We’ve Been Impoverished and It’s Only Going to Get A Whole Lot Worse

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    The dollar is losing value, but this fact is not just some recent phenomenon. In case you missed the charts comparing the decline of the US dollar to the Roman silver denarius, what they show is that the US dollar has, over the course of the last one hundred years, experienced a steady decline amounting to about a 95% loss in purchasing power, closely mimicking the fall of the world’s reserve currency circa the 2nd and 3rd centuries.

    Every single day our central bank and the US government utilize the stealth tax known as inflation to make you poorer by increasing your cost of living. It’s so subtle that most Americans don’t even notice – or care.

    In just the last decade alone, Brits have lost about 43% of their purchasing power for the most essential of all goods – food and energy.

    Ordinary families have been crippled by the rocketing cost of essential goods over the past decade, a report has found.

    The price of basic purchases, such as food and fuel, soared by 43 per cent over the decade from 2000.

    These rising costs – far above general inflation – have already wiped out most of the gains in living standards made by families on low and modest incomes in the early 2000s, before the downturn began, according to research.

    The statistics in the United States don’t fair any better. According to the inflation calculator, an item costing $100 in 2000 would now cost you $126, destroying some 26% of your purchasing power in just ten years. And, these calculations are based on the official statistics. Utilizing the actual, alternative data, prices have soared over 50% for essentials like food and gas in the last ten years.

    Had you kept your money in cash since 2000, half of your wealth would have been wiped out by inflation (not including investment losses).

    Despite what we’re told about our monetary policy and efforts to maintain a strong dollar, the evidence clearly shows that the dollar is moving in exactly the opposite direction over time, and it’s not done yet.

    You can fully expect costs to rise going forward, as reported by the LA Times:

    Get ready for more high food prices going into 2012 –- the USDA is projecting that next year will bring an overall spike of 2.5% to 3.5%.

    Grocery store shoppers this year watched prices rise as much as 4.75% while diners in restaurants saw menu prices go up as much as 2.5%, with a surge near the end of the year.

    As of last month, beef prices were up 9.8% compared with the same month last year. Pork prices were up 6.9% and poultry was 3% higher.

    These predictions, of course, are based on the official projections. As we’ve learned from past experience, whatever the government projects, you can triple it. In this case, we’ll likely see another ten percent plus increase in prices, and thus, even more erosion in your standard of living.

    In normal times the price inflation could be ignored, as wages would adjust somewhat accordingly and employment would be plentiful. But the last decade has been anything but normal, and what’s actually happening is that our wealth is being deliberately and progressively transferred into the hands of government and the corporate elite.

    Recent data reiterate this point, with some 100 million Americans in poverty or right on the edge. We are, by all accounts, becoming poorer and inflation has played a huge role.

    The thing is, the historical perspective on inflation isn’t even the scary part.

    What’s scary is that the US dollar’s domination as the world’s reserve currency may very well be coming to an end over the next few years. As that happens the dollar will lose even more value, likely more rapidly than ever before. So, what was once just a subtle and easily ignored effect on personal wealth and finances, will become a major crisis area for most American families.

    And that doesn’t even consider the real possibility of a waterfall event, in which major US creditors and private sector investors lose complete confidence in the US central bank and Treasury department, and choose to take their credit investments elsewhere. If and when this happens the poverty rate in this country will sky rocket – and fully 90% or more of the population would, almost overnight, become as impoverished as those living in any third world nation.

    It can happen, and the way things have gone historically, and the multitude of problems we face on an economic, financial, social and political scale, it is becoming increasingly probable the this will be the eventual result.

    The only way to protect yourself in an atmosphere where wealth is being destroyed by the powers that be is to put as much of it into assets that completely take you out of their game. As we wrote in January of 2010 in Buy Commodities at Today’s Lower Prices, Consume at Tomorrow’s Higher Prices. It is our view that, even though we’re two years hence since we first made that recommendation, the advice is still as timely today as it was then. Consider those things that become money when the traditional mechanism of exchange is wiped out. Most essential assets like food, firearms and tools will not only retain their value, but increase it – and if stored and maintained properly, they’ll be available for use many years down the road.

    So, while most Americans are scrambling to the perceived safety of things like cash, blue chip stocks and US Treasury bonds, leaving themselves at risk because those assets are denominated in dollars and require exchanges to operate, you can become your own central bank and commodities warehouse by investing in assets such as the 11 foods that last a lifetime and other post-collapse barter items and trade skills that will maintain their inherent value when other traditional assets become worthless.


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      1. Every fiat currency ever created has failed. Ponzi schemes can only last so long, robing Paul to pay Peter works till Paul has no more to rob.

        You can invest in gold, silver or other precious metals. But the best investment you can make IMHO to survive the coming fall of the republic is multiple skill sets.

        No matter how many weapons, ammo, food/water and other gear you have, no matter how much gold and silver without skills you will likely not make it.

        Not only will those skills help you make it through the first onset of hard times, they will be barter-able as time goes on and if you survive to the rebuilding stages you will be a valuable asset.

        Good luck in the coming year to all my fellow preppers here.

        RWS III

        • Excellent advice RWS! Thanks for sharing.

          • Thank you Mac for giving us the info you do and allowing us to share our thought in this forum.

        • RON PAUL 2012

          • voting (for ron paul or anyone else) isn’t going to fix anything. the old paradigm is dead.

            • youre wrong troll .. i mean citizen ron…hahahahahahah TROLL!

            • Ron Paul is the only candidate willing to confront the established order. It maybe questionable whether even he can reverse the damage that has been done by both Democratic and Republican liberals since 1913, but we had better start, and start right now! Bernanke has already lowered inter-banking interest rates effectively to 0%.

              He has already tripled the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet.

              He continues to increase the money supply at a staggering pace.

              He continues to buy US debt from the Treasury Department.

              The only thing left for this madman to do is to announce a massive devaluation of the dollar like we saw back in 1933-34 when the dollar was devalued 41% against gold.

              Ron Paul is the only candidate who understands where this suicidal monetary policy is leading us.

            • The trolls and shills are those who still think the political system can fix anything. Those that still think the voting booth is where to fix the problem. Those that say things like “without a shot fired” or “get involved”.

              If they are not shill/trolls, then they are wayward lost sheople not fully awake yet….. don’t give up, keep studying…the truth will set you free.

            • http://runronpaul.com/mainstream-media/does-iowa-matter-what-the-media-said-in-2008-and-what-they-say-now/ Check this vid out, our media is such a joke. cit ron- I feel that way some days, BUT we got to educate people about the truth of the lying corporate media, the fraud in the voting system, the income tax fraud,the fraudulent federal reserve and the concept of sound money. If enough people wake up and see the current government for what it is, we will have a restoration, and we can avoid a violent revolution! I am a restorationist.

            • BJ: On the other side of that coin for “shills” and “trolls” you have the losers who believe that they are helpless and have no power.

              They have nothing, do nothing, and have accomplished nothing. They sit on their hands all day and collect farts while bemoaning their fate.

              They claim to be “Christians” but fail to understand that on earth, God’s work must truly their own.

              WE must take the initiative. God will supply the power. Repeat after me: “God is great!”

              It worked for the Lybians, Egyptians, Algerians, and Tunisians. It is working for the Syrians.

              Before that civil unrest worked for the Russians, Filipinos, Bosnians, East Germans, and yes, even the Chinese.

              While you are reading, whatever it is that you are reading, you might want to read a little modern history.

          • Ron Paul seems to be a good man,but you see what the PTB think of him.And if he’s elected,the steep uphill fight he’ll have as the next prez.I think Mr.B.O. knows the jig is up in 2012 and is going to enjoy himself as much as possible while still in Office(Bush did it too!).Can’t blame him.I would do as much if I were in the same boat.
            Best to All

          • eeder, RP can’t fix it. You know it, I know it. What he can fix is the lawlessness that is the police state. While the crash will come, with our without Ron Paul, he could soften the blow tremendously by releasing regulation and eliminating alphabet poop government agencies. Brusk Arctic Trolls Farting, Fandango Breaking Imams, Ignorant Rolling Shitheads, Eager Potbellied Anteaters, just to name a few, need to go. Unconstitutional. In The EXTREME.

