Watch: This Is Why The Elite Are Moving Into Gold and Silver: “There’s Blood In The Streets”

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    The 18th century banking magnate Baron Rothschild laid the foundation for contrarian investing when he said, “the time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets.” And if there were ever a time to take advantage of this advice, it may be right now.

    For the last few years we’ve seen prices for gold and silver collapse to such an extent that mining companies around the world are cutting hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs from their operations. It’s gotten so bad that many are moving into unrelated businesses just to stay afloat.

    The following must-see video from Future Money Trends highlights why major investors are piling into resources as if their lives depended on it and explains a strategic approach that could pay significant dividends as prices for precious metals inevitably rise in coming months.

    (Watch at Youtube)

    Devastation… an unmitigated disaster… the worst bear market in half a century… 

    Home to the junior mining companies, the TSX Venture Exchange is down 85% in nominal terms and 90% down in real terms.

    The smart money is getting in. Ray Dalio, George Soros and Carl Icahn are all making big entries into this sector… 

    When it comes to the mining sector there’s blood in the streets.

    This is, by all accounts, an environment in the resource sector not seen for over 50 years. But with investors around the world losing confidence in their governments and the broader economy, it’s only a matter of time before the worst bear market in half a century turns to the upside.

    If you’re paying attention you can see the veritable blood in the streets that Baron Rothschild described.

    Precious metals may have been left for dead by retail investors, financial advisers, and most mainstream pundits, but that usually means one thing: It’s time to buy.

    For more video reports, news and market updates we encourage you to visit Future Money Trends.

    Learn what one well known resource investor is doing right now to take advantage of opportunities in precious metals.


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      1. Something is very very wrong with the financial systems. That is a given. We are going to see some wild swings. This may sound crazy but there is a real possibility we could see the Dow Jones go to new record highs. Consider how bad things were in 2008. Nothing is fundamentally better and look what happened with stocks. If there really is a crisis then we should see the Fed starting priming the pump in large amounts. They won’t stop because doing so will collapse the whole damn thing.

        So assuming they keep pumping guess where all those trillions are going to show up?

        Yep. Apple, Amazon, and everything else that’s publicly listed.

        Sure, it could all crash. This is a real possibility too. But we have to consider that trillions of dollars being pumped into the system will have the same effect we have seen for the last 8 years

        What’s crazy to me is that there really is a disconnect of some kind between commodities and stocks. How can it be that things are so good that stock markets remain near records, but commodities (the things people actually consume) have crashed?

        However this goes, commodities are going to go up. And when the panic comes, so will gold.

        The big money guys, “the elite”, know this and THAT is why they are all in here. During the last depression the only stocks that went up were gold stocks and that was the only legal way to own gold.

        I am doing the same thing as the elite. Not many are talking about it outside of their little circles but any of those who are buying gold investments are also stockpiling food, bullets, bandaids and anything else they can fit in their little bunkers. Otherwise, why buy gold in these massive amounts except as a hedge against a destabilization of the current paradigm?

        • They know because they are the ones destabilizing the system. Soros has already talked about riots coming to America. These guys are moving into position and they’ll just sit back and watch it all burn.

          • LMAO…

            “Antwann” is the “Durangokidd”

            Attaboy DK!

            • YMWW: No, that is NOT me. Wrong again !!! 🙂

          • It will never collapse. Most of you have been waiting for it to do so so you can open your #10 cans, but it won’t. There are new players in the game unlike the great collapse that led us into the Depression that control the the numbers.

        • The markets are being driven by the “Ostrich People”. If all the indicators were laid out in plain English, in black and white, with the true values and balloons of each sector, the majority of rational thinking folks would cash out and run for the hills, after some bought a hedge with Gold and silver.

          This is not that kind of atmosphere. People are so caught up in the hype and greed of the world, that they have become blinded as to all the indicators. Good for people now waking up or their would be double the current selling prices on PMs.

          It will eventually come to that, (double the current prices), “if”, it is a continual slow burn off, of the markets, before the pop. The pop could happen in one hour, and all further sales of PMs would immediately stop because of hoarding and other reasons that I won’t venture in to right now.

          Gold and silver will most likely look cheap by today’s prices, by this time next year. We would be more bullish on PMs, but we have too many sheeple ostriches in our immediate families.

