Watch Your Cash: New BAIL-IN Rules Will Force “Failed Bank Losses on Investors”

by | Jun 18, 2013 | Headline News | 174 comments

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    Bank Error

    When the Cypriot government forced account holders to cover bank losses earlier this year most of the world assumed this was a one-off event, limited only to the people of Cyprus.

    Though warnings urging depositors to get their money out of banks spread across the world, few have taken them seriously.

    Perhaps now they’ll reconsider.

    We’re all familiar with bail-outs, as in the government rescuing failed institutions, namely banks, by injecting them with tens of billions of dollars to prevent collapse.

    But have you ever heard of a bail-in?

    Japan’s Financial Services Agency will enact new rules that will forced failed bank losses on investors, if needed, via a mechanism known as a “bail-in,” according to The Nikkei. Mitsubishi UFJ (MTU), Mizuho Financial (MFG) and Sumitomo Mitsui (SMFG) are among those proposing amendments to allow them to issue the types of preferred shares or subordinated bonds that would be used in such cases, the report noted.

    Cyprus was a test run. It worked.

    This is now the official policy of the country of Japan, and is a serious consideration throughout the Eurozone and the United States.

    Euro zone finance ministers will discuss on Thursday how to decide which creditors will lose money and in what order during future bank rescues by the bloc’s bailout fund, the European Stability Mechanism.

    Just so we’re clear, we are all bank creditors by these definitions, thus the regulations being created apply not to just large bond holders, but every individual depositor.

    Notice how they didn’t say “in case future bank rescues are necessary.” That’s because they know what’s coming.

    The collapse of the global financial system is a foregone conclusion and it has just been confirmed by finance ministers around the world.

    When the next banking crisis hits the United States you can be assured that creditors (i.e. individual depositors) will be forced to ‘bail them in.’

    Given that that billionaire insiders are rapidly unloading millions of shares of financial stocks  as we speak, there is a strong possibility that this scenario may soon unfold.

    So, if you’ve got any significant amount of money at financial institutions, you’d better think twice about how safe it is.

    Of course, this is the United States of America, where nothing of the sort could ever happen. According to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, here in the U.S. the crisis is contained and poses no risks to the broader economy or financial markets.

    So, you can probably just move along and ignore this warning.

    Nothing to see here… It’s just Japan and Europe, after all, and they are all the way on the other side of the ocean.


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      1. I’m broke. No money. No prospects of getting any. Sorry Charlie.

        • There is a benefit of being on the bottom. You can’t fall much further short of starvation.

          • Read the book of Job and be more careful what you say. All americans live in incredible physical wealth. I try to remember that and be thankful as often as I can.

            • Oh I agree.

              Ever been on an assembly line in Mexico or China? I have.

              “Poor” in this coundtry means you have to buy the Mickey’s 40’s instead of Guiness, and live with the “old” 32″ CRT instead of the plasma.

              Actually… that’s more like “destitute” around here. Plenty of “poor” with plasmas.

              You don’t want to know what “poor” means THERE.

            • Amen

              • Pay your tithes and GOD will bless you. You might not get rich but the Bible teaches how hard it is for a richman to enter heaven.

                Watch you six

                • That’s the exact same thing the elitists say—
                  gimme your money because you won’t need it where you’re going…

                • Tithes was of the OT Mosaic or Moses Laws. Christ Fullfilled and did Away with all that. Today most mammon seeker pastors tell christians that ALL old test, Moses laws were done away with, Nailed to the cross as they tell it…All= EXCEPT to keep Paying 10% Tithes!

                  Dont fall for those delusions. The New testement has a section about Pastors and how they are to recieve paymnt etc. But no longer has any mandated 10% tithes.

                  John Hagee wont agree with me as he requires Mucho Casho to pay off Massive Fuel bills for his FREE Jet Plane he got from Israel rabbis and their cohorts in NY and Chicago. They also built his Runway for his jet at hagees 8000 thats Thousands Acre Hunting Ranch in Texas…Hagee lists that ranch as a “Portion” of his 401 retirement plans! he also adds aprox 1/2 Million$$$$$$ Per yr to it!

                  So by all means keep falling for those preacher swindles. Funny how Mom was correct when she warned me “carefull Who you associate with as you will become the same as they are!” Yes Indeed Mom! Hagee is Prime example of mammon worshipers like his string puller pharisee rabbis.

                  • Amen Brother…Religions are a business to make money off the people…Remember Jesus said freely I have given unto you do likewise…Remember how Jesus sent his disciples out…So many people being led astray…So sad…

          • Plus, when you’re on the bottom, you already figured out a lot of survival mechanisms that others still have to learn.

        • I hear that. They can’t opt me in to their bail-in when there’s nothing on my end to fill the bucket.

        • When these rules are enacted by the FED I will believe this article. Investors in Japan are not Depositors in America. Investors SHOULD be on the hook for the actions of their company.

          That’s capitalism.

          Depositors in the USA have $250k insurance per account. The US government will make good on all accounts up to $250K. Some of you can wish for another collapse all you want. You can even pray for it hoping that it will equalize the distance between the haves and the have nots.

          Not gonna happen.

          There will always be rich, and the poor we will always be with US. Divide up all the money equally and in a reasonable time frame some people will be broke and some people will have the money of others.

          Thats human nature and a psychological principle proven by science. Everyone makes their choices in life and consequently are right where they are supposed to be. You have the power to change your life and the lives of others.

          You also possess the power to get rich. Its all in application, sacrifice, education, and perseverance. I got mine.

          Get yours.

          • “Investors SHOULD be on the hook for the actions of their company” ABSOLUTELY DK!

            That’s what is wrong with this twisted financial system. The people who invested their money, essentially gambling on the prosperity of their investment, SHOULD suffer the consequences of a loss. The banks that gamble and lose SHOULD suffer those consequences of going out of business.

            WE, the little people must suffer losses for our choices…so should they. THAT is capitalism!

          • Better check your facts!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you actually think the government has enough money to insure every person that has a savings or checking account. If you get pennies on the dollar, which is doubtful, I bet you will change your tune. Of course the government will print more money , how worthless is that going to be.

            • Bob: The government doesn’t need enough money to protect every account when they implement QE to infinity, it protects the bottom line of the Banks and that protects the depositors.

              Those are the facts. 🙂

          • Hey, dumbass, the rules are already in place. Depositors (hence their deposits) are classified as unsecured creditors. As in, you loaned the bank that $25k you plopped into savings. As far as FDIC insurance, since they have a fraction of the funds required to actually cover all of the insured deposits…. It ain’t going to end well if even one tbtf bank fails. As far as “not gonna happen” I hope you are right, but prudence dictates taking steps to protect ones self from the fiscal irresponsibility of the banks/investment houses (used to be separate by law, now allowed to be the same entity). If you were as smart as you are trying to sound, you would further do a risk – reward evaluation. The reward: .75% annual interest. The risk: lose 10, 25, 90% of your funds a la Cyprus. And none of this takes I to account how big corps, government and bankers and investment firms get to change the prior rules when it suits them. Can you say GM? Chrysler, Lehman bros, goldman sachs, Wells Fargo, Wachovia, B of A, et al? They have all either stolen wealth outright, or follow only the rules they wish to follow, without consequence.

