prepared Pastor, I’m sorry for the loss of your child. Be strong and support your wife. Don’t disregard vows because of a zip code.

            BB King, sounds like life has treated you harshly. I’m sorry for you too.

            • sorry too pastor.

          • PP. Sorry to hear of your loss, that is one one my biggest fears in life. My prayers go out.
            Stay strong. Keep focused. Remember if she’s not happy your not happy. Peace 🙂

            • Seeing PreparedPastor’s predicament just re-enforces the main reason why I’m not married….and not looking.

            • Some here seem to value happy over alive and safe??

        • @ Prepared Pastor I am soooo very truely and deeply sorry for the loss of your baby. I haave been praying for you and your wife and will continue to do so. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. May God give you a peace that surpasses all understanding

        • Very sorry for your loss. No words can really help. If you trust your wife and her judgement, all you can do is pray about it. She might not even really know what she needs right now, but if her family will help even a little. It is such a hard thing to deal with. I’m sure you have had enough talks about what to look for, so when the time comes she can be ready to leave at a moments notice. All we can do at this point is take one day at a time.

        • PP, I’m SO sorry for your loss. I’m really sorry. May God bless and keep you and your wife.

        • Your wife may really need this.for her sanity. Weigh the pros AND cons before you dictate. My husband IS the head of MY house, but I have to RESPECT HIM. I know my husband has my best intrest at heart, but sometimes God needs to lead the way. Jehovah told Abraham to listen to his wife : for a ready! Please listen to God.

        • Sometimes out of nowhere comes these little tests. Just when I think the little woman and I are on the same page she throws me a curve. She knows and truly believes as i do about what is upon us but, she does let the worldly shit control some of her decisions. I try to be supportive, but do voice my opinion with the comment, “you may regret that decision later”. I usually get the stink-eye after that. We don’t have any children together and all our kids are grown, so that does make things a little easier.

          She knows there are lines that she won’t cross or there will be no “retreat” waiting for her when she needs it most. It’s her choice. I have a commitment that I will not be deterred from. She has to make the final decision. It’s called “free will”; you know, the only thing we own in this world. It’s the hard road, staying with “her” family, or the easier road at the retreat. Me and the horses and the dog will miss her if she isn’t there but, we won’t be going to bed hungry or without clean spring water for drinking.

        • Pastor- You have to know your safe where God has you and not where you think you will be safe.

          Who’s in control?

      4. Whats coming to Amerika….Corporate Fascism, plain and simple. Oh wait its already here.

        Never mind, return to your regularly scheduled distraction.

        • Keep the K out or no one willeven waste their time in reading except myself and Not App. And we will always be there.

          • You are sadly mistaken, Amerika……………… is where we stand today.

            • I standing in America United States of. Not sure where you are. Instead of childish word games. Try doing something useful. Suggest something support the country. We have shit leaders not a K for a country. Dumbass

          • Central planning of the Economy…check
            Nationalized medicine…….check
            Over 47 million on government assistance….check
            Government oversight into every key stroke I type….check

            No Ghost the “K” stays.

            • I agree since I learned what the K in america means:

              Spelling Amerika with a k, putting a totalitarian spin on the word, is used to describe the worst sense of the United States, i. e. imperialism, corruption, and the global exportation of American culture.

              Sound about right to me.

      5. They are preparing to protect themselves from us when we finally decide to enforce the Law. And for each truck, there are many goons eagerly waiting to shoot at us.

        There are being stocked with foreign soldiers as well. the end game will be to engage the foreign soldiers against the US military guys that will stand against them.

        It’s not looking good.

        • They got to shit and piss sometime……..That means they have to leave it at some point and if it is disabled, well, just aim for the door/hatches.

          • that could get nasty

          • if you got a 300 win mag or bigger or a slug aim for the front and take out the radiator. that will stop it after some time, if they run it they will burn the engine up after time.

            • 300 Win Mag FMG is what we use for vehicle destruction. But on these a smaller area is open to the front.

            • yes i know this. I used to use one in the Navy.

            • dam those 300 win mags hit hard..ahh , er..umm.. so im told;)

            • I love my Model 70 .300 Win Mag!!!

            • If things really got that bad, IO Campaigns for anti-‘occupationalist’ governments should be brought to bear via social media, and the targeting of logistical points with capturing them for our use should be in mind.

            • I got a tep up from the 300 win mag. I got a savage .338 laupa with a nightforce scope ready to rock and roll and have specialty rounds for it. Im ok with that. I hope we all the right thing when it comes down to it. I hope the troops and all of us are on the same team.

          • I think a log skidder would take it , and a few modifications wouldnt hurt

        • Now lets not go all nuts folks, you got to be able to read these vehicles to understand who and what they are for. First of all it says Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on each one of them. These are for the plain clothes agents not the uniformed officer, of which there are many more. Second, just under the American flag near the front it says SAC/LA, TA,SD, and CH. SAC means Special Agent In-Charge. In these cases the cities are, Los Angeles (LA), San Diego (SD), Chicago (CH), and I’m not sure what TA is, perhaps Tacoma. The SAC is the senior agent for ICE in each of these cities; it’s their newest play toy. These appear to be backup vehicles to literally rescue agents in large raids should things turn sour. Of course this doesn’t mean that they can’t be deployed for other things but these photos only show one for each of these cities mentioned. I’d really be worried if there were a convoy of say 10-20 per city, but just one each, I’m not worried at all. Besides, I don’t live near a big city. You all let me know if you see a lot of these vehicles for any city because then something big could be coming.

          • Considering that ICE is not even allowed to detain illegals why the hell do we need them or their toys? All this crap is aimed at regular Amerivans and that will not change until Obama and Nappy are gone.

            • JohnW: First of all the main mission of ICE, the C stands for Customs, is drug enforcement. This is an armored vehicle that goes with the agents (plain clothes) when they do high-risk drug busts where the dealers are at least as well armed as the agents. These vehicles have nothing to do with rounding up a few illegals that will just be back across the border in a week or two. One vehicle said LA, one said SD, and one said CH, etc. And I’m sure that you saw that it was just one vehicle, not 10 or 20, per major city. Now a really paranoid person would say the other vehicles weren’t photographed, or that they were hidden elsewhere, or that these were just the first shipments, or some such other nutty crap. But I think you know better and wouldn’t support such an insane conspiracy theory.

          • That maybe true Gregory 8, but they got new stickers to cover the current ones over waiting in the wings “for the day”.

            • Why CHicago? Maybe Chula Vista? The last one before the border / San Isidro.

          • TA can refer to Territorial Army. It is no surprise that the US and the UK can operate from very similar books; given the precedence for the US to adopt foreign terminology (Homeland= Fatherland from the era of the 3rd Reich of Germany) it may be the paint gun being faster than the legislative pen.

            • Anon: TA stands for Tacoma ,Washington. There is a SAC office there where thei drug agents work. LA means Los Angeles, CH means Chicago. You know, these bigger cities where the drug dealers tend to work from! The paranoia is really flying high here. One vehicle per city is not a sign of an impeding crackdown unless you’re a crackhead. Get a grip pal.

            • Sixpack: because the SD (San Diego) SAC office also covers chula Vista and the surrounding area. SAC officers are in major cities, not small ones because there aren’t that many agents to go around. Now there are a lot of uniformed officers but they are at all the border stations: airports, seaports, and land boder crossing. The officers don’t have these vehicles only the plain clothes agents have them for high risk drug busts in major cities. The main offices for both agents and officers is in San Diego.

        • @Gods Creation….

          Except for the fact that our guys tend to kick the asses of anyone they come up against. Add to that a few million pissed-off gun owners with the capability to reach out and touch someone from long distances and I like our odds just fine.

      6. A picture speaks a thousand words.

      7. why are they here you ask?..its for the war thats going to go down on our shores and our land..thats what they were built for and that is thier purpose..

        its not rocket science, its war, the only thing TPAB know

        hope yer ready..phisically, mentally, and gear

      8. Is the letters decals or in poly paint with no activator?

        • Gettin a perm sweetie ?

        • Shirley: I heard it is “Krptonite” paint Like in superman comics.

      9. The ironic part is that going house to house works BOTH ways. They seem to forget that WE OUTNUMBER THEM. I pray that it never happens but with the way things are going it is only a matter of time.
        On a somewhat lighter note, did anyone else notice that the “Mostly Secular, Very Peaceful” Muslim brotherhood in Egypt, Lybia and other locales showing how stupid the State department and the Obummer (MIS)Administration called this one correctly. Are we reliving the Carter years or what?
        Have a Nice Day

        • Guerrilla warfare will make the oppressor’s lives a living nightmare.

          • True, But how many Americans have the stomach for it?

            • do we have the stomach to lose our freedom liberty i would rather lose my life, bring it

            • Im one, and not joking. if I lose my life, I got plates and kevlar and one fast and hell of a shot. not cocky but will defend myself. if I die it will draw in at least 4-5 guys.

            • SIX-Million…Thats the number most have been trained to believe. So lets go with that.

            • probably a lot more than will want to stand out in and get shot at…

            • probably a lot more than will want to stand out in THE OPEN and get shot at…

            • you got that right, we push comes to shove many will be hiding and scared out of their minds. Please focus and visualize all bad possibilities and practice people comming in your front door and mach speed. do it and tell a large group of people to roll play and do it out of the blue etc. dont lock your door but lets see if you freeze up like that suprise hits you or your focused.

        • they cant, sooner or later they will be engaged with heavily armed people and will need backup and then the next house and so on, too many people! if they do, sniper fire will shoot the exposed people at the house they are trying to take down, would be one big hard cluster f**K. would be very hard if we were all engaged.

        • I’m thinking that the whole situation in Libya and Egypt has all the earmarks of a false flag. We’ve got to have a reason to pull the trigger. They’re getting everyone all pissed off and ready to go after hajees.

          We’re being set up…….again.

          • @Walt K….slightly off topic, but my grandson told me today to search the word itanimulli.com (illuminati spelled backwords) to see where it takes me…..so I did, quite a surprise!! Has anyone here ever checked it out???

            • Wow – I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it!!!! That’s NOT what I expected~

              ~ D


              The ILLUMINATI in AMERIKA CIA FBI NSA ZOG FEDGOV is very very very REAL !!!

              itanimulli.com = http://www.nsa.gov/ = ZOG

            • Almost missed one.

        • If we get to the point where the Constitution is dissolved and they ARE going house to house disarming the American people. We will be living under a Dictatorship AND they will be leaving you unable to defend yourself versus the violent gangs and criminals.

          If you don’t open up on their backs. You will be next!

      10. Looking more like the Hunger Games every day! On a prepping note, head to your local Dollar General store (if you have one), all seeds are 90% off, I bought a crap-ton at 3 or 5 cents a piece! May not be the best quality, but better than nothing and can be stored in mylar & a bucket and used next year. I have actually had pretty good luck with their seeds in the past.

        • Hillbilly Momma!

          Good advice! Stock up on extra seeds! Seeds are on sale in many places now.

          Take care! Keep paying and prepping! 🙂
          KY Mom

          • R E A L L Y

            R E A L L Y ? DUH !

          • Picked up a couple more fruit trees to plant at Lowe’s for half price (were 29.99 but got them for 14.99). The gal who was working the cash register said that hardly any plants or trees were being bought and the store was trying to recover costs. The trees were about 7 ft. tall and in large 4-5 gallon containers along with the usual one year warranty.

        • 3 weeks ago I bought them for 2-5 cents plus my $5 off coupon. 100+ for less than 4 bucks.

          • What are you going to do with them? Serious gardening is hard, time intensive work. Keep it simple and small or it will all just go to weeds.

            • Extra seeds would be a great barter item when the SHTF. When stored properly, the seeds should be good for a few years.

            • Even the small gardens that I see in town have gone the way of the weed. Seeds will be used as needed or used for barter. If you freeze them they will keep their germination rate above 80% for 5-7 years. We live in the country on our farm. Plenty of experience with farming/gardening acres. We can everything from beans to potatoes.

          • Remember to not weed your garden, but let them compete with the carrots, etc. The gov will confiscate produce etc. but not if the goons can´t tell the difference.

      11. sailboat..just bought one,,get;in it ready,, the only way to go,,free wind.. free food under the hull.. with a shotgun on the bow,,, dont 4get the pet food

        • Sailing out of Ft Myers? Swing by SE Cape Coral and pick me up.

          • I’m in Lehigh…….Can I come????????????????

          • im in ft meyers have the boat in se cape!!

            • hay kevin2 we should talk im down the road from ya,,ibslsnow yahoo

      12. As they prepare for unrest, so am I…

        I’m done trying to convince the people I know and don’t know… I use to see and read articles like this am feel sadden for my kids and friends, now I’m just numb to the fact that this country is fuc$#&*!


      13. I expect we will start to see all this play out soon – 6 months tops. Question is how far are they going to push? We’re up against severe Satanists who are hell bent on a getting a one world Satanic Government that will be so tyrannical and all out unimaginable . It was no accident that we saw Demonic figures show up in the twin towers on 9/11 in the smoke.

