Welcome to Police State America: The US Has Descended Into An Undeclared State of Martial Law

by | Aug 14, 2014 | Headline News | 341 comments

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      1. I guess when the Govt made the famous poster “Uncle Sam Wants You”, they had different ideas. 😆

        • Does anybody really think that the Shit hasn’t already Hit The Fan?

          • Feck no! Hodges is jumping the gun. We ain’t seen Martial law yet. When we do, the only movement will be bowel movement. Just keep stackin’ ammo, food, medical, water, and memories. Two is one and one is none.

            • On Ammo; if two is one, and one is none? What’s 50,000?

              • Half of what I have.

                • With the UN and all the loyal torrie US corporate troops that Obama and his bosses can muster, they’ll only be able to hold about 5% of the geographical area under strict control and martial law. I don’t remember the blog I read regarding this study, but logistically its impossible for them to control and manage more than a few of the metro areas.

                  They’ll use starvation, plague, and famine to drive those from the country side in and keep the masses locked down inside. That leaves roughly 95% of the geography out there technically as a wire zone, beyond the new wire, but inhabitable by those that know how to survive and evade the enemy. When we get to this point, THEN it’ll be as Hodges says. He’s a bit early on his assessment of the situation.

                  • The deception lays right before our eyes,
                    and because it is recognized by so few it
                    becomes a stark reality through naivety.

                  • Believe me everyone out there, you AIN’T seen anything yet. These are TINY little tigbits of just how God Awful it can really get.

                    1. Try living under a rule of thumb in which no one is allowed to speak or even think anything not approved by the state.

                    2. Everyone is forced to have implants put into them, some controlling brain functions.

                    3. Where anything that speaks out is automatically executed.

                    4. Where no one is allowed to travel anyway without permission.

                    5. Where your new home is a tent or some FEMA camp, while those in control now occupy your EX home.

                    6. Self defense of any sort has one penalty, death or close to it.

                    7. All material not deemed acceptable is ruled subversive. No books or anything is allowed to be read.

                    8. Routine beatings to knock sense into you.

                    9. Rape and molestation of children and adults alike.

                    10. People moved into death camps with sick that have deadly germs, whether or not someone is ill. They will soon be after getting exposed.

                    11. ALL food, water, and other necessities are given to a person on credit from 7 day a week forced labor camps.

                    12. Everyoone is expendable and worth less than a cow.

                    13. All self identity is destroyed for control purposes. Everyone has a number, probably with a bar code tattooed on them.

                    14. Families are broken up to further degrade any sort of inner strength. Robots work better without any type of connection to something else but the state.

                    15. Re-education camps and total conformity to the state.

                    16. No money or any other sorts of commerce. The state provides you with EVERYTHING you could ever want or need.

                    17. Get sick or have an injury? You are no longer worth anything and disposed of.

                    18. All constitutional rights and freedoms will be totally dissolved.

                    19. Free speech is ONLY what you can praise the state.

                    20. Life will become totally hopeless under martial law and any “luxaries” will only be given to keep the suicide rate down to those that can still provide something useful to the state.

                    I can’t list anymore because it is too depressing. These real life scenarioes have and continue to play out throughtout the world. North Korea, Cuba, most Middle East countries. many African and Asian countries, USSR, Germany, China, and too many others to list from recently to centuries ago.

                    Really and truly, Americans have not seen anything yet to just how many thousands of times WORSE it can really get. Just ask those that have lived through mega hard core oppression just how living breathing Hell it can become. 🙁

                  • BI, Imagine a boot stepping on a human face…


                  • Aside from the implants, for which they would have done had the technology been available, that pretty much describes the old Soviet Union under Stalin.

                  • Started in reading Diana West’s new book “American Betrayal”. I seriously thought that I could not get any more pessimistic about our chances to restore the liberties our Founding Fathers took for granted. Wrong. And I’m only in Chapter Four.

                  • the impants or emf/scalar wave thing exists
                    it is already used on unconsenting americans and other nationalities
                    i have one.

                • WTF?

                  “According to the Economist Intelligence Unit Democracy Index 2013, the United States is tied with Romania for forty-ninth in civil liberties. Several countries such as Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and Norway are tied for first.”

                  I wonder where USA would rank if the constitution was followed?

                  • To all people of color:

                    If you keep:

                    A. Listening to Al Sharpton….
                    B. listening to Jesse Jackson….
                    C. Living off of EBT cards….
                    D. Voting democrat….

                    ….you all can see your future interactions with the government playing out in Missouri.

                    “Behave”, and you will be left alone, until the gov agents get bored, then you will be harassed.

                    All they want is to control your existence. I say existence, because it won’t be much of a life.


                  • What,agree we are losing are liberties,but,one thing at moment we have is the liberty to be armed,much better then any of those other countries(I love the bill of rights),does seem though we literally may as a country be in for a war to keep those rights and re-establish the ones that they have taken from us,sad but seems more likely on a daily basis.

                  • What, these negroes are doing exactly what the gub wants them to do.

                    They have trained them for it, by letting them live and fuck the rest of us with our stolen tax dollars…and the cops, I hope they realize that they are “tokens” as well.

                    Both of them are pathetic…if I was a cop, I’d be evaluating what I was going to do the rest of my life.

                  • Mac;
                    Please feel free to hold this in moderation for eternity. With no ability to respond to Be Informed I would like to say that if any of you correspond with him it might be a good time to give him a call. He doesn’t sound well. I am not being a smart ass here. The quality of his posts seem to be becoming “different”.

                  • What? Wonder who makes up the panel on the Economist Intelligence Unit Index 2013. ADL, ACLU, NAACP, Morris Dees and SEIU. Trekker Out.

                  • The world sees its time for us to fight yet the sheep continue licking the pig boot of evil. Every patriot right now should be gearing up for combat, know thy enemy, recon every pig with a badge find out who you’ll be facing on the battlefield. Remember, they have to sleep somewhere sometime.

                  • BI, good morning, and I’m sure it was hard enough just to list the things you already have. I can also imagine such things taking place if the NWO is allowed to succeed in taking over this land. All the more reason to stand up and fight. “Every man dies. But not every man truly lives.” braveheart

                  • Australia, Norway, New Zealand, Ireland are way ahead of us on just about everything you can think of. From civil liberties to standards of living, through to better education and superior health care!

                    But at the end of the day we have more guns! I’ve been to New Zealand and Ireland and even there cops don’t have guns!!!!!! Not sure what kind of message this sends to the community? But really? Un-armed Police patrolling the streets? Don’t they have criminals???? It’s too weird to think about …. Cops without guns!!!


                Department of Defense provided surplus military vehicles, rifles, pistols to local police departments.

                Half a billion dollars of military gear given to local law enforcement — last year…

                How Congress Helped Create Ferguson’s Militarized Police
                400 armored vehicles, 500 aircraft, 93,000 machine guns…

                • Something like $20 Billion in MILITARY SURPLUS Machinery & WEAPONS given out to Local Police Dept’s & LEO’s since 9-11-2001. Wouldn’t you like to see what they have hidden away in their Bunkers.

                  • Correction: In further checking, It is more like $4.5 Billion at least reported by MSNBC;=MSM. lol in gearing up our nations LEO’s with Military Equipment. I like to make sure my statements are true. And just seeking the facts for all. Sorry about that. MSNBC Can be under estimating their numbers also, as not to make it look like it has a very large impact. I just want the truth how about you?

                  • the Giving of Military grade surplus started in the mid to late 90’s

                    its just gotten to the point recently that they have been given much larger quantities and much larger equipment

                • Always good information. Thanks KY Mom!

              • Is is just a beginning Paranoid. Keep buying. lol

              • A good start.

              • A good fun day at the range

                • You know what I find interesting? The same people that balked when the anti-gunners were calling AR 15’s “assault rifles”, are calling them “AR 15 assault rifles” while in the hands of police in this incident.

                  If they are to be considered “assault rifles”, then so be it, but they need to be considered the same weapon no matter which side of the argument the description falls on. We all whined about the misnomer when they were talking about banning them, but now we accept it for it’s shock value.

                  Propaganda goes both ways. Sorry.

                  • SIXPACK , I caught that as well .
                    And your right , propaganda works against everyone.
                    Good post .

                  • I don’t know sixpack…

                    I believe SWAT teams ARE equipped with military grade weapons that are not really available to the man on the street.

                    This would then actually qualify them as “assault” weapons and the semi-auto ones are not.

                  • Six,sorry your bubble of innocence has been burst,welcome to the world of HYPOCRISY !

                  • Six pack
                    You make a good point.
                    In LEO terms ASSAULT means to Threaten bodily harm.
                    You can assault someone by shaking your fist at someone.

                    So now saying that. Any thing or any type of weapon can be an Assault rifle, pistol, cross bow, bow, knife, rock, brick ECT.

                    This is one of those terms the feel gooders, anti gun turds like to us to scare people with.


              • A good start…

              • What’s 50,000?

                The exact amount I have at home.

                And I’m still buying more.

              • Victory

            • @PO’d Patriot:

              SHTF does not mean that marshal law has been enacted etc…
              SHTF is an individuals perception of ones situation.
              If you had Ebola you would think that the SHTF for you.
              If you lost your job you would think that the SHTF for you.
              If your obama care wouldn’t pay for life saving medical help you would think that the SHTF for you.
              If you lost your home you would think that the SHTF for you.
              If you lived in Ferguson MO and your gas station got burned to the ground you might think that SHTF for you.

              So yes for millions of people in this country the Shit has already HTF.

              • Not contesting that shit has not hit the fan for a lot of folks. Like the sayin’ goes, “When your neighbor loses his job it’s a recession. When you lose yours it’s a depression.” But Martial Law? We’re not even close. We still got time. Make it count.

                • Agreed.

                  • I guarantee you all one thing: if you’re typing messages on an internet website, the shit ain’t hit the fan yet.

                    And when it does, the last thing you’ll be worrying about is SHTFplan.com

                    (With no slight to you, Mac.)

                  • Southron, I agree 100% and when the SHTF we’ll all be sitting around wondering, were all those commenters that were on SHTFplan really as tough as they said. And there will be no way of knowing. Because all of a sudden everything will go

                  • Unreconstructed Southern, the termination of the internet will probably be the one of first canaries we hear sing prior to martial law being declared.

              • ..and not one of those unarmed protesters “bugged out”
                They Stood Their Ground. If the police opened up on them…they sure wouldn’t run away

                • Unarmed? They were heaving rocks and Molotov Cocktails. If they used firearms they wouldn’t look like victims anymore. Somebody smart is managing them. Has overtones (and undertones) of the Paliswinians. These are not honorable citizens, people. They are a managed mob that Obama wants to use to further implement his program.

                  • According to Jakari Jackson @ infowars.com. Just 2 bottles..one of which was a Molotov cocktail that landed some 25 yards short of the police line. The other.,a rock did hit what appears to be 2 officers in the upper thigh. So according to you..this whole event was a coordinated effort…a psyop if you will between LE and a whole community..got any emails or other ways to substantiate your claim? So this community has what?…a CIA mission specialist meeting with the community to coordinate responses..?so I guess the looting was coordinated by whom? The rubber bullet shooting of White woman pastor was what???a coordinated psyop as well?
                    Or,how about this…they..the community had a mature response to the event and by themselves chose to be self restrained…the looting and vandalism???people who have no interest or heart for what happened..they should have been shot…it went on for hours. What as LE response…let it happen..the real threat are these peaceful,unarmed protesters…

              • Ghostrighter, Spot on man! too many people think that prepping is only for a total breakdown of society. From my own testimony prepping saved my ass on several occasions. In 08 when the crap got bad my job took a crap and I was left with unemployment which is limited so I used my metals investment to pay for getting certified in solar power. Not to mention food to eat and a free place to live which I had stored and built using the $ I had when times were good instead of buying a bunch of shit I didnt need. I had a new job 2 months after completing school and I was back in the game. Whats reaaly stupid is that NON prepping is a very new idea. Back in the day my grandparents canned and saved and had all kinds of preps because thats just what you had to do back then. Modern society just made a bunch of mush heads out of people and bred out critical thinking and survival instincts. It’s alarming how fast all the old school skills are disappearing. Most of these morons today cant even change a flat tire let alone grow anything. This country is soooooo screwed I can’t believe it 🙁

                • Genius,doesn’t help that newer cars for most part have space saving jacks and doughnut spares with a lug wrench that one would be lucky to get to open a can of beer!On a side not,still looking to see if I can find you some old federal lying around!

                  • My van has locking lug nuts. I needed to change a tire years ago. The special gadget for the lug nuts was not stored with the jack and lug wrench. I had to call the company’s 800 number to find out where they hid the lug nut gadget. And I had to totally remove one of the seats to get at the pretend spare tire.

                • Some people aren’t mechanically inclined.

            • PO’d, I don’t even go to Hodges’ site anymore. He no longer has any credibility in my eyes.

            • PO’d patriot, I call BS on this article when I see hodges’ name on it. He lost all credibility with me some time ago. I don’t even go to his site anymore.

          • “Does anybody really think that the Shit hasn’t already Hit The Fan?”

            That’s actually a really good question.

            I’ve been wavering (a gnawing back-and-forth in my mind about whether to pull some or all of the money out of a joint H/W brokerage account) on obtaining about $15K for much-needed preps.

            My wife knows I prep for us and the kids, but she’s not really seeing the urgency that I do. My thinking is… buy now! Before it’s too late, and either not available or at a highly inflated price. (Not to mention spending the time to train on the skills that go with all the stuff).

            Anyways, what’s the best way to read the signs and take decisive, unmistakable action that SHTF is about to hit or has hit?

            I.e., I don’t know anyone living in either an urban area or a suburb who’s quit work and bunkered down as a result of the Ebola news. Maybe there are folks who have, but I just haven’t heard of it. There’s no reporting of it, anyways.

            Do most people just wait for SHTF to happen before going into mass behavior mode? Or are there savvy people who know what the key indicators are, and they silently, stealthily, get ahead of the game because they know the key indicators?

            And what I’m asking, what are the key indicators? And what’s the tipping point measure of the key indicators? I’d like to have a week to two weeks head start, if not more, before the vast masses.

            Has the S really already hit the fan?

            • @FreeSlave

              As to your questions of should you pull money out and buy supplies now or wait. And What are the key indicators and tipping points because you would like to have two weeks WARNING of SHTF.

              Here is your Answer: 1. Things will only get more expensive from this moment in life going forward.
              2. NOBODY can know with any certainty the time frame when it will all go to hell. But I will say that if YOU are asking these questions, There is YOUR key indicator to get your shit together now.

              Remember: It’s always better to be a year or five early for when the SHTF, than one day late!

              • “Remember: It’s always better to be a year or five early for when the SHTF, than one day late!”

                Good point. Hopefully that works with the wife.

                Along with this one: “Better to have and not need than to need and not have.”