            • Tomas: Cite the US law that says American bank depositors are unsecured creditors. Account holders with BROKERAGE accounts are unsecured creditors. apples and oranges.

              That rule does not apply to DEPOSITORS in US banks. As far as the FDIC is concerned, read my post to Bob Simmons above.

              Unfortunately, sloppy reporting by people who do not have a financial background, and errors even by someone who should know better, like Ann Barnhardt, confuse the ignorant.

          • Tomas is right, depositors are legally considered unsecured creditors. This came out after the Cypress mess. And just for the record, the EU has the same type of bank account/deposite insurance as the US has and the governing body of the EU banking system gave to ok for the theft from all depositors in Cypress ( Cypress is part of the EU banking system and subject to the same “deposite insurance program”.)

            • While the EU has a deposit insurance program, it is different in each country. The problems in the EU is that they do not have a banking system like America.

              The EU is not America. Cyprus is not America.

              • Several Hundred banks already failed in the last few yrs. So far every depositer with savings or checking acct got Paid off as promiced. Up to $250 K max pay off each acct.

                Why does it automatically Have to occure that if say they printed more cash and pased it out to banks or even citizens, why does that have to mean huge inflation?

                The govnt can and Did before, freeze all wages and prices as Nixon(?) did. For one full year no pay raise and no price changes higher OR lower.

                Whats to stop that again? Even without that wheres it wrote more printing cash Must cause inflation?

                What happens at wall mart to gain More sales? They LOWER prices with huge sales and gain so many more customers they earn way more profits with LOWER priced goods.

                That causes More spending of More cash. Yet zero inflation as prices went DOWN lower.

                Just becuase alot of folks selling monthly newsletters and Gold or silver sales keep harping all these things dont make it truth. Sells alot of newsletters or gold yes.

                The fed reserve and fed govnt runs it all as They desire it to be. Regardless WHAT many so called “experts” say at various websites. America is NOT wiemer germany or zimbawhwee. As long as us dollars=world reserve That makes all the difference from those other counries troubles. The experts should Not use them as example to usa.

              • Even if FDIC insurance were capped at $ 100,000 the fund can only pay less than 1 % of depositors . My advice is get some real cash and keep it at home . Those Armour cars that came in for Cypress were stuff with cash marked with a G so it could not be spent outside of Cypress. Unless you can stand in front of it with a gun you do not own it.

      2. If anyone thought Cyprus was anything but a small test run, you are fooling yourselves….

        • Never trusted a banker with a smile on their face…..
          Always made me feel like I was what was for dinner.

          • A guy I used to play cards with once told me, ” When you don’t see any fresh fish at the table it’s time to get out of the game. ”

            Standing by in SC out!

            • I like this one…If you look around and cant tell who the sucker is at the table…you ARE the sucker.

          • Banker with a smile on his face?? The only banker with a smile that I’ve ever seen is when he was about to make a ton of money!

            • True story. A banker I know received a call from another bank. Seems they were flush with free federal reserve money and looking to make a little money on it. So, they were shopping around for the highest cd rate (I was in the office when the call came in) and I think this bank had around a 3% rate. The guy on the other end of the phone wanted to know how much he could put into CDs. They took OUR money (federal reserve dilutes our wealth when they create dollars out of nothing don’tcha know) and then gave it to the bankers at .25% annual interest, so they could invest that at much higher rates. At 3% they get a what, 300% return over their costs for doing nothing? While we lose value of our hard earned wealth. Seems fair, don’t it? I suppose this is that social justice obama was talking about. Who knew he was talking about the bankers? I suppose the bankers did, since they payrolled his campaigns.

        • Test run? Different system, different culture, not the reserve currency, lower percentage of people with any money. Not at all the same.

          • Your argument is illogical. Money is money, people are people. Cash is ALWAYS better than credit. Think of it this way:when there is no interest paid on deposits, and the FDIC can and will take deposits to cover bank losses because Congress wont be able to vote for another bailout, why keep money in a bank at all? Makes no sense.

            • Agree. I took all my money out except for my monthly bills. Cashed in my 401K and IRA and invested in food stock, land, gold and silver. Not paper stock mind you….the real deal…Gold & Silver rounds. It’s coming closer to a time when the corrupt government/bankers will take the world down to her knees. Better have food, water, medical supplies, guns & ammo (if you live in a semi-free country) ready.

              • Just bought a S&W .357 with an air light frame. Some kind of Scandium. Recoil is so bad you aren’t supposed to shoot .357 rounds with less than 120 grain slugs. 5 rds almost as heavy as gun. I’m not going to shoot .357, going with .38. That took care of my cash.

            • Nope. People are not people. So using your logic we are all French? Different system making money not money in your eyes.

            • Puddin: Your analysis is flawlessly logical. Bail-In, Claw-Back or simply a Bank Holiday, it’s all the same: depositors are denied access to their money-period. A wise person would only keep enough in their account for the monthly bills and keep the rest in a safer location(s). This includes converting some of it into PMs and other essentials such as food and self protection. Years ago when this all started a friend at work told me he had just received worried phone call from his sister in California. She worked for County Wide and was told, along with many other employees, to stay home until called back into work. Within a day or two is when we saw the run on that bank. It would be a horrible feeling to have a lot of money and no access to it for perhaps months, if ever. It’s like others here have said, “if you don’t hold it, you really don’t own it”. Sound wisdom!

              • Countrywide was not a BANK. It was a mortgage lender. Period.

            • You can also shoot .38 +P through that gun.

              • Actually, I shoot Reduced V Hollow points. Don’t want to go thru walls, just stopping power

          • Different system, arguements both ways. Different culture, yes. Not the reserve currency, definately. Lower percentage of people with money, doesn’t matter.

            What ever people have, whether it is the Euro, Ruble, Yen or dollar, it is what they have and how they feed their kids. It doesn’t matter what the currency is. Once someone steals it, that is their savings and they are devistated from $100 to $1M. I think it was to gage how people would react to the confiscation on a small, controlable scale. I could be wrong. Just putting it out there.

            Keep your powder dry,

          • I think the Western Hemisphere is doing it a little differently (although as last resort I can see what happened in Cyprus happening here). Here they steal our money by inflating it and having a zero interest rate policy on savings. People are collecting .25% interest in the bank, but losing 3-4% (low balling it here) on the purchasing power of their savings. They keep inflating the dollar, forcing everyday folks into the bond and stock markets seeking higher ROIs. Soon they will pull the rug out of those markets (only after selling at near high prices) and the common folk will get stuck losing everything.

        • JJ, the test run was when our elected reps did nothing when they brought in the Federal Reserve. We were warned by our founding fathers and no one listened. Over 95% still won’t listen. Example: last night, talked with a few people (they wanted to meet me) about prepping, the dad said “he still wasn’t convinced in the need to prep”.
          He like many know something is wrong and they still do nothing. I am soooo glad that I bought ammo when it was at an affordable price and got my money out before Cyprus.

          • As I’ve been in debt I’ve never mathed this out so far. I mean first order of business has been to get rid of that ASAP.

            But, I’ve done 40 year projections in Excel. You laugh. It can be done.

