Watch: The 5 Most Ridiculous Celebrity Freak Outs In Response To Trump’s Win

by | Nov 12, 2016 | Headline News | 96 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    There are dozens of them roaming the internet right now and they’re not quite sure what to do with themselves.

    Anticipating a coronation of Hillary Clinton, these celebrities totally freaked out after the election results were in.

    Via The Daily Sheeple:

    (Watch At Youtube)

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      1. Embarassing, talk about ridiculous,,,its not even like the president has that much power, Obummer was aided by the idiots in congress,
        Theres far bigger problems with our country, these people are part of the problem,
        A giant meteor is still IMHO the best thing that could happen

        • These people that think they know something and do not, (scum liberal celebrities) are the ones that should pick up a weapon and blow their own fucking brains out.

          • Boy that was a waste of 7:30 minutes of my life. Trekker Out.

            • Are these hypocrites still here? I thought they were going to move to Canada. I was looking forward to all of them leaving California to Make California Great Again.

              • BlackMoe, cali is a lost cause. All of the GOOD people need to leave Cali and Cali needs to go into the Pacific. That’s one thing that can help make America great again.

              • We do NOT want them in Canada either. Send them to Venezuela where tbey would be happier

              • Canada does not want them.

            • I cut it off about 5 mins in. Any Schumer? Myle Cyrus? Pig f*ckers. Let them rot.. they are trash,…Grow up America.

              • Electing Trump was well worth it even if just to make Miley Cyrus stop twerking like a slut.

            • I think these fear Porn sites have plumb run out of fear, now they sound more like Tabloid reporting. Most Americans could give a rats ass what any Celebs or Commie Liberals, feel or think or react on. They are not even worth talking about, reporting on or mentioning. We won, they lost, now go F*ck off.

              So lets get back to more important relative things like the New Housing Boom Bubble Bursting. Massive Wave of Forclosures coming, which also triggers stocks to fall

              Housing Bubble #2, Ready, Set, POP; Same patterns in 2006-2008
              The inventory of homes with foreclosure filings is beginning to rise even on a year-over year basis. And in some states it soared year-over-year:•Colorado +64%
              •Georgia +22%
              •Pennsylvania +20%
              •Arizona +17%
              •Virginia +15%
              •Massachusetts +11%
              •New York +10%

              Article Link: ht tp://

              The Banning of Cash in India, begins with the Largest denominations first, and sucked out of the system to make the masses accept Cashless Cyber Money. Bank Runs and Rioting in India. People have about a month to turn in their large denomination Rupees to get credit.

              India rupees: Chaos at banks after ‘black money’ ban

              Collapse,… Are you prepared? This is what I warned that was going to happen around election time.

              And the lefties will try to blame Trump for the collapse, and the 8 Failed years of Obama and free money and incompetence, we don’t give a rats ass about your crushed commie liberal feelings. Grow up or just go shoot yourself. Nobody cares.

              • I want to say something in defense of the liberals.

                All their liberal web sites, and media outlets were predicting a Hillary sweep. Pollsters were saying Hillary had a five to ten point lead, some were even out at a 15% lead.

                …….And Hillary lost.

                Had Trump had all these wonderful predictions about his campaign and then lost, the conspiracy theories would have been crazy wild and endless.

                Liberals and progressive have now become official “left wing conspiracy nuts”.

                As conservatives we have been under scrutiny, and even attack for eight years. Now the shoe is on the liberal foot. All of the phone and pen stuff Obama did is easily circumvented or just canceled by a Trump with HIS pen and phone. Obama’s continued refusal to enforce US law is corrected with just a word to his new department heads.

                Progressive heads will be spinning like they were in an exorcism for some time.

                Obama refused to allow congress to vet his appointments by making them Czars. Why can’t President Trump do the same things Obama did?

            • Its been like 2 days and still my comments have not been posted. What’s up with that? I started posting and it posted right away. Now days?

              • Zeus,

                When you add a link if you put a space in the “HT TP” your post will avoid moderation.

                The link won’t work unless people remove the space, but folks here know all about it.

                There are also certain words that can trigger moderation like “bi tch” less the space.

          • Heads-up for the knowledgeable & proficient, who lurk here…additional resource listed below: read & absorb this block of instruction—then browse freely.

            ht tp://


            NOTE: “…background-noise is increasing in amplitude.”