          If we don’t prep with way more foodstuffs than we need, many of them will go hungry after a few months of a catastrophic event.

          Speaking of one of those events to possibly come, I see a gigantic warning sign in what has, and is transpiring a few hundred miles from where we are located, in South Carolina. I will explain in the following commentary piece.

          • Cash is beautiful
            Credit is grand
            But pretty soon that shit will be banned
            So get up with your preps
            And sharpen your skills
            And deliver the enemy
            A shitload of kills
            Get rid of the idiots
            That mess up your life
            People are responsible
            For their own selves
            To bad for the fools
            When theres just some bare shelves
            Ignorance has a high price to pay
            The zombies will come
            So keep them away
            The soldiers who fight
            For slavery and war
            Need to bring body bags
            When they come to your door
            You choose your friends
            But not your kin
            If they are not liked
            Then don’t let them in
            A lot of hard choices
            Will have to be made
            I know you can do it
            Just don’t be afraid!

            • If you believe in SHTF; or even the Second Leg Down, this is NOT the bottom. You ain’t seen NOTHING yet !!! 🙂

              • In an article on Business Insider today. Paul Tudor Jones had this to say regarding the FED, the economic outlook, and the markets:

                “He explained: “And by that I mean they’re looking at the balance sheet. They’re uncomfortable with the size of it. That’s why they want to get rates away from zero. I think they’re concerned about the expanding global debt-to-GDP.

                “And I think they’re trying to probably insert back into the equation the fact that interest rates can rise and that people need to manage their balance sheets accordingly, particularly the Federal government.”

                When asked if that pointed to a bear market, Jones said: “I think it points to a choppier market.” ”

                Gee whiz !!! Someone here said more than a month ago, that the markets would be “choppy” for the next two years. Who was that masked man ???

                Its in the archives My Peeps. 🙂

                • Oh you are so prescient!

                  Even a broken clock is right twice a day, you tool.

                  Look in the archives…

                  Life is circular, say anything, and at some point in time it will apply to current events.

                  Maybe you could throw in a product recommendation, like Acid, so you can feel like part of the group.

                  • TS: I gave a product recommendation. I recommended that those who cannot afford the best brand knives, buy the stainless steel knife with the 8″ blade, hollow handle, and compass built into the bottom cap, at Harbor Freight for just $10. Its a bargain. I bought several. The machete too.

                    Don’t need to “feel” a part of the group. I blaze my own trails. Always have since I was a kid, and I have my own group.

                    But thanks for the invite !!! 🙂

            • Amen! Couldn’t have said it better!

      2. Dream of SC floods
        I woke up twice last night, actually early AM, after having two very vivid dreams. I don’t think they were what I refer to as random “sour pickle” dreams, that don’t really have any rhyme or reason.
        I haven’t had any dreams this vivid lately, and where I could actually draw a composite picture of some of the faces. I saw confusion of peoples in one dream, and in another just an hour or so later, I saw men mostly, and they were only wearing pants and were sitting all together in one room. As I walked in, they were all just staring and a look of worry and fear was all over their faces. They looked tired and weary. They had sweat on their heads and chests. As I approached, as though I knew them, one younger guy, slid forward in his seat and reached towards me. I stuck out my hand and shook his, saying, “ I remember you from somewhere”. He just looked stunned and physically and mentally drained. I walked around the room and no one was talking, just looking right through me with a confused look, as if impending doom was upon them. I walked on through this shack of a house and saw women in different rooms, all fully clothed but just kind of ambling around, confused.
        There were no children. In the other dream all the children were missing. I was feeling like something terrible had just happened and I was just walking into the aftermath.

        I don’t know what or if there is any connection, but as I got up around 3:00am, and went to the bathroom and then got some water in the kitchen, I listened to the wind howling outside. No rain, and then I thought about the rains in South Carolina. I immediately turned on the computer and pulled up Intellicast and drilled into SC. It was the exact same picture of a swath of heavy rains, confined to nearly all SC, that I had saw about five hours earlier when I last looked at radar. I thought, someone has died, maybe many. The dollar losses will be in the tens of billions.