            For my rate of inflation I took a table from 1950-2003 and averaged. That gave me in the ballpark of 3.5%.

            Now you take someone who’s already hit the “commit” button on a certain lifestyle… aka they have multiple kids in school, possibly with health conditions (these days) and a mortgage, and a job paying for all this.

            And then you screw up their rate of inflation factor to something like 7.5%.

            I mean… if I thought that was going to last forever… I’d be panicking all right. That right there would blow a bloody gaping hole in my 40 year projection. And it’s not like I’m larding it up with frivolous expenses in that thing (or, shall we say, none that have any significant impact on the result at year 40).

            Would I be playing stocks?

            I mean… would I have a choice????

            And yes, I’d know full well they were going to bend me over a table someday and I’d just be praying to God I could dodge in time. Which is… a ridiculous assumption given all the lifestyle expenses locking me in. Not MY lifestyle. That of my dependents.

            So then I’d almost certainly go into denial land to attempt to keep my sanity.

            I mean… I understand it. I can’t be all that mad at these people. Just because I was so completely stupid early in life and in the 90’s, ok, so now I got nothing locking me in. I’m BROKE but hey at least I’m hitting zero.

            So while I don’t have the same pressures, I mean… I get it.

            Good question what to do on this one. Really good question.

          • Me too

        • JJsan: A test run that blew up in the face of the EU!

      3. Keep only what covers your bills in the bank. Keep some spare cash at home and the rest into hard assets!

        • Hahaha! I ONLY have enough in the bank to cover my bills! Unemployment only goes so far! I can’t even afford a pressure canner for crying out loud!

          • Pray harder!! Both of mine were free!!
            Now, go buy a case of cannin’ jars!

            Keep preppin’

            • Thank the Lord I got a 12 pack of pints and regular mouth quarts for papa day! Will keep praying for a canner; thanks for the love!

      4. Im pretty sure my deposits in my private bank, The First Bank of Silver, Gold, Brass and Lead Holdings are secure. I just opened the vault door to check on them- Yep, safe and secure deposits, still there.
        I feel double safe knowing my deposits are backed by the full faith and credit of the Smith and Wesson Insurance Commission.

        • LOL! That is my kind of bank! PRIVATELY OWNED & OPERATED! 🙂

        • my deposits are covered by Mossberg & Remington, PLLC

      5. Using the 401K to buy physical Gold. Also had a “Harship” and pulled a chunk out with limmited tax hit. Used it to cover said “hardship”… and buy some great prep stuff to….. he he he…. I have very little for them to get now…. Don’t forget about that family in Logan county. Call, fax, email… include the media and politisions… at least they will know we are done putting up with this crap….

        • Inside. Did you buy gold when it was at 1450? Should have waited until it dropped to 1000. Hehe. Wtf is a harship and limmmmmited? Your story is made up by the way. When you have a hardship you need proof of said hardship and proof you spent the money addressing the hardship. What is a politision? Perhaps politician? You have zero inside information and if you actually gamed the tax code, you will owe full tax, full penalty, and full prosecution.

          • I bought gold when it was at 300, and silver when it at 7.

            • Scout. Goodie for you!!!

      6. Pardon my French here but; Someone would have to be out of their “FUCKING” minds to give that shit a go here and to possibly think it would fly. I don’t know much about Cyprus but I’ll bet a buck to a doughnut they weren’t armed to the teeth. Hell, in south LA people get killed for a lot less. But I’m sure some chucklehead thinks this a wonderful idea, just the cost of living here, whatcha think?

        • What happened under Boston’s abusive martial law that lets you think the sheeple will do anything but bleat their submission?

          • Or for that matter,
            Patriot act
            Internet tax (market place fairness act) sounds right out of Atlas Shrugged
            And one of my favorites the 700billion bailout of the financial sector with taxpayers $

        • Hammerun, up until the late 1990’s I use to think that the American citizens wouldn’t tolerate many things. I use to believe Americans would shut down the NWO after H.W. Bush proclaimed the NWO, I use to think Americans wouldn’t stand for the intrusions on our B.O.R, I was wrong.

          I would pray that you are right, Americans will not stand for the gov. hacking into their savings, but sheeple are sheep. There was no outrage when G.W. Bush threatened Martial Law if TARP was not passed.

          Clinton stood in front of the camera’s and stated NAFTA is good, that Mexico’s wages and benefits and low the American wages and benefits are high and NAFTA will equalize them. Meaning “Lower” American wages and benefits, there was no outrage, We the People allowed the gov/NAFTA to reduce our pay and benefits.

          Like I said I hope there is outrage once the gov starts stealing more of one savings, but I’m not expecting it.

          The only thing I count on is III%, 3% will say up yours and stand for what our Nation once represented and restore the Constitution and B.O.R.

          III% RESIST

          • I was thinking about buying a beater second car.
            Went to the bank to check out my credit.
            Interest on my savings–Zip
            Interest on car loan–12 and a half %.
            Personal loan–15%.
            Amount of credit available to me–Big ole donut! Zero.
            Threatened to pull my 100 bucks out. That’ll teach em.

            • LMFAO
              Sounds like me, checking acct only! My savings are in my pantry, tool box and driveway.
              If i cant pay cash for it i dont get it!

        • It WILL happen in the U.S. No doubt. ObaMao has been looking at stealing the almost $20 Trillion in 401Ks/IRAs/Pensions for the past four years. ObaMao will make pensions for everyone! Spread the wealth around! Overnight all the slack jawed mutha’s out there that never held a job in their life will have a pension plan paid for by the majority working class in the U.S. the “White People”.

          • You cheapen your statement when you make it out to be racial. It wreaks of ignorance. There are middle class people of all races and backgrounds that work hard every day to be screwed over by this criminal government. There are moochers of every race and background as well. Far more white people receive government assistance than any other race. Do some real work and read. See if I am wrong. I’m a black man who works 5o hours a week and pays taxes just like everyone else (and I am not even close to exceptional in that respect). Obama is a disaster for all people.

            • What would you say if I said I do not believe you are a Black Man. Just an American.

              • Whites are still about 68+% of usa. Percentage wise you can’t deny way more blacks get welfare and for way longer too. Same as violent crime rates. Percentage wise a vast majority are done by black “Yooots”.

                It is not any cheap racisim to state facts. To play the race card every time any whites mention blacks in any negative way is whats cheap shots, designed to stiffle and silence truth from whiteys. And when it comes to negatives regards black folks…There are plenty.

                I grew up in Detroit so I am well aware of these issues. No white guilt here. Won’t be none neither.

                Take a gander at litterally Every major city nationwide. Look at Before and after photos. Before negros and After negros. Before= Wonderfull Safe good places to raise familys etc. After negros=Wastleand=Murder rates off the charts, dope and violence every corner and middle of block too. Unsafe even for other blacks!

                Sorry but yes there are various differences between the several races of people. Different cultures-attitudes-IQ’s and a few more if you are honest about it all.

                To say or believe all humans are the same except for skin color?….Thats like saying all birds are the same as they all has feathers and fly. God created all the races and He created em all different. get over it.

                • IQ’s? Um. No that’s bullshit.

                  Single parentage among blacks is much higher than average, and I personally beleive this was externally influenced. Similar to the Cyprus “test case”.

