We Told You It Wasn’t Free: “I Was All for Obamacare Until I Found Out I Was Paying For It”

by | Oct 29, 2013 | Headline News | 239 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    It seems that more and more democrats and supporters of President Barack Obama are coming out of the woodwork about their confusion.

    Originally sold to a desperate American public as free health care for everyone who wanted it, the Affordable Care Act has now been revealed for what it really is: a government mandated tax on every single working American in the country.

    And this has left many who thought universal health care would be the solution to their problems completely bewildered.

    Apparently, they weren’t listening when tens of millions of opponents of Obamacare were warning them that it would, in fact, not be free at all.

    California residents are rebelling a bit against Obamacare, with thousands shocked by the sticker price and rethinking their support, saying that what seemed wonderful in principle is not translating so well into reality.

    As Pam Kehaly, the president of Anthem Blue Cross in California, reported, she received a letter from one woman who saw her insurance rates rise by 50 percent due to Obamacare.

    “She said, ‘I was all for Obamacare until I found out I was paying for it,’ ” Ms. Kehaly said, in the Los Angeles Times.

    Source: Washington Times

    It was an awesome idea when this woman thought that Barack Obama or some capitalist pig republican was going to pay for it.

    Turns out that YOU are now paying for not only your own health care, but the health care of millions of Americans who, until you so graciously supported the new health care mandates, would have had to cover their own expenses out of their own pockets.

    How’s socialism and ‘spreading the wealth around’ working out for you now?



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      1. You can tell when he is lying, his mouth is moving…

        • Got a poacher at the compound, what does the people out there think should happen to him?
          Trespassing, hunting without permission, trashing the place, baiting.
          Give advice people?

          • I guess it is time to take matters in our own hands, kinda like OCRAPCARE


              “President Obama repeatedly assured Americans that after the Affordable Care Act became law, people who liked their health insurance would be able to keep it. But millions of Americans are getting or are about to get cancellation letters for their health insurance under Obamacare, say experts, and the Obama administration has known that for at least three years.”

              “House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer conceded to reporters today that Democrats knew people would not be able to keep their current health care plans under Obamacare and expressed qualified contrition for President Obama’s repeated vows to the contrary.”

              • Reminds me of the sign in the tavern that said
                “free beer tomorrow”.

                When you went back for your free beer the next
                day, the sign still said “free beer tomorrow.”

                • Ha!

                  I gotta remember that 😆

                • a bar that a friends band would play at only paid the gate (cover charge) so he named his band “Free Beer Tonight”. Looked great on the marquee and made him some good money.

              • What! The President lied to us? The Democratic Party lied to us? I’m shocked I tell you, just shocked by it all. What do you mean there is no free lunch?

                • A Future Thought:

                  People need to quit focusing on what Obamacare means to them personally today and start worrying about what it may very well morph into. If Obamacare fails in its present form and I think it will, you will see the politicians come out and say that they have no choice but to make all medical personnel Federal employees. After that who knows, maybe all housing, business etc will be confiscated and we will all be Federal slaves ( I mean employees) and we will be forced to work for credits that will allow us to live in whatever housing they deem appropriate and stand in food lines for our monthly ration of food as long as we have the credits to purchase it. BUT hey its all good because were we not told Obamacare was good for America.

                  • You are right; but I’m not sure it maters. Look at all the debt info, the food stamp data, employment, tax receipts etc. Looks to me like the boat is sinking fairly fast. I don’t think anything more than 2-3 years down the line is going to do much. A financial analyst years ago said: “After you go off the edge it does not matter if you foot is on the brake or the gas.” I think we are already well off the edge; that’s why all the Fed printing isn’t working.

                  • not quite slaves but surfs

                  • Yeah, that has been a Big concern, that the Feds would tie our license and DEA authorization for writing prescriptions to some sort of required service to take care of patients at whatever the government wants to pay, which is already less than what it takes to actually take care of the patient. So what you’ll see is some sort of
                    “Physician Extender” like a PA or nurse practitioner who has not had the school and training like a doctor, but therefore is a lot less expensive. One doc will have an office full of 2nd level providers while he sits in an office signing the electronic medical record to submit for payment. That way he can “see” a dozen patients at a time and maybe be able to earn a living.

                    Fortunately, I’m close enough to retirement that I can escape this system, and with ObummerCare, I’ll qualify for free health care!

                  • That has ALWAYS been ObaMao & The DemoCommunists plan. Always. ObaMao wants to bankrupt the U.S. and turn it into a Communist/Muslim country with Sharia courts ruling over our lives.
                    LOCK AND LOAD!

                • Sorry to pop your bubble but the Republicans have lied to you also. Both sides are liars and thieves out only to fill the pockets of themselves and their friends. They accomplish this in a large part by pitting the American people against each other by having them separate into 2 political parties. It is called divide and concur.

                  • Clean up Washington….Vote For The Challenger

                  • Agreed. In fact, liberals are nothing if not consistent. They make no bones about their statist agenda. There is nothing left to say about the left. CONSERVATIVES, on the other hand, they are morally lower, more harmful, and the very reason for political confusion as they pretend to fight big government while spreading opposite ideas and laws. They present a fake electoral alternative when in fact there is none. A collapse may be what we need to remedy this cancer that has metastasized to every corner of America.

                  • Sorry but so far on ACA the Republicans and especially Tea Party were mostly correct with their warnings

              • As aptly quoted on another site..

                The Host is dying…

                and the parasites are not happy..


                • It would be better if the host terminates the parasites with extreme prejudice.:)

              • Transition notices,too funny!I guess rounding up and imprisoning people in camps will be labelled”Relocation Options”!

                • Career re-training. To compete with Chinese slave labor. On their own playing field.

                • Those FEMA camps should be used for relocating the people who are in office and their welfare receiving minions. Hope the showers are dry! 🙂

              • What part of “They know better than we do about what is best for us” do you not seem to understand? You may need to go to a Re-education camp for a while (and by a while, we mean indefinitely!).

                Laugh if you want, but you know it’s coming.

          • Put up no trespassing signs then shoot him when he does it again.

            • They keep tearing down the signs, so I made a stencil of “NO HUNTING OR TRESPASSING” and spray painting every tree in sight. Some people just need to bite lead, brass, salt, etc….

              • Can you find out where they park and what they drive? Do they drive on your property in the same areas often? Do they walk in because they live nearby? Do they leave their truck out in the yard at night? Is there a clear line of sight from within 100 yards of someplace you could reasonably expect to be shooting in any of the above cases?
                Are they aware that some areas have old junk like rusty iron and roofing shingles with the nails still in them?
                Not saying, just asking. I don’t know your situation.
                If there were any unfortunate accidents you would certainly want to apologize if you had their names and addresses.

              • I got me a varmit doing the same…and you know what happens to varmits…hey there Mr Trespasser…pity about that truck/ATV of yours…you say it was fine when you parked it eh…yep a shame fer sure…cant trust them danged coons and squirrels with fire and gasoline now nohow… 😉

              • I too had the same issue. I also tried the signs which did not work. I ended up visiting with the others that lived in the area and explained to them what was going on. I told them that I and others hunt on the property and I am very concerned that something bad might happen to someone. I then requested that if they hear anything to let that person know it is not safe to be on my property or to let me know so that I can talk with the trespasser. This has greatly cut down on the trespassing.

          • Me,let em know it is private property and to move on.Many states hunting allowed if property not signed against trespassing ect.That said,have always looked for permission and actually have on my and family property hunting allowed signs,my dad asks to stay away from house but with 600 acres not too hard!The 10 acres I control really doesn’t make much of a difference but my dad realizes that his land hunting for some folks the difference between eating well or not and that many in area make a living as guides and local hotels and other business prospers from the hunters money coming into to area.They are cheating with baiting but perhaps really hungry,I don’t know,either way send em packing and if any threats ect. let local cops know in case of a future accident,or let friends know that follow the 3S rule!

          • First you catch him, then ask him if he ever saw Deliverance. Then take him somewhere deep in the woods and strip him down to his BVD’s and tell him good luck and leave him there.

            • Amen, did you guys hear the the oldest smelter of lead is going out of business? No more lead for bullets. I have a great invention, looking for backers that can provide, so there is an alternative, IT IS A GAME CHANGER….

              • Steel core ammo fine by me!

              • What kind of up front money we talking,I am of limited means but come from a family fairly well off,good/reasonable/legal investments always considered and at times acted upon,as I said steel core fine by me,realize some folks/govt. take a dim view of that on many levels!Lead will until a crash hits ect. always be available,just perhaps not in country produced(more jobs bye bye).We would need a reasonable way to get in touch if you have a real solid product and at least a basic business plan.

