Watch: This Changes Everything: The Do-It-Yourself LASER Shotgun: “Dangerous Is an Understatement”

by | Jun 8, 2015 | Headline News | 162 comments

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    The world of self defense is about to change dramatically. Where today someone has the ability to protect themselves from perpertrators carrying a firearm or knife, we now sit on the cusp of the future of personal defense weapons systems.

    Laser technology has been around for quite some time, but in terms of destructive power has been pretty much restricted to the military realm.

    All of that has now changed, as demonstrated by a young do-it-yourselfer going by the Youtube moniker styropyro who recently built a powerful laser device in his garage.

    Dangerous is an understatement for this thing. There’s no, no good reason for anybody to own something this powerful. But because it wasn’t illegal for me to build, I decided to build it anyway.

    Though his demonstrations focus his 40 watt laser beam on things like paper, ping pong balls and balloons, the applications are limitless.

    For now, building such a personal laser device is completely legal, but don’t expect that to last after lawmakers see how powerful of a weapon it really is. And some, including the builder, are already suggesting that such devices shouldn’t be built by the average layperson:

    Just because you can make something at home, doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Today’s example? A laser ‘shotgun’ that uses a lens to combine eight 5W lasers into something that should definitely spice up your next PowerPoint.

    The terrifying death machine was built by YouTuber styropyro, who has a long and detailed history of messing around with lasers. This particular rig uses eight 5W lasers, mounted with parallel beams onto a giant heatsink, and powered with a big-ass battery. The result is a fairly legit laser gun, capable of bursting balloons and setting fire to pieces of wood.

    While the laser demonstrated in the video utilizes a mere 40 watts of power, a recent military test by the United States Navy utilized a 30,000 Watt laser to take out everything from drones to boats.

    But that doesn’t mean such devices, kicked up with some additional wattage, couldn’t be used for personal self defense applications that include the removal of irritating spy drones that may be hovering over your property. Shotguns work, too, but aren’t effective at longer ranges. A laser however, could easily disable such electronic devices, and do so without making a sound.

    And, though we don’t have to specifically outline the threats for our readers, such devices may completely change the playing field with respect to personal defense in the event of a serious emergency where law and order as we know it today completely break down.

    And that, of course, is the reason we will soon see regulations, and more than likely, criminal penalties for those who build such devices.

    Nonetheless, for enterprising inventors and scientists, laser technology, along with do-it-yourself electronic pulse devices, completely change the playing field for freedom loving Americans.


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      1. I want one. Now.

        • Nancy Pelosi will be issuing a statement in 3… 2…. 1

          • Anon…. No statement.. Both Nancy P and Diane F and Barbara B placed an order to purchase the longest one based on the fact it also vibrates or they’ll return it for refund.

            • Stolz, ROFLMAO! That’s a damn good one!

              • On a side note, my daughters lap top died. She offered me the battery pack from it full of 18650 high end lithium batteries. I promptly found a great battery charger on eBay.

                Flashlights, hmmmm, sounds like great survival tool!
                There were several on Amazon that rated light output in lumens, a brightness that turns out to be related to useful light and projected brightness at a given point.

                A really high output flashlight that turned out to produce a uselessly small concentrated beam was highest on the list. Understand that brightness is a function of beam culmination, or how tightly it can be projected. Not actual brightness of the original light source.

                I bought three flashlights, the brightest turned out to be the dimmest! It concentrated the beam into a tight useless beam that lit up a distant 2 meter target at a hundred yards great, it was about five bucks.

                The second, lighted up the countryside, it was brighter and broader. A great light. Problem was a close object was so well illuminated that you couldn’t look at it with this light! It was blinding.

                Third one claimed to be adjustable focus. Turns out this was the best flashlight yet,®-Adjustable-UltraFire-Waterproof-Flashlight/dp/B00CJO65SQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1433828450&sr=8-1&keywords=18650+flashlight. Not bad, it was incredibly bright, but you could focus it as bright as you needed! The problem with looking at a close object was overcome.

                So if you run into a dead laptop with a good battery, you can take it apart for parts.

              • Better make yours, or at least get all the components and store them away, before they outlaw this weapon. I’d bet my ass on it! If this would give us the ability to defend ourselves against the govt machine, YOU CAN BET IT WILL BE OUTLAWED IMMEDIATELY.

                • There are about a million deadly devices that can easily be built by a knowledgeable person using common junk from the scrap yard, or Home Depot. Let them pass all the laws they like.

          • Anon, who cares what Pelosi has to say?

            • I usually keep my Phaser on stun unless confronted by a group of inner city thugs playing the “knock out” game. 🙂

        • Ditto.

          • Why don’t you get a big neon billboard and a PA system and announce your position to everyone, preppers?

            I’ll stick with a semi .22LR with a drum and the most expensive suppressor one can get.

            • Acid, uh, have you looked into the legal process for getting a suppressor? Even if ATF approved you for one, that’s just one more list to get yourself on. I think the laser is worth a try myself to extend my ammo supply.

            • 22lr huh… thanks for announcing your postion…
              Are you a prepper?

            • Good luck with that Acid….NSA now has you on their list of whos naughty or nice.

              • Jim, acid probably just has a red ryder and shot his eye out once.

                • BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

              • As if they don’t have most of us on there already…?

        • I Like it!


        • I don’t think many here will care if this is legal or not. I don’t give a damn what the scum government says is illegal.

          • Zero, I agree. I definitely don’t care how ANYONE’S government looks at it. When it comes to self-defense, I don’t follow any restrictions on that anyway.

        • Kids shouldnt have this? Public safety issue? Only the government?

          Kids didn’t murder 270 million people in the 20th century. Governments did.

          • Acid, I use the old type of compass which is more reliable.

          • Actually, I like it. Thanks Etch.

          • One EMP burst and that bitch is fried

        • You can also easily make a microwave claymore out of a old microwave oven, re-reversed of course (aim it at the outside of your door from inside the house: any “person” cooks from the inside out.

        • Sarge, Braveheart definitely wants one of those. That would make my ammo supply last longer. Oh, the things I could do with that laser.

        • Please be warned, this thing as well as any laser that is advertised as a “burning laser ” can blind people or pets instantly.

          There are small laser pointer sized lasers that can blind.

          Very effective against a mob of people, but the blindness is permanent for life.

          Heard a story of a kid that talked his mom into letting him buy a laser pointer for a school science project, he lied and bought a high end burning laser, and within one hour of it arriving in the mail, he was permanently blind in both eyes for life!

          • After thought, I wonder if it might be a good idea to own the special laser safety glasses.

            I noticed many high powered lasers in constant use at the riots in Egypt when the Mubarak was overthrown, as well as several other large demonstrations in the EU and Middle East. Very impressive at night to see hundreds of laser pointers lighting ip the sky. A few though looked to be very powerful possibly blinding lasers.

          • I sent an employee home for 3 days without pay for continuing to sweep coworkers with his new and neat laser pointer, after I told him to stop doing that.

            HR upheld me, and said he was lucky I didn’t terminate him, they would have upheld that, too. Basically told him to pound sand.

            • I agree 100%, but it would be a green laser. Reflect on other applications!

              When I left my last company I gave my really cool laser pointer to my former boss, with the warning that even with a non hazardous laser there is still a protocol for proper public use, don’t shoot people you don’t like in the ass!! A joke, but yes, a reality! I understand he used it poorly! Though he had watched while I used it to my advantage and had taken control of meetings subtly to my political advantage. Young professionals take note. It’s a little thing yet vey effective!