                  Coming soon to an ethnicity near you.

                  I believe that has an awfully lot to do with it.

                  • IQ’s is a Proven difference. There are always exceptions of course. But on an avg of the whole group, whites has higher iq rates. Blacks iq rates are Lower. Some exceptions exist of course. I am saying on average of a whole group. Like for every 10,000 whites on avg compared to equal amount of blacks iq rates.

                • Them Guys – have you not worked out yet that what’s coming is an equal opportunity global plantation? TPTB intend to enslave us ALL, unless we find enough common ground upon which to stand and fight tyranny.

                  • Lonelonmum: Whats your point? Yes I am aware of Their plans to enslave us all etc. Whats That have to do with My post though? Just because “They” desire to make us all equal as slaves don’t change the Facts that every race has Unique differences and qualities when compared to others race. No diff besides skin color is Hog wash propaganda. You cannot posibly deny that whites have invented way more and built way more good items and done way more good for all races worldwide. And when the issues are Dancing or sports games? Blacks are way better at those. But whats More important qualities? Entertainment abilities like blacks possess, or white inventions and building livable cities and autos and airplanes etc etc.?

                    If you doubt it? Make a list. Draw a line down muddle of sheet of paper. On one side list all inventions whites did. Other side list black inventions. Check by adding up totals and see who did what.

                    as far as your “Unless we find enough common ground” statement?…How has That worked out so far in England(where you reside if I am correct)?

                    From all I have read and yutube videos seen recently, England is Awash in Black african and Arabs of mostly muslim backgrounds which are running wild and Your crime rates, especially Violent rapes and killings etc are off the Hook lately!

                    No, its too bad yes, but we wont be seeing any come togehter moment between races. Even Christ says so. IE: He said Nation vs Nation wars. Nation is GREEK word of ETHNOS or english means ETHNIC or RACE as we call it. RACE wars are comming. he warned us of it.

                    After life in detroit most of my life, I can garentee you that “Some” blacks will side with white patriots yes. “Some” being key word. They are NOT the same as whites are. Just as Mexicans are different than blacks or whites or japs or koreans.

                    No amount of wishfull thinking is going to change facts Mam. I wish it werent so, but it is what it is.

                    If you guys in england prove me worng soon? Please alert me to it ok. But what I expect instead is to soon hear how england has Fallen totally and to Blacks and arabs. Watch yutube videos for more proof. Whiteys being destroyed by blacks and arabs in england big time.

                    Funny it seems how even lowly dumb animals in the forests are smart enough to know that God created each different and for each to reproduce After its OWN Kind. That surely includes Humans eh. OWN KIND. If He wanted us all as ONE? Why did he makes us all Different? and why tell us to reproduce after our OWN kind and NOT Mix races?

                    You are correct that TPTB is who desires a Multicultic Sameness and an End to the white race. But it aint Gods plans NOR MINE!…I got nothing against others races. I just prefere Mine mostly. Racial Awareness is a GOOD thing that too many whites has Forgotten due to jewish communisim propaganda teachings. They never got to me though!

            • Thank you Anonymous! “United we Stand, Divided
              We Fall.”. Believe me, when the real SHTF happens, U will not care
              if the person “in the foxhole with you” is Green, brown, red,
              rainbow, “with or without “papers”. Those that were
              in the Military know what I am talking about.
              Peace out from Sunny Southern California.
              “Fight the Good Fight”

            • Yep, just gotta watch that trailer park show to see proof of that, and it can apply to ALL colors and creeds, MANY of the hardest working folks ARE NOT WHITE! I would rather hire a Thai immigrant and take good care of them that some white guy who is going to try and tell me how to run my business!

            • Agreed. United we stand, divided we fall. I am tired of some blaming blacks, some blaming hispanics and others blaming jews. We are the ultimate melting pot here. In the Army, we all served together, and we all had each others back. That is how we are gonna survive….

              • That’s right JJsan,
                It wasn’t perfect but it worked, “we made
                it happen!” and learned much from each other
                along the way. Dang, I can’t believe I still
                bleed “Army Green” after all of these years. I think We
                will all need small little personal motivators in
                these tough times to come to “Do the Right Thing” in the face
                of adversary (I think I spelled it right)
                NOTE: If for some reason any time in the far or
                near future commo is interrupted due to manmade
                or natural disasters, in case I forget or don’t get the
                opportunity to, I would like to say: “It was a pleasure communicating
                and learning from all. Hope to see ya all on the
                other side. ” God Bless

            • More white people are on welfare than blacks for ONE fricking reason: THERE ARE MORE WHITE PEOPLE THAN BLACKS!
              That’s the ONLY reason why.

        • Looks like I might have touched a nerve somewhere. Interesting!

        • Hammerrun,
          You’re living an illusion. The money players will do whatever they want,just like they have been doing all along. Your post sounds great,but reality seems to tell a different tale. It’s okay to vent, but if hyperbole was the answer then we wouldn’t be having this dialogue.

        • Hammerun, not really. Think taxes, insurance, fees, etc.. they have been slowly doing the same here for a while now.

      7. This is getting more insane by the day!!!

        • You’re wrong.

          I’d say it is getting more insane be the minute. Maybe even second?

          • You’re wrong, it’s getting more insane by the second, maybe nano second 🙂

      8. I use to play that Monopoly game and think it was wonderful to get this card, now I see this as atypical of a dying country’s financial system. I still feel that some physical event must trigger it. However that scope and volume of that trigger is being reduced each day. It is like an older person that when they were younger could take a fall, but now there is a risk of serious injury. This is what is happening with the monetary system, less and less of a trigger is becoming necessary to start the dominoes going.

      9. in the illuminati’s new world order zog ameriKa


        it’s either you or the bankers

        … so whats it gonna be Preppers and Patriots ???


      10. Yup we’re about to get Cyprused, who didn’t see this comming? Oh no way will they eva try that here, right!

      11. When the BANKSTER THEFT happens here in the US I can emphatically assure you the US economy will collapse just because of the very nature of it.

        Consumers in the world’s largest economy will lose ALL faith in the banking institution and will have no further and will want no part of it. 😈

        As things continue to spiral out of control I fel that hyperinflation will take hold because people will begin to use their fiat currency on anything they can buy before it is worthless.

        I have been seriously considering a cash purchase of a new car this year just because of what took place in Cyprus.

        • sarcasm-good idea pay 50% mark up & feed the dragon

      12. I’m sorry to confirm that, on this side of ocean, France government (in his article 43 of the new Financial Law) fixing exactly this same new rule.
        Napoleon, had understood it well, the hand which is lower obeys to the one which is on top…
        “Welcome to the real world” for all the aware and, for all the unaware, well, come to the real world!
        Good luck

        • Heh…”Le Monstre Invisible”…mais il ne sera pas invisible pour longtemps.

      13. And Australia’s turn is coming. I am a sales rep for industrial products and it is dead out there in the southern island. Hell, even the scrap metal dealers are quiet. They had a busy year up to about two months ago, but now everything has dried up.

        Everyone is waiting for the last shoe to drop.

        And the ethics of the public service have vanished around the S bend.