            • No it has not! Can you buy all the gasoline you want at “Normal” prices? Are the food stores full?, Is your bank open and paying? This is not the SHTF.
              No possible way to get a known head start. But, you can get some; Watch the prices of Gold, Silver, money (Interest), oil, wheat, and corn. The PM’s and interest rates will tell you how the financial system is working; wheat and corn will give you and indication of the stability of the hungry world; and oil, along with the Baltic dry index, will tell you what the economic issues are. Mr Bass seems to think Japan will go down before we do, so perhaps watching them is also a good idea.
              Not to say all is well, The Baltic dry Index is terrible, but interest rates are still going down, so it’s not hit yet

              • . One should always panic in small steps if possible> No you do not need to pull out your IRA and piss off your wife. Unless you are buying land or something you don’t need 15K. Go to the Bison Prepper Site, James Daiken. He’s a but of a lunatic, but he has the right ideas about how to start. Median person on the planet is living on 2-4 dollars per day. If you start right, issue won’t likely be about money, but SPACE. After you have basic, then try the LDS prepper suggestions, Then a site called Grandpappys Hard times Survival. All of these can get you along and don’t require that much cash.
                Then you can upgrade, if required. Prepping is much more a process and an attitude than a cash outlay. You just have to keep plugging and hope you are wrong.

            • If getting everything you still need gives you peace of mind, i say go for it! Nothing better than knowing your ready for what may come down the road. Every time I get a major prep bought it brings me some relief.

              • Buck- I hear ya, I saw the signs of collapse big-time after 2008 when the “Bail-in” of the Banks of Trillions of Dollars, at Tax payers expense. And we got No relief, and the Banksters are the ones that caused it. I begin to prep big time, while I was still making an income, buying all the Major items before the Criminals tried to ban them, I have seemed to be only about 6 months ahead of the dominoes falling, like Guns and Ammo Inflation and bans, Food increases, and I warned all my friends and family a head of time of the upcoming crisis, including what if an EMP Hits and have back up heating alternatives. energy costs, dollar depreciation, etc. I am pretty set now good thing, as now by 2014 my income has dropped to about break even with bills. Just holding on, and selling off needless household Items, to raise cash for paying off some more debt. I would be doing just fine if the IRS did not rape me every year stealing all my profits and then some. It does not pay anymore to be a responsible American, trying to live the Big dream. Its just a pile of useless debt and more tax liability to fund these useless EBT Freeloaders.

            • Wait one day to long and you will get nothing…peace of mind is everything.

              I have credit accounts set up at critical places in my community with a zero balance. If something major blows with nation wide civil unrest, I will max those bastards in 4 hrs. with tangible items like a rat on a cheetoe!

              I have a list of shit and everything on it is more of what I already have. When this thing blows, life as we all know it is over…survival is all that there will be.

              Get your ass in gear or your kids are done.

              If your an American and you think that this way of life will continue for ever…forget it, you are already done.

              • I’ve been steadily purchasing ammo and reloading components. Will start canning tomatoes this weekend along with string beans. This is my first year in planting pole beans. Had a rough start (only 50% of my starter plants came up.) but I kept starting new pots. These are the Doc Martin variety of butter bean. Huge leaves, and thick vines. The beans are huge, ’bout the size of a half dollar. They’ll dry out nice (if the wife don’t eat all of them) and be good for soup with a chunk of ham. I have started drying some out for next years planting. The seeds run ten to a pack @ 10.95 a pack.

                • Right there with you PO’d…I am continuously pushing planting dates and staging various seasonal stuff…just to see if I can squeeze out another crop of anything, even if it is “just” greens of some sort.

                  Last week I was harvesting some big white chard and the stems looked like small tender celery…and tasted like it. My wife knew it wasn’t celery but we gained knowledge…chard grows like hell here from spring to fall. Celery has never been worth the time.

                  Thanks for the bean tip…I am increasing my garden space and will add the butter beans next year…ham and beans is a staple.

                  A good seed source for heirloom seeds is Fisher Seed Co. in Belgrade, Mt. No email, no web site, just an ole fashion catalog…(406)388-6052 They have been doing it in Montana since 1923.

                  Sauerkraut, pickles and apples this weekend. My early apples need to be canned or sauced…I might get a one week reprieve on the apples, I’ll know in a bit.

                  “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

                  • Our fig bushes are bearing like never before this year. We’re picking every day, and the next day you can’t tell we picked any. We will soon be making our third batch of fig preserves.

            • The Commies in Congress are trying to Ban Body Armor, You need to get the Preps now that may be the hardest to get later. AMMO AR-15 Bunker MRE’s Etc.

              • I can still buy Ar500 steel plate ..so good luck to them on “banning” anything

                at this point banning anything is an immediate target as to what their agenda is , so people go out and buy it up.

                again if they want to outlaw something in this world , only outlaws will have it.. so an outlaw I’ll become
                Im fine with that as many patriots have been throughout history

            • Free Slave, Do you think food will be cheaper later?
              Do you think gas will be cheaper later?
              Do you think taxes will be lower later?
              Do you think the cost of everything will be cheaper later?
              Why not get food, gas and other things now while they can be afforded to securitize your future?
              Not only is it an insurance policy against shtf it is locking in prices at todays level.
              It’s just common sense to stock up on vital items while you can afford too.
              Otherwise you will be toast in the future, pretty simple math my friend 🙂

            • The real shit hit the fan 3 and 1/2 years ago when fukushima melted down. now it is just a waiting game until everything dies a slow miserable death. everything. Greetings from north dakota. Working 70 hours weeks, so my posts will be spotty.

              • I say the SHTF was a long time ago when Ike left office but first warned the US public to not let the mic get control of the country,ooooppps…..

            • To Freeslaves question “Anyways, what’s the best way to read the signs and take decisive, unmistakable action that SHTF is about to hit or has hit?”

              Signs are everywhere and most of us here see them because our eyes are open. We got situational awareness. Brother, it aint getting any better.

              I see chaotic events, one after another. Its the constant creep of evil and its been ramping up over the years. Dont need to get into the list of problems but theres a force at large and its designed to destroy us. None of us know if this will stay as a creeping evil or will turn into a big black swan event. Dont matter. Prepare for as much as you can and as best as you can.

              I quit my job in June and it was a family decision to go Galt and stop feeding the beast. There aint no retirement money coming in, there aint no govt check either. Its us against the beast but the wages dropped to zero and this is the last year for income tax. We stopped feeding the beast.

              My time has become my own. Now me and the family are able to rely on ourselves more, w/out interruptions like slave-jobs that the govt takes 40% or more of to waste.

              We grow food, we butcher, I hunt. The wife’s been canning beans, maters, salsa and more jelly while freezing some garden greens, squash. YoU get the idea, foods we grew from seed to feed us all year. I butchered another batch of fryer bunnies w/ more on the way. This summer we all worked to give this place more security and function for add on family. We finished the first of 2 cabins for the sons and this week, we finished the other cabin. Theyre small cabins we can use if all family returns home. If not needed, theyll be a night away place for a short visit. Since Im home now I can focus all energy on family needs, not what the govt thinks they need from me. Got time for a few other projects now. Life is at home now. Were our own bosses.

              The S didnt need to make a blow out mess and HTF for me to quit working. I liked the job but just couldnt be part of the problem anymore and the beast got too damn ugly.
              The world is going down. Seems better to prep for the fall and soften the final blow, instead of falling and then trying to fix the wounds.
              The other day I read that the boomer generation will be transferring the largest wealth to there kids when they start to die. At business insider dot com the artical said “Some $30 trillion in assets will transfer from boomers to their heirs over the next 30 to 40 years.” If by some chance our wealth isnt destroyed or stolen in that timeframe, there aint a chance in hell that much money will go to the heirs w/out the govt taking 70% or more of it for taxes. The beast is hungry and out of control. Boomers need to be smarter and turn those assets before they die.
              Freeslave, you ask the same questions most of us do. Trust your instincts. You know theyve been screaming at you.

              • “Freeslave, you ask the same questions most of us do. Trust your instincts. You know they’ve been screaming at you.”

                Oh my goodness, Calgagus. My instincts have been shouting at me. You nailed it.

                Also, I gotta applaud your decision to take decisive pre-emptive action. I’ll be real, and confess that I’m half-a$$ing it, trying to have it both ways. Eg, I have young kids and thinking about saving for college for them, and yet torn that there’s a good chance that a SHTF event will hit before they even get a chance to go to college. So then what sense does it make to save for college?

                I feel conflicted.

                • Hey Freeslave most of us were halfway once.

                  We used to save money and we were as tight as can be. Then the world started to tilt and then the big fraud bankers were bailed out. Then the Fed turned the dollar into a liquid pour making our money all but worthless. And the stock market got even more corrupt. So we reacted. We cashed out all stocks before the crash. We turned the IRAs into cash. We started taking cash out of savings and IRas for our own investments: ourselves. We didnt have debt but we were saving for the young’uns, retirement, and who knows what emergency. We saved because thats what responsible people used to do. But with zero interest for the nest egg, who were we kidding? And paying out the butt for capital gains on stocks, was that worth the risk? So we used savings to reshape our lifestyle and make it more safe and secure for this unknown future we all face. Were not used to buying so many things but we had to get some of the building supplies for the cabins. We also decided in bulk food storage for long term, along w/ a few books on cooking w/ food storage. We got goats this year too. Later well get bees, already networked w/ a few distant neighbors to get some hands on experience first. More and more folks around here are buckling down because they are feeling it and seeing it get worse.

                  About college. Higher education used to be something special but the value is less since its commonplace now. I always believed a person needs to learn some type of a skill whether theyre book smart or not. Aint nothing wrong w/ a tradeschool or apprenticeship and in our future, skills we been calling blue collar will be in higher demand than half or more of those w/ a batchelors degree. What used to be popular in the 50s and earlier will come around again. Used cars, appliances , furniture will be more popular than new. Thrift stores and repair shops already growing.
                  Nothing wrong w/ steering all your kids towards a skill now. My kids learned to repair and refinish furniture before they were teens. Then they learned to build shelf units. And they helped around here w/ building. One thing leads to another. Doing that you build a bond w/ your kids and give them some direction into learning a skill. Cant buy that from a college, especially those that are too liberal (most are).
                  Good luck to you. If you feel conflicted, do something physical that will help you down the road. Before you know it, youll see the path to follow.

            • “Do most people just wait for SHTF to happen before going into mass behavior mode? Or are there savvy people who know what the key indicators are, and they silently, stealthily, get ahead of the game because they know the key indicators?”

              In 2004, I had a gut feeling about the construction industry getting ready to dump because of the housing industry. So, I warned anyone I cared about and we sold our inflated house and cashed in for almost triple.

              In 2007, I was proven correct and although my wife didn’t want to listen, I told her I had a gut feeling the market was about to shit the bed. So, we did what Billy Ray Cyrus wishes he did, and pulled out.

              In 2008-2009 I watched metals taking a shit and new it couldn’t last. I diverted many funds into Silver at $8.00 an ounce. Why? My gut told me to.

              From 2010 to 2012 I started buying up ammo in bulk thinking in terms of brass and lead bullion. Especially 5k bulk boxes of .22 rimfire cartridges. Why? My gut told me to.

              The moral of the story, trust your gut. Your gut is usually right more than not. Even when it’s wrong initially, it may pay off in the future and usually does. Nobody knows when shit goes sideways with something. However, if your spidey sense starts nagging you, that’s your gut telling you what you need to do. I believe we all have the ability to hear this calling, yet most of us dismiss it in exchange for denial. Some people call it intuition, but there ain’t nothing savvy about it, your gut knows what’s up, listen.

              • “So, we did what Billy Ray Cyrus wishes he did, and pulled out.”

                Hhahahaha priceless

                that alone is worth a thumbs up!

        • Drudge Infowars and these other sites are helping stir up Civil War II. They’re actually PUSHING this thing and building it out of proportion. While millions of illegals blow across our southern border, including MS 13 and Jihadists … the supposed alternative media is not covering that !!! But they are OVER covering a town of just 20,000, 70 % of which is black, where some kid likely provoked some cop who’d had it up to here … and then used excessive force. This is NOT a national emergency. The border is. Dummies run alternative media.

          • Rambo, It’s called “rope a dope”

            • Here’s some old rock the was politically uncorrect long ago… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBGloBFnZJA fast forward what you dont like this band was great but very un known..

          • They’re working hard selling the fear so you’ll buy their ‘solutions’. Fear is the ONLY thing that outsells sex…

            • This is the problem I have. I know what’s wrong but I fail to see anyone come up with a cohesive solution. Hardcore libertarians and anarchists say the solution is free and unfettered capitalism. However, I also know where that leads and it’s only good for the few at the top once the markets consolidate power. After all, capitalism is not a moral code. Capital only seeks yield and thus is only as moral as the least ethical person controlling it. At the other extreme you have the Marxists. They believe that only a properly planned economy run by a few people at the top can bring about the most equitable solution. Unfortunately, this does the same thing as capitalism in it’s purest form and consolidates power in the hands of a small minority (control of something is equal to ownership). Both pretend to be fair, but both are ultimately harmful to the needs of all but those at the top. So the obvious solution is somewhere in the middle, somewhere that those who are not driven by greed and power can also have a decent life. So in the end it’s a far more complex solution than any one over simplified political philosophy can describe. What is my solution them? I don’t know. I have tried to figure out a beautiful theory that uses the best parts of all major political theories but as of yet nothing really works to describe what I seek.

              • The answer is Capitalism moderated by Gods laws. You know, what built America in the first place.

                • Except that that’s not always what happened. There’s a reason the Sherman Anti-Trust act was seen as a necessity. Plus, in order for capitalism to be run by God’s laws, all must agree that there first is a God to begin with, and Who that God is and what He wants.

                  Look at the early days of mass industrialization in the US and you will find some absolutely horrific things going on. Things like slavery, child labor, share cropping, workers in factory towns being massacred by the Pinkerton Guards AND state national guards when the company was close to the governor, etc. were all common in the US at that time. It all worked wonderfully if your name was Carnegie or Morgan but not so much if you were anyone else. You need to have a more complete understanding of history. If you did, you would see why Marxism was so appealing to so many and why those same forces could move in again today. It’s a reactionary theory that holds sway only when the needs of the average worker are completely ignored by upper management. It never really took hold in the US because we had reformers who came up with a reasonable balance. Henry Ford, for example, paid his workers a living wage that would allow his employees to buy his products. Other industrialists of the time hated him for it but eventually had to follow suit.

          • Of coarse you must be correct. It can’t be the LSM lies or shitbags like Al Sharptongue stirring up shit. Get a grip.

        • I am suffering ghetto moocher fatigue,time for the welfare lottery to be ended.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:
          Comment ID: 3204833
          August 14, 2014 at 6:38 pm Some Facts about Ferguson Missouri-

          Ferguson’s City Motto: “Proud Past” No Kidding.

          Ferguson is located in “St Louis County”

          Food Stamp Usage in St Louis County in 2009:
          All People on Food Stamps = 36%
          Children on Food Stamps = 62%
          Whites on Food Stamps = 10%
          Blacks on Food Stamps= 60%
          *Change since 2007 = 19%+ Up.