              Sounds silly but a laser pointer in a corporate meeting is a powerful tool. More than once I took control from a less socially/ technologically equipped peer! Yes I love laser pointers.

              They were stocking stuffers for all my adult children, and their spouses with tried and true advice!

              Yes they all got the super powerful green laser pointers! Why not the ultimate power, also referred to as the biggest dick in the room!

              Yes, I grasp the superiority of technology! A laser system able to reduce a highly trained swat team to professional toilette cleaners, is a system worth controlling!

              Lasers, really cool devices, many applications.

              What this kid built, to be underestimated only by fools.

            • Good move smokey. Some people just don’t have any sense.

          • thats just an urban legend. if real, than thinning the herd.

          • They should affix a warning label: “Do not stare into laser with remaining eye.”

        • Why, lose your rubber gun ?

        • A 1~2 Watt laser is quite capable of instantly, permanently blinding people at a distance (I don’t know the equations off the top of my head, but depending on the tightness of your beam’s focus over distance, causing blindness to people more than 1 mile away who happen to be flashed by your laser as you point it is quite possible).

          A 1~2 Watt laser can in fact within a second or so ignite skin and cause it to burn at a distance

          1~2 Watt lasers can be pointed downrange at a target, and if you are not wearing the appropriate safety glasses, or if people in the area of the target are not wearing the appropriate safety glasses, then the reflected or refracted light that will still bounce off an light absorbent target can cause permanent eye injury and/or blindness given very short exposures and dependent on how light happened to bounce off the target.

          I considered getting a Spyder 1watt laser from Wicked Lasers 5 years ago, but after considering the general danger to myself and others if the laser were to be inadvertently turned on while protective eyewear was not on, and since I determined it would be unreasonable in a home defense situation to expect to have time to get the requisite safety gear on and the family members to a safe area that won’t be blasted with laser light, plus the legal ramifications of permanently blinding an intruder and/or lighting his skin on fire with a laser beam. I figured laser defense systems just are not for me.

          If you thought you would be defending against drones or an invading over-reaching marauding bands bent on over-running your peaceful but well defended and prepared homestead, I’m not sure if you would be able to insure you don’t also destroy or maim bystanders, neighbors, children, uninvolved unsuspecting others while also getting the bad guys

          • But what about fighting the crazed fascist authorities after the ultimate first blood incident? Don’t you deserve a little advantage? They will come in with APC’s, automatic weapons, grenade launchers, etc.

            Really what do you have besides your wits? And you just said you were willing to give those up?

            • I agree it can be really useful in certain situations. All I’m saying is if you use one in those kind of circumstances, everyone on your team better be wearing the safety eyewear (which will hamper their ability to use their firearms accurately), and you better be ok with potentially causing significant casualties to any/everyone else in the area who doesn’t have glasses (innocent bystanders, neighbors, children (if present in the area), etc.

              Once you neutralize the first group, I would count on having a missile fired from a military drone annihilate your location, because the military will be working with any supposed law enforcement in that kind of scenario.

              • Anon, you are correct to point out the dangers of lasers. I have a few myself. But who cares about legal ramifications over what happens to a home invader with evil intentions toward you and your loved ones? I wouldn’t care about the intruder and damned sure don’t care about legal ramifications. I already carry certain self-defense items with me everywhere I go and been doing so for over 20 years. The items I carry are probably illegal but I refuse to let any stupid law deter me from a legitimate act of self-defense. I don’t follow any restrictions on self-defense, period.

              • They’ll attempt to annihilate you no matter what you do or don’t do. Annihilating them will be the only answer to their power they exercise over others.

              • “Once you neutralize the first group, I would count on having a missile fired from a military drone annihilate your location, because the military will be working with any supposed law enforcement in that kind of scenario.”

                So basically your strategy is to roll over and die? Stick out your hands and wait for them to cuff you and drag you off to the concentration camp?

                Please do us all a favor and stay out of Alabama when SHTF.

                • NK, there’s another thing we can agree on. I’ll be fighting them once the balloon goes up. It will be GAME ON at that time.

                  • Some of these assholes give you a lot of flak for your “overblown bravado”, but many of them ought to instead sit back and take notes, and maybe learn a thing or two from your spirit and courage, and readiness to advance the cause of justice and liberty. If I had to choose folks from here for a post-Apocalyptic survival team, you’d be one of my first picks.

              • If you are going to take out a gov drone with a high end laser, do it from a position near the local police station, then get the hell out. Let the gov drone their own position thinking they got you?

          • “If you thought you would be defending against drones or an invading over-reaching marauding bands bent on over-running your peaceful but well defended and prepared homestead, I’m not sure if you would be able to insure you don’t also destroy or maim bystanders, neighbors, children, uninvolved unsuspecting others while also getting the bad guys”

            This is just pure stupidity.

            Do you also fear keeping guns in your house too, to fight the fucking DRONES bombing your house, out of worry that you will harm some innocent?

            Get a clue.

            Don’t point it at anything you don’t want to blind or kill! It’s really simple.

            • You seem to have a dangerous lack of understanding regarding the difference in how projectile weapons work vs. beam energy weapons.

              With projectile weapons you point, you shoot, you hit the target and that is it.

              With beam energy weapons you point and shoot at the target and the target gets hit, but there is also what is called diffuse beam and indirect beam hits that can cause blindness to anyone who is in the area and happens to be unlucky enough to gaze at the target being hit by the beam. So it really isn’t a matter of just not pointing a LASER at anything that you don’t want to cause harm to. The entire area around your target and anyone/anything in it is very likely to suffer immediate permanent blindness because you pointed your Class 4 burning laser at a target in their vicinity.

              That is why LASERs are different from firearms. Proper firearm safety and usage is a much simpler task with fewer variables to consider than proper LASER safety and usage. Perhaps if you had bothered to actually look into the safety precautions that are necessary when dealing with a burning laser, you wouldn’t be looking like a fool with your “don’t point it at anything you don’t want to blind or kill! It’s really simple” statement.

              Frankly with the way you talk, I wouldn’t be surprised if you inadvertently blind someone while just testing your brand new LASER weapon because someone just happened to be in the area where you are testing your laser, and before anyone is aware of what is going on, irreparable harm to that persons Retina has occurred.

              While I’m talking about LASER’s and safety, make sure you pickup the correct type of protective eyewear for your LASER’s wavelength and power output. If you get eye protection that is for a different wavelength, then you might as well not have any, and if you get eye protection that is inadequate for the output wattage of the laser(s) you buy/build/cobble together, then once again you might as well be going without eye protection at all.

              • “You seem to have a dangerous lack of understanding regarding the difference in how projectile weapons work vs. beam energy weapons. ”

                I understand them both well enough to build either one from scratch, starting with the raw ore, if needed.

                “With beam energy weapons you point and shoot at the target and the target gets hit, but there is also what is called diffuse beam and indirect beam hits that can cause blindness to anyone who is in the area and happens to be unlucky enough to gaze at the target being hit by the beam. So it really isn’t a matter of just not pointing a LASER at anything that you don’t want to cause harm to. The entire area around your target and anyone/anything in it is very likely to suffer immediate permanent blindness because you pointed your Class 4 burning laser at a target in their vicinity. ”

                This just in: War is hell, and weapons are dangerous.