                • Believe me, this is something so new, but so old that it will amaze you that no one has thought of it yet. I came up with the idea years ago, and have not pursued it, but with the EPA shutting down lead, now might be the time to make it happen…

                  • Eppe,first off,if you have not consider any patenting/copyrighting product name ect. if you have not done so and is applicable.That said,do you have a business plan of any sort yet and if so should have a reasonable idea of start up costs ect.I am very serious that though not personally wealthy come from money and have friends in businesses with warehouses ect. for storage/production possibly ect.You do not have a business plan would be a good thing to work on,am sure you know folks who invest want some solid plan to go with,either way,best of luck if you follow with other folks.

                • Mac has my email address…

                  • Eppe,will be getting a e-mail from tony tomorrow when I hit library,just one of many e-mails I have,try and separate computers to a degree,especially any business or potential need to keep separate from personal life as much as possible,have a few junk phones for such stuff also.I had a ex fiancee that knew a bit too much and made life,well,a bitch for awhile!

              • Wheel weights. Go around to your local tire shops and/or dealerships and collect the discarded wheel weights. I work for a good sized Ohio car dealership and you’d be suprised how much I’ve collected just from making a few friends in the service dept.

                • Agree dead,problem is many jumping on that wagon,when in bone yard do some stripping there while getting used parts for vehicles!

                • I live next door to a tire shop—I can get all I want…and I want frequently.

                • That’s what I do DeadMeat. I just finished making 100 4 oz. sinkers out of old tire weights. I have 3 different places I collect from.

              • Not really a game changer. Our raw lead will just come from Mexico. Most of it already does. You can buy in bulk from http://www.Rotometals.com It’s retail pricing, but very high quality virgin metal, no recycled wheelweights.

                BTW do not EVER think you can salvage lead from car batteries. Batteries have calcium and arsenic in the alloys, which can create an extremely poisonous gas when mishandled. And it ain’t very good bullet lead anyway….

                • …not to be ornery OC but Ive made gobs of bullets out of car batteries and they work just fine…sure you shouldnt just casually play with batteries but the way I do it theres no risk of vapors or poison and the lead comes out clean and ready for final melt…namely a hot fire and then vacating the area till its cooled…you gotta be careful but plain old lead is dangerous if you mishandle it…just be careful…

                  • Vapor does not come from melting the lead. It comes from the dross. If the cooled dross gets moist, (say, in a trash can) it outgasses arsine and stibene, both of which can kill you DRT with one lungful. You do what you want, but don’t do it near me.

              • Fine , gimme depleted uranium penetrators anytime

              • I have a better idea, just take it off the DHS and FEMA boys after we do them!!! They have plenty to go around.

            • Squeal like a pig.
              Kidding aside, eppe has a idea that will change the world of bullets, if anyone out there has the means and money to look into this for the benefit of the country, let MAC know. It is a game changer, and it works, and is simple. Best inventions usually are.

            • I hear Dueling Banjos in the background…

          • Ask him who he voted for , If he is right leaning , just take his shit and let him go. If he is a obamie supporter , get a bound copy of the health care bill and drop it from ten feet high on his head, that should smash his head into his shoulders then drop his corpse and the bound copy of the health care of on a deserted road some where . When the cops find him and the bound copy of the health care bill they will rule it as a suicide.

            • Put him on a city street near a manhole cover and they can rule it “sewer-cide.” Ha.

            • I love it . Some thumbs down. Tells me I upset a obamie sucker , I mean supporter. I love pissing off shit heads.

          • Depends on which state you’re in. 🙂

          • “Self Inflicted” gunshot.

          • Had that problem with an aggressive poacher when I lived in MI. Caught him on camera, including the plate number on his truck. (THAT took a 120mm telephoto lens.) Sent it to the DNR. MI has a pretty effective DNR. Never saw him on my place again.

            State laws differ, but in some places you are allowed to use force after two warnings. Sign at the perimeter is first warning. Verbal (via bullhorn if necessary) is second warning. Then call the cops. Keep video. Lots of video. If they’re hunting out of season, or using illegal methods, your Game Commission, or Dept. of Natural Resources, is usually more than happy to go make an arrest.

            Down where I am now, I am friendly enough with both my hunting neighbors that I don’t even post my land. They know who belongs and who doesn’t. (Faint strains of Deliverance theme in the background.)

            • ..all the old neighbors know theyre welcome…Ive told them…dont care when they hunt or what methods they employ as long as they are NOT legal methods and they DON’T have a “permit” from the state… ;)…the signs are for the city boy scum that bought up the old farms all around…posted me and the old neighbors off it and then think theyre entitled to use my/their land…signs are the first warning… 🙂

          • Enhanced interrogation: It’s the American way.

            • Ahem, that would be “Enhanced Interview”…

          • Follow the three “S’s”

            Shut up

            • Agree Walt,put that up hours ago,thought that would have been many’s response!In the sticks were that is mentioned when folks mention a lawyer we always say better be a fat one,when asked why we tell em to provide one with cover and take a bullet for ya’s!

          • 230g to the forehead from point blank then feed the carcas to the hogs

          • hook a chain to his vehical and tow it to a ravine. This will keep him ocupied.

          • Perhaps you need a review of “Conflicted”.

            Southerprepper1 does a review of it:


            Don’t know about you, but know how I’d deal with it…

          • Get a Game Warden in there.

          • Take his gun burn his car. Strip him naked and make him walk back to town.

          • If “No trespassing” signs don’t work then try “Warning, all trespassers will be violated”

            • I like the sign a friend has on his gate:
              “Trespassers will be Shot. Survivors will be shot again”

              • I’ve seen this posted here a few times over the past couple of years, and always give the same warning. If you have signs like this on your property do and have to shoot someone, make sure you get rid of them before any LEO gets involved. If you do get hauled into court, any lawyer worth his salt will photograph them and use them to show intent. Self-defense is under fire so badly right now, that any indication of intent to harm someone will get you a guilty conviction. Be careful out there!!!

                • Just a simple ‘No Trespassing’ or similar is all you legally need to have. When you go beyond the legal requirements with anything about shooting them, you are buying your attorney a new Mercedes.

          • @ me

            Is the lady of the house handy with a needle and thread? Tell the poacher you will give him a choice. LOTH will sew either his mouth or the orifice at the opposite end shut. You will then let him go.

            If you catch him again, you will sew both orifices shut, smear him in honey and leave him for the bears to deal with.

            It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature.

          • Rule #308

          • At this point, you probably need to go with the usual procedure. Call your local sheriff as well as the Fish and Game people and file a report. It’s still too stable (believe it or not) to take matters into your own hands. You know what you’ll have to do later, but for now, CYA, and try to get them through legal channels.

          • I’m not really jumping the line as I posted this basic response at 10 AM EDT. It showed up for about ten minutes then vanished.

            At this point in time, since the government is somewhat “stable”, I would report it to your local sheriff and Fish and Game people. Too much for you to lose if you take it on yourself. Later, you do what you have to in order to protect your property.

        • Don’t pay any attention to that man behind the curtain!!!!!

        • Obamacare will collapse on it self in the coming months. This is by design. The Obama admin will come up suddenly with another fix and they thinking they will look like compassionate leaders all the time being leaders. Leading the sheeple to what they wanted from the beginning, single payer.
          They have had this mapped out from the onset. This is according to plan and we are following just like sheep.
          This is not a Obama thing or a democratic thing or even a republican thing, this is an all of them thing. The ONLY holdouts are the Tea Party legislators and the candidates with a contentious reelection bid.
          You’ve heard for a long time that this health care thing will be a sixth of the American economy. True enough and there is a truck load of money that can be scraped off of it. A friend of a cousin of a Senator starts a company that with full intentions of skirting the system and fraudulently making claims raking loads out of it. How do they stay out of the Frey? How do you think Congresspeople and Senators get filthy rich while in office. Playoffs and kickbacks of course!
          Not directly but thru obscure off shore accounts.
          IF we refuse to participate in this thing the entire system will collapse. You don’t have a game if you don’t have any players.
          The government it self is allowed to exist by our good graces and permission.
          Without us, it’s nothing and no longer exist. Which might not be a bad thing.
          I can’t help but to believe that somebody will figure a way to circumvent this nonsense and twist it back on them.

            • that’s the way i heard and read it
              people have been giving interest free loans to the government too long one problem you have to pay in what the tax that you owed last year to avoid a penalty for not paying quarterly
              so get last yrs return out see what the actual tax liability was and if your making similar money have only that much taken out
              remember you have all next year to fine tune the withholding

            • sixpack
              i think once people start using this method the regs will be rewritten so they can use all thier dirty tricks to get the money they feel they are owed

              • Exactly, think IRS wage garnishments….

              • I’m sure you’re right. But in the mean time, we CAN avoid getting stomped for a while, anyway. This might give more sheeple time to get acquainted with reality, maybe even start acting like they care.

            • Sixpack,
              It is true at the present time. All they can do is take your 2014 refund when you file in 2015. But I’m not sure that will work indefinitely.