            But, first, he can, as one said above, re-instate constitutional law by nullifying all previous executive orders. I don’t care what else he does, if he does just that one thing, which would take about a single day, he’s worth the money I sent in.

            • NetRanger,
              check out the book Romans 13: The true meaning to submission by Chuck Baldwin and his son Tim Baldwin….I think you and God’s Creation would really like it.

            • i agree completely netranger…. but his medicine will do some good… if we get newt or mitt …. we have a very big problem…. worse than obama…. i dont like how little control i have over this… it is scary.

            • Will never happen.
              The moment RP makes the decision to rescind EOs, he will become another JFK.
              The game is over, the country and its citizens were robbed of its wealth, and now the perpetrators and their collaborators in DC will cover their crimes against humanity by creating a financial disaster and a military conflict.

          • It REALLY does not matter who the next President will be.
            The path can’t be reversed without spiritual change in the people.

            • In case you haven’t noticed the government and the elites hate Christians and the Christian Church. Look at the constant attacks on Tim Teboe (sp). He should be held up as a model for young people. Consider the attacks on Christmas by groups such as Freedom FROM Religion. The country has gone crazy and values are things that apply only to the moment. Fighting over shoes? Really? Pardon the rant, but this nation no longer resembles the one I grew up in. I’m 65. We are adding on to the cabin we built last year and moving into the mountains. I plan to look after my two grand babies and watch over them.

            • Larry Peters,

              I agree with you.

              We can debate current events; our bad economy; the corruption in our government, businesses, and public schools; the moral decay of our society; etc.; etc.; etc.; and, we can give advice on how to fix things. However, the reality is that nothing will get “really” fixed until our nation (collectively) once again says “under God we stand”! It’s as simple as that – just my two-cents worth.

        • A big thumbs up RWS! Well said.

        • Greetings,

          I agree with you but the initial shock may be too much even for the Preppers. That is why my wife and myself sold pretty much everything we own and moved on to a sailboat. I can generate my own electricity and water and I can do so in international waters.

          A loss of prescription medication will kill about 30 million Americans in the first 6 months and I expect starvation and no access to clean water to claim double that number.

          Anyone within walking distance of a transportation hub, road or railway can expect starving mobs at their door. I’d rather avoid all that and wait things out in the ocean until things settle down.

          • Thats right! Of course, there won’t be anyone in boats looting people on sailboats. That could never happen, right! Good plan!

            The, uh, starving mobs will probably stop after they see the first few dead bodies. There will be a sign: we have nothing left but a few shotgun rounds.

            Why would there be starving mobs at the door, anyway? You think the people in the city will start wandering around looking for food? Ha! The people that have brains enough to realize what is going on will maybe loot the grocery store. They don’t even know how to get out of town, do you really think they’ll think there is food in a place where there are less than 10 houses in a square mile? They’d have to WALK and that would be WORK and they’re not accustomed to such things. No, I see something different. I see massive inflation and unaffordable food and people nearly starving before the system crashes. When it does, they’ll just check the mailbox every few hours for their check or they’ll keep swiping their food card. They will not walk and wander looking for food. They’ve been trained by society that food only comes from the store and thats where they will go. When that runs out they’ll turn on each other.

            They don’t know how to get food and they don’t know how to get water. The “mobs” will be dying in the streets of the cities or in FEMA camps, not pounding on the front doors of people that have houses along the highway.

            • You are phucking brilliant NR! Have you ever been out to sea in a sailboat and actually made an overseas trip? Sailors are some of the best preppers there are. Simple & over built usually works best. You find out real quick what is important. Think about that for a while.

          • What kind of blo boat and how tall is stick?

          • A friend and his wife did the same thing. PV panels, variable blade prop/hydro generator that disconnects from transmission while underway, wind gen., water maker, spear guns, brownie aqua compressor. They dehydro their veggies and enjoy fresh sea food while underway. They’ve been island hopping for 2 1/2 years and put out their own blog with pics each week. I’m jealous and wish them well.

            • Tom: It sounds great, but I am a Taurus man and hate saltwater, having grown up on Lake Michigan when it was clean. Maybe a houseboat on Lake Powell for me.

              Besides, Tom, I have seen …. JAWS!!!

            • Some people feel the ocean is too big or deep, or they feel too small. Jump into the blue after a few days out at sea, out of sight of land. The oceans are different colors with unique smells.

              Four hours watches at the helm work best and there is nothing like standing the mid watch at night. I’ve seen nights where you are at tune with everything surrounding you and moon shadow nights so bright you need sun glasses. You know how to fix everything onboard, take salt water showers and rinse the dishes with fresh rain water. You know how to skin a fish, bake homemade bread, grow sprouts, while conserving what is cherished. One hand for the boat, one hand for you.

              The journey is getting there and ice is a wonder in the tropics….out at sea. Liberty call, shirt and sometimes shoes, required.

            • @Anonymous says:
              “One hand for the boat, one hand for you.”

              I suppose long hours alone on a boat would lead to that.


          • Perhaps you are unaware of the increase in piracy? Not just near Africa, but worlwide?

            I rather doubt your sailboat will save you. If pirates don’t find you, naval vessels will.

            • Pull the curtains and raise the window while reading on your toilet!

          • Walking distance? People couldn’t even walk 10 miles out of NO with a L5 Hurricane barreling down on a city below sea level…

          • Sound’s good Nicklethrower. But what about seagoing Pirates ?

            • What about the millions of landgoing zombies, electricity and water being shut off, taxes, road blocks? Can you power your car with wind?

          • Nickelthrower, great idea! Just be on the lookout for pirates. It can happen; so, I hope you have weapons and ammo. Also, you can’t stay on the water forever. Eventually, you will have to dock your boat and walk somewhere, for a number of different reasons and that is another reason to have weapons and ammo.

            Good luck when SHTF…

        • RWS III,

          Right you are!

          FYI – I’m reading a very good instructional book titled “Holding Your Ground” by Joe Nobody. I recommend everyone who is truly concerned about this country’s state of affairs should read this book. In addition, this book references free worksheets via the Internet that can be downloaded and used.

        • Fiat currencies do not fail on their own. They fail when they outlive the usefulness of the GB that have used them to enrich themselves at OUR expense. That is the history of modern civilization.

          Political paradigms change when the masses finally recognize that the existing political structures have been used by a minority to exploit the masses.

          WE have reached that point in OUR political life now and WE are close to that point in OUR economic life.

          WE can address these issues and engage OUR government or WE can wait until there are no jobs, no value to OUR money, and no opportunity left in America;

          or WE can organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote while WE still have the ability to do something using OUR collective power.

          If 90 million gun owners will not step up and take the initiative now, there is not enough ammo in the world to protect OUR families, OUR economy, or OUR personal freedoms.

          Now is the time.

      2. The World IS as You ARE.

        Good Luck to all in ’12.

        • That’s deep….and so true.

          • Thanks Mac for putting up this site and putting up with me.

            May the 2012 bring you and your family nourishment and success on all levels!

        • What nobody seems to realize or verbalize is that the United States government was ALREADY taken over in a bloodless coup beginning in 1913, and they keep naming their own heirs to the presidency. There is absolutely NOTHING left of the United States government that was established by the founding fathers. There is almost nobody in Congress or the White House who now honors the Constitution, the backbone of this nation. How evil, how insidious they were, how hard it will be to return.

        • “No matter where you go,there you are”

      3. New to the site and read it everyday. Lots of highly intelligent folks to get great advice from. First post, a little nervous.

        • Thanks for joining the conversation! Welcome!

        • Awwww, we aren’t that bad. Welcome!

          • I think someone was being generous to us when they referred to “us” as being disfunctional. Mustang Bob should go back and read Okie’s take on the conversation that ensued after that Textbook article. It was hilarious and right on the money.

