Watch: The Pro Second Amendment Commercial Banned By Major Media Conglomerates

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    Steve Vaus - Come and Take It

    Steve Vaus is a musician, writer, producer and Grammy award winner who has worked with musical legends that include Willie Nelson, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Kenny Loggins.

    In January, responding to the latest assaults on our Second Amendment, Vaus composed and produced “Come and Take It,” a ballad that takes aim at those who would strip Americans of their right to bear arms.

    “We want the freedom that God gave us,” the lyrics declare, “so you best not cross that line. If you want this gun you gotta to come through us and take it, one shot at a time.”

    The slogan, “Come and take it,” became the battle cry and banner of the Texas Revolution after the 1835 Battle of Gonzalez, in which Texans defied the Mexican government’s demand to return a cannon that had been given them for self-defense. Rather than surrender the cannon to Mexican dragoons, Texans stormed the Mexican camp and drove the soldiers away. (WND)

    When Vaus contacted various local and national media outlets in an attempt to air his song as a way to counter the Hollywood and Washington media blitz targeting gun owners, he was denied.

    We reached out to Mr. Vaus about his experience and he confirmed the reports.

    “Clear Channel refused to allow me to buy time on all of their DC area stations,” said a frustrated but undeterred Vaus.

    “On the TV side, the video version has been refused by the two major cable TV carriers in DC – Comcast and ViaMedia. Finally I have attempted to buy time on MSNBC nationally and they have been unresponsive.”

    Here is the video that the mainstream media and DC politicians don’t want you to see:

    ‘Come and Take It’

    Watch at the Official Youtube Channel

    The very same media that deny Mr. Vaus a voice about a key piece of American history that’s relevant to a heated national conversation have no qualms about playing commercials depicting adults having an intense ‘make-out session’ during prime time sporting events while families and their children watch on with discomfort and disgust. Likewise, the media will happily play commercials that involve Hollywood celebrities and DC politicians who are calling for what essentially amounts to nothing short of supplanting the 2nd Amendment.

    Vaus also points out that, while his requests for paid airtime have been denied, Congresswoman Gabby Giffords purchased and was allotted TV time for her anti-gun spot that bookended the President’s State of the Union address, and progressive propaganda machine has been given widespread national airtime for their latest gun control campaign titled The NRA doesn’t Speak for Me.

    Given the brick walls facing Mr. Vaus at every turn, it should be clear that the media is complicit in silencing the voices of millions of Americans who support gun ownership. In his State of the Union address President Obama suggested that there is overwhelming support for gun control in this country. So, too, is there overwhelming support for gun rights, something you wouldn’t know if your only avenue for news and entertainment was your local cable TV provider or radio station.

    As evidenced by Mr. Vaus’ experience, any voice contradicting the official narrative is silenced.

    The President and D.C. politicians can fly around in their tax payer funded jets to attend political functions advocating gun control on our dime, yet Steve Vaus can’t buy time, with his own money, for a pro-Second Amendment spot supporting one of America’s most fundamental Constitutional protections.

    “It’s Unthinkable,” says Vaus.

    Official Website: OurGuns.orgOfficial Video Spot on Youtube, Audio clip at Sound Cloud


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      1. with billions of rounds purchased, this is exactly what they have in mind (come and taking them)

        • No, they want you to believe they have the ABILITY to come an take them. in reality, they know better. if they thought there was a chance of doing it, they would have already done so. the plan requires it.

          They can only keep the truth from those too lazy to look for it. they will not help our cause anyway.

          One day Come and Take It will be replaced by Let’s Take It To Them. Whether you give it to them bullets first will be the only choice you have left.

          They can make guns illegal as a matter of corp policy, but guns can NEVER be outlawed for a Man to own and use in any way he sees fit. The gun, ironically, is what makes that enforceable.

          • “Let’s roll”

            • Ok, so a question for some of you shooters.
              If Shepherd and Leatherman ART scopes are good, why aren’t they household names like Nikon, Leupold, Burris, Weaver, Vortex, Nightforce and others?

              Really having a hard time knowing what to get? I wish I could sit down with several shooters all with different scopes and see for myself the pros and cons to differnet kinds and brands. Dang sure don’t want to put good money down on a scope and think I might a could of gotten something better for the money. But I sure like the idea of Shepherd and Leatherman ART for a guy who isn’t looking forward to understanding all the confusing stuff and math that goes into scopes, if that makes sense?

                • BJ: Check out Sportsmanguide website, not sure if still available but a few months ago their catalogs had what looks to be awsome rifle scopes on Sale.

                  These scopes were actual current military use. But had a Major recall due to some islamic org(CAIR I think) complained due to scope maker etched the word “Crusader” on side of scope!..Cair(?) got pissed and says it smacks of christian crusader wars on muslims of old past times!

                  The scopes had 3 models. Cheepest was a 3X9X40 like most scopes in use. It was aprox.$300 on sale Orig us gov cost was aprox $1500.

                  The other 2 scopes were much better, like 4X12X50 and 3X16X56 sizes!…These two sale cost was like aprox. $900 and best scope was aprox $1200 or close to that.

                  But the 2 best scopes cost uncle sam aprox.$3000 and $3500!!…Brand new never used on sale due to the word “crusader” on all 3 scopes. Ironic usa fed gov was so worried to hurt “Feelings” of the very muslims they plan to use these scopes to Kill eh. Sounds like todays whacky fed gov mentality eh.

                  The specs on the top 2 scopes were awsome. Way more inner lenses than I ever heard of even for finest scopes made. I think the best scope had like 12-14 inner lenses. Many more features also and withstand recoil even up to .50BMG Cal. Barret rifles!

                  Check their website see if still available and still on sale priced. Its either dot com or dot org can’t recall which now. Hope that helps you.

                  • I am looking now……does Sportsmansguide not list brand name of scope?

                  • nevermind the ragheads.

                  • BJ…Trijicon

                  • Counter sniper scopes are not military over run scopes! The military does not use and never has used these scopes.
                    They are hugely over priced cheap ass junk Chinese scopes.

                    It is a scam,, these are sub $100 dollar scopes, billed as the ultimate scope:
                    -24 step vacuum Bertrillium-Zantitium (What the hell is Bertrillium-Zantitium? (there’s no such thing on the periodic table, FYI, it exists only in their literature)

                    -What contracts did the “contract overrun” scopes come from? What’s the NSN? (there were none/is none)

                    -Warrantee: The world’s most comprehensive warrantee on optical gunsights. The world’s only lifetime warrantee on tactical scopes. Limited Lifetime on optical aluminum models, Lifetime UNCONDITIONAL with full battle damage replacement on Titanium models. See card within package for details and reflex and electronic sight warrantees and over runs or contract designate, certain limitations apply. (that is if you get an answer on the cell phone listed contact number of dark ops holdings, the company behind this scam.)

                • BJ – there are many quality scopes. At $100-200 you get a decent piece of glass, superior to what $500 bought 30 years ago because of tech advancements. As you move into “good”, “better” and “best” the price goes up geometrically (that is, the price curve looks like a hockey stick, not a straight line).

                  A $500 scope is a quality piece. But if you routinely shoot at 600 yards you’ll notice the difference between that and a $2,000 Leopold, Zeiss or similar high end piece using a 50 mm objective and 30 mm tube. The $3-5,000 scopes are the best money can buy. Is it 10 times better than the $500 scope? Hell no. But as you seek quality improvements at that level there are no free lunches. US Optics is supposedly almost indestructible. But it costs more than the rile it is mounted on (in the M4).

                  Buy at least one outrageously good scope for your collection but consider where you want value for your hard earned money, too. Nikon, Leopold, Burris and Tasco sit on my rifles but I also have a Zeiss and Trijicon on two of my best guns. It’s similar to tires on your car vs tires on a high end sports car.

                  IMHO, there are great values from $150 to $500 depending on how your finances look at the time. I can’t say the value proposition of my $1500 Leopold tactical scope compares to what an extra $100 buys you at the low end for a better 3×9 on your favorite bolt rifle.

                  Hope this helps with all the BS in the get gun magazines.

                  • Thank you Steve

                  • Steiner or Schmidt & Bender have the finest glass(optics) in the world….If you are simply putting together done sort of fantasy-land ” sniper” rifle, just get a Nightforce

                  • BJ: YES! you found scopes I wrote of. The website makes zero mention of reason military dropped the use of them. IE: catalog stated the word Crusader got islamics in a Huff due to dark ages crusader wars etc.

                    I checked that link you posted and it is definatly the three scopes I meant though. I kinda like the middle one 2X16X44…My pal had an M1A-308 National Match same as I have and he had a 56mm scope mounted on it. It seemed kinda Tall and too large and heavy a size for me.

                    I don’t think I need magnification of 25 power either.

                    The only hangup for me is the two I like best both has alot going on in the reticle dept. I got no idea how to work all those extra side numbers for windages etc.

                    I guess I can learn it easy enough though. My Main concern is will all that xtra reticle stuff and side markings etc get in filed of view Too much and be a distraction?…Any othere here with experience on that issue in scopes?…Thanks if anyone answers.

                  • Difference between a $300 scope and a $3500 scope for 99.9% of shooters is negligible. A few years back I purchased a Weaver for $343 and it works quite well out to 600 meters plus. Yes I said meters. (wink)

                • Just a question because I see a lot of scopes nowdays that have battery powered features…are these scopes gonna function if hitby a natural or manmade electomagnetic pulse of some kind? (Same with rangefinders and binocs) I dont own any simply because Im not too fond of scopes personally and the one I do own(and my spare) are old fashioned types secondly batteries may not be available in a drawnout fight…just a thought.. 🙂

                  • Sorry Kula I didnt see you asked about the same thing.

                  • REB,
                    Scopes that require batteries will function the same as a scope that does not need batteries. the Battery is to illuminate the reticule for use in low light, or on dark targets if the reticule is washing out.

              • BJ

                Check out Snipers Hide forums for optics, and many other items. Great site. Very extensive.

              • What ever you choose keep it simple, electronic doodads can and will fail and they take batteries
                SHTF you may be on the run,

                • I agree with kulafarmer, keep is simple. and another thing what are you going to use this for? are you really trying to hit at 1000 yards a 6-7 inch diameter? I would be very happy with a 500-600 dollar nikon and be able to hit a popcan at 300 yards.

                • I understnad what you are saying, but temptation is great with being 41 and not learning any of this stuff when I was younger and not having anyone in life to teach me now, to get the gadget that helps. I for the life of me cannot understand, no matter how much I read, MOA, or sub MOA or .5 MOA and mil dot stuff. If I could sit down with some people for a few days I know I could get it, but with not having that….reading something just doesnt click for me. That is why i want so badly to go to one of the precision rifle schools like Badlands Tactical in Oklahoma or GPS in Arizona

                  • BJ
                    I am on the same page as you,,, sorta felt the same way, have been building up my arsenal as it will be called by the MSM,,, but just couldnt drop over a few hundred dollars for overpriced optics,,, have Simmons whitetail extreme on my 30-06 and one on my AR15,,, can still hit a reasonable group at almost any range,,, the guns shoot way better than I can

              • Hey for the money Nikon are great great scopes for the lower price! They are good in my opinion and hold true. On my .338 Laupa I have a 5.5-22×56 Nightforce and love that as well. Depends what you are putting it on etc. But for the money I love Nikon.

                • The rifle, that what ever scope I get will be mounted on, is a brand new out of the box Savage 10 FCP-SR (.308)

                  • I’m not an expert, but have never put $$$$ into optics for a rifle I’m going to shoot 200M with. I don’t get the opportunity to shoot even that far very much. Even with my old eyes, i don’t need a 12x scope. 4x or 6x offers a larger field of view. I remember stories of VC/NVA sniper rifles in Viet Nam having 3.5x scopes.

                    That said, remember how Lon Horiuchi claimed he couldn’t tell Weaver’s wife was a woman at 200m with a 10x scope? Lon should be on disability, I guess. If you’re THAT blind, you’re unemployable, and CERTIANLY not sniper material.

                  • I hate scopes. You have to be kinder to them and they slightly elevate your profile in the prone position. I prefer my Belgium made, ex mil, 7.62 L1A1. There a bit older but they are as tough as old boots with one hell of a punch. I don’t like ARs. Too light for my taste and don’t pack enough oomph for a decent knock down. But that’s just me.
                    My second choice is an AK 47. Saw quite a few Marines in Iraq carrying them instead of what they were issued. I used one there for two years before getting what I wanted on convoy teams. A nice big fat PKM!!!! With 600 – 800 rounds of 7.62 belt with armour piercing and incendiary rounds!!!!!
                    And slightly off topic here. But I’ve never heard anyone mention it before. But one of the handist things to have is a cheap little $10.00 red laser pointer. Believe me, at night time, when travelling, that little sucker can bring traffick to a complete stand still behind you. Pointing the laser directly at a couple of the Iraqi drivers directly behind you, instantly heightens there breaking reflexes 200%. You get what you want …. A clear road behind …… And they get home in one piece to the wife and kids. It’s a win win. Now putting that concept into a SHTF context, it’s a cheap enough tool to use when you can’t identify the target. It just says back the fuck up, before I light you up.
                    Just a thought?
                    As for you scope fanatics? Make sure the wife dontates a pair of her panty hose to you armoury. If you strech out a piece over the front of your scope and secure it with a couple rubber bands like a cap, it’ll cut any glare or shine from the front lense and help deminish your silhouette if you use the whole panty hose like scrim/camouflage.
                    Heheheh …. And next week I’ll be talking about how to safely drink from muddy puddles, building a fish weir from saplings and laying a false trail through the wilderness to confuse being tracked.
                    Cede out

                  • Love it, now that’s good info….I need to find a guy like you to hang out with and learn from

              • What kind of gun/caliber? What is your target/application?

                I have had good success with Leupold. My favorite is a VXIII 2.5 x 8 mounted on my favorite Elk rifle. Most of Leupold’s scopes are made in the USA.

              • Howdy BJ,

                To answer your question, consider two things;advertising budget and prior ‘good will’, ie a “Name”

                I have both Leatherwood M1200 and M1000. The former is mounted to my Win70 Extreme Weather 338 WinMag and for lonf range is simply delighful. The latter is mounted to a Sig Sauer M400 fla-top and makes ranged shooting extremely easy. The reticles on both are FUNCTIONALLY tied to the optics via an eccentric cam syatem which as one frame the target in the field of view accurately establishes the range. This is done WITHOUT electronics and hence is not subject to dead bateries and othe such problems. After an initial zero, at a specific range is established, the eccentricc cam for the ranfing feature is set via table which list a vareity of cartidges. Adter that your good to go. IT IS neccesary to learn Mil-Fot ranging, but this is simple as the reticle actually serves to give you sufficient latitude to ‘frame’ a target and then ‘read’ the range.

                Both are extremely accurate when used properly, and both are long tested designs (Vietnam). As I mentioned before, these were the scopes that Carlos Hathway, AKA ‘Whie Feather’ used to claim and hold the record for kills by a military sniper which has yet to be beat …over 200 kills

                LAstly, the glass is not Leupold or Night Force, to be sure, but neither are they any sloch’s in that field. The glass is Russian I think and is clear and bright. The only complaint I have with either is that the reticle in the M1000 is a bit too thick…but it doesn’t interfere with use yet. Hope that helps…OHm BTW, the M1200 can be had for something in the high 500 zone, whilst the M100 can be fotten for the mif 300 range, price-wise. Adios All…JOG GOT the FLU…

                Hmmm, JOG SAY….FLU SUCKS!! %^&**^%&


                • Sorry to hear your feeling cruddy, that’s definitely no fun.

              • BJ
                100 shooters will have 100 answers. Buy quality that YOU CAN AFFORD.Remember, It is not the arrow…….it is the indian. Opticsplanet . com has reviews on optics from the people that bought them.

              • BJ,

                First what is your POU (point of use)IE. Hunting/plimking, CQB to medium range defensive rifle scope, long range precision, etc. that is the first thing to decide when looking for glass.

                The ART scopes do work well, but their is some math in initial setup to get a match on the cam and the ballistics of the round. After that they are simple to use, but they are heavy and ugly, not that ugly matters,lol

                For hunting and mid range work its hard to beat a Redfield revolution, made in the USA, clear optics, fair price, quality built.

                For QCB to mid range, Burris has several hard to beat models.

                For long Range precision work, without breaking the bank and stepping into the multi K range, Vortex is the shit. Also for the buck the Millet TRS-1 is awesome. I have a Vortex on one of my precision rigs and a TRS-1 on another, love them both.

                On my 6.5G SPR I currently have a scope I borrowed of one of my hunting rifles. Would go vortex, but do to limited funds I can’t. Thought about another TRS-1 and still might, but still debating that because the one downside is they ate large and heavy. I know my POU for the weapon, now just looking for the best option based on my criteria.

                Again I think the first decision is POU, then go from there. Good luck and happy shopping!

                • RWS III,

                  Long range precision / defense

              • I have an ACOG w/tritium on an M4 platform, nice range for an assault rifle, durable, accurate and mobile. I have a leopold on an AR30, no complaints but i prob could have got something as good much cheaper.
                Its hard to answer your question w/o knowing what you intend to do with it ie, hunting, close quarters, snipe, general (zombie) purpose etc.

            • Ive read several times on several different forums —

              This will not be like one of the ‘stans in the middle east. There will be no green zone for the enforcers to retreat to – they all have families and homes and live among us all.

              I hope TPTB stop this before it goes too far — for their own sake.

            • We still have our local community TV stations. I hosted a talk on probate fraud once, which was broadcasted on the 4 channels from that station, MCTV, Portland Oregon. I wish there was a longer version of this ad, that could be used as a talking point for a full broadcast show. Public television reaches more than people might think, and the time is free.

          • Exactly right GC. The only way they will be able to get everyones guns is to find something that they will willingly trade them for. I beleive they will purposely make things hard on folks so they can “come to the rescue” and oh by the way, if you want any food to feed your family you gotta turn in any firearms you have. Unfortunately there are many who say come and take them right now but they are woefully unprepared. So when they see thier child crying from hunger, they will probably gladly trade. Thats why we have to be ready to help folks who are not prepared now but can be trained to help themselves when they finally wake up.

            • My thoughts also–those extra foods will go to those first; esp. when you need guards.

              • If they’d trade their guns the government for food, they’d trade US for food as well…just thinking of how to keep it in the “family”.

          • G.C. I’m seeing RED Right now, they may not have the ability to come and take them, but they sure have the ability to shoot down any protective laws for the gun owner. Just got an email from Wyoming Gun Owners. And would like to post this everyday, so these assholes names will remain fresh in everyone mind. These so-called Republicans, gutted HB104 the Firearms Protection Act here in Wyoming, by adding Amendments. Sen Leland Christensen, [email protected]— Sen.John Schiffer, [email protected]—and Sen. Bruce Burns, [email protected]— So if they’re not Tea Party Republicans, you just as well vote for a Democrat. I know these turncoats will be on the top of my list. Trekker Out. Honor Few and Fear None!