              First, They can take the money you owe out of the FIRST money withheld in 2015. Then when you file in 2016, you will still owe your 2015 income taxes plus your 2015 penalty. But you will find you owe more for 2015 than you expected because the first money withheld will be applied to your previous balance. Then they can come after you for the balance of your 2014 penalty.

              You would be temporarily off the hook for the 2015 penalty, but it would come off the top of the taxes withheld in January 2016. And so on.

              But they will probably fix the law before that because with millions of people underwithholding instead of overwithholding, that will screw up their cash flow.

              Just my opinion.

              • Yup, and you’re opinion counts too.

          • The cskrs fix is a single payer system.

          • @ Hammerun,

            I like the way you think. As you say, Obummer care is designed to fail, and raise a clamor among the “where’s my free shit” crowd for single payer.

            I have not had health insurance for five years. My net worth is my insurer. What I”ve done is tell health providers I’m self pay. I pay cash. They usually cut me a 15 % discount because there’s no corporate crony looking over their shoulder.

            Just as “reasonable measures to curtail gun violence” is statist code for “another step closer to confiscation” this is another step closer to shearing and eating the sheep.

            Don’t be a sheep. We don’t need leaders. We need liberty.

            Free men and women need nothing more from “government” than to be left alone.

          • Obama the choc Jesus, be here to gibs out dat free stuff!

          • Hunter,

            If they are implementing this program…we know what they PLAN to do next.

            May God help us.

          • Snopes says the RFID requirement of chipping the children did not make it into the final version of Obamacare. However, given the availability of the technology, I’d bet it will eventually be implemented, especially under the pretense of protecting our children.

            • Plans to have the population receive the RFID chip were included in the original Obamacare bill. Thankfully, Section 2521, Pg. 1001 was removed from the final version that passed.

              So, we know chipping the population was part of their plan.

              However, the final version of Obamacare provides a “back door” by granting authority to “enact future regulations for smooth implementation” of Obamacare.

              I believe receiving the chip would begin as a voluntary program. Of course, they would first target the young and the elderly (such as retired elderly widowed teachers).

              • I think they’ll target the elderly in nursing homes first, claiming the need because of alzheimers and other “medical” reasons, like diabetes. They are one of the most vulnerable and controlled populations at this time, and they can claim these people need to be monitored for their own good. There usually isn’t anybody around, to object on their behalf.

                Children in state custody is the second group to be targeted. Those children don’t usually have parents who can afford legal representation, and most have already been declared “unfit” for one reason or another.

                They have already thought about chipping prisoners, but it was too hard to justify monitoring an already captive population. Most parolees aren’t on parole permanently and, they’d have to deal with “unchipping” them as they completed their parole/probation, so they scrapped that idea.

                They are working on something the public will stomach, as we speak…they’ll probably target the lazy with convenience.

        • Who do you hate more?

          Porter Stansberry or Barack Obama or both?!

          I vote for BOTH.

        • Planetary Devastation

        • You see, this is the thing with progressives. They think that they can get the govt to just give stuff to people and it’s all going to be free. They have no clue that someone is going to have to pay for it. Now that they are in the group of someones it’s like they’re in shock, like their whole belief system just imploded.

          • @ Reynaldo,

            Bells peal. Unfortunately, most folks with whom I socialize are progressive. They construct this mental image of themselves, “we’re so generous, so compassionate, thus morally superior compared to [non-progressives] (sic)

            It’s a fact their emotionally reached global views don’t want to deal with that they are being generous with other peoples’ money. And how dare those nasty selfish people object? [their view, not mine]

            I anticipate with glee hearing that shattering glass sound across the land when, having run out of other people’s money to spread around, the progressive’s reality shatters.

            “Don’t ask me where the money comes from. I don’t care. Don’t ask me if the results meet the intentions. Again, don’t care. I don’t hafta care about real world anything. I’m superior independent of any inconvenient fact because I’m a LIBERAL.”
            [dissecting progressive “social justice” theory]

        • The comments regarding Obamacare: Anthem Blue Cross’s President makes comments about this and yet her company is for profit. I wonder how much she makes…..mmmhhhmmm!

        • This could have been a legitimate read until “capitalist PIG republican was thrown in.

      2. “You can sign-up by mail if you’re having trouble with the online registration. President Obama

        “Only the government could design a website that’s slower than the U.S. mail.” Jay Leno

      3. The shocking about face by the liberal media on ACA is without precedent. If the media is against it, it is doomed. Without the 20 somethings signing up, it is doomed. This could be the catalyst needed to stop the liberals.

        • No, because then it will default to the single payer which is what they wanted all along because they knew Ocrapcare was a failure

          • It’s already defaulting toward single payer. They’re signing up a lot more people for Medicaid than for “insurance”.

            • only in the traitor states like NY,Ca Il

        • “Without the 20 somethings signing up it is doomed”.

          With the economy in the mess that it is, the 20 somethings will not be able to afford to contribute. So they will be part of those getting free Obamacare. The 20 somethings have a very high unemployment rate. They had been counted on to buy insurance and not get sick. But they can’t afford insurance especially this insurance.

          By the way, doomed, is what the White House wants. Way back in the beginning they wanted full government medical. When the people refused that, this was drafted based on a failed system from Chicago. The White House knew this would fail just as spectacularly and it is right on track. Obama said, when the people are hurting enough they will take anything we offer them and that will be government medical. Also known as communist medical.

          Stop calling things “socialist”. It is communist. Call it what it is.

          • C says: “Stop calling things “socialist”. It is communist.”

            Uh, no. For one, Communism IS Socialism.

            But what we have now is a preverted form of Fascism blended with an oligarchy.

            In communism, the corporations are owned and ran by the government.

            In Fascism blended with an oligarchy, the government is run by the corporations.

            …Or have you never heard of the revolving doors in relation to Monsanto and big phrama?
            A.k.a. regulatory capture, etc…

      4. Work and survive outside the system where ever possible,consider bartering ect.You choose to help out folks with your time and or monies,well,good for you,I do also.That said we can figure out ourselves the best and least costly way to help others,can do a way better job then the fed!We may not be able to starve the beast to death but we can to a degree weaken it financially and psychologically before it comes hunting for folks.Those who have ridden the free ride for a lifetime,a part of me does not blame you but your days are numbered and very short when times get tough unless you get a plan together now,it is never too late IF you put your mind to it.

      5. Is this the prelude for the mark of the Beast? Alaska thinks so. Only three people signed up in the whole state? Are they turning their backs on this B.S. .

        • Ya think maybe they’ll let us figure our taxes by not counting our paychecks as income?

          Didn’t think so…

      6. Wait until next year when it really hits the fan. First off the slight increase you might be seeing right now is only because insurance companies have been notifying their biggest customers (companies) that if they enroll before the end of the year they can give them decent prices.

        Next year, all bets are off. Premiums might double, triple or even quadruple. My company currently pays 77% of my premiums. You think they’re going to pay that when it triples? They are either going to pass the increase back to us, limit our coverage, lay people off or a combination of all.

        This is what the POS in the WH has wanted all along. All of us in one crappy system, so we can pay for his party’s votes.

        • See, that works when you start from “near death” and get saved.

          Not so much when you start from “more or less comfortable” and go to “barely hanging on by your fingernails”.

          Slight miscalculation there.

          And no one will forget for 20 years. Little too late to be of any use to his party.

          Surest possible way for him to completely destroy his entire political party is by following that strategy.

        • Arco – My premiums have already just about doubled, and my deductible has gone from $3000 to $12000. I can’t wait until I see what happens next year…. NOT!

      7. How ironic if the result of Obamacare is that fewer americans will have healthcare coverage than before this garbage was stong-armed into law….

        • That is a free market slapping the government and insurance companies in the face, if i were a doctor i would start my own co-op, pay so much a month and get free checkups and office visits, and then for minor surgeries etc its all covered in house, no reason that couldnt work, majority of people just have small stuff anyway, and want to know their doctor,

          • I’ve been preaching this to anyone who will listen. If there were no insurance companies, no medicaid, no medicare, no govt interference in health care, a doctor visit would cost $35 cash and he/she would not need a staff of 10 adminstrators to do all the govt paperwork. Doctors could even go back to making housecalls. Back in the day when it was like this, most doctors treated people who could not afford even that modest fee for free or in trade. Insurance and entitlements by their very nature are direct subsidies to the consumer. When you subsidize the consumer for anything the price of that thing will always go up. That requires raising the subsidy and then prices will go up again, and on and on.

            • Back in’09 I was out of work with no insurance. I have kidney condition that flares up once in awhile. I went to my doctor. He knew what was wrong, I knew what was wrong. In the past when I had insurance, he would have to run a bunch of tests to write a script so the insurance company would pay for it. When I told him I didn’t have insurance, he wrote two scripts that cost $35 and charged me $40 for the office visit. When I had insurance, the bill would have been more like $240.

      8. How ironic if the result of Obamacare is that fewer americans will have healthcare coverage than before this garbage was stong-armed into law….