                Every weapon system has its own unique characteristics and dangers. THEY ARE ALL DANGEROUS, in one way or another….or they wouldn’t be good weapons, would they?

                A missile could explode and blow up innocent people in the area, not just the targets! So are missiles too dangerous for anyone to mess with? Even if the bootheeled fascists are overrunning us?

                “Frankly with the way you talk, I wouldn’t be surprised if you inadvertently blind someone while just testing your brand new LASER weapon because someone just happened to be in the area where you are testing your laser, and before anyone is aware of what is going on, irreparable harm to that persons Retina has occurred. ”

                Right. I’m a reckless guy who is completely unaware of all risks involved in everything, who smokes cigarettes around open containers of gasoline just for the fun of it. That’s why I do the things I do: because I’m too stupid to do things *your* way.

              • The US gov is having suppliers add sound effects to next generation laser weapons so users know the weapon is firing since these weapons are totally silent. Some weapons fire IR beams that humans can’t even see, without adding a sound effect, the user and bystanders are unaware anything is even happening.

        • I’m waiting for the General Electric Death Ray, never buy first generation technology….

        • Agreed, maybe even two.

        • me too

      2. MGTOW, YOUTUBE….

      3. I can see many potential targets and scumbags.

        • Stolz, like members of a certain tribe?

      4. Just think this is just a kid messing around building these things. Can you just think what the US military has?

        Just remember when being attacked by a laser to wear white. and protective eye cover. and run like hell.

        • Pig,

          Now the video doesn’t show what happened before the video. And I agree with the cop pulling his gun when two large males moved to his right hand.

          But those two males moved in to protect the 15yo girl that the pig was brutalizing.

          He used way to much fucking force with that girl. I don’t give a fuck if she was taunting him, if you cant control your stupid emotions don’t be a cop. It could have been handled better. Do you pigs even get any training in conflict resolution? Don’t seem like it.

          And why the fuck were all the black people asked to leave a public pool? How can you have a private party in a public space?

          And, the video show several pigs there. The other ones seem to be calm and rational. Only the one pig is hysterical. That’s a red flag.

          • Acid, you mean the incident in TX? Yeah, I saw that video but also bear in mind he was dealing with black teenagers and was alone until the other two cops arrived. I know how dangerous black teenagers can be. Have trouble with them where I live all the time. What would have that cop do, go play pattycake with them? Get real, Acid.

            • Braveheart, we will never know exactly what went down at that incident, no matter how many “inside scoops” are released on internet forums for people to pick up and copy and paste everywhere like thew know the facts. All I know is, if it was me standing there and I saw that pig talking down to anyone and everyone, and dragging that girl around by the head for no good reason, and then sat there with his back turned to me like that…? His ass would be hit like a ton of bricks and would be left on that sidewalk bleeding, as his just reward for being a piece of shit.

              People keep trying to say that these black kids were a bunch of thugs getting rowdy, but it’s weird to me, cause every time I’ve been around black thugs, they never do look as clean cut as those kids, nor they do call cops “SIR” as those polite and well mannered young men did! (Only to be talked down to like dogs by the asshole cop.)

          • Acid, you also sound like one of those black liars from the NAACP or any other black criminal group.

          • ae prior to that the uninvited party crashing black kids were attacking the white kids and parents.

            because the white parents told the loud mouth animals to leave for behaving like animals.

              • Do you really copy and paste links off the internet, as if they’re telling you the truth about anything? As if you somehow got the inside scoop?

                You don’t realize that for every link you copy and paste here like this is the definitive truth of “how it went down”, which everyone nods their heads and agrees is 100% truth in their ignorant opinion, there is another link someone else is pasting on a different forum that says something completely different, which those people also 100% believe is correct?

                Do you realize you and everyone else are being played for fools right now? That the entire incident was set up specifically to divide you against your natural allies, so that you’ll easily be picked out by TPTB when SHTF?

                Stop being a useful idiot.

                • NK, on some things I can agree with you and others I can’t. I checked those 2 links at the earlier and they tell another side of the story NOT told by the mainstream media. I’ll grant you some sources in the independent media are questionable to say the least, but I NEVER trust anything coming from the mainstream media. THEY are the ones who play everyone for fools, NOT independent media.

                  • Braveheart, Israel and the U.S. government have entire armies of paid trolls….while at the same time, people’s trust in the mainstream media is decreasing (and yes, “they” do have opinion polls which tell them these facts), and their trust in non-mainstream sources (like blogs, web comments, etc) is increasing. So the evildoers increasingly use their trolls to “leak” information onto forums, which are just as made up as any other story, which certain people then pick up and take off running like they just discovered a nugget of truth. And because it came from a non-official source, certain folks are more likely to believe it.

                    And just like on the “biker shootout” story, when someone gets on a forum raising doubt about the official storyline, there seems to always be some guy who chimes in and says that’s all nonsense because “I live in this area and this is what happened.” But who are these people, really? Are they real persons telling a true story? Or is it all completely made up? Who is *verifying* these stories that people post, before it’s copied and pasted everywhere like it’s proven fact?

          • Maybe if people would cooperate they wouldn’t be in situations like this. all of a sudden cops are being confronted by groups. what would you do Monday morning quarterback?

            • Jim, I know this sounds racist, but I’m not going to mislead anyone on the issue. Black teenagers are very dangerous people; so dangerous even a lot of older BLACK people are too scared to be around them. I see things like this all the time in Memphis. From a legal standpoint, little to nothing is ever done to them for their crimes. We can thank “civil rights” for this mess. there’s no accountability or consequences for the actions of black teenagers.

              • ” We can thank “civil rights” for this mess.”

                No, you can thank your ancestors, and yourself.

                Personal responsibility. It’s time for everyone to learn what that actually means.

                • Nathan Klein, unless you’ve ever lived in an urban area with a large black population, you will never understand what I’m getting at. I know what personal responsibility is, but those black teenagers don’t know what it is and neither do their parents. otherwise, the incident might not have happened.

                  • What I mean is, we can sit here and blame this party or that all day long, but this is not productive because all we are doing is assigning blame, rather than solving problems.

                    I’ll admit that you likely have more experience in big city living that I do. But I have been in some big cities, some of them really big and run down (i.e. Detroit), and personally seen things which seem to contradict certain judgments people have made.

                    Like in Detroit when I stopped at that gas station off 8 mile road. I was on crutches from breaking my leg the previous month. There was one black dude filling up his big Chevy at the next pump kinda eyeballing me like he’s NEVER seen a white guy like me there before, just filling up his car.

                    I walked inside to turn the pump on and while standing in line, there was a young black guy (entrepreneur) about 20-24 years of age, standing by the register who pulled some little baggies of weed out of his pocket, gesturing to ask if I wanted to buy…while the middle eastern owner/cashier purposely paid no attention at all to anything but his phone conversation.

                    It took me second to realize what was going on, as this had never happened to me before in rural Alabama, and then I politely declined. Gave the cashier a bill to fill up my car and walked to the door. The young man stepped over and politely opened the door for me.

                    Why did he do that? Some folks might assume he thought I might have been a cop and thought that might help him from getting busted. I chose to interpret it as being a sign of good will, and decided to repay it in kind.