          Imagine what the Black Food Stamp count is now? I bet 90%.

          Yes, and guess who getses to pay for them to mooch?
          But there are some cheaper alternatives that are final.

          • There was a comment made on another forum (not by me)
            but the comment went something like this

            If they want the Rioting to stop and those people to go home , threaten them with all of their EBT cards being shut down

            well it might have worked, or…it might have accelerated it, either way ..no winning with that bunch
            so either way its time to get ready because something will happen that will set them off , and than its anyones guess where we will be headed

        • Anonymous reveals Ferguson officer’s name in controversial shooting –

          Anonymous also Releases Police Command Audio in St. Louis Shooting – http://www.newser.com/story/192436/anonymous-releases-audio-in-st-louis-shooting.html

          Its kind of boring Audio, andpicks up about the 9 minute mark, but since the police refused to release the Facts Anonymous hacked into their computer system and stole the Audio transmission.
          (NEWSER) – St. Louis County police haven’t released audio regarding the shooting of black teenager Michael Brown, but the hacker collective Anonymous took care of that today, reports Mashable. The lengthy file released on YouTube shows the progression of events after an officer shot the unarmed teen in the suburb of Ferguson. As Mother Jones notes, the first hint of trouble comes more than nine minutes into the recording, with the dispatcher making a request for crowd control. But the circumstances were still unclear as to why at that point. Some excerpts, with the bold referring to the time of the audio recording:

          9:35: “Ferguson is asking for assistance with crowd control …”
          10:58: “Now they have a large group gathering there, she doesn’t know any further …”
          11:20: “We just got another call stating it was an officer-involved shooting. … Be advised, this information came from the news ,,,
          21:55: “They are requesting more cars. Do you want me to send more of your cars?”
          43:55: “Attention all cars, be advised that in reference to the call 2947 Canfield Drive, we are switching over to the riot channel at this time …”
          Police say they are aware of the audio and are investigating how it became public. Anonymous is also trying to identify the officer involved, reports the New York Daily News. Ferguson’s police chief has balked at doing that so far because the six-year veteran has gotten death threats. (The FBI has launched an investigation into the shooting.)

          Anonymous also figured out the name of the Cop, see above link.

          • OK Its Darin Wilson the Cops Name that shot the Black Kid in Ferguson as reported by the Police Chief. But then he also tries to tie this to some store robbery nearby.

            The COPS Mentality= Hey just pick out the first black kid and shoot him.

            BTW this Nice young man as Obama calls him, Here is one of his FaceBook Posted Photos – https://theconservativetreehouse.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/michaelbrowngunhawaiianpunchcash.jpg

            Obama, He looks like he could be my son if I had one. Could be, since none of Ya’s Know who da’ BabyDaddy be.

      2. Hmmm,thanks Messiah. Little hope and changes only moochers want.

        FUBAR Train is picking up speed.

      3. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee are so incredibly Frigged as a Nation.

        only by shedding zog gestapo dhs blood and arrests convictions hangings of the traitorous zog amerikan 1% zio-neocons will their be a change.



        • So when all Hell Breaks loose, in Nationwide SHTF, Count on all the “Have Nots looting,” the “Cops Shooting,” and the Preppers will be home keeping their power dry and living off their Preps, safe and sound. Keeping an eye on any looters poking around in their neighborhoods. After about 30 days, the cops will be out of Ammo then abandon their posts, and quit. Most of the looters will be dead, or in FEMA Camps. It will be quite the culling. Most any form of Martial Law will be in the troubled areas. Just be prepared at home with at least 6 months of food, and just keep gather extra supplies when possible up to then.

          • I agree completely with u for the first 6 months to a year. After that they will be comming to a town near you(U.N) ect, ect…… pacfication.

        • Now that Abe Foxman head honcho of jewish-ADL org has gotten Hate speach fed laws signed by hobammy( signed aprox 2 yrs ago) the likley sure sign its about to go down badly is when Foxman’s adl along with the SPLC, also totally bolshevik jewish run org, demand that the us Congress pass another fed law to mandate a new national languange and mandate it be taught in EVERY school. Of course it will be the kommies prefered language of…Yiddish.

          Right after they get that done, look for same type fed law that Lennin dictated aprox 5 yrs after he began the Russian Revolution of jew soviets against white folks of russia etc….Lennins law dictate was “Death by bullet to back of skull for ALL folks(except any jews of course!) who are “suspected”(not charged nor convicted just suspected) of any form of antiseitism. Which usually consisted of some Russian citizen simply commenting to another person that in fact soviet communism was indeed a jewish invention and that in russia it was a solid 90+% jewish soviet kommie run at EVERY level of all forms govnt, agencys, and also within the major private sectors such as schools, universities, unions etc etc also all run by soviet jewish kommie bolsheviks.

          Keep vigilant as we now for a few years have seen more and more of arrogant displays of their massive control apperatus power structures in america today. What just 5 or more years ago was Always kept Hushed up, vastly denied, and shouted down by every jew and jewish org(300+ nationwide) as simply “Conspiricy Rants” and forgeries, and false charges to oppress jews etc…has now evolved as it always does in every prior nation where organized international jewry has done what they today are doing to You and America…

          That being it seems be it due to their massive egos, or self chizen status(that they fully believe as true!) or simply mass Hubris amoung their entire tribe, one sure thing you notice if viligant is that they Love to brag!

          Besides always projecting their guilts upon white folk, and makeing wild claims against whites that are really always done by their tribe(see slavery perps=jews mostly, engineered wars by lying deceptions etc)…The jewry tribe once in full or near full control of an entire nation and all that matters within said nations govnt’s and corps, and cultural systems, along with total MSM control….Makes an abrupt switcheroo, and goes from always denying all they do, and destroying all others who report or out the many evils and wrongs being done by their tribe…

          To…Bragging constantly such as we have been hearing or reading of recently. Things like Abe Foxman of ADL and some Joel guy in Hollywood who write or state that yes indeed they are proud to say jews own and control hollywood and/or MSM medias entirely. I guess its an ego thing which goes with believing they are so special they can do mass exterminations of 300-million white folks across a dozen nations of eastern europe(1918 russian revolt on up to when finally halted aprox 1990-91 era) and get away with it every time when 1/2 or more of deluded folks of the current target nation(usa) insists upon defending and supporting all that tribe or its individuals does regardless how evil or wrong, simply due to they were born a jew…Its why never yet since 1918 has even one single soviet kommie jew war criminal(and there were plenty! a few still alive today!) ever been hunted down like nazis were/are, charged as war criminals, nor a single soviet mass killer of millions ever convicted…Thats going to soon change though once enough american folk awaken to the worst threat this nation ever faced…And its going to be the same, but far worse than what organized kommie jewry did to russia and the other nations during the worlds worst ever mass genocidal exterminations….The russian revolution which is really the kommie jewish revolt against whites and christians of russia etc, is the series of vile evil act’s that hold title to worst ever evils and numbers of deaths.

          White they daily whine of six million! they nor any tv msm news or documentary movies ever yet have admited to or reported these facts to dumbed down delusional americans..But thanks to internet ability folks are still fast obtaining facts and learning of it all…by time they attempt it here in usa…its they who will have bit off way more then they can ever “jew”…

          However before they are defeated in america plan on much worse scenarios than even occured back in 1918 Russia events…by worlds must barbaric, ruthless, mass torturers, and mass extermination and genocidal murderous killers history has ever known of…They were Forced Out of Russia, and most came to usa…Over 1/2 their tribe is within usa shores.99.99999% Will stick together as one tribe more so then even blacks stick together always!

          Of course we can probobly expect at least One good tribe member in every 10,000 or so, so at least we can hold some hope eh!…How to recognize which those few are?…Haven’t yet figured that out! Its kinda the same delema we face with blacks and cops..How to know which are that small Few good ones? When most all appear the exact same eh. Anyways these are sure signs of upcomming terrors like most usa folks never lived thru nor even heard of prior for many…They better jewize up quick eh.

          Bolsheviks main goals of total world domination, and fully enslaving every non jewish Goyin gentile that their leaders and underlings do not kill off prior, have always remaind the same…And they aint going to be changing now in america neither!…For more info and insight research and study the 1918 Russian revolt era…I can give Links if needed…

          • AMEN Them Guys.

      4. The way things are going, I expect it won’t be long before things like MO are played out everywhere and blood flows freely in the streets.

      5. Glad ZOG still using AMERIKANS to kill Americans since if that fails they may bring the ISIS monsters to do the job.

        • When there is nothing left on earth but individuals without any roots, sans racial identity or pride, deprived of any religion, and existing only to be a consumer, the Jews – who, however, will have kept their own traditions and identity – will be recognized by all as “God’s Chosen People.”

          You see, Judaism is, first and foremost, a political project of world unification under the rule of the Jews. It is also, as we have seen, a sophisticated worldwide war machine, deployed against the rest of humanity so it obeys.

          How does one recognize a Jew?

          By what he says, how he writes, and what he does.

          The Jew wants a world without borders and a global government. It all starts with this one goal.

          It is very rare, I have found, that committed Jewish intellectuals ever clearly express their true goal and idea, but it forms the background of their every thought. But nowadays, with the power the Jews have acquired in recent decades, some feel bolder and more arrogant, and sometimes they let their goal slip out unintentionally, especially in certain novels, non-fiction books and articles which however are put out only by small Jewish publishers and are intended only for an audience within the Jewish community. In these works that we gentiles are not supposed to read we find the most extraodinary pearls.

          One that we discovered in the April 2003 issue of Israel Magazine is too beautiful not to be mentioned. This is a monthly magazine in color, sold in French kiosks. Dr. Yitzhak Attia, the “director of French-language seminars at the International School for Holocaust Studies of Yad Vashem” in Tel Aviv, used very explicit language here, writing with a clarity unusual among Jewish intellectuals:

          “Even though our reason shouts out with all its might the absurdity of this confrontation between a small people as insignificant as the people of Israel and the rest of humanity,… as absurd, as incoherent, as monstrous as it may seem, we are engaged in close combat between Israel and the Nations, and it can only be genocidal and total, because it is a question of our respective identities.“

          You have read that right: Attia of Yad Vashem writes that between the Jewish people and the rest of humanity, the battle can only be “genocidal and total.”

          The Jews, therefore, inevitably trigger the hatred against them, and it is as old as Judaism itself.

          TBR: What do you think are the main characteristics of the Jewish mind ?

          HR:If one adopts the perspective of the Jewish public, we note first that the history of Judaism is depicted as a succession of tragedies. From the Exodus out of Egypt all the way to Auschwitz, passing through the destruction of the Temple and the ravages of the Cossacks, Jews present themseves as an eternally persecuted, unjustly persecuted community.

          Now, if you look closely, dissecting their texts, I can assure you that there is also great pride taken in belonging to the “Chosen People” and no less contempt for the traditional cultures of the goyim.

          Major French-Jewish writers such as Bernard-Henri Lévy, Emmanuel Levinas and Alain Minc have declared their distaste for our indigenous, deeply-rooted cultures. This is associated with a deep desire for “revenge” (an ever-present Jewish theme) and an absolute faith in the final Hebrew victory over mankind.

          This ferocious state of mind is however usually embedded in egalitarian phrases advocating “tolerance,” “human rights” and “universal brotherhood.” At other times, their goals of domination and revenge are expressed much more frankly.

          TBR: Your second book is entitled “Psychoanalysis of Judaism”. Could you tell us the connection between the Jews and “psychoanalysis”?

          HR:After writing Espérances planétariennes, [The Planetary Hope] I recognized, without being able to explain it, what seemed to me to be an “abnormality.” I noted especially how Jewish intellectuals are in breathtaking denial about their coreligionists‘ roles in the Bolshevik regime. The truth, as Solzhenitsyn revealed, is that many Jewish theorists, civil servants and torturers played an absolutely overwhelming role in this tragedy that remains, with thirty million dead, the most terrible crime in the history of mankind.

          And yet almost all Jewish intellectuals still refuse to shoulder their responsibilities and do their mea culpa.Their impossible contortions to prove otherwise are a dazzling example of”chutzpah.“

          One observes constantly their efforts to deny the obvious, to reverse roles, and finally to place all blame on others. One thinks, for example, of the role of the influential Jews surrounding George W. Bush in advocating the invasion of Iraq in 2003, or the key role of Jews in the African slave trade. And what about the “Russian mafia” we hear of constantly, of which nothing but the name is Russian?

          While systematically obscuring these sensitive issues, the media exaggerates disproportionately any incident of anti-Semitism, causing at regular intervals “an uproar in the community.” There is indeed, in this community, an emotional fragility, a need to dramatize, that sometimes takes the form of outright paranoia. Beside that, there is also a great nervousness whenever ”the community” is criticized. Medical diagnosis emphasizes this “great intolerance of frustration.”

          The fact is that the Jewish soul is pathological. A number of Jewish intellectuals (such as Philip Roth, among others, with his Portnoy’s Complaint), have confided in us their anxieties. They talk about the “mystery” of Judaism without understanding the nature of the evil that underlies it. Judaism is for average Jews themselves an “enigma” that they fail to solve. Bernard-Henri Lévy (photo) says it is “one of the deepest mysteries facing contemporary consciousness.”

          Continued next posting…

          • Why don’t you just give the links to your favorite Nazi websites and save the time and trouble. Heil Hitler!

      6. I want me one of them 40cal AR platforms…
        For up close and personal…

        I read there’s a lot of ammo out there…

          • .40 Cal AR is stupid. Just get a Glock pistol with extended mags. More concealable. Accuracy in the 40 cal AR rifle is only about 50 yards. I would rather use and AR Platform with 5.56 3200 FPS Green tips, and there is no question about penetration or accuracy out to 400 yrds. A .40 cal will not even penetrate level 2 or 3 body armor.

            • WWT…..Last night I had a dream about using Federal 62 grain green tip on multiple MS 13 and ISIS subhuman ZOG made parasites. This morning I checked some penetration study for this round and wow…next is to hope the dream comes through.

              • Anon, Yep soon enough… the 5.56 62gr. Green Tip Steel Penetrators @ 3200 FPS, Can punch through a steel I-beam plus a 1 Ft Package of Ribs behind that and keep on going into a bucket of dirt one shot. Some Great YTube Vids on Greentips. You can punch a hole through a cars radiator, and into car’s engine block when it tries to hit you and disabled the engine.

                A pistol FPS is only like 950 to 1400 Fps. 9mm 124 Gr is 1300 FPS. Get to know ballistics when looking for knockdown power or penetration.

              • Can defeat most ignorant ape like blacks by simply passing out Free Coconuts, then Free reg hand operated Can Openers!….They will get so baffled and desperate trying to open coconuts with a can opener, they wont see the Rest comming!

            • Pistol calibers in a carbine/rifle platform whether they are .357, .44 mag, 40 cal, 45 acp, and 9mm are sorely lacking. Intermediate range accuracy at best. Been there and got rid of them.