      9. Last night on the NBC news ( yeah, I watch it for entertainment ), reporter standing in front of the White House parrots: “Over half of young people will be able to buy health insurance for $50 a month”.

        ANYBODY in their right mind believe that ?

        They are simply lying to our faces ( like “You can keep your present health insurance and doctors if you like them ” ), and don’t care whether you know it or not.

        • Sad fact: there are not nearly enough people IN their right minds….hence the shit sandwich we’ve been handed for dinner. twice.

        • They should get Baghdad Bob to promote Obamacare. It would have more credibility.

          • we do his name is Jim

        • I would like to see even one person that pays $50 per month. Every patient I know of pays at least several hundred. Certainly the Medicare patients do. Maybe some states have a low payment for Medicaid and there is Health Access for children, but I still doubt his numbers.

      10. Hey Obama supporters… YOU’VE JUST BEEN F@#kED !!!

        • Call 1-800-FUCKYO

        • Did they at least have the decency to give a reach around?

        • “Hey Obama supporters… YOU’VE JUST BEEN F@#kED !!!”

          THUMBS UP!
          THUMBS UP!
          THUMBS UP!
          THUMBS UP!
          THUMBS UP!
          THUMBS UP!
          THUMBS UP!
          THUMBS UP!
          THUMBS UP!
          THUMBS UP!

      11. This is so amazing … Where did these people think the money was going to come from? Even at a young age I knew when my father said he needed to plant another “money tree” out back I knew he was joking. Apparently these people were the ones who heard that saying and quickly grabbed their watering can and started watering dirt … Then went on looking for unicorns & leprechauns! Now they stand dumbfounded, scratching their heads wondering how in the heck we got here! Duh!

        • You want unicorns and leprechauns get a box of Lucky Charms!By the time you eat enuff GMO’s you will be seeing em everywhere,not just in the cereal.

          • Hey be careful there I like lucky charms in the middle of the night! i also like them there kandy kakes when ya wake up an it aint time to go feed the girls. besides the dog likes the pink hearts, blue moons. HEHEHE wildman out

      12. Me- from the lefts perspective. Tell him You understand his desire to better his situation and you will be happy to let him take whatever he needs from you. Make him understand that you maybe in his same shoes if. It weren’t for government helping you obtain your wealth.

        Oh and invite him to bring his friends to your property, if they have needs also.

      13. Obamacare premium – $400.00

        Penalty for not buying Obamacare – $500.00

        Obamacare deductable – $6000.00

        Watching a braindead Obamabot zombie who thought they were going to get free insurance paid for by someone else realize they are the “someone else” – PRICELESS!!

        • it going to be great watching the people who do not read and understand the fraud ins when they walk into the dr office and think they get all the care free and the receptionist hands them a 200=to 500 bill well your deductibles 6k since theirs absolutely no cost savings as part of the bill but millions of seniors are losing there doctors especially if they have the great obamacare loving aarp insurance

      14. Ms.Kehaly………go FUCK YOURSELF you uneducated dimwit !!!!!
        Enjoy your obamaSCARE !!!!
        Let me guess Ms. Kehaly…..you were uninformed right? FORCED healthcare is unconstitutional but your a brainwashed DIMWIT and didn’t know that ! Enjoy BITCH

      15. Affordable Health Care or, ObamaCare as it is commonly referred to, was never meant to be implemented. It’s simply a strategic method for increasing emotional, mental and physical demands/entropy on a society and system that is already floundering on the brink. It’s meant to dismantle and create havoc for the “Republic” or, what was once a Republic and to establish a means for complete and thorough control over the masses.

        Hopefully, it will back fire on them, however, the fact that “Health Care” is based on dealing with problems on the level of the problem, rather than on the level of solutions (prevention) leaves one to ponder: Is the “patient” already too ill to ever recover?

        • Posted again:

          ACA was not ready to launch, but it was pushed to generate huge profits for health insurance companies as the government is getting a share of the added revenue in the form of taxes from the insurance companies charging massive premiums –about 200 billion a year in tax revenue that was the lure to get other lenders to buy more treasury bonds.
          It didn’t work because no one is signing up for ACA.
          Canada got the software contract @ 88 million 3 years ago. Most of the work was shopped out to India. Last minute changes in the basic architecture of the system was to get people to go through the enrollment giving the name and banking information before seeing the costs/options offered. It was a trap contrary to marketing ethics. When you opted out, you were emailed that a huge fine would be assessed if you didn’t go back in and choose an insurance plan.
          This was a pork barrel project from day one that could have been designed for $5 million. Last estimate of the ACA implementation cost was 600 million with another 100 million to make it successful.
          This is simply a ‘cash grab’ to try and generate immediate new tax revenues to lure lenders to prop up the govt. which is in a free fall economic collapse as we speak and it is failing –notice the return to global warming schemes lately??

          • Notice how quickly OBAMA CARE morphed into ACA Affordable Care Act

            LOL He doesn’t even want HIS name on this Debacle anymore

            • Oh, it maybe was my choice of the wording–I can’t stand to see him, hear him, or even write the pig’s name!!
              How do we type the throw up symbol??

            • Actually, the “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” is it’s official name.

              From Wikipedia…

              The term “Obamacare” was originally coined by opponents, notably Mitt Romney in 2007, as a pejorative term. According to The New York Times, the term was first put in print in March 2007, when healthcare lobbyist Jeanne Schulte Scott penned it in a health industry journal. “We will soon see a ‘Giuliani-care’ and ‘Obama-care’ to go along with ‘McCain-care,’ ‘Edwards-care,’ and a totally revamped and remodeled ‘Hillary-care’ from the 1990s”, Schulte Scott wrote.[2][295] According to research by Elspeth Reeve at The Atlantic magazine, the expression Obamacare first was used in early 2007 generally by writers describing the candidate’s proposal for expanding coverage for the uninsured[296] The word was first uttered in a political campaign by Mitt Romney in May 2007 in Des Moines, Iowa. Romney said, “In my state, I worked on healthcare for some time. We had half a million people without insurance, and I said, ‘How can we get those people insured without raising taxes and without having government take over healthcare?’. And let me tell you, if we don’t do it, the Democrats will. If the Democrats do it, it will be socialized medicine; it’ll be government-managed care. It’ll be what’s known as Hillarycare or Barack Obamacare, or whatever you want to call it.”[2]

              By mid-2012, Obamacare had become the most common colloquial term used to refer to the law by both supporters and opponents. In contrast, the use of “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” or “Affordable Care Act” became limited to more formal and official use.[296] Use of the term in a positive sense was suggested by Democratic politicians such as John Conyers.[297] President Obama endorsed the nickname, saying, “I have no problem with people saying Obama cares. I do care.”[298] Because of the number of “Obamacare” search engine queries, the Department of Health and Human Services purchased Google advertisements, triggered by the term, to direct people to the official HHS site.[299] In March 2012, the Obama reelection campaign embraced the term “Obamacare”, urging Obama’s supporters to post Twitter messages that begin, “I like #Obamacare because…”.[300] After its debut as a phrase on Capitol Hill, according to an analysis by the Sunlight Foundation, from July 2009 to June 2012 the term “Obamacare” was used nearly 3,000 times in congressional speeches.[2]

              In 2013 the Associated Press and NPR began cutting back on use of the term.[301] Stuart Seidel, NPR’s managing editor, said that the term “seems to be straddling somewhere between being a politically-charged term and an accepted part of the vernacular.”[302]

      16. Oh I would imagine it’s going to get a whole lot worse than this, I don’t think they have even got through 1/2 of the bill that was passed !!! Better keep adding the #10 cans & other preps at warp speed now !!! The shit has really started to flow now and is picking up speed, be ready !

      17. I love the arguement from libs that the supreme court approved it so it’s constitutional. BS this is a hand picked commie supreme court that was given their positions to push barry’s nwo agenda. Damn, does the NWO ever take a day off?

        • Nope…..while we work our 8 , they use OUR money to find ways to fuck us !!!
          WE need to be the change , not some god only knows who he is !!!

        • Ya…a lot of people seem to think that if something is ruled constitutional then its the same as upright and moral…ah…it aint so Virginia!

        • So was the Dred Scott decision, and interning the Japanese-Americans in 1942, all found constitutional. For the time being, anyway.

      18. 50 dollars a month healthcare. The targeted people would not be able to afford the bill. The care would be minimal anyway. Might as well just ignore the mandate.

      19. Let them fester; let them rot.

      20. {{{Turns out that YOU are now paying for not only your own health care, but the health care of millions of Americans who, until you so graciously supported the new health care mandates, would have had to cover their own expenses out of their own pockets.}}}

        Turns out to be forced donations to the insurance companies by the looks of the premiums vs. deductibles. 😉

      21. From Steve Quayle site:

        Got this last night,
        “CDC created new team for pandemic response. 1000 officers, for the 1000 climate controlled tents and the 1000 Mortuary tarilers FEMA ordered”

        Looks like its Game On.