        OMG, I thought, those poor people, because I know the terrain of SC, like the back of my hand from the coastal regions all the way to the mountains. I have physically driven all of it.
        Then the dreams started flashing in my head, and questions started popping up. What if this 1 in 1000 year event, that is isolated primarily from the coastal regions all the way past the state capitol in Columbia, is a sign, and why. I always got the feeling of bad ju ju, when I was in Columbia, and could not leave fast enough.
        I knew that the governor Nikki Haley had played a major role in bringing the flag down that had flown for 54 years as a symbol of freedom and as a memorial for all that lost their lives in the historical battles of division of Americans.
        Too many wanted to make the war about slavery. It wasn’t until Lincoln made it about it, through emancipation proclamation; which he did “reluctantly”.

        Anyways, I did some further research and found that Mrs. Haley is Indian-American and has found overwhelming support from the majority of Sandlappers. Her conversion to Christianity helped her with the elections. Is her conversion on paper, or is she actually putting Christ at the center of her beliefs? Only she and Christ, and the Heavenly Father, know for sure.

        Although I did not know these personal things about her, I was reminded of scripture where God is giving the Israelites instructions about choosing leaders, when they refused to let God and Jesus (as King Malchezedek), be their King. Two things that have always stuck out in my mind, God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, and Caucasians are His descendant children from the Israelite tribes. Argue it if you may, but America is modern day, House of Israel, predominately. God gave this land to His people, with Old testament instructions, some 400 years ago.

        Anyways, I also remember this point he made; always choose leaders from within your tribes of peoples, meaning blood linage/caucasians. Also, He made it further clear, A mamzer/mixed blood/half breed, shall not be in that congregation. Meaning chosen as leaders. WHY?
        Ask God, because I can’t give an adequate answer, but I know it does not bode well for people that don’t obey him. Choosing Odrama,Haley, and Jindahl, is not what God expected of his people. I have nothing against them personally, so don’t call me a prejudice hater. I didn’t vote for either one so it is not on my conscience. I’m just sayin’, what if?

        Anyways, I then looked at the gay marriage thing and to my surprise, here is what I found out. Haley had been outspoken about being for liberal agendas and schmoosing up to the democratic administration and liberals. She then pushed through a vote for making gay marriage legal in SC, against the wishes of 79% of the mass majority. BTW, 85% of the voting population in SC, claim to be Christian.

        That went into effect last November 2014. One of the last states to approve such things before the SCOTUS mandate.
        As I pondered these things, my mind went to California and seeing the drought and wildfires as possible signs and signals to people that are spiritually awake. Get out! Something worse is coming!

        Then I thought, what if this flood, is a sign and signal for the people, and kind of a chastening or chastisement to the people and the leadership in Columbia, that they are in the wrong. They certainly, especially the black folks, believe that the bringing down of a piece of cloth would change racism, which is a stupid thing in my mind. It only appeased the liberals in DC, and caused greater division in SC. They certainly didn’t go against the governor as a Christian society for imposing gay marriage on them. BTW, notice that she only pushed it through, “after” she was re-elected, and wasted no time about it. I see a snake in the grass, and smell the spirit of Jezebel, that is positioning herself for a bigger role…politically. Maybe one of the chosen Illuminati since she is filthy rich from her International business.
        I then thought, a sign to get the heck out, cause something bigger is coming, just like I see for California, especially the coastal regions.
        I did a search for the New Madrid possible coastal flood zone, and DAMN! The map showed the state of SC nearly cut in half by the rise in the ocean levels, and showed the ocean to come inland to within a few miles of the Capitol in Columbia, and possibly even consuming it entirely, because of the confluence of two major rivers.

        I don’t know but all this is too much of a coincidence for me to just laugh off, and Myrtle Beach SC has been called the Sin City of the Mid Atlantic for many years.
        Time will tell, and for the troll mockers….I’m not off the meds.

        • I rarely attack an individual but your ramblings are the result of a seriously deluded mind. Have you ever considered the help of a mind doctor? You sound like a crazy prior to committing mass murder.

          And why is anyone who questions your sanity a troll?

          • Bellevue?

          • You are a crazzzzeeee person. You questioned my sanity, oh my i can’t help myself….I’m really scared of this troll, i may call 991 for help. please don’t hurt me.

            Yea right. Hey, do you have a problem with your scrolling finger?
            Nobody is twisting your piss ant arm to make you read my posts.

            so piss off, troll.