        I am and will continue to prepare for a fight. People say “Your just a wannabe Rambo” “You have no idea what combat is like”. Guess what? I will learn that on my own,I’m not going to sit by as they do their devilish deeds and destroy humanity. I pray it don’t come to that but at this point there’s no question.

        Their going crash the economy by design very soon,Then you will see these vehicles/tanks rolling out on the streets. God knows whats to come after that

        • Joe: At the first shot you have learned a lot of combat. You will learn as you go like the rest of us did. Remember keep your eyes and ears open. Go
          od luck

        • I applaud your ability to call yourself a wanna be Rambo. It proves you know your “Current” Limitations. Step up the training. Alot of it is mental. The first one is easy the second and third is where you will have to decide.


          • FBG: Nice Psy-op, you da man

            • Hi Sweetie.

        • Joe

          The best gun fight is the one you never had to experience. I am glad you are continuing to prepare. Let’s hope things never get to a point where we are facing our own brothers and sisters from our own country.



      14. The “truthers” better get ready to stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodby.

      15. Thermite, baby.

        • thinking the same thing myself

          • Better get some now, I hears it’s going to be heavily regulated very soon.

      16. could they be for when all these municipalities crash?
        and all the unionized pubic sector find out , woops the gov you worked for squandered your pensions, and now theres no money for your paychecks

        the teachers in Ill might wanna think about this strike..it could be thier last one

        • Hey it’s their Arab Spring. What ass wipes, overpaid underworked, kids cannot even read and they want a big raise and more bennies. Screw the unions. Fire them all and start over.

          • right on!

            • Average salary of a Chicago Union Teacher $76,000
              Average Income of a Chicago Taxpayer $46,000
              Raise that the Teachers Union Wants 16%
              Percentage of 4th grade Chicago students who are proficient in reading 15%
              Percentage of Chicago High School students who graduate 56%
              Does the teachers union want them to be evaluated on their performance NO!
              Can you say GET BACK TO WORK…

      17. Obama said he wanted a police force as large as the military and just as well funded. Looks like it is happening.

        • In a speech in Colorado Springs, Obama said, “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we set. We’ve got have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”


          Obama Civilian Security Force

          • Angelo,

            You are acting in the script that the banksters wrote for you. When all hell breaks loose, the banksters, their toadies, and enforcers do NOT want you looking for them to prosecute them, the perpetrators.

            No, they would much rather that you and I play bit parts in their black-against-white-against-brown movie.

          • They can turn words around to use against us eh?

            Well how about hey obama said for us to make this militia to protect our homes security 🙂

        • For year 2010 I think it was…Detroit had lowest highsschool grad rates….ONLY 24% completed highschool!

          We need a huge class action suit against teachers and their Unions!…They ripped us off big time with these rates. I want my Tax cash BACK! Due to total Failure!

          Maybe the ACLU can assist us?(Just kidding! they only help kommie libs or fags etc)..

      18. The unrest frightens me more than they do.

      19. I hope they’re planning on using the TSA airport agents in whatever happens. Even I can outrun those clowns.

      20. Just wait till I am in charge.

        • two words for you MURDERER Lucifer Killery Clunton … VINCE FOSTER !!!

          two words for your COP KILLER Fed Baby Day Care Killer sex addict druggy hubby Billy Boy Clunton … OKLAHOMA CITY !!!

          shall i go on …


          • Did you think I would miss this one.

      21. I saw the one pictured first in this article fading up near my home with soldiers holding m-16`s guarding it while being gassed up ……incredible……where do they think they are gassing it up , in Afghanistan

        • That would be gassing up not fading up

        • might as well be…

      22. BUT its still years away so no need to panic ….ya got plenty o time

        • @Rich99….

          Still whistling past the graveyard I see.

          • good one Walt, been a long time….

      23. Mac, your article is spot on but most of the EOs and plans go back decades. The only reason for DHS to have these vehicles and make all these orders for ammunition is to make war against the American people. There is no legitimate basis for these or any other actions by DHS or any other federal agency. Back in the 90s the FBI was telling local and state agencies that the people are th enemy; that was before 9/11 and the creation of DHS. The curriculum in local and state academies now is the same as what is in use at the federal academies courtesy of DHS grants to bring all local and state agencies under federal control and create a National Police Force. As soon as TSHTF, all the feds along with foreign troops are going to war against us, then it’s game on. When that happens, nobody will have any obligations left to government; only to yourselves and whoever depends on youn for survival. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was no Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. If I and all the other preppers out there make it into 2013 alive, that would do for me. Won’t be much longer now, I’m afraid. I’m still getting everything I can up until the last minute. Take care and keep prepping.

        • Hey Braveheart,
          I agree; things are moving very quickly now. I hope we have a little more time but I won’t be surprised to see things falling apart just after the first of the year. I haven’t seen any convoys with these kinds of vehicles, but I don’t get to the highways much. One thing I have noticed over the past few months is a lack of rail traffic through my area. Or at least it’s changed from running during the day and now runs very early in the morning or late at night. I used to see a long freight train at least a couple of times a week on my way home from work, and now it’s once a month at best. I looked at the stock market figures (not that I understand them) this morning and saw that it was up a bit and I couldn’t reconcile that with all of the news from the Middle East and elsewhere. It just seems like the big money boys are playing the market faster and harder, trying to make their haul before things really get bad. There is more apprehension and fear out there amongst those who are paying attention. History shows that it is far too easy to put a police state in place. They start with the little lies, move on to the bigger ones, all the while telling people they are here to “rescue” society. Bull.

          The changes are coming. Does anyone else sometimes have a difficult time living in the now and getting ready for what’s coming? The changes won’t be good and life here is going to be very difficult, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t win out in the end. Brave hearts, true hearts, stick together. We are not alone.

          Misneach, fianna.

      24. …urban use only….too heavy for the grit…

        Perfect ride for spring break, lots of ‘kinis can jump on for a ride…drag a hot tub trailer behind it..lol.

        ..wouldn’t mind turnin’ one into a mobile BBQ or Smokey Joe…

      25. MM2Nuke, you’re right on target. When i saw the video of those rags climbing over the wall at our Cairo embassy, it made me think Tehran 1979 all over again; another US hostage crisis is possible, I’m afraid. Joe, I’d love to have another 6 months for prepping; another 6 months worth of supplies would be great, but i keep hearing 3rd week of October for collapse, false flag, etc. Even if nothing happens in October, we can all continue prepping. The more we can get, the better off we will all be.

        • The more I see the more it seems that I am 8 years old again and our incompetent boob Presidunce is pandering to the arabs again. The Soros plan is in action again with the election coming up… he has done it 5 times and each time it is the same, only this time we are awake and getting ready to fight back. It is only a matter of time before the same instability hits here with QE3, 16 trillion in the hole, election issues, etc. I will hold my nose and vote for the Mormon VS the Moron just for the extra time it will buy me to get ready even further.
          One change in presidency isnt going to fix the problem, we have to have someone who will cut the government by 75% in size and 80% in spending to recover.
          Change is coming, good or bad, but it’s coming and there is not anything we can do to stop it. Just prepare ourselves (i’m at the Gym 4 or 5 days a week), bullets, beans, bandaids, bible, and Berettas (or your favorite brand). God bless

          • “we have to have someone who will cut the government by 75% in size and 80% in spending to recover” —yeah, but he’d be assassinated before he could git’er done.

      26. We are in that period of time just before the rise of every tyranny.

      27. well I’m gone for a few days
        and I see nothing has changed !
        the world is still going to hell in a handbasket

        I took my own advice and headed to the mountains for 5 days of camping
        its too early for any fall color in the Shenandoah’s
        but the scenery was beautiful still
        great weather
        70’s during the days
        and 50’s during the nights-perfect sleeping weather

        evenings spent around a campfire with a cup of coffee=priceless

        don’t forget to stop and smell the roses

        now I need to get busy planning my next trip

        • Sounds like “BROKE BACK” action Sato ?1/!1////?

        • Headed down 81 to see the folks near the end of the month. Don’t know if the fall change will have started by then. Good advise there Satori. I’ll be packing heat though for the ride.

      28. Like i have been saying over and over again and of course no one pays any mind to what I am saying we are going to have massive earthquakes this month and next month and next month they are getting ready for the masses that will be roaming everywhere.

        • Karen, I’m listening but I would listen more intently if you could provide a hint about the cause. Is it fracking? False flag? Subterranean nuke? Purely natural earthquake? Your own intuition tells you this? Please explain.

        • Sorry Karen, but Be Informed and many others on this site have been talking about earthquakes for months now. Have you posted on any of those comments?

          Please provide one iota of proof of this claim.

          Take care!

        • hey karen u got 5 days left 🙂 you said the 18th yes? somethign about 30 miles inland or some such? Not bashing just making sure i am right in wha ti thought i read you said 🙂

      29. reminds me of a story…
        “a husband and wife are looking out the window, and see a guy with a kalishnakov walking down the street. the wife turns to the hubby, and asks “whats he gonna do with that??!?!. hubby looks over and says, “whatever the hell he wants.”

      30. its worse than the article states.

        those aren’t humvees. those are GOLANI MINE RESISTANT VEHICLES. MRAPs in other words.

        pics reveal that they have all the features. blast seats. firing ports and mounts for large caliber machineguns or grenade launchers.

        they can carry 9 troops and were used for a short time by the USMC in Iraq.

        but its worse than this even. BEARCAT MRAPs are currently used by the FBI and Homeland Security. they also have a quantity of Force Protection vehicles and even a few All Terrain MRAPs from OSHKOSH.

        they’re proof against anything up to and including 50 caliber rounds. if they come after you in one of these you’re gonna get got.

        • Don’t count on it. All great armies can be brought down to the same level with urban force on force fighting. Where there’s a will there’s a way. The SF trains locals how to rebel and fight. They need roads and people and supplies.. MRAPs are no different.

          I say bring all they got. They’ll be surprised with an American insurgent vs some MiddleEastern insurgent.

          • And in the urban environment is where the true fights will be. If it comes to that. And there are many well trained trainer even you old guys out there. 63,1964 Just waiting to help. They may not be able to walk the front line. But they will train the ones that can and then over-watch (50 be nice)M-14 for you old guys. Yes I said it. Old guys.

            When it comes to the Armored Trucks there is a limited supply.

            • careful FbP – i resemble that remark…LOL i’m post ’63 and ’64 but that’s ok, a trained rifleman with an M-14, a bipod, and a place to lie down and a spotter(for good measure)… that could make the sh!t thick for a little while… the key would be to “hit & run”…

        • ..static deployment vehicle only…

          .driven from point A to point B…..

          bulletproof LEO breakroom…..

          …purchase okayed by some gubbermint bean counter to compensate…oooooh it looks SO scary..

          open drivetrain and suspension….

          ……….blind it, burn it…..nuff said BA.

          • Yep….blind it….set a fire under it…and wait for the occupants to come rolling out. Shoot to put them out of their misery….or not.

        • Soloman, like said above, they gotta go sometime.
          One shot at a time??

        • I’d worry more about stranding one, than blowing it up—with enough time, we can figure out how to crack ANY nut.

          • …can they be high-sided or swamped?

      31. That’s OK. Those trucks are going to look real nice with us driving them when we take them away from DHS, after all, they’re ours…we payed for them.

      32. they are taking things to far and once we the people say something about it we will be labeled and stripped of our rights, thats the feeling i get when i see pictures like that armored hummer with DHS on the side

      33. Prepared Pastor, I understand it’s yours and your wife’s decision on relocating, but i just don’t see any wisdom moving to any urban area knowing what’s coming. I’d love to be able to leave Memphis and head for one of my cousin’s retreats in north Georgia, but my economic situation doesn’t permit it. I’m stuck right here when the balloon goes up and I’m only an hour’s drive from the southern end of the New Madrid Fault. I’ll have plenty to deal with; if New Madrid stays quiet that would really help. Whatever you do, I wish you and yours the best and may God watch over you for all the rest of your days.

        • Move too Olive Branch or Marshal County FOOOL !

      34. With the elections coming and a good possibility that obama may. Be ousted. The next president may be the real danger.

        • If Obama looses by a razor thin vote look out for some civil unrest. There will be a percentage of the population that would express their anger with violence. In that event regardless of your political views it’s wise to have an Obama 2012 bumper sticker in your trunk. If he looses put it on your bumper. It pays to be a political chameleon. It might save you the $100-$500 deductible for a new windshield.

          My political views are subject to temporary change when confronted with violence. Remember, aways agree with the person pointing a gun at you.

          • Chickenchit!

          • I honestly don’t think that will work in all areas…honestly, if you’re white, be packin’ and watch yer six on Election Day. Every sawed off “gangsta” — esp the fools who DID NOT vote — will be out just itching to beat up a whitey

            • @ SonOfSam. I watched some of these blacks looking at BO and it was like there were looking up, glassy eyed stares, like stink bug BO obama was God. I saw pictures of the way they looked at Martin Luther King, and the way they stare at BO it is like they are looking at their high and mighty God. It was incredible to witness this that anyone could look at someone else like they were God. IF BO loses the election, the riots that will start will be like or worse than when MLK was killed. Blacks will blame ALL white people just like you said.