        • Those are the new jobs obummer created this month!

        • The CDC is supposedly looking for more commissioned officers for the Public Health Corps. Apparently H7N9 has flared up again in China after being calm over the summer. Someone finally decided that an epidemic here in the US could be a major problem and they’re doing some preparations.
          Also the last few months there has been some swine flu going around- almost all in the pig population but a scattering of human cases.
          In addition, Mexico has had some avian flu cases (but NOT H7N9).
          The flu season hasn’t really started yet.

      22. From Porter Stansberry in the S&A Digest

        “…how America was packaged and sold to our foreign creditors – mostly the Chinese…

        Since 1996, the Chinese have made 51 major acquisitions in America, including deals to own or control iconic U.S. assets like computer giant IBM, carmaker GM, meat producer Smithfield Foods, U.S. power company AES Corp., major airplane lessor International Lease Finance Corp., investment bank Morgan Stanley, and private-equity firm Blackstone Group. They’ve also bought trophy real estate around the U.S., like the GM Tower.

        These deals didn’t happen by accident. They happened because the U.S. continues to consume far more than it produces. We finance this consumption with debt that’s owned in large measure by foreign creditors. Take the U.S. Treasury debt, for example.

        At nearly $17 trillion, this is the world’s largest pile of obligations. If you exclude Treasury obligations held by the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve, 54% of the remaining obligations are held by foreign creditors. And these foreign debts continue to grow rapidly – at about $500 billion annually.”


          • 7mil might not be enough!

          • so the 100 Grand bar will be renamed the ______ (fill in the blank)

      23. Well I hope for their sakes the Obama supporters now understand what we’ve been saying for years about the ACA. Maybe they’ll start questioning other things Obama has been pushing, maybe even questioning their own philosophy. Naaaaaaaaaaaaah! I’m dreaming! [SARCASM INTENDED]

      24. If something appears too good to be true, it usually is.

      25. I hope they shut down the banks and restrict withdrawals. Then the can move on to take your 401’s and IRA’s plus others retirements. I’m sure mine will be included. Have as many doctors leave practice and insurance premiums go up. Mine went up. Have the work week cut to 29 hours or cut employees.

        Lots of hurt there. No matter how we look at it, we are all going to have to pay for each others sins, even though we will not like it.

      26. There are 2000 companies that have an exmption from obamacare, muslims are exempt also(gee I wonder why)….

        Wait until the “Death Panels” kick in….. Anyone think the sheeple will awaken by then…??? When that happens it will be too late….

      27. Read this on a posting board somewhere… I thought it was interesting.
        read on….

        Ha ha you stupid dems.

        Welome to socialism.

        What’ the difference between a dem and a repub?

        The dem is getting stuck by the rising health care costs.

        The repub…just tells the boss to give him a raise…as the smart
        repub. build all the employers systems and it all comes crashing down without him.

        Yeah…. got it?

        Repubs 1, dems 0 and headed into negative land.

        I know many industrious guys who are planning on having zero employees in their new web ventures.

        Survival of the fittest.

        My guy down at the pizza shop was hiring and he walks out to check the bumper sticker and any obummer dudes get the polite.. “We’ll be calling you”… Yeah right.

        See… Capitalist revenge.

        Those who enslave you with taxes and social programs will be excluded.

      28. Hot Dang! The past year looks like it’s been a Great time to go into further debt and buy a house. It’s all local, don’tchya know?
        Just imagine all these new extra Obombacare taxes added onto your monthly bill. Isn’t it fantastic!? And, it varies by location, that’s how you know it’s all local!

        Aren’t you glad you listened to those who told you Now is The Time to become a debt donkey?
        Please don’t be concerned that there are millions of others out there who are wayy ahead of you in creating all that lovely equity in their homes, you might still have time!? And just ignore all those unhappy tales of being upside down, they just weren’t sthmart enough, like you.?

        And especially don’t worry about a rising rate environment coupled with excessively punitive taxes, that isn’t going to crush your dreams of being a homeower, just keep plugging away, after all, millions on welfare depend upon you, and that includes those in uniforms!

        …Speaking of uniforms, I talked with a man whose son was in the military. The father read his son’s mail while his son was off crushing the enemies of the empire, or killing families via drone, I forget which. In one piece of mail, the penalties were spelled out in extra fine print, slightly unreadable, and almost un-noticeable. It said:

        failure to pay for your Obombacare may and will result in liens being placed upon your house. And in the event you do not own a home, a lien will be placed against your automobile.

        Now how’s that for good news (!?) heard second hand direct from an honest man with no reason to lie? [I’d give that man the benefit of the doubt before any others I’ve ever known.]

        Anyway, if you refuse to pay, I guess maybe you’re lucky if you don’t own a house or a car, oh wait… the so-called experts said that was the road to riches beyond your wildest dreams. What’s going on here?

        I’m sure the Republican RINOS will come to the rescue by dismantling Obombacare and replacing it with something slightly less un-good that will be double-plus un-fun and only half as expensive for the first six months.

        See, I knew everything was rosy. Ya just gotta engage your overlords so they know which face to put the boot to.

        …Oh wait, that doesn’t seem Dreamtime-like, At All. Especially after you’ve signed on the dotted line to a lifetime of debt payments for a house, a worthless college education (where’s the jobs?) or that fine fancy automobile. I mean, it’s not like Doctors are quitting in droves, or anything… and then there’s that off-shoring thing nobody wants to admit is caused by our own policies of regulation and taxation here in the good ole unitedstate.

        Well, I’m sure the Mafioso, er our benevolent all-caring overlords would find some way to avoid taking, taxing or regulating you to the poorhouse. I mean, they would rather take a loss of power and finance than to ever take what’s yours, right?
        That’s why people vote for them, so they can take stuff.
        That’s what they do.
        …Only, they won’t take your stuff, they promise. Time, after time, after time.
        Don’t you believe them this time?

        So just go out there and hug anyone whose ever encouraged you to go into debt to buy a house, or get an un-payable or crushing student loan, or to just plain vote for who gets to rip you off. Just show them your love.

        …And maybe a cold shoulder, too?

        Because it’ll all be peaches and creme from here on out, just like on the TV! …Right?

      29. How can anything be free in BO’s little world? Every last dollar put on to credit must be paid, WITH INTEREST. BO care is nothing different, someone has to pay for it. Guess whom that is. Yup, you guessed it, the taxpayer. Not that person that lives on welfare, no the taxpayer. That is why there are 32 states in which it is more profitable to go on welfare than work.

        Good old BO. Let the healthy that actually take the time to stay healthy and the effort, to support the people that waste their bodies away. Let’s see now, people over 65 automatically get Medicare, so it must be the people under 65 that don’t take care of themselves that the whole BO care is suppose to take care of.

        In other words if you stay healthy and keep your body free of disease and eat right, not become a 500 pound heifer, exercise, etc. YOU ARE PENALIZED. You the healthy are suppose to keep the people that abuse their bodies with drugs, pure junk food, rot their teeth away alive, BARELY, while you get higher and higher premiums from a system that caters to the fat asses and the un healthy by choice. That SUCKS. This whole afforadable health care manure reeks so bad that even the flies want nothing to do with it.

        BO is the ultimate failure. I thought Bush Jr was terrible, especially after the 2008 free fall of the economy that he lead over in that 8 years after Bubba set the whole stage for this to happen and eventually fail. Nope, BO is awful, everything he does is boned. He F’s everything he touches. I don’t know how anyone could support this BO. Even if BO is a puppet, he sucks as a puppet. Even if this has been all planned all along, that is not even working out too well. I “almost” felt sorry for BO, for a couple of seconds, as it is incredible how anyone could be such a loser and look like a total blockhead to anyone on this planet that is paying attention.

        • BI,

          This is just another weapon against US. Everything you wrote was Karl Marx’s wet dreams, how do enslave the best, to coddle the useless. A weapon of control and division, nothing less, nothing more.

          Meanwhile, the controllers sit back, gaining more power, by the minute.

          America, REAL America, is gone. All that is left is a shell, propped up by lies, and fraud.

          It is waaaay past time to reset, and there is only one way left to do it.

      30. In a related story, Great Britain just pulled the plug on their healthcare database. Eleven billion POUNDS STERLING, and it’s a total failure.

      31. *sigh*

        Kind of a slow doom day.

      32. Shit! What has America become? You mean I must pay for my own healthcare. What next! Should I also pay for my student loan, rent, and car too!!!! I’m going Home !!!!

      33. “She said, ‘I was all for Obamacare until I found out I was paying for it,’ ” Ms. Kehaly said, in the Los Angeles Times.


      34. Does anyone see Obama like a back stabbing lying coworker out there?

        History will be quite cruel to him I think.

        ha.. the Nobel peace guy who was trying to go to war.
        Fucking joke.