              • All you guys missed my point…

                Handgun caliber carbines are what I believe they plan to use when the proverbial balloon goes up…

                At a 100 to 150′ a 40cal going thru a 16″ barrel will produce upwards of 30%+ more energy then thru a 4″ barrel.

                Think about how much more ammo they can carry as opposed to .223 or 308…This factor can not be discounted…

                Why did they buy so much 40cal, HP no less…???

                • Jerrytbg When the Proverbial Balloon goes up you can use a Pellet gun or .22 to shoot it down. lol

                  I have a .177 Gamo Silent Cat pellet gun rifle that shoots at 1200 FPS. You can kill a wild hog with a pellet gun if you have too. FPS knockdown punching power matters. No matter the caliber. When I was on the Fire Dept, I seen people shot with a .22 Cal. It would enter into their back ricochet around the body and come out the ear. Just due to the velocity. .22 Is deadly.

                  • LOL !

                    I wanna see you in a cage match against a wild hog and you with your peashooter. Oh, I really, really do !

                • It only takes 1 300 win mag 🙂

                • Side note – some HP pistol projectiles cannot be driven much past pistol velocities. They come apart from the faster spin rate. Found this out with my .357 Max Contender. It’s mighty puzzling to be able to put 10 on a silver dollar at 25 yards and find that you can’t hit a dump truck at 100, until it dawns on you that the bullets are turning into a cloud of fragments halfway there.

                  • sorry coach but I’ve had much different results with both 9mm and 40… they stay together beyond 75yds.

                    With all the dissent on this here, no one has given a plausible explanation as to WHY various agencies have bought so many 40cal…to be used in handguns? I think not.

                  • Didn’t make a blanket statement there jerry, just that some HP projectiles can’t take it.

                  • Fair enough…

                    I could see some unbonded stuff coming apart beyond 75yds…
                    I just haven’t experienced it…

                    You and I see more eye to eye then you might think…
                    All’s good…

                • Jerrtbg
                  you just hit on the exact reason why I recently purchased a .45 ACP carbine ..

                  I can carry more ammo,,

                  remember the only time you need to worry about carrying too much ammo is
                  1. your on fire
                  2. your over your head in water

                  • Im not saying I wont also be packing long range power..but that should go with out saying

                  • VRF,
                    I understand and agree totally…

                    my whole issue was to point out that various “agencies” are gearing up to, literally shoot down, at close range, UNARMED AND UNPROTECTED civilians…
                    There is no other explanation for their purchases and training.

        • Rather a scatter gun for up close and personal, if its real close maybe my Strider

        • TBR: What is your own take on this “mystery of Judaism“? And above all: what is its relationship with Freud and psychoanalysis ?

          HR: Freud had already thought about the Jewish enigma in his time, in studying his own personal and family case history, but he then projected his discoveries about the Jews onto the “universal” plane, beyond the Jews onto humanity as a whole.

          “Projection,” it must be said, is indeed a Freudian concept, as well as typically Jewish. We have already seen this tendency to systematically reverse roles and invert situations.

          This also explains why Jewish intellectuals, in their entirety, accuse anti-Semites of being “mentally ill.” Note what Abraham Foxman, the president of the Anti-Defamation League in the U.S., said about Mel Gibson, director of The Passion of the Christ, who had made remarks considered “anti-Semitic” under the influence of alcohol before apologizing abjectly to the Jewish community under the influence of who knows what pressures.

          “Treating his alcoholism is a good thing,“ Foxman said in substance, ”but he also needs to treat his anti-Semitism.”

          You understand. Antisemitism, to them, is a “disease.” Jewish comments along these lines are legion. And we can understand, reading them, why opponents of the Judeo-bolsheviks were locked up in mental asylums in the USSR and other Stalinist countries.

          So Freud was projecting his own Jewish pathology onto the universal level, where it did not belong. As for pathology, it is not for nothing that he began his career working on the phenomenon of hysteria. In this condition, countless symptoms are found that mimic perfectly those I can detect in the behavior and discourse of these cosmopolitan intellectuals. The similarities are truly amazing: depression, introspection, anxiety, paranoia, constant state of vigilant arousal, selective amnesia, confabulation, sensitivity to the opinions of others, egocentrism, tendency to self-dramatize, the narcissistic inability to observe others, intolerance to frustration, megalomaniacal delusions, etc. Every trait of hysteria is found in these committed Jewish writers, just as hysteria is described by Freud himself.

          TBR:You do realize that your work may be highly offensive to members of the Jewish community?

          HR: Well, Jewish intellectuals have never been shy about offending others, and writingtheir “psychoanalyses of the anti-Semites” that call their opponents “paranoid,” “pathological“ and “crazy,” with opinions that are “repulsive.” This propensity to insult and slander others is one of the traits of the cosmopolitan intellectual.

          Here, for instance, is what Elie Wiesel said on TV about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: “The religious leader of Iran is crazy, I mean pathologically ill; he is mad with hatred.” ( May 6, 2006). To this he added, with impeccable logic: “His bomb does not threaten Israel, but the entire world.” Now there is some projection for you! Yes, you understood it right — all those who oppose the plans of Jewry are “crazy,” and Iran threatens the world, not Israel, so we have a duty to fight their enemies. So should we now go to war in Syria or Iran?

          TBR: How can one resolve the dispute between the Jews and the rest of humanity?

          HR: We must once again repeat : Judaism is first and foremost not a religious faith but a political project of world unification. Its plan is to eradicate all the differences between individuals and peoples in order to achieve an absolute and definitive peace, because this “peace“ will be conducive to the advent of their Messiah. One must crush and grind into one single powder all the nations, races, religions, and civilizations of the earth, raze everything that is different or unique to the ground, and leave behind only a human mass which can then be coagulated into a vast planetary workforce for them. Everyone must be exactly the same, except for the Jews.

          Thus, the essence of Judaism is drastic — to destroy everything that is not Jewish. They are indeed “enemies of humanity,” just as they were regarded even back in the days of the ancient Greek and Roman thinkers. Now, if you do ever find that rare Jew who defends the white race, who supports ethnically homogeneous and independent nations, and advocates the patriarchal family, etc., it means only that he is no longer a committed Jew, that he has left his Judaism behind, or that he lives in its margins. I have written about that phenomenon too in my books, the Jews who reject Judaism.

          This is why great thinkers throughout history have warned men against, in Latin, the detestanda secta, ”the sect one must detest.“ Under these conditions, combating Jewish nihilism is the duty of every human being, for we can be well assured that they will not halt their activities on their own. They are like infernal machines that will stop only when smashed!

          When faced with the project of total Jewish destruction of all cultures and nations, it is perfectly legitimate in turn to contemplate the annihilation of Judaism – at least in its spirit — in order to save and liberate mankind.

          • I withdraw my previous statement tg, you are too far gone to ever return to the world of sanity again. Send us a postcard from nutcase land, and have pissed on granny sign it too, ok?

      7. Oink Oink Oink…

        Most cops suck!

        • Survivalists Creed? — ‘Pork, the other white meat.’

          • Long pig,the other other white meat!

        • Here’s the LINK to website for the Entire Great interview of this info I posted prior from a man who has written 6-books on all issues judiac.jewish.zionist etc.

          A good source for those not as yet fully awakened to what the nation of America, White Folk, and litterally Every global nation are faceing as to their ultimate total annialation, unless of course enough folks do wake up to this infernal NWO threat and those who are really Behind it all!

          BIO of Article Writer:…

          Hervé Ryssen explains Judaism is not a faith but the geopolitical project of a hysterical, incestuous master-race cult…

          Hervé Ryssen, born in 1967, is a French writer and activist who specializes in Judaism as a geopolitical project, and graduated from the famous Sorbonne in Paris. He was fired for his views as a high school history teacher and became a militant with the Front National and then other groups. In 2003, he threw a pie in the face of a famous Catholic priest who, on television, had condoned illegal immigrants occupying his cathedral. He has been constantly fined and given prison sentences for denouncing Judaism, and especially the practice of incest in Jewish families, which he says makes Jews suffer from both inbreeding and hysteria. He is known for his definition of Judaism as a political project of world domination over a planet of uniform slaves. (His Own website Link is Also at end of this Bio contained in orig website article.)


          • Sig heil Mein Furher!

          • That’s good. Some militant Communist libertarian (that’s how the French Wiki site describes him) puts up a web site to document his psychosis, and Them Guys then cites it as evidence. Absolutely brilliant!

            • Coach again provides a Typical jewish response, which again proves all that guys article stated about how jews ALWAYS blame others, Project own guilt against others especially white others!…Thanks for again proving all these jew issues as facts old jewboy! Tyoical sal alinsky jew kommie tactics when they cannot refute or prove info on jews false. name calling, etc is ALl these fools has!

              Stuck in perpetual denail of real truths due to all that article I posted explains about jew mentality and accociated pyscho ailments!

              The worlds Foremost Problem…Nation wrecking jewery.

              READ: 1923 Book by Henry Ford(auto guy) called “The International Jew”….The worlds foremost problem!

              Then deny all he wrote too idiot.

              SEE also Bible verse which states “They(jews) Are the Adversaries of God, and of ALL mankind”! Is that wrong too coach?

      8. What your seeing in Ferguson is as far as it will go. NO, elected official will ever pull the trigger on something like this. All the armor, guns,bearcats,uniforms, all of it is a ruse. Compliance via threat. And it isn’t working that’s why the Mo. Governor pulled local law enforcement and installed the MHP to take over.
        If they started dropping rioters that place would blow the fuck up, and they know it! Everybody is all welled up over MRAPs black rifles, combat gear, it doesn’t matter in the end. A bullet is a bullet no matter what your wearing or riding in.
        What scares the shit out of officials is an unknown number of people with long guns in a hidey hole popping shots off.
        I seen a video the other night of Ferguson police with a what would be considered to be a sniper on the roof of a bearcat, right out in the open. I kind of had to laugh, shut that dude in a bonified firefight would be the first one hit.
        This is all BLOW and NO SHOW!!

        • According to stats from Project America there are 2.3 officers per 1000 residents in the US today. It makes me wonder if anybody in our government has ever heard of General Custer?

          • Exactly….

            I don’t expect effective martial law to last too long. They will have neither the support nor enough manpower for a prolonged martial law enforcement.

            After that we will be in a Without Rule Of Law situation.

            Things will get interesting.

          • Here is an unanswerable question, but an critical question: How many peps are out there, quiet, grey, anon who are thinking to themselves…the ONLY good cop is a dead cop?
            AND the subset…How many, depending on circumstances, personal trigger point will ACT upon that belief?

        • You want to be your own sniper looking to take out their snipers. Watch the Movie “Stalingrad” – Russian Sniper takes on Germany. Consider it a training film for the up coming “Great Culling Live.”

            • I’ve got one better than that. I have a copy of Vassili Zaitsev’s book, Notes of a sniper. And six 91/30s

            • I watched this Movie Last Night Battle of Stalingrad 1942. Hitler abandoned his 6th army stuck in Stalingrad, and in the middle of winter when it was Minus -40 below zero, the Germans were stuck in destroyed buildings, Many froze to death, many resorted to cannibalism. When the German supply planes came in, German soldiers were so desperate to get out of that hell hole they clung to the wings and wheels of the supply planes when they tried flying out of there, and many finally fell off the planes frozen to death 300 yards in the air. If “War is Hell” that has to be one of the worst, and then having snipers picking you off one by one, freezing, disease, eating horses, dogs, then cats, then other dead soldiers, regardless of which army they were from. Watch the Movie. Russians eventually too like 6000 Germans prisoners and many were POW’s until like 1956 when many were finally released. Imagine that.

        • Let the LEO’s put on all that gear, and stand in formation here in Florida @93 Degree Heat in the Direct sun and humidity at 30%. Time is your friend. Just keep them busy for several hours and they will collapse of heat exhaustion. All they are used to is 10 Min dope raids into houses and its over. A long stand off and Delay tactics will quickly wear them down, and keep them hot and sweaty, bait them in and push them back. They will retreat and give up. Then you walk up and take their weapons from them, any extra ammo, and their scrambled coded radios. You need good inside intel.

          • Have you never read of the Battle at the Horns of Hattin?

        • They won’t pull the trigger on a crowd of “urbanites”, but they had no trouble going all apeshit over an otherwise insignificant religious group in……where was it again?

        • That was my thought on the sniper, put the bullet right in the end of his scope,,

      9. Beware of the TLO officers in your area. Terrorism Liason Officers in your police departments gather data on ‘suspicious’ individuals and report back to fusion centers

      10. So, the majority of you on this site can’t stand the Police, you can’t stand the tactics used to stop the lawless thugs destroying the property and RIGHTS of those who have business’s to operate and family’s to feed by running a business. What would you have the Police do? Just have them stand back, let the thugs destroy everything and continue doing what they do best? Also, how do you want the Police to dress? I hear so much about the uniforms, weapons and on and on and on. So do you want the Police to wear a suit and tie to a riot? or have them show up to do a job that most of you basement dwellers and internet quarterbacks couldn’t do!!! The rioting and lawlessness wouldn’t have happened if the protests didn’t turn violent. I can guarantee that if the Police had done nothing to put a stop to the rioting, most of that city would be burned by now. Then what?

        • No I dont like lying thugs.

        • Then they’d have to go play somewhere else?

        • Zak, welcome aboard, and you do make some valid points.

        • Zak..Maybe the Thug Cops could have tazed the Boy instead of empty a Mag in his Back..they own this Shyte!!!

        • Exactly we don’t like either side of this Ferguson Commie conflict. Its good entertainment watching 2 sets of idiots slug it out. I Thanks the blacks for keeping the Cops busy and vice versa. lol When total SHTF, I am going to put up signs all over town “FREE FOOD at the POLICE Dept HQ’s” “FREE Working OBAMA Phones at the DHS OFFICE” Get the point? PsyOps.

          • Now the Facts come out and it is told that the Brown Kid and his thug friend were involved in a Strong Armed Robbery at a Store a few blocks away. The Brown’t friend has already told the FBI they stole Gigarillows. Probably to smoke Blunts. Skittles or Cigarillow.

        • Good post, Zak.

        • Keep in Mind many of America’s Police Dept are being trained by Israeli Government in Tactics. They go over there and trade training. You see this is the underlying plan and Plot to creates Many Wars within the United States. Israel is a Parasite on American’t freedoms. Stay informed -Eye’s Open.

        • I bet if the cops were just gone a lot of dumb laws no longer enforced.Murderers/looters/rapists ect. would just be shot with no bs cops then coming in minutes later to screw with folks defending themselves,works for me.

      11. I have to disagree with the term “murdered”, we don’t know the facts, right now it’s emotion feeding on emotion. If the term is going to be used it should read “alleged murder”. It makes it sound like the cop has already been tried and convicted. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for rogue cops, but let’s get the facts before we jump to conclusions.

        • Quite a few folks on this forum seem to have already convicted him, based on nothing but hot air.