              IF BO wins then blacks will go out and celebrate, but they will still hate white people. This is how stupid most black people have become. There are 13% black in this country and 15% Spanish people, and IF BO wins the election that means that a very substanial number of white people voted for BO. Still blacks would think that they elected him alone. IF BO loses the election a white person should be packing, because the blacks are going to see anyone white as the reason that their God lost.

            • Well I never said put the bumper sticker on and leave the 1911 at home. The bottom line is when your parked at the grocery store that bumper sticker “might” stop keys being run down the side of your car. It “might” get you a pass when people are being messed with.

              “A wise man walks with his head bowed low”.

            • Be Informed

              “Blacks will blame ALL white people”

              No SOME blacks will blame all white people and a smaller percentage yet will resort to violence. Given an opportunity of not being caught many of the underclass of any race will steal in the confusion (I’m stealing this TV set in the name of Rodney King).

              If Romney looses his supporters will just pack up the signs and banners and go to work the following day. There will be no violence.

            • Hell all they have to do is play on your racism and you will wipe each other out. So if you’re anything other than white, you’re not really American? Blacks tend to kill blacks not white people. You really need to kill the racist shit. You sound stupid.

            • @ etg83. I am not racist, but I have seen firsthand what blacks do to white people when they think they have been wronged. I was there in the LA riots and I saw blacks going after ANYTHING and EVERYTHING not black. I have seen black people looking at BO like he is God, not like some rock star, but God himself. Blacks already go after white people MUCH more so than white people go after blacks.

              I saw that total creep michael vick torture dogs, not just pitbull dogs, but BAIT dogs of which many were stolen from people, both from black and white families. These dogs knew nothing but kindness and where ripped apart while having their mouths muzzled so they could not even fight back. Did the blacks speak out against this monster. NOT MANY DID AT ALL. Because he was considered a “brother”. Do these civil rights f’s speak out when a black gang beats up someone that is a different colour, hell no. However the second that a black is unfairly attacked, a crime against humanity as occurred to these so called civil rights advocates that preach for “all” people. What a crock that is.

              You talk of me being racist? What about black people? I did not care what race michael vick was, he is a monster that tortured and participated and funded the maiming of innocent animals that did nothing to anyone. Did those blacks speak out against this? Again, hell no. It is called fairness, and you bet I speak out against unfainess and the way a certain race behaves and what they will likely do when they “feel” that they have been provoked.

              I have known black people that other blacks call uncle toms because they are fair and don’t support barbarism by their race because they know the difference between right and wrong. Call me a racist. Look at your black friends that automatically hate white people without first even trying to assess the situation. Yes, black people would go crazy if their God is not re-elected. Yes, BO would sell the black people off like the Africans did to the slave ships of the past. Blacks that support BO are not smart enough to look past the skin and see that BO is part of the establishment that is killing freedom in this country like practically all politicians (of any race) for whites, blacks, spanish, everyone and everything.

            • OK so blacks =evil and millionaire Michael Vick steals dogs now hmm… Does sound pretty stupid to me. Stick with earthquake warnings cuz ur racist bullshit makes me sick. Lol the evil blacks are gonna kill us all AND take our dogs oh no!!! JEEZ!!!

            • Question to all-

              Why did the black people in dc elect marion barry AFTER he was caught smoking crack?

              His running mate was white.(I know, I am a racist for pointing this out)

              They were racists.(waite thats impossible, because only white people can be racists right? can you say laraza and black panthers?)

              They are so dumb! (I know, if I call them dumb I am a racist)

              A man on the street interview showed 90%(of interviewed) of the people said ” it is not my job to judge him,god will” What a copout.

              I know,I know.

              I’m a racist.

            • informed is right, they look at him like he is a god, and he is just an a$$hole crook politician(and a commie facist marxist to boot)

            • Bumpersticker pasted to removeable magnetic strip = priceless.

            • @ WOW. Dog fighting is my area and other areas involves dog theft. Bait dogs are used to stimulate pit bull dogs into rages. Bait dogs are stolen from pet owners for dog fighting. We have a severe problem here with this going on nearby on the Indian reservations. The football player did not directly steal people’s pets, but he was directly part of the organizations that do. I would not have cared what color michael vick is, anyone that is part of dog stealing and watching animals rip each other apart has some real bad mental issues. These type of people that enjoy torturing animals are usually the ones that sometimes end up being serial killers, this is a fact with bundy, gacy, and many others.

            • Kevin2 – “A wise man walks with his head bowed low” AND HIS EYES AND EARS OPEN TO HIS SURROUNDINGS.

            • Son of Sam and be informed, there are too many 20 plus year old people on here that are too young to see what has happened or how blacks can be. Not all. But these comments from these people say we are racist and stupid. lol They don’t see the big picture or what we are talking about, so they are not that smart and you can’t change their minds until they get a bit older. Most older people on here will agree with us. I would’t waste any time trying to explain to these people. We know the deal and the truth. Plus immature people call people stupid and dumb fucker are young and in that 20 stage. I wouldn’t waste any more time on them. We know what blacks do and I agree with you I see it too being from the midwest. Good stuff.

          • LOL. Urban cammo is a good idea, but Obama stickers are not the way to go. Stay away from political stickers. Get “I heart puppies”, “PTA parent”, etc…you want to BLEND.

      35. “Immigration and Customs Enforcement” is written on the side. Maybe they plan to take them to the southern border and finally stop illegal immigration. Just kidding. We all know that would upset our good neighbors to the south, to say nothing of drying up the source of cheap labor and cheaper votes. They are clearly gearing up for something, but whatever it is, it isn’t anything that the constitution gives them authority to do.

        If the US military is prohibited from acting against US citizens, it seems the get around it to equip law enforcement agencies to the level of the military. If the shoulder patches say DHS instead of US Army the letter, though not the intent, of the law are complied with. The gooberment is gearing up for internal conflict.

        • BI…You dont need wait for elections. MSM aint reporting it but web sites is and all over usa blacks(called Yoot/youth) Mobs from 40 to 500 persons are Chimpin out against whiteys.

          I saw one picture of a few badly beaten white men and women. One guys face was so distorted from repeadily being smashed by a huge brick to face. His own mom would not recognize him.

          Article said all a sudden outa nowheres aprox 100 blacks ran down between lanes full of cars in rush hr type scene. Blacks looked into windows of cars and Only smashed windows of Whites cars and dragged them out to beat hell out of them.

          We need begin soon to pak AR-15s with alot of spare mags ammo everywheres we go to. Handguns wont be enough.

          One time is all it takes for whites to exit vehicles by the Dozens and open fire on black yoots mobs doing such stuf. And Never Ever cave to al sharpton demands to apoligize a hundred times like don imus did!

          Imus= “Oh Please mr blackman! I am so sorry I really really truely am! I’m so sorry I made a funny Joke and You got pissed off mr al sharpton”…And what did Don Imus get back?….After one Hundred tv live apoligies to a fat ass Racist Monky Kommie dem liberal, Donnieboy still was Fired.

      36. If you prepare as much as you talk, you will be better off than 90% for the population remaing for self defense. Mraps have thier limitations, heavy, cumbersome, slow at start, remember, vehicles dont run on flats.

        “Volatilis , Silens Mortifer ; Offa , Unus iuguolo”

        • I am but I would say I better off than 99.9%

          • ditto

        • no but there are run flats and solid rubber tires that dont use air at all

          • They burn and are almost impossible to put out. would get very hot inside.

          • Runflats melt. Phosphorus doesn{t respond to extinguishers.

      37. “Volatilis , Silens Mortifer ; Offa , Unus iuguolo”

      38. Well here is my 2 cents worth. Well 2500 vehicles the article said… That is not very many this is a big country, while these look formidable they can be stopped. Certainly driving across open areas where they can keep moving they provide a good ballistic protection for the occupants, but I would not want to find myself trapped in this vehicle in a dense urban enviorment. I won’t eleborate on how vunerable this is or not but there are plenty of readers that have the required skill set to neutalize such vehicles, skills learned while in the employ of the military. You don’t need a lot of fancy gear to bring something like this to a grinding halt. As for filling the streets with these and suppressing the civilian population… good luck. I think you worry to much if this a concern you have. In afghanistan some not so smart third world losers have been able to wreak much havoc with VERY limited resources, certainly in this country any insurgencie would be well armed more inteligent and have all kinds of resources that could be brought to bare. Would be a tough place to try and crush the civilian population. For sure the military etc. (foriegn troops?) could cause much chaos and consternation, but in the end it would not end well for an occupying force.

        • True, but if they are firing lethal gas or bio weapons, or even 50 cal. there wouldnt be many that would have the guts to witness that,.. but than again on the other hand it might just enrage enough of civilians to make sure that vehicle never leaves where its at.

          • Unless they are lied to about what is going on the average military person will not shoot his fellow Americans. they all know that somewhere else some other GI may be drawing a bead on their family. Once they find out they have been lied to those lying will be dying.

            • The average military person has been well-trained, and will therefore do what he’s told to do.

        • @ayermedic: ” skill set to neutalize such vehicles”

          Yes Sir, a skill set also learned from buggin’ and chuggin’ in the mud and sand.

          …top heavy….too heavy…..easier than cow tippin’…

          Too Tango and Cash or Buckaroo Banzai for me, just sayin’.

          ..stay light and stay in the fight…


        • the “occupying force” is to be our own military along with foreign an UN troops, there was a plan set in motion in the 90’s by the UN called Agenda 21, the file is public record on the UN website, read into it, but keep in mind, this is public record so it MUST be worded peacefully, but it speaks of land seizure, re-distribution of the population out of urban centers to work what will become publicly owned farmland , limits on offspring. Take that along with the current and coming withdraws of american troops from Iraq, signs of the military gearing up the war machine; and if you think about the position we are all in from a global economy standpoint, the current rescission, or what ever the economy is calling it these days is in fact much worse than the Great depression, the only reason the majority aren’t living in such squalid conditions this time is due to better living standards and the fact that we arent plagued by the dust bowl this time around the track. there are in reality more unemployed now, however those that produce the stats leave out those unemployed Americans that applied but DID NOT qualify for un employment benefits.

          I fear that the policies of A21, obvious military preparation, along with the recession here in america and the near total collapse of the European economy; could be signs of either the horrendous atrocities others mentioned, or possibly (and more likely) ours and our “allies” in the UN may be planning to solve the economic situation along with the staggering unemployment rate the same way they ultimately solved the problems more than 70 years ago: by another global conflict which could
          take Millions upon millions of the global populace away from their homes where no work is available, and give them work… work which would also lessen the strain of the global economy by eliminating an unthinkable number of the world population, which would by consequence lower unemployment rates the world over

          And in response to your comment on the number of vehicles, that is the number thy are currently having commissioned, not to mention vehicles the military already has and those that will be used by the UN allied forces, they could at any time have more built if needed Also short of an extreme lucky break like the driver having a stroke at the wheel and flipping the truck or having possession of armor piercing ammo and explosives these are near indestructible, they are mine proof vehicles that were used in in short supply in Iraq to protect against IEDs, it is layered with depleted uranium and it takes shells tipped with the same to penetrate the defense

          And if the reforestation and de urbanization described in the UN’s Agenda 21 is indeed implemented then the use urban warfare wouldn’t be possible, which would benefit the government fascist troops, forcing the fighting into the open where numbers wont be such an issue for them

          This or something like is is defiantly happening but it may still be years in the works, giving the enemy time to slowly and covertly changing the situation to their advantage via Agenda 21, HELL they might already had this in mind in Rio back in 92

        • Think Termite.

      39. If you idiots have evidence that “they” are planning something and know who “they” are, why don’t you band together and take direct, preemptive action against them? You don’t because you are a bunch of paranoid delusionals in need of antipsychotics.

        • oh hey, great idea Joe, when you get the memo..be sure to let us all know, eh?

        • @ JoeinNC. Forget everything else, if all of us are paranoid delusional people then why do you feel it is necessary to come back and irritate everyone? Would it hurt you or other individuals to talk about preparations for disasters? I was looking at past hurricanes in North Carolina and it has been hit by a category 4 and many category 3’s. It is not fun to be without power, water, and toilets that flush, on top of not having food because the stores have been wasted by a vicous storm. this goes true also with winter type storms.

          You feel that a SHTF event won’t happen, but natural disasters happen all the time. Why not discuss prepping for such disasters that happen all the time around the country. Calling everyone idiots, does that do anyone any good? Aren’t you even a little bit interested in preparation for the wide variety of events that happen all the time? Why not try to discuss some positive preparation ideas and see how many of the good people you call idiots on this site light up and discuss back what they know.

        • Hey Joey boi,

          We may not be sure who all of “they” are, but we know who you are. If we’re really as “crazy” as you think, then YOU must be dumber than dogshit to provoke us

          • DON’T. FEED THE. TROLLS………..