            • Why so touchy? I guess I must have hit a truthful sorespot the way your Christian vitriolic hatred poured forth!

              Didn`t your religious teachings say “hate the sin, love the sinner”. So why don`t you attempt to practice what you preach?

              Oh, by the way, why is everyone a troll who disagrees with you?

              • Asshole,cerberus, I don’t give a flyin phuck who disagress or agrees with me. But for a dumbdick retard like you to accuse me “of sounding like a mass murderer”, is a bit much.

                i can tell you this much, I don’t follow what you claim is being a christian with “hate the sin and love the sinner”. That is not my idea of a christian. It is for some. They will lay right up with faggots and baby killers and not think twice about it.

                I don’t associate with evil, no matter what form it comes around in.

                so, you can take your warped ideology and cram it where AE likes to drill. Maybe you can both lay in a pile of stinking steaming shit and like it, but i don’t care for the smell nor the taste as you two do.

                • Why is it you resort to childish name calling when you get angry? This shows you are a phony, you claim to be this great Christian follower of Christ but you’re a dual personality psycho who obsesses on homosexuality. You know, the guy who’s always insisting everybody else is a ” faggot” has something to hide, trying desperately to convince everybody he’s NOT the thing he accuses everybody else of being. You have issues that need to be dealt with, and not here or in a church either, but on a psychiatrists couch.

          • I have never shot or unintentionally ever hurt anyone. I intentionally busted a boys nose that was a bully once, and broke the foot of a crazed drunk woman that pulled a gun on me. You are an insult to any decent human being to make such an accusation of murdering someone.

            You are the very type that people should avoid at all costs, those that even have such an evil mind to think such thoughts.

            The only thing I have ever harmed that i regretted, was killing innocent song birds with my BB gun when I was a kid. And that one time i threw a flat rock at one of grandpas laying hens in the yard and broke her wing. Pa had to kill it and we ate it, but i never got over how bad i felt after he shamed me for doing such a terrible thing to an innocent animal.

            I kill varmints that eat/chew, and destroy, but other than that I only kill what i eat. Deer , turkey, rabbit etc.

        • I have had several dreams of being invaded by aliens too. Does that mean it will happen? Every time I was lookin for a gun, maybe I need to start packin huh? lol 😛

        • You might want to study Deuteronomy1:13 a little closer. Has nothing to do with race. It has to do with family and knowing your leaders.

          • It is evident that you do not know what a gentile is.

            • Please educate me on what a gentile and a jew is and how both get to heaven.

              • They both get to Heaven by accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

              • Can’t do it unless I know you better. i don’t explain my understandings of biblical facts to liberals. You sound just like one, or maybe worse. Barn Cat told you all you need to know, but i think you are already set for your future.

                Have a good trip.

        • pissin, let’s not forget that you said that slavery wasn’t a sin and it afforded ” good opportunity” for blacks to become sharecroppers. If not the stupidest comment ever made it’s in the top two. So in light of the magnitude of the stupidity that flies out of your mouth, I’ll pass on your religious visions as well, so should anyone with two working brain cells.

          • Bob at last another voice of reason amongst a sea of religious intolerance, xenophobia and anti Semitic hatred.

            Whenever someone posts to this site the commenting policy is clearly laid out. OK I may have overstepped the line by implying pissing sounded like a crazy about to commit mass murder. If so Mr pissing I apologise – but, on first reading, you did. Actually, on second reason you do!

          • You are showing your ignorance and childish behavior. But, it is no surprise coming from and adolescent.

            • And you are showing your cowardice by acting like the adolescent who has to wait for the adults to leave the room so you can return and throw your little temper tantrums without being scolded by an adult. Go ahead, wait 3 days and come back and reply to me, or, as I’ve noticed recently, just ignore comments you don’t want to answer.

        • My love of God and Jesus truly comes from self, not teachings…….which I so desired. I will never know where my information to pay attention came from. Certainly NOT from our local and world News Sources, but somehow it was put into my heart that I know of such things.
          Dreams should never be dismissed. Information abounds!
          I tend to dream in color…….when in black and white I get a bit freaked out, means this is a Night-Mere!……regardless of information received.
          My prayer for your dream: Please, a few more years to help us solve the impossible.
          I love your posts and always look forward.
          Another word….I’m on the East Coast and NO plans of leaving. I’m in acceptance of “What Shall be Will Be!”