      12. Martial law has begun and its going to get worse from here…

      13. The water is boiling and the frog won’t jump.

        • Frog Legs anyone? lol Taste just like chicken.

          • I’ve eaten frog legs, they don’t taste like chicken, they taste like frog.

        • Sheeeit, lookey there, it’s Barracks son!!

        • there’s some photos of me I wouldn’t want seen either

          but back when they were taken

          the internet didn’t exist

          course we did have electricity !

        • yup, that means he must of and had to of been guilty of something that made it ok for a cop to shoot him unarmed 8 times in the back. That pic really sealed the deal for me, thanks for opening my eyes

          • You need to try opening them, you’ve already accused the cop of murder and a coverup, neither of which has yet to be shown.

          • I know the pics the LSM are showing of the 12 year old Brown are the “real” truth not the pic of the 18 year old gang banger. It is now being reported in the LSM that he was a suspect in a robbery just prior to the shooting. Go ahead and keep your head in the sand, the rest of us will carry the load. What’s new about that?

          • BJ, you have swallowed the Kool-Aid.

            I just saw a photo of the dead man laying in the street, on another forum. He’s face and chest down, with blood running from his chest area across the street. His white shirt on his back is clearly visible, and not one bullet hit him in the back, as was claimed by ‘witnesses’.

            No bullets hit him in the head, either, as was claimed by ‘witnesses’.

            Don’t know how many times he was shot in the chest, but there were no 8 shots in the back, including 2 in the head, as was claimed.

            You’re basing your emotions and opinions on hot air from liars, not the facts.

            • I base my opinions on the constitution. I hope and pray every one of you anti constitution pig lovin MF’ers have your day where the shoe finds the other foot

      14. I have to respect the people of Ferguson, because when the cops pulled out the heavy weaponry they didn’t run away like little bitches.

        I started to believe you could do anything to Americans and we would roll over and turn on the TV!

        • Justice, uh, excuse me, but I didn’t see anyone in Ferguson worth respecting except for LE. I have to call BS and side WITH LE on this one. What makes you think the black freeloader rioters deserve any respect after what they’ve done? They make up an excuse to go loot and then destroy someone’s privately-owned business, owned by someone who WORKS AND PAYS TAXES FOR A LIVING, something those monkeys will never know anything about. The local LE appear to be involved in legitimate police work from what I’ve seen. The monkeys don’t have a leg to stand on and should just STFU. And I damned sure have NO sympathy for those MSM journalists who were busted, no matter what news outlet they work for. They are all the same’ lying about white people, running America in to the ground, etc. The cops pulled out their heavy weaponry BECAUSE THEY FEARED FOR THEIR LIVES. THEY WERE DEALING WITH BLACK FREELOADERS WHO MAY HAVE BEEN UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS OR ALCOHOL. BLACK MALES IN PARTICULAR ARE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS PEOPLE EVEN WHEN SOBER. Black males are more likely than any other group of people in this country to commit serious and violent crimes. There is a study published by the US Dept. of Justice every year with crime statistics and it can be viewed at usdoj.gov; it will verify what I’m saying. Go ahead with the red thumbs. I don’t care. I don’t kowtow to any PC crap.

          • Renegade, I don’t know why but 80% or more of the time I can’t use the thumbs up or down feature here. Probably more like 90% of the time. You are right about the monkeys, any excuse to loot and burn THEYR’E OWN STORES! How fookin stupid can you possibly be? The same shit went on here during the rodney king crap. White people get killed by rouge cops all the time and whites don’t go out and burn down and loot the local stores! Mexicans dont do it either. Asians don’t do it nor do any other race. If my friend was shot by the cops I wouldn’t go out and loot my neighborhood and burn shit, thats completely stupid! So what does that say about the black race in general? You be the judge…

          • the renegade braveheart, all I said is that I respect the fact that when confronted with overwhelming force they did not cower and run away.

            They are not cowards. That’s all I said. I made no comment regarding any other behavior exhibited.

          • Silver lining, this is looking more and more like a bad shoot. Looks to be approaching murder of a thug unless something else comes out. The looting and the entire incident does shine a light on the over militarized police force and often overlooked abuse by the police forces. I don’t care what someone has done, if the thug put up his hands and surrendered and then was shot down dead, that ain’t America. That could be any of us that had a misunderstanding with a LE official with an errant attitude. We still are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. Hopefully some good can come out of the ridiculous actions of this mob/gang.

      15. Watching CNN now, looks like all it would take is a rouge sniper 3-500 yards away take a few key protesters out of the equation, and this could turn nasty real quick. This will be a night to watch, if duplicated in other cities, well be ready to bug in… If you are not prepped already, well you might be too late…

        • eppe I don’t think anything will happen, but congrats for giving me a hard-on for a about a minute reading your post

          • Do not tell your ex….

            • eppe, did you figure out how to have kids yet, or did you wake up with a missing rib and a skinless butt? lol

              • Yes, got 2 teenage daughters that are lookers, tough time keeping the boys at bay… Still got all my ribs, and skin on my butt, but can a human be made from my missing kidney??? Love your warped humor, we are more alike than you can imagine…lol

                • Eppe…..for your daughters…..

                  Get two 55 gal barrels.

                  Place daughters inside barrels.

                  Tamp down the lid and poke holes in the sides of the barrels for food and air.

                  When they hit 21…plug up the holes.

                  (Just a little advice from someone who has been there)

                  • Don’t worry about that.

                    Already got a whole bunch of SHTF barrels for your daughters.


                  • Ah children,went to great medical lengths a long time ago as I knew was not father material.A friend I used to ride with who has a few years on me had a daughter,he said from about 13-22 she did everything she could to piss him off including dating/@ times living with idiots!I just told him payback is a bitch eh!When she was 19 and I @ time late 30’s he was bitching about guy she was with,said I liked his daughter and would be glad to go out with her,his response was I would be a marked improvement!I said damn,that bad to which he laughed and replied maybe not that bad yet!She had a kid at 23,bio dad took off on her and his daughter,she is now 29 and has been with same guy for 4 years and will marry him this summer,he treats daughter as his own and has his own plumbing business,the moral is there is hope for your kids though try and tell that to my friend with a 11 year old daughter,he is in for “interesting times” as she is already a headstrong kid!

                  • Its like I tell any Boy wanting to date my only Daughter

                    Hey pal anything you do to her, i might do to you..and..I dont have any problem going BACK to prison

          • Eppe and Mclovin, LE should have been HARDER than they were on those rioters. I didn’t see any peaceful people in the whole bunch. Maybe there should have been some snipers to take out a few and then the rest would scatter. Being soft on such scum only encourages them to do more. I still call BS on this article. No way I’ll sympathize with anyone who riots, loots and destroys other people’s property, etc. There is never any legitimate basis for such actions. This is one time I side with LE. What they were doing is legitimate police work.



            • Funny you should say that. The ‘rioters’ have been under the boot heal of ‘the militarized police’ for most of their lives and have finally done what most posters on this site call for DAILY. They took the fight to the streets for their liberty and half the comments here want more police force brought down on their heads. It’s only reasonable to assume that only ‘white’ people deserve rights….

          • Eppe, bunch of monkeys protesting in Times Square. Maybe there is a chance after all! Doubt the movement will make it this far to Texas though. We are too busy focusing on the invasion force from the south right now.

        • eppe, Yeah there’s one black woman and I think maybe a black man in the town I live in, and I’m keeping a close eye on them, they don’t live together but if they teamup I’m going to get ready for the SHTF. They may burn down the local Family Dollar. Trekker Out.

        • yup…I admit to all the pig loving blind sheeple on this site who either truly think they are a patriot, a prepper and awake that this here statement if true clears it up for me. You were right and I was wrong…..the cop was totally justified.

        • I won’t watch that video because I don’t want to give KOZ the time of day, much less a hit in his site.

          • The video was the aftermath.

        • Hold on just a second, if having military style weapons, body armor, and tactical rifles is militarization and evil, maybe some of us on here would be considered domestic terrorists or heavily militarized using these standards? It seems that both sides are arming to the teeth. I know I have light armor piercing because I feel that one day the law will be openly on the wrong side of the Constitution. The PoPo feel the same about us. They are arming up because they know people like us are arming up. The days of the 38 special are almost gone. I wish things could be toned back, but I feel the genie is out of the bottle and things won’t improve until a big reset or breakdown is weathered. Oh well, best of luck to all.

          • no because we are the only true constitutional militia and police have no constitutional authority to exist. we are above them in authority

          • Just remember

            who started it

            dam sure wasn’t us

            • WE are reacting to their ramp up of subversion, Jack booted acts etc..
              not the other way around

              some of us woke up after Ruby Ridge , Waco ,911 etc et all and many earlier acts against us and our God Given Liberties etc..

              its them against us , and again..thats how they want it

              how many of us will deliver it to their door step? or how many of them will bring it to your door step

          • The problem is that none of this started because of us. The real issue is the drug cartels who are up armoring and using more and more powerful weapons. The police followed suit lest they get annihilated. However, The issue now is that more and more they are being used in situations that do not warrant military type equipment. So, there is definitely a good reason for these sort of things to be in the hands of law enforcement. The real issue is mission creep and a need to justify taking more and more power for the state. A now paranoid government can thus expand the use of this capability for oppression instead of just dealing with actual threats.

            Oh, and as far as it goes, police forces would be a power reserved by the Constitution for the individual states and local municipalities to deal with. That is why local policing is not done by federal agents. Federal agents usually only get involved when federal laws are broken. For example, murder is not against federal law. Thus, the FBI does not do primary investigations of murder unless there is a possibility that a federal law was also broken. This is also why the excuse of hate crimes and civil rights violations is sometimes used to interpose the federal government into a state crime when the feds feel that justice is not going to be done.

      16. Its still TSIBTF..The shit is “In Bound” to The fan…But when it does go Full TSHTF, a lot cops just wont show…will stay home to protect their family’s. Like in Katrina…Just read Anon hacked Ferguson PD and gave out chiefs address…and more. High tech takes no sides, works both ways. The worm has turned!!

      17. Calling him a murderer already is pre-judgment. You say we are in a police state USA, then throw out due process, jury of peers, etc. I say fuck you. You can not have it both ways. Habeas Corpus is suspended, drones can kill US citizens, so why not prejudge everyone.

        I’m going to pre-judge you and say you are part of the problem, part of the agitator crowd. You are after all from academia. Your article is trash in that it is based on divide and conquer, playing right into the very thing you supposedly are aligned against.


        • Townsaver
          when you used the word FAIL at the end

          I assume you were referring to your post ?

          • Would you like to elaborate on your comment Satori? I am willing to debate this. I notice I got a 50/50 split on up and down, as id you. So we are both right in the middle my friend.

            When you want to attack my comment, please use something other than deflection. Your comments are usually much better.

          • “I’m going to pre-judge you and say you are part of the problem, part of the agitator crowd. You are after all from academia. Your article is trash in that it is based on divide and conquer, playing right into the very thing you supposedly are aligned against”

            that is what I have problems with
            any time anyone attacks the forum as a whole
            I get a tad upset

            article based on divide and conquer ?

            there is a TON of evidence to substantiate it
            and when I see pictures of machine guns and snipers aiming at Americans it makes my blood boil
            this is not some third world banana republic quite yet
            though we are well on our way to it
            what are they gonna do with those weapons
            mow down a hundred men,women and children ???

            and now that the Ferguson police force has been replaced
            calm has prevailed
            hopefully it will continue

            and the police do themselves no favors
            by refusing to release the autopsy report
            and stalling for a month on the toxicology
            get the facts out there

            is that cop a murderer?
            too soon to judge
            but I and many others no longer trust the courts
            they are just as corrupt as the rest of the government
            you want justice ?
            start writing some checks
            examples too numerous to mention

            police misconduct is quite widespread
            I’m sure you can appreciate why people are so
            very skeptical that justice will be done

            all too often
            the police investigate themselves
            and clear themselves
            golly gee whiz Gomer
            what a surprise that is

            there was a particularly notorious case a couple of years ago
            a guy was in a restraint chair
            hands and feet locked down
            spit mask over his head
            they peppered sprayed him until he died of respiratory failure
            the “official” findings ?
            they had not “violated department policy”

            and lets not talk about the arrest of the two journalists
            this was clearly illegal
            the Ferguson PD has brought this on themselves
            it is a poorly run,corrupt department

            excuse me for being HIGHLY skeptical of ANYTHING they say

            • nothing personal Townsaver



              that red thumb is not from me

            • Satori-

              Thank you for elaborating sir.

              I was not attacking the forum I was giving an opinion on the author, his writing style, and his context.

              It is clear you have much emotion on this. I have detached myself emotionally a long time ago. A survival mechanism if you will. As a father of four children, two boys and two girls, ages 6 months to 16, I have some experience with life, the government, and injustice.

              I am not defending the police, or the over-reach of government. I work directly with a small local police force everyday. There are 2 decent cops out of 30. You need not draw conclusions on how or what I think.

              My point is, calling the cop out as a murderer, with nothing but speculation, and he said – she said “facts” is pointless. And against the constitution. Period.

              I agree the judicial system is not perfect, but it is the best in the world. Go have your righteous cases heard in other countries. And be stoned to death. Nothing is perfect. Man is not perfect.

              I am not attacking your opinion or your right to express it. I welcome debate as I am not all knowing. I agree that skepticism is healthy, especially concerning government.

              • thanks for your courteous reply Townsaver

                your a positive influence on this forum

                I suspect we agree on many more points than we disagree

            • Well from my observations, blacks are the only people that take theyre issues to the streets, That being said, they are also the only people that destroy theyre own neighborhoods in the proccess. I work with a lot of black people and a few are friends the rest are absolute human garbage. Working in a big city and from observation I would guess that 90% of them are worthless lazy pieces of shit with no brains and an I dont need to work attitude. Take it for what you will but that is my observation of negroes in the big city…

              • I am not going to devolve into that conversation. My original opinion was author based, not an attack on my beloved community… har har.

                Black crime, black on black, blah blah blah has been well documented for 30 years. No one cares or listens.

                Black on white crime… nothing. Black on Balck crime, nothing. Police force on black, HOLY FUCKING SHIT!

                That is all.

      18. have a beer then LOCK-N-LOAD PARTY TIME

      19. well here’s the laugh of the day

        Saudi Arabia donates $100 mn for a UN counter-terrorism centre


        too bad it’s a well known fact that Saudi has funded terrorist organizations around the world for years

        and it is HIGHLY likely that members of the Saud royal family
        actually funded 9-11

        of course we may never know for sure as both Bush and Obama have refused to release a specific report on the subject

      20. The Secretary of Defense just said “The whole world is exploding!”

        The world is sinking into chaos and it will come to America.

        For those who think it is time to begin to prep, ammo prices are falling, somewhat: But you need to be able to discern the current situation and not wait until the event unfolds. Then it is too late. Food and other items needed in a survival situation are rising as inflation and demand take hold.