            I have an Ammo question. The other day I was looking at 12 gauge shells. Interested in buck shot , but did not know if I should go 00 buck or 000 buck. Just wondering what others are stocking. Thanks

            • troll refers to trolling as in fishing not troll as in the mythical creature.

            • I like #4 Buckshot, more pellets, each one is lethal out to 50 plus yards and is equal to firing a 30 round magazine of .223 each time. It works well on coyotes and I have seen an elk dropped with it before (hit by a car first and had a broken hip, at 25 feet it dropped her like a hammer). Also reloading them with 14 #4 buck under 3 00 is a hell of a mix, so is a 7/8 oz slug with 6 #4 on top. Just my 7 cents (adjusted for inflation)

        • JoeinNC- that is awesome! yes, the “they” are coming to get us. Stock up on ammo! Bunch of wingnuts! People read articles that have no supporting evidence, then use those articles in more articles as evidence of the NWO! Really?! The threat is not the government, it is a bunch of unintelligent sheep waiting for someone to form their opinions for them! Let’s attempt to have an original thought and present arguments supported by evidence. Oh ya, I saw TWO police officers on a traffic stop, get ready, the Gestapo are here to fire their “killer bullets” at you…WINGNUTS…

        • i live in nc…i’ll bet a $100 that joe is in crapel, sorry…chapel hill…city of libs and fools…they’ll be all dead in 2 weeks when shtf anyway.

          • IF raleigh, durham, chapel hill and charlotte were swallowed by an enormous sinkhole it would only make NC a better place.

            Left out greensboro…what a cesspool.

            Oh…those are some really aggressive looking rescue vehicles!

        • @JoeinNC…

          And you’re a pathetic little mommy’s boy, sittin’ your basement, over-weight, pimple-faced in dire need of a girl-friend, but they won’t come near you ’cause you haven’t showered in three weeks and smell of stale beer and pizza.

          Get a life dude.

          If you detest everyone here so much, how sick are you to continue to hang out in this forum?

          I’m sure that there is some kind of clinical description for your psychosis. Perhaps someone else can identify exactly what mental illness it is that you have.

          • Hey Walt! That Mental Illness Is Called Liberalism !

        • The evidence just keeps piling up. What we don’t have is *incontrovertible proof*. Everyone is aware that a preemptive action will just give them cause to up the ante against the populace.

          Can you show us evidence that there are no plans to provoke people to the point where the government is *forced* to *protect* us via martial law or just via containment?

          Likely, in your gut, you know there may be some flame amid the smoke and are just hoping it will be directed at someone else while you believe you can continue on with life as usual. If someone snaps and the government can then hammer them down, many will want to believe that makes _them_ safer. That simply displays hysterical denial in action.

          Everyone reacts in a personal manner. Mass force carried out by authority is, necessarily, impersonal. If it happens, guaranteed many will blame the people who snapped and jumped the gun. Also guaranteed is that it will affect us all. There likely aren’t enough anti-psychotics in the country if that occurs. As it is, these prescriptions are being handed out to way too many folks, right now.

          Can you tell us why the presence of these sorts of vehicles, the presence of armed drones and the attempt to craft laws allowing abrogation of the First and Fourth Amendments (for starters)is normal, acceptable and benign?

        • Many are getting together for training on most weekends. But those who plan on doing the right thing will WAIT; no preemptive actions. This will ultimately be an information and psychological war. The way you WIN is by letting the population SEE the actions of the enemy. When the state rolls these armored vehicles down suburban streets, and harasses civilians at roadblocks, and starves people in FEMA camps, THEN the raw power of state will be plain for all to see. And THAT is when various people will do various things in response.

      40. I know it’s kinda against the point, but I’d love to get behind the wheel with one of those.

      41. I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • I want one in pink.

          • So does my daughter

            • YOU’D NEVER have to worry about being car-jacked…unless you had no brains either…and road rage wouldn’t be an issue.

      42. Aurora theater shooting court documents blows inside job conspiracy wide open

        from the examiner..posted on the 7th

        if its been posted already , sorry I had not read it here.

        very telling story..no wonder this incident (false flag) has become so quiet

      43. The goverment is no longer for the people no matter WHO says different, they all, every last one belong to the TPTB. The true paroits are the people who are prep’n, arming, and planning for the future after we take back the USA. There are going to be alot of blood spille. If they bring in outsiders, that I feel is going to be their down fall. More fence people will see who is on the right side of this nightmare, more than they think. Sometime, our troops, and LE will see that also, and join the people in this fight. This is my prayer. Prep with everything you can now, if you want to hide and not fight you to will go down with the rest. Everyone will be in this fight wither you want to or not. No stone will be left unturned and no where will be safe, your home or retreat, no place. Make your stand where you want, but make it. There will be no winners in this struggle, only survivers. Plan with your family on everything you can and what will happen in the best and worst cases. Good luck in the very near future. Thats just me an old country hick.

        • Copperhead,

          Sorry I could only give you 1 thumbs up bud. You know with the work I do way out in rual America I get to talk with alot of these old hicks as you like to say.And I can tell you first hand they are prepping and not just food or water.. I had breakfest with 4 or 5 of them last week and of course hunting came up. Well these older men are sure stocking alot of ammo and reloading supplies to be just hunting. 1 man told me he had enough stuff to reload 20,000 rounds of 2 differant cal. Just something to think about.. And to this day my best bonus for a job well done was some hand loaded rounds for my elk hunting this yr..


      44. Everybody thinks those trucks are for keeping people from getting in, but there really to keep us from getting out.

      45. WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. officials say the Pentagon is moving two warships to the Libyan coast, in the aftermath of the attack in Benghazi that killed the U.S. ambassador and three others.

        Officials say one destroyer, the USS Laboon, moved to a position off the coast Wednesday, and the USS McFaul is en route and should be stationed off the coast within days. The officials say the ships, which carry Tomahawk missiles, do not have a specific mission. But they give commanders flexibility to respond to any mission ordered by the president.

        • Here we go.Broke economy,petro dollar hanging by a thread,global currency will be initiated.Bombs,confusion to keep the mases dead in their slumber.That’s ok,it’s goon sport season,FOOTBALL,duh,duh,duh.

      46. Does anybody see how unprotected the front driveshaft is???
        Just another fancy looking, high tech, not very thought out, wont work as planned, peice of goverment made crap!! Much like the F-22 and F-35…. My Toyota’s driveshaft has more protection.
        Some kid is going to drive this thing over a large log or rock and turn it from a 4X4 to a 2WD in a heatbeat…It looks more like a movie prop…OH, RIGHT! Thats the plan…FEAR, just like in the movies!

        • That shaft is much stronger than you think.

          • How about the unprotected shocks, tire air up system, and I dont think any driveshaft is strong enough to take 1/2 the weight of this thing…Bet the diveshaft is OEM from a vehicle you could buy from your dealer…Rear end looks that way…wonder how long it would roll with no oil in the rearend diff? Armored vehicles can be a coffin if it cant move…Besides, I keep hearing all this stuff about 20,000 troops from other countys, this and that…
            There happens to be approx. 120,000 gang members in LA alone, know ther terrain, and every starving illeagle will join them…
            It would take over 200,000 troops to just secure the san fernando valley…and cant imagin how many it would take to go door to door all across the USA…They would have to do it all at once, cause once it started, it would be a big fight that they will not win…There plan is to destroy the economy, cut off the food, elec, and water…sit back and let us all kill eachother…then try and take control….I just hope everyone can see this and instead of killing eachother, help eachother…If that where to happen, we would never see these evil aholes ever again!!!

            • Complete agreement.

        • use snow fencing with nails in it to tie up the wheels, instant stop. they have to get out to pee sometime then have a nice new vehicle waiting for you to use.

      47. A terror to the whole.anilhilation will be unavoidable,every brocken enemy will know,that there opponet will be invincible

      48. I know that these vehicles have mechanical
        Weeknesses.. Being the new clean diesel models with IHC workstar/ DT-466T particulate engines .. they are All ECM electronic units…and there is technology to remotely shut them
        Down.. Or bring them to code lock up..

        If the ECM to the IHC- workstar- engine is electrified it will also shut off the truck.. Falling power line anyone?

        I’ve always said.. If a man builds it.. Another man can
        Take it apart.. Fix it of destroy it..

        Take this advise of someone who has had his hands in a few of these..

        • Microwave radiation will disable any non-EMP hardened vehicle. The UK police had kill-guns a few years back that totally destroyed vehicle computers during a high speed chase.

          • if you remove the door and jam the little goodie that tells the unit the door is closed in the right position, you CAN actually aim the microwaves in one specific direction…I got that from some old government psy-ops documents on sound wave experimentation.

      49. “Let us not deceive ourselves, sir. These are the implements of war and subjugation; the last arguments to which kings resort. I ask, gentlemen, sir, what means this martial array, if its purpose be not to force us to submission? Can gentlemen assign any other possible motive for it?…They are meant for us; they can be meant for no other. They are sent over to bind and rivet upon us those chains which the British ministry have been so long forging…

        The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave. …There is no retreat but in submission and slavery! Our chains are forged! …The war is inevitable and let it come! I repeat it, sir, let it come…

        Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace but there is no peace. The war is actually begun!… Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” — Patrick Henry, 1775

        • US, my emotions rage AGAINST Patrick Henry’s statements but my head and my heart know their validity and my need to be on the same side as he took 237 years ago…

          “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.” Thomas Paine

      50. Maybe they knew the events of last night were coming. Maybe they’re here to fight terror on the way?

        • The injunction against NDAA was made permanent today. The govt. lost their appeal. Anyone who voted for it is unfit to hold office.

          • While Reuters reported this, a quick search turned up NOT A SINGLE MSM article, even though the original suit that prompted the temporary injunction was brought by a group of journalists under the First Amendment.

            Everyone can draw their own conclusions, but I suppose the election calendar ruled. So, while the journalists will fight for their own rights, they evidently don’t think we should pay much attention to the administration they are backing for re-election.

            JohnW is right. The Senate voted by voice for this abomination and it passed the House handily.

            Now, let’s see if the government goes to a higher court or simply ignores the injunction.

      51. “Allow the president to invade a neighboring nation, whenever he shall deem it necessary to repel a invasion, and you allow him to do so whenever he may choose to say he deems it necessary for such a purpose– and you allow him to make war a pleasure” Abraham Lincoln

        • “Do as I say, not as I do.” — “Honest” Abe

      52. Be Informed,

        Went to the USGS today and noticed that there were 331 earthquakes M2.5+ events in the past 7 days. About 98 were around British Virgin Islands. I was quite surprised and like you said when the big one comes it will be a very bad day for those islands.

        Thanks again for the info. Seeing my Doctors and Dentist to get all I can get done right now and they are preppin too!

        7 3/4 tinfoil hat, JoeinNC might be from Cary!

        Y’all Beware! That’s a town for boogers!

        • I was there too, happy to see the number down.

        • Cary, too.

          Just a little version of Raliegh…full of irritating yuppies and thugs.

          • Surprising how much crime there is in Chapel Hill, it looks so nice and safe but it is not. More illegals than Calif.

          • @ wnc m-boy

            FYI, Asheville NC is full of the lib-tards too!
            Nice scenery though.

        • @ Y’all Beware. Right now I am waiting for a sequence of earthquakes in the polar regions again. Had a 4.7 in the Greenland Sea but this is probably not strong enough to indicate but coming. When I see something I will see if it is directed towards the Caribbean. I have read many articles about what geologists have said about the area east of Haiti and it is so primed for a 8+ it is amazing. Since that day after Christmas 2004, there has been 6 earthquakes that have been 8.5 or more. An earthquake of this size really jars the planet, so much so that the orbit is actually changed slightly.

          I truly feel that the San Andreas when it breaks will be 8.1-8.4. When the eastern section of the Caribbean fault breaks I think it will be 8.0-8.5. The New Madrid fault I think will be in the high 7 to low 8 range. I think the true super earthquake the U.S. will feel is the Cascadia fault which I think will be 8.8-9.2. I think the area from Italy east to the Arabian plate is capable of a 8+. The area in the Himalayas has always been capaable of a 9. The two areas that are possible of breaking the 9.5 record with a 9.7-9.8 would be from the Kuril Islands to the Aleutian Trench to Alaska, and the Marquarie Ridge to the Kermadec Trench this being north and south of New Zealand.

          To have a 10 pointer this would take a break deep and at least a quarter the distance around the world, can happen, but unlikely. I think the top magnitude we will ever see is in the 9.7 range. The tsunamis from this are not even funny. The Puerto Rico trench I don’t think will go past 8.5, but it could. No one should ever assume after a large sea earthquake that the ocean is safe. Tsunamis travel very quickly, as fast as an airline and then slow down and build as they hit the shallow waters of the shoreline.

          They had a 4.7 down in Venezuela about 6 hours ago showing that the eastern fault is under pressure. Anyone interested in the Caribbean plate should look for earthquakes (swarming) in the 4.5-6.0 range in the Lesser Antilles island countries, this means the fault is in the last stages of failure before moving.