        • Have Fun but don’t say something stupid you’ll get hammered on it! just kidding, it’s all in good fun!
          You will get hammered though 🙂

        • whats got ya scared bob? the fbi? you maybe should be nervous as i am sure they do read this site…. however many if not most of us really dont care anymore if they dont like what we say… speak up friend… RON PAUL 2012

        • Welcome Mustangbob! Speaking of Mustangs, you might find this interesting. Your tax dollars at work attempting to fix a non-existant problem. (Not sure what kind of Mustangs uou like, cars, planes, horses or officers from enlisted ranks!)


        • I just like the song.

        • Hello

          I was new a few weeks ago and these wonderful people have taught me solo much that my brain aches thinking about it lol.


          Happy new year to you all from the middle of the unseasonably warm UK

          Take care x

          • This iPad is driving me nuts so much not solo lol

      4. Another example of how our government helps “citizens”, pretty soon we’ll be just like the Germans during WW2, every older German I met while living in Berlin in the 80’s, had stories of hyperinflation, most went something like this…
        .. my father would take a wheel barrow full of Marks to buy bread, milk, etc just to find that the merchants would rather just trade for the wheel barrow…

        • I was just thinking since they passed the NDAA a couple of days ago, we are in the equivalent of Germany circa 1937-8 right now. If our present leader is re-elected…

      5. This all boils down to refusing to play ball. There are many small ways the everyday person can refuse to play this game.

        * Change your viewpoints on what is “essential” – you may be surprised at how much you can cut from your budget.

        * Provide as much of your own food as possible. Hunt, grow a garden, grow things inddors, raise chickens and rabbits. While all of these things may not be feasible for everyone, they can also access the local farmers for these items. Refuse to pay grocery store prices!

        * Look for lower energy options. Get an eco friendly car, walk instead of drive, use passive solar heating, and consider other ways to meet your needs.

        * Use the barter system as often as possible – no record, no taxes.

        Find ways to play by your own rules…..let them come to our playing field for a change. If we don’t NEED them, they have no power over us.

        • Excellent points Daisy, everyone of us could cut out just a couple “corporate” purchases and instead buy local products, there’s no telling how many people that would put to work.
          I own my own HVAC company and told my clientele 2 yrs ago that I would happily take junk silver as payment for any and all of my labor. Not many have taken me up on it, but one gentleman owns an antique mall and he always pays in old quarters/dimes!

        • Everyone who is prepping, which is obviously the readers of this blog, have already taken a big step foward. They have invested in themselves. Every skillset, and every prep you gather is one step farther away from being controled by the PTB. I call some of my preps going “low tech”. Learn to do things with less influence and control from other sources.Plus, sometimes low tech is much cheaper.
          I like to look to history for inspiration. What did our pioneers forefathers have to do to make it? How did they cross the country with nothing but a state of the art RV for the times? How did they manage to continue for months on end, with nothing but what they hauled in their wagons? If you think about it, what little gold they had for money, was for the most part useless, until they got to where they were going. Their most important asset was their preps, and their skillset they took with them.
          I think we are headed to a similar time. Precious metals wil always have value, but there might be a time coming when what you can actually do with your hands, and the supplies you have accumulated with your preps, will be more important than anything. Food for thought..

        • Right on, Daisy! Add “fishing” to that list of yours. It can add a lot of tasty and nutritious protein to the diet. 🙂

          I like the idea of raising chickens too. Those little flockers are a real revenue source. The eggs can be sold in most cases. If not, then it is usually possible to trade them to neighbors for garden produce, fruit, nuts, honey, milk, firewood, etc.

      6. DPS you were just asking about hedges for inflation a couple days back.
        This is just some advice. With the drought that happened in the south last summer I was talking to a friend that works in chicago in commodities. He bought live cattle futures. My thoughts were that drought stricken ranchers were going to cut the numbers in their herd to afford hay prices. That will have a dramatic affect on feeder prices next fall. Buy a side of beef from a rancher early in the year. I think it will get very expensive next winter.

        • Mike,

          Did that the first of the summer, plus laid in a couple hundred pounds of venison. Going next month to restore a log cabin in east Tx so I get some more pork as well, I just need a couple more freezer. The I have a full.


          BTW NetRanger the new used scope is on the money. 40 rounds through the 30-06 sure go fast.

          • I always feel better when I have full freezers and I love knowing where the cow came from, what it was fed and who packaged it.
            I didn’t think of you specifically when writing that, I would guess most people active on here have full freezers. But if anyone buys their beef from someone locally, it was just something to think about. Contracting early in the season may save somebody a couple bucks.

            • Mike,

              Yes sir full freezer are great and more people need to know about whats going to happen to beef prices in the next 6 months to a yr.


              PS It helps to have a son in law that manages a Ranch.

          • we can all meat including fish, after losing a few hundred pounds one yr because of power failure’

            • Dry ice or generator with external temp probe.

          • DPS, do you have a back-up plan for your freezer should the electricity service be disrupted for a month or more?

            • Richard,

              Yes sir have the generator that will run it 3 hrs a day for a month, that will give me enough time to get it all dehydrated.

            • I live in a fairly cold climate so I rotate the stuff in my freezer this way:

              At the beginning of the cold weather, I load my freezer up to the hilt. I use that stuff intermittently throughout the winter, adding things to our diet as they go on sale. If the power went out we could make use of the cold weather to keep our food frozen – out in our steel shed, for example. As spring approaches, we deplete the contents of the freezer, making sure there isn’t so much that we would be unable to can it if we lost power for a length of time. We always have lots of canning jars, rings, etc. on hand.

              Canned meats are really not my favorite, so by doing it this way, I rarely risk needing to do that.

            • Daisy…Did you ever try to coat your canned beef or deer meat in flour and fry it up? Some of the best eating in my book.Canning lower grades of meat makes them especially tender. Plus they are cheap or in my case sometimes free at the butcher.Just got 40 lbs of chuck free since they wanted rid of it before the holidays. Made homeade veg soup and canned the balance. Of course you will need a pressure canner for this.

            • JRS: No, I never tried it that way. I’m pretty new to canning anything besides jelly, spaghetti sauce and apple sauce. The meat I tried was just stewed with garlic. Edible but not fantastic.

              I don’t have a pressure canner – is that absolutely necessary? I just use the stove top and a honkin’ big pot.

              I will give your method some research for sure – thank you!

            • A pressure cooker is only required for non high acid foods if you don’t want to get a paralytic illness caused by botulinum toxins that effects the nerves which can lead to permanent paralysis or just a horrible death but at a minimum only severe diarrhea/bed sickness for days while hooked up to a saline IV in a hospital before Bo health care kicks in. After that, good luck with free health care. Nothing but air is free.

        • More like 2013..the mamas are being used for meat to save hay expenses—so no mama this spring means no beef cattle next year also…JMO and what I read from an Okie rancher.

          • just depends on how you look at it. Most colder climates don’t calve until late spring and ship in the fall. You will notice the shortage in the fall and it will carry over through the 2013. The bad thing is that it will take a couple of years for ranchers to build their herds up again. So when prices increase they won’t go down. It won’t just be a temperary supply issue.

            • Mike,

              We have been seeing alot of the ranches already build their herds up, not sure where you live but I am in the TX panhandle. Lots of calfs this fall, plus our feedlots are full. But having your cattle in a feed lot to fatten them up cost alot, so you are going to see beef prices rise. The really good news in the recent rains and snow has got our winter wheat jamming, so now the rancher can get the cattle grazing on that.


      7. I agree with investing in physical items such as storable food, extra clothing, guns/ammo, medical/hygiene supplies, even extra tools(hammers, nails, axes, etc). There will always be a high demand for those items in a crunch. Owning gold/silver coins is ok, but you never know what their value might be.