            • Contrary to what you may be hearing, the amendment is not part of the bill. Should the bill make it to the floor, the amendment would be introduced. Only after a vote by the entire Senate can the amendment attach to / change the bill.

              My amendment was the one on HB104. The amendment was constructed with the help of the Senate sponsor, Senate Attorneys, and our Wyoming Attorney General. The intent was to strengthen the bill and prevent an easy overturn by the Appeals Court based on Interstate Commerce, give our Wyoming law enforcement clarification / support, and bring the Attorney General in through statute to defend Wyoming citizens regarding the 2nd Amendment vs. Federal Government.

              Senator Leland Christensen

              Wyoming Senate District 17

              [email protected]

          • A sign of the times unfortunately, there seems to be an undertone that is infiltrating the minds of many. More and more people that I speak with are losing their faith in God, dismissing good behavior in favor of living for the moment at any cost. Could you imagine your parents allowing you as a child to watch some of the filth that is masquerading on tv or video games as entertainment? Erectile enhancement, gay lovers, reality tv that shows how adults are hooked on coffee enemas (saw a commercial for that one and I almost threw up), sick, violent, bizarre, disgusting but it is allowed and wanted by our faithless, ignorant, despicable society. No one stands up for anything decent anymore, that alone has to tell you that we are indeed in the end of times. No society could possibly flourish and grow in a uplifting and decent way, when they allow this vile evil to enter theirs and their children’s lives and even encourage it.

            With aljazeera coming to a channel on your tv, it may be time to get rid of the boob tube and take that time to enrich your family’s life with real life experiences and get back to the basics which include God, decency, love for country, humility, humanity, hard work, learning history, planning and prepping while the rest of the sloths are sitting their lives away in front of a screen.

            It terrifies me to think that my kids are growing up in such a filthy, mind controlling environment. What is unthinkable to us now, may be the norm a few years from now. Our kids have become desensitized to violence, sex, killing, lying, cheating and God. How the hell can they thrive let alone survive with all of this suffocating them? I don’t have the answers, I can only control what goes on in my own home but it is getting harder every day to keep it from touching us. I really do mean it when I say God help me and those who do believe. It truly is becoming hell on earth.

            Anything good and moral is being quelled or discouraged, it is all about mind control and taking our kids down a road pitted with decay and decadence, tell your children that they are above that and they have wings to carry them so much higher if they just believe in taking the high road.

            • Hey Live Free or Die,

              As bad as it is to say this, I feel that we need the crash/collapse to bring people back to reality of life. Cell phones have ditroyed the ability for people to communicate face to face. The youth don’t even have the skills to strike up a conversation unless they have a damn phone in their hands or on them.
              Everyday, they continue to bring about new legislation to remove the guns from Americans hands.
              We have to keep pushing back, because if you allow them an inch, there will be no stopping to what this unlawful/treasonous government will do/try.
              Just read about veterans receiving letters stating they cannot own, buy, or carry, a firearm or ammunition.
              Also, Push for gun owners in some states to buy a 1 million dollar insurance.
              They will stop at nothing, because they think they are above everyone else.

              Laws only pertain to the American people, not to those that think they can rule!

              B Aware, B Awake, B Alive
              United We Stand

              • THE YOUTH? WHOSE FAULT IS IT THAT WE’RE IN THIS MESS? YOU OLD PEOPLE NEVER HAVE DONE ANYTHING ABOUT THE PROBLEM AND YOURE SURELY NOT GOING TO NOW. I assure you, I have plenty of ability to pick up a hot Mexican with my dazzling verbal banter.

                • @Eisenkreuz….

                  Hey why don’t you run for office while you still know everything?


                  • It costs money to run for office. If I had the chance to get in and legalize marajuana prostitution and gay marriage that would be great.

                • If everybody above the age of 30 had been making different decisions for the last 22 years we would not be in this mess, we would be in a different one.

          • THE PEOPLE –that means you and me –and you –and you –and you over there!

            ALL OF US — need to promote gun ownership to the inth degree!

            Tell everyone you know.. make it a topic of daily conversation how vital the 2nd amendment.

            Obama / Government TYRANNY WILL NOT come to fruit!!!

          • GC Sez: “No, they want you to believe they have the ABILITY to come an take them. in reality, they know better. if they thought there was a chance of doing it, they would have already done so. the plan requires it.”

            They want you to believe they can do all kinds of things. Most of those things are myths. If even half the gun owners become resolute in their defiance, it will be like, well, I call it “The Federal Sausage Grinder”. The government sticks their hand in get booty and pull back a bloody stump.

            Many things that the government wants you to think they can do is simply a myth. The size and scope of what they want to do is simply impossible. I don’t care how much computing machinery. I don’t care how much manpower, firepower, technology, money and time they spend, it cannot be done. Its a cover, mostly, for all the wasted money that goes for bribes,er, uh, lobbying.

            Stop being afraid of them. That is their biggest fear. The fact is, to me, they have become irrelevant. That is what they fear the most. This is why they work so hard to scare you. This is why they work so hard to attempt to disarm you.

            If you start running the numbers, even with their force multipliers such as drones and tanks and such, if you realize how things work, subjugating a population the size of the CONUS is nearly impossible ESPECIALLY considering that half of your soldiers will defect, its sucky odds. The fact is, TPTW are TERRIFIED of an armed population.

            No, its a touchy situation, one which they cannot win as long as The People grit their teeth and stand their ground. There is already a movement in my county that has pledged their resources to protecting each other. Not only that, there is a rumor of a subset of that group that is refered to as “The Hunters” that will go on the offensive. The rumor is that the people of that group will consider anyone who helps the feds will be considered an enemy combatant of We The People and, well, if its true, those guys are just downright mean. More of the rumer is that they consider treason an offense punishable 1 generation forward and backward. I’m not sure what that means and I hope I never find out. Even thinking of it makes me a little queasy.

            • Hey NetRanger,

              They could possibly be meaning 1 child and 1 adult if you are a traitor?


              B Aware, B Awake, B Alive
              “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

            • Netranger
              “If you start running the numbers, even with their force multipliers such as drones and tanks and such, if you realize how things work, subjugating a population the size of the CONUS is nearly impossible ESPECIALLY considering that half of your soldiers will defect, its sucky odds. The fact is, TPTW are TERRIFIED of an armed population.”

              All their hardware takes fuel or electricity or radio waves or all of the above,
              Destroy as much of their supply lines and they are dead, if its a war they want
              Give it to them, if every patriot has the same mindframe and hits the same areas wherever these bastards are it evens the field, and wont matter if they get a bunch of us, look at afghanistan or their neighbor, think they are winning that crap? Yea right

            • This should be required reading for all the naysayers, defeatists and those who can’t conceive of standing up for justice. People scare themselves silly with all sorts of ridiculous scenarios about how they will roll over everyone. Are they going to bring back the Army and Air Force from all over the world and let Russia, China and everyone else just waltz in…while they are shooting up patriots. I don’t think so.

              I agree with the sentiment if they could, they would have done it already. They are probing right now to see how far they can get away with shit. The more they are met with resistance the better our chances are of settling this peacefully and not with force of arms.

              But if necessary by force of arms, so be it. There are Sons of Light and Sons of Darkness, even if you don’t believe the Bible. There must be a balance kept and that will be our job.

            • A business man I worked for and am still friends with always used to tell me “Fake it till you make it”….to which I add “Make em think you got it”…Folks they aint that smart…they aint that good,with respect to the exceptions(you know who you are)….govt doent attract the best and the brightest…room temperature IQs are not the exception in govt they are more the norm,anywhere in govt from local dog catcher to the president…the point is the govt is an expert in the fake it catagory…they use the media/movies/press and such lackeys to spread the idea that they are unstoppable…sure if you go up against them by yourself yourre probably in deep crap but they cant handle us as a group whether in small cells or larger groups…they have to convince us that we dont have a chance whist trying to convince themselves they can take us…its a joke,a bad one…folks theyre the ones crapping their britches…just keep your heads and keep at your plans…we cant be beat cause we are in the right!

          • If the Japanese military decided NOT to attack the mainland then I don’t think they will be so stupid as to attempt this seeing as now their are far more owners than back then

        • Relax: they bought 2 Billion rds in the last ten months; We bought 40 Billion in the same time. This week we will buy a billion more. Going to the gun show Fri. Likely won’t buy anything, got so much now I can shoot till I’m 1000 years old. Honestly how many of you have all the ammo you really can shoot.(Yes I know MORE is always better)

          • I have more than I could ever use.

            • Give it a rest. There are plenty of sites out here for you to post that. The topic here is of utmost importance. I have been a fan of Vaus for a long time. I donated to his cause to get commercials on the DC (District of Criminals) stations. I feel cheated!! Not by Vaus, oh no! But by the same (now here’s your true Aholes) jackasses who keep taking from us and giving to the unworthy!

              While what you posted is provable and factual, please… let’s stay on this. What is happening to Vaus is complete and illegal infringement on his 1st Amendment rights (like we even have rights anymore I realize). So, let’s put our hearts and heads together on HOW to get HIS MESSAGE into the cesspool, shall we?

              • Anon, I received this yesterday in my email–so the message IS getting out there.

                • Anon: I got no problem with what you say. But I also think if you were called an asshole for posting the factual truths, perhaps you too would post a reply to that poster person who called you that. And I figured he’d be way more likly to see it posted here on a new article rather than a article several days old etc.

                • But for the most part you are an Asshole.

                • Angelo…

                  I understand. Thanks for explaining, and thanks for not biting my head off.

                  And, just for your knowledge, believe me… I’ve had many folks call me worse than an Ahole. I’ve found it’s easier to consider the source, let it roll off my back and not respond. Why do I want to raise my blood pressure and my anger level just to match wits with dim-wits? It’s simply not worth it.

                  Deo Vindice!
                  MOLON LABE!

                • JayJay,

                  Good! I’m very glad to hear it!

                  Now let’s keep it going, and hopefully make it viral…

              • To be clear, Anonymous, I have used the donations received thus far to buy air time in the DC area. It is currently on WTNT AM & FM in Alexandria Virginia. And they are playing with great frequency. More stations to come as support allows – Steve Vaus

                • FP: Fuck off you egotistical clown. You think you are a legend in yer own mind. Most all your posts shows it.

                • Listen guys, we know who is right and the people that think they are right will always think they are right and there is no changing that. There is no changing someone’s mind a lot of times and we are so determined to either prove we are right or try to help them, it does no good. Just like trying to persuade an anti-gun liberal that guns are good. Then we end up getting pissed at each other. I think i’m very fair and tried to give people places where they can find 5.56 ammo all the time and got over 15 thumbs down and it pissed me off. I think we should just let it go. If you know your shit you know your right and just let it go. What is that saying never argue with an idiot, he will just bring you down to their level.

                • Mr. Vaus,

                  You are a great Country artist and Patriot! Thanks for what you do. We need more ‘celebrities’ who are willing to risk their necks and their all to say the truth (or sing about it!).

                  I’m very glad one of our brother Southern states are “allowing” it to be played. I bet they’ll play it in AL, AR, TX, OK, etc without much issue.

                  If you need more help, I will try. What you’re doing is easy to support!

                  Thanks again, and thanks for replying.

              • Anon,how correct you are! I know that most of us on this site, are really focused on the 2nd Amend. But the 1st is every bit under attack as the 2nd. TPTB is in the fore front on attacking the 2nd, but the American Pravda or so-called media really infringes on our 1st Amendment rights, and almost have more power than the Feds, in that respect. If it doesn’t fit their agend they just don’t report it. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus

                • The second is there to assure we are able to defend the entire constitution,
                  We are wayyy beyond voting this right,
                  The state and washington law makers are out of bounds and need to get bitch slapped back to their roots. Change will only come from you and i and it wont be pretty nor fun, this is serious shit and its time for people to start taking it as such.

                • Mountain Trekker,

                  AMEN! Soon my friend, soon, they will realise that they’ve overstepped their boundaries. Enough said.

                  God bless!
                  Deo Vindice!

                • Kulafarmer,

                  You are right! Without the 2nd, none of the other Amendments mean a thing, for how can We the People enforce them? We can’t.

                  If y’all haven’t see Judge Jeanine Pirro’s 7 minute speech on ObaMao’s gun control, you need to. Here’s the link:


                  We need more like her on OUR SIDE!

                  MOLON LABE!!!

                • “If it doesn’t fit their agend they just don’t report it”


                • Maybe it is time to start a station. The American Patriot Channel. APC 🙂 then we will have our forum and control of what WE would want on the air.

                  Unfortunately the media co. also has the right to deny airtime, it is their company, it is their freedom. They do not have to let anything air they choose not to. Even if they are all controlled by tptb and are bias on what they air.

                  They do not need to be equal in air time to both sides of the argument.

                  Maybe it is time to start a station. The American Patriot Channel. APC 🙂 then we will have our forum and control of what WE would want on the air.

                • how (partially) correct you are!

                  The beauty (and evil) of the current system is that every last amendment is under attack. The deal is that the left attacks certain amendments and ignores the ones the right will attack.

                  For example, the left HATES the 2nd and 10th while the right will call attention to those while ignoring their willingness to violate the 1st, 4th and 5th for their War on Drugs.

                  Neither side actually believes in the constitution, they only believe in their version of it that’ll allow them both to create the largest govt we’ll all swallow at the time.

                • They just keep us pointing fingers and arguing with each other so we wont point at them.

              • You do what they do, they drop flyers from the sky in countries they go to war against.

                • Here, the least we’d get for dropping flyers is prosecuted for littering…but that doesn’t mean doing flyers is out of the question, does it?

            • If you do not have more than you can ever use you, need to get a plan on obtaining more than you can ever use. It’s going to hit the fan and you need to be prepared.

            • Bashing the Jews is getting old……..lets face it there are evil, corrupt people of all race, creeds, and religions. You are of the same clothe as anti-Semites throuout the last 5000 years. You actually are worse by including a whole race of people in your slander instead of leaving it as evil individuals.

              • T Rubble: I know what you mean. Isn’t it ironic how most all folks in usa today think its always ok/swell to incessantly bash arabs or muslims, while I as yet aint seen anyone call those bashers “antisemitics”.

                Yet when you figure it all out from research etc you learn that most, near all mid eastern muslims actually are true “semites”….While on the Other hand, today Most(95% avg) of the jewsih persuasion folks are not semities but rather are Khazers. Seems from lifetime brainwashings we all have been subjected to the whole issue has been turned completly around 180-degrees!

            • +1 Bud

            • In all honesty I have no real interest in researching the issue. You have a severe/pathological dislike for Jews and that is your business. For most of European history Jews were confined to ghettos and had to put up with various pogroms whenever the mood came over the dominate populations. No one will ever change a hate filled clown like you and anyway who cares? Whatever is going to happen will not involve the Jews and is not my concern. the Muslims are far more of an issue to me as they should be with any thinking person which leaves you out. Now fuck off and go away.

              • Without researching an issue, tell me… how does one find truth? Without truth, you will not know where to stand and will fall for anything!

              • The problem here is not confined to muslims or jews. The problem is an ELITE CLASS of people of many races who feel it is their birthright to enslave the rest of us at their pleasure.

                Please guys, FOCUS! We’re running out of time to get our minds and hearts straight.

            • Switch to buying for barter. May want to think about what will people that are not fully prepared want most. A simple revolver if they have no gun. A no frills bolt action 22. All of us know folks who might have a 38 or an old 12 guage. They will pay or trade to hold perceived protection in there hand.

              • Candle in wind: be cautious tough. if they aint prepared they likly won’t have much if anything to trade for a gun from you. Worse scenario yet, already now even before any shtf most without guns are liberal Antigun-Prohabammy types. The xact type that after you supply them a firearm in good will etc, they decide to use that same gun on You!

                Especially if they has fallen for the see something say something rat em out crap eh. I won’t supply any guns or ammo to anyone unless I really know them well. Then those are already well armed!

                • A.M.
                  Good point. Would you be helping a friend or arming an enemy?
                  Hard to know ahead of time.

            • Obvious troll trying to derail a discussion that has nothing to do with Jews. Give it a rest already.

              • He’s no troll. He’s been here a very long time. And, if you read the start of his comment, he said what and why he was doing it on this topic. Now, to be fair, I posted a message to him directly under his comment and you can go up and read it.

                Sometimes folks need to read ALL the comments before commenting. I’m not sayin’, just sayin’ 🙂

                Deo Vindice!
                MOLON LABE!

            • Angelo M : interesting choice of words: “factual truths”. Are those different than a lot of the so called ‘facts’ you just make up or pass along without examination? You know, the ones you get without independently verifiable sources, otherwise known as ‘whack-job’ sites? Like Anon says; give it a rest!

          • Share the wealth! I can’t find decent priced ammo anywhere! im loading up on 30.06 and 9mm

            • Like I said I’ve got thousands of 30-06, and I haven’t shot a round of it in 2 years. Got most of it from DCM for 10-15 cents /rd. Been shooting 22.

          • dont forget, they have bullet proof vests, make sure you get yours too.

            • Those vests dont cover everything, if you can hit a 6″ circle at 200 yards your good to go,
              Face, neck, groin, under arm, dead

              • Thats why I’m aiming for! Either a femur shot to the middle of the leg to shatter it and drop them like a pickle or a head shot.

            • I doubt if many vests can tolerate a .30/06 punch.

              • Thats one of my first choices Smokey,,, if not that its my 308 with hot match loads in it,, chamber is real tight so it doesnt show much stress at the primer pocket,
                The other part to that is the force that a 30-06 or 308 pack is more than most will be able to take, the vest might stop the bullet but the force from that shot hitting the vest will floor whoever is wearing it, depending on where it hits it can break ribs, or be comparable to getting smacked square in the solarplexis, plus a shot square to the chest is easier to hit than head if the target is moving around..sorta like that deer you tracked around last season,,,

                • Kulu: I seen a tv special once about BP vests and bullet impacts. Once they went to .308 and 30.06’s and even larger or more powerfull rnds, the tech guy stated that there are cases of cops killed due to a bullet impacted so forcefully his heart exploded even wearing his vest.

                  Not sure if he really meant heart explodes?..or impact caused heart attack type impairment?..Either way ends the same. They did show vests with very thick cermaic plates that will halt large rnds though.

                  Won’t stop barret .50 bmg probobly. Alot of shooters has barrets too.

        • Seal Team America could silence the NWO over night if provoked. NOMI

          • DK…off topic but how’re you doing in that snowstorm? Hope you and any others are ok!

            • I live in a “snow free zone”, but there are massive rumors that the temperature dropped to near freezing last night.