      14. almost 6 mos ago my wife and i withdrew all our $$$ from the bank and weekly keep in only enough to cover digital pymts… didn’t like the direction then, like it less today… as an indirect positive side effect, we have a small cache of cash because we don’t go out to eat, visit 2nd hand stores nor garage sales as much due to low amt in our bank acct… win-win for us…

        suggestion: even if you can’t go cold turkey like we did, you can sever the parasitical beast a little at a time – one pymt at a time… it can be done and if you think that miniscule % of interest on your “savings” is worth it, you’re not seeing the bigger picture… need to maintain a “minimum balance”..??? close your acct entirely and go to a credit union… our’s is $25 to keep an acct open…. cu’s are most usually LOCAL institutions as well… several pluses to consider…

        pray for the best while prepping for the worst

        • A friend of mine, (who thinks he is a financial wizard) told me I should start a savings account. He said I should put $5 a month in it, if that’s all I can afford. He said I’d be financially secure someday.

          I argued with him.

          I said: So I put $10 a month in and I get less than 1% annually. The bank charges me a $6 a month fee for the privilege of having an account. In 1 year I’ll have deposited $120 and paid the bank $72 of it in fees. In one YEAR I’ll have accrued $28 over the fees. In 10 years at that rate, I’ll have managed to save $280 for myself, while paying the bank $720.

          I’m 53 yrs old now, so by the time I die, I won’t even have enough to bury myself.

          I decided that he is an idiot and I’ll spend that $5 each month on beans, bandaids and bullets instead.

          • But SP, you’ve forgotten the one percent compounding! In 70 years you’ll have DOUBLED your money!! And at the rate of inflation, you might still be able to buy a pound of beans!!


            • ROFLMAO…repeatedly.

      15. Looking back at history, I have not been able to find a time when a society has progressed to a point where the people have a high degree of freedom, and they are able to maintain it. It always decays; (Kind of depressing isn’t it). Per history, next up is large-scale violence, followed by a long period of tyranny.
        It looks like it’s in our nature as a whole, to get lazy and let things go once life gets easy enough.
        I think a major contributing factor to being able to establish temporary freedom in America, was the distance from existing tyrannies. It took at least a month to get here from Europe. There are no places left on earth that it takes a month to get to now.
        Maybe the next free society will be on the moon, or maybe Mars, just like in the sci-fi books I used to read as a kid.
        Maybe for my grandkids, or great-grandkids.
        I’ll make sure they have the idea planted.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Good point, I sure hope we don’t have to go to another planet to find true freedom again, when this land we live in is worth the fight for it..

          our problem is Tyrants…those need to be eradicated like vermin A.S.A.-please!
          and never allowed in power or government, vetted and removed, and Im using the word “Removed” as in the most strictest sense of the word, if you catch my drift?

          • If we have to go to another planet for freedom, I hope the fishing is good.

            • There’s nothing I can do about what laws and regs that get passed, I have no power or influence what so ever. I know my lot in life, I’m not wealthy and I’m never going to be. I try to keep a good attitude, work hard, keep my house in order, live life within my means, I don’t care what others have, I don’t judge my life by other peoples standards.

              I’m not educated enough to understand the financial markets but I have spent enough time in the college of hard knocks and have acquired a great deal of skepticism. I know that banks are all about making and protecting wealth for themselves. They provide a service that we use that generates that wealth for them. Their priority is self preservation and the acquisition of wealth, influence and power. They will screw us to maintain and expand what they have. They will use any and all means and if one of those means is to influence, bribe, blackmail, install or murder politicians to get what they want, then that’s what they will do. Believing this to be true gives me some ability to plan and not leave myself too exposed, surprised or shocked.
              Being that I’m not wealthy, I don’t have to plan on how to work within the banking system to protect that wealth, it’s kind of refreshing in a way but sometimes I wouldn’t mind having that problem, maybe that’s why every now and then I’ll buy a lottery ticket.

              • Stress – The mind over powering the hearts desire to choke the shit out of someone that deserves it.

                Can also be

                Stress – The inability to find a neck to chock when you know someone deserves it.

                Knowing what stress is makes it easier to control.

          • Sell your cloak and Buy a Sword. J.C.

            Todays translation= Some folks is Purly Evil and Needs Killing.

            if there were a 23rd chapter in Rev, it would begin with “Them Germans was Correct”

      16. Time to fill the larder and the gun cabinet….

        • It’s long past “time”. You should be sitting on a pile of food with a shotgun in your lap.

          • just be careful not to crush the ramen noodles while you’re sitting on your food…that would suck

      17. What this article is saying is that we could lose our money.

        Looks like the days of stuffing dollars in pillows or under mattresses are back.

        Our great ancestors went thru these days. Looks like its our turn today. I wonder how spoiled brats will behave?

        • They won’t behave.

        • <<>>
          Nope, in this house they never left!! 🙂

          • ~~~Looks like the days of stuffing dollars in pillows or under mattresses are back.~~~

      18. I totally agree. We are finally wise enough to see where this is all going and old enough to avoid the penalty to get to our 401 K money. We took it all out and bought food storage. Now THAT’s a sound investment. Got a great deal at http://www.srmaketplace,com. Their food tastes really good.

        • or….

      19. sorry O/T

        Insight: FBI relies on secret U.S. surveillance law, records show

        how the hell does that work?, secret this secret that, yet this is supposed to be a transparent government..yeah right Obama, spare us the Bullshit

        this is a country governed by the Rule of Law, if you had really taken your Oath to us and this country seriously there wouldnt be any bullshit like this going on, your a sham, a fake, and a lier and we don’t respect anything about you..time for you to leave.

        WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The FBI has used secret evidence obtained under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to prosecute at least 27 accused terrorists since 2007, according to a Reuters review of public records.

        While the recent spotlight has been on the use of the FISA law by the U.S. National Security Agency for surveillance programs following disclosures by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, the FBI also makes extensive use of the law for domestic counterterrorism.

        • And 26 were recruited by the fbi, trained by fbi,geeked up by fbi, supplied with weapons etc by fbi, Infiltrated by fbi…..Then cut loose to Pounce so fbi can claim a bust success!(and a Massive Budget Increase).

          I Love it when a Plan comes together! Ret. Col. Hanibbal Smith…Commander, The A-Team.

          “You kin be a Fool or youse kin be a Suker, but don’t you never be No Sucka-Fool!” B.A. Baracus aka Mr.T

      20. I have to watch my cash. I buy and sell stuff on the internet. Money goes out everyday to buy inventory and money from sales comes in regularly. I used to take withdrawals twice a month but now I don’t dare do that. I

        • Try the “slow bank run” approach: I have a debit card I use for mainstream purchases like groceries. If I go once a week or so with coupons and get $20-$40 cash back EVERY TIME, it’s amazing how much I can squirrel away in the safe without raising any red flags. Stocking up on foodstuffs, supplies, and cash all at the same time. It’s a beautiful thing. Plus, I have cash on hand to buy ammo and precious metals without leaving a paper trail. Just a thought.