        I agree with one blogger who said that the police response did probably stop further looting/burnings and damage to property.

        Many of you may disagree with this statement but when the country respected God and his word, we had peace and safety.

        Now that we are kicking him and his word out of The
        Military, out of society, we can expect him to take his hand of protection off the country. Don’t believe me, Look at our schools. There is very little peace and rest in the country now.
        So, it is my opinion we can expect more incidents like we are seeing in Missouri.

        When a relation is terminated, then so are the benefits from
        the other party involved.

        And yes, any day, SHTF can happen…..

        Just my opinion……

        • Watching and waiting, sadly I have to agree. Everyone continue with prepping. I know I am. I’m even making a final check of all of my weapons tonight.

      21. Many people mentioned a few weeks ago about waiting to see if a black swan event happens to misdirect the public and make them forget about the ebola crisis.

        This could very well be that event.

        And not to sound too conspiracy theory-ish, but this situation in Ferguson could very well not only be that black swan misdirection, but could also be used as a way to spread an airborne disease to large groups of people (protesters).

        How do we know that the only things that are being launched at protesters are tear gas canisters? Could there not be a weaponized aerosol form of ebola being used? Or could one or more of the people involved in the throng already be infected and are purposefully (or unknowingly) spreading the disease to these large groups of people?

        So keep an eye out for the little blurbs about ebola that are now being pushed to the very back of the hive’s attention span.

        The whole ebola situation is still a possible concern and one that weighs heavily on my mind.

        • I think the bigger probability is that this is the black swan that brings widespread civil unrest that leads to a declaration of martial law. Then Obama can use executive power to rule by decree (well…more so than now). It could well be that this is all part of a conspiracy between Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, etc. to use a bad situation to bring about a dictatorship by a black man. Obama may now just be holding back and trying to maintain a veneer of decorum and using Jackson and Sharpton to ramp up the civil unrest and bring about a need for martial law.

      22. Had a load of frozen pizzas going to Ferguson MO but decided to stop and sell them in Springfield. Whew! Close call! By the way, pepperoni thin crust is two-for-one this month. Get ’em while the cheese is fresh….

        • Well, Smokin’ stop by in Joplin and I will buy ’em all! And treat you to a brew as well! 🙂

      23. When the truck come to empty the dumpster today, I realized that we don’t have a burn barrel anymore since it is illegal to burn trash or anything else in the drought. I got one today for when SHTF. Do you have one?

        • Tex..It is called a 308

          • I did not know that Tacoma.

            • Tex you did not know a 308 was a burn barrel.Better hope and pray other southern states come to the rescue of texas.You bet we will be there with the 308.To bad you guys in texas is still shooting sling shots

        • Using my two, three times a week. Try and catch the wind right so it stays away from the neighbors.

      24. Just look at the direction – faster or slower, it doesn’t really matter. The direction is down in a spiral.

        More civil unrest leads to more police domination which leads to more civil unrest…it likely won’t end or turn around. Why would it? What would bring about that change?

        So here we go, this will come faster with greater intensity and frequency engulfing more and more of us.

        Just ask yourself – who do you side with?

        At the extremes are the stupid negro looters playing the race card led by Jackson and Sharpton.

        At the other end of the extreme is a government funded abusive police state led by Eric (Fast & Furious) Holder.

        Which team are you on – or are you going to stand in the middle while the nation burns?

        • Jerry, it’s not as simple as you think. I’ll be on the team that stands up against tyranny. Anyone who comes to my humble abode with bad intentions toward me can expect a fight and had better bring body bags for themselves. I don’t care who they are or what they are wearing.

        • Jerry…I, and many others, will STAND against whatever “wicked this way comes”….Good vs Evil….cannot say it enough…THAT is, indeed, what WE WILL be facing…Scoff if you wish…but “the times they are a-changing”…..and once people truly understand just WHAT they are “fighting” they will have a clearer picture of What to do, When to do it, and How to accomplish it…the path to victory will be horrible….But, Good will be victorious…..

        • If you are White, you have no one to side with.
          Both sides want White Genocide.

          • A few cross burnings in Ferguson would stir up some action. You know full well there are a lot of closet Red Neck KKK Whites out there that just don’t publicly discuss their feelings. But when it comes down to it. They will take up their guns and bibles.

      25. “Under Obamacare, thanks to an United Nations document which now constitutes the mainstay guidelines of all 50 state CPS’ field manuals, parents will soon lose custody of their child if they are a gun owner, have beer in the home, if their child gets a bad grade, if their child gets sick and misses five days of school in any one 30 day period, or if their parents have dangerous ideas. CPS will soon have the right to enter your home without a warrant in order to search for ways to remove your children from your custody. Welcome to police state America.”

        Source, please?

        I take this rather seriously.

        If that is in fact true, I am 100% done with this place. They just eradicated my right to reproduce. No one fucks with my right to reproduce.

        I’m a Canadian or New Zealander or something other than here. If that is an accurate statement.

        • TheGuy, anyone who tries to enter my home under such a pretense will be facing the business end of my 12-ga. pump. I don’t care who they are.

        • I’d like to see CPS enforce this…

          maybe a few sheeple will lay down..but this old boy dont play

          we have already won one fight with them, we know how they play

          anyone come thru my door uninvited , you’ll meet God and my Gun simultaneously

        • Satori, Thanks as always for your informative post. If I may I would like to add a clarification to the ISIS threats. ISIS was designed through co-op of the CIA and Mossad planners. They receive their money from the Saudi Royal Family mainly and other small oil rich nations in middle east plus Turkey.

          The net is we all love to see these subhumans to be destroyed one by one but the main issue is look at the original designers above. Can we call our own ZOG in the USA also a satanic cult on the same level as these barbaric parasites? Therefore any such threats by so called ISIS is just a propaganda games as part of the original design.

        • at least they recognize where the problem lies

          “lies” is a very operative word in this post

          we the citizens arnt their problem, and who IS the source of Both our problems? You know as well as they do

      26. Got a new student driver. He’s a good ole boy from a little hick town somewhere in Arkansas. First time I ever had a second driver more heavily armed than me. Damn, I feel safe!
        And speaking of “shall not be infringed, etc”-

        You’ve heard it ten times before, but it bears repeating. If you’re dressed to the nines and just ate at a restaurant that was seventh heaven and you walk past a bunch of sixth-grade educated hoodlums waving empty fifth bottles, you’d better forget what the fourth estate says and be prepared for action. Sure, a third of them may scatter and run, but, for the others- the second amendment may be your first option.

        just sayin’

        • Smoking, good to hear from ya again, click over to CNN, show about the 60’s, hippies and wild days, seems like a lifetime ago…

      27. I would love to see some of you in front of a mob of about 200 throwing rocks at you. I bet most of you would run.

        • Well, greydog….I would Not be throwing rocks in return….I would be there with sword in hand just to see how many cowards would flee from the sight of an enraged Old Broad with a sword….picture that, if you will

          • You are so hawt right now grandma. Now alls you needs is a leather body suit.

        • Grey Dog.. RE: Mob Riot-….Sticks and stones may break my bones but a 5.56 30 & 60 round Mags, will turn you and your posse into dust @ 3200 FPS. All before you can say, “Oh Sh!t!!”

          • So, you would open fire indiscriminately on a rock-throwing mob, something the police in Ferguson have not done, and they are the murderous thugs?

          • 5.56 LOL I’m 50 CAL man myself

        • Only the smart ones 😉

          I have a friend that teaches MMA. For the most part, he says he would use his boxing to create distance from a person attacking him and run. To dangerous to get into a street fight. So many these days take MMA and you’ll never know until it’s to late. Or they will pull a knife, or a gun. Or you could break your hand on the first punch (happens to the best fighters) when your fist glances off or he lowers his forehead etc.

          Getting into a fist fight is what idiots do. I have zero interest in killing someone, even if I am armed, I will likely turn and burn. I rather not see how I handle it, if I had to, I would of course. But yeah, life is precious.

          • A real black belt will never give you reason to suspect his skill set. THE element of surprise…the most desirable advantage in any conflict.

          • Mike,a long time ago the brother of a friend has his friend over,guy was high level trained military and teaching us some basic moves for defense,the knife came up and his first response was run like hell!He went on to teach us some things but believe that response was very serious if doable.

        • I had a 84 Nissan truck that you could be doing 45mph or so, turn off the ignition for 1 second, turn back on and it would backfire like a .22 or .410 going off. I cannot tell you how many times cetain people would be walking down the street sidewalk and I would pull that stunt. One set of guys jumped 3 feet off the ground and off into a ditch…
          I sure miss that truck….

          • been there done that. There where three urchins going down the sidewalk dribbling a basket ball, two where white and the other was black. I cut the ignition and turned it back on making the desired backfire. the black kid dove for the ground the white kids looked around and laughed. 40 + year old 6 cyl chev stick shift Pk its my daily driver

      28. Somewhat off topic, but relevant….WE all die, that is a fact. Some before their time….I want to ask all here WHAT are YOU willing to die for? Family, Friends, Freedom..This Republic..?? OR all of those? If so, get ready. Be ready to move your ass(es) because you will NOT be safe within YOUR OWN home for very long….be aware, be ready, be brave….and, above all, pray for calm, rational thought and decisions within your “family”
        and have SISU

        • “Every man dies. But not every man truly lives.” braveheart

          • “Do not fire unless fired upon , If they mean to have a war let it begin here ”
            Capt . John Parker. Lexington Green April 19, 1775

          • For Christ’s sake barfheart, get some new material PUUUULLLLEEEEEZZZZZEEEEE.

        • FOB:
          I disagree with some of what you say. First: When you leave your home you are now a refugee if you have no place to go and still a refugee till you get to your BOL. Second: Is your BOV bullet proof if not more than not you are done for. Third: We live till we die, we do not know when, where or how, every breath after our first are bonuses so make everyone count. Fourth: As for when I will stand and die; Family safety, Freedom, and to take as many of those who want to harm and/or take those things from me and my family. Know GOD stay right with him and trust him for your guidance in everything you do.
          Be safe, prepare, but for-most get and stay right with GOD, and love your family like it is the last day you have with them because it very well maybe.

          River Rat at the ready!!! MOLON LABE!!

          • River Rat….I am sorry that my comment was not clear. First, I wish to say that I AM “right” with GOD. I do not advocate all persons leaving their homes willy-nilly….obviously, many will be able to stay in their homes longer than others….I merely wish for people to understand they will not be able to stay there for a very long period of time and they should know ahead of time just HOW to survive without all they have gathered….And, I believe that all persons of Faith will be called upon to leave where they are and congregate TOGETHER in order to fight the battle to come….THE battle. And…we live until we die…and then we Live again within the House of GOD.

      29. weffweweg

      30. My prediction of living in the usa over the next 25 years, in now particular order:

        1. the world economies finally start hitting walls, causing surrency defaults worlwide and most likely wars
        2. currency defaults cause riots, looting and crime widespread thru the usa.
        3. the us govt puts the hammer down and locks up, tazers or shoots anyone not in order.
        4. the us govt unleashes mandated technology to keep the masses under control.
        5. weapons are siezed.
        6. peace in the usa is restored as the people are turned into controllable serfs for the elite.
        7. the amount of alcoholics increases exponentially as those who knew the usa as a free country cannot cope.

        • Lena…You neglected to “state” the reaction of Patriots in your list….? Do not discount the many who WILL make a difference…your list has several flaws….update please.

          • maybe you didnt notice but the welfare state that can be bought by the govt for almost nothing won the last two elections and illegals who can also be bought are flooding in.
            to think enough of the patriotic americans will do anything else but get rolled by the masses that the govt has under thier thumb isnt paying attention.

            barak obama has been right in one thing, we are not exceptional. just like other great countries before the usa, like rome and england; we will lose to a socialist type system just like england has done and will crumble away to be a great country in name only; just like englend.
            we’re on the decline now, it’s just a question of how fast the ride is.

            • Just wait until the day after this autumn’s midterm elections, my dear.

              Just wait.

          • FOB you are a dumb woman, Patriots might increase the body count but sure won’t effect any political change; the recent study confirms that average people have no influence whatever on policy. Get back in the kitchen now unless you’re going to shake your big butt for me. 😛

            • Acid, you are one sick mofo and don’t even deserve a woman with your attitude.

            • etch a sketch….you have not one clue to what will REALLY happen….I pity you for your ignorance….

        • Lena, Sounds like something you experienced in Russia. You like Vodka? lol

        • The one problem with your list of 7 predictions. Who is going to produce food and the other necessitys of life for those who are putting the hammer down? For decades the UN has been enabled by the USA. The USA has been the Teats the rest of the world has been suckling on. When the USA becomes a third world place what then? When you excessively punish the productive and excessively reward the parasites. The productive start asking themselves WHY ? Why Produce? Then they stop producing and join the ranks of the parasitic or only produce enough for their own immediate needs. Here is a example. I raise my own meat. the taxes rules & regulations are too many & strigent for me to be able to sell to the general public. so I only produce just enough for my family. I never produce a surplus that can be taxed by those who have ought naught to do with my producing it. Even when I grow a surplus of garden produce. I never sell any. I feed it to the pigs or toss it into the compost bin. What are those who are putting the hammer down gonna do when the productive resfuse to produce? That’s why the native americans where destroyed. how could they ever be taxed? You can tax & robb someone who has nothing and don’t need currency ! The USA is in decline. And I forsee starvation & diseases killing off the parasites.

      31. It appears they are all graduates of the police academy movies.

      32. my my my

        what a difference a day makes

        and here law enforcement is acting like law enforcement

        props to the guy running security now
        Ferguson’s police chief should be fired

        Hundreds of peaceful protesters march in Ferguson


        “Several marchers stopped to shake hands with police and troopers. Some people have stopped to hug and chat with Capt. Ron Johnson of the Highway Patrol, who grew up near this community and is now overseeing security.”

        • Seen a picture of Capt. Johnson. They love him for one thing and one thing only, and it ain’t the content of his character. What was that about racist again?

        • They got their marching orders from Sharpton.

      33. The second last paragraph of the article references UN articles that CPS is using. Are there links to this that can be verified please? I have a few friends with kids I like to wake up, but both require, as any adult should, verifiable documentation not hearsay. Thank you!

      34. You Are Not Nearly Scared Enough about Ebola


        ” Attention World: You just don’t get it.

        You think there are magic bullets in some rich country’s freezers that will instantly stop the relentless spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa? You think airport security guards in Los Angeles can look a traveler in the eyes and see infection, blocking that jet passenger’s entry into La-la-land? You believe novelist Dan Brown’s utterly absurd description of a World Health Organization that has a private C5-A military transport jet and disease SWAT team that can swoop into outbreaks, saving the world from contagion?

        Wake up, fools. What’s going on in West Africa now isn’t Brown’s silly Inferno scenario — it’s Steven Soderberg’s movie Contagion, though without a modicum of its high-tech

      35. Ferguson, Bundy Ranch, & ‘Dancing The Night Away’ With The Obamas


        “Broken Handmic

        I leveled my weapon twice overseas. Leveled. Not fired. I had legit threats and went through proper EOF. Stop fucking up, Ferguson PD.”