                    So as my car was filling up, I dug in the trunk and pulled out a couple nugs of some really good home grown Agent Orange weed (that I’d just sold to a dispensary earlier), walked back in and handed that to him, as he opened the door for me again.

                    He looked in the envelope and was like “daaamn and that’s some good shit too!” Made his day.

                    I live in Alabama now and will never see that guy again. But a friendship was formed that day, based on mutual interest, respect, and understanding. It’s the little day to day acts of kindness to strangers, for no reason at all except to see their lives enriched, that will heal and rebuild this broken world we live in.

            • “Maybe if people would cooperate they wouldn’t be in situations like this. ”

              Maybe you should stop conjecturing about situations that you don’t know anything about, because you weren’t there, and definitely aren’t being told the full truth about what did or did not happen.

              ” all of a sudden cops are being confronted by groups. what would you do Monday morning quarterback?

              Dear asshole:

              I would have started by trying to defuse the situation, instead of going all fucking Rambo and doing barrel roll and ninja flips and shit, and cursing and talking down to anyone and everyone like they are all dogs…..and I fucking definitely would not be dragging some 14 year old girl around by the hair either.

              The only thing we know for a FACT happened was the events in the video. Anything else is a bullshit assumption, or outright lie, that could have been completely fabricated.

              Why is your type always so willing to jump right in the middle of these US vs THEM situations that you’re presented with, that are specifically set up for your to jump into, for you to pick sides like the useful idiot you are, thus dividing you against people based on your own biases and prejudices rather than what they actually believe?

          • They moved in to ‘protect the 15yo girl’? Does that mean assault the officer?

            If you can’t control your stupid emotions, don’t be a stupid teenager and confront the police. The officer left all the civil kids alone and addressed the rowdy numbnuts, he was hardly out of control or being aggressive.

            • “They moved in to ‘protect the 15yo girl’? Does that mean assault the officer? ”

              Damn right it does. PIn fact, protecting that 15 y.o. girl and others like her means killing each and every one of these sons of bitches who put them in harm’s way with their violent badge-toting, roid rage aggressiveness.

              If I where there, God knows that cop would be bleeding from every orifice.

              “If you can’t control your stupid emotions, don’t be a stupid teenager and confront the police.”

              Please re-read this sentence over and over again, until you realize what an incredibly stupid, nonsensical statement it is.

              Most of these kids were not causing trouble. They were just at a pool party. Then they saw an armed thug grab one of their women by the hair and drag her around. What would you do…..coward? Because I personally fucking would fly into a rage and that cop would wake up in the hospital wondering what his name is.

              “The officer left all the civil kids alone”

              No he didn’t, asshole. He talked down to them like they were dogs and treated everyone like shit. Because that “officer” is a piece of shit. And if you think he was a good guy, whose actions are excusable….then that makes you a piece of shit too, doesn’t it?

              Fucking sad that anyone out there can look at that video and think that’s how America, and cops, are supposed to be.

              ” he was hardly out of control or being aggressive.”

              Fuck you.

          • Hey etch, IT WASN’T A PUBLIC POOL. It’s a PRIVATE pool, paid for and maintained by that local HOA. There was a DJ twitting (yes, I meant twit) about the party on the damned internet, so almost 200 kids showed up. No one with the authority to invite anyone, invited those kids. Especially those who fought with security and scaled the fence to get in anyway.

            IMO, this was a setup to hopefully create just the kind of chaos it did create. Watch the whole video and you’ll see that that “little girl” got just about what she deserved.

            …and had a couple of black thugs tried to jump ME from behind, well, y’all know.

            I thought the cop showed great restraint when he was converged upon by a black mob, and a couple of them tried to out-flank him, that he STILL kept his weapon pointed at the ground until his backup came.

            This could’ve happened IN YOUR BACK YARD. The DJ should be arrested for inciting a disturbance via the internet. The mouthy kids needed their asses kicked by their absent parents, and the rest of us need to not allow the media to turn that incident into another race-baiting, cop-hating event.

            ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I’d take that kind of police work in my neighborhood, over what we usually see, any day.

            No one got killed and only one mouthy little weave-head got her little ego bruised. Tough shit. These kids thought they could pull off their own Ferguson or Baltimore, and IT DIDN’T WORK. I’m glad it didn’t work, and the majority of comments on that yahoo article shows that people are not buying into the race-baiting OR the cop-hating. They are thinking for themselves and asking questions.

            That incident gives me hope that not everybody is as stupid and as TPTB would like. JMO

            • Sixpack, like I posted yesterday and you know I won’t be PC about it, black teenagers are very dangerous people. All those kids are very lucky to even be alive. If I had been that cop, and those 2 thugs were trying to outflank me, my weapon would have been drawn and they would have only ONE chance to back off and get away from me alive. If the whole mob had started moving toward me, then a couple of well-placed shots into the ground would make them back off. No way I’d be handling those kids with ‘kid gloves’ [PUN INTENDED]. Remember, there’s ALWAYS two sides to EVERY story and you NEVER get the truth from the MSM.

            • I’m not necessarily opposed to what the officer did, because I know how disrespectful a mob of teenagers are and can be these days, and I am fully aware of the thug mob mentality that plagues many black youths these days. But my issue I take is this… Why were the other police in the video able to be so calm, and avoid all the GD’s and F bombs and pushing and shoving and screaming? It also seemed as though their requests were being followed more orderly and respectfully. I know there was plenty of mouthy lip and shouting but it also seemed as though most of ones being given orders were for the most part complying. I guess I’m just saying you catch more flies with honey. I don’t know just my thoughts. And I imagine this is not the only time this “peace” officer has acted in this manner. Controlling the situation does not mean escalating the situation. What I saw in the video was a trained armed police officer throwing a temper tantrum and screaming foul language louder than any of the “feral” black teenagers. But like I said I’m on the fence because I don’t really know what went on before the video and I’ve been to the mall so I know young black teens 😉

            • “Hey etch, IT WASN’T A PUBLIC POOL. It’s a PRIVATE pool, paid for and maintained by that local HOA. There was a DJ twitting (yes, I meant twit) about the party on the damned internet, so almost 200 kids showed up. No one with the authority to invite anyone, invited those kids. Especially those who fought with security and scaled the fence to get in anyway.”

              Dear sixpack,

              Why are you copying and pasting shit off the internet that someone likely completely made up, like it’s the definitive truth on anything?

              Do you realize you’re being played for a fool right now?

              There is no excuse for that cop’s behavior. None. And if I were standing there at that moment, this dude would have a LOT more serious problems to deal with than getting paid leave for a few days.

              • NK, BY YOUR OWN ADMISSION, you are assuming what you saw on a MSM site or TV is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I don’t mean this like it sounds, but it looks like YOU are the one being played for a fool by the CORPORATE MEDIA. Who is the USEFUL IDIOT now? THERE ARE ALWAYS TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY. I NEVER TRUST ANYTHING ON ANY SUBJECT COMING FROM CORPORATE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. YES, I TRUST THE INTERNET, BUT EVEN THEN ONLY CERTAIN SOURCES; NOT EVERYONE ON THE NET. You can believe whatever you like. Sounds like you don’t have any real experience in dealing with black teenagers. Well, I do and I don’t even approach any unless I’m armed. I speak from personal experience.

        • Sarge, whoever comes to attempt a home invasion on me they better PRAY I don’t have any laser.

        • There goes camouflage! …Another reason, beside everything that looks like a camouflaged enemy being a target, for being recognizable instead of slithering like a snake waiting to be scorched in his own camouflage.