        • Here’s an idea for post SHTF skills…With a little soldering practice you can easily make solar panels. If you’re going off grid anyway, with a few storage batteries and an inverter you can run your soldering iron. Just use some old storm door glass or patio glass and sandwich the cells in between. You can stock up the cells or kits very reasonable on e-bay. I,m sure you could make a nice living doing this and setup for others with little overhead. Storm windows can be had for free on Craigslist. Better stock up now! BTW better stock up on gas or get ready to wait in line ala 1973. 3 East coast refineries going down now….3 out of 5 in Europe shutting down also.Thanks ZH.

      8. The article tells you to put your money into assets.., and I agree with that statement. For those that can’t afford the new items, go to yard sales and thrift shops, you will be amazed by the items you can find for your preps at a real good price.
        Sometimes it is a shot in the dark, but keep going to the yard sales and thrift shops, and you will eventually find the things you are looking for. But., time could be limited ,so make some wise choices.

        Recently, I bought two 5 gallon water containers for a buck each, a tarp (new in bag)for $2 and several packages of fire starters for $2

        Good luck on your hunt and have HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! 🙂

        • EagleDove,

          I hit those yrd sales and thrift shops, been picking up coleman lanturns and stoves some for only $2.00 think they will make great barter items.


          • I believe they will good for barter, unless you are unable to find gas for your lanterns and stoves.
            The whole thing is; what SHTF scenario will we get into too.. Who knows..

            I also been collecting wicks, votive candles , bags of matches and ect..

            The votive candles are small and get a lot of them in a bag. I am guessing that I could easily trade these off faster versus the bigger candles. Will see.

            Last year I found a box of Ohio blue tip matches for a buck, I don’t think they make those anymore.

            HAPPY NEW YEAR DPS !!!!

            • EagleDove,

              And Happy New year to you too. I just hope and pray it will be a happy year..LOL


        • For a cheap fire starter you can just buy a fire log and cut it up with a saw. The shavings can be used if you ball them up. We have been doing this for years.

          • Great idea !!

            I remember years ago people using an old egg carton, and in each hole would be filled with wax mixed with saw dust for fire starters if my memory serves me correctly.

            Any of the SHTF crew can expound on this.., please be my guest. 🙂

            • EagleDove,

              Nope those work great, and for the travel kit cotton balls soaked with vasoline, 1 spark and it will burn for a couple of minutes even wet.


            • @dps add this … 1 cotton ball, 1/3 ounce of vaseline, place on 3 by 3 inch square of tin foil. folded to seal it. carry in zip lock bag with 5 waterproof matches rolled in tinfoil.

              just pierce the tin foil square fold back the edges some and light the opening… ;0) walla homemade sterno, heats and cooks in g.i. tin cups, will help start wet fires etc etc go any where water proof poor boy emergency fire starter on the cheap.

              tested and works, you also might wanna carry some pre cut kindling two handfuls in sealed ziplocks, just cause ya never know…

            • Tip. Save your dryer lint from the trap. Go to the local hardware store and get some parafin wax. Next, save all your empty cardboard toilet paper or paper towel rolls. Cut them 2 inches in length, melt your wax and mix in tne dryer lint, pour into the tubes,putting one open end of the cardboard on an old brick or cement block. Allow to cool and solidify. Great fire starter, even on damp fire wood.

            • Ninaorket,

              Thats a damn good idea brother, think I’ll do that this morning and put it in my B.O.B. and I’ll give it a try next week, going to go knock down a couple more deer before late season ends. Gotta love the venison jerky.


        • You are 100% correct! It is a shot in the dark and you might have to look at a whole lot of baby stuff! But once in a while you can hit the jackpot! I ran across $40 face value of junk silver and I got it for 15 x face and at the price of silver earlier in the year was 30 times face!

          • Awesome !!! I dont remember ever finding something that good.

            HAPPY NEW YEAR Rascal !!!

      9. I’m already so poor I can’t afford a daily newspaper. Been saving an old one from September 2009 and re-reading it every day. Just mentally block out the dates and the news is pretty much the same. Plus I really like the weather forecast that day!
        Kinda reminds me of our home tv situation. We have an old vcr and occasionally play a movie, but no antenna, no cable, no satellite. Nothing currently broadcast has ever ‘infected’ the screen. I have an old (about 1996) weather report from Gary England, oklacity channel 9. One of the best in the biz at tracking tornadoes. Whenever the weather gets real stormy, I just pop in the tape and watch to see if the trailer is gonna get blown away. So far, we’ve dodged every storm!

        • SmokinOkie,

          Thats funny stuff, I have that video of the 2009 f-5 right.

          Yep I’m Trailer Trash, and Debt free.

          • Thanks DPS! I know what you mean about being debt free. Every month on the 1st, I just shrug my shoulders and say, “Mortgage? We don’t need no stinkin’ mortgage”
            Then I go patch the roof, prop up the saggy floor, tighten a door hinge and go about my business!

            • Smokie,

              yes sir about the payments. You know not to long ago my crouch fell through a spot in my floor.. Hmmm theres your sign, fix the damn floor.LOL


            • opps crutch

        • Mister, this is my birthday. Gimme the best in the house.

          • We’re out of rootbeer. Would a Sioux City Sarsaparilla be ok?

            • You going to pull those pistols or whistle Dixie?

            • You’re a rootin-tootin cowboy Yosemite Sam. Or Foghorn/Leghorn?

        • Okie
          You are the funniest ever
          I read your posts to everybody
          Thanks so much for cracking me up–I need it!!

        • Good stuff, Okie! Amidst all of our sharing about how to survive the Apocalypse, you are a welcome relief.

      10. My best investment so far, Reloader. Now I am buying different caliber dies, and stocking up on powder, bullets and primers. Collecting brass of all kinds where I can.I’m only hoping one day people may not be able to find ammo. Don’t know how much it will be worth but looks like we will find out sooner rather than later. Instead of buying PM’s, also thought about investing in cheap fire arms, to resale (barter) later.

        • M91-30’s from JG Sales are still about $100. Tokarev (7.62×25) pistols for around $200. Buy a couple and leave ’em in the cosmoline!

          • Agree reloading is not only a good investment since its so much cheaper to reload than buy factory, but its also a fun hobby. And as you mentioned, if you have the ability to make ammo when others are out and there isn’t a wally-world to go buy more you have a nice barter-able commodity.
            One thing I do is use as few a different powders as possible to simplify inventory by using a powder that works for a wide range of calibers.
            For instance I use a lot of Hodgden Varget, while not necessarily the best powder for each of the rounds I use it in, I like the fact that this one powder does covers a lot of rounds more than adequately.
            I reload .223, .243, .308, 6.5 Grendel and 30-06 with it.
            Performance is great in most and still good in the rest.
            So far I do have better results with BLC-2 for the Grendel.
            And H335 is better than varget for .223 but varget does get the job done.

            • All this talk of reloading makes me want to load some ammo, think I’ll load some more 22-250, and .223, maybe some 40 s&w

            • I use the H335 for .223 as well. A good all around pistol powder is the Hodgden Titegroup.

        • I believe that trading in either guns or ammo will be a last ditch life or death sitrep for me…..you never know what the true intent of the person you are trading with.

      11. Those of us who have planned & saved are the hardest hit by inflation. It’s odd…..

        Even as inflation hits, my home is worth 35% less than it was 4 years ago.

        Even as inflation hits, my income is down 10% in the last 2 years.

        Key things like home values and income are not keeping up with inflation. This is a very, very disturbing trend.

        I wish I had the solution, but what can one person do?! I feel overwhelmingly outnumbered by idiots.

        • “I feel overwhelmingly outnumbered by idiots” Amen!!!

          Want to know your exact inflation numbers?
          Want to see what the buying power of your dollar really is?
          Every dollar out of your pocket makes you poorer.

          Check out the U.S.Inflation Calculator and have fun with it. Although it just may piss you off more.

        • Mr. Blutarsky,

          You are correct. Inflation is hitting the hardest just about every essential item (like health care, food, water, electricity, natural gas, gasoline, etc,). Deflation is hitting non-essential items (like TVs, radios, computers, cars, houses, etc.)