          • Thanks tishie!

            Many people don’y know how to read. They choose to overlook when i say, Maybe, and I’m not sure, and what if. They immediately jump to conclusions and make hateful accusations.

            if they oppose my commentarties, they should just scroll past. They have a liberal mindset because they continue to read something that doesn’t align with their way of thinking and then try to trash the writer by calling them insane, and in need of help. It doesn’t really bother me because i am totally sane and know my position with my Creator. I know when He speaks and i know when it is just some wild idea.

            I usually don’t share my dreams with people openly where there are mindless sheeple and worldly lovers because they don’t have a clue about spirituality. But, i did this time.

            People like you are the types i share with, We don’t get off by making judgment calls on people that have dreams. We know that they are from the spirit realm of divine guidance, or when they are just of the regular nightmarish type, which are usually related to something we ate or even a health issue.

            Many females are now having supernatural dreams and visions. I will not dismiss anyone that shares their dream or vision. I may be skeptical of some, but I definitely will not outright tell that person that I don’t believe them.

            God works in many strange and different ways.

          • Me too.

          • tishie,

            No reason to let black and white dreams trouble you, you’re actually dreaming in color about a black and white world.

          • Tishie

            I have no plans of leaving either and thanks for your wise post.

        • Wow! Any moron could have figured that out about the floods in SC well before 3 am. Seriously you are a religious nut case and I hope you do get your rapture well before SHTF so we won’t have to hear you and the rest of your sheep bahhing about why the world is such a shit hole.

          Cause it’s from all them gays and the legalization of gay marriage, dontcha know and people supportin that shit.

          Why the hell don’t you have any dreams about god reigning hell and brimstone down on the elites all over the world, including the US.

          You do know they pay to watch people get murdered. Participate in rape, pedophilia and all kinds of evil, sick, twisted behavior.

          Yet there ain’t no gosh darn justice being given to them, is there?

          Do you live in some kind of friggin bubble? I would love to bitch slap some sense into you with your KJV bible.

          • Me too, let me borrow that KJV bible when you’re done with it RJ, that sounds like fun. BTW, notice his predictions for the end of days in September never happened? He conveniently forgets about that ala mikey Snyder and now spouts new ones{ and they will never happen either}.

          • A person that doesn’t know the difference from “reigning” and raining, has already lost any credibility in any logical conversation……DUMBASS!

        • casse toi pauvre con

          • “go away stupid bastard”

            • grandee,

              we can say the exact same thing for breakinginthewind too.

              • Yea, all you faggots and atheists and baby killers all stick together. JUst a little while longer and your Master will be comin for ya….wwti.

                • You know pissin, for somebody who’s such a ” good Christian” you’re really a hateful little boy. All you can do is call people ” faggots” when they disagree with you. People with more than one brain cell realize your rants are nothing more than desperation from a small child who craves attention, And, anybody with an inkling of psychology studies can tell instantly your never ending obsession with homosexuality indicates you have more than a passive interest in the subject, and you know what it is too. Mac, don’t censor me this time, you let him call people ” faggot” all the time and let him slide on it when he doesn’t know anything about who he’s talking to, so don’t let him hide by censorship of mine or other peoples replies. Continuing to do so only illustrates the fact he’s too weeny to be a man, so we’ll see if you think he’s a man or a weeny.

        • About a week ago South Carolina proposed a law banning resettlement of refugees in that state to be voted on when their legislature reconvenes. This week they’re under water.

        • I have had the same niggling feeling, that something is just not right, but then if what you are saying is true, we are not meant to know. It will be for the future who will see more clearly what comes to pass. But if this Country is now under judgment from a higher power, its going to get much worse, no where to hide here. There is a verse I believe in Revelations, that says those who hide under the mountains will be found, and will experience it all as well. Just get right with God, that’s all I can say.

        • Yes, we are Israelites and we will suffer the same fate our ancestors did when they were so rebellious. Americans (of which I am one) are arrogant because so many believe our blessings come from us and our perceived greatness. We were once a great nation because we followed the Commandments of God. Now we are vapid, foolish, godless and warlike. I assure you God has taken His protection from us and we will reap the whirlwind. Mock and bluster all you like, a shit storm is coming and you will not be able to get out of it’s way.