        OK…it’s time we all get past the Kumbya with the beige guy
        and get back to real work.

        Got factories? Job jobs?

      35. well, most intelligent comment i’ve heard on MSM in a while foxbusiness loudobbs guest “They want this plan to fail so they can ram a single payer system down our throats”. ya think?
        They showed headlines from 5 Obama darling News Papers…..long story short they’re PISSED. Setting the stage for obammy to save the day with nationalized healthcare? or waking up? I would like to think it’s the latter, but since i’ve been hanging around here, I’m not so stupid as to think it’s anything but the former.

        Can’t wait to have the day off saturday, going balls to the walls on more preps. I need about 40 more hours in the week to do all that needs to be done round here. House is a mess, but at least i’ll be warm and eating 3 squares a day if SHTF.

        • There were a few people who went along with this thinking it would eventually lead to a single payer system but let’s look at the major players:

          Sebelius has a background ground of working for the insurance companies. And weren’t they just salivating at the idea of everyone being forced to buy their product?

          The Pharmaceuticals were given a golden deal from the very start- no government negotiations over pricing for government institutions.

          The AMA went contrary to the majority of physicians. Their money comes from selling coding to the insurance companies and they no longer represent the majority of the physicians in this country so they ignored the doctors’ concerns about the impact on medical practice and patient care.

          Congress was eager to get anything passed as long as they got their take from the system.

          What a great way to govern a country.

      36. Look I’ve been paying for this law since 2009. My renewal is in February each year and in 2009 just the thought of obamacare had the insurance companies raising rate on regulatory compliance 15.87%. In 2010 before the law past we got a 19.49% increase. By 2011 we had to change to a higher deductible plan to afford it and still took a 21% increase. 2012 gave us yet another 25% rate increase and 2013 gave us a 21.89% increase. At that point we thought we may be past the worst, but in September we got a choice to pay a whopping 29% more or our policy would terminate in February of 2014 and we had to renew in December 2013 to protect ourselves till December 2014. So from 2009 to 2013 we went from $342 a month to $940 a month with less coverage and higher deductibles.

        Just think of the financial impact, let’s just say taking $6,000 to $10,000 per family out of the economy will have!! We’re not talking about a washer/dryer here, we,re talking cars and in some cases homes that won’t be sold.

        The bottom line is we are not talking about a ripple affect to the economy, we’re talking tsunami affect. Obamacare is a wreaking ball to the economy! Buckle up folks things are about to get a lot worse!!!!!

        • Im taking the money i would have spent on health insurance and have been dumping it almost entirely into preps for the last year, that buys a lot of er um bullets, beans and bandaids ahem and a few other rather costly long range tools! And im not any sicker or healthier than i was this time last year! Whoda thunk it

      37. Are commie girls hot? ha I’m just saying….

        If I have great health insurance…can we barter with it for “things”. ha ha


        • They have hairy armpits and don’t use tampons. So no, they’re not.

          I also hope you like pot because they are up to their (hairy) armpits in it.

      38. It’s rigged to fail so that our great leader
        Hilary care can save us remember this whole
        Pile of BS started with her 20 yrs ago
        We are in way deep its splattered on the walls gang
        It hit the fan and you were all asleep waking up now
        Only prolongs your pain…

        • That’s a good point. Keep plugging along with 0bamacare, then around the next election when it is shown to everyone to be a total failure, have Hillary come in with a fully nationalized healthcare plan to “save the day.” Kill 2 birds with one stone, get another commie in as president, and get a commie healthcare system fully implemented. No one said these lib bastards weren’t smart….

      39. Gee, no free lunch. Imagine that. Next thing we’re going to find out is that the money tree is fake.

      40. Always remember that the current government spending on heath care is enough – at about $1 trillion per year – all by itself, to fully fund a British style universal health care system for the US. We’re already paying for it.

        Your tax dollars are already there, alredy being spent on health care, we’re not getting any of that- we’re getting screwed.

        On top of this screw job, they want us to pay some shithook insurance corporation several grand per year, for a crappy policy with a huge deductable. Just so some sack of garbage corporate executive can receive the level of ‘executive compensation’ to which he wished to become accustomed.

        • yep
          massive corporate give away

          Americans are so getting screwed
          Obamacare or not

          we have the worlds most expensive health care
          not the worlds best

          its like spending $50,000
          if you come home with a Cadillac Escalade
          but we’re coming back with a two year old Buick
          that already has 100,000 miles on it

      41. To my poor American neighbours you don’t have a health care system you have a heath care rip off system. You are still paying out to PRIVATE Insurance providers for your care…how do you ever think it will get cheaper?
        They (The Private Insurance companies) have shareholders and expensive CEO’s and claims departments. You spend more on Health then anyone else in the world yet only 23% of each dollar you spend on Health actually goes to provide you health services the rest went to some fat ass over paid CEO, Banker, bloated claims department and greedy shareholder(s). Most Health Care systems around the world like Canada’s (which does have private health providers like Blue Cross) have only a Provincially run program with some Federal Government support (211 billion dollars total bill- whole country! yes that’s right 211 billion) In short, no CEO’s NO shareholders except the people of that Province 1 provider not 10 per Province. That’s how you have a cheaper system. Please before anyone starts to complain about quality – no system is perfect but its not that bad. Just One Canadian opinion with American (much poorer) relatives. Cheers

        • Sorry to break the bad news to you guys but you are stuck with it. It will not implode because they’ll keep throwing more and more of your money at it to “improve” it and make it “better”. We got Medicare down here in the 70’s and the premium was (and still is) based on a Levy – currently 1.5% of your taxable income. Of course if you are a welfare parasite you dont have to pay the levy but you can suck off the system all you like. I have full private health cover but still have to pay the “levy” because – well you know, the “disadvantaged” have to be looked after too dont they. My health Insurance is around $400 a month but really all that does is let me jump any queue for treatment but I have to pay out of my pocket any “gap” between the Doctors fee and the Medicare rebate.

          Of course as soon as “free” healthcare came in the Doctors raised their fees and the health insurance companies jacked their premiums to hell and back and reduced what you can claim for. And if you dont have private insurance you get penalised even more when you do your tax return – but the “entitlement class” dont have to worry “coz da gubbermint be lookin’ after us, hey”.

          Bend over yanks (dont mean that to be insulting), you know whats coming dontcha?


          • Aussie and GWN: Why do you think we’re so pissed? The current situation in our nation totally SUCKS!!

            So we’re mad as hell and we’re NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE…yeah, right. With 1 generation of lazy liberals (including in the White House), 2 generations of stupid in the general public, and 3 generations of manipulative, thieving control freaks in Congress….how the hell can it get fixed?

            It’s like swimming upstream in a pile of sewage while it’s raining acid.

      42. X 2.3 solar flare about 6:30 PM. They’re starting to approach levels that might affect us.

        • ObamaCare does not cover sunburn.

        • @ Archivist. Have you noticed that these flares seem to be on the western or eastern fringes of the Sun? It seems like the Sun for right now is not erupting any of these X flares towards the middle of the Sun, Earth directed. Any X flare from 1 to 5 is like a category one hurricane, 6 to 10 like a category 2 hurricane, 11 to 15 a category 3, 16 to 25 a category 4, and X-26 or more a category 5. I think it would take something in the double digit X class to really whack the planet’s electric systems. X flare above 10 are not as uncommon as people think.

          • Its on the departing side

        • Good Evening All,

          Good job ‘A’…on it like a duck on a junebug, I see!

          Fortunately, (or otherwise, if THAT is your persuasion)
          the region emitting this flare was actually 11875…which is VERY near to passing off the face of the Sun around the the Western limb at this point; ergo, there is LITTLE OR NO danger here involved…

          Evening BI, i just perused your latest below; I saw that we had had incidents at Svalbard, Visokoi and at others places as well…is it JUST me here, or does the incidence of ‘Polar Bears’ here over the last 24 hours seem a little bit HIGH?

          Aside from that your observation that the flaring is primarily occurring at ‘off-angles’ is spot-on; little if anything has occurred – other than for the LDE M-flare(s) a couple of days ago. That said, there may well be a underlying cause for that…

          Just as we SEE large, looping prominences inhabiting the Heliosphere above the surface of the Sun (on various spectral imaging) it is the case that those large loops have a Sub-surface Solar component as well; those do NOT simply ‘End’ at the surface o the Sun but are in fact extensions of more deeply penetrant phenomena. Specifically, these long loops fully inhabit the outer regions of the ‘mantle’ of the Sun itself, ie, interior of the Sun as well.

          The reason for mentioning this is simple; some 24 hour ago I saw the damn-dest emission curve I have yet seen in all the time I have watched Solar activity…THAT is the one I ‘shouted out’ about a bit ago, to you BI. There, it happened that what was occurring were multiple, similar magnitude, near-simultaneous flares…from broadly removed, seperate area’s on the solar face. Neither did it appear that these occurrances were simple random action at a distance type ‘stuff’.