          Inflation is an enemy to savings and a friend to debt. Many feel the need to get out of debt. Some who feel double-digit inflation is coming are investing in debt. As for me, I’ve been debt free for almost 10 years now and plan to keep it that way. The feeling of owing no money to anyone is a better feeling than driving a BMW 750 with a monthly car note of $1,200.

          It could get so bad that folks are forced to take in boarders for extra income (like during the Great Depression period).

      12. With the pissing contest going on in the Strait of Hormuz, I just stocked up on more gas in my storage tanks. Picked up some more ammo yesterday and my son and I laid down a plan as to how to get to our bugout location. If we go to war with Iran…its gonna get real ugly, real fast…not to mention the other 1000 problems that are going to bring this country down. I sure do like this site. Lots of good people here and I learn as much from the comments as I do from the articles. I am planning on taking my lady out for a nice New Years eve and enjoying myself as this is likely going to be the last one for awhile. Peace everyone!

      13. I find as time is going on more and more people are feeling things aren’t right. Whether they have time to store survival stuff or not I am not sure but just the fact that more and more people are waking up makes me feel better. One thing that annoys me is there are so many EXPERT doom and gloomers that claim this and that and as the dates pass by they just move there prediction to the next month .

      14. I’m willing to wager that within the next year, the devalued dollar will be the least of everyone’s worries. I have a very sinking feeling that something wicked this way cometh…

        On the other hand, maybe I’ll learn to play the fiddle…

        • what are you thinking is headed this way? just curious here…

          • I wish I could give you a definitive answer. What we are witnessing overall is an intersection of way too many bad things at once. Too many to even try to catalog.

            If we were only to experience an economic implosion, it would not be that big a deal, relatively speaking. But, there are many other considerations to factor in.

            I’ve been watching all this unfold for the last 20 years, and can’t put my finger on any one thing, but just have a very sinking feeling that something really bad is coming.

            • JustMe,

              I just read your comments and I don’t want to intrude but….are you familiar with Matthew Chapter 24, 2 Timothy 3:1-9, and the Book of Revelation? I was just wondering.

            • Richard,
              Yes, but am not sure how those passages connect to the events unfolding. Perhaps they are metaphors for what is happening. Not sure what to believe in that regard.

              Chicken…no. Dragon…maybe.

            • I fell the same way a sick felling, and its pretty bad when you think the economic collapse is the least of your worrys, but thats exactly how I fell, the world is full of evil and the economy id the lesser evil.

            • JustMe,

              I believe what is happening in the world right now could be what was foretold in the passages that I gave (I left one out – the Book of Daniel).

          • Something wicked this way comes. Chickenlittle has grown up and was invited for dinner.

            • Chicken Little thought he was being invited to dinner but HE WAS THE DINNER…poor Chicken Little; for he can no longer cry “The sky is falling!”

      15. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/abc-blogs/teen-gives-birth-loses-cancer-fight-110126449.html Its a tear jerker. This is one brave little girl. God bless you Jenni. I am not sure why I am posting this, it is hard to explain, and come up with the words. Maybe to show bravery, sacrifice for another life, or maybe to show the human spirit. I don’t know. Could be to show that, for what ever becomes of us,over the next couple of years, we can all do the right thing.

      16. Since I can’t afford a newspaper, and can’t always find a wi fi signal for the internet, I prefer to just make stuff up…like these
        Top News Stories Of The Day:

        A new poll from NBC has Whatsizname Romney and Ron Paul in a virtual dead heat in Iowa. Not too sure of the validity of the poll however. They show Warren G. Harding in 3rd, followed by Gingrich, Perry, Dewey, Truman(who they’re sure is gonna lose) and some guy named Polk. (where can I get a Warren Harding 2012 bumper sticker?)

        Those pesky Occupy people are at it again. They showed up at several campaign spots in Iowa, including causing a ruckus at Ron Pauls headquarters. It seems it was all a mistake, caused by the limited reading comprehension of the protesters. They thought the sign said “Camping Headquarters” and they stopped in to replace their worn out sleepng bags and camp stools. One of RPs volunteers gave them some home made brownies, patted them on the head, and they left peacefully. They said their next stop was Wal-Mark.

        The politically correct, thought controlling, hate crimes prevention police are up in arms about a hangmans noose found dangling from the world trade center building in NYC. Few details are available, but is is confirmed that, sadly, no congressman was in the noose.

        Speaking of congressmen who are still wasting oxygen, Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) has blasted Ron Paul. King says it’d be terrible to have Paul as president, especially since he has such bad ideas on foreign policy. You know, ideas like minding our own business and bringing our troops home, stuff like that. Is this the same Steve King (RINO-Iowa) that voted numerous times to extend the Patriot Act? And voted to send ground troops into Libya? And voted for the notorious NDAA? And voted AGAINST public disclosure of sweetheart deals, bonuses and golden parachute arrangements for the dipsticks in congress? That Steve King (Dipstick-Iowa)? Yes, that’s him. But wait…he voted to keep spending our tax money to sponsor NASCAR drivers, so I guess that makes it all okay.

        Scientists say that huge undersea caverns may extend from Alaska for thousands of miles into the Pacific, possibly even near Hawaii. Tectonic plate movements and other large earth moving events may carry vibrations for miles through these undersea tunnels. And there was an explosion of a small volcano in the Aleutians yesterday at precisely the time Michell was doing her jumping jacks on the beach in Maui. Coincidence? Maybe not…

        • I think she has Jack on AF1 and half do jumpin jacks for her.

      17. The corp may be able to impoverish the People monetarily, but most have way more than they need (or deserve). It was obtained in a fraud and will be taken by it.

        Whether or not you survive will not be determined by how many supplies you have, but by how well you adapt to the new world as it changes.

        The majority will kill themselves when they can no longer have their conveniences like their cell phone. Most of what the people lose they will be better for not having.

        • Funny thing about those corp types… they can’t garden worth a damn. Before they get too tough on those of us who can, maybe they better think about that some more.

        • There was a fire a few years ago in an apartment building I lived in while going to college. No-one was hurt. The best part of it for me was the two nudie dancers that had A LOT of visitors to their door a day, standing at the now shut down elevator and repeatedly hitting the button. Nothing happened of course as elevators shut down during a fire alarm. The smoke kept building, yet they refused to go down the stairs right next to the elevator. When I yelled at them to “get out now!” they said they didn’t want to take the stairs in their heels. “Take them off!” I said. Ohhhhhhhhh, they replied. When TSHTF these imbeciles will be standing there, cell phone in hand with a VERY confused look. They will then become “victims”. Keep pushing that button!

          • “When TSHTF these imbeciles will be standing there, cell phone in hand with a VERY confused look. They will then become “victims”. Keep pushing that button!”

            Lol, Legion7. Imbeciles are already victims. They’re just waiting for a situation to come along and harvest them. Polite society may chuckle at their inane behavior now but a SHTF society will not be nearly so forgiving.

      18. Today’s Yobama:
        If you have a serious medical problem, you go to a medical specialist. If you have a serious legal problem, you go to a good lawyer. If you have a serious car problem, you go to a good mechanic. That is, if you are looking for good expertise void of political implications. But what do BO and the VP do when they need good economic advice? They go to Jon Corzine! Who else can successfully lose $1.2 Billion and disavow any knowledge of its whereabouts?

        For the best ad the GOP can possibly use this next year, see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Quag9dp1Nn4&feature=youtu.be

        Y’all Beware!

        • did he lose,or did he steel it. Alot of physical metal moved from mf globalcelentesmoneythechecksinthemail to jpm vaults. Just think corzines a multi millionaire, as I write this he is doing coke on some super models thigh! Lucky f*cker!

      19. Again,
        DK’s assertion that inflation will be death by a thousand cuts seems to be reaffirmed
        In this piece.

        • Thanks for the vote of confidence Slick. John did mention “hyperinflation” 3 or 4 years out.