      5. lulz…

        Mr. Wizard would be proud.

        If you think you will defeat the pig agencies with this lightweight experiment, you may end up as a red smear on your living room wall.

        Pigs hate freemen…

        • “If you think you will defeat the pig agencies with this lightweight experiment, you may end up as a red smear on your living room wall.”

          If you prefer to just bend over the table and let Uncle Sam fuck you, feel free to do that instead, coward. Some of us are looking for ways to take the fight to them.

      6. Won’t be long until the laser is stolen by the govt. and the kid thrown in jail.

        • Or disappeared.

      7. Legal or not wait until some terrorist/s get one of these things!!!

        • Why would they destroy ping pong balls

      8. TJJ
        Or until Obullshit gives them one to the muslime brotherhood.

        • Sgt more likely his isis friends here in the us!!!

        • Or his bosses, Cheney-Bush, who facilitated the whole 9/11 thing to “excuse” everything else their government moles have done and will do.

      9. That’s pretty cool. The bug out weapon becomes the fire making kit. Also, no silencer needed.

        • I was thinking that would be good too for an alternative source too. Now I have 4!

        • You do realize with the glasses you wear you cant see very well….. geeeez ever had a welding helmet on?

          Id love my enemy to come out with this….. id be so excited

          • “You do realize with the glasses you wear you cant see very well….. geeeez ever had a welding helmet on?”

            Ever heard of an auto-darkening helmet, fool?

            “Id love my enemy to come out with this….. id be so excited”

            Only a fool is excited by such things.

      10. I want one. Limitless ammo… Solar panels…. Death ray from the sun.

      11. I and a friend built an “ultrasonic pain field generator” advertised in the back of Popular Electronics in the 1970’s. He tested it on myself, and it was like having a dentist’s drill in my skull. Anyone caught in the path of a large scale version would be defenseless. If you are technically adept, check this site:

        • Information Unlimited….gotta love that company! They always have the coolest stuff. The “laser bounce listening device” (listen to conversations in a room by bouncing a laser off the window) is awesome too.

      12. Oh what fun I would have on stray cats and coyotes, Poof!! burning hair balls!;-}
        Now that what I call fire power, Me Wants One or ten!;-}
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • Northern Reb, the fun I could have on the trolls who come here. Even on acid/eisenkreuz. If a troll popped up…..ZAP!

          • Braveheart;
            Some times you can come up with some outstanding ideas.
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

            • Northern Reb, I confess that SOME of my ideas COULD be hazardous to someone’s health..

              • Braveeart:
                AMEN BROTHER AMEN!!!!!!
                S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

                • Northern Reb, I can be devious when circumstances call for it. There will be situations in post-SHTF where we’ll all have to be devious in order to survive.

                  • Braveheat:
                    Never underestimate anyone or anything pre or post SHTF
                    It is quit remarkable what people will do to survive.
                    History is full of stories on how people survived when they had little to no chance of living through it.
                    I’m very mild mannered about 90% of the time. DON’T underestimate me for what.
                    I will do and can do when it come to my family and my friends. Devious would be mild explanation to what I would be.
                    S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

                  • Braveheart
                    Going on a little vacation. Hold the fort down.
                    Will have 2 of our grand kids, a fishing poll and some Rest and relaxation. Later my friend!;-}
                    S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

                    • Northern Reb, Braveheart is the same way and will do whatever he believes is necessary to keep himself and his loved ones alive regardless of any laws, etc. Have fun on vacation. See you on the flip side.

      13. For anyone who has a bent toward making things, it doesn’t look too hard to reverse engineer….

      14. Enjoy the “new” toys whilst you can…I think they will fall by the wayside in time and many will become proficient in more traditional weapons…I wish I was in a position to live far from the madding crowd…I am of a mind to do what needs to be done in the future.. I am the perfect candidate to accomplish Much, due to my age, knowledge, and true desire to stop or inhibit what is coming, and I am old, so who would think I know anything? 🙂 But I DO know much and so wish ALL who KNOW come together when the need arises to teach those who must take our place….this is the time when those you can trust should come together… and SHOULD….for the battle will require ALL to defeat the evil which WILL come to do battle with US….

      15. It pops balloons and catches things on fire after concentrating the laser on it for a “period of time”.

        I’ll pass, I have a sling shot more dangerous than this contraption of wires.

        • More importantly………….

          Get De-Greekified

          ht tp://!/ccomment-comment=52

        • BJ, can your slingshot take out a troll or a home invader? At best, you’ll injure them to some degree, but with that ‘contraption’…..”I’ll have fun, fun, fun til’ Daddy takes the T-bird away.”

          • Yes a slingshot can take out a home invader. There is an easy way: get a whisker biscuit and zip tie it to the y in sling. Now take your favorite arrow, remove the knock and glue a golf tee. Instant sling arrow. I’ve harvested a few totes from ten yards.

            • Yotes. Damn auto correct.

            • “Yes a slingshot can take out a home invader. ”

              Can it blind them instantly, when a person has less than perfect aim?

              Can it be set up with a motion sensor that triggers when someone walks in the room, so you don’t even have to be there to deploy it?

              Can you put two dangerous chemicals in separate balloons, then quickly and silently melt through them from a few hundred yards away to mix the contents, causing an explosion?

              Not to down the slingshot idea….but this laser could be extremely useful.

          • Remember David. His shot sunk into Goliath’s head. (I Samuel 17:49)

            Moderns are so enamored with their highly-esoteric, therefore highly-dependent high tech…. David, with his sling (not a Big Industry-dependent rubber catapult that’s called a “slingshot” today–though even those can be used formidably), a staff, and shot found in abundance in a creek–all supplied profusely by the God that the powers-that-be utterly reject by their dependence on their man-made junk–beat the “laser” of that day, 9’9″-tall Goliath. It’s been proven in modern time how it certainly could have happened exactly how the Bible says it did.

            There’s certainly more that just that available to the people. Don’t let the enemy bury you in his box. Think outside of it!

        • Yes . Good sling shot would serve one better… cant believe non sheeple believe this would work for anything to save you.

          Need to pop balloons get some darts
          Need to light a fire get some bics
          Need a laser get a HANDHELD one
          Need a toy that will get you killed – here it is

          BTW if your into this you are a for sure candidate for Fabs Mako’s STARFISH MAGAZINE CONNECTOR…. 5-10 round mag joined by an ultra cool connector and you only have to switch it 4 times to get 50 rounds shot… this will get you killed

          • “Need to pop balloons get some darts”

            From 500 yards away?

            “Need to light a fire get some bics”

            From 500 yards away?

            “Need a laser get a HANDHELD one”

            Looks handheld to me…

            “Need a toy that will get you killed – here it is”

            I think you need to develop a better imagination. I can think of a thousand ways this could be a useful and extremely deadly toy.

        • BJ.:
          I have to agree, yes he would be more dangerous to an intruder. Slingshot is well armed!;-}
          S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

        • BJ–you may be right that it”…It pops balloons and catches things on fire after concentrating the laser on it for a “period of time”.”… but suppose your neighbors were being raided by Gun Control Gestapo, and you could aim this at the gas cap of the MRAP in which they’re driving? Suppose the backs of the offending personnel were set ablaze while concentrated on breaching your neighbor’s door? There IS potential in this technology. We just have to change the way we look at self-defense…

          • Yes Leonard, exactly. I mean really, setting someone’s clothes on fire from a few hundred yards distance, without them having a clue what happened? That alone is worth building one of these.