              Propaganda I’m sure. 🙂

              • Funny! DK knows the area I live in. Weather forecasters are a joke. Supposed to have snow down to 2500ft. Hah, we saw sun for half the day and no rain or snow in site. Did have a major hwy collapse though!

          • Yea! Silent but deadly. You know where i’m going right. frrrrrrrt.

        • Keep stacking.

          Long term food, (btw, Wise food has been called out for high oxygen content in their packaging, nearly the same as atmospheric levels, which means their food is NOT fit for long term storage, so stay away from them) If you go with dehydrated foods, know that you will need to suppliment your diet with approximately 4 gallons of vegitable oil per year, or other sources of fat that the process eliminates. If anyone knows how to make homemade oils or keep it stored more than 2 years I’d like to know.

          Water, we just switched from buying soda in cans to 2 liters, not only is it approximately half the price per volume, you can refill the empty bottles to supplimate your water storage. If you don’t have some rain catch barrels, get them now. Also don’t forget a good filtration system, I prefer the sawyer filters, good for 1 million gallons

          PM’s, gold and silver. Wether you want a short term profit or a long term way to preserve some money, don’t overlook silver. It’s at a great price now, nearly as cheap as it costs to mine.

          Fire, Easy solution is to stock up on matchbooks. Check your grocery store. I found Always Save bundles of 50 books (1000 matches) for a buck each so I got 30 boxes. The woman that checked me out tried to pry out why I needed so many. I just said it was for a project and left it at that. The camping strikers are cool, but buy into convenience now while it’s available. You don’t want to be rubbing 2 sticks together because you overlooked something simple now.

          Medicines, antibacterial stuff, as much as you can store. Bandages, superglue (used to seal up cuts), rubbing alcohol, and a good trauma kit.

          I’m just hitting the basics here, you can never have too much of the basics. Alternative energy sources and camping type of gear can wait, and should wait until you have plenty of basics.

          Get started on putting you own food sources together if you have not already. Putting together your own 5 gallon buckets of rice, wheat and beans and sealing them with mylar bags and deoxygenators is easy and much cheaper than having long term food shipped to your house. Find wholesalers that sell 50 lb bags. Rice in my area is $30 for 50 lb’s and will fill about a bucket and a half, so I usually get 2 bags and fill 3 buckets.

          Hope I shared some info that was helpful.

          • You can get oil out of corn or other seeds with a Piteba Oil Press. You can get one on Amazon for about $150. It works by hand and with a lighted candle. So, if you grow corn or have a supplier of it or other oily seeds, you can make your own oil. Might be a good thing to be able to do and barter. There are good youtube videos on how to use one. It is next on my list.

          • Chainsaw
            Great info!
            I have been getting a few of my coworkers into prepping basically so I will have a community.
            All of them have become addicted. It is easy to get carried away and get overwhelmed. I have telling them to look at the 52 week plan and just focus on adding days of preparation not years. After the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.


          • Chainsaw–I got a 5 gallon bucket, 25 lbs of lard, at Savalot.
            It’s good for years.
            And IF I don’t cook with it, I have great candle making in a jar!!!

            • Had not thought of that, great solution!!!

            • It might not be good for us to use but the old white hydrogenated Crisco without a dout makes the best french fries hands down. Somethings are worth taking a little risk for.

              • Repack it in canning jars with a wick in the middle, seal up. Cooking grease AND good slow burn candle!

              • Crisco…Fried Chicken Cast Iron Skillet…Yeah!

                Semper Fi

            • Does lard last a long time? Never used it just asking.

              • If I may…I can lard in pints and qts at butchertime and it lasts forever…even uncanned in the fridge itll last for a couple years…in fact whist it can go rancid(oxidize)it really doesnt spoil…its alot like honey for keeping…you can pack hard boiled and even fresh eggs/meat in lard and store it in a cool place and itll last along time…the best rule I know of is to become familiar with any food learning to recognize it in its good form and in its spoiled form then if you have ANY doubts dont use it… just sayin 🙂

          • The oils can be made by pressing but you need a feed stock, canola is real easy to grow and seeds heavily, thats what you press for the oil, Lehmans has a small scale oil extractor that should work, wont make gallons fast but certainly enough for salads etc, olives would be nice but most people live in too cold a climate, we have them here but we can grow anything year round pretty much, fats from animals work too, but cant store,

          • We render lard from hogs. If you raise your own it is simple to do in the oven. Run the fat through a grinder, set in roasting pan at 200 degrees and pour off liquid through a new (used if your a pervert) pantyhose. Freezes well and makes delicious pie crust. Use it like you would crisco.

            • Yeah, I read that with all the crap they put in oil/grease now the old lard is better for ya. I buy Wright bacon ends and pieces, dump it all in a pot and let simmer for a couple hours. Yummy cracklings and lard to can up!

          • May be not high on your list but down here in Louisiana you can’t go 10 miles without crossing a bayou, canal, river or some form of water. Might want to carry a spare life vest in you vehicle and a cheap blow-up float for your gear, to get across when the over passes are choke up or barricaded.

          • Here’s a couple of other things to use…sugar for wounds I tried it on a cut worked pretty good. I know this might sound weird but using feminine pads the things women use once a month are good for first aid as bandages since they’re so absorbent. Just a couple things to ponder.

            • I keep a few in my medic pouch…I mean come on theyre made to soak up blood! 🙂

            • In fact the PADS are bandages, started from the nurses in France during WW I using the issue bandages

          • peanut oil, is great it can in many cases if stored right store for many years in its original container.

        • Anyone know where they store all those rounds?

          • I read somewhere they are in (beige) shipping containers being dropped at select places and then moved again.

            • You wanna know why that story is complete bullshit?

              There is no place on Camp Pendleton where ammo is stored in the same place as supply gear. There is Bn supply where you get your “gear” and there are ammo dumps where your unit’s armorers and ammo techs go get the ammo.

              I’ve never heard of an individual Marine going to get his own ammo for anything.

          • www dot thegatewaypudit dot com
            Jan 28th 2013

            • www dot thegatewaypundit dot com

        • water-lifting
          dynamo fitted with a 30-meter copper pole???? What is this?

        • Isn’t there still a law that requires the media to have equal air time for these types of messages? Mr Vaus needs to assert his legal right to purchase equal time to air his message.
          On another note I wish to express my sadness that the President of the American Council of Catholic Bishops has stated he agrees with Pres Obama on the need for gun control. Doesn’t he understand that the Constitution is under attack in all areas. The gun control and the religious freedom that is under assult under the ObamaCare are really the same issue.

          • c: Unfortunately the Catholic Hierarchy is part and parcel of the NWO. While the Catholic Faith is a noble one, the Satanic Catholic Priesthood has totally corrupted the Church with every form of abomination.

            Note that besides the Jewish politicians, the Catholic politicians are also promoting the gun ban, ie Cuomo, Napolitano, and Brown to just name three.

            The Vatican Bank is a cesspool of secret bank accounts for corrupt politicians of every stripe, drug lords, and mobsters from every country of the world who laundry their money through the Vatican Bank.

            An indictment and criminal court investigation revealed bank accounts for Obama, Bush, Geither and 37 other American politicians with hundreds of millions of dollars in these accounts deposited by the US Treasury.

            All to fund the communist NWO takeover of the USA. Death to Traitors!

            Forget the BIS, the Vatican Bank IS the Bank of the New World Order.

            • DKid: I believe that you are right about the infiltration of the church. It has been evident since Vatican II in 1964 and their power and numbers have only grown. There are still many or maybe most of them are, holy men and women but the anticatholics that have infiltrated are now in power and it shows. It makes it very difficult to be a catholic layperson and not be leary of anything I see or hear from anyone in the church.
              As for the so called catholic politicians, they are not catholic. A catholic is one who actually tries to live the christian faith. They were born into the faith and now use it to identify themselves to the public as something they choose NOT to be. They are anticatholics just as Bush was an antichristian.
              As far as the Vatican Bank goes, I believe that that is why Pope John Paul I was killed. He was a true servant of God and made it clear that his first order of business was to clean house. He began with the bank. He began having it audited by several independant auditors. He was found dead in questionable circumstances after only one month in office. He had been middle aged and of sound health. No autopsy was allowed.
              If St Malachy of Ireland is correct, the election of the next pope sometime in early march, will be our last and we are truely in the end times.

            • DK: A few yrs ago I read a long article(cant recall where now) it said the Queen of England also has a special private bank. And besides her she only allows Heads or Former heads of states to use her bank to hide massive cash despoists. Article said Queen’s net worth is $55-Trillion and that her land holdings covers a full 1/5th of entire planets lands. True? I do not know.

              Cant recall if her bank was mixed in with vatican bank opps?…I do think article said it was but aint sure now.

              They likly have even More such secret deposits and banks we will never hear of. Swindlers All and of the absolute worst kind. Their evils know no bounds.

        • My post on this topic started with ID: 1152444 02/16/13 @ 2:32 in Gun Rights and Peaceful Solutions

          Been trying to get folks to listen to this guy – since the beginning of Feb when our local radio station championed his cause. The “jock” is pro 2nd amendment and even though the station is Clear Channel owned, he also champions the 1st amendment and this topic as a story – not a ad.

          It was questionable at first, whether Clear Channel would intervene – but they haven’t and the story, ad et al have been playing here with the hopes of making this going viral.

      2. interesting that Clear Channel,home of Rush Limbaugh
        refused that ad

        guess they ain’t making conservatives like they used to ???

        • Rush is nothing but a steam-valve.

          • The problem with rush is still does not take this stuff seriously and treats it as a big joke. When they come to his home or studio and drag his ass away he may not find things so humorous.

          • Ya know, your post reminds me. in one of the stories posted here yesterday or the day before, someone posted about the 1980’s miniseries ‘Amerika’. Soviets EMP america and take over…

            I went and started watching it last night on YouTube.

            There’s a scene in episode 1 or 2 where some high school kids goes to some punk concert where they get all riled up and then go out to torch some stuff.

            The KGB guy is talking to an American ‘administrator’ when they hear the commotion. They go outside to the hotel balcony and the KGB guy says something close to, “We sponsor that. We get them riled up so they go out and let off a little steam in ways that make them feel better but mean essentially nothing. We monitor them and arrest a few and scare them.”

            You’re right, Rush is a talking steam valve. He gets people riled up enough to let off a little steam but in essentially meaningless ways.

        • VRF–did you read the part that said there were 18 teenagers in that ‘knock-out game’ and they have the audacity to ask why we need assault weapons.

          • Black thugs always run in packs.

          • yeah, crazy aint it?

            • It is ironic that we never hear of black thugs attacking Bikers to Bike-Jack their cycles eh. Even when biker type guys go to or pass thru the worst ghetto inner city areas they never seem to get bothered nor attacked.

              I guess them Thugs just choose eaiser targets.

      3. I’ll give until it hurts.

        • I’ll stop when it stops hurting.

      4. says this in the article..

        “it should be clear that the media is complicit in silencing the voices of millions of Americans who support gun ownership”

        and what did I just post in the last thread about the media?

        • the media will have its day to swing, remember all thier lies, and remember what they decided not to tell you, and most of all..remember how they lied to you

          too late to make up for it now MSM..i hope you all in main stream meadia rot in are covering for all these acts against humanity, and diverting attention to useless bullshit stories

          • Amen,
            Them, the bankers, the politicians, corp ceo’s, etc.
            Should be a good party…
            Hope I’m still alive to see it.

            • Roger that, I hope I am too

              • VRF- have you or Piper, or anyone else here, heard anything about the VA sending letters to vets denying them 2nd Amendment rights? Drudge has a story/link but I didn’t have much time to check it out further. Maybe somebody’s already mentioned it, but if so, I missed it. This is getting downright spooky.

                • I see it now. Zoltanne has a link down near end of comments. Works better than my crappy attempts to post links, too!

                • The VA is infected with commies.
                  They need a 105 enema. It’ll cure their clap.

                  Semper Fi

        • Seems that the so-called media today has decided that they are the arbi-traitors of the first ammendment….no one is permitted to question them but they are allowed to decide who/what may be spoken…as if the people are their own private herd and they have special rights to their ears/minds…they fail to understand that it called the freedom of speech/expression/press NOT the freedom of the media complex to decide whats worthy of dissemination…they must be held accountable right along with tptb because they are chief enablers of the tryants…not worthy of inclusion under the banner/birthright of liberty!

          • Freedom of The Press has always belonged to those who own the press. The same crowd has the press in America for the last century. They have always censored, and twisted information. All you are witnessing now, is just part of the final narative. Relish these last moments of true freedom of speech, because soon, they will lock down the web.

            • The press is so bad. Just remember if something that you saw happen and then it was on the news. It’s not even close to what really happened and gives the viewers a total different perspective of what actually happened. This for me was when I started questioning the media. You’d think they would report the news but anymore its for views and for the shock factor to the public for viewer numbers. We have gone from truth to ratings and thats sad. Someone said that we have gone from morals and honor to gays and illegals to breaking laws to corruption is the norm. We can’t survive in a society like this. But we can as preppers and that kills the corrupt.

            • You can see a distinct pattern for them to gain full control of the internet, then begin to shut down all websites They disagree with.

              1st it was crys from MSM’s tv and newspapers complaints they lose viewers or subscribers due to the Net-online.

              2nd try was to use Kiddie-Porn and molesters to convince us all to agree on fed gov or UN control of Net.

              3rd try used “terrorists/terrorizim” to convince public.

              Todays 4th try at it seems to be recent revelations how China military hackers has infiltrated most usa big buis-miitary-pentagon- MSM’s-Univ’s-and even many “private” consumers computers etc.

              This last attempt by use of chinas hackers seems to be the most all out crys for hobammys/joe libbermans fed control of net.

              I think the more and louder they cry the worse of a swindle it truly is. I don’t discount that china has hackers and has hacked stuf here. But every nation and military does it right. The entire worlds govnt’s is spying on all other nations and individuals!

              Time soon to begin Plan B= Buy and Train Carrier Pigions!

              • Clint: this MSM stuff has been going on quite alot longer than any of us realized prior. Last nite I glanced at another website for his latest articles. The site has a Photo from a 1940 NY times front page article.

                I won’t mention what the photo is of but it is likly the Most, or one of the Most, Famous pictures to ever be seen by the public. It is very proboble the photo seen by More folks worldwide since 1940 than any other photo bar none!

                What is so interesting about the particular photo is that just recently another website guy got hold of an Actual 1940 edition copy of this photo.

                And he has shown that the Original NY times 1940 photo everybody worldwide since that era has seen, many many times(if you go look at it you will instantlly recognize the picture) has been Doctored! to Now show an additional Person standing in the photo as if he was really there when photo was taken!!

                But the guy has Proven and shows Both the actual NY times photo and the photo we all were shown on every MSM tv and history books etc!…They totally Added into photo some xtra man standing there who was NOT in the orig edition of that newspaper!

                To view it and an article on it go to…Incogman dot Net

                Scroll down till you see it and Yes You will recognize it instantly. Everybody has seen this Most famous photo. But not many seen the Real photo Prior to the man added in for “full effects”! Check it out.

          • Too bad Anonymous couldnt hack and shut down the MSM

      5. SIMPLE you just don’t have enough money to buy votes! Try for a public service message [hahaha]

        As I always like to say Leave the City now while you have some time. Go Now before its to late When the SHTF you can’t be in a city or you are DONE!

      6. He was a good boy. Misunderstood and needed some guidance.

        • Welcome to the world of Neo-Media!

        • guide his ass to the mortuary. piece of (dead) shit…

      7. I strongly encourage you to share my YouTube video

        And if you’d like to help buy time (where we can) visit

        Currently the spot is airing on some smaller stations just outside DC and I will buy time in other “battleground” areas as the funds are available.

        • Great to hear Steve! Also, great job on the song and video!!!

        • good thing we can see the video on here , youtube is claiming dificulties with the video when you try to see it there . have tried it several times

        • Wonderful job sir…
          Keep up the good work.

          Or, we’ll see you on ‘The Line’.
          The III, we’re everywhere.

      8. Dr. Goebbels would be proud of the mainstream media using his tactics!

      9. Here’s Tyranny!!! We will go after the Second Amendment by restricting the First Amendment.

        Boy the MSM is going to be hating life when they are no longer needed and the only channel is the FCC channel or BHO!!!

        • Big Talk…PO..have you disconnected yet??
          So many here complain, but are still supporting each time you turn on the tv.
          Not here since 2008.

          • Actually JayJay I gave up on the MSM back in 2000 Bush-Gore. TV is only an intel tool to see how they are manipulating the masses, I mean dumb asses. But hey some are catching on I heard a nationally known radio host say we are now in 1936 Germany. I would say that’s accurate. How about you?

            • I stand corrected, Sir.

              • Don’t worry about it. Hell 5 years ago I thought most on these sites were loons and nut jobs, now I one of them. If the SHTF I’d rather be around the people on this site then my neighbors.

      10. Bring on the Travon Martin case. We need to get things ahoppin.

        • Yup, I wonder how many white people they will allow on the jury…

        • Treyvon got an easier death than he deserved. By the looks of Zimmerman’s head, he waited almost too long to use the gun (or wasn’t able because of the attack). Lesson learned: Don’t let the pack get close.

          This is a story of a troubled life turned around. Treyvon will never get into trouble again.

      11. There is a new book out called ‘Stealing Second’ about how the U.N. and the gun control crowd are going to take away the second amendment. It is written as fiction but with each day it is beginning to look prophetic about what is coming in the days ahead. The media is there to help manufacture consent for their gun grab. We should not be surprised by anything the gov. or media says because it is no secret that they want to disarm Americans.

        • I see today that the UN told Haiti they are immune from lawsuits by the people of Haiti for the UNs addmitted responsibility of bringing colera into Haiti…so its tough luck according to the UN…set foot on our soil you filthy arrogant blue helmeted bassturds and bring/cause us any problems and youll wish to God all we were doing was filing lawsuits…we’ll be punnching your numbers in all calibers .17 to .50 and then a few….man I hate the UN! 🙁

        • All I want for Christmas is a Ma Deuce…
          and a truck full of .50 cal.

      12. PUSHBACK

        “The Beat-era author/philosopher William S. Burroughs once quipped: “After a shooting, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn’t do it.” He said that decades ago and at long last, people are coming to resent being vilified – and punished – not for anything they did. But because some other person did something.”

      13. “You may all got to hell, and I will go to Texas.” — Col. David Crockett

      14. On a positive note

        The Town of Westford Mass.eliminated the proposed assault weapon ban and the crowd of hundreds cheered and gave a standing ovation!

        Stand up for your rights!

        • Light again in Massachusetts! Praise Almighty God!