      21. Every time we had money saved, someone we loved had a crisis. Health problems, job loss, whatever. If we had it, we gave it. All our property fits in a medium U-haul and it did a couple of months ago. We are so far from any city that we quip the internet is a Navajo with a blanket and a fire.
        What we do have in plenty is stubbornness and humor. Some food, some water, guns and ammo, veggies growing and a lifetime of love and laughter.
        And an immence faith in Eternity, God, or the “Elegant Mathmatian” of Michu Kaku. I call him the Father, who lets his children fall on their faces so they can learn how to pick themselves up. I have been picking myself up for 64 years. I will never give up! I will never surrender!

      22. Robbery by banksters is bad enough, but think of the opportunities for thievery that will open up for the regime after thirty million illegals are amnestied and, exercising their new-found franchise as “Americans,” these new “countrymen” of ours elect a whole slew of Marxists to congress.

        Of course, they will go for the guns first in the name of “the children”, which will then free the regime to move far beyond the mere stealing of bank accounts. Real estate, motor vehicles, silver and gold will be ripe for the taking, using government regulations and “equality” enhancing policies as pretexts. The wealth of banksters and regime insiders (like Comrade Bill Ayers, whose daddy was a corporate bigwig) will of course be sacrosanct and exempt from seizure.

        The possibilities are endless! Now, let’s all shout “Si se puede!”

        • Ahab: you forgot to mention “Afirmative Action” policies, which will be available to ALL 30+ Million amnesty persons. And with Chain Migration asap after that 30 Million are “citizenized”, and since 500 Million More are waiting and most all share one of aprox 10-12 last names, that could mean alot of xtra tens of millions of “relatives” getting amnesty on the first batch’s heals.

          Definition of Afirmative Action: ONLY Minorities get Hired, and Zero Whiteys may apply for ANY/ALL Jobs current and well into the Next Two centuries, untill All “Minorities” seeking a job are hired First.

          Also: UNIONS! ASAP after amnesty comes the UNION reps to sign em all up quick. Then see what tomatos cost when tomato pickers get Unionized, and Paid $35+ per hr, with at least $50 per hr in xtra benifits etc!

          Remind me to say a Thanks prayer that I never had kids nor grandkids. One more thing less for me is to find answers when kids look Parents in thier Eyes and ask “WHY? Why didn’t you all Do anything when it was still possible?” I do feel for folks who will soon need answer those type probing questions. Especially from the “New Minority Whiteys kids”. Anybody think minority whites will also recieve “afirmative action Preferences” once They are a minority too?!!

      23. There won’t be riots in the streets when it happens here.

        They won’t take money from people with less than a few grand in the bank, so the poor won’t cry foul.

        The rich will know its coming, and move their money to safety.

        The middle class and many of America’s small businesses will be destroyed however. But heck, you don’t have time to protest, you have a job to do.

        The middle class is dangerous. The middle class is informed. And the powers that be want to destroy it.

      24. Obama and the NWO say they are going to redistribute the wealth but the reality is they are going to redistribute the debt.

        • Socializing loss; privatizing profit.

          • I’m still waiting for my dividend check from the bailout of 2007/2008.

      25. I don’t think there will be widescale violence. Why? Think about it: those people who are going to riot all need government food cards and government welfare just to survive. They will not bite the hand that feeds them. On top of this, they are all logged and tracked and if some do break and start to go wild, they will be scooped up and put in camps pretty damn quick. And the public will support this because nobody is going to support a bunch of dirt bags rioting.

        • @ Frank Thoughts, I must respectfully disagree. Used to live in Memphis, TN ’til about a year ago. Majority of people in the city proper received assistance & still ran with gangs, committed drive-by shootings, used drugs & the like, knowing if they were “nabbed”, they’d be out in about 24 hours & then not even show up for their court date. And yes, they keep the “benefits” because the gov’t there is just as corrupt and they need their “votes”. Hell, even a lot of dead people collect benefits & vote there. (to be fair, I’m sure there are similar cases where we live now, but it doesn’t seem to be as prevalent and widespread)

        • “They will not bite the hand that feeds them.”

          But they WILL bite the hand that FED them! When the Food Stamps aren’t renewed each month and the welfare checks to pay for cable and gasoline don’t show up you’ll see some massive rioting.

          In an otherwise darkened neighborhood, you’d be well advised to keep the lights off in your house and never let anybody hear your generator either. If you even *LOOK* like you have food or clean water you could be the next target. And don’t just think you’ll shoot ’em as they try to knock down your door. There’s too many of ’em and they’ll send little girls up to cry for food outside that locked door. How long do you think you can take that?

          It’s going to be tough and not all the good guys will survive.

        • Frank your third sentence spells out why your wrong and thats the problem

          “Think about it;those peo…..” quote

          If people actually did start thinking we wouldn’t be in this mess. The most powerful thoughts that go thru most of our populace is geared towards Kim Kardashian and not much else. Look the very fact that professional wrestling is still in demand should alert you to that reality. When the bennies stop its gonna be burn baby burn, it allways has been and I dont see that changing.

      26. *****MERS UPDATE*****

        Eight More MERS-CoV Confirmed Cases In Jordan ICU

        for some reason the CDC is not reporting these cases ???

        and the info coming from Saudi officials on their cases ???

        governments LIE
        ALL governments

        as of now
        no one really knows what is going on with MERS
        or how widespread it might really be

        monitor this situation CLOSELY

      27. Our banks don’t have to do that they make so much money on the LATE FEE SCAM that they are living large off the 30 dollars times the zillions of people who screw up a little with their account go over 10 bucks get charged 30 !!!!!
        Why steal when you can rob!

      28. IIRC FDIC only has about $50B in reserves yet an estimated $6T in insured deposits. So, no need for a bail in, its already there it seems.

        Secondly, we are talking Tacoma Narrows here. Bank “assets” (e.g. mortgages) lie at $13T. I doubt this includes the interlocking debt/investment pyramids.

        For sure they can just print more debt. But, if a trigger event occurs, then it won’t be a contraction or a depression, it will be all-out collapse. When dollars are worthless then the whole system will collapse.

      29. Just can’t afford to get it all together! So I buy a little bit at a time. As my friend told me “better 10% ready than 0%!” I guess he is right but I would need at least 16 months to be ready! I need a gravity water filter system and a much bigger food base. A solar panel to charge a deep cycle battery and am getting the parts together to build a wind mill 500 watts is enough power to keep the minimum going. So I will keep building up my preps, hopping I have enough time to get it all together!

      30. Pull your battery & clear your mind, we see & hear you. Change the station Okie.

      31. They will come for assets. They don’t care where they are hidden (IRA’s, 401k’s, mattresses, safety deposit boxes, savings, etc.). When they can no longer print or borrow, watch out. If you think “They would never do that” please reflect on the last decade. How many times have you thought or said, “They would never do that”? One would be exceedingly stupid not to see that they WILL get the money from somewhere.

        • U.S Fed Govnt. Official Definitions for: “Best Friends & Allies in Mid East Region”

          #1- Conduct an All out F-14 Armed Fighter Jet attacks on the U.S.S. Liberty naval ship, Kill/Murder 35 sailors and officers, wound the remaining 170 naval men, spend several hrs attempting to Sink the ship…So they can Blame Egypt, and swindle americans to carpet bomb Egypt.(1967). Ship fails to sink! us Prez.LBJ does vast cover ups.