            What about melting through balloons that contain a binary explosive, causing them to mix and explode at the right moment, while you’re hidden in the bush hundreds of yards away, undetected? No radio transmission required, or rolling out a long spool of cord.

            • NK, there’s one thing we can agree on, the laser. You’re not the only one who can be devious.

      16. Off topic…

        George Soros Group Devoting $8 Million to Assist Obama’s Immigration Order

        “While legal setbacks have forced the Obama administration to put some implementation of the president’s immigration executive actions on hold, billionaire George Soros is helping to bankroll nonprofit groups to sign up illegals seeking to avoid deportation, the Washington Post reported.”

        Why are they working so hard? Soros and others are working hard to prevent millions of illegals from being deported, so they can be registered and vote in the 2016 election.

        • Don’t worry. The Republicans will be along shortly to save us.

      17. This kid has a bright future ahead of him.

      18. There’s a few raccoons I can think of in my yard that might need a nip or two from this thing.

        BTW, for those of you interested, raccoon scat (droppings) can have raccoon roundworm – pretty creepy stuff, and according to the trapper who came to my place when I was overrun with them, is actually on the list as a terrorist agent (!!) The scat is very bad for children if they accidentally (or intentionally) ingest it (yes, a number of kids have done this, sadly), and the dust from even cleaning it up blinded one guy who lives not too far from me. Then, raccoons are vectors for rabies. All in all, not a pleasant animal….

        • TEST, in the absence of a laser, .22LR does wonders on raccoons.

          • I’ve seen 22 LR just bounce off raccoon skulls. It just pissed him off after he shook off the shock!

            • Put two in the chest cavity, they’ll calm down pretty quick.

              • Bing we have a winner!

      19. Like a chicken in every pot > a laser in every home, I’ll cook food with it. Right!

      20. Good ol’ SHTFplan takes another non-story and tries to terrify us with it. It’s a heat ray, big whoop. It’s like a can of hairspray and a lighter with better range. This doesn’t change “everything”, or much of anything really.

        Real shotguns are far more frightening.

        • “This doesn’t change “everything”, or much of anything really.”

          Because you say so…?

          Your perception of the world is really so vast and all-encompassing that you can state definitively that this gadget has NO useful and unique purposes whatsoever?

          Sounds more like you haven’t really thought things through very carefully.

          “Real shotguns are far more frightening.”

          Have you ever been walking along one day when all of a sudden your clothes caught fire, for no explainable reason? How scary was that experience?

      21. This is Great….if your popping balloon’s at a birthday party. But would get you killed in real life…..

      22. Phasers on stun Kirk out. I always love watching the cops use the tazer on people they instantly fall to the ground like a stiff it’s fuckin hilarious. You could use that on a home invader then while he’s stiff on the floor hit em in the head something heavy like a cast iron skillet. How about a potato gun cheap and easy to make powerful cost you about $30 way better than a bb gun IMHO. Imagine taking out raccoons with that they probably explode. I know how to do some other cool shit too but I can’t say someone like acid would get hurt or killed.

        • I saw one guy stop and pull the stun gun barbs out of his flesh, and keep on coming. My Dad could channel a jolt pretty well too. Stun guns don’t always stun so well.

      23. Advice for those who play with lasers:

        Never stare into the beam with your remaining good eye.

      24. that’s real smart posting this, so now everyone will abuse it and it will be made illegal.


        i suppose i better buy a few extra’s now.

        • “that’s real smart posting this, so now everyone will abuse it and it will be made illegal.”

          Who cares?

          If you can’t manufacture it, you don’t own it.

      25. It’s only effective at the point of focus. To address this, use the big convex lens to focus the laser, then a small heat-resistant concave lens to make the beams parallel again — done right, this will tighten the entire cluster of beams and make it effective at any range you can sight on.

        There was also a significant amount of reflection on that focusing lens, so enclose the space between the laser an lenses so that there isn’t any bounceback.

        Finally, the effect takes a couple of seconds. If you greatly increase the number of lasers, say 100 times (4000 watts), it will just take a fraction of a second to have the same effect. Make sure you make it just a fraction of a second or you’ll overwhelm that heatsink and drain your battery pack so fast it could overheat and possibly explode.

        A 4000 watt laser gun? That will get the attention of the regulators.

        • Those lenses have to remain squeeky clean. If they get even a little dusty the laser heats the dust, the lens gets cloudy and absorbs ALL the laser energy. This is a constant problem with machine shop laser cutters. The time between a “little cloudy” and the mirror simply exploding is milliseconds. Very exciting. Like somebody fired a 12 gage in the shop. Been there, seen that.

        • Industrial cutting lasers.

          They’re available even if expensive, burn through steel plate in a fraction of a second and very accurately.

          But the purpose of a small laser as a weapon would be to blind people, not burn holes in them, and they are readily available from all sorts of sources.

          (FWIW, laser blinding does not need to be of a permanent nature and most small laser blinding accidents are temporary)

      26. I want to get about 8 of those laser shotguns and put them thru an even bigger lense and make myself a laser Howitzer!

        • Be sure to put a motor on it to spin it too, with a carriage to “rack” in new batteries and expel the spent ones… 😀

          • Wow! A laser mini-gun! I think I saw one of those in “Fallout”.

            Good thinking there Nate! After I build, patent and market it I’ll throw you a few bucks.

      27. well would throw off your night vision I would guess on the whole time if trying to hide and that would show your position easily on bad side. Next thing you know people will be carrying mirrors with them everywhere they go against the new wave of lasers. Being sarcastic for the unknowledgeable.

        • Somekind of spinning mirrored squirrel cage / zeotrope on edge with lasers reflecting out of it, remotely controlled- covering the perimeter with beams 360` to hit nightvision scopes and mess with visual purple-
          So light smoke bombs to counter the effect of the lasers. Flip the switch on the EMF jammers, hit the floodlights, and throw in some Roman Candles going off for distraction. Say a Hail Mary, lock & load, and lemme see your warface. (While Wagner’s ‘Ride of the Valkeries’ blasts out of loudspeakers)
          Cry havoc, and let the dogs out.
          Spit on your hands, hoist the black flag, and start slitting throats.

          • Get a powerwasher, or one of those leafblowers you strap on your back, modified to spew a high pressure mix of naptha, diesel, and whatev’s = flame thrower.
            Or lob a few of those small propane canisters (or big ones I guess) into thier A.O. and then let your sniper buddy shoot them, I wonder if they would blow up.
            I wonder if catapulting diseased rotten meat into your opponents compound is considered to be dirty pool.

            (-some sacasm there too)

      28. A former NIS agent told me back in the 1970s that the government already had laser weapons that were the size of a flashlight.

        I would assume that it shot in very short bursts. If one were built now, it would probably have a regular red laser that could be used for aiming.

        • Short bursts. Because a high power laser heats the air that the beam is passing through. So much so that the refraction disperses the beam, cutting the effective range down drastically.

          • What happens when you use the laser to ionize a path to your target, followed by turning on your high power Tesla coil?

            Does the lightning discharge spread out randomly, or does it follow the ionized path laid out for out?