          • Amen KB, you are in the winner’s circle, they are so lost they can’t even find the backdoor to salvation.

            • Yea I’m not a weak watered down Christian either. “Love the sinner hate they sin” a creation of the sons of Cain, no doubt. How about standing up like a warrior in the face of evil? Anyone of the pew potatoes ready for that? You better be because it’s coming whether they like it or not.

              • Katherine Bruce,

                You’re entitled to your opinion of what you want to think and so are we. People who don’t accept your opinions as facts are not worried about what you or others think may or may not be coming because we’re human beings with brains to think for ourselves. If that disturbs your view of us, too bad.

                • If you don’t care, why are you responding to me?

                  • Why you ask? Simply because you chose to open your mouth and chide people with your comment, don’t play stupid, and notice that your friend pissin disappeared when the tough questions ” hit the fan” about his obsession with homosexuality. Why do YOU think he ran away from those questions?

                    • I don’t mind honest dialog, but you are not engaging in that. Nor am I “chiding” anyone. Something wicked is coming, nothing will stop it and most Christians haven’t a clue as to who the real enemy is. They have listened to their charlatan pastors because they didn’t want to do the work themselves and now they are going to pay dearly for their complacency and apathy! Why are you upset with me for saying this? It’s a wake up call. We have to stop being nice and politically correct. People are going to die! Doesn’t anyone get that?

                    • Perhaps I misunderstood your intent, sorry if that is the case.

                    • I’m sorry too. I didn’t mean to sound that way.

      3. No body cares.

      4. I’d rather have bullets. More useful as barter and utility.

        Remember when government made owning precious metals illegal? Why would the near future be any different to the Marxist asshole currently residing in the White House?

        • Challenge with mining stocks, who are desperate for cash, is that they can issue millions of extra shares – and do it while the price is low (the worst possible time!). What they cannot do is ‘dilute’ the phyzz in your stack!

        • I really don’t like the idea of bartering bullets, arming others is a bad idea.

          If there is any semblance of law enforcement, bartering ammo could turn you into a Randy Weaver. Know your state laws.

          If law enforcement has collapsed, war lords will likely start appearing, I don’t want to be on their radar because I bartered with someone that joins up with them.

          • I’m with you on that one, Plan.

            If law enforcement has collapsed, there will be plenty of gear donors laying around.

        • It depends on how much money you have. I wouldn’t want $10,000 in bullets.

          I don’t plan on bartering after it hits the fan. You won’t know who you can trust. I wouldn’t barter away bullets to anyone except close family.

      5. I just bought a field serviceable(by me, I’m a retired electronics engineer) 6 kW Solar inverter for less than the price of one Maple Leaf.
        Ask yourself what has value? Power or Gold? Will that Maple leaf keep your beef frozen? Invest in Silicon.

        • Grid tie or off grid? Pure sine or modified? Sounds like a score!

          • Wanna buy some solar panels? I have some brand new Trina 250 watt for 1-4 220.00 … 5-9 210.00 … 10+ 200.00 good deal!

            • Free shipping to Australia and your on.
              Trina are mighty fine panels and they are good prices.
              Tested in Australia and amongst the top three I believe.

          • AIMS at Amazon.
            I talked to the support techs at great length.
            Pure sine wave. I used to design power supplies.
            The Caps are the weak point, but are easy to replace,
            I can’t get the micro-controller code,
            but I can program the micro controller
            using generic algorithms.

            I bought this inverter because custom
            transformers are expensive, or I would have made my own
            inverter. I’ve never made a transformer.
            Stay away from high frequency
            Stay with brutally simple heavy stuff.

            I’ll bet you would like to have a
            neighbor like me. I can only grow weeds.
            my wife does the garden.

        • An array and battery set that can run a refrigerator some lights, and a furnace is certainly worth more than gold in a world that is in the dark, cold and hungry.

          I do recall an extended power outage in the middle of winter in the far North East. People were killing for generators and fuel. It was ugly, generators were being stollen right off their pads in the middle of the night.

          • just remember to black out your windows. you don’t want to be the only lights seen for miles around. and with no other lights, it will be seen for miles.

          • If it gets hot then its not for solar………….