            –use such wisely–













          • Acid, damn right on all counts.

          • Bravo AE–nothing else to add, well said.

          • Ignore all the Babble. Fear Porn sells survival gear.

          • Acid, Stop Watching MSM Cable Lie & Hate TV.

          • The problem is these people will live and multiply under President Trump. Under Hillary they would have all died after the Third World War. Now how do we get rid of these useless eaters?










          • Hey MAC, why the moderation? is it because of the link i attached, i have never done a link before.

            • HEY MAC, it has been 12 hours and YOU still have NOT fixed the moderation!! WHAT GIVES???

              • h ttp://

                • remove the space from between “h” and the first “t”

        • An exploding pulsar would be interesting. These people are sick in the head. Imagine what a real crisis would do to them.

          • Yup, right about now the New Madrid ripping open like a zipper would do the trick

        • These people getting on Facebook crying is so funny. I didn’t think I could get any happier about Trump winning but asi watch these people I realize they are Genuinely unhappy and that makes me all the more happy because these people thinks their poop doesnt stink. I don’t like them I don’t watch their movies or listen to their music the only thing I hope is that they come to Jesus before they die because as much as I don’t like them I don’t want them to go to hell.

      2. Mac,thanks for bringing that from the sheep,pretty funny.

        I will no longer visit the sheep as with new layout the “Parable Of the Sheep” no longer there at top of header,good articles there but the parable,without it,well,…..

        Perhaps time permitting get that classic back onto the page?

      3. After hearing/watching this, how can ANYBODY ever listen seriously to a “celebrity” pontificate about ANYTHING of serious import again?

        • Hey, I haven’t listened to them ever. Nothing new now for me.

      4. Yoko Ono must have been repeating/relaying hillary’s first attempt at a concession speech

        • At least her screeching didn’t last as long as that Christmas record with John Lennon. Whenever that record comes on the radio, I turn the radio off for a few minutes.

      5. Donald Trump had nowhere near the resources and organization that Hillary Clinton did. The democrats should have run away with it, especially with their close association with main stream media. This shouldn’t have been as close an election as it was. The Latinos turned out in droves because of Trump’s stand on immigration and building a wall. If they hadn’t done that, Hillary would have lost by considerably more. The Democrats were carrying too many scandals and failures. Before the next presidential election, they need to find some really leaders and clean house.

        • NAFTA and China Free Trade impact on the rust belt is what put Trump in office. It was the key difference between Trump and Hillary. When UAW workers and pensioners, who have never voted for a Republican for President, including Reagan, vote for Trump its because he is really an old time 50s Democrat wearing a Republican suit.

        • Latinos (legal-types) turned out in droves to vote AGAINST HRC and her job-robbing programs, especially here in Californicate and if all the illegals, cadavers, headstone mounties & multi-voters had not been permitted to vote, the Trump victory would have been MUCH greater.

        • What is even more amusing is that he got elected in spite of well, being “The Donald”
          Funny stuff

        • I think the dead would still have turned out for her. I understand Michigan has yet to finish counting the dead votes, and may not for several weeks…

        • I think the dead would still have turned out for her. I understand Michigan has yet to finish counting the dead votes, and may not for several weeks…

      6. Liberal Sheepal
        Sheep (as in – baa a a a a a)
        Baby (as in – boo hoo o o o)
        bitch bitch bitch – waa haa !


        The flood of American leftists sneaking across the border into Canada has intensified in the past week, sparking calls for increased patrols to stop the illegal immigration.

        The election of President Trump is prompting the exodus among leftists, who fear they’ll soon be required to hunt, pray and agree with Bill O’Reilly. Canadian border farmers say it’s not uncommon to
        see dozens of sociology professors, animal rights activists and Unitarians crossing their fields at night.