            I really don’t know. But it’s an interesting question…

      29. I’m a laser/optical engineer. This is a bundle of 8 toys that make 1 big toy. He should have used lasers of a non visible wavelength. That way if he used a 1.06 micron laser, there would be more wattage, or 3371 angstroms would make for a lower power but faster absorption. Current technologies use pulsed fiber laser that can make a man portable unit capable of several kilowatts in a quasi- CW mode or hundreds of kilowatts in pulse mode. For real fun and compact energy source, a chemical laser is hard to beat. But copper iodine lasers are messy to work with, but low megawatt range is sure fun to play with. The grand daddy of them all is the nuclear pumped X-ray laser. When I was involved, this laser would put 400 terawatts of coherent X-ray power on target. Talk about a crowd pleaser…

        • you are the man. Thanks!

      30. As if we give a rats azz what government says..

      31. You best believe that A.T.F.E. will be knocking on his door soon.

        It will be classified as a destructive device.

        What was the name of the 007 movie Moon Raker ?

        • 40W continuous vs 1000W burst mode is still quite respectable.

      32. It changes everything? Your underwear? The oil in your car? Boy-oh-boy. The benefits of technology!

        • “It changes everything? Your underwear? ”

          Even more quickly that you could remove them yourself, probably. The only downside is you have to buy new ones.

          “The oil in your car?”

          With this device aimed at the proper place, burning hole through a gas tank for instance, once could change the oil plus the entire rest of the car into all sorts of different chemical compounds, most of them gases.

          “Boy-oh-boy. The benefits of technology!”

          Those who don’t keep up, inevitably get left behind.

      33. Scotty, please beam me up, now! This world is full of nuts.

      34. Have ever seen what a small fire extinguisher will do to somebody ?

      35. When The Elites Wage War On America, This Is How They Will Do It
        By Brandon Smith – May 8, 2015

        The consequences and patterns of war, whether by one nation against another or by a government against the citizenry, rarely change. However, the methods of war have evolved vastly in modern times. Wars by elites against populations are often so subtle that many people might not even recognize that they are under attack until it is too late. Whenever I examine the conceptions of “potential war” between individuals and oligarchy, invariably some hard-headed person cries out: “What do you mean ‘when?’ We are at war right now!” In this case, I am not talking about the subtle brand of war. I am not talking about the information war, the propaganda war, the economic war, the psychological war or the biological war. I am talking about outright warfare, and anyone who thinks we have already reached that point has no clue what real war looks like.

        The recent exposure of the nationwide Jade Helm 15 exercise has made many people suspicious, and with good reason. Federal crisis exercises have a strange historical tendency to suddenly coincide with very real crisis events. We may know very little about Jade Helm beyond government admissions, claims and misdirections. But at the very least, we know what “JADE” is an acronym for: Joint Assistance for Deployment and Execution, a program designed to create action and deployment plans using computer models meant to speed up reaction times for military planners during a “crisis scenario.” It is linked with another program called ACOA (Adaptive Course of Action), the basis of which is essentially the use of past mission successes and computer models to plan future missions. Both are products of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

        As far as I know, no one has presented any hard evidence as to what “HELM” really stands for, but the JADE portion of the exercise explicitly focuses on rapid force deployment planning in crisis situations, according to the government white paper linked above. This fact alone brings into question statements by the Department of Defense that Jade Helm is nothing more than a training program to prepare military units for “foreign deployment.” This is clearly a lie if Jade Helm revolves around crisis events (which denotes domestic threats), rather than foreign operations.

        Of course, if you also consider the reality that special operations forces ALWAYS train like they fight and train in environments similar to where they will fight, the entire notion of Jade Helm as a preparation for foreign theaters sounds absurd. If special operations forces are going to fight in Iraq, Iran or Syria, they go to training grounds in places like Kuwait. If they are training in places like Fort Lauderdale, Florida (including “infiltration training”), then there is no way around the fact that they are practicing to fight somewhere exactly like Fort Lauderdale with a similar culture and population.

        I would further note that Jade Helm exercises are also joint exercises with domestic agencies like the FBI and the DEA. Again, why include domestic law enforcement agencies in a military exercise merely meant to prepare troops for foreign operations? I often hear the argument that the military would never go along with such a program, but people who take this rather presumptive position do not understand crisis psychology. In the event of a national catastrophe many military personnel and government employees may determine that they will do what is “best for them and their families”. And if following orders guarantees the security of their families (food security, shelter, etc), then they may very well follow any order, no matter how dubious. Also, a large scale crisis could be used as a rationale for martial law; otherwise well meaning military men and women could be convinced that the loss of constitutional freedoms might be for the “greater good of the greater number”. I believe some military will indeed resist such efforts, but of course, Jade Helm may also be a method for vetting such uncooperative people before any live operation occurs.

        So if Jade is actually a crisis-planning system for the military and the military is training for domestic operations, what is the crisis it is training to react to? It’s hard to say. I believe it will come down to an economic disaster, but our economic and social structures are so weak that almost any major event could trigger collapse. Terror attacks, cyberattacks, pandemic, a stiff wind, you name it. The point is the government expects a crisis to occur. And with the advent of this crisis, the ultimate war on the American people will begin.

        Why wait for a crisis situation? With the cover of a crisis event, opposition to power is more easily targeted. For my starting point on the elite war strategy, I would like to use the following presentation on guerrilla warfare by Max Boot, Council on Foreign Relations senior fellow and military adviser, at the elitist World Affairs Council.

        I would first point out that Boot claims his work is merely a historical character study of interesting figures from the realm of insurgency and counterinsurgency and is not “polemical.” I’m afraid that I will have call horse hockey on that. Boot is direct adviser to the Department of Defense. His work and this presentation were obviously a study of guerrilla tactics from the perspective of counterinsurgency and an attempt to explore strategic methods for controlling and eradicating guerrillas and “terrorists.”

        Any defense the American people might muster against elitist dismantling of constitutional liberties would inevitably turn to “insurgency”. So using CFR member Boot’s views on counterinsurgency as a guideline, here is how the elites will most likely wage open war on those within the American population who have the will to fight back.

        Control Public Opinion

        Boot stresses the absolute necessity for the control of public opinion in defeating an insurgency. Most of his analysis is actually quite accurate in my view in terms of successes versus failures of guerrilla movements. However, his obsession with public opinion is, in part, ill-conceived. Boot uses the American Revolution as a supposed prime example of public opinion working against the ruling powers, claiming that it was British public opinion that forced parliament and King George III to pull back from further operations in the colonies.

        Now, it is important to recognize that elitists have a recurring tendency to marginalize the success of the American Revolution in particular as being a “fluke” in the historical record. Boot, of course, completely overlooks the fact that the war had progressed far longer than anyone had predicted and that the British leadership suffered under the weight of considerable debts. He also overlooks the fact that pro-independence colonials were far outnumbered by Tories loyal to the crown up to the very end of the war. The revolution was NEVER in a majority position, and public opinion was not on the revolutionaries’ side.

        The very idea of the American Revolution is a bit of a bruise on the collective ego of the elites, and their bias leads them to make inaccurate studies of the event. The reality is that most revolutions, even successful ones, remain in a minority for most, if not all, of their life spans. The majority of people do not participate in history. Rather, they have a tendency to float helplessly in the tides, waiting to latch onto whatever minority movement seems to be winning at the time.