          Normally I would disagree with that because it seems the US has turned a corner and Uncle Ben has managed the crisis to the benefit of the FED member banks well …

          BUT Europe is contracting and without serious stimulus there (after a resolution of the conflict between the GB’s and the Sovereigns) the EU will fall into a deep recession that will affect US, threatening deflation again.

          That resolution does not appear any closer.

          Dissolution of the EURO would require each country to stimulate its own financial system via the Bernanke Doctrine. So its anyone’s guess how it all falls out.

          Maybe a man on a white horse rides up, and a modern day Alexander has an answer to this Gordian Knot…

          The real complication to any economic projections next year or five years out,is war. For me, it is a 99.99% certainty next year.

          That will ramp up production and stimulate economies, but it will also require lots and lots of printing for those military goods and services. Consumers would still be out in the cold and real estate would tank further.

          So how long does the war last? Depends I think on the magnitude of “shock and awe” deployed.

          After that war, hyperinflation could occur, or a new world currency could emerge as it did after WWII. It could be a metals backed currency. Gold and Platinum.

          Silver of course is an industrial metal and is required for military electronics.

          The WAR complicates everything and its the only message I get when I turn the eight ball over. 🙂

          • Agreed, war is coming.

          • Don Quixote will come charging in on his white horse. We will be saved………..

          • Probably right, no Mad Max. But then these things (wars) tend to spin out of control. Lots of wild cards.

            With USA’s economic situation right now, attacking Iran may be biting a hog in the butt. I wouldn’t expect them to try to go toe-to-toe with us, but they can make us regret the whole adventure.

            The uber-rich don’t care, they can bail on USA and go anywhere.

      20. When in doubt vote them out! DC is one large toilet and is in dire need of flushing for the same reason most toilets get flushed.

        • If it is yellow let it mellow, if it is brown flush it down… so what do we do when it is growing over the lid and down the sides?

          *Disclaimer… these are redneck instructions and anyone who follows them in their house is an even bigger idiot than the one writing them (me)*

          Add firestarter and a match, let burn till you can see the toilet again. Put out flames or let them burn themselves out, rinse with large amounts of water and then dump bleach on it. Let bleach stand for a few hours. Rinse again. If you have any concerns, use wavacide. Rinse again. Toilet should be just like new!

          • I’ll bring the marshmellows. Oh God………please help us…..

        • Vote for Banksy Rat…

        • “When in doubt vote them out!”

          Forget the doubt, just vote them out… and at every possible opportunity. Might make a few exceptions for those who came in with the 2010 election. If so, then they are on probation going into 2012.

      21. Early this year, dried legumes of all varieties jumped exactly 20% in my location.

        I find it insulting that whenever the Gov. reports inflation, it is always excluding those frivolous and unneccesary items of food and fuel…

        • I know what you mean. Wife bought a dozen extra multi-packs of tp recently. Even on sale, it was about $1 more per 12pack than last year. We use the good stuff so, of course, it costs more. We only bring out the ‘GasStationRestroom’ brand when her family is coming to visit!
          And like the kid said in Red Dawn …”get plenty of tp. I ain’t using no leaves.”

          • What grit of sandpaper for when family visits?

            • Just tell them to drag their bare asses across the grass in the back yard. Wait….what?…well it works for ‘ol poochy!

          • Okie your sense of humor is great. “We use the good stuff so, of course, it costs more”. You are someone I would enjoy having a beer with.

            There has been more than one time that I have come out of the field with only one sock still on under my boot. If shtf we will have to take notice how many people are running around with only one sleeve.

            My grandmother used to tell me that they would get excited when cases of pears and peaches came in because the paper was soft.

            • The “Single Sleeve Society of America” has their annual meeting in Tulsa. But they never shake hands when they meet! (just smile and nod, we understand how it is)

        • “I find it insulting that whenever the Gov. reports inflation, it is always excluding those frivolous and unneccesary items of food and fuel…”

          Agreed, Sam. They say that they do this because of possible price spikes roiling the numbers. Guess that they never heard of a “rolling average”, which achieves the stated goal WITHOUT just tossing out those pesky inconvenient things that ARE inflating and rather quickly at that. It’s just so hard to cook the books anymore with so many people watching!

          But we KNOW that we can trust their unemployment and GDP numbers, right? Right!? Uh, no, not really.

      22. small canned ham at Aldi about 3.50 .Best used by 2014.

      23. Mac,

        You’ve given us another great topic to chew on. Raising prices sure why not! Just look at what is happening with us in the Straights of Hormuz. Our price of gas went up 9 cents in the last 2 days here in SC. Soon I will pull out the bike to get around in and that old pressure cooker comes out too when I purchase cheaper cuts.

        Mr. Blutarsky, I might have a way for y’all to make some extra $, but I will need to run it by Mac.

        Presidential candidate and Texas congressman Ron Paul, noted for his belief that American policy is the cause of most foreign strife, responded to this news by agreeing with the Iranians that Western sanctions against Iran to thwart its nuclear ambitions would be an “act of war.” As reported by the L.A. Times:
        Paul, one of the leading contenders to win next week’s Iowa caucuses, said Iran would be justified in responding to the sanctions by blocking the flow of oil through the Strait of Hormuz. He compared the western sanctions to a hypothetical move by China to block the Gulf of Mexico, which Americans would consider an act of war.

        Read more at: http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=48473

        Y’all have a wonderful Happy New Year. Don’t forget – keep smiling.

        Oh by the way, here is one that might help y’all have a chuckle. In the coming Year, 2012, both Groundhog Day and the State of the Union address will occur on the same day. This is an ironic juxtaposition of events. One involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to an insignificant creature of little intelligence for prognostication. The other involves a groundhog.

        Y’all Beware!

        • “Soon I will pull out the bike to get around in and that old pressure cooker comes out too when I purchase cheaper cuts.”

          That should work pretty well. A Crock-Pot works very well for them too. I just love a big Crock-Pot filled with a New England boiled dinner… roast beef, carrots, cabbage, potatoes, some gravy, and maybe even a few mushrooms… YUM! Even the cheap cuts of beef come out fork-tender.

      24. Best All for 2012!!

      25. I started running to work and trying to use my truck only for luxury trips. I cut my hair and my sons hair with clippers. I taught myself how to make knives, I bought 6 chickens for their eggs and manure. I learned how to make soap, toothpaste and I’ve had my rockchucker reloader for 15 years. I cast .358, .357, .427, .451 and .452 lead boolits. I just bought a mathews bow and am learning to hunt with it. I have 6 raised garden beds in my backyard and have taught myself how to can and only use heirloom seeds.

        Not sure where I read it, but someone said “The more you know, the less you carry.” What amazes me, is how much knowledge we have lost by relying on technology and government. Do you think for 1 second a ‘mountain man’ hunter/trapper in the 1700’s cared about inflation? He had his mind and his two hands to build or harvest whatever his family needed. Then the lazy people figured out they could tax the mountain man so they could live a life of luxury and comfort at someone else’s expense.

        • “Not sure where I read it, but someone said “The more you know, the less you carry.” ”

          There is wisdom in such sayings for sure. One of my favorites is, “They who sweat more in training bleed less in combat!”. 😉

      26. Mac

        Recall that short video clip of John Williams(shadowstats) at early 2011 when interviewed by financial pundits?

        He stated that he was preparing and stocking on canned goods and barter items..the talking heads were in disbelief when he stated he was stocking up on good bourbon(or the like) for future barter items.

        If you could find it..I can’t..it would be an excellent clip to post..

        also..more clips on shtf armaments..please!



        • This is one of them and there are some others on youtube as well

          • Hey @DK , ummmmm what was it you were sayin’ again ???

            huh ???

            silly rabbit… ;0{P> pssszzt

      27. Anyone for another ignorant round of “Yes we can” right about now??? No? How about “Yes, we have no bananas?” Probably more appropriate

        • How about some more of that, “How’s that ‘hope and change’ workin’ out for ya?”?

          Haven’t hear THE question being asked by any of the politicians lately but am expecting it any time now. That would be, “Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?”.


