[WATCH] The Crash Is Coming: “It’s Not ‘Doom & Gloom’; It’s REALITY”

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness, Forecasting, Headline News | 39 comments

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    Many Americans seem to think the alerting the public to the problems in the economy is “doom and gloom” and meant as “fear porn.” But regardless of your beliefs on the matter, the numbers show that a crash is coming, and that’s the reality, although a very grim one says Jeremiah Babe.

    In a recent video, titled “THE CRASH IS COMING PREPARE – HOMELESSNESS CRISIS – LABOR FORCE WARNING – STOCK MARKET SURGES,” Jeremiah Babe talks about this very lackadaisical mentality much of the U.S. public is experiencing. Whether the public is unconcerned because of the mainstream media’s propaganda or political party blindness, it doesn’t much matter.

    What does matter, is that you should be preparing yourself for an economic crash. Even if the crash is still years in the future, the cold hard fact is that it will happen, as all the numbers and evidence point to a failing economic debt-based system.

    All the evidence is scary and even though it’s very much real, people still look down on those who have made preparations for the economic collapse.  And others, such as Jerimiah Babe, are often derided when he’s simply trying to warn of what’s coming.

    “Bad things are already happening. The recession has begun,” says Babe to those who believe their world can never change and that the United States is somehow immune to the problems created by money printing and the easy money policies over the past few decades. “Zero percent interest rates are coming; QE4 is coming,” Babe continues.

    “Economic hard times bring very dangerous social times,” Babe says as he prompts viewers to prepare or at least begin attempting to prepare now.

    Preparations for an economic downturn do take time and this is exactly why some of us try to get out in front of recessions and economic collapses. Paying down your debts so the banks won’t take your stuff and stocking up on at least some precious metals and extra food and water will never hurt. But you should also be aware, as Babe mentioned, that a society that’s undergoing an economic hardship will, in turn, undergo a social one too.  If you don’t believe that, take a look at Venezuela. That means preparations should likely include self-defense of some kind.


    It wouldn’t take much for this country to become radically impoverished and our very quality of life dramatically diminished. That’s why we prepare though, and doing so will at least give us an advantage should the SHTF.


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      1. The quality of life will certainly be diminished when things collapse. Probably back to digging for worms with sticks, after the trucks stop running and your tools wear out and break. The oldsters will die off from starvation. “No food if you can’t dig your own worms old man.”

        These are the same stories as told on here in 2011. Rich99 had the best prediction back then. He said no collapse for 5 to 10 years. Most of us thought things would have collapsed by now. Predictions are hard to make…especially about the future (Yogi Berra).

        • I climbed Mont Blanc today. Howling winds, falling rock, crevasses, slippery snow fields, cold, snow deeper than a man, blinding snow drive.

          It was magnificent.

          The women in France are actually not gross at all. They are actually extremely attractive.

        • Will Rogers said it best: “predicting the future is easy… predicting the timetable is damn near impossible.”

        • Three or four people in this thread have scorned the seemingly perpetual doomsday forecasts as vague and worthless.

          However, the M.I.T. boys have given it a definite timeline: back in the 1970s, they created computer projections that predicted a massive die-off of human populations right around the year 2030.

          They couldn’t believe it, so they did it again, and got the same results. The project was re-visited a few years ago (with far more powerful computers) and the data were shown to be tracking closely with the original projections from the 1970s.

          So, for all those who sneer at the ‘chicken little’ cautions: M.I.T. says that we have about ten years left to get ready. Ignore at your own peril. Personally speaking, when technical people who are a lot smarter than me share their opinions, I tend to pay attention. Not always… but fairly often.

      2. Americans by nature are an impatient lot. We want it now! To do some preparing be it economic collapse or job loss makes sense. I hope and pray that it will not happen however I always ask myself “what if”. God Bless, James

        • Thanks James, another great post. We often talk about the “GREATEST GENERATION” that lived through the Great Depression and WWII. I believe it was at least two generations that had a moral compass, “true grit”, and a sense of self-sacrifice for their family and the USA. Many current citizens no longer have those traits. The next crisis will not end well for them.

      3. Anglin said, ‘Juggalos Seem to be a Kind of Last Stand of Implicit White Identity’

        Should change my userid, so I don’t look like a whigger.

      4. Guys I love you, but nothing is going to happen. I’ve been saying this for years now. Everything is going as planned. The ethnic invasion of europe and the united states by black-haired hominids of every stripe, the white apathy and complacency in the face of it all. Success. The enemy has already won. Prepare for what? To survive in a nightmarish, dystopian world? That really sounds like living. This is going to be a slow burn, probably another 50 + years until the US and Europe are bred out of existence. The future currency is going to be white womenz. They are going to open breeding centers where emasculated white men are going to fill test tubes with their sperm. These black hairs will not live in a world without white womenz. I know you think I am kidding here but Im not. Savage times are coming. But not for another 50 years or so.

      5. Enter the name of any state, parish, and / or small county in your fav pic gallery. Look for dates in descending order.