          #2- Since end of WWII era, of the aprox. 296-Spies caught on usa soil, spying and selling many top secret Nuke plans etc to Soviets and China and N. Korea, ALL but about 3-4 spies are from Israel or fellow travelrs from New York and Chicago regions.

          #3- Since 1913 Has had total control of ALL Banks and Finacial inst, as well as ALL MSM’s in Every form avail.

          #4- Over the last 100 yrs, has totally gained full control of virtually all fed and Most state forms of govnt policies-polititions-political parties-Wall Street-Unions-Schools-Universities-and the corner Butcher shop!

          Only One single nation state meets every mentioned item.

          Americas “Best Friends, and Allies” in the mid east region, aka…Israel!

          With Such swell friends and allies as that…Who needs any Enemys? Just think…You only Paid a Few Trillion Dollars for All that! Since 1948 and ongoing untill, eternity or somebody Boots em out.

          • I was shocked when I read a book about the history of the NSA and it showed redacted documents spelling out everything you’ve posted. Changed my tune on Israel in a second. We need to teach our children real history. Not cooked up liberal garbage spoon fed to them from grade school.

            • PenCRNA: Glad to see another person awakened to the Truths on israel. Teach your kids well yes. But the largest group of israel enablers, besides our fed govnt, is evangelical christians. I hate to say that as I am a believer christian too. But it is a Fact. They number aprox 50 Million members, and every single one fully supports and defends israel due to deluded falshoods taught by more phony preachermen than we can count today.

              Being Pro israel and defending all jewish causes or agendas with Unquestionable support, is the fastest way to get filthy rich today. They control all banks, all msm, all fed govnt, most state govnt, and all else that matters in all of society. Todays usa culture and society was shaped and formed by jewish controled communisim propaganda begining with, evil nazis vs poor defensless never did any wrong jews. Just look how Most folks everywheres so defend them and Reject any type truth or facts to the contrary. Like that NSA Book You mentioned!

              Try to get any jewdeo christian evangelicals to even read a single chapter of that book!! They will read the first few sentences, and get angry at YOU while throwing the book on the ground Pronto. Do NOT Confuse with Facts as Their minds made up already!

              I hate to admit it but in reality when that is the main issue at hand, they are Worse than even liberal dems who never admit when proved wrong. And america cannot be fixed unless that 50 million fooled deluded peoples will wake up and Change ideas about israel and jewish issues.

              The Fact that NO Other single thing or issue you can think of gets such instant support or defense by so many folks, other than israel and jewish causes etc. Nothing gets as much Kneejerk responce, Nothing else bar none. Only issues of Blacks gets even close to the same results.

              That in itself Proves we all been Brainwashed to believe more falsehoods about them, then all other issues combined. Ask most anybody you meet “Whats the First thing comes to your mind when I say WWII era”?

              100% Gaurenteed every time their first and ONLY answer will be “Nazis! Hitler! SIX Million jews!”

              NEVER will they say Millions of NON jew gentiles. If thats not brainwashed into folks from youth? How else can it be described? If I am correct(and yes I am) then WHY was that done to us all? Perhaps so we never will realize who or what the true enemys are eh.

              Anybody who doubts this?…Just compare nazis vs Russian kommie Jews and who killed how many and in what ways. But you will first need find Accurate True factual info on BOTH groups because all you were taught as true was and IS fake and wrong and LIES. Spend the time it takes to call me names to do real research and see for yourself is a good start for the as yet deluded ones.

      32. Well up here in Canada, in the latest budget back in March 2013 the government quietly put a clause in stating “bail in ” for Canadian banks will be allowed.

        Of course it never made the main stream whore media news and it was explained away when it was reported and everybody went back to sleep as they watched reality tv shows rest assured they re savings won’t be touched because the gov’t said so. Dumb F*&S…

        it’s not the article i wanted but it talks about our bail in.

      33. Well up here in Canada, in the latest budget back in March 2013 the government quietly put a clause in stating “bail in ” for Canadian banks will be allowed.

        Of course it never made the main stream whore media news and it was explained away when it was reported and everybody went back to sleep as they watched reality tv shows rest assured they re savings won’t be touched because the gov’t said so. Dumb F*&S…

        it’s not the article i wanted but it talks about our bail in.

        • But it wont top their biggest Hoax of the 20th century!

          Syria WMD-Hoax, from the worlds greatest liars theivs murderers and Hoaxters of all time!

          Whats next hoax?….A Nazi behind Every tree perhaps?!

          Maybe thats the reason for so many forest fires eh? They are torching usa forests so no nazis can Hide behid them trees!

      34. Cash is KING, until a loaf of bread cost you $2500, then it’s a little iffy. But then you got your gold and silver. But what happens when that same loaf of bread cost you $2500 in gold or silver. Then IF you can barter for the exchange you will have to pay a premium to do so. So you can tack on another $1000 to use your gold or silver.
        Thus making todays prices for food, water, water filters etc. a STEAL. Better buy some before the prices go UP, and UP, and UP….. You can NOT beat food as an investment, it can ONLY GO UP and IF worse comes to worse (You Can Eat It). (hard to do that with gold or silver).

        • i hate to sound stupid but what does pm stand for?

          • Precious metals

      35. FLASHBACK – General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned – Seven Countries In Five Years

        your children in the ZOG JEW.S.A. Military died like lambs led to the ZOG JEW.S.A. slaughter house


        N.O. ;0p

        • If Snowden is as we speak an intelligence asset and this is some kind of operation my question is why? I can’t see the advantage to the NSA or Administration by this stuff going public.

          Am I missing something here?

          • Kevin, I can’t say if he is or is not. But the theory is, if he is, then the public ‘show’ of his whistleblowing, was to indeed make other government officials (those not on board with Ocommie)ask the question, “Did they spy on me?”. Which indeed Congress has asked if the NSA was spying on them. With all the corruption in the government these days, most of them have some kind of dirt that they don’t want to get out to the public, their families, etc. They think they are all above us common people, the people who elect them into these positions. So this NSA database now becomes a leverage of blackmail and threats to get all the little puppets and ducklings in the same row. Perhaps that is why so few are actually standing up and speaking up, and so many are simply following behind quietly, or just plain sticking to Ocommie’s side. You have to wonder, with all the treasonous offenses and all the activity that can be considered a felony or a misdemeanor, everything the Constitution says one can be impeached for, or tried for treason and high crimes against the country, why the House is not filings for impeachment, and why the Senate is not currently trying the tyrants (Obama, Biden, Holder, Hillary, Pelosi, Feinstein, list too long to type here). They have all the proof they need. But with the true unknown scale of the NSA surveillance programs keeping Congress quiet and in line with the agenda, and so many puppets and pawns in place now, it’s doubtful legal action will ever be effective to any extent. Sorry so long of a reply to a simple question, I get worked up over this stuff, as I imagine anyone who loves their country and is a true American, would.

            • Asoran, you just metion the dumacrats you forgot the repubicans like Grahan,Mccaan,Boenier all said Snowen guilty of treason All the crooks in Washingtom sould know because they all are just as guilty, Starting with Chairman BO (not body order)

            • If the Congressmen and Senators were briefed even a few of them they would know this is going on. Hell I presumed it was just because they had the technology to do so and I’m not close to the action.