        “I went out to milk the cows the other day, and there was a Hollywood producer huddled in the barn,” said Manitoba farmer Red Greenfield, whose acreage borders North Dakota.
        “The producer was cold, exhausted and hungry. He asked me if I could spare a latte and some free-range chicken. When I said I didn’t have any, he left. Didn’t even get a chance to show him my screenplay, eh?”
        In an effort to stop the illegal aliens, Greenfield erected higher snow fences but the leftists still scaled them. One patrolman, Constable Doobie, stated that despite the wall, “The liberals still got through Officials are particularly concerned about smugglers who meet liberals near the Canadian border, pack them into Volvo station wagons, drive them across the border and leave them to fend for themselves. “A lot of these people are not prepared for rugged conditions,” the Ontario border patrolman said. “I found one carload without a no drinking water, only a couple of litres of high end Napa Valley cabernet.” Concerns have also mounted that the fleeing leftists have been found with only Vera Wang or Ralph Lauren fur coats to keep warm. Constable Doobie added, “These types of coats are only meant to be used decoratively in Beverly Hills. They cannot function as adequate protection where our July low temperatures may reach -40 C.”

        When leftists are caught, they’re sent back across the border, often wailing loudly that they fear retribution from conservatives – including rumours about conservatives establishing re-education
        camps in which liberals will be forced to drink domestic beer and watch NASCAR.

        In the days since the election, liberals have turned to sometimes ingenious ways of crossing the border. Some have taken to posing as senior citizens on bus trips to buy cheap Canadian prescription drugs. After catching a half-dozen young vegans disguised in powdered wigs, Canadian immigration authorities began stopping buses and quizzing the supposed senior-citizen passengers. “If they can’t identify the accordion player on The Lawrence Welk Show, we get suspicious about their age,” an official said.

        Canadian citizens have complained that the illegal immigrants are creating an organic-broccoli shortage and renting all the good Susan Sarandon movies. “I feel sorry for American liberals, but the Canadian economy just can’t support them,” an Ottawa resident said. “How many art-history majors does one country need?”
        In an effort to ease tensions between the United States and Canada, Vice-President elect Mike Pence met with the Canadian ambassador and pledged that the administration would take steps to reassure liberals, a source close to Pence said. “We’re going to have some Peter, Paul & Mary concerts. And we might put some endangered species on postage stamps. The president is determined to reach out.”

        • That was good.


        • Good stuff my friend, good stuff, nice to get a chuckle

        • Bravo!!! But, seriously, good Susan Sarandon movies?????

          • Maybe I should have added a comment about leftist Barry Manilow instead of nutbar Sarandon? I guess you are right… there really aren’t any good Sarandon movies!

        • Myron Floren. Yes, I’m old.

      8. Shumer is not funny.

        Miley Cirus needs to take her money and get as far away from those evil Hollywood people as she can. Before they turn her into a crack whore and leave her to rot when she’s penniless and too old to impress anyone with her nakedness like in a year from now. Leave Hollywood Miley.

        This display is rediculous.


      9. What’s happened to the user on here called Grandpa Speaks? I miss his posts.

      10. We the people need to give President Trump a deadline, such as 100 days, to begin the arrest and prosecution for TREASON, GENOCIDE, and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY of the the Globalist fascist psychopaths who: hijacked our ENTIRE government a long time ago, hijacked our food supply with corrupted Federal Agencies such as the FDA, USDA, BLM, and many others, while destroying our health and children’s future with poisonous toxic GMO filled garbage food, hijacked our Banking and Finance System with the Ponzi Scheme of the Federal Reserve, hijacked our Education System to indoctrinate and program the little coddled Globalist fascist psychopath worshiping snowflakes and cupcakes we see in the streets now, hijacked our Medical System forcing Big Pharma toxic poison on a dumbed down disease ridden garbage food addicted society of toxic waste dumps who are easily manipulated and controlled, hijacked our Military Industrial Complex many decades ago that we were warned repeatedly about and now we see the deadly destructive results of their endless wars, and hijacked just about every piece of land and resources they could find to sell off to the highest bidder across our nation for collateral on debt obligations.

        The poisoned indebted disease ridden dumbed down slaves of America have awakened, and President Trump needs to know that, or he will probably wind up sharing a jail cell and Nuremberg Style Trials with Bill Clinton, and the other Globalist Fascist psychopaths.

        • Ron Aherns:

          You make a valid point. However, 100 days?

          Give this guy a break. He has more than one problem to address. The first day, he will be moving his stuff in and finding out where all the bathrooms are. He’s only human. After two or three years, if he hasn’t done something about it, then maybe a signed petition with a really good offer.

          Gee Ron, you are a hard ass.