          • DK

            This is the training ground for all the asshats in dc and wall street..(harvard)(mit)(suffolk)etc etc etc..
            Living here is a logistical nightmare and the bastion of liberalism/socialism,statists, secularists,progressives, and absolutely pro federal intrusion to every facet of our lives..oh..and the home of obamacare thanx to the rhino(former governor) mittens romney…ugghh!

            and our new secretary of state…john f’n kerry!

            Even though this is a state full of massholes..there is a minority of us who still have the spirit to fight the good matter what!

            • Good on you hamilcar. Hold the line!

        • westford mass fathers are killing offing murdering their whole families in westford mass , then committing suicide because they are losing their fat corporate 3 figure jobs and can’t afford their house payments , the westford , mass very high property taxes on their over priced $800,000.00 McMansions or support their families there any more.


          it’s a very over priced RICH-PRICK STUCK-UP SNOB bed room community of boston and lowell , mass.

          people are literally “Losing It” there now .

          that’s why the issue even came up to begin with , people are getting scared their crazy neighbors will go postal on them and the whole neighborhood .

          i know this , cause i grew up around there . it’s my old hood .


          • Losing it here?

            We haven’t even started !!!

            Many of us here are ancestors to those who started the first revolution..and are generations away but still here.
            Our dna is not underestimate us!

            Perhaps the 2nd shot heard round the world will be once again from Massachusetts…

            It is up to the new king richard and his proletarians!

            • WESTFORD MASS. Daughter told Westford Police she was safe seconds before CRAZED suicidal father killed her !!!

              WESTFORD — Olivia Marchand told a police dispatcher she was safe just seconds before her father shot and killed her. After killing his daughter, Brian Marchand then shot and wounded his wife, Jody, before committing suicide with the same gun, authorities said today.

              “This is another extremely disturbing case of domestic violence where Brian Marchand shot both his wife and his teenage daughter,” Middlesex District Attorney Gerard T. Leone Jr. said at a news conference.


            • Some insight on Westford in case any one is interested… Westford is what most people would consider a “yuppie” town. Great school system, mostly mid-upper class white citizens, low overall crime, the whole shebang. It is a highly desirable place to live because of its proximity to 495, Rt 3 and Rt 2. It is also surrounded by towns of similar status. There is a large liberal population. But a large portion of those citizens take part in sporting in one way or another. On a local news agency website, there has been constant (and ruthless) arguing among citizens for and against this proposal. This is a town with a low crime rate. It would seem that Bob Jeffries is more or less trying to “make a point”, and make Westford a sort of “milestone” for this kind of legislation in Massachusetts. The irony is, most of the surrounding towns wouldn’t think twice about this legislation. They are small “green” towns with many citizens holding LTC and FID cards. These towns don’t have issues with gun violence. This isn’t sensible legislation… It won’t stop Westford crime, as there is very little to begin with! It will be interesting to see how this plays out… interesting enough that I might take a trip a few towns over to watch this. I won’t be putting any money on Article 30 passing.


      15. Of course they will deny and subvert anything that is Pro American and Pro Constitution. All they can do is keep spouting nothing, but lies! Have to keep the sheep asleep at any expense.

        I wonder how many U.N. thugs they think it will take?? Answer: Not enough!

        B Aware, B awake, B Alive

      16. We talk about this and that, but it’s talk. It is time to talk with our feet, form peaceful marches and if the government, LE, or who every, tries to stop it with force then meet force with force, but make sure that they used force FIRST.

        Stop buying products that advertise on the TV, RADIO Etc., unplug your TV, Radio etc., but stop buying the advertisers products, BOYCOT EVERTHING. We can speak volumes if we just shut the whole mess down.

        If we just keep talking about it; NOT ONE THING WILL CHANGE.

        I know we have to prep, but there are stores out there that feel like us, and there are products that are made from people who cares for the future of this country, buy from them.

        I feel that this is the last thing we can do, before the BULLET BOX enters the arena.


        • We need marches… not protests.
          What do I mean? REAL MARCHES. It would scare the crap outa the chattering class. It would be worth it just to see their response.

          I mean “Militias of the Several States, atten HUT! Dress right dress… Right shoulder ARMS! FORWARD MARCH…”

          Show the globalists a MARCH, armed, and PEACEFUL.
          Play poker, bluff, and give them the opportunity to CALL.

          It would be a beautiful sight, a million patriots marching past Congress and WH, daring them to break it up…

          It would also be indicative of cohesion, unity, discipline and the character of patriots. No police officer or troop in his right mind would break it up.
          Pepper spray and tasers are of no force or effect when you have decided you will not be moved, and are backing it up by visible arms.

          July 4th would be a good time… I wouldn’t apply for a permit, just do it and dare ’em.
          I would walk to DC if I had to.

          • We need to turn out like theillegals did when they demanded amnesty. People need to start getting in the face of the likes of McLame, nancy Graham, Missy McConnell and other RINOS who always sell us out.

          • Only problem with that is the fact that if this blows and turns to war a disjointed un trackable gurilla force will most likely be more effective, look at Viet nam, Afghanistan, Iraq, not a lot of decisive anything that went on in any of these places, that parade crap is for sabre rattling korean and commy armies, look at the American revolution, irregulars ruled.

            • Hey Kula.
              Exactly right, however geurillas and the MOO’s forget something…
              THEY always had a safe haven to run and hide… where ya gonna hide with 30,000 drones watching 24/7?

              Besides we’re talking a peaceful march… the problem being.. moral high ground and FIRST BLOOD… it would scare the crap outa them and push them over the edge.
              This is merely a way of pushing the evil out into the open. Then if they attack a peaceful march, we have CAUSUS BELLI to respond, scatter and HUNT suits.

              It is the head that must be cut off, merely shooting arms and legs will not accomplish the goal.

              • Piper,,
                Got it,,, it would be something to behold,,definitely,
                I know locally it will be amazing if anyone actually does anything, most are afraid to even whisper the word Militia,,, sorta sucks, you ask guys what they are willing to do even if there is no one else around and they just look at the floor and evade answering, chicken? too comfy to rock the boat??? either way it doesnt look good, you look at the day of resistance website and our state has 0 representation, sorta scares the crap out of me, especially with all the military installations and satcom stuff over here, I know its going to be crawling with assholes trying to supress any sort of dissent, and safegaurd their assets,
                bunch of fucking sheep if you ask me, saying hell yea come n get em, then have no answers or plan and not even a thread of cohesive thought on the issues and what the plan of action should be. I know Im not staying put, too easy to get rounded up in the name of safety,,, ask all the poor old Japanese folks who got rounded up after Pearl Harbor,,, that was recent history,,, Guantanamo Cuba,,, recent history,, with NDAA anyone on these sites will be a target.

      17. It’s called the market place. These are for profit companies. If you don’t like their product vote with your feet. Over the long haul the market place is almost always right and government almost always wrong.

        Stay Brave nomi

        • in the case of Clear Channel
          people are voting with their feet and their $$$

          that company lost 424 million dollars last year

        • Its called the “marketplace”.

          • Thanks Eisenkreuz, I missed that big time.
            Like the drill instructor said to Forrest Gump.
            “YOUR A GODDAM GENIUS”
            “STAY Brave NOMI

          • Cut it out, Eisen! Nobody gives a shit……

            • Its called freedom of speech Dick Delaware.

      18. Just heard that York Arms has suspended all sales to the NYC Police Department. Hope this expands to all ammo and firearms manufacturers, kind of make you want to buy something form York. NOMI

        • Olympic Arms would like to announce that the State of New York, any Law Enforcement Departments, Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders within the State of New York, or any New York State government entity or employee of such an entity – will no longer be served as customers.
          Larue Tactical, Olympic Arms, Templar Custom, Extreme Firepower, Barrett Arms and now RAM Arms have vocalized that they will not sell their products to government agencies that support the President’s position on gun rights.
          Six firearms manufacturers have joined together in an effort to protest New York’s unconstitutional firearms laws. Barrett Firearms, LaRue Tactical, Olympic Arms, Extreme Firepower Inc, Templar Custom and York Arms have all stopped selling firearms to all New York law enforcement and government agencies.

          ~~~A number of them are also starting to call for an industry wide boycott on any state who bans civilian ownership.~~~

          • I would be great if all the firearms manufacturese stopped selling to all government agencies. This would send on hell of a message.

            • See NDAA and/or Continuity of Govt Executive Orders.

              The govt has the ‘right’ to seize any resource needed for national defense/security. They will do so and not think twice.

      19. In the Battle of Gonzales the Texans knew who the enemy was. My southern friends it is time to organize your selfs. Let the group of 535 know that you know where they live with their families and demonstrate in front of there homes. Know who your DH SS people are in your area and do the same. These rats will not be so brave once they know you know.

      20. What’s the deal? New York passed a gun control law, and everyone said resist,don’t put up with it, take up arms do what ever is nessecary. And now Colorado passes a restrictive law, and everyone just kinda says, well we can’t sell to each other, or we might go to jail. Don’t know about you, but through GOD’S Grace, I was born FREE, and I’ll sure as hell DIE FREE! Trekker Out. Come And Take It!

        • Ifn I decided to sell and you got the money, you get the gun. If you’re undercover, your next stop is underground.

      21. I cannot get ACPs anywhere.

        • how much do you need ???

          • The government has billions, so you need A LOT. As much as you can.


        • Being an old vietnam vet, I have never wanted anything from the damn gubmint, especially their ‘benefits’…
          With Obamacare, I may be pushed into that system, we’ll see…
          But very appreciative of knowing what lies I’ll have to tell if/when I do… Does it count as a lie, when you lie to the government… hmm.. I’m pretty sure lying to a ‘machine’ is different from lying to a person.

          “Do you have any guns in the home?”… ‘No, them things are dangerous.’

          “Are you depressed?” ‘Why, should I be?’

          “Do you want to hurt anybody?” ‘Only people like you who ask stupid questions.’


          • They lie to us everyday, I feel its the least we can do to lie right back

          • I always say you cant lie to a liar…steal from a thief…murder a murderer…or bully a bully,youre simply acting as the equal but opposite force…theyre the ones who set the action into motion!

            • VRF: yes they lie alot to us. It is because they recite the Kol Nidre Prayer every year at Yom Kipper.(their new years). Kol Nidre prayer allows them to lie and violate all/any Oaths taken or sworn by. The only stipulation is that they must Only lie or violate oaths against gentiles.

              As long as they do not lie to their own kind it is ok.

              I wonder if we too can recite the same prayer and get away with that?…I will try to get an answer if I can from an Expert on such matters who is now a true christian.

              • For what its worth I have a buddy who is a expert in all the hebrew and jewish law and so on…he isnt jewish but knows and teaches theology and constitution college level….anyhow he got into trouble with the southern poverty group and another(name escapes me)for teaching the goyim things they are not to know…he actually got a death threat from a rabbi after he disclosed he IS NOT jewish….so anyhow as to your question,Id say you aint supposed to be tryin to use any of their stuff,based on what Ive seen…that for what its worth! 🙂

                • REB: Thanks! gee I guess us the 98.5% gentiles that are america must cater to and Obey and Fear their 1.5% who are jewsih…I did not know the rules prior Thanks Reb.

              • Angelo, this sounds more like a Muslim to me. I’m no expert, but I have read the Koran and the Holy Bible. Trekker Out. No Fear! Only GOD!

                • mT Trekker: No if you refer to that Kol Nider Prayer?…Its from the Talmud and is recited each Yom Kipper.(jewsih new years) They recite it and the actual words basically absolves them from obeying ANY Oaths taken or promices made to gentiles.

                  Thats reason in past times like for 1000 yrs in I think Bysentine(sp?) ruled europe era and many Popes also did Laws to Ban all jews from testifying in a court of law due to they say a kol nider prayer to allow jews to lie or, voiolete promices and oaths, if that sounds sweller.

                  So they can’t be relied upon for truthfull witness or testimony etc…It IS the Talmude all right.

                  Perhaps You after reading koran and bible stuff should Expand your horizons and read a few talmude WILL open your eyes big time.

                  I posted a bunch of talmud verses here on other articles a ways back…If you need assistance finding them I can provide that.

      22. I used to say the only laws I suported were background checks for public sales and registrations for handguns, automatic weapons, and .50 BMGs. Now I dont support any laws because I know the shit-eating rats are never going to stop. Its time to bring it to them. The pigs should get it twice as hard for being the enablers of this shit. Eat pork.

      23. It has been shared via facebook. There is always ways to get the word out. The truth cannot be silenced.

        • There needs to be some serious trimming of the monoply medias’ trees.

      24. I pray for the collapse. I wish for the starvation of millions. I hate our society. I hate the weaklings who pass for Americans these days. I hate the pansy urbanites. I hate the women who have engineered the pussification of the American male.

        Someone sent me a VHS tape of the movie “Cobra” from the 80s and said I was like the axe gang leader. I love this movie. My dad had a hot rod Studebaker when I was a kid. I used to sit in it and pretend I was old enough to drive. The most beautiful woman Ive ever seen in my life is The Political Port on youtube. I would make love to her like I was putting a fire out.

        • Eisenkraut, what’s the deal? One day I think it is quite admireable of you, to sacrifice your time and yourself to educate “us here rednecks” on the proper usage, of the Kings English, so that we may impress the other side. And then you come along and make statements such as this. What will the other side think of us, after hearing some of the things you say on this site. I’m so disappointed, you sully or image something terrible. But hopefully, they will overlook these statements. The other side that is! Mountain Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

          • American English is much closer to Middle English than Modern British English is, as America was linguistically isolated while England had an influx of immigrants. Look what immigration has done to Europe. No more immigration into America.

            • “WoW” Thank You, Eisenkraut. Trekker Out.

          • ” I hate the women who have engineered the pussification of the American male.”

            Again with the woman hating! You do have issues, sonny boy! Perhaps today’s males have lost their masculinity because fathers have deserted their families in droves. The media and politicians have pushed “PC” on us so that gayness is entertainment. Parents are made to look like idiots on sit-coms.

            Women have struggled with and without men to provide homes for their children. If the young males pick up femininity or cowardice from women in their lives, it is either by exposure or choice. You sound like Adam. Blame it on Eve.

            • God told you hos not to eat the apple. Womankind been disobedient since day one. You daughter must be something for a man to run out the hotel on her. Already shielded from the eyes of family and friends and dude still felt the need to jet. ‘Kreuz out.

              • O. M. G.

                “Cast not your pearls before swine”.

                D2D out.

                • Sure theres bad women out there pushing an evil agenda.. BUT truth be known there alot of evil men(males) behind the “sissification”of American males…alot of males just dont want to admit they dropped the ball when it came to raising their sons or influencing others sons for the good…just another of TPTB issues to divide men and women…fact is on average we are stronger together…men and women…and they know it 😉

              • Look here you pussified SOB, this is the whore daughter you keep referring to. You need to grow the hell up and grow some balls. You don’t know what you’re talking about. You must have small penis syndrome. Until you know the facts, you need to shut the hell up. Maybe you should think about getting laid sometime, but then maybe that is your problem. The lack of a penis to get the job done. Leave my mom alone. She was and still is a wonderful mother! You can’t always blame the parents for the stupid thing their kids do. Look at you, wonder what kind of mom you had! Clean your mouth up and stop all the woman hating. Keep up at this pace and you are going to spend a long eternity in hell! Get a life!

            • American women have gotten what their mothers demanded. Many are pissed.

              • From the early days like Late 1950’s to the 1960’s most every awake person thought nothing could do more dammage to america than the Negroisation of major citys, beginning with Detroit-ground Zero.

                Then came the invention of femminazi-kommie female liberation!…It took just one decade if that long to realize that those feminazis-kommies-was far more destructive and dangerous, than even the massive influx and acompaning destructiveness caused by african hoards into major cities nationwide.

                1960’s= Well There Goes the Neighborhood.

                1970’s onwards= Well There Goes the Entire nation!

                Today more than 40 yrs afterwards when one reflects on these Two destructive planned missions by kommies in the usa, it is obviously the Femanazi-movnt. Which has worse and more far reaching avenues that it has infiltrated and Destroyed.

                Those femanazi lib kommies Brag how women Out number males in usa and most if not all nations populations. Yet they continue to cry/whine-demand for “Special” rights and even “Victim” rights status by claims of being a “Minority”!!!…Typical screwed up minds of Lib Kommie femanazi types eh.

        • @Eisin

          If you really mean what your wrote, you need help son. That much anger and hate is not good for you. It hurts you and people around you.

          Think about what you wrote, you “Wish for the starvation of millions”, do you really mean that?

          Son, they lock up people who have such emotions. Really, get some help for your own good.

          • My anger and hate has never hurt me or anyone around me. Your normalcy bias and apathy on the other hand have killed billions of people. They dont lock up people for having emotions in the America I grew up in. Enough of the psycho-babble.

          • (i’m being blocked from posting by the commie feds again, forced to connect from europe)

            @Eisen … chill dude , YOU’RE NOT ALONE and no your not going crazy … your just coming to terms with the truth of our collective ameriKan nwo njo zog commie reality .

            welcome to reality – the real world . THE REAL ZIONIST AMERIKA !!!

            your one of millions of once free americans who feel as you do .

            welcome to the club .


            Look within for the answers , be kind to yourself , love yourself as you would have others love you .

            The answers you seek are there in your own heart .

            Peace .


            • @Eisen @ Amerikan

              Your personality disorder has split.

              Will see both of YOU on the news no doubt.

              Use a hammer, please.

            • American Nightmare: Are you sure?..Because john w said whats comming to us/usa the jewsih people wont have nothing to do with that. So that must mean there aint no zionist threats right?

              And all them govnt and msm types like finestien et all are just really all irish and germans in disguise.

          • You’re right, TheLastAmerican… that dude sounds SCARY! I imagine that’s why some women are raped because of stupid, ignorant ideas like that. Now I KNOW I’m getting a gun! geeze!!

            • Yeah, you need a gun because Im scary. Nevermind that the government has ordered billions of rounds of ammunition. Idiot.

              • Eisen, ain’t no need to wish that on what you deem as useless bottom feeders(my words not yours). That is already in the cards. The thing is, a lot of people will perish, both good and bad. It rains on the just and the unjust alike. Ain’t no getting around it. Just do what you can is all.

        • eisen,
          Lord help me I actually sort of agree with your post. I expect that alot of people have the same emotions just below the civilized facade we present to the world.

        • Many of us hate this society and the weaklings that have shaped it the way it is today.

          Get a sack, get a plan and get some patience…there are a bunch of real men and women here and we don’t like it anymore than you do.

          It will be ours again in the coming days.

          Get your pussified ass out of the sunshine state and get to your fucking farm instead of pissing and moaning about every fucking thing that you can’t control.

          If you provide me with proof that you moved to the farm, I’ll dig a 1000 round case of acp out of my stash and send it as a farm warming gift…or are you bsing about that also?

          E…you are at the fork in the road…you keep taking the same path. When you take that same path, you get the same fucking lesson. Take that anger an do something good with it rather than be the record-holder here a shtfplan…the commenter with the most red thumbs up his ass.