          The sole reasonable explanation for these ‘coincidences’ is that a latent (hidden, probably DEEP) process within the Sun was affecting the magnetic field within it’s bulk thus producing closely coupled, SIMULTANEOUS, similar magnitude flares at IT’S ENDS, where they emerge from the body of the Sun’s mass.

          What process this might be is simply ‘unknown’…there IS much that we do not ‘know’…though here we do KNOW that the interior of the sun in it’s outermost layers (think up to about 70,000 miles deep) is in effect, a large series (several) of solar plasma ‘conveyor belts’ for want of a better, more graphic description. And NO, this is far enough along ‘what we know’ that anything else given here would be base speculation, hence, no explicit implication can therefrom CAN be inferred.

          The amount of sudden activity though is ‘interesting’, surely that goes without saying!

          Lastly, thanks for your ‘read’ on the seismic front…I have been wondering since all those area’s lit up over the last 36 hours….


      43. Hey all you Obamanites.


        Break Out Another Thousand.

        Going to get everyone covered, but it is going to cost us out the ass. Hahahahahaha!

      44. Number 29 just happened around Yemen that says huge quake coming. Number 19 that says a 8+ is coming. This same spot has been hit before at 14.7N by 54.7E. In 1975 a 7.7 hit in Chile after this. In 1994 this exact spot was hit on May 26, 1994, 7.8 in Java, June 2, and then on June 9, 1994, 14 days later the second largest ever deep focus earthquake hit Bolivia at 8.2. Until last May 24 this year, that mega deep focus quake was the largest one ever recorded. In 2005, same area, then Pakistan got a 7.6 that killed 86,000 people. Then in 2006 same spot and then the Kuril Islands had a 8.3.

        It is not ending, these previous locations that have been hit and had great or mega quakes afterwards continue to show something bad is coming. That 1994 quake they felt in Minneapolis it was so deep and so large. This is the 19th. quake out of 32 that says a 8+ is coming. the 29th out of 32 that says at least a 7.5+ is on the way. The planet is moaning. The areas still point to China/India border regions, central Japan (Toyko area), Eastern Russia to the Aleutian Islands, Southern Alaska, the Cascadia fault, Central America and Caribbean, and more now the northwest coast of South America as the most likely areas to get hit with 15 days from today’s date. November 13. Until a major quake resets that date, look between today and Nov. 13 as the most probable time frame. The areas could change as more precursor quakes start to appear.

        • BI: I am sincerely hoping and praying that I will wake up some day REAL soon and that you will have predicted “within 15 days” at least an 8.5 earthquake dead center under D.C., with Congress in session with Odumbass is at the WH.

      45. For sh*t’s sake…



        Kind of a REALLY BIG DIFFERENCE isn’t there?

        There’s no “care” here. They’re forcing you to line insurance companies’ pockets. That’s what this is. Nowhere is “health care” anywhere in this equation.

        I mean… can people be THAT stupid?

        • Coupla nits to pick. If you can buy the policy after you get sick, it’s not insurance, it’s welfare.

          The biggest private sector ripoff in all this isn’t the insurance companies, it’s the big hospital holding companies, and (sad to say) a lot of doctor groups who have set up government enforced monopolies to keep competition away. Look at the licensing process for a new hospital. You have to get permission from a government board staffed with people who work for the existing hospitals.

          The biggest single Government screw-job is EMTALA. An act of congress which forces hospitals to serve people whom they know cannot pay. Which is how you have illegal Mexican mothers getting a million dollars of treatment for their sick kids, yet they pay zero.

          And guess what? After claiming that illegals would not be eligible, they are now openly advertising to illegals that signing up for Obamacare and/or Medicaid won’t be used to deport them. And we’ll be funding it all, because they never work legally, so they cam claim extreme poverty even though they may be taking in $50K a year under the table.

        • The Guy-
          You are exactly right.

      46. I think I’m with the majority here. Chaos rapidly approaching!

        Should we make it to 2014 elections. Republican and Tea Party Tsunami!

        • I would like to think that you are right Sierra Dave, but I am a bit more cynical about how this next year is going to happen.
          I think they will raise the debt ceiling. Might be a bit of an argument but really they have no choice in the that matter.
          After “they” feel safe in their respective primaries there will be a huge push for immigration reform. People like Turtle Mcconell, and Boehner and Cruz will argue and argue for the benefit of those wearing ear tags. Heck they may even have a big screen behind them and cue up mel gibson yelling “FREEDOM” for dramatic affect or read yet another riveting passage from Green eggs and ham. But in the end immigration will pass and choices for the ear tagged will be the same as the last election.
          Every party wants illegals here. For different reasons but they want them none the less.

      47. “The state is the great fiction, whereby everyone endeavours to live off everyone else. – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850.

        Any, why yes… you are indeed correct! Leftists STILL have no clue why this has NEVER worked, and CAN never work. That that that will stop them in their utter ignorance from trying yet again.

        • Tis why parents must teach different.Went thru a friends daughters Brownie manual,same type of bullshit!Was looking for camping/survival ect.,just a bunch of propaganda to create sheep,fight on!

      48. Look up socialism explained by Reagan or Reagan vs Obama on Youtube. Its a funny video but too true and easy for a 3rd grader to understand. When people need to understand that if you get enough money to get a Ferrari and I get enough to get a Yugo we both only end up getting a K car because what’s yours is mine and mine is yours so I really don’t have to achieve anything as long as everyone around me is doing all the work. Understand it now or it will be too late to understand it when we all live in cubicals.

      49. BIG Surprise?


        the Watcher

      50. Sorry gang, I am short on any kind of empathy, sympathy or compassion for anyone that voted for BHO. They made their beds now they have to sleep in it . They got what they wanted and now the tables have turned. Tough Shit.

      51. @ JustOneGuy. To have the Midas Touch means everything you touch turns to gold. To have the “BO touch” means everything you touch turns to sh#$. What a mess the BO care system is already.

        The area in the South Sandwich Islands is a tricky one to forecast future major earthquakes from. Earthquakes will not usually follow if the quake occurs on a convergent, colliding, fault area, the same as other plates around the world. I only use the divergent plates, pulling apart, zones and sometimes the transform area of the plates, side by side movement like the San Andreas. Almost all of the Antarctic plate boundaries are divergent, with the remaining parts of it transform. Yes, there have been a steady increase of “polar bear” quakes. The one up in Yemen where the Arabian, African and Australian plate form a triangle is where to really watch this time. The same spot hit today was hit before and the second largest ever deep focus earthquake in 1994 occurred, a 8.3 in Kuril Islands, and some high 7’s.

        I concur about what you say about the Sun. The proximity of the eruptions have a reason behind them. I was thinking today when I looked up at the Sun and thought how few people really take the massiveness of this star and what it is capable of. Besides a planetary EMP, a large enough flare can extinguish the Earth’s atmosphere, throw off the magnetic field of the planet, or just plain inaudate the surface of the planet with enough cosmic radiation to make life real awful for all of us. This being not a nova class explosion either, just a cycle that this and many stars go through during their life. Even if this star became a varient, for those that don’t know this means changing in brightness and intensity, like some Class G stars do prematurely on an occasion, that could alter the climate of the Earth drastically. How few know just how fragile life is on what the Sun does or doesn’t do.

      52. To all those who thought they were getting a free sandwich – guess they didn’t figure on it being a s&*t sandwich.

        Who said “There ain’t no such thing as a free luch”
        Right again Mr Heinlein

      53. Hmm… How does Obamacare go along with “No tax increases for those making under 200K”??? Everyone who gets stuck with a BIG ins. premium… It’s gov’t mandated.. seems like a tax to me.

        Wait until next year.. lets see how this stalls the economy… If your monthly premium DOUBLES or more, you’re not going to be spending as much on extras..

        • Not JustMe, btw.

      54. I know no one can answer this, but I was just wondering why no earthquakes in the Artic Regions, like there seems to be in the Antarctic Regions. I was just wondering.

      55. Here is a cure for our countries problems

        everyone go ask a politician what form of government we have

        if they say Democracy ( like 99% of them will) hand him a noose and tell him to go kill himself before the people do

        than we can get down to the real business of saving this Republic

        • What will the 1% say?

          • trust me the other 1% wont even have an answer for you

            now does that tell you how fucked we are?

      56. You can tell how big a person is …by what it takes to discourage them.
        “A man is not measured by how tall he stands but by how often he bends down to help.”

      57. On a lighter note,while working on a customers house they asked if could remove solar pool cover.Unfortunetly a bit rotted and thus not good for tarp ect. but with a 3″W 14’L tube to role it up could be a potato cannon that legends are born from!I need to carefully check what type of plastic made out of but if it looks good/cap a end/add a ignition from old bbq/potato and can of hair spray and either a epic adventure or another idiot in the news,either way should be good for a laugh!