          • Two or three years????? WTF??? You know how easily this restoration of our Constitution movement can be reversed by these psychopaths in 2-3 years….No way, One year at the very most, and then start the Nuremberg Style trials for ALL the Globalist fascist GENOCIDAL psychopaths. .

        • Ron,
          spot on! but he does need a little time to get the ball rolling, as he will have to replace the heads of government agencies with his like minded people OR it won’t happen as the clintons money goes DEEP!!

      11. America’s “Arab Spring” has begun! Orchestrated by you know who…


        No comment from me needed.. or possible. No need to read the article. I will say, though, that this is what happens when your degree is in 18th C. Belgian Lesbian Musicology rather than Logic.

        (Hint – you are actually IN the US, not Mexico… and if you looked up Mexican immigration laws, you would find they are a thousand times more draconian than the US laws. But these leftists are stupid to know how to research any topic at all.)

        EXTRA CREDIT re. Brownshirt socialist violence:

        – Leftists have been signing a petition to block the democratic vote altogether… because, as you know, blocking legitimate free elections because you don’t like the outcome is so… ummm… “progressive.” Maybe they would like the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea, where your candidate wins every single time?

        – Then there is this tweet has-been Katy Perry who, thanks to declining music sales, is now Che Guevara: Love Trumps Hate

        (Yeah, love trumps hate… except for this man being beaten by anti-Trump people or the thousands of cars and windows smashed – and one man shot and killed – by the left. Or these attacks by leftists captured here: or or where even women were attacked with glasses torn off their face, and worse, or

        • Just as long as they didn’t grab the ladies secret spot!!

      13. And like everything else that has never taken place, nothing more will take place. Surprise me Donald.

      14. I thought this was a preper site not a news site

        • 95,though I like this site tis not a dedicated prepper site by any means.occasionally a few good prepper articles but if you seek that only you are in the wrong place.I will say a lot of interaction between folks on forum and a great exchange of prepper information.You have a question usually a good answer here or at least a direction to look for specific information,tis the forum why i come here.I will also say this election seems to have hit all sites hard,feel they will get back on track soon.All that said,gotta a ?

          • War, I think sometimes the prepping subject is similar to the dead horse being beaten.
            Once you’ve been doing it for a long time new tips are hard to come by. Need more than a tip or two for an article, no less.
            I hope it returns, though.
            Still, we learn a little from each other here all the time.
            Collective intel!

      15. Neither Trump or Clinton spoke against the Fed. Change? Yeah right! Trump is digging from the same pool of bankers responsible for the past and present financial problems. Nothing will change. America snookered once again. Lying is legal and expected and there isn’t a damn thing anybody can do to stop it.

        • Give it up for a while, dude, Inauguration Day is still weeks away and nothing is going to happen until then.

          Don’t drink your own Kool-Aid.

      16. SHTF sister site just reported an anti-Trump rally in Berlin by what an only be described as the new fascists. Yes, fascists, as in National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party, which adopted explicitly socialist planks at its very first convention, Munich, Feb. 1920. Anyone could google “Nazi political planks” to confirm this, but virtually all leftists are too intellectually dishonest to do so.

        So, in sum, you basically have mass socialist rallies, complete with the modern Brownshirt thugs, which are all those folks breaking windows, starting fires, beating people, etc. EXACTLY WHAT THE BROWNSHIRTS DID

        Heck, you even have a leftist Kristallnacht – not only right now, but earlier where the radical gay sturm troopers have been destroying the businesses of florists, bakers and photographers – only using black robed judicial thugs instead of brown shirted street thugs. Big dif.

        The one difference – which is really just a mirror image, really – is the Aryan thing, which is now the opposite pole – telling in itself, isn’t it!

        • Judea declared war on Germany in 1933. And a announced an international boycott of all German goods. In retaliation Germany deported or imprisoned all war declaring Jews . And boycotted there goods . And ran there stores out of Germany by breaking there Windows . Bo who. All of WW2 is a lie. Watch Hellstorm. Or the greatest story never told. Then have an opinion.