              I think the most watched people are in the State Legislature and Governors Office. These former poor states now are food and fuel rich and just so coincidently have populations that are far more independent minded and traditional than California and New York. The 10th Amendment will be the new legal battleground as the back east dominated Federal Government tries a one size fits all putting a square peg in a round hole. The banksters don’t have a lock on the relatively low population but newly rich states.

          • Kevin, I can’t say if he is or is not. But the theory is, if he is, then the public ‘show’ of his whistleblowing, was to indeed make other government officials (those not on board with Ocommie)ask the question, “Did they spy on me?”. Which indeed Congress has asked if the NSA was spying on them. With all the corruption in the government these days, most of them have some kind of dirt that they don’t want to get out to the public, their families, etc. They think they are all above us common people, the people who elect them into these positions. So this NSA database now becomes a leverage of blackmail and threats to get all the little puppets and ducklings in the same row. Perhaps that is why so few are actually standing up and speaking up, and so many are simply following behind quietly, or just plain sticking to Ocommie’s side. You have to wonder, with all the treasonous offenses and all the activity that can be considered a felony or a misdemeanor, everything the Constitution says one can be impeached for, or tried for treason and high crimes against the country, why the House is not filings for impeachment, and why the Senate is not currently trying the tyrants (Obama, Biden, Holder, Hillary, Pelosi, Feinstein, list too long to type here). They have all the proof they need. But with the true unknown scale of the NSA surveillance programs keeping Congress quiet and in line with the agenda, and so many puppets and pawns in place now, it’s doubtful legal action will ever be effective to any extent. Sorry so long of a reply to a simple question, I get worked up over this stuff, as I imagine anyone who loves their country and is a true American, would.

      36. TIME TO TIGHTEN YOUR BELTS PREPPERS save your pennies .


        ALERT: Peter Morici: As Federal Reserve meets, Americans should consider cutting spending

        Wednesday, the Federal Reserve is expected to indicate how quickly it will push up interest rates.

        Ordinary Americans can expect monthly payments on home purchases to rise, selling houses they already own to get tougher, and interest rates to jump on credit cards and other consumer loans.

        IT’S CRUNCH TIME !!!


      37. If this truly happens, then the true question of the ages may be answered.

        DO bankers taste like chicken?

      38. and it ain’t just yer bank account they’re coming after

        Guest Post: The Endgame Of State/Local Government Pensions

        numerous countries have already “confiscated” pension money
        by FORCING people to use retirement funds to buy only government bonds

        as long as those governments can honor those bonds
        yer ok
        but if not …..

      39. Rotting, Decaying And Bankrupt – If You Want To See The Future Of ZOG AmeriKa Just Look At BANKRUPT Detroit

        Detroit is a perfect example of what the future of America is going to look like. We live in a nation that is rotting, decaying, drowning in debt and racing toward insolvency.

        Just like Detroit, a day is rapidly approaching when America will not be able to kick the can down the road anymore. Sadly, our politicians don’t seem inclined to do anything about it and most of the population seems to think that our exploding national debt is not a significant problem.

        By the time it becomes clear how wrong they were, it will be far too late to do anything about it.




        BUY PHYZZ .


        this is the only way you will survive what is here now and still coming to fruition in ‘All’ our future no one will escape as ZOG AMERIKA IS DESTROYED BY THE ZIONISTS AND BANKERS JEW USURY .

        N.O. ;0p

      40. Only keep in the bank what you need to cover expenses/bills. Then take the rest and count it, 1)set aside a certain amount for buying a piece of land to farm (something to give you security) 2)decide what cash to set aside for long-term future use and stash in a secure place, 3)set aside another amount to buy silver or gold (for me silver is preferable),
        4)determine what you need to buy like items and materials for prepping, 5)use your assets as leverage to continually improve your financial and security conditions 6) help those who are needy as you are able. You should use your assets in the ratio as is best for you. Please don’t let anyone else have it!

      41. I’m living pay check to pay check.I have food and other things stocked up just waiting to wake up one morning and finding out that they closed the banks for a unknown amount of time.

      42. What happened to : the Budget, The sequester, and the deficit ceiling??

      43. Keep it at home in Gold.

      44. Legalize pot, prostitution and use it to pay off the debt.

      45. Howdy, Central TX Mom, and yes, conditions are still the same here and not getting any better. the monkeys are still biting the white people’s hands that feed them; it’s always been that way. BTW, in May I worked out an arrangement with one of my cousins in north GA for a BOL and already moved some supplies there. I now have a Plan B and a place to go to when TSHTF. the way things are going now, it won’t be long before something happens. braveheart

      46. Can’t convince dear hubby to remove funds from IRS/401k. If we did half 2013 and half 2014 we could minimize taxes and pay off our land. However, at fixed interest, if interests rates go up it becomes “relatively cheap”. Every time I go to grocery store I buy extra food stuffs. This is the time of year to get cheap razors, condiments, and hygiene items like deodorant. Every time I go to SAMS I buy a multipack of bar soap, honey, canned goods, salt, spices and veggies/fruit to dehydrate. Even though honey has gone up $2 at SAMs, it’s cheaper than the super pail of honey from a supply store.

        Headed to MS to visit my family next week. Will be bringing home more lead. It’s cheaper there.

        All this garbage has my head spinning, as I’m concerned what else they are doing that we know nothing about.

        • PenCRNA: You can read all about what Else they are doing at website of www dot realzionistnews dot com , every posible issue from A to Z and then some. Spend a few hrs reading at random there and I swear you will have equal to several PHD’s in info knowledge.

      47. If they pull that trick here it will be full out war, guaranteed. Maybe that’s why their working on the guns first.

      48. Friends
        I’ve had asthma for 15 years. Pretty bad…always coughing up “Lung butter”.
        Nasty colored shit. Anti-B helps now and then.

        I came across this…

        Wow…What a difference.

        I guess the coal miners who went to work in the salt mines, lungs clear up.

        I’ve been on this for a few days… Huge difference.
        The salt lasts about 2 years.

        I highly recommend this to the prepping community.
        With all the geo engineering chem trails…more will
        come down with asthma as we all breath nano aluinum and barium.

        This should help things and let us breath easier.

        It seems to dry up the lungs and so I don’t cough up shit al the time.

        5 stars to this thing.


      49. Should the American bankers try such a thing in the USA I suspect that there will be heavy increases in bankers life insurance premiums, health insurance premiums,car insurance premiums, home insurance premiums…………..

      50. I notice many well presented thoughts that have proceeded me. This is encouraging. I have a simple question for all:

        Over and over again I see people using limited resources to “get out of debt” like some Pavlovian dog. Well trained to behave.

        I wonder if that money might be better spent these days on putting in as many supplies as able for guns gold grub.

        Especially when a total, or near total, financial collapse is anticipated which will render debts useless especially when there may be no money moving anywhere.

        Under these circumstances paying BS non-critical bills seems a waste of resources, and besides, a
        debtors strike is a blow against our “betters.”

        Why keep paying your masters… when the system is breaking? And being rude to bill collectors is one way to vent your frustration.

      51. If banksters Cyprus the people, banksters will have a short life.

        So while they can click on their keyboards and steal our retirements, we can click on our hammers and steal their lives. Because at this point law protecting these scum no longer matters.

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