          • HAARP technology can be used to superheat water to encourage/direct hurricanes and destructive tornadoes. It can be used to create earthquakes and volcanic events on land. Research Yellowstone “supervolcano” and you will notice that the rumblings ended abruptly when the center of the crater experienced a ´rumble´ in the early 2000s. Sighting in on a target, anyone?

            • Forgot to add that a study of the hurricane paths following the 2004 “election” shows that the paths of four hurricanes mysteriously avoided EVERY precinct which voted for Bush, but passed through EVERY precinct which did not. Something to think about.

            • @ anon. Some of HAARP technology comes from Nikola Tesla’s work of directing energy via using radio waves. Tesla was a peaceful individual that wanted to benefit humankind, and with any intense energy it can be used as a weapon. Some of the hurricanes down in Australia a few years ago sure had some strange signatures to them that did not match what course they should have been taking.

      53. Well I’ll be danged…aint them nice lookin rollin coffins!?…Id hate to be trapped inside one of these things,especially when its been knocked out and its 100F outside,all we gotta do is wait!

        • can you weld armor plate?
          that would be brutal in 100 degree heat if it ran out of fuel and the AC quit and no one could get out

      54. The little woman and I were talking about this sort of thing today. I asked about our cash on hand reserves, and reminded her that any day, but more likely during the middle of October, we could see a nuclear attack on Iran and it could possibly coincide with another event that sets off a declaration of martial law in USA.

        Within 12 to 24 hours after such a declaration, all banking institutions could be totally “shut down”.
        If this were to occur, I believe there will be a short window of opportunity to purchase necessaties with cash.
        When that window closes, all bets are off as to what may transpire.

        That is where the armored vehicles come in. The LE/Military/Security Forces will need these for their own protection. How pissed off would people be if they don’t have access to their banks/cash/safe deposit boxes? How much more pissed off will they be when they realize they have only a few days worth of food supplies and all food distribution businesses have been closed also. Especially, if they see Wally World on Lock-down with armed guards sitting at the gates between them and hunger.

        I don’t know, but I try to plan for the worst and hope for the best. I wouldn’t want to be in an armored vehicle when the masses start storming the super markets. Most people are slow to react, and most aren’t planning for the worst case scenario. But you can bet if the banks are shut down, people will storm the food distribution facilities in hopes of beating others. Hell, they trample innocent people every Friday after Thanksgiving just to save a few bucks or get the hottest deals first. Stock up now friends. It might be a long cold winter.

      55. This is the way I see the SHTF family.

        “It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by the dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes up short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions and spends himself in a worthy course; who at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who, at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly; so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat.” THEODORE ROOSEVELT 1910


      56. Fill up your water bazooka with urethane paint and lets see how far they get when they cannot see out of their windows. even with camera driving, if you plaster these with paint, you should also get the camera.

        Another material to employ is 2 part polyurethane foam, 50 gallons should encapsulate the entire vehicle, lift it right off the pavement. 5 lbs in the right places may be able to disable it. they would have to burn it off to get going again. Use black spray rubber material over the grill, that should heat it up in a hurry and they wont even notice what it is. Use it on all the locks and knobs too, should be interesting.

        It is so funny to see them get this stuff, but the more sophisticated the system, the easier it is to disable.

        • Sticking limburger chees in the radiator is always good for a laugh and a gag fest. Smell never goes away. Puke on wheels.

        • You are so right,
          In Stalingrad the 44th mech. corps with 140+ tanks were supposed to do the breakout, however, when they tried to use the tanks, all but approx. 50 had been disabled, by of all things, russian field mice!! Low tech CAN work against high tech.

          • How right your are!!!
            You cant kill flys with a sledge hammer!!! You never kill the fly and only do a bunch of damage at a very high cost!!!
            They tryed that in vietnam and we know how that worked out…Beat by 10rd sks’s(most use VC weapon, not AK47), RPG’s, the will and right on there side….The last two always wins in the end…
            Besides, I keep hearing all this stuff about 20,000 troops from other countys here and there, this and that…
            There happens to be approx. 120,000 gang members in LA alone, know there terrain, and every starving illeagle will join them…
            It would take over 200,000 troops to just secure the san fernando valley…and cant imagin how many it would take to go door to door all across the USA…They would have to do it all at once, cause once it started, it would be a big fight that they will not win…

            THERE PLAN IS to destroy the economy, cut off the food, elec, and water…sit back and let us all kill eachother…then try and take control….I just hope everyone can see this and instead of killing eachother, help eachother…If that where to happen, we would never see these evil aholes ever again!!!

        • …a man after my own heart….

      57. It disturbs me to read the various comments regarding the patriotism and loyalties of our military.

        • I was thinking the same thing.


      58. if all hell breaks loose, TSA is going to be standing around trying to be bad ass cop and whistling dixy waiting to do pat downs while people are trying to board flights out of the US and the teenagers with .22’s are going to be shooting at the windows at the airport to watch glass break, “oh cool”. Then you got gang bangers looting stores etc. You will have big momma still trying to get a burger thru the drive thru and nobody will be there. lol Then you got the scared to death people at home with a gun just waiting and trying to hear anything whats going on.

        • pretty much.

      59. Ok a few things here. 1st off local news in surf city n.c. marine beats cab driver so badly driver will be going to have facial reconstructive surgery tomorrow. 2cnd a nice neighborhhod in my area has had over 12 break ins in less than a month. 3rdly i was at the beach about a month ago and MANY army helicopters flying very low overhead.they kept flying over and over, funny thing is nobody paid anymind ( I was pooping bullets)! now the last thing is my thought on the repeated info of all these armed tanks etc. Just a thought that i have and will share, maybe the gov is prepping for us to be invaded by another country. there has been reports of china having military in mexico(i do not know if this is true, but let us pretend it is for a moment) maybe because we owe sooooo much debt that we have sold our land to say like china( iknow we are not “supposed” to do this)but could it be possible? a kind of collateral? My dad had seen on the news years back that china bought a mountain in the U.S. so maybe they are expecting them to come here and get what belongs to them. that would cause a HUGE war….just a thought. I mean china owns a baseball team so how far out there is it for them to own our land. I would not put that as impossible. yea there are laws to state we can not do that bUT does that matter anymore. who needs a false flag when you have them comin to get the land that was promised. enemy comes in from mexico…no biggie with that. just a thought…

        • I’d rather fight BESIDE our military than AGAINST it. We can wish…

      60. Just remember their weak spot is the Biological Beings cowering inside – operating them .

        Who all depend on O2 and h2O to survive live exist .

        Extreme liquid Fire and Chem attacks which destroy deny the Enemy both these human biological systems dependent elements for life .

        Will make these obvious Gestapo Weapons of nation wide Genocide Murder Obsolete !!!

        OR JUST USE A 18 WHEELER INTERNATIONAL long nose TRACTOR TRUCK or ARMORED TRUCK to “RAM EM” onto their sides into a deep ditch on the side of the road or into a brick building trapping it immobile … that’s my Prepper Attack Plan .

        *** Remember your independent O2 Breathing Systems full body chem suits and Seat Belts Prepper Peeples !!!

        Puck the NWO !!!


        • Almost miss it.

          • “@FBPG ;0p … YOUR HOMO Jooo BOYFRIEND MUST “HATE IT” EVERY TIME HE SHOVES HIS weee lil’ jooo penis into your flatulent anus … JUST hate how you SCREAM EACH TIME …


            Atleast that’s what your Mother and Sister tell me as they service an lick me clean NIGHTLY !!!

            JOG-ON JOOO TOOL .


            • So you are the one my mother has been taking advantage of. Go mom go. She deserves so too. Oh my sister could take you she scares me. And you must be a stand up comic or should be. Maybe arapper because you do have the rhyme.

      61. WOW had the tv on in the background just finished watching my local news and jay leno just reported that social securitu office purchased 174000 rounds of ammo…he made it a joke but i was shocked he said anything but odder still is that people laughed and did not see(BLIND SHEEPLE) what is really WRONG with that…(sigh) just feel soooooo upset that soooooo many people are so blind to reality

      62. BI, K2, AM, and SOS: All 4 of you are correct. On April 4, 1968, I was downtown with my Dad only 6 blocks from where MLK was shot. No more than 15 minutes after the news was broadcast on the radio, all hell broke loose in Memphis. Police and National Guard had their plates overflowing that night; NG was already here because of the sanitation workers’ strike. We were riding in a 1964 Ford Galaxy trying to get out of downtown when a black male smashed out one our back windows trying to get us. Dad pulled out a S&W Model 10 .38 Special and shot him right in the face and we simply got the hell out of dodge. I was only 11 years old at the time, but I still remember it well; wish i could forget it, but can’t. I already know what blacks are capable of when stirred up. Alot of white people suffered terribly at their hands during all those riots in the 60s but the mainstream media even then were biased in their reporting. And everyone wonders why we had segregation in this country. All I know for sure now is, when TSHTF, whoever targets me; better have your insurance paid up, your last will and testament made out, kiss your wife and kids goodbye, and bring a body bag for yourself; I don’t provide those.

        • Shut your racist cake hole up !So if Blacks can be violent,…..that means Whites cant ? Is that what your sayin OLD FART ? I think when the SHTF I Dont think it will matter what color you are because…”IF PUSHED….WE “ALL” as humans CAN BE SAVAGES…..Dumb ass!

          • 11b20 Spoken like a true white guilt filled liberal, Very young person. None of us said white cant be violent. And yes pushed to shove anyone can be regardless what color etc.

            What your braindead, probobly collage deranged lib mind set can’t seem to grasp is that whites WILL require alot of Push to shove prior to finally acting out.

            But 95% blacks will only need aprox ONE 30 second sound byte of Al Sharpton telling them they are “Owed” all they desires and it is Whiteys who ows it ALL!

            I agree also not all blacks is this way…It is just too bad once you get over 1/2 of a century of experience in this stuf, you realize it really IS that 95% asshat blacks who makes it look so bad for the Rest who aint that way!

            PS You remind me of, a Conservative is simply a former liberal whos been attacked or raped or etc and Lived to tell of it!…Then they awaken, get arrmed and LEAVE the progressive lib Kommie Plantation!

        • im glad as a kid you got out ok. you could of been beat or killed to death. we are all people but blacks are more violent in nature then whites are. they just dont have parenting or a father and grow around more violence and poor conditions than more whites do. I hear you and many wont agree with us, im not racist and will say to anyone and even say hi to blacks daily, many of them will just look pissed and when you say “hello”, they are suprised by that a white person is being nice to them, some say hi back and others have the attitude. When all hell breaks loose I do believe they will be more aggressive in nature like a wild monkey where more whites will use their minds more. we all are people but obama for example is going to have a big issue when and if israel attacks iran and obama doesnt like israel has to take the muslim side or the jews side. I think there could be a possibility that this is all timed before the elections honestly. I could be completly wrong and thats fine, im ok with that. but i dont care about the jews, whites,blacks they are all the same to me, I dont care, I just want us preppers to be ok and all of your families and friends too. many think we are coooks but we want to survive and that gives us an advantage. its not dumb its smart. we all have different theories and ideas and thats what I like to debate but there is no need for fucking internet toughguys on here saying your a fucking moron on here, there is enough of that on yahoo news and so on. if you dont like what we say go somehwere else. thats what I think.

          • killed to death?

      63. For them to deploy these things on American streets mean they expect something big coming ,really big !

        These things look like they can clear both of the street .Definately designed for urban combat but not much on 4×4 trails .They are too heavy and to wide to fit the trails . Hopefully those things are air conditoning inside or it will be a sweat box for the people inside .

        I suspect the roof is lighter in armour and that the front end of these things are are pretty much open , leaving the radiater and other essentials in harms way. Did you also notice how the rear axles just stand out ?

        Maybe they will buy another 10,000 of them useing Tax payers money and put us 2 more Trillion in Debt in 2013 , looks like they are well on their way !

      64. with the way they are running this country and our money into the ground, they wont be able to afford the fuel to get this POS down the road

        • After we heard of Army pays $800.00 for Each Hammer! And $2000+ Per Toilet seats….For Fighter Jets!!

          F-16 has bathrooms and toilets now?!…Even if they does two grand per toilet seat is kinda alot no?

          So these vehicles probobly cost a fair price of One hundred grand Tops….Wont be shocked if they paid well over a million per!

          I read that due to our drones planes killing innocent folks in pakistan, the pakies closed of some passage way(Kyber?) and we now pay aprox $400 Per Gal for jet fuel to afgan!..Due to xtra shipping distances and pay offs etc.








          • Didn’t WE do plenty of the same in guantanamo? I guess they are trying to get even…only we did CHILDREN, SONS, DAUGHTERS…why am I not surprised we reap what we sow? Sorry guys, WRONG IS WRONG no matter what country you’re from.

          • Ya know folk’s,..maybe it’s just me… I dont know whose the bigger Shit stirer,….you COCO CUNT, Mac Slavo, or Alex Jones’s fat ass !Lets all take a breather and go to a park with our kids and walk it off.