      17. Trump is not his own man anymore he was while he was campaigning. He is now president elect and will fall in line or he will take a dirt nap by tptb. Soros and Rothschild run everything and trump is their puppet sent to take office. Everyone has a boss even the president. The boss don’t make himself known openly but we know it’s the richest guy on the planet cus$ rules everything. We have to give him a chance we have no choice anymore. They will tell us hitlery got prosecuted she will drop off the radar and move to a nice place set up for elites who do tptbs bidding. We will believe she’s in jail because we have no way to know. A lot of the propaganda leads us to believe conspiracy which gives gov flexibility to tell us what they want us to believe. They aren’t nessasarily trying to kill us but they are looking out for their best interest and will take our rights and kill us if it conflicts with their plans. Never trust the gov no matter who is pres.

      18. The FEDs 100 year charter came up for renewal in 2013. Did anyone hear anyone say anything about it? We are being totally manipulated on all fronts? I think some of the celebrities are being blackmailed. They probably have pictures of them doing something at some party. Under age? Or just spiking there drink and setting them up. Same with politicians. Probably the clean ones get there families lives threatened. The American people are handicapped by the inability to comprehend the level of evil on this planet. They’ll tell Trump what happened to JFKs brother and son. And that they got clean away with it. The children of Satan rule. Until the man comes around. Johny Cash.

        • Trump will be told the true story on JFK as part of his indoctrination of “what must be known and kept secret” – and I am hoping he decides the majority of it must be made public, blowing the lid off every last one of the federal bastards keeping everything “hogged up” with bullshit and lies.

          I would like to see him order everyone back to KY for the Coal Industry and power producers to fire up and go back into business. Running on low power and constant outages is a real pain.

          • One can only hope!

      19. Hey folks,haven’t been around in about a week,alot of catching up to do.Did catch election night,enough to make a preacher cuss ,every channel,( to close to call).Had a FEW drinks went to bed.Meagen Kelly,arrrrrgh!!
        Still think about what Brandon Smith wrote,( look for tptb to crash the economy,blame us! Put away another 75# of rice today.
        Been at camp for a week with one of my kids,put 4 in the ice chest,good times!
        Parties just getting started,don’t relax!
        Be well all!
        Maniac –out

      20. Somebody needs to put a montage of these idiots overreacting to Shillary’s loss over a sound track of the Benny Hill theme.

      21. I just found something great for storing sugar in your pantry. Dollar Tree has some 1 gallon screw top canisters, obviously for $1 each. The wide mouth means that even if the sugar clumps, you can still easily get it out. The canisters are also good for pasta, beans, or anything else you need to store in moderate quantities. One canister will hold two 4-pound bags of sugar.

        I saw a Youtube video that showed a good way to label canisters. Buy some blackboard labels at Dollar Tree. You can use them full size, but they’re large enough to cut them in half. You can mark on them with chalk. That way, if you change your mind about what you’re storing in a particular canister, it’s easy to change the label.

        • Sugar …gawd. We’ve quite likely too much of the stuff, all white, mostly granulated “Sea Salt” very nice brand(s) and near 300lbs of it, same amount of sugar and 500 on the flour (there is honestly no more practical space to store more, and it would be ‘beyond’ what we may need, especially if things hold fairly solid, which they should despite the “paid actors” (how the hell do they get away with half killing an older man just for voting)? Assholes and they think WE are both “unpredictably dangerous, especially combat veterans and the Prepper’s, as both have the majority of the firepower of We The People.

          Well, SOMEBODY had to step up to the plate and I was one of them, and y’all are no different imho. From this time forward into time, America will forever be at risk of an attack by ISIS (until we really do eradicate every one of them – – which CAN be done, just cut Putin loose).

          The ones that are here have been here forever and still have showed NO signs of aggression, and few own guns worthy of mention …and they make great efforts to keep themselves well separated from “the usuals” by living well outside of towns (we think in order that their Mosques will not be seen since it is a non-traveled road – actually it is a dead-end in their case, maybe more.

          I read Trump CAN “walk away” from The IRAN deal, and is being advised both ways. That he should and that he should NOT. What’s a person to do. I am not into us giving a terrorist nation another fucking penny to be used against US ASAP. That’s Kerry’s “F”ed up mess so they can just forget about it, Kerry does NOT speak for Congress or all of America – so they can kiss off that $38.8billion. (incredible) Of course, they are threatening. Lett’em. We’d nuke their asses in short order, and they should know that by now. Obama is no longer in a really good spot to actually HELP them in his usual way, Trump could “hang” him for it.