          I am a descendant of Patrick Henry…”give me liberty or give me death.”

          My SEAL buddy says it best…

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight.”

          • What makes you think Im not prepping?

            • Oh my God! You replied…

              I know your getting ready…we all do…move beyond your assinine comments of pointing and blaming.

              The past is over…thank God all of us that lived it (the lie) blindly were/are able to get a look at it…and move forward quickly.

              If you have something positive, encouraging or helpful to say, please do so…if not, keep it to yourself.

              Most of us older folks forgot more than you will ever know…Imo, most of the commenters here have had their asses kicked a number of times and as long as we are still relatively free and able we plan to remain that way.

              Most younger men disappoint the hell out of me…I’ll leave it at that. Fortunately, my son was raised right and he will be a leader once all of this crap is settled.

              You have that capability…Let me/us be pissed about the past so that young men/women like you can step up and be even more free.

              People make mistakes, some people are mistakes. Those that make them learn and are better for humanity and the earth. Those that are mistakes are eventually culled out.

              That is how the planet works.

              A friend once said to me years ago, “man, the only imperfect creature on the earth.” I think about that often.

              • “youre”

        • Eisen,
          Do you believe in a Creator God, an Intelligent Designer?
          Do you believe in a soul?
          Then believe in the energies of the Universe, the Light and Dark energies that mix together to form the hard chaos of your being, the entangled and beautiful chaos that is all One in The Light, the Holy Spirit, the Wholeness or (W)Holy root of all things.

          In such a Universe the sentient being is dual, of two kinds of forces, and you have definitely gone over to the dark side.
          It is the reaction of the light side to the injustices of this dark world that cause the conflict within your soul. But you have the splinter in your mind that tells you all things are broken.

          Do not blame the masses of ignorant victims who have been misled, lied to and are in the same boat as everybody. They cope with the reality by emotions or withdrawal instead of meeting it head on and overcoming it by the power of mind. We are all battered by forces beyond our comprehension, what the ancients called; The Beast within… which is the dark side of your soul. It is what gives jealously, anger, rebellion, envy, coveting and all negative emotions that drag you into the darkness.

          Transcend the darkness, overcome it, beat it, by the Knowledge that it is all destiny and temporary physicality. That the world is as it is, because it was designed that way. It is what it is, and we are trapped in it, by virtue of our own rebellions against Creator, are we not all rebellious in some way? Independent, pig headed, individuals of rocks and iron, or smarmy, clingy, emotional, irrational, coveting creatures seeking safety in The Hive of clay to become a brick in the Wall of Babel?, or merely a confused and fearful mixture of both?

          Love them as brothers, have empathy towards them, pity them, help them, but do not hate them, they are not worth it, for they are YOU. Let them go and find their own way, and if they find their way to your path, send them to the Justice in the Light, for we are all the Sons of God. We are all Prodigal sons, in the journey through the cave of illusion in the darkness, searching the shadows on the wall in search of honesty and truth, but reality is a cave of shadows and echos, mysteries and lies. A place where absolute morality is hidden in dark relativity, and absolute truth is divided into ideologies of left and right.

          The Left leg of the statue of civilization is driven by the darkness, but that does not mean all leftists are evil. Many, driven by their emotions of empathy and irrational educations, only know what they ‘feel’ or have been taught, and fall for the message of coveting and envy. This is the dark side, the embodiment of evil, but most of them are merely ignorant and willing victims, slaves to their emotions. But above all, we are all victims by our own love of money and the imposition of the Triune MYSTERY doctrines of Orthodoxy, politics and money. They profit from your confusion, the sea and the waves roar in a mass of random particles and divided doctrines, so they can deny the Reality of Creator or keep Him at arms length, and keep you guessing, divided, and in confusion, forever.

          While at the same time, we have evolved in knowledge, that overcomes the MYSTERY power of ancient times, but many are still held in thrall of the mystery and superstitions of the 4th century. We are in the time of the Great Falling away from the Church, due to the Spiritual Evolution of Knowledge. Unfortunately, the People only have two choices, the Mystery of God, or a Godless Science, there is no nexus in between, there was no God Science, until now.

          This is the meaning and the necessity of the Holy Grail, the Unified Field of God’s Science. The Revealed Knowledge of The First Son in the Root of the Tree of the Gnosis of Good and Evil(Gnosis means knowledge). A reality that was turned into a thing of evil, in order to hide and enable evil’s ways(“…evil crept in unawares”-Jude).

          It is ultimate truth that shows that we are all Sons of God, and that not all of us wish to return Home to the Elohim. So pity them, yet do not hate them, or you will fall for the same thing they have fallen for, the Dark side of the Primal Forces of Creation. And in this Universe, like attracts like, and darkness leads to the Consumer of Light, Souls, and the ultimate second death in oblivion. Choose light, love, through your actions, and light will attract light as the Golden rule must ultimately defeat the Rule of Gold, that comes from the head of gold of the money changers. The Christ’s ultimate lesson, purchased in His blood.

          The Spirituality of Prepping 101. The Meaning of Life, is Joy. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is the Way to Joy in the Knowledge of The Light.

      25. Obama believes that he has the legal right to assassinate any American extra-judiciously, it is no small leap of “logic” for him to believe that those extra-judicial assassinations can be performed right here in the US.

        • “Extra-judiciously” is a nice-sounding way of saying “Whenever I feel like it”.

          • Thanks for the translation Bob. Sure had me cornfused. I was waiting on my English tutor, Eisenkraut. Trekker Out. Kinda Rhymes, Don’t It!

      26. I wonder how their towers and communication equipment function when full of holes?

        • Or when it just plain old gets destroyed, seek out construction equipment,

          • @Kulafarmer

            Aloha Brah,

            I’ve been trying to catch you on this site since you say Hi in the article “The Next Generation of Surveillance: “Everything That Is A Moving Object Is Being Automatically Tracked”

            I wanted to let you know that like minded people is closer to you then you know…in fact I just moved to kula : )

            • howzit,,,
              good, I am starting to sort of worry about what sort of thinking is going on,, lots of people think our legislature isnt going to do anything, I cant imagine they would NOT do anything and anticipate them screwing us over,,,
              how to contact?

              • @Kulafarmer

                contact me at my username + g mail. Look forward to talking to you.

              • Kulafarmer

                user name @ gmail. Looking forward to talking to you.

                • Sorry Bu
                  Im sure about half a dozen govt alphabet soup agencies are looking forward to talking to me too bradda,
                  Was born alone so best to work alone,

                  • I totally misunderstood, thought you were reaching out. Broke my own rule about giving out info… now Im kicking myself in the ass.

                    You should probably start scrubbing the Internet in regards to your username lots of information there too.

                  • Na na na, jus jokin bu, check your mail

      27. “We want the freedom that God gave us,” “so you best not cross that line. If you want this gun you gotta to come through us and take it, one shot at a time.”

        Bring it on M****R F****R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      28. Sitting around the dinner table in Shabghai, 2038.

        Mom: Dear, the microwave’s broken again.

        Dad: That cheap American crap never lasts, it’s all junk! Doesn’t anybody make anything in China anymore?

        Junior: I don’t like rice and chicken. Can I have something else?

        Dad: Hush and eat your dinner. And you oughta be thankful for it. There’s millions of hungry kids in America that would love to have what you got!

        Little Sis: Mommy, there’s four new American refugee kids in my class. And I can’t tell them apart. They all look alike!

        Mom: Well, honey, just don’t say that to them. You might offend them and we have to be nice to our new citizens…

        Dad: That’s another thing! All these damn Americans flooding into our country. Taking our jobs, driving down wages, they won’t learn our language…

        Mom: Dear, you know they only take the jobs the Chinese won’t do. And as for the language, well…it take some people longer to leard Yiddish than others.

        • Kinda reminds me of an old joke:

          Kid at dinner table:

          I hate my sisters guts!

          Dad at table:

          Shut up and eat your dinner!

          • Another one I saw this morning:

            A lawyer, an Illegal alien, a pathological liar, and a
            Communist walk into a bar.

            Bartender asks…
            -What will it be Mr. President?

        • Yegads Okie…first time in along time …this aint funny…just kiddin ya..God grant it never shall be… 🙁

        • I remember as a kid when MADE IN JAPAN meant the equivalent of Made in China today. Now, look at Japan. Best quality stuff – Sony, Honda, Toyota, — Red moon rising!

      29. Purim’s violent side

        “Tell me, do the evil men of this world have a bad time? They hunt and catch whatever they feel like eating. They don’t suffer from indigestion and are not punished by Heaven. I want Israel to join that club. Maybe the world will then at last begin to fear us instead of feeling sorry. Maybe they will start to tremble, to fear our madness instead of admiring our nobility. Let them tremble; let them call us a mad state. Let them understand that we are a savage country, dangerous to our surroundings, not normal, that we might go wild, that we might start World War Three just like that, or that we might one day go crazy and burn all the oil fields in the Middle East. Personally, I don’t want to be any better than Harry Truman who snuffed out half a million Japanese with two fine bombs.”

        Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, 1982

        Purim has no shortage of violence toward others. Megilat Esther describes the Jews killing tens of thousands of “enemies” as a way of preventing their own genocide.

        • @ Amerikan — YOU are a skinhead piece of shit.

          • ;0P pssszzt

          • @nh … maybe possibly could be , but at least i’m not a dirty hairy smelly thievin child molestin human trafficking genocidal money lending christ killing jew ;0P .


            • ooops i forget to put in HUMAN ORGAN STEALING COUNTERFEITIN LAND STEALIN BABY KILLIN etc etc etc ;0P pssszzt

              • @AmeriKan

                My bad. You are no skinhead.
                You are just an ignorant Jew hating Palestinian sympathizer.

            • Jesus was a Jew.
              Yesterday, today and tomorrow.
              He always will be.

              “Jesus Christ — King of the Jews”

              Savior to the world.

              • Then WHY did them jews Murder Him? and hundreds of Millions more Christains ever since 2000 yrs ago till todays times?….Christ Condemned their Babalonian Talmudic ways and false teachings. So in a religious aspect No Jesus ws NOT a “jew”.

                Read JOHN ch 8 vs 44 see what Apostle John says about them folks. REV ch 2 vs 9 see what Jesus Himself says!

                That may assist in Unmixing you up.

                • Enough already with the Jew bashing. We get it! You and Nina-o “hate Jews”. Give us a damn break, and while you are at it, read your Bible.

                  The group that was behind the crucifixion, was “not” of the tribe of Judah. They were of the offspring of Cain.
                  They infiltrated into Judaea-“the region” and were referred to as “Jews”; as were all the different peoples that had lived in the region for a long period of time. Some people of Egytpian descent had taken residence and followed the religions and were referred to as jews.

                  Christ told us who the infiltrators were. They held “high” positions within the synagoues. Some were scribes and some were Pharisees. Some may have even worked up the ladder to positions of priesthood.
                  They were originally from the tribe of the Kenites, which is not one of the tribes of Israel. Their lineage “does not” go back to Adam, but does go back to Eve. ( I won’t waste my time explaining)

                  I don’t care if you don’t believe it and it is not what you were taught. It is the truth and if you have a problem with it; Take it up with God!

                  Just please give the Zionist Jew thing a rest, already.

                  • I do not Hate anyone, only hate what evils they did or do.

                    I disagree with your word choice of Bashing. Why’s it ok to “bash” everybody But jews?

                    Cainites or Kemites?…You been listening to tv pastor Sheperds Chapel eh….Tell me what Does Dont Treads bible state of Nohas Floood era eh?…Mine says ALL life IE Plant-animal And ALL Human life God extinguished by that massive worldwide Flood…

                    SO…How did Cains decendants somehow survive?…Because they weren’t Noah nor his Three sons and etc.

                    Acording to bible everybody after the flood era decended from One of Noahs 3 sons..Shem-Japeth-Ham.

                    From them you get Cains sons etc?

                    Perhaps You need Re read a good bible! And Stop believing all them fake tv preachers too.

                    Oh and I do not care what You think as I agree on Free speech, and that Includes freedoms to speak out about Anyone even your sacred jew pals. I do Not see them as eternal innocent “victims” and the Only victims that matter…I also do not agree with them(jews) that they are “special”(more like self chozen/self worshipers) and that ALL others(gentiles) are nazis out to get em!

                    I do understand how after 3000-4000 yrs of being taught/trained/brainwashed by such crap they came to believe all gentiles are nazis and out to get jews who of Course are always innocents who never harmed anyone etc!

                    Its too bad after 2000 yrs they(most 99%) still reject Christ and refuse to awaken. But thats NOT my fault as I do Try to awaken them as well as christians who also are brainwashed on this issue!

                  • It is evident that you have a very low IQ and can’t be taught. You will know truth when God opens your eyes to it. There is a reason He keeps people like you in a “spirit” of slumber, better put “stupor”.

                    You should quit trying to sound like you are intelligent by posting things you just pick up off the internet. Most people see right thru your factitious intellectual persona. Hence more thumbs down than up.

                    A 60 year old man, alone, retired window washer, that never graduated eighth grade, should maybe stick to simpler subjects when trying to educate people of higher intelligence.

                    I’m not saying I think I’m better than you but the fact remains; “A person that listens to a fool, is a bigger fool than the person doing the talking”.

          • he posted a Quote by Ariel Sharon…If hes a skinhead piece of shit?…How much Worse is sharon who is the Originator of that quotes statement?

          • Not all Nazis shave their heads. They could be wearing a suit.

      30. The first shots fired in Texas Revolution, credited with the start of it, was over attempted gun control in Gonzales.

        Our American Revolution also had it’s first shots fired over gun control, too.

        “The first shots starting the revolution were fired at Lexington, Massachusetts. On April 18, 1775, British General Thomas Gage sent 700 soldiers to destroy guns and ammunition the colonists had stored in the town of Concord, just outside of Boston.”

        It is the ‘line in the sand’, always has been, always will be. We’re undeserving of the freedoms it assures if we ever forget that.

        – Shane

      31. …not on my watch…


        …come and take it, asswipes…BA.

        • AMERIKA a must watch tv show !

          This tv show AMERIKA is a must watch for everyone its simply amazing how close it is to mirroring todays Zionist Marxist Commie controlled AmeriKa … A MUST WATCH FOR ALL WHO SEEK THE TRUTH OF AMERIKA AND WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS FOR ALL .

      32. Trying to actually disarm the American populace would be a bigger mistake than the British marching on Concord.

      33. ASs sual, you self-proclaimed liberty lovers are showing your hypocrisy. These media outlets are businesses free to choose what they do or do not air regardless of your warped sensibilities.

        • joe
          you brought it up,,its their right to pick and choose just like its our right to own Guns,,fu#k wad you cant have it both ways,,,,befor you spout off my sister hacked your ass i know where you are,,,


      34. Pelosi House Democrat leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California Backs AmeriKan DickTator Obama on Secret Execution of Americans Without Trial … She also claimed that, depending on the timing and situation, it was acceptable for the executive branch to simply “disappear” Americans and keep it secret .

        Someone might to inform Nancy that door swings both ways in Zionist Gangster controlled AmeriKa .

        If the bwiatch wants to play rough , so be it !!!

        I and the rest of America’s Freeborn Patriot Son’s and Daughter’s will play ball just as hard and cold blooded .


        • WARNING: — Amerikan

          This is the kind of dangerous negative incursion on a good site with good people that ultimately spoils it for everyone.

          You know that saying about one bad apple in the barrel.

        • Ya know–I was thinking, Amerikan N., there are those with professional, armed guards that protect THE Pelosi’s…and then there are snipers that hit targets, say at 1000 yards??
          What good are guards when there are snipers?

          • @jj Respect … they bodyguards act as a defense screen against snipers in hopes they physically misdirect the snipers bullet with their bodies or take the hit instead of the primary target . if you use a large powerful enough rifle caliber they are just a nuisance for a experienced sniper marksman .


            • I wonder why anyone would want to stop a bullet for plosey or not so fine stein…I mean, their faces would stop a bullet Im sure…at least blind the poor guy lookin through the scope…yuk! 🙁

            • joe
              you brought it up,,its their right to pick and choose just like its our right to own Guns,,fu#k wad you cant have it both ways,,,,befor you spout off my sister hacked your ass i know where you are,,,


      35. Just how many people have America’s drones killed? Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham has put the death toll at 4,700—the first time an American official has publicly put a precise figure on the impact of strikes by unmanned aerial vehicles.

        “We’ve killed 4,700,” the lawmaker said. “Sometimes you hit innocent people, and I hate that

        But, they dont “hate it” enought o stop it..and they hate it so much they are going to give it a try here on the homeland..

        better be careful what you try on us, it might not turn out the way you want it to

        • …ya I can’t figure out why the people of the fine state of South Carolina keep that idiot…he’s NOT on our side…seems to be on the side he needs at the moment…come on my southern brothers and sisters get rid of this guy.

          • Lindsey Graham aka “Douche Bag Chickenhawk”

            ALWAYS ready to send someones elses child to another bullshit war

            • Lindsey Graham thinks its an “outrageous statement” that Israel controls US politics. Is the faggot really that stupid or is he just trying to be PC?

              • Thats why Graham and John McStain along with 40 more senators are blocking Chuch Hagel nomination to head defense or whatever agency it is.

                Once awhile ago Hagel said the senate or congress answers to the jewsih lobby’s. Plus Hagel is against more mid east wars of agression unless we are attacked etc.

                APAIC-PNAC-does control both parties entire congress of Both reps and senate. White house too. MSM also.

                Hagel speaks truth and gets bashed!…Neocon & kommie dems answer to apaic/jewish lobby.

                If Hagel is apointed then Bibbi Netanyhaoo will have to trash his Crayons and comic like bomb pictures like he used at recent UN conference. Bibbi will foam at mouth for more wars and hagel wont do it.

                So that makes Chuck Hagel an antisemite right.

                • Something that I have noticed both on this site and many other sites …..a lot of people seem to get really upset over ANY criticism of Jews or the State of Israel. Just raising questions gets you labeled an anti-semite.

                  • Triggerman: you are correct. It is due to lifetime long indoctrination and brainwshing from litteraly Every source info comes from. From MSM in all forms, public school false history text books, kommie professors at kommie univ’s. Hollywood especially the ten toousand WWII movies before And after WWII war.

                    Todays Pastors, who have sold out to Mammon(money) and tax free 501C IRS tax avoidence plans. IRS/Gov has Rules pastors Must Obey or lose tax-free status. So they now serve Govnt and gov of isreal instaed of serve God.

                    Pastors has used the Beatles system…IE: scan thru the bible from page one to end, then cherry pick Certain out of context verses and even 1/2 sentence verses, recorded all those to a CD/album meant to be played at speed 45rpm(like old single record hits) but Play them all back at slower speed of 33 1/3 rpm and BACKWARDS(like beatles white album play backwards at slower speed to hear “I buired paul”!)