      6. Articles like this seem a little pointless to me. I don’t have enough free cash to make much of a difference with purchases, even if I fully believed in a gold/silver boom coming……
        Example:::: If I had the disposable income to buy an extra 20 bars/ounces per week of silver, then it would cost me about $340 to $350 at current values plus spot…. Over the course of a year that would be roughly 1000 ounces at $17K to $17.5k spent…
        After one year if we all of the sudden, on a single day, saw a jump to the all-time record high of $50 an ounce…then my 1,000 bars would be worth 50 grand– a nice $30K profit for sure but far from placing me on easy street…..
        So in the end, spending all of my extra funds to stack PM’s might leave me with some leverage or bargaining chips in a hyper-inflation, shortage of goods scenario—but if the dollar is in play and hyper inflated, then $30K may not have a lot of buying power in any form.
        Having said that, I do buy a little here and there- but mostly as a hedge against inflation and because keeping paper money at home is always at risk of flood, fire or even mice.
        If anyone on this site has a million to invest–then go for the gold–otherwise, like all things in life–BALANCE.

      7. If you really believe the Shtf soon, run up your credit buying preps. When the bottom falls out, no one will be collecting bad debts on worthless paper. What are they going to do? Can’t get blood from a stone. Run up the plastic cards based on worthless paper. Why not? Why preach austerity when you really believe a total crash is imminent.
        It’s like knowing you will die tomorrow. Why pay off anything. Why move to cash if it’s going to be toilet paper?

        • Tunkcuf:

          The reason why I believe that people should continue paying off their credit cards and other bills, and using cash, is because; no one knows the future. No matter how things appear, some unforeseen event could change the outcome.

          Let’s say for instance someone is going along in life barely able to make ends meet. He has a stack of bills but dutifully pays a little bit each month and is working his way out. Then the doctor tells him he has Cancer. In a momentary lapse of judgment, he throws his bills in the trash and stops making payments. Now in reality, he only had a few hundred dollars to pay off. He winds up ruining his credit for years, which has many undesirable consequences, and winds up finding out that either the Cancer went into spontaneous remission or the doctor was mistaken.

          This could happen. It happened to me.

          • I completely agree, changes in bankruptcy laws put through when Bush was in let debt follow you for life, declarining bankruptcy only provides limited protection. Then it takes years to reestablish credit.

            Without some level of credit rating you end up literally a non citizen. Large numbers of goods and services are simply not for sale to you, and those that are you pay a significant premium for.

            If we have a financial disaster that is on the order of the Great Depression or even worse, it could take the US 30 years to work our way out of it. Thirty years is a long time to spend trying to piss into the wind.

            If the financial SHTF I imagine many laws will be changed to benefit corporate America at the expense of the common man. I’m saying the legal landscape will become more expensive and harder to navigate.

            If we have deflation, like in the Great Depression, debt will grow while salaries shrink. It will become impossible to pay off precrash debt.

            Categorize all debt by interest rate, pay off the highest first, and work your way down the list. Work out a budget and stick to it.

            America has 50.7 trillion in debt between private, corporate, and government debt. Only 18 trillion is the government the other 32 trillion is we the people and businesses. In a deflationary economy, we are toast. That was one of the mistakes of 2008, we went through a crash, but never wrote off any of the debt, that debt still hangs over us, which is one of the reasons there has been no recovery under Obama. Yes, there are other reasons.

            • But…but….but…the crash is happening now according to several articles and comments. Well said Ca and prep. No one knows when although it certainly will crash. Nothing lasts forever including our current system. The way braveheart and a few other people talk, they can feel it and when Dow 40000 guy predicts a crash it’s a feeding frenzy of all the things they have done to prepare and will do to people who later cross them.

              Keep prepping and don’t get stupid about it.

              • My experience,
                Prep for Y2K and six moths later a storm takes out the water treatment plant. Your preps save you.

                You replenish and add to preps, two years later a big storm shuts down the area, but you’re fine.

                You replenish and add to preps, several years later, the economy crashes and preps feed you while you find a new job.

                You replenish and add to preps, then the mother of all storms hits. 12 day power failure, no stores open, everyone is screwed, but you are fine…..

                I replenish and add to preps. People who think I’m a bit over cautious, I avoid, because they are just ignorant and clueless. There is a hatefully side to those that attack anyone that preps. The government fears you, because they can’t control you. And they really really need to control everyone!