        Brandon Friedman
        The gentleman on the left has more personal body armor and weaponry than I did while invading Iraq.

        “I believe Ferguson will be seen as a major turning point. The point in which many well-intentioned, but incredibly naive folks in white mainstream America woke up to what we have become. Many people, particularly those in the media, have been willfully ignorant about the destruction of freedom and civil liberties in America. The events in Fergus have taken a gigantic mirror and successfully pointed it squarely at our civil society and the image it has reflected back is one of a horrific, militarized, authoritarian monster.”

        government=”a horrific, militarized, authoritarian monster”

        • chances are, if it didnt affect them directly , they wont wake up..hell even people that have been directly affected dont wake up

          sad but true this happens every day

      36. Interesting how the Ferguson police point their rifles at the protestors. Why is it that when anyone else points their gun at a cop, the cop feels justified and drawing his gun and killing the person? That actually happened a few nights ago in Ferguson. Isn’t it then logical and justified for the protestors to draw any guns they might have and shoot the police who are threatening them with deadly force? The police, I believe, are taught to not point their guns at anything they do not intend to destroy. So if they are pointing their guns at people it may very well be to kill them, and don’t the people have the right to defend themselves by getting off a shot at the cop?

        • 🙂

        • Shoot those fucking worthless vermin terrorist Nazi pigs. Untermensch.

        • Anyone points a gun at me. or climbs my fence carrying a gun. I will take that as a sign they mean to shoot me. And ill try to shoot them first. Wearing a badge or not that is my take. police are not public servants. police are parasite enforcers. Paid hench men who do the bidding of the corrupt politicians. The politicians make as many laws as possible and most of them are revenue generating. No matter if the laws make more criminals to collect fines from or more taxes to legally Robb the productive the result is the same. We cant take care of the ones at the top. If you cant get them take care of who they send. There was this state police LEO. Real Badass he wrote tickets to everyone for any minor infraction. one day he came home from church and there was a 5 gallon can of gas and a book of matches on his porch. He failed to heed the warning that he was about to be fired unless he changed his ways ? Nope he was enraged and vowed to catch and really clean the place up. Wrote more tickets than ever. He would write a ticked for going one mile per hour over the limit. the next week when the family was gone the house and his Pk & boat where riddled with hundreds of bullet holes. and the bullet damage wasn’t covered by his insurance. that bad ass got the message and packed up and left. You can only police a people to the extent that they will allow you too.

      37. Sometimes I become real upset over the shear stupidity of basic freedom laws, especially self defense.

        This really is a must look at about pepper spray. The non-lethal self defense device that can save you from having your arm or leg chewed off by a vicous animal.


        Please check out the legality section about 2/5 the way down. It shows the laws for many countries and states in the U.S. It is beyond absurdity that many of these true hellholes for freedom that have BIG wild animals would ban something like bear spray that can save a person and not kill the wild animal. The criminal of course is more valuable to not have their eyes sting too much. It is frightening to see just how retarded countries can become that treat a potential victim as the law breaker. God help humanity to allow some of the brains and common sense to function.

        • BI, I just finished reading that Wikipedia link. Interesting. As I’ve stated previously, I carry certain self-defense items with me everywhere I go. I don’t let any anti-selfdefense policy prevent me from doing so. I always use my own discretion on self-defense issues.

      38. III

      39. Zak says:
        Comment ID: 3204792
        August 14, 2014 at 5:41 pm So, the majority of you on this site can’t stand the Police, you can’t stand the tactics used to stop the lawless thugs destroying the property and RIGHTS of those who have business’s to operate and family’s to feed by running a business. What would you have the Police do?

        #1. Cordon off the area, no one in or out.
        #2. Call for a USAF E3 sentry plane to jam all radio and cell phone communications in the area.
        #3. Shut down all water mains and natural gas lines going into the area.
        #4. Cut off all electricity to the area.
        #5. Deploy choppers with mini guns, S.O.S.
        #6. Use flame throwers to help those fire starting rioters.
        #7.Bring In some B52’s loaded with napalm bombs, pull back all law enforcement officers and roast out those rioters.
        #8. The B52’s could use nerve gas bombs as well.
        This is how to supress a riot and set an example.

      40. Don’t worry folks. “Its for your protection”.

      41. “Where are the militia? We’re in a police state here”.

      42. Well, this article sure brought the statists out of the woodwork.

        I’m afraid a lot of people don’t really understand the concept of liberty…they support the quashing of liberty by supporting the concept of armed military style police.

        Liberty is personal responsibility. Yes, you guard your own property…even if you need to sleep there. Liberty minded people don’t want nor need the statist “oh, please protect us” police force.

        Some constantly rail against TPTB, seems they don’t understand that “police” are the way that TPTB project their force on the common man.

        Clovers…that’s what they are. If it is “law”, then by gum, that means it is right and needs “enforced” by the state enforcers. lol

        Really disappointing that so many support an unconstitutional thing like a “police force”. Take responsibility for your own life and property. That’s what it’s all about.

      43. My concern is within the scope of this well written essay. Lately, I have heard what sounds like a small plane engine above my house yet when I go outside and look up at the sky it’s either gone or I can’t see anything. I live just outside Richmond, Virginia. Also, I have a house on the Rappahannock River and yesterday I witnessed the exact same occurrence and I was outside with my gardener and both of us could not see anything. What is going on? I know that I am not crazy.

        • Sounds like drones. If you’ve had headaches and are feeling lethargic and your eyes look like they’re allergic to something then look around at everybody else. They’re spraying something.

        • D R O N E

      44. I see 2 independent events. 1. A police shooting that needs to be investigated by an outside source. 2. Rioting and looting against innocent people that had nothing to do with the shooting. Imagine the indignation of the black community if whites destroyed the black community every time a black committed a crime against a white.

      45. Soros Bet on Market Crash Biggest Yet

        Does George Soros know something we don’t about the S&P 500?

        Market Watch dot com

        • “Does George Soros know something we don’t about the S&P 500?”

          No, he doesnt.

          The Fed is going to stop pouring money into the mkt in a few months and are rumored to start raising interest rates(i’m doubtful they do this, because its instant recession if they do and they know it).

          to not expect a mkt tumble to follow is being clueless.

          • Billionaire investor George Soros uses his money and influence to ‘manipulate’ markets and the media.

            Remember this…

            Is the Soros-Sponsored ‘Agenda 21’ a Hidden Plan for World Government? (Yes, Only it is Not Hidden)

            Anti-American George Soros trying to Control US Media
            “Every month, reporters, writers and bloggers at the many outlets he funds easily reach more than 330 million people around the globe.”

            George Soros on the Coming U.S. Class War
            “A warning from the (Jewish born) man who as a teenager turned in his Jewish neighbors to the Nazis.”

            George Soros: “At times like these, survival is the most important thing,” he says, peering through his owlish glasses and brushing wisps of gray hair off his forehead. He doesn’t just mean it’s time to protect your assets. He means it’s time to stave off disaster. As he sees it, the world faces one of the most dangerous periods of modern history—a period of “evil.”

            Europe is confronting a descent into chaos and conflict. In America he predicts riots on the streets that will lead to a brutal clampdown that will dramatically curtail civil liberties. The global economic system could even collapse altogether.”

            Video: The Puppet Master – How much does George Soros control?

            • As long as people continue to get their information from Glen Beck you will never be able to discern who the REAL PTB are.

              Blaming George Soros for all the ills of the world is absurd. Is he a big player in the scheme of things. Sure is. However, the people that ‘OL Beck’ supports most, the tribe, are playing in the same sandbox as Soros, and getting a “Huge High Five” from the complicit Beck.

              He is allowed a voice on the MSM because he willingly (to say the least) covers for the true enemies of the world.

              He feeds his following just enough truth to keep them from seeing the real picture. His day in the sun will come to a bad end at some point in the not to distant future.

              Lest you think I haven’t paid enough attention to this “marvelous patriot” I want all to know I was a huge fan of his, bought some of his books, even thought about going to his DC rally. That was before I listened a little longer to find out he is in lock step with the enemies of the world. He is keeping patriots from learning the truth, hope to see the day his “kingdom” comes crashing down around his ears. Judas Goat is what he really is.

      46. Simon,as a former user of them try a well shaped tinfoil hat,they work great to block out that evil govt. noise transmission!Enjoy the day all,off to work!

      47. Yes, it cannot be denied that American police forces have become “militarized.”

        HOWEVER, stop and think for a moment.

        Who knows better than the average, law-abiding citizen what is shaking within the neighborhoods and areas of the country that produce the highest crime rates? Answer: the police.

        And what has happened over the past 20 years in those neighborhoods and areas of the country that produce the highest crime rates? Answer: the population has increased exponentially, with virtually all of it being due to illegitimate births for the sake of collecting welfare.

        And what has happened to those illegitimate births from “homes” with no fathers and often times little in the way of “mothers?” Answer: those illegitimate babies have come of age and right here, right now, are of sufficient physical size and capability, and, most importantly, of sufficient numbers, to wreak havoc on the average, law-abiding areas of the country.

        And what has happened to the typical problem neighborhoods with high crime rates? Answer: the troublemakers have armed themselves with far more than just knives, despite the fact that they supposedly need to collect their food, shelter, clothing, and medical attention from the average, law-abiding citizens of the country…despite having free education freely available to them with free lunches, free breakfasts, free books, free everything for the past 30 years (at least) in order to provide them with the opportunity to develop a marketable skill so that they need not spend their entire lives collecting their food, shelter, clothing, and medical attention from the average, law-abiding citizens of the country.

        Face it people, the police know that they are outnumbered when the underclasses decide to engage in anarchy, looting, arson, etc.

        So, can they be entirely blamed for arming up? Answer: no.

        BUT, they should not be “practicing” their militarized skills on unjustified situations as has been reported. There needs to be discipline and prudence in deploying these militarized capabilities.

        Pray that YOUR street and YOUR house does not become the target of a raging mob of underclass, with weapons and/or overwhelming numbers, and if it does, be very thankful that the police in your community have the firepower and defensive capabilities to take on the raging mob and win.

      48. Color doesnt matter

        were all in their sights
        if people of a different race think that this shooting is ok, because it wasnt one of their “color “.. they are dead wrong.. this occupation of force doesnt care what color you are when the cross hairs are on your back or head

        others say well he had a record or may have prior offences.. still doesnt matter cop doesnt have that info when first dealing with any one.. we also have a thing called Due Process in this country, cops need to stop being Judge Jury and Executioner with immunity

        What you saw in Ferguson is an occupying force..and that is another act of subversion by our own Government , if you fall for this , allow this, we all lose
        we all have cross hairs on our backs

      49. To set the record straight. With regards to the STL county police force, here is what is in EVERY patrol car…Including the “DARE” officers. I have seen 1st hand, so none of this is I heard from…

        In the front seat. Laptop computer, which I have also seen numerous typing on as they are driving.

        In the car rack – Two shotguns, one bean bag and one 12 gauge.

        In the trunk mounted on the under side of trunk lid – FULLY AUTO AR. Same exact as military – Confirmed with a “DARE” officer. All kinds of riot gear.

        The side of their vehicles state to “to serve and protect” they all also have a sticker that says “International accredited”

        Nearly everyone I speak to about the local LE here, feels the same. They are WAY TOO aggressive. They patrol our streets, and everyone has the nastiest look on their face. When mowing the grass they drive by and stare at you like you are wanted for murder, my neighborhood is a nice white collar area, with very close to zero crime, yet we have a station, and 3 substations within a 2 minute drive from my house. They are WAY over the top!!

        I read someone, that county LEO try to only hire former military combat vets, I used to think it was to give our vets a proper welcome home, but more and more I think it is because they will follow orders and know how to use the equipment. Getting bad.

        • That’s ALL they have???!!!

          That hardly qualifies for what you imply.

          (A “beanbag” shotgun. Hahahahah.)

        • Wow the truth warrants thumbs down. Insanity…

        • where I live they removed the stickers saying “to serve and protect”..

          they know it aint so, and so do we

        • Hmmm…,those cars sound like mobile weapon stores when times get hard.

      50. We have come to the conclusion in our household that the police are not your friend and this is coming from a family who have quite a few retired police in our family. The police have morphed into a quasi military entity that exists NOT to protect ( a court ruling has settled that issue) citizens but to enforce whatever rules, laws, or desires, however stupid or corrupt set by politicians or corporate entities that ever so kindly provide “donations” to the force. The police will be the entity that cracks down on the populace when the SHTF. Ask yourself, why did higher up police officials form the Ferguson/ St. Louis are need to go to Israel to learn anti-terrorists techniques?

        • Nice to see you. I think its symptomatic of all gov. same pattern here with city and county. They basically exist to carry out the bidding of the large land developers etc. We called them to a meeting with about 360 residents and the city councilwoman was asked about crime; her answer “the people need to take care of it” (we already pay the police protection money from our HOA dues as they would not patrol otherwise. yet, next door neighbors car was burglarized a few nights ago now that huge mall opened). Similar responses from county personnel. At least the county commissioner agreed to meet with us. none of the three at-large commissioners agreed and only one responded. We are bringing in the media next. They attended the last meeting also. so, my conclusion is Americans DO have to FIGHT because the government no longer acts in the interest of the citizens. Bought, paid for, and trained to be anti-citizen and pro-big business and pro-government.

      51. The dear leader has made certain that these disgusting hell holes where the indigent, ignorant, deprived and depraved dwell, will never have the freedom to escape their dead end existence. The regime and the mass media encourage the ghetto citizen’s ignorant rage towards the wrong people.

        Yes, this is the plan of the regime, yes they are incorporating mass control of the citizens where they know it is a powder keg, if and when all hell brakes loose in this country. They are preparing for something because everywhere you look, things are spiraling out of control.

        I personally do not buy this theory that a poor little innocent, unarmed kid was killed for no reason at all. You don’t live there, you don’t know what the cops or the citizens go through on a daily basis therefore you shouldn’t rush to judgement until all of the facts come out. Much of the attitude on this site regarding this situation, is extremely left leaning.

        Why is the anger tilted towards the cops and not the regime who created this nightmare. You better hope your neighborhood never turns into one of these dead end hell holes because if it does then you will welcome the armored vehicles and swat teams. The people who stay home and do not loot, desecrate, cajole, antagonize and fuel the fire will not be in the line of fire.

        The regime is turning our country into a police state by pitting man against man, they are the ones who need to be stopped.

      52. Well, well, well…..

        This “innocent 20 year old child”, Michael Brown, seems to be not so innocent after all.

        Lies, lies, and more lies.

        And the biggest question of all is why the police department kept the videos of the robbery under raps for so many days.

        And now the media is spouting that Brown “was only stealing $50 from the store. How would you like to try to confront this “220 pound innocent child” if you were either the store clerk or the policeman.