                    Thats all done while holding their old testements bible parts up to a wall mirror so to read it Backwards too!

                    End result is “Worship all jews/isreal” or God won’t bless usa!(does it look like Gods is blessing america since last 50 yrs preachers convinced fools to believe them? Or more like america is now Cursed?).

                    That along with so many False WWII movies and outright Lies in movies of wwii and today most folks everywheres are as you said. The Only main thing they allow for is “The jews are all and always Victims-the worlds Only victims that matter(seen any holyhoax museums for non jews?)…Only the Now proven Myth of “six million” is ok.

                    As long as everyone sticks to six million and always victims nobody complains…Try telling other Truths or facts?….You are an antisemitewhowantstokillsixmillionmorejewshitlerlovernazi.

                    Most folks, even awkened to all other swindles type folks still cannot bear to think that the same MSM’s and Hollywood and fed gov’s that has so badly Lied on most all things….Simply cannot bear to believe those entities has also LIED tremendously on any jewsih issues.

                    It is a true dilema aint it?…How can so many folks be so awake on all else…yet halt at the final few facts and truths, which in fact Are the Main pieces of the puzzle!

                    The main keystone which holds the arch together and gives the arch its main support is the one thing they refuse to be awake on!….Soon none will be able to reject it as it will be so in their faces they will recall what others told them and Then say a collective, AhHah!…May be far too late then…Hope not!

        • if we can stop it from happening to just 1 child then we must do it. WTF happened to that line of thinking from tptb , you know like they say about our guns and such.. OOO wait that is right they are talking guns not drones… duh… how silly of me.

      36. Posted this before. Monday’s NCIS L.A. the bad guys were from “The Gun Barrel Party”. TV and movie scripts are being written to make us all look like a bunch of wack-o nut-job preppers. Gun ownership and NRA membership will be worst than child molestation.

        They’ve got to move the majority of people to their side of the issue so that they can pass the laws to take guns away. The pump is already primed, if they can pass Obamacare and The Evil that occupies the Oval Office can get reelected, who knows? They’ll need a few more Sandy Hooks and Gabby Giffords as help.

        Just keep repeating;”The Rich need to pay their fair share and only The State has the right to kill people”. over and over……and over

      37. Can anyone please tell me when these proposed obortion gun laws will be voted on?
        I need to make sure I’m locked and loaded that day

      38. according to

        there is a 15% chance of an X class flare in the next 24 hours or so

      39. Smokin Okie and Big B, keep that humor coming; that made my whole day! I’ve started looking in surrounding towns for ammo; none to be had anywhere except for the typical hunting calibers. Can’t find extra magazines for one of my .22 pistols anywhere, even online. No more gun shows in my area ti’ April 13-14. I’m practicing in the backyard with a .177 pellet pistol. At least i can still get the pellets and CO2 cartridges. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

      40. {{{it should be clear that the media is complicit in silencing the voices of millions of Americans who support gun ownership.}}}

        NOT–have ya’ll checked gun sale records lately??

        • The Letters to the Editor in the newspaper would have you believe the public opinion is 99 to 1 AGAINST gun ownership. The only letters they print are from gun grabbing morons that don’t even make any sense.

        • well i took care of gun ownership i donated mine to a charity,,,


      41. Cancel your cable, if you haven’t already. Every channel actually gets $.12 per month from you to spew their malicious lies. You paid it to Al Gore and now you’re paying it to Al Gizzeera. If that doesn’t convince you – gawd.

        • what cable??
          I don’t even have an antennae for local stations hooked on–got it, just not attached for those 3 stations we get with it.
          I viewed it one week, listing the programs, and wondered how anyone could watch that instead of reading books.

        • I havent had a TV in 13 years.

          • Eisen, we can tell! Trekker Out.

            • MT
              you beat me too it,,,


      42. People need to contact these stations and tell them that since they refuse to allow some time to OUR SIDE of the story–letting this musician air his commercial– then we REFUSE to watch any more TV on their channels… AND MEAN IT!! I threw my TV out decades ago… its becoming more and more corrupt, dishonest, pornographic, violent, and just plain sickening as time goes on. My grandma used to say its of the devil and she was absolutely right!!! It sucks–just plain junk/fascism!!!and waste of precious time!!!

        • Thanks for reminding me — James Bond is on!

          • Skyfall was stupid. They need to end the series.

            • I think maybe you didn’t like skyfall because an old geezer named Bond….James Bond, kicked the ass of the younger generation bad guys. C’mon, admit it. You’re prejudiced against any fictional secret agent over the age of 60. Or was it 70?
              Hadn’t seen a new Bond film in many yrs, but one of my recent students had a copy for the truck’s dvd player. I think he bought it bootleg about 90 minutes after it opened in theaters. The wonders of modern technology…

              And, for the record, Connery was the best.

              • Connery = only old guy I would invite to my birthday party.

      43. I was at the Tanner gun show in Denver last weekend. Got there one hour and fifteen minutes early, and there was already a small line. When the doors opened at 9AM, there were two lines. One went around the building a ways, the other way out into the parking lot. I was suddenly glad to be waiting int he freezing cold near the front of the line.

        When we got in, I made a beeline for a specific ammo dealer and picked up 1K rounds of 223, and 400 of 9mm. I would have bought more but that about wiped out the cash I was carrying. I used what was left to get three after-market mags for the Glock for twenty bux each. The actual Glock brand mags were fifty bux a whack. That might have been the best price there, for all I knew.

        Once I had my case of ammo, which weighed a ton, I had to just take it all and go. It’s not something you want to lput in the truck and then go back inside the show. For all I know, someone is waiting in the corner somewhere ready to smash-and-dash.

        Next show stop, Casper!

      44. They are coming

      45. I turned off the TV many years ago
        don’t miss it at all


        it’s nice not being bombarded by propaganda 24/7

      46. @ pale rider. There are some real attack on the 2nd. Amendment, and WHY? I am beginning to think what you said about the USGS saying that the New Madrid was in bad shape. WHEN it breaks, time for martial law. Attacks on the 2nd. Amendment now would make sense for this and other upcoming disasters.

        I went back and checked the real targets areas from the New Madrid from the Mid Atlantic Ridge about anything over 6.3 on the ridge within that main 17 degree and 57 degree north latitude. The ONLY big earthquakes on the ridge have occurred at about 10-11 degrees north, and 22-23 degrees north and nothing between 54-60 degrees. WHY? Because these zones are what causes big earthquakes on the New Madrid. No big earthquakes on the New Madrid in a couple of centuries on the New Madrid, no 6.3+ earthquakes near those 17 and 57 degree north latitude on the ridge. 10-11 degrees would be the very southern tip of the New Madrid. 22 degrees on the ridge would be the very north tip of the New Madrid.

        You see a large earthquake within 3 degrees of 17 degrees north or 57 degrees north on the Mid Atlantic Ridge, then watch out New Madrid. Just like when you have earthquakes on the western section of the Nazca plate and then somewhere in South America gets it big, so will very likely the New Madrid. I see a mid 6 or bigger at one of these latitudes at the Mid Atlantic Ridge, and I am going to alert everyone to the New Madrid getting ready and up in the bullpen.

        The USGS knows what I know, and that Mid Atlantic Ridge is really the point to look for. I would also be very concerned about a very large earthquake towards the southeast corner of the Caribbean plate. Also a very large quake, 7.5+ on the western side of South America, especially northern Columbia as that recent 6.9 put some more pressure on the plates affecting the New Madrid.

        Someone wants to censor the 2nd Amendment, they are the bad guys that want us to fall to martial law and a police state. A true disaster like the New Madrid and/or the San Andreas or the Cacadia fault breaking could be that perfect EXCUSE to go to a military rule of the U.S. and trashing of the whole Constitution. BO wants to be like some African king, and the circumstances for that nightmare are shaping up. Watch that Mid Atlantic Ridge, this could be the ignition point to the whole series of ugly events coming.

        • One of Matt Brackkens books is based on a huge New Madrid eathquake raising hell with several states. Good read.

        • BI
          Hello sir…..I was wondering what your opinion is concerning the possible results of an earthquake on the New Madrid. I live relatively close to the coast here in the southeast and I would like to know what you think could happen. Any feedback is deeply appreciated and I certainly don’t mind details. Thanks again for keeping us informed!

        • PR,

          JOG here…I’ve got the FLU, or somesuch and I haven’t got over to evaluate things….give me a bit, I’ll go check things out and come back with the latest…


          • Back Again,

            PR, it appears that 11678 has grown rather large through the day, Solen-dot-info list the current size as nearly 700 SM. However, both Solen and myself regard the magnetic complecity of same as having diminished.

            It is worth noting that, NOAA’s reports relative to solar staus are chronicaly ‘behind the curve’ as it were… they always seem to give upfates that are out of sync with the observed state of addairs by about 24 hours. It is always better to take Solaen at face value with respeec to as opposed to the NOAA reports.

            At this time 11678 is nearing the western limb, meaning specifically that any potential damage it could do to us here is progressively becoming more and more limited. Got to go lay down and nurse my Flu guy’s, hope that helped somewhat…


            • JOG: THX; get over that FLU. I’ve had it and its BAD. THX again!

            • go to Super Supplements and get the “wellness formula”. Tkae 2 with each meal of the day and it’ll smack that flu upside the head. I had the flu last month and this is how I beat it.

          • JustOneGuy. I had the flu and the best way to lessen it is to hit it hard and fast before it can get a foothold on you. Elderberry pills every hour or two really helped. Chicken broth or soup works to control the bacteria part of it in the throat area. Zinc, not over 100 mg a day is very important. Vitamin C every hour, the buffered type works well. Vitamin D3. B-complex vitamins help. Salt water, non iodized like you told me, in the sinuses and as gargle. IF you can stand it, carrot juice. Vitamin A is so important, the beta carotene type so it doesn’t overload your liver like some of the fish based vitamin A can do. I was taking over 100,000 IU of vitamin A a day. I have known people that have consumed more than a gallon of carrot juice and gotten well in a day or two. That would blow my stomach out to do this. Each ounce of carrot juice has about 6000-8000 IU of vitamin A in it.

            I sure hope you get better very fast, it stinks to have this awful flu.

      47. @ Vicky. You asked about if solar flares and solar activity drives earthquake activity. The moon is what truly drives the triggering of plates, the Sun drives the mechanisms and helps fuel this that helps move the plates around. Increased magnetic fields could very well accelerate the ‘liquid rock’ that the crust rides on leading to increased speed of the plates and more stress to build up around locked areas. This of course would be measured in micrometers or millimeters over the course of a few weeks, but that can be enough to trigger a fault already at that breaking point.

        @ braveheart. If you are within a hour’s drive of the New Madrid, all I can say is ouch, that’s close. Like I said above, watch that Mid Atlantic Ridge, the USGS is sure as hell is. People would think that you would watch the Mid Atlantic Ridge at the same latitude as the New Madrid. Not true, this is not the direction of the movement of the North American plate and the curve of the planet. 17 and 57 are the perfect junction points on the ridge for the New Madrid to recieve the maximum amount of force directed at it. At least if you see this with a few degrees of these points, it gives you a warning of hell likely to occur. The quakes at these junction points should be pretty big.

        @ Everyone, check this out. I went back to see this area and they had a 6.2 on May 12, 1983 at 17 degrees north on the Mid Atlantic Ridge, the largest ever recored there. Sure enough 3 days later the New Madrid had a 4.4. How about that one for pinpointing exactly where to look for in regards to precursor locations. The reason for the whole fault not breaking back in 1983 is likely it wasn’t ready and the 6.2 was not large enough of a move by the North American plate to set it off. You get something in the mid 6 range or 7 near 17 degrees or 57 degrees north and look out, time to either get out of Dodge or hunker down.

        • I did further reading on that area of the Mid Atlantic Ridge at around 17 degrees north and found some more interesting bits of info. On August 30, 1990 this area had a mid 5 on the ridge and 27 days later the New Madrid had one of the largest quakes in a long time on Sept.26, 1990 at 5.0. Another area that this seems to affect is just northeast of Mobile Bay, Alabama, that a few quakes have hit. The most noticable one was 20 days after the Ridge got its mid 5 quake, a 4.9 on Oct. 24, 1997 hit. Other quakes on the New Madrid took a few weeks after the ridge at around 17 degrees got hit to manifest themselves.

          There is something to this and after that Southeast Mid Indian Ridge had a quake today that often leads to big Mid Atlantic Ridge quakes, everyone interested in the New Madrid should continue to watch the ridge for this warning sign.

          • Sure had to go through some BS to get to you 🙂

          • @BI: Just got this E-Mail from my PE buddy in OK. I do not know anything about it, but I’ll pass it on just the same.

            A friend who used to work for a Security Agency that had ties to the Government (FEMA), said he witnessed the WEATHER MODIFICATION first hand with HARRP and had proof of it back in 2010, only problem was he couldn’t give the information to anybody due to the sensitivity of that information, less face jail time.

            There was a cover up involved; he was witness to it, and a media scandal. In winter of 2010 there was major weather modification with HAARP and Chemtrails, across the USA bringing record snowfalls. This snowfall combined with the Government Operation False flag in April of 2010 with the BP oil spill.. This uncapping of the well created a great void that is helping to create extreme pressures on the NEW MADRID fault line at its beginnings down in Louisiana.

            Anyway the one indicator that he saw the Government was doing was using the Heavy Snow and Water to put pressures on the New Madrid fault line they actually want it to blow, that combined with the pressures from the BP oil spill has caused a bad situation.

            Anyway he watched as they manipulated the weather causing massive snow falls, leading to the collapse of the metro dome in Minnesota. The snow melted and flooded the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. Fema Practiced their simulated Earthquake Drills shortly round that time preparing for the real false flag. Keep a watch on the Snow, if we get record snowfall, this could be it; expect the quake from April to the end of May when the waters were highest last time it flooded.

            Many FEMA employees have stated that they know a planned quake is coming, none know the date but many are moving the hell out of the area, West of the Mississippi River. Keep people informed

            • @ Pale Rider.

              In the past we had two hurricane with unusaual movements.
              One went up the east coast and came back down. The other made a circle before going North.

              Also one year we had four hurricanes go over our state in one season.

              Here is something scary. All this hunting season many of us at the hunting camp has stated “How Quiet it is at night”. No owl calls, very few coyote barks. Flying squirrels are gone and the nightly visitors of opossun and raccoon were few. Dead quiet.

            • @ pale rider. Weather modification was so obvious with almost a perfect forming low pressure system over Australia a few years ago. I have watched low pressure system, and this one was likely artificial. There is something to water and earth

              • Wouldn’t the BP Oil spill uncapped well event cause Relief of pressures?…Instead of oil relases caused more pressures?..Didn’t the oil go either to top of ocean water and float off away or after was treated with chemicles sunk to bottom floor of ocean as they said?

                Seems either way that will Lessen pressures of underground oil no?

                ps I do not trust any “leeked” info if it says unnamed persons from unnamed agencys with such secret docs or papers they cannot show or give it out etc. If only they has secret info why not give to some good website or others to pass out for all to see proof?…Theyd never get caught that way. Sounds too fishy to me.

                • @AM: Unnamed persons, then what is your real name, and where do you work. Are you willing to go to jail or one behind the right ear. I think not.

                  • Pale Rider: My real name is not the issue as I am Not the person that claims to have secret gov fed info. Hey if you want to believe every one of the countless such anon claims?…Go for it. Funny how most if not all such anon claims never pan out as wrote eh.

                    Alot of sites with such secret info also hawk sales of Gold/silver it seems. Perhaps they get more sales with fear tactics.

            • @ pale rider. That was weird, I was typing along and all of a sudden a partial message was sent. Hope I don’t have a computer virus or something. Anyway, I was going into the way water can affects earthquake faults. Watyer weighs a lot, but it acts as a lubicant on the faults. One of my proffesors in college did research on how droughts and floods can cause earthquakes based on the groundwater levels. Also about over irrigation of certain areas. Found there was a correlation to this.

              Personally I am most worried about a false flag coming out of a viral than I am about something with geological modification. To me at least it is just too complicated to cause earthquakes with the present day technology, other than using a buried nuke to do it. However spreading a virus or even a antibiotic resistant bacteria into the public would be cheaper and far easier, and can be blamed on nature. What is even worse about a false flag bio attack is that all the evil ones at the top will have been inoculted against it. There have nothing to worry about.

              To me, even IF these jackasses are fooling around with the New Madrid, it is very likely that the plates will show something that is ready to break and give a warning at this 17 degree north on the Mid Atlantic Ridge or some other junction point. This is what we need to look for so we can warn the hundreds or thousands of people that visit the site each day before it happens.

            • Which is why I am stocked for years with food.
              A garden?? Not in a yard of rocks as Ky has.
              And not when chemtrails are stealing our moisture and taking it to other places.

            • @ Pale Rider & Be Informed

              Regarding the New Madrid Fault line, have you seen this coverage on the situations in Louisiana?

              Expert: Substantially more than 50,000,000 cubic feet of methane gas below surface near giant sinkhole. Covers over 2 square miles:


              Also – 50 miles from huge sinkhole at Lake Peigneur



              • @Grayowl:Thx for the info.

        • No matter what ArmaLite’s stance may be, there are many new additions to our initial list published late last week.. Joining the expanding group are:
          •Bullwater Enterprises
          •Westfork Armory
          •Smith Enterprise
          •Alex Arms
          •Spike’s Tactical
          •Quality Arms
          •Liberty Suppressors
          •Doublestar Corp
          •American Spirit Arms
          •Trident Armory
          •Head Down Products
          •J&G Sales

          Bullwater, which does business as A&T Firearms, posted a statement on Facebook

          Our small company, Bullwater Enterprises LLC dba A & T Firearms out of Sylvania, Georgia is also joining these companies in refusing to do business with any state that is trampling the constitution and Bill of Rights of their citizens. We will not sell anything to any governmental agency, their contractors or employees. We will sell all lawful items to all other citizens of those states. Andrew & Tracy Orphanoudakis.

          Gun Manufacturers New SLOGAN:
          No Govt. Sales to New York State;If Your Citizens Cant Have it, Neither Can You

          • We need to work on getting the big boys in the game


            the list goes on we need more

            come on guys this is your country too, with out us gun rights people,owners, collectors, sportsmen and women there will be no gun manufactures, without us there is no you..who’s side you on?

            this is how this kind of shit is won

            • Colt

              yes, there are many more

              • VRF, I have at one time or another, owned a gun made by everyone of these manufactures, with the exception of Glock, no reason not to own a Glock, just haven’t. Anyway I doubt you will see any of these Companies take a stand against the Gov. I know that some are owned by groups that didn’t originally own them. But in times past, S&W and Colt, both of which make excellent guns have more or less told civilians, they could care less if you bought their guns. Yes! I know they need our business, but Big Gov. Big Corp. have a lot in common. Guess we can keep wishing! Trekker Out. Come And Take It!