        • I agree with you to a point: it’s better to be fully prepared and have bad credit than have good credit and starve.

          I wouldn’t max out my credit cards just to blow the money.

          • There are some very smart preps, that cost very little and can produce for decades.

            Plant a few fruit trees, plant some nut trees, an asparagus patch, a raspberry patch. Once established they can have a lifespan of decades. They will continuously produce. The fall is a very good time to plant.

            If you have a big stash of freeze dried food, that is a target they can take and just kill you. If you have multiple long term foods like the above, they need you to maintain them and pay a tax!

            If you are alive, warlords can be dealt with.

            I planted some more fruit trees last spring, a neighbor saw this and copied. I put fifty dollars into each hole. My trees are already twice the size of his. Preps should include fertilizer and insecticides. I do like to avoid insecticides, but after a massive crash, expect plagues of insects. The balance of nature will be upset. I intend to keep my living preps alive.

            I have some great nut trees, but never get any nuts. I do have the fattest squirrels in town. I’ll eat the squirrels first, then I will have all the nuts I can eat. A high end Airgun is just what’s needed, quiet and pests go right to the dinner table.

      8. Off topic look up secret restaurant menu items,yum ,yum,…….

      9. Jesus said “Love your enemies”.

        The man people love to hate, Rothschild, said “Buy when there is blood in the streets”.

        OK But what do you do when the blood is dripping from your own veins?

      10. This is what our National Guard SHOULD be doing…

        Band of brothers voluntarily patrol US-Mexico border…

        The band of brothers who voluntarily patrol the US-Mexico border: Heavily armed vigilantes led by a veteran dubbed ‘Nailer’ act as the final guard against what they call an ‘immigrant invasion’

        The Arizona Border Recon – made up of veterans former private security officers – guard the US-Mexico border

        They stop illegal immigrants, drug smuggling and human trafficking while providing intelligence to border agents

        Daily Mail dot UK

      11. U.S. & 11 other Pacific rim countries agree on Trans-Pacific trade “deal”

        Fox News

      12. And they expect us to play nice? The total registered gold available for delivery on the Comex would only cost 186 million dollars. Stand for delivery and collapse the whole ponzi scheme. One could start a go fund me page.

      13. ht tp://

      14. ht tp://

        • Just be careful. Vince Foster laughed at one of Hillary’s crayon drawings. Then Hillary laughed at his chalk outline.

      15. I have half of my savings in physical precious metals that I hold.

        Stock prices are being artificially inflated. If I could get all of our 401k money out of the market I would.

        I think the biggest price increases will be in silver and not gold. Silver used to be priced at 1/12 to 1/16 gold. Now it’s 1/72. Silver has a lot more industrial uses than gold. It’s just that a 10 oz silver coin is worth approximately the same as a 1/10 oz gold coin so if you have a LOT of money you need to have it in gold if you want it to be portable.

      16. Just a thought I know many of you don’ t think voting is worth it ,but this election every illegal
        Immigrant that can will probably try to vote illegaly. So even if you feel this way,vote anyway!
        This is going to be historic, be heard from, get out and talk to your neighbors,network,
        it’s your duty and right as an American! Be counted!………

      17. In SHTF I will barter my hot lead in exchange for whatever I want. The dead will never disagree nor complain, as I take from them, whatever is necessary. Get in my way, and you shall meet your maker. That is natural law.

        • “Natural law” also says “There’s always one bigger, badder, meaner and more determined right around the corner”.

        • Those people who figure they’ll just take what they want at the barrel of a gun, always find out the hard way that theirs isn’t THE ONLY GUN.

          • The tough guys that think they’ll make great pirates, R R R. Will also make great scarecrows when hung from the poles approaching a BOL. Read up on “Vlad the impaler”. If it’s self defense, the worst crime you’ve done is abuse a corpse!

            Living on the road as a highwayman is nothing but a psychotic refugee on the run.

            After the crisis many murders will be solved. If the bad guys survive, there will be trials.

      18. For some reason, there seems to be a second sound track that talks right over the audio of this clip…. I could not make out much of the audio because of the other track talking over it. Same situation on both this site and over on YouTube. It seems odd that nobody else has commented about this…?

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