        2020, 2010, 2000, 1990…

        Most of our expectations, regarding what is formal, probably come from an ‘Age of Discovery’ and colonialism.

        Manifest Destiny was expected to continue into a tropical, Golden Circle (of agricultural production), now resembling a city dump.

        The end of the world happened, some time between radical Reconstruction (thanks, Republicans) and the civil rights era.

        You have drawn these complicated relationships charts, showing notorious, household names. That was true enough — 150yrs ago.

      6. The “collapse” started many years ago when the dollar was taken off the gold standard, and politicians were allowed to deficit spend to fund wars, Apollo, and the welfare state (entitlements). In an economy as large as the US, and the privilege of being the worlds reserve currency status, it would take many decades of decline before we could be considered a ‘banana republic’. This process is in its final stages….the collapse has been slow and sure, and will continue. Standards of living will continue to fall, prices will continue to rise, immigrants will continue flooding in and social problems will fester to a boiling point. There will be no “Spectacular” collapse or SHTF road warrior event. The country wont be recognizable in 10 years, and the indigenous people (you and I) will become strangers in there own land.
        We will become a third-world banana republic, with only the hopeless and poor inhabiting a once great empire. The elites and those with financial resources will have evacuated long ago. We go not with a bang, but with a whimper.!!!!!

      7. Very true. Whenever I go downtown I see more and more homeless and drug addicts. Where I run there is lots of turds with toilet paper (dogs don’t wipe their butts with toilet paper). I also see lots and lots of menacing Muslim youth who look like demobed soldiers from the Caliphate.

        Society is changing fast and for the worst.

        • That’s the problem. “When I go downtown”. Of course, DUH. MOST cities are liberal shitholes, so of course you’re going to see homeless there. I moved from a huge city to a very small town that is over 4 hours from the nearest population center. Its dark RED and love it! NO homeless. NO needles or shit all over the place.Yes, there is poverty, people living in shacks in places, but it it FAR from the norm. My BP has dropped in the less than 2 weeks I have been here. No hacking and wheezing like I did in the liberal shithole I came from due to all of the air pollution from trucks, planes, ships, etc. Beautiful vistas, mesas, mountains, wide open plains, wild horses- you name it. Its GORGEOUS. I never thought I was going to be able to have it this good, but fortune smiles upon the bold and here I am. I highly recommend getting out of any major city. Unfortunately for most, work is the biggest issue. I was fortunate to be able to transfer with my company here. Look into transfer options within your company- you don’t necessarily have to try and find a new job at a new company. If you have the right skill set, most companies will pay to relocate you to a different area. It never hurts to look.

          Good Luck!

        • Please encourage liberals to go downtown as often as possible. Tell them that the wonders of diversity await them. Make sure they go unarmed (although most of them decry self defense so that shouldn’t be a problem). Encourage them to interact with the Muslim youths. Once they are mugged, shot, stabbed, raped, robbed, or otherwise assaulted, they will thank you for the education they received.

      8. Keep stackin and packin like there’s no tomorrow. It can only help you……

        • I am the most prepared I have ever been! But I am thankful for another NORMAL DAY and another day to prep.

          • Me too.

      9. There was a recent episode of “The Simpsons” where the family was driving around past all of the chain stores that had closed. They then found out that had sufficient points on their credit card to get a free room at a motel in upstate New York state. The show panned the joblessness there. If it makes the Simpsons, you know “trouble is on the way”.

      10. The Socialist plan on wrecking our economy because self reliant people will resist and poor people will accept Government control of their lives. ” Out of Chaos Comes Power” !

      11. Mac. What’s up man?? Don’t want to publish my comment about white women as currency in the future? Was pure gold. Don’t let these PC police scare you.

      12. I have 2 years of stored freeze-dried & dehydrated foods including 500lbs of beans and 500 of wheat. With 6 chickens on hand and 1000 heirloom seads, I think I’ll be okay for a while. Not to mention enough rounds of ammo to handle almost any scenario. I only wish my neighbors were prepared and had their eyes open and that we had open communication (we don’t).

      13. The doom and gloom could very well happen in early 2020-2022 a recent article on King World News talks of the coming monetary collapse. This could be the beginning of the Tribulation. Only God knows, we just have to keep holding on till Jesus comes back. It is getting bad. Jesus says through out the New Testament not to be deceived.Liberals, Dems,MSM lie through their teeth everyday.

      14. I can think of businesses and places, which may have no sentimental or material value to you, but which used to be enjoyed by family.

        I can’t give you one justification, for them not to be run exclusively, if come downs to needles, poop, terrorists, and culture jamming.

        There is gallows humor, but no takeaway, in which responsible people want to own natural resources and the means of production.

      15. The crash can be exclusively blamed on predatory capitalists who have neutered the peoples power with a government self serving militaristic police state to continue the rape of justice and equality.

        • Can’t anyone do that?