        (PS – DONT tell the OWS flea bags this – their brains will explode)

      29. Mac,

        That is some of the funniest material here.
        You need to get the rights to publish these comments . . . make some money for prepper prizes.

        I was crying, it was so funny cause it’s true. Look at Larry the Cable Guy – he don’t have no sleeves!

        SOOO funny as I used the yellow pages and I was happy not to let the Fingers Do Tthe Walking!

        Y’all Beware!

        • You did use the pages from the plumbing section, right? I once had a case of ‘internal combustion’ out in the field. It was so bad I used everything from ‘accountants’ to ‘taxidermist’. Good thing it was a Chicago phone book. Had it been Schenectady, I’d have gone all the way to ‘zoologist.’

          • I learned a lesson about drinking too much coffee before going to ride fences. I will never never use my sleeve because on my way home everyone I see would know exactly why one is missing. I would hear about that at every happy in every bar in the county for years.

            • Speaking of alternative T.P., 1st to be used is the underwear (cut off with pocket knife), 2nd T-shirt sleeves (you can usually rip them off), 3rd bottom of T-shirt (the part that gets tucked in, cut then rip), 4th top of knee high socks (boots with no socks sucks), 5th the rest of the T-shirt, 6th the rest of the socks. This is from 22 years in the infantry.

          • Nevada only had one phone book for the entire state a few years back. Anybody out there that can confirm that today? That’s where John Wayne and over 90 other actors got cancer that he worked with. He died of stomach cancer. You know who owns most of the land out there, right.

            • Don’t know about the land in Nevada but I do know that John Wayne smoked like a chimney. Tobacco smoke causes lots of types of cancer, not just lung cancer. Or maybe it started there and moved to the stomach. Since no autopsy was done, we’ll never know for sure.

      30. Hi ya’all! I have been a regular reader for about 3 years! This site ROCKS! I have not left any post but have enjoyed all Mac’s articles and all of, “well most of the comments” Always a couple of bad apples…..hey! I NEED YOUR HELP! I saw a while back either here or on Survival Blog some info about an up coming movie with the subject matter pretaing to prepping. Something about a guy living thru a collapse with all of his preps in his basement. I have not been able to find the reference again. Anyone here remember a movie along these lines?? Thanks in advance!!

        • Rascle, thanks so much for being a regular reader and for finally deciding to throw a comment out there! Welcome to the doomsday club 🙂

          I am drawing a blank on that movie right now, but if it’s out there, someone has likely seen it. If we figure it out we’ll get a post up about it.

        • ~Rascle~

          Nope, no movie. But if you want an entertaining book(fiction) on hard-core scenarios vs survival…try to find:
          “Lucifer’s Hammer” (author= Larry Niven…I think?)

        • Rascle,

          I don’t know about such a movie; so, I can’t help you there; but, there was a very interesting and informative article on this site dated December 6 titled “Advice From A Collapse Survivor: RUN! From Major Cities” which is about a man (called Selco) who managed to survive in a living hell on earth (STTF) for an amazing one year. Below is his introduction…

          “My name is Selco and I am from the Balkan region, and as some of you may know it was hell here from 92-95, anyway, for 1 whole year i lived and survived in a city WITHOUT: electricity, fuel, running water, real food distribution, or distribution of any goods, or any kind of organized law or government.”

        • Rascle,

          Are you reffering to the Twlight zone video? thats the only one I can think of with the man in the basement.


      31. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHqb9dj7n2s Check out this video from syria of “protesters”. very graphic. cops shot and stabbed. THIS IS SHTF! My point is, THESE PEOPLE DO NOT LOOK LIKE PROTESTERS TO ME! We are getting a dumbed down,bullshit story again of what is happening and our governments involvement(for the 10,000th time)!

      32. All of this talk on storable foods begs me to add some info. For me instead of a freezer full of cows think about seeds such as sproutable sunflower seeds chia seeds. Research chia seeds mesoamerican indians held chia seeds in the highest regard due to the fact a tablesppon of chia seeds soaked in water complete ld sustain a man for a day. The sprout easy and are very nutritional. Check it out. Sunflower sprouts are very healthful and easy to grow. You want them with shells on. Get a hemp bag for sprouting them indoors. Plus any unused sprouts can be planted to harvest more sprouts

        • I have not been able to find any politically un-correct chia figurines to purchase. Been looking for large back side caboose to slather seedlings on with a flat stick.

          • er….any volunteers?

        • Yep Martin, sprouting seeds releases a whole ‘nother range of nutrients too. And while you’re looking into it make sure to download the recipe for sprouted wheat bread and to sprout your berries before making thermos wheat cereal. Sprouting not only adds nutrition but bulk too. And in a similar vein, consider stocking seeds and methods for growing micro and baby greens. A window garden ready to harvest within several days of planting will add a variety of much needed vitamins and minerals (not to mention flavors and textures) to your stored foods. And even though this thought just crossed my mind I might as well run it up the flagpole and see who salutes – is there any reason why earthworms couldn’t be incorporated into existing houseplant soils with the idea that they could be raised as a form of micro-livestock? I’m sure a little could be mixed in with various dishes as a source of much needed protein, right? Any ideas? Lessee, what do I Google for this – “I got worms?” But a freezer full of cows is still on my agenda.

          • I hate to admit it, cause it sounds pretty gross,but I had the same thought the other day about worms… They’d be a ready source of protein for people, livestock, and fish bait and you can feed them almost anything plant based.

            • Look up vermi-composting vermiculture something like that it’s been awhile since I’ve researched it. You can set up large scale worm production in big plastic tub, bucket, etc

          • Um, excuse me…Worms are FISHBAIT…

            The micro-greens is an outstanding idea, however!

      33. Dollar’s been VISIBLY plummeting in value for decades, that’s been obvious in: soaring gasoline price (steadily since 1960s), steadily soaring house prices (until recently), steadily soaring property taxes etc.

        • R2…We get a reduction in property taxes here with what is called a “Homestead” deduction. Last year mine did not come through.It is supposed to renew every 3 years.When I went to the courthouse they said not our fault..check the scool district. They said …sorry we mailed it. I’ve talked to 2 others that did not get theirs either. 2012 I will personally walk into the courthouse to get my app. What a scam!! Also homeowners insurance appraisal is another racket.Lived here 24 years.They did a driveby appraisal when I bought it. Couple pics.Then in 2007 I got a visit from another appraiser. Just measured my house and told me it was being appraised for 7 times what I paid for it. NO one even came inside and the exterior was the same as always.I said I would sell it to him for 1/2 the appraisal. He said that his appraisal was what it would cost me to build it. Ipaid the much higher premium for 1 year and then the ins co. went bankrupt.They were just trying to squeeze their customers to balance their books. Scam!

          • One other thing while I’m on a rant & roll. The school district cannot meet it’s budget so instead of cutting some things they tried to sneak a tax hike above the allowed amount onto Nov. ballot for referendum. You could see who the school teachers were by the big “YES” signs in their lawns. Needless to say it was defeated with a resounding “NO” and they were forced to cut.I know,Iknow…IT’S THE KIDS. Stay ou of my pocket!!I’m done now.Happy New Year to you.

          • JRS,

            Tax appraisals can be knocked down, I let the outside of my home look run down I also let some of the weeds grow up and just gave it a bad look and the filed a dispute with the tax office. My homestead was filed and in TX it stays filed until I sell. I also have the right to refuse entry into my home so they can only appraise from the outside. This little trick cut my property tax in half.Now if I could get my new shop looking run down I would really score, they valued the new shop twice as much as my house.


      34. it was being filmed in greensboro nc. haven’t seen an update in over a year and can’t remember the title.HAPPY NEW YEAR!

      35. its the only option guys .. its the only thing left we can try
        RON PAUL 2012

        • Notice when john I have a metal for every 2 minutes of combat time and my ddady is an admiral mcclown, and john heinz ketchup “you tell them its for main street, you here me, tell them” throw your metals away kerry, were running for president, all the press could do is talk about their service to this great nation of ours????????? The presstitutes rarely bring up the fact that paul served and brought 1000’s of life’s into this world.