            • after you…

            • With Your guidence, daddy, I bet your kids end up some kinda piece of work!…

        • Oh a double self sniff

      66. The thought of violence against our government makes me physicaly sick. It is my hope that when the SHTF that our government will come together and we will come out of this with a healthy and vibrant new respect for what we had and what we need to do to get back to the traditions and values we were all raised with, if you are over 50.

        On my part I have hit a personal milestone of prepping for my family giving me a comfortable 6 month period that should allow us time to start crops. Not to say that more can and should be done but 6 months was the original goal a couple of years ago and am proud to say I/We did it as of yesterday. The whole thing in the middle east was the impetus I needed to wrap things up.

        • Why does violence against our government make you sick?
          Are you incapable of accepting that governments can and do anything to stay in power and control? Can you not understand that they become greedy, corrupt, selfish and twisted? Look at what happened to the roman empire. Our government might not do these things tomorrow or even 10 years from now, but it will inevitably happen and the people should fight back if their rights are taken from them.
          When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. Thomas Jefferson.
          The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government. – Thomas Jefferson
          He saw the truth nearly 300 years ago, how do people STILL not see it now?

      67. “federal regulations have become oppressive on American business.”

        “the costs of regulations and state of the economy … Obama has added 11,327 new pages of federal rules and regulations.”


        Sure they won’t! IRS says agents won’t enforce Obamacare mandate

      68. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7heWIuEJcS4&feature=youtube_gdata_player

        check this video for some reality check of what we get to look forward to and perpare for. warning very graphic and not for the faint of heart or queezy stomach

        if the link doesn’t work then search you tube for – vice guide to travel libera

        this is SHTF but as you will see by the video -Jesus is near even in the worst of situations

      69. In an effort to cheer myself up –

        Look on the bright side. That’s only 49 per state (sans Hawaii). I feel better now.

        No, not really.

      70. They run on fuel…… so take out the source. duh

      71. I truly hope that anyone on this page who is concerned about this is not only preparing for themselves and their family, but also for their friends and neighbors by sharing knowledge and trying to wake them up to deceptive realities. Do not stop talking about things and learn new ways to be persuasive.

        Most important of all – we need to do as much as we can while it is still peaceful.

        Join meetup groups for Ron Paul and try to take over city councils, committees, etc. He’s not going to win the Presidency but as Constitutionalists and libertarians we can take over local and state government and make it harder for the top-down control of the Federal government. Be a part of Young Americans for Liberty, Campaign for Liberty, etc. Do something. Be a part of something. Do as much as you can. Look at what happened recently in Virginia where people got together and nullified Obama’s NDAA.

        Do no simply wait with guns and food in your house. Most of us do not have any clue how horrible it would really be if our mother got shot in front of us or something else equally horrifying.

      72. More stupid speculations and assumptions, being dogpiled on by the rest of the looney tune “survivalists” crowd that has lost the ability to THINK.

        What EVIDENCE is there to suggest that these lame assumptions by Slavo are correct?

        For many years (several DECADES), various groups have been promoting this very same “conclusion” — and have been proven dead wrong, again and again and again.

        Despite pictures (touted as “evidence”), eye-witness reports, interviews with truckers and purchase orders, all the claims were proven dead wrong.

        The reason is because the conclusions were dead wrong.

        When will you idiots wake the fuck up a learn something from your repeated mistakes?

        The ammo purchase is nothing unusual (it’s normal) and a paltry amount. Much of it is HANDGUN ammo — not the kind of ammo you use to suppress a civil uprising.

        2500 vehicles is very, very few, hardly enough to do anything with, less then nearly every small town in America.

        Slave and his ilk are GUILTY of promoting fear and propaganda and inciting insurrection. They’re trying to get Americans to respond — and if you do — you will be jumping the gun and putting yourself in extreme danger.

        Do not listen to the fools in the “survivalists” community who have NO IDEA what they are doing. They’re dangerously deluded, misreading all the FACTS and the EVIDENCE and drawing up misleading conclusions. They are going to get a lot of people KILLED.

        • @Another Lie Comes…

          So….which particular Federal agency do you work for?

          • Another lie comes is either right winger Zio OR Left wing Kommie Bolshevik. Thats what we got Two main “Mafias” Both zio and bolsheviks fighting for end game kontrol…

            But regardless which wins?…Its same as Two NY Mobs…Once game ends BOTH Join forces to own and kontrol it all

        • @ Another lie comes. So you don’t believe in stocking up for even natural disasters such as a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, volcano, solar flare induced EMP, or many other natural disasters that strike all the time? You say survivalists are looney tunes, but those that had supplies before the many storms that left cities without power, water, food supplies, did not have to wait in a long line at some FEMA set up point to get their crumbs thrown to them. Preppers/survivalists prepare for ALL SHTF events, manmade and natural that happen ALL THE TIME.

          IF you don’t prepare, and a nice large earthquake sends your neighborhood back to the stone age, or an EMP like the one in 1859 hits the planet and destroys almost all electronics, then your very survival may depend on the compassion of a survivalist/prepper that you can beg to for food, water, and other necessities. You think a survivalist/prepper is a fool for preparing for chaos, but you totally failed to mention Mother Nature and what this planet and the sun is more than capable of. Has happened many times before and will happen again, and again, and again. SHTF with the world all the time, go tell the people still living in tents at the mercy of a mere tropical storm in Haiti how foolish it is to prepare for disasters.

          Those too stupid to not prepare and have supplies put away for what the Earth can do to their world are the true FOOLS.

          • You have tried to inject a straw argument: “So you don’t believe in stocking up…. yada yada”.

            Nothing you wrote is even applicable to the points raised in my comments, which you conveinently and complete ignored.

            I never even address the need to prepare, only the disinformation / erroneous conclusions written in the original article, which are dangerously misleading and inaccurate.

            Therefore, there is no point in addressing your straw arguments, you missed the entire point altogether.

            • @Another Lie Comes…You are a idiot. He did not inject a strawman. He is right on the point. It may not pertain to the contents of this specific article, but it does revolve around this site. If you did not notice this is SHTFPLAN.COM. Not governmentconspiracies.net or something.

              Here is what you said…
              “More stupid speculations and assumptions, being dogpiled on by the rest of the looney tune “survivalists” crowd that has lost the ability to THINK.”

              Every government since the beginning of time has failed at some point or another. It usually left the people in complete chaos. Governments have done terrible things to stay in power and control the people. America is no different. It WILL happen. Who knows when, but to prepare for SHTF means to prepare for all dangers, natural, man made, foreign and domestic.

            • another lie, a straw arguement! This is not a false representation, this is about survival regardless of the situation. I respect everyone including you, but why are you on this site if you think we are idiots? Why do you waste your time on here? You must be not sure of yourself if you respond to people’s quotes and try to make people see your side or try to change their minds or prove them wrong. But your not giving a very good argument at all my young friend. I would go to a democrat msnbc website and hang out there and be like them. You could learn a lot from a MSNBC website. I think that would be best for you. Even though you are trying to prove your point you won’t be able to on this website my young friend. lol

            • @Another Lie Comes

              Hey dumbass….

              Take a look at those vehicles and tell me exactly what LEGITIMATE use they have here stateside.

              Are you really that stupid, that you don’t know what their purpose?

              Those vehicles are for use in hostile environments. Evidently, the government thinks that’s what they are going to be facing…on U.S. soil.

        • sorry but thats another lie! hollow points are used for self defense, not target practice. FMJ bullets are usually the bullet used for practice, hollow points cost a lot more money and government do not normally shoot them for practice. People are grown up enough to make up their own minds if they want to believe this stuff or not, or prep or not. Many do not agree with each other all the time and we make our points and debate them. We dont get all fucking pissed and call each other fucking idots and we are going to get people killed. Please go to msnbc webstie and talk to liberals who will probably have a lot more in common with you. I respect your thoughts but there is no need to call people fucking stupid. People can make up thier own minds on here my young friend.

        • The Federal Register of positive law supports the “prepper” philosophy far better than the mainstream press. Few read the Federal Register or even the list of Executive Orders from the White House website.

      73. sponsored by a top Republican and endorsed by the Obama adminstration


        interesting that 111 Dems voted against it and only 7 Repub’s did so

        “Smith, while imploring the House to pass the measure, said the FISA Amendments Act “is one of the most important votes we cast in this Congress.” Terrorists, he added, “are committed to the destruction of our country.”

        its not the “terrorists” who will destroy the country
        its our own “elected” representatives who will ultimately do so

      74. This article is bullshit. The sources are bullshit and it is just Anti-American, Anti-Government, anarchy propaganda. I am all for prepping for societal collapse, pandemics or all out natural disasters, but this is ridiculous.

        • @GregorKlusar…

          So….that pictures are BS…right?

          You really need some treatment for that bad case of normalcy bias you got.

          (I’m sure the people in Germany in the early 1930’s thought the Nazis were doing great things.)

      75. Be Informed,

        Got an email today from a trusted friend that stated:

        “I got this from one of my employees who has a brother in Israel and believes it 100%. Something is coming.

        I don’t know if you follow such things but…

        My brother and his family live in Jerusalem – he is a minister – and a former Navy SEAL – his office is close to one of Israel’s largest underground military bases.

        He called me last night which is very unusual – usually it is email.

        He called to tell me that he is sending his family back to the US immediately, due to what he is seeing happen within the last week and what he is being told by his military contacts in both the Israel and US military.

        He said he is seeing with his own eyes military movements the likes of which he has never seen in his 20+ years in Israel. What he called a massive redeployment and protective tactics of forces is underway.

        Over the last two days he has seen anti-aircraft missile deployments throughout the Jerusalem area, including 3 mobile units that he can see from his office windows. In addition, he has seen very large Israeli armored columns moving fast toward the Sinai, where Egypt has now moved in Armor.

        There are reports of the top military leaders meeting with Israel’s Sr. Rabbi, which is something that has happened preceding every prior military campaign.

        His admonition is to watch carefully and pray for Israel and its people. He is convinced that barring something extraordinary Israel will attack Iran – with or without the US – and very soon.

        It is the belief in Israel that Obama does not stand with Israel but with the Arab countries.

        He has told me before that Israel will saber rattle from time to time, but that this time is very different from what he is seeing and hearing.

        He was at the Wailing Wall 2 days ago and there were hundreds of IDF soldiers there. As he was leaving he passed at least 20 military buses full of soldiers in route to the wall.

        He has never seen this before either. Just thought I would pass this along.

        My brother is not an alarmist by any means.

        When he talks like this it gets my attention for sure, and usually I find he knows more than he shares.”

        Y’all Beware! Your time frames might just be right on.

        • @ Y’all Beware. Thank you for the information. It is people like yourselves that help us all well informed. The time window is Sept.10-20, with the new moon being Sept.15. Watch for about 5 PM your time for the news to hit the internet and TV on any given day. 5 PM give or take about 2-3 hours before or after EST. If not this month, then the same time next month, Oct.10-20. Thank you again for letting us all know, this is important for that heads up so we can all at least get ready in our minds for what is coming.

          • My money is on after the NEW YEAR is over.

        • Good grief. This is called “hearsay” and is irrelevant to the article at hand. It’s also totally meaningless to Americans. Whatever the hell Israel does is not related whatsoever to what is happening here within the continental United States.

          So your point seems to be to spread more fear-mongering hearsay bullshit.

          You people are STUPID. You have no critical thinking skills whatsoever.

          • @ Another lie comes. WHAT?????????? Everything that happens over in the Middle East DEEPLY affects the United States and the entire world. How about $200-$300 a barrel oil. I don’t know if you were around in the 1970’s, but that was hell with the rationing and gas stations with the odd and even days. You know what skyrocket oil does, it makes the price of food explode OVER HERE. It makes the cost of power go out of the ballpark. People won’t be able to afford heating their homes. Israel attacks Iran, 70% of the world oil is affected. Fear-mongering, get real, come on.

            If you took some classes in school in Geography you would understand the shear importance of that region and why the U.S. is immediately over there, along with Russia and China the second there is a problem. The country that controls the energy controls the world. I don’t blame you for the lack of geography skills, that is the school system that doesn’t teach anything.

            I feel very sorry for people that have no Geography skills and can’t understand the massive importance of the area around Israel, Iran and the whole region.

            • @ Another lie comes. Irrelevant to the article? You know who gets the fuel from the strategic oil supply when the exports are bottlenecked over in the Middle-East? The government vechicles that you see above. The government will first give the emergency fuel supply to the military and then the emergency response equipment, then to the transportation such as semi-trucks. During extremely chaotic times the deployment of the government it could reach the level of martial law. The Middle-East could easily be the catalyst to what the above article talks about. I think the discussion of the Middle East and Israel is extremely pertinent to the article.

            • BI..Back around 1984(or1974?) one or the other. A Bill or exec order was signed and it says “ALL our aprox 1 billion strageic oil here in usa is RESERVED for Isreal first if they need it…AND usa will ship it there at usa expense!”….Go look it up.

              They do NOT care about whats good for america!