        • That will be the Masthead when the time comes. And, I believe most will believe it as it has been documented here in the USA for a long time. Since most of the Amerikan Sheeple are in denial, they will go totally bat-shit crazy when the debt buck economy goes south. There will be no more Nacho Cheese Doritos, Pepsi, and Mickey Big Mouth. Their electronic pacifiers will all go dark.
          Best to avoid crowds, prepare as best you can, and get ready to move to a safer location if you live in or near a Blue Hive. Be vigilant. Watch for signs and indicators. Go gray and stay gray.

        • en.wiktionary.org/wiki/in_the_land_of_the_blind,_the_one-eyed_man_is_king

          To use a stupid analogy, some self aware person with a pallet of twinkies would be in the place of the predatory capitalist.

      16. [OBEY] The Crash Is Coming: “It’s Not ‘Doom & Gloom’; It’s REALITY”

        Same Chicken Little shit message over and over since my first 386 back in 1994 with AOL.

        Go on yourube, go back and search as far back as you can, for 14 years, same old shit, dollar collapse next week, gold 10,000, stock crash, wwiii imminent, yellowstone erection, etc

        When will you idiots finally admit it? You’ve just wasted 14 years believing in something that will never happen.

        • Were you asleep in 2008? Millions of people lost billions or trillions of dollars. Or did you forget that?

      17. People on here always focus on the negative aspects of economic collapse. But in fact there are many, many positive aspects.

        1) De-assholification: See those guys with the trendy beards and tattoos? Yeah, you know, the kind of guys who sprout like weeds during the “good times”. In bad times narcissistic fairies end up being rape toys for bigger and badder real men.

        2) Sh#t just gets real: dumb business plans go up in smoke. Fake businesses disappear fast. This means everything gets cheaper. No more competition for fancy office space. In fact, they pay you. I remember in the early 90s we negotiated FREE office space in a fancy tower block surrounded by singles bars packed with hotties for a whole year. When the landlord eventually got greedy and saw how successful we were we just moved and pulled the same trick again.

        3) P#ssy gets REAL cheap: the whole woman dynamic changes very fast. Women get very frisky for real guys with real cash because they can no longer get the cushy office jobs women normally like to get. Women have to take on side hustles in the sex trade to make their bills. If you can keep your stuff together, then you will never get so much tail as you will in a crisis.

        4) Fewer knob heads from Muslim countries and India: with a tight job market, nobody has the patience to hire these guys. Their corner cutting and BS just don’t cut it when the economy is in a slump.

        5) Cheap, cheap, cheap: everything gets cheap or even free. You can negotiate hard for everything, from office space to suppliers, and more people are willing to barter.

        • @FT

          It is disappointing and depressing that you think ‘real men’ are rapists of any kind and that another chief characteristic of ‘real men’ is that they are skin hounds of the first degree.

          Live long and prosper…


        • Frank Thoughts

          ” In bad times narcissistic fairies end up being rape toys for bigger and badder real men.”

          Real men are homosexual?

        • I’ve always thought it was faggy, to celebrate homosexual rape, but do agree with the intended point.

          Most pathological narcissists can only act that way under heavy protections which will fail, no matter what their gender or political appointment.

          The 99% have never earned one damned thing. I will like to drive that point home — typically, with my pants zipped up.

      18. Frank Thoughts is a pervert.

        But it is good that he posts because their are people like him, if you can call them people. And you naive types need to be red pilled in order to be prepared.

        God Bless the victims of the Frank Thoughts in this world.

        “If I ruled the world” there would be no pervert sin it.



      19. FT is a chauvinist sexist misogynist perverted pig. A woman hater who paints ALL women with the same broad brush who doesn’t even see the value that many women add. He sees them as objects to be taken advantage of and used. He sizes them up according to their weight and clothing. All of this combined = predator. I wouldn’t want you around my wife and daughters.

      20. Off Topic: The best medical prep for a SHTF event? Electrolyte drink mix because dehydration from bad food and water will be a problem!

        Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier, 30 Individual Serving Stick Packs in Resealable Pouch

        h ttps://www.costco.com/.product.100301223.html

      21. They make these articles every week. IT’S COMING THE SKY IS FALLING BUY SILVER NOW. Next week we’ll be hearing from Peter Schiff again. May very well happen but you look like a bunch of headless chickens when constantly preaching about impending doom 52 times per year.
        Though I suppose when you say the world is ending every day you get to say “I told you so” once it finally happens. It’s like saying “someday you’re going to die” every day then going “look! told ya!” once it finally happens.
        Personally, I think most of you will die natural causes before you even get to crack open a can of ravioli following some great collapse.

      22. Jeremiah Babe is one of two things: a fiscal policy incompetent or a filthy liar. The recession HAS NOT “BEGUN.” The definition of recession is two consecutive quarters of GDP decline. We haven’t even seen ONE such quarter yet. GDP in fact GREW 3.1 percent in the first quarter.

        His insistence that it has–in his poorly-produced talking-head videos–make it indisputably clear he does not know what he’s talking about.

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