        Boot suggests that had the Founding Fathers faced the Roman Empire rather than the British Empire, they would have been crucified and the rebellion would have immediately floundered because the Romans had no concern for public opinion. This is where we get into the real mind of the elitist.

        For now, the establishment chooses to sway public opinion with carefully crafted disinformation. But what is the best way to deal with public opinion when fighting a modern revolution? Remove public opinion as a factor entirely so that the power elite are free to act as viciously as they wish. Engineered crisis, and economic crisis in particular, create a wash of other potential threats, including high crime, looting, riots, starvation, international conflict, etc. In such an environment, public opinion counts for very little, if people even pay attention at all to anything beyond their own desperation. Once this is achieved, the oligarchy has free reign to take morally questionable actions without fear of future blowback.

        Control The Public

        Another main tenet Boot describes as essential in defeating insurgency is the control of the general population in order to prevent a revolution from recruiting new members and to prevent them from using the crowd as cover. He makes it clear that control of the public does not mean winning the “hearts and minds” in a diplomatic sense, but dominating through tactical and psychological means.

        He first presents the example of the French counterinsurgency in Algeria, stating that the French strategy of widespread torture, while “morally reprehensible,” was indeed successful in seeking out and destroying the insurgent leadership. Where the French went wrong, however, was their inability to keep the torture campaign quiet. Boot once again uses the public opinion argument as the reason for the eventual loss of Algeria by the French.

        What Boot seems to be suggesting is that systematic torture is viable, at least as a hypothetical strategy, as long as it remains undetected by the overall public. He also reiterates this indirectly in his final list of articles for insurgency and counterinsurgency when he states that “few counterinsurgencies (governments) have succeeded by inflicting mass terror, at least in foreign lands,” suggesting that mass terror may be an option against a domestic rebellion.

        Boot then goes on to describe a more effective scenario, the British success against insurgents in Malaya. He attributes the British win against the rebellion to three factors:

        1) The British separated large portions of the population, entire villages, into concentration camps, surrounded by fences and armed guards. This kept the insurgents from recruiting from the more downtrodden or dissatisfied classes. And it isolated them into areas where they could be more easily engaged.

        2) The British used special operations forces to target specific rebel groups and leadership rather than attempting to maneuver through vast areas in a pointless Vietnam-style surge.

        3) The British made promises that appealed to the general public, including the promise of independence. This made the public more pliable and more willing to cooperate.

        Now, I have no expectation whatsoever that the elites would offer the American public “independence” for their cooperation in battling a patriot insurgency, but I do think they would offer something perhaps more enticing: safety.

        I believe the British/Malayan example given by Boot would be the main methodology for the elites and the federal government in the event that a rebellion arises in the U.S. against planned shifts away from constitutional republic or martial law instituted in the wake of a national emergency.

        Isolate Population Centers

        There is a reason why certain American cities are being buried in technologically sophisticated biometric surveillance networks, and I think the Malayan example holds the key. Certain cities (not all) could be turned into massive isolated camps, or “green zones.” They would be tightly controlled, and travel would be highly restricted. Food, shelter and safety would likely be offered, after a period of disaster has already been experienced. A couple months of famine and lack of medication to the medically dependent would no doubt kill millions of people. Unprepared survivors would flock to these areas in the hopes of receiving aid. Government forces would confiscate vital supplies in rural areas whenever possible in order to force even more people to concentrate into controlled regions.

        I have seen the isolation strategy in action in part, during the G20 summit in Pittsburgh. More than 4,000 police and National Guard troops locked down the city center, leaving only one route for travel. The first day, there were almost no protesters; most activists were so frightened by the shock-and-awe show of force that they would not leave their homes. This is the closest example I have personally experienced to a martial law cityscape.

        Decapitate Leadership

        The liberty movement has always been a leaderless movement, which makes the “night of long knives” approach slightly less effective. I do not see any immediate advantage to the elites in kidnapping or killing prominent members of the movement, though that does not mean they will not try it anyway. Most well-known liberty proponents are teachers, not generals or political firebrands. Teachers leave all their teachings behind, and no one needs generals or politicians. The movement would not necessarily be lost without us.

        That said, there is a fear factor involved in such an event. The black-bagging of popular liberty voices could terrorize others into submission or inaction. This is why I constantly argue the need for individual leadership; every person must be able and willing to take individual action without direction in defense of his own freedoms, if the need arises. Groups should remain locally led, and national centralization of leadership should be avoided at all costs.

        According to the very promoters of Jade Helm exercises, training will center on quick-reaction teams striking an area with helicopter support, then exfiltrating within 30 minutes or less. Almost every combat veteran I have spoken with concerning this style of training has said that it is used for “snatch and grab” — the capture or killing of high value targets, then exfiltration before the enemy can mount a response.

        Fourth-Generation Warfare

        The final method for war against the American people is one Boot does not discuss: the use of fourth-generation warfare. Some call this psychological warfare, but it is far more than that. Fourth-generation warfare is a strategy by which one section of a population you wish to control is turned against another section of the population you wish to control. It is warfare without the immediate use of armies. Rather, the elites turn the enemy population against itself and allow internal war to do most of their work for them. We can see this strategy developing already in the U.S. in the manipulation of race issues and the militarization of police.

        The use of provocateurs during unrest in places like Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore suggests that a race war is part of the greater plan. I believe law enforcement officials have also been given a false sense of invincibility. With military toys and federal funding, but poor tactical philosophies and substandard training, LEOs are being set up as cannon fodder when the SHTF. Their inevitable failure will be used as a rationalization for more domestic military involvement; but in the meantime, Americans will be enticed to fight and kill each other while the elites sit back and watch the show.

        4th Gen warfare also relies on fooling the target population into supporting measures that are secretly destructive to the people. For example, liberty movement support for controlled opposition such as Russia or China, or liberty support for a military coup in which the top brass are elite puppets just like the Obama Administration. Think this sounds far fetched? It has already happened in our recent history! Marine Corp Major General Smedley Butler was hired by corporate moguls to lead a paid army in a coup against Franklin D. Roosevelt (also an elitist puppet) in 1933. Butler luckily exposed the conspiracy before it ever got off the ground. Both sides were controlled, but the coup if successful could have resulted in popular support for the expedient erosion of the Constitution, rather than a slow erosion which is what took place. This is the epitome of 4th Gen tactics – make the people think they are winning, when they are actually helping you to defeat them.

        Know Thy Enemy

        I have outlined the above tactics not because I necessarily think they will prevail, but because it is important that we know exactly what we are dealing with in order to better defend ourselves. Such methods can be countered with community preparedness, the avoidance of central leadership, the application of random actions rather than predictable actions, etc. Most of all, liberty champions will have to provide a certain level of safety and security for the people around them if they want to disrupt establishment efforts to lure or force the population into controlled regions. Crisis is the best weapon the elites have at their disposal, and exercises like Jade Helm show that they may use that weapon in the near term. The defense that defeats crisis is preparation — preparation not just for yourself, but for others around you. War is coming, and while we can’t know the exact timing, we can assume the worst and do our best to be ready for it as quickly as possible.

        • Crisis is, so far, the only weapon the people have at their disposal, since they are all waiting for an “event” to signal their reaction to SHTF–an event that will be controlled by and used by the powers-that-be to control the people.

      36. This weaponry is dependent on Big Infrastructure to make it possible. Big Infrastructure is the white man’s buffalo.

      37. Spud scud is better

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