              It is always Whats good for isreal and jews…It is what it is. If they attack iran Russias Head honcho sec of state or whatever was interviewd on RT tv news the other day….He says If isreal OR usa attacks iran Russia and maybe(probobly) china will react and it wont be pretty.

              He says it is a wrong attitude by isreal and they cant posibly win alone. If usa goes to their aid…Russia is commited to aid iran.

              Face facts Netanyahoo and his blood thirsty jews dont care!….Ever heard of “Tikum Olem”?

              It supposd to mean jews thinks They are destined to destroy it all and Then Rebuild it correctly!

              Their religion is more whacky than any others period. Self Chozens and self worshipers. Christ called em the sinagog of Satan….So far they are Proving Him Correct.

              It dont matter iran has zero nukes or aint makeing any nukes…Jews want em dead and want all that land for “Greater Isreal”…Wonder where they plan to ship 200 million arabs survivors to?…USA!! and Europe!

              Jews want only white jews…95% are Khazers(fake jews). Reaserch it man. You cant make this stuf up!

            • a) Extract head from ass;
              b) Extract head from Israel’s ass;
              c) Start THINKING.

              Israel is NOT the United States. The hearsay you promote is CONJECTURE. Wake The Fuck Up.

              Your he said / she said, my cousin said CONJECTURE is a STRAW ARGUMENT and is absolutely MEANINGLESS to Americans and what happens HERE.

              You are dumber then a rotten stump to suggest that this hearsay has anything to do with my life, your life or any other American life.

              The price of oil is NOT RELEVANT. Irregardless of what oil costs, the relevance to your life is ZERO.

              You have sought to inject multiple straw arguments into your mysterious “point” (whatever the hell it actually was, known apparently only to you). Israel does not control America’s oil. Or the price of oil. Iran does not control America’s oil. Or the price of oil.

              All you are doing is fear-mongering with pure hearsay, making ridiculous assumptions and straw arguments.

              Some of you fools have no sense at all. It’s downright pathetic.

              I can live with the price of oil at $300 a barrel. Even at $1000 a barrel. My life here in the United States is NOT dependent upon the price of oil.

              If you think yours is — then you are a fucking retard, stupid as hell and probably drowning in debt, depending upon the government to save your sorry ass.

              None of your hearsay, your straw arguments make any sense whatsoever.

              Be afraid. Be VERY AFRAID. Apparently it’s all you know, reacting with knee-jerk stupidity to every rumor you hear.

            • @ Another lie comes. If you can live with $1000 a barrel oil then you must be wealthy. The cost of oil affects every single aspect of life in the United States from your food delivery, to water transportation, to trash pick up, to driving your vehicle, to the price of food at the supermarket from the expensive processing of the food and manufacturing of it, in short the price of oil affects the economy massively. Even if you don’t drive any public transporatation is going up in cost a lot.

              War means oil not flowing, oil not flowing means extreme demand, extreme demand means extreme cost and desperate measures to get whatever is on the market. Countries cannot just stop using 70% of what they use everyday. The sound of an economy without oil is a screeching brakes before an accident. You are unaware that it is not how much a country uses per month or year, it is how much is used each day that runs an economy. A country needs that each day supply or it fails. Just look at the chaos that develops in isolated areas that are affected by hurricanes. Try to imagine this on a nationwide level, a worldwide level.

              The country could never sustain itself at $1000 a barrel oil unless it went printer crazy, and gold was about $15000 an ounce. If you can live with oil at $1000, then you are extremely lucky to be so well off with money to burn. Seriously do you understand just how interwoven the economy is with the price of energy. Do you realize how much the world is dependent on oil from fertilizer to plastics to lubricants to gasoline and much, much more. I don’t see how anyone that is not a millionaire could live with oil at $1000 a barrel.

              By the way is it really necessary to go around calling everyone a f’ing retard and fools? If you have a point why not discuss it in an intelligent manner. It is kind of an oxymoron or a paradox to use common foul language and billigerence of such that we all learn at age 5 or so and them condemn many people for being ignorant.

          • @Another Lie Comes…

            And you have no ability to think whatsoever.

            Again I ask…..which particular Federal agency do you work for?

        • I may not have read your comment if you said it was your wives uncle. Keep you eyes pealed like my wives plums. *****

      76. Mysterious White House construction job wraps up…

        “After nearly two years and $86 million later…”

        “Deep underground, whatever has been built there remains shrouded in mystery.”

        “The General Services Administration, which oversaw the work, said it was to replace aging water and steam lines, sewers, storm sewers and electrical wiring conduits.

        “Heating, air conditioning and fire control equipment also are being updated, officials said.”

        “However, what reporters and photographers saw during the construction appeared to go well beyond that: a sprawling, multistory structure whose underground assembly required truckload after truckload of heavy-duty concrete and steel beams.”


        • Old news..I beat ya to it

      77. WOW….I’m a pretty good prepper and all, but this article really does have me scared sh*tless. I’ll NEVER be able to acquire enough ammo to defend my family against this coming slaughter.

      78. To all shtf reader’s one question. Ive seen (from comments) all sides of the programmed agenda displayed here with true malicious ignorance and hostile ass-hatting toward (other)people, to whom isn’t your or our real antagonist. Why? because the divide and conquer syndrome stimulates the easy primal emotions and instincts, which is basically the first and best play among fools, worthless eaters or unsophisticated one. Case in point just look @ race issues in this country (US)or religious ones abroad. YOU All GET THE PICTURE NOW. So the multitudes of people on this living Planet,who have everything in common has surrendered their FREE WILL to a few, based off lies. Question will you,me,we LET THEM use these weak machines and mechanism against us ANY LONGER. I believe we won’t surrender our Will(s) much further or longer and live out our true credence of freedom, prosperity and cooperation

        • Have Been saying Unity is needed.
          We stand togeather or die alone.( not meaning one personmaybe a small grp maybe just a family maybe it will be someone totaly alone. )
          They do not care who we are, where we are from, what we believe in. They are coming for all men, women and children, Weather it is to fema camps, satanists to take over the world and stamp out christianity or other forms of religion, aliens coming to laser us. The volcanoes will not distinguish who you are the color of all our skin will be ash and soot. Pick any of them they are coming for us all.

        • Multitude has everything in common eh?…Wrong!…There is distinct differences between folks of culture-race-area lived at-etc. Dont forget we need have “Discernment”.

          Liberals confuse folks by calling discernment as Judgeing. Call it what ya want. But we All use jugements many times per day in many varied things.

          Do Not fall for fuzzy swell lib-social justice(kommies) crapola such as “Gee cant we all just be passifistic, and hold hands across the oceans while we sing kumbyah, and all get along”?

          NO cause it wont work. You try That and others WILL KILL YOU and Yours!

          Sometimes the Only way to peace= Kill off all Enemys to real peace. Too bad but Hey! We didnt make it so. We didnt light that fire. But We may be who gets stuck with putting that fire Out.

      79. “O” has already brought Jordanian goons here to “train” to kill us. Wake up America. Three C130 gun ships flew VERY LOW over my house just a couple weeks ago. BELOW the 3500 ft. mountain summit just across town. BHO is public enemy #1. God help us all.

      80. 77 year old woman on her way home from playing piano atchurch gets pulled from her car by police after refusing to show her I.D.


      81. I do not know what to believe anymore. Has similar things been going on since the beginning of time and we just never knew about it until now because of the technology that we have? Or is this something to actually worry about? I feel the article is incredibly biased towards government totalitarian like control. I don’t know what to believe anymore.

      82. You folks need to adjust your tin foil hats and think….carefully. This is absolute BS and anyone who thinks our military would either stand by while Americans are murdered or actually DO the murdering is a knuckle dragger. Maybe the Mayan calendar and the rumors about 12/21/12 are true and aliens are on their way. Only in America. Wacked.

        • I think you might take a look at American history. In almost every era, there have been military and police who have been willing to stand by and allow Americans to be attacked or killed. Especially if a group is designated an outsider group, they become fair game. Think Japanese internment in WWII, lynchings in the South, the Columbine mine massacre, Kent State, …. I’m sure with a little searching you could find more.

        • Spin doctors can convince many people of outright lies. How many would listen to you if you told them that Wal Mart was raising prices? Or requiring a membership like Sams Club? Now what if someone printed 1000 bogus full color flyers saying the same thing?

          YOU think. Most of the trigger pullers in the military are brainwashed college dropouts or worse. They have mandatory classes in basic training to learn to balance a simple checkbook. Get some perspective. Wash Rinse Repeat.

      83. Yesterday I was very surprised to see a heavily armored military riot control vehicle painted in camo green with black stenciled words indicating “Lane Country Sheriff”. It was parked along a public street in Eugene, Oregon apparently on display for the public to examine. It was clearly intended to acclimatize local citizens to its presence within this urban college town. The vehicle was parked from early morning to night fall before being moved. The heavy armor and glass, elevated gun turrets, folding platforms for SWAT team members on both sides and at the rear, and many gun ports pointing in every direction left me with an uneasy feeling about such a vehicle’s purpose in this sleepy community.


      85. FYI just seen two SEA-KING’s and two HUEY’s fly over the ALA. gulf coast at about 200 agl. SEA-KING’S no markings and the color of yellowed ivory, the HUEY’S no markings the color of the old EAST GERMAN CAMMO. All had door gunner’s with door guns in place. Just in case someone would like to know.

        • Door gunners are an easy shot, with the right equipment.

      86. “What are the MiliPolice Planning On Doing With These Heavily Armored Vehicles?????” They are going to park outside your home, randsack your house, take all your MRE’s, rape your wife and children AND shoot you in the head.

        • You are totally correct, except they will rape your 8 year old too…

      87. Yes, We are getting ready to rock all of your world ! You see the signs but can and do nothing because we are in control and we dictate to you minions what we what to do .We use all the tools at hand and soon our new ones will make sure you obey or you die ! Do you think the muslums riseing in the middle east is about a movie clip ? Fools!! The stage is being set up for an invasion of Israel . We know exactly what is going to happen and you worthless eaters are most clueless. You are sheep to the slaughter and will be used to fight against each other, race riots are coming to you soon enough by design .We want you to fight among yourselves so it makes our job easier .Financial and Economical hardships are coming your way ! Global world Order Baby and don’t you forget it ! You will all soon live in fear !

        • HAVE NO FEAR.

          Rev 21:8

          Become the “Militia of One”.
          Target the leaders…
          (like WorthlessBozo above, you did forget your /sarc tag, right?)

      88. Nothing like a 30 pound road side bomb couldn’t take care of. Yours truly is looking forward to seeing these vehicles fly in air.

      89. First take out the tires then those inside the damn things. They’re NOT there to RESCUE you ! ! ! ! !

      90. Another Lie Comes,

        This is called “hearsay” and is irrelevant to the article at hand. It’s also totally meaningless to Americans. Whatever the hell Israel does is not related whatsoever to what is happening here within the continental United States. So your point seems to be to spread more fear-mongering hearsay bullshit.

        You people are STUPID. You have no critical thinking skills whatsoever.

        So, so, not so, not so, not so, not so and not so.

        If I ever have to discus your crap again, I will introduce you to Y’all and Beware. They will enjoy your Democratic position – Failure.

        Y’all Beware! Bring your skirt, high heals and tampons!

        • Y’all- thanks for the info, the idf soldiers at the wall in that manner is disturbing.

          Your bro is a good man getting them the hell out of the hurricane zone.

          Hope he survives what I believe they are on the verge of, and then to our shores it will come.

          All this for the gd petro dollar supremacy!!

          May future generations forgive us!!

      91. Don’t worry about the bullet resistant glass, after the first round hits it becomes greatly weakened offering a ‘soft spot” for subsequent rounds.

      92. I have news for you people; these vehicles will be stationed “in the hood” where they will desperately be needed to both suppress the savagery & contain them in those areas.
        They won’t be wasted driving wround suburbia or your neighborhoods.

        • Correct. And, after being covered in graffiti and gang signs, within several minutes they will no longer have any wheels to continue moving. It will just be another eyesore that looks like the rest of their rundown crappy neighborhoods.

      93. Another Lie Comes,

        “This is called “hearsay” and is irrelevant to the article at hand. It’s also totally meaningless to Americans. Whatever the hell Israel does is not related whatsoever to what is happening here within the continental United States. So your point seems to be to spread more fear-mongering hearsay bullshit.

        You people are STUPID. You have no critical thinking skills whatsoever.”

        So, so, not so, not so, not so, not so and not so.

        If I ever have to discus your crap again, I will introduce you to Y’all and Beware. They will enjoy your Democratic position – Failure.

        Y’all Beware! Bring your skirt, high heals and tampons!
        Quotes are now placed bitch – bring it!

      94. Another Lie Comes,

        Please accept my apologies as I see that you were totally destroyed by Angelo Mysteriouso, David and Be informed.

        Y’all Beware! Damn that was fine!