              • Colt is run by a former Lt Gen of the Marine Corp and they have a CONTRACT to supply colt 45’s to the Corp.

                Its a great relatively new .45 semi auto.

      48. Americans Stockpiling Arms in Record Numbers

        “February 22, 2013 – WASHINGTON, DC – According to data compiled by the FBI, the number of Americans purchasing guns has skyrocketed since Obama was elected. There have been 65,376,373 background checks completed for Americans purchasing firearms since February of 2009, the first full month of Barack Obama’s presidency. This totals 65,376,373 background checks completed since President Obama’s first full month in office, or 44,748 background checks per day. By comparison, the number of background checks in Obama’s first term is 91.1% higher than President George W. Bush’s first-term total of 34,214,066”

      49. This POOR Black Women.

        Could this be what is wrong with this country, you decide.

        Sharon Jasper has been victimized. Sharon Jasper has been rabidly wronged. She has become a Section 8 care case — the victim of ever changing public housing policies.

        Sharon Jasper has spent 57 of her 58 years dedicated to one cause and one cause only, and has nothing to show for her dedicated servitude. She has lived in Section 8 housing all but 1 of her 58 years. It was a legacy passed down from her parents who moved into Section 8 housing in 1949 when she was six months old. She has passed the legacy down to her children, but fears they may have to get jobs to pay for the utilities and deposits.

        She laments about her one year hiatus from the comfort of her Section 8 nirvana,’ I tried it for a year — you know working and all. It’s not anything I would want to go through again, or wish on anyone in my family, but I am damn proud of that year.

        Sharon was moved out of her St. Bernard housing project after hurricane Katrina and into a new, yet albeit, substandard quarter age. As can be noted of her new Section 8 home, it is repugnant and not suitable for someone of Sharon Jasper’s seniority status in the system. ‘Don’t be fooled by them hardwood floors,’ says Sharon. ‘They told me they were putting in scraped wood floors cause it was more expensive and elegant, but I am not a fool — that was just a way to make me take scratched up wood because I am black. The 60 inch HD TV? It may look nice but it is not plasma. It’s not plasma because I’m black. Now they want me to pay a deposit and utilities on this dump.’ ‘Do you know why?’
        She has held her tongue in silence through the years of abuse by the system, but it came to a head at the New Orleans city council meeting where discussions were under way about the tearing down of the St. Bernard projects. When a near riotous exchange between groups opposing the tearing down of St. Bernard and groups wanting the dilapidated buildings torn down and newer ones built, Sharon unleashed verbal hell with her once silenced tongue. The object of her oratory prowess was an acquiescent poor white boy in attendance. The context of her scathing rebuke was, ‘Just because you pay for my house, my car, my big screen and my food, I will not be treated like a slave!’ and ‘Back up and Shut up! Shut up, white boy! Shut up, white boy!

        Recapping from the mental log of the city council minutes in her head, Sharon repines, ‘Our families have been displaced all over the United States. They are being forced to commit crimes in cities they are unfamiliar with. It is a very uncomfortable situation for them. Bring them back, and then let’s talk about redevelopment.’ Sharon directs the reporter’s attention across the street to Duncan Plaza where homeless people are living in tents and states that, ‘I might do better out there with one of these tents.’ She further lamented her sentiments about her situation, ‘I might be poor, but I don’t have to live poor.

        Any wonder why this country is in the shape it is???????


        • I apologize Eisenkreutz. After reading pale rider’s post, you may be on to something. Thumb me down. I don’t give a rat’s ass.

          • I thumbed you up. I dont give thumbs down except to trolls. I love all of you here like family. And I know you love me too.

        • Jay Jay, Thanks for your post. Didn’t want everyone thinking I was a racist. May be some good Black Patriots, on this site. Trekker Out. Never Give Up!

      50. This is more relating to the whole site SHTFplan. I still hope that many people out there are continuing to collapse troll comments by Joker In NC, the cockroach finx, and others that attempt to destroy Mac’s site and the conversation from people concerned about the way the world is going on now and in the future. Norse Prepper truly is correct that it is best to just red thumb the trolls and not feed them by ignoring their stupidity and obvious desperate attempts at ruining the site for everyone.

        I was looking at the description of internet trolls and it shows what these grubby little parasites are capabale of. It is better to continue to just red thumb the comments by such trolls and then other people don’t have to see their worthless vomit very long. More about the slimesuckers they call internet trolls are here and describe some of the pinworms that try to mess up this site:

        • @ BI… Let’s keep up the full court press on Operation Take Out the Trash.

          As Be Informed said, any time you see an outlandish troll remark specifically stated to cause members of this comment section to waste their time and get off topic by replying, DO NOT REPLY! Just hit the red thumb and move on. If you respond, they just beat you and won. If you see Joker in NC and Finx’s name, don’t even read the BS they wrote, just do everyone a favor and red thumb em and move on.

          God Bless,

          • *AFFIRMATIVE*

      51. This is my first visit to this site, very interesting degrees of opinions. I love reading blogs from the far left to the far right. This country is definately divided. Because the truth seems to mean different things to every source its mind boggling impossible to get a grip on the truth and realities.

          A person with a mind so open their brains have fallen out.

        • Welcome…As for the truth…”shall not be infringed”…Repeat it every time you visit one of those left leaning blogs.

      52. When we get it all together and quit saber rattling, TPTB might understand that “agenda modification” may not have been in their foreseeable plan. We need to get together or fall divided. Good luck, keep prepping and keep your faith.

      53. American Patriots are digging in and everybody has gotten quiet, which I understand. I however am very vocal and I know that what I am about to write will be intercepted by the NSA and all the other illegitimate ‘lettered’ agencies of the US Government.

        I an not calling for this or advocating for it, but if you come after our guns, you will ignite a second American revolution. The first time blood is spilled by revenuers and confiscators of law abiding Americans, allows us to spill your blood. For every one of ours, we will take ten of yours…..and then twenty and then thirty, etc.

        Political assassinations and elimination of their collaborators in the MSM are fair game….we will be at war at this point, so it is not a criminal action.

        I am not advocating this, but from an historical perspective this is what the globalists face. He who shoots first loses. We are not going to shoot first, but we will shoot last! Better understand that or suffer the consequences.

        • Third revolution. 1776, 1861.

      54. It grows late and 5AM comes early. I’ll leave you all with this…

        When I was a kid ‘Uncle Remus’ would put me to bed,
        With a picture of Stonewall Jackson above my head,
        Then Daddy would come in, to kiss his ‘little man’.
        With Gin on his breath and a Bible in his hand,
        He’d talk about honor and things I should know,
        Then he’d stagger a little as he went out the door’,
        Chorus- I can still here the soft southern winds in the live oak trees,
        And those Williams boys they still mean a lot to me,
        Hank and Tennessee, I guess we’re all gonna be what we’re gone a be, so whadda do with good ‘ol boys like me.

        Nothing at night makes the sound like the wind does,
        but you’re not afraid if your ‘washed in the blood’ like I was, smell the cave jasmine through the window screen, John R. and the ‘Wolfman’ keep me company,
        with the light of the radio by my bed, and Thomas Wolfe whispering in my head,
        Chorus- I can still here the soft southern wind in the live oak trees,and those Williams boys they still mean alot to me, Hank and Tennesee, I guess we’re all gonna be what we’re gonna be, so whadda do with good ‘ol boys like me.
        When I was a kid I ran with the boy down the street,
        And I watched him burn himself up on bourbon and speed,
        But I was smarter than most cause I could choose,
        Learned to talk like the man on the Six O’clock news,
        When I was eighteen lord I hit the road,
        But it really don’t matter how far I go,
        Chorus- I can still hear the soft southern winds in the live oak trees, and those Williams boys they still mean alot to me, Hank and Tennessee, I guess we’re all gonna be what we’re gonna be, so whadda do with good ‘ol boys like me… whadda do with good ‘ol boys like me….

        Sung and written by Don Williams.

        Good night….

        • BTW, truth be told, there is a portrait of Stonewall on my high dresser thats on the side of my bed.

          • Theres a portrait of Ferdinand Magellan by my bed.

        • One of my personal theme songs 🙂


        *corporate insiders are selling nine times more of their own shares than they were buying. Well, according to a brand new Bloomberg article, insider sales of stock have outnumbered insider purchases of stock by a ratio of twelve to one over the past three months. That is highly unusual. And right now some of the most respected investors in the financial world are ringing the alarm bells.

        Dennis Gartman says that it is time to “rush to the sidelines”, Seth Klarman is warning about “the un-abating risks of collapse”, and Doug Kass is proclaiming that “we’re headed for a sharp fall”.

        TIME TO FIND FINANCIAL SAFE HARBORS and buy phyzz pm’s for the time being till at least 2015 , possibly till 2020 OR LONGER .


      56. Stop it Now, welcome aboard and we’ll be glad to help with any questions you have about survival-related subjects. Be Informed, thank you for those updates on New Madrid. Regardless of what happens in my area, I may be in deep kimchi and just have to hunker down. American Nightmare, you might want to check out Nancy Pelosi’s biography on Wikipedeia; very interesting. I don’t care what triggers the martial law. I’m not giving up anything. I’m ready to fight. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

      57. Will Americans Soon Not Be Able To Buy, Sell Or Get A Job Without A U.N. Global ID Card?

        A plan being pushed in Congress right now by senators from both major political parties would force all Americans to get a biometric national ID card. It is being promoted as a key “immigration reform” measure, but the truth is that a national ID card is much more about the government’s endless appetite for more control over the American people.

        • Number 1, I don’t have a job. And number 2, I hope to soon be in a position to stay out of stores for a long time.

      58. Selfishness and Preparedness

        Recently, a small firestorm was ignited by Valerie Lucus-McEwen, a government Emergency Management employee, who had the temerity to accuse preparedness types of “selfishness.” While your immediate reaction may be – as mine certainly was – “Are people really and truly this thoughtless?” – this question does deserve a proper answer, particularly as those who are easily influenced by the leftist media, or who believe the state really and actually is the omniscient, omnipotent savior of our personal and corporate lives, are actually asking this question. So, let’s examine the issue:

      59. There’s maybe a dozen people that post here — And I am half of them.

        One small circle-jerk.

        • Ah… another one of Angelo’s Stormfronter sock puppets self-identifies.

          • Wrong I have NEVER posted a reply or post here with use of ANY other screen name than the one I always use as in This repy to You idiot.

      60. Military channel tonight showcasing WW II in color. Tonight they are doing a show about the atomic bomb. It amazes me that humanity can do that to each other.

        Imagine if there were no wars, people respected each others right to thrive and practice their religion?

        Imagine if the money that is spent killing people world wide was used to feed people.

        Imagine if the money was used for charity.

        Imagine if the money was used for cancer research.

        Imagine if the money we are spending was spent on reducing our debt.

        Imagine if the government actually would want anything I have said to take place.

        Back to my original point. If/When a nuke is eventually used I pray for the innocent people caught in the cross fire.

        Before pulling the trigger those in charge should have to watch video of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and see the welts on young children’s skin that was burned off of their bodies.

        But I suppose if we didn’t have wars we wouldn’t have elite people making tons of money off of the contracts.

        So sad. I pray for our nation, I even pray for the people of other nations including China, Iran, North Korea and people of all religions. Most of all I pray for the children who are innocent. Most people around the world do not want war, it is their governments of the world promoting it. How does the crap always seem to rise to the top.

        God bless you friends,

        • Okie, cue the John Lennon song!

          • If you insist, NP…


            Regardless of what one thinks of Lennon’s politics, he was an incredible song writer. This is my favorite song of his. Clean, pure, simple melody. And I think he recorded it with only 2 instruments- piano and drums

              • Imagine no more Lennon,
                It’s not hard if you try;
                No lousy music,
                And his fan club will die.
                Imagine all the muddled
                thinking cleared away. (Yie, hi-i-i!)

                Imagine no more commies,
                It’s not that hard to do;
                No Lenin, Marx or Stalin,
                No more hippies, too.
                Imagine that John Lennon
                is burning in Hell. (Oh we-e-ell!)

                I contend his song is stupid,
                Even if you don’t agree.
                But because it doesn’t scan well,
                It’s easy to parody!

                Imagine no successors,
                No “Imagine” fans;
                No more cloying campaigns,
                Or songs for Africans,
                Imagine no more Band Aid
                bothering our ears! (Yippie-ee-ee!)

                If you think my song is cruel,
                well, it’s not the only one,
                As John could have told his killer,
                “Happiness Is A Warm Gun.”

                • Why are songs for Poor African fokks so bad? Are you some kind of Racist that hates africans?

          • Thanks for having my 6! Agree, his politics stink but was a brilliant song writer.

        • Y yes, if it hadn’t been for the A bomb or plan B poison gas, my dad would have had to land on Japan; and might have been one of the million expected American casualties.
          I’d much rather we had used the 5 Million gas bombs we had ready. Instead of killing 250,000 of those Bastards, we projected getting over 25 Million with gas. As it was we had to spend Billions burning the stuff. So much better to have used it until nothing lived on any of the islands; they would make a wonderful wild animal park. You attack my country and I am not a nice person, at ALL!!

          • Paranoid, the point was imagine if they hadn’t attacked. If there were no war. Would you still advocate killing them all? Dropping the bombs saved American lives.

            My statement was what if there was no war, not questioning actions of our country when we have been at war.

            Take care,


        • NP–I just keep this attitude which doesn’t relieve the anguish for me–it is written and it will happen as written.
          Keep the faith.

          ‘May love be the light that guides us through the darkness.’

        • Norse: I agree and yet I wonder how many who thumbed You Up, are the same folks who Thumbed Down That post above in which the final sentence has Ariel Sharone of Ilsreal Praiseing Trumans use of the exact atom Bombs You speak of?

          If I recall correct Arile Sharones words called the atom bombs dropped on japan “Two FINE Bombs”!!

          So I guess as long as he say’s that its good(as well as the entire evil statement by sharon!) because of course hes one of The namless chozens class.

          The only bad thing of that prior post was the fact it was brought to the atten of the folks who worship all things by people like alriel sharon. So they thumb that down. Yet its likly the same gave your post thumbs Up’s.

          They seem confused eh.

      61. Dear Amendment 2 patriots:

        Now you know what it is like to believe in Article 2.

      62. I have to say that I have had a large majority of my guns and ammo purchased just after 2007. Of course I replace what I shoot up in practice for myself and my family; but for the most part I’ve been focusing on food stuffs and medical supplies lately. If I see a good deal on guns or ammo I snatch them up much to my wife’s dismay sometimes, but she understands now what I’ve been talking about for years. These duplicitous assholes in D.C. and in our State capitals are enough to make you want to vomit. Tea Party candidates are the only ones you can trust, because they are the only ones who aren’t lining their pockets and selling us out once they get in there. Funny how the media regularly shys away from covering these Tea Party candidates unless they say or do something foolish. The media, the Democrats and the Republicans (in some cases) are really working in a concerted effort to collectively tarnish Tea Party canidates however they can. It’s time we send these scumbag politicians a message…Vote ONLY for Tea Party candidates. It’s the only way we can turn things around for our country, our families, and our way of life. We can restore our nation to its former greatness…we just need to stick together in order to make it happen. The time will soon be upon us in 2014 to make it so. God Bless you all and God Bless the United States if we fail to remove these bastards legally in the next election!

      63. Anyone know when the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial is set to resume?

        This should ratchet up things exponentially…

        • For now, Nelson has reserved the final two weeks of April for the immunity hearing. She had also requested an initial jury pool of 500 for June’s second-degree murder trial.

        • @ Tempis Fugit

          The case is now in jury selection and a few legal motions in the mix.

          A few months to go before the trial.

      64. And She’s a Mormon …

        What Happens in Vegas doesn’t always Stay in Vegas !

        Utah Mormon Woman Arrested For Sex With Pit Bull

        She gave the poor dog a bad case of Crabs . ;0P

        Tuesday was just that for officers of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department when they spotted 23-year-old Kara Vandereyk of St George, UT having sex with a pit bull in her yard.

        Mugshot for Kara Elizabeth Vandereyk

        If your gonna screw the pooch , don’t do it in front of the neighbors rear sliding glass doors ;0P .


      65. Tyrrany is here.

        Veterans Receive Letters From VA Prohibiting Ownership or Purchase of Firearms

        How would you feel if you received a letter from the U.S. Government informing you that because of a physical or mental condition that the government says you have it is proposing to rule that you are incompetent to handle your own financial affairs? Suppose that letter also stated that the government is going to appoint a stranger to handle your affairs for you at your expense? That would certainly be scary enough but it gets worse.

        What if that letter also stated: “A determination of incompetency will prohibit you from purchasing, possessing, receiving, or transporting a firearm or ammunition. If you knowingly violate any of these prohibitions, you may be fined, imprisoned, or both pursuant to the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, Pub.L.No. 103-159, as implemented at 18, United States Code 924(a)(2).”?


        • The V.A. Veterans Administration is where American Veterans go to Die !!!



          The V.A. Employee’s are being paid 3x’s their civilian private sector counter parts salaries $$$ 160,000. ANNUALLY to poison kill off Veterans and receive full bennies PAID VACATIONS with retirement … WHILE 10’s of 1000’S OF HOMELESS VETERANS LIVE IN THE GUTTER ON TRASH AND ROTTEN SPOILED DONATIONS .

          Any Veteran who turns to the V.A. for medical care psych care or social services is taking his her own life into his or her hands literally .




            24 Hours of American Veteran Suicides

            Starting at midnight tonight, and spacing out each suicide at intervals of 65 or 66 minutes, the below timeline matches up with the number of veterans who will commit suicide over the next 24 hours according to recent Veterans Administration statistics on the average number of veterans who take their own lives daily in the United States of America.


            • Wednesday

              12:00 am: one veteran succeeds in taking his or her own life.

              1:05 am: one veteran succeeds in taking his or her own life.

              2:11 am: one veteran succeeds in taking his or her own life.

              3:16 am: one veteran succeeds in taking his or her own life.

              4:22 am: one veteran succeeds in taking his or her own life.

              5:27 am: one veteran succeeds in taking his or her own life.

              6:33 am: one veteran succeeds in taking his or her own life.

              7:38 am: one veteran succeeds in taking his or her own life.

              8:44 am: one veteran succeeds in taking his or her own life.

              9:49 am: one veteran succeeds in taking his or her own life.

              10:55 am: one veteran succeeds in taking his or her own life.

              12:00 pm: one veteran succeeds in taking his or her own life.

              1:06 pm: one veteran succeeds in taking his or her own life.

              2:11 pm: one veteran succeeds in taking his or her own life.