        The llying eye witness should be thrown in jail and the key thrown away……….

        • Want to see a dog and pony show. Tune into CNN to see how they are covering this story. CNN is calling this robbery shoplifting…

          And one last obversation:

          Tell me, that the FBI, the State Police, the President, and the Justice Department did NOT know about the robbery at the convenience store before they entered into this dog and pony show…..

        • cant say Ive been following the story close at all but damn if you aint right. Maybe you got a link to come thru. Heres what I found on skynews
          “An unarmed black teenager shot dead by police was a suspect in a “strong-arm” robbery minutes before the fatal confronation, said police.

          Michael Brown, 18, stole cigars and shoved a clerk at a convenience store in suburban St Louis last Saturday, just before he was killed by a police officer, spawning almost a week of public disorder.

          Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson released the police reports and documents on Friday morning as he named the officer who carried out the shooting.

          Darren Wilson, who has six years’ service and no disciplinary record, is on administrative leave following the incident.

          According to the police reports, Mr Brown and his friend, Dorian Johnson, were suspected of taking a box of cigars from a store in Ferguson that morning.

          Chief Jackson said Wilson encountered Mr Brown just after 12:01pm, and a second officer arrived three minutes later.”

        • POG

          It is a shame a young man has lost his life, but at this time nobody but the cop know what really happened! When all the info is out then we can make a judgment.

          He is around 18 that is close to 20.
          He weighs 245 lbs. 6’02” tall. This was the report I saw.
          I just wonder how big the cop is?

          I’m 6Ft and 220 lbs. If I got into a fight with someone and they tried to take my gun and got my gun I would shoot them (I carry a back-up) or I would cut them with my knife that I carry just in case. always nice to have a back-up to your back-up. Ya folks that is how bad it is getting out here.

          Where did you get your INFO on the robbery? You don’t have to tell me I just found it. (Thanks)

          If this is true. and he did beat the hell out of the cop and tried to take his gun. This would make him a fleeing Felon. (it is a felony to strike a police officer, and cause great bodily harm to them) If the cop had to shot him once already to defend himself form death or great bodily harm and he was trying to run away from him. I know in some states you can shoot at the fleeing felon.
          I WOULDN’T but I don’t know Missouri’s law on fleeing felons.

          Give it time more and more will come out on this.

          • speaking of Back Up

            I used to carry just my .45

            I started stuffing my .38 snubby with crimson trace in my boot again as a back up

            • VRF
              469 S&W 13 rounds 9mm. Back-up.

          • Sgt:

            Were you at all surprised that the Capt. of the State Police, stated in his opening remarks that he had not seen the video of the robbery at the convenience store even up to the time of his press conference?

            He also stated he was not there to talk about new information released today but was there to talk about how successful he and his officers had been at tamping down the violence the night before.

            Now either the state police and their leaders are “mushrooms” or they are liars. Either way, something is dreadfully wrong. The public, in either case, are being served up a huge plate of BS.

            To date no arrests for the looting, burning thieves. I can assure you, in my town of mostly “caucasions” if we decided to demonstrate by looting and burning, we would find ourselves serving “time”.

            What is wrong with this picture?

            • POG
              From what I understand is that he is not involved with the shooting and the investigation of the robbery. So that being said. He would be a mushroom.

              He is in charge of the streets and anything that happens in the streets from here on out until released by the Gov. He is the leader/commander of the police on the streets only.

              He also can’t talk about the investigation because he might contaminate information and evidence. The shooting and robbery is above his pay grade!

              I think that there was around 15 people arrested for the looting. Over 90% were not from Ferguson. I might be wrong on the amount arrest but I do know that there were arrest made.

              This whole thing is BS. One kid is shot by a cop (because he was white and he was black) (weather right or wrong) and the world goes to SHIT. 20 shot by 2 or 3 gang bangers in Chicago and nothing is said. No one is arrested, and if they are, they are turned loose with a slap on the wrist.

              • Uh Sarge,Chicago a gun free zone!Any news of someone shot in Chicago is obviously a lie!

                • WD
                  I know they tell lies every week end.
                  Last week end they lied about 10 or 12 that got shot. Lying bastards! There are no guns in Shitcago, because TPTB say they have laws not letting guns walk into the city, and no one has them. I wish the news would quit telling us that people are being shot by gang bangers every week end!

      53. “The true enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.” – Thomas Jefferson

      54. The problem is every body has a different idea of what SHTF is.
        For me it was when Obullshit got reelected. I could see the writing on the wall on his first term. This turd doesn’t care what happens to the USA and would sell it out just as long as he can go on vacations and golf.
        Both the Dems and Reps are the same. They are all what do I get crowd.
        We have 6 or 7 generations of Leaches and we keep making it more and more easy for them to suck the life blood out of the middle class.
        SHTF, HELL yes it has it just hasn’t got to the survival of the fittest yet. That day is coming.
        Bad economy
        ISIS/Muslims ready to pounce on us.
        China/Russia just waiting for the right time to move on us.
        Food prices
        Fuel prices
        Water problems
        Obullshits no military army TSA-FDA-NOAA-USPO- They all have ammo and weapons. Just to name a few.
        Yes folks the SHHTF. We just haven’t had to hunker down yet, but that day is rapidly coming.


        • Sarge, that poor “little” boy who got himself shot in Ferguson is caught on film committing a strong armed robbery. He is a self admitted member of the the “Bloods”. He got shot trying to disarm the popo. Good riddance. That little “honor student” was 6′ 4′ 292 pounds.

          • P.T.
            Thanks for the info!

      55. I do not like Tyranny here, there, or anywhere. I do not like green eggs and ham…

        – Openly Christian Caucasian Straight Man

      56. This is a class-war designed to reintroduce lords & serfs, a caste system where “we the people” become the footstools for the elite 1%. All of the other “societal issues” like abortion, women’s & gay rights, economy, etc. are being used as smoke screens designed to keep the masses enthralled & otherwise too busy to take notice of the real threat.

        Better get ready for another revolution.

        • agree 100% with the first part.

          all the issues going on in the usa today are just to keep the masses occupied while the elite pulls further away and puts in greater control measures.

          20 years from now, everyone is going to get paid the same and be monitored 24/7.

          think about it. your phone can let anyone know where you are and have been and your refrigerator knows what you eat. only a matter of time before those are controls.

          • Lena it will never happen. to pay everyone the same and monitor everyone 24X7 you would need huge government. how will you pay for and feed that government. Our government has already run out of enough producers to tax. So they are funding the govt with debt. the other countries goverments are doing the exact same thing. when the world wide monetary collapse happens (and It eventually will) 90% will die those who survive will be the type folks money cant buy and will never be governed. There is already a black market economy in most places its barter & trade and none of it taxed or governed.And sometimes the government subsizeds the underground off the books black market. Many folks drawing government services or checks find ways of working that are hidden from taxes ect. Many use a false ID and sell scrap. Some use a straw man. many buisnesses under report gross revenues (all cash sales are put in their own pocket. I traded a carpenter some lumber and the guy he was building the horse barn for came and built fence to pay me. and that guy paid the carpenter for the labor with a team of mules. No taxes & no middle men involved. I let a guy with a small sawmill cut my trees he gives me half for payment. I trade the lumber & firewood that I don’t use. You couldn’t come to my place with cash and buy a chicken turd. but you could possibly trade something.

            • Amen.. starve the beast

              • Barter and under the table ect. have always been around but growing it seems on a daily basis.The best I ever did was long ago traded the labor to build a deck on a upper scale home for a ktm dirtbike and a Ruger mini-14,both for all intents and purposes basically new.As this economy collapses expect to see more alternatives coming up,on the tech end bit coin like and on the other end straight out trade and all in between,govt. no matter how large/how many parasites work for it can short of nuke stop it.

            • Old Guy…

              R U my neighbor?

              Come on over for a drink and some shit shootin’.

              • Prolly not a neighbor I reside in the newton & searcy county region of north central ar. Trading was always done in my family My dad trapped & coon hunted for hides. traded the hides at the local store for what was needed things like carbide 22 shells grocerys ect. he traded dogs horses vehicles almost any kind of livestock. he worked at the cotton gin in the fall for a couple of months. hunted fished & traded the rest of the year. He rode a Tennessee walking horse more often than he drove a vehicle. He never had much use for the government after they took away 15 acre,s of his cotton allotment and gave it to the big shots down in the bottomland. left him with 5 acres he told them to stick the last five acres where the sun didn’t shine. grew corn and sorgum on the land. fed most of the corn and traded the sorgum to a fellow who had a molasses mill. there where guys that brewed and distilled wiskey with corn & molasses that was often traded.it was a slower paced time and most folks where honest.

          • Burn phone/wrap in foil when traveling,phone issue solved,old school fridge,would never buy appliances with computers ect.,too costly to repair,think about it,two easy solutions without even bringing up the learn to live without em!

        • yes and since the mostly white middle class producing counstitioun believing gun toting middle class do not make good serfs & peons .they are no longer wanted or needed. the Middle class is being replaced by the brown skinned people from south of the border. The same goes for the welfare drawing inner tube lipped jungle bunnys their votes are no longer needed and they also are now expendable.

      57. Bloomberg reports Ukraine destroys Russian armored convoy. 10 year notes drop 8 basis points so far. If this doesn’t do it, then I don’t know what will.

      58. I have been playing with my new CHEKA-stopper, a CRKT Kangee T-Hawk. The head is edged across the top from the blade to the opposing spike. It is a single piece forging with plastic grips bolted on. I am buying something simpler to practice my throw – this is too beautiful to risk cracking the handle. Combined with my K-Bar and the heat-signature-cloaking Ghillie poncho I am making, I should be ready for stalking those who would go bump in the night. Night vision comes next. It is better to be the predator than the prey.

      59. It just occurred to me what the regime is up to. The dear leader has gone out of his way to keep the dead-end ghetto intact and the pathetic lap dogs that live there ignorant to the fact that he is now the supreme slave master. He knows that it will come to a boil eventually and for that he needs a powerful army to control them and keep them as his little minions who will turn out and vote or be cut off from the bare essentials that they exist on now.

        It is all about control, greed, manipulation, and power over the weak and brainwashed entitlement crowd. The left has played their hand and they are winning at every turn, this is what they have dreamed of for decades.

        Time for the awakening.

        God speed.

      60. Most of the article is evidence by anecdote. Unusual things are mentioned that aren’t part of everyday life in America. Is there cause for concern? Of course. America IS becoming a police state but we’re not even close yet.

      61. Stalin, Hitler, and other dictators developed a thug class of “law enforcement” and internal spying on their citizens for purposes of control, this is just history repeating itself. You will soon see more and more gun confiscation, curfews, media censorship, official labeling of groups as terrorists and enemies of the people, etc.
        Government exist for one purpose. It is not of, by, or for the people; it exists for its own purpose. Power and control is what it craves, and in reality it hates its people. It creates a thug class for that reason. However one does not need to fight the police, they want you to do that anyway so all police action can be justified. Just ignore their edicts and act independently on a mass scale. For example; half the working people just not go to work for a week and stay home. Then the next week the other half do the same. Nobody is breaking any laws and no violence. This could require some popular person(s) to guide this movement but you can be sure they would disappear or be officially discredited in a very public way. Another is massive boycotts, or communities en masse assembling in public areas speaking their minds and refuse to allow the “authorities” to deprive them of their GOD-given rights. No, I say again no violence or even threat of violence is necessary or even desirable.
        Government only works by threat of violence and force against citizens. They would have no moral, legal, or rational basis use these means if people are breaking no laws and practicing their constitutional rights. BUT GOVERNMENT WILL because it does not exist for you, it’s for itself.
        Government strives to keep people like sheep so large challenges do not arise. This is important because we do not have great wealth, or influence, or power. But we do have one thing – numbers. But as along as we do not act in an organized manner on a large scale on our own behalf they have nothing to fear, they just don’t want you to know that.

      62. while i tend to agree, and can see it all happening plain as day

        it would be a bad idea for hodges (or any writer) to cite resources for numbers and allegations

        and yes i know i can google any of that and find it …..

        • EDIT …. it would ***NOT*** be a bad idea to cite …..

      63. Like I said a few days ago this will be a good shoot. Brown was a thug and now its comeing out he had a gun .

      64. Wtf. Did I just go to msn or SHTF? This article details some nation wide incidents and equates them to the entire country every day. A police state? How about this. The Missouri incident was not peaceful and the looting was not caused by the police action. Other articles on SHTF have been spot on. The only businesses not looted were. The ones where people had guns.
        The Oakland incident was one cop with one flash bang. The cigarette incident in NY was a misuse of a choke hold. The milwaukie incident was one guy lying. This article is really stupid and looks like it was written by maddow

      65. Obviously the police response after the first night was spot on. The media and president had criticized them for being heavy handed and militarized. So they were forced to take the hands off approach, which of course only encouraged more looting and terrorizing.

        So now the NG gets called out.

        I don’t get it, when the police use the military tactics they were trained to use for riot control they are “too militarized”, when the actual military is called out for police work its a “good move” to many who criticized the first response.

        Don’t get me wrong I’m for an all out head crushing, flashing banging, tear gassing, shoot to kill all looters after curfew approach. I just don’t get where some say the police had it wrong at first, obviously they had it very right from day one. The NG would not be needed had we let the police do their jobs as they were trained. This should be noted.

        I think too its time we stop pussy footing with these terrorist thugs…and that’s just what they are – terrorists by definition.

        When a group uses violence and terror to hold a community hostage and refuses the due process of law, they become terrorists. We don’t beg terrorists to be reasonable, we kill them. Plain and simple.

        These cowardly thugs are only tough when they are up against unarmed weaker victims. Just like the thug that started it all in the video. I guarantee after a night of sharp shooting a few dozen thieving terrorists, the rest crawl back to the taxpayer funded public housing they crawled out of like the pussies they are

      66. Obviously the police response after the first night was spot on. The media and president had criticized them for being heavy handed and militarized. So they were forced to take the hands off approach, which of course only encouraged more looting and terrorizing.

        So now the NG gets called out.

        I don’t get it, when the police use the military tactics they were trained to use for riot control they are “too militarized”, when the actual military is called out for police work its a “good move” to many who criticized the first response.

        Don’t get me wrong I’m for an all out head crushing, flashing banging, tear gassing, shoot to kill all looters after curfew approach. I just don’t get where some say the police had it wrong at first, obviously they had it very right from day one. The NG would not be needed had we let the police do their jobs as they were trained. This should be noted.

        I think too its time we stop pussy footing with these terrorist thugs…and that’s just what they are – terrorists by definition.

        When a group uses violence and terror to hold a community hostage and refuses the due process of law, they become terrorists. We don’t beg terrorists to be reasonable, we kill them. Plain and simple.

        These cowardly thugs are only tough when they are up against unarmed weaker victims. Just like the thug that started it all in the video. I guarantee after a night of sharp shooting a few dozen thieving terrorists, the rest crawl back to the taxpayer funded public housing they crawled out of like the pussies they are

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