      95. Plenty of discharged vets that know how to defeat them….just sayin

      96. Learn to make thermite, shoot the windows and tires, fire bomb the attacking vehicles, kill everyone that helps them. Take their gear and plan for the next attack that will come. Long range shooters, take out their support personnel and windows, can’t see, can’t see it coming. These have reactive armor, keep shooting the same places. Dig ditches and pit falls. Use 18 wheelers to ram them and onto them. Use brake fluid and chlorine. Use acid. Catch tires on fire. Fuel is large boxes on back, good place for thermite which a six year old can make. They are only badxsses with brute overwhelming force, man to man they are chickenxxits. They will get a hell of a surprise when things go hot.

        • Fire is your friend . Typical method used by the Russians to defeat German tanks was to toss several UNLIT petrol bottles onto the tank , this allowed the liquid to penetrate engine compartments and other places …..then they tossed the lit bottle . It was very effective …..dangerous but effective . Busting the windows and the troops inside getting wet with gas ……they will know what is going to happen and most likely abandon the vehicle rather than be cooked alive .

          • The russians used diesel fuel for those held up in caves in afghanistan . The benefit to diesel fuel over gas is the smoke from the oil burning off ……if your inside a vehicle …same thing , your air supply is going to run out real fast !

      97. So… on board with alot of the prepping tips given above…thanks for the tips.. curious though ( and not too well informed)… Does anyone believe the incidents and growing outbursts in the middle east to be part of the false flag?

      98. Maybe these vehicles are for the hls gay pride day parade, with that shim in charge sitting on the top of the lead vehicle, willing to shoot anyone who doesnt like their gay lifestyles, and refuse to have their lifestyle shoved down their throats and in eyes view of our young.

        • Yo Private Kevin 1st class!..Ok cut the gab soldier! Yeah You private Kevin and form a line! Stand IN FRONT of Private Faggothommo!….heh heh…Just joking kevin!

          Ok sarge-Dyko, but wait up I gotta bend over to tie my boot lace!

        • Gay pride ? isnt that a contradiction in terms ?

      99. If Isael attacks Iran you preppers are going to look pretty smart. Because that situation could get serious pretty quick. Iran probably does not have nukes but pakistan does. If they gave just a few to Iran….WWW3 will begin and we have already been picked to lose. I hope BHO will let them go it alone. We have helped them enough..time for them to learn to get along with their neighbors. Maybe the trucks are for the Christians who won’t stand for seeing Israel destroyed.

      100. Of course, its as clear as day that the US cannot recover economically. The can arrest the decline, but not stop it and its difficult to know how far off he tipping point will be.

        However, there are other possibilities that have fallen into the shadows. The last few years has seen a huge rise in earthquakes, volcanic erruptions and strange weather systems. I don`t believe that man plays a significant role natural appearing events on Earth, apart from electromagnetic weapons.

        It is clear that we are entering a period of global cooling…I know the US has just had a big hot spell, but the fact is, winters are getting harder all over the world.

        If you have hard winters, that is lots of snow (water) at the wrong time of year, so there is a knock on effect during the growing season. While the US produces a lot of grain, your growing season is quite short.

        With global grain stocks near or at record lows, we are just a whisker from big periods of starvation.

        All it would take, is just a couple of really big volcanic erruptions and global temperatures would tumble several degrees for many years. So far we have not had these erruptions. In iceland, there is a huge volcano that is brewing, Santorini in Greece is brewing and in the US, there is Yellowstone…YOU KNOW, the one that the MSM don`t want to talk about!!!

        I don`t want to get into this Mayan stuff, but it sure looks like the Earth is going into a relatively violent period which could be part of the Mayan thing. The Sun is also doing stuff not seen before and Jupiter is getting all beat up. You see, its so big that is sucks in lots of junk, but there is a theory that every so often, Jupiter spits out a new planet. This has happened and was recorded in the Bible (not religious) and by civilisations around the world. If Jupiter has another baby, then all hell will breakout in our solar system and on Earth.

        Maybe they know something they aren`t telling us?

        • Carl Jones: WE have problems in America to be sure, but financial conditions in the UK are twice that of the USA. The UK debt to GDP ratio is over 200%!

          And then, you guys are linked to Europe in ways that WE are not, as American Banks have taken the past two years to limit their exposure to Europe.

          In fact, Uncle Ben is keeping the UK and Europe afloat by lending them many hundreds of billions of dollars to maintain their liquidity.

          If I were you I would head to New Zealand or Canada. The UK is DONE! It belongs to the Muslims now. Just saying! 🙂

        • The Grail has predicted the result of the Galactic Rift.
          It is the compression of the dark energy(magnetic),
          thus all things are affected…
          Google magnetic bubbles, and you shall see what nasa knows,
          it will affect everything…
          Including your animal half, as “the love of many shall wax cold”(spirit half is dimmed)

          “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”
          –Albert Einstein

          The Grail is the completion of his work, with the revealing of the meaning of The Light and Dark energies, and it shows that Something wicked this way comes, and people feel it coming…
          Maybe Mac won’t mind;

      101. preppers might want to stock paintball guns and paintballs. Silent, too.

      102. Many of my comments were listed as responses. There is actionable content in my replies. Hope you interested folks will scroll up. Semper Fi.

      103. Just reading these comments makes me sad for this once great nation, I just returned from a trip to a third world country. It’s not even 500 miles from where I live and yet once you cross that border it looks like your a million miles away. The people there are survivors and strong. They are coping with what they have and with the life that they have now, for a long time now. Their children and grandchildren know hardship and despair, I have seen it with my own eyes. The vilolence and the darkness that surrounds them and yet most of these people have a glimmer of hope and faith that I cannot explain. I fear this, that our children and ourselves are not prepared for what is to come, although we may prepare with physical things, what of the emotions and the spirit. Where is our spirit now that we live in good times? Where will it be when our lives comes crashing down and we begin to live like most of the world? Rectification is near, we are about to find out who the good guys are, and who the bad guys are.

      104. These things are dangerous but they are like any other vehicle …..they depend on their maneuverability to be effective , you take that away ……you have them where you want them . just sayin .

      105. time to get some more 50BMG API rounds… Long live the second amendment!

      106. They all run on gas or diseal. without access to either one, they are dead in their tracks.

        something to think about.

      107. Just wondering. Could all this have something to do with the Russian war ships/ Turkish fighter planes on the backdrop at the DNC?

      108. Here are some linkts to the DHS armored vehicles. For the most part it looks like their being bought and given to police departments around the nation. Just do a search for department of homeland security armored vehicles and a ton of pictures and articles come up.




      109. When you see the blue flag it will be too late. The powers that be are not the least bit concerned with the large numbers of wounded or killed. Just take a look at the Georgia Guide Stones. 500 million allowed to continue with living, if you can call it that. In the past when the few times that the people stood up and refused to allow the goverment to not honor its debt or promises to Vets, farmers, miners and others,the troops bombed and shot the protesters. Now with fire power possessed by the goverment, A-10s among others will flatten anything and anyone. They are willing to go for broke as they will control the air and the main tranportation lines. Food will be on the shelves longer than the standard 3 days some expouse but it will run out. A hungry child or your own hunger will dictate what you do and you will soon be making a choice to die or surrender. It is easy to say I got your 6 but very few of you or us will continue to fight. We just are not as strong mentally as we like to believe. Without doubt the PTB already know who post here and other sites. The violent prone or members of grouped individuals are and will be focused on first. Does this rant make me appear to have surrendered already. No doubt. I see it more as a reality. The coming times will be tough and are already here, but has not reached its goal of total control. I can only hope I am wrong. My hope is by some miracle there will be intervention by a power that can stop it. In the end I believe it will happen but very few of us will be here to see it. Good luck. We are all going to need that at the very least.

        • Any government that would use a weapon like the A-10 against it’s own people deserves to be overthrown. They can come to me first, I intend to die with a weapon in my hand if that is what it will take to stop them.

      110. Obama: “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” Well here is one piece (DHS). The other big piece is the increased CIA & merc. army the state department built in 2011/12.

        Those aren’t up-armored HMMWVs as the article stated. Those are MRAPs (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicles, built to be invincible to gunfire (high power rifles (up to .50 cal) even armor piercing rounds), RPGs, and all but one type of mine emplacements. Additionally, that’s a machine gun turret on the top to help protect the gunner from small arms fire without significantly increasing the roll-over characteristics of the vehicle. Those are only slightly-modified versions of the MRAPs the military builds.

        Notice the gun-ports from each of the windows… military generally doesn’t do that because these vehicles aren’t meant to be offensive in nature, they’re for transport of personnel with the turret gunner to put down suppressive fire if needed. Gun ports on light-armored vehicles are used to assist in escape, anticipating high-speed runs (like the Mexico shoot up last month). The only reason to have gun ports on a vehicle this size is to provide a moving safe-haven for active shooters; where does the DHS plan to operate where this is the case? (there were a few early MRAPs designed with gunports, we (military) found them to be pretty useless, then again, so are the back windows, but what the hell, give the passengers some light at the cost of lowered safety). Also, those gunports add to the cost, they’re more expensive to engineer and manufacture.

        It would be nice if DHS did buy these and deployed them to the southern border. One every 20 yards with permission to fire may stop the drugs, illegals, and terrorists from entering this country, but I just don’t believe that the current administration (or the previous 3 for that matter) has any intent to stop aiding terrorism, corruption or illegal entry into this country.

      111. I think the bigger problem here is that the invasion has already begun. Our government has already been compromised by foreign agents and is nothing but a front for a Global Government that is run by wealthy individuals and corporations. The New World Order troops are already here…whether you label them as U.N. troops with “blue” hats on or whether they are at this stage a more covert force blending in with our society, they are already here. I think the point of open resistance once the “blue” hats are here is a mute point. They already have us identified as to who the trouble makers are. There is a file on everyone of us more than likely. When they strike, they will sweep as many of us up at once as they can; they need to wrap this package up with a neat bow and “they” know it. If they fail our resistance will spread like a wild fire. Don’t believe me…just look at the facts of what’s happened in the Middle East. Look at what they’re doing here; armored mech units in St. Louis, drones flying overhead throughout our country, FEMA camps already set up in rural parts of our country, plastic coffins already waiting for us! People…the time is NOW! What the hell are we all waiting for? Romney/Obama…it doesn’t really matter who you pick…the outcome has already been planned for.

      112. We should all send copies of the pictures to our “representatives” and “senators”, with the simple question: “What the HELL IS THIS ABOUT?” I promise NO ONE will reply. (too busy being RE-Selected.)

      113. This is your tax dollars at work. Don’t you feel safer?

      114. What is coming is the total economic collapse of the world.The US dollar is worthless .It is not backed by anything other than hyperbole.It is what is commonly called fiat currency.

      115. They must be VERY AFRAID if they feel the need to ride around in these things.

      116. To answer the question to the last line of the article…Eddie Murphy. It’s Eddie Murphy that’s Coming to America.

      117. All of you are getting red stickers on your mailboxes.

      118. I can guess what is coming. The US Air Force and military will use their top secret, man made flying saucer UFO’s to stage a threat of alien invasion and scare as many people as they can into submitting to martial law.

      119. “Police/Rescue”

        Look at that thing! Exactly WHO or WHAT could possibly be RESCUED with THAT (shakes head). A picture is worth a 1000 words though. THAT is how STUPID the average citizen is. STUPID enough to believe these killdozers are coming to rescue them from invisible terrorists.

        Even a COW would know better.

        So, what are you going to do the day you see them rolling down the street in your “hood” like nothing is going on? I have a pretty good idea what you’ll do.


        Not a DAMN thing.

        Talk about how unfair it is, go polish your AR-15 and “wait” for the day they announce “IT’S ON!”

        Sad but true. They’ve been building up an invincible, mechanized killing machine for decades, RIGHT up in front of everyone’s noses. Nobody does jack about it. Nobody ever will.

        And in the end, the majority will get what they deserved. To be treated like the cattle they are. And that THIS really is FAIR because it’s what the majority WANTED, ASKED FOR and led themselves to BELIEVE… even though they KNEW BETTER.

        The government LIED like they always do and most people were to afraid to accept it. And so… people got what they deserved. They LIED about 911, The Patriot Act, the NDAA, the heroin war in Afghanistan, Sandy Hook and even the god damn moon landing. People would rather believe the safe, convenient lies on CNN & Fox news than think for themselves. And — people who let someone else do their thinking for them… get EXACTLY what they deserve. TO BE TREATED LIKE CREATURES WHO ARE TOO SCARED TO THINK (ie cattle).

        Sooner or later you will accept that fact.

        Sad but true.

        Meanwhile, go back to your job as a soldier, “private contractor”, cop, prison guard etc. and save up to buy another $1500 pop gun from Colt (who takes $1450 and uses it to make real guns). Work hard to make the New Nazi empire the strongest in human history… so you can afford to buy ammo and mountainhouse MRE’s for $8 a pop from Walmart… for the day they announce “IT’S ON!”

        … and meanwhile, watch the prison walls get higher and higher. Watch the security get tighter and tighter. Wait for the day you have to sell your over priced pop gun collections, your houses, your cars and even your mountainhouse MRE’s for pennies on the dollar because they never announced “IT’S ON!”.

      120. The threat is not coming from within, it’s coming from above.

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