              3:17 pm: one veteran succeeds in taking his or her own life.

              4:22 pm: one veteran succeeds in taking his or her own life.

              5:28 pm: one veteran succeeds in taking his or her own life.

              6:33 pm: one veteran succeeds in taking his or her own life.

              7:39 pm: one veteran succeeds in taking his or her own life.

              8:44 pm: one veteran succeeds in taking his or her own life.

              9:50 pm: one veteran succeeds in taking his or her own life.

              10:55 pm: one veteran succeeds in taking his or her own life.

              • That doesnt make up for the lives they have taken. If youre expecting sympathy from the Kreuz, eat ass.

      66. Madrid Spain…City of Protests

        Protests aginst corruption, scandals,against job cuts,medical spending cuts,

        eviction epidemic

        • In I think its Bulgaria, RT tv news says their Entire govnt resigned en mass!…I wonder what or who and how long to replace an entire govnt?

          This never yet happened did it?…RT news says its due to massive debts and mishandling of all affairs in govnt there. They All simply walked off and quit at same time!

          Also some France honcho got an Peace award for what french military did recently in Mali!…Didn’t french army carpet bomb and kill hundreds of civilians in Mali? And start a Civil War there too!

          Sounds same as hobammy awarded nobel for peace after hes in office 12 days!…Everything has been turned 180 degrees no.

          While Bubba Klinton continues making collage campus speeches at $300,000 per speech on avg, about how NAFTA IS good! its just taking a little longer to take affect for the Great bennifits we in usa will see!

          20 yrs, Two Decades of NAFTA and its still too soon to tell?…Needs More time till we see good from nafta? and them collages pays him three hundred grand cash for a 1-2 hr speech on it!!!

          We Are living in “Woe to them what calls good evil and evil good…Woe to them also what calls sweet whats bitter, and bitter what is sweet”! Amazeing.

      67. the polititians don’t fear enough yet.

        • …they will….soon.


        • you cant fix stupid..the reason they arnt scared is out of stupidity, and nomalacy bias..too bad that both emotions will end up catching them with thier pants down..figureatively and probably litterally

      68. Steiner ir Schmidt & Bender have the finest glass(optics) on the market..they are a joy to just look through and for the hunter/purist they rock…..if you are just putting together some sort of fantasy land “sniper” rifle,get a Nightforce… you have to allow for it to be banged around and the Nightforce is built for that…..But thats just an opinion and you know what they say about opinions

      69. On the other hand buy a good quality mid-range scope like a Burris and spend the extra on beans/rice/ammo/water purification and Gore-Tex for the family

      70. I am watching CNN right now and they are debating if the NATIONAL GUARD should be patroling the streets of Chicago because the violence is so bad…and the non-stop blathering of the MSM that “we HAVE to ban guns”…

        I am so sick of it all…I don’t recognize my own country anymore. We are going down the drain and fast. I really dread what is coming.

        • Southern Gal — I’ve not watched the news but will take your word on this turn of events.

          Doesn’t it seem amazing that Chicago is where Rahm Emanuel landed after a few years with Obama in the White House?

          Doesn’t it seem interesting that Chicago crime has escalated?

          Doesn’t the drama in Chicago seem to always make headlines?

          So now, doesn’t it seem logical that the first Gestapo patrol would be on the streets of Chicago?

          Who here didn’t see this one being arranged, plotted, and and coming??

        • Southern Gal
          More boots on the ground in Chicago to stifle violence
          on the streets is a real hoot! Do they really think that
          the NG standing on the street corner like a beat cop will
          have any effect at all? Cardboard cut-outs of NG would
          be about as effective and less costly. What a joke!

          Tell you what Gal, CNN is nothing but a gov’t paid whore
          and Blitzer, Morgan, Burnett, et al are her pimps. Turn
          them off and you wii feel much better, guarenteed!

        • Is Chicago still in the USA?

          • Chicago-NY-Skokie Ill are Telaviv West. Not certain if they are Dual citys like they have dual citizens?

            ps: After collage Ballet dancer school(for Real!) Rham Emanuell spent 2 or 3 yrs residing in isreal when he joined their army. I think he was in an eliete isreali terror org military section begun by his dad and airel or menechem bagin. It may be one more guy there I can’t recall name now?

            Anyways after Rhams training on small palestimeian kids amd mothers etc he’s well trained to deal with Ape-Kontrol of chicago if thats truly the desired outcome.

            pss: a website somehweres forgot which has full size pictures of Rham dressed up in his Ballet TuTu outfit in a nice dancer pose!…Looks like a full blown faggot.

        • probably wouldnt change a thing..or it might even escallate the murder rate…or wouldnt this be poetic justice if the NG did show up and after a week told the mayor to stuff it, too unsafe to be

        • Satori: Wheres that porf. Higgens when we need him?…I recall he complained this issue was not for Real eh.

      71. If you lie on form 4473 which is use by licensed firearm dealers to transfer a firearm to an individual its a felony, period. Yet, “since 1994, more than 2 million folks —
        among them, criminals and dangerously mentally ill people — failed their background checks.”

        So, where are the more than 2 million arrest, why does the BATF only go after a handful of people each year. Maybe its time to enforce current laws instead of creating laws that only effect law abiding citizens.

        • this also shows me there would be no way they could effectively dis-arm this country..they cant even go after those who blatently go against the laws we already have.

          get this home work done first BATF..before you ever bite off more then you can chew

      72. Civil War Coming To America

        Br Nathanael: Will there will be another civil war in America?

        Joe Cortina: I’m not sure if Americans have the stomach for it, but Homeland Security, run by Jews, certainly does.

        Yet at the same time, all the makings of a civil war are evident.

        Our people are divided, our economy is in a death spiral, and our Constitution is being trashed daily by the very people who should be defending it.

      73. We the People are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts,not to overthrow the constitution but to overthrow the men who would pervert the Constitution

        Abraham Lincoln

      74. Hear hear!
        This government knows very well why our Founding Fathers put in place the 2nd Amendment: to protect We the People from a tyrannical government. The politicians would like you to believe that they are infringing our right to bear arms “for the greater good” and “for the children”. Nowadays kids can’t even bring a nerf gun or squirt gun to school without lockdowns, suspensions and expulsions.

        The powers that be know that the 2nd Amendment is the only thing standing in their way of complete takeover.

        Stay frosty, my fellow patriots

        Romans 13:4

      75. I think there should be a huge law suit over this..

        13,753 Gov’t Requests for Google E-Mail Data in 2012, Most Without a Warrant

        Fuck Google, and Fuck this Government for breaking the laws of this nation..

        ( – American government agencies – state, local, and federal — made a record 13,753 requests to read emails or gather other information sent through Google’s Gmail and other services in 2012, more than half without warrants, according to statistics released by Google.

        The total number of users about whom government agencies wanted information also set a record at 31,072, up from 23,300 in 2011, the first year Google began reporting the data. The discrepancy comes because government agencies request information on multiple users or accounts at the same time.

        Most of these 13,753 requests, 6,542 of 8,438 in the latter half of 2012 alone, were done without a search warrant, Google data show.

      76. If you enjoy packing heat while sipping a hot cup of coffee, Friday is your day.

        Firearms owners and gun rights advocates are heading to local coffee shops to celebrate “Gun Owners Support Starbucks Day.” It’s their way of saying ‘thank you’ to the Seattle-based coffee franchise for — as they see it — not infringing on their Second Amendment rights.

        • And don’t forget Steak & Shake’s story.
          The manager refused to ask a large, peaceful group of CCW to leave per request of the city police.
          The CCW would not produce ID, and only one showed the CCW card to police.
          No arrests, just asshole LEO causing a disturbance.

          • yep, i remember that

      77. OMG! I love this so much, that I am putting it on the outside of my gun case! I have been looking for something wonderfully snarky to slap on there-this fits the bill perfectly! Too bad that this country is selling its’ immortal soul for pieces of silver.

      78. Yep, knew there had to be more to this than what the MSM usual

        A potentially explosive report has linked the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI to the discovery of a network of gay prelates in the Vatican, some of whom – the report said – were being blackmailed by outsiders.

        The pope’s spokesman declined to confirm or deny the report, which was carried by the Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica.

        The paper said the pope had taken the decision on 17 December that he was going to resign – the day he received a dossier compiled by three cardinals delegated to look into the so-called “Vatileaks” affair.

        • La Repubblica’s report was the latest in a string of claims that a gay network exists in the Vatican. In 2007 a senior official was suspended from the congregation, or department, for the priesthood, after he was filmed in a “sting” organised by an Italian television programme while apparently making sexual overtures to a younger man.

          In 2010 a chorister was dismissed for allegedly procuring male prostitutes for a papal gentleman-in-waiting. A few months later a weekly news magazine used hidden cameras to record priests visiting gay clubs and bars and having sex.

      79. The feds are descending on downtown Los Angeles to combat a dangerous outbreak of a drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis.

        • Posssible duplication….

          Howdy VRF,

          The ‘White Plague’, THAT’S scarier than you might think, but not for the reason you would think. Perhaps 5-6 months ago I stumbled over an article over at Yahoo which detailed the emergence of a new strain of TB, apparently originating in India, thence showing up in the UK, which demonstrated TOTAL resistance to EVERY antibiotic tested against it…literally, we have NO means of combating this.

          If one goes back even to the early 1900’s, prior to the advent of modern anitbiotics, TB was a death sentence on a long, slow trajectory that allowed for every person in your vicinity to contract it also. The damn bug is VERY hardy outside the human body…very survivble ‘in situ’ More and more we are seeing the emergence of pathogenic flora which we cannot treat. Maybe this is the handwriting on the wall, Nature saying, “Um I see that Humans are a LITTLE too populous in the greater scheme….time to reduce that to Oh, Say about 1,000,000 total globally”.

          We are WAY overdue for another globe-trotting epidemic like the ‘Spanish Flu’ early last century and with our ability to spread it via modern air travel…I shudder to think…


          • Agree JOG..this type of shit is scary

      80. Sorry to all for this off-topic post, but this looks pretty important:

        The first of more than 100 chemical biological protective shelters have been delivered to the U.S. Army by Smiths Detection under a $40 million contract.

        The self-contained, mobile shelters provide 400 square feet of protective, sterile work space for medical personnel to perform preventative and emergency care in the field. The shelters can also be used in homeland security operations following natural disasters.

        “These CBPS units offer the U.S. Army a critical dual-use capability — a highly mobile, protected environment for soldiers operating under threat of chemical and biological agents or the harsh conditions of a natural disaster response,” said Bob Bohn, Smith Detection’s vice president of sales.

        Kinda goes along with what I said a while back about the possibility of a man-made virus outbreak to weaken the resistance to the whole gun-grab/martial law thing coming this spring or early summer.

        You can find the whole story and link at Infowars. I’d put it here, but it takes a while to clear mods.

        KySSG . . . out.

        • Hi KySSG,

          Funny you should mention that…

          I can not provide a think to what follows, I can only relate what I read there. I was ‘quick scanning’ over a variety of internet feeds – several months ago – when I ran across a story that went like this;

          A Chinese Billionaire, who had escaped to the west with his family and a good fraction of his wealth had indicated that he was privy to either the acutal conversation or a transcript thereof of a dialogue between Chinese Politburo members and the highest eschelon of thier military. At one point a politburo member was heard to say that if neccessary they could just obliterate America with thier vast arsenal of strategic nuclear weapons. At that point one of the military there present, interupted him to say that ‘NO, absolutely, not…IF we did so then the ‘Bread Basket’ of the world would lay contaminated for generations…
          we would instead use a ‘biological response’…”

          FWIW, I wish I had tagged this at the time I read it. Remember all, ANYONE who developed a truly effective bio-wep, having the original strain could easily develop a vaccination against it…and would NECCESSARILY do so before they would ever contemplate using such.

          Sorry, I just don’t have any good news for Y’all today. Correlate THAT with your own post above…


          • JustOneGuy:

            It does get a person to thinking. I will not ever put anything past ’em. The evil they are capable of boggles the mind.

            You can also add in your post regarding the TB. Can’t get a whole picture out of one piece, but when you put pieces together . . . well, it becomes a little clearer.

            Funny thing, I just started rereading Stephen King’s The Stand a few days ago.

            KySSG . . . out.

            • Hi KySSG,

              “The Stand”….Whew, FOOKIN’ scary in the contect we’re discussing here. BI has repeatedly mentioned the notion that of all the things that Humankind could do to itself; Nuclear, Chemical and etc, that Biological is the truly frightening one. Anyone that could do so would be able to walk in post-facto to a completely undamaged, exisitent, established infrastructure and just GO (after cleaning up a few hundred million corpses)…to my mind this BEGS someone to do so…the motivation is VAST, the REWARDS incaculable.

              In raising China up as we have – bear in mind that they were literally a third world nation 40 years ago – the process has compelled our manufacturer’s into ‘technology transfer’ agreements to participate in thier markets and between that and the ongoing thefts of all our IP and trade secrets I suspect that there is little we have now that they do not. Given the current state of Genetic technology I tell you; my blood runs cold at the thought.

              For that reason, the current state of things is beyond sobering…remember the H1N5 bird flu debate a bit ago, when the researchers wanted to PUBLISH ‘How-to’s’ on making an enhanced version?

              I am reminded of the line from “The Hunt for Red October’ when the Admiral, standing on the Bridge says, “This will get out of Hand, it will get out of Hand and People will die..” or somesuch. SOMEBODY , somewhere is going to miscalculate in our increasingly frail and interconnected world and PEOLPE are going to die…
              I am now certain of it.

              Nice ‘jabbering’ with you!


            • The Stand…
              Wonderful read, movie series wasn’t half bad either.
              Brought up a good point that we’re beginning to see now.
              ‘Societal memes’, things that begin to happen to many people at once.

              We are seeing dreams and visions. If we have an Event, I wonder if I’ll see many of you here… in Denver…


      81. @BI: This is a follow up E-mail from the same guy as before; again I have no knowledge of it or what it means, just though you might like to see it. Thanks for your time.

        The New Madrid Quake will affect so much area, in a domino manner, that it will not be a single large quake, but a series, separated by weeks and months. It will cause a bow from San Diego out to Arizona, which forces Mexico too far to the west for the comfort of the West Coast; this will cause a slip-slide of the San Andreas and related fault lines up the coast.

        As for the New Madrid; the areas to be affected have already been experiencing quake swarms, buckling roadways, sinkholes, and unsettling which is unexplained by the authorities. When the primary blockage gives, there will be a huge jolt, with little warning.

        It is known that the New Madrid Fault line runs beyond the immediate area of New Madrid. This is why Chicago will be affected, because there is a natural break in the rock strata between the New Madrid and Chicago, with the total rupture of the New Madrid; Chicago will be devastated, because you only need to follow the geology of the region, too see this will happen.

        The North American Continent has been getting these warnings for some time, with increasing intensity. Quake swarms in the New Madrid region and west of this spot have been occurring, and are on the increase. Sinkholes and shifting roadways are occurring from Pennsylvania through Tennessee and elsewhere. None of this is officially tied to the New Madrid Fault, though FEMA and USGS gives evidence of their nervous preparations for the disaster they know is pending.

        The USGS downgrades almost all earthquakes, to prevent meaningful statistics from being generated from their databases. They also exclude quakes whenever they can, but this is unlikely to happen in the New Madrid area as it is in the center of a populated land mass.



        • Yes, and this will all get worse as the dark energy becomes more compressed and stressed, and your minds will too. Until the Earth “… wobbles to and fro like a drunkard”. The Dark ‘day’ of the Lord began in Dec., the last ‘apostate’ pope is near, it only gets more interesting from here on.

          • @PM: I agree with you. Look at Jer. 39: 2. If we use Sept. 1, 2001 as the starting point as in Jer. 39:2, the swearing in of Obama this year is exactly 11 years, 4 months, and 9 days from 911, just like what happen in Jer. 39:2. with Jerusalem.

      82. If National Guard troops are deployed to Chicago and or other cities to help with so called crime control, to me this is no more than pre-positioning combat troops for MATRIAL LAW.

        People they are getting ready for it and it will come soon, when the NG starts walking the STREETS.

        NOMI-EVER Steady PATORITS Steady!

      83. Notice til this day not a dam thing has been done to Pierce deportation..nothing..

        we cant get a fuckin thing done right in this dam counrty anymore!

        • patience grasshopper

          his low ratings will finish him off !!!

          • hope so, but it aint fast enough for this patriot..his ass needs to be on a slow boat to china..or south africa..anywhere but here

            the longer he stays the bigger chance he aint going no where..and with as quick as people forget anymore in this country , they wont even remember how much of an anti american fuck face he is

      84. “Anti-racists” ONLY seem to exist where there are White people, They DO NOT Target anyone except White people FOR “racism,” Nor do they Protect White people FROM racism. “Anti-racists” are only satisfied that there’s no “racism” when there’s no white people. It’s genocide. “Anti-racist” is a code word for Anti-White.

        • Ding.
          We have a winner.

          This president is wanting to disarm white people… because he knows white people will bitch and complain and then ultimately follow the law… black people? Not so much.
          This is the 80-20 rule.
          This president cares nothing for the law or constitution, he flaunts illegal behavior. He tell Congress he will do it his way. This is extra political, or dictator by administrative fiat.

          If politics as usual is done away with, then it becomes politics by other means. Otherwise known as ‘war’.

        • White Rabbit: Look up Isreal Cohen’s 1912 book on a Racial plan for the 2oth century, especially his Racial Plans(kommie) for American White Folks!

          The 100 yr old plans by Kommies to ruin and destroy white america, then our nation itself. Why isn’t there Any “Kommie Hunters” as compared to Nazi Hunter Eli Weazel?

          If you consider that begining as of 1918 russia, kommies has killled aprox 25-50 times as many innocents as them nazis did…Why has there never been ANY Kommie Hunters to bring true Justice like eli weazels opperation to do so to as many nazis as he can find(or invent)?

      85. If American “progressives” truly intend to disarm the American people, they will have to do it the hard way, by taking their bullets first, one at a time. As the 300 Spartans announced to the vastly larger Persian army at Thermopylae, “Molon Labe!”

      86. MOLON LABE!!!

        • let the cleansing begin!

      87. If there is “overwhelming support” for new gun restrictions, as our douchebag in chief claims, then why doesn’t he just get 2/3 of the House, 2/3 of the Senate and 3/4 of the States to amend the Constitution and change the 2nd Amendment?

      88. Queue up the idiots who spread fear and defeatism about the governments “smart weapons” and “better technology”.

        Newsflash- smart weapons and heavy weapons are a liability for the elite, not an advantage. All it takes is one or two pilots or other military men to turn their weapons against their commanders, including the ultimate commander, and it’s all over for them.

      89. that song speaks truth if they want it there gonna have to kill me to get it/them.

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