          Also did some legal reading. Even IF THEY DO change The College Electoral votes, it will have no bearing on a thing as they’ve been “tallied” in an official manner, no more counting is to be done (of any consequence), AND nobody is going to be permitted to move numbers around until Hillary ends up with a win. So, we’ve no worries with THAT happening. We have nuts that WISH it to happen and it appears they want to fight us to put Hillary in office (we must die? wtf?).

          My how the stories change when the tables are turned, and I am loving their distress …their hands have been tied pretty well, and Trump has placed the Shadow Government, as he learns the truth of it all, Trump may destroy it all, for the sake of the planet (no bullshit). Obama had someone conduct a “secret” court to decide something way back when remember? THAT was Pentagon GS24’s or however high they get these days. (I hated those bastards).

        • I bake, my favorite containers are 5 gallon buckets with gamma lids, usually put a big plastic bag in the bucket then dump my stuff in, flour goes directly in, sorta ugly since we have a small kitchen but who cares

        • if you go to the dollar tree web site, you can order a case of them (24).

      22. I don’t think it’s celebs being blackmailed. Heck no. All three Western states of the coast voted pretty much solely for Hillary, and so they can’t understand why she lost (as the rest of the nation pretty much stuck with Trump (even more than they’ll admit …so far and IF what I heard is even viably good info)…I just can’t confirm it in any way). Whatever.

        They lost. Grow up and more will be shot until they understand what “behave” means. (At least THESE assholes can do LITTLE about our guns and gun rights, which are now forever lashed to our sides and Trump will WELD The 2nd Amendment so that nobody can remotely attempt to undo it without being shot for doing so.

        An armed nation is a very polite nation. Police included! 🙂 (Gotta ‘rag’ on The Sgt. right)? heheh…

        • Liberals overwhelmingly have the common sense of a brick, tons of educated people, but not a lick of common sense, i see it daily, sadly, they akso suffer deeply from normalcy bias with a heavy dose of illusion. Is really sad

      23. This was super funny, thanks for sharing!

      24. DENIAL, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Five stages of grief. It will take awhile for the celebs and snowflakes to get past the denial and anger. Maybe all the way into January… but the Christmas holidays are going to put them in contact with older relatives who may have voted Republican and that is going to be very depressing for them once again. You are going to see this election as an excuse for all sorts of things in the future; from dropping out of school or failing classes due to feeling distraught, or going violently bats#@t crazy in public places at odd times. Had to laugh last night when we were choosing which of our Tivo’d shows to watch… we have a few Madame Secretary’s that we haven’t watched (my husband likes that show). I have always known that show was put on the air to inculcate the idea of accepting Hillary in a higher role. Subtle brainwashing… didn’t work too well though. Tia Leone is a bit younger and prettier than H. I am thinking the show will be dropped pretty soon due to sadness on the part of its loyal viewers… or maybe the writers will make her president in their fictional universe.

      25. As I wake up and get up off my lazy ass I can tell you guys that I keep hearing this UN equipment is coming into Texas in the middle of the night by the shit loads and one female customer of mine called me Friday telling me that one her friends told her that they just brought in 10,000 syrians into a town in North Texas right into her community to settle there, mostly men. I am not 100% certain of this I try just telling you what she told me since she is trust worthy..i am starting to believe and I felt the same way even before Trump won that some type of event will prevent the inauguration of taking place..Texas is being surrounded and it’s still going on.. we had hear recently how thousands of Chinese soldiers were brought into El Past recently.. something big is about to go down and it could be one of several things so the election results do not change my preparations, one mya always have food water, and preps of every kind and the worse kind just incase.. this is common sense..ot only takes on event and the trucks stop bringing in food.. we are still in a a lot inpending danger. So al the folks who was are jumping for joy and are back to sleep need to wake up and stop dreaming.. Trumps win is just a small step in the right direction.. no military move in that much equipment into any area or any county unless they plan to use it and a retirement army captain told me that all that equipment that’s in Texas is here to be used on Texas.. he should know he lived here..something just does not feel right and it’s my gut.