      58. pay attention people

        Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? …”

        never give up your right to bear arms, and the right to defend yourselves with them

      59. WHY is the USA BANKRUPT?

        Do you think the war in Iraq was costing
        us too much each year? well it was, but no where near this debacle
        Read this:

        We have been hammered with the
        propaganda that it was the Iraq war and
        the war on terror that is bankrupting us, its helping, but not the root cause, or the on going cause

        I hope the following 14 reasons are
        forwarded over and over again until
        they are read so many times that the
        reader gets sick of reading them. I also
        have included the URL’s for verification
        of all the following facts, please vet this info on your own..I am just bringing it to your attention so done shoot the messenger

        $11 Billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare
        to illegal aliens each year by state governments.
        at: http://www.fairus.org/site/PageServer?pagename=iic_immigrationissuecenters7fd8

        $22 Billion dollars a year is spent on food
        assistance programs such as food stamps,
        WIC, and free school lunches for illegal aliens.
        at: http://www.cis.org/articles/2004/fiscalexec.HTML

        $2.5 Billion dollars a year is spent on
        Medicaid for illegal aliens.
        Verify at:

        $12 Billion dollars a year is spent on
        primary and secondary school education
        for children here illegally and they
        cannot speak a word of English!
        at: http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANscriptS/0604/01/ldt….0.HTML

        $17 Billion dollars a year is spent for
        education for the American-born
        children of illegal aliens, known as
        anchor babies.
        at http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANscriptS/0604/01/ldt.01.HTML

        $3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent to
        incarcerate illegal aliens.
        Verify at:
        30% percent of all Federal Prison
        inmates are illegal aliens.
        Verify at:

        $90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on
        illegal aliens for Welfare & social
        services by the American taxpayers.
        at: http://premium.cnn..com/TRANSCIPTS/0610/29/ldt.01..HTML

        $200 Billion dollars a year in suppressed
        American wages are caused by the illegal
        at: http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRI

        In 2006, Illegal aliens sent home
        $45 BILLION in remittances to their
        countries of origin.
        The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration:
        Nearly One million sex crimes committed
        by Illegal Immigrants In The United States ..
        at:http: // http://www.drdsk.com/articleshtml

        The total cost is a whopping
        $ 338.3 BILLION DOLLARS

        Are we THAT Stupid?

        If we cant see where our problems are coming from, then we will never be able to stop it

        • The people who are behind these things know exactly what they are doing.

          Illegal immigration is another weapon used against US. All of Western Civilization is systematically being destroyed by all the things you mentioned.

          The ultimate goal of the people behind this is White Genocide, nothing less. At some point White people must face the hard cold blunt reality of this. Or die.

          • Someone finally said it. Thanks

      60. @BI: Live in the lower Mid-West in the New Madrid Fault Zone, for two days now I have noticed grubs popping out of the ground all over the place, birds gone, moles on top of the ground, dogs, cats, acting strange. Coyotes caring on like I have never before heard, but the strangest thing is our guppies are grouping into one massive ball in the fish tank, strange very strange things happening. Also hearing thunder like sounds and small light flashes as like heat lighting not one cloud in the sky. I just don’t know.

      61. @ Anon. There has been a lot of action on the Mid Atlantic Ridge, but not on the right spots to affect the New Madrid other than about 6 weeks ago. It could be that the North American plate is going to move around the Cascadia fault, Alaska, or eastern Russia around the Kamachatka Peninsula and the animals are sensing this. Any type a plate moves or gets ready to move there are micro movements all over the entire plate. I agree with you about the guppies “huddling” together, animals seek their own and gather when something is very wrong.

        Besides an impending earthquake, extreme changes in weather and barometric pressure changes can spook animals. Did the recent storm out of the plains affect your area suddenly? A rapid drop in temperature will also affect guppies. Does your fish tank have a regulated heat source that keeps the water temperature uniform?

        With any strange animal behavior in regards to earthquakes you want to first rule out other reasons that could be causing the disturbances. Storm systems are the first on that check list. Then any sudden temperature irregular spikes. Also look into any different food, vitamins, or anything else that could have entered your fish tank, such as a new fish that the guppies might have viewed as a predator to them.

        With the New Madrid, watch for earthquakes on the Mid Atalntic Ridge between 14 and 20 degrees north, these are the precursors to the New Madrid likely going. And of course continue to watch animals behaving weird, something is causing them to be upset.

        • B.I.; I just read an article about the Samalia plate separating from the Africa continent. It was titled the “earth is cracking apart” It showed a satellite image taken by a European satellite taken in 2008.Seems a little strange that if this is the case, that more people wood know about it? Any thoughts? Thanks


          • @ Thinker. The Somalia plate is part of the Great Rift Valley in African in which there are many volcanoes. This rift extends all the way into Israel and IF that rift ever extended into the Dead Sea valley the water from the Red Sea would come rushing in. The Mid Atlantic Ridge is undergoing the same process as the Rift Valley is going through, but on land we can see it and the dramatic effects of the planet’s crust pulling apart at the seams. Makes for some nice photos doesn’t it?

        • @BI: temp drop, no on tank heater, no on the storm; will keep an eye out for anything else. Thanks to you SIR!

      62. Obamacare is extortion, wrapped up in lipstick and a short skirt. If you do nothing else, you have to pay $95 to opt out. That’s a $95 extortion ‘fee’ just to live. Doesn’t matter if you have health insurance already (you didn’t really believe this was all gonna cost LESS, did you?) or not, you are being extorted in the minimum amount of $95 per year. And if you pay that $95 per year, that gets you NOTHING! That’s right — you have to pay for nothing.

        This is NOT the democracy my family has fought and died for!

        • Most people I have talked to are planning on paying the opt out fine. My question is then what happens when too many people are opting out? I think they will raise that fine to about $5000 and force people into the system.

          • I don’t know, Rusted, but I’m opting out. My husband is looking for under the table pay work. Just playing it by ear. We rent, we do not have a bank account since 2007 when 2k came up missing out of my BofA account, with absolutely no explanation.

        • That’s because its not supposed to be a fuckin Democracy

          our Government is supposed to be a Republic!
          a representative Republic..( you must be a public school product, not an insult but a fact not your fault you were taught wrong, but your fault for not finding out the truth)

          and if your family fought for this country, they fought for the ruling class and TPAB for nothing but extortion , oil, petro dollar and other countries government control.

          sorry for the wake up call so early in the morning, and for being so forward about it..but we need to wake people up!

          If we don’t know WTF were fighting for than were gonna lose!

          do you even know what Democracy is?

          Democracy is two wolves and one sheep voting on whats for dinner

          Our original government design is a REPUBLIC

          Sing the national anthem..does it say and to the democracy for which it stands? No it does not!
          it says
          And to the Republic for which it stands , One nation under GOD indivisible with liberty and justice for all!

        • It’s $95 OR 1% of the family income whichever is greater. If your family income is $35,000 your fine will be $350 for the first year only. It goes up every year.

        • I can personally vouch for dental work cost from this country to Peru ,Lima Peru

          Went to my local Dentist because I chipped a tooth
          He said ..Hummmm gotta do this and this and this it will be 1100$ :-0

          No fuckin way

          2 months later I go to Peru, I mention to my wife that the tooth is bothering me again, she takes me to a dentist the next morning and they cleaned my teeth, checked them all, and fixed the one chipped tooth

          I don’t think it cost me more then 40 bucks

          so I had my wife’s teeth cleaned and my daughters teeth cleaned, and all of us got our teeth whitened

          I still walked out of there paying less than 100 bucks

          bottom line, were all getting fucked by not only our Government but by our health care providers

          no wonder the government wanted in on the health care game..its ripe with $$$

      63. ACA was never meant to work. They know how to make software work. Look at the fusion centers, the datacenters. That is where the alpha IT people are working. They made a strategic error giving the healthcare websites to the beta apprentices. They are not as smart as we think they are. They are losing track of basic strategy. He blew the invites to his party and now no one is coming. We must sieze upon any of their failures while the peace is still on. He is only still standing because the blowback is coming from all sides now.

      64. Sebelius.. “I apologize.”

        Not accepted and please clear out your desk. Your fired!

        no bennies, you will not have health care so apply to your heath care debacle, give back the car, and any other perks
        and Hit the Road Bitch!

        • wouldn’t it be poetic justice if she did get fired and had to apply (try to apply) for O care…lol…hahahah


      65. Let’s call it OBAMADONTCARE

      66. this is what happens when a bill this size is produced and voted on before being read..and even then, the folks that wrote it and voted on it did not know what was in it…but they had a better idea of what it entailed than anyone…anything that sounds too good to be true usually is! no wonder they could fool so many americans with the details – it is still mostly gobbledegook to the average everyday American.

      67. “A fool and his money are soon parted”.
        After all the the lies the government has spewed out all these years- If these idiots thought they could trust the government and get free stuff- then they get what they deserve.

        It will be easy for the devil to trick them into selling their souls!

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