      36. I hate to burst your bubble I dont see how obummer is going to loose. The rebublicans are to busy in a pissing contest to give us someone that we can agree on. Ron Paul is to anti-establishment to win and over 40% of the US population receives handouts. Would not surprise me if a third party comes out nowhere to challenge the Republicans funded by the left to suck votes from the rights. I also have a feeling that in the summer or fall of 2012 the economy will all of sudden turn around according to govt stats to give obummer a push into the white house. I would consider this as good as it gets for several years and prepare accordingly. I pray that I am wrong.

        • Wrong! The Repubics are just trying to find the WORST candidate possible.

          Two heads of the same snake. The Repubics are obviously happy in their present role. I agree that it looks like Obummer will continue as head puppet.

        • Will it help if I de-mil my fiddle?

        • Great video to represent the sheer magnitude of the theft of the American taxpayer! Even my 9 year old understood the ripoff!

      37. DPS:
        I don’t know a whole hardly anything about feedlots. I hate seeing them, but understand that margins are so tight that it is almost impossible to own the amount of ground to graze large herds. Feedlots make sense from a business standpoint.

        I didn’t realize you had started getting some decent moisure down there. Everything I had read was telling me that drought was going to extend into this coming summer. Hope you keep getting those storm clouds.

        I am not sure, maybe we won’t see a jump in beef prices. I just look at it as if I was living down there. Hay was selling for 300/ton plus trucking fees, I couldn’t afford to keep them, so I would have had to cut my numbers. Plus prices were pretty decent this past fall, would make sense to cash in. I sold out of hay before the first snowfall, junk hay that should have sold for goats, 300/ton. I couldn’t believe it. More money baling hay for horse people than in cattle, plus I lease most pastures so I don’t have to deal with somebody else. Love cattle, but hate dealing with dramatic changes in weather conditions. Won’t buy anymore until I move back up north, will cut numbers and blend mine in with someone else’s herd.

        • Mike,

          I’m like you I don’t know much about the feedlots or ranching, our son in law manages a ranch over by adobe walls , they call it a same ranch its ony 65 sections,LOL
          I still shocked when the guy at the feedlot would not even use the manure himself.

          Happy New Years


          • I have a friend down in Spur TX owns just a pile of land. We were out checking cattle after driving for a while I just couldn’t believe anything could graze that area. My statement to him was “Thank god your grandfather found oil, cows can’t eat mesquite” I am used to grasslands. But now any land that can be worked is planted to cash crops so good grazing land is almost non existant.
            Sad to see. Friend plants 15,oooo acres of corn and beans and doesn’t need to drive his tractor, satellites do everything even samples the soil to tell how much seed to put down to get the greatest yield. My grandfather had to know how to feel the soil, now you just ask a computer what you should do.

      38. From chattel slaves to wage slaves in under 100 years. We are all slaves to the almighty petroleum-powered dollar… for now.

      39. Ron Paul is actually a Cybernetic organism sent from the future by SkyNet. His Polymetal alloy substructure conceals his CPU under his boyhood charm, and clean close shave. He even dons sweet tennis shoes while wearing a nice suit. He needs no teleprompter. Rise of the machines in 2012!

      40. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIt’s Time America…

        oooooObama = ((+))= ‘0P , back and too the left… notice how the secret service agents abandon the motorcaid just prior to the…………………

        any questions ???

        time too take out the trash…

      41. It’s called the arrogance of ignorance. There is a better way. We have habit of holding on to things long past their due date. We don’t know what real freedom is so how can we fight for it.

        How foolish can the human race be. Simple! I can show you freedom and you wouldn’t be smart enough to choose it.


      42. We finally got off the cards this last year. I pay cash for everything. I have massive debt from remodeling my home. Yet in the end, the rental setup I have created will pay the property taxes forever on the country land I’ll be buying. I’ll set it up on a trust fund so the generations ahead will have a place to go to. I use the set it and forget it plan. Figure out what you are comfortable paying. Don’t focus on the debt repayment. Focus on being based on cash and never needing to pull out the cards ever again. Seems to be working…I already paid off a few cards. It takes about three to four years to get out of debt. Time passes. The end result is rental property that will last for a very long time, built well. It will be the support structure for the family farm.
        Know that the battle against debt is waged, day by day. I agree with the poster that not owing anyone anything is real freedom. Also…. slowly keep buying metals and make sure you leave your kids a box of them. Where my greedy parents and their inherited wealth bought RVs, travel and vacations homes… My goal is to make sure my kid never is a debt slave. This depression will be worse for folks for two reasons… 1. debt. 2. No family farms to go home to.

        Think about it.. When you reduce thing to the basics….can most folks provide for themselves? The retirement plan of our age is this…. A small working farm….some land.
        Water…the well.
        Heat…the woods for firewood.
        Meat…deer, turkey, chickens, pig and wild game, fish from a pond.
        Shelter…. I stock building fasteners…I can build much from the woods and stone.

        My final years will be spend in the country…where I’ll have a nice patch of land and a tractor…I’ll farm and grow food for my family and the grand kids.

        The NWO fucks want us poor…fine. But I’m not buying shit into their business systems and the next generation in my line will not do business with the banks.

        Funny how the “Me” generation lead us into the end of the United States by debt from the global bankers. I’m enjoying watching this generation have their reality adjusted.

        I will say this… there will be a generational backlash from generation Y and the millenial generaton. They have massive college debt and no jobs. Guys like myself will never retire. We’ll sit in the jobs until we die. That will really piss them off. Their grand parents pissed away the wealth on RV and travel. My generation struggled in an age where the currency was devalued. By the time we got to making good money…the money was worth half.

        Folks…your real freedom will be when you have no debts. When you have some rental property that pays the taxes on your family farm. When the tractor is paid for and
        you can create all you need.

        My generation will be the “Opt out” generation in our retirement years.

        The real scum are the bankers.

      43. Ron Paul is actually a Cybernetic organism sent from the future by SkyNet. His Polymetal alloy substructure conceals his CPU under his boyhood charm, and clean close shave. He even dons sweet tennis shoes while wearing a nice suit. He needs no teleprompter. Rise of the machines in 2012!

      44. Hey folks, do a google search on : How I Clobbered Every Tax Confiscatory Agency Known To Man. This woman is awesome. Makes for some serious food for thought, as U.S.Gov is THE most parasitic bureacratic money-sucking leviathon to exist. EVER. Taxed in our meat and drink, indeed. °~°

      45. Laughingly, one evening, I mentioned to my mate, that we needed to save those old telephone books for tp. At the time, I was just kidding, but in hindsight, they may just come in handy in the near future.
        Also, has anyone else noticed how much smaller the new phone books are these days. Fewer people with landlines and fewer businesses advertising these days.
        This is not a good sign for the 2012 recovery.
        Good luck and God bless.

      46. Mac,

        Problem with your math:

        Prices would have to double for the purchasing power to be cut in half. A 50% increase in price is a 33% devaluation of the dollar.

        I like your site and the reader comments.

      47. My son and I went to cattle auction in central texas right before the holidays and bought a 879lb. 2year old cow for 32cents a pound. We drove it to locker plant to be butchered for another 60cents per pound.Freezer is full and love eating 92cent a pound steaks,roasts and hamburger.Calf prices remain high since wheat fields are coming on,but older cattle cheap in central and south texas.Buy now limited quantities available.Since we process our own hogs and deer and have purchased all commercial grade meat processing equipment we’re thinking of buying longhorn (they’re even cheaper) and just grinding the whole thing up. HUmmm….$4 ground meat at grocery store or done ourselves for less than 40cents a pound?

      48. Ron Paul is a Reptilian-NWO-Marxist-Priest. If you vote for Ron Paul you are voting for a cousin of G.W. Bush which is the very family that brought us into the Global Banking Cabal.

        Forget about retirement funds- the only thing worthy now is hard won skills, survival instincts, and pratice practice, practice prepping.

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