      26. The participation trophy generation gets it’s comeuppance.

      27. Hcks,why not get out and try and verify some of this?You hear and verify are 2 different things,video/photo/eye witness yourself ect.,enuff to think about without rumors,if not rumors,then verify!Hell,paid attention and kept note of military Blackhawks playing in Boston skyline all week at night when working down there,and reported it on many sites.

        You know,with all the protesters,think about it,a tiny slice of billary voters,majority went home,moved on with lives and will see em in 4 years,be ready for that!

        Yes,keep eyes open and keep prepping,but,verify all issues in your region to best of ability

      28. Build the wall and make sure these pathetic Snowflakes are on the other side. Let them feed themselves. Gardening. How difficult can it be?

      29. The breaking news this morning is the magnitude 7.8 that hit New Zealand. Well, well, well…..we’ve been hearing for so long now that that was the elite “safe space” their Haven to plan and produce their next big enslavement of humanity.
        BTW…’s in the archives as I have stated that NZ is the world’s most active seismic zone and if the elite were plain dumbass to call that their safe space to ride it out. Well here’s where the irony is…SHTF just hit the elite residing in NZ and all those chickens are coming home to roost. I am going to take all the time to GLOAT and LMFAO@them.

        Live Free or Die…God has a long arm

        • In the land of the sheep…
          They became sheep
          How many lamb chops can they eat in a week?

      30. One of the faults of the polls is that many Americans don’t answer their telephones if they have caller id and don’t recognize the number. Telemarketers and scammers target older people who probably are conervative. I’m using a call blocker with alot of blocked numbers. Any pollster(s) tring to reach me wouldn’t be able to do so. I’m not alone.

      31. I think we need to remember that we are pretty much on the same side here, even with all our differences. For example, I think Frank is a sex maniac, but a lot of what he says is true. Rebecca is a lib, but she has a lot of gardening knowledge. Ron can hardly post without referencing boot licking, but he has a lot of passion. Genius, I love because he has wonderful gadgetry ideas… I could go on and on about why I visit here. I never have discounted HCKS because I know that what he says about sources in Houston is very true. I have rubbed elbows with astronauts and space scientists just by virtue of proximity, and that is just the way it is down here. That is why I have been aggravated when people attack him, because they don’t understand our very open environment, where you come into contact (mostly through work) with engineers, scientists, oil moguls and musicians- just by virtue of the nature of the town. Kind of like seeing famous people if you live in Hawaii… like we saw Alice Cooper at the Haile Maile Cafe while in Maui.

        So, we may have a short break from shills for awhile. Time to look around and appreciate the community. And no, we are not out of the woods yet. Prep on.

      32. I wonder if it would be better to fine anyone who employes or rents to an illegal. Make the fines so big . Fake ID or not . If it looks like an illegal and sounds like an illegal it’s not a duck. And I hear some people say we need some imigration. Yea from first world countries. People leaving Sweden , Denmark Germany England . Not the second or third world. 95% of brown people suck.

      33. I had to click the link and go to youtube to thumb that up! Thanks Melissa.

      34. Trump was on 60 minutes tonight. He did well.
        His wife and children were with him during the interview
        They did well.
        The blondie interviewer with the red lipstick and the big mouth was a jerk. I didn’t like her, her questioning, or how she came across.

        • Agree with the blonde bimbo. Wouldn’t let Trump answer a question without interupting, and was actually snide when she asked a few questions. And , she just wouldn’t shut up! Hope he never does another interview for them again. I was actually surprised he did one with a network to begin with! Only watched because Trump was on will never watch MSM again.

      35. I have words to all you liberal cry babies.

        1 Shut the fuck up
        2.Stop your bitchin
        3.Woopie if you want to leave the country go ahead go back to HOOKING but man who would want to fuck you anyway.
        4. Molly you need to go somewhere and gain so weight, or stop smoking crack.
        5.You assholes paid rioters who have been out here destroying stuff over this election, If it were up to me I would enforce LAW .308 on your asses until you became peaceful again.
        6.You want to leave the country go ahead get the fuck out go move to SYRIA or IRAQ or IRAN or MY FAVORITE (SARCASIUM ) SAUDI ARBIA go pull your shit there and see what happens to you.

      36. Wow, these people are absolutely ridiculous!!

      37. Plastic enhanced celebs that think their opinions are earth shattering. Apparently they weren’t blessed with naturally good looks.

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